Nobody wants to play on the wing: Arsene should switch to 4-5-1!

Gervinho is injured and will soon depart for the ACN, Theo does not want to sign a new contract until he is promised he will be played centrally, Podolski wants to play centrally as well, and Ryo is on loan at Wigan. Arshavin is no longer in Arsene’s plans and prefers to play centrally too, as does The Ox.

Nobody is passionate about playing on the wing except Gervinho and youngster Gnabry, and yet we play a 4-3-3 system in which good, classical wing-play is essential for it to succeed.

I have not totally given up on our 4-3-3 system, but without adequate wing-play and our midfield regularly being overrun by the opposition, I reckon it is the major reason why Arsenal look so shapeless, and are unable to dominate games as much as we used to do.

Just like during big parts of last season, Arsenal are currently no longer looking like the Arsenal we became so used to over the years. Gone are the times of total dominance in midfield and control of the game, and of creating a large number of chances in a single game. Our defence, midfield and attack work like individual units, and we are struggling to play as a whole team: a cohesive group of players who know what is expected of them, and what to expect of the others.

Ever since Chamakh was replaced by the then fit again van Judas, back in January 2011, Arsenal have played in the current 4-4-3 4-3-3 system. Arsenal have never managed to get above the 2.0 goals per game average, whilst the traitorous Dutchman was our main striker.

During the first half of the 2010-2011 season, Arsenal knew how to dominate games and we scored about 2.4 goals per game. We played 4-5-1 with Chamakh as our ‘holding striker’. Often playing with his back towards the opposition’s goal; he would shield the ball well, and allow the midfielders to bounce the ball of him in order to come closer to the goal and have enough time to pick a deadly pass, or attempt to score themselves.

I was convinced that Arsene would go back to our previous 4-5-1 system after the traitor was sold. With Giroud, Arsene has bought a better version of Chamakh, and with an overabundance of capable midfielders, it seemed logical to me he would revert back to this highly successful formation.

As 4-3-3 is not working, I would love it if Arsene reverted back to 4-5-1. We could play Giroud alone up-front – I am sure he would love that – but we also have the Pod who could play in such a system.

In midfield: Jack, Arteta and Cazorla are automatic first choices in the centre of the 5, whilst on the edges Arsene could play the likes of Santos, Coquelin, Ox, Podolski, Theo, Ramsey, and Rosicky and Diaby (if they ever get fit again!). On top of that, we have talents like Gnabry and Eisfeld coming through quickly and they would have a better chance to fit into a 4-5-1 system than in the current, tactically demanding, 4-3-3 system.

It would allow us to start dominating games once more, and with that, find our identity again.

Our defence would benefit massively as they would get a lot more protection from the solid midfield in front of them; whilst the wing-backs can enjoy themselves again with surging forward runs and effective wing-play – Gibbs, Sagna and Jenkinson are ideal for this.

As a team we would score more and the goals would be shared between the forward(s) and midfielders; making us less dependent on the strikers, as is the case in the current 4-3-3 system.

It would not take much for Arsene and Steve to restructure the team into a 4-5-1 formation, and I am pretty sure it would suit the current squad of players really well.

Total Arsenal.

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55 Responses to Nobody wants to play on the wing: Arsene should switch to 4-5-1!

  1. glic says:

    Before I go to bed, thank you Total. I agree, back to 4-5-1, not only should it make us more dominant ( no Stretch, we`re not peeping, so carry on in the dominatrix cellar ) in the middle, but in theory more protective of our defence aswell.
    One small point though Total, I know Reff`s are sometimes accused of being blind, so it`s only a matter of time before they catch on to our sneaky 4-4-3 system as stated in paragraph 5, the amazing thing is, we still couldn`t beat anyone in our last 3 games with an extra man on the pitch !. Nice try Arsene, you probably didn`t see it though !. hahaha

  2. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahaha Glic – well spotted! 🙂

  3. henrychan says:

    I like an attacking football..
    And yes 4-5-1 is a good and flexsible form.. can be 4-1-4-1 or 4-2-3-1 or even 4-3-2-1.. according to the team we have and who will we face that day..

    And for that reason.. buying another midfield is more important than striker..
    Yes of course Dzeko/Huntellar is a good stuff indeed.. but Holtby or Isco is what we need more..

    And I think Chelsea will go after Falcao.. after draw by Liverpool.. or Cavani.. not us.. not in my wildest dream that we will bring 30-40 million striker.. If it so.. why we let RvP go..??

    And guess what..??
    4-5-1 form is like a smilling face for me..
    It means WIN.. We don’t smile if we lose.. hehe..
    Go Gunners

  4. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Henry 🙂

    A very nice way of putting it: ‘4-5-1 is like a smiling face for me’.

    Yes, it can change during the game into an other formation temporarily, depending on what is required. As our main formation, 4-5-1 would give us more control over the game, more compactness, and it would allow us to find our ‘DNA’ again; our identity. We would also be a lot more able to both defend and attack as a team.

    How’s the rainy season getting on?

  5. henrychan says:

    Hi.. TA..
    Rainy season is just starting..
    at least 2 or 3 times a week but not very long.. 1-2 hours only..
    How about Holland..?? Is winter coming soon..??
    BTW in what city of Holland do you live..??

    Did you watch the Spurs games again City..??
    I think if we play like yesterday again Fulham.. and if Wenger just do nothing.. we just can’t wish for a win.. the have quite solid defenders and a good GK (still curious about lloris not coming to Arsenal.. and being bench at Spurs..).. Luckily for City to have Dzeko.. If we really want to buy a striker.. Dzeko must be at first list..

  6. Red Arse says:

    Morning, TA and Henry, 🙂

    That’s a good Post on a subject matter that needs resolving, and although I agree with the main thrust of your argument, I disagree with part of it.

    Playing 4:3:3 with our current [fit] players is simply not working, so 4:4:2 which enables us, with the same players, to switch to 4:5:1 when necessary does seem to be a no-brainer.

    Where I disagree with you is that I do not think we need yet another [small] midfield player such as Isco or Holtby.

    We must, instead, address the quality of the front players and it will come as no surprise to you that I think we have two very average and inconsistent players in Gervinho and Walcott.

    If they were working as managers under me, in my big company days, I am sorry to say that, if due counselling/training did not work, I would initiate the disciplinary process and ultimately let them go.

    Gervinho is physically not suitable for playing ‘up front’ as he gets brushed off the ball too easily, and does not have the finishing skills that is crucial in that role.

    The same is true of Theo, altho his finishing skills are better than the Gerv’s, he does not have the skills or the presence to play for Arsenal!

    I know you may have spilled your coffee, but the fact that more than 2 years since we first started to discuss him, we are still talking about his ‘potential’ and the fact he can ‘sometimes’ produce a flash of the skill we expect of any player at a top club, is an indictment of not just the player but the management for not taking action and calling a halt to this hole in our team.

    Ironically, that decision may well be taken out of the manager’s hands in a few weeks, unless they give in to his demands.

    Then we need to address the defence. Zonal marking with the current crop of players is simply not working. But hang on a minute — zonal marking has been fine with certain top teams, so let’s be candid, it is some of the current incumbents who are not good enough.
    Change them!

    Many people will say that we have had an unfortunate run of injuries throughout the team, or that we have had a change in the assistant manager’s role, with Bouldie struggling, allegedly, with AW over the extent of his extensive duties.

    Too many injuries – stretching from one season to the next. Sort out the physiotherapy team, or bring in stronger more robust defenders.

    If there is any conflict over the role of Steve Bould – sort it! No manager can allow a confusion over what he requires from his back up team to develop. It is not fair on his subordinates if there job specification does not make it clear what their responsibilities and duties are.
    Come on Arsene – it is basic management techniques for the back room staff we are talking about here.

    Apart from that, everything is fine!! 🙂

  7. VCC says:

    Fine post Mr. T.

    As you say, things are not working at the moment with our formation, so why not change it ?

    Try 4-5-1

    Sagna. Kos. Mert. Gibbs

    Jenks. Wiltshire. Arteta. Cazorla. Walcott


    Try Jenkinson wide right side, he is an athlete and one of our best crossers of a ball.

    Walcott wide left (ala Henry, he will like that)

    This will give us energy and pace to get forward and assist Giroud. Also would enable us to take care of monkey boy with Jenks and Sagna on our right hand side. Give it a try, why not cos what we are doing now is clearly not working.

  8. VCC says:

    Red Arse……as you say Zonal marking is not working, simples. I have never liked this so we should go back to man marking at corners and free kicks straight away, tute sweet, immediately if not before.

  9. Red Arse says:

    Hi VCC,

    It seems we are as one on zonal marking! 🙂

    And you speak French, too!! 🙂 Glic will be furious.

  10. TotalArsenal says:

    Good morning, Henry, RA and glorious victorious 🙂

    Henry: I live in the UK (since 1999) – the last city in which I lived in Holland was Utrecht, along the Oude Gracht – one of the two main canals in the centre of the city. Holland and England have identical climates: it is autumn now: not warm but not yet very cold, reasonable amounts of rain, often windy and beautiful colours on the trees. It is my favourite time of year.

    Have you ever been to Holland / any plans to visit pancakeland? 😛

  11. TotalArsenal says:

    Fighting talk Redders! 😈

    You know I will not agree with you on the likes of Gervinho and Theo. There are no better wingers in the PL and their stats cannot be denied. But if Theo does not want to play on the wing the club needs to act indeed.

    I don’t like zonal marking at all, and although some other clubs might use it, I cannot think of any PL club right now who is using it successfully. All have leaky defences this season.

    Fully agreed with you though on the back-room staff and physiotherapy comments. 🙂

  12. TotalArsenal says:

    ‘straight away, tute sweet, immediately if not before.’ haha VCC, there is no rush then? 😆

    I really like the thought of playing Sagna and Jenkinson together in a 4-5-1, and Theo on the left, with a licence to move centrally regularly, whilst Cazorla moves to the left in midfield, is very appealing too. Top stuff Vicks! 🙂

  13. Red Arse says:


    Of course I am not surprised by your staunch support of the Gerv and Theo.

    But consider for a moment. There is a proven mathematical theory which relates to the “Wisdom of the Crowd” that has a relevance here.

    For example, and keeping it simple, 🙂 if you had a jar of small sweets filled to the brim and asked 500 people how many sweets the jar contained you might be surprised (or not) to learn that you can calculate pretty exactly how many sweets there are by examining their answers.

    How? Well you discard the lowest and the highest guesses. So if someone makes a guess that there are 20 sweets in the jar (when clearly there is more likely to be 150 or more) you would discard it, and if someone else says 1,000 sweets you would discard it for the same reason.

    Then if you add up all the answers from everyone else and divide that answer by the number of people making the guess, you will almost certainly get the correct answer to the number of sweets in the jar!

    [If you don’t believe your resident mathematician – google it] 🙂

    So, as regards Theo and Gerv, if you asked 60,000 fans how valuable they rate each of them on a scale of 1 to 500, you would undoubtedly find 60,000 values covering a wide spectrum.
    If you then averaged the response, which would, no doubt, range from ‘crap’ to ‘brilliant’ you might well find that the answer might be ‘he is OK, but not special’.

    That would explain my position, in that both of them come into that category – and it would not be just me saying it – but “the wisdom of 60,000 fans”! 🙂

    A player who is ‘OK, but not special’ is not good enough for Arsenal!

    You see — maths makes the world go round!! 🙂

  14. VCC says:

    Cheers Total…..Im trying to remain possitive, and also willing to eat my hat with reference to Giroud. I’d eat two if it meant he became a world beater.

    As you well know, all i ever want is for my Arsenal to be successful and entertaining, like we used to be. We were once there so why not again????

    With Gervinho, I think with the ACN coming up we sgould be looking to play with out him, its like having another Diaby/Rosicky, always unavailable.

  15. Red Arse says:

    VCC, ca va? 🙂

    Comment allez-vous? Appréciez-vous, BergKampesque, mon ami?

    J’aimerais avoir votre réponse, s’il vous plait.

  16. TotalArsenal says:

    No surprise there, RA: a fine theory to tell me that most people are agreeing with you. 😛

    Theo and Gervinho are not the sort of footballers that I would put in the category of ‘absolutely awesome’, but they are very good players to have at Arsenal, if played in the right position. Gervinho is not a striker but a bloody good LW to have. I don’t know a better one in the PL at the moment. Theo’s stats for the last two seasons have been good and this season he must have the best ‘average minutes in between goals’ record. If he accepted the RW as the best place for him to play (or the left wing, as per VCC’s suggestion), he could continue his impressive goals and assists tally, and the world is his oyster! 🙂

    Also, if you would have asked Gooners to rate Gervinho and Theo last season, and did this again now, I am pretty sure you would see a strong improvements in their valuation. Just read back comments a year ago on various sites re Theo and then read again current comments, and you’ll see how much more Theo is being valued at the moment.

    Both Theo and Gerv are not ok, but SPECIAL. 🙂

  17. henrychan says:

    Morning RA.. (even it already noon here.. hehehe..)
    I don’t agree with you about Gervinho and Walcott.. They are not an avarage player..
    they are a great players.. great wingers.. you can go for statistic to know that they are better than a lot of wingers in EPL..

    But.. they all seem not enjoying being a winger.. they want to be a CF.. (I don’t know why..?? maybe because CF can scores more.. but see what happened to Ronaldo.. he is a winger and he is Madrid top score)
    And Wenger try them in some position.. but again.. they must faced it.. that they are more good as winger than CF.. And in the 4-3-3 scheme.. No one is better than Walcott as RW..??
    The problem is Wenger force Podolski to be a winger also.. yes he can cross verywell but he’s just not a winger.. Gervinho and Arshavin is much better in LW position..

    Why we must buy another Midfielders.. because as I said.. Walcott is very good as winger.. but in 4-5-1 scheme.. we need more creative and skillfull player than just speed.. And Isco and Holtby just an example of some good midfielders.. (and also close to our range of wages).. we need to add at least one’s.. Why Holtby..?? because he love Arsenal a lot.. we need that kind of player.. And why Isco..?? because he used to play with Cozorla before.. and very good as tandem.. And in 4-5-1 scheme.. Walcott could be our target man also.. rather than Podolski.. I don’t know why.. I just feel that Podolski is better as midfielder or second striker than CF..

    But I also open with 4-4-2.. Maybe Podolski can be tandem with Giroud.. or even Giroud-Walcott.. Not to sure.. but not bad either..

    Go Gunners..

  18. TotalArsenal says:

    Agreed VCC: being critical of players and yet wanting them to do well go hand in hand. I tend to be more forgiving towards the younger players, and should do the same towards those that just joined us from another competition. But goals or not, the jury remains out for Giroud at the moment – mostly due to doubts whether he fits into the Arsenal system/ style of footie.

  19. TotalArsenal says:

    Henry, did you see my question re Holland? 🙂

    I don’t know much about Isco: what do you know about him? What sort of player is he?

  20. Red Arse says:

    Hi TA and Henry,

    You both put up a fine defense for Theo and Gerv but you are battling the mathematical brilliance of the crowd! 🙂

    My own theory as to the reason that both Theo and Gerv want to play centrally is because they both agree with me — they are not good wingers.

    The only problem with that is — they would be even worse at CF. 🙂

    In all seriousness, I am not saying they are bad players, they are OK, but I do not like settling for that – why should we? There are better players out there (not necessarily in the EPL) who would benefit the team on a regular (consistent) basis, and could transform Giroud who is already showing what a difference he can make, even with very little support from the wingers.

    Henry, you also mention the Pod not wanting to be a winger, and I agree with him.
    He is another one who wants to be in the centre playing off Giroud, and I also agree that would be his best position.

    Sadly, if Theo and Gerv are still here next year, they will be splitting the fans into those who think they ‘could’ be good and those who think they are inconsistent and not worth their place in the team.

    Contrast that with all the fans saying now (and will be in a year’s time) that Cazorla and Jack are excellent and top quality. That is what we need throughout the team!

  21. TotalArsenal says:

    Henry, I did a bit of research on the boy called Isco. He looks good in the video (really nice to hear Strauss in the background), but whilst watching it I started to ask is there any end-product from this boy? The answer is: not bad at all but needs improving in order to become successful at a club like Arsenal. But at 20, he has plenty of time to do so. The question is do we really need another youngster to join Arsenal, or do we need another 26 year old to come and join the team and make a difference straight away? I reckon the latter is needed. 😕

  22. henrychan says:

    Just see.. hehehe..
    When I replied to RA.. Some phonecall are coming.. so there are delayed posting..
    And you already answer to RA question about Walcott and Gervinho..

    For isco.. maybe this will help..
    and also :
    or you can search and googling.. I bet you’re better than me for that.. hehehe..

  23. TotalArsenal says:

    RA, as far as I know Gerv wants to play LW but was asked by Arsene to play in different positions. The fans will always be split about certain players, and wingers are especially prone to this. Not many people are doubting Theo’s contributions to the team any more and the same is likely to happen with the Gerv, if he continues as he did at the start of the season.

    But you have always been consistent in not rating either of them very much, and it is up to them to prove you wrong! 😉 😛

  24. Red Arse says:


    Just a couple of points. I too have heard Isco is a very promising player as Henry has said, but the papers today, are carrying the story of AW wanting Crystal Palace’s Zaha and rating him at £9m. Palace want £20m and might settle for £12m to £15m.
    (I have no knowledge regarding the accuracy of the comment or the values).

    I understand that Isco is either (not for sale) or is priced at £25m.

    Neither will join the club if Theo stays, but given our tight financial constraints, if it is an either or – AW will go for Zaha.

    On the age question – I am not sure I quite agree with you on a 26 y.o. being a better proposition than a 20 year old, because we bought Arshavin as a 28 year old, and our most expensive purchase (?) and sadly he has been a great disappointment.

    On the contrary, we bought the Ox at 17 y.o. and he is a bteer bet now, and certainly will be in the future.

    I know what you mean, of course, that a tried and tested player would give us immediate help right now when we need it, rather than a promising but callow youth with potential for the future.

    My slight disagreement is that I think a quality younger player is always going to get my vote over an experienced ‘plodder’ everytime.

    Seems like my day for making somewhat controversial comments, but I think it is time that we, as fans, are more realistic about our footballing expectations or that Arsene sets his sights higher when selecting players and invests appropriately.

    It is either or — fudges just will not work anymore! 🙂

  25. VCC says:

    Red Arse. …I am very well my friend, Merci beau coup.

    Cava ….love it. … Buenos Dias Scarlet Bottom. Yamo VCC… Hablo Espanol?

  26. henrychan says:

    Hehehe.. He is already improve.. Without Cozorla.. he keep Malaga in good form..
    They are in UCL with Milan, Anderlect and Zenit (with Hulk and Witsel there).. And guess what..?? They win 3 times and draw one..

  27. Red Arse says:


    Sí, bebo como un pez, y me veo como un canguro! 😀

  28. TotalArsenal says:

    RA 🙂

    It is good to not agree on everything and depending on what angle one takes, your comment @10.55 is full of truths. I reckon with Jack, Ox, Gnabry, Afobe, Aneke, Eisfeld and Le Coq we have enough exciting and promising youngsters, and would like another ‘Cazorla like’ ‘experienced gem’ signing. However, if Arsene wants to pay big for an Isco kind of star, I will not be complaining either! 😛

  29. Red Arse says:

    Off for a while — later, guys!! 🙂

  30. Red Arse says:

    TA, @11:03 — complete agreement! 😆

    Salut, amigo. 🙂

  31. TotalArsenal says:

    Auf wieder schnietzel Rottes Arsh! 😛

  32. TotalArsenal says:

    Henry, I saw Isco has two goals and two assists in the CL this season, which is very impressive for a 20 year old. He is the sort of player that Arsene likes, but I guess he is already too expensive and the whiff of oil-money must be hanging around the airport of Malaga as we speak. 😦

  33. henrychan says:

    Yeah.. City and MU are also watching for him also..
    But 18-20 mil is much better than 30-35mil for Cavani or 40-50 mil for Falcao..??
    And if Wenger really want him.. He will land to Emirates.. I sure that.. because of Cozorla..

  34. TotalArsenal says:

    Henry, never believe anything form the Metro! 😛

    Cazorla and Arteta should be sent to Malaga to go on an Isco-Mission.

  35. TotalArsenal says:

    It must be dinner time in Indonesia – what are you eating tonight?

    Did you see my comment a few days ago: I like Nasi Goreng, but also Fuh yung hai and Babi Panghang: do you know these dishes or are they only available in Holland (apologies for the spelling).

  36. VCC says:

    Red Culo

    Solía ​​beber como un pez, pero desde que fue despedido sólo bebo los días de partido. Usted debe ver lo mucho que mi vientre se ha ido hace.
    Creo Glic se parece más a un canguro que tú.
    Hasta Luego, mi Amigo

  37. VCC says:

    Henry/Red arse.

    Lots of comments on Talk Sport about Arsenal going for Zaha in the January window. More ammunition to prove Theo is on his way = cheaper.

    Untried and drop in quality ? again maybe. Same old same old. Its about time Wenger changed the record. My blinkers are off now.

  38. TotalArsenal says:

    I have just read that van Judas has chickened out of the Holland-Germany friendly on Wednesday with a ‘thigh-injury’ – a typical move by brave Sir Robin! 😈

  39. henrychan says:

    TA.. Fu yung hai is chinese meal.. and babi panggang (roast pork) is neither Indonesian.. every country (except Moslem) had..

    Sate (satay) and gado-gado (mixed vegetable and tofu and tempe with peanut sauce) are Indonesian favourite meals.. hehe..

  40. TotalArsenal says:

    Thanks for your explanation, Henry. In Holland, there are many Chinese/Indonesian restaurant and take-aways and we would order: Nasi Goreng, chicken-satay, babi panggang and Fu yung hai. I just did not know which was Indonesian or Chinese, but now I do. Cheers. 🙂

    Satay, as a sauce, is well-known to me, and I cook it regularly for my family.

  41. henrychan says:

    VCC.. Yes Wenger may bring Zaha.. but as we all already knew Wenger style.. He will keep him on the youngster squad untill he think Zaha is ready.. and I don’t think it will be near to at least 3 years to come..

    Walcott surely the best EPL RW.. and that why Chelsea and City want him.. but I don’t see they play the 4-3-3.. the best formation to fit him.. so Walcott should think a lot before he decide to leave Arsenal..
    If he still dreaming to be a CF.. then I think he will end up in bench more..


    Hi TA, interesting post. I agree with you entirely. No body wants to play wide. The last two games have been a real eye popper for me. If we are to persist with Giroud then we need him to create space for our midfielders to run into.

    Watching us on Saturday i couldnt help but think how Freddie Lunberg would love this system. We need guys to make runs behind enemy lines, we have the personel to deliver the ammo.

    Its going to be inetersting to see how it develops. i am confident we will strike a winning formula soon.

    If we dont, next time i see Cornwall and VCC there going to beat me up. hahahaha.

  43. Red Arse says:

    I won’t let them Terry. My favourite tactic against big brutes like VCC and Glic is to sit on them. Works a treat! 🙂

    The thirty goats are rising! Hot air balloons or something. 😆

  44. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Terry, RA, 🙂

    Fully agreed on Freddie loving the current system. I reckon Gervinho is such a player and so is Arshavin, but only one of them is prepared to help out defensively. From what I have seen of Eisfeld he would fit this system as well, and then of course there is the Ox. I also like le Coq on the right or left of midfield – in fact, he is a very versatile player and one we must keep.


    Thanks Redders hahahaha

    I think i should be ok. What they dont know it that ime seceretly a Seven Dan Black Belt in “Bullshitsiuo” a wonderful martial art that preceeds karate. Lower belts like yellow and green etc teach you how to chicken out by crying or pleading for your life. When you get to say Brown, you should be able to convince your assalients that your an old friend of the family or that you do not have use of your right arm. By black belt you have the capabilities to mimic an epeleptic fit or even feign death.

    Of course, been a responsible Bullshitsiuoist, i only use the techniques if i realy have too. hahahahaha

  46. Red Arse says:


    What is painful to me is the ‘might have beens’ of this world.

    I saw Theo playing beautifully for Southampton against our youth team as a kid, and subsequently before he joined us, and had such high hopes for him. (as I have said many times!) 😆

    I also saw, Abou Diaby as an 18 year old playing in the France U19s team and he was a tall string bean with the most fabulous skill, and I did mental loop de loops when we bought him!!

    For different reasons that skill has not blossomed in either of them, for very different reasons, altho Theo was also blighted by serious injury for a time.

    It makes me sad for both of them. 😦

  47. TotalArsenal says:

    hi RA, I just cannot believe that you don’t rate what Theo has to offer to us. He is first team material and without any doubt he will become one of the best PL players of his era. I really hope it will be at Arsenal, but I fear he will be doing it at Liverpool or Chavs very soon. Now that deserves a sad face! 😦 😛

  48. TotalArsenal says:

    RA 🙂

    Fully agree with you on Diaby though – what a waste of a talent! 😦

  49. Red Arse says:

    If only I could be persuaded of that view, TA.

    I am just so desolate that I cannot make that leap of faith in Theo, and am firmly convinced he will never be what we would all wish him to be.

    That said, I believe a footballer who could have hit the heights, and is far and away a better more skilful player than Theo could ever be, is also doomed to early obscurity.
    Diaby I mourn for your playing career!! 😦 definitely worth a gloomy smiley!! 😀

  50. TotalArsenal says:

    RA,I wonder how much of Diaby’s injuries are down to psychological issues – can it really be all just physical?! 😕

  51. Red Arse says:


    I read that the original injury sustained at Sunderland caused a knock on effect on other muscles and bones elsewhere in his body..

    This knock on damage to those ‘non-injured’ sites unbalanced him which caused other problems elsewhere and so on.

    The treatment he eventually received in France, last summer, helped him to re-balance his body and take the strain off the ligaments and muscles that were now causing the problem.

    Unfortunately, I suppose that if he did not exercise properly it could cause a repeat of the old problem and he went back into the same cycle of injury causing other injury.

    Poor guy! 😦

    [That is my understanding of the problem and may be totally wrong] 🙂

  52. TotalArsenal says:

    neW posT New POST! 🙂

  53. kez kaiser says:

    man to man marking every time

  54. TotalArsenal says:

    What you mean Kez?

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