Why did Wenger change to Bould-ball, and will he stick with it?

Bould and Wenger in harmony?

Bould and Wenger in harmony?

I’m a fan of Wenger, but over the last 8 years, he has come into a lot of criticism for his unwillingness to change from Plan A; criticisms which not even the most ardent Wenger supporter could fully refute. On the flip side, I do believe he comes under excessive criticism from some sectors over his stubbornness, the reason being his changes are normally subtle; rather than substituting or changing systems, he would rather change players’ roles or moves.

I also pose the question that if Wenger was such a poor tactician – as some fellow Gooners believe – we would not be the best second half team in the premiership this season; as it is in second halves when in-match tactical changes tend to show really well.

Despite my support, the defensive frailties are a tactical issue that Wenger has not really addressed for the vast portion of the season – much to the frustration of our fans, who grew wearisome of watching a Vermaelen cock-up that Mertesacker couldn’t keep up with to stop. Times were looking bleak until finally, at the Allianz Arena in Munich, it appeared that Wenger rectified the mistakes he was making at the back. The first question is why? What caused the change in system that had been plaguing our defence?

First things first, it is clear that in Munich we had nothing to lose. With no Wilshere, our midfield threatened to be overrun; we had lost 3-1 at home and were no longer under the illusion we could win this game stylishly. For once our team had the luxury of going for broke, and Wenger took it with both hands. With a team who had come under a lot of fire for shoddy-defending, Wenger saw the chance to try something new against top class opposition.

Secondly – The Tottenham loss and the missing game against Everton. Mertesacker spoke about how the Tottenham game caused the defence to have a closer look at their issues. I believe the break that was enforced due to Everton’s FA Cup game massively contributed to its effectiveness, as it gave the players a longer time to reflect.

In what was considered our biggest game of the season, two high-profile Vermaelen errors gave us the excuse to drop our captain – giving the now-impressing Koscielny his chance. I know it maybe too early to draw conclusion, but the Bayern game seemed to show me that the more disciplined Koscielny is a far better partner to Mertesacker than the gung-ho Vermaelen.

But what caused us to stick with Bould-ball? Well, quite clearly the performance against Bayern. Now I’m not just talking about the fact that we won, the crucial part of the win was that we scored twice, and could well have had an ONSIDE Walcott 3rd , or narrowly–missed Gervinho 4th. There is no point dwelling on the missed chances, but the point is that when fans watched the game they were thoroughly entertained, watching a defensively focused team that produced a game that in no-way could be labelled as anti-football.

Swansea, a fairly attacking team, then faced us next.This could not have been timed better; a slightly weaker team that like to attack enough to allow us to test out our new system once again. Despite early errors, we showed over the 90 minutes how sturdy our defence can potentially be. In spite of the praise received for the result, there is still reason to worry as questions can be raised as to when the system is effective. The deeper 4-2-3-1 sacrifices something in the attack, and that should be kept in mind when we are facing opposition that will look to lock us out. For example, don’t expect Reading or WBA to attack us like Bayern or Swansea.

My final and main reason I think this system will work, is actually due to the problems we’re having. The play is breaking down in the midfield; watching the silly passes, it seems to me that this is due to the lack of familiarity with the tactical style. It is very clear that our new defensive system requires our midfielders to step up. It is very plausible that in a few weeks we will still retain a serious attacking threat, without sacrificing our defensive strength.

You can view the decision to start dropping deeper as a negative way of playing, but I disagree: with more attacking fluency our team could play a beautiful attacking game, whilst maintaining defensive solidity. Others may disagree, but I believe we have the quality there, and as the crunch time approaches we might just be starting to show it.

Written by: Rohan

Rohan has recently started up his own Arsenal weblog: Ashburton Arsenal. It is a great blog with some fine articles for you to read, and I encourage you to have a look at it and a leave a comment on his site: 

http://ashburton-arsenal.blogspot.co.uk (see also BK’s blogrole).


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57 Responses to Why did Wenger change to Bould-ball, and will he stick with it?

  1. davi says:

    I swear it’s at least 4 games since we let in a goal when Kos and Mertesacker have played together.

  2. TotalArsenal says:

    A very fine, well-written, maiden BK post, Rohan! 🙂

    Bould-ball is likely to stay till the end of the season, and then Wenger AND Bould will buy one or two players to get the balance right in our 4-2-1-3 formation again. We might even move to 4-1-2-3, if we can get that beast of a DM this summer. One can only dream! 😛

  3. Wardy says:

    why the hell would you refer it to Bould ball??? we struggled something chronic when trying to combine deffence with attack because of how bould set up his deffence. Wenger put a stop to it we started scoring. what we need is something inbetween for those games when its a tight affair
    Bould ball?! Honestly!

  4. Rohan says:

    Hi guys,

    Davi – I think that Koscielny shows better positional awareness than Vermaelen, and is also less likely to try to force a tackle than Verm – this may be the new system as well though. As a result Mertesacker is less often exposed – this is only based on a couple of games though

    TA – thanks, i think that arteta’s lack of Beastness makes it necessary for a second DM, a faster player or one with better stamina would be able to perform the DM role on his own.

    Wardy – Haha, don’t read into it too much… there was a few days ago on BK and our new system was being referred to as bould-ball.

  5. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Wardy,

    The writer can respond to you directly when he comes on later today.

    There is a view that Bould wants to play with a proper double DM shield in-front of the back-four, and Wenger prefers to have at least one of them as a box-to-box midfielder (with the freedom to attack as much as help out defence). There is also a believe that Bould prefers to play with a solid defensive discipline first and for all, and Bould-ball is a reference to that, I believe.

  6. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Rohan,

    Agreed on your description of Arteta and the need to have another midfielder staying behind.

    Gerry believes Sagna or even Vermaelen could be a good DM for us; what do you think?

  7. Alfa says:

    Its really impressive note from you. I agree with you Rohan – Gooner

  8. Rohan says:

    I don’t think that Sagna’s a particularly beastish option anymore, he doesn’t possess the same speed or stamina that he once did. As for Vermaelen – the pre-requisite abilities are clearly there- fair pace,strength, good tackling – and I could see him ending up there, particularly as he likes to get stuck in. He doesn’t really ever play in that role though, and so I wouldn’t want to test him out in that role until pre-season.

  9. AFC says:

    Rohan, fine post.

    Regarding our defense we have not leaked as many goals as some may think. The problem is that the mistakes made by the defense have led to very important goals making us lose very important matches.

    When its comes to attacking football I do not really like the idea of going all out attack. I would rather have 4 defenders and 1/2 DMs that sit back and defend meanwhile the other 4/5 forward players are left to create chances and score them by themselves, with fullbacks joining in with the attack from time to time.

    Regarding our much better second halve performances, this is down to Wenger overrating the teams ability to do things for themselves. Maybe with past teams he did not need to offer his wisdom. They just went out and done what was required. With 5 of our players just joining us in the last season they do not know the system properly which often leads to Wenger reminding them at halve time what they need to do to make the system work.

  10. TotalArsenal says:

    Agreed on Vermaelen, Rohan, but not on Sagna: he is a beast in my view. However, I reckon he would be better option as CB and I hope we can keep him.

  11. AFC says:

    TA, maybe keep Sagna at CB and a similar Monreal type RB. Wenger has said Sagna can play CB and in about 1-2 years he will be able to.

    Reagrding this DM situation. Wenger should have not loaned out Frimpong then played him and Coq as the 2 DMs in all the under 21 matches and the occasional LC and FA cup matches over the last 2-3 seasons thus developing a solid DM pairing and then unleashed them together in the Prem in the season coming. DM problem solved.

  12. AFC says:

    * Regarding

  13. TotalArsenal says:

    Not a bad idea AFC. But I really don’t think Arsene wants to play with a conservative/denfensive minded double DM long term. It seems to be just an insurance policy for the remainder of the season.

  14. Rohan says:

    TA,Yeah, was it against sunderland that Sagna ran the show from CB? definitely looked the best place for him, although his lack of height might work against us when playing tall opposition.

    AFC, I agree, I have long said that our defence isn’t as bad as people make out – the problem with the high line is that it makes errors look worse. The thing is though, we have conceded a lot of high profile goals over the last few weeks -especially against strong opposition, and a lot of them were due to unnecessarily pushing up. Those errors take a lot of time to work out and, given that it is crunch-time, it is more effective in the short-term to give more shielding and drop deeper.
    As you mentioned about the full backs, the added benefit of the 2 DMs is that it allows full-backs a lot more free reign to push up, and relieves a lot of defensive duties from the wingers. Given that we often got caught out for a failure to track-back, it removes that aspect from the game.

  15. Rohan says:

    Also it looks like Frimpong’ll be leaving at the end of the season AFC, can’t say I’ve seen enough of him to form an educated opinion, what are you’re thoughts?

  16. AFC says:

    TA, we could have played a 4-1-2-3 with a beast of a DM and when we needed to go more defensive just throw on Coq and Frimpong to help us close out matches reverting to a 4-2-3-1/4-2-1-3 formation.

  17. TotalArsenal says:

    I like him, Rohan, but I reckon he will be gone come next season, which is probably for the best; for him and Arsenal.

  18. TotalArsenal says:

    I am all for it AFC 🙂

  19. AFC says:

    Rohan, maybe pairing a disciplined Sagna with Verm would solve our problem with Mert and Kos being the other CB pairing.

    Regarding Frimpong he is still very raw in the DM position and has a lot to learn. The problem is Wenger keeps loaning him out so how can he learn to play the Arsenal way. He is the closest thing to Frimpong in recent years.

    Also maybe we should have kept Benayoun to play as a wide AM where Ramsey has been asked to play for a number of times this season.

  20. AFC says:

    Man U did not play Pogba like Coq and Frimpong and I have heard he is developing well at Juventus since he has joined.

  21. AFC says:

    * Frimpong closest thing to Vieira in recent years.

  22. AFC says:

    Sagna at CB could pave the way for Richards to come in at RB (only thing is he is injury prone).

  23. Rohan says:

    *AFC, like I say, haven’t seen him play – but i think Wenger keeps loaning him out as the favoured young DM in our squad is coquelin, and as a sult Frimpong will see little game time. Richards is supposedly being followed, but as for Sagna, I think he will see the exit doors this summer, with Amorebieta coming in on a free transfer.

  24. Gerry says:

    Rohan – Nothing less expected of you. Excellent. You have opened it to the floor to have their say.
    I quibble slightly on this hang up on formations. To me it is more how they play, rather the proscribed positioning. I think AW has professed he would rather the players solve the problems they face on the pitch, rather than be told beforehand what they should do down to the minutest detail in the dressing room. I confess I rather like this anarchistic tendency in AW. Re-opens the debate on Wenger v Van Gaal somewhat?

    That aside, I don’t follow the line that the defence sorted their problems out in isolation. To me the difference has been the speed the players get back behind the ball, especially when they lose it high up the pitch. This was what Bayern did in the first half at home. We have just gone on and proved that it brings rewards? With numbers back you can rescue situations.

    I also take issue with AFC on splitting attackers from defenders(@15.23). What your 5 attackers will be faced with is 11 defenders? Come on, it is a team game?

    The key to making this Bould-ball work well is by turning it into Wenger-ball by moving the ball at pace to our front line from a defending position. If they haven’t scored, openings will appear, with or without an early goal. We just need to be more ruthless in taking those opportunities when they arise. A lot of that will happen through the confidence of winning. No games are easy when clubs are fight for their stay in the top flight, but if we put the same effort in as the last two games, I believe that will be enough to get us on a really good run, right through, and including ManU!

    The use of Sagna as the DM I see as a solution from the players we have. My worry is that AW might not use him if his contract issue is not resolved. The positives are numerous. He reads the game very well; He is a solid defender, as shown in his CB stint; He can tackle and head the ball, and I am sure he could develop the skills for passing from a more central position in a short space of time; Pace? An over-lapping full back needs an abundance of pace. Whatever we may think he has lost in that regard, he would give any of our midfielders a head start and still beat them. The point about this key position is more about seeing what is happening before it happens, so pace does not come into it, imo; The other minor, but useful advantage, is that if Jenks is seen as our weaker, in relative terms to say Nacho, and he gets targeted, then Sagna will be quick to spot it?

    The proof, as they say, will be in the pudding … I say put it to the taste ha ha

  25. Rohan says:

    Gerry, thanks for the comment, I understand the importance of fluidity but formations have to be put into place as players can only travel so far,so quickly.
    In regards to the midfield running back more quickly, i’m going to disagree, for the reason that i think it appears that way as our defence is giving them more time, and there is now a smaller gap between the central midfielders and defenders.
    In regards to the 5 attackers that AFC mentioned – while it would be foolish to have 5 attackers against very defensive teams; as a starting tactic against the bigger teams there is no doubt it would provide balance, although I must say I wouldn’t like it to be strictly rigid.

  26. Cole says:

    To play 4-2-3-1 would definitely require two different types of dm, one that will remain in position which walk perfectly fit the description of etienne capoue. Also the second dm would require a high. Energy box-to-box midfielder such as Kevin strootman. This would leave arsenal with a good level of squad rotation and competition. Other signings for competition up in attacking terms would be such players as eriksen and maybe one of the two dream players of isco and gotze. And a lethal striker could be required unless afobe or chuba akpom will be brought into the squad as well as myiachi,eisfeld and gnabry. Some highly rated centre backs coming through this season who are up for grabs, such as mangala of Porto, hummels and subotic of Dortmund, sakho of psg and n’koulou of marseille. Like to hear other people’s thoughts on these suggestions and some other players that should be considered.

  27. Rohan says:

    Also, you are kinda selling me on the Sagna DM role, he is not a long-term solution to that problem though, and it would probably be better to invest in a DM this summer.

  28. TotalArsenal says:

    Rohan, am I right in assuming you are based in the UK?

  29. Rohan says:

    gotze would be a dream on the left, freeing podolski for the middle, don’t think we need to replace any of the CAMs, A CDM is definitely required, capoue would do nicely, also have heard great things about AS Roma’s michael bradley, but can anybody confirm this as it is just from one person telling me.

  30. Rohan says:

    Yes, I live in Sheffield.

  31. TotalArsenal says:

    Aah, city build on (seven?) hills and fourth-largest in the country?

  32. Rohan says:

    yep, where abouts are you based TA?


    Nice Rohan, very nice.

    This is a subject that all Gooners are contemplating. How do we strike the right balance between attack and defence

    Tactical tinkering, developing understandings in training, a beast in midfield etc.

    We all accept that under Arsene our philosophy will always be attack and fluid football. For this reason i think the answer lies in the players themselves. What we need is 100% effort but also a mentality that provides a sacrifical lamb effect. In other words, when someone goes forward you cover him. When some one needs an outlet you provide it, when we do not have the ball you always go with your man. This is not to much to ask for F*ucks sake.

    We have an abundence of players that wish to express themselves, and at times that has led them to believe there own hype. Great players know when to express themselves and when to do the right thing for the team.

    In the last 2 games the players have stood up to be counted. Maybe the penny has dropped, i dont know. But one thing i am sure of is that unless these guys work hard for each other as opposed for themselves, then they will never achieve the team potential there ability requires.

  34. Admir says:

    Welcome, Rohan, hopefully there are more to come and not just because I agree with you entirely. 🙂

    Speaking of 4-2-3-1 deep, it is interesting to point out that two most recent runners-up in World Cup (France 2006 and Holland 2010) used that same tactic with similar profile of players (Makelele-Vieira 2006, De Jong-Van Bommel 2010; Ribery 2006, Robben 2010; Zidane 2006, Sneijder 2010; Henry 2006, Van Persie 2010). It wasn’t appealing to watch but it was effective, especially against strong opponents like Brazil and Spain.

    It is interesting to see what will Wenger do against Reading since it is likely that Walcott will be out for that match due to injury. Perhaps 4-2-3-1 deep should be abandoned for that match in favour of more offensive approach while 4-2-3-1 deep can wait until 27th April and match against FAnchester United. Podolski and, especially, Oxlade-Chamberlain should step in to provide proper service to Giroud.

  35. Rohan says:

    TMHT, one thing I can’t fault is the groups professionalism and work-ethic ( except that scumbag Arshavin). It’s a shame that we have had to replace players in key positions each year – and this is what I think has largely prevented us from working well as a cohesive unit.

    Admir – Thanks for the approval, it’s interesting that you mention that it is useful against strong opposition – as this is where I see this new tactical style being used. Given that our problem for the vast portion of this season has been big games, could this be the answer to all of our problems? Against Reading I would expect Wenger to revert to the 4-1-2-3, expecting Reading to go on the defensive. I hope to see Gervinho on the left and the Ox on the right with Poldi in the middle. However more likely, we will see Santi on the left, Ox Right and Giroud up front.


    Yes, Rohan, they work hard alright, but not in a cohesive manner. I agree completly about the losing players factor, but that just means current players have to take more responsibility.

    Take it from me. Ive been to enough games live this year to see that they have not worked hard enough for each other off the ball or sacrificed individual desires for the team.

    in many ways this is because the balance of the team has been wrong. Too many ball players always looking for pockets of space to receive the ball but hardly ever looking at the picture of what happens if possesion is lost. This has been our main problem this year.

  37. Rohan says:

    TMHT – right I get what you mean. How do you think we can solve this problem – would more defensive minded players be the solution? You’re right about the balance of the squad in attacking vs defensive terms at least. Of our regular midfielders only arteta can be said to be defensively well trained – and that’s slightly debatable. Ox is one of the few that actually fulfils his defensive duties, and going back to giroud – in too many games he has been forced to drop deeper to try to win the ball, as our midfield aren’t doing enough. that’s 3 players of a whole squad, but in fairness to the players themselves they haven’t learnt that role. Ramsey was supposed to be more of an Attacking player until this season, so was arteta, so are rosicky, wilshere and cazorla. Walcott and Podolski see themselves as strikers, so while you can blame the players for not thinking defensively, the responsibility also lies with the manager for not bringing in players who are more defensively minded.


    Rohan, all agreed. You will be pushed to find a greater admirer of wenger than i, but the buck has to stop with him

    He went into the season with a squad that lacked physicality in midfield, and with the exception of Arteta, the required experience or nous to compensate.

    Saying all that, i still think the players have to take more responsibility, even if it goes againt there natural instincts.. At times this season there naiivity, especialy against the better sides, has been nothing short of a joke. Allowing sides like utd and Chelsea to counter attack us at there own grounds because the midfield has advanced or both full backs are upfiled at the same time is not on.

    I am no expert, but to win consistently you do have to learn collective responsibility. Utd have it, unfortunately at present we do not.

  39. Milo says:

    Does anyone know a site where you can get the Next Gen match FOR FREE??? I tried to watch the second half of the last match on Arsenal.com, but either my computer wasn’t working, or the stream wasn’t working…maybe I live too far away???…I just really want to see this match!!! Thank you for any suggestions!!! 😀

  40. VCC says:

    Evening Milo. ….some one might put a stream address up tomorrow. But for £1.50 you can get Arsenal player for one day only, and try it out. That’s what I am going to try and do. Good luck Amigo.

  41. Milo says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaah, I don’t have a credit card, see!!! 😦 So I might be shit out of luck!!! 😦 Oh well, I’ll try to follow it somehow!!!

  42. Gerry says:

    Milo – FirstRowSports might help. (google search it for the link). You might find you have to try different links form their options, but I go with the one with the strongest audio signal. Also, don’t respond to any of the ad-links plastered across the screen – unless you actually need the things. Once you get sound commentary, and they only start a few minutes before kick off, just keep closing the ads out of the way.
    If you set up up an get a clear screen that says ‘this prog is not available yet’, then you will not need any of the ads, so just wait until its time.
    You could try other matches much earlier of course, just to see how you go?

    Hope that does the trick. I found that my graphics card is not top of the range, so the picture can be a bit blurry. The previous match was a replay from ManU’s ‘in house TV’, with only a couple of cameras. The Arsenal Player one should be better?

  43. marcus says:

    Great maiden post. A little similar to the one written by TA but I like your Ideas. My input is this, I don’t want us to abandon the beautiful game that we have been known to play, ever. I also don’t want us to abandon this new found defensive solidity that we seem to be developing. I think we can combine the two with one simple move. Acquiring a beast of a DM. This would allow us to have a very defensively sound back 5 while allowing our creative players to weave their magic. Oh, and by the way, welcome to BK mate.

  44. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning guys 🙂

    Aiming to issue a new post around lunch time today.

    France – Spain promises to be a good game to watch for us tomorrow. Spain are two points behind France and the French, playing at home, could get themselves in a fine position if they manage a win. With a bit of luck a few Arsenal players (and Cesc?) will be on display! 🙂

  45. Rohan says:

    Marcus, thanks for the comment. I agree – while I do think that 1 beast of a DM is still less solid defensively than 2 DMs it allows us a greater degree of balance, and room for manoeuvre tactically if we are looking to defend a lead. The change of system has been necessary this season though due to the personnel issues we have faced. It’ll be interesting to see whether Wenger actually does go for a DM this transfer window, or favours the use of Coquelin next season. While the latter would be a classic wenger move, it is less likely to appease the fans and would also be less fruitful – initially, at least.

  46. VCC says:

    Total…I don’t want any Arsenal players performing tomorrow. I want them to save themselves for the Reading game this Saturday.

  47. TotalArsenal says:

    Me too Vickster, but that ain’t gonna happen! So we might as well see how Koz, OG, Cazorla (Diaby, Nacho, Cesc?) perform tomorrow.

  48. Rohan says:

    Apparently the spain team are in a mini-crisis, so it will be interesting to see how they perform. Don’t mind any of the others playing, but please not Diaby FFS, the man can’t even walk down the street without picking up an injury.

  49. TotalArsenal says:

    Quite the opposite, Rohan. Let him play as much as possible as he needs to prove to us and himself now that he can be a serious footballer. The cotton wool approach has not worked out for him, so now it has to be about working through the pains, I reckon.

  50. Rohan says:

    Let him prove himself against Reading, France can stick it!

  51. VCC says:

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…..I cannot get Arsenal player on my mac. GRRGGRGRGRGRGRGR

  52. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post – New Post. 🙂

    Redders offers us an overview of Arsenal’s past, present and future, as only he can do. Wishing you both an enjoyable and educational read. The future is bright, the future is Red Arse and White! 🙂

  53. Gerry says:

    VCC – My advice to Milo may be useful to you then. See what they are covering early and test it out. But I repeat, ditch the ads. The site will say if you are unable to receive. You should get a reasonable sound cover if nothing else?

  54. Gerry says:

    I am trying to get as much done as I can so I can watch the game, but I did see the two Coventry related blogs earlier – The ACLF was very amusing, but the UA one less so.
    Catch you later …

  55. marcus says:

    I don’t know if u’ve seen this but this new system where we have 2 DM’s has really compromised our attacking play. Especially in the absence of Jack who can (and usually does) both. You find that when we play Ramsey and Arteta and both are playing defensive, whoever is played in front of them tends to get very isolated. This makes it much easier for opponents to defend against us which means we have to rely on players individual brillance for goals and that rarely ends well. The reason Wenger does this is because we currently do not have an established DM who is capable enough to handle the defensive duties of the midfield alone thus Wenger goes for quantity rather than quality. However if we were to sign a purely defensive midfielder, we could line up in a way where the DM sits in front of the back 4 with the responsibility of breaking up any attacks before they get to the defense and covering any defender when they bomb forward. Then Wilshere is given a free role where he can get the ball from deep and ignite attacks with his surging runs. Then finally Cazorla plays in the hole behind the striker where he can make those final incisive passes or just score himself. You see in such a system we are covered everywhere because if we are dominating/playing a team that is happy to sit back and defend, Wilshere can join the attack and combine with the forwards to devastating effect. If we are under siege, Wilshere can sit back assist the DM to protect the defenders (which we know he can) then ignite counter attacks.

  56. The BEST example (i think) of BOULD-BALL we witnessed is the 2 nil at Anfield earlier in the season..we let Liverpool have the possession but defended well as a unit and scored two CLASSIC ARSENAL GOALS!!!!

    In this game, we saw the REAL Diaby…great defensive awareness coupled with magnificent ‘busts’ from midfield and deservedly, he took the MOTM.

    Its a shame that Abou will not put together a descent run of games(injury!!!) but i think he’s the best when it comes to BOULD-BALL

  57. TotalArsenal says:

    KG, all agreed. A Diaby on top form is a the best box-to-box player there is.

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