Arsene meant business but the players missed their sofas

Going up North in the dark and cold nights of December in order to secure a win has seldom or never been something Arsenal have been good at; and last night was another painful exhibition of our lack of balls.

Arsene surprised everybody with putting out a very strong line-up and it became clear that he wanted to win this game at all cost. But putting eleven professional and highly paid players on the pitch does not seem to be enough anymore these days. Except for Vermaelen, Szczesny and Jack, our players did not put in the sort of performance needed to overcome a stubborn and hard working second division team.

I could single out players, but I have no doubt this will be done over the entire Arsenal blogosphere today. Other than Podolski, I don’t think the players can be accused much of a lack of work-rate last night. But where almost all players let us down is in the application of their skills, and their focus and concentration. And that is just as unforgiveable.

Bradford City scored a good goal and Thompson showed all our players how to take an opportunity. In 105 subsequent footballing minutes, our attackers never reached a level of technical finishing required for any team; let alone a PL team that has ambition to win silverware any time soon.

Arsenal had 28 shots, and only 12 of those were ‘on target’: we only scored a single goal in 120 minutes of football against a second division team. Gervinho and Cazorla were the worst culprits of wasting opportunities, but there were many others who showed a very poor technical ability last night. Simply not good enough: a total embarrassment.

The other main concern that came from this game is the lack of shape and game-plan last night. Jack tried desperately to give shape and focus to the team but the rest were not on the same wavelength. The wings were ineffective and Podolski was nowhere near the attacking pivot needed in such a game. Lucas Podholeski was an enormous disappointment last night for me.

Once again, it looked like we could not cope without Arteta playing as our anchor in front of the defence. As a result, we were reduced to a bunch of individuals rather than a team with a plan, a shape, a menacing threat, and the ability to soak up pressure from a hard working site, in order to kill them off if and when opportunities arise. In short, we were amateurs tonight.

It is gallant of Wenger to defend his players, and of course he has no other choice to do so publicly. But last night, an incredible amount of damage was done to the reputation of our club, and the patience of our supporters.

It is up to the players and the manager now to use this humiliating result as a blood line drawn in the sand.

If they don’t turn it round now, the ensuing winter months will become the coldest and darkest we Gooners have had to experience in modern times.

Total Arsenal.

81 thoughts on “Arsene meant business but the players missed their sofas

  • How has Wenger turn from making superstars, to ruining talent? He turned many unknown players into reputable stars, such as Vieira, Henry, Flamini, Hleb and others. But lately, he seems to buy players and ruin them. Arshavin is probably the first most noticed. A menace to any defense in the world, running circles around defenders in EU and Russia, he was left wasted on the left wing, where in tough games, he needs to defend as well as burst forward at any opportunity. He was never a player with huge work rate, and this should have never been his task. Of course he received massive criticism and was dropped as the result. Had he been allowed to play as a second striker behind a target man, what would have been? If he could use all his energy focusing on passing, shooting and finding attacking space… No one knows. Wenger opted to play him where he should not.

    Same with Gervinho. A great start from the Ivorian, scoring goals and providing assists from the right. Wenger put him up front and on the left, and suddently Gervinho was out of his element and is now a scapegoat. Ramsey – right winger? Same result. A playmaker in the middle, suddenly became a hated figure wasting on the right flank. Podolski? A deadly finisher for a german side, became a waste on the wing for the gunners. How many more are the gonna be? Top scorer from last year in France can barely get a shot on target under Wenger. Arteta plays way to deep, Vermaelen, our best defender out on the left and so on…. If this pattern continues, no one will ever want to play under the French “tactician”. Play the players where they are efficient and productive, and stop filling holes in the tactics by placing players out of position. Wenger should rather buy for needed positions and stop ruining skillful players!!!

  • Hi, Oh Mighty Penman!! 🙂

    Just as well that I did not write the post-match.

    Well thought out and even handed, but we are in danger of not seeing the wood for the trees.

    I think this game may be a ‘tipping point’ both for Arsene and the club.

    Might explore this a bit later.

  • Footballs a funny old game Total, with all them shots and possesion, on any other given night we mght have scored enough to win and we wouldn`t be moaning. You cant buy luck, it just happens, either in your favour or not !. We ain`t getting much lately.
    Even though our squad has declined over the recent years in quality ( not according to a certain person on another site, who thinks our squad is stronger than the Invincibles and people think I`m mad ! hahaha ) we still have some exceptional footballers, so in my mind, it must be down to coaching and tactics.
    Even when Man U have thought to be having declining standards, they still manage to win trophies. So obviously the system/style they play always makes them competitive. I have thought for a long time that Arsene should move up stairs or be Head of something etc and bring in a coach who is better at coaching than Arsene.
    There are plenty of teams out there with lesser squads than, but who are playing above their potential. Like a few on here, I like the way Klopp sets his teams out to press.
    Arsene is a top manager, but is he a top coach ?.
    The invincibles may have been a great team, but with so many quality players, did they really need coaching to that extent ?. With lesser players , thats where you need a top coach !.
    Arsene is not going to get too many more chances in the on coming years, he needs to grab his chance with both hands with the extra money he has and use it wisely. It will be his chance to catch up with the on coming level playing field. We are not a million miles away, but we do need some top quality brought in.
    I`m not a football talent scout, but I knew Chamakh, Park. Squillaci, Santos , yes and Pod were going to be mistakes ( even my boy said so and he knows f**k all ! hahaha ) and the ones that we wanted , but didn`t get have been top notch, but for other teams. It`s not just me , but everyone on any Arsenal blog knows aswell !.
    Arsene had the upper hand when he first moved here ,but everyone else has copied him ( Newcastle seem to be tapping the French market better than Arsene ! ) . Has he run out of contacts and ideas ?.
    As I have said, ” The futures bright, but the presents shite ! “. It`s getting harder to be patient with every poor result and even my patience is wearing thin, as I have also said, Im more worried about Mondays game than last night.
    Where`s Stretch when you need him !. hahaha

    Off to do the horses, after that rant , I need to get in a stable condition !. hahaha

  • Cold and dark indeed! I still can’t understand why if Arteta doesn’t play Arsenal clock stops ticking? We’ve lost our attacking ability’s for sure because the No.1 thing everyone would have to agree on is that in 15 years of the 16 years Arsene’s teams have created chance after chance. We might not have finished those chances (think Gervinho) but chances kept coming. Last night against a stubborn Bradford defence chances came at a premium. If we can’t create chances against a lowly 2nd Div mob (were doomed, doomed I say Mr Mannering) what chance against the big boys? Something’s fundamentally wrong; I ask again what is different this term (the 16th) from the previous 15?

  • Morning Bergkasmpesqueres

    Thanks for the post TA. I must say i do not feel despondent at all. I have seen enough this season to realise we are a couple of players short of having an excellent side. If we can get the required players in, and in my opinion they are a striker and wide man, then i believe next year we could chalange for all the big prizes.

    I have said it before. Put a Pires and Henry in this team and the whole thing is transformed.Our two best players are underlying players, Jack and Carzola. We need players who can be explosive in the last third to feed off there talent.

    The time has come for the Board too support Arsene Wenger with the adequate funds. We are in a stronger financial position and should be looking for top class reinforcements in the final third.

    The Board and Arsene have done great seeing us through the transition of the Grove move. Now we are entering a new phase. All the top clubs have top players who score and create goals and the time is coming when we must join that group.

    If this dosnt happen soon then i will start asking serious questions off the board and Arsenes judgement. Lets wait and see.

  • Hi richie
    Is it like I was saying, tactic/sytems and as for missing chances, we need a proper poacher/goalscorer. I dont agree if Theo is trying to dictate to Arsene what position he plays in, but Wrighty and Wenger himself said that was his potential position, being central. Imo he is the best finisher at the club, has speed to die for, stick him more central , who do you think a defender is going to be more scared about Chamakh or Theo !.

  • Good stuff, Glicster. 🙂

    What I like in your comments, apart from the quips, is that you are both pragmatic yet positive.

    I think it is OK to be disappointed. I think it is OK to be critical of some of the players and the team’s performances. To always say everything is wonderful — because I am a good supporter, is an artificial premise and goes against human nature.

    Always provided the criticism is done with respect.

    You did not say so in those words, maybe, but I think we are in agreement.
    Of course, if you were speaking in Cornish — then it is likely we totally disagree with each other. Pass the cream!! 🙂

  • Hi Terry Titmouse, 🙂

    Positive as ever! You are right, of course, with a couple of players like Henry or Bergkamp in their prime things would look very different.

    Even the Invincibles were not all world class, but spiced up with 2 or 3 top of the cream players, then whoosh ……………………………………..

  • Fine, passionate comment Alex, and I am sure many will agree with you about not playing players out of position. For me, in modern football you need a big squad and players need to be more versatile. Good footballers can play almost anywhere. However, I do think with all the recent changes in personnel, Arsene is struggling to get his players to understand what is expected of them – their roles – and the team to function well within his philosophy off football.

  • Glic, excellent comment and it shows you know your football. Klopp and Mourinho are not having a much better season than Arsene, but of course it would make a change and that’s attractive in itself.

    I have no doubt Arsene is a very good coach, but the Gunnersaurus in the room is our inability to hold on to those he nurtures into stars. It is not rocket science in the end. Add Flamini, Fabregas, Song and van Judas to this team and we would be laughing now.

  • Hi EmiRichie 🙂

    Agreed with what you have been saying since last night, but I reckon we have been lost as a team for two seasons now. Van Judas was Arsene’s only chance to save our previous season, but also then we lacked shape and did not play Wengerball anymore.

    We are losing quality players far too early and too quick in succession. It is like building a sand castle and every time Arsene has filled another shape-bucket with sand, the waves have taken away one of his previous towers. Very depressing.

  • Sorry Terry, I don’t agree. Two quality players are always welcome and will surely improve things, but more is wrong with this team than just that. Playing without shape and a footballing system and formation that everybody understands, and makes us better than the rest, is the most serious problem we are currently facing.

  • Well if you want to be like that TA. hahahaha

    I know whay your saying. I just feel that if we had say Henry and Pires we could adapt our playing style and formation to fit.

    Blody hell, the way its going i would sign that big lump Bradford have got up front. could be just what we need. hahaha

  • Hi All,

    Glic and Alex wonderful analysis on the decline of this team and on bringing to light how Wenger has often hid behind talented teams. In my opinion, his tactics are getting stale and he really lacks that Vieira type player to assume what should be Wenger’s responsibility to inspire confidence and motivate others to perform during the game. Players would rally behind Vieira and he was just fearless and got others going whether it be through a scrum, a no nonsense tackle, a galloping run down the pitch or by vocally holding others accountable for playing poorly.

    Terry, I’m in agreement with TA that this team is beyond 2 world-class talents. The current players are lacking motivation and passion on the pitch. We’re uninspired and lacking creativity. More talented players would certainly improve us but not bring us to where we need to be. Bring in 3-4 and maybe Wenger could hide behind them again, but with our tight budget there’s no chance that’ll happen. As I mentioned above, the most important thing right now is to acquire that fearless leader who can shake the dressing room and be a presence that others want to follow.

    Richie, perfect point about questioning our leadership. It’s definitely the biggest concern for me right now (and has been for a while). When Cazorla first came to the team and was interviewed with Arteta, he sort of made a light hearted remark that he thought Arteta was more of a leader and players saw him more as a captain than they saw Vermaelen as one. When Arteta doesn’t play, that presence and engine that drives the team is gone. He’s not the most vocal guy either but has had to assume that responsibility generally being the oldest player on the pitch.

  • Also, great summary TA really captured the main deficiencies in our game last night. It’s really disappointing that this squad has no consistency game to game and that Wenger is losing his touch as a coach.

  • TG,

    I reckon he just cannot get his message across at the moment, but in JW he could have the answer. AW has missed Fabregas incredibly since he left imo.

  • Hi Redders 🙂

    Arsene has transformed this club beyond belief and I will forever be gratefull and I feel bad for saying anything negative about him, but in the last few years and the current climate, something is not right/working. He has to change with the times imo or risk being left in the past. I cant keep saying thing`s are ok when they`re not, that just makes me deluded. He needs to listen and take on good advice.
    There have been numerous old gooner legends talking a lot recently with a lot more sense than not, surely these ex-professionals who know a lot about our club cant all be wrong !.
    SAF has one trick over Wenger imo, his ability to change and evolve. If he hadn`t, he would have faced similar problems to Arsene.
    Obviously the losing of top notch players has not helped and like a few have said ( Stretch says it all the time ), one of our biggest problems and one that needs to be adressed is retaining the current crop of excellence coming through. We need to learn from the past and with the better financial sponsorship deals to be had plus FFP, my hopes are optimistic in keeping the likes of Jack and Co.
    I honestly do believe the futures bright and maybe I expect too much, but Arsene is part to blame for spoiling me !. The Bastard !. hahaha

    Right, Treadmillling !.

  • Crikey, Glic, 🙂

    I have been resolutely ignored all day on both AA and BK, and at last you chat to me — and then fook off treadmilling (Que ?) 😆

    Well me too — fooking off — not treadmilling!! 🙂

    I hope you are right about learning from the past, by the way, but I am having my doubts!


  • JW is too young, we’re asking too much of a 20 year old to have to lead and inspire those older than him. He’s also coming back from a 16-month layoff and his only focus should be on improving his game and staying fit right now. In the future, he’s certainly that man but we need that burden to be distributed right now. Fabregas was never much of a vocal leader but he did rally the troops and always played with his whole heart for the club (aside from games against Barca). What we’ve missed the most is his ability to absolutely dissect a team’s defence and those scintillating over the top passes that he’s known for.

  • Redders 🙂

    Sorry to hear you have not had much response to your commens today. I have been very busy with Henry, our little puppy, but as things settle down a bit I will be able to blog a bit more from now on.

    Hope to see you back tomorrow, amigo! 🙂

  • Lots of speculation in the papers today involving a Walcott for Nani swap deal. I can’t tell you the amount of swap deals we’ve been rumoured to be in over the years, but they never seem to happen. While Nani would be a significant improvement over Theo on the right side, he brings the same level of inconsistency. On his day, Nani is unplayable. He has the pace, power, dribbling and crossing ability that make him an elite RW. If shown love by the coaching staff and clearly being demonstrated that he’s a main part of a team, he can truly excel. Wenger fits this description of a coach to a tee, but how would Nani adapt to Arsenal’s style? His indifferent attitude to games could further exasperate the poison currently plaguing our squad. Still, if we’re to lose Theo to a rival I would love to get a player in return that could possibly come back to haunt them, much like van Judas has to us. With the right tutelage and motivation, Nani could become a consistent world-class talent in my mind.

  • TG 🙂

    Age is not that important. How old was Cesc when he started leading the team? Vermaelen could remain our captain, but the tactical leadership should be build around JW. Cazorla and Arteta can support him in the process.

  • TA,

    Again, Vermaelen is no Vieira, he’s not even Fabregas/Henry/van Judas. I love the guy but he’s better off in a vice captaincy role where he can offer his witty, light-hearted personality that contrasts what should be a fearless and inspirational leader. Age isn’t important, but responsibility at his age after coming back from a long-term injury is. I would rather him concentrate on his game than shouldering the burden of having to do everything for this team. Cazorla can’t support anyone, he looks uninterested and unwilling to shoulder the responsibility to push others forward. The more I see of Santi, the more I realize that he’s waiting for someone else to bring that spark and motivation into the team.

    Again, as I said earlier we need a Vieira. Obviously we cannot find the same perfect blend of skill, leadership and fearlessness, but if we can address the latter two then it’d go a long way. This, together with the current skill in our squad, would go a long way in helping will others to build on the brittle confidence we have when trying to come back in games. You can tell by watching Wenger’s petulant behaviour on the sidelines that he doesn’t know how to properly motivate this team and his strength lies in nurturing talent on the training ground instead.

  • To be honest, it could be one of those risks that pays off in spades a la Henry, Bergkamp and Vieira. All had “attitude” problems to extent, however none had desire issues, which Nani seems to have. If Wenger had not taken so many failed gambles lately (re: Santos, Chamakh, Arshavin, Squillaci etc.), I’d be all for Nani. Still, if it means bringing in Nani for the sake of change opposed to bringing in no one, I’m 100% supportive. However, SAF isn’t as foolish as Wenger and would never allow one of his players to join the Arsenal.

  • TG, of course he is no Vieira – who is?! 😕

    I would rather make Mertesacker the captain, but my point was that Jack is the one around whom the team should be build. Fine if you don’t agree but to me this is the most logical thing to do.

    Also don’t agree on your assessment of Cazorla: very harsh in my opinion.

    Wenger is not petulant, just very frustrated. And should he not be?

  • Hi All……Fine comments today chaps…I’m still numb after that display last night.

    Whats the feeling on Arsene spending this January window. If he does will it just be another ordinary stop gap purchase, or will he make a statement?

  • TA, I 100% agree that we should build around Jack, I think you’re misinterpreting my thoughts. What I’m saying is that the leadership portion needs to be distributed and we need someone else other than him to inspire the team and be fearless. Jack’s amazing when he plays with emotion, but at the same time I’d like others to be able to do that and for him to concentrate more on playing.

    As for Santi, I’ve been very disappointed with him lately. He’s largely taken a back seat and his body language has been poor. You can tell he’s disappointed with the lack of quality around him and needs a push to help get him along. I love him but that’s why I’m more critical on him than others, because I know he can be better and I expected him to lead us out of these tough situations.

    Wenger’s not petulant? Throwing bottles on the ground, agonizing and pouting on the sidelines? He certainly has a right to be frustrated but he’s not instilling any confidence by acting childish on the sidelines.

  • TA and VCC, that’s why we musn’t win 5 games in a row. We seriously need some help in January…my article should be good to go for tomorrow on analyzing the realistic targets we’ve been linked to. Not my assessment on who we’ll get just scouting reports on the linked players.

  • TA…Can’t wait to read it tomorrow.

    I don’t study European football enough. i have tended to trust Wenger’s judgement in the past. NOT any more. His recent history is not good.

  • Vicky ( VCC, Victoria is a girls name you tranny and your a dead ringer for Vicky Pollard, ” No, but, yeah, but,no, but……..”. hahaha )

    For what it`s worth, I`ll be amazed if Arsene bought a statement of intent in January !. I`ll also be amazed if he doesn`t bring anyone in !. So that leaves TH14 on loan and some, “out of sell by date” !. Merry Christmas !. hahaha

  • I also look forward to your post TG, but I wont be able to read it until tomorrow evening as I have to travel to the valley of the Orcs. If Vicky was to move to Stoke, even he would be inundated with marriage proposals !. Calm down and give the wheelchair a service, here`s the directions : A13 to M25, turn on to M4, then onto M5, then M6 to Stoke, hey presto, your a “looker” amongst monsters !. hahaha

  • Agreed Gooner, Mr Wenger behaves like a spoilt kid, kicking/throwing plastic bottles, forever berating a 4th official for the deficiencies of his players, and never has the good grace to accept that sometimes his team has been beaten by a better side.
    Ian Wright has said that Dennis Bergkamp – who this site is dedicated to – approached Mr Wenger about a coaching role, but Mr Wenger was so worried that Bergkamp was more popular amongst the Arsenal fans than him, he rejected the idea.
    Not one of the Arsenal hierarchy care about Arsenal Football Club or the supporters, and Mr Wenger is a dictator who has made himself unsackable.
    This is nothing like The Arsenal that played at Highbury, and I cannot support a regime who haven’t a clue what Arsenal mean to the supporters, or who disregard our historical resonance, as well as our standing within the English game and football world-wide.
    My weekend selections:
    Liverpool win
    MU win
    MC win
    QPR win
    Tootenham v Swansea draw.

    There is no-one within the Arsenal hierarchy who cares whoArsenal FootballClub.

  • GLiC….Stoke’s not for me sweetie. It’s full of Norvan monkees. 🙂 give me a good old Essex girl any day.

  • Know what you mean VCC. I used to go out with this girl from Preston. She could drink more pints than me and her voice travelled for miles. When she spoke people from the next street woud stop startled and look over in our direction. Very feisty as well. She once threatened to beat up the Kentucky fried chicken man for giving her a leg.

    Her most annoying habit apart from calling me chuck was that she liked to squeeze me in an area that i did not like to be squeezed. What made it worse was that her grip was stronger than a Peter Storey tackle. Actuley, come to think about she looked a bit like Peter storey.

    When i broke up with her she wouldnt take No for an answer. She came round my flat one evening and whilst i hid in the closet i asked a mate who was round to answer the door and tell her i was out.

    I heard a screech of agony coming from the door and words that sounded like “not fooking aving me lied to lad” and a couple of seconds later a loud thud. I came out of the closet (hahaha) to find my mate on the floor holding his nuts. She had given him one of her Peter Storey squeezes.

    So yeah, essex girls are better. hahahaha

  • TG
    Curious. Do you get or listen to talkSPORT radio show ?. It`s mainly all day long football chat with lots of interesting guest`s. You will love Adrian Durham on Drivetime, he even has, ” The Daily Arsenal ” usually around about 17:30 !. You can listen on the net.

  • Never got that far Cornwall. Her “pressing on the end” with the Storey Grip is the biggest antidote to Viagra since Heather from eastenders. hahahaha

  • Stretch, this will have you in creases, watch untill the end. I thought my avatar was fitting, but this takes the biscuit, if anything was fitting for you, then this is it ! hahahaha

  • Evening guys and VCC 😛

    I received an interesting post by Richie a couple of days ago that I will work on in a bit and publish tonight. It is a response to TG’s post re not having world class talent anymore and the difficulties in replicating the quality of the Invincibles. Tomorrow evening, I will publish TG’s post, which should be good follow up.

    Thanks for all your contributions: posts, quality comments, humour, facts, UMF league. I just cannot believe what a success BK has become over the last three months. There have been more than 60000 views, over 5000 comments and over 90 posts. So many thanks to you all! 🙂

  • TA, Think nothing of it my friend. Just glad to be of assistence and rest assured you can continue to rely upon my considerable knowledge in the future. I have been greatly impressed with your efforts. Yes, ok, been the artisan of blogging i tend to be used to a high quality, but you are slowly getting there. hahahahaha

  • Hi Total, could you tidy up the end of my comment please. The last bit of reading should be this week’s selections. I thought I had deleted the rest, as I amended it to fit the point I was making, but when replying to a comment it’s like typing invisibly as the space in which I was responding wouldn’t scroll down quickly enough. Cheers 🙂

  • Glic,

    I do not listen/have not heard of the talkSport radio show. It sounds fantastic though, care to share some insight on what they normally discuss?

  • Hi TG
    Mainly Premier League.
    06:00 to 10:00 Alan Brazil ( former Ipswich/Spud/Manure player and Sweaty Sock ) Breakfast show.

    10:00 to 13:00 Keys and Gray ( former Sky Sports presenters ), They have a lot of former footballers on as guests and from many other sports.

    13:00 to 16:00 Hawksbee and Jacobs ( a Spud and a Chav, but very witty )

    16:00 to 19:00 Drivetime with Adrian Durham ( controversial and anti-Arsenal, but he`s a closet Gooner ) and Darren Gough ( ex-cricketer )

    plus further shows across the night. I will tell you more in the next coming days , as I have to go now, but you can listen live by the internet, google talkSPORT.

  • Total….Congratulations on the success of your site, thoroughly deserved.

    It’s not only an Arsenal chat room but coupled up with humour and insights to occasional subjects makes it compulsive viewing. Proven by the number of posters coming back time and time again.

    Bergkampesque has quality. Long may it remain the same.

  • Here’s something else I can’t fathom. Dennis Bergkamp gave us 11 years of fantastic, loyal service and is widely regarded as the greatest player ever to wear our colours by the majority of Arsenal fans. Thierry Henry – club record goalscorer not withstanding – gave us five great years, less than half the time, and yet whilst the fans have christened Bergkamp ‘God’, he has been hugely insulted by the club, who rather than see Bergkamp in the same light as us, fawn and treat Henry with ‘God’-like status. Henry is a club legend, but he became that player because of the pure genius that was Bergkamp.
    By not accepting him into the coaching set-up and snubbing him regarding a statue, I’m Beginning to think Mr Wenger resented Dennis Bergkamp.

  • Herb, thanks for your entry earlier. I notice you have come over to the dark side and joined me with your 4th selection, you know it makes sence. 😉

  • Herb…Wenger is a stubborn dictator. He likes all his own way. I have said here on many occasions everything has to be done his way, or not at all. Some have said since Steve Bould has taken over from Pat Rice the problems have set in. Thats not the case, Wenger will not give him the reins during training sessions.

    Something has got to change, now, and quick. Some players are clearly just going through the motions.

  • Thanks for the fine comments guys. Let’s hope we’ll see Arsenal turn the corner soon, so we can blog more about the positives and successes rather than the muli-layered negativity surrounding our club.

  • Hi Herb, fully agreed on Bergkamp deserving more recognition by the club. Is there any evidence Dennis was rejected by Arsene as one of his coaches?

  • Hi TG, I am talking about tactical leadership; about being responsible for the shape of the team. And for me, Wilshere is the best man to do this. On top of that he is also very verbal and leads by example, but I agree with you that others should lead more in this particular area.

  • Cheers Herb….that’s a nice thing to say. I appreciate it.

    I have everything crossed hoping Arry can keep them up. If any one can he can.

  • Apparently Ian Wright released the news in an interview about Bergkamp being turned down by Wenger.

  • Complete fabrication glic ;). As you should note, it was reported to by a “source”. Every newspaper and tabloid then based their article off of the article and thus a new Arsenal rumour has spread.

  • Hi TA, think we’ve finally come to an understanding :). I agree and think tactically, Jack is a great player to build around. Also, I think Jack embodies everything that Arsenal is and should be going forward. We just seem to be missing that midfield destroyer who excels at breaking up play and can allow our offensive players to venture forward more often. That element of fear that strikes the opposition is missing and a no nonsense man who motivates and rallies the team. It also wouldn’t hurt if this type of player had a commanding aerial presence as we can’t seem to defend set pieces and corners very well…

  • Hi Total, let me add to those congratulating you on setting up a wonderful forum, with a wide variety of intelligent and knowledgeable bloggers.
    For me, if it’s true that Mr Wenger turned down the chance for the club to be taught first-hand the very essence of ‘Total-Football’ from a Dutch legend, it puts a huge stain on his time at Arsenal.

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