Giroud, Walcott, Podolski, Ba: who’ll lead Arsenal’s attack in 2013?

Theo Walcott

Will or won’t Theo sign a new contract? And if so, does that mean Giroud will end up on the bench? And what about Podolski: he would also like to play more in the centre, and on top of that the rumours of Arsenal looking for another central striker are getting stronger at the moment.

Of all the rumours, the one regarding Demba Ba joining us from Newcastle seems the most feasible to me. But why are Arsenal still looking for a central striker? Does that mean, Arsene expects Theo to move on in January, or could it be that Arsene is thinking to move to a different system of 4-4-2  or 4-4-1?

To be honest, I have not got a clue.

I like the idea of Giroud up-front, especially in a 4-5-1 system. The Frenchman is great at holding up the ball and allowing the midfield to bounce the ball of him. I also like Giroud in a 4-4-1-1 upfront with either Theo or even Cazorla behind him. Giroud could feed the ball to either of them, but would also benefit from their potential assists.

But then I can also see a problem with Giroud. As a more classical centre forward, and in order to use him to his full potential, the whole attack has to be focussed around him, which will a) make us more predictable and b) make us more dependent on him. It does also mean that we need a good number two in the team, who can take over from Giroud in case of suspension or injury.

At the moment, we do not have an adequate replacement. Chamakh’s days are counted, and I don’t think Podolski has the same skill-set for the pivotal role up-front as Giroud does.

However, we have also played a ‘fluid-three’ up-front in the last few months: most recently with Theo in the middle, and Pod and Ox on the wings, but also with Gervinho in the middle and Pod and Ox on the wings. I really like the unpredictability of playing a non-classic CF upfront with two players on the wings who can also finish really well. Key is though that at least one of the ‘wingers’ is actually a winger who can make things happen. For me that means that in the current squad either Gervinho or the Ox has to play on one of the wings. With Gervinho going to the AOC , and the Ox picking up form recently, I reckon we will see more of Ox on the right wing.

If Arsene is to continue with a fluid-three up-front, is buying another CF the right thing to do; or is it more important to buy a traditional, quality winger who can add the necessary width and guile to our attacking play?

If Demba Ba is indeed joining us in January, it must mean we are going to play in a 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1 formation, and I cannot say that would not excite me. I can see us play Cazorla and Ox on the mid-wings and Arteta and Wilshere in the middle, with either Giroud and Theo, Theo and Pod, Ba and Theo, Giroud and Pod, Ba and Giroud, or Ba and Podolski up-front. For Demba Ba you could also put another striker with whom we are being linked at the moment.

All the above indicates that it is hard to predict what system we are going to play and who will be our main attackers in 2013. Arsene bought Giroud only this summer, so surely his plans must involve him. But he appears also keen to keep Theo and give him his wish to be played in the middle. Both are different strikers and might, or might not, be able to play together. The only way to play them together is a 4-4-1-1/4-4-2 formation, and if that is what Arsene is aiming for, I can understand why he would want to buy another CF, as he will need cover in such a system.

But what is it going to be? You tell me!

Total Arsenal.

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  1. VCC says:

    26th Dec. Scores
    Rocky …………….4
    OZ ……………………3
    Herb……………… 3
    VCC ……………………3
    RA ……………………3
    Henry …………….2
    The Gooner ……..2
    Total …………….1
    TMHT …………….1
    GLiC …………….1

    Running total at 26/12/12

    RedArse …………..20
    VCC ………………….19
    OZ ………………….18
    Henry …………..18
    Rocky …………..17
    TMHT …………..15
    The Gooner ……15
    Herb ………………….14
    Total …………..13
    GLiC …………….9

  2. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers Slick Vick 🙂

    Widget has been updated.

  3. Herb'sArmy says:

    No disrespect, Total, but as a football force we are insignificant, and until fans start seeing the bigger picture, this will remain so. In the last four months, MU have gained 10 commercial partners, in the same period, Arsenal have lost 1 (O2), and gained none.
    You keep telling me Walcott is better than Bale? In what capacity???
    We should be setting our sights a lot higher than Demba Ba, but he fits Mr Wenger’s profile perfectly. He’s African, and he has a knee problem that if it flares up, threatens his career. So another potential Diaby scenario, and another excuse to tell everyone how unlucky we are for unearthing yet another crock.
    Podolski hasn’t led the attack all season, and Giroud, RvP’s replacement has set himself a massive target of 15 goals. Still, you pay peanuts, you get monkey’s. Meanwhile RvP, (WHO WAS 100% SOLD FOR FOOTBALLING REASONS – According to our manager at the AGM), is currently the PL’s top goalscorer.

  4. VCC says:

    Total, it’s all confusing for me. Will Wenger buy in the January window or won’t he? Will he choose a CF or won’t he? Will he splash the cash or won’t he?

    Will he keep the current formation or change it?

    There’s so much speculation going around and I think Wenger is the only one who knows what the hell is going on.

    The only thing I would put my money on would be….he will not part with a large sum of money. He keeps repeating himself and says he will only buy someone if they are going to improve the side, well that’s going to take a little more than Mr.Wenger is prepared to part with I’m afraid to say.

  5. TotalArsenal says:

    No disrespect Herb, but after your first sentence I don’t feel commenting further on your comment. But I am sure others will. 🙂

  6. TotalArsenal says:

    It is confusing indeed VCC. We all want to buy quality rather than squad players, but it is hard to tell what will happen next: anything is possible! 🙂

  7. VCC says:

    Herb, let’s give Wenger a little more time. He knows full well this is the last chance saloon. He must get the January and Summer buys correct or I’m certain even our board will start getting itchy feet.

    I have got my beady eye on his magic hat Herb. Fingers crossed he can pull another couple out soon.

  8. Herb'sArmy says:

    No problem, Total. After growing up watching the brilliant Johann Cruyff and the mastery that was Holland’s Total-Football, your staunch defence of our mediocrity never ceases to amaze me.
    Hi VCC, I no longer trust our manager to buy the required quality.

  9. Demba Ba:

    12/13: 11 goals in 18 (1) games (only behind Michu and BSR)
    11/12: 16 goals in 32 (2) games (more than Balotelli, Dzeko, and Suarez). that included 14 goals by mid season before he went off to ACN and played second to Cisse (managed to kick 13 goals in the second half of the year)
    10/11: 7 goals in 10 (2) games


    12/13: 1 goal in 1 (9) game
    11/12: 17 goals in 24 (8) games
    10/11: 18 goals in 37 (1) games


    12/13: 5 goals in 12 games
    11/12: 5 goals in 8 (7) games
    10/11: 18 goals in 32 (2) games

    Huntelaar out – 2 year contract extension

    I know who the smart money is on! Comes with EPL experience, including monstering key premier league defences.

  10. who knows! says:

    what a mess our club has become, from the top to the bottom, kroenke is a disaster, his usa clubs all rubbish, we are becoming the same rubbish, arsene has totally lost his magic hat, gazides is kroenkes front man is also useless, talks in soundbites does nothing apart from losing our best player for ‘footballing reasons’ jeez, just pathetic, the players are the worst squad since don howe was manager all while spending £120m wages for this lot and charging the most to fans in the world! all while usmanov wants to invest grrrr

  11. TotalArsenal says:

    Looks like a great back-up striker to me Ozzer!! 🙂

  12. glic says:

    ” To be honest, I have not got a clue. ” You are not alone there my friend !. 🙂

    Wenger has said, ” I will only buy exceptional talent ! “. So that leaves Ba out of it !.

    I can only say who I would like to be bought and you know who they are !. Can you imagine the lift this club and fans would get if we actually went and bought Neymar !.

    I`m hoping this is a new Wenger saying,( I will only buy exceptional talent ! ) as if it is an old one, then he has not been hitting the target reguarly in recent years !.
    He now has more money available than ever since the stadium move, fair enough, if no exceptional players are available, then dont buy, but please dont buy anymore potential dead wookies just for the sake of buying ! ( and imo, Ba is a bang to rights potential one ), I`d rather wait for some class to come along.

    Back to where I started. To be honest I have not got a clue !. hahaha

  13. glic says:

    Hi Herb.

    Can you please bring up this, ” RVP was sold 100% for footballing reasons “, as I have never read it, does it exist ?.

  14. TotalArsenal says:

    Glic 🙂

    As per my post, if we are to play 4-4-2, then Ba would be nice to have as back up striker.

    Neymar? Surely it would be nice for the fans, but I rather have a quality DM or winger.

    Thanks for the video by the way. Short but still very funny! 🙂

  15. glic says:

    I`ve heard this Isco kid is good !. hahaha

  16. Herb'sArmy says:

    Just to prove that there are some intelligent, passionate Arsenal supporters who don’t feel the need to continually bury their head in the sand. This is an extract from ‘Angry of Islington’, by Chris Cann who wrote an article called ‘Stopping the Rot’, and identified Arsenal’s six big problems.
    1) Arsenal’s owner is purely a businessman making an investment, and is happy with the status quo.
    2) The rest of the Board have sunk into complacency, having taken their money while still enjoying the priveliges of ownership.
    3) Arsene Wenger has lost his advantage. He could previously buy world class or potential world class players from abroad that the rest of England wasn’t even looking at. Now Chelsea and Man City are always there to outbid him. He generally refuses to buy proven Premier League talent on principle of price.
    4) Our player turnover has become far too high, because although the set up still attracts (mainly) youngsters, all the best players want to leave for trophies and/or more money.
    5) Linked to 4), a lack of strength in depth. We always seem to have players permanently injured, or just proven to be not good enough.
    6) High wages have not been matched by performance. We’re no longer close to teams with similar wage bills – Manchester United – and struggle to stay ahead of some teams with wage bills around half the size.
    But as long as you’re happy, Total, who cares, right?

  17. Herb'sArmy says:

    Hi GliC, did you sleep through the AGM?

  18. 3rd leading scorer in the league for a lowly Toon. 14 in half a season the year before. No deadness there GLIC, the man has talent! People say we should have signed defoe (Herb) yet compare the two. Look at his stats vs Suarez, Dzeko, Llorente, ect ect.

    What makes a player exceptional? the price put on his head? I don’t think so. Arsene has purchased players for far less and turned them in to stars. 6 million for Ba, that’s a steal of the highest order. Toon fans would be spitting chips!!!

    Not to mention Arsenal was Ba’s boyhood club. Strong core of players who love Arsenal…yes please!

  19. Herb are you sure Chris Cann is just not another one of your Aliases???

    You sound similar:

    Arsenal = business…check
    Comparison to Manu…check
    Attack on Arsene…check
    Bound for repetition…check

  20. TotalArsenal says:


    Dear me matey. I wrote a post about a totally different subject, in which, of course, you have no interest. Your agenda will never change, but don’t think I will be silly enough to fall into your cheap honey trap.

  21. glic says:


    You make it sound like it`s Totals fault, when he`s only giving an educated opinion !.
    Then again you could be right, off with his head !. hahaha

  22. glic says:


    Give me the time and date of the AGM and I will be able to answer that question !. hahaha

    Even better, I wil be able to look on the web and try and find this phantom quote !. When was it ?.

    Hi Oz 🙂
    I know you are our best upside down talent scout, but If Neymar costs £1m or £35m, he is a “exceptional player” and Isco is aparrantly worth about £17m according to our best Canadian scout and according to my todger, is an “exceptional talent” !. hahaha

  23. Herb'sArmy says:

    Oz, grow up mate. Read ‘Angry of Islington’ yourself.
    Total, that has gone right over my head. Respond to the subject of your post? None of them are good enough, but you’ve become quite content with that, so what’s the point! But Arsenal aren’t your boyhood club, so it’s no surprise to me.

  24. hahaha very true GLIC but these exceptional players have an inflated value because the world loves them, they look good on youtube, and people mention their names constantly.
    For instance take Suarez. He’s a great striker, everyone knows him thanks to a few great goals, up front for pool (has to be good right!), and the media attention (most not so good). Compare him to Ba who is in a not so popular team, goes about his business quietly, yet gets the job done.

    You have a 20 million vs 6 million dollar striker. But who is more consistent, accurate, scores more, less likely to cause problems in the team, and is better bang for your buck???

  25. glic says:

    Cant seem to find any quote on here about RVP being sold for footballing reasons. You sure it wasn`t you who was asleep Herb ?, dreaming of something to justify a whinge !. hahaha

    But hey, if you can find that phantom quote anywhere else I will be glad to give it a read !. 🙂

  26. @ Herb

    I’d rather not. It’s the same dribble spouted time and time again just a different author. Arsene unfortunately is in the ‘can’t do anything right’ category by fans like you. For instance look at the purchase of OX. He got ripped to shreds because he didn’t spend that money on ‘proven’ talent. The fans whinge “always youngsters blah blah blah” yet look at the player. Soon enough there is not a team in the world who would not have him! But the angry fans don’t applaud Arsene for that.

    Theo walcott. Fans whinged that he was crap, not consistent enough and no good, down with Arsene because he plays him. Now he is performing and it’s Arsene’s head for not signing him earlier.

    It’s the same dribble every time though.

    “None of them are good enough” that’s a bit harsh. You are very much the minority if you think TA doesn’t do a good job with this site.

    Then you attack TA’s level of support. I think it is you who needs to grow up. I expect better from you Herb

  27. glic says:

    I just wonder about the rumours of his dodgy medical history, you know what we`re like for sick notes !. 🙂

  28. Herb'sArmy says:

    GliC, October 25th, 2012. Peter Hill-Wood told a packed AGM that RvP ‘was sold for footballing reasons’.

  29. glic says:

    Cant find it here either Herb !. I think you need to produce the proof to back the quote up !.

    Night all.

  30. Herb'sArmy says:

    Please don’t use this as an excuse to mis-represent me Oz. Where have I ever said that Total doesn’t do a great job of putting this site together?
    Oxlade-Chamberlain is potential who still has a lot of growing to do, and wouldn’t be anywhere near the starting XI of a major club intent on winning trophies. Walcott is not good enough either for Arsenal or England. Bale, a proper winger, scored a hat-trick at Villa tonight, we as a team couldn’t muster one between the whole XI at Villa Park, yet you and Total constantly tell me how much better Walcott is than Bale. That just doesn’t make sense.
    And it’s not just a few Arsenal fans whinging, thousands upon thousands of Arsenal fans are angry with the way the club is being run, and the direction they are going. I know it’s painful, but sometimes you have to peel those blinkers off and look at the bigger picture, instead of living in denial and convincing yourself that it’s all rosy in Arsene’s Arsenal garden.

  31. Herb'sArmy says:

    Glic, google Arsenal AGM, RvP sold for footballing reasons.

  32. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    Herb, you mention that we struggled against Villa, or couldnt muster up a goal. You dont mention that the billion dollar set up of Shitty couldnt take care of Sunderland, or struggled with Reading!!

    Herb, i want you to know that it is because of you that i stopped posting here as your repetition and love of fergiescum made me sick. I think you need to peel off YOUR blinkers. The thousands upon thousands of these whinging fans you talk about including yourself, imo, are a CANCER to our club.

    To all the other BK’ers, hope you had a great Christmas and may good health and good fortune find you in the new year.

  33. Herb'sArmy says:

    Good for you, PPP! I really couldn’t care less what MC are doing, we struggled to break down bottom of the table QPR, and only did so when they went down to 10-men, we couldn’t beat Fulham at home, got taught a footballing lesson by Swansea at The Emirates…
    Why would I want to talk to someone as ignorant and disrespectful as you?
    A cancer to ‘our’ club? Have you recently purchased shares in Arsenal PLC?
    I respect what SAF has achieved in football, from his early days at East Fife, St Mirren and Aberdeen, and the fact that at 71 (on New Year’s Day), he still has more hunger and desire than our 63 year old manager. But then I’m a football fan, not a bitter jealous individual who gets off on personal insults.
    I remember the great dynasty that Bill Shankly built at Liverpool, that led to years of dominance in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Is he ‘scum’ too, for nothing more than being successful? The only ‘crime’ these managers are guilty of is having done/doing exactly what they were/are paid to do. They are winners, which is probably why you’re so twisted.
    The point is Arsenal are a huge club, a British institution, ‘The Bank of England’ club, that once led the way in terms of excellence and how things should be done. We have been left behind, and we’re nowhere near where we should be on or off the park. Now run along and talk to someone who actually believes the rubbish you spout.

  34. henrychan says:

    Morning all..
    Good post TA.. Totally Agree.. hehe..

    But I don’t think Wenger will change.. hehe..
    In a lot of term.. hihi..
    And for that reason.. I think he will keep 4-3-3 and do whatever he can to keep winning with the source that avaliable..

    And that matching to his saying about only bring the quality player..
    IMHO.. that mean Wenger only bring someone who will make us stronger in the 4-3-3 scheme..

    And for that reason I dont think Wenger will go after Demba Ba.. DB not Dennis Bergkamp.. hehe.. will come only if Walcott out..
    But wait.. If Wenger can persuate Walcott to play on RW.. then maybe We need another CF for subs Giroud.. but I doubt it.. hehe..
    And that will also a no answer for Loriente.. eventhough Cazorla wish for him.. hehe..
    (Santa don’t make wishes.. do they..?? Hehe..)

    The Rumours about Cuenca and Zaha before.. make me more firm that Wenger is still lookafter a RW to replace Walcott.. eventhough Ox could be another options..

    And don’t forget Wenger also said that local players is Arsenal future.. hehe..
    For me.. that sound Wenger will be giving his younggun more.. hehe..

    Go Gunners..

  35. The Gooner says:

    I’m with you oz, I think Ba is better than any striker we currently have. Unfortunately, I do think Giroud could develop to his level (eventually). But at 7.5 mil, Ba’s a steal and it’s certainly difficult for a frugal man like Arsene, to turn away from a quality talent at that price. Combine that with his public desire to play for Arsenal and you pretty much have a match made in heaven. To the rest of you, don’t be fooled; Ba’s got some great skill with the ball at his feet too and has pretty good pace, acceleration and movement as well.

  36. The Gooner says:

    Great article TA, you really highlight the versatility that an additional striker (useful one, not one like Chamakh) would do for our team. Ideally, I’d like to see a 4-4-1-1 as you have stated a preference for and seeing Theo/Pod playing behind Ba with Giroud on the bench. Thus, Pod and Theo could also rotate in on the wing midfield positions with Cazorla, Ox and Gervinho.

  37. The Gooner says:

    Another big “ba”nefit is that Demba’s available for the CL and not tied to another club!

  38. Herb'sArmy says:

    Hi Gooner, hope you had a good Christmas.

  39. The Gooner says:

    Hi Herb, hope you had a good christmas yourself mate!

  40. oz gunner says:

    thank you Goon, another voice of reason 🙂

    Don’t be fooled GLIC he has barely missed a beat at toon. I fear his dodgy knees are all mystique brought on by West Ham and then Newcastle to keep other teams away.

    I think Giroud and Ba are both fantastic players. Both are intelligent and make good decisions. Both could lead the line very well. He may only be 189cm but he is a threat in the air also.

  41. Saaka samuel says:

    The bring of Dem ba is very good,so if Wacott want to go let him go where he want to go.thank for your understanding. Happy christmas and new year

  42. Herb'sArmy says:

    Cheers Gooner, not bad thanks.
    Oz, point of order, please point out when and where I stated Arsenal should buy Defoe. I remember mentioning Benzema, which you of course must have forgot in your haste to rubbish any argument I put forward.
    And according to the BBC, Demba Ba’s boyhood club was PSG, but hey, why let facts get in the way of your sales pitch. I also noted you compared him with Balotelli and Dzeko, both of whom have hardly had a first-team start this season, and Suarez, who isn’t an out and out striker. Good effort though.

  43. dal says:

    wake up every body we will be in same place every season for the next 10 years because chelsea,manc,manu,are buying best players and we buy maybe player even totti and liverpool are buying some good players by next season totti will overtake us then no more 4th place we need to stop please please stop buying maybe players buy just one super player per season then we will be as good as any body i would sell all the dead wood buy 2 midfielders and left back don,t buy ba or any body who are not better then what we got i would just buy m,villa and stroothman and a hard and pacey leftback who can win the ball we loose because the other sides running through us we have no midfield please stop talking about forwards when we letting in goals when we play a side like reading

  44. glic says:

    Morning Meatwhistlers 😆

    I can only find a snippet of hearsay and that was from someone saying PHW said it !. So PHW is the manager !. AW , who is the manager, wanted to keep RVP and thats all that matters. PHW is like some senile old gramps in the corner at Xmas that nobody takes any notice of, a sort of Prince Phillip, who always puts his foot in his mouth !.

    Lets just say we all agree with you Herb, will you then lay it to rest and then start getting behind the team that you support and discuss what the current topics posted are about ?.
    It comes across to me that some part of you wants Arsene to fail, just so you can justify your dooming !. At the end of the day we all love Arsenal, lets get behind them, last time I looked, we had won our last 3 league games !.

    Laters Muvvers ! 🙂

  45. oz gunner says:

    Herb you talk about Defoe all the time, I’m not going to waste my time searching for your comments because I’d probably curl into a ball because of the sadness and misery you foretell all the time. BSR wasn’t an out an out striker either.

    Herb I’ve lost the ability to care about your comments because they are always very one sided. You piss off so so many supporters yet you hide behind your ‘head in the sand comments’. Funny how your so full of piss and vinegar sometimes yet others you scourer off and hide because a nasty blogger made you upset.

    I and many others have listed detailed comments to counter your arguments but it’s a lost cause! You dismiss comments all the time, disappear then come back with the same stuff.

  46. oz gunner says:

    damn you wordpress chewing up my comments

  47. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning all 🙂

    PPP 🙂 Please don’t let the comments of a particular blogger put you off posting here. Your quality comments are very much missed here, and make sure you come back soon. 🙂

    Henry 🙂 Another insightful comment by you, Sir! And I hope you are right re Wenger wanting to buy a winger first and for all.

    TG @ 2.49 🙂 That sums it up perfectly: a ‘nutshell’ comment!

    Dal 🙂 We bought the second best player in the PL this season in Cazorla. The best player in the PL was sold by Arsenal and the third best, Mata, was almost bought by Arsenal until the Chavs killed us off with what they could offer. It is tough out there for Arsenal to compete, but we are getting there. Agreed we need a defensive midfielder of real quality, but we also need to add quality up-front: where that should be, is partly what this post was about.

    Glic and Oz 🙂 🙂 The voices of reason.

    Herb 🙂 still not biting.

  48. Herb'sArmy says:

    Hi GliC,
    apologies for the mistake, the manager didn’t say it, PHW did. I addressed the subject of the post in my very first comment. If Mr Wenger was doing the job he is paid to do, everyone in Arsenal-land would be happy, maybe as happy as we were in 2004.
    Supporting a football club is meant to be fun, something to enjoy, but supporting Arsenal has been very traumatic since we moved to The Emirates. When was the last time Arsenal fans had something that truly bonded them in cause of celebration? Is there any tangible evidence that things are going to improve any time soon? Should we get ecstatically excited at the prospect of securing 4th for the annual CL qualification?
    No GliC, I don’t want our manager to fail, but the chances of us getting back the Wenger of pre-Emirates is very remote. Being a great man doesn’t mean he’s still a great manager, and nothing he has done recently suggests he will return to his former great self.
    If you support that, that’s your choice, but to watch the same mistakes being played out repeatedly makes people cringe with embarrassment, and that isn’t fair on anybody, especially long-suffering fans.

  49. Red Arse says:

    Good Morning to all. 🙂

  50. Richard Collins says:

    The deal for Ba is already done. Have faith this time round. Two other top signings to follow with some of the lazy, useless rubbish going out the back door. Ba is a great piece of business. Alongside Carzola and Michu will prove one of the bargains of the season.

  51. Red Arse says:

    Hi ya, TA, hope your tummy bug is better!!! 🙂

    That is an exemplary Post, and touches upon a problem area that we have had all season!! Now THAT is important. 🙂

    Top of my head response is as follows;

    The Gerv is not a CF, and is just not much of …………….. anything really!

    Theo is not and never will be a CF. On the grounds of size (and heart) he just does not cut the mustard! (Like Gerv he really should go and ply his trade elsewhere). I say that with something of a heavy heart, but all this tomfoolery with his contract has added an extra bit of sourness to an already dubious talent. No Thanks!

    The Pod is a useful ‘complimentary’ CF and is worth his place in the team for his explosive shooting. But CF? No, sorry!

    As regards Ba, if we had a choice of Ba or no one — I would take him, but inasmuch (German adverb construction?) 🙂 as we should take Arsene at his word, I agree with the Glicster, that we really should be setting our sights higher. CF? Maybe!

    I know it has been heavily rumoured that Lewandovski has been touted to accompany RvP at Manure, and it appears that he wants to join them too, but we have to start attracting that kind of player. It seems that even if we up the money,the rot is beginning to set in and Lewandovski might want more, that is to say the chance to win trophies with a team of contenders.

  52. Herb'sArmy says:

    Morning Redders.
    Morning Total. What is it you’re meant to be biting?

  53. henrychan says:

    I think the scenario of this January transfer will be :
    They (BoD) sell Walcott for 20mil..
    And if they really sell 5 to 6 of the deadwood.. (Squillaci, Fabianski, Santos, Chamakh, Bendtner) and also Park and Djorou.. they will get something about 15-20 mil..
    And if they sell Arshavin to Reading for 4 mil.. but I think Wenger will get around 6 mil..
    Then we have around 40-45 mil profit..

    As Wenger said to strengthen the team with local guys.. that could mean a british player or an EPL player.. Then i guess it will mean Luke Shaw, Sterling, Zaha, Demba Ba and Mignolet ( EPL ). 45 mil for 5 of them will be enough.. hehehehe..

    And Wenger will loan Henry, Cuenca and Boswinga also..
    hahahahaha.. what a day dream..

  54. Red Arse says:

    Morning, Herb, 🙂

    Can I say something which is meant in good part?

    I read the ‘over-night’ comments and my fears about the site becoming acrimonious were confirmed.

    My concern is that the number of people becoming agitated with your stance seems to be growing, and the worry is that even as a committed Gooner and a sensitive and decent man, you may not realise the negative impact you are having.

    Let’s get some things straight.

    — You can be interesting and have a wealth of knowledge. You have every right to hold and express your opinions on the blog, in accordance with its rules.

    — What is not written but is implicit in the ethos of the way BK is run, is that we all need to get along with each other (short misunderstandings not withstanding) and not become disruptive or confrontational.

    — If continual repetition of a point, even if it is a view which one or more bloggers feel has merit, but is causing many others not to enjoy the blog so much because of it, (and we have heard one blogger saying he does not blog on here now as a result of your comments), it is incumbent on you and all the rest of us to agree to disagree and move on.

    We all would like to chat to you. There are a wealth of subjects we would like to have your views on, which like today’s post concern who or which CF we should have.

    Anyway, especially at this time of year, we don’t want the continuing upsets or risk of losing bloggers.
    If there are anymore protracted quarrels, I for one can do without them, and I will seriously consider my options, including going elsewhere.

    Please reflect on what I am saying. A lot depends on it.

  55. Herb'sArmy says:

    I know you to be a decent upstanding man too, and I have no wish to alienate bloggers from any part of the world, especially as Total has put so much personal time and effort into producing such a fine Blog.
    But when people are deliberately belligerent and insulting enough to refer to me as a ‘cancer’, I believe that to be over-stepping the mark by some distance, especially as some personal friends of mine are losing their personal battle with the dreaded disease. I was as polite as I could be without getting into any spiteful name-calling.
    We all have our individual support of Arsenal and what it means to us on a personal level, and that comes with different levels of expectation. Some may feel Arsenal tick all their particular boxes and are delighted with what they get in return for their emotional investment. Personally I feel I am being cheated, and they are a long way short of what I expect them to be, but for the sanity and good-will of the Blog, I will make every effort to reign in my emotions and refrain from becoming embroiled in too much negativity.

  56. dal says:

    spend all money on cavani and play the french defender as holding midfielder

  57. Red Arse says:

    You are a good man, Herb. 🙂

    Actually, you do not need to reign in your emotions — give it some welly — as the Brits say, just let’s hear it for the current Post topic or related subjects.

    There are no hard and fast rules on these things, but you will get a feel for when things with another blogger are not going well (we all experience that, of course) and change the subject!! 🙂

  58. TotalArsenal says:

    Dal, who is that: Squillaci? 😉

  59. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers, Herb & Redders – that all makes sense. 🙂

  60. TotalArsenal says:

    RA @10.48 🙂

    Getting there with the tummy but not fully settled yet. No surprise re your views on Theo and Gervais, of course, and interesting thoughts on Lewandowski. Has he said he would rather join MU than Arsenal, or are you expecting this to be the case?

    Whether either Theo or Pod could play centrally, should be analysed within the formation that we play. In a 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1 system, I reckon they could be both devasting, especially with Giroud or Ba up-front.

  61. Herb'sArmy says:

    No probs, Redders. I would never forgive myself if I was the cause of you abandoning Total’s Blog.
    Apologies to you too, Total, for side-tracking your fine work, and I hope your stomach bug clears up soon.

  62. VCC says:

    Herb…just my twopence, sorry. As Red Arse says you are “Ineteresting and a wealth of knowledge” That is an understatement.

    We all know about your love of Fergie. I am simply light years away from your assessment of him. I admit he has been the most successful PL manager, of that there is no doubt. But i’m sick of the amount of times i read his name on an Arsenal site. Is that the only criteria you judge a person on? I find him the most obnoxious, arrogant, big headed self egotistic bully that ever had the privilege to become a professional football manager. What i’m trying to say is i don’t like the guy.

    Lets talk about the subject in hand, or anything else for that matter, but NOT red nose, please.

    Just consider this……

    Ferguson v Beckham ( Just a bruise)

    Cantona v Fan (Slight overreaction)

    Keane v Haaland (Innocent mistake)

    Williams v RvP (Attempted Murder)

  63. Red Arse says:


    In as much as we are all dependent on the reporters who pass this information on, I read Lewandovski gave a German TV interview in which, when asked about the rumours linking him to Manure, he said that they are a great team/club and he would love to play for them, if the respective clubs concluded a deal.

    With regard to Theo and the Gerv, I feel I am in broad agreement with Herb, that as passionate fans we tend to set our sights too low when we discuss the potential of players we already have.

    The difference here is that many pundits, and probably half the Arsenal fans do not rate either player as either wingers or CFs. Theo has had a little boost lately, mostly from fans who are worried about him joining Manure. A silly reason for wanting him to stay. manure will not want him — that’s agents talk.

    We need to look outside of these restrictive feelings and walk away from this constant hope/wish that x or y will prove their detractors wrong, and turn out to be swans in ducks’ clothing, but life is tough, and it rarely happens.

    In fairness, you did not ask in your Post about the Gerv, but AW did try him there for a while, and I hope that he will be let go – soon.

    I believe that Giroud is a gutsy trier and good in the air, but he seriously lacks pace, so in my ‘cut the cord’ mood, I would have to say, (If I held the purse strings) that I would let him go, too, and look for someone who has ALL the attributes.

    Theo has pace, but …………..

    Giroud is tall, has muscle, good in the air, is brave, and skillful in tight corners, but ……….

    The Gerv has pace, but …………………

    Why would I, (as the fictional holder of the purse strings), want to hold on to three players, none of whom has all the deck of cards/necessary attributes, simply because they MIGHT suddenly do the biz?

    I have always been analytic and pragmatic over such things —- but I do envy those who see hope, where I see none, but they say that “love is blind ……………….. ” 😀

  64. Red Arse says:


    I have been rabbiting on about certain players this morning, as a result of TA’s Post.

    TA has very different views to me on these guys, so normally we both choose to skirt the topic of theses players’ worth to the team/club, as we are good friends.

    So you see, you are not alone, I too have to be discrete!! 🙂

    Actually, I regret saying I would walk away from BK, as I know full well you would never knowingly put me in that position — and vice versa.

    As a characteristic of my personality, I always try to walk away from circumstances that make me uncomfortable, when I can, not because I am a goody two shoes, but because I do not want to let my size or temper make me say or do something to a person I normally like and get on with, and which I would regret later.

    There! You see, I am a bad ass!! 😀

  65. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    NO, your just a “RED ASS” 😆

  66. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    @ Redders and Total,
    All i would like to say to you both is a very big and simple ‘Thank you’.

    @VCC, can i join the rest of you ugly muvvers. I really do think i have a shot at knocking Redders off his perch. I have the mental strength you see 🙂

  67. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    and i stole one of Glics’ mirrors

  68. Herb'sArmy says:

    Hi VCC,
    I really hate it when people – not you in this instance – refer to me as a Ferguson lover, because it implies that by association I like MU, and I’ve hated them since I was a toddler.
    I refer to Ferguson in one context only, the fact that he was ours until our BoD decided otherwise. It is only a personal feeling, but for me it acts as one of the biggest betrayals towards the ambition of our supporters in our 126 year history, and nothing will ever make me feel differently. And that’s where I’ll leave it, because first and foremost, I will always be an Arsenal supporter.

  69. Herb'sArmy says:

    Cheers Redders 🙂

  70. Matt Peaty says:

    think I would do a very un Wengerish type of thing and actually give Giroud a run of games…he started to look good and then le Boss started playing the Klingon looking one in the centre…or playing lil Theo (instead of paying him a decent contract)


    The best thing to do when you have a disagreement with someone is offer them out. Not in person, but via some electronic device. Arange a time to meet for a showdown, but if your a cissy like me, dont turn up. Instead. position yourself in a place were you can observe your foe from a safe distance and watch his agitation and your pleasure grow.

    Then call him and make out your waiting for him somewere else. Follow, from a safe distance again and watch as he ends up losing it and fighting a complete stranger. Keep repeating this process. I gaurante you will feel great.

    The only downside is if at another time you accidently run into him. In these cases i find feigning an epeleptic fit usually does the trick. hahahaha

  72. TotalArsenal says:

    RA, just as well you don’t hold the purse strings! 😛

    Theo has a lot more than pace: a great first touch, both when standing still and in full flow, and a good finisher: three out of four ain’t bad. His stats are not to be ignored either.

    Giroud has everything, except super pace: again three out of four ain’t bad.

    Play them together annd we have 4 out of 4: pace, physicality, deadly finishing, height, fox in the box etc etc.

    Gerv is more than pace as well. He is not a good finisher, thus play him on the wings. I won’t give up on him till at least the end of the season, and the ANC is a real bummer in that respect.

    Maybe love is blind, but my stance is that those who wear our shirt and give their all get my full support, until I realise they don’t make the grade (unfortunately, I reached this stage now with Ramsey, although I still hope he proves everybody wrong, because I love his commitment). You appear quicker to pass the ‘not good enough’ judgement on players and of course you are entitled to do so, and maybe it’s what I am missing.

    But, I know you respect my way of supporting Arsenal and the players, as much as I support your way of supporting them. And that is the most important thing. 🙂

  73. TotalArsenal says:

    Terry Christmas TMHT! 🙂

    hahaha – you are in fine form again.

    PPP – good to see you back again! 🙂

    I am sure VCC will be delighted for you to join the UMF, but I will leave it to him to talk to you about the practicalities! 🙂

  74. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi and welcome Matt P 🙂

    Fully agreed on giving Giroud a good run of games. We bought him, let’s use him properly!

  75. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    Do you think that Podolski will ever get a run through the middle in our current formation?

  76. TotalArsenal says:

    I doubt it, what do you think, PPP?

  77. VCC says:

    PPP 12:46. By all means you can join the UMF 1 League. The more the merrier is my motto. The problem is we started mid November and have accumulated points. As you can see some more than others.

    What would you say is the fair way around this? Your obviously not as stupid as GLiC, but then he is a one off. But others have given blood, sweat and tears to keep in touch with that smart arse Redders. I personally think he is untouchable ,except with GLiC’s hands of course 😉

  78. VCC says:

    Matt Peaty. Good comment. Why buy a Striker and then undermine him by bringing in another one. He has only been here five minutes. Give the guy a chance, and as you say give him a run and lets see how it pans out. You cannot just turn it on willy nilly in such a high performance league such as the Premiership.

    If he turns out to be another Chamahk then by all means ship him out.

  79. oz gunner says:

    you underestimate me VCC, i’ve cracked RedA’s Vinci Code! He never picks draws, always for the win! It’s kept him in good stead but I’m a comin’!

    @ RA

    I agree with you, the theo thing is getting on my nerve more and more. Who does he think he is demanding positions when he hasn’t proved anything. Personally I’d like to see Pod given the go, his left is nothing to be trifled with!

    As for letting go of Giroud… :O :O :O :O
    I don’t think we can be friends anymore haha

    @ PPP

    about time! this site has had a lack of down under spirit around here!

  80. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    re. Poldi. Without serious injuries (knock on wood) to others who have been played there before him ie. swerve, theo, giroo, i cant see it happening either. Also, if any of these rumours about Ba come to frution than its a definate No.

    The funny thing is, when he signed, many were calling for him to be played central just like in FC.Koln, but i have to admit i was happy to see him put out wide in a front three and envisaged many a left foot rocket in the top corner just as he had proven for his national side. Now we come to this stage of the season and on occassion i have had my doubts. He seems to have lost a little pace and i figured that is why Marco Reus gets the starting berth before him.

    However, when Gibbs plays i dont mind the tag team and will confidently say that Podolski has the best cross in our team. The problem is, as a winger he doesnt hug the side-line enough, and when playing in a 4-3-3 his rotation during a game finds him in midfield or defending deep as opposed to flying in at the back post to bury any loose balls.

    I could have just answered your qusetion with a simple NO, but… isnt that what blogging is about? 🙂

  81. VCC says:

    PPP 14:13

    “I could have just answered your question with a simple NO, but….isnt that what blogging is about”

    Yes it is PPP, but we have to be kind to GLiC, and sometimes have to use one liners, so he can keep up.

  82. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:


    I have been keeping a keen eye on the league and realise that, as usual, i will be late to the party. I was going to suggest that for the next 2-3 rounds/ fixtures i get an extra pick. So in essence i would be taking 6 picks whilst the rest of you muvvers take 5??? (feel free to correct me and explain if im wrong on how it works)

    Of course, this would only work if the rest of you guys agreed. However, i think that ‘The Gooner’ was also late to the party and had no such help so whatever you decide VCC, im easy sleazy with. How am i doing so far?

  83. TotalArsenal says:

    Fully agreed Prince. Podolski does well with Gibbs running next to him and a proper winger on the other side, in my view. I like him to play in a 4-4-2 though, just behind Giroud for example.

  84. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    Thats why Glic loves Isco so much. Only two syllables in his name, and the only thing that could fit on his john thomas. 🙂

  85. TotalArsenal says:

    PPP 😛

    VCC, can I suggest we start PPP on my points, 13? Then, at least he has a half-decent chance to to get anywhere near the top by end of the season?

  86. oz gunner says:

    that’d mean you have a chance TA, and we all know that’s not the case 🙂

  87. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    Im happy to start on 8pts.
    One point for each Arsenal win so far. It also seems fair to our special fwend Glic who is flying on 9pts

  88. TotalArsenal says:

    Hey, ppp what are you up to at the moment: work, summer plans, life in general?

  89. Red Arse says:


    I would shoot PPP —- no, I mean I would give him a shot.

    Why don’t you reset everyone with 13 points, or less, on an even 13 points.
    It’s only a bit of fun, and let’s face it, no one is as funny looking as Glic — Terry Nutkins sent me a ‘photo!!

    It will make the second half tension filled!! 🙄 🙂

  90. Red Arse says:


    I did have the caveat IF the hands on the purse strings were mine!! 🙂

    It is always worth a chuckle when I hear the words “if x wears the Red and White shirt, I will support him — unless it is Denilson, or Ramsey, or Flappyhandski, or ………….. ” 😀

    I believe the club has reached a tipping point with its – finances, recruitment policy, needs of the fans, realistic trophy chances etc, and there should now be a virtuous circle in which we (the club) should be looking at a different type/quality of recruit.

    If 30,000 fans think a player is poor, after 6 or 7 years, and 30,000 think he ‘might’ be OK, then we should move him on.

    [Naturally, if 59,990 think a player is crap and 10 think he has possibilities, then too, we should move him on.]

    I will leave others to work out which players I am referring to, and which is which. 😀

    Incidentally, I do not know where this idea “if x wears the shirt etc” came from, but I do not buy it — no one I have ever met really sticks to it, because everyone has someone who he or she does not think is a good player — and what is wrong with that?

    Even the manager does not believe the logic of that sentiment, or else he would not give any player the push and we would stagnate. Just saying. 😛

  91. TotalArsenal says:

    Ah,Redders, we are more or less in agreement. Any player who wears the shirt and gives their all will get my support, but that does not mean I would want all players with those characteristics to remain at the club indefinitely. 🙂


    TA, Redders, to be fair, there is a difference between support when at games and criticing a player away from a match.

    When at a game i have never given a player stick. On the contarary i always show them support, even when others are moaning or groaning.

    It always amazes me as to what people are thinking when they give stick. How can a man, playing in front of thousands of people perform when they know people are having a go at him. Maybe a good profesional should block it out, but over the years i have seen many a player wilt to crowd abuse.

    Of course, behind there back i absoloutly slaughter them. hahahaha

  93. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    13 points is very generous, and shows that you ooze confidence… Well its either that or you really dont want to be winning the title of UMF.

    At the moment im on holidays and in the Aussie summer i dont mind knocking back a few ‘freddies’. By the way, in Oz land a bbq is the only way to go when it comes to Christmas.
    Workwise- last time i came on BK i was saying how i had gone from timber flooring/carpentary to transport and logistics and had a manure supporting supervisor..well, that didnt work out ‘suprise,suprise’ (had nothing to do with my work ethic i swear 😉 ) so im back to flooring and working for myself.
    Long term plans- i want to go to my ‘meccah'(THOF). I cant wait to experience my first game live, and do some sight seeing around England and most of Europe (visit some relatives).
    umm, what else… I was engaged and about to get married and then realised it was over rated, broke it off when she brought home a chelski jersey. Her reason at the time was that Gus Hiddink was a great coach 👿 ….. plenty more fish, as they say..

    How about yourself?
    By the way, when your puppy does something wrong around the house, do you raise your voice and scream his name in an excited Martin Tyler voice over? .. (you did name him after King Thierry, right? )

  94. Red Arse says:

    Well guys, that is a different kettle of fish paste!! 🙂

    I have never, ever boo-ed a player or harangued them at a game. I have been known to wince when they screw up, or think to myself that was ‘bollix’, sometimes with a little groan, and a muttered ‘oh, nooooo’. The latter is usually if Glic is goosing someone!! 🙂

    I am sure you have seen some bloggers extending that sentiment to blog sites, when it suits them — and later picking on a different player — and I do not mean you, Oh, Great Dutch Clog. 🙂

  95. Red Arse says:


    Have your nuptials been restored yet? I have been worried about you, what with no nookie and completing Tax Returns every minute of the day, your whimsical stories have become very interesting!!! 🙂

  96. glic says:

    Afternoon Meatwadders 😆

    Just a quick one before I go and sort out the horse manure. I have no problem with the artist now known as Prince, starting in the UMF league, as long as he`s in front of me…….it`s my wooden spoon and no body is going to take it !. hahaha


    Have we bought Isco yet ?. as until we get him and I get excited, my todgers only showing, “I”. hahaha

  97. VCC says:

    PPP. Having given it some thought (after laying down in a dark cupboard for 30 mins 🙂

    How about you start at 9 points (same as GLiC)

    We have been going for 7 selections, so for the next 7 selections you have 6 choices against the others 5. Although difficult, this could give you a projected total, if all correct of 16 points. This being half way. This on top of your others points scored would be the fairest way IMO.

    As long as The Gooner and GLiC are happy as they have had a handicap to bear.

    The Gooner started late and went in at the bottom and GLiC is slightly insane.

    If not, please let me know soonest as we have the next round due the day after tomorrow. Cheers.

    Anyone else please speak up.

  98. VCC says:

    Now Muvverz……on a serious note….to all you younger generation……What’s the best Laptop for £350. I’m being driven towards an Acer Apire V5.

    Sorry Total, just this one quickie.

  99. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    VCC. Like i said, im easy sleazy with any call you make as long as all the other esteemed members of BK agree 🙂

    On that note, i bid you all a great day as i am in dire need of some ‘kip’ (i think that is right), and my dark cupboard awaits. Night all 🙂

  100. VCC says:

    PPP. Don’t forget to submit your entries BEFORE Saturday KO please.

  101. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    Sorry VCC, cant help you on the laptop front. Im hopeless with technology, and even struggle with setting the time on the microwave

  102. The Gooner says:

    Afternoon All,

    Hope you’ve all been enjoying the holidays with your wonderful families!

    TA @13:16: You’ve identified the problem with the majority of the players in our current squad without meaning to. We have too many players who are good at 2-3 things of 4 that a high quality talent should be good at. Compensating by playing two players to cover the 4 needed skills does not often work because there’s the matter of chemistry and the ball can only be distributed in so many ways. Also, AW is very stubborn with his tactics and would likely refuse to play 2 strikers up front anyway.

    If AW decides to persist in the current formation, Giroud is not a good option to play CF for us because our whole game plan then revolves around crossing the ball or punting it long and him holding it up. His pace and finishing along the ground has not been up to par this season and he needs much more time to regain confidence and to truly bed into the squad. However, we’re not instilling any confidence in him by signing another striker, which remains the main concern.

    In Walcott, what we gain in pace and a potential threat on through balls on the ground, we lose physicality in the air and on the ground in holding up play. His passing along the ground also leaves much to be desired and his while his finishing has been great this season, he still isn’t capable of creating something out of nothing and relies on good distribution.

    I don’t even want to touch Gervinho, he just should never be played at CF. His finishing is inconsistent, his first touch is too heavy, he lacks intelligence and the list goes on and on.

    In Demba, you have a striker capable of bringing all 4 elements of pace, aerial ability, holding up play and clinical finishing to the squad in 1 player. This does not even take into consideration his passing and dribbling which have both impressed me in the games I’ve seen of him. Sure, he might not be a world class option like Cavani or Falcao, but he’s certainly more well-rounded and more adjusted to the league at CF than any of our current strikers. Also, we don’t necessarily need a world class talent at striker since AW will likely never pony up the cash for one. We just someone who can be a game changer and score an abundance of goals – I think Demba can do that for us and he’s fearless and unphased in the face of the opposition.

  103. Red Arse says:


    I have relatives in Oz and have visited them a number of times over the years, mostly in Sydney, which I love.

    Getting on a train travelling from Glasgow to London, I sat opposite Dame Edna (in her civvies) and a couple of his/her close family members, and he asked me if I was a mad Yank on the loose, marauding thru’ Great Britain, and, if so, why was I carrying a briefcase, a cell ‘phone and a laptop, and wouldn’t Australia suit me better, as everyone over there was on the lash, and I did not need a disguise!!! 🙂

    He had me in fits of laughter and was so charming, intelligent and very humble. A great credit to the land down under! I think I made him laugh a bit to when I pretended I did not know him, but that he reminded me a bit of this weird Aussie woman. I set to, taking the mickey about the Dame, and he never let on, just laughed and agreed with me!

    He had sod all knowledge or interest in footie, and thought there was something very odd about an Arsenal supporter from NYC. 🙂 Lovely man!

  104. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    Great story ‘possum’ 😉

  105. glic says:

    Vicky, I did mine the other day, but incase you didn`t notice, here are my predictions for the coming weekend:

    The place where there are posters of Total “Wanted Dead or Alive ” !, Wigan .

    The place where Total is “Not Wanted Dead or Alive” !, Norwich.

    Premier League Sheep Shaggers, Swansea.

    The Tea Baggies.

    Erectile Dysfunctioners, Southampton.

    All to win !.

  106. Red Arse says:


    Pretty much agree with all that.

    Left to my own devices I would skip Demba Ba and go for a better quality CF — or maybe I would say – sod that and go for a classy, midfield enforcer.

    I’m fickle tart like that!! 😀

  107. VCC says:

    GLiC 🙂

    Thanks darling, I’ve already got yours, much appreciated.

  108. TotalArsenal says:

    PPP @ 16:03

    Good to hear you are on holiday and I guess once you have been your own boss it must be hard to get used to being bossed about again. Hope your own business gives you the income and lifestyle you are satisfied with. Sad to hear you and wife-to-be split up but rather now than after the wedding – saves a lot of money and hassle! 🙂

    Let us know when you finally visit the UK and we’ll try to meet up. 🙂

    Henry is naughty regularly and I say his name countless times. Sometimes I even go frenchy with him – although I am not allowed to call him the ‘French’ Henry – and go ‘Merde, Merde, shit, shit outside naughty garcon!’ 😀

  109. TotalArsenal says:

    Oh forgot to add: life is treating me fine, PPP. I have got a blog, a dog and still get plenty of snog, so nothing to complain about. Still a ‘stay at home dad’, but might venture back into the working world next year. I am envious about your ability to enjoy some lovely cold Freddies in the summer’s heat. Here, we need to keep warm with whiskey and wine; but I ain’t complaining! 🙂

  110. TotalArsenal says:

    RA @16.06 🙂 Thank you Great American Polymoth! (mind the GAP, though) 😛

  111. The Gooner says:

    Unfortunately TA, Demba may be the most feasible option out there for us. Much like yourself, I’d prefer Cavani but given AW’s track record in the transfer market, I doubt we could ever afford such a talent. Also, reports are stating that Lewandowski has agreed to a deal with Manure (caughtoffside though for what it’s worth).

  112. TotalArsenal says:

    VCC @16.12 Super fair solution – In fact, it is simply genius: double thumbs up from me! 🙂

  113. TotalArsenal says:

    VCC @16.21 no worries – the site is also for those sort of requests. I have a lenova lap-top and rate it highly, but that is were my knowledge stops, I am afraid.

    night, night PPP – sweet dreams about Nicolle Kidman 🙂

  114. VCC says:

    GLiC’s odds = 3161-1

    VCC…predictions + Odds…38-1
    Arsenal v New. Home
    Sund v Spuds. Home
    MU v WBA. Home
    Stoke v Soton. Home
    Reading v WHU. Draw

  115. VCC says:

    TA…17:24 + 17:27….Thank you. 😉

  116. TotalArsenal says:

    TG at 16.31 🙂

    Fine comment and agreed with a lot. The post was meant to highlight the complexities surrounding our choice of striker(s) at the moment – a point you picked up on in a previous comment.

    Although, I rate Demba Ba, I am not sure whehter he is better than Giroud, but time would tell.

    I believe that most good players in the PL only represent 2 or 3 top qualities out of 4 to make them perfect and the key thing is to put a team together were individual strengths are being optimised and weaknesses are being compensated away. A striker duo of Giroud and Theo would really water my appetite, for example. I would love it though, if Arsenal are aiming higher now with regards to their purchases and bring in more of the likes of Santi in the near future. I hold my breath though. 🙂

  117. TotalArsenal says:

    RA at 16.32 nice story 🙂

    Glic at 16.53 😆

  118. The Gooner says:

    Spanish outlets reporting we’ve agreed to sign Arda Turan for 19 mil! Would be the right winger we need, god I hope something gets confirmed on…

  119. The Gooner says:

    He’d fall in line with Wenger’s search for an exceptional talent, has the versatility to play anywhere in the midfield (wing or central) and can actually cross a ball too. He’s only 25 years old and his best years are still ahead of him. Glic, he’s in the same caliber of isco and his name would fit on your todger!!

  120. TotalArsenal says:

    His best anagram, TG, is radar tuna; and I am just eating tuna so it must be true! 😀

  121. The Gooner says:

    Hahaha TA, that was an excellent word scramble! I know nothing’s certain until it’s officially on but my god would that be an amazing signing for us.

  122. Red Arse says:


    I doubt that Turan will sign for us.

    He is a Liverpool supporter and in October was photographed in a ‘Pool shirt (Sahin’s).

    Roger’s is said to be very keen on him as he can play as either an attacking MF or Winger.

    Just another one of the many story’s on the rumour mill!

  123. TotalArsenal says:

    You tell me, TG, I don’t know him but if you are enthusiastic then I am, cause you know the foreign players better than most of us! 🙂

  124. The Gooner says:

  125. RockyLives says:

    Happy Day After the Day After Christmas Everyone 🙂

    Some predictions for the weekend:
    Sunderland v Spuds D
    Villa v Wigan A
    Norwich v Citeh A
    Stoke v Southampton D
    Everton v Chavs H

  126. The Gooner says:

    Red, the Pool are toiling in the mid table right now and have already apparently signed Sturridge for £ 12million. Turan would be cup tied if he went to the Pool too. They likely won’t have the funds at their disposal for Turan since Rodgers has decided to keep both Sterling and Downing (wouldn’t be able to get much from selling Downing either).

    Sure, it’s just a rumour at this point but it’s encouraging since it’s a “hard” rumour and not just a link to him. Spanish outlets have stated that personal terms have been agreed on and the only matter left is the transfer fee.

  127. VCC says:

    Cheers Rocky.

    The Gooner…..that’s uncanny you posted about Arda Turan. I was just watching some of his clips on you tube. The boy can cross a ball, that’s a plus for us.

  128. The Gooner says:

    TA, that vid I posted is just a small sample but he’s got a sublime first touch and outstanding ball control and dribbling. Very good balance, decent pace, good at long balls and can spot that final pass. I really liken him to Juan Mata, as both are creative little distributors who can also finish well. The combination of Santi and Turan would be very similar to Mata and Hazard and would certainly give more added dimension to our attack. However, I would advise to keep a cautious optimism as rumours do fly during this time of a year and even if personal terms are agreed, a lot can happen in the process leading up to confirming a player transfer (re: Mata).

  129. The Gooner says:

    VCC, great minds think alike 🙂

  130. VCC says:

    Rocky’s odds = 156-1

  131. The Gooner says:

    His weaknesses include over-dribbling and this leads to turnovers and frustrated teammates. I’ve watched him at Atletico for the past 2 seasons and he certainly is an exceptional talent that could really dominate the PL. He’s basically a blend between Hazard and Mata, as you can see from the sample vid I posted.

  132. TotalArsenal says:

    all true, TG, like you, I never get really excited until it is confirmed on either BBC or But with his name starting with the letters ‘AR’ it simply must be true! 🙂

  133. VCC says:

    True about the Ar Total. Also GLiC will like the ARDA it is the better. Another notch to go on his Todger. 🙂

  134. RockyLives says:

    156-1 🙂
    That’s even worse than last time!

  135. VCC says:

    Rocky, you need the points, RedArse is getting away from you.

  136. VCC says:

    Rocky, your odds last time were 78-1. ??????

  137. glic says:

    Too late TG you swine.
    Seeing as I was not going to pay the extortionate amount of money they wanted at the Tattoo parlour, I decided to do a DIY job .
    I could have used a pencil, but I had no lead in it, plus it would have come off too easy with a rubber !. My Biro wouldn`t work upside down, so I decided to engrave Isco on my hampton with a blunt chisel and 10lb club hammer !. So Turan can f**k off !.

    Can someone please inform Mrs glic to visit me at the Intensive Care Todger Unit at Derriford Hospital Plymouth !.

  138. glic says:

    #3 a much better fit and worth all the pain !. ouch ouch ouch ( similar to ha ha ha when in pain ! )

  139. Red Arse says:

    Glic, 😀 😀 😀

    You are a scream!!!!! 😛

  140. VCC says:

    Hey GLiC, just got hold of Mrs.GLiC. She said she hopes you have a comfortable night, she is going to have a night in and watch some action footie movies with QPR as the top billing.

    Oh, and she said sleep tight honey.

  141. Red Arse says:


    I hope you are right.

    I am sure that we tried to buy him when he was at Galatasary.

    If you look him up on Wiki you will find he already plays for us!!!! Nothing to do with me — how about you??? 😀

  142. glic says:

    Thanks Vicky, I will just have to put up with all the nurses gathering around my bed crying with laughter !. ouch ouch ouch

    Glad to make you scream Redders without the use of my wounded member !. ouch ouch ouch

  143. glic says:

    I see that on Wiki Redders !. I hope not, otherwise I may have to engrave a “D” in front of isco !. Talk about Disco fever !. ouch ouch ouch

  144. TotalArsenal says:

    disco glic the micro dick!!

  145. glic says:

    ouch ouch ouch !

  146. The Gooner says:


    Haha I hope I am right as well. I certainly did not change his wikipedia page, but the same thing happened with Yanga-Mbiwa and Arsenal a couple weeks ago. Turan would certainly be a purchase in the right direction for this team and wouldn’t interfere with Giroud’s coveted “confidence” that many of you are concerned about if we buy another striker.

    Glic, your stories are amusing as ever. Particularly enjoyed the “rubber rubbing off the marking”, quite witty of you mate.

  147. VCC says:

    The Gooner,

    What a start to the year if we purchase Turan,MBiwa and a quality LB.

    Lip smacking New Year prezzie.

  148. VCC says:


    Sagna Merts Verm NLB


    Turan Caz Arteta Wilshere


    Looks good to me.

  149. The Gooner says:

    VCC, that would be an impressive line-up indeed!

    Though I would like to remind you that Mbiwa is a versatile center back and does not generally play in the midfield. I would love to have him at Arsenal but I’m not quite sure where he fits into our side unless we plan on selling one of Sagna or Mertesacker/Koscielny.

    Still a line-up with Turan alone would be much more impressive than the side we’re currently showing. He’d certainly give us the creativity to assist Santi in dissecting opposing team’s defences and if our finishing can improve in the second half, there’s no reason we couldn’t overtake $hitty. I hope I’m not getting ahead of myself but 2nd would be a big accomplishment for a young squad and something to build on for future seasons!

  150. VCC says:

    The Gooner……I don’t doubt your accuracy one minute as I seldom watch continental games, but, I’m sure I have seen MBiwa play in midfield……

    If we acquired three quality signings in January, I see no reason why we shouldn’t push for 2nd place.

    I wasn’t keen on Giroud when he first came, in fact I was very critical of him. But I have warmed to him a little lately. My money would be spent on the three positions I highlighted and give Giroud a long run, and see if he can get some consistency to his raw game.

    Only problem is, I keep getting excited at transfer times, only to get let down with Wengers recent history.

    We now have the money, now go and spend it.

  151. The Gooner says:

    VCC, Mbiwa rarely features there – he’s played twice as a DM this season, mainly just filling in for Saihi since he’s gone down with a knee injury.

    I’m ok with Theo and Giroud alternating up front if it means acquiring an exceptional talent like Turan out wide. The delivery would really improve and give our strikers a chance to prove that they can finish at a clinical level. If they continue to struggle then AW can seek a new striker in the summer window where more players will become available.

    The transfer excitement bug really hits us all, no matter how seasoned and accustomed we are to Wenger’s colossal let downs. However, there is some hope after he brought in Podolski, Giroud and Santi this past summer.

  152. oz gunner says:

    testing testing

  153. oz gunner says:

    Yes I’m back. Bloody wordpress, written about 6 comments over the last day and they’ve all disappeared.

    @ GLIC

    great stuff as always

    @ RA

    great story about the dame.

    @ PPP

    about time you got back on here, there has been a severe lack of Aussie spirit around. Alex needs to get back on here also.

  154. VCC says:

    Hi OZ….we have a newcomer to the UMF League…….it’s PPP. 🙂

  155. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post – New Post! 🙂

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