Forget about tactics, transfers and deadwood: THIS is what really matters!

It is great to blog about everything Arsenal and watch games on telly; to discuss tactics, formations, who’s the deadwood and who we should sign during the next transfer window.

But nothing compares to live football. Nothing beats, seeing the boys in the – red and white covered – flesh, being able to smell the pitch, sensing the tension and the hope, singing along with fellow Gooners, being able to see the entire pitch and watching the tactics of both teams unfold, as well as celebrating our victories together.

I am lucky enough to watch a few games every season, but I know there are thousands, if not ten thousands of fellow Gooners out there, who support their team passionately but in relative, or sometimes total, isolation – whether based in the UK or anywhere else in the world – and have never seen our team play live.

BK was approached by Switzerland based Pope the Gooner with a request to publish his personal experiences of his first-ever live Arsenal game, and of course I snapped his hand off! 🙂

Enjoy the read, and please tell us your first/special Arsenal game experience!


First Arsenal Live Game: a few lines on pre-match expectations, the game itself, and final thoughts.

Thanking the Guardian for being able to copy their pictures of the Bayern - Arsenal CL match.

Thanking the Guardian for being able to copy their pictures of the Bayern – Arsenal CL match.

After the outcome of the CL draw ‘Arsenal vs Bayern Munich’ had been communicated, I was really excited. There was a real chance that I would be able to take one or two days off and go to Munich to see the Gunners live for the first time.

I immediately asked a friend of mine studying with me in Zurich, but originally from Munich, if he was interested in seeing the game with me. After a positive answer, I called our local ticket agent to get the tickets. However, they told me that nothing was known yet, not even if they would be able to get some of those little pieces of paper. ‘I should check the homepage for updates’, they told me: and so I did; every thirty seconds or so. And then one day, it was around Christmas, suddenly the tickets appeared in the web shop; we would be seated in a Bayern section of the Allianz Arena, but finally I’d be seeing my Arsenal!

Expectations v1.0

Well, as can be deduced from the title, my expectations did in fact change a little after watching the home game. However before that day, I was full of expectation. Get a result, maybe even only a scoreless draw, at home and a one clinical counter attack at their place might prove decisive. Given the current form around that time – that time being the 2012/2013 season – I admit that was kind of overly optimistic, but as long as we’re not out, we’re still in!

Then the transfer window came and went. The addition of Nacho seemed very decent, especially after his performance against Stoke after just one training session with the club. But there was this tag Nacho was carrying: ‘cup-tied’, and he would sadly not be able to help us out against Bayern. Gibb’s injury concerned me a little, and the information the club was leaking just gave me enough HOPE that he would be back in time for the Bayern games.

Then, finally it was time and the first leg was played. I was meeting with my friend from Munich and we watched it together with some other lads. Most of them were for Munich, one or two undecided, and then there I was with my Arsenal shirt. We started quite well with some quick and decisive forward play and the Bayern guys were starting to talk about how bad this could end when they scored against us. Kroos’ goal certainly was a fine finish, but it had a too well known smell to it. Possession ceded in the build-up, no one backing Vermaelen at left back against his two opponents, Koscielny almost intercepting the ball, but not preventing it from ending up in the net. Then I felt the game changed, and the team were unable to return to the way we played during the first few minutes.

Expectations v1.1

After the quite poor performance and result in the home-leg, I did not expect the team to be able to advance; still hoping for the (im)possible though! More realistically, I was hoping for an entertaining game with a couple of goals. After arriving in Munich in the wake of disheartening games against Blackburn and the Spurs, I’d have taken a result like a 2-2 draw all day long. Finding out that Podolski as well as Wilshere would not be in the squad didn’t really make me raising my expectation either.

The Match day

At 1pm we took a bus from Zurich to Munich and arrived there around 6pm, which left enough time to deposit our bags at lockers in the Ostbahnhof and going to a traditional restaurant near Marienplatz. We already had encountered quite some singing Arsenal fans in the streets and train stations. Only trusting one’s ear, it would have appeared to be a home game for our guys. However opening one’s eyes again one could see that many of the red-and-white scarfs actually bore the emblem of Bayern.

Then upon entering the restaurant, it had something with Augustiner in the name, the setting was quite the same, many dispassionate people wearing Bayern scarfs and shirts, and on a small table almost in the center of the room a group of Arsenal fans drinking beer, shots and singing about the Arsenal. It felt really great how they radiated optimism and believe in this situation, and I instantly felt a little more confident about the match. The beers that accompanied half a duck and some kraut with a dumpling did the rest.

The Match

We arrived just in time in the Allianz Arena glaring in (Arsenal-) red and found our seats at the same time as the referee started the match. I didn’t even make myself comfortable when I already had the first chance to jump out of my seat and shout with joy. GIROUD! In only the third minute! If we would score at that rate we’d comfortably win by 30 – 0, only a tenth of that was needed, though, allowing us plenty of time to seal the end of Bayern’s CL campaign.

For a moment no rational thinking was happening in my brain; I was just happy and wanted the guys to have a go at it. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to score again until the 86th minute or so. Which did not leave us enough time to complete the task, still I was impressed by the display and there were some scenes that I will not forget that fast.

Besides the two goals, there was Rosickys tackle on Robben to deny them a counterattack. It was not exactly the tackle, but Rosicky’s reaction, that impressed me so much. Knowing he’d get the card, he just got up and walked straight back to help out at the back, with Robben lying on the floor where he left him. There was such a determination on display in this short scene.

Another good example, for the determination in the team, was when one of our defenders chased down Robben on their right wing, performed a perfect sliding tackle, got up with the ball on his feet and directly tried to start a counterattack with a fast forward pass. I think it was Jenkinson, and if I remember correctly his pass was intercepted. However, what remains is the strong will and determination shown to help out the team, run his socks of and give absolutely everything.

And then in the end, the away support. However much I would have liked to be seated (or better standing and jumping) in the Arsenal section, it was impressive and good to see how the away supporters were still cheering to the Arsenal some 5 to 10 minutes after the game.

In the subway on the way home, it felt weird. We had won and still lost. In the end, the feeling that managed to keep hold of myself would best be described as a mixture of proud and content. The miracle did not happen, but the lads worked really hard for it and almost did the trick. The Bayern supporters, on the other hand, went home beaten, in a downcast mood – even though they progressed. Weird things can happen in a supporter’s mind…

Final thoughts

Well, nine games to go, 27 points to play for; one small and one rich team to overtake. Let’s see what happens. I myself feel quite confident that the guys are capable of finishing in 3rd or 4th place…

On another note, I really want to see the Arsenal playing at the Emirates: even more so, than before this last week’s fantastic experience.

Hopefully that dream will soon become reality!

Written by: Pope the Gooner, who is based in Switzerland. 

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159 Responses to Forget about tactics, transfers and deadwood: THIS is what really matters!

  1. glic says:

    We should be well in the lead, playing the better football as well !.

  2. glic says:

    Sooo close….Henderson hits the bar !.

  3. glic says:

    F**king brilliant goal from Bellerin 2-1. Well deserved for 2nd half display.

  4. TotalArsenal says:

    Was a great goal Glic, totally deserved.

  5. TotalArsenal says:

    Pope The Gooner, thanks for a great account of your first ever Arsenal game. Even though, English is not your first language, you have given us a vivid account of what the game meant to you and what happened on the day. A real joy to read! 🙂

  6. Pope The Gooner says:

    Thank you for your kind words, TA. I hope it shines through how much I liked and value the experience!

  7. Milo says:

    While I admit that it would be great to see us live, I am afraid it would be, more or less, a one time experience for me 😦 I live so far away, and it would cost a lot of money!!! 😦 There is a certain mystique that would be broken if I were to see us live, as well…I imagine the experience to be one way, and if it didn’t go as I expected, I might end up disappointed??? I am a very shy and insular person too. I LIVE for matchday!!! 😀 I go on a couple of blogs, read all the rumours, even though most ot it is garbage, and try not to get too nervous!!! 😀 I can’t imagine how nervous and wound up I would be if I saw a live match, in the flesh!!! I would be shitting myself, hahahahahaha 😀 Also, once you go to see a live match, you want to keep going at least once a year, and I DON’T have even close to the amount of money needed for that…I’m happy enough sitting in the rocking chair, chewing my nails and watching with my Dad 😀 You always get the best view with television, so that is a big plus as well!!! 😀

    I admire those who have enough about them to go to matches regularly, or even just once!!! 😀

    Chances are, I WILL get to see us live someday, but there are sooooooooo many things I have to figure out before I do that. I have enough savings to do it, but flying is another issue of mine!!! :S I think once I’ve established myself in the working world, I will be able to go and do it. At least that is my hope!!! 😀

  8. Barry Clarke says:

    I was about 7 or 8 when I first saw the Arsenal ( I’m 65 now ) .I lived in Oxford where I still reside, but my mother was a Brummie, so holidays were spent with her family in Birmingham. All the family were big city fans, and I got taken along for my first experience of league football. Fortunately for me City were playing Arsenal and the atmosphere and colour and the occasion has stayed with me ever since. I don’t recall the score, or who played but it must have been the likes of Swindon, Mercer, and Holton. I used to go to Highbury in the 60s a few times a season especially when playing Man U’ as all my mates were “Scum”. Once married and having a family, work and not much money made it harder to go. I’m retired now and the prices of tickets even if available are beyond me. So with the exception of watching the Champion League games at Wembley prior to the opening of the Emirates for a couple of seasons, I have to make do with the telly. I really love sitting outside a bar on some Greek island where I go every year for my holidays in my Arsenal shirt cheering them on against Olympiacos or Penathonikos , fingers crossed for next season.

  9. Pope The Gooner says:

    You mention some points, that are very similar to my situation/feelings, Milo. Being really fired up about the match watching it alone or with family at home is something completely different than REALLY being there. At (almost) the same place as the team. I have to admit that most of the time I was sitting there chewing my nails, no Dad to watch though 😉 However the team never really felt like conceding as opposed to the Liverpool home game…
    But then again, the release of emotion WHEN they score is just amazing. Feels great. Better pick a match where the Arsenal will be scoring as your first live game 😀

    On the view… It is maybe true that on TV everything looks bright and shiny. But seeing a picture and really feeling the emotion is not the same thing. The feeling is something which – in my opinion – cannot be replaced or transmitted to full extent on TV. And then there is the issue, that you have the whole stadium to look at. So you can decide to focus on the away fans cheering to the Arsenal instead of watching how they prepare a throw-in – what seems more interesting to you? 😉 Last point is, that the view from my seat was somehow like playing FIFA. Seated on one of the outer rings I could almost watch down on the pitch. So again concepts like the defensive line were much more obvious to me. As well as Seeing where on the pitch the players really are. That sometimes goes amiss on TV when they only show a small percentage of the pitch…

  10. glic says:

    What a great experience for you Pope, glad you enjoyed yourself and you have a 100% win record you lucky charm you !. hahaha

    I too get nervous at games Milo and I try and choose the games against the so called easier teams and have only seen us lose once at the Em`s against WBA, but I`ve seen about 15 odd wins and no draws, so not a bad record !. Live the dream buddy, it will take your breath away !.

  11. Pope The Gooner says:

    @glic: Sure.. If I had put a third Arsenal shirt on, maybe they’d even have scored another one? 😀 It’s worth an experiment for the next game I guess…

    Picking matches against lesser opposition might also backfire in the sense that you really expect those 3 points and a blistering attacking display, so a loss would all the heavier…

  12. glic says:

    I really enjoyed that second half and it was great to see us pass the ball about much more comfortably than the Manscum. You can obviously see our passing game is taught throughout the Arsenal ranks from kids to first team !.

  13. Milo says:

    Yeah, I gotta say, it would be cool to go to a match!!! 😀 I don’t know if my Dad would be able to go now that he is blind, but I’d take him with me if I could!!! 😀 He’s much more of a traveler than I am or probably ever will be!!! 😀 See, i’d be afraid of getting lost, and he’s good with directions, even though he can’t see!!! 😀 He’s got the memory of an elephant when it comes to directions and instructions.

    Man, that’s a good record Glic!!!:D See, I’ve been to a few Toronto Blue Jay’s baseball games (MLB) and it’s a lot of fun too!!! 😀 I’m not nearly as fervent a fan of them as I am with Arsenal, yet it’s still a lot of fun. My record is good too, at 6 wins and one loss!!! 😀 No draws in baseball!!! 😀 hahahahaha 😀

    If and when I go to London, I want a good seat!!! 😀 Not too close or too far away…my eyes aren’t THAT good either!!! 😀 hahahahahaha:D So if I’m gonna go, it’s gonna be the whole shebang!!! Good tickets…good everything!!! 😀

  14. mickmoon says:

    Pope, i would stick with the away games, the fans are more passionate. i too was in the Augustiner-restaurant, with the German Arsenal Supporters club (friends) and can confirm the beer was flowing. The U train ride was enjoyable and it DID seem like a home game for Arsenal, but a game from the early Wenger years, with true passion and pride in the mighty reds. #COYG

  15. glic says:

    True Pope, but I only bite my nails against the ” lesser” teams, eating my fore arms against “bigger” teams will require a visit to the Accident and Emergency department and I wont be able to clap our goals or drive all the way home back to Cornwall !. hahaha

  16. Pope The Gooner says:

    @ Barry Clarke: Greece is always a nice place to be. And with the chance to watch a good Arsenal game in a sports bar near the beach just seems priceless! 😀 I remember one game against Liverpool in September 08 or 09 I think – drinking Mojitos in a small bar in Spain, almost smashing the glass when Diaby scored a header in the last 15 minutes 😀

  17. Milo says:

    I can’t believe I missed the under 21’s match!!! 😦 And we won!!! 😦 I just woke up though, and I thought it was Tuesday, not Wednesday!!! :S

  18. glic says:

    I`ve been to most parts of the ground Milo and there`s a great view from all corners but I do prefer to be up behind one of the goals, two reasons ….I like seeing the ball hit the back of the net plus being higher up the noise level is loder/higher, it is sort of amplified !.

  19. Pope The Gooner says:

    @ Milo: Sure one day you’re going to make it! There are ships and busses so not liking to take off might not be as bad as it sounds. The environment will thank you, that’s for sure! 😉 As a friend of mine uses to say: “Without a sense of orientation you see more of the world!” Sometimes it takes you longer to arrive but people you meet and places you experience on the way are just as important as arriving savely… So go for it! 😀

  20. Milo says:

    Yeah, I don’t really mind how far up I sit, I just want to be able to see everything properly…sitting too close sometimes makes it hard to see the play developing, at least that is what I would gather…I wouldn’t want to sit with the suits either!!! :S Where do the really vocal and passionate fans situate themselves???

  21. Pope The Gooner says:

    @mickmoon : You might be right. I thought the same. But then again watching the Arsenal at least once at home is still very high on my Bucket List. If I don’t like it I happily watch them once every now and then when they come a little closer to Switzerland 😀

  22. Pope The Gooner says:

    @glic: Yeah eating your forearms is definitely not the way to go. Clapping is not that important though as long as you can scream and jump?! 😀

  23. mickmoon says:

    Pope, save it for a biggie then. Took my wife to her first north London derby this year, and a good game to pick, she has been a Gooner all her life.

  24. Pope The Gooner says:

    Milo.. try the away sector for away fans! 😀 In Munich they were seated in the third (outermost) ring in the corner on Arsenal’s left side of the first half. Sounds as if there was a simpler way to explain this but you’l get the point, will you? But the allocation of the away fans will depend on the stadium I guess?

    Sitting to low behind the goal is not that great in my opinion. I watched a game in San Siro from that position and it was hard to really see what was happening in the build up and on the other half of the pitch. Certainly the goalkeeper seemed really close and therefore it was not that bad either… Unluckily no goals were scored in that game 😦

  25. Pope The Gooner says:

    @mickmoon: I sure will! North London derby sounds about right 😀 I’ll see what I can do about it…

  26. Milo says:

    Really??? 😀 Sit by the away fans??? 😀 If we’re losing that would be really annoying!!! hahahahahaha, I’m very shy, BUT I have a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE temper, when it comes to people being critical, or making fun of the Arsenal…I’d probably get in to a fight!!! SERIOUSLY, I’ve never gotten why fans have to bait other fans…Why not spend your energy on cheering for YOUR club??? Some people will think I’m crazy, while others will agree with me, I guess. I’m probably in the minority again, but that doesn’t bother me!!! 😀

  27. Gooner4eva49 says:

    Great concept I like it. This site is so different from everywhere else. Unique. A touch of class. World class. Dennis Bergkamp.

    My first game was a reserve match between us and the spuds at Highbury. I must of been 5 or 6 and I was with my dad standing right at the front row at the clock end. Ian Walker was in goal and you know how close you were to the pitch in Highbury, I kept calling him “wanker wanker oih wanker”. Terrible for a young child to speak such words I know! (Exception if directed to a spud) I obviously picked it up from fans not my parents I swear! Or I misinterpreted the name of the goalie (walker wanker same thing).

    The Gooners were encouraging me and laughing all whilst my dad was trying to tell me off and stop. Ignore dad the fans love me that’s who I listen to! I was so caught up in it I ended up chucking my saveloy (I called em Arsenal sausage) at Walker and it hit him! It hit him as he turned around (due to the barrage of chips) and had a moan and the stewards got involved and gave my dad a bollocking and all the Gooners was backing us up. They were more interested in me giving Wanker shit and dishing out chips and saveloy. I think we was allowed to stay as I had run out of missiles. Love it.

    Everything was Arsenal to me. I had to have Arsenal knife and forks, Arsenal chair and Arsenal this and that (all items red was Arsenal). I loved approaching the ground and seeing the stands from outside the ground was amazing. I loved the stalls the merchandise. Was a real buzz so exciting. I felt invincible!

  28. Pope The Gooner says:

    That just applies for away games.. 😀 No idea where to sit in a home game though…

  29. babakrdaemi says:

    Best experience:

    Sitting in the north bank. Playing boro at home being 3:1 down and we are unbeatable”.

    With hearing the crowd the king that was, Dennis Bergkamp took the games by the scruff of the neck and arsenal won 5:3.

    Come on the gunners

  30. glic says:

    Milo. I think Red Action ( someone correct me if i`m wrong ) have one of the blocks up the north bank and are usually more vocal and as someone has said…at most grounds the visiting supporters are usually the loudest, for instance the Dortmund fans were rocking the place !. It also can depend on who we are playing and how the game is panning out !. I went to the FA Cup game against Villa and it went quiete when they went 2-0 up in the first half. Within minutes of the second half starting it was rocking with 3 quick goals !. Coming from behind ( steady hahaha ) is great, but with a lot of tension which can damage your nails !. hahaha

  31. Pope The Gooner says:

    @Gooner4eva49: You are right. Credit were credit is due. Great job TA for providing such a nice platform and all the others for thinking before writing nonsense!

    Cool little story about your first ever Arsenal live game – Loved it! 😀 For sure a nice story to remember and tell to other gooners!

  32. Milo says:

    Hahahhahahaha Gooner4ever, that is absolutely hilarious!!! 😀 Yeah, I guess winding up uis all part and parcel of the experience!!! 😀 I do find it funny when the crowd sings songs such as “4-0 and you Fucked it up” (against Reading in the Capital One Cup) hahahahahaha. But those are harmless songs…I don’t like the racial songs or even songs that make fun of a certain player…Unless they do something that deserves the song hahahahahaa 😀

  33. glic says:

    Basically Milo, you need to go to a home game at the home of football and also an away game with our brilliant away support. One of the best games I ever went to was in 1978, away at…. The Theatre of Screams, we beat the Spuds 5-0….biggest erection I`ve ever had ! hahahaha

  34. glic says:

    Hahaha G4eva49….I think you should have the MotM award for that display !.

  35. Milo says:

    Hahahahahahaha, Glic, I’ve seen funny people before…but almost every flippin’ comment??? I always read your comments for a laugh!!! 😀 That’s not even one of your better ones, but it still makes me laugh when I read it 😀

  36. Milo says:

    I’m off to eat supper now. Later guys!!! 😀

  37. TotalArsenal says:

    Milo, good to see you back here and I love your openness and humility. There is nothing better than live footie, especially if we are winning 🙂 I hope you will get a chance soon, as I am sure you will never forget it.

    Barry Clark, thanks for sharing your story with us and welcome to the site. 🙂

  38. TotalArsenal says:

    Pope The Gooner wrote:

    “Being really fired up about the match watching it alone or with family at home is something completely different than REALLY being there. At (almost) the same place as the team”

    You describe really well what it means to be there, to experience and sense our team playing football; being close to them and able to REALLY support them, is simply priceless.

  39. Pope The Gooner says:

    Good night guys! Catch you tomorrow

  40. TotalArsenal says:

    Guten Nacht Pope! 🙂

  41. TotalArsenal says:


    Good to see you back and with a fine comment as well. Especially loved your last paragraph:

    ‘Everything was Arsenal to me. I had to have Arsenal knife and forks, Arsenal chair and Arsenal this and that (all items red was Arsenal). I loved approaching the ground and seeing the stands from outside the ground was amazing. I loved the stalls the merchandise. Was a real buzz so exciting. I felt invincible!’

  42. William says:

    For the last 6 years or more Wenger was trying to play stylishly and win.Sad to say it did not
    materialise and only was the 4th slot at risk that
    .he decided to play ugly to win.I don’t know whether it is blatedly or not but the epl is atough place with the FA old farts not punishing the guy who almost broke another player’s knee.
    There are some tough but winnable games.
    There is no margin for error and the defence has to be tight otherwise the gunners could finsh 5th or 6th.

  43. Rohan says:

    William, I don’t agree that we are playing ugly, defensive-focus is not the same as hoofing the ball down the pitch.The style of counter-attacking football we could play can be just as beautiful as possession football in my eyes – I just see them as different styles of play.

  44. Rohan says:

    Here we are discussing our favourite moments – and I can’t help but try and start a debate haha.

  45. The Gooner says:

    Pope The Gooner,

    Thank you for sharing the details and experience of your first Arsenal game live! Fantastic to hear that it was a success and that Arsenal were able to bring home a victory for you at a very difficult venue.

    I, myself, have never been to a game at the Emirates and have only toured the building. It felt cold and uninviting to me, but perhaps the experience would have been better had a real match been going on. I plan to one day see a game at the Emirates, but am waiting to see a legitimate team before paying a large sum of money to fly over and watch them live again!

    My first game live was at the mighty Highbury Stadium during what turned out to be the majestic year of the Invincibles. The game was in April and Arsenal were playing a top four opponent in Liverpool and the stakes were obviously high. Having only defeated the Scousers 2-1 earlier in the year, everyone could see that Liverpool was our biggest obstacle from here on out in going undefeated!

    Fortunately, the Arsenal dominated the game in typical fashion, winning 4-2, as Henry’s three goals led the way. Being exposed to copious amounts of hockey growing up in Canada, I wondered if hats were thrown onto the field when a player scored three goals. Impulsively, I took off my cap and threw it down to the pitch to celebrate Henry’s third goal. As I stood there cheering, all the fans around me started looking at me as if I had somewhat lost my mind! So in response to this, I took the hat off the gentleman sitting next to me and threw it onto the field as well hahaha! And thus, a tradition was born that day…just kidding about all the hat throwing!

    Being a part of the Invincibles season in person is likely going to be my best memory of Arsenal ever. The atmosphere, the post-game celebrations, the chills walking through the gates, the chanting and singing during the game, the goals and so much more! A truly unforgettable experience and one that I will cherish forever :).

  46. oz gunner says:

    I remember my Arsenal live moment…bugger…I don’t have one!!!

    Very jealous Pope, glad you enjoyed the experience and I hope it lives on in your mind forever! Great story!

  47. oz gunner says:

    damn you too HH!!! Invincibles season and a henry hat-trick!!!

  48. Milo says:

    I hope the comments of Sczcesny’s father were either lost in translation, or taken out of context. He said that Wenger doesn’t know what he is doing, he is burnt out, the squad is disgraceful, and so on and so forth!!! Fuck him. I feel sorry for Woijcech, having to put up with such a clown for a father!!! If I were him I’d tell my Dad to keep his mouth shut, as he could find himself on the outside looking in, regarding the chase for the number one shirt for our club!!! I hope Wenger sticks it to him, somehow, someway, and all the other naysayers!!!

  49. oz gunner says:

    @ Milo

    I read the comments also, who knows with the way the media spin/twist things.
    He sounds a lot like Bendy’s dad to be honest. If it is true he needs to settle down and have faith that his son will win the position back. His son sits out 2 games and it’s the end of the world. I hope he’s not whispering in his ear about other clubs ect

  50. Gerry says:

    How to lose friends and influence people ….

    The first time I saw Arsenal play live was against Coventry, at Highfield Road, in the FA Cup.
    I was there supporting my hometown team, and being in the 2nd division, had done well to reach this stage,4th or 5th round I think?. Then came the swaggering, mighty Arsenal to end our dreams for another year, and beat us 1-3 …b*stards! ha ha.

    It was over 40 years ago, so …

  51. Gerry says:

    Before I go and hide in the corner, just a mention on the Under 21’s last night(which is the carry over at the start of these responses,btw) – There were a few eye catching performances.

    Bellerin, keeping up my earlier billing of, being ‘quick, has tricks, and can shoot’. Great goal, and some tremendous tackles, although his last one might well have got him a second card. On the replay, to me it looked more like his momentum took him into their player’s leg … his standing one, so it could have been very nasty. In hindsight he should have bent his leg, but the speed it happened I’m not sure he saw where his straight leg was taking him until it was too late? Giving him the benefit of the the doubt …

    Eisfeld I am sure will be on the first bench, if not a start at some point soon. He has got serious pace, and skill to go with it. A lad with a big, big future ahead of him. Times his runs really well, and can keep the ball in tight situations. Add all of that to his passing… and he’s got the lot!

    Shame about Henderson not being given a contract, but with his power shots he should do very well if he finds the right club. His penalty kick would have taken their goalie to the back of the net, but he sensibly dived the other way ha ha.

    Martinez looks a big lad in our goal. Did everything else right, no chance with the Man U goal.

    Zac Ansah came on late and has good feet for a big guy. In fact all round the team they played with great energy, and got a well deserve win.

    It was noted that Yennaris came off early. Now whether that is to save him for the Next Gen quarter final on Monday, or may be as cover for the first team, I don’t know. He wasn’t his usual self before he came off, so he may have taken a knock?

    If I had one slight worry over any of the players, it would be for Coquelin. I know they had some big forwards, but he did seem to get bundled off the ball a few times, and at this level, with his experience, you might expect better?

    Right, I’m back to the racing stuff …

  52. Gerry says:

    Great blog PTG, btw. You capture the experience very well. I hope you get to do it again sometime.

    Likewise for you, Milo

  53. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning guys.

    Some more fine comments overnight and this morning. 🙂

  54. Red Arse says:

    Good Morning, TA, and you guys! 🙂

  55. Red Arse says:


    Red Arse has not been binned!! 🙂

  56. glic says:

    Morning Bonerhounds 😆

    Love the avatar Ozzie, great film Avengers Assemble, I do love a bit of Sci-Fi !….Star Trek the next penetration !…….make it so……engage !. hahaha

    Totes , what are you stuttering on about !. hahaha

  57. Red Arse says:


    It was so good he just had to say it twice!! New York, New York!! 😀

  58. glic says:

    So Redders, who`s this ” The American ” guy ?. is it your split other self ?. Is one from the South a Confederate Red Neck and one from the North a Yankee ?. Or are you from somewhere in between ?.

    I hope you are not offended by the use of the words….North and South !. hahaha

  59. Red Arse says:


    I was having severe problems with Clogenkamp sticking me in the moderation bin every time I commented, so I chose another avatar name [The American] and a new email address and snuck in that way.

    Glogenspiel seems to have relented now and I have returned as Red Arse. 🙂

    Also, someone on another site seems to refer to me (off screen) as The American, for some reason, probably not altogether friendly, and so I have used that occasionally to show it is not a big deal. 🙂

  60. glic says:

    I think Red Arse is the all thing`s Arsenal, football, work etc` and The American…. the Southern Gigolo, who always uses the phrase when he is laid behind a lady in bed in the morning……” The South will rise again ! ” hahaha


  61. VCC says:

    What a fine maiden post Pope the Gooner. So pleased you see Arsenal win on your first visit, one of many live games I hope you see in the future.
    It’s so nice to see Gooners from all over the globe write on this great site, BK. We have a smashing community here, and are blessed with wonderful scribes.

    My first visit to Highbury……mmmmm, now let me think ?????? boy, at my age I can barely remember my name, let alone the first visit.

    I have supported this wonderful football team for well over 50 years now, and counting. Here are some thoughts of my early days venturing up to the 8th wonder of the world. =

    Pinning badges (with players faces on) onto our jumpers in the old formation of
    Right back…left back
    Right half….centre half…left half
    Right wing…inside right…centre forward…inside left….left wing.

    My wooden rattle.
    Travelling to the ground in my parents neighbours 12 seater dormobile van
    The smell of burgers and hot dogs when arriving at the ground
    Merchandise stands
    Watching young kids get passed over the heads of guys, so th get to the front for a better view.
    The band playing at half time, marching on the hallowed turf.
    Occasionally see my team win (lol)
    Appy Appy Dayz.

    Letterz Gooners.

  62. Pope The Gooner says:

    I have to agree with Rohan. Having a stable defense does not automatically mean that we have to play ugly. Fast counter-attacking a la Germany National Team is nice to watch as well and seems much more stable in the sense of getting results right while still providing some nice to watch football. I too hope that the defense is going to be as tight for the rest of the season as in the last two games. If that works out then another year of CL football seems very probable…

  63. Pope The Gooner says:

    The Gooner,

    It seems to me that many new arenas just have not the same kind of vibrancy as older counterparts. A few years ago I was in the Olimpic stadium and the Allianz-Arena in Munich, both without watching a game and I would choose the older Olimpic stadium over Allianz Arena every day of the week. The vibes radiating from it are simply different from the newer and colder monument that is the Allianz Arena. It might be the same with the Emirates, but still I’d love to have the chance and see the mighty Arsenal at least once in a home game 😀 Experiencing a Henry hattrick and a great win in the invincibles season for sure is something that will not be forgotten that easily! Great game you picked there as well! 😉

  64. Pope The Gooner says:

    oz gunner
    Thanks for the nice words. Hope you will make it to a live game as well one day. It really is worth the time and money!

    BTW: Nice avatar 😀

  65. Pope The Gooner says:


    Special story it seems. Which was the first live game you went to while actually supporting Arsenal?
    Great summary as well of the U21’s game yesterday. Didn’t see it because Internet was down :-/ Glad they did well and impressed you with their performance 😀

  66. Pope The Gooner says:

    Totally agree with your view of the place here. A good opportunity to talk with people from all around the world about the Arsenal. Especially meaningful to me, as there are so many more Munich, ManU and Barcelona fans around, but scarcely anyone can be found supporting the Arsenal. Maybe they all do it secretly at home?! 😕

    And wooow.. I just read like once or twice something about that old formation you mention. Quite a lot has changed in football since you watched your first Arsenal games!

  67. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    From his national team training camp in Poland, Wojciech Szczesny has requested the following statement to be released on his behalf:
    “I would like to apologise for the comments made by my father which have been used by both Polish and English media.

    “I’d like to make it clear that those were the views and opinions of my father and not mine, and although I respect his views I cannot accept them as I find them disrespectful to the club I truly love.
    “I have been at Arsenal Football Club for seven years now and I have always shown my full respect to the Club, Arsène Wenger, all the coaching staff, my team-mates and the fans.
    “I’ve always felt that I received great support from the manager and the fans and I am fully focused on getting back to my best.


  68. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers PPP, that was the right thing to do, I reckon. His dad seems to be a bit of a ‘loose Pole’.

    In the long term this might do Wojciech some good.

  69. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    Hey hey BK 🙂

    Great post Pope,

    Im with Oz, stuck in a fantastic land ‘down under’.
    No live Arsenal moments for me…….just yet. But one day baby, i wont say maybe!

    Im saving all my pretty pennies as we speak (or write)

    Thank Dennis for the internet and satellite, i do have fond memories of Arsenal when i was a bit younger though. In the days of no foxtel (sky) or internet, i scored a job as a cleaner in an R.S.L club ( a diggers or bowling club), even though i was underage. It was the only way i was gunner watch the Arse live (via satellite), otherwise i would have to wait for a late Monday night review show.

    How do you get a job in a club when underage? Simples……. You date the managers daughter, and put up with every little annoying thing from her, so long as you get to see Bergkamp weave his magic through Wengerball….

    I have met Davor Suker once at a New Years Eve gathering in Sydney. Such a laid back customer, i believe Wenger bought him after his expiry date, and he pretty much hinted at the same thing

  70. glic says:

    A great counter statement from Sir Chesney.

    I like that Vic`s….8th wonder of the world !……. You old git…… so apart from the Manor Ground, there was a few years at the Invicta Ground ( 9th wonder of the world ), Highbury ( 10th wonder of the world ) and now the Emirates ( 11th wonder of the world ). hahaha

  71. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    Hi Total,

    I believe after a long talk with management, it would have been the HR department from the Arse that suggested the letter. I dont believe that WS is off the hook with Wenger just yet, even though he had nothing to do with the comments.

    I think that Arsene has been left with a sour taste in his mouth after all he has done to accomodate a youngster into the first team. Pushing out 2 experienced (at the time) goalies to make a place for a raw keeper in WS onl;y to get a backlash like this at a critical stage of the season which could easily unsettle the rest of the squad.

    Smells a bit like Mr Bendtner senior to me?

    #Watch this space

  72. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    Read back through the letter. How can you ‘respect’ his views and then find them ‘disrespectful’.

    Mr WS senior is gonna kill his kids Arsenal career. It is he who should do a U-Turn and apologise to Arsene and ARSENAL FC for disrupting and unsettling the club. I have no time for people like that.

    My dad says stupid things too, but i never let him speak on my behalf, and if he ever takes a swipe at Arsene or Arsenal i tell him he is a dickhead. Im bigger than my old man these days, and he knows when he can take the mickey. But when it comes to the Arse he knows to shut his beak. Ive already burnt two of his manure flags. hahaha

  73. Red Arse says:

    Hi Pope The Gooner, 🙂

    Forgot to say earlier that I enjoyed your debut Post, and if English is not your first language, it is even more impressive. Congratulations!

  74. TotalArsenal says:

    PPP 🙂

    Dating the daughter to watch Dennis hahaha. He scores when he wants, he scores when he wants, PPP he scores when he wants! 😛

    I reckon Szczesny won’t play for Arsenal this season anymore and it remains to be seen what happens next season!

    Catch you later guys.

  75. Julian says:

    Who’s the best ever Arsenal player? Answer: Dennis Bergkamp. Who signed him? Answer: Bruce Rioch. Arsenal minus Dennis Bergkamp no League Titles, one FA Cup, enough said, so long Arsene Wenger.

  76. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:


    Arsene knew he was taking over Arsenal FC. He told management at Arsenal to go out and buy Dennis before he arrived. Geez, everone knows that. hahaha

  77. glic says:

    Hahaha Prince

    I`d better watch out for my son, we`re both gooners, so he might try burning my mirror instead !. He`s bigger than me, but I am stronger, he keeps coming in and challenging me to an arm – wrestle….so far I keep winning , but it`s getting harder, I`m lifting weight`s but he`s lifting stone, cement and railway sleepers etc` in his landscaping job……f**ker !. hahaha

  78. glic says:

    Oh f**k Julians back !. hahaha

  79. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    Your right Julian. In the history books it will be forever written that Big Bruce did in fact sign Dennis, but saying that we wouldnt have won a single trophy with Wenger and without Bergkamp is just ludicrous. You loco man. Next your gonna say that Barca is nothing without Messi….. cmon dude, you need some brain food

  80. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    Glicey baby.

    Thats how i started. “Dad, lets have an arm wrestle?” “C’mon….pleeease…caaarn….HAVE A GO YOU MUG OR I WILL CATCH YOU WHEN YOUR SLEEPING!!!” hahaha

    My dad makes me coffee these days 😀

    The circle of life. hahaha

  81. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    I could not handle a depressed Glicster. So please hide that special mirror of yours. You know the one that bullshits to you and tells you your a handsome b*stard 😆

  82. Julian says:

    Dennis Bergkamp leaves Arsenal 2005. Arsenal minus Dennis Bergkamp no Trophies.

  83. glic says:

    Julian cant see that without Wenger, God wouldn`t have won anything !. Now get in the confession box say three hail mary`s and hope the priest hasn`t got his hampton out the otherside of the mesh……or your face might be in a mesh !. hahaha

  84. Julian says:

    The usual propaganda rhetoric.

  85. glic says:

    The usual one liner. hahaha

  86. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    4 words Julian. My, my i am impressed. Next week we can learn our 2 x tables 😆

  87. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    5 words Glic….wait… is hahahhaha a word?

  88. glic says:

    hahaha counts as 3. hahaha

  89. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    How is the shack going in Cornwall? Has it affected your transfer kitty for top top quality Glic?

  90. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:


  91. glic says:

    Where`s Stretch ?…….He would threaten Julian with some Manilow love song`s !

  92. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    Sao Bernardo 1-2 Sao Paulo
    Thursday, March 21
    Denilson played the entirety of Sao Paulo’s win at Sao Bernardo. The midfielder put through his own net after 26 minutes but Rodrigo Caio struck late to ensure victory.

    Good to see he is getting on the scoresheet 🙂

  93. glic says:

    Went to see the Love Shack today Prince, it`s up dry in the factory. The windows are some 3 weeks away , then it should be here being erected weather permitting !.

  94. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    Stretch said he had to ‘step out’, whilst modelling a stocking on his head and some chloroform in his back pocket

  95. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    Good stuff. How long has the project taken so far?

  96. Julian says:

    Don’t hide behind flippancy, put some flesh on the bones, give a cogent counter argument to the facts.

  97. glic says:

    To tell the truth I`m years ahead of schedule. So not fussed on the delay, it started last summer, I`ve done all the hard graft of landscaping. Talking of which, the timber framer showed me some stone work which looked identical to mine, it was in a really expensive area ….Constantine Bay ( beautiful beach ), he said the client paid £1000 per M2 !!. what a rip off !!.

  98. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    Is anybody else here of the same mindset as Total @ 15.08pm and believes that WS will have no part to play in the remainder of our campaign? Whilst on this sort of topic, will we see TV5 in the starting line up for the run-in?

  99. Gerry says:

    PTG – Alas, unlike yourself, but like many others, I have not seen them live. I now live 200 odd miles away, with a large family of dogs to look after. Even when I was a mature student in London (1988-92) I was still commuting back to Coventry at the weekends. The match I spoke of, I do recall that Liam Brady scored one of the goals. Alas my memory for football is not that strong from that time. If I ask my mate who lives in London, he could probably tell me who the referee was, as well both the teams, and their subs!

    Now I shall probably get a message MBJ to say he was right ..’I know nothing!’

    You’ve had some good replies, and like the previous blog, a wide variety. Good stuff.

  100. Gerry says:

    PPP – No, Totes will have that come back to haunt him before long?

  101. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    Julian, the big shiny stadium costs money and it has affected almost every aspect of our club. Had we stayed at Highbury, we would still have been collecting silverware, even without Dennis, but sooner or later the oil money still would have come in and put us on the backfoot. We did the right thing and built our house on solid foundations. Nobody builds a house from the roof down.

  102. Gerry says:

    TV5 on the other hand is bound to get a spot when one of the CB’s gets injured. He may even get tried in the DM role, although my preference there from this squad, would be Sagna when he is fit ?
    … Let’s face it, we are unlikely to get through these internationals without somebody getting injured?

  103. glic says:

    Julie baby, give us a 20+ line comment and you may get some decent answers !.

    Totes could be right Prince, but you know how good we are at injuries !.

    As for Denilson, imo he`s a good player but lacked pace. When you think of cars being measured by their 0-60 times, 6 seconds etc`, Denilson was like 0-60 metres in 6 minutes, but when he`s on the copacabana beach with all them brazillianed brazillians he`s more like 0-6 inches in 0.1 sec !. He needs to get his priority`s right !. hahaha

  104. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    The bloke in Constantine bay probably thought he was getting a bargain. It doesnt suprise me though, people who live in ‘ritzy’ North Sydney pay an extra $1.20 on a loaf of wholegrain bread compared to folks in the west… such is life. By the way, cant wait to see the pics, instead of ‘Where’s Wally’ i can play ‘Where’s Isco’

  105. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    Gerry @ 16.03pm,
    i have a feeling that Total might be onto something. I cant see Fabianski being dropped without a comedy of errors. Arsene dropped Jenks when he was in form for a broken Sagna to return to the fold and that backfired imo

  106. Julian says:

    That’s about as toothless a counter argument as Wenger himself.

  107. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    Glic, never a boring moment with you.

    Where is Victoria these days?

  108. glic says:

    My boy`s boss usually charges something like £80 per M2 and it`s quality work. The chap who paid £1000 per M2 had more money than sense and probably thought he would be getting a better job for the rip off price !. Even if it was stone inc`, it`s a rip off, my stone cost £40 per ton. ( A ton does roughly 3.5 M2 )

  109. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    JULIAN, Looks to me like you cant handle the truth. Its just fact. DEAL WITH IT

  110. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    “More money than sense”

    So true. The funny thing is Glic, when you have money to burn i guess you dont waste time ‘shopping around’ for a better price. Instead they probably gloat at the product being top of the range because of the price paid. To be honest though, at 1000 per M2 that customer got raped in the wallet

  111. Julian says:

    That’s very matter of fact answer pity it’s false.

  112. Gerry says:

    As a tie in to this blog, 7amkickoff has posted ‘4 days in Munich, a photoblog.

    I am guessing PTG that you didn’t have much time for sightseeing? You will like these snaps though?

  113. VCC says:

    Hi Prince. Nice of you to ask. I am here in the background keeping an eye on GLiC.

    Have been busy trying to sort some paper out recently. Things are supposed to be speeding up with modern technology???? I’m not so sure it has speeded up these days.

    Trying to tie up the ends with Solicitors, Agents, etc is sooooooo frustrating. No wonder I have no hair left.

    I will have to put a call into stretch and get some of his hair restorer.

    Don’t forget what I told you about that scoundrel GLiC. I have my beady eye on him. 🙂

  114. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    Educate me Julian, please!
    Looks like all the esteemed accountants, members and loyal supporters have all lied to me.
    And tell me the truth Julian, you used to be Arsenes biggest fan? Correct. hahaha

  115. glic says:

    Are you moving Vic`s ?

  116. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    VCC 🙂 Good to hear from you.
    Id be curious to know how many ‘boldies’ we have on BK

  117. VCC says:

    glic…..yer I’m moving to Launcestern, Cornwall, so I can keep an eye on you matey.

    Prince I’m thin on top but not completely bald

  118. VCC says:

    glic, I will tell you Saturday week.

    We will have to arrange a meet up time. I can’t remember the best station to get out at, what was it?

  119. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    Has anyone ever heard of the farmer with his prized parrot?

    This farmer had a prized parrot that could talk, do tricks and had beautifull colours. One night the farmer woke to some loud noise coming from the chicken coop. He went outside to see what the comotion was, only to find that his prized parrot had been ‘rooting’ the farmers chickens to death. So in the heat of the moment, the farmer grabbed for the parrot and ripped his feathers from his head and said-

    “Your lucky i have guests coming over soon Mr Parrot, i will deal with this later. I want you to be on your best behaviour tonight, and usher in my guests with ladies to the left and gents to the right, ok?”

    The parrot knew he was already in trouble, so agreed. Up he went on his perch when the guests started arriving he continued-
    “arrr, ladies to the left, gents to the right, arrr, ladies to the left, gents to the right”.

    As the guests started to fill the farmers home the prized parrot noticed a bald man walk through the door (TMHT) 😉 …… so the parrot continued-

    “arrr, ladies to the left, gents to the right, ladies to the left, gents to the right, arrr…..BUT AS FOR YOU CHOOK F**KER YOU CAN GET ON THE PERCH WITH ME!!!”

    hahaha. I’ll get my coat 😀

  120. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi PPP,

    You are best not to bother with Julian. He is only out to get under your skin and knows nothing about Arsenal. I have warned him about communicating in one-liners and not putting any flesh on the bone.

    Julian, last warning. Debate properly or you are banned.

  121. TotalArsenal says:

    Re Vermaelen, the Times reported today, as a matter of fact comment, that the Belgian will be available for transfer in the summer. I think he will still play for us this season though, but the current back five(six) is likely to play together for the rest of the season (Gibbs and Nacho alternating?).

  122. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    TA, Is that confirmed by anybody at the Arsenal, regards to TV5? Curse of the captains armband, hmmm 🙄

  123. TotalArsenal says:

    I doubt it PPP, but the Times just mentioned it in between a sentence. I could have understood it wrong, and it was not a qoute by anybody, but they just wrote: Vermaelen, who will be available for transfer in the summer, …..

  124. Julian says:

    Wenger deliberately sidelines Vermaelen, the sells him to Barcelona, thus minimising the inevitable flak. It’s a desperate ploy.

  125. glic says:

    Vic`s. Bethnal Green Underground Station, not to be confused with Bethnal Green Railway Station though, which is in a different location and goes to N17 !. Yuk !.


    Lovley stuff Pope. What a great way to bust your cherry, Munchen away. Realy pleased you got to feel the “buzz” of going to games.

    Ime a bit dissapointed you didnt get blind drunk, get into a fight, and then thrown out of the ground, but apart from that it sounds like you had a great time. hahahaha

  127. glic says:

    Here Julian , this is right up your street !. Maybe you can give us a 20+ lined reply to back it up !. hahaha

  128. glic says:

    Hahahahahaha I like that Jewels, comedy one liners are allowed !. hahaha


    hahaha, got to admit thats funny.

  130. glic says:

    Hahaha Stretch. If anyone gets our seal of approval, they must be bad !. hahaha

  131. glic says:

    Bad is Good !. hahaha


    hahaha, just thinking that Cornwall

    Julian, this two line post. Whats it about? hahaha

  133. Red Arse says:


    Loved the Parrot joke — and that told Terry, too. 🙂

  134. Red Arse says:

    You first of all need to boost your brain power by borrowing the viallage idiot’s. 🙂

  135. glic says:

    I bet it`s about Arsene Wenger, he`s transported back to Rome and he`s getting his Arse kicked by Spartacus and Julian Caesar has to decide whether to give him the thumbs up or down !.

    Anyone like that Spartacus TV Series, lots of naked ladeez !.


    yes, parrots are dodgy alright. I used to go with this girl that had a talking bird, it wernt a parrot it was something else but i cant remember, anyway it talked.

    It reserved its “Creeeep” word just for me. I think it killed of my relationship. One night we were in the bedroom doing some adult stuff whilst all we could hear coming from the other room was “Creeeep”, “Creeeep”.

    I looked at the girl, she looked at me, and we knew it was over. hahahaha

  137. glic says:

    Yeah come on Julian Caesar, give us a sneak preview, dont make it too long though as you`ll give the game away !. Do it in short hand !. hahaha


    If its about his seual exploits, hes probably still thinking about things to write. hahahaha

  139. Red Arse says:

    He’s looking for the village idiot — doesn’t realise that it is him!


    Julians Date

    Julian went on a blind date but the girl never liked Julians sarky comments or his ugliness. The girl called the police and julian blames Arsene Wenger. hahahaha

  141. glic says:

    I knocked myself out the other week !. The wife was away at Butlins, I was all alone for one night. Even though I dont believe in the after life, my imagination played havoc with me. I went to bed after I checked every room in the place, all the cupboards, underneath the bed and locked the bedroom door, this ain`t London with noise, lights everywhere, it`s pitch black and normally quiet.
    I was sleeping when an outside noise woke me, then the outside sensor light went on, it didn`t make it any easier with something in the distance howling and the sound of heavy rain and the wind knocking a tree branch against the window. I crawled on the floor naked and tentively stuck my head through the curtains and peaked through the floor level window only for the outside lights to turn off and with my cold breath misting the window glass, I felt something wet and slimey lick my balls right up through to the crack of my arse !. I lerched forward and banged my head on the window frame and knocked my self out !.
    I had forgot that I had let my dog sleep in the bedroom that night as I was too scared to be there on my own and the little bastard had crept up on me from behind. Could have been worse, I could have regained consiousness with the f**ker humping me !. hahaha

  142. VCC says:

    glic 🙂



    Its amazing what the mind can do when your scared.I once told this old hag who was trying to flog me something to f*uck off. She got realy mad and started shouting

    ” i curse you to a future of no hair, ready made meals, a shoe box of a home, and a limp thingy”

    Luckily, i dont believe in such things. hahaha

  144. glic says:

    Hahaha Thats OK stretch as long as she didn`t put a curse on Arsenal !.

    You know I like a bit of Sci-Fi !.


    Looks good, Star Trek is the bolloxs, especialy the originals.

  146. glic says:

    Yes , I`d like to do a Vulcan mind-meld with Julian`s empty brain…….oh there`s a surprise it`s empty !. But he has got his boyfriend Klingoned to his Y-Fronts !. hahaha

  147. glic says:

    Before I go, I just noticed on Newsnow that…Thousands of dead prawns have been found washed up on the Chilean coastline !…..sounds like a great idea for a …Prawn movie starring Troy Shrimpcock !.

    Laterz 🙂

  148. PPP

    Re your first or second comment: Sounds like a lot of trouble just to be able to see the Arsenal on TV! That’s the spirit and the desire the players should display when on the pitch 😀
    I really hope you will have the chance one day to experience a live game of the Arsenal!

  149. popethegooner says:

    Red Arse, Thank you! Glad you liked it.

  150. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post New Post! 🙂

    Admir’s second post for BK tells us all about the beauty of defending!

  151. popethegooner says:

    Gerry – Sorry for just assuming that, because you live in the UK, you’d have been able to watch some live games of the Gunners. I really start to appreciate that experience much more, when seeing how hard it is for many fellow gooners, to actually see the Arsenal in a live game! I really hope you will have the chance to experience the Arsenal live as a supporter!
    And in response to your later post. I did not have any time to go sightseeing in Munich. So I’ll definitely will have a look at 7amkickoff’s picture post. Thanks for the pointer!

  152. TotalArsenal says:

    Hey Pope the Gooner 🙂

    Thanks again for your fantastic post and the fine comments it has generated! And please make sure you’ll keep visiting. 😛

  153. popethegooner says:

    Yeah I thought about that, but decided that it was one of possibly very few chances to see the Arsenal live, so I moderated my consumption of that tasty Bavarian beer. 😉
    And in hindsight I am happy with the way I approached it, as otherwise I would have probably missed the second goal for being thrown out the stadium?! 😀

  154. TotalArsenal says:

    Pope TG, we have moved on to a new post. Best to comment there so fellow bloggers will notice your comments… 🙂

  155. popethegooner says:


    Thank you for publishing my story! In the beginning it was thought more for myself as a a kind of diary.. However I felt it turned out ok, and wanted to share with some fellow gooners!

    And sure, I’ll keep visiting your great site! Maybe you’ll even see me commenting now and then 😉

  156. popethegooner says:

    At that moment I’d like to thank all of you for your feedback on my post, other experiences of first live games and much more interesting input!

  157. TotalArsenal says:

    Hey Pope TG, and maybe you can write a post for us again in the future. To inspire I give you a possible title: ‘The one German top-talent who’ll fit Arsenal like a glove’…

  158. henrychan says:

    Morning all..
    Wake up too early.. hehehe..
    But its okay.. I already sleep all day long.. cause of bad cold.. haha..

    Pope.. nice article..
    And it would be more dramaticly.. if you write a week earlier.. hehehe..

    About Julian.. He seem a big fans of Bergkamp.. so he is a BKers.. hahaha.. lol..

    Saying about DB.. anybody watching Eredivisie (dutch league) lately..
    I am not saying about PSV or Ajax.. Vitesse is what I am talking about.. They could go for UCL next year.. And that’s because of this Ivory striker name Wilfred Bony.. he scores 26 goals in 27 games.. Is that mean something..?? And I bet he is cheaper than Aubameyang whose only scores 16 for 29 games for St. Etiane..

    But don’t forget Strootman either.. hehehe..

  159. weedonald says:

    Pope…..excellent and spirited ¨atmosphere¨ post that sums up the experience of watching our beloved Arsenal live. As a former national referee and professional official, the only thing that is better is to be on the field with the 22 other players and soak in the atmosphere and the energy,pace and ferocity of the professional game.
    I will likely never get a chance to see AFC live but who knows?

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