Five reasons why an Arsenal rebirth might be around the corner

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There are two corners Arsenal need to turn: the much needed short-term one, and the more strategic long-term one. This post is not about the latter, but only about whether Arsenal can get back to winning ways imminently.

In many ways, the start of the season has been bizarre:

  • How is it possible that we conceded 16 goals in the PL and MU 21, and yet they are 15 points better off than us?
  • How is it possible that we conceded only six goals in eight away games, yet only won two games, whilst MU conceded twelve but won six games on their journeys?
  • How is it possible that our four top-scorers in all competitions have scored only one less than MU’s four top-scorers, five more than Chelsea and four more than MC, and we are still trailing all three in the league?
  • Arsenal have scored 45 goals in all competitions; MU 50; Chelsea 55, and MC 40, and yet we are well behind all of them in the league.

Initially, I thought it was to do with our goal-scoring record in the Premier League this season. It has not been great, especially in away games, but we scored one goal less than Chelsea and are yet five points behind them; and four goals less than MC and we are an eye-watering twelve points behind them.

It is hard to come to any definite conclusion based on the above mentioned facts, but what they do tell me is that we are a team that needs to find a better balance between scoring goals and keeping a tight defence; that our team has not settled down yet and is still looking for its shape and rhythm.

Is it too easy to say; it is the price Arsenal have to pay for letting once again two (possible three) star players go and having to incorporate three attack-minded players into our team? Maybe it is, but we are where we are, and I am at this moment in time, much more interested in what can be done to properly kick-start the season, so Arsenal can get the balance right and start winning games again.

Five reasons why an Arsenal rebirth might be just around the corner:

  1. The core team is almost injury-free and I am sure it will not take long before they will start to gel better and find their rhythm: Szczesny, Sagna, Mert, Koz, TV, Gibbs, Arteta, Wilshere, Cazorla, Giroud, Rosicky, Theo and Podolski, can together turn the season round for us. Most of these players had a well-needed rest during the week and hopefully they used the time to talk to each other about how they can improve as a team. There are some very smart people in our core team and I am sure once they can click together, we will see a significant improvement in our entire team.
  2. Arsene has tried different formations and players in certain positions to see what works best during the last few weeks. Games came thick and fast and a combination of international breaks and fatigue of some of our core players, has not helped Arsene in finding the right balance. But he is a very experienced manager and has always been able to find a winning formational formula, and a way of getting the best out of the squad. I am confident we will see a far better purpose and shape to our football in the next few weeks.
  3. We need to win a couple of games and then be a bit lucky with keeping our very best players fit. Success in football is a lot to do with psychology, and a couple of wins would undoubtedly do wonders for our team. As Arsenal are still going through a transition, we appear to be extra vulnerable to injuries of key players and suffer disproportionately from squad rotations. This should improve during the season, but if we can win a few games, and the two above mentioned reasons hold up as well, Arsenal can go on a much needed winning run. It would do wonders to this season’s team; no doubt about that.
  4. Wilshere and Rosicky are the young and more mature club players who, with their skills as well as their hearts and leadership skills, are fully able to give our team its much needed identity and drive. Fingers crossed our little Mozart will last most if not all of the remaining season. Wilshere and Rosicky are very likely to become to on-field leaders we have been missing so much recently.
  5. The January transfer window. The Theo situation will surely be sorted one way or another in January and hopefully Arsenal will be sensible enough to add a couple of quality players. We could do with an experienced goalkeeper and LB, but even more importantly we need to add a beast of a DM and a quality and dedicated right winger.

For me, the above is not wishful thinking and there is every reason to believe the season will still come good. But then I am a glass-half-full sort of person.

However, I am less confident than I have been in previous seasons that Arsenal can turn the season round again. It is now time for Arsene and the boys to show us what they are capable off and lead us back to winning ways.

Come On You Rip Roaring Gunners!!!

Total Arsenal.

63 thoughts on “Five reasons why an Arsenal rebirth might be around the corner

  • VCC wrote (previous post):

    “I like conversing with you RedArse, cos your the only one on hear that’s got any sence, the other riff raff are stone bonker mad!!!
    On a serious note, if any Gooner thinks that SK has any interest in Arsenal they should go and join GLiC in the looney bin. I will only whisper this RA cos I will be verbally abused by all on here and you know where, I’m beginning to think the club is becoming rotten at the core (Board level) uncaring, with a couldn’t care less attitude.
    Too many controversial rumours and snippets are coming out for my liking. There’s never a fire without smoke, nod nod wink wink.
    It’s becoming the same old same old show every year for it not to have some substance.
    Have you ever worked for a company that showed no respect or concern with your happiness or conscientiousness? that appears the case with our BOD. II have…..they get no loyaly or drive in return.
    On the other hand, I have worked for some one who really appreciates you. …they got more than their fair share of expertise returned.
    Equate this to a football team and I think you will get my gist.
    Many people have aired their disbelief on how Sir Alex gets his teams to the top year in year out………..??????? Then look at the scenarios above, this may steer them in the right direction.”

    VCC 🙂

    I am not sure I am following you: are you saying the BoD of MU are fully committed to the team, are loyal and care about their football club than our BoD do?

    Another question: why would Wenger stay at Arsenal if he did not believe SK has a long term vision for the club?

  • Answer to question one……..I feel the MU bod care more about what happens on the field than SK…..there is clear evidence that this is the case.

    I will answer question two with a question… you think SK cares about the team?

  • Feeling and clear evidence are two very different things VCC.

    I don’t know whether SK cares about the team – I have never spoken to the guy. But I trust Wenger to not waste away the last few years of his full health / football management career at Arsenal if he did not trust the strategy and ownership of the club.

  • TA would love to hope that the picture is so green as for our beloved team is concerned. On contrary I also believe we can get results out of this team without adding “big transfer signings” . I can’t at the moment point the finger at the players but the Board & the Manager Le Prof to have to figure out “that” something which has been missing this season. I don’t want a trophy to remove the monkey off our backs but I just desire & hope we move ahead compared to our performance in the foregone season. I see Swansea ,Everton and Dortmund with better “that ” something we just lack right now and am envious. How may I post a article here If I wish to?..

    a gutted but hopeful Gunner

  • hi Aurijit 🙂

    Dortmund are a fantastic story in football at the moment. The fact that they got the better of ‘cups through debt clubs’ MC and Madrid is just sooooo fantastic. There still is hope for clubs that are run in a sensible way! 🙂

    The other clubs have the wind in their sails and at any given time some clubs do better than others in a league competition. Again for football it is great to see the likes of Swansea, WB and Everton do so well. Now we just have to hope we can get into that winning run asap!

    Re posting an article see page at the top of the blog called: ‘Contact us’. Just send an email to and I will get back to you. 🙂

  • Fine post Total, as always I might say.

    1….Hopefully we stear clear of any major injuries. This will enable some continuity at least. As you say, help the team gel.

    2….I don’t agree that Wenger has tried different formations. He has stuck to 4-3-3. This IMO has been part of our failure this season. He should have mixed it up a bit. We have the personnel to try different set ups.

    3….that is painfully obvious, winning games is paramount if you want to be successful. But how many transitions are we, the supporters supposed to endure?

    4….Wilshere and Rosicky (if he stays fit) are two huge pluses for us. Long may that remain.

    5….Four signings in January!!!!!!!!!! Total, you have more chance of winning the lottery and GLiC becoming handsome than Wenger purchasing more than two, if any.

  • I really hope/wish an Arsenal rebirth is due.My heart says it is due but my heads tells me otherwise.
    To really launch a rebirth,the gunners have to go on a five/six epl match winning run. So far Mu have won 4 games on the trot which is the maximum.
    It remains to be seen but the odds are long to string a long winning run.

  • VCC,

    It is difficult to get direct evidence about whether or not someone likes/loves/has an interest in someone or something else.

    Therefore it is all surmise, or is it? There are other ways that can give a clear indication of someone’s interest, and as we are talking about Silent Stan, let’s have a look.

    The fact he is called ‘Silent’ because he never communicates directly with the fans, except when pushed into monosyllabic mutterings at the AGM, or through Gazidis. Couldn’t be bothered?

    He is reputed, by those ‘in the know’ in the US, to ‘love’ both his NFL and MLB franchises and often watches their games, and is seen as a ‘big spender’ with regard to those teams.

    He has never, to my mind, shown any passion or understanding for Arsenal or football (soccer). That is understandable to a point, as it would be a bit like you being ‘interested’ or ‘passionate’ about Canadian Ice Hockey. The difference is he owns the bloody club!

    I have always said that a man who turned up from nowhere and quickly bought our club was simply in it for the money. I see no reason to have changed my mind!!

  • Beautifully written Post, Tazzer! 🙂

    I have no idea how you manage to keep such a high quality production of articles — other than that you are very talented!! 😀

  • All fine comments, VCC, thanks 🙂

    I thought Arsenal played 4-4-1-1 against Everton (Theo behind Giroud), but he definitely tried different players in positions. You have got a point though.

    Four signings? Unlikely, but a new DM, and a class winger are not beyond the realms of possibility?

  • Many thanks Redders. I did not do a post yesterday as I did not know what to write about. This morning my daughter was watching ‘Horrible Histories’ – a phenomenally good children’s programme – and the word ‘renaissance’/’rebirth’ was used, and I thought that would be a good thing for Arsenal…

  • It’s called hunger and desire, and never accepting you’re beaten.
    Nice Post, Total.
    As Adrian Chiles says, it’s the hope that kills you 🙂

  • Thanks TA!! I too hope the same for a winning run. Also very well written article TA with a mix of stats and introspection. ch33rs!!

  • William….I see no reason why AW can’t turn things around. He has done it before, so why not start again on Saturday?

    We need to start off on the front foot, play with high tempo and hope for one or two early breaks to get the crowd with us.

    If we can achieve a win this Saturday, it will give us the impetus to push on.

  • RK wrote (in ‘Contact us’):

    “While I desperately wish that you will be proven right, I am also steeling myself for things going horribly wrong (not qualifying for next year’s CL, finishing below spurs & CFC,…yeah, I can be depressing). The doubts I have with some parts of your assessment are really based on the midfield lineup. While individually they all possess very good quality, we seem to revel in possession for possession’s sake without genuine movement forwards on a consistent basis. There are times when watching the game, that I can almost predict how the passes are going to be lined up. If I can do it, I suspect that the opposition would only do it even better. There have been a few games when they have really poured it on (that’s why the more favorable goals scored stat). But never on a consistent basis. If we turn it around, I think that the difference makers are likely to be Rosicky and Diaby. They, I feel, bring more diversity into the midfield which then starts to create more opportunities and possession. And of course there is a huge psychological issue at play. Do you know if we have a good pyschologist on the payroll? The team seems to be such a nervous wreck once they take a lead!”

    Hi RK 🙂

    Good points about midfield line-up & play. Arteta has looked tired recently and Jack’s return has been an improvement, but he is not fully there yet, although likely to become better and better the longer he plays. With Rosicky back we have an extra player to rotate the midfield with, which can only be good. I also feel we miss a beast of a DM to lighten the weight on Arteta – our underbelly is too soft at times.

    But you are right: key to a step improvement of the team is the midfield become more cohesive and dominating. I personally feel we don’t pass enough most of the times and that’s why we lost so much control of the midfield, which leaves the defence vulnerable and at the attack starved of quality ammunition.

    I don’t think we have a psychologist at Arsenal, but we do have Wenger who is usually very good at this sort of stuff. Maybe we are also missing Pat Rice a bit?! 😕

  • I highly doubt that we’ve been “unlucky” with injuries over the years, as it’s been a constant theme for the same players season after season. The injury prevention team at Arsenal needs to be re-evaluated or a better regiment needs to be introduced. There is no excuse for a “top” club to be always dealing with the same injuries. Either that or Wenger and the board need to realize that the situation will never change and buy replacements (should have happened a couple seasons ago).

    This brings me to my next point. The January transfer window cannot be seen as a saving grace for our squad and season. It’s very difficult to add in January and new signings often take time to bed into a squad (unless they are world class). In addition, there are several holes in our team and we cannot expect Wenger to have the funds to sign and strengthen every position we are weak or lack depth in. The idea that our deadwood players are wanted by others is encouraging, but if no one wanted them during the summer, I find it hard to believe they’re in such high demand now. Arshavin and Djorou are the only deadwood players that may leave in the next window, with maybe Chamakh going on loan if we’re lucky.

    Rosicky’s comments on the brittle confidence within the squad were spot on. Way too much backwards passing because players are afraid to play the dangerous passes and players in general are complacent and watching the play develop instead of moving into space. If we can change this mentality, we will surely win more games and could rise as high as 4th place before the January window. However, it’s a catch 22 since a higher place means less reason for the board and Wenger to buy new players, but a higher standing is crucial to attracting better talent to the club.

  • If you’re about Richie, just a quick point from yesterday. You seemed to get bogged down with the impression that I want Usmanov to lavish some of his vast wealth on our playing squad. Let me be clear, if it was up to me, Stan Kroenke and Alisher Usmanov would have nothing to do with Arsenal Football Club. My point was that it is unusual for any individual to own 30% of any Company and not have any influence in the way the Company operates.
    It can’t be good for the club that our two main shareholders don’t even speak to each other.
    My other point was, having such wealth at our club means we really shouldn’t be consistently losing our best players as it severely handicaps our ability to compete at the top level.

  • Hi Herb 🙂

    Hi TG – good comments. 🙂

    First paragraph: Partly agreed. Arsenal took a gamble with hoping either Diaby or Wilshere, or both, would be able to play most of last season. It left with a dreadful hole, especially as TR7 was also injured or knackered a lot. On the other hand when a club has two such fantastic talents as Diaby and JW, it is understandable that they were reluctant to buy another player for the ‘hole’ role. That problem has now been fixed with the arrival of Cazorla and hopefully TR or JW will also be able to play most of the games this season.

    Second paragraph: agreed with most of it; you are making good sense. A quality winger and/or DM could make a big difference though (think of the Arshavin effect). 🙂

    Rosicky is so right re the daring to pass forward. Good point.

  • TA, I’m not saying that Wenger has been wrong in putting faith in both Diaby and Rosicky to stay fit. I’m saying that it’s fool’s gold to believe that they’ll still turn the corner on injuries at the age of 26 and 32 respectively! Wenger cannot depend on injury-prone players staying fit from this point on; he needs to address their absences soon or else we’ll continue to suffer from a lack of class talent. If they remain healthy then that’s a bonus, but as you can see with Utd and City’s strikers, it’s never a bad thing to have a plethora of options. Jack is a different story altogether; he’s at an age where one injury can mean nothing and I strongly believe he’ll reach his immense potential.

  • Fair point TG. I reckon Wenger is hoping that Ox and maybe Coquelin will make to the next stage this season. He might also buy another midfielder – it is soon Christmas after all! 😛

  • The key things are that we have to address the squad balance.

    None of the existing team would get into any of Wenger’s previous teams. We don’t really do one touch anymore.

    When Wenger was brought in, it was completely different ball game. Our scouting has been replicated and mass produced – therefore – what can we do that’s different to:

    1) Keep our existing players
    2) Sign proper players (not Gervinho + Chamakh)

    That’s the answer that Wenger has to address!

  • Crisis you exclaim, what crisis, after selling their best players every year for the last 8
    it’s exactly what everyone expected to happen, Arsenal would become a
    very rich team that struggles. Don’t despair though, once again yet
    another annually re-built team will get stronger in the final half of
    the season, pinch fourth spot in the league, and then it all starts over
    again with even more money in the bank and more players sold. Bill
    Murray should be Wenger’s assistant, he knows all about Groundhog Day.

  • I have more hope for AOC than Coq after watching them both this season and last. It’s unfortunate than AOC wants to eventually play centrally because his pace, ball control and direct mentality suit him perfectly for the wing. In fact, he could solve our RW issues if he were to improve his crossing ability. We already know he has a better eye for the final ball than any of our other wingers, so it’s just a matter of getting him back to fitness and Wenger working on his decision making. As for Coq, he can be a rock at the back at times and gamble way too much at other times. His in-game concentration seems to waver a lot, but this could be a product of not playing week in and out rather than a testament to his lack of ability.

    Christmas can’t come soon enough TA! I really hope we aren’t disappointed with a lack of transfers again this January…

  • hi Vince,

    I understand your cynicism and you are right; if we don’t hold on to our best players the whole process will repeat itself year in, year out. The thing for me is that I cannot see Wenger putting up with this for more than a few years.

  • Hi dean, good points. Although I would give our early season top-scorer, Tricky Gervais, at least till the end of this year to see whether he can make it at Arsenal.

  • Watch ya, Total. What is this strange on-going obsession with Thierry Henry???
    Can’t we all just move on and remember the legend he was instead of continually putting ourselves at his mercy? Merci!!!

  • Je vous en prie, mon ami! 🙂

    Well Herb, your begrudgingly admired Mancs use the old timers continuously, so why not Arsenal? 😉

    I don’t expect wonders though, Herb. Just like to see him in our Arsenal shirt and I like him to coach a few players, that’s all.

  • Evening Durf Burgers 😆

    Top read ArisTotal.

    Resting the players must have done more harm than good !. Theo, Pod and Sagna are not playing Saturday, I will miss Theo and Sagna !. hahaha

    I any walk of life, confidence is King, In football it equates to winning, not much of that at the moment !.

    Hi there, The Gooner 🙂 , I will put you straight, please dont use the word ” deadwood ” as it turns our mild mannered DB10 stalker, Dr Bruce Van Banner into, ” The Clog ” !. He`s not over keen on my substitute word ,” deadwookie”, but at least it doesn`t turn him into, “The Clog “!. hahaha

    Some of that comment by Vince is correct, ” Groundhog Day “. Like I`ve said before, maybe a year out of the CL will break up the ” Groundhog Day ” effect !.
    I feel as though buying mediocre in January ( that will be overpriced ) will be a waste of time and money, buy expensive Super Quality in the Summer ( when they wont be overpriced ) !.


    Hows the pooch search going on ?
    The kids want an animal, you want them to have a toy, compromise !. get them a Rattle Snake !.
    Stretch had the same problem, his kids wanted an animal and Stretch being an accountant wanted them to have a calculator, he compromised and got them an Adder !. hahaha

  • I have done a lot of undercover journalistic work about SK and have uncovered some unique reasons for his “silence” and will one day, (with the kind permission of “The Clog” hahahaha) do a post on him !.

  • Thats 4 potential 1st choices ! 😦
    I was feeling confident aswell, maybe I should leave my opinions untill the squad is named and not the infirmary list !.

  • Who`s Gloc ?… anagram of Clog ! hahaha

    Yes Total, it was the dreary ride to Land of Orc`s. The highlight was listening to Durham moaning that it wasn`t fair that the Chavs got knocked out of the CL, when their goal difference was better than Arsenal`s !. He does make me giggle !. hahaha

    Right need to rest my tired eye`s !. 🙄

  • VCC if it’s not wishing for an Abromovich style Tame Billionaire for us, then your biging up Manu’er! If I didn’t know better I’d think you’re on a wind up. Look everyone knows SAF’s mob have set a new bench mark since the prems 92 start. Just like us oldie’s remember the Pool doing the same thing in the 80’s, now hopefully our fortunes will improve with the FFP but our morale won’t if our own don’t show more loyalty and instead of spending their time telling everyone a “none fact” like what a wonderful set of board members our biggest rivals have.

    SK = security; He’s not a gambling type, he didn’t make his fortune because of his friendships with a president or any other backroom deals, he made it building up sports businesses that he still owns. Like certain of our old managers he’s prudent. I like the fact that SK seems to appreciate that Arsene won’t buy a £50Mil striker, only for him to flop, he’ll buy’s one for a 5th of that and turn them into a £50Mil world beater. Or he burn his fingers badly buying a striker for a fortune like Chamakh, What? Oh! Oh OK we got him for free? What? Then he tried to turn him into a great player and failed? But he cost nothing! So his wages contract was his fee spread over 4 tears? Oh I get it, so even if he didn’t turn out good? It was good business, because Arsene had a back up if Rob Van Judas got injured? Oh ok I thought I was smart but this Wenger Cat seems like a sly genius.

    Anyway I’d rather stick with the potential we have in the kids and Arsene because although our rivals might’ve won more, they’ve never played the type of football that makes my pulse race in the way Arsene’s teams have. I live for the day when he gets a team of youngsters together that have come up through our academy ranks and have played together long enough to have the type of connections God had with Thierry, Thierry had with Bobby, Bobby had with Freddy, Freddy had with Patrick, Patrick had with Thierry, Thierry had with Bobby, Bobby had with God. Only Wenger’s teams and a Hale Berry type in a bikini make my pulse race that way, I suppose I’ve got issues. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Hi Glic,

    In regards to the groundhog day effect, I agree with you that it might help us break out of our pattern if we don’t qualify for CL. However, I fear for Arsenal the day we lose Wenger. I think his influence on our team and getting the most of out of our players is top notch and we’ll seriously struggle to find a replacement for him. At this point though, top 4 should not be enough and given the past 7 years (going on 8), either a fresh face in charge or an overhaul of the board is in order. If anyone caught Fox’s comments on how Arsenal is a club more than just winning, you’d know exactly what I mean.

  • Hi all..
    My prediction for this week :
    Arsenal, Southampton, Swansea win home..
    City – MU draw.. Everton – Spurs draw..

    Who will be playing tomorrow if Walcott and Podolski out of injured..??
    I choose Arshavin and Gervinho..
    My team will be : 4-1-2-3 (my trophy formation)
    Jenkinson – Mertesacker – Vermaelen – Gibbs
    Cozorla – Rosicky
    Gervinho – Giroud – Arshavin

    Subs : Manoone, Maede, Coquelin, Wilshere, AOC, Eisfeld and Gnabry

  • Morning TA.. Yes.. why not..??

    We use to play 2 DM.. Wilshere and Arteta..
    Starting now we only need to play 1 DM.. It’s either Arteta or wilshere..
    We need to play 2 AM.. More attack are better.. hehehe..
    But I think Wilshere can subs the three of them.. Cozorla, Arteta and Rosicky.. hehehe..

    Arshavin also can come in the secondhalf.. but who will go as LW first..?? Ox..?? I prefer Gnabry.. Ox for Gervinho subs..
    Or if we play 4-4-2.. then Cozorla – Wilshere – Arteta – Rosicky can play together.. with Gervinho and Giroud as duo CF..

    I think we will win if we attack more.. Go Gunners..

  • Morning BK’ers…..

    Henry…Thankyou for your predictions in the 1 UMF League.

    Odds…..58-1. Hehehe. 🙂

  • I think Cozorla and Rosicky can also do the defensive job sometime..
    So don’t worry to much about our defenders.. They can do just fine..

  • Thanks bro..
    I think this time my prediction will at least 4 are right.. hehehehe..
    But I hope that’s include Arsenal win.. hehe..

  • Hahaha.. But you choose Chelsea to win..
    I think for Arsenal sake.. Chelsea should not win.. Spurs and WBA also.. then we can make a better gap to the 3rd.. hehehe..
    If we win and Spurs + Chelsea draw than we only 3 point behind them.. hahaha..

  • @TheG. You make a good point about not sticking with injury prone players, except (as I said the other day) if Arsene hadn’t stuck with the R v Judas then we wouldn’t have had his one good season in 8. We wouldn’t have copped for a £24Mil return, which effectively meant Van Judas played for us for 8 years and cost us nothing in signing on fee and wages. It all depends on how you look at things and weigh them up. I mean the boy wonder was the most injury prone player at the club, and as I keep telling everyone, I’m hopping he returns to form.

  • Henry, I rather we play Cazorla on the right, Gervinho on the left, Rosicky in the hole and Arteta and Wilshere behind Rosiky. Wilshere is perfect in the lynchpin role, and will make the team tick like a clock! 🙂

    You just want aanvallen, aanvallen, aanvalluuuuhhhh!

  • I enjoyed “Ground Hog Day” this year beating the Spuds 5-2 again can continue ad-infinitum as far as I’m concerned.

  • This much I don’t get! Why are we talking about something that we have zero influence over? An overhaul of the board? Kroenke owns and has complete control over the club only he’ll decide who gets what and when, only he as majority share holder can change the board. I disagree with Herb, there are loads of company’s where the controlling interest (those with 60%) keep out (those with only 30%) anyone who might want to take share dividends as the Uzbek has indicated he would. Too many of our own don’t listen carefully to what the UzMolotov-cocktail actually says. One other thing for all those who want DD back? Lets not forget David Dein gave us both Kroenke and the Uzbek.

  • Herb, there are loads of company’s where the controlling interest (those with 60%) keep out (those with only 30%) it often happens where a junior partner in a company is blocked from taking out profits in the form of share dividends as the Uzbek has indicated he would do. Too many of our own don’t listen carefully to what Usmanov actually says. If share dividends were paid out there would be nothing left in the pot to buy players with. I’m with you in that I wish we still had Danny Fiszman, I go further and say I want the German System in England. But what I want and what will happen ain’t one and the same.

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