Can the real Gervinho please stand up?


Gervinho is one player who can inspire and exasperate in equal measure, especially when in the red and white of Arsenal. Signed for 10 Million pounds from Lille, Gervinho arrived on the back of a fairly impressive campaign, scoring 18 goals in all competitions in France: a statistic that beat the then ‘Ligue 1 player of the year’ (and team mate), Eden hazard.

He then moved to arsenal and on his debut scored a wonderful brace. His first a well lobbed ball above the Koln keeper; a goal that turned back the clock to the days Pires would thrill Highbury in similar fashion.

He began last season on the same stride, his electric pace and dazzling dribbling sending the Emirates faithful into animated frenzies. He bagged four goals and four assists before he departed for the Africa Cup of Nations in January. There he continued his red hot form, even scoring a goal – against Mali in the semi-final – which Messi would have been proud of. He picked the ball on the halfway line, nut-megged a Mali player and dribbled all the way to the goal, and scored (watch it here Fantastic stuff.

In the final he continued his form, being a constant thorn in the side of the Zambian national team with his pace and trickery. Unfortunately for him, the game went on to a penalty shoot-out where he missed a crucial spot kick, handing Zambia the crown. This was the turning point because the Gervinho that left for the AFCON wasn’t the one that returned to London. He would misplace passes, lose possession, waste clear cut chances, dribble his way into trouble, and generally frustrate the Arsenal faithful.

Luckily for him, Arsenal were in inspired form at that point, with the mercurial Dutchman at the helm of the team’s success. He never regained the form that had endeared him to the fans, and by the end of season they were calling for his head.

Fast forward to the beginning of this season, and the Gervinho of old seemed to have returned. He finished the pre-season as the top scorer, putting in inspiring performances that turned out to be one of the few positives in a time when our talisman left us for one of our fiercest rivals.

The domestic league began and his fantastic performances, coupled with the poor ones of new signing Olivier Giroud, earned him a starting place up front; ahead of Theo and Poldi. He scored 5 goals, epitomized by a brace against premier league newcomers Southampton in a game that saw Arsenal put 6 past them.

However, his wasteful side reared its ugly head again. He missed a sitter against Man City after being put clear by Ramsey: a miss that ultimately cost arsenal 2 points. His form quickly died out and (again) he was wasting chance after chance, and his departure to this year’s AFCON came as a breath of fresh air to most Gooners. Some are even hoping that Ivory Coast will get to the final, so as to keep him out of the side for as long as possible.

What really puzzles me about him is that when he dons the Ivory Coast jersey, he turns into this breath taking winger whose dribbles are purposeful and amazing, scoring goals for fun. Believe it or not, lately Gervinho has become more prolific for them than (dare I say it) Didier Drogba. Case in point, so far he has scored twice for them (one in a warm up match and one in their opening game against Togo). The one against Togo was a terrific finish the Arsenal contingent dream of seeing (watch it here

However when he plays for Arsenal he is the ultimate embodiment of inconsistency, a trait which has seen most fans turn against him. Some say that he just isn’t good enough; others believe that the pressures of playing in the world’s toughest league eventually got to him.

Whatever the case, Gervinho has managed to step on the nerves of many with his inconsistent and unpredictable performances. He has claimed that he wants to be Arsenal’s new Robert Pires, and maybe putting that kind of pressure on himself wasn’t the best idea.

One thing is for sure, though, he better step up his game if he hopes to be playing for Arsenal for the foreseeable future. He has already lost his place to Poldi, Chamberlain, Theo and Giroud who lately are becoming more and more formidable. With the imminent acquisition of a new player, he could fall even further down the pecking order.

It is a shame because Gervinho has the potential to be the player fans envisioned him to be when they gave him a Brazilian nickname. We could continue to speculate about what is the true cause of his failings but that would be a waste of time, because ultimately only he can decide what he wants his career trajectory to be.

Most fans have written him off as an awful purchase, and soon the incredible patience Wenger is known to have WILL run out. He is 25 years old, so time is quickly running out for him to make his mark at the top level.

My advice: Wenger saw something special in him when he signed him from Lille and gave him a chance in the world’s number one league. Gervinho: TAKE IT!

Written by: Marcus – a Kenya based Gooner.


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  • He got another goal and a very, VERY impressive assist for his country yesterday. If Gervinho could play to his potential, he could become more than just a good player for us, he could be something of a talisman

  • Good player, needs confidence. Hopefully the confidence gained from AFCON can reignite his Arsenal career

  • Hi Marcus 🙂

    Thanks for a fine post about our own enigma Gervinho. I am a fan of his and also wrote a post about the value Gervais brings to our team a while ago. When we face very tightly set up teams in defence, Gervinho is one of the very few in our team who can take on a man and get past him, thus creating space and opportunities.

    In that respect he is class and will only get better if his confidence returns again. I reckon he has communication problems with his fellow players at the moment. This could be due to the language issues in the team, the fact that so many players are in a process of getting used to each other and develop a telephatic understanding, and/or his apparent shyness.

    He seems often misunderstood by his teammates, and maybe also a bit unloved, and add to that the fans lack of support for him, and you can see how quickly he will start to doubt himself and subsequently underperform. We need to keep supporting him and make him feel at home as much as possible.

  • TA
    Morning to you. I totally agree with you. He needs to be more confident in his ability and part of that is our responsibility as fans to make him feel like he’s wanted like we are doing Giroud. And look how that is paying off. I love it when I say I told you so when it benefits THE arsenal.

  • Morning Vagbagel`s 😆

    Top post again Marcus, Kenya write us some more !. 🙂

    I`m in the Gerv` camp, aswell as some of the other maligned camps of Gibbs, Ramsey, Theo and Giroud !. He only adds depth of strength to our squad imo and will come good !.


    Although I seem to be in a lot of camps, I am not camp myself. so lets get that straight !.

    Right, off to my Ballet class !.

  • Morning glic,
    Ballet, huh? Must be fun if you’re doing it on a Sunday morning. Gibbs, Theo, Giroud are top players. Ramsey, I’m of the opinion that a loan deal to another EPL team, playing in his preferred position, could go a long way in returning the form that so us fend off manure and sign him.

  • Morning Marcus and Glic 🙂

    Glic, Vag Bagels! You are in fine form again this morning. Always appreciated the way you bring some fine humour to BK! 🙂

    The site would not be like it is without your and Terry’s humour (and of course VCC, Redders and many other funny commenters)!

  • Good write up,

    I find it a joke how most people/fans want to see immediate success or shall I say expect an immediate positive impact. Everything takes time and everyone is different. I don’t even have to mention past players to prove this.

    I am not Total’s mum, sibling or himself I promise, what he said about gervinho is exactly what I believe is happening.

    He does get into great positions and he can skip past players. Just the indecisiveness is a problem which is most likely down to communication. This can be worked on and will be improved. But! This will need time, he will need to be allowed time!

    He has all the skills and assets to be the what we want him or at least what he wants himself to be. It’s a matter of time!

  • I think Wenger should employ a cycologist to instigate confindence in these boys… This thing happening to gervinho also happens to some of our other players like Ramsey,ox,giroud’kochensly’vermenlen…sometimes BFG…they someone to promote their menal,pitch and self confindence….

  • Just a side note where on earth would arsenal be if we guillotined everyone like the crazy Abramovich!

    Wenger out you disgrace me you haven’t won a trophy CHOP!

    Theo you took to long to sign a contract – CHOP!

    BFG you can’t head the ball – CHOP!

    Rambo you broke your leg you come back and are not the best straight away – CHOP!

    Diaby to save you your pain and suffering I’m just gonna,… – CHOP!

    Gervinho – CHOP!

    There wouldn’t be any arsenal left.

  • Can’t just grow new heads straight after being decapitated. We’re not worms, even they take time to grow bloody new heads!

  • Apologies to any children for the graphic nature of the Abramovich saga. What it really means is the following:

    Wenger chopped zip
    Theo chopped wages
    BFG chopped in height
    Rambo chop suey
    Diaby chopped ankle replaced with new
    Gervinho chopped portion of forehead

  • Fine post Marcus.

    Gervinho is like Marmite…… either love it or hate it!

    I’m in the don’t like camp, sorry.

  • I’m sorry to say that Gervinho is no Bobby Pires and never will be, he excels at the ANC quite simply because the standard is lower and he feels less pressure. Gervinho is a good player but not a consistent one hence he is able to turn it on at times. Eden Hazard started the season well, lost his form but then regained his form fairly quickly, that is a sign of a player with promise.
    Gervinho on the other hand starts well, loses his form quickly and if last year is anything to go by he never regains his form.

    Until he can deal with the expectation and stop his own association with Robert Pires the quicker he may achieve something. At the moment fans of long standing compare him with Glen Helder rather than Robert Pires. He also was a promising player but had his gambling addiction that stopped him achieving his potential. What’s Gervinho’s excuse?
    My suggestion is, he drops his so called Brazilian name and goes under his African name!!!!!

  • Hi Gooner4eva49……Fine result for us yesterday and a very enjoyable game. Both sides wanted to play football.

    We must push on Wednesday and get three points against the bin dippers.

  • gooner4eva49,
    I agree partly with all your points. Yes, it takes time to hit your stride in this league but this is his second season here. Quite a lot of time if you ask me. Secondly, Gervinho’s main problem is his poor decision making. This is the root of all his woes and I do agree this can be fixed with time. Plenty of game time. Don’t forget though that there’s poldi, ox, theo all ahead of him so that game-time will be hard to come by if he doesn’t up his performances.

  • Fully agreed Marcus also take into account, which you did mention, going away to the African cup of nations. With other players in these positions yes it is difficult to establish himself but ultimately it is his responsibility to get in front of these players.

    I just feel it would be a shame for him to go to waste as such because I believe he will be that player he is at his best, providing time. Then again arsenal is a top football club and can’t be waiting around for players to develop as such because someone else could be doing better in that position which will benefit the team and individual. I see it from both sides but hate it when our fans/supporters get on players backs. We are here/there to ‘support’.

  • VCC it was a good game and you was right about Brighton pre-match. You know your stuff. Do you keep up with as many teams as you can or just love the whole game by itself and have an interest in all teams?

    You’re not a bovril man are you?

  • G4eva49- fine point re time: why have we become so impatient with players? Sagna has a few under-par games and many reckon he is lazy(!) and wants out now… I reckon the lack of silverware is making many fans cagey and some players are taking the brunt at the moment. 😦

  • Vincent at 11.07, good point re instigating more confidence. I wonder sometimes whether the team lack a hands-on, cuddly Pat Rice sort of type at the moment?! 😕

  • G4eva49, the answer is right there: we would be like Liverpool and Spuds. Not stinking rich enough to buy success, and constantly looking for a Wenger type of manager who can build a team from the bottom and can find some quality bargains on the way. I am sure there are other managers out there who could do as good a job, and maybe even better, as/than Wenger, but they are hard to find and the BoD could easily get it wrong time after time. And chopping managers is also an expensive business…

  • G3eva49 at 11.34: 😆

    Welshman, some good points there. Hazard and Gervinho have similar goals per game record this season, but it is Hazard’s assists that sets him apart from Gervinho at the moment. The Gerv is not finding his colleagues and his colleagues do not anticipate his moves and passes well enough. This will have to improve fast and significantly when he returns for the ACoN, otherwise, as per Marcus’ fine post, he will lose out to his competitors within the team.

    Having said that, I like him to come good and he could well become a super-sub: not in terms of scoring goals, but in making things happen for us. I must also say, I am not as impressed as you are in Hazard. I believe he hides a lot and does not feature in large parts of the game. Gervinho always gives his all and never stops trying, and at least this characteristic he has on the little boy kicker. 🙂

  • One thing that i have been thinking but was afraid to say (mostly because of our tumultuous season) is that arsenal actually have a first team that can challenge for honours. Szczesny, sagna, jenko, verminator, per, kos, gibbo, arteta, wilshere, cazorla, rosicky, diaby, ox, poldi, theo and giroud (once they hit their peak) are a title winning team. There are two problems here though: For one, this is a new team that needs to Gel completely for us to start seeing their true quality. Secondly, there isn’t enough QUALITY depth. Ramsey, mannone, coquelin, gervinho (for now) are okay players at best. I can’t stress the ‘for now’ part enough. santos, arshavin, squillaci, fabianski are just crappy players who should never ever wear an arsenal jersey again. Based on that you can see that in some areas we are really stretched thin. like at LB, DM and CF/or on the wing. we really do need quality reinforcements to solidify our status and return to the title winning ways that made us great.

  • another great read Marcus cheers.
    My mind still isn’t made up on Gerv. He gets past his opponent with relative ease, but I’m not sure even he knows what he is doing at times. I think out on the wing with Giroud down the middle is when he will be most effective. Get to the byline, cross it in, Giroud will do the rest. I hope he takes his chances!

  • gooner4eva49 12:39.

    Yes I am a Bovril man.

    Your too kind in your analysis of my football knowledge. When Arsenal are in the FA Cup or any competition involving teams outside the premiership I take a look at their stats and read about their current form so as to form a judgement whether we are in for a heavy ride or not.

    There are guys on here far more qualified than I about European knowledge and know how.

    I only have eyes for Arsenal, the love of my life. But I have a soft spot for QPR as they are the nearest team to my birth place. My Father supported them and my Uncle used to work for them. So obviously I look out for their results second to Arsenal.

    Out of all the Spanish sides I like Valencia.

    Have you any other teams you keep an eye on?

  • Marcus, fully agreed on the need to gel further and the potential in the curren squad. Just a couple of quality players could help us moving forward quicker though.

    Spuds 1-0 down,Sweet! 😛

  • Total, lack of silverware is sad to get hung up on. Yea I would love seeing arsenal win trophies but most importantly is putting in a good performance. Fight, hunger and desire. Yes we want bragging rights, that arsehole manure fan giving it the big one bragging when they just follow them cos their a ‘glory hunter’. Also the twaty cheslki fans you would love to shut up with a trophy but you don’t need to cos you can just say they are financial dopers and unbeaten run pretty much shuts everyone up.

    Getting the better of the scum makes me happy. Seeing them falter is a joy. They are so sad that they make a DVD out of a 4-4 draw. If they ever finish above us that will be the equivalent for them, of us going unbeaten a season or winning champs league. So sad and they will hold that forever never minding the constant years (18-19?) of us being better than them!

    Seriously despite costs and ‘no success’, we all should be privileged and appreciative where we are as a club. The most we can ask is players and staff to give 100% there are 20 teams in the league only one can win it. Fa cup and league cup more than 20 teams. There is no divine right (although the class we have is enough to earn titles) for us to win/own trophies.

  • Marcus 13:30

    Bang on what you say we have a core/nucleus of title winning players one problem lies with depth.

  • VCC, who are the more qualified ones of Europe on here?

    I kinda like QPR, I’ve been to see em a couple of times all because of my friend who is a big hoops fan. I loved holloway when he was there. But as soon as it is Arsenal v QPR they are the enemy as far as I can see.

    I kinda like Leyton Orient cos of the east London thing and the fact I felt they was neglected/disregarded and they wore red! I never believed (despite fa cup or league cup had a say in it) Leyton and Arsenal would ever face each other. I would always say I liked em and have an interest but as soon as we played them last year or the year before, I hated them! All that kindness and sincerity went straight out the window! I felt how dare they try and score against us or how dare the fans sing chants about us! So now it is just Arsenal. No lower league, no foreign even no bloody international! It’s only The Arsenal for me.

    I gotta get this in before Glic comes in;

    Marmite for me
    Bovril for you
    Vagimite for Glic!!!

  • What a shame, the Spuds get knocked out, what do they expect, there wasn`t a “1” in the year !. hahaha
    I should imagine there`s not many Spuds who have actually seen a Title win !. N17 being a area worst than Glasgow for life expectancy, It`s hard to imagine any swamp dweller being over the age of 52 !. Those were not riots a little while back, that was a mass DIY cremation, tight c**ts !.
    As for the Chavs and City…… Bastards, they are the Lance Armstrong`s of the football doping world . I would strip them of their Title`s if I had my way, so we would be the 2005 champs !.

  • Gooner4eva49………~I used to go to QPR as a youngster with my Uncle. They had two separate tunnels for players. One for the Away team and one for the Home team.

    I too liked Ian Holloway, he is a breath of fresh air, and a character, a badly needed commodity in todays society.

    I must whisper this, don’t broadcast it Gooner4eva49, but I also like Arry. He is a do’er and a character. I have my fingers crossed that he will keep the hoops up in the premiership. If he succeeds, they will become a mid table side next year, that’s for sure with him as manager.

    Being a proud Londoner I don’t hate any London club (that includes Tottenham Hotspurs) My hate is Manchester United and their Cockney glory hunting supporters.

    Don’t worry about GLiC liking Vagimite and commenting. Having more than two syllables, with three, he won’t understand what your on about.

    Also, its past 16:00, so I would have thought he was locked in his secure unit in Launcestern by now. It’s sad I know.

  • Oi Vics, how can you not hate the Spuds ?. Go wash your mouth out !. I hate every other team, but on different levels. West Ham is the club I least hate and Spuds the one`s I hate the most !.
    Respect is a different kettle of fish though, as although I hate the Spuds with all my heart, I respect them more than the two Lance Armstrong clubs !.
    Now get back to polishing your Zimmer Frame !, remember…. wipe on , wipe off !.

  • Whose looking forward to the FA Cup draw at 17:45? I know I am.

    How’s the love shack GLiC. Any progress today?

  • UMF 1 League will be published soon after todays final game.

    I wonder who will be the shining star wearing the Yellow Jersey this week. Some handsome F—– I don’t doubt.

  • For me Gervinho reminds me has Arshavin not in the way of playing but in the implication, he is afraid of the contact he is very slow in these choices on the ground, no game(set,play) of head and especially a running(race) swings in the foot really bad of or action(share) missed on the last contact with the ball(bullet).
    In the CAN he(it) shines but I know not so you saw how the game(set,play) is slow a game(set,play) and which looks like strangely the French game(set,play) which is cut all the time by the arbitrator(referee) who arrète not no of whistled to every committed fault and who allows has player as him to get out while the going is good.
    As Arshavin at the beginning they surprised the opposite teams but once the game(set,play) of gervinho and to look has the video defenders wait for him(it) firmly seen that he always makes even things days or this boy Will play without fear and will raise the head while little to be????!!!!

  • I know many simply expect Arsenal to beat Brighton away, but as we can see today, with the silly Spuds faltering at Leeds, Chelsea only managing a draw at Brentford, and now Liverpool struggling at Oldham, it really was not an easy win by Arsenal yesterday.

    Happy the boys made it through and I hope we get a home draw this time round.

  • Electric, water, ducting and sewage pipe all in. Covered area with landscaping membrane and slate shingled over the top !. All ready for building work to begin tomorrow !.

    If you want I could email you pictures of what I`ve done upto now !

  • Hi Guys, 🙂

    Another very good report Marcus!

    I agree with you that the Gerv needs to shape up or he will be shipped out!!

  • Macko, good point the PL might still be a bit too fast for him.

    How is life in Paris at the moment?

    What do you make of Paris Saint Germain: is it good or bad for French football that they have so much money to spend now?

  • Hi Everyone, how are you all doing on this fine day?

    Another great article Marcus, glad to see you writing for BK again!

    Gervinho certainly frustrates me more often that not, but his skill is evident every now and then, he just can’t seem to put it all together game to game, or even within a game. As TA proclaimed, he strikes me as the perfect super sub and he could eventually become a very effective squad player who rotates in for starts when needed.

    As for the fans getting behind a player, I somewhat disagree about this having a monumental effect on a player’s confidence. Professional athletes should not be bothered by the reception they receive from their club’s fans. They are paid to perform on the pitch and are cognizant of how they are performing. The fans’ reaction to their poor performances are only a reflection of how they are performing, and confidence is generally built prior to and outside of a match. However, if fans are constantly chanting that you suck and they want you to leave, it’s understandable that the situation for the player has become toxic and for him to leave (which isn’t the case for Gervinho).

  • GLiC….Yes I would like to have a butchers. ~Often thought about doing something like that myself. Cheers.

  • Yes Glic from the slums of Tower Hamlets!

    I moved up north to a safe house (Essex). Been here for a while and only recently managed to wean my self off from exhaust pipes. I’ve become accustomed to the sea air! Oooh arrrgh! And the animal shit.

    Now when I travel down to London to see The Arsenal I take sea shells to inhale and purposely tread in the police horse shit to get me through the atrocity of London!

    VCC, I must be an absolute bastard compared to you (Glic may think the other way round!) because I don’t like any other London club even Sunday league. It’s that bad! I respect all teams but wouldn’t make it obvious to a spud. Hate isnt a strong enough word for them lot. My dad has shown me the light, or darkness if you will, of the scum. It has been instilled in me since birth I can’t stand em at all, even seeing someone walking down the street, shop etc makes me feel physically sick. I actually reflux and gag out aloud upon seeing such a sight. Make it clear. I pitty the young and have a slight thought of “you poor bastards, how could they do this to you”.

    Look at the end of the day football is football and yes if I see a spud dying or in need of help I would at least think twice about helping them. 🙂

  • Hi The Gooner, I am good thanks!

    Eboue cried when he got boo’d, that was out of order. Yeah I agree with you that his performance isn’t or has not been affected resulting from fans ‘abuse’ but I find it ridiculous that some or I mostly hear (not from you guys) basically want him shot! I do completely agree that a professional athlete should not allow atmosphere or reception from fans to affect there play. But you can’t plug in Dr Dre headphones and block the noise out. What’s your thoughts on Wenger saying the crowd/reception affects the players to some degree?

    Surely pressure gets to you? They are still human despite being paid to handle all sorts from football. Maybe to be a top highly paid professional you have to have the capabilities to concentrate solely on your game and give 100%. If that’s the case fair enough, flog him! 🙂

  • You know strangely I remain optimistic about gervinho. Right now in the AFCON he is the leading scorer. And i hope you have access to those games because his perfomances are breathtaking. And consistently by the way. If he can outshine the likes of yaya toure, didier drogba then surely his quality is not hit or miss. I just hope he can acquire the confidence to carry that on for AFC.

  • You are spot on Total cant take the P out of smaller clubs and it does go to show its no walk in the park. Look at Liverpool!

    I hope Bradford win the league cup too. They really really deserve it plus it doesn’t make us look so bad cos we lost to the champions!

  • And the more I think about it, TA you are right. Part of it is our fault. We need to make him feel like he’s part of the arsenal family like we do Santi, poldi and Giroud. Perhaps even compose a song for him. It would go a long way in giving him confidence. The other day Giroud said when he hears fans sing his name, he wants to die for them on the pitch. Maybe that is what would give gervinho that little push beyond his psychological barriers. And you should know that Gervinho is actually a very shy person so it does make sense.

  • 4eva49,

    Glad to hear all is well.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think the crowd can certainly have an effect on players, but it’s not the same magnitude that most people would likely suspect. I recently read an interesting research study that analyzed the effect that fans can have on the outcome of a game. Largely, there was no change and a larger crowd had a minimal effect. However, at a more “indoor” venue, say a hockey arena or basketball court, there was a slightly higher correlation between noise and result. The likelihood of this occurrence was because the echoing sound had a powerful effect on close calls by a referee. Only a small percentage of the effect was due to an increase in performance from a player’s adrenaline from the noise.

    Arsene has found the home support to be lacking for us this season and thinks that if the fans were a little more patient and encouraging, it would help ease our players into the game. This really should only have a minimal effect and at most might give an added boost of adrenaline.

  • Nice post Marcus

    I like the Gerv, He carries the ball better than any other player in the squad. This relives presusure and creates space for others. On one on one situations he is a nightmare for a defender(especialy in the box) with the ability to beat him on either side.

    I personaly feel his main problem has been adapting to the physicality of the premeir league. Hes quite a small guy (apart from the forehead hahaha) and can be brushed away. Unfortunitly he also lacks power in his crossing and shooting, It sometimes looks like he is kicking a medicine ball.

    When he comes back from the ACON, it could be make or break for him and with stiff competion for places he will have to find another gear.

  • Blackburn not a bad team to face for Arsenal…it’s a good home game to have especially before we face BMFC in the our championship league…

  • Simply put, if an athlete’s performance was dictated based on the crowd’s support of him, he would basically not show up for away games. Also, they could not really consider themselves professional athletes at all, since they would be completely lacking the mental strength to succeed.

  • 4eva49,

    In response to your earlier question to VCC about who watches football outside the EPL, I believe myself, Red Arse, Henry and Richie are ones you could discuss other leagues with (sorry if I missed anyone). I follow the EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and MLS (sadly) quite closely, so if you ever want to chat about any of those leagues, just let me know!

  • UMF 1 League update.

    Oz. ………………………38

    Weekly scores

  • The Gooner,

    Wow, you follow a lot of football thank you for being willing to discuss/divulge with me. I will be picking your brains in Champions league fixtures and any pre-season matches. Yes I say champs league, we will still be there don’t worry people! What teams do you like most in those leagues you suggested?

    Very interesting study you have mentioned. I agree with all you have said you have put in good perspective. I believe it was Wenger himself who once said something like it shouldn’t matter if you play home or away, the performance should be exactly the same.

  • I’m guessing you like the following;
    Borussia Dortmund
    New York Ref Bulls

  • VCC please tell what is this UMF I can guess to some degree but that wont give me the correct answer 🙂

  • Paris little to buy all that he(it) want, the players one the big head, to ailleur their result(profit) are not top and same supporter(support) one a bad mentality.
    The spent money(silver) kills our league 1 of football finally it is my opinion(notice);)

  • christ almighty, ime getting lower and lower in the UMF. i spend 8 hours a week planning my precictions yet Cornwall, who picks his teams by were his todger lands, is soon to overtake me

    There is nothing else for it, ime gonna have to cheat, but ime too thick to work out how. hahaha

  • G4eva49
    Bit like you mate, I left Bethnal Green ( Tower Hamlets ) many a year ago for a life in Cornwall ( glic = gooner lost in cornwall ). I will never move back, but love coming back for my first love….. The Arsenal and of course some Pie & Mash and bagels from Brick Lane ( I take home a sack load ! ).
    56 years and I still haven`t been within a whisper of finding out the recipe for the Pie & Mash pastry !. If anyone know `s the recipe please tell me and you will be my bestest friend !. hahaha

  • hahaha Stretch. Not quite the way I choose my teams, but close, I write on a piece of paper the teams and attach to the ceiling with some blue tac, I then watch some of TG`s Isco vids and ejaculate on ceiling to pick winners !. hahaha

  • 4eva49,

    It’d be my pleasure to discuss football from other leagues with you my friend! Always willing to discuss football of any sort and there’s always time for another Arsenal fan :). Just drop me a comment if you have any questions, I’d be more than happy to answer them.

    In terms of teams I support, I guess you could say I’m a sucker for the loveable losers. I have tremendous pride in a club that develops their own players and operate with less resources than the oil clubs since I strongly believe that there is more to winning in football than through financial gargantuan. Let me start by saying, I’m all Arsenal above ANY other football club. There is not a single club that can come close to the sacredness that Arsenal represents to me.

    My second love, albeit a distant second, is Borussia Dortmund (Terry, you should know better than anyone that one can have multiple lovers hahaha!). They are run under similar circumstances to Arsenal and have produced talent after talent, despite their best players being poached year after year. Jurgen Klopp is my ideal successor to AW once he retires, since he understands how to run a club prudently and only spends what the club has made in the previous year.

    In La Liga, I support and enjoy watching Athletic Bilbao the most. Their uptempo style of play, penchant for developing home grown talents and their absolute dismantling of Manure last year in Europa makes them an easy alternative to Arsenal.

    For Ligue 1, I don’t exactly follow or particularly like any of the teams but just enjoy watching some of the beautiful football and the burgeoning talent the league has produced.

    MLS is more of an adopted league since I am from Toronto and am often in the city to visit relatives. I could never seriously get behind a MLS team, but if push came to shove, I’d place my allegiance to Toronto FC.

  • Pull your socks up Alex, your getting too close for comfort, being from down under your, stop looking at the league standing on your head, your second from bottom , not second from top !. hahaha

  • hahahaha Glic and Terry, you gentlemen are on fire today! Terry, I guess would have to be standing extremely close to the table/wall in order for his todger to touch the piece of paper ;). Unless of course he was watching an Isco video…

  • Hi gooner4eva49.

    The UMF 1 League was started back in September last year.

    For the past couple of years,every football week end I have a silly bet and try and predict some home away and draws. Luckily, I’m still playing with the bookies money.

    I asked Total if I could suggest running such a league on here, and he agreed.

    We put it out to the floor and got a total of twelve interested parties. Every week each member predicts 5 home/away/draws, from the premiership fixtures.

    Correct homes win one point correct away’s scores two points and correct draws score three points.

    It’s all a bit of fun and I think/hope every member gets something out of it.

    I keep a spreadsheet with all the scores completed, and can produce each and every weeks predictions since started if so wished.

    The overall leader as you can see with a running total of 44 is that handsome fellow VCC. So he is wearing the Yellow Jersey.

    At the bottom with 22 is GLiC and Alex.

  • hahahahha, so basicly my predictions are soon to be overtaken by your spunk. hahahaha

    TG, how do you fit so much football in. Have you got one of those rotating satelite dishes that picks up about 1 million chanals? I used to have one of those but the Mrs got rid of it. Every morning she would get up and find that it was on the porn stations. I tried to deny it by saying that i saw the cat mangling the remote control but she wouldnt have it. hahaha

  • Gooner Lost In Cornwall, you get a massive virtual man hug from me.

    Bethnal Green is where I’m from! Then moved to shitty Stepney Green. I know the pie and mash shop your talking about and the bagels! Jewish cheesecake from there was absolutely lovely if someone has the recipe please share! I used to live down Clairdale St (shithole) near hackney Rd. I know what you mean by never wanting to move back there but coming back can be nice. Changed a hell of a lot, i bet it even changed a lot from when you left till I started growing up there. I much prefer Bethnal Green to stepney we was closer to everyone and was always down bethnal green Rd or Colombia Rd mum always down the flower market! The library in Barmy park.

    How come you chose/decided cornwall then, despite being a lovely place obviously. Do you often go up to see The Arsenal? A fair trek it is!

  • hahaha Terry, at least your satelite dish was getting good use! The Mrs. could never fault you for not frugally spending the family’s money ;). I get in so much football because the nature of my job allows me to have quite a fair bit of time off. However, when I am working I fall pretty behind on football (aside from Arsenal) and only have time to watch highlights and read up on the scores and match reviews. I’ve been following some of these leagues since I was kid though, so some of the knowledge and players have stuck and I find out more during reunions since some of my cousins and family friends work as scouts, TV analysts and within football organizations.

  • The only “Arse” Glic often goes to see is another man’s! Hahaha he’s still asking after every match if it’s safe to come out!

  • Also, Terry if you thought that following so many leagues was impressive, I religiously follow hockey too! In addition, I casually follow american football, golf, basketball, tennis and baseball too :). Fortunately, my fiance is a also a sports enthusiast or else I’d be in serious trouble…maybe even devoting all my time to a certain future zimmer!

  • G4eva49

    I had so many holidays in the West Country that I didn`t want to come back !. To tell the truth, I could have moved anywhere in the countryside as I love the country life, but the missus had family down this way, so Cornwall it was !.
    My old school in Bethnal Green (Daneford) is now called something else !. Lived in a few places around the East End such as Hanbury St, Chiltern St, Virginia Rd, Cable St and Cambridge Heath Rd. Loved the East End growing up as a kid, everything was a laugh !.

    My brother had a shop down the “Roman “, he was as dodgy as they come and I was a good apprentice ! . hahaha

  • HI GLiC………If the Reading game comes off perhaps we can meet up at the Pie n Mash shop and enjoy Pie/Mash/Eels and liquer. Then onto the Tavern. Then onto the home of Football.

  • A couple of UMF 1 stats.

    The most popular prediction was……Oldham v Liverpool. Ten out of twelve went for it. None chose a home win.

    Total and Herb were the only ones to successfully predict a draw……Huddersfield v Leicester.

    Henry/PPP/Oz/Rocky all predicted 3 aways.

    Weekly top scorers with 6 points were…….Henry/PPP/Oz/Rocky.

  • Vics

    Sounds good. I always have some Pie & Mash before a game, it`s like a ritual !. I go to the one in Bethnal Green Rd nearest to Valance Rd and I always have 6 pies and quadraple mash !. Mmmmmm love it !.

    Did you get the photo`s ?. Not sure if it came out !. If not , tell me and I try it differently !.

  • GLiC…not checked my emails yet. Will try later or tomorrow.

    Is there a station near that pie n mash shop. If I’m going to be drinking in the Tavern later I will not drive, cos I can’t just stick to one.

  • I will drive you to the Tavern from the Pie & Mash shop and then park the car up at my usual place some where near Southgate Rd and Balls Pond Rd and then leg it back to the Tavern !. No room for the Zimmer though !. hahaha

  • The Gooner,

    Love your stance on clubs and as well that they don’t come even close to The Arsenal.
    I would have to agree to acknowledge a club that is run properly and efficiently whilst providing good football. You’re right about league 1 always producing superb talent Wenger has liked a few raids from there we know, look at newcastle, he reckons the talent lies more in Spain and Germany now, your thoughts?

    How did you come to support/get introduced to The Arsenal being from the states? You had a vision you saw the light! Do you refer it to Soccer or Football?

    I wouldn’t have a clue who to have manage Arsenal, obviously Dennis Bergkamp but that wouldn’t be the right choice would it? Could be a natural! For me it would have to be an arsenal man but don’t know of any with good managerial experience. Wenger wasn’t and was plucked from nowhere so there could lay an ‘hidden’ Arsenal man out there who isn’t recognised as Arsenal if you know what I’m saying.

  • VCC, Victoria Concordia Crescit? (First Latin I learned)

    That is a brilliant idea must take up a lot of time but very enjoyable I bet.
    Sounds good fun something I might like to get involved in. Could I join this coming September if I’m still alive?

  • Gooner4eva49.

    It is time consuming but I enjoy it.

    I hope it stands the test of time and we continue next season. Of course you can join in, the more the merrier.

    GLiC…..your a star, I will take you up on that. Whats the nearest station to the pie n mash shop?

  • Glic,

    You ain’t got a caravan av ya? You’ve been everywhere!
    Cable St was round the corner from me I lived next to Commercial Rd I had some good times growing up and some rough! Tobacco Dock was a popular destination and shadwell park shadwell basin. We used to piss about everywhere watney market, crhisp st to the isle of dogs we’d travel everywhere as kids at such a young age. Wouldn’t dare let kids roam everywhere now!

    I love it where I am now though peace and quiet! Wildlife the sea everything.
    Part of my family stem from Cornwall, Triggs don’t ring a bell does it?

  • G4eva49

    September !, how about August ?

    Dont worry if your not alive, as Vic`s is only just !. Also, Total has a special Ouija keyboard and we also have our own Bergkampesque Mystic…..Madam Stretch…..he`s not the worst and not the best….just about a Medium !. He`s constantly talking to the ghosts of the 30`s, although I think it`s more to do with his Ghoullies !.

  • 4eva49,

    Spain is certainly the current golden generation of football, but like Wenger, I’m convinced Germany will be the next wave and have a renaissance of sorts. Hummels, Gotze, Schurrle, Reus, Howedes, Ozil, Kroos, Muller, the Bender brothers, Holtby, Boateng, Badstuber are all key players for Germany 24 years of age or younger! I haven’t even mentioned their backbone in net, Neuer, who’s only 26 and we all know goalies only get better with age. Spain has some great prospects as well, but they are not nearly as dominating or cohesive as a unit as the current core of Xavi, Iniesta, Casillas, Ramos, Pique, Cesc, Xabi Alonso, Pedro, Silva, Santi, Villa etc. There seems to be a slight gap in the level of talent, but Spain will always be a powerful force in football.

    I was actually born in Canada where football is more closely followed since there are a ton of immigrants living there and it was a former British colony, meaning lots of Brits have moved over and lived here for a while. My family has had generations of football supporters and it’s always been in the family’s blood to watch and follow. My father was actually a Chel$ea supporter growing up, but I have slowly started to convert him. I initially chose Arsenal because of a certain frenchman who joined in 1996 and revolutionized their style of play. I was drawn to the passing and fluid football and bought into the vision of a man who was changing the face of the Premier League. I refer to it as football, but for the commoners here, I sometimes entertain them and call it soccer or footy just so they know what I’m talking about.

    DB10 would be an excellent coach, but he wouldn’t be my first choice as a replacement to AW. He comes off a little cold for my liking (combining him with a more approachable individual would be perfect), but his experience with and devotion to Arsenal make him an outstanding candidate. He seems like the ideal fit for player development, as he was schooled in Ajax’s total football philosophy, and could potentially bring his wealth of knowledge to help improve our own academy. I believe if AW takes an executive position within the club after his time ends, that he will be involved in searching for the next great Arsenal manager. It’s possible that the candidate could be a complete unknown that he unearths, but whoever it is they will certainly embody the Arsenal spirit and philosophy if AW has a say in the matter.

  • Glic,

    September is good for me I’m always late, September would be good going for me!

  • I would say Bethnal Green Station , not sure Shoreditch Station would be open !.

    No G4eva49, doesn`t ring a bell !. The only bell I hear around here is when the inbred farmer is roggering daisey !. mooo !. hahaha

  • There`s two Kelly`s in Bethnal Green Rd, I go to the last one nearest to Brick Lane, just along from the traffic lihgts at the Vallance Rd junction !.

  • I will get the tickets this week

    Wont be joining you for pie and mash. I have my own matchday ritual.

    An early lunch at the Ritz with the odd glass of champaigne. I always take some bird along, who i force to perform origami on me whilst i eat. The posh gits on the other tables love it.

    Then i will come and meet you in the pub. hahahaha

  • So If you turn up at the Tavern with bird dropping`s on your jacket, we will know it was infact you performing origami on the pigeon !.

    Did you know Cloggy Clogpecker is a Dutch relative of Woody Woodpecker !.

  • The Gooner,

    I’m such a fucking dick I must of insulted you mentioning the states I apologise, my geography is good I promise I just presumed you lived in USA and visit home every now and then and only USA teams were in the MLS, that’s what confused me!

    Excuses excuses. 😳

    Interesting what you have said I understand the British colony, how can your father support them chelski lot how have you not fully converted him!?

    You didn’t mention our young Eisfield and Gnabry!

    I hope and believe it would be great a great idea if Wenger went upstairs and took a position. You know the club will still embody the philosphy, tradition and spirt. It is quite an exciting thought!

  • We wont need tickets. Will bring three membership cards and all we do is swipe them at the turnstiles. They will be upper tier a bit back, so if any one of you two is short sighted bring your glasses. hahaha

  • Thats alright Stretch, I will have the one with Achilles on the card because of my Greek God looks and Vic`s can have the one with Telly Savalas on it !.

  • You can have a light refreshment in The Salmon and Ball right on the corner outside Bethnal Green Station. I’m told Alan Ball once owned it? Glic you kno any of this?

  • 4eva49,

    I have dual citizenship, and am currently living in my house in the states so no harm done my friend :). I usually spend 8 months of the year in the US and 4 in Canada, though I consider Canada my “home”.

    My father was a Chel$ea fan before they had Abramovich, so he knows all about supporting a loser just about as much as anyone hahaha. He actually stopped watching football for a bit once he stopped playing FF and he only started watching again since he retired. He loves the way Arsenal plays and appreciates football in a pure sense, more than following a certain team. However, he knows that Arsenal are my team so he generally pays attention to their matches more so we can have intelligent discussions about the game.

    I never mentioned Eisfield or Gnabry because they’ve failed to make an impact on the Senior national team. If I were to mention them, I’d also have to mention the likes of Hornschuh, Mlapa, Beister, Hermann, Kirchoff, Jung, Rudy, Funk, Esswein and Lasogga before them since neither have even appeared for the German U-21 national team yet! Granted Gnabry is only 16 and does feature for the Germans at the U-17 level.

  • Coutinho to Liverpool via Inter should be wrapped up early next week…this TW is really starting to frustrate me haha! Admittedly, I always knew there was a chance we wouldn’t be making any moves since teams have less of a reason to sell players mid season. January transfer players carry more risk as they were likely unhappy, under performing or had expiring contracts at their old club.

    Still keeping the faith that AW will sign at least one significant player before the window closes!

  • 4eva49,

    Wait until we get into a discussion about Spanish upcoming football talents ;). I had a particular infatuation with the academies in La Liga ever since La Masia became renowned worldwide for growing football players.

  • hahaha glic, perhaps you should convince some German royalty family to name their princess daughter that!

  • Please, dont get TG started on Isco !, I`m in bed now and trying to watch the TV and if he goes on about Isco, I will have a tent rising up in front of the TV !.

  • Bischoff plays in Germany and has appeared for France at the U-18 level and Portugal at the U-21 level 🙂

  • Macko, it is a real shame that PSG were able to attract such a rich owner, who can go against all the French football values, which made the Ligue 1 such a fair competition in the past. I hope that PSG win nothing, rien! 🙂

  • And by plays in Germany, I mean he plays in the Ligas of Germany, but is not from there himself.

  • It will be a tough match-up, though their loss to Oldham is certainly encouraging. Liverpool have looked much better with Sterling-Suarez-Sturridge up front and I expect them to give us some trouble on Wednesday. Still, I think the battle will be won in midfield and Jack, Diaby, Santi and even a possibly returning Arteta will make the difference. I doubt they’ll have enough ball possession to make a serious mark on the game (not always an accurate predictor but they will score a goal with the few chances they’ll get). 2-1 for the Arsenal, Theo will have his way with Enrique on the left and Giroud will contribute in a variety of ways up front.

  • Thanks for UMF League up-date, Vickers, and well done for being firmly in the lead.

    4eva49 – yes great FA Cup draw for us. Should be a good game and at least/last it is a home game!

  • Good Morning All.

    Yes Total, as you say, at least it’s a Home draw. A little comfort, although there is no easy ride any, just ask Liverpool/Totnumb.

    Red Arse, where are you. Come out and play. Hope your well.

  • New Post – New Post!

    Are you ready to discuss rotation – rotation – rotation? TG looks at all possible angles of this important and often frowned-upon subject! 🙂

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