Ramsey or Diaby, Jack or Santi in ‘the hole’, Podolski central? Spurs Match Preview.

Bale's favourite vegetable...
Bale’s favourite vegetable…

Arsene has some big selection decisions to make for tomorrow’s crunch game against the Spuds. I say crunch game as this is a game in which we must perform really well, in order to set the tone for the remainder of the season. It does not necessarily mean we need to win, but it is of vital importance that Arsenal fight for the shirt and play our best football tomorrow.

I reckon we will see the best side of Arsenal, despite recent concerns about the solidity of our defence. In the end, Arsenal still hold the best away record in terms of goals against in the PL, and we have too many good defenders in our team for us not to be able to become more organised and disciplined  again.

Tomorrow would be a great game for our ‘back-five’ to show unity and collective discipline again. I say ‘five’, as Szczesny has to be seen as an integral part our defence, and his triangular partnership with our CB’s is of great importance. A lot has been said about Mertesacker making our defence more vulnerable because of his lack of speed. The tall German has compensated for this time and again with his positioning and general reading of the game. He will need to display these qualities once again tomorrow, otherwise I feel he will struggle.

We will be missing our trusted warrior at RB, Sagna, and Arsene will have to make a big decision on who to play in defence for Sunday’s game. I reckon Jenkinson plays at his best when Mertesacker is his nearest CB, and the young Englishman seems to offer good cover for Mertesacker’s lack of speed. So for that reason I go with Wenger opting for a defence of: Jenkinson – Mertesacker – Vermaelen – Nacho. There is a definitely a chance we could see a CB pairing of Koscielny and Vermaelen, but my gut-feeling tells me Arsene will leave Koz on the bench.

The Spuds don’t score that many goals at home – 15 less than Arsenal this season – and let’s hope we’ll it keep that way. On our travels, we don’t concede many goals, but we don’t score many either – a meagre 17 until now – and let’s hope Giroud or Theo, or both if they start together tomorrow, will rediscover their form just at the right time. This is the time for the boys to get the cannon roaring again!

But as in most games, our encounter with Team GB, will be determined by who wins the battle in midfield. There will be no Huddlestone or Sandro to bully us in midfield, but instead we are likely to face the undervalued Dembele, and Parker; with Holtby ahead of them.

So how are we going to win the battle in midfield? I reckon Arteta is a given tomorrow, and that leaves us with two more positions to predict. Who will play next to Arteta and who will play in the more advanced role?

I reckon we need Jack to play as our ‘man in the hole’; he is the one to drive us on and conduct our attacks, and this game is crying out for him to play just there. If this is the case, it would leave us with either Diaby or Ramsey, or possibly Coquelin, to play next to Arteta. If you ask me, this is the most difficult decision Wenger will have to make regarding his staring eleven, and it is likely to decide whether we can dominate the game in midfield, and possibly even whether we’ll win or lose tomorrow.

Arteta plays naturally with ‘the handbrake on’, and the player next to Mikel needs to be able to find the right balance between supporting defence and attack. Diaby was the best player in this position at the start of the season, but in recent games he has also been playing with the handbrake on.

Ramsey has tons of energy and willingness to make things happen, but is lacking the quality recently to really add value to the team. Especially in the second half against Bayern, Ramsey came short time and again with giving away regularly free-kicks in dangerous positions, inaccurate forward passing, and losing out in one-to-ones too many times. But Bayern are far better than, the once again over-hyped, Spuds, and this could be a good game for him….

Coquelin, or even Rosicky, could also play there, but I reckon Arsene will choose between Aaron and Abou. My gut-feeling tells me he will give Diaby the nod, and I hope he will play with all he has and not worry about his body for one second (and that Dembele does not time his tackle wrong either…).

The final area of consideration is our three in attack. If, as I predict, Jack will play as our advanced central midfielder, Arsene will have to choose three from Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud and Theo. Hmmmmm, not an easy choice to make. Cazorla is in super-form and should really play tomorrow: I reckon he will start on the left wing again, where he forms a fine partnership with Nacho. However, this would leave Podolski out, unless we start him centrally tomorrow….

For me, Theo on the right, with a licence to join our central attacker, is almost a given, which leaves us with a choice between Pod or Giroud centrally. The only other variant I can see is Theo in the middle with Pod and Cazorla on the wings, but this has some way to go yet, and I cannot imagine Arsene playing it again in such a vital match.

So the choice to make is Giroud or Pod to play central tomorrow, and I reckon it is time to give Podolski a start there. It is just a hunch, but I reckon he’ll be the man to lead our attack against the Spuds.

Predicted Line-Up in summary:

Arsenal v Spuds

I have a good feeling about this game, and I reckon we see a very strong and focused Arsenal tomorrow. Whether we will have enough to clinch a win remains to be seen, but the most important thing is for the team to play really well, press them all over the pitch and pass them to bits, and do us proud tomorrow.

Come On You Rip Roaring Gunners, let’s mash the Spuds, and make them all look like a Bale of Tortoises!! 🙂

Written by: TotalArsenal. 

177 thoughts on “Ramsey or Diaby, Jack or Santi in ‘the hole’, Podolski central? Spurs Match Preview.

  • —————Szczesny—————

    I fully think Coquelin could become that bridge between our holding midfielder and our player playing “in the hole”.He has a nice turn of pace, skill, good passing range and loves crunchy tackles !

    Wenger is holding him back completely. I think Podolski should come on for Coquelin in like the 60th-70th minute with Wilshere dropping back with Arteta, Cazorla coming central and Podolski taking his place on the left.

  • Only change I’d make is Ramsey over Diaby. His pure youthful energy is just what we need to keep up with holtby and dembele. I see a tight game tomorrow but I’m predicting 2-1 to us because we want it more. Hopefully theo can be in the form he was in that newcastle game and the rest of the team as good as the last time we played spurs. I have a feeling this game will come down to theo vs bale. With maybe a mix of Santi vs dembele in there. COYG!

  • Neither, I would play the Coq alongside Rosicky at least Rosicky would drive us on while the younger fitter Coq can protect the back four alot better than an slow always backwards passing Arteta, don’t get me wrong I like Arteta as a player I just think that he along with 90yearoldDiaby slow the shit out of our counter atacks

  • Neither, I would play the Coq alongside Rosicky at least Rosicky would drive us on while the younger fitter Coq can protect the back four alot better than an slow always backwards passing Arteta, don’t get me wrong I like Arteta as a player I just think that he along with 90yearoldDiaby slow the shit out of our counter atacks.

    Sorry why drop Giroud put Poldi out wide play Santi behind Giroud and drop Jack back beside Coq, at least it would be solid and with good hieght in there too for there set plays

  • Hi JB212

    I like the thought of Coquelin next to Arteta as well, and it could be his best position, but when predicting Arsene’s line-up I tend to think about what Arsene is most likely to do. Giroud is a strong possibility but somehow I think he will give Podolski a start and keep Giroud as our supersub…

  • ————Szczesny—————
    ———–Coq —–Jack/Rosicky————-


  • Hi Timothy,

    My favourite line up and the predicted line up are not the same. If it was up to me, I would play 4-4-2/4-4-1-1: same back-five and then midfield of Santi – Arteta – Jack – Pod with Giroud and Theo upfront.

    I am convinced he will play Jack in the hole and that means Santi on the wing; it is either Pod or Giroud on the bench for me, and I reckon Giroud will be used as supersub, but I might well be wrong! 😛

  • Timothy,

    Santi ‘in the hole’ does not work well enough for me: that way we lack shape and impetus as Jack is held back too much by needing to help Arteta constantly.

  • Christ I’m making a right Cunt out of this.

    ———–Coq —–Jack/Rosicky————-

  • Hi Dylan, it is a close call between Diaby or Ramsey. An inform Diaby is awesome, but he has not played well at all recently. It all depends how Diaby has been in training this week and whether he feels good again. Ramsey gives indeed a lot of energy, and is a good alternative in this sort of game.

  • y in da world would wenger play poldi up front once all season n den all of asudden in an imortant game lyk dis do da sme fing again

  • asxxs, you might well be right, but I reckon he will do something different tomorrow and it might be Pod up-front. It is just a feeling my friend.. 🙂

  • My in4mton 433 scz
    wacut-gird-bodsk wll dis in4mton arsenal shall won AMEN

  • Agree with the line -up of the author except i would swap mertesacker with koscielny. Would be interesting to see coq together with artea and podolski up front but i doubt it will happen.

  • My preferred line-up:

    (In a 4-2-3-1)


    (In a 3-3-1-3)


    Subs: Mannone, Jenkinson, Ramsey, Rosicky, Walcott, AoC, Diaby/Gervinho.
    (Walcott, Rosicky & Ramsey to come on during match)

    * Koscielny & Coquelin to double-up on Bale (either on the flank or in front of our D).
    * Diaby is rated 50/50 (It would look bad if he plays and then goes out of action for the rest of the season on a long term injury yet again). At best, he sits on the bench.
    * Walcott thrives on space behind the defenders. Against Tottenham’s defence (& Vertonghen @ LB), he will not get much of that at the start. Spurs can afford to sit back and hit us on a counter (They have a 4 point lead in the league).

  • Ahhhhhhh MATCHDAY!! 😀

    I love it. Its all on the line tonight!
    Hi Total, Fantastic pre-match and seeing your formation with Prince Poldi playing centrally looks purrfect on paper and you know that both Oz and i have agreed on that view early on in the season (well at least try it Arsene). I also agree with you that Santi in the hole has its moments but also doesnt work…really. However, i also have an issue with Santi when he plays on the wings whilst Giroud is playing, and that is that Santi likes to drift in very much centrally and never plays or crosses a ball in to the tall Giroud. So whats the point? as it leaves our fulbacks vulnerable because he is slow to recover and get back.
    Im worried particularly in this game as their main threats will be down the flanks with Lennon and Bale. Dont get me wrong, i like Santi wide, i prefer it, but if he leaves his ‘post’ and drifts in whilst jack is in the ‘D’ we could be screwed on the counter. For this reason, if Santi starts wide than Coquelin must play in my book. He is a total footballer in my view and in current form is better than Diaby whilst offering more than Ramsey.

    I would also like to see Poldi centrally at same time with Santi wide and Jack supporting as we’ve never tried it, but i sort of doubt Arsene is gonna experiment at this stage. I like to see some magic happen with some genius tactic like that being displayed by Arsene, something that could see the stars align again and ignite us for the rest of the season. Who knows, maybe Rosa gets a few more minutes on the pitch than expected and our ex unsung hero can return to do it all again and salvage our season.

    I hate predicting in a game like this, especially a score line so im gonna say that Rosa (if he plays, will be MotM, and if Poldi is given lisence to play at the tip of our attack its gonna be one hell of goal-fest. 😉



  • ………….WS……….

    Corporal.. BFG..TV…Muchos Grazias Nachos
    ……………………………..Le Cock…..

    ……………..Lil Jack……………………..

  • Interesting Post TA…
    I agree with your back-four, I just hope that Jenkinson keeps a cool head. This game will mean a lot to him.

    I’d go Wilshere, Arteta, Rosicky in midfield.
    I thought that Diaby was still injured?!

    Up front, for me, it would be Cazorla Podolski, Theo.
    I really like Giroud, but I just have a hunch for Poldi at c/f.

    A score draw for me i’m afraid. But that’ll leave us within touching distance of the Lasagne Boys’, and they have a more difficult run-in…

  • TA,

    Quality match preview and you offered me some great insight!

    It’s easy to forget that we’ve been a tale of two teams when on the road and at home this year. Hopefully, the good form on the road will continue and our defence will be more consistent than they have been at home.

    I’m pretty concerned about Sagna being out, as he’s much more steady and responsible than Jenkinson. As long as Jenkinson does not play like he did vs. Sunderland, he’s a great alternative and one of the few players who can somewhat keep up with Bale’s speed. Going forward, Jenkinson offers more than Sagna which is a bonus, but I’m hoping we have a defend first mentality from the fullbacks tomorrow. Not too worried about Lennon on the right as Nacho will sufficiently shut him down and render him useless.

    The only alteration I would make to your line-up is to start Giroud over Podolski and have Poldi as our super sub. I just haven’t liked what I’ve seen from Poldi at the central striker position this year and as others have mentioned, this isn’t the game to try and experiment again. Granted, I haven’t liked what I’ve seen from Giroud lately either, but he always gives a full effort and that might be necessary to help in slowing down the Spuds’ counter attacks tomorrow.

    I concur that Diaby will start if healthy as he’s still our best aerial presence in midfield and most effective B2B player outside of Jack, who I’d prefer to see in the advanced role. However, I could also just as easily see Arsene starting the same line-up that faced the Spuds the last time out (aside from Sagna of course).

  • I personally, would play Coquelin in midfield with Jack beside him and Rosicky in the advanced role, with Cazorla out on the left wing. Even if Diaby is fully fit, I really like the look of Coquelin, and he seems to have a good understanding of how Jack Wilshere plays. I think Arsene will probably plump for Arteta, Diaby with Wilshere in the advanced role.

    I thought Wilshere was tremendous against Brazil when playing in a deeper role for England, but we don’t have a defensive midfielder to hold the midfield like Gerrard did. Granted, Gerrard is NOT a defensive midfielder, but he certainly played like one in that match. I would put Jack in a deeper role if I were Arsene, and put Rosicky in the hole. I know that won’t happen though 😦

    So yeah it’ll probably be the usual triumvirate of Arteta, Diaby and Wilshere in midfield. This in itself is a gamble. Anyone of these lineups is a gamble based on form and fitness, unfortunately. We haven’t really been a settled side in the last few matches.

  • Personally I would like to see Rosicky play on the hole with Walcott on the right wing, Santi Corzorla on the left wing and Podolski down the middle. I think Podolski has more dimensions to his game than Giroud. He can go out onto the wings when needed if Walcott decides to take up central positons during the match because of his pace. He would be perfect on the counter with Walcott. Giroud can sometimes miss really good opportunities that might cost us the game tomorrow and I think Podolski would take these. I would play Wilshere next to Arteta because I think he can control games more from a deeper postion and can drive up the pitch through midfield with the ball. Diaby would be perfect to play next to Arteta but I am not sure if he would be 100% and if he is not he might not control the midfield like he normally can. Diaby is also coming back from injury so I would introduce him later on in the game with Ramsey if we need to defend our lead. Their is no point in starting Diaby only for him to get injured and be replaced with Ramsey. I would start Mertesacker instead of Kos because I feel Mertesacker is better at reading situations that Kos. Kos is very similar to Vermaelen and we need to different CBs in term of style. Save Giroud and the Ox as impact subs. I would also leave Coq on the bench as I do not feel he is ready yet to play in such an important game.

  • Good post, completely agree with your choices for the team to take on the spuds.

  • Some fantastic comments being posted here on BK, well done people.

    Seems to me that a few people are calling for Coq and Rosa to be involved in a big capacity. This says to me that people are realising that we lack thrust and drive from our midfield when Diaby, Ramsey and to a lesser extent Arteta. Does Arsene see things that we dont behind closed doors. I personally think Coq is ready, hes quick and always makes himself available. His tackling is underrated and he can be handy in attack,just ask Van Judas. Maybe his positioning isnt up to scratch, this could be due to a number of things, one of which might be to try an impress the boss with their limited chances. This curse got the better of Ramsey, Jenks and even the Ox.

    Also a few people in agreement on Poldi playing up top middle. Wenger gave Gerv a go there and i know why. His shooting is so woeful that Wenger thought if he gets a tap in, or cut back assist from Walcott and co. How could he miss from a metre out open goal. Well, unfortunately he did, and that was his last go in starting according to Wenger. I expect him to go if Wenger likes an offer??

    Poldi has stated he prefers a central role, but isnt complaining as to where he plays. A true soldier for the cannon. Theo however did ask, until he signed. Giroo is a good player but it isnt coming off in some games. The only combo we havnt tried from the start of a game is that with Poldi centrally. Are we that thin on the wing positions??

  • PPP,

    We started Poldi centrally twice this year. Once against Bradford and the other in the season opener vs. Sunderland. He was invisible in both games as the lone striker and seemed out of sorts, not knowing where to be and not contributing in link-up play, hold up play or goal scoring.

    Granted, the first appearance was our squad’s first of the season. The second was against an inferior side in a cup competition where we fielded a strong squad. My point is that this experiment has already failed twice and this game is not the one to experiment again. I know Poldi played striker in his days in Cologne and that he was a very good striker for them, but for some reason he has just not adjusted properly while playing centrally in our set-up.

    Coquelin’s too rash in his challenges and his decision making is poor. He frequently gives the ball away through heavy touches or misplaced passes. In a game like tomorrow, AW will likely turn to the experienced Arteta to slow the game down and keep possession of the ball in order to neutralize the Spuds’ speed. Arteta’s obviously not the ideal DM to line up against Spurs, but when he’s on his game he can dominate the midfield with astute positioning and quality passing (earlier in the season prior to the match vs. Norwich).

  • Hi HH,

    Surely your not gonna judge Poldi in a central striker role on 2 games. Your having a larf mate. Sunderland was our first game, majority of our players hadnt even played together, yet when it didnt work with Gerv or doesnt with Giroo than we still persist. Why? Bradford…same thing, and i dont believe that Theo played in the early games of the season due to his contract talks/injury whatever. My point is that Poldi wouldnt have a chance to play with Theos speed or possible assists. Same with Santi, Jack was out injured early on so Santi was playing in the hole. It doesnt work, at malaga he played deeper, and with us he can play quite well out wide, so why not try with Poldi central. You cant right that suggestion off just yet mate. According to your thinking, Bergkamp, Thierry and a few others would have a hard time getting a start with you as manager 😉

    Same with Coquelin, his tackling is good and as i said and you prove is underrated. For me he is the quick version of Arteta. He is too good a footballer to keep on the bench (better than current Diaby or any Ramsey) but might be just a bit too green to start every week. So what do we do???? I trust in Arsene mate!

  • Good morning all. I am caught between two or three trains on thought in this one, which is why I’ll see were I go as I write …
    1, – Too many changes will not help continuity.
    2, – Go defensive, an try and subdue the crowd. maybe snatch it late.
    3, – Go with an attacking, on the front foot style, and hope to outscore them 2-5, again!

    I was thinking along similar lines to JM@01.44, only with Jenks in place of Le Coq. It has a strong defensive shape, but you lose an attacking midfielder? Falls slightly foul of No1 thought in shape only.. Not out of the question despite that?

    I even thought you could put Jenks on a man marking of Bale, who has both speed and strength, but that fails because could pull away from the wing and Lennon could switch into that space down the left. Then you would need Le Coq to come in .. and you fall foul of No1 and because it is a repetition of the above.

    So stick with the back four, with Jenks in for Sagna. Play Jack alongside Arteta, for stability. Santi, Rosi, Walcott in any order you like, and Giroud up front.

    So it is the latter for me. I don’t think Diaby will be fit/risked. Strong case for Coquelin starting and Rosicky as sub. A case for Poldolski starting on the left, for defensive duties and threat on goal, but perhaps late on? No case, imo, for leaving Arteta out. You need a presence behind our attack, let Jack do the speed stuff from defence to attack.

    What ever happens, they will all have to be alert and play as a complete unit.

    I watched ‘El Classico’ last night, and thought we could spend the best part of our £70m at the Real shopping mall?
    Ravane – CB
    Morata – Wing/Striker
    Marcello – Beast of a DM? Currently out of favour … any takers?

  • Hi PPP,

    I’m not saying Podolski can’t find success as the lone striker, but I am saying that today’s game is not the time nor place to test that theory. Sticking a player who hasn’t played there all season and likely hasn’t been training in that position in practice AND in the two times he has played there has under performed would simply be ludicrous. Perhaps if we were higher in the standings and had hit a recent struggle in form, then this would be something he experiments with. However, the fact is that we’re in 5th place, in danger of dropping to 6th and this game is a pivotal one that could make or break our season (in terms of squad morale and literally in the standings).

    Of course, I have no idea what goes on at the training ground and for all we know Poldi’s absences in starts lately has been a result of AW trying to transition him into the central striker for our set-up. Still, I maintain that this is an unnecessary risk and one that I would be unwilling to take in this juncture of the season, given the club’s precarious situation.

  • Gerry :),

    Real generally doesn’t sell their players unless they are over the hill or unwanted. Varane is one of the most promising up and coming CB in the world and Real recognizes this and his playing time has increased significantly this season. Our only chance of signing him was in 2011 from Lens but he chose to sign with Real over all other interested clubs.

    Marcelo has world-class potential but the mental side of the game continues to hinder him from putting it all together. He’d be an interesting buy for sure, albeit not a natural DM. However, much like Varane, Real hardly ever sells it’s young talent that has already made an impact with the first team, unless they’ve requested to leave or they have a replacement lined up for him. Marcelo’s was out injured for three months this year and in the process, lost his starting job to Coentrao. However, I’m sure he’ll regain his place at LB in due time.

  • Stopping Bale is impossible, Just like stopping RVP last season was impossible for us….

    True world class players like them win games on there own and he is a class above even the excellent players such as the Cazorlas, Wilsheres, Dembeles and Lloris etc……..

  • OOops … Dyslexia rikes stagain – Varane, not Ravane.

    HH – Agreed. Morata looked good though … and if Ronaldo stays?? Perhaps not?

    Nice shopping list on the wishful thinking scale?

  • That’s the best line up gotta go with that.
    Never mind Dembele, Scot Parker is the brutal spud for abou and everyone of us to avoid

  • Hi Guys,

    TA, Great article and agree with the lineup except for Diaby. He started the season so brightly but he has been playing rather cautiously lately. The other problems are that he leaves a big gap defensively between out midfield and our back 4. Not sure if he has fully recovered or whether he has just lost his touch. When he is on the ball he is great but that just is not happening at the moment. Ramsey does offer more energy to the game but is also suffering from a lack of confidence but I believe that his passing game can offer more.

    I would like to see Poldi upfront to start off with and Santi on the left. He is a lot more effective there.

    Just under 8 hours to kickoff and the tension is starting to build up. I hate those spuds and all i ask for is that whoever is on the field, do their job, play with heart and don’t let us down.


  • Morning fine fellow Gooner 🙂

    It is the NLD – CoYG!!!!!

    Really getting excited now.

    Thanks for your excellent tactical/formational comments this morning. There is a lot of Le Coq loving going on but I am not sure he is a better option than Ramsey. The Frenchman has great potential but is yet to play a game in midfield in which he really convinces, in my view. And I don’t think he will be played by Arsene today.

    I would not mind Rosicky being involved but I reckon he is no longer in Arsene’s first team plan – which he is still in a process of building.

    Having slept a night over it and reading your comments, I think I got carried away with putting the Pod central. It was more wishful thinking, I guess.

    However, Arsene is likely to include his best players somehow, which are Pod, Giroud, Cazorla, Wilshere, and Theo, so I now think it is going to be:

    Aterta – JW (regrettably not in the ‘hole’)
    Theo — Giroud —– Pod

  • HH, on the Real front it is possible that they sell if they decide to have a clearout, just like they did when they sold the likes of Sniejder, Huntelaar etc. I believe this sort of clearout could happen this summer if the strong rumours are to be believed that Jose Mourinho will leave his post. Also, the spanish monarchy who fiscally support Real will try to recoup some of their money especially with the economic crisis, bank debts unlikely to be re-financed, and also players wanting to leave due to a new 57% wage tax. I can definately see a clearout, and maybe a few bargains. eg Modric ( now that would piss Spudz off 😆 )

    With Marcelo, i rate him going forward. Perfect for a wing back style of play, however when he is used as a left back like he was at the start, some of his errors made Santos look a saint. To be honest though, ive never seen him play DM and to be honest there are better players on the market. Sorry for butting in 🙂

  • Hi PPP, how are you rocking amigo? 🙂

    Some fine comments last night which I always enjoy reading. What time will you be watching the game: must be in the middle of the night, no?

  • All about the midfield today….Spurs have the better back 4 now that Dawson is used but the midfield 10 battle will win the game..

    Wilshere v Dembele- Battle of the dribblers
    Arteta v Parker- Battle of the holding men
    Cazorla v Holtby- Battle of the playmakers
    Walcott v Lennon- Battle of the speedy wingers
    Podolski v Bale- Battle of the goal scorers

    Should be a really interesting game but if Arsenal dont defend properly then Spuds will run riot against our back 4

  • Hey Buddy, im doing alright now. Still a few issues at work but nothing that cant be ironed out….bit like our team 😉 How are you travelling mate?

    Im watching the game at 3am in the morning. Im so looking forward to it. I think if we press early we could get em on the backfoot and they will choke…..again 😀

  • Hi and welcome Jaiseph

    Nice mini-analysis of our midfield battles ahead. I reckon we will win the midfield battle and keep them away from our box most of the game. If we can score first they will be so keen to attack us, it will leave acres of space and I know one or two players who have been dreaming of this for the last week! 🙂

  • Good to hear that PPP. My background is in Human Resources so if you want to get some advice on the work issues, don’t hesitate to send me an email 🙂

    I am fine, thanks for asking. 3am wow that is bloody early for you!

  • 3am- a song by matchbox 20
    – also known as the whitching hour
    – a time when our boys grow into men, and bring home the 3 points along with a shitload
    of bragging rights 😀

  • Hey Alex,
    How you doing champ. Do you have a pre-game ritual, or do you try get a few hours zzzzz’Z in before kick off?

  • Your full backs are clowns, as is most of the defence that’s why Ass will lose. You can debate the midfield and forwards all day but they don’t make up enough for your back 5

  • Jima, they are shaking at the sight of your formidable strike-force hahaha 😆

    What are you going to do when Bale does not live up to the hype today; hope for an own goal, or an Adebarndoor wonder? hahaha 🙂

  • Morning Poonaholic`s 😆

    I know it`s a few hours away, but I`ve already got my incontinence pants on !.

    Fine Pre-Match Van Edamklompenwinkel. 🙂

    Normally some part of me hopes to pick up a win at Shite Fart Pain, but that Dutch Simian International ( Orangutan ) is in a purple patch and with Mertsnailer, Artortoise and Diaby and Joan Club, I fear the worst. 😦

    If I was manager with my back up team of…Phil Mycock, Ian Ure, Harry Harris…we would pick Le Cog ( in place of Artortoise )to man mark like a second banana skin to the simian splurge sucker. Koz instead of Mertsnailer and Rosicky instead of Diaby and Joan !.

    Other than Philatelic on the simians schlong, this is what Le Cog should do with his Le Cog !

    As per usual from me WARNING some ### non – church goer stuff ###


    What do you think about the rumours ?


  • Hi TA, 🙂

    Cracking pre-Match Post, oh cloggensloggen as Glic would say! 🙂

    Looking forward to the match and I am also anxious about the result.

  • Morning Glicey baby.

    We are probably all on record to say how proud we are with our self sustaining model and approach. So i ask you, ‘What would you say if our new owners came bearing gifts?…..

    I give you Isco for your disco.

    I dont rate Kroenke one bit, so i will sit on the fence, although i believe Stan intends to pass our club onto his son.

  • Some of you may not have seen the latest report regarding a potential bid for Arsenal, so you might like to read the original report.

    Arsenal poised to be subjected to £1.5bn takeover bid from Middle East consortium within the next few weeks

    The world’s biggest ever bid for a football club, dwarfing the £800 million paid by the Glazers for Manchester United, will be backed by funds from Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

    Wanted: the potential backers of a Middle East consortium would want Arsène Wenger to remain at the Emirates Stadium.

    The group do not want their identities made public yet but a bid source told Telegraph Sport the intention is to buy out Arsenal’s American owner, Stan Kroenke, whose perceived weak stewardship of the club has also been called into question by frustrated supporter groups.
    The cash offer, which is more than twice the amount at which Arsenal were valued two years ago, will be for 100 per cent of the club, and if successful would wipe out debts that stand at around £250 million according to the last full year’s financial results.
    According to a bid source, there would be substantial transfer funds made available to transform the club into a major force in European and world football. There would also be a pledge to reduce ticket prices at the Emirates Stadium — currently among the highest in the world — as well as an attempt to recreate “some of the feel of the old North Bank” at Highbury.

    The bid team has noted the damage caused by Kroenke, who owns two-thirds of the club, refusing to engage with Uzbek billionaire Alisher Usmanov, who owns 29.96 per cent.
    The bidders would like to unite the ownership, putting all the shares together in one fund. The offer will be for the full 62,217 shares which have been issued, but effectively it will be to buy out Kroenke, in the first instance, paying around £830 million for his 66.83 per cent shareholding (41,581). The offer equates to around £20,000 per share.

    The deal would provide the American with an approximate profit of £400 million given the majority owner is believed to have paid around £430 million to build his stake in the club since he first became involved in 2007. When Kroenke made his mandatory cash offer for Arsenal in April 2011, buying up the stakes owned by Danny Fiszman and Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith, it valued the club at £731 million.

    A meeting has already been requested with the American to discuss the proposed offer. The seriousness of the bid is reinforced by the recent successful takeovers of Manchester City and Paris St-Germain by Middle East backers.
    It is unlikely Usmanov will want to sell his shareholding, given his “dream” of taking control of Arsenal himself, but the Middle East consortium believes it will be able to work with the billionaire, who does not currently have a seat on the board and who has been frustrated in his attempts to get more involved.

    Any takeover would inevitably raise questions over the future of manager Arsène Wenger, although the Frenchman is understood to be highly-regarded by the consortium They do not want to lose his football knowledge and want him to remain at the club.
    But they are well aware that the last trophy won was the 2005 FA Cup and that Arsenal have become less of a rival to the Premier League’s top clubs. They believe that the club have settled for relative mediocrity.
    Arsenal travel on Sunday to north London rivals Tottenham with the club in a desperate fight to finish in the top four of the Premier League and qualify for next season’s Champions League. Arsenal currently lie in fifth place, four points behind their neighbours.
    Despite protestations to the contrary, failure to qualify for the Champions League would undoubtedly have serious ramifications for Arsenal, who have been in Europe’s premier club competition for the past 16 years under Wenger.

    A bid source told Telegraph Sport: “Arsenal is at a pivotal position at the moment. The fear is that the club is facing a cycle of decline like Liverpool. From our point of view it is the perfect moment to make this bid because at this moment in time you can still genuinely justify this extraordinary valuation on the club.
    “We will not bid for Arsenal if they go into decline. Kroenke and Usmanov will not get this kind of valuation if Arsenal do not succeed and will not get this kind of valuation ever again.
    “We think that bidding now is the key because it is going to give every shareholder maximum value. We are giving them peak valuation.
    “The amount of capital required to pump into Arsenal to make it competitive within England, Europe and the world means that the valuation cannot go any higher.”
    It makes the prospect of a gargantuan bid to buy the club all the more tantalising for frustrated Arsenal supporters.
    “No big club can go eight years without winning anything,” the source added. “No manager of a big club, not even Sir Alex Ferguson, would have survived eight years without winning.” It is not an unreasonable statement.

    Whether Wenger would voluntarily stay and work under a new regime is another question. Should a bid prove successful, Wenger would be in an awkward position, having previously criticised clubs with wealthy owners, accusing them of “financial doping”, although he has strong links with Paris St-Germain who, of course, also have Qatari owners.
    Wenger’s current contract runs until June 2014 and it is understood that as things stand he has no intention of quitting even if Arsenal finish outside the top four, although he has faced growing calls to go.

    The proposed new owners claim they are serious in their desire to turn Arsenal into a force again and also to do it in the right way. They say they do not want to acquire the club to make money but to invest.

    The bid group believe that the ownership of Kroenke and his son and heir, Josh, has been at the heart of the club’s lack of competitiveness. They have also identified a lack of experience in football as a significant barrier to success.
    “The biggest problem with Arsenal is that it has no owner, no face and there is no one to report to,” the bid source claimed. “The management of the club at every level is not put under scrutiny and does not have to report to anyone.”
    The inference is that neither Kroenke nor his son has a feel for Arsenal – a claim which has been lent weight by the former’s low profile at the Emirates Stadium – and that the current board lacks strength and leadership.
    Chief executive Ivan Gazidis has been criticised for being too deferential towards Wenger, who enjoys a huge amount of control at Arsenal.
    Supporters have complained that Kroenke is not a visible presence and has not met directly with them since the takeover, although he has attended recent home games against Bayern Munich and Aston Villa. His reign at the club has come under criticism from fans at successive annual meetings.

    Arsenal currently have a clear, self-sustaining structure, rejecting the benefactor model, with Wenger, the board and majority owner believing their approach will eventually succeed, especially with the incoming Uefa Financial Fair Play rules.
    But there are genuine fears among fans that Arsenal are simply slipping away and becoming less competitive.

    If successful, the bid would almost certainly take Arsenal to another level. The prospective owners claim their intention is to turn Arsenal into a major force in European football; one that will compete with Manchester United and Manchester City for the Premier League title and with Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and PSG in the Champions League.
    Given the nature and structure of the funding, the bidders say they are confident they will still be able to comply with FFP.

    It is understood that they wish to maintain a degree of stability at the club, despite the upheaval of a takeover, although there would be a new board and, in all probability, a new chief executive as it is understood that Gazidis would be unlikely to be retained.
    The bid team regard Arsenal as one of the great clubs of European football but also one that is no longer punching its weight and is in danger of falling behind.
    Arsenal’s failure to hang on to their top talent has been a source of major unease at the club. Losing Holland international striker Robin van Persie — who left for Manchester United criticising a lack of ambition – Spain international Cesc Fabregas and France international Samir Nasri all hit hard.

    The prospective owners claim there would be a firm commitment to a model of developing and keeping young players but also, and as a priority, to strengthening the squad so that those players, such as Jack Wilshere, have no reason to leave in the future.
    Wenger believes he has a core of a squad that can challenge but this is not a universally-held opinion with doubts over the strength of the spine of the team.
    Even his most fervent supporters struggle to make a case that Wenger is on the verge of creating another great team or that the squad has depth and quality to compete despite a high wage bill.

    The Middle East consortium claim to sympathise with Arsenal supporters and their contention that many of them have been priced out of following their club.
    Supporters groups have already warned that generations of fans could be lost.
    Ticket prices, among the highest in the world and an increasingly contentious issue, will be reduced, the bid source said, and there will be an attempt to recreate “some of the feel of the old North Bank” at Highbury within the Emirates Stadium.
    The bid source added there was a real desire to “bring back some of the true supporters” who have been priced out or become disillusioned.
    The disillusionment is undoubtedly there. Cup defeats to Bradford City and Blackburn Rovers heightened that sense as did the humiliating Champions League 3-1 defeat to Bayern Munich at the Emirates a fortnight ago, when the German side played with a verve and tempo Arsenal no longer recognise.

    Finishing outside the top four would compound it even more especially if the proposed takeover is rejected. That would further increase the pressure on Kroenke in particular.

  • PPP,

    Mate, how are you? All is good here, how about you?
    No rituals here, just the usual butterflies. Even though the game is on at 3am, I will stay up and watch it, then get one hour sleep, get changed and go to work.
    I will be feeling like crap tomorrow but if the result is right, I wont care.

    What about you?

  • Cheers Redders and good morning. What do you say to an Oilygarch takeover?

  • Morning Princey baby 🙂

    Even though I love our self-sustainability and expect us to compete in a couple of years time, I say ……..F**king bring it on….I want Isco and I want him now……especially as I`m naked and have a f**king boner !…….hahahaha

  • If we become the North-London Oilers I will be absolutely gutted and although I will always support Arsenal, I will take a back-seat in my support. 😦

  • Yet again I`ve done it , Redders writes a novel and I just copy and paste, sorry Redders !. 🙂
    I must admit though, on such a subject, Redders opinion is the one I most look forward to !.
    Right off for a mo, to do stables !.

  • Hahaha Alex, no rest for the wicked. No butterflies here. This will be another memory to saviour, hopefully a good one. I love the fact that our whole season is on the line. Bragging rights, 3 precious points, European proper auditions, and a chance to make everything right on their scrappy patch.

    No rituals, well maybe a game of Fifa against the team we actually play on the night. Lucky socks, and favourite jersey. also grapes….. i love to eat grapes when i watch the gunners display their football 🙂

    Im so pumped

  • RA,

    Thanks for the full report, as I have only read snippets so far.
    Interesting what may happen to our club. It is very true that we do not have one owner to accept responsibility for what is happening. I don’t know if it is what we need. Yes the money for players would be great but Arsenal are not a poor club and therefore should be spending money on players and salaries adequately.

    What do you guys think??

  • PPP,
    Im glad grapes work for you, unfortunately for me it is the smokes that keep me going. Nasty habit but thats my excuse.
    Kick the Spuds ass on Fifa. It always makes me feel better as well.

  • When I read the article I was struck by a couple of points.

    First the timing of the story on a big NLD day might upset the apple cart when we can do without that. Second, if you read the article it is full of ‘potential owners’ and ‘the mid-east backers’ etc which is odd, in that if they were serious they would have contacted Arsenal first, and then released details of their planned bid, before going public.

    In short — I would take the story with a pinch of salt.

    If there is truth in the story, the next big IF is whether, or not, Kroenke, who has a well established game plan of holding on to his investments, would be interested in doubling his money in just over 2 years and taking the £400m and running. That is serious loot!

    My personal preference would be to go back to the pre-Abramovich era, but that is not going to happen. We will all have to face up to the changing football environment which is sweeping from Eastern Europe through western Europe and especially into the UK and shows no sign of stopping.

    If you are happy to support a team, come what may, and without regard to its competitiveness or trophy winning, then I do not think the Arsenal will be for you.

    Even if this current story is false, I do not believe Kroenke will allow Arsenal to stagnate, especially after Arsene has retired, and he will eventually sell, come what may, or else he will have to throw his own obscene money at the club.

    Times (and club ownership) are a-changing — whether we fans like it or not.

  • Grapes are my cigarette substitute till half time. I refuse to smoke in the house. Haha 3-1 up on fifa. Jack just scored a pidgeon…top left corner

  • RA,

    My concern with all of this is, what happens when this ‘New Money’ comes in and these investors decide that they’ve had enough of playing real life ‘FIFA’ and clubs are left in turmOIL? This trend cannot continue and i for one am thankful that we are somewhat competitive despite the fact that 2 of the teams above us are only there due to ludicrous amounts of money being invested.


    I love it. I would accept a 3-1 score line against the spuds right now. Enjoy the grapes.

  • Alex,

    I think it is already too late for those of us who have no appetite for our club becoming a rich man’s plaything. (OK I know Glic would like to be a rich man’s plaything – but he has got Vicky and Terry!).

    Rather than repeat myself I am copying a comment I made elsewhere which sums up my thoughts on this story, which is probably bull shit, but also on the wider ramifications of the funding of clubs.

    — The fake sheikh story has more in common with a stinky gorgonzola cheese than a proper news story.

    However, it is a shot across the bows for those of us who would prefer to shun the American and Russian oligarchs and the Arab oilygarchs, and hanker after the pre-Abramovich era.

    We have already seen the 21st Century winds of change sweep across the English Premier League, and some Champions League clubs too as regards their sale to foreign owners (I am wearing my adopted British hat here) and I can only see this increasing at a brisk pace, but already these ownership changes are sweeping through the rest of Europe too, from the Caucuses and into France.

    This latest story may be a false alarm, but Kroenke will not allow Arsenal to become a footballing back woods, and he will have to either inject into the club copious funds from his billionaire’s piggy bank to keep us competitive as a ‘world product’, or he will cut and run, and the next owner will endow us with lashings of funds instead.

    As [others have] intimated earlier, each of us will have to come to terms with the modern era, and either bail out as fans and Gooners, or accept the new reality.

    Too soon to worry, just yet, although I cannot pretend not to be worried about this seismic change engulfing football.

    At day’s end, I will always support Arsenal, come what may.

    I have no choice!

    Owners come and owners go — we will always be here, faithful, loyal, supportive!! 😀

  • RA,

    Well said. We will always be here, faithful, loyal and supportive (slightly disgruntled at times) but loyal to The Arsenal.

    In my opinion I think that things will change and the natural order will put us back where we belong.


  • RA – time for the Government to step in and legislate on this. Reduce all Foreign ownership in a pro-rata manner, in our case, Kroenke down to 33%, Usmanov to 15%. Those shares then transferred to a trust held by the clubs. So if they wanted to sell, they would first have to buy them from the trust, if not done so already, and not sell to anybody, or anybody fronting for non UK based people/companies.

    This report has all the hallmarks of a Usmanov disrupt before the big game. Bin it!

    However, like yourself, I am not confident, but hopeful of a result today … even a 0-0- draw!

    Which is why I am drawn to JM’s formation of 3 centrebacks(Mert in the middle), Jenks Arteta, and Nacho as a triple defensive barrier, Jack providing the link to the front three, as well as getting turnover balls high up the pitch? It definitely has its plus points?

  • Arsene Wenger will not change his formation to suit the opposition. He will play a game hoping we out score them. Dangerous game IMO.

    Cant believe I’m going to a Spuds pub to watch this one. Might not be alive at 17:45

  • As I said before, it`s Redders opinion I look to on such subjects ( Stretch aswell, if he could be bothered to remove his pecker from a pigeon`s pooper ! ) and he makes the normal sesible comment above. but Redders, I noticed a comment on another site you made, saying that City will get a sponsorship of £175M per year from 2015 onwards which I`m afraid will blow us out of the water if it can pass FFP, but the quote of Man U to get £375M PER YEAR !! over 7 years surely must be a missprint ?. You know you are one of my Fav`s and I would not usually question you, but is that figure more like a total £375M over 7 years !.
    Like our American cousin ( who has disappeared, has the Septic gone for a Sherman ? hahaha ) says, our beloved game has changed forever, (if only someone in authority had had the foresight to use the German Model ! ) so whether it is true or not in regards to the ” Big takeover attempt “, personally I would welcome it.
    If FFP works, then the owners will have to play by the rules, but if it doesn`t then we would have the tools to fight and without them with “Stan” at the helm imo we will have years of more of the same !.
    Self-sustaining is great in a level playing field and is of much to admire morally, but when I first became a gooner and through naivity , inmatureness or not giving a rats arse, I didn`t give a f**k who run the club !. So I honestly wouldn`t give a f**k now if we won the CL as Chavs have done or EPL as City have done.
    I`m not going to take the justifying lack of siverware moral high ground and say….” yeah, but we play nice football and do it on a shoestring, I dont know how the chavs can look at theirselves in the reflection of their shiny trophy and feel good about it ! “.
    I would love us to have someone of Mansoors wealth own us and abide by FFP, but knowing if it doesn`t work out we have the bazookers to blow the Cungechester muvver f**ckers out of the water !.
    To tell the truth , the only thing that pisses me of about the rumour is that it is probably a piece of piss and wont happen !. F**K THE MORAL HIGHGROUND I SAY !. hahahaha

  • Afternoon all

    I just dont see how we can start without Giroud today.

    Most of all I just want to see every player bust a gut for the side today. At no point do I want to see players jogging when Spuds are sprinting. Achieve that and I’m sure we’ll be fine

  • Vic`s. Rubber hat, rubber johnny, rubber gloves, rubber wellies and charge Zimmerframe to 30000 volts, that will keep the splurge garglers happy in an electrifying atmosphere !.

  • High tempo from the start Shark`s, trouble is Mert, Arteta and Diaby dont have a speed above jog !.

  • Arsenal team: Szczesny, Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Monreal, Ramsey, Arteta, Wilshere, Cazorla, Walcott, Giroud; Subs: Koscielny, Rosicky, Podolski, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Coquelin, Mannone, Gervinho –

  • 10/11 Total.
    You wanna predict my lotto numbers for next week?

  • Lloris; Walker, Dawson, Vertonghen, Assou-Ekotto; Dembele, Parker; Lennon, Sigurdsson, Bale; Adebayor
    Subs: Friedel, Gallas, Naughton, Livermore, Holtby, Carroll, Defoe

  • Hi my lovely Glicster 🙂

    No, I am afraid that was a correct quote I gave. Manure have got a deal in place for next year that will result in a £2.6m, 7 year contract with Chevrolet = £375K per annum.

    They also have other commercial deals in play — so, the glazers have used their American contacts and Manures exposure in the US, close season friendlies, contact with bloody Beckham, etc, to get a deal that is not too special in the home of us Yanks!!

    We really need to move our commercial asses — but Utd are having their success royally rewarded!

    I am not happy at the way things have gone, but as I have said, I think it is inevitable that Arsenal will go the way of all things – not necessarily the fake sheikh deal, maybe, — but it will happen, one way or the other.

  • Hold on a sec Redders !. £374K per year is not the quoated £ 375M per year…..so what is it …£375K per year or £375M per year ?….I`m confused now !, are you on the turps !. hahaha

  • Well spotted great spotted shack builder!! 🙂

    What can I say about a poxy ‘0’ 😀

    £26.25m over 7 years = £3.75m per annum. Now Fook off, and stop asking me questions when I am sloshed, for the first time in 30 months (not had alcohol – not allowed) but I am easing the pain today before that bastard Bale bollocks us up — very, very good Bollinger I have saved for 3 years (thank you, oh long gone client)!!! 😀

  • I echo the thoughts of many of you, I hope we do not become the North London oilers! However, better us than someone else I guess…I would still support the club either way, but it’d be much different for sure.


  • great post TA. Perfect start to the game along with all the comments!

    I’d have gone for Coquelin in this one also like some have mentioned. Szcz to clean up bale again would be nice

  • hahaha I hope arsenal make it a celebratory drink for you!!!!

    good start for the boys, bloody open game! I love it!

  • oh dear, like butter. What the hell is going on here!
    Off side traps non-existent,track your opponents run…not hard guys!

  • Well that was fun to believe we would draw, this game looks over

  • we have been down 2-0 before.
    Oh ye of little faith.

    Hi Oz.
    Come on Arsenal!!!

  • our offense better wake up in the second half, absolutely brutal in the final third

  • We can do it PPP. it’s just a shame because they were nowhere and it looked like it was only a matter of time before we cut open their defence. That’s football i suppose but I just hate the scum so much!!!!!

  • I would feel better if we had looked somewhat dangerous in the final third, I’m not quite sure what Giroud is doing once he gets control of the ball. He tries to move it but is a step behind the defenders, ruining the excellent positions he’s gotten himself into.

  • I swear at times in that half, you could hear a pin drop. Bale was nowhere and i mean NOWHERE in the game until Monreal let him off the hook. The crowd was nervous and their team was nervous. We dont lose to the opposition, WE lose to ourselves.

    Im sure we can do it Oz. Its time to dig deep…..again.

  • That was Lennon’s goal that Monreal was at fault for not Bale’s. That was all Vermaelen and Mertesacker on the Bale goal (mostly Verm).

  • Theo must run at Vertonghen, and try draw another card. That would cancel out one of their attackers and we could push a high line and bring either Rosa or Poldi on for extra threat. Wishful thinking….maybe. But its happened before.

  • Afternoon, morning and good night fellow Gooners

    We can still do it but need an early goal in second half. Bring on Poldi straight away and take off Areta or Ramsey, and play 4-1-2-3. It is now or never ffs!

    Catch you guys after the game!

  • We should really play a 4-2-2-1-1 with Theo behind Giroud up front. Take advantage of Theo’s speed through the middle and have Santi and Poldi on the wings. Take Ramsey out for some offence.


  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2-5

  • I feel we need one in the next 8min, otherwise its gonna be a grind

  • Jenks was playing great sending in cross after cross! He should have stayed on I feel

  • Piss off Dawson. Adebayor will be up and playing next week, and if not who cares. I’d rather Ade on raather than defoe

  • Should be aiming for Verm during set pieces now. He’s up against Walker.

  • Rosicky is bloody great to watch! Should have taken Ramsey off for him and left jenks on. We could have done with his crossing and pace!

  • Who’s our DM now? What are these subs? I love Poldi and Rosa but what are we doing?!

  • Im hoping for some serious magic. Any sort of left foot peg will do

  • Jack to DM you’d imagine HH. I think they are good much needed subs. Swap Ramsey and jenks though

  • Fair call Redders. Didn’t hear much from him if anything.

  • How the bloody hell did we lose that?

    Dominated the first half, but no shots on target…

    Could have conceded twice after BFG scored.

    But when Ramsey missed that chance I knew it wasn’t gonna be our day…

  • The boys gave their all in second half and we deserved a point from the game. But we lacked quality up-front and that’s why I was hoping Podolski would play instead of Giroud today.

    With Arteta, Giroud and Ramsey we have three hard workers who all lack real quality, and it showed today once again. For Arteta’s role this is fine, but we cannot carry two more players who work hard and with passion, but just don’t add that little bit of extra that is badly needed.

    But of course the biggest issue today is that our woeful defence once again gave away the game in the first half. 😦

  • Oh well, losing to the splurge gurglers means I wont feel any lower than I do now, thing`s can only get better !.

  • If only Arsene would have listened to me, but being French, he is obviously turning the Emirates into a human/snail hybrid farm, a Mertsnailer will last him a whole year in his retirement in the French Alps !.
    Where the f**k are the Arab Zillionaires ? and I want Mike Strutter as manager !.

  • I hate the lows of being an Arsenal supporter and sometimes wished I was a gorgeous Lesbian with no interest in football whatsoever and the only stress I would incur what be seeing some facial hair on Ingrid my Swedish lover !.
    I had a “domestic” earlier and the bitch said I hope your team loses !. So for f**ks sake Dennis….turn me into a Gorgeous Lezzer !.

  • We haven`t got an important game until the 16th of March !. Unless you count the no-hoper against the Munchies on the 13th !. I would recall all our loanees for that game in Munchie !. Here Denilson and Bendy remind us why we pay you exorbitant wages !.

  • I must say that it was one of better games we’ve played, but we still lost in the end unfortunately. Those two defensive blunders aside and this game could have easily been a draw or 1-0 for us.

  • I have a gun and ime gona f**cking use it. Dont try and stop me and try to persuade that things are gona be allright, ime gona f**cking do it. Yeah, you f**cking heard me, ime gona do it………….ime gona kill David Pleat. hahahaha

  • Hahaha ………anychance of doing a two for one deal and shoot my f**king Mother-in-Law and also my “Trouble” is pissing me off at the moment, can you just wound her though, but not in the hands or arms as I still need her to cook and clean !.

  • £7m a year just to continue making people miserable!!!
    A manager who willingly chose Walcott over Bale, and makes him our highest paid player!!! Bale is far far better than Walcott, and with a £50m higher wage-bill, as well as a 24,000 bigger capacity, we’re 7pts adrift!!!
    24pts behind MU!!!
    Pathetic football club!!! Grow some f***ing balls and start putting supporters needs first you greedy, selfish w**kers!!!

  • What sort of Saint say`s “I hope Arsenal lose ! “, If she wasn`t bigger and stronger than me I would give her a good beating with my arsenal slippers !.

  • Who wants to F**cking join me. After pleat ime going to blow away that fat f**cker Clive Allen hahaha

  • HH, 🙂

    There are times when I need to read an upbeat comment like yours at 19:02 to get me away from the slough of despond!!

    For me, with the two efforts the Spuds inexplicably missed in the 2nd half, I am relieved it was not 4:1 at FT.

    I am not normally given to over-reaction or being too melodramatic, but our defence, even making allowances for injury disruptions etc, was pretty damned awful, and Arteta, a nice man and a skilful player, just cannot get his little legs moving to track back.

    Oh well, see all you guys tomorrow. 🙂

  • I take it your not too happy either Herb !. hahaha
    If we didn`t laugh, we would all end up in a Berkampesque Prison !…..I bags top bunk and I`m not sharing with Vic`s, f**k the colostomy bag and all that kind of shit !. hahaha

  • RA :),

    Arteta was actually very aggressive in the tackle today and played decent from what I saw. Those goals were solely the responsibility of the back four and they should take fault for their poor play. We still need to be a little more decisive and direct in the final third but I think that’ll come with more talent in the summer. The Spuds did not look like an unbeatable team by any means, but we were unfortunately just not good enough to pull the game even today.

  • Stretch, can we do it ” Inglourious Basterds ” style and carve gooner on their heads and a cannon on their Hamptons !.

  • Yeah, ime up for that Cornwall. I was thinking of doing a Mike Struuter. Feign interst in Allens pork pie hobby, and when he least expects shoot the fat f*ck in the leg, then commence pissing. hahaha

  • Wrong wording HH, we should have been aggressive with the tackle and shafted the splurge muvver f**kers !.

  • I bet Vic`s is like one of the Zombies on “The Walking Dead “, everytime we lose he cuts off a limb !.
    Actually that would make a f**king brilliant film…..Mike Strutter Vs The Zimmerframe Zombies !. hahaha

  • hahahaha “The Wheelchair Dead”. Mike Strutter would piss all over them. hahaha

  • Hahahaha If your reading this Strutter, me and Stretch want walk on parts with baseball bats and Red carpet treatment at the Piccadilly premier !.

  • Shit, my mania has got the better of me and ive just shot Fernando in the foot. Whos gona cook my F**cking dinner now? hahahaha

  • Did anybody else notice the impact the keepers had on the game? We cut their defence with through balls just like they did to ours. Unfortunately Lloris’ ability to rush out covered the mistakes of his defence while Szescney’s inability to properly close down made us look like idiots.

  • Aye Rohan, I wouldn’t blame those goals on Szczesny’s inability to close down on those goals. The passes were much different as ours were inside their 18 yard box, where as the Spuds’ ones were 5 or so yards outside of ours.

    Also, the Spuds didn’t try and work a high line, which meant they were right on our forwards’ backs when those through balls were being played. Our back four gave Bale and Lennon complete daylight to compose themselves and the passes were just far enough outside of our box that Szczesny could not challenge without being entirely out of position.

  • Not in the second half, but in the first half hour they did. I agree that our defence was to blame but in the Lennon goal he commited himself far too early. I was looking at the ball to Bale, which was inside our penalty area, and I keep thinking that Szczesny could have done more. Once again, not putting the full blame on Szezesny – the defence is primarily to blame – but it can make a huge difference when playing the high line if the keeper times his rushing out properly.

  • If I didn’t know better, I’d swear Tottenham are paying Arsene Wenger to deliberately destroy Arsenal. Tomas Rosicky was absolute quality at Dortmund, we’ve never seen that player at Arsenal. After an injury ravaged two years at Auxerre, Arsene Wenger bought him to be the ‘new’ Patrick Vieira. The boy gets injured tying his shoe laces. Arshavin, decent enough at Zenit, and we paid a whopping £15m for 4 months service, four years on he can’t even get on the bench. Scott Parker told Bob Wilson he wanted to join Arsenal. We didn’t move and he went to Tottenham for £5m. Weeks later, we got humiliated at 8-2 at OT, so on Transfer deadline day, paid £10m for Arteta to play him in Parker’s role, but out of his (Arteta) own natural position.
    Hugo Lloris was ours if we wanted him at £12m. Now that is either bordering on insanity or it is just plain ignorance. We’re above Liverpool, and have had the upper-hand on them for a number of years. So why is it that they can bring in the quality of Torres (who was phenomenal at Liverpool), and Suarez, whilst we are served up with one-season wonders like Adebayor and the mis-firing Olivier Giroud? First season adjustment syndrome? Quality footballers adapt immediately, like Suarez and Torres did, and too many other examples to list.
    We want the world to think we’re Harrod’s, but we’ll only shop at Aldi, or if we’re feeling particularly extravagant, Asda.
    The Arsenal are in a dark place.

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