Why Arsenal? Calling all International Gooners

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From the statistics provided by WordPress – the company that provided the set-up for the Bergkampesque blog – I know there are Gooners almost in every country of the world. This really fascinates me: who are you, how did you end up supporting Arsenal, and how do you follow our beloved team?

Generally speaking, there are four categories of Arsenal supporters:

  1. Those who were born in an Arsenal family (one or two parents, or  an older brother or sister were already Gooners);
  2. Those who choose at an early age to support Arsenal (sometimes opting for a different team than their father and/or mother support);
  3. Those who ‘fall in love’ with Arsenal’s football and the club in general, through watching them over  a long period of time;
  4. Those who were/are a big fan of a particular footballer who went to play for Arsenal, and became an Arsenal supporter gradually.

I fall into category 4 first and for all, but also in category 3. My father has always been a great lover of football and had brought me up to find and see the beauty in it. He turned 70 recently and still does not support a particular team, and yet he watches at least 6 football games per week. He will watch the teams that play the most attractive football; something I used to do a lot more before I became, ever so gradually, a fully devoted Arsenal supporter.

In my early twenties, I became a great admirer of Dennis Bergkamp: he just had something that set him apart from all other players from the first moments of his career. We all know that Dennis was developed into one of the greatest footballers ever at Ajax firstly, and that he had a miserable time at Inter, before he came to the mighty Arsenal. At Arsenal, and under Arsene’s tutelage, DB10 was able to both develop further into the top star he eventually became and to express himself; his abilities, and vision of how football should be played to the full.

I did not become an Arsenal supporter simply because Dennis had joined the club: it was a gradual process.

Firstly, I loved the way Dennis was treated by the club, fellow players and the fans: he was respected and fully supported by everyone from the start – a far cry from what happened in Italy.

Secondly, I loved the way Dennis was deployed and how Arsene built his teams around Dennis’ capabilities.

Thirdly, I loved the way Arsenal played football and I gradually became a big supporter of everything Arsenal: the club, the players, the style of football, the manager, the history and the general culture of the club. For me, Arsenal became the true home of football, and this will never change again. Unlike my dad, I have put my football anchor down at a particular club; the best club in the world: the mighty Arsenal.

That is my reason for becoming an Arsenal supporter, but what is yours? Why Arsenal, for how long, where are you based, and how are you able to follow our beloved team?

Total Arsenal.

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93 Responses to Why Arsenal? Calling all International Gooners

  1. Damola Stephens says:

    I fall into category 4. I’m from Nigeria and I started supporting Arsenal cos the best footballer in d world (according to me) was Kanu. That was 1999. I dont earn much and satellite tv is really expensive here but I managed to have one installed in my room. I watch every arsenal match available and I hardly watch another except if there’s an Arsenal interest hidden there somewhere

  2. Dhaval says:

    From india… fall into category 3…. used to watch telecasts of the big clubs (Arsenal, Liverpool and United) play but arsenal’s style and philosophy attracted me more than the others and slowly became a huge fan! Gooner since 2001-02 till forever!!

  3. oz gunner says:

    Good story TA, and very good idea for a post. The story about your dad always amazes me, I still can’t want non-arsenal games (a few BD every now and then). I’m a sports fanatic and love so many types but if it wasn’t for Arsenal I probably would not watch football.

    My nan was from North London and moved down to fremantle from one of the first fleets out this way. Her dad was a massive Arsenal fan so she followed them also. It was hard for her to keep in touch with Arsenal but once video cassettes came out her sister used to tape them and send them down here. I used to stay with her on school holidays and I’d watch games but they were very delayed. She had a big crush on Frankie McLintock and then Alan Smith (she used to rave about his gentlemanly good looks haha, i just thought he looked like a nerd but i was a big fan of him also).

    it wasn’t until i was in primary school until it really hit home for me though. A kid in my year one class wore an Arsenal shirt to a free dress day, next thing we were best buds. We used to watch match of the day on TV, the highlights show (when Arsenal games were not match of the day I’d see maybe 5/10 mins of them in an extended highlights package), and the odd recorded game sent form England. Tony Adams was my Dennis Bergkamp, I just loved how he played the game, Keown as well.

    Thanks to satellite TV and the internet I very rarely miss a second of Arsenal, and that’ll be the case until I die! I no longer talk to my best mate, he was obsessed with Overmars and started supporting Barca once he left! traitor!

  4. Red Arse says:

    Good morning, Tazzer, 🙂

    Lovely Post, and will get back later!!

    Hi Oz, I cannot understand someone like your ex-mate following a player from club to club. Weird!

  5. Mrs Oz says:

    I just asked the Mrs and her story goes:

    “I support Arsenal because I’m forced to watch them once a year, but I do like Arsene and hope he doesn’t get fired. I hate those w*nkers RVP and Nasri. I think Giroud is good looking so more of a reason to watch. I also love the lu lu podolski and sign da ting songs. I dread the transfer period because every time Oz doesn’t shut up about players yet he is let down repeatedly. but i suppose it’s not the same let down Mrs GLIC suffers ever night before bed.”

    Ok i added that last part

  6. Mrs Oz says:

    Morning RA, hope all is well.
    Nor could I, to me it questioned just how much he liked Arsenal to begin with. I did it with Shaq in the NBA though, i followed Orlando then went to Lakers, but I couldn’t care less about Basketball

  7. A/S says:

    I saw Dennis at the ’94 WC with The Netherlands and fell in love with him there. When I recognised him in an Arsenal shirt a few years later, the case was settled.

  8. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Damola – Kanu was a great player in every sense, and is not often enough shown the respect he deserves for what he did for us. Do you know any fellow Gooners where you live?

  9. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers Dhaval, good to hear you opted for Arsenal because of the way we play football. Where do you watch the games: at home or in cafes/ restaurants?

  10. OLDON says:

    oldon; category 1. a fam of gunners, we liked that when there was not a lot of blacks,arsenal had thomas,davis, rocky,wright, campbell, and flats…coming from ghetto we looked up to these. role models…and 4 a while kept us out of crime, same with the unbeaten team.. Now for my kids who is there for my kids to identify with…. walcott is the last role model at arsenal 4 my kids, look what they r doing to him..you said bergkamp.. do you look like him.. same complexion maybe.. what blond too.. maybe uhh..THIS IS LONDON..a team should represent its surroundings, BLACK AND BRITISH….

  11. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Oz, that is a great story about supporting our team in such isolation, and becoming best mates with a guy because he wore the Arsenal shirt to a party! The internet and sat TV has made a huge difference with regards to being able to watch the game from anywhere. In fact, it often is totally turned round now: you can watch the 3pm kick-offs where we have to be lucky to find a half-decent stream…

    Being over the moon about Overmars is one thing, but to just support a team because a certain player plays there, and ‘moving with him’ is rediculous indeed.

  12. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Redders 🙂 Looking fwd to seeing you back here later.

    Goodday Mrs Oz, how very nice to hear from you! 🙂 Good to hear Oz is making some impact in guiding you towards the best team in the world and if Giroud’s looks can stimulate this process further, I will tell him to get his shirt off a bit more! 😛

  13. I first fell in love with Arsenal when I first stalked my now husband. I used to watch him playing football over the park in his Arsenal kit, I was in love with David Cassidy at the time and my future hubby looked a dead ringer of him, lots of other girls watched him for the same reason.
    Later on in years it was men in rain coats watching him playing over the park and still in the same Arsenal kit as now he had turned into a Charlie Nicholas look-a-like, I think they were all arse supporters aswell !.
    He is still wearing the same unwashed Arsenal kit and is now stalked by AKB`s from Bounds Green because of his fine Arsene styled hair !.

  14. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers A/S, where are you based?

    Hi Oldon, I can see your point re role models and how it got you into Arsenal. In an ideal world most players would come from the wider area around Arsenal, but those times have gone now, it seems.

    Personally, I would never link the way a player looks to whether I would support/worship them. The fact that I have the same racial background has nothing to do with my support for Bergkamp or Arsenal. One of my other favourite all time players is Edgar Davids. As you will know he looks nothing like Dennis.

  15. TotalArsenal says:

    Mrs Handsome Bastard 🙂

    Great story, but what about that mirror?

  16. akinnagbe olumide says:

    i fell in love with arsenal in high school. This senior of mine wouldn’t stop shouting about a wonderkid Anelka nd his amazing footballing skills. So one saturday, after he’d scored a fantastic goal nd said he learnt it from Anelka, i asked him wc club nd he said Arsenal. It was 1999 nd we had our idol Kanu playing for arsenal (what a coincidence i tot). Then my classmate went on a summer vacation to London nd came bak with an Arsenal shirt with Kanu @ d bak. He didn’t knw how to play football so he always lent it to me. He wuld tel me stories bout Bergkamp nd Adams. I was awed. The first time i watched a match nd saw the name of the manager [ARSENE(al)], i said this is d club my heart wants. Thierry Henry is the greatest striker ever IMO. My father forced me to join the treble winning Manure burh i refused. M glad i did. I love arsenal with all of my being. They never do anyfin wrong to me (u shuld see me defending d board nd Wenger in front of my lads). Arsene is like my second dad. I’m d only arsenal fan in my family nd m respected for it cos they love my courage… GUNNER TO THE MARROW. GUNNER TILL I DIE!!!.

  17. siddian says:

    i became an Arsenal fan in the season of 2011-12.Can you believe it?
    As a child,i had always liked the name-“gunners”,but never really watched club football.
    in India,we only have Espn n Star.
    Thats EPL,and some La Liga.
    So i was in this phase of life-knocked down,written off…i am perusing d newspapers..and i read about our 2-8 defeat.and i thought “same here bro”

    And as the year passed by,I saw a team climb its way back,match by match.and we had just lost wilshere,fabregas and nasty.

    Became a fan.of AFC
    of Arsene as well.of how he had taken on the clubs like the two MANchus,Chelsea..with half their budgets.for years.
    The invincibles.
    Never regretted.Never will.
    Gooner for life.

  18. Jay says:

    I fall in both 2 & 3. I’m from Nairobi, that’s in Kenya 🙂
    even as a kid (about 11,13) I fell in love with the arsenal ethos and just how the club played, it was (and has always been) a joy to watch the gunners.
    we follow the premier league via satellite tv. so I get to watch all the games
    my favorite player of all time though has to be Thierry Henry. no doubt 🙂

  19. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Akinnagby 🙂

    Great story. Did you friend ever give you that shirt for good? It does still regularly amaze me that Wenger’s first name is so close to Arsenal. I wonder whether it played part in him being approached for the Arsenal job in the first place…

  20. TotalArsenal says:

    Siddian, ‘same here bro’ that is a great story too!! Together you can rise up to the top once more! 🙂

    Thanks for commenting Jay. Do you watch the games in isolation or with friends? TH was (and is!) amazing: a true legend. 🙂

  21. Alex says:

    I fall into category 2 and 3. I have been following the Gunners since 1988. Being from Australia we didnt get a great coverage here back then. I remember in high school everyone supporte Liverpool since they were so successful at that time. I chose Arsenal because no one else supported them(or would admit to it anyway). Then over time I fell in love with all things Arsenal. First who will even forget Anfield ’89, the invincibles and all the other highs that we have enjoyed. I had the opportunity to meet some of the players in Hong Kong in July and was impressed with their appraochability. I have become a Gooner for life and live for everyone of their games. Good or Bad times I will always follow them

  22. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Alex, good to hear you did not go with the flow back in 1988 and went for the Gunners instead! 🙂

    Oz Gunner is a regular on BK, who comes from your neck of the woods.


    Hi TA

    My old man got me into Arsenal. His best mate in the army was a gooner who converted him so i guess myself and my three brothers were all born into it. After my old man, my older brother “Telly Mancini”, used to take me to games..I had no option or choices. if i said to my brother i didnt fancy going to a game coz i wanted to play with my Action Man, he would beat me up. I will always be grateful for those frenzied kickings. Everytime i see Telly now, i always thank him for been the best bullying brother a man could have. hahahaha.

    Olden, when i moved from East to North London in my class at school i had Martin Hayes and Oneil Flats whos younger brother Mark, like Hayes played for Arsenal. All good lads, but believe me when i say, i am very happy i didnt look like any of them. Especialy Hayes. We used to call him Jimmy Hill because of hes enormous chin. hahahaha

  24. TotalArsenal says:

    Terry 🙂

    Are you saying bullying can be good for you? 😛


    Absolutly TA. If it wernt for my Brothers left hooks and Bruce lee style kicks, who knows? i could now be posting on an Action Man website arguing with some other geek on wether SAS Action man 83 or Commando 85 had the biggest truncheon. hahahaha

  26. Alex says:

    Hi TA,

    Forgot to say Great Post and i will be following your post a bit more closely.
    It is great to see that support comes from all around the globe and everyone had their
    story about how they fell in love with the Arsenal. Great stories guys and lets keep getting
    behind the team. Things will get better and the natural order of things will but the
    Gunners back where they belong. All the way to the top

  27. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Alex, love the avatar! 😛

    You are very welcome here!

  28. A/S says:

    Right, sorry, of course. I’m from Copenhagen.

  29. richie59er says:

    It’s positively criminal not being able to answer each blog posted! Especially considering the magnificient way “The G” did so recently when he answered every rellivent question. You’ve pandered to the lowest common denominator!

  30. TotalArsenal says:

    A/S ah nice to have a Danish blogger on! 🙂

    Richie? Ich nicht verstehen? 😕

  31. richie59er says:

    @Alex11:51 As TA likes your avatar/gravatar maybe we can get yours and mine together for a mating session? What yoiu saying? That way TA can have the pups 🙂

  32. oz gunner says:

    ah a fellow Aussie, glad to have you drop in. As most know us Aussies are a tough breed (well I tell people I am anyway haha), if it wasn’t for Arsenal i’d probably be one of the 99.9% of blokes down here that say “what you follow soccer? bunch of diving blouses, why don’t you watch a real sport?”

    Hahahahaha Terry bloody brilliant…Action Man blog! If my sisters boyfriends didn’t repeatedly punch be in the gut with an extendable umbrella every time they came over we could have been buds together, except I would have been on a WWF wrestler blog talking about my limited edition hulk hogan figure with ‘say your prayers and take your vitamins’ saying!

  33. richie59er says:

    I don’t understand either? Why can’t we reply to each blog posted? Instead of having to direct our posts like I just did to alex?

  34. oz gunner says:

    surprised to see huub stevens sacked as manager at schalke. He had them playing good football, yes they are 7th but it’s only 5 points off 3rd. perhaps now we can grab huntelaar, holtby and Draxler.

  35. VCC says:

    richie59er……WHat breed of dog have you?

  36. TotalArsenal says:

    Richie – you are acting far too princely! 😛

    Just make a reference and it will be all-right. I find it a lot more easy this way. The reality is the vast majority do not read back comments all the time and therefore a lot of replies went unanswered before. This should happen less from now on. 🙂

    Oz, shame about Huub Stevens and indeed a ridiculous decision. The Germans tend to tread Dutch managers often this way… 😦

  37. richie59er says:

    I’m a “Cat A” man myself, born into a family of hardened criminal Gooners. My grandfather was a regular who worked at the ground, and my Great Grandfather before him. My grandmother’s house was opposite the main East Stand entrance and she had a few of our first double team as lodgers. I grew up in Goonerland heaven but I didn’t know any different, I didn’t know it wasn’t normal to see our first team on a daily basis. Either playing cards or subbuteo in my Grans living room, I didn’t even realise that all kids didn’t cycle to the park to deliver refreshments to our team, imagine? It was just another regular thing, like getting my hair cut by (Pat) Rice’s brother in his barbers in Gillespie Rd, surrounded by other footballers waiting for the results from bookies next door.

  38. richie59er says:

    @VCC@13:46 I’ve got a Shar Pei Staff cross called Simba Redders, but my gravatar is his bigger cousin “Buster 2” a Dane Mastiff cross. He’s a trained Spud eater 🙂

  39. Herb'sArmy says:

    Hi All,
    thanks for the Post, Total.
    As a child I immersed myself in football as an escape from a turbulent up-bringing. The Arsenal were the only team for me, from the unique style of their shirts, and the club crest.
    The shirts looked so much better without the advertising splashed on the front.
    My earliest memory is losing 3-1 aet against Swindon in the League Cup Final.
    Hi Oz, from yesterday, you asked where I would place Kanu. In the middle, not a great, but not a failure either. Best remembered for a brilliant hat-trick at Stamford Bridge when we came from 2-1 down to beat them 3-2. But when Mr Wenger was offered Drogba he said he didn’t need him because we had Kanu. Kanu left us in 2004, the same year Chelsea paid £25m for Drogba.

  40. richie59er says:

    I beg to differ Francisco I think more interesting points will go unanswered this way, because it’s now a running blog, those who can’t be bothered to read back still won’t, and Glic will arrive with his comedy routine and that will be whats current. I enjoy it greatly when I can watch one of Glic’s vid’s and comment on it but I prefer to answer it in my own time. Especially if someone has raised a serious footballing issue in response to something someone else blogged. Each in it’s own space and time. Myself and “The Gooner” for example wouldn’t have been able to reply directly to each others responses, that were often made hours apart from completely different time zones, which takes away from the blog IMHO.

  41. It is very cold in Iceland, but Arsenal warms our hearts.
    Nearly everybodies is a gooner in this part of Iceland. Excepting for Ingrid, she is a liking Spudz, so this is why we will be taking her up the arse to changing her mind !.

  42. Red Arse says:

    Great comments from a terrific bunch of overseas Gooners!! 🙂

    I love hearing how fans became hooked on the club, and would like to read more about this side of life in “Arsenaldom”.

  43. richie59er says:

    A cold Wembley in March, I remember my Grandfather assuring me, this time it’ll be ours after my heart break the year before when we lost the final to dirty Leeds. It wasn’t to be, and my 2nd year of disappointment set me in good stead, it made me realise we Gooners support win, lose or draw. It made the final Inter City Fairs Cup win a year later all the sweeter

  44. Red Arse says:

    richie, I hated the ‘reply’ system.

    I am in and out of the site all day,especially during the week.

    The current system is the one used at most of the popular blog sites, because, otherwise, people like me who ‘chat’ to the current comments, can not always know there are also replies that can be hours old, unless I keep going back up to the beginning and starting all over again.

    I missed a lot of your stuff because I did not know you were doing so, and that is not good, because you are really interesting, and the same is true of others, especially the Glic comedy show. 🙂

  45. VCC says:

    richie. 14:17. I’ve got a Boxer…”George” he’s a trained Manc eater. 🙂

  46. richie59er says:

    Yes I get your drift because you may be blogging on many different sites and only have time to read what’s current. The problem is you will still never know what I posted earlier because you still won’t have the time to read back. I think this way you will only ever see exactly what’s “now”, and I won’t be able to respond to a specific question about what I meant when I called someone a (Cut Until Nothings There). You might’ve missed something (I often did, so what?) I can’t now make a direct response to a point Why? Because you couldn’t be bothered to read back or didn’t have the time, to me it makes no sense, because we often had 3 or 4 threads going on the same bog, now we don’t. As I said now someone make a humorous remark and the whole thread is lost, and moves into the humour. It’s lessened the blog IMHO

  47. glic says:

    Afternoon Genitalmen 😆

    So we could have lost Stretch to a life of ActionMan Anoraking !. Thank Dennis for the Stavros Thugs !. I dont get all that Train Spotting anorak stuff, I saw 24 of the bastards the other day at Launceston Steam Railway, my best is 37 !.
    I was born into the world of Goonerdom in Bethnal Green, I just happen to like the name, The Arsenal, their iconic red shirt and also because nearly everyone was a Gooner. I actually had a bit of a reverse to what Stretch had, no not silly little ActionMan dolls, real stuff. I got quite interested in Thunderbirds and to tell the truth, I got a bit obsessed with the thought of a threesome with Lady Penelope, Tin-Tin Kyrano and myself…….Mmmm……..F. A. B.
    My estate in Cornwall is based on Tracy Island and one day I will have a BK party here with Bkers as Thunderbird characters. You can argue between yourselves what characters you want to be, apart from Red Arse Brains and Stretch who wants to be The Hood ( even though Pascal Cygan is a dead ringer and also an evil bastard ), it`s those hypnotic eye`s which he entices the pigeons with ! hahaha and Vicky Parker…..” Parker, we`re going on a mission “,……” Yes, mi lady, shall I get the roller out ? “…….. ” No, Parker…I want the zimmer frame again…….. you clunge” !. hahaha

  48. glic says:

    Loved Stingray too and yes, I also wanted a threesome between me, Marina and Lieutenant Atlanta Shore……” anything can happen in the next half hour “!. hahaha

    Great intro aswell, be warned you could get a semi ! hahaha

  49. glic says:

    Troy Tempest could be Stretches double , up periscope !. hahaha

  50. VCC says:

    GLiC 🙂 LMFAO


    hahahaha, know what your saying Cornwall. I had plenty of of tossing and turning nights thinking about Aqua Marina.

    To be fair to VCC. Parker lokks a lot like Arsene Wenger. hahahaha

  52. VCC says:

    Hi All.

    Here is the voting from the UMF League.
    TMHT/OZ/Henry/Rocky/The Gooner, all have mondays result to come

    RA 3 14
    Vcc 4 13
    Oz 3 11
    Henry 2 10
    The Gooner 3 9
    TMHT 1 9
    The Gooner 3 9
    Total 1 8
    Rocky 1 8
    GLiC 1 7

    A special mention to our new comer, who started at rock bottom, The Gooner. Well done for predicting 3 correct results. Also have a result to come on Monday so may challenge that fantastically handsome f—– VCC who correctly predicted 4 this week and wears the yellow jersey as the weeks top tipster.

    Red Arse is the overall leader with 14 correct. He is cheating cos he’s a clever so and so. Is there nothing this man doesn’t know? I ask.

    GLiC, as everyone predicted has the wooden spoon. He’s only let out at the week end so he can play this silly football game. 🙂 He has to go back to his home in the morning. Lets all wish him a lovely week with the interbred Cornwalites of Launcestown.

  53. glic says:

    You`ve left out Herbenstein, your for it now !, he wont be happy !. hahaha
    You`ve put TG twice, you senile old clunge ! . hahahaha


    VCC, this is a nightmare. Glic & Ta go for odds of over 1000 to one, Rocky missed a week and TG is new, yet i take it seriously, study the form and am just above them.

    Theres no doubt about, ime going to have to sack myself. hahaha.


    I didnt even notice that. Too shocked and upset seeing myself struggling. hahaha

  56. glic says:

    Your going to Tea Bag yourself, this I must see !. hahaha

  57. VCC says:

    Hi chaps…..As you can see I made a deliberate mistake to see if your all awake this fine Sunday afternoon.

    The Gooner was entered twice ( on purpose I might add) he and Herb have identical scores. They both started with 6 then had 3 correct points to add. So they are both on 9.

    Terry, Im surprised with you, your much more intelligent than GLiC so thought you would be further up the league. I new GLiC would struggle.

  58. glic says:

    VCC as Parker ! hahaha



    yeah, thats it VCC, my inteligemce is letting me down. Anyway, ive got a cunning plan. Ime going to wait for you to post your predictions and then copy them. hahahaha

  60. VCC says:

    GLiC..I have a mission for you should you choose to take it.

  61. glic says:

    Try again !


  62. VCC says:

    Thats wise Terry. Think you might be better off watching RedArse. OR that new comer The Gooner, he looks a bit good.

  63. glic says:

    Damn, I cant seem to paste any ! Vicky , bring up your pwn picture of Parker 1. Yes mi lady !.


    knowing me, i will probably mess up and copy Cornwalls by mistake. hahaha

  65. VCC says:

    GLiC…thats me on a good night. 🙂

  66. glic says:

    Click on the magnifying glass ( or as Vicky calls it, The Penis Enlarger ! hahaha )


    Cornwall, i reckon you and VCC both look like a couple of 70s Villians. I can picture both of you now trying to crack a safe, fucking it up and getting nicked. hahahaha

  68. glic says:

    The thing is lads. If you were to put a pound on your predictions at them low odds, you wont win much and at the lowest of odds, no one has got all 5 right yet anyway !. Now if you pick the teams I (and Totals last lot ) pick, then you will win a lot for your pound !. You wouldn`t buy lottery tickets if you only thought you were going to win a duck and diver, would you !.

  69. glic says:

    hahaha You dont realise how close you are there Stretch ! hahaha

    You can see why Lady Penelope gave me a semi !. hahaha

  70. glic says:

    The only reason we`d get caught is because of VCC`s choice of gettaway transport………waiting for a bus, with his bus pass ! or a tandom zimmer frame !.


    hahahaha, i can see VCC drving his cortina straight into an old bill ambush. Hes to big to leg it so gives himself up. You run and do quite well till the police dogs bring you down. hahahaha

    About 30 years ago my old man got me a summer job in a dress factory in Finsbury Park. The owner was a Greek Cypriot and most of the staff were Bubbles. It was a three story building and we heard a massive bang downstairs. Three geezers turned up with a shooter to rob the payroll, it was all cash in them days.

    The staff had steamed and overpowered them, the noise was the gun going off. One of the robbers ran up to our floor, got cornered again so jumped over the balcony. the geezer was sprawled out on the floor with broken bones but that didnt stop a bunch of them going out and beating the shit out of him with sticks.

    When the old bill turned up the geezer was half dead but i always remember one of the coppers telling the owner that they done a good job beating him up. Different world in them days.

  72. glic says:

    I used to deliver cotton to all the dress making companies around that area in the late 70`s. My boss was a bubble called George ( I know a very unusual name for a bubble ! hahaha ), nicest and best boss I ever had !. George Ktrou, wonder if he`s still around !.

  73. TotalArsenal says:

    Thanks for all personal stories tonight.

    Loved yours Herb, and I can see you have put a lot of hope and energy in football from an early age. Shame your longest memory is Arsenal losing in a final. 😦

    Richie, no surprise to hear you are a born and bread Gooner. Love the background story every time I read it.

  74. VCC says:

    Herb 14;30. I was at that cup final. Very sad day indeed. Bobby Gould scoring our only goal.

  75. henrychan says:

    Morning all..
    I remember writing about Bergkamp.. and Bergkamp is how I connecting with Arsenal..

    Here is my previous wrote :
    ” For me Dennis Bergkamp is everything..
    I will never becomes Gunners if not because of him..
    I am a big fans of Holland / Dutch team..
    Start with trio Gullit – Van Basten – Rijjkard in Milan..
    For the very first time Holland win European Cup (Euro..) in 1988..
    And they also I love Milan with their ‘dream team’
    But as time goes by.. Bergkamp coming to replace Van Basten in Holland team..
    And I am a very big fans of Dennis Bergkamp.. And of course Arsenal when DB move in..
    And guest what..?? DB coming to Arsenal one year before Wenger did.. (cmiiw..)
    Arsenal have a very funtastic games with Bergkamp..
    We won a lot of trophy in that era..
    Bergkamp spend his 11 years in Arsenal.. and ritered as Arsenal legend..
    Many striker come and go.. like Anelka, Overmars, Petit, Pires and even Henry..
    But Bergkamp remain royal to Arsenal..
    For Henry.. maybe the ritered of DB make him desperated and move to Barca..
    For me Bergkamp is the real Arsenal legend.. more than Henry..
    And I agree with Herb that we didn’t honoured him good enough..
    maybe someday Arsenal should make the same ‘statue’ like Henry and Adam got..”

    So.. I become Gunners almost about 17 years ago.. when I am still a student..
    But I am not a really fanatic (fun-antique maybe.. hehe..) fans.. I never goes to any gathering of Arsenal of Indonesia.. I am not so sociall-person.. and I only watching on TV..
    Lucky us (Indonesian people) we have so many TV station (more than 15 nation wide and almost every province had his own local channel – about 25 from 33 province).. and not include the commercial tv.. hehehehe..So we had about 40 and more TV channel..
    And almost all profesional (especially european) football league are played on TV.. for free.. yes for FREE.. Some years ago even Japan and Brazil league are also there..
    But I only watch EPL and sometime Bundesliga and Primera Spain..
    Never watch Serie A Italian anymore.. since the scandal of calciopoli.. whatever the name..

    Any news if Walcott available for tonight..??

  76. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Henry 🙂

    You come over as an easy-going sociable person to me, but I guess work and family life will limit your opportunities to socialise with other Gunners. Good to hear it is so easy to watch all the games and for free as well!

    The latest I have heard re Theo, is that he will be assessed today, but it looks like he is leaving and an agreement has been made with a club. But that is just gut-feeling. Maybe a swap with Sterling?

  77. Red Arse says:

    Good morning, TA, 🙂

    Another day, another game!!

  78. henrychan says:

    TA.. I don’t think Walcott want to go to Liverpool..
    Swap with Sterling..?? Not that easy..
    To swap Walcott with Sterling.. they must add with Downing + 10 mil to get Walcott.. hehehe.. Liverpool play 4-3-3 with Suarez as RW.. Why don’t you think they must swap Walcott to Suarez.. hehehe..
    And why must Walcott go there.. Liverpool is no UCL qualification.. and never will in another 5 years to come.. hehehe.. And they make me lost one point.. howcome they lost to Villa home.. hehehe..

    I think Walcott will go to Chelsea.. try to replace Toress.. hehehe.. LOL..
    No..no.. He will still played as RW.. as I already mention before..
    There is no place for him as CF in EPL.. MU and City will never add him as CF.. And even WBA who played 4-4-2 also.. will never take him as CF..
    He is a RW master.. No one except Wenger who diligent enough to tamper players to many position.. hehehe..

  79. oz gunner says:

    morning all.

    The terrible 3 at it again last night. Had me in stitches in the staff room at work.

    Henry are you going to see Arsenal next year when they come to Indonesia? Most likely Jakarta I think

  80. oz gunner says:

    “Arsenal are one of these teams who make you dream,” Ba told Canal+.

    Oh how i wish!!!

  81. VCC says:

    Dec..15/15/17 WKLY Overall

    RA…………………………….3 14
    Vcc …………………………4 13
    Oz …………………………3 11
    Henry ………………….2 10
    The Gooner ………….3 9
    TMHT …………………1 9
    Herb ………………………..3 9
    Total …………………1 8
    Rocky …………………1 8
    GLiC …………………1 7

    UMF League update.
    Sorry guys have tried it in grid form but for some reason it will not transfer as I want it.
    Reading v Arsenal result still to come this evening.

  82. kaboom says:


    totally agreed with u. DB deserves a statue more than Henry. am glad the club was generous enough to grant him the testimonial on the opening game of emirates. its such a special day when all the great players van bastan, johan cruyff, De Boers, rijkaard and our own seaman, bould, dixon winterburn keown etc to play for DB final game.

    ps; its a shame keown didnt do a “van nisterooy” on davids. he is still a c*nt

  83. glic says:

    Morning Sackadillo`s 😆

    Beautifull day on glic Island.
    I have the last of the leaf clearing today and will not do another thing gardening wise until spring.
    Also recycling day, I`m good at this, I`m recycling my plastic bags to suffocate the mother in law.
    Not as bad as Stretch though, he`s recycling used condoms as mayonaise dispensers for Subway.
    Vicky takes the gold medal though, I wont say what he does with his recycled colostomy bags, but he does like HP substitute sauce on his bacon butty !.

    Laterz Muvverz

  84. oz gunner says:

    I’m coming for you RA!!!!

  85. henrychan says:

    Oz.. yes sure.. I will..
    Arsenal went to Jakarta 20 years ago.. I was a Milanisti at that time.. hehehe..
    Now Indonesian Gunners already busy for the coming day.. hahaha..
    I am very sure that 120.000 seats in Bung Karno Stadium will be full..
    And you know what.. our President is also a Gunners.. hehehehe..

  86. TotalArsenal says:

    HP (HOT POOP) sauce 😦

    That is disgusting Glicster! 😛

  87. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post – NEW POST 🙂

  88. Fatema says:

    As an Australian female who loved football, the EPL had very little exposure on TV. From a young age, I randomly chose to support UTD because I admired Cantona. (I was 9 or 10 at the time).

    The 98 world cup was the pinnacle moment for me, I loved the French team & hated bergklamp for knocking out Argentina in extra time…

    But the young crop of France stole my teenage heart, zidane, trezuguet & this one guy names Thierry Henry 😉

    It was a love affair that started, & the more immersed I was in football the more I flirted with the thought of falling for Arsenal.

    Before I knew it, I was head over heels for the gunners. Gone was the UTD jersey at 14/15yrs of age, and my affiliation with arsenal had begun.

    I bleed Arsenal, I live & breath Arsenal, I stay up all night to watch Arsenal & I was at the emirates stadium to watch them beat Man City in April this year.

    Not bad for an Aussid chick in Sydney huh? 🙂

  89. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Fatema,

    Thanks for commenting. We have 3-4 Aussie regulars on Bergkampesque and a post comes out every day (normally). Feel free to come back and chat with us more regularly. 🙂

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