January and February perfect for Arsenal to start chase for second place


Arsenal have a perfect opportunity to move up the table in the next two months. Having taken 13 points out of a possible fifteen against supposedly weaker opposition from the last five games, we will now play in quick succession three teams who, like us, are aiming to finish in the top-four at least this season: Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool.

We will know what Arsene’s team is really made off by the end of this month.

In a way, I am happy we will play Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool all in January: our team need these challenges to prove to themselves how good they really are.

In January and February, Arsenal will play seven PL games: five of them are home games (Man City, West Ham, Liverpool, Stoke and Villa), and there are only two away games (Chelsea and Sunderland). Arsenal have had a relatively hard first half of the season, with all away games in – the always difficult for us – North-West already played, and eleven away games played out of a total of 20 games until now.

So, there is now a good opportunity to take points from our direct opponents and move up on the table. Man City will not have Yaya Toure available and I reckon this will prove to be a huge loss for the Northern Oilers. He is one of the few who always gives his all for the club, whilst many of their players seem to operate as contractors, or ‘hired feet’. I have also huge respect for Kompany, Silva and Hart, but ManCity is a team that struggles with cohesion and desire issues in the team, and if we give our all from the start against them, I reckon we can have them. This would reduce the gap between us and them to eight points, and with our game in hand, we can further reduce the gap.

After Man City, Arsenal play Chelsea away. Not an easy fixture for us, but the Chavs just lost to QPR at home, and will play Stoke away next in the PL; after that it is us, and I reckon this is a good time to meet them. Benitez has had mixed results with Chelsea so far, and the fact that he is still not wanted by the fans and just lost a London derby, might work in our favour. Again, Arsenal need to play their game and give their all on the day, but this is the time to show the outside world what this team is capable off.

Three days after the Chavs game, Arsenal play at home against West Ham. The biggest risk will be that we think this is a relatively easy fixture and leave our collective foot of the gas. Let’s hope the team are focussed and give their all; if so, we should take three points from our encounter with the Hammers. The same goes for the February home games against Stoke and Aston Villa.

The next home game after the West Ham game is a big one again: Liverpool. They have started to hit a bit of form recently, and might well come to Ashburton Grove with high levels of confidence. Liverpool play Manchester United away and Norwich at home before they come to us, and especially if they were to get a result at Old Trafford, and win their home game against Norwich as well, they could fancy themselves against us.

However, once again this is a game we should be able to win, given our home advantage. One of the hardest PL games to play in the next two months is our away game against Sunderland. Never easy, and it all depends on form and belief on the day, whether Arsenal can get something from the game.

But, all in all, I feel good about the next two months, and we will know with a lot more certitude whether Arsenal are going the get something from this season in the PL or not.

Now is the time to push on properly and get as close as possible to the second place in the league.

Written by: Total Arsenal.

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103 Responses to January and February perfect for Arsenal to start chase for second place

  1. twisted says:

    we will finish January positioned 6-8th and out of the FA cup. Wenger should understand that the supporters are fed up with players coming in that we have not heard of because the last five years or so many have been a failure. He should also realise that we, as supporters, fork out Lionel Messi money for our tickets so have the right to expect something special in return.

    If Wenger didn’t waste our money on wages for dodgy players ,we could afford a Lionel Messi type player…

  2. jim goon19 says:

    Though i share optimism, this period for us basically comes down to what do in the window(still remember how i felt when we signed Reyes)
    for arteta to perform at his optimum he needs reliable, consitent cover, clearly the boss doesnt deem any of our current cover good enough for this task thus far. Im not going to name call, everyone who loves Afc knows we need a top dmc, its now up to the powers that be to make this happen.
    On the contract issue It now seems Walcott and Club have realised a deal can be brokered and i reckon he’ll sign, perfect, only theo is massively inconsistent, again i feel a top fwd needs to be snapped up
    It seems signing good players is the only way foward,when season after season we lose our best

  3. Get a few class players in, and why not… Stranger things have happened. But 3 top players would be a dram and push on!!!


  4. richie59er says:

    This is what Wenger himself had to say on transfer expectations recently

  5. Kevin says:

    Haven’t had a bigger laugh in years!! You must be wearing your special “Arsene Wenger blanked out glasses” if you truly believe that this average bunch of tat could ever reach 2nd place….except in the girls league!! Once we get a REAL manager who has the balls to get up the players like old red nose rather than molicoddle them like babies and with an owner and board who spend to build a side with world class, heart, drive and commitment, then we may be able to “Seriously think about challenging for 2nd or maybe even 1st…..until then we will see more or the same drivel season after season.

  6. richie59er says:

    Looking at the fixture list January always looked like being a tough month for us and its true it could very easily define our season. Money Citeh, Chav’s and the Pool looks like the fences in the Grand National, Becher’s Brook, The Chair, and the Canal Turn. The manner in which we negotiate our way round and through this month will show us all if we’ve made any progress. I will probably age prematurely as I’ll spend it in an almost constant state of high anxiety, hopefully followed by 3 periods of total elation.

  7. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi JimGoon19

    Agreed on the desperate need for beast of a DM. Re Theo, I don’t agree with you. He has had only four games in which he scored four times, won us a penalty, and had the assist for the equaliser against Southampton. I reckon Theo would benefit from playing close to Giroud in a 4-4-1-1/4-4-2 system, but we will have to see what will happen next.

  8. richie59er says:

    Oh dear I get the strange feeling Kevin might just be a doomer.

  9. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Richie,

    I really think it is for the best we have these fixtures this month, and I have a good feeling about it. If I am proving wrong, I will have to eat humble pie! 😛

  10. TotalArsenal says:


    Where was red nose’s ‘fantastic’ personal management style when his boys let an eight point lead slip to lose the title on the last day? Or how good a ‘motivator’ was he when they did not even qualify for the next round of the CL last year?

    Being a bully to your players does not work all the time.

    And for what it is worth, Arsenal’s problems have nothing to do with a lack of motivation, but I guess this is lost on you; it is far easier to think that our players are shite and useless.

  11. richie59er says:

    I hope you get to eat that tasty pie in celebration!

  12. oz gunner says:

    well said TA (top notch yesterday as well! no1 writes a tactics post better), def make or break this period. Personally i prefer playing the likes of pool, city and chelsea! At least we know we are going to give it a red hot go and will actually turn up to play. Against the lesser likes we stroll up, so this time we might see a fight on our hands!

    City – Win
    Pool – Win
    Chelsea – Draw/Win

    I don’t see why not!!!

    Interesting to here Arsene say it was Ba or Giroud in the TW but the knee threw him off. Easy choice for mine. I want a signing though dammit, first thing i do at 445 in the morning before i leave for uni is fly to the computer and check…still nothing!

  13. richie59er says:

    Hi OzG I’m like a cat on a hot tin roof. I’m checking every 15-20mins for Theo’news and any Tranie news it’s pathetic really, I feel sorry for myself its like I’ve got a nervous bloody tick.

  14. oz gunner says:

    Hi richie. We aren’t pathetic because i like to think everyone does it during the transfer windows, those who don’t are the weird ones haha.

    Agreed the theo news, already I have to pay a visit to Henry for making me think theo had re-signed. I messaged 2 mates and my mrs to let her know before I realised it was old news.

    Tempers are high this time of year! Look at GLIC, he has been chatting about Isco that much that he keeps threatening his Mrs every time he sees he is not an Arsenal player. This makes life hell for Mrs GLIC because then she has to put him back in line and beat the snot out of him!

  15. VCC says:

    Fine post Total. The coming couple of months will indeed find out what this team is made of.

    Will it be man or mouse? That’s the 64 dollar question. Of course we all wish we will man up and surge towards the top of the league. If that’s the case I will send you some HP sauce to go with that humble pie… 🙂

    Richie & Oz….I think almost every Arsenal fan is doing the same as you guys, checking for transfer news every five minutes of the day. Although we have recently had plenty of changes, its my opinion we need to bring a couple more in, whilst shipping out a few dross.

    Chamahk to West Ham, is this for real or is it a wind up? Cant see it myself, fat Sam ain’t that naive, or is he?

    Gtg, have to check the transfer news on sky, I haven’t been there for over ten minutes. 😉

  16. oz gunner says:

    haha I just got back from there VCC don’t bother! just more holtby mumbo jumbo. I do hope he signs a pre-contract so he can join us in the summer. Bit like podolski get them in early!A couple more is fine by me. Diaby and frimpong are back so I’m prepared for the ‘two players returning no room in midfield’ quote.

    @ RA

    Hows the new home theatre coming along? I got a 60″ 3D and 7.1 channel on boxing day…Arsenal never looked so good. I’ve always wanted a theatre system that could blow off a girls clothes…unfortunately this does not!


    Morning Bergkampesqueres

    Fine post TA. 2nd place?, why not. We have the ability to push on and still do something special this season.

    I must admit, i do not pay any attention or look for transfer speculation at all. Cornwalls homo erotic tendancies towards Isco is very admirable, but ide never heard of the guy.. And now to my shock and horror i hear there is another Mvilla, but with a B in his name. What next. are we to be linked with Thierry Henby or Denis Berbkamp.

    I am nervous about the Theo situation however. The last thing i need is Henry (hehehehe) coming on here and posting that old link. I fell for it hook line and sinker. Jumped off my chair and felt a weird arrousal, only to find out it wasnt true. Felt like a beautiful women was telling me what she was going to do with me once she took me home. only to find out that she was actully boss eyed and was talking to the bloke next to me. hahaha

  18. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning guys 🙂

    Some fine comments overnight, thanks. I watched the first half of our game against Southampton again – second half to follow, cannot do it all again in one go – and I can definitely say there was no lack of workrate in the team during that period. The biggest problem we had is that all our attacking play was filtered through our right back and right winger: Sagna and Ox. We hardly used the left wing at all, and also did not attack through the middle anywhere near as much as through the right wing.

    What was disappointing, and I have seen the same against Wigan as well, is that the team totally left those attacks to Sagna and Ox: nobody got close to them to help them and add another dimension to our attacks from the right. Where was Santi? Where was Jack? Why does Theo not get closer to them, rather than wait in the box where he is unlikely to beat the defenders? Theo could get closer to Sagna and Ox and Podolski could position himself in the box, whilst Santi could also be closer to the whole action. Watch it again, and you will see how much we totally ‘outsourced’ our attacking build up to Sagna and Ox.

    Sagna did actually quite well, until that dreaded mistake that lead to the Saints goal. After that, he totally dropped in form.

    For me, a lot of the above is of a tactical nature, and I hope we will see improvements against Swansea.

  19. Red Arse says:

    Afternoon, TA, 🙂

    Sometimes when we look forward and see what appears to be an ‘easy’ schedule against so called weaker teams we get excited by the expectation of ‘easy’ wins, and often the reverse is true.

    Let’s hope that the schedule of ‘tough’ teams and the possibility of losing more ground against the top four turns out to be wrong, too.

    Hope so!

  20. Red Arse says:

    Hi Terry, 🙂

    Is this the same Terry that reckons the “proof is in the pudding”?

    No one can outdo you in an argument, Telescope Man, because while they are figuring out that you meant “the proof of the pudding is in the eating” you have knocked spots off their argument!! Brilliant! 😀

    You are unfortunate to have been mislead by the boss-eyed woman, because Glic is OK in that department, as I remember you saying he is boss eyed too, and not only did he pee on your shoes in the Arsenal urinals, but he and the boss eyed females see eye to eye!! 🙂

  21. oz gunner says:

    Afternoon TA. You are one dedicated man! Watching that game again is enough to send a man into psychosis. I saw the replay on tv the other day when i was flicking through channels and I nearly screamed like a girl and ran down the street in terror!

    What game?when did we play South?oh that time we beat them 6-1?! That’s better!

  22. VCC says:

    ResArse…lets hope with a tougher schedule coming up our boys are more focused and tuned in to perform at a higher level than they have been recently.

    Terry knocking spots off his pudding? isn’t that his spotted dick?? I knew he had a small Hampton, but a spotted one too??? my word he hasn’t got a lot going for him has he. 😉

  23. oz gunner says:

    Hey VCC you leave him alone!
    I hear he’s a good…can cook a mean…lasts a long…gives good…listens all the…
    Yeah you’re right he really doesn’t 🙂

  24. VCC says:

    Oz, I’ve just had a call from fat Sam……He wants me to taxi Chamahk to Upton Park for talks, regarding signing for West Ham United. lmfao 🙂

  25. TotalArsenal says:

    Afternoon fine fellows of Goonerdom 🙂

    Terry 😛

    RA 🙂

    That’s exactly it: a schedule of tough but definitely winnable games should see the team prepare really well mentally, and I think that once we beat a Man City and or Chelsea this team can get proper wings. There are no injuries anymore and I have said before I believe in this squad, especially if and when Arsene can get us a tough DM and hopefully get us a quality winger as well (and a back-up experienced keeper).

    Hi Oz 🙂

    I watched it again to analyse it. I am sure you are the same, but when I watch a game for the first time, I am far too much in it to properly analyse it. What amazes me so much is how little Arsenal play compact together nowadays. If and when we do, we are awesome, but if not we are easy to read and defend against. For me, this a lot to do with the 4-2-1-3 formation and the players we have in it.

  26. TotalArsenal says:

    I am afraid I will have to be a bit of a salmon again, but I reckon fat Sam – the ultimate dickhead; cannot stand the fucker – is actually making a shrewd move. Chamakh is great with his head and fat Sam always gets his team to cross the ball into the box a lot. He will also know that Chamakh is not a lazy player and will work for the team, and I reckon it would be really good for the Morrocan to make the move. And hopefully it will free up a space for a new player…. 🙂

  27. VCC says:

    Total……”when Arsene can get us a tough DM and hopefully get us a quality winger as well (and a back up experienced keeper)……….WHAT ABOUT MY LEFT BACK?

  28. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahahaha, VCC, I knew that would awaken you, buddy! 🙂

    A left back too, why not – although, I would like us to continue with Gibbsy and we can play TV or Meade there too. But in an ideal world we get a proper, experienced player to challenge Gibbsy…

  29. VCC says:

    I want a replacement for Gibbs, full stop. You see, he will cost us many times before the end of the season.

  30. oz gunner says:

    @ VCC

    sorry but I’m with TA on this one. When i first read about it the other day my first reaction was ‘at least if it’s a loan he can’t play against us’. Fat Sam only knows how to play football in the air, and with Carroll and MC playing it’d be aerial bombardment! I only want the best for MC! Last season I saw a player who was busting his arse, but so low on confidence to the point where it looked liked he was nearly in tears when he missed a shot on goal. I hope his career turns around for the better, it was just not meant to be at Arsenal

    @ TA

    I felt the same when i watched the game (lack of a compact midfield) and it really left a lot of our team isolated in stages of the game. It left me reminiscing about the midfield of Rosicky, cesc, hleb and flamini. Something different tactics wise would be greatly welcomed! The days of ‘let the opposition worry about us’ are gone, the competition has evened up too much since, not to mention the players that have left.

  31. oz gunner says:

    Baines for Gibbs and wanyamamama for Diaby. Sounds good, at least that way we can restock the sick bay and lay off a few doctors.

    Specialist Doctor = $328 000 a yr (according to forbes). Diaby had 6, Gibbs 4
    That’s $3 280 000 a year saving! Enough to pay an extra players wages.

    Therefore Gibbs + Diaby + Doctors = a LB, DM, and a shinny new winger

    Make it happen Arsene!

  32. TotalArsenal says:

    GiE has always been a bright blogger, but this comment on AA made me appreciate him even more:

    “Now is the time for change, we have to give the team and club time now to show whether they can change to adapt to a newer model. That got us this far by taking necessary steps, they should at least be given the opportunity to improve things now the financial pendulum has started to swing in or favour.” Very simple and straightforward, but full of common sense, in my view.

    VCC – you are not going to get a replacement, I reckon, unless Gibbs will be played at LM in our imminent 4-4-2! 🙂

    Oz – that is what I like about Chamakh as well: he did care about his performances and tried his hardest; unfortunately, he is simply not good enough for the mighty Arse. 😦

    Re midfield compactness – I am just so surprised how Arsene’s latest formation plays with such a stretched, skinny midfield. We have a heavy arse, skinny midriff and broad shoulders with a skinny head at the moment. Not very pretty with a soft underbelly…. 😕

  33. oz gunner says:

    Wow son of West Hams co-owner said this on twitter:

    “I am very sorry about this news Chamakh has sign a 6 month loan deal! not my pick :(”


  34. oz gunner says:

    Agreed, GiE hardly puts a step wrong in his comments. Most times I read them and think he has hit the nail on the head!

    I just think it’d be so much easier if we had a proper left winger and didn’t play Pod out of position. Not only is it not fair on him but he goes missing far too easily. This leaves a creative hole in the team, which I think Santi tries to hard to fill. Thus pulling Jack up the field also, leaving a gaping whole right in the centre of the pitch. It’s like a domino effect, one person doesn’t pull their weight and the formation goes down the gurgler.

    Richie nailed it the other day. No preseason in Austria has let our work rate really suffer. We probably don’t implement the press because we don’t have the fitness to carry it out!

  35. oz gunner says:

    bed time for thee. Enjoy your afternoon all. Look forward to reading all the comments in the morning.

  36. TotalArsenal says:

    Good night Ozzer 🙂

  37. VCC says:

    Oz. 14:44…I think you are too sentimental. You cannot afford to be when you want to win the premiership. He has been pants, end of.


    Hi Redders, i thought my comment was completly pudding proof. I noticed GiE didnt respond to me. hahaha

    Hi VCC, when you asked to examine my Spotted Dick in the tavern you should have said it was to assess spots not size. then i would have let you. hahaha

    Hi Oz. good for nothing hey? i wil let you know that at the age of 38 i was regional champion of the North London Subbuteo division. hahaha

    Actuly Subbuteo is a great aphrodisiac. When i approach a women i flick things around. If there is nothing to flick i flick them instead, usualy there ear or nose. I have had great success with this technique.

  39. Red Arse says:


    Your pudding proof comment did not get a response from GIE because he was bandjaxed from the start by your adroit manipulation/murdering of the English language!! 🙂

    He will get you back with a good old Norfolk adage!! 🙂


    hahaha, yes, then i will just banjaxalise him again with some other nonsense. He wont get the better of my rubbish with talk of farmers and pigs. hahaha

  41. Red Arse says:


    Your Post drew a fine comparison between the fortunes of ourselves and our top competitors, which are inextricably linked.

    You had previously commented upon our inability to ‘press’ the opposition or to hunt in packs, especially the midfielders, and instead many of our players, who should know better, simply stood and watched the Ox and Sagna trying to progress up the wing.

    One thing is certain, if we perform like we did at S’Hampton we will get stuffed.

    My hopes are on Bouldy to grip them by the scruff of the neck and YELL at them, if necessary. Then we will have every chance of winning!

  42. TotalArsenal says:

    That’s right, RA. I reckon it is a mixture of problems with the current formation – including type of players – and not everyone working hard enough during periods of the game.

  43. glic says:

    Evening Quimburgers 🙂

    You told me you were Tea(Bag)Total !, but obviously you`ve been on the Turps again ! hahaha
    You are brave with such semi-predictions. It usually leads to a period of crapesqueness !. hahaha
    You should have said it five games ago and you could now be saying ,” I told you so ! “.
    I dont like predicting games in advance for Arsenal, `coz if I was as good at it as I`m with the UMF league we would be relegation material !.

    I too am obsessed with Arsenal Newsnow and have invented an award winning gadget which attaches to my Hampton and when there`s a Transfer rumour, I get a various reactions ranging from a pathetic looking limp, to a semi, to a full blown Isco, who wants one ? . hahaha
    I remember that episode in the ” Tavern “, also known as, “The Tavern Spotty Dick Files ” (according to the Met` Police ! ). Vicky was confused, he didn`t know whether the spots on Stretches Hampton were some kind of Morse Code or a Join the Dots puzzle !. Anyway, Vicky so happened to have a marker pen on him at the time and proceeded to join the dots, spelling out a message of , ” I`ve just come over your zimmerframe !”, a Pigeon then landed on Stretches Hampton and pecked Morse code, the message below !.

    _ . _ _
    _ _ _
    . . _

    . . .
    . _
    _ . .

    _ . _ .
    . . _
    _ .

  44. richie59er says:

    @TA !$:53
    “Chamakh is simply not good enough for the mighty Arse”
    Considering you rate Gervinho thats like the pot calling the kettle black! 😦

  45. richie59er says:

    @Oz 15:02 Arsene’s answered the charge about “The Pod” being played out of position;.
    101 caps for Germany, 101 times played on the left. Arsene claimes that “The Pod” isn’t as yet fit enough for the Prem. In the German league he didn’t have anywhere near the amount of defensive responsibilities he has in our league. Arsene says he’ll come good when he’s used to the fitness levels needed in the prem.

  46. TotalArsenal says:

    Gervinho is a better winger than Chamakh is a striker, Richie: surely you agree?! 😕

  47. VCC says:

    GLiC 18:58…your on form tonight buddy. That was hilarious.

  48. VCC says:

    Holtby has gone to Tottenham Hotspurs…Henry won’t be happy. 😦

  49. TotalArsenal says:

    Not heheheheheheppy!

  50. Dembaa Baa says:

    Vics, Tell the truth , did you work out the morse code ?. hahaha

  51. VCC says:

    no I didn’t. Are you going to reveal all GLiC

  52. Dembaa Baa says:

    I think we have a murder mystery on our hands !. That scoundrel, he he henry has not been seen since he tried to dupe us lot with his , ” Theo has signed da ting ! ”
    In an award winning Bergkampesque version of Cluedo….. called….. ” I haven`t got a f**king Cluedo ! “. We can play the game of…….. ” Who killed henry he he he ! “.

    Same as Cluedo, just different suspects, weapons and 6 locations instead of 9 rooms to make it easier !.
    I have already picked out the culprit, weapon and room, so if you want to play in the time of the TW, I will give the winner a special surprise prize. Guess as much as you like !
    Just pick a Suspect, a Weapon and a Location !.

    The Suspects (6) :

    Professor Redders
    Dr Van Cloggenstein
    Reverend LimpRock
    Captain Troy Transplant
    Oz Oziosamente
    Madam Vicky Vice

    The Weapons (6) :

    The Clogg
    The Big Dictionary
    The Telescope
    The Zimmerframe
    The Didgeridoo
    The Syrup

    The Locations (6) :

    Highbury ( Library )
    The Emirates Stadium
    The West Stand
    The Clock End
    The North Bank
    The East Stand

  53. Dembaa Baa says:

    No Vics, but I`ll give you the International morse code !. No prize for getting it right though ! . hahaha


  54. glic says:

    Bloody Dembaa Baa !

    So Spuds have picked up a decent out of contract player for nothing ! 👿

    Please tell me we are not going to pay tens of millions for a 31 year old on £120.000 per week who Barca dont want !. Lets pay tens of millions for a 20 year old on ( guess) £50,000 per week who fits on my Hampton !.

  55. VCC says:

    Dr. Van Cloggenstein
    With a Clog
    In the clock end

    Go on be honest Im right aren’t I?

  56. VCC says:

    how many guesses do we get?

  57. glic says:

    You have one right, but which one ? 🙂

  58. glic says:

    As many as you like !.

  59. VCC says:

    GLiC brings back memories Cluedo…..I used to play that game most evenings with my then fiancé and her family.In the year 1969/70

  60. VCC says:

    with the clog?

  61. glic says:

    Was It in the bedroom, when you used to have lead in the pipe !. hahaha

  62. TotalArsenal says:

    Troy, clock end, dictionary

  63. glic says:

    No singulars, I will only except 3 at a time and will say if you have any right !. Your curious now you have one right, but which one ? hahaha

  64. glic says:

    None right that time !.

  65. glic says:

    Sorry, none right that time Total ! . 🙂

  66. VCC says:

    Madamme Vicky , in the Clock end with the syrup?

  67. glic says:

    Another one vics, thats two now, but which two ?. 🙂

  68. TotalArsenal says:

    madame vicky, clog, east end


    hahahaha, hilarious.

    Proffesor, dictionary, Library

  70. glic says:

    Zilch again Total ! . Case of elinination !. hahaha

  71. glic says:

    One right Stretch !.


    Redders, clockend ,syrup

  73. TotalArsenal says:

    Cloggenstein, Syrup, Library

  74. glic says:

    And the winner is………………………………..TOTAL !.

    Now all I have to do is think of a Special Surprise Prize !. hahahaha

    But my word is my bond and I will think of something !. 🙂

  75. glic says:

    I`m glad you got it quickly Total , as after 550 miles today, my eye`s were starting to have a rest !. 🙂

  76. VCC says:

    where are you GLiC? have you retired for the night?


    Thats not fair, hes bound to know, it was him that bloddy did it. hahaha

  78. glic says:

    hahaha but how come you didn`t realise your syrup went missing ? hahaha

  79. glic says:

    No Vics, I`m still in Stretche`s wardrobe !.

  80. VCC says:

    Im not playing anymore, its not fair. That’s a loaded game. Total has access to GLiC’s account, he had a sneak view
    I might take my UMF League away just like my ball if you don’t let me win.

  81. glic says:

    There`s still the matter of reading the Morse Code, come on just spell it out !. hahahaha

  82. glic says:

    Vics, If Stretch wasn`t to busy with his `scope looking at Uranus, he could have zoomed into my room and see the answers on the side of my computer !, hahaha

  83. VCC says:

    GLiC I have worked out the morse code message you put up earlier

  84. glic says:

    Hahahaha Have a look on the right hand side of Arsenal Newsnow. Fowl play !. Two bungling Aussies, trying to rob a Jewellers, have tunnelled into a KFC instead ! hahahaha

    Oz said to Prince, ” I feel like chicken tonight !” hahaha

  85. glic says:

    What is it then ?. I promise to buy you a Go- Faster stripe for your Zimmer if you say it !. hahaha

  86. TotalArsenal says:

    hahaha Glic, you are the ultimate entertainer! 🙂

  87. VCC says:

    Your message in morse will upset Terry, but here goes, it starts…

    Dearest Terry.

    I have had a problem ever since I laid eyes upon you at the Tavern before the QPR game. I Love that team from Loftus Road and keep it a secret because I think all Bergkampesquers will take the piss out of me.

    But when I laid eyes upon your scope in the Tavern Loo, I knew it was for me. Mine can only see UreAnus. I wanted MORE, and you had it, in abundance.

    VCC was there with his scope, and although ~I must admit his was the most almighty tool I had the pleasure to see, I went for your one.

    Hope you will understand my predicament.



  89. glic says:

    Bloody hell Vic`s, that was a long morse code, Terry`s telescope must stretched from the Tavern bar, all the way to the Armoury !. Thats quite a few Pigeons pecking away !. hahaha


    Its alright Vicky, i get a letter like that at least once a week, usually from Cornwall. hahahahaha

  91. glic says:

    _ .
    . .
    _ _ .
    . . . .

    . _
    . _ . .
    . _ . .


  92. VCC says:

    Terry I think he is on the pull…I get one as well, Mines from Launcestern.

  93. VCC says:

    GLiC 22:13. How dare you……I’m not that kind of guy. …lmfao 😉


    What does the latest one say Vics, ime to thick to work it out. Or shouldnt i be asking? hahahaha

  95. VCC says:

    Terry if I told you, you wouldn’t speak to me again,

    Trust me, GLiC is a monster, I’ve tried to tell you guys but you don’t seem to listen to me. I think he needs to be forced to make a decision whether to watch a full game of QPR or Tottenham Hotspurs.

    That will sort him out.

  96. oz gunner says:

    Hahahaha sounds like a story from ’50 shades of GLIC’

    Bloody Tottenham! In fairness though he does seem like a Everton/Toon sort of player so I’m not overly concerned, i just don’t like them signing people. It was funnier when ‘Arry tried to sign every striker he could and they all said no!


    Watch Titspurs?, that morse code cant be that bad can it?

    This site is so funny, This evening i was altenating between here and a planning and building permission site, looking at the possibility of rear end and loft extensions. Dont know why, but this seemed to make me laugh more. hahahaha

  98. oz gunner says:

    Damn I missed out on cluedo!

    I would have guessed Dr Van Cloggenstein, Sack full of clogs, field of tulips, body hidden in basement of Shirley Mill

  99. oz gunner says:

    @ Richie

    Trust me I know what Pod is capable of, and I’ve wanted him at Arsenal since 2004 (every year in my fifa team). But I just think his best position is striker. I thought he was brought in to replace BSR as his game is not all that different, leading to a more seamless transition.
    For Germany I’ve always thought he was pushed out wide because he was too good not to be played, and so strikers like Klose or Gomez could start also.

    I want him to be an Arsenal star, and like Arsene I think German players are the way of the future.

  100. VCC says:

    Oz. I get the feeling Pod is not comfortable on the left flank. He is an International player, so why don’t we accommodate him in his rightful position (CF). Wenger brought in Giroud and Podolski and now plays Walcott Centre Striker. I keep scratching my head and wonder whats his agenda.

  101. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post – New Post! 🙂

    Just a quickie to keep things going.

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