Match preview: Gibbs at LB, TV on bench, Coquelin start?

 Arsenal vs Aston Villa Pre-match report.

Yippy ay eh, Yippy aye oh, leaving Villa Park, with 3 points in tow!


Let’s start off with this ripper from last time they met:

Coming off a solid 2-0 victory midweek, we’re off to Villa Park to take on lowly Aston Villa. I’m pretty confident about this one to be honest as it’s not the same Villa we once dreaded playing!

Players are back from injury giving us a little leg room, whilst Darren Bent will thankfully miss out (one of those players who always seem to bring their best against us, no matter what).  With that in mind, some players should be rested for Everton next Wednesday.

Lambert is off the touchline and into the stands, so one less thing to worry about. Let’s get into it shall we!

Missing in Action:

Arsenal: Diaby (thigh) is out for 3/4 weeks if “everything goes well”, according to Arsene. Unfortunately it never does when involving Diaby, so he’s a big question mark as far as I’m concerned! Santos (abdominal strain) is out for 10 days. Theo is still out for Villa but could be back against Everton next Wednesday. Rosicky is back training this Monday…I’m not kidding either, it’s true, he is!!! Gibbs is back and Ox should be right to play.

Aston Villa: Bent (ankle/foot), Dunne (Gilmores Groin), N’Zogbia (Knee), Herd (Knee), Gardner (ACL), Petrov (Acute Leukaemia). Like to wish Petrov all the best in his recovery, he is an inspiration to so many, and by all accounts is a tremendous bloke. Good luck, Petrov, I hope you can put it all behind you soon.

Predicted Line-up:

Arsene has a few selection headaches to face. Firstly Gibbs is back so what happens to Vermaelen? Does he rest him? Kozza shouldn’t be rested because he has regained his form, and neither should Mertesacker because he is our most important defender. I would rest Mertesacker because he needs a rest, but I feel Arsene won’t. Gervinho is back but Podolski and Giroud look to be forming a great understanding. Walcott is out so Ox should play. Santi and Arteta have played far too many games so one should be rested. Arsene has to start utilising the squad he has at his disposal: experienced players need a rest and younger players knocking on the door need game time. I am wary of too many changes in one go as it can upset the apple cart, but I think those coming in (Jenks and Gibbs) slip in pretty seamlessly.

Previous Encounters:

Under Martin O’Neill Villa were a very dangerous team. Like Everton they were always just off the top teams and presented a tough fixture. A lot has changed since, and now they look a shadow of their former self. Lambert is an upgrade from Alex Mcleish but misses this encounter, due to a one match suspension received for ‘improper conduct’ against ManchesterCity. Thankfully for him it’s just a Premier League fixture because if it was a European Cup match, or his last name was Wenger, he’d probably be sitting out another two.

Last time around (24th March) we barely broke a sweat; winning 3-0 at home with goals from Gibbs, Theo, and a ripper of a free-kick from Arteta. Given made lots of saves (what’s new against us), but the result was never in doubt.

On Jan 29th, in an FA Cup match, we came back from 0-2 down to win 3-2, thanks to a three goal burst in seven minutes. I still don’t think Villa fans know what hit them.

Form Guide:               Arsenal: WWDDL   Aston Villa: LLWWD

We are slowly gaining our form and should be still riding the wave of momentum from the Tottenham victory. Aston Villa on the other hand is at an all-time low after being torn apart my ManchesterCity last weekend 5-0. Languishing at 18th on the ladder; not much is going right for them, but they can still be dangerous, as shown by their narrow 2-3 defeat to Manchester United two weeks ago.

One to Watch:

With Walcott still out, I’m interested to see how Ox will do out on the right hand side again. I think he’ll actually score a goal in this one. How could you not be excited about this bloke? Future world class player without a doubt! I would like to see him have a go as an AM, with that speak and shooting ability he could be a real problem.

It’s hard to say this time around, because the usual suspects who have caused us problems are all out (N’Zogbia, Bent, Dunne); so for Villa it has to be Andreas Weimann. Although he was non-existent against ManchesterCity last week, he did manage to score two goals against Manchester United. Both goals showed good predatory instincts and shooting prowess. Gibbs will have to be cautious out on the left.

Key-Match up:

Gabby Agbonlahor vs Per Mertesacker

I don’t know what happened to Gabby! When he first came onto the scene he looked like he could be an English Henry. He had immense speed, good skills, confidence, and his finishing was not to be scoffed at either. We were linked with him a few times in seasons gone, but his loyalty has been his downfall. If he had joined a better team I have no doubt he would have developed into a great player. For now, he’s just a quick player low on confidence with the occasional good game. After seeing Defoe sneak past Mertesacker last week I have no doubt Lambert will be pushing for Agbonlahor to do the same. However, this isn’t big Per’s first rodeo – he’s despatched quick players regularly in his career; some even craftier than Gabby e.g Suarez and Aguero.

Pre-Match Finger:

This is for you Roman Abramovich for once again proving how much of a w*nker you really are. Roberto Di Matteo didn’t even have enough time to lose flavour in his gum before being thrown out (albeit with a brief case full of money!) as manager of Chelsea. He won them their first ever Champions League trophy (I’m still wondering how) and an FA Cup for Christ sake! That’s now Mourinho, Grant, Scolari, Hiddink, Ancelotti, AVB, and Di Matteo since 2004! He really must have the attention span and patience of a kid!

In saying that, I have just sent off my resume’ to him in an effort to be next in line for the position. I have listed you all as references so play along (something along the lines of “he’d be a great manager, scout, etc”), and I’ll split the money with you! It can’t be that hard…there aren’t many managers left.

Alan Hutton (Villa RB) receives a finger for being a mouthy ex-Tottenham player. In Dec 2011 he was sent off against Arsenal for two late cards. He has just gone out on loan to Nottingham Forest, proving once again going to Tottenham really does turn you to sh*t; just ask Bentley and Pienaar!

Also a polite finger goes to my sister for putting her engagement party on Saturday night. Couldn’t be during the off-season or during an international break, could it? Bloody selfish!!!

Pre-Match pat on the back:

This week it goes to Montpellier manager Rene Girard for saying this after the midweek Champions League match:

“We still have a game to play. And if we can help out our friends Arsenal, we will.”

I thought it was a very nice gesture from the manager and good to see there are a few good ‘uns left in the managerial world! Niceness aside, it is also good to see a manager take Montpellier to success playing good football and without all the oil money. Well played Girard!


Our climb up the ladder will not be halted by Villa: I predict a very comfortable walk in the park with the good guys coming out on top 0-2. We might need to do it tough, but just like our midweek game 3 points is of greatest importance and the rest will come later.

Grow a Mo for Movember!

Written by: Oz Gunner

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123 Responses to Match preview: Gibbs at LB, TV on bench, Coquelin start?

  1. TotalArsenal says:

    Oz 🙂

    Another fantastic pre-match review. Brave of you to predict Coquelin instead of Arteta and Vermaelen on bench, but it does seem to make sense for tomorrow’s game. Gibbs is the best option on LB and Mert and Koz are the best CB- pairing.

    Hear, hear with regards to Girard of Montpellier. His enthusiasm and love for his club is second to no other chairman; and this week’s finger is also totally appropriate! 🙂

  2. TotalArsenal says:

    Love the Mertesacker – Agbonlahor picture: I hope it is not the other way around. The BFG’s reading of the game has to be top-notch against Agbonlahor!

  3. TotalArsenal says:

    Ox can finish from outside the box – nice video!

  4. Red Arse says:

    A truly excellent OZ pre-match!!

    Young man, you have a natural talent for this form of writing, and I am impressed with your beautifully instinctive style, which is quite different from other very good authors on other sites.

    Again, all I can say is that I loved it!! 😀

  5. VCC says:

    Great pre-match Oz. We must start to rotate a little more, or our players will be worn out.

    Obviously we cannot take any game lightly, but this is a fixture we can rest a couple of first teamers.

    Back line of Gibbs, Koscielny, Mertesacker and Jenkinson still looks solid. Coquelin replacing Arteta gives our over worked Spaniard a well earned rest. Ox in for the injured Walcott still gives us balance, although pace is lost slightly. A neat line up Sir.

  6. glic says:

    Honestly Oz mate, you do a seriously good PM, I need Redders Nuclear dictionary to find unknown superlatives for it !. 🙂

  7. RockyLives says:

    Splended pre-match Oz.

    I don’t expect a walk in the park – more a stumble through the undergrowth, but I still expect us to come through.

  8. RockyLives says:

    It’s what you’ve all been waiting for… the Rocky predictions for this weekend. Put your house on ’em…

    Everton-Norwich D
    Wigan-reading H
    ManUre-QPR H
    Chavs-Shitty D
    Spuds-Hammers A

  9. VCC says:

    Rocky’s odds = 195-1

  10. TotalArsenal says:

    hahaha and that took him a whole week hahaha 😛

  11. TotalArsenal says:

    Afternoon fine people 🙂

    Benayoun’s last year late winner seems a long time ago now:

  12. DanTrizy says:

    Nyc article OZ and gud prediction. I was ROFLMAO when u gave a polite finger to yur sis. But nonetheless i want Olivier to score 2moro. Thumbs up to our players!!

  13. glic says:

    Harry for ” Shut that door” Rangers ?
    I shall be controversial and say I like the Dodgy James Blunt !. For one thing, Arsenal are the Team he supported as a Dust Bin Lid and two, the Spuds are worst since he left !. He wouldn`t have played all their top players in the Mickey Mouse League like AVB, he would have saved them for CL qualification games in the EPL. Keep playing them AVB, it will help us for sure.
    You want more controversial stuff Furry Cuppers ?.
    It`s to do with Rules. First and not controversial, one of my pet hates, the offside rule. Make it simple, if your in an offside position, your offside, VCC…..I mean simple !. hahaha

    If I had the power to change one thing in football, it would be,……ooooh…… there would always be 11 players on the pitch !. Basically , there would be sending off`s, but they would be replaced by another player, the sent of player would recieve different bans than usual, ranging from 1 game for tickling an opponents testicles to life for premeditated murder and an assortment of bans in between for the likes of Arson and arse rape !. I can hear you tutting already, hahahaha.
    To me, anything less than 11 vs 11 devalues the game and gives someone an unfair advantage.
    What do you say muvvers !. hahaha
    Remember, under my rules we would have had a level playing field in the that CL final ! and if implemented, that game would have to be replayed ! hahaha

  14. DanTrizy says:

    Nyc article OZ and gud prediction. I was ROFLMAO when u gave a polite finger to yur sis. But nonetheless i want Olivier to score 2moro. Thumbs up to our players!! We wil surely win 2moro.

  15. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Dan, and nice to see you here on BK. Oz is well asleep now but I am sure he’ll appreciate your comment. Where are you based, if I may ask?

  16. VCC says:

    Everton v Norwich Home
    Stoke v Fulham Home
    Man U v QPR Home
    Charlton v Huddersfield Home
    Swamsea v Liverpool Draw

    Blackburn v Millwall Home
    Ipswich v Peterborough Home
    Middlesborough v Bristol C Home
    S.Wed v Leicester C. Away
    Brighton v Bolton Home

    Man U v QPR Home
    Middlesborough v Bristol C Home
    Leeds v C.Palace Away
    Barnsley v Cardiff Away
    Hull v Burnley Home

    Red Arse
    A.V. v Arsenal Away
    Man U v QPR Home
    Everton v Norwich Home
    Sunderland v W.B.A Away
    Wigan v Reading Home

    A.V v Arsenal Away
    Man U v QPR Home
    Wigan v Reading Home
    Sunderland v W.B.A Draw
    Chelsea v Man City Draw

    A.V v Arsenal Away
    Man U v QPR Home
    Barnsley v Cardiff Away
    Middlesborough v Bristol C Home
    Swansea v Liverpool Draw

    Everton v Norwich Draw
    Wigan v Reading Home
    Man U v QPR Home
    Chelsea v Man Cuty Draw
    Spurs v W.H.U Away

  17. VCC says:

    A.V v Arsenal Away
    Man U v QPR Home
    Chelsea v Man City Away
    Sunderland v W.B.A Home
    Stoke v Fulham Home

    Everton v Norwich Home
    Man U v QPR Home
    Stoke v Fulham Draw
    Ipswich v Peterborough Home
    Middlesborough v Bristol C Home

  18. VCC says:

    GLiC…Your idea of replacing a sent off player with a sub would not work. You would have the scenario of a player who is off form committing a foul to get sent off and being replaced by someone fresh.

  19. glic says:

    Not really VCC. If he`s playing crap, as usual the manager would sub him ! 🙂
    All I want is 11 vs 11, is that too much to ask for !. hahaha

  20. VCC says:

    While I agree with you GLiC that 11 versus 10 spoils the contest ala Arsenal v Spurs, its the only way it could work.

  21. glic says:

    What are saying VCC, we wouldn`t have beaten them if they had 11 players !. Wash your mouth out !. hahaha

  22. Red Arse says:

    I think it should be a permanent part of any Arsenal game Glic.

    Well with a slight amendment. Any team facing Arsenal should be immediately reduced to 9 men allowing us to win easily, and enabling us to win every trophy going.

    Bollix to the watchability of the games!!

  23. glic says:

    Hahaha Redders
    What would be even better, is if I had Harry Potters cloak of invisibility !. I could stand in the goal and pull down Brad Friedels shorts at corners and penalty`s ! hahaha

  24. glic says:

    And as the Chimp dives, pick him straight up again, drag him back out the area so it looks like he`s moonwalking and kick him in the ” Jacobs ” in front of the Reff. Chimp will think the Reff did it and give the Reff a “Glaswegian Kiss” and then get banned for 2 years !. hahaha

  25. TotalArsenal says:

    Going down to ten men does not make that much of a difference. Especially if and when a team is in the lead already. AVB’s tactics after the sending off were All Very Bollix and they deserved to lose.

    “Systems and the ‘man over’ fallacy

    Each game has its specific circumstances, of course, and should probably be assessed accordingly, but in the systematised world of modern football there is a danger that the team with the extra man will over-react and try to force things too much. In the days before zonal marking, when football was essentially a series of one-on-one battles, it was easy to pinpoint the weakness of a team going a man down, and easy to attack that space.

    Take, for example, the 1953 FA Cup final, which was decided not because of a sending off but by injury. Bolton led 3-1 with 20 minutes to go, but were hampered by the fact that their left-back, Tommy Banks, had pulled a muscle and the left-half, Eric Bell, had strained a hamstring. Not only were there no substitutes, but there seems to have been no thought that other players could have dropped in to cover them. Stanley Matthews, Blackpool’s right-winger, revelled in the freedom, and set up three late goals to win the game.

    Under a zonal system, which was being developed in Brazil by Zeze Moreira at around the same time, even without having players switch positions, there would have been more cover, with the centre-half naturally drifting to protect the left-back secure in the knowledge that behind him the right-back would be moving across to cover, the right half dropping to cover him, and so on.

    Since football became systematised, the idea that a side playing with 11 against 10 should have a “man over” has been outdated. As Valeriy Lobanovskyi, heavily influenced by the Kyivan cybernetics boom, described it, football in its purest form was “a system of 22 elements – two sub-systems of 11 elements – moving within a defined area [the pitch] and subject to a series of restrictions (the laws of the game). If the two sub-systems were equal, the outcome would be a draw. If one were stronger, it would win.”

    Take one of the elements from one of the sides, and that sub-system becomes weaker, but without – in Lobanovskyi’s pure model – leaving a specific and exploitable weakness. Football, of course, isn’t an abstract game and so there remains a difference between losing a centre-back to a red card and losing a right-winger, but it has moved far closer to Lobanovskyi’s ideal than Bolton’s 1953 naivety.”

  26. glic says:

    Or I could stand behind the Chimp and grab his arms and continuously punch the Reff in the Boat Race !. hahaha

  27. Red Arse says:


    That is fantastic – but you must be older than Glic to remember 1953!! 😀

  28. Red Arse says:


    Your comic ingenuity knows no bounds!! 😀

    Tho’ I am a bit suspicious about your desire to pull down Friedel’s shorts!!!!!! 👿

  29. Red Arse says:


    I suspect we were so bad before Barndoor got sent off, AVB was lured into a false sense of superiority, and when we equalized it made him more determined to keep attacking.

    Stupid man!

    I have been back to re-read Oz’s pre-match, it is just so good and varied, and the sister joke made me feel back home!! 😀

  30. glic says:

    But what if a team goes down to 9 men, 8 men, 7 men. Surely, it makes a difference then !.

    Sorry for calling you Shirley !. hahaha

  31. glic says:

    Redders 1953 ! , thats 3bg ( before glic ) !.

  32. Red Arse says:

    Surely you can call me Shirley, and I can Shirley call you Mary, surely!

  33. Red Arse says:

    A game can only have 4 men sent off before it becomes void with the 5th sending off, excluding subs on the bemch, and the points are awarded to the other side.

    The question is — am I lying or is that true!! 😀

  34. glic says:

    Trueish 🙂
    I know the minimum players on a pitch before a game is stopped is 6 or 7, thats why I said trueish ! 🙂
    Even more reason for the glic rule, always 11 a side !.

    Didn`t Man City beat the Spuds at Shite Hart Pain with 9 men and coming from 2 goals down to win 3-2 in the FA cup ?.
    Must try and find it !.

  35. glic says:

    Just had a look, City went down to 10 men with a Mr J Barton getting his orders at the half time whistle, the Spuds were 3-0 up and City won 4-3 in the FA Cup in 2004. Another reason to be laughing hysterically in 2004 !.

  36. glic says:

    Lobanovskyi sounds like a pole with a semi !. hahaha

  37. TotalArsenal says:

    Glic, I knew something like that was coming 🙂

  38. TotalArsenal says:

    It’s a great report Redders in a unique style. As my daughter would say; we should ‘TM’ it before everybody starts doing it. 🙂

  39. glic says:

    Now we have £150M under the mattress, shouldn`t we show some intent and go and get Neymar ?. gimmee gimmee gimmee gimmee gimmee gimmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  40. glic says:

    oops sorry and a DM ! hahaha

  41. TotalArsenal says:

    Let’s start with Howard Webb, Glic 🙂

  42. glic says:

    I have long championed the implementation of a Reffereeing academy to rival Manu`s one, plan for the future ! hahaha

  43. TotalArsenal says:

    Step two would be to buy all the PL goal posts and make Terry in charge of stretching and shrinking them 🙂

  44. glic says:

    Alas, I think Terry has lost the elasticity of his Stretch at the moment and his `scope has reverted to ingrowing. ! I`m missing his optimistic views and humour . Get back soon, we miss you !. 😦

  45. glic says:

    On to more pleasant things , I`ve had a day of sorting out my sceptic tank, nice !. I have found a leak just before a inspection chamber and will be digging again tomorrow !. Anyone want to join me in a piss and shit digging party !. hahaha

  46. TotalArsenal says:

    Some guys have all the fun Glic. Sounds horrible! 😥

    Where will you be watching the game tomorrow – do you have ESPN at home?

  47. TotalArsenal says:

    He has got a point though, hasn’t he Glicster?!

  48. glic says:

    I dont have access to any live footie unless it`s CL on ITV or if I want comedy, Spuds on CH5 !.
    My usual ritual is to, hide behind the sofa for two hours and peek through my fingers at BBC text scores !
    I have a two hour media blackout and my wife and son know it would be unwise to tell me any scores. I`m Mad !.

  49. TotalArsenal says:

    Haha Glic, do you not go to local pubs to watch some games?

  50. glic says:

    Yes Total, I suppose he wants what we want in the case of Chavs and City, a level playing field !. At least ours is through legit sponsorship and self sustainability. I`d like to know his views on City and Chavs !.

  51. TotalArsenal says:

    I guess it will never become a proper level playing field, but a club like AV or Everton, Newcastle etc should at least have some chance to win the PL once in a while. At the moment, that is out of the question. As an Arsenal supporter I should not care too much, but of course it is not right, and even we are being simply out-bought by the Oilers.

  52. glic says:

    No Total, I cant stand the stress !. Thats why I always try and pick a game at the Ems, which I think we have a decent chance of winning !. We have only seen one loss ( WBA 2-3 ) the rest have been wins !. It`s getting harder to choose a game though !. hahaha
    Thats why I like the League Cup, I dont feel stressed with those games !.

  53. glic says:

    Thats why I`m putting everything on the hope of FFP and a probable EPL one. I`ve got to think there is something out there that will give us ( all ) a chance against Satans 22. Something has to happen, it cant carry on and with our new sponsorships it will put us in a good footing to be competative. If not, bring on Uzzy !., but I believe it will work, if I didn`t, I might aswell just give up !.

  54. TotalArsenal says:

    agreed Glic – something has to happen. 🙂

  55. glic says:

    As I`ve always said , laugh along with Durham !. hahaha

  56. RockyLives says:

    You lot making fun of my predictions?

    I’ll have you know I sacrificed three rams and three virgins to come up with divine inspiration for my choices. In fact there were just three rams, but I think they were virgins (despite GLiC’s best efforts 🙂 ).

  57. VCC says:

    GLiC…….AAGGHHHHH shit….I missed the away boyz on talksport. I saw them live in Grays a couple of years ago. We are so lucky to have them, no other club have a group that takes let test tunes and adds Arsenal words to it. They are really good, and nice guys with it.

  58. VCC says:

    Rocky…GLiC said, come Monday morning you will have a wooden spoon in your back pocket!!!!!

  59. glic says:

    A bit different to the original one ! hahahahaha

  60. glic says:

    Someone give me a gun ! hahahaha

  61. glic says:

    Two things Total
    1) How did you manage to go to the future again ?, as your comment was posted @ 24/11/2012. Total Who, time travelling gooner ! hahaha

    2) As much as I love the guys work, his Chavs glass is presumptuous, as Shagtar are quite capable of beating Juve at home and the Chavs will beat the unpronouncables !. Unless we are to believe that Shagtar and Juve will conspire to draw. Skullduggery ?. 🙂

  62. TotalArsenal says:

    Glic, I think it is something to do with your pc.

    Juve and Shag will settle for a nice little draw Glicster – you can bet your love shag on that one!

  63. RockyLives says:

    Listen not to that little Glicster.
    His words will turn to ashes in his mouth*

    *(c) Game of Thrones

  64. RockyLives says:

    Aaaah, nice lad. Good for him. He’s one of us.

  65. oz gunner says:

    Thank you all for the kind comments, I appreciate each and everyone! Glad it was well received.

    I think it is essential to rest a few for this one so they are nice and refreshed for the tough game against Everton! Reducing complacency whilst keeping consistency is a hard mix but timed right I think we could strike a perfect balance.

    @ GLIC 21.31

    hahaha he has a few more too. At first I was laughing, but then I couldn’t help wondering if he ever gets to keep his lunch money at school after that!

    @ Rockstar

    thank you! thank you! thank you! With tips like that I’m one step closer to rising up the UMF table. With GLIC and Rocky below me now I’ve just got to focus on getting out of the relegation zone!

  66. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning Oz,

    Your post has had 1500 views and already a lot of comments. So well done Sir! 🙂

    Having read Johnnie’s post on AA and thought things through a bit, I think we will see very little, if any, changes from Wednesday’s line-up. If I was Wenger I would do the same at this stage.

    I hope your prediction materialises. 🙂

    The heart says yes, the brain says draw.

  67. oz gunner says:

    Howdy TA,

    There are a lot of positives and negatives for both sides and you are right we do need consistency because we are still finding our way back up. However, 1 or two changes here or there shouldn’t matter. I’d settle for TV and Arteta rested.

    Well you only have one choice TA and that is to whack yourself over the head a few times! Killing of a substantial amount of brain cells leaves you at my level and that level says “Arsenal can only ever win, so predict that way” haha

  68. TotalArsenal says:

    I will ignore my brain Oz!

    Night all and keep rockin’ 🙂

  69. oz gunner says:

    nite TA, good idea!

  70. oz gunner says:

    Bent in contention to start. Apparently Lambert has left him out in the cold for a while though. I hope it continues because he has scored 6 in 8 against us and I’ve had a gut full of him!

  71. henrychan says:

    Morning all..
    Last season we never win without Arteta..
    This season we never lost with Arshavin.. hehe.. And almost win all except the pinalty failed by Arteta..

    Why don’t playing Arshavin.. he is a verygood LW.. atleast for a halftime..
    Can be first starting eleven or subs.. he is a supersubs..
    As you all say that Podolski need some rest.. so put him as a starter..

    The Question is.. Dare Wenger put all the youngster midfielders..?? I like to see Wilshere-Ramsey-Eisfeld in our midfield..
    I think Ramsey can subs Arteta better than Coq.. if Wenger play him as a DM..

    My team (4-1-2-3) :
    Jenks – Merts – Kosc – Verm
    Ox- Giroud- Arshavin
    Manoone, Sagna, Gibbs, Arteta, Cazorla, Gnabry, Podolski..

  72. oz gunner says:

    Swap Ramsey with Wilshere Henry and that team could create some problems for our opposition. I too would like to see Arshavin more, perhaps in Santi’s role. I would be liking my lips if i was a manager from another team knowing I could pick up a player like AA for free

  73. oz gunner says:

    * Licking

  74. oz gunner says:

    Hope all is well with you Tezza.

  75. VCC says:

    Ive just seen GLiC and Terry outside Villa Park. GLiC is the one wearing the polka dots. 🙂

  76. oz gunner says:

    haha that’s gold 1UMF. They’ve got some moves! and i’m sure Mrs GLIC controls GLIC the same way!

    I’ve been outside doing the rain dance all arvo and it seems like dennis has answered my prayers! We’ve got some thunder n lightening, hopefully I’m back for the game! sorry sis

  77. TotalArsenal says:

    Good morning fellow Gooners 🙂

    Henry, nice try but Wenger is building up his team and he knows that making more than the necessary changes will likely lead to a big setback. So I expect the same team to start with maybe Gervinho for Ox. 🙂

    Love the video VCC 🙂

    Like you, Oz, I hope Bent is not playing 😈

  78. VCC says:

    Oz….hope you get to see the game. If not I will give em a shout for you. COYG

  79. VCC says:

    Heres GLiC,Terry, Oz, Rocky and Red Arse outside the Gunners Pub after the Spurs win

  80. VCC says:

    Attention all 1UMF league members.

    As from next week could you all just select from premiership games ONLY. Henrychan has requested this action as he has little knowledge, or access to Championship games. As a valued member I thought it was only fair to uphold his request. Hopefully you all agree.

    I did consult a second opinion with outside help. I went to 10, Downing Street and asked David Cameron whats his opinion.

    He replied ” Give me a break I can’t even run the country properly, let alone your league”


  81. Red Arse says:

    Morning Guys, 🙂

    Your pre-match is just as good after a second read Oz!! 😀

  82. Red Arse says:

    VCC, @10:15, you are a cheeky bugger, I am much taller and weirder than that!!!

    Altho you have Glic, Terry, Oz and Rocky spot on!! 👿

  83. VCC says:

    RA …..I filmed you lot on a good day.

  84. VCC says:

    Tony Fernandez……….Quick Phone Redknapp……love it.

  85. richie59er says:

    Daren Bent passed fit so says BBC sport.

  86. richie59er says:

    Seems your wish wasn’t granted Bent passed fit, next time rub the lamp with more elbow grease.

  87. TotalArsenal says:

    Koz and TV will sort him out Richie!

    What’s your prediction for this afternoon’s game?

  88. richie59er says:

    OG shine your diggery do before making a wish, Bent is fit to start so says the BBC. Mind you the Beeb claimed some old Tory codger was perverted (wonder how they made that mistake) and apparently he wasn’t 😀 it was his day off or it was someone else or something.

  89. VCC says:

    Richie….Bent normally performs well against us. We need to shackle him today.

  90. TotalArsenal says:

    Hey Richie, do you fancy joining VCC’s prediction league?

  91. glic says:

    Afternoon Cockachino`s 🙂
    From now on you will always be greeted by my first post of the day with an urban dictionary word !. It doesn`t take a Redders to work out it will mean something rude ! hahaha

    If anyone wants to define the word, be my guest, but remember, we have elderlies on here ( alright, one then, who shall remain nameless, but he does have a soft spot for QPR hahaha ) and too much excitement for them could be fatal !.

  92. glic says:

    Redders has got one result right already ! 🙂

  93. glic says:

    Which means Stretch and henrychan have one wrong already ! 😦

  94. VCC says:

    I’m getting worried I might get toppled off the top.

  95. VCC says:

    RA is level ,on 4points with that handsome f—– VCC

  96. glic says:

    Is that an answer to define cockachino or a remark about your UMFL ?
    Either way, your close !. hahahaha

  97. oz gunner says:

    alcohol is the devil!

  98. henrychan says:

    @TA.. I know.. Wenger will never change more than 2 players.. hehe..
    @VCC.. thanks for your big understanding..

    WBA is getting stronger.. a hard team to deal.. just winning 4-2 in Sunderland..
    EPL is more interesting this season..

  99. Yeah I’m great at predictions I fancy West Brom to beat the Makams 4-2 🙂

  100. richie59er says:

    Yeah I’m great @ predictions I fancy West Brom to beat the Makams 4-2 🙂

  101. richie59er says:

    I’d love us to fill our boots, but I’ll settle for our old 1 nil to the Ars-en-al, I can see a 1-2

  102. richie59er says:

    This double send is wordplay @ work

  103. Red Arse says:

    Chezzer, Corp Jenks, BFG, Kozzer, Gibbs, Arteteteteta, Rambo, Giroud, Pod, Oxo, Santi.

  104. VCC says:

    That was very poor.

    Where was the urgency?

  105. richie59er says:

    You see TA I said I’d settle for a one nil to us, wasn’t wrong was I?

  106. TotalArsenal says:

    Evening guys,

    Writing a report at the moment. Should be out in an hour. 🙂

  107. VCC says:

    1 UMF League.

    Results still to come =
    Total 1
    Henry 1
    Oz 1
    Rocky 2
    Terry 1

    This weeks so far =
    VCC. 2
    RA. 3
    Total. 2
    GLiC. 1
    TMHT. 2
    Henry. 3
    Rocky. 3
    Herb. 1
    Oz. 2

    Running total so far.
    VCC. 6
    RA. 6
    Henry. 5
    Rocky. 5
    Total. 4
    TMHT. 4
    GLiC. 3
    Oz. 3
    Herb. 2

  108. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers VCC, Henry and Rocky are doing very well. And well done to Redders for predicting a win at Sunderland for WBA!

  109. glic says:

    Proves to me, why I dont and should never go in a bookies !. hahahaha

  110. VCC says:

    Rocky has two results to consider tomorrow. If they are both successful he will go to the top of the tree with 7 points. He will also be shot at dawn.

    Herb will be wearing the wooden spoon.

    Again chaps, many thanks for taking part. It’s a fun thing.

    The yellow jersey may have to be cut into three this week.

    The wooden spoon is firmly in Herbs grasp.

    Have a good week Bergkampeskers, final table will be posted Monday.

  111. glic says:

    The best positions are either first or last, Top and you win it, last and you get a massive parachute payment !. First or Last, no in between for me !. I`m only one point in front of you Herb, I`m reversing after you !. hahaha

  112. VCC says:

    Total…..agree, the prediction of the week goes to Red Arse. Away win for W.B.A. No one else had that.

    Special praise goes to GLiC for his away prediction Leicester.
    VCC with Cardiff
    Oz. with Cardiff

    Performance of the week goes to Rocky for his three successful predictions so far with two to come tomorrow. He could achieve a full house of five from five.

  113. TotalArsenal says:

    VCC, I love the reporting back on our internal league. Top stuff 🙂

  114. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post – NEW POST!

  115. VCC says:

    Sorry. …1 UMF leaguers, I made a slight mistake = Henrychan got two predictions right and not three as previously posted. Henry now has 4 points with one prediction to come.

  116. TotalArsenal says:

    Luckily he is deep asleep VCC, so you have not unnecessarily put his hopes up.

  117. VCC says:

    Cheers Total. I’m sitting here enjoying the tv on a Saturday. Trying to keep people up to date as soon as I can. Obviously I’m human, unlike GLiC, and made a mistake.

  118. TotalArsenal says:

    Haha VCC – On reflection, GLiC is double human! 🙂

    Did you see my NEW POST comment 🙂

  119. glic says:

    Sorry Mate, but I`ve changed my predictions. My new predictions are:

    Aston Villa Vs Arsenal, Draw

    Everton Vs Norwich, Draw

    Chelsea Vs Man City, Draw

    Swansea Vs LIverpool, Draw

    Brighton Vs Bolton, Draw

    Yes I know, I`m quick on the draw !. hahahaha

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