Blackburn preview + predicted line-up: Miguel and Yennaris to start, Diaby and Coquelin our ‘DMs’, and will Rosicky finally feature?

Will we finally see our little Mozart direct play again?

Will we finally see our little Mozart direct play again?

A lot has been said about needing to focus just on the game in hand, rather than getting distracted by our Champions League first leg game against Bayern on Tuesday; without any doubt the biggest game of our season so far. But this is easier said than done.

Wenger will need to find a fine balance again: on the one hand he needs fresh legs on Tuesday and his strongest squad available, and on the other hand, he needs to put a team out with not only the right set of skills/qualities, but also with the right attitude and winning mentality (Bradford anyone?!).

Getting through to the next round of the FA-cup is of course very important. It would be a significant step forward for this ‘new’ Arsenal team if it could win a major price this year, and the FA-cup remains a good opportunity for us to do just that. But eliminating Bayern Munich in the Champions League would also be a major step forwards….

There is a real risk, however subconscious, of underestimating our encounter with Blackburn Rovers tomorrow. Yes we play at home and Blackburn are not a PL team, but they are on a good run, losing just one game of their last eight league games, and getting themselves back in promotion contention. And they have not got a bad team either.

The Blue and Whites will come with a nothing to lose attitude and try to enjoy themselves; they will also know that we are unlikely to play our strongest side, and even if we did, that our minds will, at least partly, be on Tuesday’s game (nobody wants to get injured for a start…).

I reckon, Wenger will rest once again about six players for Saturday’s FA-cup game; just as he did for our last FA-cup game against Brighton. There are four players he should not risk tomorrow: Wilshere, Vermaelen, Sagna and Theo.

Wilshere, because he is carrying a knock, and we have good replacements for him in Diaby and Rosicky; Vermaelen and Sagna, because we need our best possible options on the full back positions against Bayern, so we can counter the German threat on the wings; and Theo because he will be our special weapon against the Germans (I won’t say more as we will publish a brilliant maiden post by Nik on Monday, which covers, among other topics, the importance of starting Theo against Bayern on Tuesday).

In an ideal world, Arsenal would also not start with Arteta and Cazorla, but I reckon at least one of the two will need to play tomorrow.

My predicted line-up:

Cazorla and Ox are likely not to play more than 60 minutes, so they will be fully fit again on Tuesday.

Cazorla and Ox are likely not to play more than 60 minutes, so they will be fully fit again on Tuesday.

I reckon the team above will give us a good balance in terms of experience and hunger, but to be fair, it is really hard to predict the line-up for tomorrow’s game: who really knows what Arsene will do?

Does this line-up work for you? And if not, what would you change?

Written by: Total Arsenal.

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71 Responses to Blackburn preview + predicted line-up: Miguel and Yennaris to start, Diaby and Coquelin our ‘DMs’, and will Rosicky finally feature?

  1. goonernim says:

    no kos, as he is having late test. Mert in his place. the Coq for nico Yennaris, and Ramsey in the middle. finally Gervinho for Santi.


    Coq – BFG – Iggy – Nacho

    Rambo – Diaby


    OX Gervinho


  2. JackFact says:

    Way off on your starting line-up methinks.
    Koscielnly isn’t fit, Meade is ahead of Yennaris as R/B, and Cazorla will be rested.
    Think Coquelin could start at RB if Wenger wants to rest Sagna.
    And Gervinho will start 100% and Walcott hasnt been given a striker role since signing so Wenger will let him have this.


  3. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Goonernim,

    You might be right re Koz, but I reckon he will play. I feel we need the BFG to be fully fit against Bayern, so would be surprised to see him play tomorrow. Coq as LB is a good shout and Rambo could well play next ot Diaby. However, I feel we will keep Rambo fit for the Munich game, as we are likely to play four in midfield against Die Lederhosen. Gervinho instead of Cazorla is also a strong possibility…

  4. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Jackfast,

    Interesting line-up, annd would be happy with that one too. I really don’t think we will play BFG tomorrow, and Koz is likely to come through his fitness test, I reckon. The rest seems all very realistic, although I really don’t think Arsene will start Theo tomorrow. We need him to be fit against Bayern, and against potential bus parkers Blackburn, who are likely to do well with their set-pieces as well, we really need Giroud’s height and power.

  5. Tarek says:

    I think he will start gerviniho over cazorla tomorrow. We need our little magician to be at his best to beat bayern. But I disagree on one thing. I think podolski will be the weapon more than theo. He has a good record against his previous teams

  6. TotalArsenal says:

    Tarek, you might well be right re Cazorla being rested, but then I reckon Arteta will play instead of Diaby, as I just cannot see we will not play any of our three first choice midfielders: Arteta, Wilshere and Cazorla.

    Podolski could indeed be great against the Germans. Re Theo against Bayern: I could discuss it now, but please re-visit us on Monday when there will be a dedicated post on how we can beat the Germans. 🙂

  7. Herb'sArmy says:

    UMF Selections:
    Millwall – win
    MK Dons v Barnsley – draw
    Everton – win
    Huddersfield v Wigan – draw
    Man Utd – win.

  8. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    Hi all, hope your all well 🙂

    UMF Selections:

    Wigan, all away wins

    the Arsenal, all home wins


    Wenger will not take the FA Cup lightly and will play his best 11, unless injured, red zoned or suspended. Long gone are the days we could guess his next move. I stopped trying when he started signing players over or close to 30.

    We should have Blackburn pinned and disorientated, and i believe we will. 2-0 to the great guys with some unusual suspects to score 🙂


  9. TotalArsenal says:

    Hey PPP, how is life treating you at the moment?

    I really don’t think Wenger will play anywhere near his strongest team today, but agreed it is very hard to guess what he will do. As I am going to the match, the stronger the team the better, as long as they are really hungry and focused! 🙂

  10. TotalArsenal says:

    And hello to you to you too, Herb! 🙂

    How’s life been treating you?

  11. Gerry says:

    Good morning all, It has been a strange week, full of ‘if, but’s, and may be’ regarding this game … when the talk has not been about our next one? And as T A has said above, the two are very interlinked.

    Until we get conformation as to who is fit, it is very much a guessing game as to who will start. The vacancy at right back is possibly the most interesting, as the three candidates are very different:
    1, Revert back to Sagna – Risks with playing him there, and again in mid week? – It’s a No for me.
    2, Coquelin – Not played since his injury, and FB is a demanding role? – Bigger No!
    3, Yennaris – Not featured for the first team for a long time, and not in this position? On the plus side, he is match fit, he can play RB, and he will not be overawed – It’s a YES for me.

    Centre backs … it’s complicated?
    1, Retain Sagna – Risks, fewer than above. -It’s a YES
    2, Per M – Replace above, or stay left/centre – Risks? Injury, but we are not playing on a ploughed field here? He takes his games well, and can be rested in the AV game- Yes,@LC
    3, Kos, the most likely one to be fit today – Risks? Needs to paired with Per on his right side. A fresh pairing with either Sagna or Miguel would be extremely risky? – It’s a bench for me
    4, Miquel – The most likely starter? – Risks? Not really any, except I would like him paired with Per. He would do a solid job. However, he may be needed at LB in the week? Strong case for playing, but again, bench for me. Rather keep for LB role.
    5, TV5 – Least likely – Risks? Big. Candidate for LB, and/or CB in the week – Big No!
    6, A.N Other? – Unlikely, but who knows but AW … Diaby for instance?

    DM’s – This could be crucial if many changes are made in the Back line?
    1, Arteta – Keeps place. – Risks? Big, On the plus side, he has a week’s rest since coming back from injury, and need not play the full game. Less pressure for whoever plays alongside? A solid presence supporting RB? – A necessary Yes for me.
    2, Diaby – Big question, is he likely to figure in the game mid week? Plus side, would add solidity if say, Yennaris were to play instead of the above? – Every chance of playing, but a bench for me. He may be needed midweek!
    Ramsey – Deserves to keep his place, and a likely bench midweek. More plusses, he will bring energy if Jack is rested. – Its a Yes for me.
    Coquelin – Just back from injury – Bench for me.
    Yennaris – If not deployed elsewhere, has the fitness edge over the above – Possible player, certain bench.
    Jack – NO! – Bench? No!

    CMF – Simples, by comparison?
    Rosicky – If fit, logical choice – Go with the logic.
    Arshavin – If flavour of the month, great opportunity … Alas, he’s not!
    Santi – No!, Bench? Yes

    Forwards; Who you rest is the key? Subs pick themselves?
    Giroud – Likely starter, and is key to the front players? reluctant Yes, but happy with a No.
    Podolski – Understandable rest. – Reluctant Yes to resting/benching
    Walcott – No! Likely bench?
    Ox – Yes, on the left, but interchangeable.
    Gerv – Yes, on the right, as with the Ox

    Just counting my subs: Kos, Miguel, Coquelin, Diaby, Santi, Podolski – which leaves one spot for Walcott or Akpom??? Be bold, Go with Akpom?
    Yennaris,- Sagna – Per – Nacho
    Gerv – Ox

    Sorry T A, another mini-blog embellishing your thinking?

  12. Gerry says:

    Error – should read Vacancy at LB! Doh!

  13. Gerry says:

    Double Error No It shouldn’t Doh! DoH!

  14. TotalArsenal says:

    hahaha Gerry – never apologise for a mini-blog embellishment! 🙂 However, only fielding nine players is a great crime – unless you are genuinely that confident we only need nine to beat the Blue and Whites! 😛

  15. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Gerry,

    Hard to argue with any of your deliberations, and as I said in the post, the line-up has been a guessing job to a large extent. However, I really don’t expect us to risk playing Sagna today. He will be needed as a FB big style, and I am starting to think more and more he might start on the left, with Jenkinson on the right against Bayern.

    For me, Miguel is the long-term replacement of Per and I would like to see him play next to Koz today, or Mertesacker; but I hope the German will be properly rested for the Munich game.

    Inclusion of Gervinho and Arteta does make sense. Again, against Bayern we need Arteta to be in top top form, so a big risk to take and with Diaby and Coquelin very likely to be available, I feel they will start. Cazorla is a big risk, but he has the body and fitness to play in both games; especially if we take him off after, say 65 minutes.

    But who knows. The squad is deep enough to put a very competitive team up for this game. Let them prove to us how good they are. 🙂

  16. Gerry says:

    Doh! Triple error!- These early starts do me in.

    Missing pair: Arteta and Ramsey

    It’s the excitement! It is the FA Cup! – Whooaaaa!

    Thanks for pointing that out – I read it through thinking I left Nacho out (I’ll never remember his real name if I keep calling him Nacho?)

  17. TotalArsenal says:

    I cannot wait to see the Nacho man in full action today! 🙂

    The excitement is building rapidly now!

  18. Gerry says:

    TA – Re Sagna – i don’t think the CB role is that taxing on him.

    I am more concerned at LB. I think if Miguel plays CB today, and has to play LB midweek it could be awkward? TV5 would be better as CB? But I guess it depends what has been going on in training?

    Another outrageous thought has occurred along those lines;

    Nacho as left DM, and Miguel at left back, as a rehearsal for his role midweek?

  19. oz gunner says:

    Morning gents, cheers for the good read as always. No internet connection where I’m testing plus limited internet connectivity so i miss the great posts and comments. Looking forward to the game, bring in the youngins I say. Miquel-check,yennaris-check,coquelin and whoever bloody else!!!!

    Hope all is well with everyone.
    Sorry about my umf predictions herbie old chap

  20. TotalArsenal says:

    Is he really a left DM? You are getting me really excited now Merry Gerry!!! 😛

  21. TotalArsenal says:

    Hey Ozzer! 😛

    How is an early twentier going to cope with no internet connection? Did you bring your Kafka books hahaha?!

    Good to get a ‘sign of life’ from you Ozzer and hope to see you back here with proper pre-match reports and the likes soon!

  22. oz gunner says:

    Hows things TA?

    It’s tough, I can’t be without my Arsenal so when I’m apart for so long it kills me haha. I get up at 3.45am and finish at 730pm…I’m ready for student life again, this work stuff is too much 🙂

    If they don’t show the game on TV down here I may just shank someone in the hall way. “all work and no Arsenal makes oz a dull doy”

  23. babakrdaemi says:

    I think vermaelen needs to start to sharpen up. Plus arteta has to rest. It is difficult with the knocks the team are carrying, however, I predict a very strong bench and home advantage will get us through.


    Sagna vermealen migel nacho

    Diaby ramsey rosicky

    The Ox girod gervinho

    The bench will be full strength

  24. TotalArsenal says:

    Gee Oz, they are working you hard there! No woman, no footie, just blokes and dust! Bah! When are you due back in civilisation?

  25. Red Arse says:

    Love your confidence – and good morning, TA. 🙂

    I am a little more sanguine, and tho’ I know you are right in ‘resting’ players, I do not think we should take Blackburn too casually.

    These cup games can end in tears — look at Bradford — and I would play the best possible team – injuries permitting, of course! 🙂

  26. Red Arse says:

    Morning Herb, good to see you are back in action!! 🙂

  27. Red Arse says:

    Gerry, 🙂

    You are good value on BK, mini blockbuster comments of great quality, and a follow up dessert of humour!! Loved it!! 😀

  28. Red Arse says:

    Great to see you are surviving, Oz, altho’ there are rumours of a sex starved, mad Arsenal supporter ‘interfering’ with the kangaroos!! 😀

  29. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi babakrdaemi

    You might well be right re Vermaelen: it would make good sense. There are reports coming out that Vermaelen will indeed start today.

  30. Niks says:

    Sag Miquel Verm Nacho
    Ramsey Diaby
    Ox Giroud Forehead

  31. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning Redders 🙂

    Good point of course, and maybe Wenger does wants to get the job done as soon as possible. The Bradford game showed us though it is not easy: we fielded a very strong side and it did still end in tears.

    The strongest side for this game might be a mixture of first teamers with hungry aspiring players.

  32. Red Arse says:

    Sorry, TA,

    I should have added to my earlier comment that my team would be;

    Chezzer, Sagna, Mert, Verm, Nacho
    Arteta, Rambo, Diaby
    Oxo, Giro, Pod

    Go the Good Guys!! 🙂

  33. TotalArsenal says:


    That looks good to me and you are still leaving out Theo, Jack and Santi. I am really looking forward to see Ox play today: it is time for him to break through properly with a fantastic performance today! 🙂

  34. VCC says:

    Good Morning All. A win for the good guys today.

    Herb/PPP many thanks for your UMF 1 entries.

    Herb odds……42-1

    OZ…..OZ…….I need your entry please. Last one standing.

    Herb, I have a bone to pick with you ……get your backside in gear and start commenting again. We’ve all missed you.

  35. VCC says:

    Ava G8 day Total. Give em a shout for me please. COYG

  36. TotalArsenal says:

    Will do VCC! 🙂

    Off now, catch you all in the evening!

  37. Kica jeff says:

    Is better for him to put strong defence For arsenal

  38. dz says:

    Bac – Iggy – BFG- Nachoooooooooooooooo
    le coq – Abou
    ox – rosicky- poldi

    Perfect line up for Blackburn . COYG !!!!!!!

  39. Red Arse says:

    The team today;

    Chezzer, Le Coq, Verm, Kozzer, Nacho,
    Diaby, Rosicky, Arteta,
    Gerv, Oxo, Giro

  40. alexgunners says:

    Good Evening Guys,

    Hope you are all well

  41. Highbury Harmony says:

    We are a god damn disgrace, looking forward to getting blown out by Bayern

  42. alexgunners says:

    Please ignore my last remark.
    How could any of you be well after that performance??
    One dimensional plan. Surprise, surprise, substitution only in the 70th minute as per usual.
    So bloody discouraging. Diaby awful, for the first 75 minutes, all possession but no substance to the play.
    Gervinho, the best player in the AFC. Give me a break!!!
    Please watch the last minute when we have one last opportunity to push forward. Diaby, Standing around, Arteta and Coq also standing around both not pushing forward. No Excuse for this.
    2 Cup exits to lower division teams. WTF???? when was the last time this happened.
    It is so frustrating watching us play at home and thinking that we just have to turn up and win. No wonder the home fans were Booing the team. Why do we only chose to play when we fall behind and only then do we show a sense of urgency?????
    What do you guys think??

  43. alexgunners says:

    Absolutely disgraceful

  44. Highbury Harmony says:

    Does anyone still think we don’t need better offensive players? What did all our possession lead to? Gervinho’s miss in the first half on the break away was just awful, but we really shouldn’t only have 1 or 2 good chances against a Championship side…

  45. Gerry says:

    Errrm, Not a lot to add HH. The only thing I would is query is – How often has AW done a Mourinho, and put all three subs on together?

    Hindsight of course.

    There are some days you wish just don’t happen … this is one of them!

  46. alexgunners says:

    8 years and the drought continues.
    But lets not forget that Bradford or Swansea will lift a cup this year.

  47. alexgunners says:

    As ive said in the past. We have talented youngsters that will show more drive offensively than we do at times

  48. Highbury Harmony says:

    It speaks volumes about our squad and how weak we still are. We didn’t deserve to win today and played like crap, we’ve been seeing this quite a bit lately and the last two weeks we were able to escape by 1 goal margins. Good defensive play in those games saved us, but today Blackburn had 1 shot on goal…our offensive players are just not good enough to win titles. Plain and simple.

  49. alexgunners says:

    Too many poor choices when we attack, we want to walk the ball in or shoot from a mile out, just no cohesion whatsoever and that is costing us games

  50. Highbury Harmony says:

    I didn’t take a single positive out of that game…

  51. alexgunners says:


    There aren’t any to take.
    It’s now 4.40 am here in Oz and i need to get some sleep. Have a good night HH and i am interested to see what the other guys opinions are when i wake up.

  52. Macko says:

    Lamentable, always the same tactic put players second zone and let our killers on the bench and every time you lose!!! A day or when it will do the reversethat is to say put a good team at the start and after the match to kill the player with less changes afutés ……
    Otherwise, I think we still admired the quality of Gervinho, Diaby and chamberlain, which together are to me the cause of our defeat. Arteta not capable of distribute the ball players in the race, he should look into a loop the game Xavi Alonso, it is slow, soft, really when he plays on the field at his post Arsenal plays badly.
    I am really disgusted and I am ashamed of our delivery of our players especially when I read all the bullshit ECRITE on the Arsenal forum: (: (

  53. Red Arse says:


    Je suis désolé! Mais, Gervinho a été terrible. Son jeu était de mauvaise qualité. 😦

  54. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    The thing that pisses me off the most is that, come pre-season we will be heading to Africa or some other distant place on a promo tour to up our shirt sales and sell our name. Rather than concentrating and working on our weaknesses, we will be taking part in a 25min run around (for most players) against a 3rd division side.

    This loss and this season in general will not help our cause when it comes to new sponsorship deals. We consistently look disinterested or end up choking. Deja vu? You bet your ass!

    F**k we’ve had some shockers play in the red and white, but that Gervais dude does not deserve a Brazilian nick name. I still cant believe people rate these sort of players over Arshavin. I would rather have a lazy Arshavin (who in the blink of an eye WILL change a game around) over these second rate developers with two left feet, any day of the week!

    So what if they try hard and give their all? These try-hards will not bring us closer to realising our dream of silverware or climbing the ladder. I hope Wenger realises this in the summer, and if his hands are tied than its bloody well time he spoke up…because that Silent dick who owns our club certainly wont..

  55. Macko says:

    RED, when I talk about the quality of Gervinho this is ironic;) 😉
    It really plays like crap too much!!!!!

  56. Red Arse says:

    Now I understand — je comprends maintenant! 🙂

  57. Milo says:

    The thing that angered me the most was the substitution of Rosicky!!! How COULD Wenger take off our best player on the day??? I don’t care if Jesus Christ is on the fucking bench!!! That’s poor management, and we’ve seen it too often. I’m not putting this all on Wenger, certainly not, but Rosicky created at least 2 great chances, hit the bar himself with a fine shot, and did NOT deserve to be taken off. I would have rather he take off one of Diaby or Arteta, seeing as we shouldn’t have needed TWO defensive midfielders against BLACKBURN!!! That was a very, very poor substitution, and I was incredulous and outraged that he took our best player on the day, off the pitch. I knew we were going to lose as soon as he did that, and lo-and-behold, look what fucking happened. Oh well, my twin brother is a Rovers fan…at least one of us will be happy.

  58. Herb'sArmy says:

    Thanks to those of you who asked after me. The reason I haven’t blogged for a while is because I’m tired and bored with my own negative feelings concerning The Arsenal.
    Red Arse recently wrote an excellent comparison between the different philosophies of Manchester United and Arsenal, they do everything right, we are hopelessly out of our depth.
    Gooner (HH) wrote a great account of the last eight years failings, which continue without due dilligence.
    I don’t know how many examples people need before the penny drops that Arsene Wenger isn’t a great manager. Is anyone really surprised by today’s outcome?
    We have never had the hunger and desire that drives Manchester United’s philosophy, we took the cowardly route of praying that FFP will come to our rescue, and watching Mr Wenger gamble what resources he has had, on players just not up to the required standard.
    Arsenal are a mess of a football club, and the current incarnation as well as the current incumbents bear nothing in relation to the club I grew up supporting.
    We’re all passionate Arsenal supporters, and every blogger on here contributes and enriches this brilliant site, which is why I don’t want to upset any of you and become embroiled in heated arguments against fellow supporters.

  59. glic says:

    Evening sad Beaver Bacons 😆

    A belated fine post Total !.

    Wenger had never been knocked out of a cup by a team from out of the premiership until this season, in for a penny, in for a pound, might aswell make it two !.
    Didn`t see the game, but by reading the stats, isn`t it just one of those games where on another given day we would have thrashed them ?.
    If they can beat us then it just shows what a funny game football is, beware Bayern ! ( After the Chavs beat them in their own backyard and Manu nicked the CL off them in the last minutes of the Final in “99”, they more than anyone should know that it`s an unpredictable game ! ). hahaha
    Most important games to me personally are the next two league games. I will be more pissed off if we lose or draw against Villa than of todays result.

    Thing is my little furry cups, we keep bigging up a lot of the talent we have and then knock them down when we have this kind of result, so whats it to be, we either have quite a few decent players or we dont !.
    We are in a transitional period or we are not. If you think that we are just about to get our act together after the money draining ( also player draining ) stadium move, then we need to be a bit more patient !.
    I know what the answer is for us to be succesfull, it`s kidnapping SAF and torturing him until he tells us his secret of…….. trophy after trophy for the last 20 years or so or just kill him !. On paper they dont always look the best team, but still manage to win !. It always make me laugh when people say their not all that, but they are nearly always above us.
    Playing beautifull football will not always win trophies unless you have Barca players. West Ham and QPR from the past were known for their beuatiful football, everyone praised them, their games were even highlighted to be shown for coaching purposes but they won sweet FA. I dont know what you would call Manu`s football ?, it`s certainly not beautiful, but it`s some kind of efficient system which wins with ” average players “. Maybe more of the tactical technicians of BK will know more and explain. I still think it`s down to systems and tactics and it`s probably something so bloody simple !. Maybe we are over complicating a simple game .
    Imo the priority is CL qualification, I dont personally think we will get it, but you never know as previously stated, it`s a funny old game !. If we do not manage CL next year , I think we will see our biggest ever shake up in the summer TW and imo we will be more competative than this year for CL qualification, but it still doesn`t mean we will win anything, even if we did buy the likes of Isco and Falcao, because of the Chav , City money factor and the perennial magic formula kings of the castle, Manu will never make it easy and thats without the likes of the scum and bindippers wanting to get in on the act aswell .
    Who would be a football fan, the expectancy and stress will kill us all !.

    The wifes not here so I might as well dabble in this free porn stuff and make myself blind, if it makes me deaf aswell, then I will never have to get stressed about Arsenal again !. hahaha

  60. glic says:

    Hi Herbenstein 🙂

    I think nearly everyone will be in your gang ( apart from Terry, he`s in his own little gang somewhere in Rome looking for Sparticus ) after todays result so dont be shy, let it all out !. 🙂

  61. dy says:

    I don’t see any difference between this game and those games which Chelsea played that got them the CL trophy last season. The ultimate quality might not quite the same , but the tactics were similar, defend with the bus and counter attack when the chance is presented.
    Patience is always the answer to BOTH teams of the match. The defending team gives up possession but not to lose concentration at the back. The problem for the attacking team, while committing players going forward, is also not to lost cohesion in defence.
    I really don’t mind seeing sideway and back and forth movements of the ball if you’re in control of the game. It will a boring game for fans no doubt but a lot better than a lost one.

  62. Gerry says:

    I’m not

  63. Highbury Harmony says:

    No one’s even mentioned the bone headed decision by Wenger in the second half to swap Gervinho and Ox to opposite wings. What the hell was the point of that? We looked worse as a result and both wing players became ineffective, instead of just one of them…

  64. TotalArsenal says:

    Evening guys 🙂

    That was shit. 😦

    HH, if you are still reading: are you able to write a match report?

  65. Highbury Harmony says:


    Almost finished writing it, but it’s pretty negative! Not really any positives to take away today and exactly what we didn’t need going into Tuesday’s match.

  66. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers HH,

    Don’t worry about being negative: they deserve nothing less.

    Thanks for writing a MR in these circumstances – very much appreciated.

  67. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA, it was actually very difficult to write. Such a depressing loss today and the manner in which we went about the loss was worse. I can understand losing a cup match, but creating almost no offense is inexcusable. We need to change our approach and show more energy out there; everyone was too complacent and stationary and that’s exactly what PTB teams want you to do against them.

  68. Highbury Harmony says:

    I thought individually, the players weren’t awful since Blackburn only had two shots on goal, but everyone was below average for the most part and that cost us. My player ratings should accurately reflect that :).

  69. TotalArsenal says:

    All agreed HH. You got to say it as it is and lessons have to be learned/learnt (Redders, what is the correct spelling?!) 🙂

  70. TotalArsenal says:


    I am writing a quick summary of my thoughts on the game which I will post as a comment to your article, as soon as it has come out. So I better keep schtum for now. Btw, I have no doubt it will be in line with your findings of the game.

  71. glic says:

    New Post !!!

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