How far are Arsenal away from Manchester United? A positional breakdown comparison


This article will serve to respond to Herb’s original comment that both Manchester United’s first and second eleven could beat Arsenal’s first eleven.

There’s no denying that Manchester United are the best team in the Barclays Premier League; they are currently 12 points clear of rivals Manchester City for the title and are the only club still featuring in all competitions (FA Cup and Champions League).  I believe that while United are a good team, they are not as great as many seem to believe, and in fact the competition among the top teams has dropped off and inconsistencies have plagued sides like City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham.

With that said, a closer examination at the starting elevens for both clubs will prove that we are not quite as far off as you might initially believe:

Goaltending is a wash since both goalies are young and can be brilliant but also absolute rubbish at times.  Both De Gea and Szczesny struggle at dealing with corners, crosses and set pieces, are subject to questionable rebound control, yet both have a penchant for making outstanding saves due to their length.  Conclusion: Even.

Evra is one of the most established and consistent LBs to play the game.  He is a top-notch defender and joins the MU attack seamlessly, and has contributed great offensive numbers for a defender this season (decent over his whole MU career).  Nacho is still unproven in the PL, but his performances suggest he is a high caliber player for the LB position.  Also, the combo of Nacho and Gibbs together beats any combinations United could muster at the same position.  Unfortunately we cannot play two players at the same position at once, so a slight edge to Manure at LB.  Conclusion: Slight advantage to United.

Ferdinand is solid as a CB, but much like Evra and a lot of the United squad, is aging and he will become a non-factor soon enough.  Johnny Evans lacks skill and is prone to being the worst player on the pitch at times.  However, when he’s focused he does his job well and is a no-nonsense defender who just boots the ball out of danger.  Vidic was a world-class CB, but is also aging and is starting to become as regular as Diaby or Gibbs on the injury list.  Phil Jones is a good, young CB but still has much to prove but is capable of being a good, shutdown defender.

Arsenal’s woes at CB have been well documented this season and all three lack concentration and poise, while Mertesacker’s lack of pace and aggression in the air are always a cause for concern.   However, one must bear in mind that two seasons ago, Vermaelen was rated as one of the best CBs in the premiership and Koscielny one of the best last year.  Hopefully, they can regain form soon and play to their vast potentials.  Conclusion: Advantage to United.

Rafael is a hot head and his defending can come into question, but he’s very astute at moving forward up the pitch and contributing offensively.  His screamer against QPR last weekend was truly something to behold.  Sagna is more PL proven and used to be more effective offensively.  At his peak, he was one of the best RBs in the league and is still relatively effective at both ends of the pitch.  Conclusion: Slight Advantage to Arsenal.

Neither team deploys a true DM and for United, it’s been a constant rotation between Jones, Carrick, Scholes, Giggs and Cleverley at the dual DM positions. All are pretty dependable but none are exceptional.  Arsenal’s rotation of Arteta, Wilshere, Diaby, Coquelin and Ramsey has produced mixed results, but at the end of the day both teams have quality in their ranks but concede their fair share of goals.  Conclusion: Even.

There’s no question that the combination of Wilshere and Cazorla at CAM is miles better than the combination of Cleverley and Kagawa for United.  Jack and Santi have supreme class on the ball and pull the strings in attack among the world’s best.  Scholes and Giggs occasionally play at CAM for United, but are well past their prime, despite still being rather effective.  Conclusion: Advantage to Arsenal.

The wing situation is an awkward one, as United occasionally line up with strikers on the wing in order to give all their players quality minutes.  Welbeck is not an orthodox winger and the options they do have out wide are by no means exceptional.  Young and Valencia are effective and the latter works very hard, but neither produces a ton of scoring opportunities or goals and assists.  Nani has world-class ability but has always found it difficult to conquer the mental side of the game and put it all together.  He’s deep in SAF’s doghouse, so he’s basically a non-factor in this comparison.

Arsenal has some high potential in their wingers and as a unit have much more flair and ability than United’s wingers, but Gervinho and Oxlade-Chamberlain have really struggled with consistency during their time at Arsenal.  A lot of this could be caused by a lack of consistent playing time, but both have been too indecisive in the final third.  Both Theo and Podolski would prefer to play centrally, but have each produced quality statistics out wide this season.  From an offensive and statistical standpoint, Arsenal’s wingers trump United’s; however, as a winger you have a responsibility to the defensive side of the game and all of Valencia, Welbeck and Young have displayed good work rates in tracking back and honoring their defensive responsibilities all year.  Conclusion: Even.

In my opinion, the biggest gap between Arsenal and United exists in the striker department.  It’s very evident that world-class strikers can have the biggest impact on changing the outcome of a game.  Van Judas and Shrek are world-class strikers much more capable of scoring and assisting goals than either Theo or Giroud. Chicharito and Welbeck are quality substitute players who can really impact a game and are far better than the alternative strikers we have in our squad.  Conclusion: Advantage to United.

So when it’s all said and done, yes United’s starting eleven is stronger than ours and it is evident by their dominance in the standings. But, to say their starting eleven is miles better than ours is a definite oversight, if you breakdown the positional comparisons.  

What this analysis does not take into consideration is the fact that we’re not drilled in the same way as United.  They follow SAF’s game plan to a tee and execute it as a collective unit.  United have not only won games because they have better quality throughout their squad, but also because they defend their leads collectively. 

Arsenal is more explosive and approaches the game with total football in mind.  We play a beautiful, proper brand of football, hoping that our style and patience will allow us to prevail.  It hasn’t been effective thus far, but with the right incoming mix of players this summer, I really feel we could compete with United in no time at all.

However, the original point that Herb was making was that the hunger and desire within the entire United squad would give them the advantage over our starting eleven, no matter which personnel was on the field for SAF.  He raises a good point there and something has to be said about a team being able to push above their weight if all players are committed to the same cause, playing for each other with heart and determination.

Please be cognizant of the fact that this comparison was done based on how the two squads currently are.  However, the discrepancy then lies in the fact that SAF is very proactive in replacing quality for quality and will likely upgrade his squad at DM and CB this coming summer. 

If Wenger can better SAF’s ambition in the summer transfer window and acquire quality talents at ST, DM, CB and GK, then there’s a chance we could be propelled into the title conversation with them and City.

Written by: Highbury Harmony.

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  1. Reece says:

    Mentally, effort, determination.. we are very far

  2. Milo says:

    I don’t know…don’t forget that Van Shitstick is 29 going on 30 and that impudent prick Rooney is now 27 or 28. Man, time flies!!! When the time comes though, they will replace those two with quality though, that goes without saying. It MIGHT be a bit harder to find players of that type who can jump in immediately and contribute like they did at their old clubs. Van whatever-his-name-is fits like a glove for them, but he’s top quality. I think Cavani will end up going to a Latin club, and Lewandowski ISN’T as good as those two players yet. It will take some scouting for them to find the right type of players. Maybe we will find them first??? 😀 I hope so!!!

    A word about the weekend…Wenger has said, again, that “we will try to play our game to the best of our ability and not take any notice of what the opposition are doing.” I think that is a mistake…We don’t have the ability to play “our game” to the best of what the system can offer. We need better players in multiple positions for that to work consistently. I don’t know why he cannot see this. I hope he and the squad prove me wrong on Sunday, and whip the shit out of them playing our style of football. Only then will I concede that I was wrong.

  3. Highbury Harmony says:

    Reece, those are aspects that I’m hoping we can improve upon. We were once a very determined side who loved to get in the face of the opposition. With the right moves this summer, we could bring in those types of players and hopefully it’s contagious to the rest of our squad.

  4. Highbury Harmony says:


    van Judas and Rooney are world-class and it will definitely be tough for SAF to replace them. However, as we’ve seen in the past, he’s got the backing and is not afraid to splash out the cash to do so. It’s rumoured he may retire in another year or two so it’ll be interesting to see if his replacement can live up to the lofty expectations that have been set.

    I sincerely hope we win this weekend since it’d be a massive boost for us in the standings. Unfortunately, our record at WHL isn’t great as we haven’t won there since 2007.

  5. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi HH, fine and very balanced post. In the end it is pretty even, except for the strikeforce. And that was to be expected after Van Judas left and we brought in two new strikers with no PL experience. Yet in all competitions our top three goal scorers scored 45 goals, just six less than VJ, Shrek and Hernandez together. However, I agree that our lot is not of the same calibre and is less likely to score a matchwinner in the crunch games compared to theirs.

    It is clear to me that it is not the quality of the individual players which is making the big difference, but a mixture of us going through a major transition; and Wenger’s desire to build a site that plays great football, where Red Nose has a far more practical/functional approach, which will always bare fruit a lot quicker.

    A combination of keeping hold of our players now, adding quality players again over the next two seasons, and Wenger working his magic again, should see us go level with the Mancs again. But we need to see quite a lot of improvements before then.

  6. Highbury Harmony says:

    Cheers TA, as always a welcome sight to see your optimism about my articles :).

    To add to your comment about comparing the two strike forces, I think Manure are undergoing a transition of their own with the arrival of van Judas. Rooney is no longer the leading man and has been pushed further back to help out in the defensive and creative side of things more.

    It appears then, that I have accomplished my goal of convincing you (the audience) that we are not really all that far away from Manure from a player quality standpoint. We definitely need a further infusion of talent to reach them, preferably talent with spine though. I tortured myself and rewatched some Invincibles clips and the most notable parts were the taunting and pushing of Van Nistlerooy after his missed penalty, the tunnel exchange between Vieira, Neville and Keane and the push from Vieira on Neville and shrugging off of Keane on the pitch when celebrating. We’re missing this kind of passion and determination to get under the skin of the opposition and exert our influence in a match. I’m hoping this can be resolved and rekindled after this summer’s TW.

  7. Mullers says:

    if it makes you feel better. In reality Utd, whilst not a great team (yet) are light years ahead of Arsenal, with or without Van Persie.

  8. Mikeydtan says:

    Even, slight? A bit not very balanced reporting I’m afraid. Individually they may not be miles ahead but as a team they are miles ahead and where you say aging others see experience. Thing about them is almost everyone scores so individual gola tallies look small, but … The results seem to back this up. Beautiful football wo the right results become an old habit.

  9. afc says:

    We will be able to compete with Man U very soon. This is because Man U depend heavily on the likes of Vidic, Rio, Scholes, Giggs in terms of their exerience and sometimes when these players are not in their team the team does not that good. Scholes will no longer be playing football next season. Giggs may not play that much next season and the same can be said about Ferdinand as he may struggle to keep fit and Vidic may keep getting injured. As for Van Persie it is only a matter of time before he gets injured frequently and is out for most of the seasom . I think he only has 1-2 seasons more at best before he is plagued with more injuries. The only thing is that they may replace these playing with quality but I think their experience if far more important than their quality. Arsenal by far have the better young players and among those with young players with potential. If you look at our midfield players (Wilshere, Santi, Rosicky, Diaby, Ramsey) collectively our midfield is better than United’s. I think Ferguson would want any of those players I just mentioned to choose from, but United have traditional wingers and more world class players in their squad than we do at this moment in time. With top signings in the summer and getting rid our deadwood we should be able to challenge for titles. In the summer I say that Wenger gets rid of Mannone, Fab, Santos, Johan, Denilson, Arshavin, Park, Bendther, Squillaci and Maroune and brings in a good keeper (whether that be Cesar from QPR who will be cost next to nothing after QPR get relegated, Mino form Sunderland or Stecklenburg who would also not cost us that much. Would not like to see us get Valdes I think he is overrated, cost too much and is to prone to making mistakes like Scez except he is much older than he is and would be a watse of our money) , two good defenders (defender from Bilbao on a free transfer and another quality CB I would like to see us get Hummels and if Sagna leaves a good quality) maybe RIchard from City who is not even first choice) for City), a good quality DM (I cannot think of one as of yet is would ahevthe same quality as Wilshere or Santi, not sure if Capoue would be good enough), a good winger (not sure which winger I would get either but I would not like Adrian to come, I would prefer a Winger like Valencia who can actually cross and has good work rate) and a quality striker like Jovetic (I think Villa is passed it and we would just be signing a player who Barca do not want any more, could be injury prone and would only be at his best for another 1-2 years).

  10. TotalArsenal says:

    Mullers, thanks for visiting. Anybody can make a statement like you just did, but we need a bit more meat on the bone my friend. You are right that MU are not a great site and your PL success is largely due to the rest being in turmoil at the moment. And do you really believe that without the Dutch traitor you would be having it so easy right now?

  11. TotalArsenal says:

    That is the spirit AFC 🙂

    And your shopping list shows more than a bit of ambition hehehe 🙂

  12. afc says:

    Hi TotalArsenal, my shopping list does show ambition but Wenger has to be thinking seriously about of replacing our deadwood and bringing in quality. I cannot see Wenger buying all of these players but the examples of players I gave (Jovetic, Hummels, Richards, Cesar) are examples of calibre of players that we need to win titles again and show take Man U back to the days where they feared us as a club and as a team.

  13. TotalArsenal says:

    Agreed AFC, a couple of good players can make a world of difference, as long as they are not only good technically and tactically but also in terms of hunger and leadership skills.

  14. TotalArsenal says:

    Night HH and others, catch you all tomorrow.

  15. William says:

    Blame Wenger for the decline.I thought the low period could be from 2006-2009 when the club was saddled with debts.Since then Wenger embarked on his project y.Frankly it had beena diasppointment after the third year of the scheme.
    I fear it could be a question of being too late to spend 70 million.If Wenger had spent some 30 to 40 million on the quality players,Arsenal wouldn’t be in the current malaise,
    If Bale scores a hattrick or winner,the finger shd be pointed at the FM.He is ta ctically naive to let Bale roam free. We shall see if the fm can surprise us by shifting Bale out of the game and focussing on the gunners.

  16. Highbury Harmony says:


    Thank you for stopping by and commenting, and I enjoyed your analysis on potential summer transfers :). I think our overall team mentality will change with more quality players coming in this summer, and we just need the belief and faith that we can win playing our style of game. For me, an overhaul of our strategy isn’t necessary, just better players that can exert their presence on the pitch and help drive our team to achieve our goals vocally and by example.

    The only change I would make to your list is to only acquire one CB, unless you plan on selling one of Mertesacker, Koscielny or Vermaelen. Amorebieta is my first choice CB this summer since he can be signed on a free. I don’t think he’ll command a massive signing bonus and defenders of his caliber generally have wages from 50k-70k per week. He’s the perfect complement to our current three CBs and he would instantly gel with the Spanish contingent in place, while also seamlessly transitioning into our style of play.

    Also, I would only sign a RB if Sagna leaves. $hitty would likely ask for an exorbitant fee for Richards, one that I would not be comfortable paying to a rival. Either Capoue, Wanyama or Benat are top quality options for the DM role and would be welcome additions to our squad.

  17. Highbury Harmony says:


    Who knows what AW will really do this Sunday? Perhaps he is hiding his strategy from the media and simply playing it off that Bale is not a concern. It could be a mind game to AVB to make him believe that Bale will actually be able to have it easy in a free role. Only time can tell how the game will shape out.

    One thing that’s for sure is we can’t start the match like we did against them last time. They really took the game to us and if it were not for the rash challenge by Adebayor, the derby could have turned ugly for us.

  18. allezkev says:

    Very thought provoking post HH…

    To me the difference in the quality of both squads is minimal.
    But as you alluded to HH, maybe the major difference lay in the way that Ferguson and Wenger set out their respective teams.
    Arsenal began this season with Mannone in goal and a back-four of Gibbs, BFG, Verm and Jenkinson.
    But they were well drilled, organised and kept a great shape throughout those opening games, hence our run of clean sheets.
    Why that changed can only be answered by those in charge of the coaching?!!!
    Playing to the strength of the players you have and adapting your tatics so that you can cover any weaknesses in individuals in that team, seems to me what Ferguson does very well…
    Arsene seems to always want to ‘Play our game’, despite what the opponants have to counter ‘our game’…

  19. Highbury Harmony says:


    Thank you for the kind words and for adding further insight to my article :).

    I think you also have to consider our opponents from early on in the year that led to the clean sheets vs. Stoke and Sunderland at least. With Liverpool, we played an exceptional game all-around and Diaby was the difference maker and really took control of that game, which allowed Santi to pull the strings further up the pitch. We were riding momentum when we faced $hitty and our team was able to push above our weight as a result.

    The loss to Chel$ea basically off a miscue between Koscielny and Mannone, in addition to a brutal miss by Giroud at the end really set us back and the downward spiral began. This eventually led to the Norwich disaster, which started the inconsistency that has plagued has since.

    I also think zonal marking will continue to cause problems for us, but fortunately we have limited the opposition’s corners and set pieces lately. This strategy has never been successful for clubs that utilize it and I have no idea why the coaching staff insists on sticking with it.

  20. Herb'sArmy says:

    Hi HH,
    Manchester United are a huge club, we’re a big club. They go into every season expecting to win silver-ware, and any player who doesn’t have that mind-set, or doesn’t show the same hunger is shown the door. We go into the season gambling that we have enough to make the top four, with the mentality that a cup would be a bonus, but it’s not really a necessity.
    The players technical abilities matched-up against each other are meaningless, because they’re over-ridden by the clubs philosophy. Manchester United exert pressure on themselves to be the best, or die trying, Arsenal and Arsene Wenger just don’t have that in their DNA. And that is why they’re miles ahead of us. I don’t think we’ll be troubling them any time soon.
    I always thought Alex Fynn’s book “The Making of a Modern Day Super Club” was a bit premature. Sure, all the ingredients are there, but if you can’t maximise what you have to its full potential, is there really any point.

  21. Herb'sArmy says:

    UMF1 Selections:
    Stoke v West Ham draw
    Sunderland v Fulham draw
    Swansea v Nrwcastle draw
    Wigan v Liverpool draw
    Man City win.

  22. Highbury Harmony says:

    Hi Herb,

    Thanks for responding to my article, as the original article was in response to your comment.

    I noted the point you were trying to convey in your original point as the main reason that Manure are ahead of us as a club. The collectively follow a game plan and will fight and die for each other. In the quality front, there’s not a huge difference and I truly believe that with the right mix of incoming players this summer that we’ll be right back in contention with them.

    Why do I believe this? I still remember the Invincibles days when AW pieced together the right players one by one and inspired all of his players to be committed to and fight for the same cause. He was able to succeed playing his style of football and did not need tactics to overcome an opponent. The squad was simply able to adapt and adjust on their own, while still winning games in a beautiful way. The team certainly had more steel and confidence in one another and these are the types of players we must focus on acquiring this summer. AW needs another vocal leader like Vieira to inspire others and really lead by example, whether it be through a physical challenge or a surging run up field. AW’s calm and paternal approach to football needs to be contrasted by a vociferous and audacious personality on the field.

  23. Milo says:

    I think we need to sacrifice some quality and get some players in there who are willing to fight tooth and nail for Arsenal. It doesn’t matter whether they are from the youth academy or Mars. We just need that personality in the squad. Barcelona DON’T have that much tenacity in their squad, but they have more than made up for that with their technical quality. I don’t expect us to match their overall quality. What I do expect us to see is that they are willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of the cause. I don’t want to hear them saying “we want to fight for our manager”, I want to hear them say “we want to fight for this club”. It will be hard to find these types of players, but we need at least another two before we can raise ourselves a level or two.

  24. Herb'sArmy says:

    Would Manchester United lay down and surrender their best player to us, like we did for them? There’s more chance of hell freezing over. I really don’t get all the ‘Van Judas’ stuff.
    He left to win trophies, which isn’t Arsenal’s priority. Most players with a semblance of ambition would do the same. It’s simple logic. Do Manchester United win and challenge for major prizes? Yes. Do Arsenal? No.
    Arsene Wenger has both mis-managed Arsenal and the resources he’s had at his disposal. He doesn’t deserve more time and money to waste, but if he makes good this summer and we win PL or CL next season, all is forgiven, though I don’t expect it to happen.
    Don’t forget too, HH, we have a whopping £50m higher wage-bill than Tottenham, and we’re struggling to keep pace with them. We’re supposed to be a well-run club? Facts speak louder than words.

  25. Highbury Harmony says:


    You’re focusing too much on the past. What’s done is done and we cannot change what has already transpired – we can only hope to move forward and not be doomed to make the same mistakes. Yes, it hurts that we sold van Judas to them (I call him that because he’s a little bitch who left after one top, healthy season – it’s not like he struggled with Arsenal his whole career here was about to retire).

    Based on our performances in the league this year, it is yours and the media’s assumption that Arsenal’s priority is to not win trophies. I don’t think any manager enters the season saying well this year we’ll try and not win a trophy. Can every club realistically do it? No, but Arsenal and a handful of other clubs are ones that do.

    How did Manure fare in the CL last year? Oh right, they got knocked out in the group stage. How did Manure do in the league? Oh right, they lost the title to $hitty and lost a pivotal game to them near the end of the season. Where were they in the Capital One Cup or FA Cup? Oh right, they were knocked out in the semis in the COC and in the 4th round of the FAC. How did they fare in Europa? They were utterly dominated by Bilbao and lost by an aggregate score of 5-3. Their wage bill is also twice ours (from what I remember), so it’s no wonder they’re able to compete for the title year after year.

    Even if we win or challenge for trophies next year, I don’t think you’ll be truly happy because you tightly hold on to the past and the mistakes AW and the club have made. If we win, you’ll still remember the past 8 years as a stain to his and the club’s tenure. We’ve had very few resources at our disposal and he did find gems in Gibbs, Wilshere, Monreal, Cazorla, Walcott, Sagna, Vermaelen, Koscielny and potential in Oxlade-Chamberlain, Szczesny, Jenkinson, Coquelin, Gnabry, Eisfeld, Campbell, Akpom, Afobe etc. Has he made mistakes with player purchases over the years? Of course, but so has SAF and the difference is SAF’s been given the license to spend more to compensate for his mistakes.

    You approach the coming summer with AW as manager with a glass half empty, where I approach it for the first time in a long time as a glass half full. I think AW lost touch and didn’t adjust to the injection of money into football, as clubs started demanding more cash for their players and teams were able to scout just as efficiently as Arsenal did. All the mistakes he’s made in the past has better served him to intelligently buy in the coming TW and this is evident with his recent track record of intelligent, shrewd purchases (Cazorla, Nacho, Podolski and Giroud). I believe this trend will continue and we’ve only started to see the beginnings of the team he originally envisioned and he’ll finally be rid of his past mistakes in players like Arshavin, Fabianski and Squillaci (hopefully Santos, Park, Chamakh, Djourou too).

  26. Highbury Harmony says:


    I, too, am hoping for AW to add some steel and passionate players to our club this coming summer. But why should we sacrifice quality in order to fulfill that need? There are plenty of players who exhibit both character AND technical quality that Arsenal could buy:

    At CB, there are options like Amorebieta, Sakho, Diawara, Ogbonna, Subotic, Hummels, Rami and to a lesser extent Okore and Kjaer.

    At DM, there are options like Capoue, Wanyama, Benat, Gonalons, Rode and to a lesser extent Biglia.

    At ST, there are options like Jovetic, Lewandowski, Soldado, Negredo and to a lesser extent Szalai (Cavani likely out of reach).

  27. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning fine fellow Gooners 🙂

    HH at 5.20 amen to that! 🙂

    Catch you guys later.

  28. oz gunner says:

    @ HH

    top notch as always, hit the nail on the head with this one. We’re not far personnel wise, just whether or not we turn up and the game plan behind us.

    In regards to the Szcz post the other day…persist with him I say. The boys a mighty fine talent. Yes he made a hash of it against Villa but he will learn from it and move on. Stuff this buy a keeper mumbo jumbo. An oldie as backup will do just fine. No one can say Szcz is resting on his laurels, i guarantee no1 would be more disappointed by his error than he is. He is better than De Gea and Hart.

    1 player…Hummels! Cavani would be a dream but I’d be very content with Hummels + Jovetic/lewandowski

    Zimmer League predicitons: (cheers for all those who filled in for me whilst i was absent)

    Toon-Swansea – Draw
    Man U

  29. oz gunner says:

    Payback for our Champions League exit. I’m sold, I’m all for ‘accidental’ kicks to the head.

    What annoys me in regards to aggression is people saying Jack needs to tone it down, he is too angry/inexperienced etc. You hit the nail on the head HH, we need players with the Viera type fire. I’m all for it, something Bould and Arsene need to get out of Vermaelen again also.

  30. Red Arse says:

    Another classy Post, HH, well done sir!! 😀

  31. Red Arse says:


    My UMF selections are;

    Swans v Newc = Draw
    Sund v Fulham = Draw
    Southampton v QPR = Draw
    Manu v Norwich = Home Win
    Aston v Shitty = Away win

    How d’ya like them bananas? 😀

  32. VCC says:

    Nice one guys. ….Last one waiting for PPP…..

    Rocky odds = 25-1
    Red Arse odds = 74-1
    Herb odds = 187-1
    Oz odds = 37-1

    How’s the nerves?….I’m beginning to perspire a little.

  33. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning Oz and RA 🙂

    Oz, I hope you are right re Szczesny. It is not just the mistakes against Blackburn, Aston Villa and Bayern I am worried about, but I feel he has not been at his former best most of the season. And I must admit I don’t like cocky, overly confident people, as I can see it can go either way. There is a risk of overdoing it rather than learn and improve, as per Bendtner. I hope Wojciech will not go down the same way.

  34. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning Vickers, am feeling quite confident about tomorrow. 🙂

  35. Red Arse says:

    Hi TA, 🙂

    All well in the TA household?

  36. TotalArsenal says:

    All is well indeed Redders 🙂

    Our canine addition is keeping us occupied!

  37. VCC says:

    Great post Highbury Harmony. I love these ginda comparison thingy’s. It brings out the little boy in me.

    As you say, on paper there seems to be very little between each individual player, certainly not the 21 points differential shown on the league tables. Yet, tables do not lie. So why is it we are so far behind? and don’t look likely to bridge the gap in the near future?

    If it’s not player personnel then it has to be either, The Manager/Coaches, Formations/Systems, Hunger/Desire or motivation.

    Lets try and view this with our Rose coloured glasses off, and remove our heads from the sand.

    1/ The Manager…..Arsene Wenger has won FA Cup’s, Premiership league titles, and even went a whole season unbeaten. An achievement old Red Nose has still to emulate… why have we struggled for 7 years without winning anything, even an argument?

    2/ Coaches…………I have been reliably informed in the recent past, that Wenger does not allow any one to interfere with his training sessions at London Colney. …?

    3/ Formations……..Our 1-4-3-3 does not work for me, we leave ourselves far too exposed to the quick counter attacks. Move back to 1-4-4-2.

    4/ Systems………Zonal marking in our penalty box is failing badly, and costing us dearly. Change to man marking.

    5/ Hunger……….A manager cannot instil this into a player, you either have some balls or not.

    6/ Desire……….Not quite a bunch of losers, but not many, if any, of the current Arsenal squad have won anything.

    Many will say it’s Wengers fault with all the above.

    Well, he has proved he can be successful (item 1). Has he lost his mojo or ageing a little and getting tired?

    He is stubborn and reluctant to accept criticism (item 2) He would be better listening to some experts, like Steve Bould in the art of defending.

    IMO, our formations is easy to play against, that’s why we are off the pace (item 3). Change to 4-4-2. Simples.

    Our Centre backs are hung out to dry with the failing zonal marking (item 4)

    Many of our players have little spine and are intimidated far too easily. (item 5)

    Wining becomes a habit,(item 6) just ask Sir Alex Ferguson, Mohammed Ali, The Unbeatables, Winston Churchill, ( we need to give the Spuds a hell of a beating manana).

    In conclusion………Wenger appears, outwardly, tired and sluggish, compared to the fresh faced Messiah that arrived at Highbury many years ago. No wonder after the hate from some of the Arsenal supporters lately, and the ever pounding of the media.

    He needs to bring David Dein back on board to share/halve the burden/load on his weary shoulders.

    After all his failings (like us all) Wenger still has his heart in Arsenal. He must have felt cheated and let down with recent “jumping of ship” ala Fabregas/Judas/FBW/Adebarndoor/Hleb/Famini etc, I know I would have been.

    You cannot blame Wenger for (items 5 & 6) hunger and desire……….”You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink”

    Lets get behind our Manager until the end of the season and then, and only then, make a judgement whether he is the man to take us forward with all our new riches.


  38. VCC says:

    Still waiting for PPP entry to UMF 1………..Any one fancy making his selections for him please??????????????????


    fine stuf HH

    I will give you my perspective from watching us play Utd at the Grove the last several years.

    Utds players tend to have a superior physical pressence and athletic power than our own. They also tend to be regimental in there tactics, rarely losing shape or formation

    In addition people underestimate there technique. they play some wonderful one touch foootball and are a large enough club to play players with excellent technique as sacrifical lambs, e.g. Carrick

    Of course they are also blessed with great attacking players. There current side boasts a wide variety of offensive weopens, including Rooney and sadly Van Perise

    Its not all doom and gloom. Were Wenger tends to have the edge on Fergie is that his teams play with more freedom and in general we have often had players with more imagination than Utd.

    Arsenes approach is a beautiful football ideology with little room for compromise. In my opinion therefore if we are to trukly rival utd going forward we need a world class attacking talent and a step up form young guys like wilshere and Ox.

    I truley believe we can get there and chalange them again, but we need more time.

  40. VCC says:

    Hi Terry

    When you say we need more time……..What’s that time scale?

  41. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    Gday VCC, sorry for being late.

    Liverpool= away win
    Shitty= away win
    Swans v Toon= draw
    Sunderland v Fulham= draw
    Spudz v Arsenal= draw

    Working on something at the moment, be back later. Hope your all well 🙂


    dont worry Vics, it will definatly be before brown bread. hahaha

    I reckon next season we will make strides and probably chalange for 2nd. The following season i am hoping we are capable of chalanging for the title.

    If wilshere and OX fulfill there potential, they should both be playing behind the striker, creating and banging in a hatful of goals. Improved finances and ability to keep our young talent is crucial.


    Princey, Arsenal – Totnumb draw? Were gona teach them a lesson tommorow and they wont enjoy it.

  44. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi 3xP – catch up with you later.

    Fine comments by Vickers and Terry earlier. 🙂

    The difference is Wenger builds Maseratis, where RedNose builds Audis. Wengerball needs more time to build and keeping hold of key players is of course a must, as they are also being developed rather than bought in the main. With so many key players leaving us and new ones having to be fitted in, it clearly is not ideal.

    If the club cannot support stability now and give Wenger – or any other manager -competitive funds to further strenghten the squad, we won’t win anything for some time to come. With Wenger we have a chance to get back to the very top again, and maybe another manager could do better than him. But what nobody will take away is that Arsenal played the best football seen on these shores, culminating in the fine and unrivaled achievement of the Invincibles. Red Nose won more cups but Wenger lifted the game in its entirety. I know what I prefer.

  45. VCC says:

    Cheers PPP. Your odds are 112-1

    All in folks. Chocks away.

  46. Gerry says:

    Ah, Good. The discussion has finished now? I hope you all feel so much better now?

    Personally, I am just waiting for some retired referee to spill the beans on corruption and undue influence being brought to bear on referees over the years, and in the investigation that follows clubs found guilty of it get stripped of all trophies won … Then I can smile ruefully at those that have taken their 30 pieces of silver, but have nothing else to show for it … other than a well deserved nickname?

    But I am not bitter or twisted about it, honest …

  47. VCC says:

    UMF 1 . (13 players)

    Most popular fixture = 9 x Aston Villa v ManCity. ..8 away’s 1 draw.

    Least popular fixture = 3 x Southampton v QPR. …2 away’s 1 draw.

    No unanimous forecasts.

    Lowest odds = VCC = 14-1
    Highest odds = Total = 829-1 (GLiC = 5468-1)
    Homes = 15
    Aways = 28
    Draws = 22

  48. TotalArsenal says:

    Gerry – you are one funny Gooner 😆

    VCC, thanks for the stats 🙂

  49. TotalArsenal says:

    Vickers, if I get the Villa draw right, will I get a special mention? 🙂

  50. VCC says:

    Yes Total. In fact after last weeks performance if you get anything right you will get a special praise.

    About the only thing you got right last week was your name … 😉

  51. TotalArsenal says:

    hahaha VCC – You know I am a long-termist! 😉

  52. Red Arse says:


    @ 11:21, good stuff sir, and I think it is a very astute summation, that I could not disagree with.

    You, Terry and the Glic man are a great laugh, but the three of you have a very deep knowledge and understanding of football and the Arsenal in particular, as is obvious when you each write ‘proper’ comments! It’s a nice balance between humour and insightful comments.

    Not so hidden depths! 😀

  53. VCC says:

    Total……more like a taxidermist… need stuffing.

  54. VCC says:

    Thank you Red Arse…..Your a highly intelligent human being, shown in your praise for me hahaha 😉

    Good spot. I think I am waisted here amongst doughnuts like GLiCster and van Cloggenstein. 🙂

    Where is Richie ? not seen him for ages.

  55. Highbury Harmony says:

    Some fantastic comments this morning :). I will get back to all of you later in the day, off to watch some of the matches today!

  56. Highbury Harmony says:

    Redders, cheers for the compliment and for stopping by! Is there anything you would like to add in regards to the comparison that hasn’t already been said by the article or the comments? I incorporated your point about SAF’s willingness and ability to replace quality for quality already :).

  57. Highbury Harmony says:


    Nice to see you back on BK with a bit more regularity :). Thanks for the kind words too!

    Not showing up for games/not appearing motivated is exactly where the right incoming mix of players can help us. Vieira was the type of on-field general that AW had to help rally the team vocally and by leading by example. He often set the tone in games and held everyone accountable; we’re just missing that in our squad right now. Jack is this kind of player, but we need more than just him leading our team. I love his passion and determination, and I’d prefer someone alongside him to enforce for our team, so Jack can also focus on the creative side of the game as well.

    Amorebieta’s quite the aggressive defender isn’t he 🙂 ? Just what our squad needs in the center of defence again imo.

  58. Nik says:

    just wanna say some things concerning Shitnited
    I think they could be even better if they would change a couple of things
    first of all get Rio Ferdinand out and replace him with a quicker player that can play better football as well
    second and most important Rooney should be playin central midfield alongside either Cleverley or Anderson. I believe this is Rooney’s best position because of his energy and his improved passing game and football intelligence (yes its very strange using the words intelligence and Rooney in the same sentence). He would play a lot like Jack Wilshire I think and with his qualities going forward he would still be very prolific. Anderson and Cleverley are obvious picks I think.
    third: Kagawa has to play right behind van Judas – I’ve seen a lot of him at Dortmund and describing him in one word, genius! It is his best position and he can do anythin from there, score himself, finding passes, drifting out to every forward position.
    As long as Ferguson is coach this will never happen, as he will never change his system to 4-5-1 permanently – success proves him right I guess.

  59. Red Arse says:


    re your 16:02.

    No, I think you have covered everything very well.

    I am always amazed by the talent for skilful writing you and others on BK have.

    TA and I go back a way, and he was always a fantastic author on another blog, (you probably know that English is a second language for him) but now, with his own site, he has given others a chance to shine too.

    Believe it or not, but when we first knew Oz he was very modest and did not feel he could write a Post, and now he is one of the very best pre-match Post writers on any blogsite.

    Anyway, the stuff you, and the other guys write is seen around the world, even if not every reader writes a comments on the site, so keep up the good work! 😀

  60. Red Arse says:

    That naughty Glic — sorry Zimmerdene — has been up to mischief elsewhere.

    I will kill him if his vids are hiding viruses!! 😀

  61. Gerry says:

    Redders – Talking of viruses. Remember i mentioned that anti-trojan thing? Well I remembered who provides it – Kapersky – It is free, and a stand alone application that you can run anytime. tdsskiller. It will automatically update before it swings into action, so you get all the latest known bugs of these worm viri every time it is used. No ads, follow ups, or data passed on. Worth having, is what I am saying, as Kapersky are the top guys as far as trojans are concerned.

  62. glic says:

    Evening Poonafish Sanwiches 😆

    Superb write up HH.
    Trouble is, you could look at quite a few teams like for like against Manu and they would all seem close, but Manu have …”The Something” , which maybe even money cant buy !.
    I could hazzard a guess and say it`s training, formation discipline, tactics and especially the ” Rule with an Iron fist ” manager. As you said , the way they replace players and a manager who evolves with whats happening outside their bubble. Teams also give them too much respect and are in awe of them, so somewhere in all that lot you have the reasons why their dynasty continues !.

    I loved Vick`s comment @ 11:21, but what the f**k !….are you going all RVP ?. ” It brings out the little boy in me ! “. I bet your glad of a rest with the little boy getting out of you… must be sore !…….living in that neck of the woods, I bet he was a West Hampton Hammer !. I bet he knocked on the door and said …..” Mister, do you want your car cleaning ?”…….” No son, but you can polish my Zimmer frame ! “. hahaha

    And why are you putting Totals odds as the highest with mine in brackets ?. If you want your false teeth returned caked in smeg you will change it !. hahaha

    I suppose I should start the shift off with some Terry Stretch aka Mike Strutter stuff !.

    Usual # Warning # contains language and content which may offend ! #

    I`ve sent one to you Vic`s with special Zimmer adaptor !. hahaha

  63. glic says:

    Hi Redders 🙂

    I just hope they see it for what it is…………………f**king funny !, but a few are of the ” Wendy Craig , Butterflies humour ! “. wishy washy lovely ! hahaha

    A bit of God stuff !.

  64. glic says:

    Redders, do you really sound like, as ZZ say`s….. Mike Strutter ?.
    I`d love it if you did !. hahaha


    hahahaha, that strutter us hilarious. How did you find him Cornwall? Ide never heard of him.

    I bet Redders looks like him as well, except a foot taller. hahaha

  66. Red Arse says:

    Bit deeper, Glicster, (the voice) but close!! 🙂

    You are incorrigible, but unique, and I cannot help but love you — you little devil!! 🙂

  67. Highbury Harmony says:

    VCC @ 11:21, fantastic reply mate! Also, thank you for the praise as always :).

    For the most part, I agree with everything you say. People often forget that AW brought us to numerous successes not too long ago and he clearly is still a top manager. He did after all, manage us to top 4 finishes over the past 7 years (since no silverware) while working with less. He failed to adapt properly to the injection of money and some of his transfers were rather impulsive and misguided, but he’s learned from those past mistakes and bought some shrewd, top notch players lately (Nacho, Santi, Giroud and Podolski). It’d be a shame to not stick with him for at least to the duration of his contract to see what he can do this summer when more players can be acquired to fulfill his vision.

    However, I don’t agree that we should only stand by Wenger until the end of this season. No matter how he does this season, I truly think that this summer will be the vital turning point in Arsenal’s fortunes. With the right incoming mix of top quality players, we can truly compete next year. The classic argument that you can’t recruit top notch players if you’re not in the CL is misguided. People have to bear in mind that AW is still regarded as a top notch manager and we have some top players that can persuade and convince others to join them. If players believe in the direction of the club and buy into AW’s vision, then we will certainly be able to compete for top quality players (maybe not in the class of Cavani, Falcao etc. but I don’t think we’d ever spend exorbitantly for them anyway).

  68. Red Arse says:

    Have to go lads and ladettes — and the hornet — (you need to have been there!), but you can ask Terry about his magnifying glass!! 😀

    See you on the big day, tomorrow!! 🙂

  69. Highbury Harmony says:

    Redders @ 16:39 🙂 , you are far too kind! Thank you very much and I truly enjoy your articles on AA too, you are also a magnificent writer and I’m glad you share your wealth of Arsenal to the rest of us.


    hahahaha, you mean microscope Redders. At first i thought the Hornet was my todger. it was only when the Bastard stung me i realised the terrible truth. hahaha

  71. glic says:

    Redders is a walking Nuclear Dic…tionary, If I had his immense vocabulary saddled with my imagination I would be dangerous !. hahaha

    Stretch. I came by your alter-ego just by chance, you can click on loads more on the side bar of the vid or go on yesterdays post , as I put a couple up on there, as soon as I saw the microslave philiphino boy one, I thought of you !. hahaha

  72. glic says:

    Most people accidently stir up a Hornets nest, but to blatantly use your Hampton !, well kudos to you Stretch ! hahaha


    hahaha, i was watching them last night. i pissed myself on the Viagro man hahaha

  74. Highbury Harmony says:

    Terry @ 12:09,

    Thank you for the kind words and for the outstanding observations and quality additions to my article!

    I agree, it’s evident that after the positional comparisons, it’s clear that we’re not too far from Utd. We have to remember that this has always been AW’s approach to football and has worked in the past and will work with the right blend of players in the squad. Unfortunately, we haven’t found that mix just yet, but there are some great pieces in place.

    I maintain that if we can find that Vieira type vocal presence, we’ll be fine and he’ll inspire the squad to perform and also bring the passion game in and out and enforce when need be. He’ll be able to help instil AW’s tactics and theory and put them into action, while holding players accountable on the pitch.

    Once our squad has a better understanding with playing with one another, I believe we’ll really surprise the rest of the league and get back to playing the Arsenal style of football that we’ve been accustomed to seeing in the past.


    Domingo has been a very naughty boy recently. He sneaked out and took some advice form that citizens advice beuro. Whilst he was making my dinner i noticed something was wrong so had to go a bit sterner on the whip and then he went into one.

    Apperantly the Bastards told him that 10 pence per hour was the below minimum wage, and that floggings, beatings, and living in a microwave were against the law. hahaha



    Why do i keeping leaving I at the end of my posts?


    Hope your right HH. Either way i am not that concerned because though there is a gap between us and the big teams its not as big as some people think. Many times we have had periods were we have been the better side in big games but still not got the result.

    A new Viera.would be great. Ime sure that with the odd addition and more experience gained by our younger talents we will be chalanging again.

  78. glic says:

    F**king ungratefull bastard !. hahaha I would take him to the similar sounding Citizens Vice Bureau, where he will be used as a spunk sponge for Old Zimmerframed Trannie Essex Boy`s !. hahaha

  79. Herb'sArmy says:

    Hi HH. Many points to respond to.
    Firstly, I refute your claim that I’m living in the past, regarding Arsenal. Our manager however loves reminding everyone of his achievements. Just the other week when justifying our FA Cup exit, he reminded everyone he’s won it four times. The fact that we haven’t looked likely to win it again since 2005 is dismissed as irrelevant. His favourite though, is the 16 years unbroken CL football. Were we the only club to achieve such a status, then his self-congratulatory tone would be echoed by us all, but he has done only what the market-forces dictate a club of Arsenal’s stature should do. It isn’t an over-achievement. One more point about ‘living in the past’, would you not agree that the performance against Bayern Munich was almost a replica of the 2009 CL semi-final against Manchester United at The Emirates?
    Arsenal are one of the clubs who win trophies? We’ve already done ‘living in the past’.
    Why you feel the need to remind me of another clubs cup records to justify Arsenal’s failings is a mystery. Since 1999, Manchester United have been to four CL finals, winning two. We’ve been to one, and pre-2006/post-2006, we have never looked good enough to reach another. We have only two semi-final appearances, the second of which we were comprehensively out-classed.
    The inevitable money card, ‘we’ve had very few resources’. Though ‘Arsenal Truth’ omitted to mention the money Arsene Wenger/Arsenal brought in over the same period, in the last five years, Arsene Wenger has spent £310m. An average of £60m a year. I’d say they were very significant resources, certainly enough to compete for prizes.
    Of the ‘gems’ you mention, I would say the jury is still out on both Koscielny and Vermaelen, frankly I’ve never rated Walcott, and Nacho Monreal has been with us a month.
    It’s quite generous of you to consider Giroud and Podolski as shrewd purchases. Podolski is looking to save his career, and at £10.5m was Arsene Wenger’s MO. As for Giroud, the effort is there, the technique is lacking. Neither player will take us to the next level.
    Another significant difference between how Arsenal and Manchester United operate, is the willingless of Manchester United to shake-up and change the backroom coaching staff. Arsenal will only change theirs when it is enforced by a retirement.
    Arsenal are the only football club in the world where the manager is the highest paid employee. Maybe it’s because he has to multi-task and perform too many roles, which is unprofessional administration and due dilligence on the clubs part. The longer Arsenal remain uncompetitive, the less attractive their brand becomes in terms of securing commercial deals. Manchester United are a massive global brand who will only grow, and it is all borne from their philosophy and attitude towards football. They also recognise what it means to have a good strong support, and they frequently reward them, unlike Arsenal. Of course Arsenal are known world-wide with supporters everywhere, but we aren’t greeted with the same reverence. We’re not feared in England let alone Europe, and unless some energy and real commitment is injected into the club, it is difficult to see that changing.
    I’m very much in the present, and the Arsenal that Stan Kroenke is serving up is nowhere good enough and needs to radically improve.

  80. Highbury Harmony says:

    Glic @ 18:00, cheers for the kind words! And very good points that you have raised, several teams are not far away from them but they find a way to win. It’s also true that teams give them too much respect, where as we gave them none back in the Invincibles days and we often came out on top as a result.

  81. Highbury Harmony says:


    I reminded you that Manure did shit all last year and that they are not some flawless club that you seem to hold them in such high regard.

    You also forgot that while AW spent money over the past years, this was only a result of SELLING our best players. Our NET spend these past 7 or 8 years has not been very high or even close to what you are reporting re:Redders’ comment a few weeks ago.

    It’s funny how you can judge Podolski and Giroud over one season at Arsenal. Several clubs were in for Giroud at the time and we were fortunate to land him. I don’t think he’ll be our main striker next year, but he’s a quality purchase who we haven’t seen the best from yet. Podolski’s work rate on the left in honouring his defensive responsibilities is welcomed because we’ve lacked that support on the left over the years. Also, he’s not a natural LW and I think his record of 8 g and 9 a in the PL this season is pretty outstanding considering it’s his first season in the PL.

    You are very much not in the present though. You frequently complain about what’s happened in the past and assume we’re doomed to make the same mistakes. You leave little hope for the future because of the past and the only glimpse of hope you reserve is quietly (and insignificantly) stated at the end in “unless energy and real commitment are instilled that we won’t be going anywhere”.

    To be honest, this is getting tiresome and not worth my time. As much as I generally enjoy debating with you, it’s now like beating a dead horse with a stick. We can agree to disagree and you can come back and laud your victory if we fail to improve this summer/next year. I’m looking at the long-term from last summer onto the present in AW’s tenure, where as you’re completely fixated on the past 7-8 years where he failed to adapt to the injection of money in the transfer market and scouting.

  82. Red Arse says:

    Just popped back to close down my computer.

    Can I say that it is a sensible suggestion for HH and Herb to agree to disagree on that subject, and leave it at that.

    Well done guys! 🙂

    Nite, nite, again!! 🙂

  83. VCC says:

    UMF 1 ……Quickie.

    PPP……….5…………2 games tomorrow
    Red Arse 4…………1 game tomorrow
    Rocky 4………….1 game tomorrow
    GLiC 4.. (yes that’s right four).
    Gerry 4
    Herb 3…………2 games tomorrow
    Oz 3…………2 games tomorrow
    HH 3………….1 game tomorrow
    Alex 3…………..1 game tomorrow
    TMHT 3……………1 game tomorrow
    Henry 2…………..2 games tomorrow
    VCC 2………….1 game tomorrow
    Total 0…………..2 games tomorrow

  84. Milo says:

    You are right, HH, we don’t have to sacrifice quality to get players in who can fight for the club. What I was trying to say was that I would rather see a side who can fight and scrap their way to victory, than a side who play great football, but don’t have the heart and courage when the going gets tough. I WOULDN’T call Lewandowski a fighter, by the way. Same with Jovetic. That position doesn’t really need someone to get stuck in and fight for possession. It’s more the midfield and defense as well as the wingers that need to really have that competitive drive.

  85. Highbury Harmony says:


    Mostly agreed, but I would love to see a blend of fighters and skill in our team :). Something has to be said about the admirable way we approach the game. We just need to add some grit and passion to the current product.

    Jovetic actually is quite scrappy and loves to get in the thick of things and is not afraid to challenge an opponent. He’s also got a bit of a temper and plays the game with passion, much like a certain Dutch striker who just left us. Jovetic likes to go right at opponents and exhibits the all-important motivation to win at all costs.

    I agree that Lewandowski is not a fighter, but as you pointed out it’s not necessary to be one in that position. He can get quite aggressive from what I’ve see of him at Dortmund and he loves to battle for balls in the box as well.

  86. Milo says:

    Yeah, I used to watch Italian football all the time, every week. I lost the channel though a year and a half ago, so all I remember of Jovetic is his incredible quality, and not his other characteristics. You must have seen him more recently than I have, so i’ll trust your judgement!!! 😀

  87. Herb'sArmy says:

    HH, I’m depressed about it, and certainly won’t be in any mood to trumphalise about whether or not I was right. I hate Manchester United as much as anyone else, have done since being little, but their football ideals work, and it is something Arsenal should aspire to.
    Arsene Wenger may bring in all the right players in the summer and show his critics to be nothing more than abject fools. It would heal the gaping wound that represents the growing divisions among the club’s supporters. We would be re-established as a force, and most fans would feel content again. To feel that even if we fall short next year, we were very close, and to be assured that it is more a case of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’. I think that’s all most of us are asking for.
    I shall indeed leave it there, HH. We all see things from different perspectives, and that is only my opinion on the overall picture. It wasn’t in any way meant to offend you.

  88. Highbury Harmony says:


    Not offended in any way :). Just that the debate was not headed in any direction and we both approach the team with differing perspectives.

    Glad to finally hear you say that you despite Manure though, for a while I’ve been unsure of where you stood with them. Guess it’s a hate but admire approach! Things come in cycles my friend, for some reason or another, I just feel ours is about to commence next year (and I did not say that once in the past 8 years).

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