Beckham, Huntelaar and Strootman and the 4-4-2 show can truly begin!


I usually don’t do transfer gossip stuff on Bergkampesque, as I cannot stand the endless and mostly fictitious nature of it.

However, sometimes a bit of virtual shop-therapy is needed to lighten the weight on our brains, and the gravitational pull on our souls.

As said many times before, I am not a fan of our current 4-3-3 formation, and would prefer it if we played more regularly in a 4-5-1 formation.

Like Arsene, I like midfielders, and the midfield being dominated by us in such a way that our defence has little to do, and we are bossing the opponents in their own half. More than anything, this is what I miss about our current Arsenal: the almost total dominance of midfield in games.

With the right personnel, a 4-5-1 formation can be awesome, and I reckon we should go back to this formation ASAP in order to regain our control over games, and start winning again. Giroud is our ideal target man and there is a plethora of midfielders to choose from.

But, I do like the sound of the growing rumour that Huntelaar is on his way to Arsenal. Firstly, he is a fantastic, classic CF – he reminds me a bit of Alan Shearer – as we have seen recently in our sobering encounters with Schalke 04. If we can add him to Giroud and Podolski as our CF options, then clearly we will have a strike-force to reckon with.


Secondly, he is very ambitious and relatively very fit for his age (he did not play that many 90 minutes games during his time in Spain and Italy), and he would like to outperform van Judas big style! That sort of hunger to perform would be very welcome at Arsenal at the moment.

But, thirdly, and most importantly, rumours linking us with ‘The Hunter’ should mean Arsene is considering changing to a 4-4-2 formation. Giroud and Huntelaar are proper, full-blooded CF’s and it would be a waste of their talents to play them anywhere else, or keep one of them on the bench for too long. Both can play slightly behind the other, and I reckon Giroud would be best at this; but they are both goal scoring machines: awesome weapons, hungry for quality ammunition!

In a 4-4-2 formation, with two very good CF’s, Arsenal need good left and right midfielders, who can get to the by-line, make very smart runs with and without the ball, and are excellent at crossing the ball into the box.

It would be a total understatement if I said that we could improve in this area at the moment. Sagna and Jenkinson, our options in the right back position, are not too bad at crossing the ball into the box, but other than that the service for Giroud and Podolski has been very poor generally.

If we are to get the best out of our promising talents of Gnabry, Ox, Eisfeld, Myachi, Coquelin, etc, we really could do with a(n old) master in midfield wing-play and crossing the ball into the box, and that’s where Beckham could fill a void for one to two seasons at Arsenal.


Beckham at the Emirates

He does not even have to play every week; his presence and guidance to the youngsters would simply be of incredible value. The best way for up and coming talents to improve significantly is by learning from a master and David Beckham would be a very interesting option for us: his crossing ability, combined with his set-piece shooting skills are simply still top-notch.  I cannot imagine him being too expensive either, as his added commercial value would compensate for his wage package.


Finally, in a 4-4-2 system it would be good to have another all-round, defensively minded, central midfielder. I am not surprised to hear rumours that Arsenal is one of the teams interested in Kevin Strootman of PSV Eindhoven. He is quickly becoming a fine, multi-skilled midfielder and the thought of him working together with Wilshere in the heart of midfield is simply mouth-watering for me. With Cazorla in the LM position and Beckham in the RM position, our team would mean business.

The likes of Arteta, Rosicky, Podolski, Coquelin, Eisfeld, Myachi, Gnabry, Ox, and one or two others, could be great back-up for various positions in midfield. Podolski, and maybe even Theo, would be perfect back-up options for our two CFs Giroud and Huntelaar.

Well, I have definitely made myself feel better with writing this post, but would these purchases and changes to our formation lighten your mood as well?

Total Arsenal.

Although some bloggers might appear very familiar and informal with each others, please never hesitate to comment if you feel like it: Bergkampesque welcomes any new contributions.

80 thoughts on “Beckham, Huntelaar and Strootman and the 4-4-2 show can truly begin!

  • Thanks Total

    I`d have Beckham, but he has always said he wont play for another EPL team, but if we did get him, I`d like to see him paid only on his royalty`s only.
    I always wanted Huntelaar, but when he was younger, I`d fear we were getting someone on the downward spiral just like ( imo ) Podolski !.
    Strootman, I have no idea whatsoever about him and would have to ask you what sort of player he is and how good ?.

  • Back to that DB10 “pirouette ” goal. It really pee`s me off when people say ,” did he mean it “, as Redders said, it was out of this world skill, so mere mortal players are/were never going to be able to do such a piece of exquisite skill. If you watch the video of that goal, if Dennis hadn`t meant it he would have stopped or hesitated, but he doesn`t, he moves with poetic ease in knowing what he was doing. Asking him whether he meant it , is like asking me asking my mirror, ” are you a handsome bastard ” , the mirror doesn`t lie and neither does Dennis ! . hahaha

  • Oh yes he meant it Glic, but even if he didn’t, it would still have been an example of incredibly quick thinking, acting and technical ability.

  • Total……before we start buying more players, we need to off load some of our dead wood.


    Look at how much these twats are costing us.Ship em out.

    I see we have another two young Swiss defenders that are following in the foot steps of predecessors Senderos and Djourou.

  • VCC 🙂

    Really don’t like the term dead wood; especially when you sue them for the hard working players like Rosicky, Ramsey, Gervinho and Gibbs.

    But some should be moved on, if and when we can, given their contract situations.

    However, the club needs to act now and if we can get good quality in January we should do so.

  • Huntelaar for a decent price would be good business Glic and Podolski was good business too in my view.

    Strootman reminds me of Fabregas but then more in a deeper position: strong, great overview, good tackler, good passer of the ball, excellent long-distance passes, good goal scorer and somebody with good organisational and leadership skills.

  • I don’t know anything about Kevin Strootman, so I cannot comment.

    As for the other two, Beckham and Huntelaar, they are not going to pull up trees for us. We need to make a statement and go for top quality now, not players at the ends of their careers.

  • You are joking right, VCC? Beckham yes, but if you read the post I was referring to his mentorship skills. Huntelaar is absolute top at the moment and comparable with van Judas.

  • Beckham has always been useless! Our marketing team would love him – but isn’t that what most people are complaining about? Too much profit, not enough end product? Beckham would be an extension of our problems, not a solution.

  • The term :Dead wood” How would you describe those players?

    If you added Fabianski to the list you would have a team of =


    Santos Squillaci Djourou Gibbs

    Gervinho Diaby(for 10 mins then Rosicky) Ramsey Arshavin

    Bendtner Chamakh

    That team would not win an argument let alone a football match.

  • VCC – half of the players you mentioned are at least good squad players to have. The rest have not or no longer made / make the grade. You could call them surplus to requirement, or dead wood; but I hate the term with a passion. I have heard fellow managers and directors use that term so many times for some staff we had and often it was they who had messed them about so much that they became unproductive (in some cases).

  • Hi Neal
    I wouldn`t say he has always been useless, Posh said he has Golden Balls and that his Todger is like an exhaust pipe !. I just hope he`s got a cat licking his convertor otherwise he wont pass his MoT !
    I do take your point though and must admit that I only see him as a cash cow for merchandise sold and as you say, we need the end product, a footballer who makes a difference on the pitch !.

  • I knew there was someone who didn`t like the term ” Deadwood ” from AA days and always wondered who it was, but could`nt be bothered to go back through 1000`s of comments to find out who it was. thanks Total , you`ve saved me a lot of time !. hahaha
    I will now have to look on the ” Urban Dictionary ” for one as a substitute, but to tell the truth, most of the one`s I have been opening with would probably fit the bill !. hahaha

  • Total…..Our perception of that line up is miles apart.

    Fabianski………..Shaky to say the least. Poor decision maker. Far inferior for as a back up.

    Diaby………………Always injured

    Rosicky………….. ditto

    Santos…………..Slow, can’t defend to save his life.

    Ramsey………….Lost it since his horrific injury. Shame as we will never know.

    Squillaci………….Need I elaborate?

    Djourou…………..Frightened of his own shadow. Too weak considering his physique

    Arshavin………….Lost his mojo

    Gervinho…………Headless Chicken

    Gibbs……………..Made of glass

    Chamakh………..See Squillaci

    Bendtner………..OK back up

    Denilson…………Mr. Crab

    imo, all the above should be removed/replaced from the Arsenal playing squad ASAP.

  • Beckham has always been useless!? yeh thats why he has over a 100 caps, played for UNited and Real Madrid. What a shit player, what were those managers thinking of. Oh wait, I know, they have football brains, you dont

  • Total 🙂

    I have looked up Deadwood on Urban Dictionary, there are a few definitions but the two I like are :

    1) A doo-doo that takes several flushes to get down the toilet !.

    2) Inability to maintain an erection ! . This one applies to Stretch as long as his missus has the remote ! . hahaha

    I like Dead Wookie ( a large and foul smelling turd of mythical proportions ! ) what do you think ? ………..VCC, can you change that to, “get rid of the Dead Wookies” !. hahahaha

  • Is that the real Silent Stan ?. So you do know something about football after all !.

    That Ranch you bought, why didn`t you buy Neymar instead !.

  • VCC

    You keep standing your ground, or fight your corner against that wicked TA!! 😀

    Of course you could become friends with TA immediately if you dropped that useless git Gervinho from your deadwood list!!! 😀

  • And Gibbs and Ramsey and Djourou, and even Rosicky who I would like to give one more chance.

    VCC has got a tough streak in him though! 😀

  • Total
    He has got a tough steak in him, he slipped off his zimmer frame whilst cooking and that piece of Brsket ended up his Arse !. hahaha

  • VCC
    Hows the job search going on or are you just doing some adult educatoin at the moment ?

    I have a vacancy for a Scarecrow if your interested, you`ve done an apprenticeship of scaring the kids so the crows should be no problem !. hahaha

  • @VCC or Redders whoever gets to the keyboard first 😀 sorry Gooner but that doesn’t work for me at all. I know he gets injuried if the wind blows in the wrong direction, but until his last unfornunate “accident” he was our best player. I know you think “out him” and get someone else in, but can I ask you a question my friend. What if Arsene had done the same with the forever injuried RvP?

  • It must be possible that someone can think of something humorous and someone somewhere else in the world can have the same thought. I say this because I have written stuff before only to have my brother emailing me something similar , either that or someones nicking my stuff !. hahaha
    If you want VCC, I can email the stuff my brother sends me, but there is a chance you`ve already seen it , as a lot of stuff is plastered over the net.
    I dont personally use any of it, although I have emailed Stretch a few which I thought were funny !. Whatever I write comes from my own vivid imagination ! and it seems I`m not alone !. hahaha
    I do however have a visual joke , which you will have to remind me when at the Tavern again, as I said it`s a visual piece of humour and wont work as a comment. I tried it many years ago on an office girl and didn`t get to finish the joke as she was screaming hysterically with laughter. I left it a few days before I could try it on her again , but gave her good warning to compose herself. I bet your really curious now. hahaha

  • Bloody hell “San Francisco” has your other half done a bunk with Glic? I mean prolific does even come close to your output today? Or have you joined the rest of Europe and become unemployed? 😆

  • GLiC…still doing the education thing. Most of the students are young and clever, they get the work done pretty quick. Im left behind trying to catch up. I’ve even Been known to turn the lights out on my way home. It’s getting tough.

  • Richie, I am a stay at home dad. Wife earns the money and I look after her and our daughter. One of the advantages of having a blog is I can write off feelings of disappointment with new posts. Then Herb will come out at one point and will help me to balance it all back! 😛

  • That’s so amusing to me at the moment because my other half is in law and
    I’m sort of unemployed, I used to own and run a restaurant which I sold a few
    years back (I did well anticipating the recession but not its length) I haven’t as
    yet started anything else. Just as well because in the current economic climate
    I would’ve lost out. I take my 8 year old daughter to school, pick her up and cook
    a meal ready for when my wife gets home. Apart from my continuous obsession with
    all things Arse, I sail whenever I can, I say I’ll open another business when things improve, and maybe I will but like our team, I remind everyone not to hold their breath. 😆

  • Ta, i came here hoping for some ideas about what the hell is wrong with this team. I like what ur talking about. Could be intetesting/exciting. Always appreciate ur point of view

  • Love a good transfer gossip section, as you say takes our minds off the heavy stuff for a bit.

    Strootman…Yes please, he looks like a very good player and would fit well with Jack.

    The Hunter is a great player, always been a fan but it looks like he’s finally put it all together. A few seasons ago he tore apart Man U in both legs…a joy to watch!

    @ VCC

    I also disagree with that list. I’m not sure why AA doesn’t even make the bench because he clearly makes things happen. His game against Reading was really good and he lasted the full 120 putting to bed his ‘lack of stamina’ theory. For me he still has a place in our squad.

    Fan of Rosicky and Ramsey

    Gibbs needs to get his body right, IF he strings half a season together he can go to the next level but not sure his body will allow him.

    Diaby needs to go. Lost patience with him and it was a massive mistake relying on him after a few good performances in the preseason.

    Djourou has stagnated, I like him as a squad player but Miquel will pass him soon.

    Gerv is a keeper

    The rest see ya

  • Morning OZ, 🙂

    I agree with those adjustments to VCC’s list that you suggest.

    You seem to have solved the Gervinho puzzle as to why he is so poor on the wing/centre – he is a keeper, and should be challenging Chezzer for the No.1 shirt!! 😀

  • haha morning RA, funny you should say that I just refreshed the page to see if anyone was up and that’s the last thing i read whilst it was loading. I thought to myself ‘which smart arse is going to say he is playing out of position’ and it was bloody you! 🙂

    VCC is just a bit grumpy that’s all, sometimes housework can get to you, those blasted stubborn stains!

  • Morning smARt Arse and other fine gents, and ladies (if you are reading, make sure you comment as well! We could do with some femininity on this blog!!) 🙂

  • haha morning TA i never really noticed that, this place does lack a woman’s touch around here. With all of us on here we’ve probably got more chance of winning the champions league than that happening 🙂

    I’m still humming and hawing about that to be honest. I’ve got to leave for uni at 530 anyway so normally it’s easy but i had a shocker of a sleep last night. I think I’ll have to record it (hate doing that because i always cheat n check the scores) only because it’s a nothing game really

  • Hi Johnnie,

    I guess the biggest problem is not the quality of the squad, although it could do with improvement, but getting the team to gel and work life a clockwork orange. On top of that, confidence has become low and combine that with fatigue of some of our key players and Bob’s your uncle. I feel sorry for Arsene, because he has so little time to sort it out between matches, and the despair is becoming visible.

    I think the rumours about Huntelaar joining us could well be true this time. I can only imagine we would then go to 4-4-2 and the rest was added for fun. Although I am a big believer in building teams through master-apprentice relationships and Beckham would very good for the likes of Ox, Eisfeld and Gnabry. Who do they have currently to guide them?

    Strootman could be a good Arsenal player and our scouts have been out to watch him apparently….

    But it was just a bit of a fun post. 🙂

  • Morning RA and OZ.

    I have no trouble removing the stains, I use Flash. I need another pinny though, so I have added that to my wish list from Santa, a nice pink one will do.

    Oz. I may be old but I’m certainly not grumpy. 😉

    I stand by my decisions. Like RA, I never thought of Gervinho between the posts, although he would be better than Fabianski 🙂

    Gibbs will remain a stigma and always be injury prone.

    Arshavin I fear has dropped too far down the pecking order with Wenger.

    Rosicky was good but well past his sell by date.

    The rest I wouldn’t waste my breath on.

    Hope your feeling better today RA. Chin up, onwards and upwards buddy. 🙂

  • Morning TA, VCC and you other denizens of BK!!!!!! 🙂

    I knew the Gerv for Keeper would get you going TA 🙂 and because you are a good guy, I stopped myself from saying it was a case of choosing between Gerv and Theo as the No.2 keeper!! 😀

    Thanks for asking VCC, and the other guys too, I am starting to feel a bit better. Fingers crossed.

  • Total 07:37. According to my paper we will not be seing as many of the youngsters as you might have hoped for.

    Instead we will see that power house defender Squillaci, together with a headless chicken and a one paced Welshman. Happy dayz.

  • Oz, I think Terry would agree with you and Tazzer about the male female mix on BK.
    He has been saying he misses a female touch too. 😆

  • RA! Nice to hear you positive and better today. After that statement I can’t help thinking of the clips on you tube with Hitler after certain football matches. Have you seen them? If not I can send you some via email. They will cheer any one up, just look at GLiC, he’s normally a miserable old sod, but after watching those he cracks his face by smiling. 🙂

  • Morning Redders 🙂

    It is blindingly obvious, the Gerv in goal would not be a bad idea; especially if and when he is facing a low sun! 🙂

  • Your dead right Total. …bit depressed this morning, have to visit Lakeside with the misses to do Christmas shopping.

    Already got GLiC’s prezzie, it’s the same as last year……F— A–. 🙂

  • Well Richie, it sounds like we are in the same boat, although I am not into a sailing due to travel sickness 😛

    I will email you at some point today.

  • Nothing would make him more happy than to be able to F—-A– 🙂

    The man is insatiable! 😛

    Good to hear you are feeling a bit better Redders, and I hope the boys will further enhance it tonight! 🙂

    VCC, shopping in Lakeside with the misses for Christmas – PFFFFFFFFF 😦

    Just keep telling yourself: ‘but tonight I can watch the Arse’.

  • Reports are surfacing regarding Terry, apparently he’s been sorting out the loft and he’s come across a chest full of the Mrs old dresses. He’s having a field day after a day of pouting and posing, so much so he’s wondering why no1 has commented on his striking calves (or is it calfs when referring to the human body?) before!

    We’ve found our woman…Terry (doesn’t even need to change his name!)

    @ VCC



    Glad you’re feeling better RA. Hope it continues

    Ah the memories:

  • Oz. Following on from your clips above, this song come to mind. Change the words slightly, and you get the jest. “Once in a lifetime” ?????????

  • brilliant Video, it’s one of my favourite film clips of all time. I may have stolen a dance move or two from it in my time

  • Strootman?! REALLY? Well, if Arsenal have some money to spare I suppose he’s worth a shot. Expect him to be either really good or really rubbish tho. Also, refs don’t like him much because he never seems to shut up……and my guess would be British refs are not as lenient as Dutch refs.

  • Hi and welcome RJC – thanks for a fine comment and in immaculate English too! 🙂 😉

    We could do with a talker on the pitch – would bring the team alive! What would you regards as his advantages and disadvantages?

  • Well, his biggest advantage imho would be that he has a -what we call in Holland- German approach to the game: much like the Energizer Bunny, he keeps going and going and going.

    Now that’s a quality that most teams love to see in a player. HOWEVER (you saw that one coming, no?) if you are Arsenal and you want to (re-)take your spot right at the top of English and (possibly) European football, having an Energizer Bunny on your team is just not good enough imho. A player on an Arsenal team should have more going for him than just that. And with Strootman…..meh……I don’t see it. Decent player, but a team like Arsenal should wanna do better than that. Besides, don’t you guys allready have a bench and half a grandstand filled with ‘decent’ players allready? 🙂

  • Well, RJC, maybe I need to have another look. From what I have seen, he has good vision and passing ability, including the much needed long-range cross. He is good defensively and scores good goals. We definitely need more than just an energy-bunny, but a strong motor in the centre of our midfield is very much required. Arteta just cannot keep doing it game in game out.

    Anybody else you would recommend? 🙂

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