Santi dictates, Gibbs/Pod left side power, Theo gave us wings + Player Ratings

Santi Cazorla celebrates after scoring against Reading

Arsenal took a much-needed three points from last night’s match vs. Reading and hopefully it silences the criticism that has been plaguing the club as of late.  The 5-2 result was well deserved given the balance of play and it’s about time that we started performing to the high levels of expectation for a top club.  We completely dominated the first 60 minutes of play, and if it were not for some critical Federici saves, the score could have easily been 7-0.

Three of the five goals were produced from the left side of the pitch, with one other goal assisted by Gibbs on the left from a fantastic Theo cross.  Much of our early season success came from a dangerous left side that featured overlapping runs and fantastic link up play from Podolski and Gibbs.  Gibbs’ injury vs. West Ham directly coincided with the attack down the left flank breaking down.  Hopefully, the Gibbs-Podolski partnership continues to flourish consistently from here on out.

The left side was given more freedom to attack due to the speed threat of Theo down the middle; Reading’s defense was quite narrow and given our last clash with them in the Capital One Cup, they were right to be concerned.  Up front, our attack was finally given shape and we were treated to a classic, beautiful Arsenal display – fluid passing, direct runs, intelligent movement and relentless pressure from both flanks.  This was possible because Arsene finally switched his tactics and played a more mobile striker in Theo up front.  The front three were interchanging their positions with Podolski and Ox occasionally drifting centrally and Theo chasing down balls played into open space down the left and right.

Player Ratings:

Szczesny (7.5) – The Pole’s continued to give us stability in goal and has done everything you can reasonably expect from a keeper.  He did well to outstretch himself and grab what could have been an easy goal for Reading off a corner.  None of the goals were his fault and were a direct result of defensive breakdowns.  However, it would have been nice to see Szczesny save 1 of the 2 goals.

Gibbs (8.5) – Fantastic display down the left hand side and helped give our attack shape.  Two assists, some scoring opportunities that were blocked and plenty of good crosses.  Constantly pushed forward offensively and was reliable coming back for his defensive duties.  The only reason I didn’t give him a higher rating was because of his errant pass to Wilshere that led to a goal that brought Reading back into the game.

Vermaelen (8.0) – Has looked much more reliable defensively this year and saved us early on in the game on a 2 v 1 by clearing Pogrebnyak’s pass across the front of the goal.  Would have liked to have seen him more involved offensively, but it was more a luxury than a necessity today.  Great game by our captain, took a gamble to intercept Gibbs’ errant pass before the first goal.

Mertesacker (7.0) – Broke up a few of Reading’s plays and ensures that we have adequate defensive cover.  However, he was guilty of ball watching and drifted away from marking Kebe, who eventually scored the 2nd goal.

Sagna (7.0) – His crosses have been ineffective all year and perhaps it was fortunate that he was not playing in as much of an advanced role yesterday.  Reading’s few scoring chances primarily came down the left side, a testament to both our domination in possession and to his defensive reliability.  Still, had a few turnovers from poor passes and I’ve come to expect more from what I believe is the best right back in the Premier League.

Arteta (8.5) – The engine that drives our team and it was evident that we missed him last week in our loss to BradfordCity.  Won ball possession back and instantly pressured Reading when we lost possession of the ball.  Always great with ball retention, followed his defensive responsibilities well and distributed the ball to our creative outlets as we’ve seen him do all season.  Really helped to settle our team down and conserved his energy to chase down attackers.

Wilshere (8.5) – You can tell that he’s the one who wants to make things happen for the squad.  He leads the team up field with his charging runs with the ball and he is always looking to add directness to our attack from the midfield.  His aggressive style helps keep the opposition in check, but it did lead to a yellow card.  He had an opportunity to score from a nice mid-air volley but the effort was met from an even better Federici save.  It was unfortunate that he slipped on the 1st goal, but the pass shouldn’t have been played that far away from him in the first place.  Jack really should have had at least one assist today, but personal accomplishments are not important when the team wins.

Cazorla (9.5) – 3 goals and 1 assist, well deserved ‘Man of the Match’ recognition and he really showed his world-class ability.  Recently, I’ve accused him of not being influential enough to take matters into his own hands to turn around games for our team, but yesterday he truly was the difference.  He was creating plenty of through ball scoring chances for Theo, made intelligent passes in the final third, always put himself in good positions to score and took plenty of chances that he may not have taken in past games.  The only thing keeping his rating from a perfect 10 was his defensive lapse early in the game when Pogrebnyak was on the receiving end of a nice give and go that almost led to a Reading goal when the game was 0-0.  In addition, later in the 78th minute, Santi tried to do it all by himself vs. 6 Reading players and turned the ball over in Reading’s 18-yard box.  As you can see, I really had to nitpick to find any flaws in his game yesterday.

Podolski (9.0) – A goal and 2 assists and it appears like Podolski has finally come back into form and reignited his partnership with Gibbs down the left flank.  He’s often accused of either disappearing or being non-existent in games, but today he put in a great performance for the full 90 minutes.  A couple erroneous passes at the edge of and within Reading’s 18-yard box brought down his rating slightly.

Walcott (8.5) – His pace is a nightmare for defenders and Reading gave him plenty of space to make intelligent runs into empty space.  His goal at the 80th minute destroyed any hope of a Reading comeback and despite starting as a striker, he was willing to move out wide and distributed some nice crosses into the middle of the pitch (he spotted Gibbs with a cross that eventually led to the third goal).  However, Theo missed a breakaway opportunity in the first half and he could have passed to a wide-open Podolski in the second half instead of taking a shot that was wide of the mark.

Oxlade-Chamberlain (7.5) – He really set the tempo of the game for us after his blazing run and attempt on goal that was deflected wide by Federici in the opening minutes.  Reading had difficulty coping with his pace all night and his ability to cut inside added another element of directness and unpredictability to our attack.  In fact, it was his decision to take the ball inside and pass it to Wilshere that eventually led to Cazorla’s hat trick, which involved classy, vintage Arsenal build-up play.  He did disappear for about half the match and was rightfully substituted in the second half.  He had a great opportunity to score his first PL goal this season but a spectacular sprawling Federici save met his header.

Ramsey, Giroud and Coquelin (Incomplete) – All were relatively late substitutes and did not have sufficient time to make an impact on the game.  I hate to pick on Ramsey after such a great team effort but our attack down the right side became non-existent once he stepped onto the pitch and we ended up passing backwards into our own end more.  Giroud missed a great opportunity to get onto the score sheet after sending a volley into Federici’s outstretched arms on a breakaway.  Coquelin made a nice run forward and held the play up well that eventually led to a Podolski give away, but that’s about all I noticed from him in his cameo appearance.

Despite Arsenal playing a game full of so many positives, there were still negatives to take away.  In typical Arsenal fashion, an inspiring first 60 minutes eventually led to 2 goals that gave life to a late Reading comeback.   It looked like a realistic possibility before Theo iced the game with a great finish at the 80th minute to make it 5-2.

We have lacked focus defensively for much of this season and have been punished late in games for conceding crucial goals (2nd leg vs. Schalke, Swansea, Fulham, Olympiacos); fortunately, today we amassed a significant lead to relieve some of the pressure if such a scenario were to occur again.  As noted earlier, Gibbs’ misplaced pass exposed us for the first goal and ball watching by Mertesacker led to the second goal.  Finally, zonal marking on corners looks like it’ll eventually do us in, and we were fortunate to only concede 3 today.

Going forward, questions still remain unanswered.  Can we replicate the same success at home?  Was today’s result a testament to our improved team play or us facing a very poor, lackluster Reading side?  Will this win be met with any level of consistency or will we once again be victims of an underwhelming performance next time out?  Not to sound too pessimistic after today’s glorious performance, but there’s been a disturbing trend of inconsistency that casts a shadow of doubt over the coming Wigan clash on Saturday.

Four times this season, we’ve managed to follow up encouraging wins with losses or ties: beat West Ham, then lost to Norwich/beat QPR, then lost to Utd/beat Tottenham, then tied Villa and Everton before losing to Swansea/beat WBA, then lost to Bradford on pens.

All in all, a great game where we dictated the pace of the game and the result should go a long way in building confidence for our squad.

Written by: The Gooner.

72 thoughts on “Santi dictates, Gibbs/Pod left side power, Theo gave us wings + Player Ratings

  • I will give credit where it is due. I think Arsenal played with purpose and were hungry for victory which has not been the case in other games. Wenger got the starting line up correct and hopefully we manage to be consistent and rise further up the table.As a manager you get praise when things are well and criticism when things go wrong whether you have won 20 trophies or none in your tenure with the club, hopefully we continue moving forward with wholehearted perfomances like these.

  • Great Post!
    Agree with all the points that you made. Despite the fact that we scored 5, we still managed a lapse that in past games have allowed the opposition to get back in the game. A much better performance and the Gibbs-Podolski partnership works for me. Hopefully we can use this game as a platform for the next few but who knows with the consistency that we’ve had so far this season.
    We had a lot of posession and its good to see that it was attacking posession, not just passing between the midfield and defence. Jack does show a lot of heart and maybe its starting to rub off on others. Lets not forget Arteta who is a work horse and never stops and perhaps does not get the recognition he truly deserves. I thought your ratings were fair.
    Cazorla, well what can you say. 1st season in the PL and has nearly scored as many as he did for Malaga all of last season. Creative genious and i hope that now its time for him to do it more consistently.
    Great game, lots of positives but still some way to go.

  • Fantastic report The ‘G’! 😛

    You are right to highlight the positives, but remain cautious nevertheless re our ability to replicate this performance / have the consistency.

    It was great to see that we had a strong shape to the team and all three midfielders played a blinder, as reflected in your individual assessments. Arteta and Jack did a lot of the dirty work which allowed Cazorla to dictate our attacks. The wings were properly used, especially on the left and I was uber impressed with the Pod’s drive and motivation, and he was well supported by his brother in arms, Gibbs.

    I loved the way the fluid-three worked out up-front. They were everywhere and supported each other constantly. There was no need for Gervinho as we were allowed space to get behind their defence constantly. If only all PL teams would allow us to pass the ball round like that and offer us an immaculate pitch with plenty of space to move into constantly, it would all be a lot easier.

    It is fair to say that Reading have been by far our easiest away fixture, but the whole team made sure that we would fight for this one and not let Reading back in (although we still almost did! 😦 ).

    All in all, a great game to watch, three points and three places up the table, a couple of lessons for the defence (and the rest of the team) to work on, and hopefully the start of a good run. 🙂

  • Hi Alex 🙂

    Yep, Cazorla was superb yesterday and you are right about Jack showing the much needed passion on the pitch: boy, did he put his body on the line last night!

  • @ TA
    Pods Drive comes from someone giving him support from the left. In the past few games most of our attacks have come to the right and there hasnt been anyone there to push through on the left. Pod is not a lazy player but he will disappear if there is no one to support him. Brother in arms, I love it, its a good combination between Pod and Gibbs lets continue to exploit that avenue

  • Jack did put parts of his body on the line, im sure it was not pleasant for him at all (;))

  • Alex

    Fully agreed on the Pod needing Gibbs – they have a telepathic relationship. It is like two Terminators cloned from the same gene, powering everybody ragged from the left.

    Yes, Jack had to endure a full nutcracker and when he was interviewed he looked awfully pale as well. He is the missing link, and if only Diaby could be fit for a few games a month to give the likes of Jack and Arteta a break now and again, we could go places.

  • TA
    We have been hoping for Diaby to give the midfield a break for many seasons. I would like that to happen but from the looks of it, this may never happen.

  • Agreed Alex, and that’s why I have been prioritising on getting a beast of a DM as soon as possible. For me the most critical recruitment need.

    What part of Australia are your from, Alex?

  • Arsene on Walcott:

    Walcott, who is still yet to sign a new deal with Arsenal, was deployed in his favoured central role and Wenger is hopeful an agreement can be reached sooner rather than later.

    The Frenchman said: “It is not my decision, it is Theo’s decision as well – if it is [only] my decision, it is quickly done.

    “Theo has been educated at Southampton and Arsenal, where he has become a top-level player.

    “I hope that when he considers his future he will think this is the best place for him and sign for us.

    “I will just say our desire and will is clear, and Theo knows that. Hopefully we can get to a happy end with it.”

    Yet, Theo is saying ‘it is a long process’ sort of bullshit. Clearly, he is a gonner otherwise it would have been sorted by now. Unless…. RA can come up with a viable theory (maths compulsory! 😀 )….

  • today has been steady for a change, its just the norm here tho’.
    Sunny day today with 3 points to add to the tally and only a couple of points behind the spuds. A very good day if you ask me

  • Podolski is a much better player when Gervinho plays on the bench! His “headless chicken” runs have seen Podolski’s strength crowded out time and again and imagining what Gerv would have done had he been anywhere near the cross Pod slammed home for goal 1 gives me shivers. He was at fault for the second goal though, tracking his man beyond the back 4 meant he played Kebe on side when Mert has stepped up. I wonder what went thru Pers mind when he looked to the linesman seeking a flag and saw Podolski 2 yards behind him. I bet it was something particularly scathing in German!

  • Du verdammtes Schweinhunt, voll-idioot, super Arschloch Podolski! 😈

    That’s what the BFG will have said..

    Hi Steve

    The Gerv brings a different skillset to the table; something the Pod does not possess. In last night’s game, we did not need it because Reading gave us a lot of space and allowed us to run behind their defence everywhere. Agreed on the finishing ability of both Pod and Gervinho. I will say it again though, we need a Gervinho in our team; especially when defence sits back tightly.

  • Hi all..
    Great post TG..
    I must say last night was Super Santa Cozorla show.. hehe..

    @TA.. How many wifes do you have..?? Hehe..

    I think Wenger gambling for Walcott just to made him happy and sign the contract..
    But lastnight was a good gambling.. Walcott was okay.. but I still think Walcott need some more games to prove that he can be a perfect CF..

    But I think Reading’s defender was shock to our strikers trio.. hehe.. And lastnight Podolski do his job verywell.. And so did our captain Vermaelen.. he did great..

    Hope we can continue our good performed.. win all the last 4 games before jan break..
    Than we will be at 4th place in early 2013.. That will be so sweet newyears gift..

  • Like all Gooners I hope the manner of the win gives the boys some confidence, going forward, our attacking play looked more Arsene, than what we’ve seen lately. Unfortunately at 0-3 up we relaxed and tried to treat it like a training ground exercise, which led to some sloppy play and a short return to the annoying side to side front to back keep ball game that encouraged a response from Reading. Just when I hopped we’d fill our boots the foot came off the pedal, it’s an irritating trait that a few of those above us in the table wouldn’t fall into. I know I’m being ultra critical but we need best practise at all times, because we can afford to drop too many points from now on in. The field is set, the games afoot and our troops need to dig in and produce because although we may be only 2 points off 4th we are a massive 15 points off Manu’er approaching the midway stage. I want professional pride to kick in, because both the Manc’s clubs have totted up the points without ever having played particularly well, which frustrates the hell out of me!

  • Just the one Henry; more than enough for me! 😆

    Richie, I think Henry is referring to a PL break, as we have the FA cup at the start of January – giving us a break from the PL so to speak.

    You are right about best practice at all times and I am sure the team will discuss those lapses of concentration. In a way, it is a good warning prior to the Wigan game, which will be a bigger challenge no doubt.

  • In that case we’ll give HC the benefit, i.e, he knows more than he’s letting on 😆

  • @Richie.. Ye bro.. I know.. that why EPL is the hardest league in the world.. haha..
    Who would you like the most to bring in january..??

    @TA.. Wigan today is not the same Wigan lastseason.. more easy to handle.. hehe..
    And you know.. this is another away game..
    This season Arsenal is verygood when away.. isn’t it..??

  • Good report TG – very much the way I saw it too.

    Only one quibble – I think you’re being harsh on the BFG. He actually played beautifully for their second goal – stepping up with the other defenders to win the offside.

    Unfortunately the plan was scuppered by a non-defender – Podolski – getting lost in the LB position and playing Kebe onside.

  • Hi Rocky and Steve,

    I agree with both of you that Podolski was also at fault on the second goal, but as a forward tracking back you can’t really fault him. That’s why I placed the blame on Mertesacker in that situation. He should have the presence of mind to know when to step up and play the offside trap and unfortunately he made the wrong decision there. He could have also easily stayed with his man and attempted to block the shot/strip the ball 1 v 1. In a game full of so many positives, I had to be critical on a couple players’ performances since it clearly wasn’t a perfect game. I’ve seen better from Sagna and Mertesacker this year, so unfortunately they were victims of a 7.0 rating. However, 7.0 isn’t bad in my mind, when you start going to a sub 7.0 rating then there’s a cause for concern!

    Steve, I also agree with you on Gervinho. He can be effective but it seems he lacks intelligence on the pitch. It’s been debated quite a bit on this site, but we’ve come to the conclusion that he’s useful to have since he’s our only real orthodox winger.

    Cheers for the replies guys!

  • Fine post as usual TG.

    I like to look at the collective. As far as ime concerned we are in great shape to go forward. A young Britsih spine supplemented by excellent foreign talent moulded into a great team by the finest manager of his generation. This will be backed up by a club with increased power to offer top contracts and compete in the transfer market.

    Crises? There never was one.

  • Hi Alex,

    Thanks for the kind words!

    Hope to see you commenting on this site more often :). I agree with you on all accounts, Santi Clause came early this year, Jack is driving us forward both on the pitch and emotionally, Arteta’s contributions are vital yet go unnoticed and the Pod-Gibbs partnership gives us life in our attack.

  • Cheers Terry :). I agree that the club in crises was overblown by the tabloids and former stars trying to cast their net for a larger audience. Great result and really silences our critics, just hoping for consistency going forward! Also, I’m hoping that even if we do finally go on a run of good form that it doesn’t take away from Arsenal’s ambition in signing a couple players in the January window. We could use more talent and some depth!

  • Hi Henry,

    Thanks for the compliment and for the analysis!

    Reading was shockingly poor last night, which was exactly what we needed after that devastating lost to Bradford City. I couldn’t believe how much space and time on the ball they gave us; it’s common knowledge that Arsenal struggles more when pressured and not given time to set up and knock the ball around. In any case, I hope this gives the team more confidence to attack directly going forward and hope to see the same starting 11 vs. Wigan!

  • Hi TA,

    🙂 another classy reply from the classiest blog creator. I thought it was necessary to highlight the negatives as we did let down our guard for 20 or so minutes and there should always be areas of improvements in any match. What a great result though and my biggest concern is how we respond on Saturday. Wigan are a great follow-up opponent to Reading and Martinez likes to play a similar style of football to Arsenal, so hopefully it means lots of space and more goals for us!

  • Hi and thanks TG 🙂

    You are totally right to point out the lapses of concentration that increased our goals against tally by 10% in one game. We must not get carried away, but when I listened to Jack after the game, I don’t thiink we need to worry about that.

    Wigan will be another test and we know from previous encounters that it can go all sort of ways. Even having a two goal lead could not be enough to secure the tree points and that’s why I am happy the defence made those mistakes yesterday. It should mean they will concentrate better on Saturday.

  • That feels much better! As soon as I heard the team-sheet I knew we’d win by a convincing margin. Kudos, Mr Wenger. Obviously sterner tests lay ahead, but not a bad starting point.
    Just need to sort that wobble out 🙂

  • Cheers Herb, thanks for the reply. Have you ever considered writing an article about why we need a new manager/board? Despite there being plenty of opposition against your opinion, I find it very intriguing and you generally support it with sound facts. At the very least, it would create great discussion and allow others who don’t necessarily read all the comments to give their input. Just a thought, something I’d definitely be interested in reading :).

  • Many thanks VCC. Any additional thoughts on the game? The trio of yourself, Terry and Glic seem to be missing today, haven’t met my daily dose of laughter yet!

  • Evening Quimbecile`s 😆

    Watched the whole game on ” Player “, then went to see my Grand Daughters nativity play and it made me think that,…. myself, Vicky and Stretch are like the Three wise mens gifts……Gold, Frankenstein and Muff !, guess who`s who ! . hahaha

    Great match report TG, I`m glad you mentioned the few defensive lapses that may have changed the game, Verms great interception saved a few blushes and Santi`s lead feet with the “give & go “, but, it could have been something like 12-5. Great to watch that kind of football, even Andy Jacobs ( Chav ) on talkSPORT said it was enjoyable and if you listen to the show, you know what a ” we`re all doomed miserable bastard he is !.
    More of the same please, as we cant get carried away , we need to back this up with the same effort against Wigan.
    I see Arsene is saying, we are now in the position to compete in the transfer market with the little clubs with the big money !. Obviously , with my help of the subliminal messages written on his steamy bathroom mirror he is going to buy Isco . I think I pushed him over the edge when on another excursion from the loft, I wrote….” Isco has a bigger knob than Giroud “. A dribbling Arsene has flown out to Malaga with his tape measure strapped to his semi !.
    Oh, and by the way, my little get-away breaks to Arsene`s loft are nothing like Stretch being in his loft, I`m no psycho stalking pigeon shagger !, so get real !.

  • hahaha top stuff Glicxter: ‘A dribbling Arsene has flown out to Malaga with his tape measure strapped to his semi’. I now have a vivid image of this 😕

    I was expecting you to eat some award winning humble pie re the Pod… 😀

  • “I will say it again though, we need a Gervinho in our team; especially when defence sits back tightly.”

    It is very reassuring to know that there are other Arsenal supporters out there who are prepared to look at the facts rather than allowing themselves to get carried away on negative band wagons.

    Hi TA how,ya,doin?

  • Hi Total 🙂

    About time he gave us some monies worth ! hahaha

    Do you think Arsene will get Theo to sign when he comes back from Malaga ?. Probably depends on how much wages he has to pay Isco, as you know ( if you read my comment on the othersite awhile back ) Arsene likes to pay £10 grand an inch per week !, that bastard Giroud`s costing us a fortune !. hahaha

  • Haha thanks glic, have to give credit where it’s due, but it’s always important to be reasonable and objective in my ratings assessment. Seems like your infatuation with Isco has continued to grow to a new level, hope this video can satisfy your immense appetite for him:

  • Glic, you’ll be happy to know Isco’s only 5’9 so in comparison to a 6’3 Giroud, relatively we should be paying him less per week 😉

  • Sorry Total, I`ll keep the vids as one offs , otherwise they will get a bit thin and stale, but hey, nothing to stop someone else giving it a try !. I bet Vicky could do a 5 minute one just just extracting the urine out of me !. hahaha

  • Hi Glic, surely Walcott would have signed by now. I really hate it when he says ‘these things take time’. Makes me want to pull his ear really hard.

    I have defended him through thick and thin but he really is pissing me off now.

    Bring in a proper winger, play Gervinho or Giroud in the middle and play either Gerv or Ox on the other wing. Isco Dancing will do for me. 🙂

  • Oi Savaloy, you said you would do a vid every time we win and that you would do at least two minutes per goal scored, so that is a ten minute vid full of vulgarities please! 😛

  • Thanks TG
    Although it started as jest, I`ll be proper pissed off if we dont sign Isco now !. And it will be your fault for first introducing him to me, you swine !. Have you got a loft ?. hahaha

  • Glic, Malaga was Isco’s childhood club and they’ve moved into the knockout stage for the Champions League, so if I’m being honest with you, it’s not likely that he’ll move in January. He’s one of my favourite current footballers and he’d do wonders for Arsenal anywhere on the pitch; just a matter of getting Santi to convince him to come! Having both Isco and Jack on the field would be ridiculous to watch for years to come, and in your case perhaps a swap to diapers so you won’t have to clean your underwear after every game 😉

  • LB, I missed your last sentence first time reading. 🙂

    Live is good. Busy with the blog and and a puppy dog, and looking after the family.

    How is life treating you these days?

  • Total

    Just an Idea, but a sort of Dear Deidre column would be fun, maybe a Dear Stretch column, BK`s Agony Aunt !. Actually , a video one would be fun aswell . BKers could send in questions and they could be answered by the video, then it could be more vulgar ! hahaha
    A written one would be more on the lines of……..

    Dear Dr Stretch.

    My Hampton is always numb, any suggestions ?

    Yours sincerely

    Somewhere on a A13 layby, near South Ockendon.

    Dear Vicky

    The numb Hampton is just the minor problem masking your bigger problem of Transvestite tendencies. I have taken the liberty to put you in touch with a Trannie help line called…. Talk With A Trannie.
    As for the minor problem, you have what is technically known as Diczimmeravoid. Try to avoid getting your Knob caught between the Zimmer frame angles, it`s cutting the blood circulation off to your knob !.

    Dr Stretch

  • Dear Dr Stretch

    I`m currently in the loft of a Canadian who has been tormenting me with images of Isco, I have some chemicals, but need the recipe to make some Chloroform !. Please send back reply with same carrier pigeon…..oh….and some food aswell, as I sent this message six months ago and may not have the strength to over come said Mountie !.

  • He`s a beauty Total ! 🙂

    Now how many BKers have puppy avatars ?


    Maybe we should have a BK Gooner Dog Show…….how about a name …….Cruyff`s !. hahaha

    Night all.

  • Oh and Vicky, dont think I haven`t noticed that you like looking at video`s of young men singing about penis`s !. hahahaha

  • As ever glic finishes off on a lighter note, so in a spirit of light heartedness.
    For all those who thought that there’s nothing in a name, I mean think of Eve and the apple in the garden, all the hazards of Eden. Well the mercurial Belg who should’ve signed for us and would’ve therefore improved exponentially, has nothing in the name stakes compared to the lastist player liked to us. I mean if the 23 year old Zambian actually signs for us, the songs and chants that could accompany him are mind boggling, his parents obviously had a defender/defensive mid in mind when they named him, a picture of a frustrated father shouting from the side lines “stop-him-playing-son” had to have been in their thoughts before one of them said eureka I’ve got it, lets call him Stoppila. Yeah that’s it Stoppila Sunzu it’s got a nice ring to it.
    Absolutely no idea of his playing abilities but his name would surely serve to lift any dressing room.

  • Morning, fine fellow Gooner 🙂

    Richie 🙂

    That is indeed a fine name for a DM: #stopped in his tracks by the Sunzu’ or ‘van Judas has just been Sunzued’.

  • Morning Vicky 🙂

    My working days are Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Actually, they are my rest days as I work harder at home !.

    Mystic glic predictions for coming weekend.


    All Wins.
    I predict I will cement my place firmly at the bottom of the league !. hahaha

    What odds can I get for me to be bottom of the UMF league after this weekend ?

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