Little Mozart is back, Meade in Britain, but too many underperformed tonight.

Eleven conclusions from the game:

  1. Rosicky’s first half performance was a joy to behold. As was so often the case last season, when TR7 plays our whole team has shape and focus, and plays with real determination. The difference between the first and second half could not have been bigger. It was as if our team had no spine anymore without Rosicky. The only good thing to take from this is that if – and that is a big IF – he can stay fit, our first team is bound to become stronger in the next few weeks.
  2. Vermaelen is good at leading by example but he is best when he is being led by a level-headed co-defender with great organisational skills. Tonight he missed Mertesacker’s defensive leadership. Squillaci; what can I say? Ineffective and rusty, and he should really be moved on. But that will not happen until his contract runs out.
  3. Jernade Meade had a very good debut and well done to the young lad. He was fast and spiky, had generally a good awareness of the game being played around him, and I loved his drive and enthusiasm.
  4. Coquelin had a decent game and was one of the better players. I thought his attacking contributions were a lot better than the execution of his defensive duties. I really don’t see him as an option for DM at the moment, but his through balls and balls over the top in the first half were very good.
  5. The Ox is playing without his horns at the moment. I don’t know what his best position is, but he looked lost and lacking confidence and purpose. What has happened the The Ox who can take on players for fun, makes mazy runs and penetrates the box so easily?
  6. Chamakh worked hard and positioned himself well, especially in the first half. But he was rustier than the Titanic and his touch let him down so many times, I lost count of it. I reckon he will play one more game against Bradford and that will be it.
  7. Arshavin; was he in Athens? To me it looked like he was longing to be left alone on the Tundra of his beloved Mother Russia. Another one who is very likely to simply sit out his contract – as it is almost impossible to move him on.
  8. This was also a big test for Aaron Ramsey, in my view. AR16 is not making the required progress in his career, and tonight he had another game that was full of hard work and determination, but so very little end-product. A real shame, but I reckon Aaron will not become a regular in our first squad any time soon – and he will have to work very hard to stay in the wider squad this season.
  9. Szczesny did not have a bad game, but his distribution put us under unnecessary pressure more than once during the game. Both his decision making and execution with regards to his distribution need to improve significantly, if he wants to make it at Arsenal as our nr1 GK.
  10. Jenkinson had a poor second half: his concentration and positioning were well below par and he did not stay tight enough to his man on more than one occasion. Another one who was missing the organisational leadership skills of Mertesacker tonight.
  11. Gervinho did not have a good second half either; and his decision making, touch and shooting ability let him down far too many times tonight (except for the well spotted, and coolly executed, assist for TR7’s goal). Is it a lack of form, or have I been wrong all along regarding his abilities / value to the team?

We can take from the game the big positives of Rosicky being back with a bang and Meade having a fine debut at LB, but other than that we are left with far too many negatives.

The result, and the fact that we finished second in the group hardly matter, but what does matter is that so many players did not use this opportunity to show us why they should be playing in Arsenal’s first team.

Total Arsenal.

154 thoughts on “Little Mozart is back, Meade in Britain, but too many underperformed tonight.

  • Here you go, Herb:

    Arsenal Football club are at a major crossroads, maybe the most critical in their 126 year existence. Much more of this and supporters will turn away in their droves. We have the same wage-bill as Bayern Munich and yet there is a huge chasm in quality between the two clubs.
    Arsenal need an identity. As a club, we are spineless, as witnessed with the sales of RvP and Alex Song. The only legacy we have from the club that came from Highbury are the old Etonians still drawing dividends from our move to The Emirates. What was the move to The Emirates about? Competing with MU, Barcelona, Real Madrid? Isn’t that what we were promised?
    Even if FFP is implemented, our quality is so woefull it will take well in excess £100m to put right if Arsenal are to fulfill the BoD’s promises and compete with the world’s best.
    When Arsene Wenger won the Premier League title at WHL in 2002, he said he wanted to make Arsenal one of the biggest clubs in the world. That was 10 years ago and the quality at the club now is significantly poorer than it was then.
    Are we a cash-cow for Stan Kroenke to draw dividends from, or do we seriously want to compete for major trophies?
    And when the club define their identity and direction, perhaps they’ll be good enough to let the supporters know.

  • Home boy (:lol:) I ain’t got sh** to add to that! You wrote it as I saw it. TR7 was the only plus point and his enthusiasm we’ve missed. All the rest, Meade apart should be kept apart.
    Although AOX seemingly going backwards is even more worrying. Whats the footballing eqivellient of an excist? (:lol:

  • Hi Herb 🙂

    I am not ignoring you, but we have had many discussions before about those or similar topics that I am not going to engage in detail tonight.

  • Evening Richie – fellow Homer! 🙂

    You need to leave out the brackets around (:lol:) and leave a space before and after the double colons and then you will have a perfect smiley!

    Totally agreed on Ox – what is happening with boy wonder?! What is an ‘excist’?

  • Morning all..

    TA.. I missed the game.. again.. hehe..
    Did we play 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 as usuall..??

  • Hi, I just signed up because I thought the points you made were spot on. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Rosicky tonight, he oozed what we all miss; the old Arsenal philosophy, the perfectly weighted passes and ability to change position at the drop of a hat, brilliant. I also very much enjoyed seeing Meade win headers against a 6fter (he’s only 5’3!ha). Ramsey….jeez…..was he wearing slippers tonight or what? Totally slows our game down, as does Gervinho, awful first touches! Everyone seems to be going on about us signing this striker or that. How is a striker going to improve our game if we can’t even make 5 passes (on the floor)? We seemed to have turned into a long ball team, really ridiculous how far we’ve fallen. Was disappointed in the Oxe tonight, lost his way a bit. Our midfield seems to consist of players 5’7 or smaller. We should get Pires back ….. 🙂 even if just as a coach! What a player……

  • sh*t! Typo the “or” went missing “exorcist” is what I meant! Seems like for the whole team, the stadium, Arsene, Boldie, Coney.

  • @Herb “What was the move to The Emirates about? Competing with MU, Barcelona, Real Madrid? Isn’t that what we were promised”?

    No Herb we were told it would allow us to keep pace with MU, just MU.

    The only thing that separated us from Manu’er (the richest club) back then was their greater gate receipts. Our mover was to bring us closer to them which would allow us to keep hold of our players. Then the Russian arrived and the goal posts were moved.
    After Roman A’s arrival there was no longer a market value for players and their wages. There was the normal value and Abromovich’s value which was whatever he wanted to pay. Since then there’s a new kid on the block and if anything the northern oilers are worse. Manu’er are still clinging on by their finger tips (trying to keep up with the Jones’s) but if they fail to win something this year (their 2nd) it could all so easily still end in tears. Especially if the boy wonder was to get injured. I’ve got my fingers crossed. 🙂

  • I definitely like your 11 points noted, Good analysis. We just missed the Germany charm of Eisfield and Probably Gnarby. I would have loved to see younger strikers esp in second half instead of the Chama, Ramsey and Gervinho.

  • I watched the game.. Not to bad.. Our Capt do his job quiet good..
    And I think the first goal from Olympiakos was offside..

    Playing Ox as a RW to replace Walcott is absolutely wrong idea..
    And Playing Sqiulaci is the biggest error of Wenger..
    If he really want to play the youngsters.. why don’t he tried Hajrovic.. or Miquel..

    But Good new is.. at least we have some players that can do their jobs verywell..
    Meade and Rosicky can be our team on saturday even as a subs..
    And the rest (except Vermaelen and Jenkinson) who had played can now have some rest.. to be fit in COC games again Bradford.. hehehe..

  • Hi robinsgrant85 🙂

    Thanks for the fine comment. Arsenal are desperate for their on-field shape and philosophy to start taking shape and you are right re Rosicky; he showed the rest how it is done.

    Pires – the master – to guide the boys is a brilliant idea. He would totally lift the place! 🙂

  • Hi and welcome Hard Ogura – love the name! 🙂

    Agreed with all your points. What a shame Eisfeld and Gnabry were unavailable. Seeing Arshavin and co waste an opportunity to play for the shirt was very disappointing.

  • Hi Henry 🙂

    The only place I can see him play on RW. As a central defender I don’t rate very much. Maybe eventually in Cazorla’s role but he is a long way off at the moment.

  • Morning TA, 🙂

    Cracking post match Post! (tongue twister).

    I am now in that strange place where I just accept what is happening whichever team we put out.

    In fairness to last night’s team, they have never played together at any level, let alone the CL. For the senior players there is no excuse, and I am so sorry for poor Rambo, I desperately wanted him to regain his pre-injury form, but I think the writing is on the wall for him, and it is not saying anything good.

    Apologies to you, in advance, but Gervinho should not be representing Arsenal. He is weak, finds controlling the ball impossible and, except for the pass to Rosicky for the goal, he does not know what he is trying to do, or where he is trying to go.

    He is such a disappointment, because like with Theo I had hoped for so much yet they both produce so little, and I think if even a staunch supporter like you expresses your concerns about him then he is another who needs to buck up his ideas.

  • Damn wordpress lost my comment! basically saying if anyone ever wants to download a match because they’ve missed it or it was a ripper and you want to keep it just let me know and i’ll post the site.

    Morning all

  • bugger I’ve been banned, took you long enough TA haha.

    Haven’t seen the game as yet but looks like a great post TA, will read it straight after!

  • Morning Arsenal fans….fine match analysis Total. Couldn’t have done better myself, hehehehahaha (as Henry would say). 😉

    Nice to see you have taken those rose coloured glasses off that you have been wearing lately regarding one or two players. 🙂

    In truth, we could not expect miracles from players who have not played together before, or for a long time at least. But the writing has been on the wall for a considerable amount of time regarding their questionable talents and ability to wear the once famous Red and White shirt of The Arsenal.

    Trying our youth away in Europe would surely be suicidal, but now is the time to blood one or two gradually, instead of persevering with shoddy, below average footballers.

    Apart from looking tired and forelorn lately, I’m worried that The penny isn’t dropping for Wenger. His persistence with some players is hugely questionable. Is it favouritism or blindness?

    I’m saddened to see how Ramsey is not fulfilling his once promising potential. His horrific injury looks to have affected this immensely, but sentimentality cannot blur your vision if you want to aspire to become number one. So sad.

    Our chicken/turkey on the wing must look over his shoulder in case he gets shot, stuffed and used on the Christmas table!!!!!!! . I personnally would not stuff him, but would certainly shoot him.

    Ox = what can one say? Mystifying. Here’s a recently capped footballer full of promise, last night was a shade of himself. We must ask why? Is he catching the Arsenal/Wenger/Bould/Board bug?

    Meade, a nice plus, showed plenty of spunk, skill and determination. Smashing European debut.

    I’m cleaning my boots as we speak. At 62, I’m sure I could do better than Chamakh. My application is in the post. Hehehehehe (oops, Henry’s back)


  • Thanks for a great follow up comment Victorious. The rose tinted glasses are stuck in my hair and can slip down any minute hehehehe! 😀

    We’ll never know for sure whether Arsene’s penny is dropping or not. Him showing belief in his players is also very important of course: if he were to get rid off a player every time they had a bad spell, not many would be left any more. But, I feel that last night was a big test for quite a few players and I hope that Wenger acts decisively on what he surely must have seen as well.

  • Morning Hampster Tucking ( I can define these ,but only on request ! 😆 ) BKers

    Thanks Total, pretty ( not the football ) much how I saw/see it.
    As bad as we were last night, I think the addition of Sick Note on Saturday mixed with Santi and Jack will show a complete different type of football , we may not win, but we will play with more urgency and high tempo. He could be the one to make these boys tick. I expect to see a fully commited Arsenal on Saturday ( when I say see, I mean after I`ve emerged from behind the sofa @ 16:55 hahaha ). One thats been missing of late !.

  • Ozzy – watch the game and tell us what you think of le Coq afterwards. I was pleasantly surprised with his creative midfield play, but defensively he is still so naive from a positional point of view. Great player to have though as his attitude and stamina are good. 🙂

  • Total 🙂

    I must say, it took me ages to find the right one, but the wait was worth it ! hahaha

    Just that little performance by Sick Note has lifted my expectations for Saturday, you know what I mean, that missing cog which will make our wheels turn much more efficiently !.

    Right, I cant sit here talking to you Dead Wookies, I`ve got 3 holes to feel…..sorry fill !. hahaha

  • Total 09:13…….Squillaci …36 games….Chamakh…35 games. That’s hardly a spell. In my eyes that’s enough to see whether they are good enough or not.

    Also, some time back Djourou was being spoken as a good back up (second string) player. If he is that good, why was he not featured last night? I apologise if of course he is injured, but have not seen this as so in the press/web site. He never even travelled.

  • Morning GLiC….how is the thumb?

    Hope you had a lovely candlelite meal with the missus last night.

    Terry and RedArse have been quiet.

  • Hi filly-touchy-feely sort of type 🙂

    Has there ever been better evidence that an orchestra needs a conductor than last night’s performance by little Mozart?!

  • VCC agreed, agreed current king of the kitchen 🙂

    But I was not referring to them as it is totally clear that Wenger does not rate them either anymore – he just cannot move them on. Djourou has my full support – great back up to have, and I guess he wants to play more and is not happy currently, but he could also be injured….

  • Now with Rosicky is back.. it will be interesting how Wenger mixed his midfielders..
    Will it stay 2 DM and 1 AM.. or change to 1 DM and 2 AM.. Or change the formula to 4-4-2.. with 2 DM and 2 AM..

    I prefer we do more attacking.. with 1 DM (Arteta/Diaby/Coq/Ramsey) and 2 AM (Cozorla/Rosicky/Eisfeld/Ox/Wilshere/Arshavin/Podolski)
    Don’t worry to much about defending.. we need to attack well..
    As I said before.. better win than draw.. 3 draw is equal to 1 win.. hehehe..

  • Good Morning All.
    Sorry Richie, I can’t agree with you. I don’t think Arsenal could ‘sell’ a stadium move on the premise of merely keeping pace with MU. In 2006, Keith Edelman said we were moving to compete with the world’s best. And Abramovich was two years into his Chelsea ownership when we moved, having already spent significant funds on the likes of Drogba, Essien, Robben, Carvalho and Duff. There can’t be many, if any, companies who have a 30% share-holder who isn’t allowed on the Board, or at least allowed some input into that company. Folk might baulk at the idea of Usmanov, but he can’t be any more unpalatable than Kroenke, and he is considerably richer than Abramovich.
    The idea that Arsenal don’t have the resources to compete is laughable, and an insult to the good-will of their supporters. The ‘self-sustaining’ model Arsenal are operating is a cop-out by our majority share-holder who sees Arsenal as another sports franchise that he can make money from without ever having to risk his own capital. No other club in world football operates the way Arsenal do, where there is no pressure or accountability for what happens on the field, as long as the share-holders are getting a generous return on their ‘investment’.
    It is embarrassing that they are allowed to get away with openly conning millions of Arsenal supporters world-wide.

  • Hi Henry, it is all about balance between defending, creating and finishing and Arsene is desperately looking for the right formula with his current crop of players. I like the idea of Rosicky in the hole (not one of Glic’s please!) and Cazorla on the mid-wing in a 4-4-1-1:

    Cazorla/your favourite German/Gervinho – Arteta – Wilshere – Theo/Cazorla/Eisfeld

    It would mean business, although I would really want a beast of a DM for Arteta’s position (and Arteta can play anywhere anyway!).

  • HeHeHenry, just read that policemen in Jakarta have been told to lose weight – apparently too many of them are too fat and the people of Jakarta don’t believe they are able to protect them any more! Is there any truth in this?

  • Yes I know.. it’s better not to lose than to lose.. hehehe..
    but It even more better to win than to draw..
    Look at MU now.. they lost more goals.. 21 goals.. but can scores 37 goals.. and also they lose 3 times.. but win 12.. City on the other hand still unbeatable this season.. but only win 9 and 6 draw.. and only lost 11 goals so far.. the best from all teams.. But they still in the second.. Never lose doesn’t mean you are win.. hehehe..

    For us now.. nothing is more important than win.. We need win.. not draw.. And Arsenal is only have one way of football.. attacking football..
    So.. we have no other choice than to be more creative and more attractive.. to be more attacking.. No need to worry about losing 2 or 3 goals..As long as we can scores 4 or 5.. hehehe.. And don’t worry also losing 1 or 2 games as long as we win more..

    We still have 23 games to go.. and let’s say we lose once every two times winning.. start from lost by Michu.. hehehe.. then we win 16 games and lose 8 games.. then we add 48 point.. 69 point in total..
    I think that’s enough to be in big four again.. Remember we only get 70 points last season to be at third.. hehehe..

  • Yes.. As you maybe already know.. our policeman is not too good at their jobs.. Only some good guys there.. the rest is useless.. hehehe..
    You may also heart / read a lot of bad thing about our ‘polisi’.. hehehe..

  • All good points Henry – cannot argue with those very much. We need to win more games and he who does not dare does not win, right?! 🙂

  • I’m with Herb here slightly…..Arsenal are not too short of a penny or two. Im not saying be a spendthrift, nothing of the sort.

    Arsenal have had money recently, but Arsene has not spent wisely imo. Instead of buying several bit part players, why not put that monet towards two top class proven players?

    He has bought the following players within the past two years or so. That proves we have some money at least.


    Ask yourselves how many of the above seven players would have been purchased by the top three clubs. My guess is NONE.

    It’s a fact, Man City, Chelsea and ManUre cannot buy ALL the players. We have midfielders in abundance, yet supporters keep calling for even more.

    Lets take Wilshere,Cazorla,Arteta,Coquelin,Diaby (if fit)Rosicky,Ox,Ramsey, how many more midfielders does a club need. Add to that total, promising youngsters Gnabry, Eisfeld,Yennaris, Frimpong,Miyachi, surely thats enough to compete?

    What we need is a quality proven Left back and quality proven Striker. Job done, simples.

    Heres a team to win matches


    Sagna Merts Vermaelen Baines

    Eisfeld/Jenkinson/ Wilshere Rosicky Cazorla

    Walcott ?

  • Subs bench

    Arshavin (because Wenger likes him)

    Don’t worry Arsene, Im on my way. 😉

  • VCC, agreed not all of recent buys have been good but quite a lot are. Surprised to see you include Giroud and Podolski.

    By the way we are at least a top-three team, if not a top-two team – but of course it all depends how you look at it! 😉

    Question for you my friend: how many players did MU buy in the last few years that would make it into our first team squad? I would not struggle to produce a list of Manc underperformers without too much trouble.

    Sorry VCC, also cannot get excited about your team very much. You really don’t seem to value a DM very much, do you?

  • VCC.. I agree with you..
    Arsenal do have money.. but we spend it not to wise.. according to the deadwood wages we paid..

    And yes we have qualified players (at least a bit more than avarage).. as you already mention..

    All we need is to mixed them altogether to become a solid attacking team..
    Yes.. Attacking team.. creative and atttractive.. And never worry about losing.. only think about the way to make more goals.. hehe..

    Any news about Miyaichi..??
    Is he coming home to Emirates..??

  • Oilers
    Aguero (exception)

    Man United
    Kagawa (future star)
    RVP (traitorous w*nker)
    De Gea

    (small fortune spent)
    De Bruyne
    Lukaku (is going to be a force, easily next drogba)

    Downing (hahahahahaha)

    Vertonghen (great buy)
    Dempsey (flopped)

    Chelsea have bought big but no team really sets the world on fire. Man U spent massive sums on two players. I wouldn’t say we are that far off, and you’re a touch harsh on pod and Giroud!

  • @ Henry

    Miyaichi is on loan at Wigan at the moment and when i last read had just come back from injury. This should wet your lips though (he is going to be something else!)

  • Oz my friend..
    You didn’t compared them equal enough.. some of them was bought last season.. as we also brough Arteta, Mertesaker and Santos.. Eisfeld also.. hehe..

  • Hi Oz,
    what exactly are you trying to prove with those lists?
    Chelsea will now forever be the first London club to win the CL, and could add a World Club championship to that, which far and away dwarfs anything we’ve done.
    The two Manchester clubs finished 19pts ahead of us last season, and this season looks set to be an even bigger margin.
    Liverpool have 18 titles and 5 European Cups/CL and are far bigger than us.
    Tottenham might be geographical rivals, but they’ve never been as big a club as Arsenal, hence their lower wage-bill. They got Friedel on a free, Lloris is France’s number one, they got Adebayor for a cut-price £5m, and Dempsey (a flop after 4 months?) was bought as a squad player. Dembele was someone we should be looking to bring in, and I think Saha is now at Sunderland. Plus they’ve changed managers, and sit above us in the PL.

  • Afternoon Bergkampesqueres.

    Thanks for the report TA. Didnt manage to see the game last night but by the sound of it we did ok.

    i owe you a post TA, but have been a bit pre occupied lately. When i get a chance to do it i will email you.

  • Herb, come on man, loosen up buddy: have you forgotten about the Invincibles? Winning the CL by the Chavs was just luck – becoming the Invincibles was class. Have some pride in what we are and achieved! 🙂

    It really never stops to amaze me how you manage to pick and choose all facts in such a way that we are presented as shite whilst the others are soooo much better 😈 The only team over the last twenty years that out-performed us in terms of quantity are the Mancs; in quality nobody has outclassed us. Fact!

  • Like TA i’m also amazed at how you can twist facts against Arsenal.

    Friedel on a free was a steal. If people can call Podolski a flop after four months why can’t I call Dempsey, after all there was not a big gulf in price between the two and one has never played in the league before. Oh you mean the same Adebayor who has 1 goal and 0 assists to his name? Lloris cost 15 million which is a touch overpriced for a keeper, why get him when Szczesny will grow into our number 1 (MoM last 2 games). We needed an experienced keeper coming at the end of his career not a mid 20’s international.

    The point was to show that not everyone has brought in quality over the last two seasons, even with all their millions city and chelsea are still hit and miss with transfers!

    Chelsea fluked the CL title, everyone knows it! They only made it back in thanks to the win (thank you Liverpool rule) and if results don’t go their way tonight will be in Europa. Not to mention are down to yet another manager who is getting booed at matches! GO THEM HUH!

    I just can’t understand the vitriol poured on the club at times. You profess to love Arsenal so much Herbie but why twist facts against us to fuel your agenda???? makes no sense to me!!!

  • Hope all is well Tezza.

    Can’t have Mr optimistic down for too long! We need the ghosts baby!!!

  • We are massive under-achievers, Total, relating to decisions made in 1976 and 1986, and that is something I cannot forgive, unless the current custodians set about making up for all that lost potential. There is no evidence they are even remotely conscious of these wrong-doings, let alone compensate for them. Had the right decisions been made, Arsenal would be mentioned in the same terms as Real Madrid, MU, Liverpool, Barcelona, and players like RvP would be honoured to represent Arsenal. He certainly wouldn’t have had to leave to fulfill any personal ambition.

  • But that’s the whole point about our shareholders “They ain’t currently getting paid dividends”! You’re completely wrong about Usmanov he’s not ever gonna be our saviour, he declared long ago (in one of his very rare interviews) that he bought Arsenal shares to make a profit. Furthermore in the same interview he said he was a united fan and had been for years. Get real H he won’t buy us top players. If he wanted to? What’s stopping him? Bloody hell he could buy a whole team with his left hand pocket change, and pay their wages with his right. But he ain’t interested in getting Arsenal to the top because if he was he could do exactly what Roman does buy players and pay their wages; Chelsea can’t do it they lose money year on year. And I agree Amromovich had already been splashing the cash for 2 years when we moved, but how long in advance of our move do you think we planned it? And Edelman was right because the plans started in 2000 and were finalised in 02. A certain team were ridding a crest in 2000 both here and aboard they were and still are our big rivals. Which is why I hope RvJudas breaks his leg, because he refused to be sold oversea’s and would only agree personal terms with our biggest competitor, thus forcing through his sale. Our only choice was sell to Manu’er or lose out on £24Mil. He’s a dog! But as he was being offered nearly a £1Mil a month, money talks and loyalty walks.

  • Szczesny our MotM for the last two games! Not much in the way of competition, was there!
    Did MC and Chelsea win anything last season?
    I might love Arsenal, does that mean I have to agree with the way we operate as a club, or celebrate our pedestrian toothless football played by over-paid mercenarys, most of whom don’t deserve to wear the Arsenal shirt?

  • Thanks for the concern guys, but no need, i am perfectly fine. Things are slowly getting back to normal, just been realy busy.

    I miised the game because my brother in law wanted my blood. I did threaten him on the phone that if he came after me i would beat him so good that people would mistake his face for Steve Archibald, but this just got him angry. So when he turned up i hid in the car. hahahaha

  • Oh did i forget to mention City finishing BOTTOM of their group!

    Players leave Herb, that’s just what they do! They are mercenaries and BSR is no different.
    Ronaldo left MU does that make them sh*t? Tevez, Rossi, Pique, Heinze, Van Nistelrooy, Beckham, Veron and Stam left!!! It happens and we are not an exception to the rule. $200 000 a week definitely makes it easier to leave, but that had nothing to do with it!

    Chelsea: Carvalho, Robben, Johnson, Gudjohnsen, and Veron all left. Not to mention a raft of old timers like Ballack.

    Liverpool: Mascherano, Torres, Alonso, Benayoun, Arbeloa, Sissoko, Owen, Fowler

    Point proven, players leave. I can spout stuff about wanting to win trophies ect but doesn’t mask the fact they are getting paid more elsewhere!

  • Hi Richie,
    I don’t think I referred to Usmanov as being our saviour, just that it’s odd for an individual to own 30% of a company and not have any input into the way that company operates. Whether he would spend significant money up-grading the team is still unknown because he’s not allowed on the BoD.
    But IMHO our resources should and could have been used a lot better.

  • You can’t say all that and jump on the defensive Herb. Fair enough you are concerned with how things are going at the moment (we all are), the only difference between you and other concerned bloggers is others don’t do it to attack the club or use selective facts to prove a point. Others refute your claims with facts yet you keep coming back with the same points at a later date. You can’t say ‘so and so did this, so and so bought this player for the squad’ yet discard when we buy squad players who achieve the same if not more.

  • The major flaw in your argument Oz, is those players leave because their clubs don’t want them anymore. In the case of Ronaldo, his mum wanted him to play for Real Madrid, for which MU got £80m. Veron was a flop, brilliant in Serie A, couldn’t adapt to the EPL, MU and Chelsea were forced to cut their losses. SAF had two years out of Tevez without paying a penny in transfer fees. He left because his loan was up and Ferguson didn’t want to keep him. But more importantly, SAF still has a squad capable of challenging the best, do we?
    Chelsea might be in a rut, but Abramovich won’t allow that to go on too long, unlike us.
    IN the summer of 2006, Thierry Henry signed a new four-year contract on wages of £200,000 a week, so we find the money when we need to.
    MC bottom of their group? Are we in prime position to win the competition? No. Unless we get a very favourable draw, we’ll be out next round, so what’s to celebrate? Whose most likely to win meaningful silver-ware this season, Arsenal or MC?

  • You’ll need to be a bit more definitive with your last comment Oz, what facts have refuted my claims, and which one’s have I rehashed, because I’m usually quite consistent in my overall opinions of the club.

  • I’m with you on that one Oz G! Our squad stacks up against most! My only problem is the same as everyone’s I can’t understand why our team ain’t firing on all cylinders?

  • “Not or Note” your right Mayaichi’s got it going on; he is both quick and skilful. I know the idea of nurturing potential and giving young talent time to develop but I’m impatient. And if Theo doesn’t want to sign lets get Ryo in quick coz the boys got skills. Besides I’m not at all negative about the youngsters like Alan Hansen and VCC 🙂 I’m far more positive about getting more of the youngsters in just like our old mate Redders 🙂

  • Read the swiss ramble his stuff on our resourses says it all he said before the recent deals that we’d have to sell a £20mil player for the next 3 years to break even.

  • Afternoon Cunjamuns 😆

    For once I`m going to talk ManU.

    What is their secret ?. How do they most of the time get results with their backs to the wall ?.
    Even if they didn`t get Throbin Van Clungecurtains, I bet they would still be in the top 2 !.
    They have two world class players, but that doesn`t necessary make a great team and they too have their fare share of injuries. So why are they always there or thereabouts ?
    Is it their system of play, tactics ?. Sir Alchy Fuckrottensrotumnose aparrantly hardly ever takes training ! and they change their coaches more often than Redders comes up with an unitelligible word !.
    Is it down to the SAF`s fear factor ?. Would Arsene put Girouds hampton in some curling tong`s ( make that a Hoffman presser ! ) if he was pissed off ?.
    What ever it is, I wish we had it !. Anyone got any Ideas what they do different ?.

  • Massive underachievers? It is your opinion.

    Over the last sixteen years, Arsenal have played the best football possibly ever played on these shores, and we won plenty of silverware on the way. I am proud and thankful of that. You seem to be the sort of person who always wants more, and I say fair enough, but I can never agree with you.

  • I always joke that we should get him on a 2 game loan per season 😉 You surely can guess what games they are? ha-ha. I remember when he was coming on against Spurs at their ground n the whole place went silent! Brilliant moment.

    We haven’t really had much time to settle down since we bought Arteta and Mertersacker in, that period was so rushed, not really had time to get our style of play sorted out. I like Arteta but him and every other midfielder we’ve got are just too slow, our game relies on quick counter attacks and we just haven’t got the players to match that at the moment. Really enjoy watching Gnabry and Eisfeld when I can find a game of theirs online.

    Anyway, i’ll be checking in, good blog mate

  • Hi Glic,

    For me it is a combination of Ferguson is a good manager, home form over the years has been second to none, huge turnover (and debt), relative stability (no new ground to build), and Arsenal not able to compete equally in the last seven years, whilst the rest is catching up but cannot get the right manager in place. But they did not win anything last year, and have not won anything yet this year.

  • I really don’t understand why we don’t play Nico Yennaris, he was brilliant when he played a few times last season, good reading of the game and great positioning, getting forward n tracking back! Jenkinson just looks so out of place, goes to sleep way too often, think Wenger only bought him because he’s English and it suits the F.F.P. rules coming in :-/

  • Only thing is, he’s always at the African Nations. I don’t see the point in having a player from aug-jan, just to come back at the end of feb/march, having to start finding form all ove again. Reservations about Ba for similar reasons….least we got Henry back 😉

  • Yet !.

    They are always in the mix though. Your reasons dont explain why, when they dont look that good on field or on paper that they still somehow get a result !. What is it they do different ? and why are others not copying ?.

  • Yes Cornwall, they are all on illegal anabolic steroids. The type that makes you run longer and faster but shrinks your testicles to the size of peanuts and deforms your face.

    Look at Rio Ferdinands boat, i know its hard, but look at it. He has ben taking that equinox steroid, usualy used on horses. He is also always very angry. They call this Roid Rage. a result from not been able to get it up

    Look at Rooney. No ones that ugly in real life, apart from Steve Archibald. This is because ferguson has been feeding him D-Bol. A drug gauarnteed to make you look like a scouser.

    I was going to mention the Nevilles, but i think thats more a case of there old man and his sister getting excited one night after some banjo playing and bourbon. hahahaha

  • Hahaha

    Are the Spuds following their blue-print, coz they are about as ugly as it gets, they make VCC look like….well……erm….me !. hahaha

  • Wait, wait!!

    I was enjoying your comedy, Terrynutsinawringer and Glicmasterofthecrumpets, when I suddenly recalled Terry saying his goolagongs shrunk to the size of peanuts after taking arrys bolix steroids.

    Aren’t all goolamaflips the size of peanuts then? Wass goin orn?

  • Glic, I have had to re-perfume my laptop!

    When it says “91 Comments ………….. leave one”, it does not mean, you know — ‘leave one’, it means leave a comment!!

    Dear oh dear, I house train Terrygrabmebits, and now you keep dropping one! What will VCC do?

    Well, I don’t mean what will he do — I mean what will he think!!

  • Stan Kroenke and Alisher Usmanov are billionaires, Richie. Usmanov’s money isn’t available to us because he’s not allowed on the BoD, whether he would spend it is another debate. Our self-sustaining model is a choice imposed on us by Kroenke, we are a selling club by choice, not because we have to. The BoD have made a conscious choice not to compete with Chelsea and the two Manchester clubs.
    Even Lee Dixon said last night, unless Arsenal stop being a selling club they’ll never compete at the top level.

  • Seven trophies in the last 16 years, Total. George Graham won six in nine years, and he brought home a European trophy, whereas these days just qualifying has become an excuse for wild, boastful celebrations. It seems you’re telling me that you’re content with Arsenal not being a big enough club to win the CL. I have no problem with that, we obviously have different expectations of what Arsenal should aspire to.

  • I am not telling you that at all Herb.

    The only team over the last twenty years that out-performed us in terms of quantity are the Mancs; in quality nobody has outclassed us. Fact!

  • I know what VCC does, he leaves Kintyrean Cheese on he`s lap top, well he say`s it`s cheese , but I`m not too sure as sometimes his hands freeze onto the zimmer frame in cold weather and he has to type using his todger !.

  • VCC…..entries in the 1 UMF League for 8/9/10 December, 2012.

    Arsenal v WBA Home win
    Sund v Chavs Away win
    Swansea v Norwich Home win
    Everton v Spurs Home win
    WHU v Liverpool Home win

    odds = 27-1

  • Here you go VCC. I mean business this weekend. Cant be doing with Cornwall going above me. All to win.

    Arsenal 5-0
    Man City

  • Three men died on Christmas Eve and were met by Saint Peter at the pearly gates.

    ‘In honor of this holy season’ Saint Peter said, ‘You must each possess something that symbolizes Christmas to get into heaven.’

    The first man fumbled through his pockets and pulled out a lighter. He flicked it on. ‘It represents a candle’, he said.

    ‘You may pass through the pearly gates’ Saint Peter said.

    The second man reached into his pocket and pulled out a set of keys. He shook them and said, ‘They’re bells.’

    Saint Peter said ‘You may pass through the pearly gates’.

    The third man started searching desperately through his pockets and finally pulled out a pair of women’s panties.

    St. Peter looked at the man with a raised eyebrow and asked, ‘And just what do those symbolize?’

    The man replied, ‘These are Carols.’

  • Cheers Terry.

    Love your last prediction. You and I could become best buddy’s. 😉

    Odds = 35-1

  • Mick and Paddy of Belfast .

    Stew died in a fire and his body was burned pretty badly.
    The morgue needed someone to identify the body, so they sent for his two best friends, Mick and Paddy.

    The three men had always done everything together…

    Mick arrived first, and when the mortician pulled back the sheet,

    Mick said, ‘Yup, his face is burned up pretty bad. You better roll him over’

    The mortician rolled him over and Mick said, ‘Nope, ain’t Stew …’

    The mortician thought this was rather strange.

    So he brought Paddy in to confirm the identity of the body.

    Paddy looked at the body and said, ‘Yup, he’s pretty well burnt up..

    Roll him over.’

    The mortician rolled him over and Paddy said, ‘No, it ain’t Stew ‘

    The mortician asked, ‘How can you tell?’

    Paddy said, ‘Well, Stew had two assholes.’

    ‘What? He had two assholes?’ asked the mortician.

    ‘Yup, we never seen ’em, but everybody used to say:

    ‘There’s Stew with them two assholes.’

  • Here’s this weeks selections:
    Aston Villa to beat Stoke
    Swansea to beat Norwich
    QPR to beat Wigan
    West Ham to beat Liverpool
    Everton – Tottenham draw.

  • Irish Compassion

    A man was sitting on a blanket at the beach. He had no arms and no legs.

    Three women 1 each from England , Scotland and Ireland , were walking past and felt sorry for the poor man.

    The English woman said ‘Have you ever had a hug?’ The man said ‘No’ so she gave him a hug and walked on.

    The Scottish woman said, ‘Have yee ever had a kiss?’ The man said, ‘No,’ so she gave him a kiss and walked on.

    The Irish woman came to him and said, ‘ave ya ever been fooked lad?’

    The man broke into a big smile and said, ‘no’.

    She said, ‘Aye – Ya will be when the tide comes in.’

  • Cheers Herb.

    Together with TMHT us three could become buddies with your 3rd prediction. Looking popular that bet. I really hope Arry gets them out of trouble.

    odds = 134-1

  • Lesson in Australian sensitivity

    Three Aussies were working on a high-rise building project – Steve, Bruce and Bluey.
    Steve falls off and is killed instantly.
    As the ambulance takes the body away, Bruce says, ‘Someone should go and tell his wife.’
    Bluey says, ‘OK, I’m pretty good at that sensitive stuff, I’ll do it.’
    Two hours later, he comes back carrying a case of Fosters.
    Bruce says, ‘Where did you get that, Bluey?’

    ‘Steve’s wife gave it to me,’ Bluey replies.
    ‘That’s unbelievable, you told the lady her husband was dead and she gave you the beer?’
    ‘Well not exactly,’ Bluey says. ‘When she answered the door, I said to her,’You must be Steve’s widow’.

    She said, ‘No, I’m not a widow.’

    And I said, ‘I’ll bet you a case of Fosters you are’.’

  • Did you hear about the fat alcoholic transvestite?
    All he wanted to do was eat, drink and be Mary.

  • I was in bed with a blind girl last night and she said that I had the
    biggest p*nis she had ever laid her hands on.
    I said “You’re pulling my leg”

  • Man calls 999 and says “I think my wife is dead”
    The operator says how do you know?
    He says “The sex is the same but the ironing is building up!

  • I’ve just had a letter back from Screwfix.
    They said they regretted to inform me that they’re not actually a dating

  • An old lady is being examined by the Dr. He asks have you ever been
    She says yes I have and I’ve been table ended and backskuttled a few times

    Thats my lot, no ones out playing tonight. nite nite all.

  • Yes we all know both SK & AU are billionaires, but what do you hope to gain from having the self confessed united supporter on the board? Sorry Herb I’m not really interested in the opinions of an ex-arse player working as a pundit because they often have to justify getting their TV money by being either controversial or mendacious. The idea that we should try to compete (by spending sums of money) with the likes of the Chav’s, Oily Money Citeh, and SAF’s indebted is ridiculous. Are you yet another Chav wannabe? Are you jealous because we don’t have our own Abromovich style tame billionaire? I don’t understand your motives for wanting the Uzbek on the board? I heard him say with his own voice that he bought Arsenal shares to make money; he didn’t buy it as a play thing like Abromovich. Therefore he won’t throw away Millions like Roman does, because if he wanted to invest in our squad there is nothing stopping him. He wants control sure, but not because he’s a Gooner he wants control to make more money. The idea that you can’t compete if you are a selling club is false anyway, as long as you have an academy acting as a conveyor belt producing talented youngsters you can, I watched Ajax doing it for years. They did it while winning their league and the European cup.

  • He was too early TA 🙂

    VCC I like your jokes but I just prefer Redders brighter outlook. Anyway thinking of amusing stuff, I’m sure the big spenders saw the funny side of things when they crashed out of the CL finals. I know ‘arry the twitcher thought it was hilarious. I mean his team actually qualified, but had to give up their spot to the Chav’s who’ll now join Pat Nevin and his old team playing on Thursdays nights on channel 5. The old twitcher laughingly said Daniel Levy told him he’d have kept his job if only the tiny totts had been playing in the CL. Poor old codger. I mean you can’t help but chuckle to yourself when you consider the 4 English teams that qualified for the CL, the two biggest spenders in EPL can’t get into the last 16. One of the 4, the biggest club in England probably won’t be able to play in the competition soon because of it’s debts, that will almost certainly contravene the new FFP rules. Strange you’d hardly credit it, it seems only teams in crisis have a chance. If only we can get an easy draw, if the Chav’s can we can.

  • I bet we get Malaga or PSG Richie, and who knows what can happen in this competition. Now we need a couple of wins in the PL and the world looks a lot brighter in Goonerdom.

  • Sad thing is, we all know on our day, we could beat most of those teams (par barca), especially Malaga and Psg! Who knows, maybe our collection of midget midfielders will suit the champs league continental style! I’ll pi** my pants if we get barca though!

  • Either of those would suit me fine I could easily make both home and away. It’s defo more Goonerdoom around Highbury @ the mo. All the old Gooners I see about in the streets just skake their heads shrug their shoulders and walk off muttering. No one seems to know why with all the sandwiches made we’re still unable to arrange a picnic.

  • Morning all..
    Chelsea out of the game.. MU lost at home.. with almost fullteam except RvP.. hehe.. make us look better.. haha..

    TA.. I think MU is the easiest team to deal with.. hahaha.. Barca, Juve, PSG, Muenchen, MU, Dortmund, Malaga.. and Schalke..
    But I wish for Malaga.. cause they will lose some of their main players before the games start.. hehe..

  • Herb all of those players left because their clubs wanted them to go? Once again you have your own twisted facts. Some of those players listed went to inter, real or barca.

    You picked two players out of that list and magically that means all of them fall under that category. Under your theory then we did the same with BSR did we not? We got 25 million for him with a year left so technically we allowed him to go!

    No flaws here, it’s just i don’t agree with your opinion.

  • Hi.. guys..
    Anybody ever heard about Adam Szalai..?? FSV Mainz..??
    I look at Bundesliga just now.. and he is one of the topskors.. with 9 goal..
    Equal to Lewandoski.. He was brought from Madrid with only half million Euro.. wow..??

    TA.. you must see this..
    and also watch his gangnam style.. hehehehe..
    24 yo.. 193cm tall.. 1cm taller than Dzeko.. hahaha..

    And he also best friends with Lewis Holtby and Andree Schurrel..

    I don’t mine if Wenger bring them altogether.. hahahaha..

  • That’s true rg85, and in the end it is a tournament. Once this team starts to gel and find its rhythm, it might surprise all of us. Rather not Barca though! 😈

  • Red Arse…As a matter of interest, have you read the quotes from Tom Fox, Arsenals chief commercial officer? This morning.

  • Good morning and happy Spursday! 🙂

    ‘Thursday night, Channel 5, Thuuuursday Night Channel 5’ 😛

    Henry, Oz will have a look at the vids later. Top stuff guys!

    Hope to do a post around 11 today.

  • morning all,

    I too enjoyed them VCC, good stuff as always.

    @ TA

    I did it for Henry, as far as i’m concerned we already have Giroud who looks like a better version. Plus we have pod who was banging them in for fun last season in the German league

  • VCC,

    I have found the Tom Fox comment, thanks.

    It would seem a strange comment if taken in isolation, but if he said it in the way I think he intended, that AFC have a wonderful stadium, have a fantastic history, and looking towards the future there is every reason to feel optimistic, etc then it would be OK.

    If he meant that the ‘business’ of AFC was strong and we would increase their revenue income, so that winning was not everything, then that would be ignoring the fans and would NOT be OK.

  • Hi TA, 🙂

    I followed your link back to your conversation with The Gooner last night/this morning.

    What an excellent discussion! I hope The Gooner returns when more of us are around. 🙂

  • RA…..I don’t want to appear sceptical, but there are far too many negatives surrounding Arsenal at the moment.

    Why doesn’t the board come out and make statements about our desires and ambitions? This would stop so much speculation and stop the doom and gloomers rubbing their hands together.

    OR, is it all true, we don’t have to win?

  • I was reading an article recently, VCC, in which they were commenting on the newest acquisition by Silent Stan Kroenke with his new 80,000 acre ranch.

    The view seemed to be that Kroenke gets no joy from his ownership of Arsenal and that it really is just a business to him.

    The conclusion, which was supported by senior Arsenal insiders, was that sooner rather than later, Kroenke would cash in his shares, take the profit and sell to Usmanov.

    If that is a proper reflection of the owners lack of interest then that would explain what you call their inability to communicate their vision and aspirations for Arsenal.

  • RA…..I missed my terrible twins, dastardly and muttley last night.

    The poor little love (GLiC) was probably sucking his injured thumb. He loves doing that, done it for years, he on,u makes out he’s injured it. terry was probably cooing all night long with the birds.

  • I like conversing with you RedArse, cos your the only one on hear that’s got any sence, the other riff raff are stone bonker mad!!!

    On a serious note, if any Gooner thinks that SK has any interest in Arsenal they should go and join GLiC in the looney bin. I will only whisper this RA cos I will be verbally abused by all on here and you know where, I’m beginning to think the club is becoming rotten at the core (Board level) uncaring, with a couldn’t care less attitude.

    Too many controversial rumours and snippets are coming out for my liking. There’s never a fire without smoke, nod nod wink wink.

    It’s becoming the same old same old show every year for it not to have some substance.

    Have you ever worked for a company that showed no respect or concern with your happiness or conscientiousness? that appears the case with our BOD. II have…..they get no loyaly or drive in return.

    On the other hand, I have worked for some one who really appreciates you. …they got more than their fair share of expertise returned.

    Equate this to a football team and I think you will get my gist.

    Many people have aired their disbelief on how Sir Alex gets his teams to the top year in year out………..??????? Then look at the scenarios above, this may steer them in the right direction.

  • Henry, do you speak German?!

    I like the look of the Mains striker – he could not be more direct, could he? Nice to know we have somebody on BK who checks out on the German league! 🙂

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