Ramires out-cheats and out-muscles our midfield: just the sort of player Arsenal are missing!

Lack of leadership & organisation cost us again – Ramires out-cheats and muscles our midfield

Lack of leadership & organisation cost us again

Once again, we were beaten yesterday by a set-back. Yes it was a blatant foul by Ramires on Coquelin, and yes Mertesacker should have stepped up quicker, and yes Sagna should have been stronger, and yes Szczesny should have been nearer to the goal-line to have a better chance of saving Mata’s fine goal; but these things happen sometimes. Just like it took our defence ages to organise themselves and adjust mentally to what was required after Koz was sent off against Man City last week, Arsenal once again were unable to cope with early adversity on Sunday.

I accept that Mertesacker is a slow turner and lacks pace in general, but I have always felt he was our best defender because of his organisational skills and special awareness/positioning. I have also said on numerous occasions that Vermaelen is not a good captain, but a great first soldier for the team. Against Chelsea we lacked organisation and order, and this was not just down to our CB’s not leading the team.

Both our DM’s were out-foxed and out-battled by the Chavs’ midfield and as a result did not offer enough protection to our defence. But for me, the main culprits are Vermaelen and Mertesacker, the former as the captain, and the latter as the one who simply depends on his organisational skills for being in our defence in the first place.

After we conceded the first goal, Arsenal were all over the place: our shape and discipline were gone, and Chelsea were able to control the ball for large spells without us having any say in it. Wilshere tried desperately to organise things but was in the wrong position to do so effectively.

The second goal, a penalty scored by FF, was a direct result of the lack of discipline and organisation in our midfield. Ramires was allowed far too much space in our box, and Szczesny, who had spotted the danger, had to cover far too much space. The Brazilian danced around him and when the Pole decided to outstretch his long leg, the former decided to cheat and fall over it.

It was never a penalty, but you can see how the referee was fooled by it. But the most important lesson to learn is that our team deals badly with unexpected set-backs, and it has cost us dearly again.

Ramires out-cheats and out-muscles our midfield

Both Diaby and Coquelin were taught a lesson today by the hard as nails and cheating Ramires. I loved the way Coquelin did not give up and put everything into his game yesterday. However, it was also clear that Coquelin has some way to go, and we only have to look at Ramires’ performance to realise what we are missing at the moment. I thought both Ramires and Mata were a class apart yesterday yesterday; by far the best players at Chelsea at the moment.

Mata’s first touch and finish were sublime for Chelsea’s first goal, but there is so much more to his game that stood  out. His positioning and constant movement are simply fantastic, and so are his positional awareness and work-rate.

Ramires’ is also hard-working and has great positional sense, but on top of that he is streetwise and hard as nails. He put fear into Diaby and Coquelin, even though they both did not give into his bullying too much. Both Diaby and Coquelin missed the battle-preparedness of Ramires, and most of all, the experience of the Brazilian. He got away with far too much yesterday, though, as the referee was incredibly lenient towards him, but his overall performance made the difference in the match in my view.

It is hard to put my finger on what exactly makes the difference between the displays of our DM’s and Ramires, but a lot has to do with timing; as in knowing when a hard tackle  has to be made, and when and who to rile of the opposition. We got this in the past from players like Petit and Vieira, and also from the career-self-destructor Flamini.

Many of us agree that we miss a beast of a DM in our team. We need to find a Ramires type as soon as possible: an experienced one, who can also guide Coquelin to the required level.

It also fair to say that we are simply missing ‘beastliness’ throughout the team. We only collected one yellow card yesterday: compare that with the number of cards by MU against the Spuds yesterday, and you know what I mean.

I don’t mean raw nastiness, but the ability and determination to fight and be very physical when needed; to leave a foot in now and again and rile the opposition a bit; to not just rely on the technical and tactical aspects of our football but also battle for every ball. Wilshere has it, Vermaelen has it, Sagna has it, Giroud has it, but too many don’t have it, and the addition of a traditional DM with some footballing skills, and ideally also, a beast of a CB, would make a world of difference to our team this season.


No Arsenal team should be called ‘a bit timid’, and no Arsenal team should lack leadership and organisational skills when things are not going our way.

It is time for Arsene to sort it out and he only has ten days left to do so.

Written by: Total Arsenal.

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77 Responses to Ramires out-cheats and out-muscles our midfield: just the sort of player Arsenal are missing!

  1. davi says:

    It’s interesting you mention Coquelin because he could actually develop into a very similar player to Ramires. I don’t want our players to cheat like Ram did for the penalty but everything else he did in the game was top class midfield play and his drive was what really pushed Chelsea so far ahead (in terms of quality of play) in the first half. He’d improve any side in the league.

  2. TotalArsenal says:

    All agreed, Davi.

  3. Red Arse says:

    Good post, TA, and spot on as well! 😀

    I think I said much the same thing in a comment yesterday regarding Ramires.

    He is a ‘professional’ footballer and will do anything to win — in addition he is physical in his defending, full of energy and always available to support his forwards.

    The ref did not spot his ‘professional’ liberty taking or ‘cheating’, which should each of resulted in yellow cards, and a sending off, but whose fault is that?

    Clearly the answer is that it was the refs fault, not that I am doubting his integrity — I am not — but he was inadequate in not seeing and dealing with both offenses.

    I have not been Theo’s greatest fan, but I wiped the slate clean when he signed his extension, and I think he played well yesterday and scored a beautiful goal.

    However, because he has suffered a lot of injuries in the last few years, not from fouls, but from knee, hamstring and genetic shoulder problems, he always seems to me to be keeping one eye on the opposition players in tight situations, and discretely avoiding further injury by pulling back from confrontation, or tackling.

    Just an observation.

    Now I am going to make myself unpopular by saying I think Kozzer should play instead of Mertesecker. I have said as much previously, but his undoubted experience and organizational skills simply do not compensate for his lack of pace, and for a big man, his pussy cat tendencies when physicality is needed.

    I am not overly disappointed with where we are as a club.
    Losing RvP was always going to be a huge problem for us this season, whoever we signed, and the disappointment I, and many others, feel this morning is because we could and with a bit more luck should, have at least drawn that game and with that 2nd half performance even won it.

  4. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Redders 🙂

    Fine comment, thanks.

    I am disappointed in our BFG over the last few games, but I cannot agree with you that Koz and TV should play together instead. They are too similar and lack organisational skills (although Koz has potential in this area). If Per does not get to his best form this season, I reckon we need to get a quality CB (with organisational skills as well as all the physical attributes….).

    I thought Theo was our best player and should have had an assist on top of the goal, but Giroud missed a sitter. He showed again that he can score anywhere and had tons of drive. Together they will become a better and better strikeforce, but I have doubts about the Frenchman’s composure and technical skills. However, I will give him at least till the end of the season, before passing full judgement.

    I was also once again unimpressed with Cazorla’s contributions, although the assist was sublime.

    Agreed, we did not deserve to lose and the second half was a lot better. Once we had to substitute Coquelin and Diaby, in quick succession, we could not keep the pressure up, and our come-back efforts fizzled out. Arshavin and Ramsey brought nothing to the party. The former I understand (rustiness), but the Welshman lost 3 to 4 one-to-one’s in quick succession and that was simply not good enough.

  5. Red Arse says:


    In truth, we have some exceedingly talented younger players, but there are a number of our squad who at the moment are just not the quality we should aspire to.

    We could do with a couple of hard-nosed players, who may not necessarily be £25m players, but competent and with a winners mentality.

    I was so impressed with MBwia when he played against us — but AW does not agree. Why?

  6. Gooner4eva49 says:

    Hello very well put.

    I was so optimistic before kick off and especially when giroud had that chance. Then we conceaded and thought here we go.

    Diaby and Le Coq I like a lot but you could tell that neither were suited to specifically be defensive minded. Being aware positionaly, covering for full backs and other defensive surges etc. It was blatant we was missing that defensive discipline and defensive minded type of player in midfield. Highlights and proves the fact we need that specific type of player to perform and to be a role model/guide for emerging players. That experience and natural nouse blah blah.

    To be fair and I know you would have Arteta replaced in the first 11 with this beast but Arteta can read the game and knows his duty. Whether you say he lacks the physical presence etc he does his duty and does it well.

  7. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Gooner4eva49 🙂

    I agree that Arteta brings a lot of what we need. For me, he would still play a lot, even if we were to buy a classic defensive midfielder. Arteta can play in all midfield positions and could easily be combined with the new DM in our 4-2-1-3 formation.

    Will you be going to the West Ham game?

  8. steve says:

    So who are we to blame for the lack of Organisation in the first half! Wenger of course should be blamed for that. When a team has lost its shape or the players are not doing what u asked them to do, it is the duty of the manager to stand up and call them to order, The manager should also have a contingency plan in case things are not working for him, he should stand up and tell them what to do, he doesn’t have to wait until halftime before he does what he is suppose to do, bcos it might be too late, just like the manchester C game and chelsea game. Sagna looked tired, slow, unfit or looked like some1 carrying an injury, I expected wenger to bring in Jenkinson to make things better on that side. A serious manager that really wants to buy players, always points out the players he wants to buy before the transfer window, starts making moves and contacts, so by the time the transfer window opens, the deal must have been sealed in the first week. Its obvious that wenger doesn’t really want to buy any body and he is just deceiving the fans. I hope we miss out of CL this time.

  9. glic says:

    Thanks Total 🙂

    People forget that Ramires took time to settle when he first joined the Chavs. The gang of two who really rate Le Coq ( me and Oz ), think that he should be persevered with !. He will only get better with game time. Bringing in somebody else could regress him and then maybe lose him !.

  10. Gooner4eva49 says:

    Glic count me in that gang. I believe he is immense just as you say game by game. He will be a top top player.

    Gd response total, yes I shall be attending the west ham game providing the weather is ok!!!

  11. glic says:

    You may get your wish there steve, but why on earth would any so called Arsenal supporter wish it is beyond me !.
    Whatever the goings on at board and management level is out of my control, but I can still do what I first did as a child……………….support the team through thick and thin as a fan of The Arsenal . Your last sentence is not supoorting the team, so I deduce your not a supporter !. Your loss , Great Club !.

  12. thegooner19 says:

    Afternoon all,

    TA, before I get to responding to your post, just wanted to give a short transfer news update to all of you. I woke up feeling very good and Theo re-signing with us has finally sunk in! I dreamed I was at the West Ham game this Wednesday and he curled two finesse shots right around Jaaskelainen in a 2-0 win! So happy we re-signed the lad :).

    Bear in mind that these are all tabloid newspapers reporting on rumours so take them with a grain of salt. However, I’ve chosen to post the ones I feel have a more “realistic” chance of occurring:

    1) Spanish publication, Sport, has revealed that Villa held clear the air talks with Vilanova yesterday in regards to his playing time and was not happy with the conversation. There will be a few more talks held over the net couple of days to try and work things out. If Villa demands a transfer, Arsenal are believed to be the leading candidates to sign him and in my opinion, he’d be a very welcome addition to our front line. He’s the clinical, world class (not entirely past his prime) player we’re looking for and he’s versatile (and willing) enough to play on the wing.

    2) Spanish source TodoMercado has claimed that Arsenal have allowed Francis Coquelin to go on loan to Real Betis. If true, this is good news as it means AW is definitely in the market for a new DM and is finally giving Coquelin an opportunity to develop elsewhere. He alluded to this being a possibility during an interview a few days ago.

    3) Rennes GM, Pierre Dreossi, has claimed that M’vila has played his last game for Rennes and will be making a move away from the club this January. His destination, however, is not yet clear. With Coquelin out of the picture, there’s a possibility that AW is exploring the option of bringing him in.

    4) I couldn’t find a good source for this rumour, but the Sun and the Daily Mail (two notoriously awful tabloids for rumours) have claimed that AW may hi-jack Newcastle’s talks with Yanga-Mbiwa at the last minute a la Dirty ‘Arry with Remy. He certainly is a player we need as he’s versatile enough to play anywhere along the back line and can even play the holding midfielder role. Still, I’d like to see a more reliable source reporting this and for us to be proactively moving in as Yanga-Mbiwa is supposedly traveling to St.James Park this week to discuss personal terms.

  13. glic says:

    Your in G4eva49 ! 😀

  14. thegooner19 says:

    TA, great read as always and Ramires’ influence on the game was noticeable throughout. Despite the poor refereeing, there was really no excuse for our poor defending on both goals. Sagna completely lost Mata on the first goal and Diaby was too busy yelling at his forwards for not moving into space that he got stripped of the ball a minute later, which led to the penalty and the second goal. Ramires was fantastic for Chel$ea against Barca in the CL last year and it’s clear that he’s the type of player we need that complements the skilled ones. However, Chel$ea fans themselves believe they are currently short of a beast DM and is what is holding them back in the title race.

    There is no one in our midfield who can add that physical presence when needed. As AW eluded to during his pre-game interview on Saturday, referees even see the sheet and say “oh Arsenal’s playing today, good.” If refs don’t fear calling a game when we’re playing, what chance do we have against striking fear in actual opposing teams? Capoue is still my vote as the ideal beast DM – he has the fiery determination, the size, the aerial ability, the no-nense tackling and he’s able to contain his emotions and make clean tackles (only had 1 red card in all of last year and named to Ligue 1’s team of the year). Capoue can also push forward if need be and this tandem would work well with Arteta as the two could interchange between the B2B/DM role very well, much like Arteta and Song last year (with more defensive discipline from Capoue).

  15. glic says:

    Oh no ! , TG19 rumours he`s going to Real Betis !. Leave Le Cog` alone !. hahaha

  16. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Steve,

    All agreed that the manager is responsible for the team on the pitch, and should coach on the line to make adjustments. However, if experienced players like Mertesacker and Vermaelen cannot organise themselves then what is Arsene supposed to do before the break: take one of them off and replace with Koz? Wenger’s influence is clearly noticeable at half time, as the team performs so much better in the second half in most of our games.

    Why are you wishing for Arsenal not to make the top-four? If you think it will mean that Arsene will get the sack, then I can tell you right now that will not happen.

  17. thegooner19 says:

    Glic, have no fear still just a rumour! They’ve really liked the addition of Campbell on loan and are inquiring into getting one of Coquelin or Frimpong on loan as well. Coquelin’s injury certainly sets back a loan move, but if AW is honest about giving Coquelin a real opportunity and first team action, a loan move may be best suited for both sides at this point in time.

  18. TotalArsenal says:

    Glic, le Coq is not ready and it would be a big mistake in my eyes. It is the one position in midfield where we need an experienced player right now.

  19. VCC says:

    thegooner19…..I would like your number 4 to come to fruition.

  20. The Gooner says:

    VCC, as would I mate! Are you opposed to bidding for Villa if Barca makes him available? I really think he would have the same effect for us as van Judas is currently having at Manure. He’s a world class talent, can play tiki taka and would be absolutely clinical, especially in the EPL. Think of all the missed opportunities we’ve had with Giroud up front and bring Villa into those exact situations and I guarantee you we’d be leading early in games like yesterday.

  21. TotalArsenal says:

    TG, if points 1,2,3,4 come through I will be a very happy bunny and will send you an Arsenal drinking cup in the post! 🙂

  22. VCC says:

    Henry, from previous post regarding the scoring values in the UMF1. It is 1 point for a home, two points for an away and three points for a draw. Hope that clears it up. Sorry to but in Total.

  23. TotalArsenal says:

    TG, then I like the sound of Capoue as well. In fact, it sounds like a war-cry: CAPOUE!!!!!!!! 🙂

    The Chavs don’t need a DM in my view: Ramires is the beast they need, and Mikel ain’t that bad either. They need a winger with speed and control, and maybe another striker who can hold up play, although Demba Ba might fill that gap for them now.

  24. TotalArsenal says:

    You but-in whenever you like VCC! 🙂

  25. The Gooner says:

    Sky Sports has revealed that Michel Bastos from Lyon is available and the manager claims he is likely to leave in January. He plays as a LWB for Lyon and could certainly fill in at LB if needed. Not sure if he has the defensive discipline that we’re looking for but he’d certainly be an upgrade over Santos.

  26. The Gooner says:

    TA, Capoue has that never say die mentality and loves to get under the skin of the opposition. He’s a scary presence too and just one look at him and you can tell he invokes fear in others. He’s also quite vocal and rallies those around him and as I’ve stated several times, this is sorely lacking in our midfield. Really hoping that AW will sign him since he’s not cup tied either.

  27. TotalArsenal says:

    TG, rather Capoue than M’Villa then for you? What about the beast of Celtic?

  28. Red Arse says:

    I’m with Glic and Terry!!

    Le Coq should be preserved — only question is pickled or stuffed?

  29. Red Arse says:

    Oops, I see that should have been ‘persevered with’ – sorry.

    In that case, I am against it — he should definitely be preserved!! Bloody Glic! 🙂

  30. The Gooner says:

    TA, Wanyama has no reason to leave Celtic, as they are onto the next stage of the CL and in line to win the SPL. Also a bid of £25 million for a player who is still slightly unproven and not playing in what I consider a premium position (ST or AM) does not seem worth it in my opinion. That money could be better spent elsewhere and we could kill two birds with one stone in using the cash for Villa (£15 million) and Capoue (£10 million).

    As for the Capoue vs. M’Vila debate, M’Vila is the more recognized name simply because he made a successful debut into the French national team at an early age. He showed great poise, made the simple passes and had an instinct for breaking up plays and winning the ball back on clean tackles. However, since then his progression has greatly stalled, to the point he’s struggling to even start for a poor Rennes side. Certainly, a change of scenery could help revive his career, but he suffers from off-field issues that we could certainly do without. His style of play is just like Coquelin’s, albeit more refined; he’s a stay at home type who tries to contribute offensively every now and then, not strong in the air and plays a game where he lets the play come to him before breaking it up, opposed to relentlessly pressuring and tackling to win the ball back. I think Arteta is already playing like this as the holding mid and I’d prefer the aggressive, yet disciplined approach that Capoue brings. The added element of Capoue’s aerial presence and lack of reported attitude issues just confirms my preference.

  31. glic says:

    What happened the last time we finished out of the CL places ?.
    Not as bad as you think historically !.


  32. VCC says:

    The Gooner……I wanted Vila when he played for my Spanish side Valencia. I am not sure of his age now but I think he might be a tad too old for us.

    On MVila, I have seen him several times and I am not impressed. My vote would go for MBwia or Capouie. But knowing Wenger IF he is going to purchase in this window he will go for the cheaper version, whatever that may be.

  33. glic says:

    Redders, nothing wrong with being preserved. Stretch preserves all his old syrups, he has them stuffed and vacuum sealed in air-tight glass cabinets which are on display in his fortress of solitude…..his loft !.
    He speaks to them constantly and only covers them up when making love to his pigeons, he did however discover an Owl up there the other day and was amazed that no matter which position he roggered the Owl….. it alway`s made eye contact !.
    His favourite though is his kitten………. ” you cant beat having sex with something you actually want to cuddle afterwards ” !. hahaha

  34. TotalArsenal says:

    VCC, what you mean my Spanish team?! How many teams have you got?

  35. TotalArsenal says:

    I don’t think Wanyama would cost so much TG. But you might be right that he would like to stay at Celtic right now..

  36. glic says:

    Vic`s is like an old sailor, but because he is drop dead ugly he has a football team in every port instead of a women !. hahaha

  37. TotalArsenal says:

    HAHHAHAHAHA GLIC! 😆 He’s a football tart!

  38. The Gooner says:

    TA, Neil Lennon is claiming Wanyama is available, for £25 million. They have no reason to sell him in this TW, so the only way the price will drop is during the summer.

  39. VCC says:

    Total, do you not have a team in Spain that you prefer?

  40. TotalArsenal says:

    Ahh, but Scottish clubs always need money..

  41. The Gooner says:

    VCC, Villa’s age does not concern me. We can still get a solid 2 years out of him before he starts to decline and our/Spanish style of play allows players to lengthen their careers a bit. Also, another reason I’m not concerned with his age is because he’s never been a player that relies on speed. He’d be the perfect stop gap solution to our striker woes until Theo/Giroud are fully adjusted.

  42. The Gooner says:

    VCC, even though you didn’t ask, my team in Spain is Athletic Bilbao. I guess you could say I’m a sucker for teams who play good football, produce their own talent and their top talents getting poached by other teams.

  43. VCC says:

    TheGooner, your like me then a Football groupie.

  44. glic says:

    Ahh, but Scottish clubs would prefer Whisky !.

  45. VCC says:

    #theGooner. Do you live near Athletic Bilbao

  46. The Gooner says:

    VCC, nowhere close :). I’m from Canada, but I’ve seen Bilbao live and was very impressed with them, especially Muniain (who incidentally is a player I’ve always wanted Arsenal to buy).

  47. TotalArsenal says:

    No, VCC. Arsenal is my team. I still follow Roda JC, my boyhood team, but not with the same passion as the Mighty.

    I bet you support Marseille, Feijenoord, Bremen, Napoli as well haha!?

  48. glic says:

    Yeah Vics…..Bilbao is the next City up from Toronto !. hahaha

  49. Red Arse says:

    Glic 😀 😀

    re: Terry’s Syrups!!

    — “He speaks to them constantly and only covers them up when making love to his pigeons, he did however discover an Owl up there the other day and was amazed that no matter which position he rodgered the Owl….. it always made eye contact !.

  50. glic says:

    Iker Muniain, yes I like him, Iker…………..he fits aswell !. hahaha

  51. The Gooner says:

    Glic, I will post some vids of Muniain later, you will instantly fall in love. Unfortunately only his first name will fit on your todger 😉

  52. VCC says:

    None of those Total. 😉

  53. glic says:

    I have seen clips TG and do rate him highly.
    I can always stick his second name on my forearm and read his name when I`m knocking one out or having a piss !. hahaha

  54. Red Arse says:

    Glic, “knocking one out????????”

    No! I don’t think I want to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  55. glic says:

    I think all Arsene`s problems started when after the “Invincibles” he was recruited to become a Sith Lord, after learning the art of the “Darkside Death Grip “, Daft Wenger is a frustrated figure, being unable to knock one out without killing himself !. It is now left to people like The Gooner to watch hours of vids of players such as Isco and Iker without the urge to knock one out !. hahaha

  56. VCC says:

    OK you lot. I may be able to get some tickets for the Reading home game. If you fancy it can you leave replies on here please. Would be nice to meet up before the game in the Tavern and chew the fat then go and watch the match.

    The earlier I know the better chance I have of obtaining them.

  57. glic says:

    You already know you`ve got me and my boy down Vics, come on Totes, Tezza and Redders, others etc !. Join the BK Beano !. 🙂

  58. glic says:

    Saturday 30th March, 3pm.

  59. TotalArsenal says:

    I am in as well! 🙂

  60. The Gooner says:

    An interesting read if any of you are interested in Giroud’s statistical comparison to other strikers in the EPL.



    Vics, the Reading game becomes availabe on the the 30th, and i will get us three. If you can sort out a few more so more of us can go that will be great.

    Fine post TA. I have decided that we are suffering from and identity crises and need to find ourselves. Do we press as a unit, or dont we? Do we play a paitent game or go for it? Its up to Arsene and the coaching stuff, but at the moment Arsenes greatest quality of allowing footballers to express themselves is not working. Back to basics i think.

  62. VCC says:

    OK Terry. That gives me a few days to get the numbers right. So far we have GLiC x 2 + VCC x 2 + Total x 1 + Terry x 1,

    Maybe Red Arse, Herb and ? can make it.

  63. VCC says:

    UMF 1

    Weekly scores.
    Total and Herb …………..9
    Red Arse……………………5

    Overall leader board
    Red Arse………………..34

    Three cheers for Total and Herb for scoring an admirable 9 this week. Well done chaps

    The new rule that has been voted in this week is that the bottom member owes the top member a beer. This as you can see involves GLiC and VCC.

    VCC has sent his thanks to GLiC for his beer that is on hold until the next meeting (lol)

  64. TotalArsenal says:

    Thanks for the update Vickers. I have updated the widget as well. 🙂

  65. TotalArsenal says:

    Thanks for the link TG. It does not read well for our new CF, but it is still early days. I agree with the analysis re hold up play and his passing, and this has been the biggest disappointment for me until now.

  66. henrychan says:

    Morning all.. Good post TA..
    I still believe that the first goal should be canceled.. the referee just ain’t do a proper job..
    The second one.. hard to say.. maybe every player in that situation will do the same as Ramires did.. but it is still diving.. hehehe..

    @VCC : Oke bro.. It’s clear.. hehehe.. Sorry for unupdating to the score.. hehehe..
    So a draw is more valuable than an away win.. yes..?? I agree with that.. hahaha..

    Hope we get a good news soon from the transfer windows..
    And hope we win tomorrow again WHU..
    Go Gunners..

  67. oz gunner says:

    Cheers for the post TA, you make some very good points.

    As GLIC said Ramires was pretty poor when he first went to Chelsea. As far as I’m concerned he is just a more experienced Coquelin. Funny to read ‘blue champions’ site (ask the opposition section) and see they not only think the penalty was there but szcz should have been red carded. deary deary me!!!

    @ Sharkespeare and RA

    Cheers for the comments. Writing for TA and BK is very fulfilling when all the people that come on here are such great fans and appreciative. Long live BK!

    @ GLIC

    hahaha a Barca blog approached me but they lacked a debonair syrup smuggler, a retired gymnast cleaning lady, and a certain mirror smoocher.

  68. richie59er says:

    My bloody net service has been out since the snow came down. It must be the wrong type of snow on the fibre optic cable? Either that or leaves on the track. At least I didn’t get the chance to rant about our piss poor showing at the bridge, I’ve calmed down since thankfully.

    @ Oz In regards to the pen this from James Lawton of the Independent. As to the protests of Wenger, again the manager was 100 per cent correct. Referee Atkinson should have blown up when Ramires brought down Arsenal’s Francis Coquelin quite cynically moments before Juan Mata opened the Chelsea scoring – and a few minutes later the official was in error again when he awarded Ramires a penalty and Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny a yellow card after the Brazilian had artfully – well, that’s one way of putting it – manufactured his own fall.
    Gary Neville had his own words for it – and in their uttering I’m afraid the new doyen of professional analysts carried us into the heart of football’s deepening crisis. Neville said it was a “clever dive” and a series of reruns, which of course were not available to the referee – eloquently confirmed his verdict. Ramires, instead of thrusting his free right leg in pursuit of the ball, brought it back against the goalkeeper. In the new spirit of the game Chelsea manager Rafa Benitez’s contribution to the miscarriage of justice was to jump up and down and wave an imaginary red card.
    Neville’s evaluation, which was no doubt much appreciated by all those who believe that football’s obsession with gaining any advantage, however illegally, is an ever-growing shadow over what is supposed to be a beautiful game, was not accompanied by any moral judgement. Neville was simply telling it how it is, which is to say that anything goes if you can get away with it.
    Still after Santi’s fall from grace the other week we can hardly cry foul it is IMHO unfortunately poetic justice, a little touch of “What goes around comes around”

  69. oz gunner says:

    @ Richie

    Well said. Neville is a breath of fresh air when it comes to his comments. I’m sick of other commentators saying ‘it was there’ or ‘you have to give it’. No you don’t, a dives a dive! It is very costly

  70. Red Arse says:

    Morning All, 🙂

    richie and Oz, those are my sentiments too. Cheating is cheating!

  71. Red Arse says:


    I would love to go with you all, I would probably spend the whole day laughing at you mad sods!! 🙂

    Unfortunately, I won’t be able to go anywhere this season!! 😦

    But thanks for asking me — you are good guys!!

  72. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post New Post 🙂

    Catch up with you later and I will respond to last night comments later as well.

  73. Red Arse says:

    Are we NEW POSTING, TA, you naughty Cloggerman? 😛

  74. TotalArsenal says:

    Richie, of course it was a dive but you can understand why the referee did not see it; it was very cunning, but cheating nevertheless. I don’t agree with your Santi comparison: he did not dive but tried to avoid a kick and there was contact, which could have been painful. He seemed to have overexagurated though.

    But the dive should not take away from a fine performance by Ramires, and we should take note of what is currently missing in our team.

  75. TotalArsenal says:

    Good to see you back btw, Richie. Hopefully your internet connection will not be interrupted again! 🙂

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