Arsenal to deliver a Jol-ly good show! Full match preview

Saturday’s game at the Emirates sees the return of Fulham and Martin Jol to the Emirates. Known best for managing Tottenham during the ‘lasagne-gate’ incident in 2006 (Arsenal stealing 4th place from Tottenham on the final fixture, after 10 Tottenham players missed their game against West Ham due to food poisoning: he was sacked 6 months later), Jol has carried on where Roy left off by getting the best out of Fulham.

Previously Zamora and Johnson have caused us all sorts of problems but they have since moved on (along with Dembele and Dempsey), with Rodellega and ex-spud Berbatov taking their place.

Arsene and Jol also got a bit heated in 2006 whilst in charge of Tottenham. Tottenham being the great sportsmen that they are, refused to kick the ball out of touch with two Arsenal players lying on the ground needing medical attention.  Keane went on to score the goal inciting Arsene on the touchline, causing both he and Jol to square up in a fiery exchange (Arsene may look a touch scrawny but sources from back in the day say he’s scrappy, and has a nice jab!).

Missing in action:

Arsenal: Wilshere (Suspended), Gervinho (ankle), Diaby (thigh), Rosicky (tendon), Fabianski (ankle), Gibbs (Gibbs), whilst  Ramsey (groin) and Ox face fitness tests

Fulham: Davies (hip), and former real Madrid player Diarra faces a fitness test

I for one am sick and tired of seeing the same players stuck in the sick bay time and time again (Diaby, Gibbs, and Rosicky the main culprits). It really is unrelenting and an all too familiar story season after season. We loved showing everyone our new facilities but what good is it if the personnel are not capable enough. Or is it just the fragile players themselves? Along with the sponsorship deals, this issue needs to be made priority number 1. It is hard enough hanging with the big spenders, but add in the continual injuries, and each season turns out to be a real dog fight. Maybe it’s time for a new medical team to be brought in because it can’t really get any worse than it currently is.

Predicted line-up:

Szczesny is nearly back to full fitness but is unlikely to feature because of Mannone’s recent good form, expect him on the bench. We will see how he goes in the under 21’s match. Arsene needs to start rotating the squad not only to freshen up the team, but also to bring some much needed motivation and youthful experience. Cazorla, Mertesacker, Podolski, and Arteta have played too many games so far but may need to soldier on a bit longer, with replacements still coming back/sitting in the sick bay. I see either Ramsey or Coquelin taking Wilshere’s spot, Vermaelen staying at left back, and Arshavin coming into the starting line-up at the expense of Podolski. Jenkinson to return to right back as Sagna needs a rest after spending two lengthy periods on the sidelines.

Provisional squad: Mannone, Sagna, Vermaelen, Mertesacker, Santos, Cazorla, Arteta, Coquelin, Podolski, Walcott, Giroud, Szczesny, Martinez, Djourou, Jenkinson, Chamakh, Arshavin, Koscielny, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey.

Previous encounters:

EPL‎ – Jan 2, 2012                Fulham 2 – Arsenal 1

Arsenal conceded two late goals (Sidwell 85th, Zamora 90th) after a Djourou red card to lose the match 2-1. BSR could not get into the game as Hangeland rendered him completely ineffectual.

EPL‎ – Nov 26, 2011            Arsenal 1 – Fulham 1

The corresponding fixture saw Vermaelen rescue a point after he himself scored an own goal early.

  • We have never lost to Fulham at home (26 encounters)
  • In the past 11 meetings against Arsenal away, Fulham has only scored 7 goals, and not one time have they scored more than once.

Form Guide:                Arsenal: DLWWL              Fulham: DDWDL

One to Watch:

Fulham and ex-Arsenal player Steve Sidwell. He is a dangerous midfielder who makes lethal runs into the box so our midfielders need to be on their toes. Then again Denilson isn’t playing so we shouldn’t see anyone watching/ jogging after him (as seen against Jenas + Bale). Sidwell is another one of those players that likes to bring their A-game against their old club, scoring 2 goals in his last 3 encounters against Arsenal.

All eyes will once again be on Thomas Vermaelen. It’s no secret that he is out of form and lacking bucket-fulls of confidence, but he is our captain and needs to lead by example. He is likely to play in the left back position, so he needs be on his toes as Ruiz and Duff are chock-full of all sorts of tricks. This is the sort of match where he is likely to bob up and score a brilliant header (we are yet to score from a header so far this season in a premier league game) and turn his back luck around. The Arsenal faithful need to get behind him, chant his name from the rafters, and sing it loud and proud…the warrior will return.

Key Match-up:

Giroud vs Hangeland

Hangeland is a lot like Mertesacker as he has good timing, reads the play well and an excellent tackle. He may have over powered BSR last time, but this time he can expect a fight on his hands as he contends with Giroud. If Hangeland is getting the better of Giroud expect him to move over to Fulham’s other centre back Aaron Hughes. Last weekend Hughes conceded a goal against Fellaini from Everton, and was constantly bullied by the stronger Belgian.

Pre-Match Finger:

This week’s finger goes to those individuals behind International bloody friendlies. There is absolutely no point to them other than making money. We suffer enough injuries without pointless matches chucked in that increase the risk further. I hate International football: it’s boring, my country sucks at it, it’s corrupt, and most of all I just want to see our players playing for Arsenal and that’s it! Young Jack has just come back from a long term injury he suffered whilst playing a friendly against the Swiss; just in time to play and international friendly against Sweden…awesome, bloody awesome. If Jack gets injured again, Roy may well be shanked by Arsene…and a few thousand others in an alleyway.

Injuries are not the only problem; player fatigue is also an issue. Some players have to travel long distances to compete on Wednesday, and then travel back in time for Saturday’s game. For example Santi; he’s already played extensively for us, and now he has play on Wednesday, and be back cherry ripe for a tough match against Tottenham. Cheers guys, really appreciate it!

Pre-match pat on the back:

Congratulations to Jenkinson on his call up to the England squad. His rise from out of nowhere in little over a year has been absolutely sensational. With Sagna’s contract in question I feel very at ease knowing Corporal Jenks is ready to step on to the pitch to fill the void. Best of all he bleeds Arsenal!

The other pat on the back goes to Martin Jol. Other managers have sunk the boots in to both Arsene and Arsenal in the past, but putting their differences aside, Jol had this to say:

“I’m not an Arsenal fan – as you well know – but I always admired Wenger for what he did,” Jol admitted on Thursday. “There is not one other team in the top four doing the same thing with the same philosophy. They always manage to find the players who are younger and create value on the pitch. Of course, it’s probably not what an Arsenal fan wants.”


Things aren’t going too good for us at the moment. This is our worst start to a season under Arsene Wenger, registering a measly 15 points from 10 Premier League games. The midweek game against Schalke was disappointing given we let a two goal lead slip, but positives can still be drawn from the performance in the first half. Although Fulham are playing well so far, they are the worst team at losing points (12) from winning positions, so we need not panic should we concede early on.

Onwards and upwards I say, so this gooner is predicting a tight affair with the almighty Arsenal coming out on top. Final score line: 2-1 (Vermaelen, Walcott).

Lastly, don’t forget to make a donation to a Movember charity this month. It’s a great cause and a good excuse to grow a moustache; the only other times it’s acceptable is if you are a porn star, Burt Reynolds, or the greatest goalkeeper to have ever lived!

Written by: Oz Gunner

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87 Responses to Arsenal to deliver a Jol-ly good show! Full match preview

  1. TotalArsenal says:

    Fantastic match preview Oz! 🙂

    I reckon you might be close with that line-up tomorrow. In the end it is a game we really need to win and Arsene is likely to start his best eleven. Obviously he needs to take into account fatigue and the subsequently increased risk of serious injury to certain players, but as our last game was on Tuesday, I reckon he will at least start with the likes of Arteta and Santi. It would be good if Arshavin starts instead of Podolski.

  2. TotalArsenal says:

    A touch of class on the Martin Jol quote there, Oz, and fully agreed on the sick bay and on the international friendlies next week: ridiculous! 😦

    Did you know that Thomas Rosicky’s anagram is sickroom stay?! 😛

  3. oz gunner says:

    Cheers TA.
    haha that’s very befitting for Rosicky. Great player…terrible luck, or just very very soft!

    Agreed, it is a must win game so he is likely to go with the same team. But they are all must win games these days, every last one of them is a grind, just have to have faith in the squad and make the required changes when necessary.

    Great article out from Coquelin. The boy is all class that one, I’d have definitely added him to the pat on the back section.

    “I’m happy to get a few chances there [in midfield]. I enjoyed playing full back too last season, I will play anywhere, I just want to play. But I’m really pleased this season because midfield is what I enjoy most.”

    “But that’s the same for every player, whether you are 17 or 32. I want to play every week. I’m a bit restricted because there are players ahead of me doing well, so I have to be patient, even though it’s hard, and when my time comes it’s up to me to show what I can do.

    “I know if I perform well I’ll play. I think every time I’ve been selected this season I have done well, so hopefully there will be plenty more chances coming for me.”

  4. TotalArsenal says:

    I remember you doing a post on him in the summer, Oz. Very nice quotes: very mature and calm.Tomorrow is the perfect game for him, I reckon. Would also be good to see Eis Eis Baby getting 20 minutes or so: he looks a great prospect.

  5. oz gunner says:

    I originally had Eisfeld in place of Arshavin but then I found out that he, gnabry, and Miquel all played in the under 21’s lose to West Ham today. I would love to see more of him to be honest. He looks like a very good prospect.

    I rate Coquelin very highly. I had hoped we would not spend the money on M’Vila because we have a great DM in the squad already. He’s a fighter, high energy and stamina, great tackler and doesn’t need to adapt as he knows the system well. He’s the chop out Arteta needs, all that’s left is for him to take it with both hands.

    I’m off TA, a full English beckons!

  6. TotalArsenal says:

    I am with you on the Coquelin train Oz 🙂

    Enjoy your morning.

  7. henrychan says:

    Morning all.. (already morning here).. hehe.. I like your team Oz. I hope they all play tonight..

    Podolski for subs is a good thinking.. He can subs Arshavin and Giruod both..
    But don’t forget either.. he already given 2 or 3 assist to Giroud..
    But I still agree to bench Podolski.. cause Arshavin is a better winger.. LW..

    With our captain as a LB we were better again schalke.. And I agree if Wenger keep him as LB.. at least untill Gibbs back..

    We will win tonight.. 3-1..
    Go gunners..

  8. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Henry – good to see you so positive. I will take any win at the moment. 🙂

  9. oz gunner says:

    Cheers Henry. I like your confidence in today’s game. If we win 3-1 i’ll be a very happy man.

  10. oz gunner says:

    Good idea TA, their are still seats available. Soon enough though it’ll be jam packed and I wouldn’t want you to be left behind!

  11. Red Arse says:

    Oz, I am lost for words ………….. well nearly! 🙂

    That pre-match is simply superb. It gets us up to speed on the match, is newsy, chatty, has a great quote from Jol, brilliany pics, an excellent ‘Finger’ and makes me proud to know you!! 🙂 🙂

    You know you have shattered my dream of one day becoming an ace pre-match reporter!! 😦

  12. Red Arse says:


    Your culinary referral to a ‘full English’ made me think.

    In NY a fried breakfast with bacon, egg, grits etc is called an American, whereas bacon, pancakes, syrup etc is just called ‘pile it high’ 🙂 but when I was in Oz just saying ‘the works please’ …. that worked too!! 🙂

  13. VCC says:

    Good pre match Oz, starting to enjoy them.

    I’m on your train too Oz. I have posted many times that M’Villa is not what we need, I have watched him a few times since he has been linked with Arsenal and I don’t see the big deal, we have better already IMO.

    Coquelin with more playing time will come good for us, he is skilful,confident and brash! acquisitions I like in a player. I think he can eat three weetabix.

    With the upcoming fixture with Spurs and the the mid week international, I would chance my arm a little today.

    I would rest more, and start with Miquel at left back and certainly put Cazorla on the bench.

  14. Red Arse says:

    Speaking of breakfast ………………….. where’s that bacon ……………………. hmm, see you in a bit guys!! 😆

  15. Red Arse says:

    Morning VCC, 🙂

    Did you see that M’Vila has been suspended by France for 2 years for his antics during an U21 break for his country?

    That sort of behaviour is why AW did not try and buy him when everyone was clamouring for him to buy the guy, and now he will never play for Arsenal.

    We are well rid!

    If you can hear a rumbling …. that’s my stomach …… I’m off! 😀

  16. VCC says:

    Red Arse, that full English smells lovely, I think I will have to go and do myself one, with smoked bacon…”mmmmmmmmm yummy.

    Right that’s it, big decisions made. Thanks to BK site. Full English it is,already placed my accumulator, iron my Favourite footie day Arsenal shirt, watch soccer am then daaaaan the boozer to cheer the boys on and watch the good guys win 4-1


  17. VCC says:

    Red Arse, I did indeed see that article about M’Vila, I don’t like the look of him. Same as I don’t see Huntelaar up front for us, why buy Giroud then? No point, use what we have. Although I have criticised him you must give him a chance as he is already here.

  18. VCC says:

    Don’t forget eleven o’clock tomorrow guys.

  19. Herb'sArmy says:

    Morning All,
    I read an interesting article by Phillipe Auclair, who penned Thierry Henry’s Autobiography.
    It’s a little insight into what’s gone wrong at Arsenal. Auclair says Mr Wenger has a philosophy of football more than any tactical knowledge, which would explain why we can only play one way. He – Mr Wenger – expected the austerity to end by the start of 2009-10 season, and he feels the BoD have let him down. Mr Wenger also gambled that relationships among players would transcend money, and would be the key factor in helping Arsenal cope with the stadium move.

  20. VCC says:

    Herb, morning me old Darling, how are you this fine and dandy day?

    Whats your prediction for today?

    By the way Herb, can you smell that smokey bacon? Go on you know it makes sence, have one.

    Damn RedArse, he will put pounds on me today, and I don’t mean the monetary one. Rolf.
    I will simply have to cut a pint out today and have only five instead of six, lol.

  21. henrychan says:

    Dear Oz and TA..
    Nothing can I do than being positive.. hehehe..

    Fulham is a good team.. of course.. moreover in early season.. first 5 games..
    but they are decline in this 5 latest games.. only win once to villa with one goal at home..
    And they never ever win in Emirates.. And they know who Arsenal is.. hehehe..
    So 3-1 is just a normal assumption.. not to excessive ones.. hehehe..
    Especially when Arteta is on his top perform..

    If Wenger do play all the player that Oz said.. then we will surely win..
    Vermaelen is better as LB.. The game again Schalke is the first test.. and I quiet sure that our defenders will be more solid tonight..

    I wish Cozorla will give his magic again.. and bring back our attacking way..
    but if somehow he fail.. I think we can bring Eisfeld in..
    Or we can do another option to change the 4-3-3 formula with 4-3-1-2 (but I don’t think it will), with Podolski behind Giroud and Walcott.. Eventhough I still believe Walcott is better as RW..

    I wish Arshavin will also find his magic way on football..
    I do like him a lot.. especially when the game running well.. hehehe..

    Go Gunners..

  22. VCC says:

    Good morning Henry, I like your prediction, that’s the spirit, positivity.

    By the way Henry, what’s the favourite breakfast for you guys in your part of the world?

  23. VCC says:

    Where’s those boring farts GLiC and Terry? I bet they are having a lie in, lazy muvvers.

  24. oz gunner says:

    Cheers RA, and VCC I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    RA, anytime I’ve had it done here it’s just been called ‘the works’ or ‘the big breakfast’
    I have mine with a bit of toast, couple of hashbrowns, some snags, steak, scrambled eggs, fired onion and some juice. Leaves me very full, very content, and almost ready to go back to bed haha.

    @ VCC

    Glad you rate Coquelin as well, I see a lot of flamini in him, just with a bit more polish. I love Flamini’s last season so there is no higher acclaim for me.

    Miquel, gnabry, and eisfled played yesterday in an under 21’s match against West Ham so unfortunately they are ruled out. I’m quite shocked that we are in fact 5 points behind west ham in our group. I suppose a lot of our players are always in and out so there is probably no time to settle.

  25. henrychan says:

    Morning VCC.. Already noon here..
    In Indonesia there are so many breakfast menus.. but I like ‘Nasi Goreng’ (fried rice) the most.. Second I go for ‘Bubur’ (porridge).. and third for bread.. hehehe..

  26. Herb'sArmy says:

    Hi VCC, it’s impossible trying to predict how Arsenal will do these days, you never know which Arsenal is going to turn up, but they won’t be going on my Accie.
    Diaby’s out until after christmas. In any other walk of life he’d be up in court for theft!

  27. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning all 🙂

    Some of you might have read the comment I left on ArsenalArsenal last night. I can assure you all I made the decision to publish that comment after thinking long and hard. I won’t go into detail openly on the blog about the reasons why I posted it, but I felt strongly the best thing to do was to move on and to let my friends at AA know that I was leaving, and thank them properly.

    I have nothing against the site and its fantastic bloggers and I urge all those who regularly block on AA to keep doing so as before – it is purely an issue between Rasp/Peaches and me.

    This will be my one and only comment on the matter on BK, and it is purely meant for clarification.

  28. VCC says:

    Herb ….Accie =?

    I totally agree with the hangers on, and Arsenal sure have them, get shot of them and play the youngsters, that’s what I say.

    I’m gutted about Diaby be case on his day he is a fine footballer, but I’m afraid it’s worn too thin with him now, as it is with Rosicky, and YES Gibbs. Our number one left back causes us far too many problems, ship him out and buy Baines or any other full back who is not made of glass.

  29. VCC says:

    Hi Total…”I saw that on AA. .. Sad times.

  30. Herb'sArmy says:

    VCC, Accumulator.

  31. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi VCC, sad indeed but it is for the best.

    Herb, thanks for explaining what an accie is! 😀

  32. Herb'sArmy says:

    Sorry to hear about your fall-out with ‘AA’, Total. For me they have a few issues that need addressing, but I shall leave it there.

  33. TotalArsenal says:

    Agreed Herb. Also, if true about Diaby being out till Christmas than that is incredible news. Just cannot bloody believe it! 😦

    Henry Henry Nasi Goreng! – yummm. I have not had that for ages and miss it a hell of a lot. I also love Fu yung hai and babi panghang (sincere apologies for the spelling!). The juices are running freely through my mouth now 😛

  34. VCC says:

    Herb….. I do an accumulator every Saturday. Mainly do home wins with six to ten in it, and try to get long odds.

    I have been naughty today (do you feel lucky punk?) (well, yes, I do funnily enough) I have had five £1 accumulators.

  35. Herb'sArmy says:

    Such is our club these days, it would not surprise me if we won 4-0, but nor would it surprise me if we lost by the same score.

  36. Herb'sArmy says:

    I do an Accie every Saturday, VCC, sometimes mid-week if there’s enough games to make it worth-while. I once had Arsenal in a twelve team Accie, we were playing Huddersfield in a 2nd leg Lge Cup game (after winning 5-0 at their place), and they were the only team to let me down – we drew 1-1. Gutted.

  37. VCC says:

    4-1 to the good guys today Herb.

  38. VCC says:

    I know what you mean Herb. I had a silly one earlier in the season and had a thirteen accumulator, the reward would have been lucrative but Charlton let me down at home.

  39. Herb'sArmy says:

    That’s why Bookies will always be richer than us, VCC.


    Morning Bergkampesqueres

    Ozzy baby, beautiful. Puts me right in the mood for action. hahaha

    Good shout from VCC for rememberence sunday. My old man was in the army. He got of a boat from Crete, got drafted by the British, and ended up on another boat to Singapore. The closest he got to action was when the locals rioted and broke his watch. hahaha. Support our boys and remember those who have fallen.

    Cant hang around. Going out and then off to the game. Sitting right by the dugouts today, so should be a laugh

    Enjoy the game Bergkampesqueres.

  41. VCC says:

    Enjoy the game Terry. Give em a shout from me please. Wow, sitting by the dug outs, we might see you, give us a wave. Wear a bright yellow jacket, it helps you stand out, and also makes you look like a poof, lol.


  42. oz gunner says:

    Cheers Terry, enjoy the game you lucky so n so

  43. TotalArsenal says:

    If we see a large telescope bulging on the dugout, we know who is getting overexcited! 😛

    Enjoy the game Terry.

  44. TotalArsenal says:

    Ozzy, having had a look around various blogs, most seem to predict the same line-up, except for Arshavin, as the Pod is preferred. I hope you are right though for this game.

    Wenger has been speaking about the weight/burden of the captaincy on Vermaelen’s shoulders, and I wonder whether this is a sign that he might change things soon. I would not be surprised if Vermaelen starts on the bench and Arteta is our captain today.

    I am begging for a win but it will be hard fought, no doubt about it. I cannot see us outscore them by more than one goal today, so if I have to make a prediction it would be 1-0 to the good guys.

    Hope our teams wins. 🙂

  45. VCC says:

    If we lose today Total, I will be surprised, along with many Arsenal supporters. Especially after Wenger has had plenty of time to do his homework and freshen them up.

    Our team is in need of some serious soul searching.

    Wenger and Bould need to earn their money and start motivating these highly paid professionals.


  46. TotalArsenal says:

    I would be surprised too VCC, but I just don’t think it will be an easy win ala the Saints. You are right re Arsene and Steve earning their money today. You must be off to the pub soon. The local pubs here are all showing the Norwich game unfortunately, so it is streaming for me. 😦


  47. TotalArsenal says:

    Confirmed line-ups for today:

    Arsenal Team
    Mannone, Sagna, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Coquelin, Arteta, Cazorla, Walcott, Podolski, Giroud.

    Subs: Szczesny, Jenkinson, Santos, Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Arshavin, Chamakh.

    Fulham Team
    Schwarzer; Riether, Hangeland, Hughes, Riise; Dejagah, Baird, Sidwell, Richardson; Ruiz, Berbatov

  48. oz gunner says:

    cheers TA. Come on Arsenes, you’re getting a bit predictable, lets mix it up a little! Afterlast weeks early game it feels like an eternity waiting for this one! thank god it’s finally arrived.

  49. TotalArsenal says:

    I guess there are still four changes compared recent formations (excluding the Schalke one): Koz for TV, TV for Santos, Coq for Ramsey/JW, and Theo starts again.

    I reckon there is a lot more balance to this team but fingers crossed fatigue will not cost us dearly today.

  50. oz gunner says:

    Theo clearly read the post and was further inspired by Henry. Too bad the other players didn’t get involved. Come on Arteta…some handlebars,it’s not too much to ask!

  51. TotalArsenal says:

    Yesssss Giroud on fire!!!

    Your call Ozzy: he beat Hangeland with ease!

  52. oz gunner says:

    ah-huh Giroud 1, hughes 0.

    TA I feel like an African American psychic lady from the deep south. Ms Cleo predicted it, mark the weaker CB

  53. TotalArsenal says:

    Coquelin is doing well too 🙂

  54. TotalArsenal says:

    Great movement and vision by Arteta! 🙂

  55. oz gunner says:

    I think we are the best team in the world again!!!

    Centrally is definitely Podolskis home

  56. oz gunner says:

    um that was very slack!

  57. TotalArsenal says:

    super corner by Ruiz but far too easy for Berbatov. Come on Arsenal!

  58. oz gunner says:

    looking forward to see szcz back in the team!

  59. henrychan says:

    For secondhalf we must bring Arshavin in for Podolski.. and Eisfeld for Coq..
    Almost don’t see Coq playing..

    We must play wider.. just like Fulham did..
    Walcott and Arshavin can do that..
    We can score 2 more goals..
    Go Gunners..

  60. TotalArsenal says:

    I blame Sagna more for the second – it should have been his man. Painful to concede two goals like that.

  61. TotalArsenal says:

    Henry, I dont know what to say. The problem is at the back – we are all over the place! 😦

  62. oz gunner says:

    It was poor TA, but Mannone should not be beaten by a header from that far out that was hit into the ground

  63. henrychan says:

    Yes TA.. but I think (wish) the nervous time will be over in secondhalf.. And our defenders will do hid job done..
    We just need to attack more.. hehe..

    Still think positive.. 4-2..
    Go Gunners..

  64. Red Arse says:

    Not sure who was at fault more there for the 2nd goal, Mannone for lack of anticipation or sagna who was dozing!

  65. Red Arse says:

    I have a horrible feeling this pat a cake ‘pass it around the back line’ is so p*ss poor that we are there for the taking.

  66. oz gunner says:

    Giroud what the hell????

  67. oz gunner says:

    it is very un-Arsenal RA. The last few weeks we’ve been doing it so often. We always attacked. I don’t understand it because we do it so slow so it’s not like we are switching it in an attempt to create space/openings!

  68. TotalArsenal says:

    Hope so Henry! 🙂

    Hi RA – squeaky bottom stuff hey?! 😕

  69. TotalArsenal says:

    ooh dear! 😦 It is getting worse and worse!

  70. TotalArsenal says:

    That’s better COYRRGGGGGGGGGGG!

  71. oz gunner says:

    Giroud is looking very dangerous! TA…my bloody heart!

  72. Red Arse says:

    Giroud is our best defender!! he is the only one who gets the ball from their corners.

  73. oz gunner says:

    very carroll like RA, doing it all atm

  74. TotalArsenal says:

    Fecking madness – Come on Mikel!!

  75. oz gunner says:

    frick frick frick!!!

    crazy game, happens far too often. Enjoy your evening all

  76. henrychan says:

    It should be Giroud for pinalty.. Arteta is not on his perform.. It must be hattrick.. What a waste..

  77. TotalArsenal says:

    Hard to defend a performance like that today. Giroud and Koz an eight the rest below 5. There is just no proper structure to the team at the moment; we are totally at sea. 😦

  78. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers Oz – sleep well amigo! 🙂

  79. TotalArsenal says:

    Arteta and Cazorla looked totally shot in the last 30 minutes. Agreed, Henry, I would have preferred Giroud to take that penalty too.


    Good Evening Bergkampesqures.

    Firstly, i tried the yellow jacket but the stewards threatened to throw me out for looking like a poof, so i had to strip. hahaha

    Analysing the game from my panaromic view it dawned on me that we have been transported back to 1984. No, i dont mean that Orwell geezer, i mean Mariner, Rix team. a bit dodgy defensivly and no movement up front.

    I studied the front three closlely, and in the first half they were like a bunch of statutes. no one tried to get behind or spin there defender, it was realy depressing.

    Second half Wenger pushed the full backs 20 yards up and we got more of a grip, but were vulnerable to counters.

    Our only genuine avenues of attack were getting it wide, crossing it, and hoping Giroud would get on the end of it. The guy is awesome in the air.

    All in all not a lot has changed from the previous 3 years. Fulham come to the Grove and its a battle of equals.

    The club and Wenger have a lot of work to do to turn us into genuine title chalangers. The shortage of world class quality is beggining to tell and in truth we look a very ordinary side.

    In 1984 things looked bleak but by 1987 we began a new era. i think we might have to wait a few more years before we are a top side again and who the players and manager will be?? I havent a bloody clue.

  81. TotalArsenal says:

    A very fair and accurate assessment Terry. There is plenty to be worried about at the moment and it looks structural… 😦


    Hi TA, i still think we will the 4th trophy cup, but it will be close.

    We are a decent side and could be transformed with a couple of world class signings, but the question is who and how??

  83. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Terry, I am writing a new post at the moment but my short answer to your question is our squad ain’t that bad at all, but Wenger is not getting it right at the moment and it looks like it won’t get resolved any time soon.

  84. VCC says:

    That was amateurish. We where clueless. No leadership, no drive, no desire.

    Stand up and be counted Mr.Wenger.

  85. VCC says:

    Terry 20:32. ………trouble is I can’t see a couple of world class players wanting to come to this very ordinary team.

    I think I’m going tO have to go to outer Mongolia when we play our neighbours, away from any body, because I can’t take being shown up by them as I think we will unless Wenger/Bould can work miracles.

  86. TotalArsenal says:

    new POST – NEW post! 🙂

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