Arsenal – Tottenham Analysis: Five Improvements and Two Setbacks!

Jack and Santi pull the strings, all our attackers on the score sheet, a secure Pole in Goal, and much more.

It was great to see Thierry and Sol together attending the match, and the collective singing of Arsenal supporters at the start of the game was an absolute joy too.

It has been said many times in the last few days: this was a game Arsenal had to win, and win we did!

We will never know whether we would have won so comprehensively if hothead Adebarndoor had not been so reckless against the smallest man on the planet – let alone Arsenal; but that’s not for us to worry about.

The sending off was deserved, and of course it made a big difference to the outcome game.

However, Arsenal were 1-0 down when the Togolese was sent off, and there would have been every reason for the Spuds to lay siege in front of their goalie, and fight with their lives to not concede a goal during the entire game. With Sandro and Huddlestone in the centre of their midfield and a half-decent CB-couple, they would have had a chance to survive an Arsenal onslaught. But, for whatever reason, the Spuds did not keep their lines tight, and Arsenal were fully able to profit from it.

Arsenal managed to score five goals from the described above scenario, and a lot was down to us dominating the midfield – after a bit of a rugged start – and using the flanks really well. The team did us proud and Arsenal can now build further on this fine win.

All in all, I saw five improvements/positives and two setbacks/negatives.

I will start with the setbacks.

Setback One

Quite surprisingly, the Spuds targeted regularly our right-back area, rather than mainly focussing on the left-back area; where Arsenal have been most vulnerable this season. Vertonghen’s ball over the top for their first goal was a clever move by the Spuds and both Sagna and Mertesacker should have anticipated it; but they did not. And they were also too slow to react to the situation that ensued: Szczesny did brilliantly to make a safe, and the rebound should have been for one of our defenders. Instead, it was Adebarndoor who was there first.

Arsenal almost conceded a third goal from our right-back area once again; when Bale was not dealt with properly and he was allowed to move into our penalty box. Had he not been selfish, and passed the ball to Defoe instead of shooting at goal from a tight angle, the final score could have been very different.

Sagna and Mertesacker will have to work hard to get a better understanding between each other in the next few weeks, but they are both fantastic defenders and I am sure they will sort it out between them.

Setback Two

Shielding our defence by our central midfielders has been an issue recently, and once again we failed to do so today. For the second goal, Bale could move towards the area in front of our ‘D’ with ease, as Arteta was caught out of position – he was too high up the pitch – and the Welshman was able to shoot unhindered, despite Koscielny’s last ditch attempt to throw himself in front of his shot.

I noticed the same problem in recent games against Norwich (which led to us conceding a goal), and in the second half of our recent away game against Schalke 04 (but that time Arsenal got away with it). Arsenal will need to work really hard on protecting the back-four better.

Improvement One

Szczesny back in goal was a big improvement. Wojcieh looked happy and healthy in his bright yellow outfit, and the rest of the team looked a lot more confident with him behind our back-four.

Improvement Two

Arsenal’s attackers are not just hitting the net more now; they are also working together a lot better. This newfound collaboration was epitomised by our fourth goal. Giroud wins a header and Theo is ready to move forward with the ball; he passes it perfectly weighted to the Pod; who crosses the ball beautifully towards the right hand side of the pitch; where Cazorla puts the ball coolly past the flabbergasted Frenchman. A super team goal, and with goals by Cazorla, Theo, Giroud and Podolski today, we can definitely say that our goal machine is starting to purr properly now.

Improvement Three

The central midfield combination between Cazorla and Wilshere made another step improvement today. They are starting to find each other a lot better, and shared the ‘play maker’ role between them throughout the game. When Jack moved forward to pull the strings, Cazorla would become another attacking player; and when Cazorla was orchestrating our attacks, Jack often sat a bit deeper. I bet, with a bit of luck in terms of fitness, we are going to see at Arsenal over the next few years, one of the best central midfield partnerships in Europe.

Improvement Four

Today, our crossing into the box was a lot better than usual, especially from our right wing. The partnership between Theo and Sagna is starting to resemble that of last season, when Arsenal were so lethal from the right. Theo was brilliant today, despite a couple of fluffed opportunities. His cross into the box for Mertesacker’s equaliser was simply sublime, and his semi-assist for our fourth goal showed another good side of Theo; but the crowning on a great performance was his killer-cool finish for our fifth goal.

Improvement Five

I thought the way Arsenal saw out the game during the last ten minutes was great. Of course, this was made a bit easier for us by the Spuds having only ten players left on the pitch, as they were simply too knackered to chase the ball for long. Nevertheless we did well to play the ball round, and keep our shape and discipline till the final whistle.

In Summary

A great and much needed win, and with Everton, Chelsea and MU losing, it has been a very good Saturday for the Gunners. Let’s hope we can build on this further with a great performance against Montpellier on Wednesday.

Total Arsenal.

92 thoughts on “Arsenal – Tottenham Analysis: Five Improvements and Two Setbacks!

  • Morning all.. (it is here.. hehe..)
    Good post as usuall TA..

    I loved lastnight games.. We won.. MU, Everton and Chelsea lost.. hehe.. it is beyond my expectation.. hehe.. I only wish that were draw.. Nothing more cheerful than wacthing Chelsea, Everton and MU lost.. hahaha.. LOL..
    But City stay unbeatable.. left me a little bit worry.. I just don’t want they do what we did in 2004.. hehe..

    I loved the atmospehe at Emirates lastnight.. the energy.. and the result for sure.. hehe.. we did it again.. 5-2 twice in a year.. What a jackpot.. hehe..

    Adebayor’s first goal is just an usuall goal than every striker can do.. Good move by Scezney.. good block.. just unlucky.. but yes offcourse Ade is a good striker.. he is fast.. but we create him don’t we..?? hehe..
    I hated the second ones by Bale.. that was an easy goal.. our defenders really need to improve..

    But score 5 goals by five different players.. that’s not just awesome.. that’s was amazing.. and my best goal was the third goal by Giroud.. supergoal.. and I think that goal made Spurs lost hope again us..

    And lastnight was a nightmare for spurs GK.. Lloris performed was good actually.. he did some good saved.. But He seem to knew Giroud verywell.. atleast 3 good heading by Giroud was blocked.. pity him.. AVB put him in a very terrible game.. hehe..

    Go Gunners..

  • Well summed up TA. A very euphoric feeling after that much!!! The second goal disappointed me because it reeked of lairising, with players jogging back or committing forward too much forgetting their roles. Reminds me of sharks going in for a feeding frenzy, the taste of blood was their and we went for it. But hey I am not complaining, it was an exceptional performance.
    BFG – didn’t know he had that header in him!
    Giroud – such a powerful threat in the air. We used to get excited with Bendtner and his aerial threat but he’s nothing in comparison. Unfortunately the Mrs has a crush on him now though haha.
    Everyone – can’t fault them. Walcott, koscielny, all of them!!!

  • Hey Henry! 🙂

    Thanks for a very fine, analytical comment. You are so right re the atmosphere at the game – the singing at the start of the game gave me mierentieten (ant-tits): nothing more beautiful than everybody singing in harmony with passion.

    You are right, our third goal was the most important one and Giroud did really well to shoot that one towards Lloris’ right corner. The crowd start to really love him and it was made all the better a few hours later when brave sir robin fluffed all his lines just a mile away from where I live! 😈

    I also thought Lloris did well for them, Henry. He is a classy goalkeeper and clearly made the wrong step by opting for the Spuds.

  • Oz 🙂

    You are right, the BFG’s goal was superb and I should have mentioned it somewhere in the analysis of the game. He had a lot to do and boy did he guide that header well.

    Thanks for the videos. Re intuition: nothing feminine about it! One of the best qualities you can have, is the ability to listen to your intuition. Ask Terry, if you don’t believe me! 🙂

  • Thanks Nigel and nice to see you commenting again. If you are still reading, would be good to know where you are based and for how long you have been supporting the mighty Arsenal. 🙂

  • Morning Delightfull Dildo`s

    Like you, I`m still buzzing ! hahaha

    Fine post Total. If we wanted a confidence booster shot in the arm, well they dont come much better than that !. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Oz, what did the missus think of it all ?, couln`t have picked a better first game, is she now hooked ? 🙂

    I reckon Stretch ended up in A&E !. He`s mad enough to have walked in a Spud pub afterwards, laughing insanely dressed in a Red and White giant condon, yelling he`s going to F**k them !. hahahaha

  • They are brilliant Total hahaha

    I am confused though at your posted times on them !….am I stuck in the past ? hahaha

  • Happiness is a thing called an Arsenal win !

    The smile on my face will not leave 🙂 , I look like the Joker, it will probably stay there until we next draw or lose !.

    I just asked the missus to kick me in the bollocks !………………………………….No, the smile is still stuck on ! hahahahaha

  • morning all,

    @ GLIC

    she loved it tbh, even showed a bit of emotion which was more than previous efforts which had he picking up a gossip mag. I’ve just got to choose my games wisely because if we get a 0-0 draw than I’m back to square 1. It’ll be more of a delicate process than terry’s syrup graft 🙂

    A big shot in the arm indeed, I just hope we don’t get blockbuster fatigue for Wednesday’s game

    @ TA

    cheers TA i’ll give them a whirl

  • I`m now going out to do some work on the footings of Juniors Love Shack.
    I normally hate working on a Sunday, but today I shall love it !. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    She`s kicked me in the bollocks again ! hahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Fine after match analysis Total.

    Improvement One…….Szezesny definitely gives an aura of confidence that ManOne doesnt possess, good spot.

    Improvement Two…..We seemed to have plenty of options in and around their penalty area, which has been an achiles heel of recent past Arsenal forward forays. Vast improvement, mostly every time the play broke down we had players around to pick up the pieces, also we had plenty of options within the eighteen yard box all the game.

    Improvement Three….Cazorla and Jack seem to work well in tandem with each other. This bodes well for the future of Arsenals mid field, having two options as play makers. Jack looked a bit jaded late on, but thats only to be expected after a long lay off and 1 game suspension.

    Improvement Four…..Our crossing was a major plus today. At times I had to pinch myself, as this was a different Arsenal I was watching. Long may this element of our play continue.

    Improvement Five…….This was made easy playing against 10 men. Even I could have played sweeper in the last ten minutes.

    In Summary……..We will never know wether we could have beaten an 11 man Spurs yesterday, but you can only play what is in front of you. Admittedly we were a little shaky in the opening 20 mins, but hey ho 5-2 to the good guys looks amazing on the back papers today.

    I will put the UMF League placings up shortly. Unlike all you lazy muvvers on here that only have leisure time on Sundays, I have chores to do. Latterz.

  • The UMF League One.

    VCC (smart arse)……………4 points

    RA …………………………….3 points

    GLiC……………………………..2 points

    Total……………………………..2 points

    TMHT……………………………2 points

    Henrychan……………………..2 points

    Rocky……………………………2 points

    Herb……………………………..1 point

    Oz…………………………………1 point

    GLiC + Herb + Oz + Henrychan have further results to take into consideration after todays games and tomorrows games.

    Again, many thanks for taking part guys. I think its a lot of fun. I will keep it going and have a monthly winner and if everyone is still keen we may even last the season and show who is the Daddy at the end of the season. (hopefully)

    So as it stands at the moment that smart arse VCC wears the Yellow jersey for the first week, although Henrychan can equal 4 points if his predictions come in today and tomorrow.

    The hat with the “D” on is currently shared by Herb and Oz.


  • Great comment @11.04 UMF. Good point about having so many options in and around the mashed Spuddies penalty box. 🙂

    Right, am away for a while visiting a dog kennels….

  • Hi Total……Are you visiting or in the mix to get one? What breed if so?

    It was a dream of mine many years ago to buy a piece of land and breed Boxer dogs ( the second love of my life, they have wonderful temperaments) . I even designed a user friendly kennels. Dogs, they don’t ask for anything but give so much.

    Enjoy your day.

  • I think GLiC has a new nickname…….Blister………..He only turns up when the works finished. hahahahhhaha.

  • BARCLAYS PREMIER LEAGUE Saturday 24th November
    Sunderland v West Brom 12:45
    Everton v Norwich 15:00
    Man Utd v QPR 15:00
    Stoke v Fulham 15:00
    Wigan v Reading 15:00
    Aston Villa v Arsenal 17:30

    BARCLAYS PREMIER LEAGUE Sunday 25th November

    Swansea v Liverpool 13:30
    Southampton v Newcastle 15:00
    Chelsea v Man City 16:00
    Tottenham v West Ham

  • CHAMPIONSHIP fixtures 24th November.

    Barnsley v Cardiff 15:00

    Blackburn v Millwall 15:00

    Blackpool v Watford 15:00

    Brighton v Bolton 15:00

    Charlton v Huddersfield 15:00

    Hull v Burnley 15:00

    Ipswich v Peterborough 15:00

    Leeds United v Crystal Palace 15:00

    Middlesbrough v Bristol City 15:00

    Sheff Wed v Leicester 15:00

    Wolves v Nottm Forest 15:00

    Derby v Birmingham

  • Depends on the way you hold the paper Oz. Upside down = top.(he he )

    You have 20% correct predictions. Now come next week I want to see a marked improvement. (lmao)

    You can improve your chances by going online and check out that top tipper’s site (www.1UMFVCCTF). For heavens sake don’t get tempted by that shysters site GLiC (Great Lunatic in Christendom).Stay well clear.


    Im still up after that performance yesterday. Its a joy to be a GOONER today with the sun shining.

  • Nice write-up TA
    BFG’s header was immense – as you say, he had a lot to do to get that in from that distance. Superb cross by Theo.

    The first Spuds goal was really good play by them (I’m afraid to say) but we should not have let Barndoor be the first to the ball after Szcz saved the shot. And I think I might be the only Gooner in the world who feels that the PiG could have done better. I’m still not convinced that he’s the answer.

    But enough of such quibbling.

    This is a happy, happy day. And to any Spuds who say we only won because they went down to 10 men, I say: “Well, you didn’t go down to 10 men last year, did you – and look what happened then!”

  • Right Muvvers
    I`ve had enough outside, but still smiling 🙂 .
    I`m now going to watch the whole game on Arsenal player, what shall I expect ?, an even bigger smile at the end ?.
    Right, dont disturb me !

  • Hi Rocky 🙂

    I agree with you that PiG is still a work in progress and might turn out not to be at the required standard for Arsenal. I thought he did well to get a hand to the ball, but I will look at it again to see whether he could have done better.

    It was great to see Mertesacker really being up for this one, and his primal scream expressions are just great to watch. 🙂

  • Hi UMF,

    We saw a mix between Labrador and Boxer today at a re-homing centre, and are now thinking of seeing her again. We are also thinking of getting a chocolate Labrador puppy, but we are taking our time to make sure we do the right thing. I am not that keen on having a dog, but I can see that my daughter really needs one in her life; so there you go. 🙂

  • Total…My Daughter could not go any where near a dog when she was little, even to the point we had to cross the road when one was walking towards us. We purchased a Boxer and between my Daughter and Son they named him George. She got over her anxiety almost immediately.

    She is now totally at ease around dogs, Im sure it helped her.Chocolate Labradors are lovely, but you must resist the temptation to over feed them as they can get seriously over weight! if not careful.

  • Total, I don’t mind doing that but I fear the novelty will/might wear off if I overcomplicate matters. I really think it should remain with Premiership and Championship games only.

    We will soon have mid week Premiership games but it might prove to be a night mare as Henrychan and Oz are different time scales and we could run the risk of late entries.
    For now I would much prefer to stick to week end games. We all have a week to peruse and study our selections.
    Plus we don’t want to confuse GLiC, he has trouble counting above ten,as he only has one pair of hands.

  • Agreed UMF: they never stop eating if you let them.

    We stayed at friends in Scotland and they have a lovely Choc Lab. My daughter used to be scared of dogs too, but Lucy – our friends dog – has made her all totally soft towards dogs now.

  • Thats great for your Daughter, its worked wonders for our Ami. Im a firm believer in Dog is mans best friend, mine certainly is.

  • He would let me do any thing to him. He’s completely soppy. He follows me everywhere, and I mean every where.

    Where is RA/Terry/Herb?

  • A quick intermission before second half. Maybe some popcorn and a hot dog for next half , as it`s a great film ! . hahaha
    As soon as I saw the spuds line up, I thought things are about to get ugly, Defoe, Sandro , Bale and Walker, that quartet make VCC look like Brad Pitt !.

    Total , get the chocolate Lab`, lovely dog`s. If we ever get another dog it will be a choc` Lab !.
    My choc cocker is nuts, but he loves me to death , like I do him. He is so handsome he has his own mirror, like father like son ! hahaha

    Right food and second half !.

  • Updated UMF league after the Fulham game in today.

    VCC 4 points
    RA 3 points
    GLiC 2 points
    Total 2 points
    TMHT 2 points
    Rocky 2 points
    Henrychan 2 points
    Herb 1 point
    Oz 1 point

    WHU are playing Monday night so Henrychan and Oz have this result to consider, but as you can all see that Handsome, Clever, Debonair VCC will remain top of the pops with 4 points.

    Apparently he is open to bribes.

    You can publish your predictions any time from now until Friday evening. Good luck and buck your ideas up BKers. 😉

  • That was a great bit of entertainment. 🙂

    Just before Barndoor got sent off, we started to press and Giroud went down in the area, but they didn`t show a replay, did the defender get the ball or Giroud ?.
    Theo could have had a couple late on and one of them he should have hit on the volley, he was always going to be a danger with the Spuds playing 3 at the back.
    Hey 1 UMF, I have a stake in the W Ham game aswell, but I will be unselfish and settle for a draw as that will keep us above them !. I was also unselfish in wanting Manu and Chavs to lose !.
    I think I should/need to pick teams that I actually want to win, ones that affect Arsenal in a good way. I may come bottom that way, but at least I wont be hoping for a Manu, City Chavs, Spuds wins !. hahaha

  • Hi Herb 🙂

    We have not heard from you for a while. If you are still reading, it would be good to hear your views on our game with the Spuds yesterday: the good, the bad, and the UMF 🙂

  • Evening everyone, 🙂

    This just came in in relation to one of the last – yet not so relevant even for a rumor – transfer rumor concerning Arsenal.

    ”There’s been alot of interest the past 6 months, and we just want to do whats best for him. Liverpool and Arsenal are the first clubs Cavani have agreed to open talks with.”

    ”It’s no secret Edin (Cavani) want’s to play in England, it is one of his biggest dreams.

    Claudio on Cavani being linked with City and Chelsea:

    ”I know him personally and how he deals with the situation, succes and glory has nothing to do with the club he plays for. He plays football because that’s what he loves to do. Big money and succes is no attraction for him” – Cavani’s agent Claudio Annellucci in a interview with El Telegrafo.

    Here’s the source I got this from :

  • GLiC….just checked my master sheet and you do in fact have the WHU game to come tomorrow night. I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to miss lead you. It would have become clear tomorrow though as I always have a check through after all results are in. I have the full predictions sheet on file.

    If you obtain another point mañana you will be on three, still two behind that smashing guy VCC. Ner ner ner ner ner . :-).

  • But smashing guy, what would do in my position ? . hope Wham win and leap frog the Arse !. I cant bring mself to want Wham to win. We need to push on for 4th spot trophy !. This week I may delve into the Championship, as I will have no conflict of interests !. hahaha

    So look in your mirror UMF ( if you can stand the fright ), I`m about to overtake you !. hahaha

  • GLiC…on my master sheet I have you down for a WHU win…….why do you want them to lose? They won’t stand the test of time through a whole season. We will end up above those Hammers. Not sure we will get fourth though, that’s going to be a tough one this season. We must force a win next week away to Aston Villa.

  • Hi Nis, the man from Nice! 🙂

    Thanks for the link. I watched Cavani a few times last season, and must admit I am a big fan of him. Great engine, very good running of the ball and timing, technically very gifted and indeed someone who loves to play football. Would I like him: yes! But, I don’t think he is the sort of player Arsenal will buy – but you never know.

    Personally, I would like us to buy an experienced DM first.

    Comment est vie dans le Sud de la France, maintenant?

  • VCC, I would wait a bit longer, depending on Gibbs fitness issues. If he is going down the Rosicky, Diaby road – the road of footballers hell – then I fully agree with you. In the meantime, I would like Wenger to get Miquel ready for that position. He is a class player who really should be playing top football now, and I would give him a chance.

  • We need to do something about our left back position and quick. Get some one in and get a settled back line together. Mid field is coming together now Jack is back from injury. Forward are starting to gel, get Walcott to sign a new contract, and make it tomorrow please.

  • TotalArsenal, la vie y est charmante ! 🙂

    I would also like him, but hey, it’s Arsenal we’re talking about. Any promissing youngster would do it for me. 🙂

  • Un bon mot: charmante! 🙂

    Good to hear that Nis.

    Unfortunately, we don’t have any promising youngsters in the CF position at the moment. Afobe maybe, but it seems much too early for that. I would give it to Theo and get ourselves a proper right-winger in January – although we have options there with youngsters: Gnabry, Ox, Eisfeld…. All very exciting players.

  • Jack can cover that position if need be. Vermaelen could at a push too. Our left back IMO is the more pressing need.

    I would test Evertons resolve and go for Baines. Or Figuerola of Wigan.

  • Yes, I love our youngsters, and many of them have class. I know that Wenger sees the Ox in the middle in the future, aswell as the player himself. But where would he be playing ?? AM ??

    I hope he lives up to the potential we tend to give him. 🙂

  • Im glad you mentioned setback two TA. This is really becoming a problem this season. We are also not winning the ball back quickly as we were so good at last season ( tops in the league i think ). Im not sure why, maybe we do need a dedicated dm.

  • Nis, the Ox is such an exciting player for us. I would play him on the right for now. Not that I think he is, or will ever be, as good as Messi; but I think he is the same sort of player. On the right he has the space to operate as he wishes. He can do proper wing-play but also move inside and shoot from distance, or combine with the midfielders to get himself into our box.

    He could develop into a very good AM, but for me he should be running at defenders and for that he needs space which he would get more on the wing.

    I hope he lives up to his potential too! 🙂

    Do you watch the French league regularly?

  • Hi Johnnie,

    How is life in New York – are things returning back to normal yet?

    Arteta is a great player who can play anywhere, but we expect a lot of him and keep playing him game after game. I agree with you, we need a classical DM with additional football qualities who can shield our defence better. Arteta can play in all three midfield positions and is a great squad player to have, but we just rely too much on him at the moment.

  • Frankly thats a brilliant angle on which to build a report….the 2+5. Quality

    Agreed re Theo and Sagna…really hope we can keep them both

  • Always nice when you do your ‘franklies’ Sharkey 🙂

    Did you see the Invinciblog links I posted earlier today – plenty of ‘5-2’ in there! 😛

  • You got to love JW10 – the boy has got so much spirit:

    “During his spell out the England international watched two captains – Cesc Fabregas and Robin van Persie – leave the Emirates as the Gunners went through a period of transition.

    But he believes current skipper Thomas Vermaelen is the perfect leader for Arsene Wenger’s new-look side.

    “I have a new skipper now. Now we have more of a speaker,” said Wilshere, who is suspended for the Fulham clash following his sending-off at Manchester United.
    “Cesc led with his football, but Thomas is more of a leader and good to have in the changing room.
    “You look at top teams – Chelsea have John Terry, Manchester United have Vidic and we have Thomas Vermaelen.”

    He added: “Trust me, this new team is still as good as when I left them – if not even better.
    “We have players like Santi Cazorla who is a footballing genius, then you have a leader like Mikel Arteta, who is in that holding role dictating everyone.”

  • Hi guys..
    Sorry for the late reply..

    I don’t really care about the point.. I am too happy to watch Chelsea, MU, Everton and Fulham also lost.. All beyond my expectation.. hehe..
    And eventhough I choose Westham win.. but I will be happy to watch them lose also.. hehe..

    Go Gunners..

  • Sorry TA for not being able to respond earlier, since I should be sleeping to get up early tomorrow… 🙂

    I used to watch every football game I could, so nearly all the leagues… but this year it’s quite impossible for me to follow any, except for the Arsenal games which I can’t ever afford to miss. I also watch now and then the NextGen Series with the reserves. 🙂

  • TA, All fine here with me, but it was a little scary. I have been worried for a long time about arteta and santi playing every minute of every match. If we get rosicky back, it will help, maybe need to use coquelin against lesser opponents, or get a diaby replacement in january. We also dont want to overwork jack.

  • I agree with u too often. This time about Ignassi. If he could play lb and cb, he would be good to have around, and get some more game time. With that, he could be our fourth cb maybe. I like what i have seen of him.

  • Nis, thanks for getting back. When you have a moment, in the next few days, maybe you could tell us about any talented players that Arsene might be after. I am also interested what you think of Montpellier’s Cabella.


    Good to hear you are fine, and I can well imagine it was a bit scary. 😦

    I saw Miguel here in Norwich playing for the Reserves and he is a fine player indeed. One of his attributes is a Beckenbauer/Koeman like long distance, diagonal pass, which we are currently missing in the team. He has great vision and a fine technique too.

    I reckon if we can get Rosicky back fit for the rest of the season, it would make a big difference to the team. But will we?! 😕

  • Morning All. 😉

    How does that feel on a Monday morning getting up knowing we just smashed the Spuds.

  • hi.. 1 UMF..
    As I said before.. I am happy that we win to spurs.. but it just an ordinary game.. hehehe.. We always do it again and again at Emirates..

    But knowing MU, Chelsea, Everton and Fulham lost again team that they were not supposed to.. that was a very special news.. hehehehe..

    Hope Chelsea bit City or at least draw next week.. so that our gap to the top #1 will be reduced.. Everton and WBA also loss.. hehehe..

    Go Gunners..

  • henrychan, Chelsea must beat ManCity next Sunday. City have not lost a game yet so the sooner they do so, the more comfortable I will be regards the Unbeatables.

  • Great review, I enjoyed your conclusions and was pleased that they parallel mine. If we can keep performing like that we will storm up the league and we could realistically challenge. The top sides this season are nowhere near as far away from the rest of the league in terms of quality than previous seasons. Everyone is beatable as the weekends results show.

    Come on you Gooners!!


  • Morning Bar Stewards

    My smile is still transfixed to my face and wont go away. I tried putting my nuts on the kitchen table with the missus hitting them with a club hammer ( for some unknown reason to me, she got great pleasure out of this ! ), but still the insane smile wont budge, how can I go to Tesco`s looking like this, then again , them old grannies might make space a bit quicker and give me a wide berth down the aisles !.

  • Agree.. But before that.. I think Chelsea will play a hard game away again Juventus..
    It will not be easy for Chelsea.. they will play allout as a UCL champion.. and they know if they lose by Juve.. then their way will be very hard.. cause the last game if Juve and Shaktar draw.. then Chelsea will be out of the race.. hehehe..

    And because it is a hard game.. I predict that some of them will get injure.. or at least very very tired.. Yes City also in a hard situation.. they must win again Madrid..
    But Mancini has already give up for UCL.. their focus is EPL now.. And they know how danger is Chelsea.. so I think they will focus again Chelsea than Madrid..

    But again that just a wild prediction.. Nothing more happiest for me than to see City lost.. cause I don’t want our record break by any clubs.. hehehe..

  • Hi Wigan 🙂

    Very good point re the league coming closer together in terms of quality. If Arsenal could start a good run of games, we could be back in there. But it is not easy: upcoming games against Villa and Everton will be very tough!

    Henry, agreed Citeh must lose as soon as possible! 😈

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