Arsenal strikers v Man United strikers: who’ll score more goals this season?


Much has been made about Arsenal selling their best striker by far – and last year’s PL top scorer – to our bitterest rival in recent years: the non-oil funded Mancs. Even the glass half-full Gooners felt we did not have enough strength in depth up-front, and almost everybody was convinced that MU had a far stronger strike-force than the mighty Arsenal.

As anticipated, the boredom of the interlull has fuelled some gossip going round currently, that Arsene has up to £35m to spend on a new striker, and some fancy names are being bandied about at the moment. I reckon it is highly unlikely Arsene will buy a superstar striker in the next transfer window, if ever. We might see a replacement being bought for Chamakh and/or Theo but don’t expect it to be an experienced, top quality striker.

Of course the season has only just started with just seven games played in the PL until now, but the first signs are showing that Arsenal’s strike-force will match or better that of MU.

Arsenal has been varying their formation this season; either playing with Giroud on top and two wingers on each side, or playing with three fluid strikers who interchange constantly with each other, and anybody can be our ‘mid-striker’ at any given time. Our strikers have done well; in fact they have done better than the MU strike-force until now.

Goals by Arsenal strike-force (all competitions):

Gervinho: 5

Podolski: 4

Theo: 4

Giroud: 2

Total = 15.

Goals by MU strike-force (all competitions):

Brave Sir Robin: 7

Hernandez: 1

Rooney: 0

Welbeck: 0

Total = 8.

So, until now our strike-force has scored nearly double as much as the highly rated, praised-into-heaven strike-force of the Mancs. Once again, it is early days and things can change in either direction, but we are still able to make a few observations:

  1. MU have taken over our previous disease of overreliance on the reliant, but always prone to long-term injury, Dutchman. A few midfielders have scored two goals for MU, and their defenders have been chipping in with the odd goal, but the ‘awesome’ strike-force of MU – not including the traitor – have managed a meagre one goal between the three of them until now. It is fair to say, Rooney has been injured for most of the start of the season, but his PL-experienced replacements have not been able to adequately fill the gap he left behind, and leaned heavily on the shoulders of the Dutch turncoat.
  2. Arsenal, on the other hand, have been able to share the goals between the strikers much better until now, whilst our midfielders and a couple of defenders have also been able to put their names of the score sheets with a goal (Santi two).
  3. Despite MU having an established strike-force with each player having either a lot, or plenty, of PL experience, they are showing a lack of form and sharpness, and the longer it will take for this to disappear the more vulnerable they will become to suspension or injury of brave sir Robin.
  4. Arsenal, however, have had very little adjustment problems by their strikers. Gervinho is now in his second season and has hit the ground running. Impressively, so has Podolski who has shown absolutely no PL-acclimatisation issues until now. And what about Theo: he must have the ‘least minutes between goals’ record in England, if not Europe, at the moment. Being only used as a late sub, he has hardly played but hit the net four times already this season.
  5. The only striker that has not hit top-form yet, in terms of scoring goals, is Giroud. OG has been super keen to make a mark straightaway and his over-eagerness has possibly been more of a hinder than a help. However, his recent goals against WH and Spain will have done him a world of good and will hopefully give him the confidence and inner calmness to further improve his goal scoring.

I have no doubt that the MU strike-force will start performing a lot better sooner or later, but they have some catching up to do, and I am quietly confident that our strike-force will have outperformed theirs by the end of the season.

Now, wouldn’t that just be great and another proof of Arsene’s great ability to evolve his teams phenomenally well, given the means at his disposal?!

Total Arsenal.

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41 thoughts on “Arsenal strikers v Man United strikers: who’ll score more goals this season?

  • I would make one little suggestion: please, don’t use “Brave Sir” before name of The Traitor. Abbreviation BS, on the other hand, can stay.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Arteta-8-ball 🙂

    Brave Sir Robin is a comic character who is anything but brave, so it’s tongue in cheek. But not everybody knows that and it could sound much too nice, and I can see where you are coming from.

    The abbreviation BS works for me too! 😀

  • Good Post, Brave Sir TA, 🙂

    I will be back to comment a bit later!

    In the meantime the fact that van Persie is scoring goals for Manure is rubbing salt in the wounds!! 😦

  • Yes, of course it is, Redders. 🙂

    But MU are living life dangerously by becoming totally dependent and addicted to him. The higher you go the harder you fall. 😛

  • TA,

    There is part of me — the greedy part that would like Arsene to buy a player such as Lewandovski, say, but I do not think AW will spend much if anything in January, even if players were available for sale.

    Actually, I am not sure it would be justified, either, because as I said before, I think Monsieur Giro will come good.

  • Do you think Terry has been ‘cooked’ enough?

    His wife seems a decent sort who is just trying to ‘train’ him in the art of kebabbing!! 🙂

  • Hi Redders 🙂

    it looks more and more likely that Theo will be leaving us but it remains to be seen whether this will be after Christmas, or he’ll leave on a free at the end of the season. I reckon the Pod would be a good central striker if and when Giroud needs a break, so not too worried about getting any more typical central strikers – although, like you, I like Lewandovski a lot.

    But a good, experienced winger who can also finish really well, would be just what the doctor ordered, especially if Walcott is also deserting us. 😦

  • TA,

    It was tongue in cheek. 🙂

    You probably know that kebab or shish kebab cooking is cubes of chicken or lamb skewered on sticks. The mental image of Terry and a skewer is frightening indeed.

    Terry told us yesterday that his better half was kebabbing him but it sounded more like he was being doner kebabed — a big slab of rotating meat which when cooked you can take thin slices off to put in a pitta bread.

    With his lack of knowledge about Greek cuisine, I’m not sure that Terry is of Greek origins — he sounds more like Tug Boat Tilly the Russian spy!! 🙂

  • Greetings TA & Redders.

    Ime free of the spit. Still a bit dizzy and singed round the edges, but the wig survived so all in all ime happy. hahaha

    i think the word ‘evolve’ is key. Who would have thought Gerv could become a top striker? not me thats for sure. if we do outscore them, it could be a leading stat that drives us to the title.

  • Redders, Tug Boat Tilly sounds about right! 🙂

    Hi Terry, I would not want to swap our strike-force with theirs – that’s how confident I am that the Pod-Gerv-Giro-Wal will come good this season. 🙂

    Out for a while, see you all later! 🙂

  • Well that makes encouraging reading TA!

    Man Utd – One Man Team 🙂

    I’m sure Rooney will start getting on the score sheet now that he’s back from injury – although it still remains to be seen whether he can form a good partnership with BSR.

    Take a look at this and you will understand the BSR tag:

  • Redders,hahahaha, its true, my lack of cuisine knowledge is well know. So when Mrs Terry is angry with me, which is quite often, i have to eat scraps or green things. I dont mind the scraps but hate the green things.

  • Do the green things have a hundred legs and undulate as they walk, Terry?

    They probably taste better in a pitta with tzatztiki sauce.

    Now if you do not know what a tzatztiki sauce is — you are in trouble you Russky spy!! 🙂

  • That Glic has a lot to answer for.
    Off selling bums to Orcs and not paying due attention to his adoring and very shortsighted fans!

  • TA,
    I was trying to get a response from sleepy head Oz and Prince, not to mention the Glicster and fruity Terry! 🙂

    I have to go, but might be back later this evening. Adios compadre! 🙂

  • Hi Lads
    More quality from Total.
    Yes, the goals are being shared, which is better for the team, but it is still early doors and you can never write Manscum off.

    Total, because your written English is so good, I cant visualise you with a Steve McClaren accent ! hahaha……….have you one ?

  • Brilliant video again GLiC! 😛

    Good of you to put a language warning out for those who are a bit more sensitive about swearwords.

    I am not writing the non-oily Mancs off GLiC, but we will give them a hell of battle in terms of our strike-force outscoring them this season.

    Steve McClaren was hilarious, but he does not do the accent thing any more. I definitely have an accent but it is nowhere as obvious as Stevie’s initial attempt to somehow be better understood.

    How did your drive go today?

  • Only 2 drops today Total and it looks like it`s coming to an end after Xmas. I wont miss it though as it is so boring and tiring. Only Talksport keeps me amused, I usually come back with a page of glic wit, but 99% of it is too risky ! hahaha
    I have an idea for a post for AA about Silent Stan which I have watered down. hahaha
    Whether it gets accepted I dont know, I`m still tinkering with it and may give it a try, but if not acceptable I`ll use it as a comment, nothing too serious ! hahaha
    I did try and put Stevie`s Dutch interview on your site , but somehow it wouldn`t take, I`m never going to have chas`s skill, but I do try.
    It looked like Stevie was trying his hardest not to put an accent on in most of the other vids I watched, swine hahaha

  • GLiC, I can well imagine your mind being in full overdrive, when held in a van for a whole day 😆

    You are very creative and have a great language ability!

  • Frankly that was a very big surprise. I’d pretty much answered the question in the negative before getting into the article. Very surprised by the stats.

    Cracking article ….again.

    I’m not sure how Arsene does it time and time again. If I’d have been offered 3pts behind MU on same goal diff after 7 games I’d have been happy with that…considering that we’d just sold them our best player, and considering our tricky start.

  • Evening Sharkey,

    It surprised me too. Agreed on all considerations, and you could add the consideration that Pod and Giroud had zilch PL experience to start with.

    It is like Deja-vu for brave Sir Robin: a leaky defence, an unbalanced midfield, and all the goals need to come from him: he might not be playing in the CL next year, and what is the little boy going to say then?! muhahahahaha! 😛

  • morning all, great post as always TA. Good to see we are out doing that bunch. I always say we out do them on every part of the pitch so I’m just glad there is some stats behind my bias now!

    I am surprised Hernandez stuck around tbh, considering he is well down the pecking order. I think we are pretty set atm with gerv, podolski and Giroud all capable of playing through the middle. I’ll include Walcott in discussions again if he signs, until them I am disgruntled.

    Agree lewandoski is on my wish list also. But I think Giroud will be a real gem of a player so may not be needed. We have afobe and campbell coming through the ranks so lets just grow organically because everything is developing along nicely!

  • Morning Kelsey 🙂

    That’s very gallant of you! Your cyber handshake is very much appreciated, and warmly returned. Hope you comment lots on BK, and looking forward to many more footie and other discussions, either on BK or AA! 🙂

  • Hi Oz 🙂

    Totally right re Hernandez,

    He seems a fine striker to me, but he hardly plays for the Mancs now. Why, I don’t know.

    Like you, I am getting really annoyed about Walcott not having signed a contract yet. We can now only conclude he is either genuinely holding out for something Arsenal are not prepared to offer, or using this stance as a way of seeing out his contract after which he is free to go and put lots of cash in his pockets. If it is the latter, I will be once again very disappointed. Time will tell.

  • Morning Peeps.

    I really hope Walcott stays. I know he has his downfall (crossing and lack of a pair) but I feel under Bould he will improve on both counts. Unfortunately for him I see him being used mostly as a super sub, ala Fairclough (oldies on here will know what I’m on a bout) so whether he will put up with that I’m not so sure. I dont see another type like him in the premiership that can run at electrifying pace. Ask any defender what they hate playing against, it will be pace mostly.

    I admit to being one of his biggest critics in the past, but if he goes, we all know Wenger will not spend and replace him, and furthermore, who has his rather unique attributes. I agree he is still rough round the edges but I have seen a big improvement lately, especially the growing of a pair of testicles.

    One day to go. COYG

  • Morning VCC 🙂

    Hope you had a good week!

    Yep, Theo has indeed grown a big pair of testicles and we would miss him if he were to leave. He’s got speed, an a very good first touch, which is so important to utilise his speed to the max. He is also a good finisher and has a thick skin. One or two bad performances do not face him, as he usually comes back strongly very quickly. That’s what I like about the lad, but I am starting to think now he’s a goner. 😦

  • A new post will come out around noon today. I am pleased to announce it will be a thought-provoking mini-masterpiece by the one and only Redders! 🙂

  • Good morning, TA and VCC, and Kelsey and Oz!! 🙂

    Like VCC, and as you know TA, I have blown hot and cold about Theo probably because I expected too much from him, too soon.

    Recently, despite his contract stalemate he has played very well when he has come on.

    There is a cynical little voice in my head that says Theo is treading a well worn path by saying his contract problems are ‘not about money’ or ‘it will all be sorted out soon’, because we know when that script is read out — the player will be off — and oh, by the way he will also make oodles of money because there will only be a small transfer fee, or perhaps none at all.

    Pity ………….. if it ends that way!!

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