Wenger’s Arsenal; Past – Present – Future. How will it all end?

Arsene Wenger

As regards ‘Arsenal Past’ we all are aware of the fantastic trophy filled past successes of Arsene Wenger in the period from his appointment as coach in 1996 and through until 2005.

In the eyes of some fans, it has been all too easy to judge his amazing impact on the club only through the microscope of trophies, and to simply ignore the extraordinary and direct impact he has had on Arsenal, and, indirectly, all the other Premier League clubs and more generally on English football as a whole.

Let us not spend too much time on debating this, other than to note the incontestable revolutionary training, dietary discipline, worldwide scouting prowess and administrative genius that he brought with him, and which has since been widely copied by every other Premier League manager, hungry for success, and that has set the groundwork for our future financial and on-field success.

So what of ‘Arsenal Present’, post the move to the Emirates stadium, and the sad leaving behind of our venerable and much loved old home, Highbury?

Clearly we have already had a somewhat disappointing season, if it is to be judged solely from the perspective of challenging for the Premier League title, or one of the other Cups that we would so desperately have hoped to win.

It cannot be denied that it has been yet another of our interminable transitional seasons, with yet another huge turnover of first team players resulting from the acquisition of Podolski, Cazzorla and Giroud, following the shock departures of our captain, Robin van Persie, to Man United and Song to Barcelona.

Indeed, for every promising step forward we have made in the current season, with an away win over ‘Pool and a good draw at Man City, there have been unedifying setbacks, not just to money bags Chelsea in the league, but also to the ‘lesser’ clubs like Blackburn Rovers and Bradford City in the Cups. Oops!

The fantastic Wengerball football produced at the beginning of the season, particularly driven by Cazorla and Wilshere, gave us, the fans, a certain optimistic confidence that perhaps, against all expectations, Arsenal would do very well after all, especially after the stunning 5:2 beating of the Spuds in the North London derby in November 2012 to add to the victories mentioned above. However, the net effect, of these patchy performances, has left us fighting hard to qualify for the ECL next season, with success still very much in the balance.

Before we leave ‘the present’, let us dwell for a second on the firm promises made by Arsene Wenger and Ivan Gazidis, in which they have made it clear that Arsenal, while remaining in a financially self sustaining mode, would be able to compete with the other top clubs in the transfer market this summer, and will do so.

This bodes well for our future trophy success, and commensurate enjoyment for long suffering Gooners.

OK, it cannot be avoided, but before we look at ‘Arsenal Future’, we need to briefly look at the club’s financial performance in recent times.

In the year 2011/12 Arsenal produced ‘another healthy set of full year results’ as our Chairman, Hill Wood declared, with a very creditable profit before tax of £36.6 million.

This is very much in line with an average annual profit of £38 million in each of the previous 5 years, and confirms our club as being among the very top echelon of the most profitable clubs in the world. 

Remember, the recognised top Spanish clubs, Barcelona and Real, only made £41 million and £27 million profits respectively, last year, and Manure made a £5 million loss before tax in the comparative year, after a measly £30 million profit in 2010/11.

Incidentally, let’s not even bother to look at the humongous hundreds of millions of pounds losses made by the oligarch and state sponsored clubs like Shitty, Chelsea and the likes.

Now we are beginning to touch on our future prospects which are intrinsically linked with the fortunes of the other competitor clubs, because the impending arrival of UEFA’s Financial Fair Play regulations, now in post implementation mode, which have already started to have an impact, with many Italian and Spanish clubs having to sell their ‘big-name’ players to the highest bidders, because of their own, and their countries’, financial and economic difficulties, while City have had to cut back on their transfer market dealings, until they can offload other players in order to conform.

With the imminent arrival of the new EPL deal with Sky, and our strong push for better commercial returns, which is already the 5th largest in Europe, and also, now that the initial necessary deals to help fund the building of the Emirates are reaching completion, the future profitability of the club will take on an even rosier glow, with the knock on beneficial impact on player purchases.

There is still much to be done to match the revenue incomes of our biggest competitors, but the Arsenal management are aware of this, and great efforts are being made to reduce the difference, between ourselves and the top earners, by concentrating more on sponsorship from the Far East, helped by promotional pre-season tours.

It is likely that Arsenal’s revenue will soon place them in the world top tier of revenue earners, with a clear division between that group and the rest of the pursuing clubs.

We are still a long way behind the top four clubs in generating revenues, particularly given the size of Arsenal, but unlike most of the other clubs we have a lot of wriggle room to enable us to build on our financial success, and that will have dramatic consequences on our ability to land trophies, in the very near future.

A well known adage tells us that every business has to invest before the revenues start flowing in, and in a football business this means buying, not just new players, but top quality new players, and to do so, the club has to be prepared to meet the very high wage demands now currently expected by the very top players, and they will help us in our bid to continue to qualify for the lucrative Champions League competition, and then to go on and win it.

What then of our peek into ‘Arsenal Future’ and where will we be in 5 years time?

There are, as we have seen, two distinct reasons for being quietly confident that Arsenal will rise to the top of the footballing world.

First, our revenue streams will exponentially increase as a result of our growing worldwide support, and with it the attendant increase in sponsorship money, as a consequence of competing for the very best players, which will result in the trophy cabinet starting to creak with our on field success, which will create a virtuous circle of increased funds flowing from that success, which will then be ploughed back into player acquisitions et seq.

And secondly, the UEFA, FFP regulations, as well as the Premier Leagues own version of FFP, will ensure that the heavily oligarch and state sponsored clubs will have a cap put on their non-football funded spending, which will, at last, curb their current advantage in hoovering up every top player that comes onto the market.

In five years – expect us to have regularly won competitions, courtesy of Arsene Wenger. We are all set to go!!

Go, Arsenal!!

Written by: Red Arse.

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165 Responses to Wenger’s Arsenal; Past – Present – Future. How will it all end?

  1. William rogers says:

    Great blog and I agree with all that has been posted. The changes in football since the guy arrived at the club have been dramatic. Players will always come and go.We have a great club and yes may have made mistakes but new stadium and very small debt after. You cant have it all. There are other great clubs in UK and some never seem to go anywhere. Some who win lots have huge debt or sugar daddies.

  2. AFC says:

    Brilliant post RA.

    I want us to win trophies under Wenger again in the upcoming seasons but I just have a gut feeling that all will not end well with Wenger and Arsenal.

    Every club has their time where they exceed and we are not at that time and Arsenal like all great clubs will rise again. The thing is we are clearly at our lowest but we are stil finishing in third/fourth place in the league compared to Liverpool who are also at their lowest but are now a mid-table team.

    We have one man and one man only to thank in Wenger for keeping Arsenal from going into a decline and not even making the CL.

  3. William says:

    Wenger has failed the last 7/8 years.His flawed policies have caused Arsenal go backward. I won’t mince words. If Arsenal fail to get 4th,sponsors will be less forth coming with their endorsement which in turn will have an impact on the gunners fortunes.

  4. AFC says:

    William rogers, name me one manager that would have done a better job than Wenger with the players and funds available.

  5. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi AFC,

    Are you sure you are addressing the right ‘William’ in your 12.36 comment? 🙂

  6. Red Arse says:

    Hi William, 🙂

    Of course your opinion is as valid as anyone else’s, but please forgive me if I find the bald statement – “Wenger has failed the last 7/8 years.His flawed policies have caused Arsenal go backward.”, a little difficult to accept without an explanation of what you mean.

    Wenger took us to the domestic trophy heights in the first years of his coaching epoch, and I suppose you could say he has failed to win more trophies since 2005, but there is more to footballing life than that. In 2006 he got us to within minutes of winning the CL Final, and in the eyes of many we were unlucky to lose that, especially as henry had two chances in ‘one on ones’ with the Barca keeper to win that for us. Wenger’s fault or failing? I don’t think so.

    What flawed policies are you referring to?

  7. Red Arse says:

    Hi William Rogers, 🙂

    I agree with your 12:24 comment which shows maturity and understanding of the difficulties involved.

  8. TotalArsenal says:

    Thanks Redders for a great post today 🙂

    You have a great ability to fly above the club and put things in perspective for us, and I love the positive end to it all. Let’s hope Arsene can still do it, but I fully agree that our financial/strategic position will only strengthen in the next five years, and that is really good news.

    You are right re FFP; it really seems to have an impact on the big money spenders and long may it continue. Add to this our increased incomes and our solid base, both financially and in terms of (up and coming) talents, and the future looks indeed Red & White Arse bright! 😛

  9. AFC says:

    William, name me one manager that would have done a better job than Wenger with the players and funds available.

    William rogers please ignore this comment!

    Thanks for that TA.

  10. Red Arse says:

    Hi AFC and thanks for your comment. 🙂

    I understand your concerns about whether AW will lead us out of our current slough of despond, but all the signs are pointing very positively in the right direction!

    Fingers crossed that your fears will be allayed!! 🙂

  11. Red Arse says:

    Hi TA, and Good Afternoon to you. 🙂

    I appreciate your comment regarding my attempt to justify the opinion relating to a glowing near future for our Coach and the Club, without getting too deeply into accounting mumbo jumbo!! 🙂

  12. TotalArsenal says:

    Catch you guys in a bid; Henry needs a walk. 🙂

  13. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi RA,

    The figures support your article really well and it’s just what we need. 🙂

  14. goonered says:

    Good Article, but if one was to be pedantic, we never won away at Man Citeh 🙂

  15. Red Arse says:

    Well spotted, goonered. 🙂

    It must have been wishful thinking as we only drew 1:1 with Shitty, but my memory was probably confusing that with beating ‘Pool 2:0 away. That’s my excuse anyway!! 🙂

  16. glic says:

    Afternoon Stiffy Chuggers 😆

    Thank you Redders for an excellant post. I`ve actually been thinking for a few days now about our financial situation and the impact of FFP ( even though Van Bonerstein gives the credit to our Prince !. hahaha ) and how our onfield performances could affect it.
    Is it a chicken or the egg situation ?. I have not been too happy with he report that Adidas are not going to sponsor us( rumoured to be a big sponsorship ) and with the rumour that Manscum are going to get a £1Billion sponsorship from Nike and also that our Emirates deal will depend on CL qualification to get the maximum amount, are we suffering for not speculating to accumulate ?. All the big spenders have bought trophy`s which has given them massive publicity to bring in big deals aswell as new fans !.
    Lets hope Gazidas and Co have something up their sleeves to equal whatever the rumoured Adidas sponsorship was going to be and earn their money and better it !.
    I hope we have the dogs doo dahs to spend whats underneath Wengers mattress even if we dont get CL or big shirt deal, if not , then not only will we have more trophyless years but CL less years aswell !.
    Being a gooner for the last few years has equated to being treated like a mushroom by the management and bod…..being kept in the dark and fed shit !. It`s time to open the curtains , get out side in the sun and get the Barbie going !. Thanks PPP for sorting out FFP !. hahaha

  17. glic says:

    UMF Bundesliga predictions.


    Alain Depardieu`s Neu Chateau


    Tea Baggies

    Orc City

  18. glic says:

    Sorry…….All to win !.

    I`m always in first….but end up being last !. 🙂

  19. Red Arse says:

    Hi Glic Lille Hampton. 🙂

    Fear not.

    Arsenal are negotiating with Nike for the new shirt sponsorship deal, and wanted Addidas to be around so that they can put pressure on, and push the sponsorship deal higher.

    The Nike deal will still be a big improvement on what we have now, but Addidas saying – we see thru’ what you are up to, so we are off — has been a bit of a blow.

    What all these companies want, is to be associated with winners, and that is why we need to invest in better players to produce trophies so that Nike and Addidas are more inclined to splash the clash.

    The £150m shirt name sponsorship deal is with the Emirates, and as we have been led to believe, if we do not qualify for the CL that deal carries a ‘reduction’ clause.

    Manure have allegedly done a deal with an American company for a 7 year, £1bn deal, and I am surprised that with an American owner and so many American directors that we don’t tap that market too.

    We also need to go and tour the US in the summer months and play exhibition matches to become better known over there.

  20. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahahaha Glic, yes the Prince has sorted FFP out! 😛

    Is there a trustworthy link to the Adidas deal falling through? I reckon it is you and HH who caused all the trouble with not liking the leaked shirts in the first place! 😈

  21. glic says:

    I see from Newsnow Vordeman has fell down some stairs and broken her nose !.
    Not sure what happened but it is rumoured she was back on Countdown and doing the letters…………” A vowel please “….A…” and a consonant “…R…..” another consonant “…..G…” another consonant “……H……” another consonat “……H……” another consonant “…..H….” another consonant “…..H……” another consonant “…..H…..” and another consonant “….H…..she then slipped down the stairs !.


  22. glic says:

    Alls good then, as I f**king hated the leaked Adidas shirt !. Three stripes ( any stripes to be honest ) doesn`t work on our beautiful Iconic shirt.

  23. Rohan says:

    TA, I think I read that on the telegraph – up to you whether you consider it trustworthy. As for the whole can of worms regarding FFP. Consider that in the coming years the financial power in the PL will shift away from Man City and Chelsea, towards Arsenal,Liverpool and Man Utd. If Arsenal fail to win trophies from this period it is a failure on Wenger’s part – not a complete failure as has delivered stability, but a failure nonetheless.
    To those people who say Wenger has underachieved in the last 8 years (William, i’m looking at you) I would point to consistent 3rd or 4th place finishes with the 4th highest wage bill and consistent profit on player sales – at worst you can argue he has achieved what was expected.
    Now you can consider this to be board propoganda, but i’m reserving judgement for a couple of seasons- mainly as the board have repeatedly said that we will be properly competing again when FFP kicks in.

  24. Rohan says:

    Sorry TA, just checked it was the Daily Mail not the Telegraph – considerably less trustworthy.

  25. glic says:

    Totes, I thought it was funnier left as …” you are right re PPP; ” !. hahaha

    Here`s one of many links.


    I hope Redders is right that it was a ploy to get a better Nike deal, but that has to be not too far behind Manscums rumoured deal !.

  26. TotalArsenal says:

    hahaha Glic, are you sure it wasn’t you fumbling with the zip of her skirt, while tripping her up with your mirror?! 😛

  27. TotalArsenal says:

    Thanks for the link guys!

    I must admit I have a soft spot for Adidas, as I wore many tracksuits of the famed brand during my youth (if and when my parents could afford it). But you are right it probably would have ruined our shirts a bit.

  28. Red Arse says:


    Business deal negotiations are not much different to ‘negotiations’ with attractive females.
    You know, the sort of things all young studs say; “Look, Betty, your best friend Florry said she will if you won’t – so get ’em off or it’s all over!”

    And in your case, as soon as they are off, it’s soon all over — 😀

  29. TotalArsenal says:

    hahaha RA, littlehampton had an accident! 😛

  30. TotalArsenal says:

    Back to the post of today, RA, I reckon the most important thing that has happened to us is that Wenger stayed behind to provide stability and the continuity of our culture/philosophy of football. Finishing in the top-four was an important added bonus as it speeded up our ability to pay off our stadium debt to a large extent, but having that consistency and being able to still compete – and with a bit more luck some silverware could still have been added – was incredible important.

    Without it we could have been in free-fall; a bit like Liverpool have been for the last so many years. Ajax were on top of the world when they entered their Amsterdam Arena back in the mid-nineties, but soon Van Gaal, and many a good player, left and they have struggled eversince to get back to consistency and high level performances. Only now, under De Boer, things are looking a bit better for them, but they still have a long way to go.

    Not so with Arsenal, who, as per your excellent post, have everything in place now to push on, and Wenger deserves a lot of praise for this.

  31. Red Arse says:


    I believe we have come through a difficult period, and the future now looks very bright.
    All clubs that go through the trauma of moving stadiums, Ajax are an example, have experienced problems settling into the new arena, but when you add on the phenomenon of the ‘toy boy’ clubs, that only exacerbated the problem in Arsenal’s case.

    In 1999, who could have imagined that some Russian, who had allegedly made billions out of the ‘privatisation’ of Russia’s public assets, would come to the UK and indulge himself by buying a near bankrupt club, and decide to spend £1bn on a ‘hobby’?

    Who could have imagined that yet another lowly club would be bought by a Sheikh, and would have another £1bn spent on players and infrastructure?

    Who could have foreseen that Manyoo would have been bought by US investors, and the crippling debt of the purchase would be loaded onto its balance sheet, but instead of cutting back their spending to repay the debt, the owners lavished even more debt on the club by buying every top quality player they could get their hands on, and costing hundreds of £millions over the years?

    With those three clubs and their vast resources vying for the PL trophy, and Arsenal having only pennies jingling in their pockets, how can anyone deny the fantastic achievement of AW in claiming 2nd, 3rd or 4th over the years?

    Who could have believed in 1999 that there would be, in 2013, people belittling him personally and rubbishing his extraordinary achievements?

  32. glic says:

    Excellanto comment Redders, it puts it all into perspective. Between the Chavs and City, they could have built 5 Emirates Stadiums and with no payback of any the capital or interest. How they both deserve to fall from grace !.

  33. TotalArsenal says:

    Redders at 3.26 fully agreed. Ajax got the full force of the Bosman ruling to deal with during and after the build of their new stadium back then, and we have the brural injection of oil money as our major, unexpected threat. Luckily, we can see light at the end of the Arsenal tunnel now.

  34. You forgot to mention ONE THING….in 5 years time, JACK WILL BE 26!!!!!!!(BEST IN THE WORLD….FORGIVE ME,BUT YES!!!!!)

    Excellent post as always!!!!..we may be hurting now but it will be rainbows and unicorns in the end…

    but seriously,think about it…. A 26 YEAR OLD JACK!!!!he will be wrecking havoc across all Europe!!!!!!!

  35. Highbury Harmony says:


    Fantastic, well-written/articulated post my friend! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it :).

    One small thing: I don’t recall us ever beating Man City away this year (unless you meant our home win from last season!). Perhaps you meant the away win to Bayern or the away draw with City?

    You’ve pretty much echoed my thoughts word for word. Between the incoming FFP and increased revenue streams, in addition to our important players signed up long-term and the stadium debt now manageable, there is serious cause for optimism. Finally, we’re back to a position to not sell our top players year after year, while scrambling to try and replace them with lesser quality ones.

    However, it all commences with gaining CL qualification this season and proceeding from there. We may not be able to attract the same level of talent if we are not in the CL and the club may be less reluctant to spend money without the added bonus of achieving that objective.

    The next concern is whether AW will continue his frugal ways or if he will spend the vast funds at his disposal for once (provided they have been there in the past; according to the AST they have). If he is reluctant to spend the cash to acquire top quality talent and pay them the wages they will almost certainly receive from other interested clubs, then the vicious cycle of mediocrity the club has experienced the past 8 years will undoubtedly continue.

    My hope is that based on the pattern of his recent purchases, he will continue to spend on top quality talent. Wenger must also be insistent with the board to not sell any of our “top” players. Unfortunately, without being in the Arsenal hierarchy or in their transfer dealings in any capacity, we are not privy to the exact information on why top players have been sold who still have more than 1 year remaining on their contracts.

  36. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA @ 13:59, oh no, you’ve caught onto mine and Glic’s master plan!!! All along, we wanted to raise anarchy about the awful potential Adidas sponsorship/stripes on our shirt and decided to use BK and other blogs/social media mediums to show our disdain for this move. Thus, the club obliged to our wishes and attempted to use the Adidas sponsorship to barter for a higher deal from Nike ;).

  37. TotalArsenal says:

    KG 🙂

    Don’t forget Gibbs, Jenks and Ox – and hopefully Ramsey: in five years all mature and fully committed!

  38. TotalArsenal says:

    Well, HH, I hope you and Glic have not put your feet in too soon hehehe! 😈

  39. AFC says:

    TA, that’s the thing, Arsenal have the future of British football in the very young and talented Gibbs, Jenk, Walcott, Wilshere and Ramsey. The only few talented young British talent we do not have is Bale and possibly Welbeck.

    In future years most of the England team will be made up from Arsenal players unlike City who have hardly any quality British players within their ranks.

  40. TotalArsenal says:

    AFC, it is definitely looking like that. Not sure about Welbeck, but Zaha looks very promising and so does Jones at the Mancs.

  41. Rohan says:

    AFC, don’t forget how valuable these players will become in terms of club brand – as British players often become. Besides that I don’t really care about the nationalities of our players. It was only a few years ago when we regularly used to send out teams with either 1or 0 English player.

  42. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC, possibly Zaha and Butland too and to a lesser extent Smalling 😉 (though I’m sure there are plenty of others).

  43. TotalArsenal says:

    A British core, with Spanish horns and German base. Just missing a bit of Dutch ingenuity! 😛

  44. Red Arse says:

    Hi HH, 🙂

    I ‘fessed up to mis-typing an inaccurate fact @13:28, which was pounced on by goonered.

    Sorry about that. Seems my memory is becoming a bit shaky!! 🙂

  45. AFC says:

    Wenger has gone around the right way of bringing in a British core to Arsenal and he has not wasted money on signing overrated Brtish players like Kenny did at Liverpool.

    Also do you think that City signed Rodwell and Sinclair so they do not fall below the limit of minimum amount of British players with Barry, Lescott and Milner set to leave?

  46. Red Arse says:

    In a way, I want to see Manyoo put under more pressure in the future whenit comes not just to ‘big’ signings, but the smaller one’s too.

    We were the first club to be heavily linked to Jones, Smalling and Zaha, and in each case when push came to shove, guess who got all 3 of them — of course you all know – it was old Scarlet Scnozz who stepped up to the table.

    Ever since he lost out to us on buying Rambo, having announced his purchase on Manyoo’s website, he has been determined to snaffle any youngster we were in for – and let’s not talk about van Persie.

  47. Highbury Harmony says:

    Redders, I hope you’re not entering the VCC/Glic/Terry twilight! Your knowledge and insight are too valuable to us to start losing it to old age ;).

  48. Red Arse says:

    You could have a point AFC.

    The 8:17 rule with Home Grown players is an important consideration, and sometimes overlooked by the fans — tho’ hopefully not our club!! 🙂

  49. TotalArsenal says:

    RA, I am not too sad about missing out Smalling, and I reckon Arsene could have had Zaha if he wanted him. But Theo and Ox are already capable to play on the wings, and I guess he did not prioritise the wing positions as he also has Myachi coming through.

    I like the look of Jones though.

  50. AFC says:

    I just found it strange when I heard that Rodwell and Sinclair were coming to City. It does not seem like Mancini or the owner’s style to sign young British players when they could just buy the finished article from overseas for less money.

    I also found this when Chelsea brought Cahill and Moses out of the blue. Just does not seem like the type of player a certain rich Russian billionaire likes to buy.

  51. Red Arse says:

    Sadly, HH, I am now officially ancient, as I am in my early forties, but I jokingly used memory as an excuse re the Post, because, of course, it was just a straightforward mistake, as I explained to goonered! 🙂

    When I write Posts (and I really do not like writing them) I tend to blast them down at a rapid pace, only limited by my typing speed, and usually they take no more than 15 minutes, on average, from start to finish.

    On this occasion, I was interrupted several times, for reasons not worth going into, and the thread of my thought was broken.

    Oh well, never mind! 🙂

  52. Red Arse says:

    You could be right TA.

    Certainly AW made it clear, after Zaha was sold, that Arsenal had not made a bid for him.(altho recently, AW seems to back off when one of the spendthrift clubs show an interest in a player).

    On the other hand, he was definitely disappointed to lose out to Manpoo when Smalling disappeared over the horizon. I think he is a very good young player, personally.

  53. Highbury Harmony says:

    RA, simply a joke mate. Was teasing fabulous trio Glic, VCC and Terry more than anything ;). Good to know we’re not losing your memory just yet hahaha!

  54. Highbury Harmony says:

    was teasing the fabulous trio of*

  55. TotalArsenal says:

    Redders, I have made a small adjustment to the text to avoid you having to explain yourself again hahaha 🙂

  56. TotalArsenal says:

    I am not sure what to think of Smalling, Redders. I am missing a certain level of steel in him, but he is only young and if RedNose cannot get that into him then probably nobody can.

  57. glic says:

    I would like to add to this British core and Spanish/German/Dutch ability Totes van Rottenbonerstein.
    From other parts of the world . We need the Skill of Skillman ,USA…Pace, USA…Touch of Touchet, USA….Power of Powers Rd , London….Brain of Braintree , Essex…mixed with some “Award Winning” stuff from Cornwall………we can however forget about Cockermouth in Cumbria , Penistone in Yorkshire, Anus in France and Rectum in the Netherlands, I`m always on the look out far and wide for talent, so I have sent a probe to Uranus aswell ( probably somewhere near Rectum ! )

    There are probably plenty of other body part places I could google, but I`m getting Hungary !.
    What part of the Netherlands did you say you were from ?. hahaha

  58. Red Arse says:

    Thanx, TA 🙂

  59. Red Arse says:


    As a great tease myself, I knew you were joking, and I would have done so myself, if the situation was reversed. 🙂

    Incidentally, you don’t need to be so polite and amend your posting, it is easy to see what you meant, and typing or grammar is not a requirement on BK! 😀

  60. VCC says:

    Red Arse. Superb post. Been very busy this end today, apologies for not commenting.

    HH…..Your right about my memory. I’ve had a tattoo on my left arm with my name and address, so when I go out on the town I’m able to find my way home.

    GLiC, its that time of week again, here’s to the UMF1. Your odds are = 5145-1.

    Catch you later after the next gen game Redders. 🙂

  61. TotalArsenal says:

    Glic, I was born in a winkelcentrum! 🙂

  62. TotalArsenal says:

    What time does the game start?

  63. glic says:

    Come on, whose going to be the first Dutchman to come and say Rectum is a shit hole !.

  64. glic says:

    Sign him up !

  65. Red Arse says:

    I love your alliteration, Glic Plic from Cornwall.

    How about these;

    Cornwall’s cat clawed his crotch, creating crippling chaos.

    Terry took tons of tools to tickle terrible todgers.

    TA’s dog dove deep in the dyke, drinking dirty water as he dived.

    VCC is a very voluptuous vixen and vastly vexing.

  66. glic says:

    Actually, I think it looks like nice countryside, I dont care what you people from the Netherregions think !. hahaha

  67. glic says:

    Hahaha Redders, you did however forget Venereal dose for Vicky !.

  68. TotalArsenal says:

    Redders’ Rectum Rouge rears rediculously right-sided rejecting relentlessly raw rubber romances

  69. VCC says:

    Pratts bottom, near biggin hill

    The Cock Well Inn
    Pratts Bottom
    Minge Lane

    Bell End, Worcestershire

    Fingerin ghole, Essex
    Shitterton, Dorsett.

    Honestly, me Lud.

  70. Highbury Harmony says:

    VCC @ 17:17 hahaha! I remember having that done with a sharpie on me in my university days as a prerequisite as a freshman, because we were often subject to getting obliterated by alcohol during parties held by sophomores and the organization in charge of the on-campus pub/bar scene that held staff parties.

    Find the water shot among hundreds of shots was never a fun game hahaha!

  71. glic says:

    Game starts at 7pm Totes. You can login from 6:30pm.

  72. TotalArsenal says:

    Nice pics Glic 🙂

    ‘Loon’ means wages or salary in Dutch. And a shopping centre, a place were you for once would feel totally at ease, is called a winkelcentrum 🙂

  73. TotalArsenal says:

    I reckon it will be on wiziwig but 7 is no good for me. 😦

  74. Red Arse says:


    I was thinking of VCC, who is a well known master of alliteration! 🙂

    Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary,
    I heard the silken sad uncertain, rustling of each purple curtain
    Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing,
    But wait, It’s just our tricky Vicky, his trusty zimmer wheeling.

  75. TotalArsenal says:

    ‘his trusty zimmer wheeling’ hahaha

  76. glic says:

    Hahaha Being a Zimmer wheeler dealer himself , that`s probably why he likes `arry at QPR !.

  77. Red Arse says:

    Glic Littlehampton,

    How could I forget thee?

    How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, If a woodchuck would chuck wood?
    A woodchuck would chuck all the wood he could chuck If a woodchuck would chuck wood.

    Three grey geese in a green field grazing, grey were the geese and green was the grazing.
    Glic gazed grimly, girding his groin, while the greedy grey geese gobbled – so did he!

  78. Red Arse says:

    It’s not that difficult a tongue twister!!

    Come out you weasels!! 🙄

  79. glic says:

    This weasel is watching the pre-match on Arsenal player ready for the game at 7pm,. If we win we will face the Chavs in the semis in Italy. The other semi is between Villa and Sporting Lisbon ( they beat the spuds ! ) also in Italy. The final will also be in …..Italy !. Spaghetteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  80. Gerry says:

    Top post Redders. But I think you would expect me to say that, eh?

    Few things to add. The FFP is going to get pushed through because the economic climate in Europe is set to last for at least another 5 or 10 years, and that is having an effect on the big clubs, and a much greater effect on the smaller ones, with a few exceptions. The same over here, with gate revenues falling across the board. Not even the moneybags can survive if the league structure fails? There will be twist and turns as some try and wriggle their way around it, but the net result should favour the frugal clubs in the long term?

    The shirt sponsorship deal could be a mere blip, especially as one alternative could be a Chinese deal, that might dwarf even the mighty Nike one, purely for political bragging rights. If they want to follow their snooker example and become a global player in football, despite the corruption recently exposed in their domestic league, then what better way to get their message across than by making an eye watering deal with a top brand leader in need of such a deal?
    Yes, there will be the downside of an annual pre-season tournament in China, but that branding has already begun?

    I was noting negative comments floating around ahead of tonight’s Next Gen match how not many of the FA Youth Cup team failed to make it here at Arsenal. Sad thing was, most of those mentioned seemed to be the from our own country? Only Wilshere has survived the rigours from that sector, and it appears, at a cost. Frances Coquelin being the other. Tonight will be on show a whole team working towards getting on our first team bench, and become regulars in the squad. However, the leading names, with the exception of their captain, Nico Yennaris, are nearly all from elsewhere? Perhaps they are going to provide the necessary focus for others to follow? Because it is not just the first team that will benefit from new deals ahead, but I am hopeful that this time we get a better percentage come through. Indeed, linked to the sponsorship deal above, put them on tour in Asia, complete with their Next Gen trophy?

    I hope they get a great reception at the Emirates, despite it being one of the coldest night this winter, with the added wind chill factor, but can come away with the warm glow of a job well done?

  81. VCC says:

    ARGH I cant find a stream and I cannot log into Arsenal player. Gutted.

  82. Milo says:

    Gerry, I think Issac Hayden could make it big here, if he can continue his development. He can play in midfield or at centre-back. I hope he is deployed as a centre-back in the future and makes that position his own!!! 😀 He isn’t from our own Academy though, as he came from West Ham I think, but he’s ours now, so I hope he can develop and make it in to the first team!!! 😀

  83. Milo says:

    VCC, try wiziwig.tv It should be on there!!! 😀

  84. Red Arse says:

    Hi Gerry, 🙂

    I was going to include you in a rude tongue twisting ditty. But I decided Glic was much naughtier than you!! 😀

  85. Red Arse says:


    I think Hayden came from Southend.

    Have you seen him play?

  86. glic says:

    Gnasher should have scored there !. Diving header straight at the goalie !

  87. Red Arse says:

    What’s the team, Glic baby?

  88. Milo says:

    Yeah, I’ve seen Hayden play on a few occasions, but I didn’t know much about him until recently.

  89. Milo says:

    I kept wondering who Hayden was, until this season, when I have been able to watch a few of the youth team matches.

  90. Milo says:

    Actually, I’ve only seen him in the Next Gen!!!:D hahahahahaha, but I’ve been very impressed with what I have seen of him so far.

  91. glic says:


    In case you didn`t know, thats the Arsenal team !. hahaha

  92. Red Arse says:


    What or who does he remind you of?

    Is he tall, medium, short, and what position does he play?

  93. Red Arse says:

    Thanks Glicster, 🙂

    I am having a nice chat with Milo (he tells porkies bigger than yours) 🙂

  94. Milo says:

    He reminds me of…well he tends to make a LOT of runs upfield…he reminds me of Vermaelen hahahahahahaha:D BUT his passing is usually immaculate!!! 😀

  95. Red Arse says:


    A CB who runs up field a lot?

    Are you sure you have seen him play? 😀

  96. Red Arse says:

    What’s going on? Have we scored yet?

    Glic, I need a detailed description of Hayden; Where does he play, what does he look like – big, skinny, tall? How has he played?

    That Milo is just stringing me along!! 🙂

  97. Milo says:

    Yes, he can play in midfield as well. He’s played both this season. I does tend to drift up to the halfway line a lot, and is aggressive in trying to pinch balls off the opposition strikers. That’s what I meant, although he does drive up the pitch a lot!!!

  98. Milo says:

    He’s a centre-back so I’d imagine he’d be over 6 foot tall…I swear, I’m not stringing you along!!! Hahahahahaha 😀

  99. Milo says:

    No we haven’t scored yet, although we SHOULD have at least once!!! 😦

  100. Red Arse says:


    I used to go to the youth team matches at Underhill for some years, when I got the chance.

    But I have not seem many of the current youth/reserve team players, which means I know even less than I usually do! 😀

  101. VCC says:

    cheers Milo, got the Wiziwig working. Your a star.

  102. Milo says:

    Yes, I know, I used to watch all the youth matches when they were on Arsenaltv, I think that’s what it was called back then, but now I cannot afford ArsenalPlayer!!! 😦 So I have had to watch on illegal streams!!! :S hahahahahaha

  103. VCC says:

    Red Arse 17:40 🙂

  104. glic says:

    He`s them all Redders…..tall, skinny and big !. 0-0 half time.
    We should be in front. It started at a pace with lots of tackles flying in. We are playing some nice little one-two`s and triangle`s around their area. It`s hard to tell but to me it looks like we have had at least 60% possession and the same in territory. CSKA are well disciplined and dangerous on the counter !.
    We are playing well though. Lots of keeping it on the ground, only Hajrovic tends to whack it up field, which always loses possession. I would not bother with long corners aswell as they are also wasted, keep them short and keep the ball !. Eisfeld, Olsson looking good and Gnabry always looks dangerous.
    Bellerin and Angha are more wing backs with the amount of possession and teritory with Hayden and Hajrovic sitting at back.
    Yennaris sitting in midfield with Olsson but Olsson moving more forward out of the two. Eisfeld is the more forward of the midfielders. Oops back to the game !.


    Excellent article Redders.

    I buy in to your synopsis whole heartedly. Despite a reletavily disapointing season we should not lose sight of the bigger picture.

    The biggest compliment i can pay you is that if i were to write an article on the same theme i would wish to express it like you.


    For all you watching, hows Eisfeld doing? a few months ago i had a weird dream that he and Wilshere played a one two, one two, one two (a one two three times hahaha) with eisfeld walking the ball into man utds net. i realy liked that dream.

  107. glic says:

    Great football……Gnabry yesssssssss 1-0 to the Arsenal !.

  108. VCC says:

    well desevred….Gnabry and Bellerin playing well. Eisfeld a little quiet fro me Terry.

  109. glic says:

    Brilliant play from Angha and he should have scored, just like in the first half with Gnabry, it was easier to have scored than not had too !.

  110. glic says:

    Another storming run fron Angha cutting in from the left !.
    Your man Hayden is down with what looks like cramp !.

  111. glic says:

    Pressing them all over, great performance. I think Gnabry is going to be a star !.

  112. glic says:

    Honestly, some beautiful football.

  113. glic says:

    Eisfeld nearly broke the bar from way out !

  114. glic says:

    1-0 to the Arsenal. Great performance and some lovely football. Loved the way they chased back when we lost possession and they never panicked and kept playing football. Well worth my Red membership money, you tight muvverz !. hahaha

  115. VCC says:

    Fine performance from the young guns tonight. Thoroughly deserved. Bring on Chelsea in the next round.

  116. VCC says:

    GLiC, I tried to pay today, but Arsenal player would not allow my Mac to get connected!!!!!!

  117. glic says:

    You clunge, your supposed to have a computer, not a dirty old mackintosh ! hahaha

  118. glic says:

    Angha is now on Arsenal forum talking to Tom Watt and they are talking about how they pressed high to win the ball back and it`s what they are training to do !.


    Are you telling me that having a fully blown member entitled me to watch the game?

    Since none of you Bastardos let me know, instead of enjoying a fine evening watching the game i was reduced to sitting here for 45 minutes staring at a blank screen waiting for Cornwall and Vics to throw me a bone

    Cornwalls “great football” and Vics “Eisfelds a bit quiet Terry”, realy done it for me. hahaha

  120. glic says:

    I thought you knew all this Stretch, go on to Arsenal player and put your membership number in…….I know too late now !. And dont listen to Vic`s, what does he know trying to view a screen though a crumpled Zimmerframe and a dirty old mac !. Eisfeld did well, they all did !.

  121. glic says:

    You can always log in now and watch Lofty on the fans forum, I think Michelle is under the table giving him a BJ….or it could be Dot…there`s some smoke coming up !. hahaha

  122. VCC says:

    Entertaining game tonight. Bellerin, Gnabry, Hayden and Angha stood out for me.

  123. Red Arse says:


    I could not get into iPlayer either.

  124. VCC says:

    Red Arse…….I tried for a couple of hours today, seriously. Had no luck with my mac or even my new laptop? Not sure what was going on?

    Milo bailed me out 20 mins into the game though. I used wiziwig and got a good stream. Listening to Fans forum also at the moment. Waiting for GLiC to phone in.

  125. Red Arse says:


    My thanx for keeping us posted got lost in the aether. So Thanx!!

  126. glic says:

    Redders, you need to have at least a Red Membership to get into Arsenal player unless you pay for the day !.

  127. VCC says:

    thats what I tried to do GLiC, a one day for £1.50. Still couldn’t get in?

  128. glic says:

    They would have to bleep out my humour Vic`s !. hahaha

  129. glic says:

    I told you not to buy that AMSTRAD buzzing valve computer from Poundland !.

  130. VCC says:

    thats all I could afford. Not rich like you lot in Launcestern.

  131. glic says:

    The Semi-Final is on Friday at 2pm, it will be on ChavTV, so there should be a stream somewhere !.

  132. VCC says:

    I’ll be watching that one GLiC. How about you?

  133. glic says:

    Thats your fault Bonerface, you should move down here and start up your own ….The only way is Zimmersex franchise !. hahaha

  134. glic says:

    I`ll be driving upto poxy Orcland ! 😦

  135. VCC says:

    Hope you’ll be fresh on Saturday. What time are you getting to the pie n mash shop?

  136. Gerry says:

    Well done glic’s for keeping everybody informed. I lost it early in the second half when a stupid dog put her foot on my keyboard and it all locked up. I had to reset it, and luckily (for her) it was still 0-0. Great composure by Gnabry taking his goal.

    In the first half it was a good opening few minutes, but then went a bit quiet, loose passing giving away possession. Eisfeld looked wasted on the wide left, but when he came inside things livened up in the last 15 mins.

    The second half was nearly all Arsenal, and all the players had their moments, particularly Anha at left back, who might have added a second with a mazy run, followed by a one-two with Gnabry … only foiled by their GK who read his placement well. Bellerin was very good on the other side from first to last. Akpom showed his strength a few times, but Gnabry stole the show up front. Yennaris got in some meaty challenges too. The centre backs were solid all through the match. glic was a bit hard on Hajvoric I thought, as he tried several long cross-field passes that were not just hoofed up field. Ebicilio came into more in the second half, but I have seen Olsson play better. Only the one change late on,Angha for Akpom, and again he showed some nice touches.

    Fully deserved win, but a few more goals would have been nice? Semi-final and Final over this coming weekend will certainly test their fitness? I hope it will be warmer in Italy though.

  137. glic says:

    What do you reckon ?. I have to get to the parking meter near Arsenal no earlier than 11:30 am as the most you can park for is two hours but after 13:30pm it is free. So I can pay for two hours knowing it will be OK after 13:30pm. So that way we can have a few hours in the Tavern !. So maybe Pie&Mash shop or Bagel shop around 10:30am. What do you think ?.

  138. VCC says:

    Suits me GLiC. If I am running a wee bit late you can sneak into the bagel shop before meeting me in the pie n mash. Hope they are well stocked up on eels.

    Pie,mash,eels and liqueur, followed by a few beers in the Tavern, followed by watching The Arsenal beat Reading followed by a couple more beers afterwards. Life don’t get much better than that. A millionaire couldn’t live better. Appy dayz.

  139. glic says:

    Sorry Gerry. I should say Hajrovic was only belting it upfield when under pressure sometimes in the first half, but in the second half we seemed to play our way out of defense more often even when under pressure when CSKA were chasing the game, which sprung a few quick counter attacks. Very pleasing on the eye.
    As discussed on the forum afterwards, it will probably be only one or two who will make it out of these youngsters and I`m putting all my money on Gnabry, that only leaves one more ( of course not set in stone, it may be more ), maybe another two. Who will it be, as Eisfeld is rated aswell as Bellerin, Olsson and Akpom !. Who knows maybe it will be a vintage year !.

    Nite Muvverz !. 🙂

  140. VCC says:

    My two to make it would be Bellerin and Gnabry.

  141. Gerry says:

    Well if I am right, and we lose both Coquelin and Frimpong, who both like having a game or two, then my first choice would be Yennaris. Even with a new ‘beast’, he will need cover. But I cannot see the club holding on to all three, and a signing?

    Gnabry looks a cert and Bellerin has got a lot going for him. Both can have another crack at the Next Gen next year too, as can Akpom. The latter needs more time to develop I feel. Olsson and Ebecilio could be a casualties, and Eisfeld will have to make it this time around, or else he will be put on the loan circuit black hole? Outside of those you have Jon Toral, at present injured, but reportedly more talented attacking MF than any? They have a glut of good GK’s too, but Ilev looks to be the future No3?. Beyond them you would have to wonder how many will wait in the queue. Angha for one, who had another good game tonight. Ansah the sub, behind Akpom and Gnabry, a new signing(or two?) and Giro … is another. The centre backs fall into the pit that others have, as they get older fewer opportunities to play?

    It is a very bright collection, but to have four of them in two or three years time would mean they are very special indeed?

  142. Danny says:

    The Arsenal youth looks so promising. Eisfeld, gnabry, bellerin, akpom. Such quality throughout. Closest thing to the football played by the Invincibles in years.. and in no way is that depressing.. kind of.

  143. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey good stuff….both in the post and in the comments and in following the Next-Gen match….I know I’m late but it’s barely the cocktail hour here in California….Sorry for the long post….Prolly too much at this late hour….

    From the title of today’s blog-post I was hoping the article might have more info on how Wenger was actually going to end his career as on-field manager. I buy into all the good prognostications about the long-term future of the Club but I wonder more and more about the mid-term. Already (at Chelsea and City) we’re seeing that money only buys you a certain sort of love but they have SOOOO much more of it. (And, like many, I’ll believe in FFP when I see it implemented….)

    Arsene has sacrificed so much in pushing for success as a CEO while he suffers (immensely) as on pitch manager. For me, the expectations he raised before the stadium move are just too high, but the business of “manager” is the on-pitch product and meeting those expectations. Most Arsenal supporters are normal people seeking entertainment and value for money. Like everybody else they tend to think in the short-term while being self-centered (if not greedy). There’s a reason we’ve only recently come to believe that the earth wasn’t created 6000 years ago with the sun revolving around it!!

    Anyhow, I always look for news about delegation/succession and a site that bigs up DB seems ideal. Maybe DB should become first team/domestic match manager while Wenger does the CL matches (at least until his next 3 match ban….) Certainly some sort of new face at the club is needed. At what other club would a blog post about a manager’s legacy be laid out solely in terms of the financial landscape?

    But this is because Wenger IS Arsenal. He has chosen his (would-be) immediate boss (Gazidis) and even his majority share holder (Kroenke–through his manipulations of the rest of the lame-duck board). We need a sign from the creator (small C this time…) about what will be happening over the next several years. Clearly he is willing to sacrifice short term results for the long-term plan (it’s a good time to be a selling club, unless you’re trying to be a winning club….) yet he is still the face of the team bearing the brunt of the disappointed (impossible?) expectations week to week and match to match. It’s too much (we’ve all seen the face as it has aged) but there is no plan for succession nor (real) delegation. How much more can he (or we) take?

    For all fiscally responsible teams the big issue is player wages. It is important to note (and you guys probably did!) that the figures the club has released show Wenger to be our top earner. For Wenger haters this says it all: he has to be top dog. For me it merely shows our unwillingness to truly compete for the foreseeable future and just how far behind the big spenders we are. Whichever way you paint it, it’s an important psychological barrier the CEO (and his manager….) must break. Maybe he (being both guys….) thinks doing so will mean even less (motivational) power over his players…. (Who knows and good luck motivating the likes of Arshavin, who, thankfully, has now dropped to #3 on our list of best paid players….) No matter what, without big changes, we are looking at 4th in salaries (by some distance) for a long time which means our expectations should be focused on the CL spot. With luck maybe WE can do a Bradford or Blackburn and get up for a domestic trophy. Will that mollify supporters? If it’s a league title maybe, otherwise, I doubt it. So, Wenger (or a successor) must cope with a toxic home stadium as well…. Something much bigger needs to change or expectations need to be realigned accordingly.

    Frankly, I think what Wenger has done (and continues to do) is amazing. It’s also drama of the highest caliber (a fall-back to make watching all worthwhile in darker times, maybe)…. I think King Lear had similar issues and he was hardly as great a character….Hopefully things work out better for our hero….

  144. allezkev says:

    Deriere de Rouge, that was a very interesting read.

    Great win for the youngsters.
    Agree with most re: Akpom, who still barely 17, Gnabry and Bellerin as our brightest prospects.
    But don’t overlook Isaac Hayden, that kid has what Wenger likes, versatility. Equally comfortable at centre-back and centre-mid.
    Olsson has a lot of talent as well.
    12 months from now it’ll be fascinating to see who has developed the most, from this interesting crop of talented kids.

  145. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    Fantastic Redders, absolutely fantstic. Patience is the key i guess. Patience and sticking to our motto ‘VCC’. Without sticking together and uniting through these baron years, all our hard work will come undone. Somewhere down the track (soon hopefully) i hope that the board can work on their relationship with the supporter base, our most important foundation. Bit of transparency wouldnt hurt…would it?

  146. Gerry says:

    17HT – Another well said response to RA’s blog. I think Wenger’s haggard look of late diminished considerably after the second goal went in against Swansea?

    I also think the ‘Next Gen’ are part of his thinking when it comes to the his vision of the future? Whoever is the next manager, he will not want him to be burdened with the dual task of CEO and on-field Coach/Manager, and that will require a little more input from SK to reorganise the BoD? They need fresh faces, and he, AW would be an obvious candidate to step up, but may be a couple more to keep the focus on the on-field success?

    I think success in regards the trophy cabinet will be nearly all that is needed to quieten down the disaffected. That, and the continued progress of the club to become truly competitive on all fronts?

    Personally I worry that this transfer window may dismay many an armchair manager, and that they will make it easy for the press to pick over comments made before the season begins and a player touches a ball. Only this week, AOC(the Ox) was repeatedly headlined as saying he was frustrated at his lack of playing time, and not one headlined his final words that ‘….Arsene Wenger knows what he is doing, and is a great manager’. It speaks volumes for the way the media work regards Arsenal?

    I do think there is a personal crusade by AW for Arsenal to be successful again, but he wants it to be under his command, not diluted by any additional staff. DB for instance? So I think we will have to wait until 2014/15 season for his ‘natural’ successor to come on board. I hope I am right in thinking that Bould will welcome that move? Because as much as he wants to be credited with helping the club to further success, he also knows that the key job carries too many other duties he would rather avoid? I would hate to see any major fallout if he thinks he is being overlooked? But if AW moves ‘upstairs’, and takes on the CEO duties, and separates himself from day to day coaching duties, then the double B’s could be an ideal partnership?

    Crystal ball gazing at best, but that is how I would like to see it unfold?

  147. Gerry says:

    Allezkev – Regards the Next Gen boys. Akpom I feel he needs to grow into his big frame. Another year at this level can only see him improve. Whereas Gnabry is already at the point where he can make the odd first team appearance, and really shine? For him, Bellerin, and Yennaris, the early rounds of the Cups next season will show what they can offer, and still be able to play in Junior level if they need more time?

    The point I made yesterday about the CB’s is more down to the practical level of their patience and playing opportunities for the No4 choice CB? Any purchase in this area makes the queue seem even longer. They have to convince themselves, and the manager, that they are prepared to keep focussed, as their best playing years are going to in their 20’s? Hayden is indeed versatile, as is Agha, but the alternate positions are ones with strong competition just to be the second string too?

    The GK looks to be timing his career nicely though, even if only Mannone moves on, the vacant spot for No3 will be there. If a senior GK comes in, then presumably Fab will take it as time to go too?

    You mention Olsson, what did you think of his play last night? On paper that midfield looked very strong, and we certainly had a lot of possession. But equally, I did not see Olsson involved in as much of the creative stuff as I have seen in the past? Ebecilio came into it more in the 2nd half, but again, another season at that level may help. And then there is the missing Toral?
    Eisfeld is slightly frustrating, and does make me think he is a junior version of Podolski. On the wide left, playing as a winger he was hardly involved at all. Move him inside, a la Pod, and he comes alive? He does make some very good runs off the ball, and was not far off having a couple of goals to his name. I think he is one of those players that is too good to let go, but will frustrate in equal measure? Because he is older than the rest, I think after this weekend we will see him on the first team bench and he will get a chance to prove he is more that just a one game super-sub(Reading)?

    I’ll give you time to think about that, and come back later

  148. Red Arse says:

    Morning Guys, 🙂

    Great comments, especially from that great match pundit, the one and only Glic Man!! 🙂

    Well done the rest of you, and thank you for the kind comments from everyone else, much appreciated.

  149. VCC says:

    Morning all.

    Looking forward to watching Stevan Jovetic tonight.

  150. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning all 🙂

    Fine comments overnight; especially by 17highburyterrace.

    New post should be out around 1pm today (maybe earlier depending on Henry’s needs 🙂 ).

  151. marcus says:

    How is the gooner fraternity doing today?
    Great win for our kids yesterday. Serge Gnabry certainly looks like he will develop into something special. Great talent there. However I’d like to turn your attention to two incidences today that have presented prime opportunities for The Arsenal. First of all, Jovetic has come out and said he has an affinity for us. With this in mind, Wenger should deploy a delegate to Florence to begin talks immediately. Such opportunities only come knocking once and should be exploited with the effective ruthlessness that saw Fergie take RVP from under our noses. Secondly Karim Benzema. Former France head coach has called him ‘useless’ and is calling for his head. Despite the fact that we know Domenech has a reputation for veering wildly in public opinion, this particular outburst hasn’t received rebuke which suggests that people seem to resonate with his views. Even at Real he has only scored 8 times this term and reports suggest that they are looking for replacements in Aguero and Cavani. This is too good an opportunity to pass up. Benzema’s ability is indisputable and so is his scoring ability. He is just suffering from a loss in confidence which puts us in a very unique situation because firstly, this would allow us to snap him up at a cut price fee. Secondly, if anyone knows how to regain a players confidence and get the best out of him, it is Wenger. Just ask Thierry Henry. With those 2 players in our books our strike force will strike fear even to the likes of Barca..

  152. TotalArsenal says:

    Marcus 🙂

    Two questions for you:

    Where would you play Jovetic and who would you sacrifice in the team?

    Where would you play Benzema and who would you sacrifice in the team?

  153. marcus says:

    I know….but what an opportunity to have. I think if i was Wenger I would buy first then decipher that later..hahahahahahahaha
    Have you ever been in a position where you go to buy something, say a shirt, then find that there is an insane sale going on and some very good shirts (normally expensive) are being sold incredibly cheaply and you end up buying more than you need? This is that kind of situation..

  154. TotalArsenal says:

    hahaha Marcus 🙂

    Great example, and yes I have been there. It looks like that’s what happened to Wenger during the 2011 late summer shopping frenzy… 🙂

    I am asking the questions for my next post; which will come out in a couple of hours or so. You’ll get another chance soon. 🙂

  155. TotalArsenal says:

    Out for a bit; catch you later 🙂

  156. marcus says:

    You know I’ve never said this out loud for fear of backlash but in my eyes Karim Benzema in top form is the player that most resembles Thierry Henry.

  157. Arsenal Made Cesc Homesick says:

    Thank you Red Arse for what comes across to me as another lecture on how Arsenal is a model of how to run the finances of a modern football club, which I would ordinarily have considered the responsibility of the Financial Director or Chief Executive Officer of the club, and not necessarily the manager. But I have little knowledge of the inner workings of the Arsenal boardroom and whether indeed Gazidis is a mere token CEO. I however think you could have talked a lot more about a longer term future with and without AW, seeing as he appears from your posting to be the brains, if not the only brains, behind the financial success of the club, for which we should feel so obliged as to perenially excuse the lack of success on the field in terms of trophies.

  158. allezkev says:

    Hi Gerry…
    Yes, i can see your point re: Akpom…
    He is one of the younger lads in that group…

    Gnabry, who i saw make his EPL debut at Norwich, is a boy, in a mans body, but he struggled to make an impact at Carrow Road, so as you say, a few more League Cup games seems to be the order of the day…
    Although it’s amazing how these lads grow and suddenly develop.
    Therefore by next pre-season, some or maybe all of them, could physically up to the odd 1st team game…
    I have a lot of optimism about the quality of these lads, i believe we could easily see 3 or 4 or maybe even 5 of them reach the required level for Arsenal players…

  159. allezkev says:

    As for Olsson Gerry, i’m afraid i was working last night and therefore missed the game.
    I was basing my judgement on a couple of pre-season games and some extended highlights that i occassionally see.
    I am hoping to take in a couple of reserve games at Barnet next month, so then i’ll be better placed to have an opinion…

  160. allezkev says:

    Eisfeld, again, it’s been TV highlights forme, i’m afraid, but he has something about him, that Ljungberg ability to pop up in the box, unnoticed, and tuck one away…
    I like him and hope that he gets a bit more involvement in the first team squad…
    As for being a supersub, well that’s a nice habit to have, with that in mind, i’d like to see him on the bench next season…

  161. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post – New Post! 🙂

  162. Gerry says:

    Allezkev – Re the Next Gen lot. I agree, in an ideal world there could be 5 that could wear the senior shirt in years to come. Unfortunately reality has a habit of kicking such hopes into touch?

    I dread to think that when Akpom and Gnabry are all muscled up(as both look like they are carrying a bit of ‘puppy fat’ at the moment? ha ha), they will make Drogba look like a matchstick man?

    As for Olsson, I can only judge from reports and ‘Player snippets. I think they were all a bit inhibited in the first half, partly for the same reason that crossed my mind, and that CSK were going to do a whole lot more than they showed? I think the occasion may have got to them too? I mean, they are also quite young and away from home, and only 2 matches away from the final.
    That said, second half Arsenal totally dominated even when they threw more bodies forwards.

    Gnabry said that the previous game against Inter made them gel as a team, and it showed. Nobody had a bad game, particularly after the first half hour. Maybe you can catch some highlights later? You could not fault any for effort. Bellerin as a prime example was covering over at LB on a couple of occasions. His exceptional pace gets him everywhere, and as I have said before, the boy has tricks too!

    On Eisfeld, I agree, he does have something special. My point about ‘super sub’ was more about him repeating it. Daft as it sounds, and almost disrespectful of his team mates, but I think he will thrive with more mature players around him? By that I mean when he makes a move it will be spotted and the ball will be played where he wants it? Although, last night he was as guilty as any for misplaced passes – unforced that is – Which is why I say there will always be that element of frustration until he reaches his peak … which I sincerely hope will be with Arsenal.

    Only time will tell regards the others. Much of it will be a case of being in the right place at the right time, but patience and opportunity will help?

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