Tricky Gervais: why we need Gervinho to fire Arsenal up

Gervais Lombe Yao Kouassi, better known as Gervinho is a player who divides opinion amongst the Arsenal faithful. In a way, he has taken over from Theo; who until recently also divided opinion between the fans. I have no doubt that if a poll was held now; the vast majority would want Theo to stay. But the same poll would have had a very different outcome twelve months ago.

Gervinho is a very important player for us.

He possesses a set of skills that are unique at Arsenal – at least at senior level. He can play as a classical winger, an inside-out winger (which makes him suitable to play on either the left or right wing), and also in the central striker position.

This season he started as our central striker against Southampton, Chelsea, Olympiacos and Schalke (away), and his goal scoring record is very impressive: four goals in four games as a CF. Admittedly, his performance in Gelsenkirchen was disappointing, but the bigger picture this season tells us that Gervinho can be very effective if we play him centrally in attack – in a ‘fluent-three’: Pod-Gerv-Ox/Theo.

But I reckon his best position is on the left wing, although he only started there in our first official game of the season against Sunderland. Wenger keeps persevering with Podolski on the left wing and this only seems to work for us if Gibbs is being played in tandem with him. Podolski is the ideal back-up striker for Giroud in my opinion, but he appears to be deemed too good to be left on the bench by Wenger; as a result, he is mostly played next to Giroud on the left.

Gervinho has started in three different positions this season: LW (1), CF (4) and RW (3). Every time he is played on the right it smells of a Wenger compromise in order to be able to play both Podolski and Giroud. Arsene is working hard to get the best out of his new signings Podolski, Giroud and Cazorla, so it is understandable that he has been experimenting with different attacking formations.

As Gervinho has not been as effective on the right wing – his only decent game on the right was against Montpellier away – it looks like Theo, or even The Ox, will be first choice on the right. Giroud is rightly claiming the central spot, and the left wing is Podolski’s currently. As a result, Gervinho might find himself not getting many starts in the near future, and I think that would be a real shame.

Gervinho is one of our best runners with the ball. He is one of the few who has the tricks and speed to take a man on and get into dangerous positions, from which he can pass the ball to a fellow attacker or shoot on goal himself. He also makes himself constantly available for other players and is able to both hold on to the ball and move forward with attacking intent. Podolski does not offer these very important skills and neither does Theo; unless he gets the ball played to him in space.

I really hope, Wenger will start playing him now more regularly on the left wing, with Giroud or Podolski in the middle and Theo on the right. For me, Gervinho has the all important drive, and he makes things happen: he adds another dimension to our 4-3-3 formation, and is fully capable of firing our team up again.

Total Arsenal.

77 thoughts on “Tricky Gervais: why we need Gervinho to fire Arsenal up

  • Cant agree. Gervinho is Glenn Helder with even worse hair. Arshavin must look at him playing ahead of him and think the world has gone mad.

  • Exactly. Arshavin has made his own bed and in truth he should have lost his place a long time ago. Poor decision-making or even a lack of talent can be disappointing but a lack of effort is simply inexcusable.

  • Morning all..
    I am TA (Totally Agree) with TA.. hehe..

    In early games.. Giroud was still found his best perform and also position..
    And Wenger also tried some formation for getting the best of his four main strikers.. (Giroud, Podolski, Walcott and Gervinho)..

    But I think now Wenger have put more trust to Giroud as our CF.. And Walcott or Gerv play there if only Giroud absent..

    For 4-3-3 formation.. I must say that Gerv-Giroud-Walcott is the best.. For LW even Arshavin is better than Pod.. Podolski was played as LW just to pleased the fans.. hehe.. who will get mad if Pod is in bench.. and damn he is our most expensive player.. and you will never pay just to watch him lay in the bench.. hahaha..

    So for me.. if Wenger stay in 4-3-3.. then he better put Podolski as a AM.. Maybe Podolski – Wilshere – Cozorla isn’t bad idea.. hehe.. What do you think..??

  • Totally agree, he isn’t good enough, I have never seen such a clumsy awkward player in my life, how he is deem to be good enough for Arsenal is down to Wenger along with Bendtner,Denilson,Ramsey,Chamakh,Flapinski,Squacillic, the list of deadwood is endless

  • Gervinho is the MAN! Just inconsistent but he creates chances half the time. I’d Rather have someone mess up half the time and create good chances half the time than someone like poldolski who kills our attack at times.

    I wouldnt necessarily play him every game but he can open up teams very well.

  • Morning All,

    Agree with TA & Davi on Arshavin. Nice write up TA..

    In my opinion Gervinho has good skills, trickery & stamina to start on the left wing for us. He is one of the few wingers in recent past who can square the keeper very well. He should continue to mix up his game to be unpredictable and also increase crosses across the face of the goal for Giroud, Cazorla and Wilshere to poach into. If this connection is done, our left wing will be lethal again reminiscent of Pires’s magic at Highbury..

  • To be fair, with Hazard on the left, Gervinho softly played from the right drifting into the centre, for Lille in the club’s championship winning year.

  • Morning Henry,

    Podolski as AM is a possibility. He could even play in a 4-4-1-1 behind the striker. But I cannot see us play Pod-Wilshere-Cazorla together in a 4-3-3, without proper DM.

  • Hi GoonerEris,

    That’s correct. He is versatile and can play as an inside-out winger on the right. But would you agree the left wing is his best overall position?

  • Morning Fellow Fine Gooners,

    Match Day!!!! I will do a pre-match around 2pm today (yes, it is only me; am afraid you’ll have to wait till Saturday for another Oz blockbuster 🙂 ).

    VCC, QPR got an important away point yesterday; that must please you at least a bit?!

    Come On You Gunners!!!

  • Morning, TA, and all you faithful Gooners, 🙂

    Good Post and well reasoned TA, but as you predicted there will be a division amongst fans about the value of Gervinho to the team and the club.

    I am not oblivious to the fact the Gerv can produce some tricky runs, unlike Theo, but like Theo he often does not have an end product.

    He is OK, but Arsenal should be looking for something better than someone who is OK half the time and rubbish half the time.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I want my club to aspire to more than ‘he’s alright – sometimes’! 😀

  • You are kidding right – Gervinho is brain dead. Another step in Wenger ‘s decline of player judgement – should not be near Arsenal let alone the team.

  • Morning Total…….QPR getting a point away to Sunderland is a start in the right direction. Although, I truly had a hunch they might just surprise a few people.

    On paper I think they have the players to avoid the drop, it’s all about motivation now, as is the case with Arsene Wenger and Arsenal.

  • Morning Red Arse…..I’m with you on Girvinho. Is hie glass half full or half empty.

    There is another train of thought. If Wenger plays Gervinho regularly then has to waive goodbye for the ACN, put yourself in the shoes of the guy who comes in to replace him just because he’s shot off. The replacing player would not be too enamoured about being a stand in until Gervinho returns. I’d be pretty pis— off if that were me. Not the best motivation IMO.

  • Morning Morning 🙂 🙂

    RA, as I have said to you a few times recently: every winger has good and bad days and there is no better left-wing player than Gervinho in the PL at the moment. I rate Bale as good but not better than G. We might want to aim for even higher and better, but so is the rest of the PL. Brilliant (left) wingers are hard to get, and without Gervinho we are missing a dimension in the footie that we play.

  • Hi TA,

    Yup,the Match will telecast just post midnight 🙂

    Finger crossed we would win this match. When I saw the villa result , was happy about a response against Everton from our 11. With Theo back in the squad and JW19 presence in midfield i predict 2-0 win with a late late goal to calm our nerves. Going for a clean sheet ( difficult mind you) with Szcezny, Kocielny and Per partnership giving us another clean sheet.

  • Or Chavs?!

    I have already resigned to the fact he is leaving. It has taken too long now. I am ok with it as long as we get an experienced, quality winger on the right. One who loves to play there and tears oppositions apart! 🙂

  • COYG..
    Don’t talk about Walcott leaving.. just talk about tonight game.. hehehe..

    My team for tonight :
    Sagna – Mertesacker – koscielny – Gibbs
    Cozorla – Arteta – Wilshere
    Walcott – Giroud – Gervinho

    subs : Mannone, Jenkinson, Vermaelen, Eisfeld, Ramsey, Podolski, AOC

  • Aurijit, I hope you are right. I also feel positive again (and I wasn’t before the Villa game), and you are right that Theo and Jack should make a big difference to our team.

    Watching games at midnight must be weird, but just a bit better than the Australian/New Zealand supporters who have to watch the game in the middle of the night – having to leave their girlfriends and wives cold in their beds! 😀

  • Total, I’m not saying Theo is world class, far from it. But what cheeses me off is Wenger will get rid of him and spend a third of the money on some unknown middle of the road player, which has been his policy of late.

    The next one to go will be Sagna. The rich gravy keeps pouring out. It’s starting to infuriate me.

    I’m off for a lay down before I blow a fuse. Dosnt Wenger know I’m 62 and these things are stressful and harmful to my golden looks. It’s ok for GLiC cos he’s a total wreck anyway.

    Blah blah blah. Now where’s that shotgun?

  • VCC, instead of lying down get yourself pumped up gangnam style – I know you do the dance every evening in your living room, bathroom and bedroom. 😛

  • I can leave my Wife all night, it don’t make an apenth. Of difference at my age, and at her age 61. She’s stone cold all the time. Lol

  • You must have been a fly on my wall last night then Total. That’s exactly what I was doing. Its what keeps me fit, virile and stupendously handsome. Unlike some people on this site.

  • Morning morning fellow Gunners.

    Good article TA, I like Gerv but he frustrates me just like Theo does. Capable of so much at times but very inconsistent also. He gets past his opponent for fun at times but just lacks the decision making skills to take his game to the next level. If we could somehow merge both he and Walcott together we’d have some kind of winger! Plan B could be to slick Gerv’s hair back, rub some oil on that forehead, and blind the opposition with the glare that radiates off of it.

    The Walcott situation is very annoying. One of the youngsters from the Aussie Rules team i support said this only yesterday:

    “I’m very happy here and don’t see myself anywhere else but North. If they put a contract in front of me, I’ll be happy to sign it then and there.”

    Oh how I wish Arsenal players were this loyal!

  • Hi Oz, I honestly think his decision making is good. Often our strikers don’t anticipate him well enough. He only has to get to the byline and put a pass in, and he does that better than anybody else.

    Love the shiny forehead strategy though.

    Loyalty is soooo last millennium! 😦


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  • I don’t know TA, sometimes he looks as though he’s caught in two minds. His crossing is good but his shooting needs to improve

  • Morning Boston Pancakers 😆

    ” 1 UMF, there`s only 1 UMF, 1 UMF, there`s only 1 UMF “. hahaha

    Fine stiff Total
    Yes, Lunar Head is the new Marmite, I dont like Marmite, but I like Gerv and would play him ahead of Pod !.

    Podolski, I have two thoughts on him. 1 ) Wengers too scared to drop him,, in fear of upsetting Pod.
    2 ) He thinks if he doesn`t play him, it makes him look bad for buying a player that was a mistake !. As you can see, I`m still not convinced.

    I dont know if anyone has done a list of Wenger buys over the years, but it seems for every good one he buys, theres a bad one. Was he better at it in his earlier years and worse since last trophy ? and is this another factor apart from move and Abramobitch in not winning any trophies ?.
    We easily sell our best players, but cant shift the shite one`s !. If Arsene had phoned me ( or shouted to Stretch in his loft and Stretch could have passed message on via email or BK ! ), I would have told him not to bother with Chamakh, Santos, Park, Squilacci and maybe Pod !.

  • Fine stiff ! hahaha, honestly Total ,it wasn`t me in the wardrobe this morning and I cant vouch for Stretche`s whereabouts !. hahaha

  • Glic, fine stiff hahaha 😛 Did you wake up with an ochtend-lul? 😆

    I like your theories about Pod – there might be something in it. For me, he is our back-up CF but Giroud is fit and Wenger does not want to put the Pod on the bench; to the detriment of….

  • Howdy doody, Glicster,

    Why aren’t you up to your goolagongs in muddy footings Mr Mischief Man? 🙂

    I might meet you half way with your ‘pick’ so to speak, as I would play YOU ahead of the Pod, and I would play either of you ahead of the Gerv.

    You do all realize, by the way, that TA is the Gerv’s agent, in his spare time? 🙂

  • GLIC, the fumes from all the brown stuff you’ve been shoveling has gotten to your head! Podolski is that good that both Germany and Arsene accommodate him in the team. Both have opted for bigger target men (Giroud, Gomez) but his goalscoring record speaks for itself.

    7 goals from 25 shots, and 4 assists isn’t to be scoffed at! Especially when it was reported he was carrying an injury for a while

    That’s it i have to do it…here it is!!!!!

  • Morning RA and TA.

    Saving your report on FFP for later RA, looking forward to it. Fallen a touch behind on comments/posts.

  • Morning RA and TA.

    Saving your report on FFP for later RA, looking forward to it. Fallen a touch behind on comments/posts.

  • AW answered that by saying the Pod has 101 caps for Germany and of those 101 caps 101 times he was played left! I bought him to play left, but he (the Pod) isn’t used to either the speed of the Prem or the increased work load (defensively) of the Prem. AW stated further but I’m not concerned about him (the Pod) he’ll come good.

  • Oz, I thought my chip monks ( Arshavin, Santi and Meade really ! ) Lu Lu LU Lukaz Podolski was better !. hahaha and pus your one was from 2008 when he was Germany`s number 1, now he`s behind Gomez ! . I will love to be proved wrong as he comes across s a really nice fun guy !. no, not funghi, thats me , in a dark septic tank full of shit ! hahaha

  • On first viewing I think the Gerv isn’t anywhere near a great player, and at times I too have wondered what he’s doing in an Arsenal shirt? Occasionally he looks O.K. and a couple of times he’s actually looked good, but in general I struggle to recall a great performance from him. It’s true his direct running at defences often works to open them up which is a good trait but I think his end product is often not up to scratch. I see him as a very average squad player although I’d love to be proven wrong. If you say he’s the best left winger in the prem TA I’ll have another look but you’ll be able to knock me over with a feather if thats true.

  • VCC

    I watched him in the Euro`s and thought he was piss poor out on the left for Germany and hoped Arsene would not play him in the same position, but Arsene has a knack for playing players out of their best position just to accommodate them !
    Gervinho should be on the left, but Pod is being accommodated, why ?. Like I said is Wenger too scared to drop him ?

  • Hi richie

    That maybe the case, but has anyone thought that after 100+ caps, the Pod is on a downward spiral and his best years are behind him !. Name me any player who is a better player at 100 caps than they were at say 30 caps ?.

  • Right. Out to fix the Septic tank problems, it is a fine sunny day and the water table has dropped considerably. Bring on, “glic, quick fit shit fixer” !. Try and say that 10 times rapidly and it will sound like a new German striker we`re buying in January ! hahaha

  • GLiC…Thats me in the red at Lakeside shopping centre last week before I went to see Santa.

  • Richie, I predict we’ll see a quick return to proper wing-play in the next few seasons. Gervinho is a player who can play for us in 4-4-2 as well as 4-3-3, and there really are not many players on the left wing who have his set of skills. He is not the best I have ever seen – I would have a young Overmars or Pires any time – but he has been missed recently.

  • Hahahaa Lol VCC and TA…. as for midnight games ask my rommies who wake with my screams, dance, anguish and celebrations especially during European nights …. As for work , the caffeine intake increases the next day ….

  • Although I can’t stand him as possibly the 2nd best player in the world the name “Chicken Neck” immediately springs to mind. He’s much better at a 100 caps than he was at 30.

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