Why Arsenal’s away support probably won us the game against Wigan

West Bromwich Albion v Arsenal Barclays Under-21 Premier League

A personal account of a whole day of Wigan-Arsenal.

We all know that Arsenal have a fantastic support at away games. It does not matter how far away the game is and whatever bad weather has to be endured, Arsenal are always supported by a large number of supporters on their ‘tours’.

Nothing feels better than being surrounded by many thousands of fellow Gooners and singing our songs together with full passion and harmony, whilst watching our beloved Arsenal. And it was fantastic to be part of it all this Saturday in the company of fellow blog owner Wigan Gooner (WG).

It was a long journey up from Norwich to Wigan, and the constant rain –  and its antidote the windscreen wipers – never seized to accompany me. Saturday was the second shortest day in terms of the sun being up, and it seemed the day just did not want to start. When it did eventually became lighter – I was already well north of Birmingham – the surrounding constant blackness turned into a permanent grey, but what did not change at all were the constant streams of red and white light on the motorway: a sea of red moving with me, and a river of white light moving perfectly parallel in the opposite direction.

WG and I met up before the game and it was great to speak about our club, and football in person rather than through keyboards for once. The weather was pretty bad but WG took me on a walk through various parts of Wigan, and it was especially great to see some of the forlorn – and in some cases refurbished into apartments – old mill and factory buildings.

One particular building stood out. It was a former, totally derelict mill/factory building that was bordered up. Although severely dilapidated, the striking redbrick walls and towers were in good condition and gave of a warm glow against the grey, heavy with rain, sky all around us. There was water gushing down drainpipes everywhere and a nearby river was in an incredible hurry.

After that we had to walk diagonally through a very large car park of a stereotypical shopping mall, in order to get to the DW stadium. It was great to see Arsenal bring some colour, and most of all warmth, to the soggy, heavy pitch and seemingly eternal grey skies, by kicking off the game in their familiar red and white (and a bit of navy blue) shirts and shorts.

The Stadium, which holds about 25000 spectators, was only ¾ full, and the away fans were more vocal than the home support from the start. The away fans showed how impressed they were with the home support by singing songs like ‘I want to go home, I want to go home, Wigan is a sh*t hole, I want to go home’, and ‘You only come to see the Arsenal’ to which the home support had no matching answer.

Basically, the Arsenal supporters verbally bullied the Wigan supporters which made  them even more quiet throughout the game.

Wigan gained their PL status through  their achievements on the pitch over the last eight years, but with large cities like Sheffield, Leeds, Bristol, Cardiff, etc not being represented in the Premier League, and the relatively small DW stadium not sold-out for a visit of the Arsenal, you do wonder whether they really deserve to remain in the top division of football in this country.

Analysis of the game.

Arsenal and Wigan fought for the midfield more or less the entire game. Both teams played a high line which led to a very congested area in midfield. Arsenal desperately tried to control the midfield but Wigan were well drilled and competent in both keeping us from passing the ball around and retaining it themselves once they took it off us. As a result, our defence was made to look very vulnerable more than once in the first half.

Wigan’s 3-5-2 style really seems to suit Martinez’ team and if they had better strikers up-front they would have gotten something out of this game.

Both WG and I felt that Arteta did not have the power and drive during large parts of the game to put his stamp on the game. His limited ability to tackle and to out-fight players in the air was a big miss against the Latics. He never stops trying though, but I feel even stronger now that we need to buy a more orthodox, experienced DM as soon as possible.

Jack Wilshere tried very hard to add physicality to our midfield play and that’s why we all love him, but we never had a good shape during the first half of the game. Quite regularly Arsenal won the ball in a one to one battle only to lose it again straightaway. It was frustrating to see how Arsenal were not able to keep hold of the ball for long, once we had won it in midfield, during large periods of the game.

Wigan, on the other hand, were much better at keeping hold of it and pass their way through our midfield in order to launch one of their ‘wing-backs’, or play a dangerous ball through the middle or over the top. It was very worrying how easy Wigan carved through us once they won the ball in midfield and had their strikers been better, we could have been 2-0 behind at half time.

The second half was much better, as Arsenal were able to press Wigan out of the midfield and closer to their goal: the area were both Arsenal can hurt Wigan and we are not running such a big risk of being carved open with just two moves.

Arsenal were also able to use the Ox far better in the second half as a result of the pressure we put on to Wigan. In the first half, AOC had been able to make good forward runs with the ball on the right wing, but there was little support for him and his attacks were therefore often ineffectual. But with Cazorla playing a lot closer to Ox and the young Englishman being able to make runs into the Wigan box, Arsenal finally had found the formula to hurt Wigan properly.

Until we scored the goal, Arsenal had dominated the second half and Arsene’s half time team talk appeared to be making a big difference.

From where the away supporters were – right behind the Wigan goal – it looked like a clear foul on Theo and it became the pivotal moment of the game. The away support shouted ‘penalty’ in total unison and the referee pointed to the spot. For an away team to be given a penalty resulting from such a foul, you need to be a  bit lucky. And I reckon, any doubt the referee might have had, was blown away by the boisterous shout from the almost 5000 strong away support.

Arteta put the penalty away and after that Arsenal kept playing for a while to get the second goal, but Theo missed a good opportunity to do so, and both Theo and Podolski could have done better in attacking a superb cross into the box by the Ox as well.

Bit by bit, Wigan started to push us back again and they were winning the midfield one-to-one battles once again. Arsene decided to shore up the midfield with bringing on Ramsey and Coquelin, for Ox and Pod. A tactic not universally supported by the away supporters, especially as we were still not able to keep hold of the ball and keep Wigan from finding openings through our midfield.

Somehow, we got there and were able to leave Wigan with three points, but let there be no doubt that we were lucky to do so, and we need to improve significantly in terms of the shape of our team and individual performances if we want to beat the Barcodes on Saturday.

On the way back from the Stadium WG and I went through the game in detail, and however much we were disappointed in some of the individual performances of our players and the general shape of our team, and however much we were drenched by the rain once more, the overriding feeling was one of happiness as a result of an ugly win that pushed us up to third in the table.

On the way home, I was once again accompanied by lovely red and white traffic streams, and the fantastic news of a goalless draw at White Heart Lane which kept us in third place at least till Sunday.

Five hundred miles through hazardous conditions were rewarded by a hard fought 1-0 to the Arsenal and fantastic in-depth discussions about anything Arsenal with WG.

Total Arsenal.

77 thoughts on “Why Arsenal’s away support probably won us the game against Wigan

  • “The away fans showed how impressed they were with the home support by singing songs like ‘I want to go home, I want to go home, Wigan is a sh*t hole, I want to go home’, and ‘You only come to see the Arsenal’ to which the home support had no matching answer”

    Such novel and imaginative chants along the lines of others that we’ve only heard 70 or 80 times this season. Can you guys come up with some new chants next time? The reason we don’t respond to them is because we are bloody bored of hearing them.

  • Three quarters of 25,000 is 18,750… The attendance was 21,700, meaning 88% full – You can write a blog but can’t use a calculator?

    Why should it be full for the visit of you lot? Your nothing special, you’ve won as much as latics, and spurs in the last 5 years!

    Bell end.

  • Ha…a Wigan gooner…bout right for wiganers to follow another team apart from Wigan….dont tell me, he was joining in singing Wigan is a sh#thole…even though he is from Wigan…to be honest, U thought you were very quiet until you scored

  • Gaz 🙂

    You need to get a stronger, louder home support if you are to survive the PL this season.

    Graham 🙂

    I had seen the official figure before I published the report, but we all know that this is the figure for tickets sold (including season ticket holders). With my own eyes, however, I could see that the stadium was only 3/4 full. And that my friend, is not very impressive.

    Bob 🙂

    Wigan Gooner moved to the Wigan area a while ago, but did not grow up there. He definitely rates Wigan as a place, and did indeed not join in with the singing of that song.

  • Nice to see an intelligent report from a travelling fan, you would not get the same from a Spurs or cheatin Hammers fan!!! only one point Wigan “deserve to be in the prem” because we get enough points each season… Full stadia dont win you anything by right… But you would know that…. ;-))

  • Cheers worthy 🙂

    You will see from my pre-match report, there is nothing but respect for the way Wigan play football and your manager. Of course, you deserve to be in the PL on the basis of your football and getting enough points. And good luck to the Latics!

  • Uncle bob.
    The problem is, Wigan didn`t have a league club until 1978, so what was Wiggy supposed to do ?, move down south and become a United fan !. Please be kind to Wiggy, as I know what it`s like to have your own turn against you. I remember St Mathews were playing my team Sister Mary`s of the Immaculate Conception in the East End Holy Trinity League.
    St Mathews were a player short and I said I would make the numbers up by playing for the opposition with Father Biguns blessing. I was hounded by the spectators of my own team, one in particular showed no mercy,….. ” Break his leg”….”you wanker”….”your shit “……take the c**t off”…..”f**k off back to where you live you twat ! “, That was it, I had to have a word with the barracker……” How can I go home….you`ve got the keys to get in Mum ! “. hahaha

  • Fine post Total peeps. 🙂

    Now you know what I have to suffer every Thursday visiting Valley of the Orcs !. At least Wigan make nice pies ! hahaha

  • Brilliant report, TA, and I agree with every word, especially about Arteta !! 🙂

    I have worked for a time in Wigan, and always found the people reaal warm and friendly. They also have the best Rugby League team in the country — and I support them!! 😀

    It’s funny, but for the last couple of years my views have almost always reflected Rocky’s views, and I was becoming desperate to find a chink between us so I could argue with him!!

    Lately, I think he has been invaded by an alien being because we differ so much on player assessments, not least Arteta and ………………. Theo (well OK, the Rock has always, for some unaccountable reason, supported the ‘Blind Alley Kid’) 🙂

    Arteta is slight, easily pushed off the ball (like Theo 🙂 ) is fatally slow, treads water when anyone with even the slightest pace gets goal side of him, and tho’ technically proficient, does not bring any energy to the party! Apart from that — I like him!! 😀

    [Hope the Rock does not read that – he will never speak to me again!] 😦

  • Glicster,

    You are potty, but I love your story about your mum — and her truthful assessments of your ability!! 😛

    [The first part was amazingly insightful] 🙂

  • Total…..so glad you enjoyed your day. Brave lad to endure such a long tiresome, wet journey alone. I sincerly hope you played that cd I done to keep you company. 🙂

    DW stadium can now be ticked off your list of venues.

    Our away support can be heard in all games, it must be heartening for the good guys to have such a vociferous Red and White army behind them.

  • Hi RA 🙂

    Agreed on Arteta. Love the guy and an important squad player, but we missed a beast of a DM destroyer against Wigan. We were too nice and did not boss the midfield enough. Coquelin made a difference with a few strongish tackles late on in the game. But Coquelin has not got the experience of reading the game like Arteta does.

    I still need to read up on today’s comments in the previous post, but I did see a long comment by Rocky followed by a response by TG. Really looking fwd to reading it.

  • Hi VCC 🙂

    It really was a great experience and it was great to meet up with WG. Let’s go to a game together with your son in the new year. I will email you back as soon as possible!

  • Vicky

    After Totals appraisal of Wigan, I`m not sure he will be let back in Wigan. I`ve heard there`s a Wigan F**kya ( an who ate all the pie`s Fatwa ) out on Total !. With the description of a clogg wearing Steve McClaren sounding gooner, Totals days are numbered !. hahaha

  • Total 19:35…..that sounds like a plan. Perhaps not as far as Wigan though. 🙂

    Maybe we get drawn against Launcestown Wanderers. We can call upon GLiC and have a shin dig at the Love Shack. He might even buy us a beer. 😉

  • GLiC …by the sounds of it Total wouldn’t want to revisit Wigan in a hurry anyway. Sounds a horrific place. I think its twinned win Launcestown. . 😉

  • VCC 🙂

    Wigan as a town has a bit of character so would not mind going again at all.

    It was my second visit to the DW ground. Back in 2003 or 2004 I watched Wigan v Ipswich with a friend of mine (Ipswich supporter). Have you been to a Wigan away game?

  • It was never a passion of mine to visit away stadiums. I ventured away from home very seldom.

    My memory is fading fast but the only away games that spring to mind were Aston Villa and Wolverhampton Wanderers. Outside of London of course. Oh and the Cup final in Belgium against Valencia (my favourite Spanish team). Oops Millenium Stadium as well.

    Bath and Millenium Stadium to watch Saracens, rugby union.

    I’ve always had a soft spot for Turf Moor and would like to go one day. No idea why, it’s been there since I was young.

  • Exactly Total. It’s one of those weird things in life that you have. Cannot put a finger on it but it goes back to the days when you used to get football data wrapped within chewing gum sweets. I tried to collect the whole set when I was young.

    It’s also on my Bucket list 🙂

    Now that’s a list far too long to put in a post.

  • Every time the FA Cup draw is made , I`m allways willing Arsenal to be Drawn against ( in preference order ) Plymouth, Exeter, Torquay, Yeovil or the two Bristols away, so I can try and get tickets, but alas only Bristol City are still in it !. An FA Cup away BK Beano would be brilliant !.
    If we ever get Plymouth away, I could put you BKers up for the night !. Plymouths only 20 miles away !. And as there`s no light pollution around here, Stretch would get a great view of Uranus !.
    Anyway my friends, you are top gooners and it has been my pleasure to take the pee out of you all ! hahaha
    Merry Christmas Muvvers ! 😆

  • Glic, I like the look of the Traditional Cornish Fairings – I bet they are award winning cookies?! 🙂

    Merry Christmas to you too, Glicsxter!

  • You too GRiNCH, oh sorry GLiC. Hehehe 🙂

    It’s been a blast. Here and AA have given me so much fun and laughter in 2012. Let’s hope 2013 is even better.

    Chatting with like minded guys has been wicked. We truly support the greatest football club in the planet.

    Far too many people to name, but you all know who you are. Have a blindingly crazy Christmas, and without doubt have a HEALTHY and HAPPY New Year.


  • Merry Christmas to you too, VCC! Have a great couple of days with the family and let it all hang out! 🙂

    And thanks for setting up and managing the UMF – it has added real value to the blog and long may it continue! 🙂

  • Much appreciated Total. Anything I can do to enhance this already superb site. I’m proud to be a part of it.

    Would appreciate some news from herb, he is the only one letting us down for a points addition to the UMF League in December.

  • Great article TA, very fascinating to read about Wigan and the atmosphere of the game (never been to either myself).

    I think you might have been a tad harsh on the Wigan home fans, but aside from that the passage before the game analysis was very descriptive and brought me back feelings of nostalgia reminiscent of a Steinbeck novel (that’s a compliment!).

    Your comment on Arteta being physically weak has been something that I’ve been concerned with all season, but I feel that it cannot take away from all the good work he’s done on the field with the physical gifts he’s been given. He’s actually one of the most successful tacklers in the EPL, with an 83.1% success rate last year second only to Fellaini. This year he’s averaging 3.6 tackles per game and 2.8 interceptions per game. His aerial presence leaves much to be desired and when paired with Wilshere and Cazorla, this represents a bit of an issue. A physically commanding midfielder who can also distribute the ball well and read the game at a similar level to Arteta would be a welcome addition to keep things fresh/prevent injuries and/or to offer a different look to our midfield. Ideally, I’d like to have Arteta and Diaby working as one pair and Strootman and Wilshere as the other.

    Hahahaha glic, your stories/comments never fail to humour me. Clearly you have some mommy issues that have not been dealt with. Just wondering, but did you get the belt or a clog up the arse after a poor game?

    Also, Merry Christmas to all of you fantastic gentlemen! Thank you for inviting me into the BK community with open arms and I wish you and your families all the best over the holidays :).

  • Hi TG 🙂

    I did not mean to be harsh about the Wigan home support; it was more important to stress how our fans ‘out-supported’ the home crowd, and how this could have led to being awarded the penalty.

    John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath is one of my favourite books, so your compliment is very much appreciated! 🙂

    All agreed on Arteta. He is quite an allrounder of a midfielder but he missed something on Saturday from which the whole team suffered. Having said that, Wigan’s midfield play was a real strength of them and our whole shape was effected by that, especially in the first half.

    I would like Arteta to stay as he can play in various roles and is the ideal squad player, but a strong DM is top of my wish-list, especially now that Ox is starting to perform well on the RW position.

    Merry Christmas to you and your soon-to-be-wife as well! 🙂

  • You really drove 500 miles to watch the gunners? There’s a song in there somewhere!

  • …………………..MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ONE AND ALL!!! 😛 😛 😛

    Congratulations on your first BK Xmas, TA — great achievement!!! 😀

  • Yes. You’re spot on. These big cities deserve Premier League football over Wigan. Lets change the rules so that league positions are awarded on average attendance. Seems a good idea to me. Lets forget the idea of sport!

    Seriously from 1500 average attendances not very long ago I think are attendances are pretty good. It’s going to take a generation to build the fan base properly as kids grow ip and start to take their own kids and clearly isn’t going to happen over night as your friend and many others who grew up in Wigan didn’t have a league club to support. Your comments like so many others are ill thought out.

    Also seen as his you dissected the game so thoroughly it was good of you to notice our “3-5-2” formation. Given all of our injuries we only played 2 at the back with the wing backs still pushing on but 3 central midfielders of Jones, McCarthy & McArthur.

    Boxing Day selections:
    Everton to win
    Fulham to win
    MU to win
    Chelsea to win
    MC to win.

  • Your a first class bell end, since when was there an extra column in the league table for size of crowds and bonus points given out.
    We are in the Premierleague and not the big city clubs because our club as been ran a lot better than theirs for the last 10 years and more than anything the team on the pitch have delivered enough points to firstly gain 2 promotions then gain enough points for 8 yes 8 and i will even spell it out EIGHT seasons to stay in the Premier League and stick 2 fingers up to bell ends like yourself.

    And if you did get extra points for size of crowds your team might have some silverware in the empty trophy cabinet you have had for the last 7 years

  • What a typical cockney mug. The world revolves around London type. The only good set of fans at the DW are spurs. Arsenal are a very poor set of fans. And ‘banter’ typical chants from every set of fans. I think the reason you might have one was more to do with a poor refereeing decision

  • Merry Christmas TA and all at Bergkampesque.

    And many congratulations on getting off to such a great start with your site.

  • Who are you to say we don’t deserve to be in the league? We are a small town with a small population with competition from massive clubs like man u and Liverpool for supporters

  • Thanks Herb for your selections.
    Your odds are 7-1.

    The Gooner….if I don’t see any alterations to your earlier
    Post selection I will take
    Stoke v LPool. Draw
    MU v New. Home
    Sunday v MC. Away
    AV v Spurs. Away
    Reading v Swans Away

  • VCC, I’ll keep those picks for this coming week. Cheers for being patient with my picks mate!

  • On another note, Demba has apparently agreed on a move to Arsenal and caughtoffside is saying that the “deal is done” but both sides are waiting until January to confirm it. If true, guess it’ll be a Baaalin’ New Year!

  • The Gooner….03:16……no worries.

    Demba Ba, if true what sort of message does that send out to Giroud?

  • VCC, no idea but the 100k rumoured salary sounds extravagant for a player of his quality given AW’s pay structure. I gather the most he would get is 80k since he’d more or less be replacing Arshavin’s salary once he makes his much discussed move to Reading/Zenit/Fulham. The buy-out clause will certainly appeal to AW and the strong link gives way to suggest that a deal could actually be in the works but we’ll have to wait until it’s confirmed on Arsenal.com. You’re absolutely correct that it sends the wrong message to Giroud and if AW were to buy a striker I’d prefer an absolute top class one opposed to Ba.

    Either way, we definitely need reinforcements up front so a move for a player of Ba’s caliber is certainly better than no move at all in my view. If he splashes out more cash on top of this for a DM/b2b midfielder with a physical presence like Strootman or Capoue, I think the January window would be a huge success. Your thoughts?

  • The Gooner……your odds are 29-1

    IF the Demba Ba stories are correct, and that’s a big IF, IMO. That’s hardly a big statement from Wenger regarding a striker. Do I think it’s an improvement on what we have already? (giroud) again IMO, No.

    It’s smacks of the cheap option again. It will add to more unrest in the camp.

    He has been told by the board he has money to spend. So I say, go out there and make a mark and buy ST, DMF and LB.

  • Rest assured, VCC, and good morning, sir, because our coach, Arsene, has an answer for you!

    He has said repeatedly that he will only buy ‘exceptional’ players, and brings with it his usual ‘get out’ clauses.

    (a) Exceptional players are prime targets for the money bags clubs, and that means our chances of buying them are ‘fat’ and ‘slim’.

    (b) exceptional players cost exceptional money – which means a lot of dosh – and Arsene will not pay that!!

    (c) Arsene has said he will not buy ‘non-exceptional’ players, (who are cheap) – therefore he is saying in code he will not buy anyone!

    Sounds like the same old, same old! 🙂

    Cynical? Moi! 😀

  • Morning Gashapon`s 😆

    Redders is spot on there, cant ( dont get me started on cant`s again ! hahaha ) add a thing.

    Hope you lot had plenty of stuffing, although, I think I would have to abstain from Stretche`s offer of tellescope rammed stuffing of the turkey !.

    Vicky, how do you work out the odds ?. I fancy a little flutter on my teams at large odds, I think I can spare a pound !. I dont see the point in spending a pound at Herb`s odd`s of 7-1, I`d rather have my odds, lets face it them big clubs will lose, it`s just having the luck to get them all losing on the same day !.
    Anyway you have to speculate to accumulate !, ( dont get me started on that again ! hahaha )

  • Morning Glicster! 🙂

    I am worried about Terry Telescope lately, some of his yarns seem to have become somewhat unravelled. Lack of wifely comforts may be to blame!!! 🙂

  • Morning all 🙂

    I have been suffering from a stomach bug or food poisoning since Christmas Eve and have been flat out in bed. So, I am afraid no post today.

    Many thanks for the Christmas wishes and a Merry Christmas to you all! 🙂

  • To all Wigan fans:

    I did not realise my post would feature on NewsNow Wigan page. I had no intention to upset any Wigan fans, and as you can see from the post, and my pre-match post two days earlier, I have a lot of respect for Wigan Athletics football club.

    My main point of the post was that Arsenal away support is very strong and ‘outperformed’ the wigan crowd on the day. Had I known the post would be featuring on the NewsNow Wigan site, I would have stressed more how well I believe your club is being run in general.

  • Hi Redders 🙂

    Could be something to do with Loft Extention`s Pigeon English !. hahaha

    I see Dr Van Cloggenstein is going for the sympathy vote with the Wiggies, saying he is on his death bed !. You can only take so much of the Dutch delicacy of clog stuffing !. hahaha

    Get better soon Total !. 🙂

  • Hey Total, get well soon buddy, that’s horrible over the Christmas period.

    GLiC, the odd are taken from William Hill Predictions. Google WHP and click on football then choose the premiership only tab and all fixtures will appear for the next meetings. Click on homeDraw or away and then scroll to the right hand side and you will see the odds at the bottom of your betting slip.

    Don’t forget a 7-1 winner is better than a 200-1 loser. But I agree the top clubs will lose eventually but the tricky part is getting them together in your slip. Hope that helps.

  • Hi Total, 🙂

    Sorry you have the dreaded tummy bug — it is miserable at any time — more so at Xmas.

    I wish you well soon!!

    (I have sent a copy of your comment this morning to Wigan fans — so they now know you are blaming them for giving you food poisoning as well!!) 😀

    Just kidding! 🙂

  • Thanks Vicky 🙂

    Just tried it and it was as easy as you explained, now if only I had a crystal ball !.

    Going back to Redders comment, that Arsene has said he will only buy “exceptional” players, apart from Messi and Ronaldo, who are on a different planet and out of reach for even the Chavs and City, who do you fellow BKers think are exceptional and in theory ( with new sponsorship wealth etc ) we should be able to buy ?.
    I wont have it that we cant get afford Neymar !. As you will probably have already guessed, I fancy Isco and have even gone to the short lengths of having his name tattooed on my knob !.
    Yes, I know, I had to look for a player that would fit and thank f**k he doesn`t go by his full name of…Francisco Roman Alarcon Suarez !. hahaha
    Zola, Pele, Zico, are all players I wish we would have bought in the past !. hahaha

    Contrast to Redders , who is still going through the painfull procedure of having the whole Arsenal squad tattooed on his Red Membership !.

  • Hey GLiC, that’s funny because I have a tattoo on my John Thomas too. People think its reference my days serving the Queen (HMS) but its the place of my berth. Hammersmith. it only shows up when I see a nice young blonde Swedish lass. 🙂

  • Happy Boxing day one and all. Hope you all had a great christmas!

    TA i hope you’re feeling better!
    Ba is a good quality signing, i just hope his knees hold up. He is a proven scorer in the league so we’d see no down time, seems like a better/safer option as opposed to a player like Huntelaar who could flop.

  • $hitty loses to the Mackems, what a prediction for those who chose the underdogs (Glic)!

  • Hi TG 🙂

    I never bet, but I am from now on, just a pound each week. I never realised how generous the odds were until Vicky started the UMF league !.

    I put a pound on all the underdogs all winning in today`s nine matches and so far, all I needed was a 2 goal swing in 3 games and a 1 goal swing in two games !. So the underdogs didn`t get exactly thrashed. One day it will happen, in the nine games , there are only 3 outcomes available, so there is a 1 in 3 chance on any game and only nine games ( Ten games normally ).
    My odds today if successfull would have bought an executive box at THOF for the UMF leaguers out of my loose change after buying Canada !. hahaha

  • Nice one Vicky
    I suppose it gets you out of trouble if your at Upton Park, all you have to do is get a semi to pass you off as a West Ham supporter !.

  • 26 Weekly Scores GTC
    Rocky 3 1
    OZ 3 1
    Herb 3 0
    VCC 3 0
    RA 2 2
    Henry 2 0
    Total 1 2
    The Gooner 1 2
    TMHT 1 1
    GLiC 1 0

    UMF League update.
    There are still games to come. (GTC)

  • GLiC. Ladbroke do a football bet where you are allowed one prediction wrong out of your selections. Obviously the odds fall a lot but its something to think about. I think its called The Kammy. Names after Kamara the ex footballer. Worth a look though.

    I do the football weekly, only a couple of quid but I usually play with the bookies money. Like you I do a long shot for a pound and keep my fingers crossed. If you keep your list to maybe 6 or 5 or under you have a fair chance to collect some winnings. It wont help you to retire early but its a bit of fun.

  • Sorry Vicky, I shall keep to my £1 bet on all ten matches each weekend, someone has to try and win an UMF exec` box for us !.

  • Running total as at 18:15 the 26th December, 2012.

    Red Arse……….19………..2 games to come
    OZ…………………18………..1 game to come
    Rocky……………..16………..1 game to come
    TMHT……………..15………. 1 game to come
    TG………………….14…………2 games to come

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