Are Arsenal getting lop-sided again: this time to the left?

It has been fantastic to see Gibbs and Podolski bossing the left wing in our recent game against Pool. Both our goals, from Cazorla and Podolski, came from the left and Gibbs did also almost score from coming in from our left wing. It looked to me that Cazorla was keen to feed the left side more than the right side in that game, and it makes me wonder whether this might become a trend.

Of course, we should be very pleased that both Gibbs and Podolski had such a positive start on the left and I reckon they will get better and better this season. But, last season it was the other way around, as it was our right wing that did most of the damage. Theo and Sagna had established the perfect partnership between them, with a great mix of defensive solidity (mainly Sagna) and attacking prowess (mainly Theo). They somehow found the right balance and Theo was able to produce many assist and plenty of goals as a result of this blossoming combination.

But what will happen this season? Both Gervinho and the Ox have had relatively quiet games and at times they looked a bit isolated. Of course, it will take time to find the right balance and Cazorla and Diaby will have a key role to play in ensuring we don’t become lop-sided again. If both wings are fully used, Arsenal will be able to put the opposition under a lot more pressure this season, and are also far more likely to score a lot of goals.

I, for one, cannot wait to see both wings fully occupied by our first choice players: Gibbs and Podolski on the left, and Sagna and Theo on the right. This, of course, does not mean I don’t rate Jenkinson, Gervinho or the Ox, but with Sagna and Theo we have a tried and tested partnership with plenty of experience and ability the others are still lacking a bit.

Total Arsenal.

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