Reading pre-view: Gervinho has to play, Jack to lead, Cazorla to assist better


Three areas for Arsenal to focus on during our game against Reading game.

It has been a long wait since that humiliating cup-exit almost a week ago, but tonight Arsenal will finally get the chance to make up for it. In order to do so, we need to see a number of improvements from our game against Bradford City, and it will go either really well or not well at all.

In a way, the game against Reading is pretty similar to the game against BC: Reading are bottom of the league and we are the favourites to win tonight, but we all know that if Arsenal are not fully focussed and give their all, we could end up with another painful away loss.

Area one: The shape of the team and system of football.

This is the main area of concern at the moment: Arsenal are desperately seeking their identity, their style of play and shape of the team. In my view, Arsenal have not played a version of Wengerball since the departure of Fabregas: last season we played a ‘plan-B’ for the entire season, and this year we continue to struggle to play the Arsenal way.

However, things are improving, despite the set-back against Bradford. With Jack getting better and better, he will be able to guard our shape and drive the team in the most central role of our 4-3-3 formation. With Arteta playing in the anchor role behind him, and Cazorla ahead of him, Wilshere holds the key in supporting our ‘back-five’, and linking up with the ‘front-four’ in order to instigate deadly attacking moves.

We also need Jack to inspire the team with his extrovert character and never-say-die attitude tonight. He might be young, and still not fully fit, but we need him to be able to put his stamp on the match: without it, it’s very unlikely we will find and keep our shape in this game.

Area two: Better service to our three attackers.

Other than the shape of the team, we are also struggling in providing our attackers with quality service. Cazorla has hardly had any assists in the last 12 PL games, and in the pivotal role that he plays in, this simply is not good enough.

I remember many fellow Gooners calling for us to shoot more and in Cazorla they now got what they asked for. The little Spaniard shoots whenever he can, but unfortunately, seldom scores; and many a chance goes to waste. I would like him to start concentrating again on setting up other players: his main aim should be to provide direct assists and indirect assists to Giroud and the wingers.

I am also hoping that our ‘wing-back’ play will become a lot more effective again. We are desperate for a steep improvement in our crossing ability to find the heads (or legs) of Giroud and Podolski. Both Sagna and Gibbs have to really concentrate and be more effective when going forward, and we need to see a far more fluid link-up play between the full-backs and the wingers tonight.

Area three: Proper wing-play to add a must needed dimension to our football.

This is another main area where we have struggled this season. In our 4-3-3 formation, we need effective wing-play to attack with speed and from the sides; to give us width and another dimension with regards to our attacking play. Yet, with Podolski and, I regret to say, Ox on the wings we have been far too predictable (also directly influenced by areas one and two, as per above).

That’s why I strongly believe we need to play Gervinho tonight – and I am assuming that Theo will not play tonight (or ever again for Arsenal?!). The Ivorian might have missed a number of seemingly easy chances recently, which has been very disappointing, but he is able to provide us with proper wing-play better than anybody else in our team at the moment.

Gervinho always makes himself available and once he has got the ball he seldom looses it. He is always keen to take on defenders and penetrate the opposition’s defensive shape, thus making things happen. In every game, he manages to get to the by-line at least a few times and set somebody up to score. I fully expected Ox to be able to do the same now, but it is somehow not happening for him; and the Pod is clearly not a proper winger and can only play on the wing if there is a proper winger on the right, and he gets the right support from his full-back. If this is not happening the Pod looks both ineffective and frustrated on the LW.

Other areas to focus on.

I have no doubt that Reading will try to press us continuously and will not let us settle. So we need to be up for it, and make sure we’ll pass the ball round a lot better than we have done recently. We also need to press them a lot better and that means the whole team has to take part in it and play as one tonight.

We we will also have to concentrate hard in defence, especially in the air during set-pieces. Let’s hope we will see good organisation and link-up between our defenders, and between the defence and the rest of the team.

Predicted Line-up:


Sagna – BFG – TV – Gibb





Preferred Line-up:


Sagna -– BFG –- TV -– Gibb




I don’t need to tell you how desperate we are for a convincing win tonight.

Come on You Rip-Roaring Gunners!

Total Arsenal.

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84 Responses to Reading pre-view: Gervinho has to play, Jack to lead, Cazorla to assist better

  1. Mint says:

    Gervinho ?…. are you mad or just winding people up ?

  2. VCC says:

    Nice pre-match report Total.

    I just cannot work Arsenal out at the moment. Just like a woman, totally unpredictable.

    I prefer your second line up, but with one alteration.

    I would change Gerv with Eisfeld. Give the youngster a start and if its not working out then bring Gerv on. We must try something different because we are becomiong stale and predictable.

  3. A/S says:

    I must admit I’ve had it with people flying up in arms over the Captain’s venturing forward every now and then. He’s an imminent goal threat when he’s right up there and we actually manage a decent cross into the box. Reading aren’t exactly counter attack specialist, so I’d love to see Thomas maraud more than he’s done so far this season.

  4. Adah says:

    The man wei sabi- the man that knows. Your generation left and seem to have carried everything good to your various homes. Can u please return them in the form of advise to Wenger and possibly suggesting good players to him? I know the price aspect is always an issue with him but u can still intervene b/c many of u like the fans take bantams from old pals too. U have remain a true gooner hence suffering like many of us across the globe.

  5. George Weah says:

    Gervinho has been shockin at times but he does seem better suited on the wing than most. Have to say, I like your preferred line up with Rosicky as CAM and Cazorla on the wing. Would really like us to play a 4-4-2 with those two out wide and Pod and Olly G upfront- but that will never happen…

  6. gee says:

    “Gervinho always makes himself available and once he has got the ball he seldom looses it.”

    Mate i really had to double check the meaning of the word seldom after reading that.

    Gerv has been infuriating this season so far, he has got the tools to be a very good attacking midfield player but seems to have lost his brians as he plays as a headless chicken at times. I expected more when he came (assist, goals) and still expect more now. I think the manager is trying to play him into form and with Arshavin on the bench as cover i am not happy at all about this position. Hope he plays into some kind of form but the month he is going to take off to go African Nations i think may have a negative affect on his Arsenal career esp if we find a effective alternative (maybe Jan transfer window, getting back Ryo or Cambell to play there).

    As for tonight – i hope the boys are hungry enough to put the Bradford shambles to bed

  7. Neil83 says:

    Gervinho is the single worst player to ever pull on the red and white. Absolutely no composure. Tries to hammer the ball every time and 9/10 over the bar or wide. Continually runs the ball out of play as well. He is a joke.

  8. Red Arse says:

    A pre-match up to your usual excellent standard oh, mighty Clog!! 😀

    I just have to say it — there is one item I will never agree with you on, and that is Gervinho!

    It isn’t something I want to say, but over the years there have been certain players who simply should never have worn the Arsenal shirt. Gervinho is one of them.

    Look, it’s only an opinion, and therefore not a fact, but it is an honestly held view.

    He may (?) be the best winger option available to us, but that is a reflection on an unsatisfactory firat team squad, and a less than talented Reserve team squad too.

    I will try and keep my opinion on the Gerv to myself in future, but the problem is that he is not alone in being a sub-standard player, and if I shut up about them too, I will have nothing to say.

    Incidentally, the OX is far and away one of our better players, but typically, we have too many good midfield players in Jack, Cazzor, Rosicky and Arteta, so Arsene is trying to find a place in the team for the Ox and playing him out of position on the right wing.

  9. GoonerEris says:

    You are a brave man to be rooting for Gervinho but, the fact is you are right about the qualities he brings, despite his usually bungling & goofy end result. On your predicted line-up, you have to agree Podolski will always find his way into Wenger’s line up so the question will be “who drops for him, between Gervinho and the Ox”? My bet is the Ox.

  10. gee says:

    He is not the worse to put on a shirt in my opininon. I mean Chris Kiywomya, Igor stepanovs, Squilachi are worse in my opinion and Arshavin is only just behind Gerv

  11. VCC says:

    Red Arse 11:36…I have to agree with you regarding Gervinho. He has had enough chances of late. We need to freshen things up a bit. Also, drop one or two and give them a kick up the jacksy. 🙂

  12. TotalArsenal says:

    Mint 🙂

    Not mad at all – Gervinho adds a lot to our game. People only notice his horrible misses but that is only one part of his game.

    VCC 🙂

    Eisfeld is a great prospect and I would not mind to see him instead of Gervinho as long as Cazorla plays on the other wing.

    A/S 🙂

    Agreed on TV being allowed to provide us with extra attacking impetus, but only if the rest of the defence & Arteta are prepared to cover for him.

    Adah 🙂

    Thanks for your fine words

  13. TotalArsenal says:

    George W 🙂

    4-4-2 might well be the imminent future for Arsenal. If we are to sign Huntelaar we might go back to it.

    gee 🙂

    I can see where you are coming from: he can be infuriating at times. But my point is he offers something to the team that we badly miss when we play Ox and Pod on the wings.

    Neil83 🙂

    Single worst player ever?! Well, it is an opinion! 😕

  14. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Redders 🙂

    I respect your views, and I am not saying Gervinho is good enough for Arsenal long term. However, at the moment we simply miss his added dimension if we do not play him on the LW (and not as a CF!). I also feel he can pick up his form he had at the start of the season again any time soon. Relying on Ox and Pod on the wings will be a disaster in my view.

    I don’t think Ox has a chance in midfield. Maybe in the Cazorla role as a pure AM, but he has a long way to go. I really don’t understand why he is making the RW position his at the moment: lack of form, lack of desire, lack confidence?

  15. TotalArsenal says:

    GoonerE 🙂

    I agree with you on Wenger’s continuous preference to put Pod in on LW. But, I thought his performance against BC might change Wenger’s mind now. He has to do something different and playing the Pod on the left is far too risky now (especially with Theo unlikely to play). I agree if he has to choose between Ox and Gerv the former would lose out.

  16. Red Arse says:


    @ 12:11, That is a compromise I am happy to agree with!! 🙂

    Gerv is not the worst player to represent Arsenal, and Stepanovs and a number of others would be weel ahead of him on my list. If we had better all round players in the team, he might well work as the unpredictable spark. But we do not have the luxury of doing that at this point in time.

    The transfer market in January is a difficult time to do business, but if AW can get a club to sell — he will do it. Thing is, I cannot work out, from all the conjecture, who he is looking for.
    Defensive midfielder, Goalkeeper, or a winger to replace Theo. I actually think Theo will re-sign — no knowledge, just a gut feeling. 🙂

  17. alexozgooner says:

    Hi TA,
    Interesting pot but I cannot agree with you about Gervinho.
    He holds the ball too long, does not find his team mates as he is always looking down, not enough pace and his finish is woeful. Against WBA, he had two headers in front of goal and just about managed to put it our for a throw in. Let’s not even go there against Bradford. Sure enough all strikers miss easy shots but with him it happens all too often.

    I do agree we need better link up play upfront to provide some service to the forwards and a better job done by the wingers. More than anything confidence needs to be restored and some players need to show more heart. They cannot forget they are playing for The Arsenal and they should wear the shirt with pride and show the fans that they deserve to be wearing the good old red and white

  18. Red Arse says:

    Hi VCC,

    I saw you giving the Glicster a hard time yesterday, but we all love him anyway!! 😀

  19. VCC says:

    Red Arse…I hope your right about Theo, I would like him to resign too. He can be frustrating at times, but he still remains a game changer, and they are few and far between.

  20. Tired Fan says:

    Gervinho on the right is the BEST option we have! PEOPLE!! Don’t judge him when playing central, he is not a striker! Also, whoever thinks Gerv should be dropped for Eisfeild should stick right where he is: behind the computer screen! I am tired of fans calling for fishy players in odd positions. Eisfield is a midfielder. At least suggest Gnabry, or better still Miyaichi (can’t wait!)….Poldi is not a winger and when we have played without him, we actually look fresh and exciting. Theo is good, but not for games with an opposition that sits back. Just looking at the line-up I can tell whether we will struggle or not. I honestly think its time for Carzola to be benched and let Rosicky pull the strings, or push Carzola out wide and let Rosicky run the show.

  21. VCC says:

    RedArse…not at all, i’m very lenient with our inbred from Cornwall. Don’t feel sorry for him, he will take advantage of you. |He does it with Terry all the time.

  22. A/S says:

    TA: “Agreed on TV being allowed to provide us with extra attacking impetus, but only if the rest of the defence & Arteta are prepared to cover for him.”

    Of corrsh (said like Bane) : )

  23. TotalArsenal says:

    Guys, I just published another post a few minutes ago. It was news hot of the press I had to use straight away. Please feel free to continue posting on here re today’s match. 🙂

  24. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Alex 🙂

    I am not saying the Gerv is perfect, far from it. But we need him to add the extra dimension. I have written before how the team is screaming out for a proper, dedicated, quality winger, but in the meantime we cannot afford not to play Gervinho.

  25. TotalArsenal says:

    Tired fan 🙂

    Thanks for a fine comment and I fully agree.

    RA: I hope Theo will re-sign as well, but I really feel he is a gonner not a Gooner!

  26. glic says:

    Thank you Total for another fine post. You are Mr Tactics on here ( shit, you will now be inundated with emails from Stretch asking for the green ones ! ) on matters of football, but lets get this straight, I`m Mr Luvver Luvver tactics man, ok, right, now we`ve got that out of the way……Geronimo….I have been sitting on the fence with this player for so long, I now have enough splinters to make you a new pair of clogs…yes, yet another skill I possess….cobblers to you !….what size are you ?. hahaha
    Good dribbling skills….especially, when I`m standing naked in front of the mirror !. Alright , I meant Spameanho`s dribbling, he`s quick, works his socks off ( which is one of my favourite traits in any footballer who puts in the hard work ).
    Minus points, finishing, running down blind alley`s and bad awareness of team mates around him. Sort them out and we have a decent player, which when you look at the size of his head, you`ld think would be no problem, he must be at least half as clever as Redders !.
    Talking of Redders, I think of him as a cross between Yoda and Yogi Bear, he`s smarter than the average Jedi Knight !.
    Nothing short of a win will do tonight, otherwise the Spuds and Chavs will start to pull away.

    I think Aresne may surprise us and buy quality in the TW and it could all be down to me. Since TG put that video of Isco up, I have been spending more time in my Holiday Appartment, aka, Arsene`s loft. I slip down through the hatch when he`s having a bath and write little messages on his steamed up mirror whilst he`s washing Girouds nob. “Buy Isco, you know it makes sense “.
    I think the subliminal messages are beginning to work, as he`s started to look on you tube at Isco and the other night I could hear him groaning , ” yes, yes put it in, magnifiqueco ” , whilst watching a complete set of Isco vids, although Giroud was taking Arsene in the doggy position at the time !. hahaha

  27. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Glicster 🙂

    Once again a fine and funny comment!

    Re Gerv finding his fellow players, I cannot agree. Yes he needs to become more consistent, but his pull back for Rosicky against the Greeks and ball in for Jack against the West Brom were both very, very good. All the attackers need to work hard on finding each other better and anticipating the movement of others, not only Gervinho.

    Agreed on the finishing – he really has missed a number of sitters.

  28. glic says:

    Hahaha Tired Fan, please forgive our tired old git VCC, he has had an exhausting day in his wheelchair filming another sequal to ” The fast and the Furious “!. ( just imagine a deep voice over now )……. ” From the makers of The fast and the Furious…… comes a movie like no other to put you asleep”……….” From Dementia Films , comes”……” The slow and the …..who am I….where am I…..who are you ?…..whats this bag ?……who`s the UMF in the mirror ? “.

  29. Red Arse says:

    This hopping from one Clog Production to another could be difficult, but as I am becoming Schizophrenic (if only I could spell it) I am not bovvered!! 🙂

  30. Red Arse says:

    Hi Glico, 🙂

    I have told you before, you need to stop all these excellent and sensible comments before they ruin your reputation!! 😀

  31. glic says:

    Hi Yogi Yoda 🙂

    Did I write something sensible ?. why isn`t it on newsnow ?. hahaha

  32. TotalArsenal says:

    RA, maybe one day bloging will be renamed ‘cloging’ 🙂

  33. Red Arse says:

    I found out why Glic and the UMF —- err, sorry — Glic and VCC are at each others throats.

    They have been pinching our weekly forecasts and betting on the outcome.

    It seems that Glic reckons he is owed £5 more than twice VCC’s winnings, but the only sure fire thing they know is that the total winnings was £23, and they cannot figure out how to split it.

    So relax boys, be friends, and I will show you how to sort it out! 😆

    Let x be VCC’s winnings, OK?

    Then Glic’s winnings will equal twice VCC’s winnings = £5. OK?

    Therefore, x (VCC’s money + 2x + 5 = £23 — let’s clean that up!

    x + 2x + 5 = 23

    3x + 5 = 23

    3x = 18

    x = 6

    Therefore we now know VCC won £6, and Glic won twice that + another £5.

    VCC = £6
    Glic won twice that = £12 + £5 = £17

    VCC = £6
    Glic = £17

    Total = £23

    Chill out guys — cough up VCC and you can all be mates again — unless, erm, maybe VCC said HE had won twice what Glic won, plus £5 out of a pot of £23.

    Sod it — you guys are on your own, after all!! 😛

  34. TotalArsenal says:

    Hey Redders, as you are bringing out your maths challenges again, I reckon you must be feeling a little better again today?! 🙂

    Keep ‘m coming amigo Americano!

  35. Red Arse says:

    A wonderful scientific achievement may have ramifications for some footballers, if it can be developed.

    A tetraplegic woman has successfully operated a robotic arm using her own brain power.

    Within two days of having a pair of sensors implanted in the motor cortex of her brain, reports The Lancet, 53-year-old Jan Scheuermann was able to move and grasp a number of objects using just her thoughts to control the arm. The breakthrough was made possibe by Professor Andrew B. Schwartz of the University of Pittsburgh’s Neurobiology department, with help and funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Department of Veterans Affairs, the National Institutes of Health, and the UPMC Rehabilitation Institute.

    The sensors, which measure 4 millimeters square, have 100 tiny needles on them to pick up the electrical activity from around 200 individual brain cells. These electrical pulses are then translated into commands to move the arm, described as “highly intuitive and probably responsible for the unprecedented performance of the brain-machine interface.”

    Can you imagine that being implanted into a footballer’s brain.

    — Ball coming — kick it — GOAL
    — Full back in your way — swerve around him, and cross — GOAL
    — Trap ball, bring it under control — cross the ball — GOAL

    This could revolutionize Arsenal’s season!!!! 😆


    Thanks TA

    I too like the Gerv. He has fantastic movement and stamina. We have been lacking movement up front so for me Gerv has to play.

    He reminds me of one of those Masai warrior types. You know, those guys that hunt in a loin cloth and spear. Like them he floats like a butterfly and can run all day. The only difference is that when they throw the spear they bring there prey down whilst Gerv is most likely to bring a fellow hunter down. I mean come on, would you want to play darts with Gerv? You would win the game, but have more holes in you than a sieve. hahaha

    I am very confident of victory tonight. The players will have been stung by the critiscism and will respond in kind. 4-1 Arsenal.

  37. Red Arse says:

    Slight disaster on the intelligence side, Tazzer! 😦

    I played my first chess game for many years, to warm up for your challenge. Unfortunately, I lost to myself, and I cannot stop laughing at that loser!!!!

  38. Red Arse says:

    Hi Terry, 🙂

    I remember you saying something like, “The Gerv floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee.”

    It was only after the game that I realized you meant, “He floats like a bumble bee and stings like a butterfly”!! 🙂

  39. glic says:

    Redders, I thought you were the first human / robot hybrid !. If I`m not mistaken , it was revealed in my last video, of your joining with DATA, C-3PO and Brainiac !. 🙂

    You can tell Stretch is not his normal optimistic self, he normally goes for a 5-0 win !. I think one of the pigeons must has left him ! . hahaha

  40. glic says:

    Geronimo goes on them mazy uncontrollable runs because he has Bees attached to his honey basted nob,. To describe him as, “The Bees Knees “, doesn`t even come close !.

  41. Red Arse says:

    Of all the Arsenal kids out on loan, here in the UK and in Spain, only one, Chuks Aneke, actually played for his loan team, Crewe.
    He was hauled off at half time before Crewe went on to win.

    Every other loanee was either injured or on their respective benches and not called on to play!

    Project youth seems to be stuttering at the moment.

  42. glic says:

    Agree Redders
    Project Youth is stuttering more than VCC going the wrong way up an escalator with his rusty zimmer frame !.

  43. glic says:

    henrychan @ previous post.

    Isn`t your President missing a trick there ? . What 30 million people ?
    Now if I was President, every new baby would be a Junior Gunner and every person who supported anyone other than Arsenal would be made to live under the sea !.
    All uniforms would be Arsenal colours, all clothing would be Arsenal kits, in fact, the name Maylasia would be changed to Arsenalasia !.

  44. henrychan says:

    @Glic.. hehehe.. I am Indonesian not Malaysian.. Indonesia have 250 million people bro.. and my country is 10 times bigger than Malaysia..
    We are the 5th biggest country in the world after China, USA, Rusia, and India..
    And also 5th biggest population after China, India, Rusia and USA..
    But none of 3 big Asian country can play football properly.. haha.. LOL..

  45. Red Arse says:

    You tell him, Henry, hehehe!! 😀

  46. Red Arse says:

    And by the way, Glicster, Singapore is …………….. Singapore, and not Malaysia either!! Hehehe!!

    Maybe Henry should rename his country Arsenalesia!

    Have you been to Bali, Henry? I have been twice about 15 years ago, and I loved it. What surprised me was that the population was mainly Hindu.

    That is fascinating as the main religion in Indonesia seems to be Muslim. [Excuse my ignorance if I am wrong]

  47. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahaha Hehehe 250,000,000 brain washed Indonesian Gooners: that’s what I call a fan-base. Every morning at eight o’clock everyone to sing ‘Ooh to, Ooh to be, Ooh to be a Gooner!’

    Love the pride you take in your country but I reckon Canada is bigger than Indonesia! 🙂

  48. Red Arse says:

    Yes, TA, Canada maybe bigger in area, but is nowhere near the population of Indonesia. 🙂

  49. Red Arse says:

    TA, I should mind my own business!! 🙂 Canada is bigger in area than Indonesia, so I am right in that, but Henry may have implied Indonesia is bigger in area — which is wrong!!

    Shoot!! 😀

  50. TotalArsenal says:

    Yes true, Reddinsky Mars: for every Canadian there are about 12 Indonesians and yet the former’s country is way larger than the latter’s.

  51. henrychan says:

    @ glic..
    And also Malaysia don’t have any president.. they had a prime minister.. and they are kingdom.. with several kings.. not a Republic..
    @RA.. hehe..
    I don’t really surprise about most people knowledge about our nation.. Bali is more wellknown than Indonesia.. although Bali is a part (province) of Indonesia..

  52. henrychan says:

    @TA.. thanks for correcting me about my geography.. hehe..

    Btw.. I like your team..
    If ever we play 4-4-2 again.. that SWAT midfielders can play altogether.. hehe..

    So Walcott is still injured..??

  53. glic says:

    Please accept my sincere apology henrychan, for some reason I thought Arsenal were playing in Kuala Lumpur ( home to the chocolate koala Oompa Loompa bears ).
    Just change my Maylasia to the nicer ( I`m grovelling now, hahaha ) Indonesia ( or it`s official name ,Republic of Indonesia ) and the 30 million to the even better 250 million, which in my opinion will make Arsenal even more richer !. Just have a word with your mate the President and have all my ideas put into place !. The Republic of Arsenalesia !. Just one pound from every Arsenalesian and we will be able to buy ” Super Quality “. hahaha …hehehe…I`m the laughing gooner and you cant catch me !.

  54. Red Arse says:

    Who are you calling a cant, Glic?

  55. glic says:

    With a flag that colour, there shouldn`t be any Spudesians !. hahaha

  56. Red Arse says:


    After all my hard work, did VCC pay you your winnings?

    And you can’t call someone a cant — well you can, but you cant! (Damn — now you have got me doing it!!)

  57. glic says:

    No Redders, but I`ll let him off as he needs the money. It`s so bad, Ethiopia are having a Rock Concert to pay for a new wheel chair for him !.
    I think he`s at school today, trouble is, he looks like the dodgy janitor and after offering the kids sweets they`ve locked in the broom cupboard !. hahaha

  58. Red Arse says:

    Glic, can I tell you something? I have my laptop on my lap, funnily enough, and it just moved so I will take that as a yes.

    I love your avatar – Muttly, isn’t it? — but every time I see it, I think of VCC.
    You have often described him and he matches that avatar of yours perfectly.

    Sorry, Glic baby, you are going to have to bequeath that fine doggy fellow to him!
    The good news is that you perfectly match his avatar – so a swap is in order!! 😀

  59. glic says:

    Nooooooooooooooooo Redders, not my Mutley !!!. Neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. hahaha
    I have a picture of my pup, Max, with the same shirt on as Vicky`s pup, it has Bergkamp and 10 on the back, but I dont know how to transfer it too be my avatar !.
    Anyway Mutley suits me, he`s a mischievous scoundrel like me !. hahaha

  60. Red Arse says:

    Hehh, hehh, Glicster!!! 🙂

  61. glic says:

    Nice Redders 🙂
    Your a Dick……Dastardley and I`m a Mut…..ley !………..and why have you got me hanging upside down ?…….I bet the rest of the picture shows Vicky dangling me by my Dogs……… hahaha

  62. glic says:

    Dastardley would make a great avatar for you !. Go on , do it !, you know you want to !. hahaha

    Redders, did you see that Tug Toner vid ?. Stretch needs it as his avatar, most fitting ! hahaha

  63. Red Arse says:

    Well, I’ve got to vamoose, I need to get into training on my Chess moves or TA will take me apart, well it happens when your screws are loose. 😉

  64. Red Arse says:

    Tug Toner for Terry Nutkins seems perfect to me, Glicster!! 😛

    Terry is not talking to me because I am too enthusiastic for him!!

    Tomorrow, dude! 😆

  65. TotalArsenal says:

    Good banter this early evening between Redders and Glicster! No training to beat me at Chess Redders! 🙂

    Come on Arsenal: three points and three places up the table into fifth would be very nice! 🙂

    Catch up with you all after the game.

  66. VCC says:

    GLiC & RedArse……arrived late to the party today. Loved your exchanges. I would pay to watch you guys on stage. 🙂

  67. glic says:

    Evening Vicky 🙂
    Sorry , but it`s sofa time, yes I know it`s not 8pm yet, but I like some time to soak in the sofa atmosphere ! hahaha

  68. glic says:

    * that should be ” behind the sofa time ! *. you know what I mean… pooppers going !. hahaha

  69. The Gooner says:

    Evening Gentlemen,

    Finally back from the slopes just in time for the game! How have the lot of you been?

    Great start to the game, loving our movement and passing today! Nice to see Podolski get on, hopefully he hits form 🙂

    Amazing articles the last couple days TA, especially liked yesterday’s asking the audience how they became fans. As for myself, based in Canada and became a fan because of 2) and 3). Originally, I was just a grassroots football admirer who loved to watch teams play beautiful football. I was born into a family of Chelsea fans, with my dad, brother, cousins, uncles and close family friends all being supporters. I always like going against the grain to make games more exciting and as soon as I saw Arsene’s effect on the Arsenal’s style of play, I instantly fell in love. I’ve also always admired Arsenal’s red and white kits. I’ve been slowly convincing people to switch over to support Arsenal and successfully converted my brother and cousin (tried convincing another cousin and now he supports Man $hitty that clown)! They’re starting to see the value in cheering for a financially responsible club and have detested Chelsea for their unreasonable spending. All in all, I could never imagine cheering for another club!


  70. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi TG – catch up with you after the game. Did you see my email? No pressure though – just a thought. 🙂

    3-0 to the Arse!!!!

  71. henrychan says:

    Santi Cozorla could go for hattrick..
    Super Cozorla..

  72. The Gooner says:

    TA, sent you a response with my thoughts on the game so far. Hopefully some of that helps you in writing the post-match report!

  73. glic says:

    ” Cazorla to assist better “, he must have been Reading ! ( the only team for such a fitting pun ! hahaha )

    I accidently came across a few of old lurve making songs earlier by an artist you may not know or maybe you do, which I hadn`t heard for years, but seeing as I`m in the mood,…….shame they last longer than 2 minutes !. hahaha
    Must be played loud !.

  74. glic says:

    Night BKers.
    I have the inconsiderence of work tomorrow and have to be up early. The earlier I get in, the quicker I can get back home to watch the whole game on Arsenal player !. 🙂

  75. TotalArsenal says:

    Night Glic – watching the game will be a joy for you! 🙂

    Cheers TG – I emailed you back. Also thanks for explaining how you got to support Arsenal. Going against the grain was an instinctive thing to do, I guess; and you definitely made the right choice! 🙂

  76. RockyLives says:

    Hello TA
    You mentioned width in your Post and that, for me, was the most striking change about the way we played tonight.

    AW clearly set up the team to have pace all across the forward line – and the MF were also clearly told to get it wide quickly.

    It was a joy to see us break from defence on a number of occasions, ping the ball out wide and be threatening the Reading goal within three or four seconds of starting the attack.

    Too often in previous games those moves would have got bogged down in sideways passing in the MF. I know Reading didn’t look that good, but I really hope this can be a template for how we play in the future.

    I thought Theo had a very good game at CF – even doing some nice stuff with his back to goal. His finishing is so much better than Gerv’s that he is a much better option for the central striker position.

    I fully expect the same starting 11 against Wigan, assuming there are no injuries.

  77. TotalArsenal says:

    All agreed Rocky 🙂

  78. VCC says:

    Fully agree with you Rocky. We looked much sharper, and it was clear Wenger had told the boys to get the ball wide more often and quicker. We were hugging the touchline and stretching their defence. Let’s hope this continues. Walcott has given Wenger food for thought.his performance was extremely promising in the leading role. As you say much more clinical than the Gerv.

  79. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post fellow Gooooooners! 🙂

    Prepare yourself for a fine match report and in-depth player ratings by the Canadian Canon Ball! 🙂

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