Arsenal v Stoke: Lucas finds the Pod-hole, Nacho impresses, bullies get bullied


Stoke parked the bus but Lucas found a way through the Pod-holes.

In a way it was nice to see a team park the bus against us again, as it allowed our team to control the game and find its shape and rhythm. On the other hand, the lack of space combined with the disciplined defending of Stoke showed up our lack of guile and penetration on too many occasions yesterday. We know that Theo works best on the wing when he can combine his speed and good first touch with being played into space, and Ox is not that much different; although he is better able to take on a defender from a standing still position.

Yesterday’s game screamed out for Gervinho. As said many times before, he is the only player who is comfortable with attacking a congested flank and get himself into the box with the ball. This is such an important commodity to have when teams park the bus against us, and I felt we missed him yesterday.

It took an ugly goal – a deflected free-kick by Podolski – to find a way through the parked layer of busses yesterday, but who cares. It was exactly what we deserved and the happiness on the Pod’s face, combined with the joyous, collective team celebration – good to see Nacho joining in straightaway – told us all what it meant to the players.

Nacho impressive debut.

Nacho did fantastically well! He was still a Malaga player less than 48 hours before the kick-off, and yet Nacho was able to boss his area and contribute to our attack as if he never played for another club than Arsenal. First impressions are very good: he is fast, hard as nails if needed, reads the game well, good crosser of the ball, and has both stamina and desire to keep supporting our attack. Highbury Harmony aka The Gooner already told us what a good player Arsenal had bought and yesterday’s performance showed indeed a lot of promise.

The Ox’s horns still need strengthening, and the whole team lacked composure up-front.

Alex was played on the left wing against Stoke, and I thought he did ok. The Ox missed two very good chances of which Podolski would probably have converted at least one. This is where he really needs to start improving now: converting chances/ scoring goals.

When a team parks the bus, it is important to take your early chances, and Arsenal had a spell of just a couple of minutes in which they had three decent opportunities: Ox missed; Giroud inexplicably headed towards his fellow players in the box, whilst there was a decent gap on the keeper’s left side to head towards, and Koz headed a decent chance straight at Begovic.

It is fair to say that as team Arsenal were not clinical enough and on another day we could have ended up with just the one point. However, after having scored a great number of goals in the last dozen games, this is not an area we should worry about much at the moment.

Diaby and Arteta properly protect our defence, but they should also have supported Jack and Giroud more in the middle of our attack.

It was good to see Arteta back in the deeper DM role, which he combined well with Diaby. Defensively our midfield did a great job, as they never allowed Stoke out of their trenches even when they wanted to. However, with our flanks being restricted by Stoke during large parts of the game – despite Wilshere’s constant endeavours to find a way through – I would have liked to see Diaby or Arteta to move more into the area in front of Stoke’s ‘D’. Especially Diaby has the qualities to hold onto the ball there and play other team mates in, or penetrate the Stoke bus himself and have a shot at goal.

We were surprisingly physical and ‘together’, and the quality on the bench made the difference today.

I really liked the way we handled Stoke today from a physical point of view. Our approach was perhaps epitomised by Arteta’s fair but hard tackle on Owen late on in the game. It was the sort of tackle we have had to endure many times in our encounters with the Orcs in recent years. It was good to see Arsenal handle the physical side really well, as it looked our players had mentally prepared themselves for a tough battle, and yet not a single yellow card was collected by the team.

But ultimately, it was the quality on our bench which made the difference. The combined arrival of Podolski and Cazorla brought new impetus and thrust, which meant we did not relent our attacking efforts and kept trying to find a hole through the parked bus. Eventually our efforts paid off, and with Chelsea losing and Everton drawing unexpectedly at home against Aston Villa, this hard fought win really helped our push for a top three/four finish. Well done to the boys.

Written by: Total Arsenal.

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59 Responses to Arsenal v Stoke: Lucas finds the Pod-hole, Nacho impresses, bullies get bullied

  1. babakrdaemi says:

    Arsene left santi and the hammer on the bench because he knew we would be up against 10 defenders all game. When they came on hungry and fresh it changed the game and there was only one outcome.

    Genuinely believe if we finish in top 4 this year next season will be our best for a long time.

  2. I realy lyk dis,indeed arsenal impresses yestaday

  3. it was nice to see us dishing some rough stuff out the ref was a joke how many times was walcott taken out. We still lack creativity though there is something not quite there. Giroud had another good game and was nice to see a left back not caught standing next to the CB like Gibbs keeps doing. I am not convinced we will finish top 4 though we are too obvious to play against – i hope i am wrong!

  4. alexgunners says:


    Could not have agreed more with your post. The Orcs parked the bus, We physically matched then and we were ready for their usual style of play.

    Ox does need to improve his confidence in front of goal. I do feel that he was effective at times and if he adds a killer finish to his game it will give us another option. He has the speed and the physicality and just needs to get a good run of games to build the confidence that he needs.

    What a difference a decent bench makes, this is the reason why we need good back up players and invest further in our squad. When we cant get through the buses that are parked in front of us, a few fresh players can make a difference to the match and that’s exactly what happened yesterday.

    Great to see how much the goal meant to the players, Great to see Nacho have an impressive debut. I feel there is much more to come from him. Great to see the head Orc upset and that the team that played football came out on top.

    Props to Jack for stepping in and giving Owen that deserved push. Whilst he has to control his emotions, we do need someone to step up and stand up for the team. Jack, future leader, captain and legend

  5. Red Arse says:

    TA, your Post is spot on! 🙂

    Where are all our little playmates?

  6. GoonerB says:

    Good day TA et al. A very good and insightful write up. I am not too concerned myself that the victory was narrow and late in the end. We had to carry out some squad rotation and these are the kind of narrow victories when not playing at your absolute best that Utd have won many titles on.

    We certainly did enough and probably should have won more comfortably by 2 goals if the Ox had been more clinical and Giroud had gone for goal with that header. I bet you if you ask him today what were you thinking I would imagine he would just say I honestly don’t know. He is shaping up well in his first season so we can afford him some slack.

    Similarly I am not worried that the Ox didn’t convert. I think that he will become a good goal-scorer as he progresses and was encouraged to see him playing from the left, which is something I have hoped to see more of. Your assessment of Nacho was spot on and I think Arsene has pulled another one out of the hat here.

    Interesting you mentioned Gervinho. I actually agree with you TA here, but many wouldn’t, and would just state he is not good enough. I do, however, think that he is specialised to a certain role which, for me and as you mention, is attacking from the right. I don’t like him so much on the left and would rather see a right footed player there that has a better shot on them. Similarly I certainly don’t see him as a central striker, but as an attacking wide right player I believe he can have an impact in certain games when we need to open a team up a bit.

  7. Ain't Got A Kalou says:

    Good write up Total, they say a win’s a win and we were able to escape with a much needed three points. Despite ox not finishing off his chances, I really like the pace and skill he brought to the wing. We must keep in mind that he hasn’t had game time lately and needs a run of games to hit better form.

    I think Gerv could have helped open up their defense, it’s just too bad his decision making in the final third is poor.

    I was hoping for more from Giroud and felt we needed more from him up front. The header you pointed out would have been much worse had we not gotten that lucky bounce off LP’s free kick.

    It’s also too bad the Spuds won today, just means we have to play that much better for the rest of the year. Does that make Everton and Spuds games both 6 point games?

  8. Macko says:

    Hello, me Gervinho interests me not at all, he is everybody has the CAN thus see him(it) shining, with Arsenal it is another music and then to put him(it) has right to take(bring) out Walcott ” not all right:) ”
    Ox really has to make prowills, but I think that it is are young age who plays on him(her) tricks, he has no another good reading of the game(set,play)!!!!
    Giroud for the head missed: has every match it makes us a boullettes thus I think that it is necessary to make with and that if have recruits a real finisher it will be concerned has to make it even if these last match it scored goals;)
    Otherwise three points of taken and that it is GOOD
    I am me excuse for my translations but it is not really obvious for me to make you understand exactly of what I think: (

  9. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi babakrdaemi: it will be a challenge to finish in top-four but I reckon we do it. What we need is a good run of games, and once this team starts clicking properly there will be no stopping us. But let’s take it one game at a time, and the next one against Sunderland away will be a big one for us. 🙂

  10. TotalArsenal says:

    The Depressed Moose: agreed we were predictable at times but I still think our main problem was not taking our chances in the first half. Score a goal early on and the game totally changes. As per the post, I also reckon that in games like this Diaby has to take more risk and play almost as a second central striker during total possession up-front.

  11. TotalArsenal says:

    Alex, thanks for a fine comment. Agreed on Wilshere stepping up against Owen and others. Also good to see our players standing up for themselves when our goal was being disputed by the officials. Really good signs of the game really meaning something to them, rather than going through the motions. It was in total contrast with Man City’s attitude today, who simply do not seem to care about catching up with their horrible neighbours!

  12. TotalArsenal says:

    GoonerB: fine comment as always. Yes, I know many don’t agree about Gervinho. I don’t think he is our best player we ever had in that position; far from it. But of all our players, Gervinho can make space and penetrate defensive positions at will. It is what he does after that which needs further improving, but this could improve if and when Giroud and Theo start developing better on-field relationships with him. Let’s hope he’ll return from the ACN full of gusto and confidence, and hit the ground running with assists and goals. Agreed on his position: on the wing, but not central (unless 4-4-2 though). 🙂

  13. TotalArsenal says:

    Ain’t got a Kalou: agreed on Ox making progress and needing more playing time. There is a gem of a footballer in Ox, and sometimes it shines through brightly.

    Yes, a shame the Spuds got three points today, but we cannot have it all. At this stage, the best news was the Chavs losing which allowed us to narrow the gap from 8 to 5: this offers real hope for still finishing third, which is what we should aim for anyway.

  14. TotalArsenal says:

    Macko 🙂

    Bon soir monsieur!

    Thank you for trying to communicate to us in English and sharing your views with us. Giroud will not score every game, and that is normal. We all prefer a world class finisher in our team, but it also good to see our goals spread out through the team.

    As you are French, how good is Capoue?

  15. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi RA, a quiet day, but as expected. Tomorrow, it will busy again I reckon. 🙂

  16. Highbury Harmony says:


    Very well written post-match report my friend! You covered all the important aspects of the match in great detail and as alex said earlier, it seems the team responded well to 3 of the 4 keys to the game you stated in your preview.

    I’m also not worried about Ox and strongly believe he just needs a run of games before he’s back to his best. As you already said, Nacho was very reliable and impressive considering he started and had only been in England for 48 hours! Going forward, it will be crucial to consistently find a way to unlock defences that simply “park the bus” and prove to other teams that we’re just an unstoppable force offensively. It would make our game plan more unpredictable and teams wouldn’t be able to focus on one specific way to curb our creativity. I felt much better with Jack in the hole and I absolutely love Diaby and Arteta further back. If we could complement that midfield duo in the summer with say Santi and Capoue, we’d be a serious force to be reckoned with.

    The rumours are still swirling as news comes in on failed transfers etc. and one source is claiming that Arsenal were in on Samba but were £4 million short of QPR’s offer of £12 million. It’s shocking that he was able to command such a large transfer fee considering a Spanish International only cost £8 million! Rumours are also linking us to a double swoop for PSV’s Dries Mertens (LW/RW) and Kevin Strootman :). Also, of course Jovetic, Villa and Cavani will continue to be linked to us until the window ends or until they switch teams. Should certainly make for an interesting summer transfer window.

    In respect to how good Capoue is, I watched both Capoue and Sissoko extensively during their time at Toulouse (as I’m sure you already knew). Sissoko was definitely the more noticeable of the two as he took over games and was a physical presence moving forward. Still shocked at the fact that Newcastle got him for so cheap, but it was apparently his preferred destination and he eliminated a signing bonus in order to make the move happen. Capoue is a little more defensive minded and better in the air. He lacks the speed of Sissoko but makes up for it with more relentless pressure and is a tougher tackler. Capoue can’t quite take over a game like Sissoko can, but I feel as though the role he plays as a true DM is more tailored to our needs.

  17. Gerry Lennon says:

    Here’s my slightly different take on the game. I think when you know the score beforehand, then you can watch the play slightly differently.
    Nacho – He played, and that was a big plus. However, my first thought as the 45 minutes slipped by, was I hope he does not get talking to Arshavin, as he may regret coming? Time and again, when in space he was ignored. Even when the play moved to the left side and Nacho made a couple of inviting runs down the line .. the ball went back over to the Sagna/Walcott side. Yes, I accept that he is the ‘new boy’ and they may not have been sure how much they could trust him under pressure. That is understood. However, it has been shown time and again that unless Podolski plays, then the imbalance of the team becomes more pronounced. Hence my reference to Arshavin. He played in Pods position, and was consequently, and repeatedly ignored. So I understand AA’s frustration.
    Th OX – I think some doubters are going to have to give AW credit for managing AOC better ? Lessons learnt re Wilshere and Gibbs perhaps? I would guess he will not start the next two games, and may not even be used as a sub in the Bayern game as part of this management? Of course Walcott may be a bit sore after this match, which might slow him up in pressing for his ‘contractual right’ to play as the central striker? But even if he misses that game I think AW will resist starting with the Ox?
    I thought Ox was unlucky for goal he should have scored. The ball came at him quickly, and his body shape meant the only place he could shoot at was the far corner.. If he had been a bit squarer on he would have had a tap in. The main point though, he was in the box in a position to pick up a spilled ball? The second one was a mixture of a great save, and not keeping the ball lower? But hey, the recent discussion has brought about comments about not starting with the younger players? His is a youngster, and is still getting his experience, and he put in a good shift for the team. What we don’t want to see is him missing a season and a half through injuries caused by overplaying?
    Before I watched the game I read some criticism of Diaby, so I was looking out for where he was so terrible. I did not see it? Yes, there were a couple of Alex Song-type balls that did not reach the their target, Eye of needle stuff, and one or two where the receiver could have been at fault too? All in all I though he had a sound game.
    Sagna – Is anybody calling for his head to roll after that display? I should hope not. One pass that got cut out and could have led to something, but didn’t. That against tireless running, good interchange with Walcott, and top class defending. Certainly the best for a while? I just wonder, with the ‘window shut, if talks of a new contract might be in the offing? He looked more like his old self …
    Mert – I saw him jump! I saw him Jump! Another on top off his game. Interceptions, blocks, organising the set pieces. That is what you get with the Per package?
    Kos – Again, he looks happier when he is not distracted by telling others what to do?
    Szcz – He cut out the silly stuff. Did what was expected of him, despite long periods of doing nothing. Clean sheet was a reward for an all round team effort in the defence.
    Giroud – Should have scored, but the header back across goal was probably premeditated, as I think there were 3 of our players back across goal, and he might have been expecting to draw both the goalie and a defender or two towards him. But that is me being kind.
    You should have scored!
    Walcott’s new contract is certainly making him bounce better. On his old one he would have been stretchered off a couple of times? I would say this is the first time in ages that, when space was always tight, he put in a really good effort.
    Wilshere? – Well Jack is Jack. ‘Nuff said.
    Arteta – He had a solid game in a proper DM role. Without that solidity I think the rest of it might have been more fragile. I just hope he stays fit?
    Okay, we can now say we are on a roll .. can’t we?

  18. Highbury Harmony says:


    You actually raise a very good point re:Nacho being ignored on the left. I noticed this too but forgot to mention it! I was not quite sure what was happening as he was wide open on a number of occasions and it seemed like a last resort pass to him more often than not. We’re most dangerous in our attack when we can run down the flanks on both sides of the pitch, so going forward let’s hope this was just unfamiliarity with his skill and playing style.

  19. glic says:

    Evening Snapper Pies 😆

    Thanks Total Cloggflaps fine match report . 😆

    Trust the Poon Army down the road to spoil my day though !. It made me disorientated and I found myself at the Premature Ejaculation Clinic a day too early !. In a rush back home I have aquired some road kill, anyone have a recipe for road kill ?, like, do I take the cyclists helmet off before I cook ?. hahaha

    Where`s Vicky with the 1 UMF league, am I still bottom ?.
    I`m still amazed Vicky can actually keep tabs on it all to tell the truth. When me and Stretch met him at the Tavern, Vicky popped of to the diabled toilets, me and Stretch moved to a different spot, we pissed ourselves as when Vicky come out , he went to our old spot and was talking to the hat stand for half an hour !. hahaha

  20. Highbury Harmony says:

    Hahahaha Glic! So glad you’re a regular on this site :), can always count on a good laugh from you. That’s a good question, where is VCC with the UMF league update, he’s usually quite punctual with it.

  21. VCC says:

    Evening UMF 1 ers.

    Sorry I’m a tad late but have had computer troubles.

    Overall leader and still Yellow Jersey wearer is VCC with 56 points.

    Weekly winner with a mighty fine double figure score of 10 points goes to PPP.

    Overall points.

    Henry ……………….51
    Red Arse……………45
    The Gooner………..44
    Oz …………………….43

    Weekly points

    The Gooner………….7
    Red Arse …………….2

    Well done guys. Good luck to England on Wednesday. Plenty of time for studying form for selections next week.

  22. Highbury Harmony says:

    Cheers VCC :). Great job with the UMF league as always, and congrats to PPP! I’m coming for the yellow jersey my friend.

  23. GoonerB says:

    Glic, If you’re going to keep the helmet on you will need to slow cook the road kill otherwise it makes it turn out a bit tough.

    Gerry Lennon, you bring up many fine points. I have often thought that the patience of many Arsenal fans has become more limited in recent years so players like the Ox are judged far too quickly. Sometimes the worst thing for them is to have a couple of great games early on in their Arsenal career, so that thereafter they are judged by those performances. It makes people refer to players like the Ox as being out of form, as oppose to still being in a development period.

    The other key point you make for me is that he got into goal-scoring positions even if he didn’t convert. That is the most important thing for me at this stage and I think the clinical finishing and goals will come eventually. In my opinion we saw the same scenario with fabregas and more recently Walcott, who is becoming increasingly clinical with his chances.

  24. glic says:

    Hi Double H 🙂

    In that half an hour, Vicky bought the hat stand a drink, a packet of pork scratching`s and made a date with it to see a film for tonight !. In other news. Some poor bastard is missing a hat, scarf and coat from the Arsenal Tavern !. Police are on the look out for a senile Raffles with a get-away vagazzled ZimmerFrame !.

  25. VCC says:

    My new lap top with all the data for UMF1 on went bust on me Thursday. Took it back to PC World and but nothing they could do.

    Never mind they gave me a brand new one but alas I have to enter all the data onto the new one.

    I still have hard copies so if any info is required I can find it.

    Thanks all for being patient, and once again many thanks.

    GLiC, 20:07…….thats thrown me completely, I thought you done well with the diet when I came out of the toilets. Still I had a 30 minute conversation with that hat stand, it gave more response, and was much more interesting. 😉

  26. VCC says:

    H x 2… only have 2 more weeks with 6 selections so you will have to get your finger out sunshine.

  27. glic says:

    Vics , how many points for a home win in the UMF ?

  28. Highbury Harmony says:

    Hahaha VCC, great response to Glic!

    And glic, glad to see your in fine form. I guess Vicky must have been stunned when the hat stand accepted his date offer, he probably should have known something was up at that point haha.

  29. Highbury Harmony says:

    VCC, I shall the make the most of the next two weeks then, 7 points is a good start!

  30. GoonerB says:

    p.s Glic, there is no such thing as premature ejaculation. My doctor says that it is really known as UFE syndrome (Unrealistic female expectation syndrome). I hope that helps.

  31. Highbury Harmony says:

    Also, any thoughts on the new name? It was a decision between Clock End Gooner, AG Gooner and Royal Artillery. As you can see, my creativity leaves much to be desired…

  32. Highbury Harmony says:

    Hahaha GoonerB, nice to see you get in on the action.

  33. glic says:

    Thanks GoonerB. I will copy and paste that on Mrs Sagna`s tits !

    I actually meant Premature Adulation….a technical wording for when we have a goal disallowed !. hahaha

  34. VCC says:

    Home = 1 point
    Away = 2 points
    Draw = 3 points

  35. glic says:

    I should only have one point then Vics……Newchateau de United was my only win !.

  36. VCC says:

    GLiC that hat stand had a better after shave and smell to it called Cedar Wood. Much better than your Something The Idiot Never Knows.

  37. VCC says:

    GLiC I had you down as =

    QPR v Nor………..home = 0 points
    Reading v Sund ..away = 0 points
    NU v Chacs………home = 1 point
    Eve v AV………….away = 0 points
    Ars v Stoke ……..home = 1 point

    That’s 2 points onto your miserly total giving you a whopping 26 overall

    You must pay attention old boy.

    Tell me, how are the chocolate digestives in the Launcestern Asylum this evening?

    Don’t choke on your hot chocolate before you go to bed. 😉

  38. glic says:

    I did email you Vic`s and told you I dont bet on Arsenal ever. My other prediction was the Erectile Dysfunctionals ( aka South Hampton ) to win, not Arsenal !. Stop rodgering the hat stand and pay attention !.
    Remember Vic`s . Think of me as your Psychiatrist, not as the mental patient who killed the psychiatrist before you arrived !. hahaha

  39. glic says:

    Double H

    AG Gooner ?…Royal Artillery !!!……are you sniffing Vicky`s colostomy bag ? hahaha

  40. TotalArsenal says:

    HH at 19.12 fine, insightful comment.

    I am really happy the TW is closed now and we can all concentrate on the footie we are playing. Good to hear the rumours, but who knows what is true of it.

    Sissoko has made a flying start and looks a good purchase, but we want Capoue – French steel of the highest, Eifel Tower, quality! 🙂

  41. TotalArsenal says:

    Gerry, thanks for sharing your insights on the game. Really good to read and all agreed. 🙂

  42. Highbury Harmony says:

    Haha glic, so suffice to say you’re quite fond of my new name choice ;), cheers mate.

    TA, of course I’m also glad the TW is closed so not only we know what we now have, but what we’re up against too. I think we’re quite fortunate to already have face Newcastle twice, as they’d be a much more formidable opponent from here out (HBA and Tiote returning soon). All agreed on Capoue of course, he’s exactly the player we’re missing in our current midfield group.

    VCC, interesting tidbit that I forgot to mention earlier but Yanga-Mbiwa apparently chose Newcastle over us because AW saw him as a RB before a CB, so the choice was much easier. Also, there’s the well known fact that he’s a self confessed Manure fan and wanted to get the exposure and playing time at a smaller PL club before eventually making the jump.

  43. TotalArsenal says:

    HH, Newcastle away is our last game of the season: hopefully by then we are secure in third place! 🙂

  44. VCC says:

    ok GLiC` I will change your details In the morning. That puts you back to 25 points overall and 1 point for the week.

    Where did you do the dastardly deed? In the ball room with the chopper?

    When are we going to have another Glicster mystery murder?

  45. TotalArsenal says:

    Vickers, thanks for update and I have adjusted the widget. Well done P3 with getting 10 points this week! 🙂

  46. VCC says:

    Highbury Harmony, I love it. = Victoria Concordia Crescit.

    Thanks for info about Mbwia. If he’s a ManUre supporter I don’t want him anywhere near The Emirates.

    That’s interesting that Wenger wanted him as a RB.??? We already have Sagna and Jenkinson as a good back up. Strange that one.

  47. VCC says:

    Sorry Total but GLiC has been in touch and said his Erectile disfunctionals was in fact Soton and NOT Arsenal, so his weekly score is 1 point and total is 25. Please adjust widget accordingly.

    Where’s ~Herb……????

  48. TotalArsenal says:

    VCC, that Glic is a pendantic little fecker, isn’t he! 😈

  49. VCC says:

    PPP done really well this week. I think he means business.

    I think he must have pulled off a January transfer…….and GLiC must have pulled off Isco.


    Dear Bergkampesqueres

    It is with great regret that i have to inform you all of the sad demise of Mr Mancini.

    A note found in Mr Mancini’s pocket made it clear that one of his last wishes was that Begkampesqures be notified and that one of his biggest regrets is that he will no longer be able to participate in the UMF league in which he was sure that with further participation would have resulted in him eventuly reaching the top and ultimatly winning the league. He has made it crystal clear that this has nothing to do with him been surpased by Cornwalls todger and finishing last.

    Mr Mancini, to avoid public aclaim and adulation let it be know that he was doing boring tax returns, when in reality he has spent the last several weeks in the mountanious remotes of Borneo in search of the mythical “Sasquatch”

    The dreaded Sasquatch has been terrozing the local population for over 200 years. It is reported that this Beast had a penchant for kidnapping local virgins and commiting vile and depraved sexual acts on there perfectly formed nubile bodies.

    According to reports Mr Mancini located and slew the dreaded Sasquatch, saving a delicious virgin in the process, but unfortunitly in the struggle the Sasquatch’s hairy body over excited Mr Mancini thus resulting in his demise.

    The poor girl that was saved by Mr Mancini is rather hysterical for the ordeal and claimed that upon rescue, it was infact Mr Mancini that defiled her, but i am sure that we can all accept that this is nonsense.

    In honour of Mr Mancini a small pole is to be errected in Bounds Green park. It is an honurable tribute, and also a perfect monument for dogs to urinate on.

    Yours Faithfully
    Mr Mancini’s Solicitor

  51. Highbury Harmony says:


    I didn’t even realize we had to face the Toon again! I guess that serves me right for not looking ahead enough.


    I believe he saw him as a RB, er emm Sagna’s replacement come this summer ;). Also, Yanga-Mbiwa believed he belonged at Newcastle since they’re now “France’s team”. Their bloke of a manger is a god damn hypocrite hahaha:

  52. Highbury Harmony says:

    Who shall forever be known as Alain Pardieu

  53. TotalArsenal says:

    Dear Mr Mancini’s Solicitor

    We received this most dreadful news with the greatest possible sadness. Please can you inform us about the exact location of the erreted small pole in honour of Mr Mancini, so we can take out canine friends with us to honour him in style.

    Kind regards,


  54. TotalArsenal says:

    Alain Pardieu le plus grand hypocrite du monde!

  55. oz gunner says:

    Great post-match TA. Happy with the boys after that tough duel.

    @ Conspiracy nuts

    See what i tell you, VCC has now lost the data. How convenient when today i was going to ask for a count back on a couple of tallies that i knew i got 15 out of 15 on! Don’t worry VCC the walls of your balls club are going to come crumbling down soon enough! 🙂

    Thanks again for all the effort you put in.

    @ HH + Gerry

    I though i was seeing things in the first half also in regards to Nacho. There were a few times I thought he was ignored (once from Ox definitely springs to mind). He played very well though, and bloodying Walters is an easy way to get on my valentines day card list (hate the jerk).

    @ Terry

    So you grappled with Bigfoot huh. No doubt you brought your clippers along to steal his syrup. Looks like VCC and GLIC will have to be on the look out for this next time you meet up

  56. richie59er says:

    Hi G’s, It wasn’t a game that will linger long in my memory, because the Orcs firmly parked the bus! It was obvious that they came to “win” by drawing. That our defence was untroubled had as much to do with those same Orcs lacking any sort of attacking ambition as it did to any new found defensive solidity on our part. After being in London for less than 72 hours Nacho put in a rock solid concrete performance, and I agree he was largely ignored by our own. New kid on the block gets the cold shoulder syndrome? No I can’t see that. I can only imagine that Arsene told everyone not to over tax him on his introduction, he’ll improve and he’ll improve the team. With ewsults going our way, if the team can hold it together for our next 2 games we could find ourselves within striking distance of the CL- The Spuds were lucky Wigan had a dirty little fu**er weak link in their side otherwise they might not have got the 3 points coz they ain’t playing particularly well and suddenly neither are the Chav’s 🙂 Dennis! wouldn’t it be nice to put a little run together!

  57. oz gunner says:

    @ Richie Rich

    A nice run would be very appreciated! I like how Kozzer and Mert also attacked the ball straight away. Countless times they got a foot or head in before crouch/walters could even get to the ball. It worked a treat and was a lot better than the norm, which normally entails them sitting off a bit leading to opportunities for a pass or shot! Mert looked like he was full of piss n vinegar for that one!

  58. VCC says:

    Oz 00:22. You don’t know how close a resemblance that is to Merry Terry. I thought it really was him.

    You will have to try harder this week to catch me. Lol. 😉

  59. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post – New Post! 🙂

    I have the pleasure to introduce to you Marcus third post for Bergkampesque: are we getting towards the end of the transitional tunnel?

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