Arsene Wenger gets unexpected praise from Johan Cruijff


It has been tough for Arsene over the last few weeks with a disappointing run of form and an embarrassing exit from the League Cup. Both praise and support have become a rarity lately; in fact, a number of ex-players and pundits have been highly critical of Arsene’s tactics, general style of management and player purchases.

All of this cannot be easy for the beleaguered Wenger at the moment, so, it must be great for him that nobody less than the most famous Dutch master of football, Johan Cruijff himself, is using Arsenal as an example of how Ajax should organise itself.

Cruijff wrote today, in his personal column in the Dutch paper ‘De Telegraaf’, that Arsene Wenger has found the right formula on how to be successful in top football without jeopardising the club’s financial position. He said: ‘His [Wenger] work is also for Ajax an example of how it should be done. Don’t let yourself get crazy by the rest, but stick with what you are good at. So, that means education, efficient scouting, and sharp dealings with regards to buying and selling players.’

Cruijff believes this is the best way forward and that it is important to stick with it, especially when a team goes through turbulent times: ‘It can happen now and again you suffer from a set-back, as is currently the case at Arsenal, but in the end things will come good again by sticking with this formula.’

And there is further praise for Arsene: ‘I think it is incredibly impressive, that under his [Wenger’s] management the club [Arsenal] have remained at the top for years, without getting into depth once. Arsene has turned out to be able to identify himself as one with Arsenal.’

And Cruijff wants his Ajax to stick to the same formula: ‘That is what we should do with Ajax. We should profile ourselves as the great youth educator of Europe: because a restriction does not always mean a shortcoming.’

I bet this will bring a rare smile to Arsene’s face, and if Cruijff says it, it must be true: because he really knows! 😉

Total Arsenal.

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18 Responses to Arsene Wenger gets unexpected praise from Johan Cruijff

  1. A/S says:

    Ajax’ visionary and somewhat Cruijf-inspired youth set-up is what gave us Dennis himself. It’s only fair that Arsenal send some inspiration the other way.

  2. TotalArsenal says:

    Nicely put A/S, and fully agreed.

  3. Herb'sArmy says:

    Hi Total,
    I’m sure you know I couldn’t let this one go by without offering my opinion.
    But I need to go out, so on my return, I shall give you my honest opinion on
    Mr Wenger, which no doubt you will whole-heartedly disagree with 🙂

  4. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Herb 🙂

    Thanks for the heads-up! 😀

  5. glic says:

    Bloody Hell Total, I thought you were coming up with a Breaking News item on the lines of, ” Arsene buys Isco from his Hospital bed after sufferingg a ruptured rectum ! “. hahaha

  6. Red Arse says:

    Well, that is an impressive accolade from Cruijff, which will undoubtedly please Arsene!! 🙂

  7. glic says:

    Something to compliment that article. then I`m off to the previous post as it`s funnier on there !. hahaha

  8. richie59er says:

    I hate word press! I just wrote a whole 3 paragraph reply that I in my excitement I didn’t save and of course it’s gone. I wish I was in the car then in a fit or road rage I could at least run someone off the road and head off to the nick feeling justified. What can be done to word press? Where can my post have gone? How can blog-rage be expressed? Urrrrrh I want to wreak havoc and set slip the dogs or war!

  9. richie59er says:

    I haven’t even got the time to re-type I’ve gotta go shopping for “Dennis’s” sake!

  10. TotalArsenal says:

    Oh dear Richie is not a happy bunny! 😦

    Hope to see you back later. 🙂

  11. VCC says:

    UMF League update


    RA 3 14
    Vcc 4 13
    Oz 4 12
    Henry 3 12
    The Gooner 4 10
    TMHT 2 10
    Herb 3 9
    Rocky 2 9
    Total 1 8
    GLiC 1 7

    The Gooner/Oz/VCC, all three scored 4 points this week. Well done

    GLiC still holds the wooden spoon having scored half the points as the leader after only 5 weeks into the competition. What a wanker I hear you all sing. Being the adjudicator I couldn’t possibly comment as I have to remain neutral and un biased, but let it be whispered, yer, your all right, he is a bit of a cock rubber.

    The Gooner has made his mark within the first week, so he is a one to watch.

    Applause goes out to Red Arse being the Yellow jersey holder overall.

    Cheers all for taking part in a fun thing, lets try and keep it up until the season ends and see who comes out on top.

    Stop Press…Stop Press….Stop Press….Next year GLiC will be running the show. Lets all wish him well in his new role.

    The owners of the site held out against the decision to put GLiC in charge of the UMF League next season, but after consultation with GLiC’s psychiatrist, it was decided, for his well being, to let him have a control, as he has been a long time sufferer of being the victim of “Billy no mates” . I know its sad, but we all have a right to live in this world, so lets give a three cheers for GLiC……Hip Hip Hoooray…..Hip Hip Hoooray ….Hip Hip hoooray. Go for it GLiC, the worlds your oyster.

  12. richie59er says:

    I read Gary Neville’s article and it’s logical what’s to disagree with? Herb…………?
    Way too many of our own fans are caught up in the expectations of the Wenger years. I make the distinction between fan’s and supporters; 15 years of never finishing outside of the top 4 have led “fans” to expect more. I’m guilty of this myself I want more than most, not only am I guilty of wanting, I’m guilty of expectation too. Even though I’m a supporter I want more than almost everyone else, my expectations are higher. What do I want?

    Well 1st I want to win the prem again, and before I die I want to see Arsenal win the CL. But I don’t just want to win those two trophies; oh no I’m a lot harder to please than that. If Arsenal won either in the manner that the Chav’s won the CL last outing I’d wouldn’t be happy, I want my cake and I wanna eat it too. I want us to win both either playing “Wengerball” or “Modern Total Football” or whatever variation of fast attacking one touch football this new Arsene team is gonna play.

    Which brings me to the point of this article and Glic’s attachment if Dennis is God? (Does anyone doubt him)? Then JC is the fella who walks on water and rises from the dead, you see JC had a hand in “Gods” education. Therefore this follows; when one Johannes Cruijff speaks everyone including “God” himself better listen. All the armchair managers who know so much about the job and think (Bendtner like) that they could do better, than Arsene should take a while to read very carefully what the Master of the Universe has to say. Before anyone takes exception to what I’ve said consider this: Name another top footballer, who became a top manager, is a top player developer, and was instrumental in setting up the two best football academies in Europe? No? (I didn’t think so).

    I’ve always wanted Arsenal to expand our academy further and model it on the two best in Europe, (Toekomst & La Masia) in other words I want us to follow JC’s example. IMHO there cannot be praise from a higher quarter in the whole of the footballing world than that emanating from Johan Croyff. Anyone who knows anything about the man will understand immediately that he doesn’t lavish praise readily if ever, the fact that he has held up Arsene Wenger as an example is praise indeed. The fact that he has said Arsene’s model is one that his beloved Ajax should follow is nothing short of a tribute and honour of the highest magnitude. It has left me shocked in a strange way because coming from Cruijff I see it as the highest vindication of my thinking, like “you see I always knew I was right to follow and trust in Arsene” Because if JC says he’s right then that’s it, he’s right!

  13. richie59er says:

    Without realising it I’ve paraphrased TA’s last line with my own, I believe thats because we both know that “His Masters Voice Has Spoken” The highest possible authority has given his opinion. If I was Arsene and anyone ever questioned what I did ever again? I’d just say ask JC he knows I’m right, and exactly as TA says he does, he knows! Arsene knows but JC really knows!

  14. The Gooner says:

    Magnificent response richie, the quality there is of the highest order. I’m guilty of questioning AW as our manager from time to time, but always come to the same, exact conclusion that no one could do a better job than he has done and is doing. After reading your comment and TA’s articles, it makes me feel foolish for ever questioning him. Change is great but often it’s fool’s gold and what’s new is not necessarily better. My desire and ridiculously high expectations for this team to win everything occasionally blinds my sensible side when it comes to keeping the faith with all AW is doing with the club.

    Funny enough, several of my fellow Arsenal supporters would disagree with us when it comes to celebrating how we would eventually win the prem or CL. For them, it’s a “in whatever way possible” approach, where I take it at a more grassroots level and want to enjoy seeing Arsenal win those championships in their style and with less resources. I’m not saying we shouldn’t spend to achieve those means, just that it shouldn’t be all about money (re: $hitty, Chelsea, Real, Bayern etc.) I truly believe there will be a day when this game evolves further and greater financial power will not be the only means to an end; we’ve already seen it with teams like Montpellier and Borussia Dortmund win their respective league titles so I’m just hoping the trend continues and there’s a level of sustainability in their success.

  15. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning all 🙂

    VCC – thanks for the update on UMF and it is becoming clear to me I have to step up my game in order to win it! 😛

    Love your updates and good to hear GliC will be in charge of the AWML (Award Winning Mirror League). No?! 🙂

    That’s a truly great comment Richie and a fine follow up by TG as well. I will read those again later in the morning. 🙂

  16. Red Arse says:

    Morning, TA, 🙂

    That lad VCC is a good egg and I feel bad that I will run away with the UMF league. 😀

    Don’t worry — I will deliberately lose a couple of weeks just to let you guys have some hope!!! (OK I am getting some help from Glic’s mirror – but it tells me I am really the man!!!) 😆

  17. VCC says:

    You got the rest scrambled RedArse.

  18. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post fellow Gooooooners! 🙂

    Prepare yourself for a fine match report and in-depth player ratings by the Canadian Canon Ball! 🙂

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