Five positive developments for Wenger to turn things round

Whether we like it or not, we are going through another transitional period. Supporters have every right to be disappointed in the club for being once more in this position.

However, we are where we are, and there are some developments within the team and on the field which could play a major part in turning the season round for us anytime soon.

Arsene Wenger has been here more than once before in his career, and he has always managed to turn back to winning ways eventually – albeit without turning this into silverware at the end of the season for quite a while.

The season is still long, and although it looks like Arsene just cannot make this team gel and play in a cohesive and effective way, things could fall into place again in the foreseeable future.

Five developments that could turn things round for Arsenal:

  1. There has been an even spread of goals between our Arsenal strikers this season, and we are more than matching the strike-force of the Mancs at the moment. Theo scored 8, OG 6, Gervinho 5, and Podolski scored 5 too = a total of 24 goals in all competitions. The Mancs: van Judas scored 11, Hernandez 8, Rooney 3, Wellbeck 1 = a total of 23. It is now really important to start scoring more in the games that matter; especially in the Premier League. Giroud has started to do that, and with Theo back in the starting-11 and the Pod hopefully finding his form again, Arsenal should be able to increase the goal per game ratio in the PL significantly.
  2. The imminent return of Gibbs and Szczesny to our β€˜five in defence’ should help us considerably in going back to the tight defence Arsenal had at the start of the season. Mannone did relatively well, but the return of the more experienced and demanding Pole will mean a step improvement for us; and the same goes for Gibbs who has been missed tremendously over the last few weeks. Arsenal still have statistically one of the tightest defences and there is every reason to believe we can get back to a period of solid defensive performances.
  3. The return of Jack Wilshere has made a big improvement to the team. In our 4-3-3 system, he plays in such an important position and he has all the skills to link our play together; to both support Arteta and Cazorla in their respective duties of protecting the defence and making things happen in attack. He is getting fitter by the game, and we simply are dependent on him in terms of keeping a good shape to our team and starting to play the way Wenger wants us to. Hopefully Rosicky will be fit soon too, so Jack and Santi can get a break now and again.
  4. Our wings will soon be in full flow again. 4-3-3 only makes sense when a team possesses aggressive wing-play. Last season we had Theo and Sagna forming a formidable partnership; and at the start of this season, we saw the development of fluent wing-play on the left between Gibbs and Pod. Just imagine both wings starting to operate at their full potential again: it would make a huge difference to our team
  5. Last but not least, we should hope for the possibility of us going on a winning run again. A good win against the Spuds could rekindle our season and lead to a run of good results. Our players could start clicking together all of a sudden, and there are no more inter-lulls to break up our momentum again.

Admittedly, I am trying to convince myself that all is not lost and Arsenal will turn this season round, but reading the above again, I can see how things could still fall back into place for us.

Total Arsenal.

59 thoughts on “Five positive developments for Wenger to turn things round

  • Morning TA.. Nice post..
    I think we will win the battle at home this weekend..

    This are some of the reasons :
    1. Wilshere is back.. We do missed him lastweek.. No one support Arteta..
    2. Arteta have a big motivation to paid his bad game, especially again Spurs..
    3. Gibbs and Szczesny are back also..
    4. Giroud now know how to score.. And he will do it again and again..
    5. It Spurs man.. We do have extra energy again Spurs.. And it is dead or alive game.. If we loss than the game is over.. And all team know that..

    I just hope Wenger can keep Cozorla for not going to Panama..
    Go Gunners

  • Good post TA cheers.

    Amazing goal stats vs Manu. Everytime I see Hernandz’s name I get annoyed. I remember quite a few years ago reading an article that featured the next 5 superstars of football. In the 5 we had too, Vela and Nordtveit. Vela was hailed as the next Mexican superstar and for some reason that never came to pass. He was surpassed so so quickly by Hernandz, and it annoys me that united got him. I hoped he would leave in the Summer because he was so far down the pecking order. Now he is saving them points left right and centre like bsr. Damn them both to hell! you too vela!

    I’m excited to see Szcznesy back in the fold, and I agree he needs to be chucked back in! It’s time for him to step up again and dominate between the sticks. What he is capable of can change games and lift the team, his passion is also great to see! Gibbs on the other hand…just want him to stay injury free for once, play out the rest of the season and show us what you are capable of.

    Very excited to see Rosicky back, he was part of the reason we turned it around last season, his energy is fantastic
    Wilshere…no other player in the EPL that’d I’d rather have playing for us.

    I really hope we turn it on again against Tottenham. What an amazing game that was. I’ve nominated it as the 1 game of the season the mrs has to watch. So if we play dismal I’ll be even more furious.
    There are always games that no matter what form you are in you bring your ‘A’ game. I didn’t see it against Man United, hopefully we do for this game. We need to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and really band together on the field, watch highlights of the game last season, watch Henry’s return, watch a viera + adams package, do whatever you can to fire yourself up, because anything less than 100% will not pull us through this slump!

  • I don’t think TA will be happy to see that video.. hehehehe..
    Especially the first one.. Cause RvP all over the video.. hehehe..

  • A very good Post, as usual, TA, πŸ™‚

    We do need to remind ourselves that a lot can happen in life, and that includes footie results, and you have given us some cause for hope.

    Henry has a lot of good ideas too, and is always upbeat — well done henry! πŸ™‚

  • Oz,

    I am so pleased that you are still here, accompanied by excellent vids (for which many thanks).

    It was reported here that millions of Aussies were evacuating the country because some dragon had eaten the sun!! At least you are not scared of those damned dragons!! πŸ™‚

  • Hi Henry, Cazorla flying all the way to Panama during midweek would be total madness. I think he has already been below par in recent games and he could do with a rest.

    Thanks for warning me about bsr in the video. I really dislike watching him again at the moment: the self-glorifying twot 😈

    Oz, that is a very fine call to arms. The ingredients are there to improve significantly again, but we need to see it in action now. Is TR fit for Saturday?

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  • Yep I would start him and have Santi on the bench; especially if the Spaniard would have travelled to Panama and back. But he would need to be fully fit.

  • That’s a tough ask, to come back after a long injury against your biggest rival. Fair play to you.

    Have him on the bench at best IMO.

  • morning all, cheers for the kind words.
    No way TA, its scrambled eggs with a bit of tabasco and cracked pepper!

    RA those dragons don’t scare me, I come from a long line of descendants from Saint George himself!

  • I’d chuck Wilshere in Santi’s spot and play coquelin next to Arteta. Arteta + Coquelin did well along side one another at white heart lane last season

  • Oz.

    My starting eleven would be =

    Sagna. Mert. Kos. Gibbs

    Jenks. Wiltshire. Arteta. Cazorla. Walcott


    If Cazorla is struggling after his travels then play Coq.

  • VCC,

    I watched the second half against Schalke away again, and boy did our midfield look knackered in that game. Once the Germans equalised they did not push for the winner any more and we got away with it. Cazorla, Jack and Arteta were all running around on stumps. A friend of mine told me how big the Schalke pitch was (he went to the game) and you could see the gaps in midfield in front of our ‘D’: the Germans moved in there regularly to either pick a pass or shoot at goal, as we were all over the place but did not have the legs to fill the holes.

    What we need against Spuds is our midfield to be up for the task. Hopefully Jack does not play much tonight, if at all; and Mikel will obviously be rested, but we need another pair of fresh and capable legs in midfield on Saturday afternoon. Would you risk Santi, if he has travelled all that way? The last thing we want is for him to get a bad injury, but I cannot imagine Rosicky being fit enough to start yet, so Wenger has to decide what to do. He can start with Ramsey or Ox, or even Pod or Arshavin in that position.

  • It’s a good lineup VCC but I’d play AA in place of Jenks

    @ TA

    sorry, it does leave a bit of a sour taste in your mouth after seeing bsr in it so often

  • VCC – I would love that line-up, obviously: please let it be true! πŸ™‚

    Oz, very good shout moving Jack up and playing Arteta and Coquelin behind him. You are sharp this ‘evening’! πŸ™‚

  • Points taken Total. My side is the one I put up a few minutes ago. I would play the Coq in stead of Ramsay any day. Santi can be assessed by Wenger at ko. I would even start with Eisfeld if we had some tired legs.

    Giroud will score two and get booked this week end. I’ve a feeling he will be up for this as he has had playing time with us now and looks much more comfortable than he did at first. He will torment the Spurs back line.

    I have to sort my hat out later, as after Spurs game I will have to eat it, (fingers crossed)

  • I’m sharp as a marble TA!

    I’d love to see him playing there, before he was injured we got a little taste of his lovely through balls (mmm that didn’t sound too good!) Just needs to work on the shooting he that got our tongues wagging back when he was 16.

    I’m right there with you TA, I can’t stand him. If he resigned and he proposed I’d have had to say yes just because I thought he was a future Arsenal legend. Now I’d send a tirade of abuse at him enough to make a sailor blush

  • Oz, Nasri who? πŸ˜›

    I watched that video a while ago and was surprised Nasri actually engaged with them.

    VCC, hope you are right re Giroud – jury remains out for me. Coq is a better defender, but Ramsey offers more going forward imo, so it all depends what is required on Saturday and what role Arteta will play. Coq could be our deepest midfielder with Arteta being our link-up player, but that is not without risk against the Spudders.

  • Hello Fellows, πŸ™‚

    Just had a quiet read of The Times and breakfast of a three excellent poached eggs and toast, with a side order of tomatoes and mushrooms. Lovely! πŸ˜€

    The reading the back comments I find TA has guessed correctly that I have a predilection for poached eggs! Telepathic! πŸ™‚

    Actually I do like my eggs and soldiers too, VCC but if I have an eggy lunch it is three extra large scrambled eggs and tabasco a la Oz! looks like you guys have got me taped!!!!

  • I am intrigued that after we had spent some time talking about teams and tactics, over the last few weeks, I now read that AW is thinking of going to a George Graham back three of CBs and two full backs!

    If true, that is a radical shift for Le Professeur! 5:3:2, maybe? perhaps just for the Spuds game?

    Saturday could be interesting to see how the team lines up.

  • good call VCC, especially with no Kaboul playing, if Gallas plays Giroud should smash him in the air.

    Assou Ekotto is out and Walker will most likely miss, so it is essential we attack their fullbacks non-stop and get it onto Girouds head. I wish we had Gervinho available for this game.

  • Morning Beef Curtain Faces

    Listen here Muvvers, I could understand if Santi was flying there and back himself as his arms would ache like f**k. But he`s not even flying the plane !, he`ll be laying back listening to music , watching a porno and being sucked off by the worlds dodgiest looking Trannie, Carlos Puyol or having a kip !.
    How was your journey Santi ? , “cee senior, I eez afarking Kernackerd ”
    Why ?, did you do lots of exhausting things on your flight ?, ” que ?, No eez harving too mucho siesta kippious ” !.

    The post ?. If we beat the Spuds, I will come back in time @ 14:45 on Saturday and say what a great post ! hahaha

    Still waiting for Mr Timber Framer, waited all day yesterday and now he`s coming today ! πŸ‘Ώ

  • Not sold on Giroud TA? God is it because he doesn’t fit the total football bill? haha I see how it is! Giroud is coming! Watch out because if he finds out you’ve bagged him he’s coming to your house to header a ball through your front window!!! πŸ™‚

    That would be interesting RA, I hope he tries it after Spurs though because their attack doesn’t scare me in the slightest. With Walker, Ekotto, and Kaboul out, Gallas at CB, and Caulker/Vertonghen as fullbacks we should attack attack attack!!!

  • Oz….with my formation we have cover for Monkey man with Sagna and Jenks marshalling him. I know Spurs have other dangerous players but the biggest threat is undoubtedly Mr.Bale.

    You are spot on Oz, we need to get at their full backs as often as we can and with Walcott and The Corporal we has a speed machine one side and an athlete the other. Jenks is possibly our best crosser of a ball too. He will have the energy to fill this roll. We must play from the start at high pace and have a game plan to run them ragged for the first sixty then replace our own tired legs with three subs.

    I would like to see Eisfeld feature.

    Spurs have Walker and assou ekoto injured. Also Kaboul is out. Their defence looks fragile, so we must at all costs play high up the pitch.

  • GLiC…..your timber framer must be Spanish…….MaΓ±ana MaΓ±ana .

    E is laze bastard. Mucho coffees were had no doubt. Mind the blisters on the fingers.

  • That overrated Monkey. Sorry but he only beats slow fullbacks, or if Denilson is playing. Sagna towels him up constantly, if not we can just have szcz flatten him again!

    I too want to see more of Eisfeld

  • Where did you read that Redders? I can believe that Arsene would consider us playing with 5 defenders – cause that is what it is. πŸ˜•

    Oz, Gervinho will indeed be missed.

    Glic: ‘doggiest looking tranny’ πŸ˜›

    Oz, I look at Giroud and how he fits into the team. In the second half against Schalke he was pretty bad all-round, but if he keeps scoring goals then he is of course doing the most important thing right. I like him to become better and coming for the ball and holding on to it. But I am warming to him – in a non-Glic sort of way. πŸ™‚

    VCC – I also want to see more of Eis Eis Baby.

  • Good to hear TA! I liked how he was Caroll like against Fulham. Big Andy sits as a free man during defensive set pieces/corners and goes for every ball, and it’s very effective. With Giroud’s great aerial ability he should sharpen us up defensively also

  • TA,

    I read it in the Times, but most of the papers are carrying little snippets – based on his concern over our leaky defence.


    Sagpot, Mert, TV, Kozzer, Gibbo

    OX, Artetetete, Cazzor

    Girrafe, Podo

    The names have been changed to protect the innocent! πŸ™‚

  • Morning Red Arseteta πŸ™‚
    That bloody Timber Framer is not coming until tomorrow now and he had better, otherwise I`ll shove pinnochio`s lying c**k up his arse ! πŸ‘Ώ

    Right , I`m out to haggle over building material prices ( Daniel Levy has nothing on me when it comes to negotiating, I`m as dodgy as they come ! hahaha ).

    Laters Muvvers

  • VCC.. I like your 4-5-1 formation..
    but putting Jenks as midfielder and Walcott in the left.. I don’t think that is a good idea..
    Better put Walcott in the right and Arshavin in the left..
    If Cozorla out then Eisfeld must come in.. not Coquelin..

    so my team are : (if Czesney and Gibbs are fit..)
    Sagna – Mertesacker – Koscielny – Gibbs
    Walcott – Willshere – Cozorla – Arteta – Arshavin
    Subs : Manonne, Jenks, Vermaelen, Eisfeld, Podolski, Gervinho and Gnabry.

    It can see as 4-2-3-1 also.. when Willshere and Arteta playing deeper..
    Go gunners..

  • Henrychan…..YEs your formation is good too. But I’m thinking of containing there main threat which is Monkey Boy, and with The Corporal playing wide mid field he can do both containing and attacking/crossing.

    Walcott also likes copying Henry, coming in from the left.

    Arshavin is spent for me, maybe a late sub but no more.

    Henry how do you fancy making 5 predictions from the programme premiership and championship this week end? Have a go.

  • Cheers RA πŸ™‚ I don’t like the sound of that at all, but at least it looks like Arsene is considering making changes to his 4-3-3 formation/philosophy. It is needed.

    Henry πŸ™‚ If we are to play 4-5-1 I reckon we need at least one midfielder on the wings, if not two. Arshavin and Theo are not the sort of players who would fit easily in 4-5-1 as it requires a lot of midfield play/skill set; including running and closing down a lot.

  • I’m still not sold on the zone TA, but with Giroud given licence to attack the ball every time we are far less likely to concede. The only other way his to get Diaby back in the team and start fly kicking people again haha…it worked so good before, too bad it didn’t knock some sense into Terry.

  • Afobe scored in the under 21’s. God I hope that bloke comes through the ranks. It’s the one spot we have failed to bring a player through. So many promising players. JET, simpson, jeffers, aliadiere, watt, probably a few more

  • High hopes for Afobe indeed, Oz. We have been unlucky with Adebarndoor developing in such a prat and Eduardo torpedoed to oblivion, and of course the ultimate traitor in our ranks.

  • Muvvers
    Get on Football Fan Cast via Arsenal newsnow, they`re doing a ” who`s got the best away support” vote and the scummy bastards are getting more votes than our boyz. Total put the hoover away, Oz put the didgeridoo away, Stretch stop polishing the `scope, Redders climb out of the tardis dictionary, Herb, leave the pills to later, VCC, stop frightening the neighbours kids and get voting ! hahaha

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