The man to complete the arsenal jigsaw up-front

First of all, what a game against Sunderland! What performances by Wilshere, Cazorla, Sagna and Szczesny. Beautiful football in the first half and determined resolve in the second half to see the game out. We are finally showing that we have what it takes to grind out those results when things aren’t going our way. Fantastic. I won’t dwell on that though as it isn’t why I am writing this post.

It is no secret that Wenger has been and still is in the market for a new striker. Many names have been thrown in the hat such as Ba, Cavani, Adrian Lopez and Villa. Ba ended up at Chelsea, Cavani is out of Arsenal’s price range (if history is anything to go by), Lopez and Villa were denied transfers by their respective clubs. Villa has expressed his desire to join Arsenal but I believe for someone about to turn 32, his train has already passed. Don’t get me wrong, I believe he still is in his prime but at 32 years old and 14 million quid, we would be signing a player with, at the very most, 2-3 more years at the top level. Doesn’t seem worth it to me.

Which brings me to my subject matter; the 1.86m tall Fiorentina striker, Stevan Jovetić.

Reports have been emerging that Arsene has made the 23 year old Montenegrin his top transfer priority in the summer. How accurate these reports are, I do not know. What I do know is that he is the perfect fit for this current crop of Arsenal players.

Jovetić possesses a skill set which currently is lackingin Arsenal’s attack. He is an incredibly skilled player who can use his dribbling and ball control to create space for both himself and his team mates. The Montenegrin also possesses a shot technique that makes him prolific both in and out of the box. Jovetić also possesses the silky touch to combine with other players around him the ‘Arsenal way’.

He may not have Walcott’s pace or Giroud’s physique, but that is the point. He brings a whole new dimension to the Arsenal attack, best compared to Arsenal legend, Dennis Bergkamp.

At 23 years old, he still has loads of room to improve and under Wenger’s tutelage, you can bet he will. A scary thought indeed. His price has been touted to be between the 20 and 25 million pound mark, which would shatter Arsenal’s current transfer record, but I believe it to be well worth it.

We would be acquiring a world class talent who would without a doubt develop into a world beater and most of all, offer 10+ years of service.
What say you, faithful gooners?
Written by: Marcus.
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  1. Macko says:

    Hi friends English
    I think buy a attacker going to be an obligation with prestations Giroud, but when I see young players as Chuba Akpom and even of players as Thomas Eisfeld Gnarby and I wonder if we are really need to buy!??
    In the case where you buy a attacker, I’d be against purchasing Villa that I find too expensive and too old with all the the respect I have for him;)
    Anyway I trust our master Arsene Wenger

  2. Torumodo says:

    He wouldn’t offer 10+ years of service. He will play 3 seasons, where he is sh*t og injured the first two, and world class the third season, and then he will have one year left on the contract and he will be sold to Barca or City.

  3. Red Arse says:

    Good Morning, et Bonjour, Macko, 🙂

    A very interesting Post.

    I agree with you – Villa is too old for us – and too expensive!

  4. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning Macko & RA 🙂

  5. TotalArsenal says:

    Good, thought-provoking stuff Marcus.

    Unlike many other BK’ers I am not too worried about an additional striker. We have Giroud, Theo, Pod. They have to show they can score goals against the bigger teams, so let’s wait and see what happens in the remainder of the season.

    I would not say no to Jovetic of course, but if it meant we would not get a quality DM or even winger, I would rather not get him.

    Question to you, Marcus: where would you play him, and who would you leave on the bench of our current first-eleven?

  6. Red Arse says:

    Hi Total, 🙂

    I invited Shard to pop onto Bergkampesque yesterday, because the chat with that potty Glic and VCC was making me laugh, and he was totally bemused by the comments! 🙂

    Not the best time, if you do not know the characters involved! I will ask him again when HH, richie and co are in full flow discussing the intricacies of tactics, football politics etc.

    I think you know Shard, who is very articulate and interesting!

  7. TotalArsenal says:

    Yes, I know him. Just like his namesake building in our capital, he has great overview. 🙂

  8. TotalArsenal says:

    Macko 🙂

    An experienced, quality striker could still work for us. Look at Raul at Schalke, who was fantastic for them during the Autumn of his career. But we already have Podolski who can play centrally and is experienced, so bringing in Villa would not be my biggest priority. Although….. he could form a very fine partnership with Cazorla…

  9. marcus says:

    You have a point. We do have other pressing areas that need reinforcing, most notably DM and CB but the reason I wrote this post is because Wenger IS in the market for an additional striker. I am on his side on this because like you said we have Giroud, Theo and Pod. Thing is, all 3 are in the starting line up. This means that all things held constant, they play most of the games. Even if we decide to rotate who plays centrally, it will still be one of those 3 who plays so ultimately it defeats the purpose of rotation. Jovetic could come in and fight for a place with Giroud offering competition and a chance for true rotation. Also if you look at our most successful rivals across the board you find they have a minimum of 4 class strikers. Man u (RVP, rooney, chicha, welbeck), City (Tevez, Aguero, Dzeko) and now they are in for a fourth.

  10. Austin says:

    Giroud is the worst centre forward who has played for arsenal,i dont understand why Wenger doesnot use Podoski as centre foward.

  11. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Austin, how long have you been supporting Arsenal?

    If you think Giroud is the worst CF who played for us, then I rest my case. Judge him not just on his goals and assists, but also on what else he brings to the team.

  12. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Marcus, yes we could do with a fourth striker and your points are valid. One reason we are playing all three of our ‘strikers’ is that they all want to play as much as possible. They are also versatile and play different ‘roles’ when required.

    I still reckon we are going to play 4-4-2 more and more going forward, and we really have enough players who can play in the ‘2’: Giroud, Theo, Pod, Ox, Gervinho, Cazorla.

  13. timao says:

    It is absolutely amazing how these tales come into exist3nz, wafted into our lives on a slowly moving miasma of anonymity and conditional sub-clauses. And yet we still hunger ravenously after the latest insubstantial apparition in this endless phantasmagorium of foetid melodrama and wishful thinking.

  14. timao1 says:

    Giroud is in danger of becoming another Emile Heskey, a striker who is ‘good for the team’ but doesn’t actually score goals. In reality a good striker managed both jobs. But having said that, it probably is too early to judge, despite his regular misses, Giroud’s goalscoring record is not bad at all for a player in his first premiership season. His work-rate and commitment mean at the very least he is a great squad player and super-sub.

  15. alexgunners says:

    Hi Marcus,

    Hello all fellow BK’ers.

    Great Post and yes i think that he would bring another dimension to our attack. This will be one topic which we will all have different views on. At times we do need another option but at what cost??? Will it hinder Theo’s progress? Will it affect Giroud just as it did Chamakh when Robin Van Dips*@t recovered from injury?
    Apart from this we do have some youngsters which need the progression from reserves to the first team.
    My thought is that we need to buy players in other positions first. How about that beast of a DM that we are missing? How about back up for Mertesacker? He reads the game well but he seems to be off the pace for the PL. I am not trying to be critical of Per as he has certainly helped us and TV is also no where near the form he displayed when he firstly joined us.
    Back up Goalkeeper perhaps?? Mannone did have a good start to the season but he is not the backup that we need. Or maybe bring someone who will really make Szczesny fight for that number one spot and make him better.
    That’s my view.

    As i said Marcus, we will all have differing views but great post.

  16. TotalArsenal says:

    timao 🙂

    Where would we be without wishful thinking: it makes the world go round my friend.

  17. TotalArsenal says:

    Timao – fully agreed on your assessment of Giroud: spot on.

    Hi Alex, all agreed as well. How is life treating you on the West Coast, and what is the weather like at the moment?

  18. JM says:

    Next season, our attacking options (in terms of wingers/forwards, if we were to play with 3 players upfront) should be:
    Walcott, Podolski, Giroud, Gervinho, AOC(he will still play on one of the wings), Miyaichi(he should be making a breakthrough to our 1st team on one of the wings), Campbell(subject to granting of UK work permit).

    Cazorla is an option to play on the wings as well if Wilshere/Rosicky takes the C-AM position.

    The above will be a mixture of experience and youth potentials. (Also Chamakh, JY Park, Bendtner would be swelling our ranks of forwards, if they are not off-loaded permanently or given temporarily loans out during summer 2013)

    If it could be Stevan Jovetic to be an additional attacker, also consider:

    (1) Andre Schurrle (of Bayer Leverkusen)
    (2) Erik Lamela (of AS Roma)
    (3) Henrikh Mkhitaryan (of Shakhtar Donetsk)

  19. alexgunners says:

    Hi TA,

    Here in Melbourne it has been a very warm week and it will be in the 30’s for the next 7 days. Apart from that just missing a midweek game. It’s great to give the boys a rest to face Blackburn and then Bayern.

    How are things for you?

  20. JM says:


    Another GK signing could be on the pipeline this summer. With Fabianski’s contract running down and question marks on Mannone going/staying, we could do with another GK (the likes of Julio Cesar – QPR, Roman Weidenfeller – Dortmund and Rene Adler – Hamburg SV etc)

    Of course, the DM/CM & CB/FB player that we missed out this winter window: e.g. Capoue – Toulouse, Gonalons-Lyon, Wanyama-Celtic, Lars Bender-Leverkusen etc.

    Hopefully, Sagna could extend his contract. Otherwise, not many quality RBs that could be our starter around (Abate-Milan, Sebastian Jung-Frankfurt, Ansaldi-Rubin Kazan etc).

  21. TotalArsenal says:

    Sorry Alex, there is me thinking you are from the same area as our pre-match gooroo Oz Gunner. 😳

    Things are fine here, but a cold and miserable February for us. I am going to the Blackburn game, and am really looking forward to it! 🙂

    Just a silly, off-topic question: how often do you encounter venomous spiders and snakes in and around your house, and in general?

  22. TotalArsenal says:

    Last silly question Alex: how long a drive is it from Melbourne to Sidney?

  23. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi JM,

    Thanks for the additional info. If you could buy one player out of those you mentioned, who would you get?

  24. alexgunners says:


    I wish it was cold here, it’s very hard to work with this heat.
    I wish i was able to go to any game. I attended my first Arsenal match at Hong Kong last July where i also got to meet some of the players. It was like a dream for me.
    I am going to try and make it to London around February next year and try to catch a game or two.
    As for the spiders or snakes. I have never seen a snake apart from the zoo itself. Spiders are a different story altogether. Due to the nature of my work, i see them every now and then but mostly not venomous.
    Melbourne to Sydney takes approximately 9-10 hours to drive if you stick to the speed limit.

  25. TotalArsenal says:

    Good to hear you are planning to come and see the mighty Arse next year: we should try and meet up then with a few more BK’ers. 😛

    Thanks for the answers to my questions: I was just being curious. 🙂

  26. henrychan says:

    Hi all.. Happy Chinese Newyear.. Gong Hi Fat Choi.. hehehehe..
    Marcus.. good job bro.. but I must to agree with you.. hehehe..

    I like Jovetic.. but not the price.. 25 mil.. What a priced..??
    Even RvP sold for only at 24 mil.. how come we bring a newcomer for 25 mil..
    Even we must think hard to bring Isco in that priced..
    I prefer Edin Dzeko at 15-17mil.. or Adam Szalai for about the same..
    And yes TA.. lucky us Villa stay at Barca.. We will have a lot of problem if he came.. with his unknown disease..

    But do we need a striker..?? I mean a CF..??
    If Walcott insist to play at CF.. then we do need Winger.. one good RW..
    Jeremain Lens (PSV) is one of them.. What about Lopez.. no more rumour about him..??
    We have Podolski and Gervinho for LW.. but none for RW.. I don’t think Ox can take the place.. Miyaichi have the speed.. but can he through..?? I mean can Wenger give him a chance..?? We don’t need another RW.. only if Wenger change his formation.. but I doubt it.. And when will we give our youngguns a good time to play their games..??

  27. alexgunners says:

    No problems with the questions, any time.
    As for seeing The Mighty Arsenal, i can’t wait. Every time i have planned to go life and work gets in the way unfortunately. I had planned to go in August but i am going to Brazil for the confederations cup.
    It would be great to catch up for drinks with some of you guys.

  28. TotalArsenal says:

    Gong Hi Fat Choi to you, Henry 🙂

    Where have you been?

    You are asking a lot of quetions haha. What is Villa’s unknown disease? 😕

  29. TotalArsenal says:

    Wow Alex, the confederations cup in Brazil: that should be some experience! Do you often visit Brazil – were you born there?

  30. alexgunners says:

    Hi TA,

    I was born there but i have lived in Australia for 29 years now, so i’m an Aussie.
    I try to go to Brazil at least every two years to visit family. It’s a wonderful place to holiday but Australia is the best place to live.
    I am looking forward to the confederations cup and even more so the world cup next year.

  31. TotalArsenal says:

    Alex, sounds you are having the best of two worlds then! 🙂

  32. JM says:

    @ TotalArsenal
    February 12, 2013 10:37

    (1) Sign Dennis Bergkamp up as (a) eventual successor to Liam Brady as Director of our academy (b) Part of the 1st team coaching staff alongside Primorac & Banfield.

    (2) Look at the most definite players to be leaving:
    (a) Players running out of contract
    (i) Fabianski (GK) <– Who?
    (ii) Squillaci (CB) <– Miquel (CB/LB)
    (iii) Arshavin (AM/Winger/CF) <– Eisfeld (AM/RW/LW)

    That's 3 positions to be filled.

    (b) Senior players that we have loaned out this season (& could be offload permanently this summer)
    (i) Chamakh (CF) <– Who?
    (ii) JY Park (CF) <– Miyaichi (LW/RW)
    (iii) Bendtner (CF) <– Afobe (CF)/ Campbell (CF/Winger)
    (iv) Denilson (DM/CM) <– Who?
    (v) Santos (LB) <— Monreal (LB)
    (vi) Djourou (CB) <– Will he stay?
    (vii) Frimpong (DM/CM) <– Will he stay? (Not given long term contract)

    (c) Players who could leave to get more playing time
    (i) Mannone (GK) <– Martinez (3rd choice)

    (d) Players who have less than 2 years contract remaining:
    (i) Sagna (RB) <– Will he stay?
    (ii) Szczesny (GK) <– Will he stay?
    (iii) Rosicky (AM/CM/LW) <– Will he stay?

    So we could be in for a GK, a DM/CM who could be CB/FB if necessary and then only a attacking player.

    Just one player? For me "the DM/CM who could play a CB/FB if necessary player"

    Capoue, Gonalons or Lars Bender.

  33. henrychan says:

    Hi TA..
    Yes a lot of question coming through about our youngguns..
    I wish they played for blackburn in FA Cup..
    We need a fresh man again Muenchen.. And I hope Kosc and Verm are good enough for Muenchen.. hehehehe..
    And I hope Gervinho play again Blackburn so he can be ready also for Muenchen..
    Again Muenchen.. Will Podolski be advantange or weakness..?? will be nice if you could review that point.. hehehehe..
    Another to many question and asking.. hehehehe..

  34. TotalArsenal says:

    No surprise you answer is thorough once again, JM, and agreed on your final choice(s). 🙂

    Are you sure Szczesny has only got two years left on his current contract?! 😕

  35. alexgunners says:

    TA, I definitely cannot complain at all.

    It’s time to call it a night as it is approaching midnight. Good night to all and look forward to discussing the finer things in life.

  36. TotalArsenal says:

    Night Alex 🙂

    Henry: I reckon Podolski will be fantastic. It would have been good for him if Gibbs had been fully fit, but I reckon he and, most probably, TV will form a good partnership against Bayern. He is likely to revel in the opportunity to beat Bayern and I expect him to power us on.

    As I said yesterday, my biggest worry is whether Arteta can deal with the pressure in the middle of midfield, and a lot will depend on whether either Diaby or Wilshere, whoever plays next to him, will have a great game as well. Cazorla will also need a very, very good game, in which he shows up and leads our team forwards.

  37. henrychan says:

    TA.. I hope you were right..
    I think Ramsey getting better and better after Wilshere back..
    And I think we must play him rather than Diaby.. Diaby is to slow for this speed type of game.. So If Arteta can’t deal with it.. Ramsey maybe a good option..

    I think FA win again blackburn will mean a lot..
    We lost to Milan 4-0 last season and lost someday after to Sunderland in FA..
    So this time is an opposite way.. FA first then UCL.. If we win FA.. then we will win UCL.. hehehe..

    I hope Cazorla and Wilshere will dance beautifully at UCL again Muenchen.. And for that reason both of them must get rest.. Cause we must win.. at least for 2 goals..
    Who will play for Blackburn.. Diaby, Ramsey, Rosicky, Coq or Eisfeild will be good enough for miedfielders..


    Interesting post Marcus. i agree we need another option up front and this kid might be the answer. I have seen him play a couple of times and he looks a class act and just as importantly a Wenger type player.

    I have a feeling this summer the Club will splash big on a striker, so you never know, your post might come to fruition.

  39. Red Arse says:

    Marcus, I owe you an apology!

    My eye was caught by Macko’s first comment, and I wanted to greet him in basic French, and also you for your Post, and somehow I ran the two together this morning. Sorry! 🙂

    Anyway, I liked your Post, and I agreed with your main points.

  40. JM says:

    Podolski (if he plays left winger) direct opponent will be Germany’s & Bayern’s captain and right back, Lahm. This will be a big test for either player.

    Vermaelen (should he be fit 100% and playing at left back) could most likely be facing Muller, their right winger/wide forward. Another titanic battle ahead.

    On the other side, it should be Ribery going against Sagna (international team-mates) and Walcott, right winger/wide forward against Alaba, left back. No easy match-ups.

    @ TotalArsenal
    February 12, 2013 12:23

    I am not 100% sure, Szczesny last penned a “long-term” contract with us in 2010. Give it a 4-5 years deal, it could be either 2014 or 2015. He should be willing to extend his contract nevertheless, and then we have to look at who would be our No.2 GK. (If Mannone/Martinez remains our No.3 GK)

  41. Red Arse says:


    I think your 12:29 is spot on.

    I too am a little concerned about Arteta.
    He is a technically talented player, but he does need the younger, fresher legs of Diaby, or Jack, or Rambo to support him, but I am sure that will happen, so all should be well.

    Fingers crossed! 🙂

  42. marcus says:

    You do bring up good points concerning youth development and the effect it a new signing would have on the existing players. I do agree that there’s the danger that youngsters may not get their chance. However, if you look at the current times we are in, there’s no way a team can challenge without competition. Look at man utd. Right now they are virtually untouchable. Look at their numbers in defense and attack. in defense they have Rio, Vidic, Evans, Jones, Smalling (5 CB’s). In attack they have the four strikers, 3 of which are good enough to knock each other out of the team. So, I think its a necessary sacrifice if we are to win any silverware.

  43. marcus says:

    Firstly, i chose Jovetic because he brings qualities to the team that we lack. I think Dzeko is exactly the same as Giroud. Only he is further along in terms of adaptation to the EPL. In fact, Giroud is having a better first season than he did at city. BUT, you’ve hit the nail on the head in terms of buying a winger. An alternative to buying another striker is moving Theo to the middle permanently then buying a proper traditional winger. Very true on that.

  44. marcus says:

    How you doing mate? No worries, I do speak french by the way. 🙂

  45. Red Arse says:

    Good comment JM. 🙂

    Here is a list of player contract expiry dates, but it might need verification.





  46. Red Arse says:

    And Walcott is now 2016.

  47. Red Arse says:


    I used to kid myself that I spoke reasonable schoolboy French, but on trips to France I realise that I simply do not get the idiomatic or vernacular use of the language or the accents.

    And the French people just look at me with baffled incomprehension, whenever I open my mouth! 😀

  48. Red Arse 14:16……..Nothing new there then 😉

  49. TotalArsenal says:


    Agreed Ramsey is improving, but he has a way to go yet. The midfield is likely to be Art-JW-Santi.

  50. TotalArsenal says:

    Redders, your French seems very good. I agree it is hard to understand French; but not so much to be understood. I find it easier to read French text than understand spoken French; something to do with their speed of talking, as I just cannot make out all of the words.

    Thanks for the contracts update. Looks all very healthy to me.

  51. TotalArsenal says:

    Marcus we have six CB and five strikers too, but we sent Djourou, and Chamakh and Bendtner on loan. Their defenders conceded more goals and their strikers scored roughly the same number of goals as ours. We are top of the league for 2nd half performances. Let’s continue this line and get stronger and stronger and by the summer Arsene will know what he needs to add.

  52. VCC says:

    Marcus…..fine article. I cannot judge Jovetic as I haven’t seen him perform. I take your word that he is an accomplished forward and might fit into this Arsenal team.

    I don’t think Arsene Wenger will spend any where near the money needed to bring in a top striker this summer, which includes Jovetic.

    My money is on a cut price DM or/and a cut price Winger. End of.

  53. Gerry says:

    Afternoon All, I think transfer talk now is a bit like thinking what you will have for dinner in 3 months time … so much can happen between now and then?

    Thinking of the Bayern match is also a little ahead of things, and that is only next week?

    I think the game on Saturday, is, on many levels, a more important game to win. It is almost that people are thinking that win is a foregone conclusion?

    Wake up people! We got beaten by Bradford from division 2. This is a Cup game where other teams raise their game for 90-120 minutes, not just a knockabout against a team that has had their season prematurely ended?

    Why do I think the FA Cup is more important than the CL? Because we have a better chance of winning! Because no matter who we are drawn against we know were are capable of beating them, particularly in one off games. We certainly will not be up against Europe’s finest home and away?

    The game against BM will be a tough one, even at home. We have a team that is severely weakened by Gibbs injury and Nacho being cup-tied. Centre of defence is not a given either, and with a game in between, who knows who will be available? So let us use the old cliche, ‘One game at a time’.

    My side for the Blackburn game will look something like this:
    Sagna, Mert on the left Miquel, Kos, TV5, Nacho(any 2 from 4 if available) on the right.
    Arteta, Ramsey.
    Ox, Akpom, Pod

    Bench; Martinez/Fab;Yennaris(for Sagna/Ramsey/Arteta); Arshavin/Wilshere/ Santi(Rosicky); Walcott(Ox); Giroud/Gervinho(Akpom), Eisfeld/Gnabry(Pod).

    I think Akpom has got ahead of Afobe now, and is in good form. He would be a player that Blackburn would know little about, and should be good for an hour or so. I’d prefer him to Gnabry down the middle.He would also offer a different type of player to Giroud – a glimpse to the future may be, and a not too distant future if he comes good in this game?
    Of the other subs it is a case of using either of the pairs/multiple, plus one unnamed sub, or only one from one or two, and both from a pair/two from the mlutple?

    Rotation? yes. Risk? countered by subs, and retaining the best of the defense available.

    Let the Bayern team wait upon that result, eh?

  54. VCC says:

    Red Arse 14:10

    If your dates are correct, I think Wenger needs to get Szezesny and Sagna to sign da Ting and extend their contracts.

    The rest of the that 2014 bunch he can let go. imo

  55. VCC says:

    Hi Gerry…..Nice comments regarding the games against B & B. You are of course spot on regarding taking each game at a time.

    But I would go a little further with my changes this w/e, my team would be


    Jenkinson………Mertesacker or Kos………Miquel…….Monreal



    This is after all still a fairly strong side and we are at home don’t forget.

    I see most of the under 21 game against ManUre yesterday and thought Akpom was on the money. Yes, he was only playing an under 21 side but looking at the overall picture I would rest our other strikers. He looked strong and eager to succeed.

    Although there is no easy game in the FA Cup at this stage, and Blackburn Rovers will look at this as perhaps their Cup Final, but I have looked at their line up and they don’t have any outstanding player that could hurt us.

    If Blackburn Rovers started to overwhelm us, we could bring on the cavalry that would be sitting on the bench.

    I would certainly rest Arteta/Wilshere/Santi for the Bayern game. Ideally rest Pod and Geroud too.

  56. VCC says:

    also meant to tag this on my last post…..Blackburn play away to Brighton this evening, We don’t play until Saturday,

  57. Red Arse says:

    VCC, @ 14:29 — you cheeky UMF league leader, you!!! 😀

    I agree about the 2014 contract expiry dates. The fact we have not yet tied Chezzer down to a contract extension is a bit puzzling, and perhaps ties in with us being linked with other GKs like Reina.

  58. VCC says:

    Red Arse…..rinse your mouth out…….we must sign Chezzer…….I insist …In fact its compulsory.

  59. VCC says:

    On a more serious note Redders………How have you been lately. You have not frequented the site as much as you normally do, and I’ve missed you Darling.

  60. Gerry says:

    I agree, and would love to rest Ateta, but I think Coquelin is still injured? I think he is also a bit too much like Ramsey in regards to joining up front with attack without looking over their shoulders to see who is covering for them. Either need someone experienced and stable alongside, imo.

    For a similar reason I chose the more likely one to give assists to Akpom in Poldi, to start at least.

    But yes, we are on a similar view? Get this game out of the way, before anything else, and don’t take it too lightly!

  61. VCC says:

    Gerry, its always a tricky dilemma when situations like this arise. We have to remember also, if we start with the Pod against Blackburn will he have one eye on the game on Wednesday against his old team? My thinking is he will.

    Also Arteta, as Total rightly pointed out is physically not as strong as we would like, so why not rest him and have his legs fresh for Bayern.

    Then we have the eagerness to impress factor with Akpom. The welcolming return of Gerv. Ox chomping at the bit to get a full game. Rosicky class on his day if fit. Miquel looked comfortable against MaUre under 21’s. Not sure if Jenks is suspended after his sending off???????
    Coquelin may be injured still so that is a problem who to put in there so others can rest and we still have a settled fairly experienced team.

  62. Highbury Harmony says:

    VCC, isn’t Jenkinson suspended for the next match in any competition?

  63. Highbury Harmony says:


    Good article and Jovetic is a player I’ve recommended for a while now and he’s a player of top class quality. Still, I think if we’re going to sign a striker, he needs to be a clinical finisher if it’s to put us over the top to win a championship; I’m not entirely sold on Jovetic’s finishing yet since he’s still a relatively unfinished article but has youth on his side. At 23 years of age, Jovetic is already an incredible talent though!

    As TA eluded to earlier, if signing a top striker means limited funds for a DM and CB, then perhaps it’s not the best way to distribute our funds. However, I still believe we need a better striker up top and keep Giroud as a super sub (if funds were not an issue). As JM pointed out, we need a better back-up keeper too. Alex makes a good point that our youth needs to be promoted and cannot be expected to be content at the academy/U-21 level forever.

  64. VCC says:

    HH. Just beat you regarding Jenks….Yes I think he is suspended. So I would go with Diaby instead of Coquelin and Yennaris instead of Jenks.

    We must start trying some of our fringe/youth players in games like this one coming up or otherwise we will never see what they are made of and they will venture onto places afar just like Bartley.

    How nice would it be to have Bartley with us instead of Squillaci, these are some of the decisions that I don’t understand Wenger on. Also, Lansbury, why let him go? by now he would have fitted in nicely with cup games. Strange.

  65. Macko says:

    I agree with you VCC, I do not understand the policy of Arsene Wenger about any very good young that they let go????
    He waits to buy the players and the same time leaves go the youth ……
    Jenks, I’ll be hard but it has not the level of the PL;)

  66. VCC says:

    Macho, early days I was not too sure on Jenkinson’s ability to be the natural successor to Bacary Sagna, but I have altered my thinking.

    He is clearly an athlete, has plenty of pace and thirdly he is a Gooner.

    I think we should persevere with Jenks. His stature is a plus in the back line, considering our weakness in defending corners.

  67. Evening Vagentlemen 😆

    Thanks Marcus. I`m not too sure on Jovetic, I`ve seen some vids, but I`ve seen better vids of other players. I would be worried spending £25m on him, but wouldn`t be worried on spending £35m on Isco, Goetze or Neymar !.

    Right, My Tea is nearly ready and I`m Hank Marvin. I`ve been in tough negotiations with the BBC today, about my ” Award Winning ” Idea for a Radio Station called Tourettes FM ( I suggested Tourettes MF as in Muvver F**ker ! ). Tourettes sufferers shouldn`t be left out, just because they are a minority.
    I`m sure it would get plenty of listeners with opening line`s like……..” Morning muvver f**kers and welcome to Tourettes FM…..we will have the F**king news, followed by suck my c**k sports news, then the weather from Michael you c**t Fish….but first the bitch pussy Moira Stewart ! “. What do you think BKers ?, it`s got to be worth the licence fee surely !. hahaha

  68. With all them different posts at the top of the home page, you would have thought someone would have remembered the Goal Posts !.

  69. Highbury Harmony says:

    You can see the difference in quality between us and a La Liga team such as Valencia, despite their play in the final third leaving much to be desired. Our build up play is way too slow and our players are too stationary. Valencia knock the ball around so well and there’s a lot of pace going forward and are utterly dominating PSG. If it was not for the goalie blunder by Valencia’s keeper, it’d still be 0-0.

  70. Highbury Harmony says:

    Guaita of Valencia has just been awful, it’s too bad since Valencia have been the better team. Lucas looking great for PSG.

  71. VCC says:

    HH…that’s a shame I fancy an away day to Valencia in the next round.

  72. Highbury Harmony says:

    If we could take a page out of Valencia’s book in their build up play, it’d serve us well. Their players are always in motion and moving into the empty spaces. Far too often, I find our squad is too stationary and just standing there expecting something to happen. I think the main causes of this are the center of the pitch where Mertesacker and Arteta are just too slow. It’d make a considerable difference to have two faster players, who are equally as capable defensively and in organization (if not better).

    Not sure if that’s the root to our slow build up play and backwards/sideways passing but watching a Valencia team play better flowing football than us with arguably “lesser” players is a tough pill to swallow.

  73. I hope Oz is OK, hasn`t he gone to some Aussie backend of nowhere equivalent of Banjo playing Red Arse Deliverence inbred hillbillie country ?. No women and just some nervous Roo`s !.

  74. VCC says:

    Glic 21:59.

    That’s a sweet photo of you and Terry. Was that when you both had just left school?

  75. VCC says:

    Come to think of it….hope Oz is ok. . Long time no hear.

  76. henrychan says:

    Hi VCC..
    I love your team.. But maybe a little change.. Eisfeld in for Coq.. And Merte will be saved for Muenchen.. so Kos will play..

    And about UMF – FA :
    Who will play in FA..?? How many games..?? 8 games..?? So we must choose 5 from 8..?? The same rules for home win, draw and away win..??

  77. Red Arse says:

    Good morning early birds, 🙂

    VCC, I think you will find that Ozzer has gone on a break into the Outback — his local supermarket car park, which was flooded previously! 🙂

  78. Red Arse says:

    Hi Henry, 🙂

    I think the same rules will apply for the FA cup games, with the same points for a home win, away win and draw.

    But VCC will need to agree when he gets up!! 😀

  79. VCC says:

    Morning all

    Red Arse you are like a guardian Angel. XXX

    Henry…same rules apply. I will post the fixtures shortly after breakfast if you cannot find them on the web.

    I must state that if we only get a few entries its not fair on the others. So we might have a void week this w/e. Hopefully not and all submit. We will see.

    Back in a jiffy.

  80. VCC says:

    Red Arse…..regarding Oz….All I can say is that’s damn inconsiderate of him gallivanting into the outback with no access to the internet. We have a full week of no Arsenal, what is a man supposed to do without a bit of Oz for breakfast, let alone a match pre view. This will have to get sorted, immediately, if not before.

    I think I will have to take this further.

    Total….Total…..TOTAL where are you man, get this sorted. Send a posse out for him. If that fails send Crocodile Dundee.

    If all that fails, send GLiCtorious…he’s mad enough to venture into the bush. Kill two birds with one stone, he might even get lost……Yipeeee I hear you all shout.

  81. VCC says:

    Henry here is the FA Cup 5th round draw. Ties to be played 16/17/18th February.

    Luton Town v Millwall
    Arsenal v Blackburn Rovers
    MK Dons v Barnsley
    Oldham Athletic v Everton
    Chelsea v Brentford
    Manchester City v Leeds United
    Huddersfield Town v Wigan Athletic
    Manchester United v Reading

    Good luck All.

    Entries before KO Saturday please.

  82. VCC says:

    Henry, thank you for endorsing my team. We must start trying our youth out. May be not so drastic as I have been, but Wenger has to rotate. We are still in three fronts, EPL + FA Cup + Champions league. Our squad needs to be tested.

  83. VCC says:

    Looks like I’m on my own here. See you L8R Muvvers.

  84. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning VCC and other fine Muvvers! 🙂

    Really good to see you put up the FA cup games for another round of UMF league. 🙂

  85. henrychan says:

    @ VCC: My prediction are :
    Arsenal, Chelsea, MU home win.. Everton away win.. and City – Leeds draw..

    I impressed with Leeds who won again Spurs.. Hope they can do also to City.. hehehe..

  86. VCC says:

    VCC entry into The UMF 1 league =

    Luton Town v Millwall……….away

    Arsenal v Blackburn………….home

    MK Dons v Barnsley…………away

    Oldham Athletic v Everton…away

    Chelsea v Brentford………….home


  87. VCC says:

    Thanks Henry…your odds are = 7-1

  88. glic says:

    Morning Felchesquers ( dont bother looking that one up, I do occasionally make them up myself ! ) 😆

    Vic`s. I have been known to venture into the delights of an Aussie bush and didn`t you, yourself wander into Dame Edna`s bush and discover a Gentleman`s sausage ? . hahaha

    Did anyone watch Celtic/Juventus last night ? How did Victor Wanyama play, any good ?, better than Al Capoue ?. better than Le Cog ?.

    My predictions for 1 UMF Cup if applicable are :






    To win.

  89. alexgunners says:

    Evening Glic,

    Dame Edna’s Bush, Where do you even get this from??
    How did you go With Tourettes MF? any luck with the pitching of your fabulous idea?

  90. alexgunners says:


    Here are my predictions for the UMF

    The Arsenal (H)
    Everton (A)
    Chel$ki (H)
    Millwall (A)
    Wigan (A)


  91. VCC says:

    Nice one GLiC and Alex.

    GLiC odds…wait for this…….= 155571-1

    Alex odds…………………………= 7-1

    Cheers guys. good luck

  92. VCC says:

    GLiC…hows your erection on your piles?

  93. VCC says:

    will it be habitable soon?

  94. alexgunners says:


    I noticed that you cant help but encourage Glic. Always good for a laugh

  95. VCC says:

    Alex….Me.?…..encourage GLiC? I was only asking about his love shag…oopps sorry I meant shack. 😉

  96. VCC says:

    ALex….believe me, that scoundrel doesn’t need any encouragement.

    Any way, during the week I like to keep him amused while he is sitting in his arm chair in the drawing room of the Launcestern asylum.

    He is so smelly he never gets any visitors, bless him.

  97. glic says:

    Hi Vic`s and alex 🙂

    I`ve always had a vivid imagination alex !. I hope you dont believe any of this crap I come out with ! hahaha

    The steels were put into position this morning Vic`s. They are 10m long X 150mm X 100mm box tube. Five of us man handled 3 of them into position, they were f**king heavy.
    They will be now welded into position ready to take the timber frame. the welder wont turn up until it`s a dry day though, so who know`s when that will be !. I`m taking the pictures and will send the rest when it`s finished, then you can see it stage by stage, frame by frame.

  98. alexgunners says:

    Nothing wrong with having a wild and vivid imagination
    We are all a little crazy, some just come out with more easily than others

  99. VCC says:

    GLiC send me an update of the stage you are up to please.

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