Swansea preview: Sagna or Jenkinson, Rosicky or Cazorla, Theo or Giroud (or both)?


Regular readers of Bergkampesque will have noticed my glass half full attitude towards Arsenal and Arsene Wenger. I  remain confident in Wenger’s ability to turn things round for us this season, and I also believe in the squad of players we have (give or take a couple of necessary new signings). However, it is about time that Arsenal show what they are made of now, after a disappointing performance against Southampton this week; and I expect nothing else but a committed, full-blooded performance for 90+ minutes.

Swansea will be up for this and will be full of confidence after their recent win at Ashburton Grove.  Arsenal will have to come out of the blocks with only one thing in mind: to take this game to Swansea with a high tempo and a strong focus on attack. To be fair, as we saw during our last encounter with the Swans, they are happy to sit back and absorb the pressure we will put on them; only to pounce back on the break as much as possible.

It is therefore important that we play a lot more cohesive tomorrow than we have done recently; with lots of ball retention, constant pressure on the Swansea team, and defending, creating and attacking collectively, rather than the disjointed efforts we saw against Wigan and Southampton recently.

Sagna or Jenkinson?

From the moment Sagna’s inexplicable defensive clearance led to us conceding a goal against Southampton, our right back turned into a shadow of his former self for the rest of the game. Until then, he and Ox had been our main attacking option as virtually all attacks came from the right. But his confidence was totally shot and he made mistake after mistake after his bad error that led to the goal.

So what to do tomorrow; play Sagna again or give Jenkinson a game? I reckon it will be dreadful for Sagna’s confidence if he is not played again tomorrow, and Wenger will probably play him for that reason alone. I hope he comes good again, as Sagna always gives his all. With Jenkinson having signed a new contract and Bacary hoping to get a new contract offer soon, it could be that the Frenchman is justifiably worried about his future, which in return might be affecting his confidence at the moment.

Rosicky or Santi?

We continue to struggle with the shape of our team and with that the purpose/directness of our football. I have written about the need for a more all-round DM, who should free up Jack to support the attack more regularly. At the moment Jack needs to help out too much defensively, and Santi is often isolated as a result. I believe Santi is at his best when he can play close to our CF and we need Wilshere to get closer to him in order to make this happen.

Rosicky always gives the team a good shape and real purpose and I wonder whether it is now time to give him a start instead of Cazorla. Cazorla could start on the wing, maybe instead of Ox or Pod. Alternatively, Jack could get a well-earned rest, and  Rosicky  could play next to Arteta, and with Cazorla in his normal position. But whatever it is, I reckon we need to play Rosicky tomorrow: he can give us the much needed impetus against the Swans.

Theo or Giroud?

Another big selection dilemma for Arsene. My personal view, as per recent posts and comments, is to play them both together in a 4-4-1-1. Giroud can be the pivot for our attacking play, who gets the midfield higher up the pitch with his ball retention skills, and also launches Theo into promising positions. Theo can move around and combine wing-play with centre forward play. However, I would eat my foot if Arsene was to start with both Giroud and Theo up-front and with four in midfield, so a choice has to be made between the Frenchman and the contract hugger.

Given the fact that Swansea play very compact and well-organised at the back, and the need for Theo to have space at his disposal, I reckon will start with Giroud in the middle, and possibly with Theo on the wing for tomorrow’s game.

Predicted Line-Up:


Sagna – BFG – Vermaelen – Gibbs





At times during the match tomorrow, Santi and Rosicky could move to the wings in midfield and Theo and Giroud could play closer together. Let’s see what happens tomorrow. We need a great performance and a convincing win: it is time to kick-start the season properly now!

Come On You Rip Roaring Gunners!

Written by: Total Arsenal.

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65 Responses to Swansea preview: Sagna or Jenkinson, Rosicky or Cazorla, Theo or Giroud (or both)?

  1. VCC says:

    I like your line up Total. I think it could work for tomorrows game. We need to start off on the front foot.

    Wenger will choose Sagna at right back because it would destroy his confidence if he dropped him after his blip last week. I felt sorry for Jenkinson when he was dropped straight away when Sagna was fit, but he is young and has just signed a long term contract so his heart and future is with Arsenal.

    Mertesacker. Is he fit? If he is he will play.

    I think Santi will play where you have Rosicky, Podolski will start where you have Santi and I would like to see Rosicky come on in the last 30 minutes.

    Looking forward to this one as I feel its the best chance of silverware for us.

  2. Lobsta says:

    Whenever van persie rescues man united, I need an arsenal win as a tonic. If we don’t win tomorrow I doubt ill wanna hear anything football for the next week

  3. Abdul lere says:

    It is good 4 him and 4 us to put thomas on sunday clash against swansea

  4. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi VCC, I reckon he’ll do something different tomorrow, and my money is on little Mozart. Santi did not have a good game this week and that’s why I believe Rosicky will get a chance centrally tomorrow.

    Lobsta, VCC (previous post), it was horrible to see van Judas score the late equaliser. it won me £30, as I had a bet on 2-2 final score, but I would have loved to lose it all for a Manure defeat. And yes, we need a win even more tomorrow!

  5. VCC says:

    Well played Total, £30 in the sky rocket.

    You may well be right about Rosicky. But I would use him as sub and bring him back gradually.

    Will Wenger play one or more youngsters?

  6. TotalArsenal says:

    I don’t think so VCC, this is an absolute must-win (or at least draw) game and Wenger, the team, we the supporters, all need a top performance tomorrow, and Wenger has his work cut out. If he sticks with the same it could go horrible wrong: I reckon it is a pivotal game tomorrow.

    2-2 was 14-1, but I was expecting WH to score the late equaliser and not the other way round 😦

  7. Milo says:

    I don’t think it would ruin Sagna’s confidence if Jenkinson starts tomorrow. He isn’t stupid…he knows he had a shocker, and he could do with a rest. If I were Wenger, obviously I’m not, I would tell Sagna that he needs a rest, and that he will get another chance in the league in our next league fixture. Jenkinson has hardly played at all since signing da ting, and I think he deserves a shot. I agree on Rosicky though…I think, when healthy he is just as serviceable a player as Cazorla is, that is how highly I rate him. No, he can’t score much, and doesn’t score as frequently as Santi, but he does a lot of little things and details that make him just as valuable as Santi. I love both players, don’t get me wrong. I wish Rosicky were 5 years younger!!! I still can’t believe how little he has played for us and what a truly big loss this has been to European football. He was magic before we signed him, and he has displayed some of it at times, but the injuries have hurt him immensely. It really is a bit tragic. I admire his determination too. He could have played it easy and gone back to Germany, or even the Czech Republic for a swansong and a guaranteed start, but he didn’t. He stayed with us, I know he makes a bit more than he would in Germany or the Czech Republic, but still, he stayed and I still think he can conquer!!!

  8. TotalArsenal says:

    Milo, beatifully put: he can conquer! 🙂

    Also agreed on what you are saying re Jenkinson: it could be a good solution. I am guessing though that Sagna will start tomorrow.

  9. Herb'sArmy says:

    Thanks for the pre-match, Total, as Arsenal fans we all share those sentiments.
    On a side-note, the Djourou situation confuses me. At 25 he’s made 144 appearances since joining the club in 2004, and most of us consider him not good enough, but here’s what I don’t get. Hannover 96 have taken him on loan, but originally they wanted a right to buy clause included, which Mr Wenger turned down. Why would he do that? And after only 144 games for us, is he really worthy of a testimonial next year, something that is normally a reward for 10 years of solid service, and Djourou comes no-where near that category.

  10. TotalArsenal says:

    Evening Herb, where did you read about the clause and testimonial? A testimonial would definitely be inappropriate. I guess if Djourou does well for Hannover, Wenger would hope to sell him for a good price and a clause might not be beneficial to Arsenal… ?

  11. Milo says:

    Well if Rosicky doesn’t start, or even if he does, do any of you think that Tomas Eisfeld could play part of the match??? I would really like to see that, if we are winning and Rosicky gets a bit tired. It might be too soon though, but from what little I have seen he looks like a really tidy player, and can be an alternative to Rosicky in the future, POSSIBLY. I don’t know anything more than the next person, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him play a role in the cup this year, if we can advance. Wenger had targeted more cup games for him but we lost to Bradford, so it’s either now or never, so far as the cup competitions go, for this season at least.

  12. tom fever says:

    Le coq instead of arteta. The guy needs a breather!

  13. VCC says:

    Milo….I too like the look of Eisfeld. I cannot see Wenger risking him today as this, as Total says, is a must win/draw game. It’s the only realistic chance of silverware left for us this season.

    Eisfeld should be used as sub a few times at the end of some matches.


  14. arsenal success for today’s game

  15. Red Arse says:

    Hi TA and you, early morning VCC, 🙂

  16. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning Milo, VCC,RA and other fine Gooners 🙂

    Match Day!!

    Milo, yes like what I’ve seen of Eis-baby, and would like him to get a chance to compete with Ox for a spot on the right wing. He looks like a great great player in the making! But today is not just about winning; it’s about the pride of the shirt, Arsrene’s reputation, about kick-starting the season at this crucial stage, and the strongest team need to play and take full respnsibility.

  17. oz gunner says:

    Morning all. Thanks for the pre-match, decisions decisions decisions! I just want us to trounce Swansea so we can shake this bogey tag. I’d like to see Coquelin start as well as jenks!
    For the love of Christ can we please keep an eye on Michu!!!!
    Hope you had a good time with your dog at the beach yesterday TA.

  18. henrychan says:

    Hi guys..
    If Wenger serious with his word about winning FA Cup.. then he will play all his best players.. and Rosicky and Eisfeld.. for sure will not be his starting eleven..

    Just hoping our team find their magic and swansea overconfident and play open ofensive football.. hehe..

    I still believe We will win back our dignity..
    Go gunners

  19. Herb'sArmy says:

    Morning All.
    Total, regarding the Djourou situation, a lot of people were discussing it on your least favourite Blog last night. Apparently Bendtner is due a testimonial next year too.
    PPP stop hiding like a child, man up and apologise, since you’re incapable of reasoned adult debate. I bet you don’t challenge Rasp for saying it’s time Wenger left.

  20. Red Arse says:


    I wrote this comment elsewhere, but it concerns me a lot, so to get it off my chest I decided to copy it for the views of the BKers.

    — I read Arsene Wenger’s ‘socialist’ wages interview regarding the salaries of Arsenal players, which is weird, but I also read this comment from the same interview.

    “[Arsene Wenger said] I find it difficult to analyse the players and to know what they are capable of.
    “When you score seven goals in one game and only get an own goal in the next one, of course, it is hard.

    “We have good offensive potential but we are not consistent enough. I change my mind whether I need to go into the transfer market from game to game.

    “If you look at the Newcastle game, you’d say fantastic but if you look at the Southampton game you can say we need to strengthen our offensive department.”

    Now, I did not hear the interview, so the usual caveats apply, but if at this stage of the Transfer Window AW is still vacillating about whether we need to buy another ‘top, top’ forward, or not, my heart sinks.

    There have been mounting rumours that Arsenal have lost out, in the past, in transfer market dealings, not simply because of the money, but because Wenger finds it so difficult to make up his mind, and this interview, if correct, tends to bear that out.

    The S/Times is also carrying the story that no discussions, other than courtesy calls, have taken place between Walcott’s advisers and the club.

    What happened to all the deadlines he gave Walcott to get this sorted? Why did he say he would not go into the market until Theo’s contract was resolved?

    I am becoming uneasy about all this. If AW said he would or would not do something – end of – and stuck with it, right or wrong, I would accept it, and we would move on. This uncertainty is not good for Arsene. the team or all the fans listening to or reading these comments.

    The season started last August, so why is he still dithering? 😦

  21. VCC says:

    Hi All. Is any one confident about todays game. Will we see the same old Wenger team? Lack lustre and no effort, or will we turn up and have a go?

  22. Red Arse says:

    I am very uncertain, VCC!

    Whatever happens, it is not going to be easy.

  23. VCC says:

    RedArse 11:06. It’s because he has lost his nerve. He is a stubborn man who has become indecisive and unwilling to take a chance in keeping up with todays world.

    His failure to adapt these past few years have held the team back.

    He is “The Lord” at the Emirates and no one dare question him. Almost untouchable!!!!

  24. oz gunner says:

    that is very concerning RA, I feel if he doesn’t strengthen this January and we continue on this form he will not be the manager by the start of next season. More and more Arsene fans are starting to grow concerned.

    I could understand if theo signed because then there is giroud, theo, and pod (IF he ever plays there) but other positions need strengthening!

  25. Herb'sArmy says:

    Hi Redders, I didn’t think we were exceptional against a Newcastle team that three days earlier had been unlucky to lose at OT, after we’d had a week’s rest. It took us until the 73rd minute to finally break their resistance – essentially they were dead on their feet – and it was only 4-3 until as late as the 85th minute. Hardly a ringing endorsement of our so-called attacking ‘threat’.

  26. alexgunners says:

    Hi To All,

    @Red Arse 11:06.
    My heart sinks as well when we fail to have someone who has brought great names to our club but now struggles to bring in anyone and cannot decide on the players any more. What kills me is that we are getting beaten on the transfer market by other teams namely the Spuds. Can’t we even seal a deal for Lewis Holtby when we have been watching him for a while now. He is a player that is young but i
    rate him. We cannot take so long to make transfer decisions. We are falling behind and all of a sudden the Spuds are more attractive to go to then us. This upsets me.

    @VCC – You are right he is almost untouchable and in the end this is holding the team back. we need depth and this is the difference between us and the Mancs and Chelski. We are a couple of injuries away from not having enough quality players to back up the first team.

  27. Gooner4eva49 says:

    I’m at swansea just about to go into the ground. Wish me luck I make it out alive. Not as hostile as Cardiff but still in bandit country

  28. Gooner4eva49 says:

    Great line up by the way I would play jenkinson though as you say could damage sagna’s confidence but it is a cup game and younger/inexperienced players get more of a chance. We even see it with the goalkeeper, no.1 gets rested for these fixtures but it is a must win. Be interesting to see santi come off from the bench to make a difference if needed. Usually the subs don’t have an impact, that’s what I hear moaned a lot

  29. VCC says:

    Hi Alex….You say we need depth…..I disagree.

    We have plenty of players to step up, one by one…….Eisfeld/Gnabry/Yennaris/Meade/Ryo/Jenkinson/Ramsey/Afobe/ Aneke/Miquel/Bellerin/Rosicky/Coq/AA/Frimpong/Gervinho/Campbell. All these players can be used sparingly. Some almost good enough for a wee run.

    What we are lacking is………QUALITY first teamers imo. We are gradually falling short of players that would get into a premiership side.

    Can you name any that would appear in a select premiership team? Even our banker (Sagna) has fallen away lately???????

  30. alexgunners says:

    Hi VCC,

    I agree that we have some exciting youngsters coming up but the problem is that they are never given the opportunity to step up. When was the last time that we had some youngsters on the bench.
    Instead of using the squid or chamakh on the bench why dont we use one of the youngsters instead. we need to introduce these guys on a more regular basis if we are to integrate them successfully.

    We havemt had anyone who has performed consistently enough to appear in a select team. That i totally agree with.

  31. VCC says:

    Alex…I have been banging this drum all year. Wenger should integrate one or two occasionally and give them a run out for the last few minutes at least, obviously if the game allows of course. But all year he has persisted with the same old same old. Now we get to this position and he doesn’t know what way to turn. He has backed himself into a corner and doesn’t know how to get out of it.

    Sorry, but we need to freshen this first team squad up a little. Two players would inject so much into the spirit and drive of the team. They look tired to me (mentally) as does Arsene Wenger im afraid to say.

  32. alexgunners says:

    VCC… He has been backing himself into a corner for a while now. He cannot motivate the players enough to play for the shirt. We have been too predictable and all the teams know how to play against us.
    Pressure The Arsenal and they are in trouble.
    We have no plan B and no impact players to come off the bench.
    This needs to change before we become a mediocre team, where we have the ability to do some great things instead.

  33. VCC says:

    Alex…”before we become a mediocre team”……I’m sorry to say Alex, imo we are already a mediocre team. The danger is if we slip even further from where we are now.

    I don’t want to run Wenger down just for the sake of it cos he has been God in my house, but I do scratch my head sometimes with his attitude and stance.

    gtg, off to the local to support OUR BOYS.


    Latterz muvvers.

  34. oz gunner says:

    come on Arsenal!

    @ TA 11.26

    well said. I hope he pulls his finger out soon

  35. Red Arse says:

    We seem to have developed the only slow motion game plan in football!

  36. alexgunners says:

    still the same problems, midfielders not clicking with the forwards. Just hope we dont get caught out on the counter attack

  37. Gooner4eva49 says:

    I’m gonna grab that drum and shove it up that blokes arse or beat his head with it

  38. thegooner19 says:

    Hi all,

    How have you all been? Apologies for my vanishing act over the past few days, I’ve been very busy with family and skiing an hardly have access to the Internet!

    TA, great article as always though it appears Wenger isn’t willing to give Rosicky playing time. I understand his desire to win, but once again Santi looked a little off today and Rosicky might have given us a fresh attacking option to our stale offense (until podolski was subbed on).

    All in all, a much better second half where we score two fantastic goals that were impossible for Vorm to save. Gibbs’ goal was shades of van Judas! It’s quite clear that theo isn’t as effective out wide and out game plan with giroud in the middle is too predictable and dysfunctional. If giroud had more pace, perhaps we’d be able to be more effective but right now, there’s been 0 consistency with him playing as the line striker.

    Our defense once again let us down and we couldn’t maintain our lead. I’m not quite sure where the issue lies exactly, as the blame gets placed on a different player each game. The coverage on Graham’s goal was awful and arteta should have been out to challenge him much sooner. Zonal marking has been doing us in all season, it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out either.

    New signings would be welcome anytime now, as we’re in need of an injection of new talent to give us life in the season. Despite m’vila’s poor form and attitude, they say class is permanent so I’d welcome him with open arms if it came to it. The links with Villa appear to be going nowhere since he probably won’t leave until the summer, but he’d be a welcome January addition as well (even despite his age). Just need something to happen, even Luke shaw or a LB please!

  39. Red Arse says:

    Hi TG, 🙂

    Welcome back.

    A good appraisal and I agree with most of that.

    Theo spent most of the game in the middle, and did very little.
    Giroud was left up sh*t creek with little support, but he did provide the most beautiful chip for Gibbs’s goal!

    The team are a right Jekyll and Hyde bunch at the moment. Poor first half – really went for it in the 2nd half. Cannot work out what goes thru their minds!!

  40. VCC says:

    thegooner 19…..we’ve just been through the same old same old Arsene Wenger. I’m getting tired of this. We are so laborious we almost look like my local Sunday side. In fact, if I didn’t swear. I would say we were shit.

    Lucky to get a draw.

    What can one say? How the FUC- can he play Ramsey? the guy is simply pants. The away support deserves the VC. I’m f—– if i’d pay all that money to travel and support what Wenger is dishing up now.

    Oh, and by the way, its 17:15 so can’t be accused of knee jerk reaction.

    I’m simply tired of his dialogue.

  41. TotalArsenal says:

    Afternoon guys 🙂

    Just finished watching the game and am left with mixed feelings about it. A number of good things – especially the team/fighting spirit in the second half – but also plenty of negative, individual performances. I will watch again at some point tonight and do an analysis post tomorrow.

    Gooner4eva49 – hope you enjoyed the game: the away supporters were brilliant again.

    Hi TG, welcome back amigo. Hope you had a great skiing holiday!

    Very fair assessment. I am really surprised Arsene did not start with, or play at all, Rosicky today. Santi does not hold the shape of this team enough, and with both Giroud and Theo around to pounce nobody was looking to get them into play, other than Jack, who is doing it from too deep to be really effective.

    Good, quality dialogue between VCC and Alex 🙂

  42. TotalArsenal says:

    RA, thanks for your comment earlier today. For me, those quotes tell us the truth about Arsene: he is an unsure man about the qualities in his current squad and where he needs to strenghten. He builds the team bottom upwards and is always hoping on players coming good (newly bought players or young players). Paradoxically, many of us would also like him to try out more youngsters, and yet we also want him to buy a number of quality players asap. Time is no longer on his side, as the team is not delivering anything at the moment.

    Like you and others, I would like him to be more decisive in this area, but he is not like that. 😕

  43. TotalArsenal says:

    VCC, were we lucky to get a draw? I don’t agree with that one. We could have lost it, yes, but we were not lucky today imo.

  44. VCC says:

    Total…lets agree to disagree on that one.

    Ramsey should never be near the training ground let alone in the starting line up.

    Cazorla was ordinary today.

    Giroud was laughable (yes he played a 1/2 that lead to a goal but nothing special)

    Mertesacker was shown up and exposed AGAIN.

    Arteta is tired (with so much football, thanks to Arsene Wenger)

    Wilshere tried with no backing

    That’s almost HALF a team in an FA Cup match.

    Poor Poor show imo.

  45. TotalArsenal says:

    all agreed VCC, but we were not lucky today.

  46. thegooner19 says:

    TA, thanks! It’s been incredible enjoyable this far and still another week to go so I’ll be fairly MIA until then. However, I’ll come on and comment as often as I can.

    You highlighted the exact situation wenger is currently faced with in terms of buying and depending on youth. However, the fact is that the youth aren’t promising enough to make an immediate impact and we don’t have any can’t miss prospects coming through our system anymore. Of course some could develop into that but we’ve approached an overdue, time sensitive deadline for results. I agree with some of the comments from yesterday that our academy needs to be revamped or AW needs to give the youth more changes and rotate more often. What’s the point of buying more players if they’re just going to sit on the bench and not get a run of good form? Don’t get me wrong I love AW, but there’s a larger issue here and it’s either 1) he doesn’t believe in the depth of this squad or 2) he’s too stubborn to change his ways and will continue to grind his starters before they break and succumb to injury.

    RA, I completely agree with yor assessment too as theo missed a sitter and he was largely invisible for a lot of the game. Giroud had little delivery as usual but that should be a testament to him not fitting into our system and not us having to revolutionize the way we play for one player. Giroud had 2-3 great chances to score and blew all of them.

    VCC, evident from my comment you can say I am in agreeance that something is not working with the current squad/manager and it needs to be resolved ASAP. We’ve been way too inconsistent for far too long and I find it unacceptable to be so uncertain of results against weaker sides if we’re truly supposed to be a top team.

  47. thegooner19 says:

    VCC, I actually didn’t mind Ramsey today, he gave a full effort as always and if it weren’t for some poor first touches in the 18 yard box he could have produced some quality scoring chances (should we blame him or an inability to hit good form due to AW’s lack of rotation?). He provided a beautiful cross that giroud really should have scored in the second half.

  48. thegooner19 says:

    Glic, I really hope the isco to Chelsea rumours are just that, rumours! That would be devastating for us and they already have an over abundance of midfielders/wingers so it doesn’t make sense. However, we know with Chelsea, things often don’t have to make sense for them to buy more players. AW sign up Isco!!!

  49. VCC says:

    thegooner19……within 90 minutes if I were the manager I would want more than ONE “produced” opportunity to his team mates, considering he is after all supposed to be in an attacking position.

    “if it weren’t for some poor first touches in the 18 yard box”…..EXACTLY… what i’m trying to say, say no more.

    Total…We played at a snails pace and Swansea were to me in control of proceedings. Even when they went 2-1 down they asserted pressure an we were unable to withstand the onslaught and caved in with poor defending. Over the 90 minutes we were not good enough.

  50. VCC says:

    thegooner 19…….If you think Wenger will buy Isco you need to send him a cheque for £30 million pounds. COS he AINT gunna fork out that sort of money. As long as he keeps pocketing his £7.5 Mil, he will be more than pleased.

  51. thegooner19 says:

    VCC, what I’m trying to say is let’s not be overly harsh on Ramsey on a day when he wasn’t completely brutal. It was more a collective team performance being well below par in the first half than one player’s fault. At least Ramsey got himself into those positions!

  52. VCC says:

    Fair point thegooner19….First of all, Ramsey is by far and away not my most favourite Arsenal player. But myself and I must say within my circles I/We just don’t get it!!!!!! Wenger plays him out of position for a start ?????? Why OH why. And he is not the answer to Arsenals problems. Maybe a decent back up player but in my eyes definitely not a first team starter.

    Would you not agree it would have been better to start with the OX?

  53. TotalArsenal says:

    VCC, over 90 minutes it was not good enough, but the last 45 were almost good enough and big improvement. Unless you were expecting us to blast them 5-0 at their own place. I don’t think any team in the PL would have had an easy right today at Swansea.

  54. VCC says:

    I’m not here to pick an argument Total, but if you forget about the 90 minutes at Swansea, I have seen half a season of us stuttering. Half our side are simply not good enough imo. Wenger has a chance to rectify this. I cant see him doing much about it.

    That display today was lethargic to say the least. He keeps putting square pegs in round holes and NEVER deviates.

    In your own words we need a beast mid fielder and left winger and full back and maybe a striker, That’s FOUR players in mid term. How many table toppers would be in this position?

  55. TotalArsenal says:

    I don’t want to pick an argument with you either, Vickers. There are plenty of negatives from the game; mainly underperforming players. Half the team not good enough? Don’t agree at all. Wenger is to blame for not getting the team to click, and work as a unit in the first half. We looked slow and lacked a dimension, but lethargic is the wrong word: it implies that our players were not trying hard enough and with that I don’t agree.

    It is very disappointing that we are not hitting top form now, but you have got to give credit for the come back in the 2nd half. Unfortunately, our defending once again let us down. Two goals at Swansea should be enough.

  56. VCC says:

    the second half comeback was somewhat reassuring. It’s not only todays game I take umbridge with.

    We have been coming up short most of the season.

  57. thegooner19 says:

    VCC, I’m not a big fan of Ramsey either and his performances this year suggest he’ll be nothing more than a squad player but he did show good promise in the past and I think AW really rewards his loyalty to the club and team first attitude (never complains about playing time or playing out of position). However, with that said I agree that AW has to stop playing players out of position, especially those that have a history of poor performances in their respective unorthodox roles.


    No problem

    Terrys Crystal Balls say,

    In two years wilshere will be the best midfielder in Europe scoring 15 goals per seaspn

    Ramsey will find end product and also score 15 goals per season

    Chamberlin will be brilliant, and probably score 15 goals per season

    Gibbs will be superb, but not score 15 goals per season

    theo already scores 15 goals per season

    We will have a new striker that will be brilliant. His name will be Mbwango, and he will definatly score more than 15 goals per seaon

    We shall then at that stage win the league, probably by a 15 point margin.

  59. oz gunner says:

    Personally I think the quality is there in the team, just not the proper ground work behind it. Training sessions would be interesting to watch, i’d like to see how they train defensively (same old mistakes), the work rate they put in, tactics put in place, and who studies the opposition (from what we’ve seen over the last few seasons I’d be shocked if anyone does!)

    BFG should not be chastised because from memory he has only been exposed 3 times in his Arsenal career. Last week for pace, today against Michu, and when he didn’t jump against Terry last season at Chelsea. Other than that he has been very very solid. I just hope the ‘lack of speed’ dribble doesn’t come in to play again because his positional sense and experience more than covers that problem (just ask aguero and suarez if they got any joy out of him). I would prefer if we set up our defense further back in instances like today. They were carving up our midfield in the first half, gliding through it with relative ease.

    Giroud shouldn’t be accused of not turning up because he got next to zero service (should have nailed the brilliant cross from Ramsey, but made up for it with the flick to gibbs). Like slim said if we aren’t going to play to his strengths then he might as well sit it out and play pod down the middle.

    I like Ramsey, he will come good. Was played out of position again (once again Arsene he is not Yossi and should not be forced out there again).

    Happy with the second half performance, if we could bottle that intensity we’d be laughing!!!

  60. henrychan says:

    Morning all..
    Cheers guys.. We did okay lastnight.. And We will beat them at Emirates..

    Wenger gambling for Ramsey and Cazorla in their position.. and he failed..
    Lucky us he get Podolski in for Ramsey.. and Cazorla back for his post..

    I agrer with Total..
    We could win.. We made more shoot.. just a little unlucky for us not to win..
    But We will do it in Emirates.. hehe..

  61. Red Arse says:

    Morning, People, 🙂

    Just for a little balance regarding Ramsey, it is self evident to me that, physically, he tries harder than anyone else in the team. He knows that he is not playing as well as he did prior to his injury, and frankly I am amazed he is still able to play after that dreadful incident, but he has lost at least a yard of pace.

    It is possible that he might never be as good as he was, but it won’t be for lack of trying.

    It is still too soon to know how it will go!

    The sensible thing to do, I think, is to send him out on loan to a lower league club to get that fitness and pace back. In a team that is struggling this year it is not fair on him, the fans, and the team to let him suffer abuse when he is putting everything into his game.

  62. Red Arse says:

    A notion I would put forward to try and explain the doldrums the team are in is ……. pace!

    I have been thinking about it, and if you look at some subjective appraisals of players, you could say Sagna, Ramsey, Cazorla, Arteta, and Giroud are NOT speedy.

    In fact, the only player we have with real pace is Theo, but he so rarely uses it. The other one is Gerv, but I do not think it helps to talk about the corkscew man who usually disappears up his own jaxi! Sorry, TA 🙂

    Pace! That is what is not quite right!

  63. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post – New Post! 🙂

  64. Herb'sArmy says:

    Morning All.
    Wow, we’re still in the Cup, so that’s a positive, and a sort of decent tie awaiting in the next round providing we can finish the job off in the replay.
    It’s strange Redders when you think back to Mr Wenger’s sides prior to The Emirates, it was all about incisive counter-attacking football with speed and accuracy, why that strategy has been abandoned is a mystery, especially as it yielded so much success.

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