Everybody loves Rosický except Arsene Wenger

Well at least it seems that way!

Will we finally see our little Mozart direct play again?

What’s not to love about a fully fit and passionate Little Mozart?!

What has happened to Tomáš Rosický? He has been mostly fit since 1 December last year, but nevertheless has hardly played for us. Despite his reputation of always being injured, the Czech midfield maestro has averaged 35 games in all competitions over the three previous seasons. Yet, this season, he has played in only eight games and in most of them only as a substitute.

I have always believed that Rosicky is well liked by  Arsene, and as he signed a new contract about a year ago, there was every reason to believe that the 32 year old Czech would play an important role for us this season.

Tomáš is a player who, when fully fit, will give his all for the shirt. On top of that, he has the ability to conduct our game and make us play like Wenger wants us to. He is our most experienced Gunner and plays with real passion for the club. This season we overplayed the likes of Arteta, Cazorla and Wilshere, and it would have made sense to use Tomáš a lot more during the busy December and January months.

The few times he was used this season, he added another dimension to our play. His first half performance against Olympiacos was simply fantastic and his efforts were rewarded by scoring a fine goal. He did not feature in the second half and the team suffered as a result. He probably was not fit enough to complete the full ninety minutes, but it was a shame to not see him play a bit longer.

He also had a good, ‘full of drive’ game against Blackburn – about the only one who did! – and he added new energy and hunger to our team when he recently came on as a sub against Bayern and Spuds.

We all love the little Mozart when he drives forward and dictates our play: he gives us shape and brings in bags of passion, and we all know he loves the club.

So, why did Wenger not play him more this season?

Well maybe one of our readers will know a bit more about Arsene’s recent relationship with Rosicky. If there are any Czech Gooners out there maybe they could tell us whether there were issues between Arsene and Rosicky as a result of Tomáš playing for the Czech republic during the Euros, whilst possibly not being fully fit. I have a vague memory there were rumors about this, and as our maestro got injured – or maybe made his injury a lot worse – Arsene could have decided to side-line him this season.

Another possible explanation is that Arsene is desperate to get his system of football established within the team again, and consequently prefers to play the same players as much as possible. Our team has been searching desperately for its shape and chemistry between the players, and as Arsene’s preferred players in midfield: Arteta, Cazorla and Wilshere were mostly fit, and he also had Ramsey available in recent months, it could simply be that he did not feel the need to play Rosicky more regularly this season.

And maybe, there is a totally different reason; it all remains a mystery to me.

Once again I invite fellow Gooners to shed their light with us on the reasons for Rosicky’s continuous absence as a starter in our first team this season.

He is fit, more than capable, passionate and experienced; all qualities and characteristics Arsenal have a desperate need for at the moment, and I hope to see a lot more of him during the remainder of the season.

Written by: TotalArsenal.


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151 Responses to Everybody loves Rosický except Arsene Wenger

  1. Milo says:

    I don’t think Arsene would hold a grudge against Rosicky like that, for the whole season. I mean didn’t Theo do something similar with the England Under 21’s??? I think it’s more like this…Wenger doesn’t see Rosicky as a long term investment or solution, and conequently, wants to get the best out of his midfielders who are younger. He wants to build familiarity and cohesion between Arteta, Diaby, Wilshere, and Cazorla. That could have been Rosicky’s last tournament for the Czech Republic!!! And as captain of the squad, how could Wenger begrudge him of that??? I doubt that is the case, although I could be wrong.

  2. Rosicky over Ramsey says:

    Its simple. Wenger has his favorites in the squad and Ramsey clearly one of’em and unfortunately Rosicky is not. That’s my opinion. I absolutely love Rosicky and Ramsey too but Rosicky definitely a starter and Ramsey…..Well I don’t even think he’s good enough for our bench but like I said “Wenger has his favorites”

  3. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Milo, that is a possibility. What I don’t understand is that Arsene agreed to sign up Tomas last year as a 31 year old, and yet does hardly play him now…. I also cannot imagine Tomas having agreed with playing so seldom in the last quality years of his career….

  4. Sebastian says:

    It makes it even more puzzling when Arteta isn’t exactly setting the world alight, and Cazorla’s form has probably dipped a little and may need a games rest. I’m not about to start Ramsey bashing, but in complete honesty, Ramsey doesn’t offer half as much as Rosicky in my eyes. Add the fact that Rosicky hasn’t onced moaned about his lack of playing time, signs the contract with no fuss and only has good things to say about Arsenal. The most unsung of heroes. Even if Wenger doesn’t seem to appreciate him, I’m glad most gooners do. Top lad.

  5. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi R over R,

    That could well be the case, but I always thought Rosicky was one of Arsene’s favourite players too. So what has happened?

  6. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Sebastian

    Ramsey is a good player to have in the wider squad: not brilliant but a hard worker who can come on a sub or sometimes start a game for us. Rosicky is indeed different class and seldom or never disappoints when fit.

  7. Seriously says:

    Someone please tell Wenger!!! Rosicky is world class. Absolutely brilliant. If he was, say, a Barca player, imagine the praise he would receive. Wenger plays Ramsey, a SLOW, CLUMSY EX-talent (sad to see and say, his top hopes are OVER Wenger!!!) who is the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of rosicky who is our fluid, our oil, a perfect quickpasser who also drives forward past players with the ball just like wilshere. rosicky is even better than wilshere. No? Yes he is! and rosicky is our best tackler BY FAR.

  8. davi says:

    Rosicky was injured earlier in the season and given his long record with injuries, I think Wenger has decided to lean more on Ramsey, being younger and more robust (even despite his leg break). Also I do think Ramsey is a better fit for the more defensive role because he’s stronger and a bit fitter. I think Wenger sees Rosicky as having more of a Giggs-type role nowadays. Sad because Rosicky was brilliant when he was younger but he’s not going to be considered a regular starter at Arsenal any more, rather an important squad member who can come on and change games when needed.

  9. glic says:

    Thanks Totes, I too love this guy and haven`t a clue why he isn`t being played more than one space at a time, I`ll have to ask my Czech Mate !.

    From the previous post. Milo, I agree, I dont think AW will ever change and like you say he needs better quality players to play his system, trouble is, those sort of quality players cost quality money and as previously said “AW will never change”, it could also be said he will never change when it comes to spending big money. This summers TW will be his final chance imo and even though he will have some serious money available, he is going to have to convince players to join a most likely non CL team !.

    Now if only he had listened to 1000`s of gooners about not selling RVP to our rivals we probably wouldn`t be as down as Vic`s is !.

    Night sad f**kers !. hahahaha

  10. Mint says:

    How Ramsey gets in the team ahead of Rosicky is a total mystery. Ramsey isnt good enough to lace rosicky’s boots. I’d rather have Rosicky playing in a wheelchair than a fully fit Ramsey.

  11. TotalArsenal says:

    Seriously passionate support for Rosicky there! I am not sure Wenger prefers Ramsey to Rosicky: they both can bring something different to the team, and could easily play together in our formation.

  12. TotalArsenal says:

    Davi that is a sensible comment and I agree with most of it. I think Arsene is making a big mistake with not playing a lot more regularly: his drive, passion and ability to conduct the game are sorely missed at times.

  13. Herb'sArmy says:

    Hi Total, Thanks for the Post.
    You know my feelings on Rosicky, we have never seen the footballer that wowed the Dortmund supporters, his injury record mirrors that of Diaby’s, and he has never given a performance to suggest he could take us to the next level, save for a 3rd Rnd FA Cup tie at Anfield in 2007, when we beat Liverpool 3-1, and Rosicky ran the show.
    Undoubtedly he had ability, but like Diaby, he has cost Arsenal far too much when weighed-up against what he has given in return.

  14. Highbury Harmony says:


    Wonderful recognition to Little Mozart and I’m sure there are a ton of Gooners out there baffled by his absence from our games lately.

    It’d be a different matter altogether had we been winning games or establishing consistency with the combination of Santi, Jack, Diaby and Arteta, but the fact of the matter is that we haven’t and it’s a vicious cycle of inconsistency instead. Rosicky and Santi seem to link-up very well with one another and Rosicky is constantly looking to move our play forward, opposed to the sideways and backwards passing crap that we see so often.

    Why not line-up with Santi-Rosicky-Theo as the three behind Poldi or Giroud and have Jack and Arteta further back in midfield? Jack’s been stumped lately in the attacking role and looks like he could use more space further back to make those surging runs we have seen from him so often in the past. I echo most people’s comments about Ramsey: he’s a hard worker and decent defensively, but nowhere near the quality of an Arsenal starter. I think he’s played out of necessity (lack of alternative options) and because AW does not want his form or confidence to suffer (love child).

    There has to be more than meets the eye with the Rosicky situation and I really hope it’s not fall-out from his injury at the Euros. That would just be foolish and ignorant on AW’s part.

  15. Milo says:

    I don’t think calling Ramsey Arsene’s “love child” is fair. I cannot bring myself to do that. I still remember the day when his career was seemingly ruined. He reminded me a lot of Zidane as well as Rosicky himself, before he had his leg broken. There aren’t many clips out there, I don’t think, but if you can find some of the early time that Ramsey spent at our club, you would see a large difference in the level of his play, I would wager. Such a big loss to English football!!! 😦

  16. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Herb,

    He has definitely been plagued by injury and who knows what could have been had he been as fit as say Fabregas or Denilson in those years.

    However, I don’t agree with your view that he has not been important for us. He has been effective in many a game over the years and one of his best contributions was when he came on in the second half against Udinese (the CL qualifier two seasons ago). He turned the game round for us by giving us shape and focus and bringing tons of energy to the team.

    As he is now fit again, and in good form, it is a real shame we don’t see more of him.

  17. TotalArsenal says:

    Fine comment HH. 🙂

    I think Davi was spot on with the reason Ramsey is played a lot more than Rosicky. The Welshman is perceived as a better defender and as Arteta is not the full package, Arsene appears to opt for Ramsey or Diaby, rather than Rosicky. Tomas can of course play in the CAM role as well, but Wenger wants either Wilshere or Cazorla to play there. But Tomas can play in various positions and still add real quality to the team, and it is inexplicable that we don’t see a lot more of him this season…. 😦

  18. Danish Gooner says:

    It dosnt matter who he plays,it aint working,if its Messi,Ronaldo,Varane,Rosicky etc it aint working and never will

  19. TotalArsenal says:

    You have got a point there Danish G, although ‘never will’ goes a bit too far in my view.

    What is your country making of their first national striker – slim shady Nicklas Bendtner?!

  20. afc says:

    A very fine blog on Arsenal’s forgotten man. Rosicky is our best CAM after Cazorla and I cannot understand why Wenger will pick Ramsey over Rosicky over and over again. Ramsey continues to be ahead of Rosicky for the CAM role when clearly Rosicky is much better than performing this role than Ramsey. I think that any of our other midfielders, forwards and even youth players e.g. Eisfeld would do better than Ramsey as our CAM. What sets Rosicky apart from our other midfielders i.e. Ramsey is that he is not predictable and can play a variety of different passes regardless of where he is and has desire to win games (when he came on against Bayern he wanted to get involved and instantly played a lobbed 30 yard ball down the wing to Walcott trying to get us back into the game). He knows how he wants to play and plays like an individual and always has a trick up his sleeve to beat defenders (like Arshavin used to). Ramsey and even Arteta are predictable. Before they even make a pass you seem to know where it will end up. Ramsey and Arteta can pass the ball and keep possesion, there is no doubt about that but them and some of the other players in the Arsenal team play like they are all under the control of Wenger and they are the puppets and Wenger is the puppet master. It really irritates me when players just keep passing the ball sideways and backwards in front of the opposition and do not make killer passes. Ramsey and Arteta are now like this. I would rather have a player who is not as good a passer as Ramsey and Arteta and makes key passes and gets assists (Song) than players who just seem to make God knows how many short passes but of which none are key passes. Maybe Wenger will not play Rosicky as he does not see him being an vital piece of this Arsenal team in years to come and is planning for the future. Everton apparently wanted Rosicky in January but Wenger would not sell Rosicky to them. This means that Rosicky must be doing something for Arsenal. Maybe off the pitch he is helping younger players like Ramsey and Eisfeld develop their game so they can perform well as an CAM. Wenger needs to make a decision on whether Rosicky will be a part of this Arsenal team in the future as he seems to have clearly fallen out of Wengers book and if so he needs to be sold for the sake of the player and the club. The money of his sale could then be used to bring in a player who Wenger will actually play. Rosicky is an experienced international who was a captain of his national team who is being treated like deadwood even though he performs when given hardly any chances but players like Ramsey are treated like a God when they are not performing and have a chance as they play a lot of games. This is wrong. If something does not change, Rosicky could end up like Arshavin with no confidence and looking like he has been forced to play for us against his will and cannot wait to leave. We could do what Liverpool have done and give the younger players like Gnarby and Eisfeld a chance and see what they can do. Liverpool done this and found Sterling who is one of their best attackers and gives it his all every match. Eislfeld or Gnarby could be our Sterling and they should be given a chance to prove themselves the first team. I am open to your thoughts on the matter.

  21. Highbury Harmony says:


    I am well aware of Ramsey’s past potential pre-injury, however he hasn’t been that player since the injury nor shown flashes of that same player.

    He deserves the label of AW’s love child because there isn’t much of a reason to be playing him right now. Working hard does not compensate for an utter lack of quality. He kills our attack as much as Arteta and his constant backwards movement is so frustrating to watch.

  22. Shapiro says:

    He did show a lot of passion when he can on. I think AW should play him as well as Chambo! Why is the OX now warming the bench? Do we have to pay Southampton more money if he playsore games???

  23. S j little says:

    How Ramsey gets in the team is a mystery, he runs around in space trying to work out whet to do, he can’t tackle or head or dribble or hit the target. He is slow and clumsy. rosicky is fast, quick clever defence splitting passes, only problem like all -Arsenal players he can’t score but as said Ramsey can’t hit the target never mind score!

  24. oz gunner says:

    Good read TA, and good topic choice.

    It mystifies me also given his resurgence in the second half of last season. I feel it was his form and come back that helped us achieve Champions league football.

    His injury at the Euros certainly did not help the cause though. It seems all too often that we sit here and say ‘wow rosicky and diaby! they are great players etc etc’ but unfortunately we all know how the story goes!

    I’m fed up with them both but I feel it’s time to start playing Rosicky if we want that top 4 spot. I prefer Jack in the AM position but for right now to get results I’d like to see Jack and Rosicky central with Santi in front.
    Arteta’s form has dropped off so I’d like to see him drop to the bench.

    All this talk about Ramsey is tough to swallow. I honestly don’t see anything wrong with the lad. Yes he had a chance to equalise on the weekend but it was a very small window (Podolski’s heavy touch was far worse) but he is as honest as the day is long! I think he offers more than Arteta and it’s time he took over his position; Arsene’s perseverance with Ramsey will pay off in the end.

    The problem I see with Walcott is the timing of his runs. Too often he darts off before someone has the chance to see his movement. Our players can’t be expected to thread the needle with a first touch so ease it back theo. It also annoys me when he takes off and throws his hands in the air. Bloody get back and go again! In Aussie rules we may have to lead 3-4 times in a few moments. Yes it’s frustrating but you keep going for the team and to create opportunities. This spoilt brat mentality in a lot of our players needs to be ironed out!
    What does throwing your hands up in the air hope to prove? If anything the player who passed it may get angry and not pass it to you again or feel obliged to pass it even though another player was in a better position!

  25. Highbury Harmony says:

    Oz, the problem with Ramsey is that while he doesn’t hurt us, he doesn’t offer us anything significant either. He’s not Arsenal quality and it’s sad to see that we’ve succumbed to depending on him in important games.

    I want to pull my eyeballs out when I see him with the ball running backwards constantly or passing the ball sideways. I don’t want him anywhere near the f**cking starters past this season again.

  26. oz gunner says:

    What does Arteta do any differently than Ramsey? Only difference I see is when we played Ramsey in his position (Liverpool) he runs tirelessly all game and offers as an outlet. He should be judged on his best position not when Arsene fits him into the team. I still think he should be sent out on loan so he can get regular football. Arsene has been wrong before (eg. Denilson) but I don’t think Ramsey is a flop.

    Arsene does not help the cause when he substitutes Jenks and moves Ramsey in to a position which required accurate crosses and added width. If we were winning yes, not when we are chasing!

  27. Highbury Harmony says:

    Oz, I’m not saying Arteta is any better, but Ramsey is just as bad. They both aren’t up to snuff for Arsenal right now and would be fine options coming off the bench or to give proper starters a rest every now and then. Arteta still has more interceptions per game than Ramsey, so in that sense he’s marginally better.

    Ramsey should not be starting games to begin with, it really shows how weak we’ve become to have to depend on him. As TA said yesterday, it’s become quite clear that despite Giroud’s and Ramsey’s work rate and effort, they are just not of Arsenal starter quality. We need more talent and quality throughout this squad if we’re to ever move forward.

  28. Highbury Harmony says:

    You can’t have players in your starting line-up that get by because you “can’t see anything wrong with them”. The issue is that those players are simply average and cannot offer anything in the way of helping us win games or producing something extra-special.

  29. oz gunner says:

    But I’m not saying Ramsey should play every game just to aid in his development, I’m advocating he should go out on loan to get the experience he needs (but obviously currently we have to make do with what we’ve got) . At the moment he is a squad player (as you know a good squad is vital) but I don’t agree with individuals who say he is not good enough and should be sold.

    Does every player on the pitch have to produce something extra special? There are specific positions on the pitch for that. A box to box midfielder is his position but how often does he get to play there? The quality must be there if Arsene is playing him all over the place in an effort to improve his overall game.

  30. Dylan says:

    I don’t think love child is fair because I think it is required to play Ramsey right now. Mostly due to lack of options but the one thing is he should be playing him over Arteta not alongside him that takes away a dimension of our midfield. Usually it’d be Arteta passes to Jack who links up with Santi and moves the ball forward. With Arteta and Ramsey together it’s pass pass pass lose the ball pass pass then link up with an outside back who has to bring it forward. I personally like Ramsey and he doesn’t deserve half the abuse he gets because let’s be honest despite what some of you others said I’d rather see a player working hard and getting a few things right (Ramsey) than a player isolate himself and barely touch the ball (Theo of late).

  31. Highbury Harmony says:


    I would prefer to not see Ramsey at all. Given the dearth of quality in our squad right now, he’s being played because of a lack of options (as you said). I would prefer to see Coquelin play in DM opposed to both Arteta and Ramsey and see if he can gain a good run of form and make the position his own.

    He’s AW’s love child because he always gets playing time over more useful players and never does anything significant with it.

  32. Highbury Harmony says:


    Not every player needs to produce something special, but Ramsey provides NOTHING extra to our squad. His turnovers and fouls have hurt us to a degree though. Hard work should be required from everyone in the squad and it needs to be established in training. AW’s tactics require skilled players to execute the beautiful, total football approach. Ramsey does not add anything to this and is just a hindrance on the field, not because he’s harming our team by conceding goals, but because he’s not helping us push forward to score them either.

    Rosicky would have more use than Ramsey, and maybe we could bring Ramsey on late in games to “work hard” to defend. I concur that a loan move away would be the best option for him. If he can’t find his form and become the player he was supposed to be on loan, then it’ll be clear that he should be sold. What AW is doing now isn’t helping his career or development, it’s simply harming us on the pitch and in the standings.

  33. Milo says:

    Shut the fuck up already with this “love child” nonsense. I bet you were one of the ones calling him a sheep=shagger too, because he is from Wales. If you can’t see the player’s quality, fine, but don’t resort to petty name-calling. It doesn’t do anyone any good. I’m serious, a regular poster of articles on a site as good as this SHOULD know better!!! Disappointed.

  34. Highbury Harmony says:

    Milo, last I checked I am entitled to my own opinion and may call a player whatever I like so long as it is not racist. What you are not entitled to is to tell me to shut the fuck up or curb what I think. I never called him a sheep shagger either as that implies crossing said racial/cultural boundary. I can call him whatever the bloody hell I want to, as NUMEROUS “respected” posters call him the same thing.

  35. Highbury Harmony says:

    Unless, of course you are implying that more than half of the regular posters here are wrong.

  36. henrychan says:

    Morning all..

    Yes.. Rosicky is a great AM.. Ramsey also.. and we still have Ox and Eisfeld..
    The problem is Wenger don’t rotate the midfielders well..
    Tobe on top performance.. they must play as much as possible..
    And Rosicky will be back to his best performance in one or two more games..

    And Age is not a problem for me.. Wenger must learn from SAF.. how to rotate the players.. Just look at Giggs and Scholes.. They do just fine in their ages..
    For example MU bring Kagawa.. and yes Kagawa is briliant.. he made a hattrick last game.. but Kagawa don’t play every single games.. Not every game he can perform well.. And so do others.. So do Cazorla or Wilshere..

    So Ratation is the key.. And we have a qualified enough midfielders..
    Ox and Eisfeld haven’t play for long enough.. So let them play..

  37. Abdirashid says:

    I dnt undestand y rosicky who is well exprience player i hv eva seen despite he has not started the season due to injury he z thrown out by wenger &yet he z aman who take the guners to finish top three last season wit rvp since arival of santi he z fuly bench idnt understand wenger let him(wenga)go so that achance of rosicky come there z no day arteta,ramsey,diaby,carzola is compare to rosicky again

  38. oz gunner says:

    I get what you’re saying HH but Ramsey as a player is meant to keep the midfield ticking over with possession, high work-rate and offering an outlet (something certain players in the team lack and often go in to hiding in games). What Ramsey offers is perseverance, hard work and he NEVER hides. Yes Rosicky is better suited to our needs at the moment but I’m saying Ramsey should not cop it when he is being asked to play away from his natural position. He cannot adapt to that as say Yossi could (but then again he isn’t a veteran of the game.

    You say he doesn’t fit in to our style of play, what on earth do you think will happen if we buy that ‘beast’ enforcer everyone wants? He will be passing sideways to our more attacking players. If Ramsey improves defensively (perhaps his spells at RB will help this) then you have a midfielder with outstanding work-rate, ability to pop up with a goal or two (his accuracy has waned a touch since his injury) and knows our system/team mates.

  39. Jamesofsouthwales says:

    I often wonder the same about Arteta, why does he get in the team. He’s slow, weak and mostly passes the ball sideways and slows our attacks down, correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t the Gooner faithful hound Denilson out of Arsenal for exactly the same reasons. The problem is Arteta isn’t going to get any better and you have to ask would he get in other top 6 European teams of which we are 1. At least other players have youth on their side but I don’t feel our midfield is as strong as people make out. Asking ageing players to play so often in the engine room there will always be problems.

  40. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning guys 🙂

    Really enjoyed your comments last night, and interesting to notice that discussing Rosicky’s situation seems to be directly linked to Ramsey for many fellow Gooners. For me, they are both squad players and add value as such to the team. The difference is Rosicky hardly gets a chance and it does not make much sense to most if not all of us.

    As a general comment, please always refrain from getting personal or agressive towards another blogger. 🙂

  41. Gerry says:

    Pity about the responses which had the name ROSICKY in big letters, has now degenerated into ‘who hates Ramsey(‘s style of play)’ versus ‘who thinks Ramsey is a good squad player, and deserves his place’.

    Sorry HH, your allowing your emotions to run away from an acceptable debate. It does not help?

    Henrychan has just made the very good point that AW doesn’t do rotation very well, although there may be good reasons for that. If that is the case, as the blog headline suggests??? It is Arsene Wenger you should be venting your anger at?

    A couple of months ago, when Ramsey’s confidence was really down, he really was over- played, and it did not help him. I can remember the abuse that Song would get for losing possession in trying to play numerous ‘key passes’ that failed. Now Song is everybody’s darling because they only remember his assists. Ramsey has not got the range of passes that Song had/has, and it is probably wise that he does not do the chips over the top for that reason.
    Again, I come back to AW. If we are trying to play the possession game, and with our suspect defence we are probably wise to do so, the last thing you want is players trying a 20/80 pass high up the pitch, when a 95/5 sideways keeps us going. And that I would imagine is the instruction that they go out with?

    Of course HH, you are right. We do need more quality in this area. If said quality comes in then I am sure Ramsey will be seen coming off the bench, rather than starting.

    And yes, you can also point to the better quality of Rosicky in the CAM role. In that role I would have Arshavin over Ramsey too. But the point that you want to overlook it seems is that Ramsey is there for an auxiliary DM. We sacrifice Jack from the CAM position for the same reason, but by having Ramsey in the side it allows Jack a bit more freedom to go forwards. It is not that Rosicky cannot drop back, but his instincts are to go forwards. Which is what he does very well. But working with the squad we have, Arsene could certainly rotate better, but changing the team around when they haven’t got a winning run behind them, as I said yesterday, doesn’t help. At least the players have a good idea where Ramsey will be should they need a ‘get out’ ball? Not always pretty, but sometimes needed?

    The way this discussion was heading it makes it sound like you would like to start with the team that finished the game off on Sunday, except with Ramsey off and Jenks staying on?

    … To quote a well known sporting phrase (thanks Mr McEnroe).

    You saw how wide open we were during that hectic last 10 minutes. Circumstances dictated that we might just as well lost 4-1 as 2-1, but honestly, do you think we were more secure at the back?

    Damn it! I wasn’t going to get involved in this one … I have a whole season’s form to get on my database and I haven’t even got past April …Grrr!

    Argue amongst yourselves, but keep it pleasant and REALISTIC.


  42. oz gunner says:

    @ James

    Well said. Arteta’s last season form was outstanding. But as we know veterans careers can change in an instant. His decline appears to have begun already unfortunately. I’d rather Ramsey play there because experience alone isn’t cutting it for Arteta. Song was evolving in to a player with great passing abilities, Arteta appears to have de-evolved and lost his.

  43. Red Arse says:

    Morning Guys, 🙂

    Great Post, and great comments too.

    I hope Milo and HH, two really good BK posters, agree to disagree over Rambo, and move on so they can keep us all interested and discussing Arsena with their usual perspicacityl!! 😀

    A rare beautiful morning over here in the UK, so hope it is good where you all are too! 🙂

  44. VCC says:

    Morning all. Please see the last post yesterday regarding the UMF 1 League.

    I propose we include the FA Cup and Premiership fixtures this week end, as the Premiership is only 7 games.

    Please give feed back.

    Man City v Barnsley
    Everton v Wigan
    Newcastle v Stoke
    Norwich v Southampton
    QPR v Sunderland
    Reading v Aston Villa
    WBA v Swansea
    ManUre v Chelsea
    Millwall v Blackburn
    Liverpool v Spurs

  45. henrychan says:

    @VCC :
    City win..
    Newc – Stoke Draw..
    Norwich – Soton Draw..
    MU – Chelsea draw..
    Liverpool win

    So.. Arsenal won’t play this sunday.. And when will the game reschedule..??
    Good for us.. So we can prepare well again Munchen.. Hope we make some miracle there..
    Winning to Munchen.. even we don’t trough to the next round.. will elevate the spirit..
    Wish for the best.. Go Gunners..

  46. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning Gerry 🙂

    Re your 7.51 comment: we like emotion at Bergkampesque – Football is emotion; emotion is goooooood! 🙂

    Therefore nothing wrong with anybody adding emotion to the conversation. I agree with your last line: it is important to keep things cordial/pleasant. However, HH is always realistic – in fact he calls himself a realist – so I don’t think you need to remind him, or anybody else, of that. You run the risk of coming across patronizing, and I am sure that is not your intention, right? 🙂

  47. TotalArsenal says:

    James, all agreed. Come next season, the likes of Arteta, Ramsey, Coquelin and Rosicky (and Diaby ???) are all likely to be rotational squad players. With a beast of a DM, Cazorla, Jack we have the most likely first-11 midfielders for next season, and the rest can add and rotate as needed. Hopefully, we will also see Eisfeld being added to the mix.

  48. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Henry, good point about rotation. Do you agree that the team is not settled enough to allow more frequent rotation? At least, that seems Arsene’s stance this season (and last)…

  49. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning Redder, top quality morning in Norfolk as well – everything looks booootiful! 😛

  50. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers VCC, update of widget will follow soon 🙂

    Are feeling a little bit less gloomy this morning; is your zimmerframe buzzing again? haha 🙂

  51. TotalArsenal says:

    Oz, good to see you back! What is this story about miners getting the sack in Australia for doing some sort of dance?

    Are you back home properly now? Tell us about your mining experience! 🙂

  52. TotalArsenal says:

    Let’s talk about tonight’s game then: the one between the rich but flair-less clubs. Who would you like to lose more: Maureen’s Divers or RedNose’s horrible Mancs?

    Hard decision for me; but I think I go with van Judas not winning the CL and to see that face at the end of the game hehehe! My money is on 2-2 final score.

  53. TotalArsenal says:

    Right too many TA’s – I get the message hahaha 🙂

    Catch you later.

  54. Herb'sArmy says:

    Morning, Total, and anyone else tuned-in.
    “He has been effective in many a game over the years…” Really? I must have slept through those games. Did it take us anywhere significant? You cite the game against Udinese, well he was also on the park for the 8-2 at OT, and it’s always been my opinion that big players turn up for the big games. One goal and no assists, last season, and some called it his best season since he joined in 2006. Shocking.
    He has been a poor investment, and a waste of good money, as have been the majority of Arsene Wenger’s recent purchases.

  55. henrychan says:

    @TA.. No.. Not for me.. Our players are above avarage..
    I think Wenger got too much pressure.. to WIN.. every single game..
    (just what we did in this blog also.. hehehe..)
    So that why he put almost the same players.. to secure the games..
    And only change some if injured or sick or very unperformed in training season..

    The other reason is.. Wenger trust his players so much.. that he will be so patient to watch them grow.. even they often make some mistake.. Typically a Father.. a very good father.. and that’s why all the players.. eventhough they already gone.. they always love him..
    unfortunately.. this kind of type.. look like very unfair to some others player..

    And most of all.. I think Wenger have a very big pride of being a successful coach..
    He will be more than happy to make a star rather than to bring ones..
    Maybe for him.. Nothing special to manage all stars together.. No challenge there..

    But I think nothing is permanent.. all thing in this world in impermanent..
    His vision.. not his tactic.. maybe just ain’t right anymore in this kind of situation..
    Football is dramaticly change in five years lately..
    Just like old saying : change or die..

    But who am I to judge Wenger.. hehehehe..

  56. henrychan says:

    @TA.. for tonight game between MU and Chelsea.. I choose MU..
    Not because they are better.. but I hope they are too busy and tired.. with so much games.. So that we can beat them to make our revenge.. hehehehe..

    And If Chelsea lose.. then there will be so much pressure.. and will make them shaked.. hopely untill the season finished.. hahahaha..

  57. VCC says:

    Total 11:19……Yes, I feel much better today, the hurt is fading with time. I’m now preying Real Madrid make it a nice evening by beating my number one hate Manscum. I might even treat myself to a mid week bottle of Shirez, sipping away while I watch Van Judas weep.

    My Zimmerframe is on hold at the moment. I’m slowly moving over to Herb’s side of the fence. Everybody, their Aunts and Dogs can see Wenger has got it wrong but he is so stubborn he refuses to budge. This is borne out of the fact he knows he is untouchable. I’m sorry to say I see him just dawdling along doing the same old same old this time next year.

    I give him until the end of the close season this summer, then make my mind up whether he is the right guy to take us forward. None of this old Schmaloney about funds, new stadium, pplayers leaving lark. Do what Jim used to do and FIX it. No more pussy footing around Mr.Wenger, my patience has worn thin.

    Herb, I have a question for you……..who do you want to win tonight at Old Toilet?

  58. VCC says:

    Henry….tonights game is between ManUre and Real Madrid………..Champions league. COYRA

  59. VCC says:

    Hi Henry…..your odds are 88-1. you’ve slipped up and dropped a couple of places the last two weeks, you need to pull your socks up hehehe.

    GLic’s odds are 33-1

  60. TotalArsenal says:

    Haha Herb, it is too late now, but I should have changed the title to: ‘Everybody loves Rosicky, except Arsene and Herb’ 😛

    Fair enough, Herb, we just see it differently. 🙂

  61. Red Arse says:

    Hi VCC and twiddly dee, 🙂

    The Red Arse march up the UMF league has started since I took matters back into my own hands! 🙂

    My predictions:

    QPR v Sunderland – Draw
    WBA v Swansea = Draw
    ManUre v Chelsea = Draw
    Millwall v Blackburn = Away Win
    Liverpool v Spurs = Draw

    Away the lads!!

  62. TotalArsenal says:

    Haha Henry ‘change or die’ – the message is clear! 😛

    VCC, I know you are a well-balanced Gooner and your views and feelings are shared by many right now. Recent performances have shocked me too and it is hard to say how things can progress from here, both for the remainder of the season, and to a lesser extent, the next season. 😕

  63. Herb'sArmy says:

    Hi VCC, I never support MU at home or in Europe, so although I have no love for either of the two sides playing tonight, I grudgingly give my vote to Real Madrid.
    I don’t dislike Rosicky, Total, we’ve just never seen the Rosicky that Dortmund had, and as with many recent signings, I’m sure you’d agree that many Arsenal supporters are feeling a little cheated.

  64. Herb'sArmy says:

    And by the way, Total, if Arsene Wenger’s signings had half the talent he wants us to believe they possess, we’d me multiple CL winners and on the verge of world domination! 🙂

  65. Red Arse says:

    Hi Herb, 🙂

    Good to see you in fine fettle, and letting Arsene have it with both barrels!! 😀

  66. TotalArsenal says:

    Herb, I am really happy with this season’s signings, including the currently somewhat disappointing Giroud. I also reckon Ox will come good and Arteta has been good value until now.

    It all depends what happens this summer though. I reckon Giroud, Arteta and even Gervinho are good First-18 players to have, but we need to add a DM, a CB, and ideally also a quality striker and back-up veteran keeper.

  67. TotalArsenal says:

    haha Herb – he will tell you we are on our way to it! 😛

  68. Herb'sArmy says:

    Hi Redders, 🙂
    To be honest I am so confused my head and my Arsenal heart is hurting, and as bad as things were during most of the 1970’s/80’s, it always felt as though the situation was retrievable. The current situation just feels horrible.
    In 1993, when MU won their first title for 26 years, we were ahead of them in the trophy count. Having had to sit through years of watching Liverpool firstly catch us up, and then leave us trailing way behind, you’d have thought that MU’s growing threat might have rung some alarm bells, and caused some pro-active response among our hierarchy. Our response to both Liverpool and MU has been woeful, and at this moment in time we’re doing nothing that suggests we’re addressing that issue. At one time, we were the biggest, wealthiest football club in England, it’s a shame that those controlling Arsenal have allowed us to decline so dramatically, and don’t have the same energetic urgency as the clubs wonderful supporters.

  69. allezkev says:

    Good points Herb re;Arsenal Board…
    They stumbled upon Bertie Mee who employed both Dave Sexton then Don Howe, who stopped the inertia that had prevailed since 1953.
    Then with David Dein’s influence, they employed George Graham and Arsene Wenger…

  70. Herb'sArmy says:

    Sorry, Total, Arteta good value at £10m? Scott Parker told Bob Wilson he wanted to join Arsenal, instead he went to Tottenham for £5m. A matter of weeks later, we lost 8-2, and the response was to pay double what Parker cost to play a player in Parker’s position, but not in the new signing’s (Arteta) natural position. If that makes sense to you, you’re a far more forgiving man than me. At £10m, Arteta would have been good value if we’d bought him from Rangers (when Everton bought him a lot cheaper!).
    Szczesny is not ready to be number 1 for a side with realistic title ambitions, so you’re right, ideal for Arsenal. Oxlade-Chamberlain has given no indication this season that he will come good, and I rate Giroud about as highly as I rate Walcott.

  71. Gerry says:

    Totals, forgive me for being patronising , my son, but you pick on my smallest two paragraphs, and no mention of the substance?

    During the time it took me to write my bit, your response was very similar to what I said in those two paragraphs. But I am sure HH will come back and debate the points I made.
    Which were:

    Arsene Wenger is the one the anger/frustration should be aimed at, if he cannot justify his lack of rotation.

    If you play Rosicky, Santi and Jack, it might mean that Arteta gets bypassed as the first line of defence. Something has to give in that equation, but very view have suggested how given the current available players. HH suggested Coquelin, but I think like yourself(?) that he is not ready to replace Arteta.

    You said yourself that the blog, in that earlier reply, that it seemed to get linked into a Ramsey or Rosicky in the eyes of many, but not all thankfully.

    I was just trying to put a little substance into the discussion, antidote to the Herb Essences of drip drip negativity if you like.

    But hey, if I am a lone voice in that, so be it.

    Oh, regards the match tonight – 1-4 to Real. From what I have seen of the two sides, Real come out on top in almost every department. Man U’s lofty position in the league I believe is a false one, largely made by the inconsistency of the chasing teams, and probably none more so than ourselves?

  72. VCC says:

    Total 12:59……I sometimes think I must have been watching different games to other Gooners.

    If I was the Manager, I would NOT be happy with Giroud, Mertesacker, Gervinho, Ramsey. Apart from Gervinho who has been away at the ACN recently they are regulars in the team!!!! How you and other supporters are happy with their performances is beyond me at times.

    Did you see that effort from Giroud just outside their box in the second half? It was so embarrassing, especially when you have Spurs supporters reiterating what contributions he brings. A work horse will not win you trophies.

    The proof is in the pudding, the last few years the only players other teams needed we let go. I will not name them here as its all been said before. The other “Squad” players “Works hard” players wouold not get into any other top four team EVEN Spurs.

  73. Red Arse says:


    I think while the stadium was being built, Fizman and the Kroenke were happy to ‘manage’ a difficult situation on the playing side with little monet available, and it made sense to keep a tight control on the finances.

    It is undeniable that part of the self sustainability had to be adjusted to include selling players, both to break even on the profit and loss account, and they insisted on the principle of selling players before buying replacements, as ‘new’ money was not available.

    Certainly Kroenke has not put any fresh money directly into the club, although he has not taken money out either, unlike the Glazers at ManYoo.

    When the then Board agreed to build the new stadium, they made the decision to develop and build the flats themselves, rather than just sell off the land en bloc.

    Because that would have resulted in a better profit, it seemed like a good idea at the time, but they had not counted on the world recession which came storming in just as the flats were coming up for sale.

    The hoped for property profits melted away like snow in the summer sun.

    That is why the player sales were necessary to prevent overall group losses.
    Replacement player purchases were then hit by the Abramovich ‘distortion’ with ‘ordinary’ players now costing £15m to £20m and the best players costing £40m plus. Unaffordable to us.

    As a result, Arsenal have bought a lot of much cheaper players of lesser quality, and paid them too much, which has caused its own problems in getting rid of them, and hurting the profit and loss account again.

    This has led to a slow decline in the team quality, and the gradual slide down the league, which if left unchecked will see us go back to a run of the mill, mid-table team, rather than the top tier team that we have come to expect since Wenger took over in the mid ’90s.

    The owner and the manager have now seen this decline speeding up, and we have been led to believe that they will try and stop the slide by allowing more money to be spent on players in the summer.

    I have always believed that AW knew what he had let himself in for by agreeing to the stadium project, and he hoped that ‘project youth’ would compensate for the lack of transfer funds.

    AW has been a loyal cove to the Board and the club, and has taken the brunt of the flak on himself, but things have now got to change, the toll on him and his health is obvious to all.

    Let’s see what happens. 🙂

  74. Herb'sArmy says:

    Hi Kev,
    I’ve said before that Arsene Wenger wears too many hats and has far too much responsibility at Arsenal, which must detract something from his ability to concentrate purely on football matters, but again that is poor administration and due dilligence for a business as big as Arsenal’s.
    Gerry, I’ve seen you on here, and you’re a welcome addition to Total’s growing site, but don’t name-check me for feeling negative, there’s a lot of negativity out there concerning Arsenal, a growing sense that things could and should be done better and more efficiently at the club. If I criticise you or your opinions, that is your invite to challenge me, otherwise you keep your counsel and I’ll keep mine. And if you think I’m bad, pop over to ‘Le Grove’ and have a little read.

  75. TotalArsenal says:

    VCC, your comment makes little or no sense to me, Please, just read my match review (again?) and you know how I feel about those players at the moment. And then read my comments from today again. If it still does not make any sense to you then let me know. 😉

  76. oz gunner says:

    @ TA

    I heard it was about this ‘harlem shake’ fad. Dancing around like a twit (only allowed after a few drinks or if you’re the lead singer of ‘talking heads’) and a few miners did it with their shirts off breaking safety protocol. 6 figure salaries to zero…happy days!

    It was an experience. Miners are a stubborn bunch that’s for sure, heaven forbid i interrupted their drinking time! 16 days away from Arsenal, bergkampesque,and the Mrs whilst working 2.30am til 6.30pm was hell, but hey they breed them tough in oz 🙂

    @ Herb

    You’re a tough man to please. All the figures of salary etc are just media dribble, unless you know them both personally how would you know?
    Parker when we had song? No thanks.

  77. Herb'sArmy says:

    Arsenal have always had vast resources, Redders, they were known as ‘The Bank of England’ club, such was our wealth. I doubt they’d have sanctioned a £400m stadium build if they thought there was even the remotest chance of ‘doing a Leeds or Portsmouth’.

  78. TotalArsenal says:


    You are a great blogger on BK and I am very glad to have you commenting regularly. I picked up on those particular parts with my site-owner hat on; as I am keen to promote a culture of openness, respect and a place where emotions can come out freely. I did not feel any desire this time to respond to the content, which I thought was aimed at HH mainly.

    Hope this explains my earlier comment to you. 🙂

  79. TotalArsenal says:

    Well Herb, Arteta was instrumental in getting us to third last season. He had a great season and earned his fee back in one season alone. He will become a great squad player to have next season. He was also voted Arsenal’s fifth most influential player by the fans last season.

    One of my mates is a Spud and he complains constantly about Scot Parker: not good enough is his verdict….


    Hi TA, i think Rosickys absense is more to do with the signiture of Carzola and the emrgence of Jack than anything else. Hes a player that likes to get on the front foot and play forward thinking passes. It just seems that Arsene feels the balance wont be right if he started him in the same team as the other two.

    I like Rosiscky, but Herbs got a point about effectivness. How many goals has he scored since he came to the club? not many i think

    Oz, hahahaha. Miners doing some erotic gay dance whilst topless hey??. This is only the first step. it was bound to happen. Butch men out in a remote area with only each other and Lizards for company. The next stage is after the dance a rub down with some oil. This is quickly followed by some oily play fighting. Oh yes, a slippery slope that no man should slide down on. hahaha

    I wouldnt say this to there face though hahaha

  81. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Oz, wow that does sound like hell. I reckon you did not even get paid for it? I bet you were never happier than when you saw Ms Oz again? 🙂

    Thanks for explaining about the miners being sacked: seems very harsh and no doubt there will be public pressure to reinstate these guys. Are they unionised at all?

  82. Herb'sArmy says:

    Hi Oz, it would help if you read what was actually written. ‘Parker when we had Song? No thanks.’ Parker is better than Song all day. I remember Parker playing for Charlton at OT up against Roy Keane, and Keane hardly got a kick all game. And I didn’t say Parker was a replacement for Song, what I said was, at £5m he represents better value than Arteta, who Arsene Wenger has tried with little success, to shoe-horn into the role that is Parker’s natural position. And unlike Song or Arteta, Scott Parker is an Arsenal fan. I’m trying to find where I’ve put actual figures, salaries? Unless you’re referring to the £7m Arsene Wenger gets a year, which isn’t really a secret.

  83. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahaha Terry 🙂

    Fair point about Tomas’ goals/assist tally, but his drive and indirect assists is what we have been missing at times.


    It certainly is hell TA. Those hugh sacked frustrated oiley miners with nothing but Lizards for company and all of a sudden pretty boy Oz turns up with his surfer good looks.

    Lets hope they didnt put public pressure on Oz and try and unionize him. hahaha

  85. TotalArsenal says:


    It is hard to dig and look constantly behind you hahaha




    That reminds me of a strory my dad told me. Back in the late fifties my old man was on a packed tube with his uncle when suddenly he felt public pressure. As everyone was all squeezed together some orrible pervet took the opportunity to put the public squeeze on his testicles. He said there was nothing he could do because the train was so jammed he could not move, he just had to gfrin and bear it. Apparently the Perv was grinning too.

    When the tube pulled up my dad told his uncle what happened and as the perv left the carriage they chased after him. According to my old man his uncle put terrible public pressure to the Pervs face. hahahaha

  88. henrychan says:

    @VCC.. hehehe.. sorry for my mis posting..
    I was in hurry from office.. and mixed up the champion with FA cup.. haha..
    Keep my word till nextweek.. hehe..

    But my purpose still the same.. Let MU get busy by a lot of games so that We have more energy and focus to beat them.. and make a revenge..
    And let Chelsea lose in their games.. cause that for sure will make them unstable.. ( you know Abrahmovic style.. hehe.. ) and keep dropping points.. hehe..

    And the other reason why I want MU to win.. because they represent the EPL/BPL.. There only 2 clubs remain.. MU and us..
    If both clubs lose then no more English clubs for next round.. and that’s had for us too..
    Just imagine if only 3 EPL clubs to join the Champion league.. then it will be much harder for us to be on UCL..
    Don’t you think so..?? Hehehe..

  89. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahaha Terry, having your balls squeezed in public and not be able to do something about it, is pretty bad indeed 😀

  90. TotalArsenal says:

    Henry, wash your mouth out! We want Gerry’s predicted score: 1-4 and van Judas missing a penalty at 1-1 hahahaha

  91. Highbury Harmony says:


    My problem lies more with the evangelistic views that suggest that there is nothing wrong with this team. Stating that Ramsey is good and should not be criticized is absolutely ridiculous and equal to not admitting that this season has been one of transition or another lost season in terms of silverware.

    Why do I hate Ramsey so much? Because having him on the field with Arteta is completely redundant. Neither are strong in the tackle, neither have great pace, neither are good in the air and both do a ridiculous amount of sideways passing and backwards tracking with the ball that do not complement our attack in any way and in fact, slow it down.

    Why do I prefer Arteta? His positioning defensively is better and he comes up with timely interceptions every now and then when he’s actually running. He’s also more vocal than Ramsey and dictates open spaces to players and tries to communicate for people to cover unmarked opposing players on defence. What is clear, however, is that by playing both Ramsey and Arteta, we are missing a link in our attack in the transition from defence to offence.

    My MAIN concern is that AW will start to believe that Ramsey is a viable option as our DM for next season and will not buy a proper replacement this summer. It is VERY clear to me that he is not of Arsenal starting quality and is simply being played there due to circumstance and a lack of alternative options. Why would I prefer a proper DM? Because a proper DM like Capoue is very aggressive defensively, relentlessly pressures the opposition if they have the ball in our own half, is very efficient in the air and can break up play and enforce our own end with the best in the world. A DM like Capoue can also run forward with the ball, something Ramsey is completely inept at doing and Capoue’s confident enough to play long balls to players further up field, an aspect of Ramsey’s game that has been absent since his injury.

    My preference to play Coquelin for the time being because we need to find out if he has the qualities to make it as an Arsenal player. He no longer gets playing time since he came back from injury and he was showing glimpses of being a good player prior to going down. When else will he get his opportunity? We keep playing Ramsey and Arteta there for “important” games because of their experience and we’ve lost the majority of those big games. Coquelin at least is very aggressive defensively, has good pace, knows when to sit back and directs his passes/moves forward with the ball too.

  92. Highbury Harmony says:

    Also, I do not understand the comments regarding “there is too much pressure on AW to win, let’s get behind him and he’ll deliver”. I mean honestly, you have got to be kidding me. You don’t believe there is immense pressure on every manager to win? He is a professional at his position and feels the pressure regardless of whether or not people criticize him or the atmosphere is tense at the Emirates.

    If anything, there is a lack of pressure for AW to win, based on the results we’ve produced the last 8 seasons and his transfer purchases in those years (prior to last summer). If he is feeling the pressure to win, then he will buy accordingly this summer. It is the hope that I reserve for this club and if we are not ambitious enough this summer, dare I say we’ll continue to face a perpetual, vicious cycle of a dip in the standings whereby every year is a struggle to finish top four (which shouldn’t be a goal in the first place).

  93. Red Arse says:

    Good debates going on here as usual, love the passion – well especially from Oz, what a naughty Ozzie he is, teasing those nice miners!!

    Can I just make an observation — and I sometimes get carried away myself — but the points can still be made guys, and carry just as much weight without allowing a little personal crankiness to sneak in.

    TA is the boss and I am only his clog polisher, so ignore me, if you like!! 😀

  94. Highbury Harmony says:

    Oz, part of my reply to you on why Ramsey sucks is included in my response to Gerry.

  95. TotalArsenal says:

    haha Redders, the ‘clog polisher’ – you know what is going to happen next…. The Glicster will come out and produce a little fable about the clog polisher, no doubt! He will be like a clog with two dicks 😛

  96. Red Arse says:

    Hi Guys,

    Just to balance the ‘Fake Sheikh’ bid that I put up the other day, here is a counter comment from the Guardian Newspaper.

    — Arsenal supporters show cynicism in face of a prospective new owner

    The reported bid from the Middle East brought into focus how discerning fans want a say in their club and are not overwhelmed by the promise of cash

    The reaction of Arsenal fans, waking up on the morning of a north London derby they were approaching with an unusual sense of foreboding to find headlines promising a £1.5bn takeover by unnamed Middle East investors whispering sweet nothings about ticket prices and transfer kitties, was telling.

    Far from taking to Twitter and the airwaves to celebrate the potential arrival of a white knight to deliver them from eight trophyless seasons, many instead began asking difficult questions. Can this be taken at face value? Who are they? What do they want? What’s in it for them? And, perhaps most pertinently even at a club where the current ownership model is under increasing scrutiny and fan discontent mounting, would we be any better off?

    While it is always dangerous to generalise about “fans” as though they are one homogenous mass, there is no doubt that they are, in general, better informed, more engaged and less trusting than at any time since the Premier League was formed.

    Given the problems of the game of ownership roulette at many clubs during the past decade, and the endless column inches it has provided, there is more cynicism and less giddy abandon among the general fan base at the prospect of any takeover. And given the looming introduction of financial fair play rules, there is also the entirely legitimate question of how much value there now is in a benefactor with deep pockets.

    Which isn’t to discount the deep gratitude felt by Manchester City fans to Sheikh Mansour (as slightly cringingly expressed in that banner at the Etihad) or that felt by Chelsea fans towards Roman Abramovich for saving them from near-bankruptcy and pumping £1bn into the club in the decade since, even if emotions have been slightly more conflicted of late.
    But it is unlikely that either would be flinging fake notes in the air with such abandon were those takeovers to happen today.

    The Arsenal Supporters’ Trust lists on its website a series of principles that it expects potential owners to abide by. “The AST believes that Arsenal is too important to be owned by any one person. The best ownership model for Arsenal will always include supporters being represented and involved in the ownership structure as shareholders,” it says. “We understand the reality that any stake in Arsenal is available to buy at any time should someone make an acceptable bid, but we will oppose any bid to buy the club outright and take it into single ownership.”

    I have corrected the Grundian’s usual spelling errors!!

  97. Red Arse says:

    TA 😀

    A Glic with a wee one, polishing a clog with two dicks is priceless!! 😀

  98. TotalArsenal says:

    hahahaha Redders – a shinier clog there will never be! 😆

  99. Red Arse says:


    This article will show that your belief that Arsenal have or had funds is wide of the mark.

    The details in the (Telegraph) article raised considerable doubt as to the veracity of the takeover bid. But nonetheless, when taken within the context of Arsenal’s current financial and playing situation, it offers an interesting point from which to gauge where Arsenal are now and where they may be heading.

    The Telegraph story lays out the ethos in a way that makes you think that someone somewhere has been using a template from the best seller, “Football Club Takeover for Dummies.”

    — “American owner, Stan Kroenke, whose perceived weak stewardship of the club has also been called into question by frustrated supporter groups”

    — “If successful would wipe out debts that stand at around £250 million according to the last full year’s financial result”

    — “There would be substantial transfer funds made available to transform the club into a major force in European and world football”

    — “There would also be a pledge to reduce ticket prices at the Emirates Stadium”

    — “Given the nature and structure of the funding, the bidders say they are confident they will still be able to comply with FFP”

    Use current ownership as a lightning rod, reduce ticket prices, and toss in the old chestnut of substantial transfer funds and what self-respecting Arsenal fan could not be seduced by the notion of new owners?

    However, there is a problem – the proposal is largely nonsense.

    The benefit of such a takeover would be almost exclusively reaped by the present shareholders.

    A takeover based upon these premises is ten years too late.

    To explain what that means we need to look at Arsenal’s position within the current context of their financial position and the soccer industry in Europe.

    The decision to build a new stadium was pivotal for Arsenal and the most important since they relocated to North London early last century.

    The financial challenge was to generate sufficient funds to build a new facility that would have a much greater capacity than Highbury and, as such, generate more in gate receipts.

    Only Manchester United of the top clubs has ever undertaken anything of a similar nature and the expansion of Old Trafford was done in stages.

    To build a stadium at a cost of close to $600M required a complex set of arrangements that included a combination of self-financing, property development of the Highbury site, locking in borrowings at low interest rates and a degree of risk mitigation particularly in terms of cash flow linked to naming and licensing rights.

    The move to Emirates has allowed Arsenal to generate substantial more “match-day” money with only Manchester United greater and no other Premier League team coming close to Arsenal. In terms of earnings from the likes of the Premier League and the Champions League (TV, Prize Money) Arsenal has consistently been in the top three or four over the last decade and a half.

    The area of Arsenal weakness has been commercial activity and that was a result of securing long-term deals in order to limit risk on the financing of the stadium development. But many of the commercial deals are now exhausted and new arrangements will increase revenue substantially.

    All these revenue areas directly impact the UEFA Financial Fair Play calculation. The amount of money you spend must be covered by what you bring in.

    So why would a potential buyer suggest that ticket prices be reduced? Lower the price of tickets and the money has to come from another source or expenses must be reduced.

    But that is not all – the “new owner” is going to provide substantial transfer funds.

    That is fine and dandy but financing transfer funds are one relatively inconsequential piece of the transfer puzzle – balancing the books something else.

    Transfers need to take into consideration the fee to be paid (amortized over the life of the player’s contract) and the salary to be paid.

    Both charges have to be funded from revenue earned by the club through the sources already listed.

    When you cut through the fine sounding takeover rhetoric what you have is the old political trick of offering voters (in this case fans) more spending (transfers) while reducing taxes (ticket prices).

    Simply put – it doesn’t work.

    The only direct benefit of the proposal would be paying off $375M in stadium and related debt.

    But that only produces cost savings of about $20M a year – not chicken-feed but only around 6% of Arsenal’s projected football revenue for 2013/14.

    If Emirates Stadium could have been built debt free then there would have been tremendous benefit to the club. But the offer comes too late to make any material difference.

    So, if that is the case why do Arsenal keep on selling their best players and why don’t go out and spend the vast pile of cash they currently sit on?

    Well the two are linked but at the same time they are also separate.

    One talks to the past while the other more to the future.

    The selling of players can be broken into three phases.

    The first was marked by the likes of Marc Overmars and Nicolas Anelka who were sold because the offers were just too great. These moves were overlooked by fans because as good and some times better players took their place.

    Phase two saw older players leave believing that it was time for the next generation to take their shot. That group included Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry and Gilberto Silva. Many of the next generation flunked the exam either through repeated injury or an inability to perform at the highest level.

    The lack of success morphed into the best “next-generation” players departing – ala Cesc Fabregas, Samir Nasri and Robin van Persie.

    The upside (if it can be construed as a positive) has been that the sale of star players has kept Arsenal on the positive side of the financial ledger.

    [I hope you got all that, Glic] 😀

  100. Red Arse says:

    Well, that has stopped the conversation!! 😛

  101. TotalArsenal says:

    Nice articles Redders. Nothing really new, but nice to read it all in summary. I saw AA’s menace has been back trying to wind up as many as possible!


    Redders, thanks for that article. I agree almost completely, but a few important points have to be noted.

    The first is that the principle underlying the context is FFP. Personaly i am a big beliver that FFP will have a major impact so lets take that as read

    The author dismises £20 million as chicken feed, sounds like a lot of money to me.For a self sustaining club this is a material sum of money.

    No mention is made of other benefits that can be accrued through having owners with unlimited funds. All outside the scope of FFP.

    Lets take City as an example. Through there political and economic power they have been able to amass more third party sponsership deals than Madrid and Utd combined, producing very strong income streams.

    they have invested in youth, with new training pitches etc on a massive scale

    Now what about Arsenal. chuck a silly load of money to TFL to re do Holloway road Tube and you then have the potential of increasing the current stadium capacity to near on 100k.

    I agree with the article, but there is more than way to skin a cat.

  103. Red Arse says:


    Glic was asking me about FFP and whether or not it would work, so here is an article that summarizes FFP.

    — What is FFP?

    Simply put it is a mechanism to ensure that clubs operate in a sustainable manner and only spend what they bring in. There are provisions that allow clubs to move towards break-even by the end of decade with 2013/14 the first monitoring period, with 2011/12 and 2012/13 part of the assessment. (So we are already in the FFP time frame).

    There are also costs that are excluded from the break even calculation.
    Any costs associated with building new facilities and youth development are excluded.
    [That explains why Man Shitty are diverting some of their ill gotten gains to Youth Schemes).

    — What happens to clubs who don’t meet the financial test?

    Eventually it will lead to a ban from European competition but there are numerous other measures that can be initiated before such draconian measures are enacted.

    — What does it matter if rich individuals want to spend their enormous wealth on a club?

    Because there are ramifications for all clubs, all countries and all competitions.
    Inordinate spending has an inflationary effect of every other club and increases the cost of doing business for all teams.
    The increased costs have to borne by someone – more expensive tickets, TV subscription fees or an ever increasing level of debt.

    — Will the likes of Chelsea, PSG and Manchester City find loopholes and hire lawyers to fight UEFA?

    They might try to do so, but it is doubtful. What is often overlooked or forgotten, is that the major [big] clubs of Europe all voted in favour of UEFA FFP.

    — Does it apply to all clubs throughout Europe?

    It applies to clubs wishing to play in an UEFA competition.
    Some countries such as Germany and France already have had financial criteria for some time and their clubs must meet these in order to be licensed.

    The Barclay’s Premier League has recently approved its own EPL FFP financial regulations that all Premier League clubs must follow.
    It does not exactly replicate UEFA’s FFP, but it is seen as an acknowledgement that even the laissez-faire Premier League knows that spending cannot continue to escalate [at the current rate] without having a catastrophic impact on the sport and industry in the near future.

    I think that answers some of the questions that have been raised regarding the viability of UEFA’s FFP regulations! 😀

  104. Herb'sArmy says:

    Thanks Redders.
    Would you say there is any truth in what ‘Arsenal Truth’ published regarding Arsene Wenger spending £310m over the the last five years – £155m on players, £155m on wages? On the subject of wages, considering our wage-bill is said to be similar to that of Bayern Munich, the gulf in class is disturbing.

  105. Red Arse says:


    I do not often lose my cool, but the asshole who showed up on AA, again, gets under my skin, and if we ever met — I am not sure we would stay kissin’ cousins!! 🙂

    How can anyone publicly or privately state he wants Arsenal to lose 4:1 to the Spuds, and to keep losing for the rest of the season, just to ‘get rid’ of AW?

    If he shows up on here, I would apply for the job of your ‘Bin Man’ to ensure he never sets foot on this blog!

    There you go — I am getting steamed up again!! 😀

  106. VCC says:

    Redders…calm down, calm down, its only a game… 😉

  107. Red Arse says:

    There are a lot of questions there, Herb, and I would have to look back into my files to dig out the transfer sales and purchases, but I will not do that today.

    Arsenal Truth is wrongly named, in my opinion, and the guy running it is only interested in having bloggers who agree with all the biased rubbish he spouts.

    I will dig something out for you, although I know from experience that many bloggers find all this historic financial information dry as dust.

    On the other matter, Bayern Munich is a much bigger club than Arsenal in many ways.
    It has a policy of including many Captains of German Industry on its Board of Directors.
    They in turn attract huge sponsorship deals and beneficial contacts for the club’s revenue streams, partly as a consequence of Germany being a much more economically powerful country than the UK, so that their commercial streams dwarf Arsenal’s.

    It is difficult to compare Arsenal’s salary structure with the German teams because, as I mentioned in the FFP article, their clubs already operate a licensing system akin to the UEFA FFP, that restrict certain types of expenditure, including wages and salaries, which are dependent on the self sustainability model.

    Because of their licensing laws, there are no Abramovich or Sheikh Mansour type of clubs in their league, distorting the internal transfer market and their pay scales as sadly happens in this country.

    If you are asking if Arsenal have cocked up their own salary policy, I can only concur, which is why we have so many unwanted players hanging on like leaches.

    You and I have spoken many times over the last couple of years, and you know I can get a bit precious when so called facts are trotted out to prove a point.

    Take the ‘Arsenal have £120m cash on the Balance Sheet to spend on player!’ rubbish.

    That is like someone looking at his Bank statement the day his wages or salary is paid in and saying, ‘Gosh, I have £xx in the bank, I will go out and spend it on whiskey and wild, wild women’, and then when the bills start coming in, he has no money to pay for them.

    Arsenal’s fabled £120m cash reserve is much the same. As part of the Stadium financing, they have had to ‘ring fence’ about £35m as part of the covenant — it is a guarantee that Arsenal will never be unable to pay their Mortgage of the Stadium.

    So, £120m – £35m = £85m, then they have to pay their outstanding debt payments and other contractual costs such as wages and salaries and so on, just like the guy looking at his bank statement after he has just been paid.

    Doing a rough and ready guestimate, I think Arsenal have monthly outgoings net of income, of perhaps £30m per month (don’t forget, early season ticket sales will affect that figure at certain times of the year), our £85m – £30m = £55m approximately.

    Well suddenly our £120m transfer pot, according to the big mouth moaners, is down to ‘only’ £55m.

    But never fear, your concerns about too high salary payments will be eased this summer, and with a good number of players going, ther could easily be another £25m of these salary costs released to boost the ‘pot’.

    Now we have £55m + £25m = £80m available for transfers.

    If we bought Falcao (say) for £40m – it is likely his salary would be an additional £40m, and in one player we would have blown most of our transfer pot.

    Now that is unlikely to happen, of course, but it shows how ignorant people can be when they state with such certainty this ‘fact’ or that ‘fact’, and that is why I get quite wild with some of these ‘knowledgeable’ blogs, who actually know sweet Fanny Adams! 😛

    Hope that helps — but probably not!! 🙂

  108. Red Arse says:

    Hi VCC, 🙂

    What were the odds on my wonderful selections at 12:27?

    Oh alright, I will replicate them for you — Glic wouldn’t do that! 🙂

    My predictions:

    QPR v Sunderland – Draw

    WBA v Swansea = Draw

    ManUre v Chelsea = Draw

    Millwall v Blackburn = Away Win

    Liverpool v Spurs = Draw

    I am also rooting for Real Madrid tonight!! 🙂

  109. Gerry says:

    HH – I knew you would come back with a response. To be honest, I wasn’t going to get involved with either end of the argument, but rather look for the reason why Rosicky was not played when Ramsey has been. Which if it fails, then it comes back to AW.

    What I did find off the mark was that it was because of some ‘nepotism’ of the illegitimate sort, if I can put it that way?

    If AW does pick a team that he thinks is best, and not for favouritism, then it is not the player’s fault for being picked? I also think he was in the team to do a different role to that of Rosicky. If it is an either or situation on playing styles it would be Santi or Rosicky?

    I even put forward a possible team to plays spurs that did not include Ramsey. I think we both agree on the need for a proper DM, even agreed that Song would be great alongside a proper DM, remember?

    So I am not disagreeing with re disadvantages of Ramsey in the side, but there are disadvantages of having too many advanced midfielders, when you include Jack going forwards …? .

    I am totally at one with you on the need to turn from defence into attack at speed, and preferably back again? But that I think comes down to Jack doing it, but somebody has got to be bridging the gap between the back four, or often our back two, and I don’t think Arteta on his own is up to that?

    Perhaps it was me having a break from what I was doing, and well, I put forwards an ‘alternative view’.

  110. Gerry says:

    TA – Yes, I appreciate you were still doing your morning greetings, etc, but I only said what you did a few minutes earlier. I only said HH was letting his emotions run away with him. I did not say I did not want too cut out emotional comments. But be fair , your thought it had gone wee bit OTT?

  111. Red Arse says:


    You are a great blogger and so is HH — best to move onwards and upwards!

    What do you say? 😀

  112. Gerry says:

    Herb – It is not for me, as a relative newcomer writing on this blog to have too much to say on your comments here. Indeed I left HH to do battle there.

    However, you lost me when you admitted reading Arsenal Truth blog, and there’s a misnomer if ever there was one. i went there, and Le Grove, and their ilk a couple of years back. Not for long I hasten to add. Sites that pander to the ill-informed sheep that are all to willing to listen and be lead them along with any depressing news they can muster. You are welcome to them.

    Me, I think I like sites that have Arsenal Football Club at the heart, and want to share with other supporters, no let me repeat that …SUPPORTERS having a variety of views, air opinions, but in general wish Arsenal to be the best it can be …

    Sorry Herb, but I don’t think since your return you have made one positive comment?

    Feel free to comment on what I write, it is up there to be commented on ..

  113. Highbury Harmony says:


    I think we are on the same page. I am discontent with AW choosing him to play alongside Arteta, when it’s clear that it’s redundant to have both on the field, in addition to the lack of quality that he brings to our squad.

    It’s clear our transition in game is non-existent as you have stated and that we ALSO need a beast of a DM to properly patrol our end of the pitch and strike fear in the opposition. However, I feel having Santi and Rosicky up front, with Jack in the B2B role would not be too many attacking players by any stretch!

    In fact, I would say it’s exactly what we need since we are struggling to find offence and need more creativity up front. Jack’s been a little off his game lately and I think this has to do with the fact that he’s either: 1) receiving the ball too far up field where he has less time and space to pull the strings or 2) he has to drop back too far into the midfield to retrieve the ball because Ramsey and Arteta are too slow at transitioning the ball up field.

  114. Highbury Harmony says:

    Oz @ 7:17,

    The point of total or possession football is not to keep possession for the sake of it, which is what happens when Ramsey (or Arteta) is on the pitch. The point of possession football is to keep hold of the ball and use the time with possession to create scoring opportunities in the final third.

    When Ramsey receives the ball in the final third, his immediate instinct is to turn and dribble the ball backwards to the back four if he does not see a player that is completely wide open. Thus, our attacking players lose all their momentum, become stationary and have to wait for the fullbacks to drive our attack down the wings.

    If anything, Ramsey is hurting our transition game and flowing football more than anything by keeping possession for the sake of it. The brand of possession football we now play is stale and predictable and simply a way to mask the deficiencies of the lack of quality in our squad. A proper DM beast is needed for the reasons I stated @ 14:59 and Ramsey will not cut it at all even if his defensive play improves since he’ll never be assertive, instinctive or have a high enough level of quality to play at that position (or any position as a starter for that matter).

  115. Gerry says:

    VCC – Here are my sels for the weekend. I wasn’t sure about the Cup matches, but I assume result at 90 mins? But I left them out anyway.. Going for the full accy instead:
    Liverpool – home
    Norwich – home
    Villa – Away win
    Swansea – Away win
    QPR v Sunders – draw


  116. VCC says:

    Sorry Redders. Your odds are 488-1

  117. VCC says:

    cheers Gerry…Your odds are 134-1

  118. Highbury Harmony says:

    I hope Manure lose today, it’ll make me feel much better!

  119. Afro says:

    Im happy that this has come to notice to my fellow gooners. The reason we are in the Champions league is because of his great contribution and individual brilliance we saw late last season. We keep seing them each time he is introduced into the field of play. On Diaby, who seems to be twice his age, too slow, poor passing game and very little energy left as far as attacking is concerned. The likes of Conqulin and Frimgpong are being secrificed and leading to Ramsey being played out of position. With Gnabry, Rio, Esfield, and Ox learning from Rosicky and Arshavin.

  120. glic says:

    Evening Clamsplurgelappers 😆

    Totes , when you say ” AA`s menace “, that could mean one of two people from yesterday……actually it probably means two of two people seeing as my ” Fair Warning” comment got binned !. hahaha
    It always ends with…..Sir Stretch Lot of Lance defending my honour !. What a mate !.

    It amazes me how they get wound up by the Spectantrum crap, a so called Arsenal supporter who wants his team to lose is an open target to any sort of abuse imo, yet my lightheartedness with no actual personel abuse always causes as much if not more concern !. Like one of their moderators once said in an email….”you just dont get it “…..she`s right …..I just dont get it !.

    Going back to the ownership stuff if I may. As you know, I`m all for the FFP model and said I`d rather a Mansour type of owner than Kroenke as back up. Listening to stuff today on talkSPORT only furthered that opinion. It would be great if someone could bring up all of Kroenke`s sporting collection and how they have done to make a fair discussion, otherwise I shall just take it as gospel that none of his collection of sporting clubs has ever been massive in terms of trophys, achievements, brand etc` or that he has ever put loads of money into them. It was said that he only buys mediocrity !. Time will tell if he takes us down that road !.

  121. TotalArsenal says:

    Gerry at 6.15, all understood now. I read it differently initially, but I can see now you were only trying to ease the situation. Cheers buddy! 🙂

  122. glic says:

    Vic`s . How the f**k are my odds only 33 -1, more like 330 -1 or 3330 – 1. I dont do favourites, I back losers ! hahaha

  123. VCC says:

    GLic….your odds are 333-1

  124. glic says:

    Trying to nick £300 of my winnings, I`ll send Mike Strutter around to collect ! hahaha

  125. TotalArsenal says:

    haha Glic, have you been causing trouble again? 😛

    Let me just say that Total’s mum is a lot more tolerant 🙂

  126. glic says:

    It wasn`t me Totes, it was Zimmedine Zimdane !.
    Thank Dennis for you mum ! hahaha

  127. Highbury Harmony says:

    Dortmund putting up a clinic!

  128. Highbury Harmony says:

    Wowww two amazing Real goals, it’s a shame the questionable red changed this game

  129. jnyc says:

    Youve all heard me complain that Arsene never rotates. And why re sign rosicky to never use him. It was only about a year ago he re upped.

  130. Milo says:

    Cakir, who refereed the Man U versus Real match, at least deserves a trouser fouling, after he issued that red card. Let me tell you, if I were him I’d be fouling my trousers right about now!!! Granted, Manchester United have gotten countless decisions for themselves in the past. If you don’t take that in to consideration though…wow…what a fuck up!!! 😀

  131. Highbury Harmony says:

    van Judas should have stayed at Arsenal, he’d still be in the CL hahaha!

  132. Highbury Harmony says:


    Disagree, that call was 50/50. Nani’s cleats did not have to be up there and the ref called what he deemed was an unnecessary, dangerous foul. Manure fought hard and they should be commended for that, despite losing in the end.

  133. VCC says:

    HH……. I’m glad Real Madrid beat the scum. Roy Keane said it was dangerous play and deserved a red card.

    Can you imagine what Nani would have done had it happened to him?

  134. Milo says:

    No way. The ball was at a height where Nani had no choice but to put his studs up there. This isn’t a carry over from the Ramsey debate is it??? I mean come on, it wasn’t the correct call. It may have been from a letter of the law perspective, but when I applied to be a referee in my district, I was taught to use a little common sense when applying the rules. There was no hint of common sense used there.

    Do you also think that any contact means it is a foul??? Bullshit. There has to be enough contact for the player to go down, not that the player should go down because he was touched. Another example of the letter of the law and why it shouldn’t be applied to liberally.

  135. Milo says:

    Not coming on this site anymore anyways. I think I’ll stick with the youth team blogs.

  136. Highbury Harmony says:

    VCC, there was just no need to make that challenge which is where Keane has some merit. Nani would have been flailing around like a fish out of water had it happened to him.

    It’s interesting hearing from Utd fans on the red card. Most feel hard done by it, but understand that the challenge gave the ref something to think about and unfortunately it went against them. They don’t blame the ref as much as the panel that chose him to ref the game (they feel he might have been slightly under qualified reffing only in Turkey and Serie A I believe). However, they’re fairly classy in accepting defeat and said that call could have went either way in any game – they said if it was their playing getting cleated in the chest, they’d call for a red too!

  137. Highbury Harmony says:


    It is not carry over at all from the Ramsey debate. That is water under the bridge.

    If a large contingent of Utd fans are not blaming the ref for that loss, why then are you? A cleat to the chest is a foul regardless of if there was reckless intent or not. Whether it was a red card can be debated days on end, but the ref made the call on what was a 50/50 challenge.

  138. glic says:

    I hate them Clungechester khuntz ( not as much as Rottenham Rotspunks though ! ) and having a refferee whose name is Cuneyt Cakir is most fitting after all the Cuneyt`s they have had over the years adding on Fergietime and dodgy decisions !. As HH pointed out, we are officially the last and longest lasting English team in the CL !. hahaha

    F**K YOU FERGIE !.

  139. Highbury Harmony says:

    Hahaha glic, but will we make it past next Wednesday??? Down 3 away goals, we’ll need some serious magic from Theo. I reckon we must try Poldi up front, we’ve run out of options but I feel as though it’ll be Theo’s goal scoring and quality that could hurt Bayern the most?

  140. afc says:

    I enjoyed watching Van Judas and Man U getting kicked out of the CL. I was watching the match with my brother who was a United fan. When Nani got sent off I was smiling, when Modric and Ronaldo scored I jumped off my seat in joy and after the match when Fergie and Ferdinand were pissed I could not stop laughing.


    Fergusons anger at the end was exquisite. His deranged fury at the ref was giving me a boner, or it could of been the porno i was watching at the same time, ime not sure?

    Anyway, it dosnt matter, i got a boner so that will do for me. hahaha

  142. VCC says:

    Milo……..what do you think Nani or Young would have done had they been tackled like that?

  143. glic says:

    We haven`t a hope in Hell HH, but the fact is we are still in the competition so I dont want to be sidetracked with all the minor detail and trivialities of next wednesday !. Now behave !. hahaha

    Night boyz .

  144. glic says:

    Hahaha No wonder all Manu fans are f**king rectum licking splurge sponge gargleing muvver f**kers when they see Sir Alchy Scrotum having a fit…..Manboner Utd.


    Stretch , your problem is quite understandable though !. hahaha

  145. oz gunner says:

    @ Herb

    Well done for pulling figures and stats out of your back pocket again in an effort to further twist your knife in to Arsenal’s back.

    I have found nothing anywhere stating Parker is an Arsenal fan (only a few stating he is a West Ham supporter). The fact you used Keane as an example says it all…he is old and past it. He is injury prone and offers very little (ask any spurs supporter). The most annoying thing about you is if Arsene purchased Parker you would use it against him stating how he is cheap and buys up useless players. Arsene didn’t so now he’s stuffed up huh?!

    The point about Song was we had him as our defensive midfielder (albeit with minimal discipline) so what would have been the point of getting Parker? Oh you mean the same Song who was wanted by Barcelona? Guess he must be crap then?! Arteta was great alongside him, so much so that he would have played for Spain if they didn’t have a plethora of midfield players.

    5 Million, how much was his salary? Arteta reportedly took a pay cut to come here. Cahill reportedly went to Chelsea for 7 million but his wage was through the roof. But that’s right Arsene was at fault there too right? because he has the option to buy every player in the world before anyone else does!

    @ HH

    I guess Ramsey just goes out there and does what he wants then. What if Arsene is asking him to play in such a way? It’s the same debate people went with in regards to Song (He’s not discipline enough, he should protect the back four better etc etc). Would he get so many games if he was not listening to Arsene’s instructions? I agree he should not play in the same team when Arteta is starting.

  146. Highbury Harmony says:


    Fair point on Ramsey. I am not privy to the situation and cannot give you an informed answer. I simply state it as I see it, and it is just my opinion that he slows our attack down and his backwards movement with the ball is hurting us. I suppose AW tells him that when he gets the ball in the final third to just move back to the back four? I think he is getting so many games because there are a lack of other options and for some reason or another, AW fancies Ramsey and is not afraid to sacrifice the playing time that should be given to other players with more talent. The problem is that while Ramsey doesn’t do anything that significantly hurts our team, he doesn’t do anything that significantly helps us either, which ends up hurting us all the same in the end.

  147. oz gunner says:

    @ HH

    I think at the end of the day we’d both prefer to see Coquelin get games anyway and I think we’d agree he is more deserving at the moment. I too feel we shouldn’t be sacrificing playing time to develop players, that’s for lower teams to do, we should be playing players on merit alone. But unfortunately the reserves are too easy and the loan system sucks (half of them don’t get regular games so it’s not worth it).

    I would just love to see what goes on in training sessions because it does seem as though some players have their strengths ironed out of them in an attempt to play Arsene’s brand of football. The fitness things concerns me the most though.

    At the end of the day you think Ramsey won’t make it at Arsenal, I think he will eventually. Nothing is going to change that because we are both stubborn sods 🙂

  148. oz gunner says:

    @ Terry 14.18

    Hey who told you that goes on? Have you been spying on me??? 🙂

    @ TA

    you would be surprised actually. We bought $600 belts for the performance gear and chose big sizes under the theory most miners are big blokes. I’m a medium and 2 out of 10 needed bigger than that; whereas 5 needed a size small (i had to get the needle and thread out haha…now that’s manly). The new breed of miners appear smaller and younger.

    One female miner volunteered (even though i let the site know i only wanted male subjects). Try telling a butch female miner that she can’t take part because of her gender. I almost went with the ‘sorry no girls’ followed by a sprint out the door. Instead I calmly told here she could not take part and I cowered in fear for my man parts!

    and yes it was very good seeing the Mrs again. I was spoilt rotten, and am a very lucky guy

  149. TotalArsenal says:

    hahaha Oz, sounds like you had an experience you’ll never forget! 🙂

  150. Highbury Harmony says:


    Agreed, I would rather give this opportunity to Coquelin to see if he can make it, what other chance will he realistically get??

    I never said Ramsey wouldn’t make it either, just that he’s not of Arsenal starting quality. I don’t mind him as a squad player who comes on late in games or for spot starts when our regulars need a rest.

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