Wenger needs va-va-voom – Vermaelen no leader – Jack is our hope

This is The Arsenal and we are not scared of anyone, right?!

Nobody likes losing, but nothing is worse than getting beaten by the Mancs whilst the whole team is oozing a gigantic inferiority complex: a collective lack of belief from the moment the first kick is made. I hate that more than anything else. How many times have we gone to Old Trafford in the last few years with that same resignation; that same anticipation of imminent defeat? Simply unacceptable!

Vermaelen is no leader

I have said it a number of times in recent weeks: Thomas Vermaelen is not a leader. He is a specialist: a bloody brilliant CB who on his day is simply unbeatable. He is, however, not a leader and the added responsibility to captain the team has made him error-prone, insecure and lost at sea at times. In the big games, Thomas has made a number of mistakes which have cost us in more than one sense. He should be oozing calm and organise the team; set the right examples and fill everyone with confidence. He is doing the opposite, and I reckon this will not change anytime soon.

There is an added complication, as others have already pointed out previously: the best CB pairing is probably Mert-Koz. But as TV is our captain, Arsene has left himself with a bit of a CB-selection pickle: he simply has to select Vermaelen even when it would be best to give preference to Koscielny.

Arsene has got to sort this out as soon as possible: there are better options for the captaincy within our team, and he would get back again a specialist warrior in TV.

Arsene needs to re-inject some much needed va-va-voom into the team

Our 4-3-3 formation with Pod-Giroud-Ramsey (as a false winger/fourth midfielder) is totally not working. Arsenal are so toothless at the moment that we would struggle to make a dent in a cream-cake. Why Wenger is persevering with those three up-front only he knows. Podolski has not made an impact on the game since the end of the inter-lull. For me he is the perfect CF for Arsenal, and a lot better than Giroud. Giroud gets no service at the moment, though, and I cannot see this change for the foreseeable future. Arsenal are simply not a team to play a classical CF up-front, and I don’t understand why we bought him to play in a 4-3-3 system without proper wingers.

Now is time for Arsene to inject some va-va-voom; to spice things up a bit. It is of paramount importance to sort out the front-three situation as soon as possible. If it was me, I would start with Ox-Giroud-Theo upfront, or even better: Ox-Pod-Theo. Even Pod-Theo-Ox could work, as they all add speed, attacking menace, unpredictability and some much needed new thrust: some va va bloody voom!

It is time for Arsene to re-inject some belief by taking a bit of risk and trying something new.

Jack is our hope

We have Jack back – although suspended for the next PL game now – and together with Cazorla and Arteta, he can boss the midfield. For me, he was the man of the match against the Mancs, as he was setting an example to many of his colleagues by battling away and now and again putting in a strong tackle. He had attitude and was fighting for his and the club’s honour.

And that’s exactly the spirit we need to get back to The Arsenal we know and are proud of: the one that is feared and admired by our opponents at the same time.

Total Arsenal.

149 thoughts on “Wenger needs va-va-voom – Vermaelen no leader – Jack is our hope

  • Nis wrote (in previous post):

    “Evening everyone.
    These days, after some thoughts about the financial policy within our club, I wanted to ask some questions to people who maybe knew better than I did… so I came here.
    I reckon that each year a profit is made, and part of this profit stacks up in the treasury for financial sécurity. About 80M in cash reserves are now within the club. I would like to ask : how much do we need to acknowledge that we’re ” secure ” ??
    Also, from that profit, a certain amount directed towards transfers. But during these last transfer windows, we have sold so many players that our sells covered the price of our buys, hence the transfer budget was untouched. What was the point ? When you know that we’ve bee a few millions short of signing real quality (The Mata transfer case, Cazorla a few two seasons Ago, which could be easily overcome by the sell of Nasri & Fabregas, or just Nasri and a fraction of the transfert budget…) thus replacing the quality we lost.
    What was the point in all of this ?? Has Wenger become more and more stingy, and by so, making every season more and more challenging ?
    Is all this money stacking done to unleash hell on the transfer market and building something big in a few years ??
    I understand that we can’t compete financially with many clubs, and that we’ll see the fruits of our financial policy begining 2014, where new deals will be concluded and with a debt nearly written off. But I feel there have been many errors commited, errors that have sinked the team a bit more every new season…”

    Red Arse wrote a good post about financial position a few weeks ago. Here is the link:


    Nis, agreed errors have been made re selling and purchasing players, but then again, some very good players have been bought as well.

    It is still early season and the new players need time to settle in, and I feel we need to give Wenger and the team a bit more time: at least till Christmas. In this year’s Premier League, two to three wins in a row can get us right back in there, and I believe there is more than enough quality in the team to do that.

    But as per my post tonight, Arsene needs to make a few necessary changes to give us back impetus.

  • Giroud is class, we need to play a 4-4-2 with him and Theo upfront to get results. It was how we operated vs. Reading last Tuesday

  • I agree TV is lost as a captain. I think LK should replace Mertesacker. I like Mertesacker but he slows the game down in the back, and he offers no real advantage over LK.

  • Hi Ron 🙂

    I hope you are right re Giroud. I would like to see him with proper wingers around him and Cazorla playing closely behind him. But I would also go for your 4-4-2 option: just anything to break the current deadlock! 😦

  • Giroud’s movement off the ball is phenomenal, he creates space for the other players by drawing defenders away. He simply isn’t getting good enough service from our wingers (Ramsey can’t cross at all?).

  • Hi Mike 🙂

    I really like Koscielny, but I reckon he and TV are too similar. They both are adrenaline-filled CB’s who give their all, but are not necessarily the cool-headed, organisational types Arsenal also need in their team. And that’s what the BFG brings in my opinion. He is slow, but he compensates with his ability to time and read the game. Personally, I would prefer BFG-Koz as our first choice CB’s and TV as our DM, but I don’t think that will happen any time soon.

  • Ron, do you think he has got a good enough first touch for Arsenal, and what do you think about his ability to shield the ball? I will be honest with you and say he is struggling in that department.

  • Gibbs injury was a perfect to test Sagna- Mert- Kosc – Verm !!
    Mert gives us the height advantage; plus his reading of the opposition game is brilliant. LK is my fav among the three too…. it was a opportunity lost for wenger…

  • If you are talking about Giroud; He has impeccable first touch for his physique plus can hold the ball well too. For me two things has to happen for Giroud to score :

    We need our wingers to cross across the face of the goal. Ramsey/Podolski can cross ; but fail to surpass opponents full backs due to lack of pace/position (pod is always too deep for counter attacks)

  • Morning TA..
    I totally agree with you.. 1000 % about Vermaelen.. You know about that.. hehehe..
    Almost every time I already said about how my view about him..
    I just wish.. (very bad wishes actually).. that our captain will be sell next season.. as our tradition continue.. and we bring a solid CB..

    We have a proper winger actually..
    Walcott and Gervinho is a solid winger.. both in left and right..
    They do their jobs verywell last season.. and give a lot of assist to RvP..
    If we bought Giroud and Podolski to replace RvP.. than do it..
    don’t give every single striker a chance to be CF..
    Let them play in their suitable position.. Walcott is better as RW than CF.. period..

    Arshavin doing well for left winger also.. But not for Ramsey.. he surely not a winger.. so don’t push him in that position..
    But maybe we don’t have a good RW to replace Walcott if he is absent.. Ox not quick enough and better as midfielder..
    So just maybe we need to bring another RW.. to subs Walcott..
    We have one.. Miyaichi.. but we loan him to wigan..
    If we could bring him back in January..
    So.. I think we still can play 4-3-3..
    with Ashavin/Gervinho – Giroud/Podolski – Walcott/Miyaichi.

    I also excited to see us play 4-5-1 (4-2-3-1).. We do have a lot midfielders..
    Arteta, Diaby, Wilshere, Coq, and even Ramsey can play as twin DM..
    And Cozorla, Eisfeld, Arshavin, Walcott, Gervinho, Gnarby, Podolski, Ox, and Rosicky as AM.. And man target give to Giroud.. and Walcott/Pod/Gerv subs..

    But as I learn to know Wenger more.. I don’t think he will change the formation..
    So keep on 4-3-3.. Just give the player the right position as the are good at..
    Gervinho-Podolski-Walcott are the first choice..

    I think our future is Eisfeld.. Willshere is already our first team..
    But Eisfeld must be promote ASAP.. He is better than Ramsey and Ox..

    Go Gunners..

  • 2. Giroud has to drop back for wingers/carzola to approach inside the box and allowing him to score by squaring the keeper.

  • Absolutely right but Ramsey as a DM sucks as he losses possession far too often for me.

    We don’t need new signings ; but new tactics.

    Strikers : Podolski, Giroud, Chamakh (never use at the same time)
    LW: Gervinho, Arshavin, Santos
    RW: Walcott, Gnabry
    CAM: Carzola, Rosicky,Ox
    CM: Wilshere,Diaby,Ramsey
    DM: Arteta,Coquelin,Frimpong
    LB: Gibbs, –
    RB: Sagna, CJ
    CB: TV5, Mert & LK6
    GK: WS, VM

    Hence we need only one left back ; plus define roles for players. period

  • Good Morning fellow Gooners! 🙂

    Welcome Aurijit and thanks for some fine comments. When a new blogger posts for the first time, the comment will have to be approved, and that’s why you will not have seen any of your comments back on Bergkampesque until now. 🙂

    Good to see you so positive about Giroud abilities. I am not (yet) convinced about his first touch and ability to hold onto the ball, but then I would like us to use him a lot more as the attacking pivot in our team; that’s when we can see properly how good he is in those departments.

  • Hi Henri 🙂

    Another fine tactical comment and I agree with most of your views on our players. Gervinho-Pod-Theo with Cazorla in the hole sounds great to me.

    For me the Ox needs to play on the right. He is fast enough to be a winger, but he also has the trickery to take on his man and create something out of nothing. Eventually he might develop into a good CAM but I would rather give him the ‘free role’ on the right – similar to Ronaldo or Messi (not that he is that good yet! 🙂 ).

  • TA,

    In my view, the current crop of Arsenal players would be optimally played in a 4-4-2 formation:


    Sagna Mertesacker Vermaelen Gibbs

    Arteta (c)

    Cazorla Wilshere Podolski

    Giroud Walcott

    With Walcott as poacher and Giroud as a CF (along with Cazorla on the wing and Podolski drifting centrally as Gibbs moves forward) I believe this would exponentially help our team’s attacking prowess.

    The subs bench: Arshavin, Diaby, Jenkinson, Koscielny, Mannone, Chamakh, Gervinho

  • Morning Ron,

    I quite like that line-up. Not sure about combining Giroud and Walcott, but it could work and I would love to see Arsenal make a change like this: we need some new ideas from Arsene! 🙂

    I would prefer to play 4-1-2-3:

    same defenders as you
    Arteta(new DM)
    Wilshere – Cazorla
    Theo – Pod(Giroud) – Gervinho –> playing in a ‘fluent-three’ interchanging constantly (but not with Giroud in middle).

  • Hi TA,

    I honestly believe that Walcott has all the qualities to be an excellent poacher, as shown against Reading he baits the offside trap and once he’s off nobody can catch him. As for Giroud in the middle, he has shown his ability to fend off defenders and thread a pass to a teammate or even take a shot himself. I don’t believe Gervinho should be included in the starting lineup as of yet however I would be totally agreeable if the front line was like this:


    Cazorla – Wilshere

    Walcott Giroud Podolski

  • Ron, agreed on Walcott. I am happy with Giroud in the middle, but we need to use him more: either with wingers on each side – although I can live with just the one as per your last line-up – or in a 4-5-1, just like we used to play Chamakh back at the start of the 2010-2011 season when Arsenal had a very high goals per game ratio (2.4 goals per game).

  • Yes.. TA..
    Ox not the subs for Walcott.. he don’t have Walcott’s speed and his crossing not to good.. maybe just need some more experience..
    He better as AM.. but I don’t sure for CAM..

    Are you kiding me..
    Ronaldo is LW.. and very good in that position..
    Messy is CF.. and also very good..
    Ox must work veryhard tobe a same level..

    I am very excited about Arsenal coming to Jakarta next year..
    And hope we still in big three.. before coming to Jakarta.. hehehehe..

    @ Ron..
    Hi Ron.. nice to meet you..
    Yes maybe we can play 4-4-2 formation..
    But again.. I don’t think Wenger would change the 4-3-3..
    I prefer 4-5-1 instead.. hehehe..

  • Morning Guys, 🙂

    What a fantastic piece of blogging on here from Henry, Ron, Auirjit, Mike and Niss really enjoyed catching up.

  • Morning TA, 🙂

    You have correctly identified a problem with the team leadership and it is critically important that we get this right!

  • Henry, for once we have to disagree. 🙂

    Ox is a good crosser and although not as fast as Theo (who is?! 🙂 ), he can get past his man from a standing still position a lot better than Theo. AM and CAM is the same for me (C stands for ‘creative’).

    Ronaldo played on the right wing for the Mancs, but the point I am making is that they get a predominantly free role: they can go where they want and either create a chance or finish one. They are very hard to mark and make a team unpredictable.

  • Morning RA 🙂

    How has life been treating you over the last few days?

    I am surprised that TV is not working out as a leader, as I have backed him to do well during the summer. But it soon became obvious to me that he is not captain material. When he handed that ball to bsr against MU, it became the final straw. 😦

  • At the moment, Arsenal are neither creative nor unpredictable.

    We need to become so, and I agree we need to bring on players like Eisfeld and Ox to add that little spark that is so important to add that certain something to our game.

  • TA,

    Been a little bit under the weather just recently, but these things happen. 🙂

    The friendly behaviour is all very well, but it should have been left until after the game.

    The half time shirt swapping by Santos asking BSR for his is really is not acceptable. And as for doing it out on the pitch and not even in the tunnel — ridiculous.

  • Sorry to hear that Redders. Let’s hope a good performance against Schalke will make you feel a lot better again! 🙂

    It was the meekness iwith which Vermaelen handed the ball on a plate for the traitor that did it for me. Friends off the pitch is fine with me, but on the pitch it is football war. Santos seems a happy-go-lucky kind of guy, who did not mean any harm but it is still unacceptable. That’s why I have singled out Wilshere in the post – he seemed one of the few who understood what was at stake on Saturday, and he was leading by example.

  • Thank You all for the welcome esp. TA & RA !! Will give you a brief intro about me :

    I am from India; working in the automotive industry ; I am a Gunner since 1998 , My dad is a Chelsea fan ; We both hate Manchester clubs . My present favourite Arsenal player is Wojciech Szczesny and ex player is none other than King Henry with Ljunberg in second.

    My Most priced possession is the Highbury farewell jersey 2006 season .

    Cheers guys , Have a great day.

  • Absolutely agree with you RA

    They are our rivals on the pitch, be it Reading FC or MUFC .We have to be focused and committed on the match and then show such porting behavior.

  • TA,

    I am sure that we will bounce back against Schalke, and prove some people wrong, again.

    (Of course if we don’t …………………… oh, dear!!) 🙂

  • Morning all.

    Nice to see BK is starting to attract supporters from around the world. I hope this continues.

  • Hi Aurijit, thanks for introducing yourself. 🙂

    Szczesny is an interesting choice: what is it that you like about him? Surprised to see DB10 not featuring in your top-two of all times, but again; respect for choosing Freddie as your number two. When he was at his best, he was a joy to watch.

    Shame about your dad supporting the Chavs but at least YOU saw the light! 😛

  • Hi RA. ……v Schalke….I like your positivity. A new day, lets brush ourselves off and go for it.

    Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of our lives, and Arsenals. Why not go over there and take the game to them.

    Jenks Mert Kos Sagna


    Wilshere Cazorla Eisfeld/Ox

    Walcott Giroud

  • Morning Victorious 🙂

    I just spoke to my dad about the game against the Mancs and now I feel all bad again. He wants to bet with me that Arsenal will not finish in the top-9 (NINE!!!) this season with this team! 😦

    I told him I would only bet with him for Arsenal not to finish in the top-four, and that he should stop insulting me! 😛

  • I hope but ain’t sure. the tactics and players have to be refreshed. Would love to see Carzola of the bench and Arshavin starting . Gnabry starting in wing , Something new is needed to revive this brilliant set of players . I am waiting for the little Mozart to come and show his magic in the midfield . His pace will inject a tempestuous effort in our attacking third. Saw Chelsea Vs Swansea ; Manc Vs hammers; Juve Vs Inter; Athletico Vs Valencia; Barca and Real’s match after our loss . Inferred we are very slow on the ball.Did Steve Bould’s defebce initiative on the team has resulted this can be a worthwhile question in itself!!

  • Hi Aurijit. ……Two reasons. First and foremost, it was where my Father was sent to convalesce after he was injured during the second world war (he spoke very highly of its beauty).

    Secondly…..I love the tea.

  • Aurijit,

    Take your time re Szczesny.

    I am interested as well in VCC’s reasons for highlighting Darjeeling! 😀

    Short introduction: based in Norwich currently, have been a Gooner since Bergkamp’s arrival at Arsenal – although this was a gradual process. Dutch, but lived in the UK for 15 years now (on and off).

    Favourite all time players are TH14 and DB10 (cannot chose between them). I have high hopes for JW10 and love Sagna, Mertesacker and Cazorla. I was also a big fan of Fabregas and Song and miss them both a lot.

    I am the owner of Bergkampesque, and my most priced possession is a signed football, which I won at Highbury by predicting the right score for the CL match between Arsenal-Ajax back in 2003. In the header above you can see a picture of the signed football. 🙂

  • Total. Hope the holiday is going well.
    I wont hold my breath about finishing top four this year, unfortunately your Father may be right unless Wenger pulls his finger out and gets this team functioning properly, as we all know it can.

  • Hi VCC,

    I am absolutely convinced we will finish in top-four, even though it does not look like it at the moment.

    We returned from Scotland last night, thanks for asking. It was really good, despite some rainy days. The Isle of Mull is fantastic and we also stayed a couple of days with friends in southern Scotland, and nowhere else have I witnessed so much human warmth as in the little village in which we stayed. 🙂

  • Well played Aurijit…….You are well learned with your skills of Arsenal. As you say, we need a back up left back, but being the greedy type of guy I am I would like to see a proven goalscorer purchased in January. Then I think we could compete with the big boys together with the correct motivation and selections from the manager.

  • Glad you and your family had a smashing time. it helps to charge the batteries up for the winter to come.

  • Aurijit,

    I am a Yank, and an accountant, but currently based in the UK, and I love tea too.

    Whereabouts in India are you living?

  • Total…..as you know I have a vested interest (£50 bet) in Arsenal to win the thing, but watching this team perform Im not convinced we will be in the top four at the end of the season. Im hoping, as many are saying, its down to the difficult fixtures we have had to endure. Im not so sure.

    I think there is something more deeply rooted to our situation. I don’t like the noises coming out from the club/media. Theres no smoke without fire, as they say.

    Some players just don’t seem to want to play at the moment.

  • Hi VCC, 🙂

    Hope all is well.

    We suddenly went from being a well organized and skillful team into a bunch of indecisive, clueless ninnies, and I think we can click back into being the classy,Cazorla inspired team we were at the start of the season, just as easily! 🙂

    Tomorrow night would do!

  • Hi Aurijit..
    My name is Henry Gunawan Chandra from Indonesia..
    Even though my name is henry but my favourite player is Dennis Bergkamp..

    We talk about buying Narsingh a day before.. A solid PSV and Dutch winger..
    What’s your opinion about this Hindis-blood player..?? Is he good enough to replace Walcott..??

    For me CAM is Centre Attacking Midfield.. hehe.. sorry if I was wrong..

  • Hi Red Arse…..I hope you are right, and strangely enough I think you can be. Lets hope we bounce back tomorrow night, why Not?

    As you say, this is the same team that got us out of our seats not too many weeks ago. I hope I am wrong but I seem to detect things are not right between Bould and Wenger. The players are not showing commitment. Thats worrying for me.

    Keep warm.

  • Hi VCC, you could be right, but I am inclined to think there would be no papers and on-line newsagents without blowing some good old smoke from their backsides either. 🙂

    When a team is losing, then something is quickly not going right. I hope any rumours that Wenger and Bould are at loggerheads is total backside smoke!

  • Aurijit……I am English, born in London, a layabout (recently been made redundant after 30 years working in the oil & chemical business) an Arsenal nut case and extremely glad there are sites like this so I can keep myself occupied. O, and I like tea.lol.

  • Good to back you have TA. I like the idea of all these Kinteraniaen women showing you human warmth. I might pay a visit up there myself and show them some Terry warmth. hahaha.

    Our offensive game seems to have gone to pot. theres a lack of pace, movement, and at time numbers to make any difference. I share your concerns about the big man up front. How many top european sides have a big man as there top striker? not many i would guess

  • Me too.

    But there is something wrong!!!!!!!! Why, have the same team performed so dismally recently after we were playing with skill, confidence and pace?

  • Anyway, what do these kinteranien women look like? I imagine them to be mostly red heads, naive, and very susecptable to an etended Telescope. Just my type. hahaha

  • Hi Aurjit
    Basically, I`m the eye candy on this site. “I`m by far the handsomest gooner the world has ever seen”!. This is not being conceited, as I was told this by my reflection in my mirror.
    I was born in London in 1956 were I fell out of my mother wearing an Arsenal kit.
    Total, can I have that bet with your old man ? . I will bet him enough money to pay for VCC`s face transplant !. hahaha
    When are you back home to see my movie or have you already been shamed by it ? hahaha

    Welcome to all the new posters, spread the word of Bergkampeque !. 🙂

  • PS
    Yes, that is my Devilishly gorgeous self in my avatar, it`s what sets me apart from the rest on here, as we all have great sense of humours !. hahaha

  • Afternoon Terry and GarLIC! 🙂

    Terry they would welcome you with open arms up there, extended telescope is not Greek to them either! 😛 Ooh dear, Ooh dear!

  • hahaha, cant help it VCC. ive already instructed a travel agent to sort me out a short break there

  • Hi GLiC…..I went for my face transplant this morning…….all went well until the Doctor asked who I wanted to look like, I said, “I wanted a GLiC lookalike”.

    He replied “Oh NO, not another UMF”

  • Afternoon Girls Blouses

    I played your CD all the way to Stoke and back last week and will use it to brainwash my Grandson when he`s around my gaff being babysitted for the next 5 years, his Argyle dad will have no idea. hahaha

  • Look at Stretch trying to make out he`s choosy !, after gingers, the next step is a “grave yard ” shift job at the Bounds Green mortuary !. Dont tell me you havent been casing the joint with your `scope !. hahaha

  • The mortuary is out now, they have wanted posters up of me on the wall.

    Everything requires a plan. I intend to go for the sympathy vote, make out the Mrs has just left me and am escapeing to nurse a broken heart. If these Kinteraniens are as gulliable as i suspect they are, i should be quids in. hahaha

  • Terry…….found out the other day GLiC’s parents didn’t like him much, His bath toys were a Toaster and radio.

  • Yes he does, especially his untidy messy hair. Hope someone buys him a comb for Christmas.

    Did you know he was kidnapped when he was young?

    The kidnappers sent a finger to his parents.

    They said they wanted more proof.

  • I did not say who my favourite player is, as it hard, but being this handsome, I am a few players (Dennis for example) favourite fan.
    I have a Telegram sent from Arsenal to me and my Wife at my wedding, it is my favorite possession. We beat Newcastle on the day 5-3 with SuperMac scoring a hattrick and I had to miss it for my sentencing !. hahaha
    I have probably said this before, but it was a great night all them years ago. We got back from the reception to our new home and it was just minutes before Match of the day was to come on with Arsenal the main game ( no sky+ or video recorder in them days ). I had a dilemma…..the look of expectation from the new wife or Match of the Day ?……a compromise was needed……. 💡 …… so she got the best 2 minutes of her life !. hahaha

  • Hey GLiC. There is a 7 night cruise next year to the Baltics. Malcolm McDonald is the guest speaker on it.

  • UMF
    I liked the ” stand up for the Arsenal ” one the best, as it has my favourite bit of classical music ” Pachelbel`s canon ” in it !.

  • Total, I would like to see this.


    Jenks Mert Kos Sagna


    Wilshere Cazorla Eisfeld/Ox

    Walcott Giroud

  • Big problem there VCC, the wife wont go on a boat !, maybe I can get a few of them Kintyreans. I could be, in the hole of a mull in the hull and end up well f** Kintyre d !.

  • With every body fit i would go for Ox right, Pod middle, and Gerv on the left.

    with our injury problems and the fact its a tough european away game i would stick with the
    3 that played saturday, If it was at home, i would drop Ramsey and play Theo

  • Terry, I like your everybody is fit line up, but if we are to play the same three up-front as on Saturday, I don’t think I could bare to watch the game.

    VCC, I like your line-up to. Would be good to see how well Giroud and Theo could work together.

  • Yes, thats

    Slight jerk and
    all over

  • Terry ……We must make changes from Saturdays line up. Shake em up a little.

    Plus we cannot play Santos at left back, he had am are against them last time.

    I would really like to see Giroud and Walcott have a go together. Might surprise a few people.

    Its a funny old game. …..after a couple of days since the Mancs debacle Im up for it.


  • TA, I am confused about whats going on with the front 3.

    Why did we buy Giroud?? Our game is based on fluidity and movement. Surely there was someone else avaliable who better fits our style.

    Did the Pod not play up front when in germany?

    Arsene seems to have got himself between a rock and a hard place. On the hand he calls the two wide men strikers, and then says Theo does not play there because the wide men have more defensive responsibilty in the modern game.

    Is Wenger going through a tactical crises?

  • You could be right VCC. i just cant see Wenger changing the formation. His whole strategy is about crowding and there by controlling the middle. I just cant undertsand the front 3 problem. You know ime a big wenger supporter, but it looks to me that he has a half in half out approach at the moment as to what the front 3 shoild be doing.

    What ever it is, i dont like it.

  • I am confused too Terry-T. I was convinced Wenger bought Giroud to make us play 4-5-1 with OG being a better version of Chamakh – which he is.

    It has been said before Giroud needs either proper service in the box (from wingers or FB’s) or he needs to be used as the pivot – playing with his back towards the opposition’s goal a lot, and letting the midfielders come forward and find a gap for a pass, or score themselves (a bit like the Chavs are playing now with Torres in the ‘Chamakh’ role).

    The Pod is the ideal CF for us and is wasted on the left for me. I would love him to play there with the Gerv and Theo or The Ox on the wings.

  • great post TA. It is a mighty big pickle indeed. I was a shocking decision, and now if you strip him of the captaincy it turns into a media frenzy and he could leave. Arteta should have been given the job!

    As others have said where are the bloody tactics? Rooney marks Arteta…hey lets leave him in that position it might come good! The last time I remember us playing a tactic besides yossi against Tottenham last season was flamini marking kaka in the champions league.
    It really gets on my nerves to be honest.

    An Australian in the 1800’s said “Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted” and that is very true in sport. Studying opposition and working out a game plan is so vital, especially in a competition that is so close! How can we show such disregard for our opposition that we line up the SAME every game. Gee that’ll confuse our opponents, just means less study for them and they can all copy Sir Alex’s blue print!

    This brings me back to me next point…THE PRESS!!!!
    For crying out loud why do we not use it???Is it a fitness thing? because if it is we need a new fitness team because a few seasons ago we could coast through games knowing that the ‘park the bus’ teams would tire eventually and we would overrun them. Now we get overrun in games.

    @ Terry

    He sure did. He changed his career playing as a striker the last two seasons. Yes he does it well for Germany, but look at their line-up. Bayern he didn’t do too well.
    It really is criminal that he hasn’t played there. How do you kick 20+ in a season yet not get played there, when our striker left. Fair enough if BSR was still in the team.
    My fear is he is going to get left out there to rot in a system that doesn’t suit him!

    Sorry for my rant I just can’t get over that game, I’ve never seen a game like that from Arsenal before. Yeah we’ve had some bad ones but there was no heart or fight at all! I still think we are the best in the league and can win the lot, but god we have to go back to basics + show some testicular fortitude to get there!

  • Testicular fortitude!!! Pure poetry Oz! 🙂

    Ranting is allowed. Your PM on Saturday showed how much passion you have for Arsenal and you are right in asking the same passion and quality back! 🙂

    Arsene has indeed seldom or never made tactical preparations/adjustments. He believes in the wholeness of his system of football – that it should overcome everything that is being put in our way. There is something to say for it. If it works, it is bloody brilliant.

    But in times like this, he will rightly be criticised for it.

  • Thanks for the info Ozzy baby. Thats what i thought about Pod. Wenger started him up front against Sunderland but since then nothing. very strange.

    I have another theory about Pod and Ramsey wide. Both these guys like to stand on the ball and have an overlapping fullback. They can then either knock it to them, or cut inside. The loss of Gibbs and Jenks been left out (more energy than Sanga) has surley effceted there performance…..but then, why play them?

  • Cheers TA.

    It is a great system no doubt when it works. But it’s a system that works on individuals at the moment not a team. A team shouldn’t be able to shut out Cazorla and Arteta leaving us with nothing. A good system should get the job done even if we aren’t firing on all cylinders, yet blitz them when it is.

    I’m worried the game has passed Arsene. If you don’t evolve with a sport it can leave you behind. I won’t attack Arsene any more because the man has pulled more rabbits out a hat then houdini himself. But in the first time in his great reign at Arsenal I am questioning whether or not he can take us to the next level.
    I used to always worry that if Arsene left half the team would leave too (always had Cesc, RVP ect saying that he means so much blah blah blah), but they’ve already left. If we don’t lift gears (i think we will), BUT if we don’t and theo leaves I think It’s time to call it a day.

    Anyway I’m off to watch our 5-2 victory last year, that’ll cheer up anyone. Enjoy your day everyone

  • Exactly right Terry, it works with some players (gibbs) but perhaps we are not as versatile as we thought we were. Instead when key players are missing we should adapt so that i can work.

    I’m just shocked because he like BSR only needs a few touches in a game to make it count. His timing is great and his finishing is world class especially inside the box (unlike BSR he can cannon shots into the net with poaching instincts. BSR had a tendency to fluff them every now and then).

    He’s been Arshavin’d!

  • If we can play ” natural ” wingers, Arshavin, Podolski and Ramsey on the wing, why cant we play Theo up front ?. Theo has two attributes which some other clubs front men envy, Pace and Finishing. Stop playinf Pod` on left, play him through the middle ( or Giroud ) and have Theo on left cutting in ala TH14, with Ox or Gnasher on right.

    This is the team I have been discussing with Arsene for the last two hours.

    Jenks……Mert………Verm or Koz…..Sagna
    Ox or Gnasher…………………………..Walcott
    Giroud or Podolski

    This team will bring home a win, ok Arsene ?
    “I believe so”
    Right all sorted, now lets unstrap you from my newly aquired Dentist chair !.

  • Nearly 20,000 hits. Come on some of you having a peep, join in and have a chat.
    I promise not to use the Dentist chair !, hahaha

  • Hi Glicster, unfortunately my visits don’t count as views or hits. 🙂

    I like that line-up very much and it would bring some real, and much needed, impetus.

    What is the latest news on the Gooner Grandson?

  • Hi Total
    Touch wood he`s doing fine . He`s at home now and today he was weighed and is up to 7lb 1 oz. The Father thinks he will make him an Argyle supporter, but little does he know how cunning and devious I can be !. Remember, I had 4/5 years baby sitting the Grand daughter whilst they were at work, another 4/5 years with the Grandson is plenty of brain washing time ! . hahaha

  • TA, you should have seen Cornwalls face in the Tavern when he was talking about his son in law plotting to turn the boy into an Arglelyte.its the only time he was serious all afternoon. I had to hold back cracking up with laughter not to upset him. hahahaha

  • Play that cd to your Grand Son GLiC. After a few days he will know the words.

    OOOHH. 2



  • Earlier I said my Telegram from Arsenal was a prized possession, but nothing will ever beat going to a first game with my son . It was both our first visit to the new Stadium, we walked around Highbury in our Arsenal shirts and I told him of my memories. We embraced when the winner was scored and at the end of the game, a seal of our bonding. I cried magical tears that day and still do today.

  • You Bastard Stretch………and I thought you was having empathy with me as I was conveying to you my gravest fears, of having a Grandson wearing a “Gingsters” sponsored Argyle shirt around my gaff ! hahahaha

  • Excellent stuff Glic. That must have been a great moment for all of you. 🙂

    I agree with Victorious, you should make him listen to the songs. On top of that, you could but him a red and white football as his first toy: I am sure it will work wonders! 😛

  • Cornwall, you old softie. hahahaha. ive got two daughters. The only bonding ive ever had over football with them was both of them crying after i had promisd to take them to the Zoo when i watched Arsenal v Wigan instead. And another wonderful time when instead of giving my eldest, and her horrible twat of a boyfriend, a lift, decided to watch Utd v liverpool so she gave me a whack and a very nice black eye

    Even now, brings a tear to my eye thinking of that puffy eye. hahahaha

  • You naughty boys! I leave you alone for a sort while and you are into kniclers and such like! Tut tut! 🙂

    I saw your impassioned response to a comment on another site when I had a quick read thru the stuff I had missed.

    I was pulled up on that site, yesterday, by someone on that site who should know better, because I asked fans not to be divisive about being better supporters than someone else, who may have different views or background.

    I suspect you were talking for millions of Arsenal supporters around the globe, who were not born or did not grow up in Islington.
    It was a pity that remark was made, perhaps innocently as you said, because it is divisive and infers many good and passionate Arsenal fans, and football loving guys like your dad are second class fans.

  • 20,000 up ! . I know it sounds a bit voyeuristic, but are the people who have a peep on site and dont comment called peepers !.
    Sounds right up Terry`s street……..number 52 to be precise ! hahaha

  • Hi Redders 🙂

    Yes, that quote really incensed me. There is an amazing level of passion and support among the ‘new age’ fans for our current Arsenal and what it stand for as a club. To assume that anybody who is born a Gooner is automatically a superior supporter, is both wrong and insulting. The only support that really matters, does not lay in the past or the future, but in the here and now.

    I saw the comments you referred to in your last comment and you were totally right to point out the need for acceptance of all fans. The right to be critical of what is happening at the club should not be associated with the length of supports of individual fans.

  • Hi Glic,

    20000 views is great – I am really pleased. If BK had been on NewsNow from the start you could multiply that number by between eight to ten. Without NN it is hard to get the exposure, but it will come sooner or later.

    2000+ comments (which is a great ratio: 1 comment for every 10 views)
    50 posts!

    A big thank you to all readers and commenters! 🙂

  • Before I go on the treadmill for 45 minutes, let me congratulate you Total. I only know you as a cyber ( is that the right word ? ) friend, but just as I knew all the AAers I met at the Tavern would be lovely people, so do I know you are aswell. We all have a great common love of Arsenal and a lot more besides. I`m sure when you eventually get on NewsNow , Bergkampesque will go from strength to strength.
    We, your friends are right behind you ( put it away Stretch , hahaha ), we are spoilt for choice with two quality sites, shame a few more AAers dont give you a visit, though I bet they are probably peepers out of curiousity ! hahaha.
    You will never get much sense out of me, but I think you know that by now, it takes all kinds to mix it up a bit. Thanks for a great site. 🙂

  • You are far more than just a great comic, Glic man. It’s what I like about you — there is more than meets the eye.

    Stop it, Terry, I was not speaking about the one eyed trouser snake!! 🙂

  • 😳 shame on me! Forgot to say a big thank you to fellow blog writers Redders and Oz, who both have been great support. 🙂

    Thanks Glic, I still have not come round to watch your video, but will do this evening. Am really looking forward to it! 😛

  • Nice one TA

    And lots and lots of comments!

    This site is really taking off – as it fully deserves to.

    And I have to sadly admit that I might be coming round to your way of thinking regarding the Verminator and the captaincy.

    Maybe it’s not just Low Countries rivalry after all… 🙂

  • Thanks Rocky 🙂

    haha no nothing to do with Low Countries rivalry 😛

    I really like Vermaelen – he seems a great guy.

    Hi Glic, a rest for Rambo is not a bad thing at the moment.

  • A sickness?

    Is that a euphemism for “they won’t agree to pay me 100k a week, boo hoo”?

  • Rocky, you had one of two choices there, but sorry it`s the other one, ” they wont play me up front through the middle ” , boo hoo

  • Yes, I agree Total, I had this same discussion with a anaesthetised Arsene earlier. “I will play Theo”, he begged !. hahaha

  • Thanks henry for the intro, Frankly not seen enough of both the Narsingh brothers to help you with this question. Latest I know was that both Rob Baan & Wim Kovermars failed in their attempt to lure Narsingh to play for India … 😦

    But a Indian Goalkeeper and a midfielder are into trials with Wigan Athletic & Reading FC…. Will keep you posted on the same..!!

  • Hi RA,

    I am from Delhi but work & undergrad has made me stay in Chennai for last 6 years…

  • Thanks TA for the Intro!! Love your asset and Ch33rs for owning & moderating this site. Miss Fabregas & Song myself as they are a different class in my opinion ..

  • Aurijit…..If you are a nut case, then this is the place to be. Here’s a little tip ……….Don’t tell any one…….that GLiC guy is a plonker, and he is soooo ugly, when it comes to halloween he doesn’t need to wear a mask to frighten people off. Police only last night went to his house after complaints by neighbours thinking there was a werewolf staulking around. It was only after interviewing GLiC did they notice it was his real face. Its so sad for him.

  • Aurijit…where’s your buddies? Get them over here and add some class to this site . PLEASE

  • Awesome VCC ….. then you shall visit darjeeling , I will help you with any issues / doubts you have….

  • On their way sir , give me few days!! pardon me for the absence but was celebrating the festival of lights at my native …..

  • Hi Aurijit, best thing to do is respond to comments by copy and pasting them to today’s blog, as bloggers seldom or never read back old posts and their comments. 🙂

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