Arsenal v Tottenham Full Pre-view: A Little Déjà Vu!


Let’s set the tone early on shall we:

This game feels eerily familiar to last season’s match against Tottenham. We were down in the dumps; besieged – just like we are now. We responded then, and we will take action now. If we do not, the players are not worthy of wearing the Arsenal crest. The game at Old Trafford was a letdown, as was Fulham, but it’s now time to atone for our sins and get this season up and running again.

Missing in Action:

Arsenal: Diaby (thigh), Rosicky (tendon), Gibbs (thigh). All are not back and won’t be ready to play in this fixture. But hey what’s new? These three are regularly out, and never come back when scheduled. I don’t know whether Arsene says it’s to get our hopes up, or they have in fact had set backs, but it happens far too often. When was the last time you can remember an Arsenal player coming back on schedule? Gervinho (ankle) is due back next week, but if I factor in the humidity and wind resistance, and X that by player softness, and  + Arsene/medical team lying  through their teeth…he should be back just in time for the African Cup of Nations.

Walcott (muscle), Szczesny (ankle), and Ox (hip) face fitness tests.

Tottenham:  Dembele, Kaboul, Parker, and Assou-Ekotto are out. Walker, Lennon, and Defoe face fitness tests. I expect Walker will find it tough to get up for this one, but the other two are likely to play some part. Tottenham will be hoping Defoe is fit otherwise they are left with the goalless Adebayor up front.

Predicted Line-up:

A lot has been said this week about Arsene trying a different approach by using a 5-3-2 formation. However, I don’t buy into it: it will be business as usual this week with a 4-3-3 set-up. Although I would like to see something different and perhaps some different tactics thrown in the mix, I just don’t see it happening.

Jack slots back into the line-up this week having served a one match ban for a reckless albeit deserving  tackle on Evra (whose a boy now Evra? huh? huh? huh?). I’d like to see Giroud continue up front because if Gallas is playing he is going to give him all sort of difficulties.

Walcott should continue where he left off last season against the spuds. Podolski could do with a rest having played midweek for Germany, but he won’t be. I’d really like to see Eisfeld, Arshavin, Gnabry, or Ox take his place because without Walker they could create all sorts of problems, and Podolski, while brilliant, won’t expose them for pace. Hopefully Szczesny returns in goal for this one. It’s his time to shine again!

Previous Encounters:

Before our previous encounter we were 10 points adrift from Tottenham on the table and, had just been smashed by AC Milan, and beaten by Sunderland. A power shift in North London was being mooted by the media. Power Shift? Heavens to Betsy; no way is that happening anytime soon! The game got under way and before we knew it the score line read 0-2, thanks largely to a very fluky deflection over Szczesny’s head, and a Bale dive.

Luckily we turned it around because at that very moment Arsenal fans and blogs were going into a state of meltdown, and if it continued any further we would have experienced an Internet Chernobyl. Sagna got us back into the game with an emphatic header (the way he attacked the ball with fearless intent was thrilling), followed by a goal by Rosicky (rumblings around the club suggest he still exists. I’m not so sure, I hear he only visits during contract time), and a brace from Theo. The score ending up 4-2*. The win catapulted us into some good form while sending Tottenham into a nose dive. Happy days!

The highlights can be seen here (brilliant passionate commentary)

* all traces of RVP have been stricken from the record.

Form Guide: Arsenal: DDLWW             Tottenham: LWLLW

We find ourselves going through a bit of a rough patch, whilst Tottenham have been inconsistent thus far. They do however possess the best away record in the league at the moment winning 3 of 5. AVB is struggling to win over the Spud faithful, but a win at the Emirates to go along with their win at Old Trafford will certainly get them chanting his name. I don’t know about you but this fixture doesn’t feel the same without the Wheeler Dealer at the helm of Tottenham. I did loathe him, but he was always good for a laugh, and I loved seeing him go into ‘twitch’ mode when his team were losing.

One to Watch:

*Temporary* Arsenal speedster Theo Walcott. Devoid of recognised fullbacks at Tottenham, Walcott has a real chance to smash this game wide open. Last season’s demolition saw him play a game of two halves, first half he was non-existent and copped it from a few supporters, second half he finished off with a brace. Theo likes a big game and undoubtedly will be up and about for this one also.

Young up and coming CB Steven Caulker is our opposition watch this week. At 20 years of age he looks like a real find for Tottenham. He really matured out on loan for Swansea last season; it’s a path I’d like to see followed by our young Spanish CB Miquel to speed up his development. Caulker scored midweek for England, and has scored twice recently for Tottenham, so he ought to be watched during set pieces as he brings an aerial threat with him.

Key-Match up:

Sanga vs Bale

Bale, the most overrated winger in football, today, lines up against perhaps the best RB in football; Bacary Sagna.

Two games against Inter Milan, alongside a few great games against lower opposition, do not make you a superstar! Well at least I think so anyway. Yes he is super quick, but what does he do that is any better than Theo? Nothing! Most teams tend to double up on Bale (the sort of player for which Arsene would play Eboue on the wing, in front of Sagna; in an effort to quell his influence), but with Assou-Ekotto out, Sagna should bomb forward as often as possible in an effort to make Bale track back (something he does not do well). Arsenal have a similar situation with Podolski when he plays without Gibbs; he is not as influential without a quality defender behind him. Yes Bale is quick, but so is Sagna. Not a problem here: Sagna will stop him quite easily.

Pre-Match Finger:

This week’s finger goes to Zlatan Ibrahimovic! It was a wonderful goal no question, I’m just jealous it wasn’t an Arsenal player who did it! The audacity needed to try something like that let alone the skill, technique, and power needed to pull it off just amazes me. Ibra you are a great player but I still hate your guts for diving against us last season and playing a part in kicking us out of the Champions League…also get a haircut!

Pre-Match pat on the back:

This week it goes to young Corporal Jenks yet again. This time, for signing a new long term deal with us (yes I know long term deals mean nothing, just look at Fabregas etc). He has ‘Arsenal DNA’ and as young Jack said “would run through a wall for Arsenal, he loves the club that much”. Too bad others at the club don’t share/show that sort of passion presently.

Frimpong also deserves a mention for showing just how much he loves the club. Reports midweek suggested he would be sold in January, but he quickly tweeted that the stories were wide of the mark. He is likely to close a loan deal for the remainder of the season with either Ipswich (Mike McCarthy is now there manager, previously of Wolves) or Wolves (having spent a brief period there before his suffering a horrible knee injury). It’s what he needs to develop greater positional nous and experience; at the moment he is a touch too gung ho in his approach, and tends to chase the ball too often. His reaction to the loan was very mature, and he stated he wants to improve so that when he returns to the club he loves (Arsenal), he can fight for a position.

Jenks, Wilshere, and Yennaris…loyalty still exists!!!


I’m predicting a comfortable 2-0 victory. The game will start ferociously but after scoring early we will (need to for our confidence) control the game; scoring the second one in the second half, on the break as they push numbers forward. Time to jump start our season again and this is the right game to do it! The Arsenal fans will no doubt make the place shake, just like they did last time.

Good luck, be safe, enjoy the game whenever you are, and give as much sh*t as you possibly can to any Spud supporters you come across. WE are the pride of London, and YOU are forever in our shadows!

Grow a Mo for Movember

Written by: Oz  Gunner.

70 thoughts on “Arsenal v Tottenham Full Pre-view: A Little Déjà Vu!

  • Oz wrote (in previous post):

    ‘I expect him to lift a gear because he of all people knows the importance of this match.
    Career stats:
    73 starts, 13 sub, 14 yellow cards, 2 red cards (one against evra, and one against that giant zigic after he game him a bloodied lip and mouth caused by a forearm to the mush!)
    So appearance wise that’s a card every 5.375 games. Compare that to Song:
    Song’s career stats:
    234 starts, 37 sub, 59 yellow cards, 1 red card (wow amazing stat for his role)
    So for song that is a card every 4.56 games
    So young Jack ain’t all that bad!’

    Interesting stats Oz. I don’t care that much about yellow cards at all. In fact, it shows there is fight in a player. As long as they are not a result of silliness, yellow cards are simply the price paid for a committed, aggressive playing style (without getting nasty). The Mancs have twice as many yellow cards and have ten more points than us – that says a lot!

  • That is true TA, i have nothing against cards also. Only if they know how not to be suckered into getting a second by the opposition.

    @ RA

    loved the post, and the goldcorp story. I always thought a group was only as smart as it’s dumbest member. Consider me educated!

  • Great match pre-view Oz and superb video to start things off – just what the doctor ordered. It has absolutely everything. I like your line-up and I reckon you will be close, if not 100% accurate with that one! 🙂

    You are so right about Jenkinson: great to have another quality and passionate fan in the team!

  • Looks like NewsNow link is still not working – that’s a shame for such a fine match preview. Just need NN to confirm all is ok which might not be till after the weekend. 😕

  • Great pre match post Oz. I hope your prediction is correct, a 2-0 win for the good guys will go down very nicely thank you very much.

    Giroud to cause them all sorts of problems and Walcott to run their full backs ragged is what I’ve ordered.

    Not sure of score line, but I’m going for an Arsenal win.

  • Before I tuck in ( I said tuck ! ), let me just say, that chap Raddy does an excellant PM, but you Oz, our marsupial carpet muncher from down under, have taken it to another level. Fantastic stuff !.
    I dont think Eisfeld or Gnabry will be involved though, as they were in the “NextGen” game in Bilbao on Thursday night .

    Nite all
    I think I will sleep to 14:45, as I cant stand the tension and stress !.

  • Wow what a post. Ozzy baby you are the pre match master. The king of the pre match jive. Its like when you have pulled a beutiful women in a club and you know the result, fantastic times.

    I have to agree with the 2-0. Why not? were better, they know it so do we.

    hahahaha love the finger, After the goal he scored i bet Ibramovich did not expect the Ozzy up yours. Serves him right for been a big nosed dickhead. Hes not Arsenal, hes just a brilliant player that scores great great goals.

    In all honesty even though it should be, tomorow for me is not about the points its about the pride. I live in an area were its 50 50 Arsenal and Spurs so i can not stomach the bastards. They can never get to me because ime a henious individual, but deep down i wish to inflict on them a whopping so horrendous that they will weep for generations.

    Come on Arsenal

    The Ghosts of the Thirties are Stiring

  • cheers all for your kind words. You are all too kind though.
    The ghost of the thirties are indeed stirring Terry. I hope they stir right into the change rooms and possess some of the players!

    I just look at the different areas of the pitch and I don’t see where they excel.
    This is their predicted line-up:

    Walker, Gallas, Caulker, Vertonghen
    Lennon, Huddlestone, Sandro, Bale

    Vertonghen is a quality player, but like Vermaelen is not as effective at fullback. Expect Walcott to give him a torrid time, especially if Bale does not track back. Gallas the 35 year old mercenary will find it very tough going against Giroud if the ball is in the air. We should bypass Caulker every chance we get to isolate Gallas.
    Walker will not get up.
    Sandro is a fighter but doesn’t bring as much as Parker.
    Modric their creator has gone in place of Huddlestone.

    The thing I like about AVB is he most likely won’t be in charge of tottenham for long! Like at Chelsea he has come in and not given certain players a look in, which has angered many of the fans. Michael Dawson before his injuries looked to be a very promising CB, now Gallas gets matches over him. Lloris is another example. He cost tottenham an arm and a leg but doesn’t get game time. He needs it otherwise he will get dropped from the french team, if it doesn’t change expect him to leave in January or the summer TW.

    @ VCC

    I’ll grab that order to go too thanks!

  • haha Terry, he sure does get one from me. I just can’t get over this still:

    Divers are lower than a cockroach in my eyes, especially when it helped boot us out of the CL last season

  • Morning UMF, if he gets the chance I have no doubt he’ll slip on a banana peel.

    Those two will come up definitely, but I see Ade starting so defoe will just come off the bench

  • Morning, Oz, 🙂


    My goodness doing the pre-match Post has opened up your talent for all to see.

    Everything about that Post is superb, entertaining (love the pics) and intelligently constructed.

    In the not too distant future I will be able to say, when you are famous, “I knew Oz when he was just a Court witness!! 🙂

  • Hi TA, 🙂

    That’s a disappointment for you – and us – that you still have a gremlin in the NN link.

    Patience is what is needed, and it will be something small that has caused the glitch!!

  • Howdy, VCC, 😀

    You are not someone who needs much sleep! Up late and then up early this morning – should not be allowed, makes the rest of us look tardy!! 🙂

  • Morning, fellow Gooners. 🙂

    Kick-off in 180 minutes – I am getting very excited!

    Hi RA 🙂

    NN wanted me first to properly insert the image-link and then get back to them via email, after which they will enable BK on NN. I sent an email yesterday evening, and just one again this morning and hopefully once somebody over there reads it, BK can go live on AA (probably still have to issue a new post first).

    Oz@4.15, that’s a fine, analytical follow up comment. I reckon the Spuds – looking at your proposed line-up – will set up the Portuguese way: hard to break down and happy to sit back, and ready to pounce on the counter. So we have to play very disciplined and not allow them to gain possession when our defenders are out of position. But nothing new there! 🙂

  • Morning all,

    @ RA

    I think you must have bumped your head when you woke up! after your post the other day how have you not written a book yet? I know society has decreased in intelligence over the decades (e.g my generation me included haha), but reading your work + comments make me feel as though I’m reading one of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essays. That’s me telling the honest truth.
    Was perfected timed by GLIC’s ‘ 😯

    @ TA

    most definitely, we should be used to it now though that’s how every team sets up against us (thank you sir alex you w*nker!)

  • Hi RA……it’s called Dad’s taxi. Had a late pick for Daughter after her late night drink up after work. Then early drop for Son. He has an urgent job to do in Sloane Square. The earlier train he gets the earlier he can get finished. He is hoping to get back for the football. He’s gutted because it’s his number one fixture of the year.

    Whose getting nervous?????????


  • Some quotes by Wenger:

    “You think I’m not fed up [with losing the club’s best players]? I want them as well to stay,” said Wenger. “We have to deal with the crowd. That’s our job. We cannot say we are professional and we are affected by any reaction of the crowd. It’s our job to deal with that.

    “If you want to be a top-level professional you have to understand that your crowd wants you to win and you have to deal with the fact they are not always happy. That’s where you see the personalities and the sense of responsibility of the players.

    “I understand the logic of it, you know. It’s not that the guys are against you as an individual. They want you to win the game and you represent the guy who can make them happy, so that’s part of it, but we haven’t done too badly. We have finished every year in a good position.

    “What affects me is that our fans are not happy. It doesn’t stop me from doing what I do on the football pitch, but if you ask me, my biggest desire is to see our fans happy – like the players as well.”

    Arsenal have finished above Tottenham every season since 1994/95 – a year before Wenger took charge of the Gunners – but have won only two of their last seven Premier League meetings.

    Asked if Spurs were closing the gap, Wenger replied: “I get that question every year. For some time, we were winning championships and they were not in the top four at all, so of course they’ve got closer in recent years. But fortunately we managed always to get above them.

    “They have a good side every year and they are always a team who are now fighting with us and it’s important in the end, the consistency, and certainly the results in the two derbies can have a big influence as well on the qualifying spots for the Champions League.”

    Wenger will make a last minute decision on the fitness of striker Olivier Giroud, who returned from international duty with France complaining of hamstring and calf problems, while midfielder Mikel Arteta (hip) will also undergo a late fitness test

  • True Oz. Are you watching with Ms Oz tonight, and if so, are you giving her all the facts and figures of the match? Chocolates and good wine, could also be a good course of action, of course! 🙂

  • Sure am TA, making her watch the 5 minute special of the last game, and the arsenal vs tottenham highlights from the pre-match. I’ve got her to love mixed martial arts but Arsenal is a tougher cookie tocrack. Come on Arsenal pull thru with the goods

  • UMF (from VCC to UMF…. still getting used to it! 🙂 ), I am definitely nervous, but more positive than negative about the outcome. 1-0 to the Arsenal, would do me fine! 🙂

  • Thanks Oz and Total, sometimes less is more. Whatever that means !. No Redders, dont try and explain it !. hahaha

  • Im starting to sweat, getting uncomfortable. I thought I was doing well up till now. Getting near pub time.


  • 100% correctomento Ozzer!

    Arsenal (4-2-3-1): Szczesny; Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Vermaelen; Arteta, Wilshere; Walcott, Cazorla, Podolski; Giroud.

    Substitutes: Mannone, Jenkinson, Santos, Coquelin, Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Arshavin.

    Tottenham Hotspur (4-4-2): Lloris; Walker, Vertonghen, Gallas, Naughton; Lennon, Sandro, Huddlestone, Bale; Adebayor, Defoe.

    Substitutes: Friedel, Dawson, Livermore, Townsend, Carroll, Dempsey, Sigurdsson.

  • Fecking brilliant first half. Santi and Jack are running the show and the team are working their socks off. Ooh to be A Gooner!!! Let’s keep this up in 2nd half now – we are not there yet.

  • Aaaah, that’s better! Good all-round performance by the team, although there remain concerns in our defence (and the protection of it).

    RA 🙂

    I could not choose a MOTM, but I will write about it later on. Giroud is definitely one of the candidates: a great performance and you can tell that his confidence and inner peace have returned. Fantastic performance! 🙂

  • UMF League predictions again (from previous post):


    Arsenal v Spurs…………..HOME..
    M.City v A.V”………………DRAW
    Reading v Everton ………DRAW
    Liverpool v Wigan. ……. HOME
    Newcastle v Swansea…DRAW

    Red Arse.

    Arsenal v Spurs …………DRAW
    M.City. V AV…………….HOME
    Liverpool v Wigan……..HOME
    Brum v Hull……………….HOME
    Leicester v Ipswich…….HOME

    W.B.A v Chelsea AWAY
    M.City v A.V………………HOME
    Norwich v M.U. …………AWAY
    Liverpool v Wigan……….HOME
    W.H.U v Stoke……………HOME


    Reading v Everton………AWAY
    Norwich v M.U. …………..AWAY
    Fulham v Sundland………HOME
    Bolton v Barnsley ………..HOME
    Peterborough v Blackburn ..AWAY


    Man City v A.V ……………HOME
    Norwich v M.U. AWAY
    Reading v Everton ……….AWAY
    W.B.A. v Chelsea …………DRAW
    W.H.U. V Stoke …………..HOME


    Arsenal v Spurs …………..HOME
    Man City v A.V. …………..HOME
    Liverpool v Wigan ………..DRAW
    Norwich v M.U. ……………AWAY
    w.B.A. v Chelsea …………DRAW


    Norwich v M.U. …………….DRAW
    Fulham v Sundland ………DRAW
    Arsenal v Spurs ……………HOME
    M.City v A.V. ………………..HOME
    W.H.U. v Stoke …………….HOME


    Arsenal v Spurs ……………HOME
    M.City v A.V. ……………….HOME
    Q.P.R. v Soton …………….HOME
    C.Palce v Derby …………..HOME
    Leicester v Ipswich ……….HOME


    Arsenal v Spurs ……………HOME
    Liverpool v Wigan …………AWAY
    Man City v A.V. …………….HOME
    Norwich v M.U. …………….DRAW
    W.B.A. v Chelsea …………AWAY

  • It is difficult to select a MoTM, TA, and I will leave that to you. tomorrow (tonight?) 🙂

    I think there are a number of candidates, but in general terms, Mert played very well altho he was at least partly at fault for their first goal. Kozzer was also very important because he was able to counter the pace of Bale and Lennon. Jack, Cazzor and Theo were also up there, altho Theo is like ‘marmite’ some love him while others like me are not sure.

    Anyway, it was a good all round team performance by the whole team – with some scary moments!! 😀

  • On today’s performance it would be hard not to like marmite Redders. A super-cross assist, a cool semi-assist for Arsenal’s fourth goal, and a fine, clinical goal. He worked hard for the team as well. Although, he wasted a couple of chances today, he had a very big part in today’s win.

    I think everybody is happy the got the first prediction wrong! 😛

  • Am only winding you up Redders! 😛

    Look at Bale today. He did some sublime stuff and scored a fine goal, but when it really mattered he let the team down by not playing Defoe in, but selfishly shooting at goal from a tight angle. As a winger you are a hero or a villain from one moment to the next.

  • TA,

    I know Bale gets a lot of grief from Gooners, but without him the Spuds would struggle!

    Don’t tell anyone but I think he is a very talented player, spoilt by diving and cheating!!

  • Agreed, RA, he is talented but often over-hyped, which does not do him many favours. I would not swap him for Theo, but I would not mind to have him in our team either.

  • Cheers Total. …full on evening entertainment tonight so I will be giving a running total tomorrow if that’s ok.

    Get in you beauty…..I love nights like this. Have a G8 Saturday evening BKers. latterz.

  • Hi guys, how was that? ….RedArse…you bet I enjoyed that game, especially when I see my Son walk into the pub after 30 minutes.

    Total.”……I’m ok with my excessively huge belly, cos I support it with my wheelbarrow my lovely family bought for me on my last birthday. I can get a fair speed up now I’ve perfected the position that it sits in the bed of said workstation.

    Guys…..come on…….how wasn’t Walcott MOTM?…..if he weren’t, ….I have to book an appointment at specsavers Monday.

  • I don’t give a shit…..everythings gunna hang out tonight. Whoop whoop…oh oh oh . GangNam style….. Sexy Arsenal….sexy Arsenal…


  • Total……your match report …..if you don’t pick Theo as MOTM…..I will come and shoot you, he he.

    Seriously, I think Theo was awesome today… shows his presence and ability even their manager took their left back off at the start of the second half because he was causing so much trouble….just give him the extra ten grand a week Arsene and stop F—— about.

  • Evening Feline Lickers

    I know you disagree 1 UMF, but nothing comes close to thrashing them bastards, I hate them so much !. The Manu hatred is probably born out of envy, but the hatred of the scum is nothing to do with envy as there is nothing to be envious about of them, it`s just pure hatred ! . Did I mention that I hate them ! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Bloody hell, I`ve got to wait `till tomorrow to see the whole game on `Player !. F**k the building work , tomorrow I`m having an Arsenal pyjama party with my mirror !.
    I am so so so so so so so so happy !. So tonight Beyonce, Angellina, Shakira you will have to pleasure yourselves as MOTD is on !. hahahahaha

  • GLiC….I’m with you about your fantasies of the ladies….luvvverrrrllly.

    You may have a point about the envy. But I have loathed them ever since I got into football.
    Don’t get me wrong, I hate the Spuds, but there is an inprint within my DNA that simply detests those Mancs.

  • 1 UMF

    They are both deserving of our deep hatred !. hahaha

    I see your second team let you down in the UMF league !.

  • GLiC….correct….QPR are in a bad way.

    4 out of 5 is not bad. I haven’t looked at any of the other selections, will check in the morning. I’m celebrating the win by the Mighty Arsenal.

  • Sorry, I`ve changed my predictions. My new predictions are :

    Arsenal Vs Spurs, Home win

    Norwich Vs Man U, Home win

    W.B.A Vs Chelsea, Home win

    Liverpool Vs Wigan, Home win

    Man City Vs Aston Villa, Home win

    I`m your Homie !.

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