The one PL player who best complements Arsenal’s top-core of players – Have your say!

Super Jackie Wilshere!

Super Jackie Wilshere!

During this interlull period, I thought I’d take the opportunity to have some fun on BK.  If you look at every team in the Premier League, you could say that each club is built on the foundation of three players (some teams obviously have more than three, but for the sake of this article, let’s assume only three).  These three players can be seen as the integral pieces of the team, as without them, the respective clubs would lose their established identity, or not have accomplished as much success this season (and seasons past in some cases).

The following is an entirely subjective list that I believe contains the three key players at each club, with additional cases easily being made for the players in brackets:

Arsenal – Wilshere, Cazorla and Walcott

Aston Villa – Benteke, Clark, Vlaar (Guzan or Westwood)

Chelsea – Lampard, Mata, A.Cole (Cech or Hazard)

Everton – Fellaini, Baines, Pienaar (Howard)

Fulham – Berbatov, Hangeland, Schwarzer (Ruiz)

Liverpool – Suarez, Gerrard, G.Johnson (Reina)

Man City – Hart, Yaya Toure, Kompany (Silva or Aguero)

Man Utd – van Persie, Rooney, Vidic (Evra)

Newcastle – Sissoko, Krul, Cabaye (Ben Arfa or Coloccini)

Norwich – Snodgrass, Ruddy, Holt

QPR – Cesar, Remy, Taarabt

Reading – McAnuff, Pogrebnyak, Federici

Southampton – Lambert, Schneiderlin, Ramirez (Boruc)

Stoke – Begovic, Shawcross, Huth (Walters)

Sunderland – Mignolet, Sessegnon, O’Shea (Fletcher or Cuellar)

Swansea – Michu, A.Williams, Vorm

Tottenham – Bale, Lloris, Vertonghen

West Brom – Foster, Olsson, Long (McAuley, Lukaku or Morrison)

West Ham – Jaaskelainen, Diame, Nolan (O’Brien)

Wigan – Kone, Al Habsi, Maloney

I am not claiming that teams with players listed in brackets have more than three players that construct the foundation of their respective teams, but that not being a fan of their respective clubs, I’m not totally sure if one is of greater importance than the three I listed.

Regardless, the point of this article is not to debate the players I’ve listed for each club (some clubs were incredibly difficult to even distinguish three important players), but to establish which player you would want most from any other team in the Premier League (to complement the three I’ve listed for our club), aside from the three players I’ve listed for each team.

For Arsenal, I have chosen Jack and Santi as centerpieces for our club for obvious reasons – they are by far the most skilled players on our side and when at their best, lead this team in providing our attack with shape and purpose.  Without Jack and Santi, we’d definitely be a mid-table side lacking creative instincts; and they both are the closest things to world-class talents at Arsenal.

However, I struggled with the third key player, since based on history and past seasons, the honour could have easily been bestowed upon Sagna, Vermaelen or Koscielny.

Nacho is still too new to this team and there is debate among many supporters as to whether he or Gibbs should be first choice.  If Szczesny or Ox were ever to meet their high potentials, or Gibbs or Diaby were ever able to consistently stay fit/healthy, each one would also be included in the discussion of our third most crucial player.  With that said, I went with Theo simply because he is leading our team in goals and assists (tied with Santi and Podolski in each category respectively), is capable of providing quality crosses, and his pace makes him a terror for opposing defenders.

Personally, my choice to complement the trio of Wilshere, Cazorla and Walcott would be Matija Nastasic from Manchester City.

The modern game demands that defenders be as comfortable playing the ball as they are with clearing it; Nastasic is the epitome of a ball-playing center half, who is rarely beaten by either pace or fancy dribbling/ball control.  With a tackle win percentage of 96% (top in the league), a successful clearance percentage of 59% (top 10 in the PL), only 1 error leading to a shot (tied in 2nd among defenders in the PL) and 0 errors leading to goals and no own goals (top in the PL); it’s easy to see why Nastasic is a viable candidate.

Of course, the case could be made against Nastasic that it’s easy to be a top defender when you’re playing with steady, veteran players in Kompany, Zabaleta and Clichy beside you, and a world-class keeper in Joe Hart, behind you.  However, watching Nastasic play this season, I can honestly give him full credit for further stabilizing the City back line, and not just being a product of an already stable back four/five.

What makes Nastasic’s accomplishments even more outstanding, is the fact that he’s accomplished incredible statistics for a defender at the tender age of 19, and who is in his first season of one of the top leagues in the world.  In addition, he is playing in one of the most demanding positions mentally, and is constantly challenged by some of the best attackers in the world.  

Now, I would like to open the floor to the rest of you.  Do you believe the three players I’ve listed for Arsenal make up the foundation for our team?  If not, who do you believe should take their place? 

And who would you like to see at Arsenal from any of the other clubs in the EPL, excluding the players I’ve listed (however, you can choose from the players in brackets)?

Written by: Highbury Harmony.

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176 Responses to The one PL player who best complements Arsenal’s top-core of players – Have your say!

  1. TotalArsenal says:

    Excellent ‘bit of fun’ post, HH! 😛

    I am going to have a little think about the one player and get back to you in a bit: this needs an alcohol drink! 🙂

  2. TotalArsenal says:

    HH, I agree with your core-three of Santi, Jack and Theo, and luckily we have a number of players who could work themselves towards their level of impact on the team in the next one or two seasons.

    In terms of my special PL player to add to the core of three, it is an easy choice for me: Ramires of Chelsea. He belongs to my top-five players in the PL and would be great in Arsenal’s double-DM role. Absolute top quality player: great athlete, hard as nails but not nasty, great stamina, composure and technical skills, and a winner. In second place, would be Dembele of the dark side. I would play him deep in the Arteta role and ask him to keep it simple and use his body and positioning skills to the full. But Ramires is my first choice! 🙂

  3. AFC says:

    Hh, very interesting post. I agree with Santi, Wilshere and Walcott being our 3 best players.

    Oscar, Tevez, Valencia or Dembele are my shortlist of players I would like to see at Arsenal.

    Oscar is a no.10 and would be a perfect candidate for this role as we were all dicussing in the last post. Cazorla is more experienced and can play on the wing and has a deadly shot so Oscar is out.

    Valencia is a traditional winger and one of the best in the prem who can actually cross the ball and would be perfect to assist Giroud in scoring milliions of headers.

    Dembele’s work rate, speed and determination is what we need at Arsenal but he is more attacking and we need a beast of a DM. Jack is similar to Dembele so he is out.

    Tevez is the CF much needed at Arsenal to score goals and is a great finisher and has a bullet of a shot. He is also very important to City and when he plays they win the majority of their matches.

    This leaves me with Tevez or Valencia. HH I’ll get back to you as this is a very hard decision to make.

  4. TotalArsenal says:

    Interesting choices, AFC.

    I like them all and for the reasons you gave. Tevez behind Giroud or Pod would be an interesting option.

  5. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    Love it Highbury. Now you all wont believe me when i say this but i was going to do a headline post like this or similar where you can take any player in the EPL from any team and you have to sacrifice a starter from our own side (must play at least 60 %) the obvious example might be eg. I’ll take Bale and give you Gervinho thank you very much 😆

    Ok, great post HH, you really are a talent in this community and ive enjoyed reading your post, even from the shadows. We’ve talked about the importance of a ball playing defensive/B2B midfielder to our team which we currently dont have so in that regard id lean towards Yaya Toure.

    But i think we lack sharpness in the final third. The cutting edge that can be the icing on the cake after a brilliant move. Both Cazorla and Wilshere play better when ghosting from deep rather than playing triangles in a static formation, so for me a link up player in the advanced number 10 role or shadow striker is the key. So it comes down to 2 players for me….. both Rooney or Van Judas.

    Shrek is shrek. A bull of a player and an intelligent footballer. Just think how difficult it would be to defend against a guy thats built like a brick shithouse, has legs like tree stumps and can move around you with ease. This season he has played deeper in midfield and played more of an early scholes role, and some would argue he holds greater importance to manure than any other player. There is no denying he would improve our team.

    Now i hate to say it but Van Judas is the best player in the prem for me. You can argue about stats and him going missing in big games but he is a true proffessional when focused, a great leader and i have to be honest, when i think back to all our missed chances this season, lack of positioning and what not i know deep down that we would be well up the table and Manure would be brought down a few pegs. Thats the bottom line and the difference. 😦 So my choice would be Van Judas. This was the boards biggest and i mean BIGGEST mistake in modern times.

    No more manure love fest, im off to gargle some soap.

  6. AFC says:

    HH, Tevez for me. He can play as a ST, CF, CAM and would even do a job for us on the wings. His versitilty would allow Wenger to rotate the squad easily when needed. This would allow Giroud to either lead the line with someone behind him who is fast, skillful and quite frankly a bulldog something in which Giroud lacks or to play off Tevez.

    It would have been Valencia but we already have Walcott and in my opinion are the two best RWs in the prem meaning one would have to sit on the bench which would be pointless.


  7. AFC says:

    TA, Ramires is a very good option but I prefer him playing futher up the pitch I.e. Box to box or as a RAM. Dembele would also be a very good option if Cazorla moved out to the wing,

  8. TotalArsenal says:

    AFC, Dembele and Ramires would be both ideal DMs at Arsenal for me. The fact that they can also go forward and add something in attack is a bonus, but they are DMs for me.

  9. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:


    Cant choose players on the list unless in brackets.

    Lets go to plan B and play tighter in midfield.OK, Ramires it is. Complete midfielder, underated footballer. The next Gilberto if not a better attacker and a very important cog to Brasil

  10. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    Hi Total, how have you been. This site really has taken off, good to see so many new faces or gravatars when i come on for a read. Pat on the back time mate 🙂

  11. AFC says:

    TA, in which order would you takes these players? Valencia, Tevez or Oscar.

  12. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahaha PPP, I was just going to say ‘stick to the rules’ and then you wrote your last comment. 😆

    HH thought about this one and knew we would all go for Yaya and Shrek. I would never go for VJ though; he shall never wear our colours again and can retire as a horrible Manc hahaha 😈

  13. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi PPP,

    Good to see you back and I hope your brothers are ok now?

    The site is doing very well, thank you, and we have been very lucky with a number of new writers who have made this interlull so much easier than it could have been. Every day a quality post is simply great. 🙂

  14. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    believe me i understand your pain. I had to change my moniker from RurP to PPP. I even use to blog better under the former, and now i am in and out of the starting line-up so to speak 😉

    Agree, NEVER EVER again 👿

  15. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    Brothers are ‘Up an at em’. All good now, thanks for asking.

  16. Bobby Sure says:

    Interesting concept HH, a kind of fantasy football scenario. Aside from the obvious picks from the big clubs, the player who has impressed me the most this season has to be franco di santo. Hes a player that when he signed for chelsea it always seemed as if he had big potential. Now he’s not an out and out goal scorer – at the moment. But he has tremendous upside in my opinion. Wigan have played the best football in the league for me and some of their combination play has been scintillating. Di santo is the classic number 9 wenger loves. But he is also really good at linking up. Hes played some tremendous flicks and through balls this season. Its an outside pick but I would like to see him in an arsenal shirt, if I could pick one PL player.

    But to be honest, I like the squad of players we have and wouldnt really consider any other team as having better players in regard to the type of football we aim to achieve. Sure there are more effective players but not necessarily more optimal for wengerball. But I think Di Santo is one of a few who could suit the desired style.

  17. TotalArsenal says:

    Tevez, Valencia, Oscar for me, AFC. Tevez because he is worldclass and always works hard for the team; Valencia is indeed a fine winger although a bit of the boil recently, and Oscar is a great talent and will become a great player (far better than Hazard in my view), but I rather have experience at this moment in time.

    But Ramires is my nr1 choice out of all PL players, including HH’s bracketed ones! 🙂

  18. TotalArsenal says:

    That must be a big relief PPP! Good to hear they are ok 🙂

    Have you a nice Aussie Goonerette yet? 😛

  19. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    Great call on Tevez, AFC. He could definately play in the role i mentioned above as the case with shrek and bsr. He is a tireless work horse and can most definately be a game changer, is very dependable with a good work ethic……when focused. Not sure if he still carries all the baggage around or if he leaves that for his agent, but id still have him if he fit within our budget

  20. Bobby Sure says:

    PPP – Glad to see some ramires love here. I am gutted we didnt pick him up before chelsea. He is so dynamic. Great defensively and loves to get forward. He can win games on his own. And thats weird for a primarily holding midfielder. This guy was the difference between chelsea and barcelona over the two legs. He really does remind me of gilberto. It would be great to see him in an arsenal shirt. He would seriously be the missing link. Shame it will never happen.

  21. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    Nah not yet Total. The few that i have met have become passing strangers which ive lost no sleep over. Fair few girls wearing Chelsea tops but ive never been attracted to plastic 😉

  22. TotalArsenal says:

    Interesting choice BobbyS and well argued…. but nah not for me. On the day he can be great, but lacks consistency in my view. Martinez is definitely getting the best out of him though! 🙂

  23. TotalArsenal says:

    PPP 😛

    She will come your way PPP! 😛

  24. AFC says:

    Agreed TA, Ramires is class and I would have him over Oscar and Dembele not sure about Valencia but I think Tevez is needed more as we need a bulldog of a sriker and a striker who can score goals and Tevez is the man for me.

    Actually I would take Ramires over Valencia but not over Tevez to make an immediate impact.

    If looking for a long term player who can perform for a number of year Ramires wins hands down. He is still quite young and can only get better than he already is and could be one of the top midfielders in the world in years to come.

  25. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    Bobby Sure. 🙂 Your avatar is eye catching.

    Ramires is the type of footballer who will win plenty of titles and trophys in his career but will never make the headlines. Maybe Seedorf could be an example. Many fans will talk of the popular names when talking about title winning sides but people who study football will remember players like Gilberto, Ramires etc. A type of player who will collect a yellow for the team, for a professional foul and even miss a second leg tie for the sake of his teams success before his own. There is a list of those type of players in my mind that have made good teams great

  26. TotalArsenal says:

    I can see where you are coming from, AFC. For me the nr1 position to add quality is the DM one; Ramires would be the oil that makes the rest of the machine works so much better.

  27. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    I also thought we missed a trick with Mascherano. Players that can play in two such important positions are priceless.

    Come back and sing us a SONG 🙂

  28. TotalArsenal says:

    Macherano is a fine player PPP, agreed.

  29. AFC says:

    Does anyone think Hazard has almost been invisible for Chelsea this season?

  30. TotalArsenal says:

    AFC, Hazard has 8 goals and 8 assists in the PL and that in his first season, so that ain’t bad.

    But I agree he often disappears in games.

  31. TotalArsenal says:

    Right I am off to catch some sleep. I am sure HH will be on soon.

    Catch you guys in the morning. 🙂

  32. Bobby Sure says:

    TA- That’s part of playing for a team at the bottom of the table. Especially as a striker. Its near impossible to be consistent. Hes got all the bits. I think he may be a level down from arsenal but if wigan get relegated he would be a great cheap buy for whoever gets him.

    As for Ramires i’d take him over any other player even listed in the top 3 for each club. He’s that good and the benefit is that he can combine offensively too. He seems like a real wenger player. When he leaves Chelsea there will be a bunch of suitors.

  33. Highbury Harmony says:

    Some great posts so far! Nice to see you all getting into the fun spirit and contributing some excellent ideas for which PL player would best complement the three I’ve chosen :).

  34. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA, thank you for being a class act as always and for allowing me to spread some fun on BK!

    Ramires is certainly an option that I contemplated for some time. However, with Santi and Jack up front in dual AM roles, I’d prefer a true DM more than a tweener between a b2b and DM like Ramires. Ramires really reminds me of Alex Song, but less talented offensively and with less vision and passing range. He’s not efficient enough in his tackling on a consistent basis and does not push forward with the ball enough to be a true b2b either.

    After speaking with a die hard Chelsea fan this weekend only confirmed my intuition that Ramires is not a true b2b or DM. He was not nearly as high on Ramires as I would have initially presumed most Chav fans to be. He claimed Ramires was a decent option in the dual DM pivot, but that he was neither here nor there, and has been frequently rotated in and out of the lineup as a result. Ramires is definitely fast, astute and aggressive on the defensive side of the pitch, but he pointed to his limited range of passing, an average to above average passing completion at 85%, not running with the ball upfield enough like a true b2b player (he noted it could be because of Chelsea already having Mata, Hazard etc.) and that his instincts in the final third on key passes and shooting were below average.

    After listening to his thoughts and analysis and claim that Chelsea are also in serious need of a true DM, my interest in Ramires more or less dissipated. Just his and my own thoughts though, but my point is that I’d prefer a true beast like Capoue or Wanyama or a true b2b midfielder like Yaya Toure (unfortunately none of those options were available based on the article’s restrictions 🙂 ).

  35. Highbury Harmony says:

    PPP, thank you for the very kind words and high praise mate! Always a pleasure blogging with yourself and I’m glad you thoroughly enjoy my posts :).

    Leave it to a German Gooner to come in and cheat by suggesting van Judas and Shrek complement the three I chose. Right TA 😉 ?(just kidding in case the wink wasn’t clear!).

    My thoughts on Ramires are shared above in my response to TA. I just feel that he’s neither a true b2b or true DM. He’s not like Gilberto, since he’s more skilled with the ball at his feet, but less efficient defensively and less physical in challenges. He does attack more though. From the options left over after the list I compiled, he could be the best option for us at DM though!

  36. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC, thanks for sharing your thoughts :). I’m not convinced that Oscar will succeed in the PL yet, but that he will in Europe. He’s too slender, dives too much and is too weak on the ball for the EPL. However, he definitely has class in his ball control, passing and offensive instincts and is just playing behind some very capable offensive, creative players in Mata, Hazard and Lampard. If he can find a way to add strength and properly adjust to the rigours of the EPL, then he’ll definitely succeed (he’s still very young anyway).

    The Chelsea fan I spoke to this past weekend actually stated that he thought Oscar would be better than both Mata and Hazard, which is something to keep an eye on.

    Of your suggested three, I would likely choose Tevez because his goal scoring and assisting instincts are superb for a striker and he has great ball control and pace to boot. Very smart player who always knows exactly where the ball is going! However, with Aguero available and in the pool of available players to choose from, I would likely choose him over Tevez :).

  37. Highbury Harmony says:

    Bobby S, really appreciate the kind words and glad you could contribute with a well-thought and unique option!

    Di Santo is an intriguing player and definitely constitutes for thinking outside the box 🙂 (bonus points for that!). From the games I’ve seen him play, he’s got an abundance of flair and skill, and the only thing holding him back is himself. He’s not very mature and his composure suffers as a result. For example, why even wear an earring during a game? That cost his team 3 minutes where Wigan had to play with 10 men as a result and he immediately made a reckless challenge after that and often lets his emotions get the better of him.

    With that said, if he can calm down and mature his game, he will definitely be one to watch. He’s got the quality to be a fast and tricky striker, capable of embarrassing any defender.

  38. Highbury Harmony says:

    If any of you are wondering, I chose Nastasic from a list of himself, Aguero, Ramires, Silva and Luiz.

    I would have definitely chosen Luiz had it not been for the odd reckless challenge and his occasional lack of concentration in his positioning. However, it seems the more he plays, the better he gets. His skills on the ball are exceptional for a center half and he has great pace, is assertive on both the ground and in the air and has a very accurate and powerful shot for a defender. He’s also versatile enough to play as a DM and could eventually blossom into a viable option for Chelsea as a DM.

  39. weedonald says:

    IMHO, Raheem Sterling is someone we could make a superstar under Wenger’s guidance. He has both on and off the ball movement, is extremely pacey, can find openings whenever he attacks, is capable of playing behind the striker as a classic winger or wide midfielder and is just starting his career….a perfect Wenger model. Unfortunately I think he just signed a big extension at LFC.

  40. Highbury Harmony says:

    Weedonald, I really like your comments and I hope to see you stop by BK more regularly! You seem to always come to the defense of the club and its players/managers and argue in the same vein that I do when countering those who try to criticize Arsenal.

    Sterling is another fantastic option and I love the unconventional choice. He is a really fast, skilled and tricky little player. He’s the type of talent on the wing that you are just drawn to when he’s on the pitch, capable of creating something out of nothing. I’m disappointed Rodgers has immediately opted to play Sturridge, Downing and Borini over him at times, as I feel he really justified a starting place in Liverpool’s starting 11 this season.

  41. Highbury Harmony says:

    Actually, re-thinking my article suggestion of Nastasic now. I forgot about the upcoming Thibault Courtois from Chelsea (on-loan at Atletico), he’ll be a world-class keeper very soon! So many good players in the PL (or tied to PL clubs), I’m sure it’ll spur some more great suggestions :).

  42. Milo says:

    You forgot to mention Andreas Weimann in the crucial players for Aston Villa!!! 😀 I MIGHT take him ahead of Benteke, if he can continue scoring and assisting goals at his current pace!!! 😀

  43. Highbury Harmony says:

    Milo, good addition! I was thinking of adding Weimann but his contributions to Villa have been fairly sporadic and not as consistent as Benteke’s have. In the Villa games I’ve watched this year, I found Benteke to be more impressive throughout the whole match, where as Weimann had spurts that were impressive here and there. Do you agree?

  44. AFC says:

    TA, could you send me a quick email so I can send you my post in the next couple of days by replying directly to you. Thanks.

  45. JM says:

    Claudio Yacob, the defensive lynchpin and unsung hero of WBA.

    – Plays at DM/CM (Strong in tackling, aerial duels, concentration and shielding the ball)
    – Signed on a free transfer from Racing Club de Avellaneda, Argentina. (He has dual nationality of Argentina and Spain, thus not requiring a work permit)
    – Courted by Arsenal, Man Utd, Benfica in the last summer transfer window, before deciding to move to WBA for more guaranteed game time.
    – we should get to see him in action against us on 6th April 2013. (He missed the game at the Emirates when we only managed to beat WBA with 2 penalties by Arteta).

  46. Gerry says:

    HH – As you well know, I don’t do frivolity well? ha ha

    The question you ask is who would ‘compliment’ our team, which is slightly different from who you would have in the team that would inevitably mean losing one of our own e.g. Kompany?

    Excellent player as he is, he would be replacing from where we are strong – despite the general perception?. Hence the choice to go for the DM, where we are not strong is compelling?

    However, my choice is base on the emphasis of compliment, and go to our other area of weakness – LOIC REMY

    And as I suggested yesterday, there is a fair chance we may see him here next season?

    One other point from yesterday HH I know how you work your debating skills by putting forward the opposing argument in a subtle, but nevertheless devalued way, to make your preferred point stronger … but ..

    In responding to Bobby Sure, you started by saying ‘On the one hand you have the negative view ..(in reference to likely TW purchases)’. There is nothing negative about AW bringing in players that will develop and be a better fit for the team in all its aspects, than getting a mighty ego buster, or a dude who is having one eye on Man u or Barca as his next move, or indeed somebody who just fails in the EPL? Just because it is not your, or indeed, many others high profile choice doesn’t make it wrong, or negative? AW is the one that carries the responsibility for getting it right, we can name who we like and not have a shred of accountability if it goes pear-shaped

    Hooray! I found something I can argue with you. You keep saying things I agree with, it’s not right. Ha ha

  47. Gerry says:

    JM – Did you see my note to you yesterday about the video? The link would be great, but I know a few others liked it, Thanks

  48. Admir says:

    Very interesting stuff, HH, gives a lot of material to think about and that can only be a good thing. 🙂

    Personally, I would take either Phil Jagielka from Everton (arguably one of the best central defenders in Premiership for years) or Chris Samba from QPR. Either of them would add steel to our defense and solve issues regarding leadership. Furthermore, presence of one of them would allow either Koscielny or Vermaelen to play as classic defensive midfielder.

  49. Red Arse says:

    Loved the Post, HH, what a nice diversion from this flipping interlull!! 🙂

    By the way — just in case — you do know the Clog Meister, TA, is Dutch? 🙂

  50. Red Arse says:


    If you want to send in a Post (or chat to TA) the email address is at the top of the page, but this is it to save you the time.

    Looking forward to reading it!! 🙂

  51. Red Arse says:

    Hi Gerry, 🙂

    Who says you are not funny? 🙂

    You bring a lot of good stuff to BK — and I refuse to stop teasing you — so get with the programme!! 😀

  52. VCC says:

    Nice bit of fun HH, I enjoy posts like these during interlulls.

    Sorry I can’t respond fully, but really busy today. Short and sharp reply =

    My choice would be Christopher Samba. We could have had him last season, what a shame.

  53. JM says:

    March 28, 2013 06:24

    I have not read through the previous blog post. Here is the requested link on youtube (actually the band has a full official channel) – where they also subtitled the song “Be the light” in other languages (French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese)

    The song “Be the light” ‘s, link (with English subtitles)

    oh, they also did a cover on Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.

  54. Gerry says:

    Redders – Off topic – You were right about being wrong regards Excel. I could never get it to transfer from a spreadsheet, or rather using that as a source. So not about transferring like for like. Currently I am going from old spreadsheet data from last season, to this new format, more columns etc, so a lot of copy and pasting. Then that get reduce to plain figures, no formatting etc, which is in turn copied to what will be my spreadsheet db. It works in a ok-ish was on Open Office, but I thought I may re-install Excel and use that as source

    Like I say, tedious. Most of what I am doing now is for this season’s early reference, and so I can compare like with like at the end of the season. So once this season takes off this will be put on hold. I did manage a whole week yesterday, and on course for the same to day?

    I bet your glad you asked?

    Off now,wheelie bin day..

    Laterz …

  55. Gerry says:

    JM You’re a gent!

  56. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi HH, your Chav friend is not seeing the light, for more than one reason hahaha! 🙂

    His team are trying to play proper football this season but the fans still wear the old hats of Mourinho-ball. A modern beast of a DM needs to offer a bit more and Ramires is just that player in my view. He reminds me of Edgar Davids and he was one of the best DM’s, or should I say defensive minded midfielders, I have seen. Davids could also attack though and finish, and that is what I like about Ramires too. Ramires is the total package technically, tactically, physically (who has ever bossed him?) and psychologically: a winner, who turns up at the big games and makes the difference. Unfortunately, he will be unaffordable for us and his next step is surely to be to one of the Spanish giants.

  57. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning all 🙂

  58. Red Arse says:


    It’s difficult enough to understand a problem with a spreadsheet when you are there in person – sorry I misunderstood you.

    If you have repetitive work (especially transferring data, you can use a ‘Macro’.

    If you do not know what a Macro is, you can get help by following this link:

    Excel Macro Recorder Tutorial – Free Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet …

    Link: This step by step tutorial covers how to create simple macros in Excel using the macro recorder.

    Excel Macro Tutorial – Free Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Tips and …

    Link: When you find yourself repeatedly performing the same actions or tasks in a spreadsheet, it might be time for you to create a macro. A macro is a recording

    In brief you switch the macro ‘on’ and manually perform the task that you want it to do using just one cell. So, copy data from any cell on any spreadsheet to its new cell location on the new spreadsheet.
    The macro records what you are doing, and you can then tell it what cells you want it repeat this for [e.g. Old Spreadsheet A1:Z1 to New Spreadsheet AA100:ZZ100] and it does it almost instantly.

    The tutorials will make it clearer, and it helps that you, at least, know what you are trying to do. Once you have the Macros saved, you can then use it again in the future.

    Anyway – that’s enough from me, as I do not really know what you are trying to do from what little you told us!! 🙂

  59. Red Arse says:

    Hi TA, and Good Sunny Morning to you! 😀

    Hope to be around later, to digest more of HH’s really amusing but quite tricky Post. [Tricky as it makes you think hard about other player’s qualities and if they would fit into Arsenal’s style of play]. 🙂

  60. glic says:

    Morning Weindooglers 😆

    Great interlull post HH.
    But first may I go back to something you put up yesterday. I`m probably in a minority here, but I cant stand that yellow and blue away shirt you put up, everyone goes on about it is our traditional away kit, but it is`nt, we had plenty more away kits before that one came along in 69/70 !. Here`s a link to all our previous home and away kits.

    Maybe BKers can vote for their favourite away kit along side this post !. Mine is the Oct 1958-60 one !.

    Back to post. I think maybe Arteta could have been included in the three, seeing as we only won one game last season without him and he is definately an influence in the side !.
    As for the one player from all the other Matthias Cuntz, well I`ve put it down to 3, although we could say we had one of the players already here untill we were blinded by the large wad put on the table !. Anyway forgetting about Totals mate, my short list would be Bale , Suarez and Rooney. I`m not going to go into technical detail as I leave that sort of stuff to you stiffy lickers !. hahaha
    In no particular order…..the player to recieve most cornish votes is…….and he`s an Arsenal supporter !……….and it would piss the spuds off !……………Bale !.

    Right catch you muvverz later, I`m off to Plymouth to buy some running shoes as the treadmill have destroyed my current one`s !.

  61. TotalArsenal says:

    Yes, it is tricky Redders and good fun too. 🙂

  62. TotalArsenal says:

    Same of Glicster, always cheating! 😈

  63. alexgunners says:

    Hi All,
    It has certainly been a while. Been extremely busy and no time for the simple pleasures in life. Thank God for a long weekend.

    Great post, To me the choice is easy. Ramires.
    When he came into the PL. he was not highly rated and he has done an amazing job.
    He would be an asset in our team. Pure grit, determination and he is a tough tackler.

    All we need is one or more of these players such as Ramires and i believe that our beloved team will be right up there challenging for trophies

  64. TotalArsenal says:

    Glic, home shirt 1978-81 (it is so much more beautiful without the advertising). Our current home shirt is one of the worst but the away one I really like. 🙂

  65. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Alex,

    Good to see you back and enjoy your long weekend. 🙂

    How is Ramires regarded in Brasil?

  66. alexgunners says:

    Hi TA,
    Surprisingly enough in Brasil he is regarded as a good player but definitely under appreciated. Brazilians are a fickle bunch. We appreciate our forwards like Neymar, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, etc… Defenders are always blamed and midfielders crucified if we do not control the game.

  67. TotalArsenal says:

    Not really surprised to hear that Alex, but luckily he is appreciated here a lot more.

  68. TotalArsenal says:

    HH, forgot to say well done with your unique choice of Nastasic. You are very good at talent spotting, so I will keep an eye on him in future. However, if it is the one and only player for you to choose going into next season, would you still opt for him in order to strengthen the first team/ top-core?

  69. alexgunners says:


    All I really want for us to get rid of the dead wood we are still carrying. There is so much talent out there that could make our team so much better. Let’s just hope that this happens. As usual we will have to wait until the end of August to find out.

    The main task at hand is to ensure CL qualification and the God Ol’ St Totteringham Day.

    We still have 9 more cup finals before the season is over. Time for our boys to stand up and make us proud

  70. TotalArsenal says:

    So true, Alex. It is good to return to footie again now. April’s schedule looks great. COYG! 🙂

  71. TotalArsenal says:

    Out for a bit, catch you all later 🙂

  72. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    G’day all. 🙂

    Hi Vickers, hope your well. I thought id get in early just as the Gunners will against Reading 😉

    My UMF1 predictions are:-

    Swans v Spudz= draw
    Dippers= away win
    Manure= away win
    Wigan v Naarich= draw
    Chelski= away win

  73. VCC says:

    cheers Prince, many thanks for getting in early. Your odds are = 83-1

    Glad to see your Brothers are fine. That’s the most important thing in life, Family and Health, followed closely of course with Arsenal 😉

  74. Gerry says:

    JM – I have played that latest video, and I now have a handle on them. See if you agree?

    AC/DC crossed with Y & T – it was ‘contagious’ that gave me the missing link?

    Off to copy all link and put them on my fav bar.


  75. Gerry says:

    You Jovetic’s, don’t get too excited until the bit of paper is signed? The crucial thing that the headliner’s don’t say, is that it is not HIS agent talking. World of difference. Just another bod speculating?

    Anybody still querying why the Galat’s may be playing in the Emirates Cup? If this D.Mail story is true(Gerv) – normally those words are mutually exclusive – then I would expect 2nd striker to arrive … Remy perhaps? or my coded DCS?

    Ah well, back my racing stuff ..

  76. Gerry says:

    Redders – Thanks for taking an interest in my lack of computing skills. I did get my first Macro to work last year, after about 12 years of giving it another try! ha ha. It is a bit like the fridge light though, as I never believe it works until I see it first. That said, it was fairly straightforward job of taking data from page 1 and putting it in the same format, but without the formatting on page 2. Just text and numbers.

    The other stuff is more variable, and working from separate documents, so I would need a very long Macro or have to name several individual ones … Not so good? The C&P is pretty quick, it is just that I am working through a large number. The top courses I have already done 80% and only take about 15 minutes to complete, the others can be upwards of half an hour. Hey ho ..

    I see Pod and Bacs are ‘available Saturday, but No Wilshere(not a surprise to me) or Theo. The latter our only Interlull casualty, and he did not even play …


    Hi HH, nice stuff as always.

    Since you have the two City boys Silver and Aguero in brackets i would take one of them. Both fantastic players with lovely skills.

    The other one worth a punt would be Chelseas Oscar. Also a fantastic player with lovely skills. hahaha

  78. Highbury Harmony says:


    It’s funny because I told TA yesterday when I sent him the article that I knew you would be one to not appreciate a fun “fantasy” type article and would discard it as nonsense hahaha. Why so serious? 😉

    In regards to your choice, unfortunately Remy is in the restricted zone and ineligible to be chosen as a candidate for this particular article discussion. However, even if he were available, he’s still not a big enough improvement on what we have to get me excited. He’s the type of player you would recommend because all he would do is make us marginally better, maybe 17 points out of first opposed to 24. Don’t take that as an insult on your suggestion, just that he doesn’t help up compete with the top teams and the squad as is won’t be competing for anything next year, especially with “marginal additions that only fit the team mentality”.

    While I value your opinion (and Bobby’s and Herb’s which is coincidentally the same line of thinking in terms of our approach to the TW this summer), I completely disagree with it and it is a negative approach. You’ve adopted the complacent mindset that the club had settled for prior to the past two TWs (last summer and this January) that has allowed us to toil in mediocrity. Your belief that “there’s nothing wrong with bringing in players who can develop with the team and be good fits” is exactly the type of thinking that restricts us from reaching greater heights.

    You simply cannot replace talent. Players can work as hard as they want on the pitch or be good fits in our team mentality, but if they lack the quality, there is no compromise or hope of challenging for silverware and we will continue to lose 9 times out of 10 to the better sides. I know you’re a proponent of the belief that finishing top 4 is a big accomplishment and something to be proud of, but it’s not enough for me and the majority of fans. The modern day game is about “what have you done for me lately” and AW has not been achieving any result aside from “top 4”, which coincidentally has lead to nothing in the CL competition aside from being knocked out and the accumulation of the yearly £40 mil bonus.

    If AW does not spend the considerable cash reserves available to him this summer to improve our squad by an exponential margin (i.e. 2-3 top players, top players do not all cost £20 mil + by the way), then I will agree that he’s lost his touch and not the right manager to take us forward past his contract expiration. The critics will then be right in criticizing him for losing his desire to win, ability to make the right purchases that propel us to new heights (opposed to spending on mediocre players) and on how to evaluate his current squad.

    In addition, there are star players like Jovetic and Cavani that do not have histories of being selfish players, incapable of playing team games. In fact, both are rather level headed and keen on playing a collective team game, with quality link-up play and making others around them better. So, what I am saying is that there are players out there who will cost a fairly large sum that will not compromise our team first mentality that AW is desperately trying to build. I’m not advocating that AW buy a selfish, pre-madona player simply because he is top quality; evaluating behaviour is always crucial, but if the player has a combination of both like Santi, there is just no compromise when it comes to talent.


    Vics, heres my certain 5

    Arsenal 5-0
    West Ham
    Saints- Chelsea draw
    Swans-Spurs draw

  80. Highbury Harmony says:

    JM, very interesting choice of Yacob. He is definitely a proper DM beast that also has good technical qualities. WBA really found themselves a quality bargain purchase with him! I’ve seen him play quite a few times and the defence is more organized as a result and he partners exceptionally well with Mulumbu, while giving him more freedom to move around the pitch, as well as attack more.

  81. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA 🙂 (and a response to Alex’s selection of Ramires too!)

    That Chav friend says most Chelsea fans are of that opinion and he’s been a fan for 35 years! They would rather see Ramires come off the bench as he’s too inconsistent in performances and within a game. Every now and then he produces an outstanding performances but they come too few and far between.

    With that said, he suggested Ramires come in off the bench because he would rather see a proper and more defensively reliable DM beast play behind Oscar and Mata in a dual AM set-up, thus moving the Chavs into a 4-1-2-3, with Hazard on the left and De Bruyne on the right and he said with hopefully Falcao up front hahaha!

    De Bruyne was another young talent he was absolutely emphatic about; he is third in goals and first in assists for Werder Bremen as a 21 year old after all! It’s just too bad the team itself is not doing well, though they are not far at all from moving up 4 spots in the standings.

    Also, almost forgot, cheers for the kind words Alex and appreciate your insight as always!

  82. Highbury Harmony says:

    Admir, cheers for the kind words! The idea of the article was simply to generate discussion and for bloggers to share their knowledge of potentially less known talents that could really reinforce our core three. While the idea is not to suggest that we go after any of these players, it’s always fascinating to see the varied feedback on why a certain type of player is needed and if we can find the same type in a transfer this summer :).

    Jagielka is another very interesting selection and a name I contemplated before making my choice. Either himself or Samba could definitely add stability to our back four as both are very consistent and Samba has that steely aspect to his game. It’s just too bad QPR completely inflated his transfer valuation and wages in the process!

  83. Highbury Harmony says:

    VCC, thank you for the compliment :). Perhaps when you have more time later in the day, you can give us more insight on why you’d like Samba added to the core three!

  84. Highbury Harmony says:

    Cheers Redders :), always happy to hear praise from a fantastic writer such as yourself! You never gave us your choice of which player you’d like to complement our core three though. Anyone particular that you fancy?

  85. Highbury Harmony says:


    Thanks for the kind words! As always, your response has some good additional insight as well as some element of going off on a tangent hahaha!

    Your selections of Bale, Suarez and Rooney are all ineligible! You can’t choose anyone from the list I compiled unless they are in brackets ;). Hopefully you’ll provide us with another suggestion though.

    As for the kits, I’ve always been a fan of yellow and it’s one of those things that you either love or hate. I don’t enjoy the yellow because it’s “classic” or a nod to the past, but because it’s simple and different.

  86. TotalArsenal says:

    Vickers, UMF for this weekend:

    Sunderland draw
    Man City draw
    Swansea draw
    West Ham draw
    Villa draw

  87. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi HH,

    Good responses to all!

    It is a shame the Chavs’ majority of fans don’t get their wish then, as I am sure a benched Ramires would be easier to get to the home of football. 😉

    I reckon Jack and Ramires have similar personalities and boy would they be a fantastic tandem in our midfield, from which the rest of the team would benefit incredibly!

  88. glic says:

    I was in a rush to get out when I read the post, plus It`s not my fault the Canada geese splooge gargler went and made it bloody harder by naming all the teams best players and then saying we cant choose them !.
    Thank f**k for the oily muvver f**kers at City for buying all the best talent as I can now put up my new list….it`s from ….Kagawa, Oscar, Tevez, Silva and Aguero.
    I would have the five of them and swop them for Denilson, Squilacci, Bendtner, Chamakh, Park and throw Santos and Arshavin in for free !……… f**k……. It`s just made me remember what f**king shit Wenger`s capable of !. hahaha
    To put you out of your misery without the horror act of my veneral disease ridden 85 year old wrinkly mother-in-law sitting on your face !. I choose Aguero !.

  89. Highbury Harmony says:

    Terry :), thanks for the kind words! Nice to see someone select the choices I looked at before settling on Nastasic! Silva and Aguero are great shouts and choices I thought would be more common among the comments, nice to see the diversity in thought though!

  90. TotalArsenal says:

    May peace be with you Glicster 😛

  91. Highbury Harmony says:

    Hahahaha Glic, don’t blame me for old age causing your farsightedness. It’s not my fault you weren’t wearing your old man reading glasses! I thought your decrepit generation liked to do things the hard way and it was my generation and ones younger than me that liked less of a challenge and everything done easier 😉 ?

    I would put, Oscar, Tevez, Silva and Aguero all ahead of Kagawa but all are great choices and would considerably strengthen our core 3 (Aguero and Tevez more than the other 3 imo).

  92. TotalArsenal says:

    Were would those who opted for Aguero and Tevez play them and in what formation?


    I cant believe i forgit about Tevez. Who could forget a boat like that?

    Yes, i would definately take Tevez to. A fantastic player with lovely skills. hahaha

    Funny, that the choices are centered around city players and not Utd. especialy considering they are so many points clear. What does this tell us?


    TA, we would have to get Ramirez as well. a front six of Aquero up front, Tevez right, santi left, jack in the whole, and Arteta and Ramirez both holding

    That teams so good it could get away with four lamp posts at the back, vics zimmer in goal, and still win the league. hahaha

  95. glic says:

    I may be getting on in years but i am very active of the body aswell as the mind with running , football and weights keeping me in lesbian curing condition, unlike that old relic Vickers, I have the body of a 25 year old !…………and I`m not giving it back !. hahaha

  96. Highbury Harmony says:

    hahahaha Terry @ 16:06!

  97. TotalArsenal says:

    Haha Terry, at least nobody would attempt to cross the ball into the box anymore, and we would keep the ball on the ground until we burst the net. That would be the smallest attack in PL history I reckon. 🙂

  98. glic says:

    Stretch. I think it tells us that if you have all the little players with lovely skills it does`nt mean you are going to win anything !. It has to be apllied with a certain formation, high energy pressing game with desire, spirit, attitude, possitivity, belief………….f**k …..I`m sounding like Arsene in a press conference !. hahaha

  99. Highbury Harmony says:

    Terry @ 16:01, it shows that Manure’s better coached and have a better system in place. It also shows how much more efficient it is to have two world-class strikers up front that can score you crucial goals to win games in the league.

    While $hitty’s players are more talented, there’s also less of a pack mentality there and they’re still at the early stages of a collection of individual talents that were thrown together. It was successful last year, but over time it’s not a sustainable strategy since there is no real chemistry.

  100. Highbury Harmony says:

    And to counter AW’s view, you can have all the chemistry and play all the beautiful football you want, but if you compromise on buying top players, you will never be able to make up for the discrepancy in quality, which is evident by us being 24 points out of first.

  101. Highbury Harmony says:

    Quite the catch 22, am I right my friends? 😉

  102. glic says:

    Bad news my friends !. How much more is this lad going to suffer bad luck !. 😦

  103. Highbury Harmony says:

    Ahh glic, that is very, very sad news. I guess I was wrong about Diaby finally having the chance to stay fit from now onwards. I finally think it’s time to move on 😦


    i know it might not work, but great players with lovely skills works for me. After the game they could all go and partake in a theatre production of Snow White and the seven Dwarfes. hahaha

    On and off, Utd have had the best teams for near on 20 years. Effeciency is certainly the key. When we were at our peak, and City of today, there is a lot more imagination and flair than Utds teams. Though i admit Utd teams have also possesed a lot of flair.

  105. TotalArsenal says:

    who are those world class strikers, HH? 🙂

  106. glic says:

    I personally think you could take….RVP, Shrek, Vidic, Kagawa Etc` out of the Manscum team and they would still be in the top 3. They have a system, formation, winning desire that money cant buy. It`s SAF, take him out of the equation and they would not be the same !.


    unbelievable. Feel sorry for the bloke.

    Without wishing to sound harsh, that has got to be the end of his Arsenal carrer. if Arsene dont go out and buy TA’s much vaunted beast now, then he never will.


    I agree Cornwall. Saying that, even if you took Ferguson away, the fact of there size and resources means they will always be the one to beat.

  109. Gerry says:

    HH – I thought it was to pick from the name you listed as other teams key players? Remy was on it when I checked? And my reasoning, he would be a productive partner for Giro. If we score more goals we will win more games. Simples ..

    Regards the Bobby S thing, I am not agreeing with him on the basis of past history as such, just that AW is likely to buy players, obviously better players, that will play that dreaded term ‘Wenger-ball’. If you also noted in my reply to Bobby, I did say if we did go down the route of a ‘big name’ buy, then Cavani would be my choice for exactly the reasons you have stated.

    You automatically assume that a shrewd purchase is going to be only a ‘marginal’ improvement on what we have, therefore negative. You only have to look at Carroll and Torres to know that a ‘big name’, or a big price tag does not necessarily bring it rewards either? I just give Wenger the benefit of the doubt that purchases will be ones he is not rushed into buying, nor just sniffing around the left overs in bargain basement. To me, that is being positive? After all, he is doing the buying, not us?

    A good point, no?

  110. TotalArsenal says:

    Arsenal in transition
    Chelsea in transition, plus interim manager
    Man City have average manager

    That’s why Manure are winning the PL this year.

  111. Highbury Harmony says:

    Gerry, re-read the instructions my friend :).

    You are not understanding what I was saying. A shrewd purchase, re Cazorla, is different from your suggested shrewd purchase re Remy. Remy is only a marginal improvement at best, while Cazorla oozes quality.

    I fully acknowledged that we should only splash out the cash (why I said splashing out cash is not necessarily 20 mil +, please read again) if the player had a good head on his shoulders and had a high affinity for our club, in addition to a willingness to buy into the whole team collective identity.

  112. glic says:

    That is a hard act to follow Stretch and you are of course right, but their run cant go on for ever and even if his eventual departure drains them of (random plucked out of the air figure ) 1-5% of their effectiveness it will be a great day for us when he retires !.

  113. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA, I will not engage you in a debate again on the merits of RVP and Shrek being categorized as world-class strikers. You are in the very, very small minority that believes otherwise.

  114. Gerry says:

    TA – On the point of managers.

    It will be a real merry-go-round if Mancini goes to Monaco, Maureen goes to City and not to the Chavs … (he would just love to be neighbours of Fergie ha ha), and of course that would also mean some filling Benitez’s shoes?

    Just think what chaos that will bring to the TW?

  115. TotalArsenal says:

    HH, I was doing a HH on you! 😛 😉

  116. Gerry says:

    HH – Aaarh, that’s £28m+ for Jovetic then? Remy will be AW’s back up for Gerv, should that happen. I think it will be two strikers in, so you can have rotation or plan B without dropping points. I would test the water with a £40m bid for Cavani, making a statement at the same time?

    Sorry, I did misread the instructions. So Remy probably would not be my choice, that would be ‘little pea’ from Man U … happy now?

  117. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Gerry 🙂

    Mourinho would have won the PL this season with either the Chavs or Citeh with his eyes closed, as the defending has been so bad. Both Bayern and Barca have a 50% better goal difference than MU already this season. I hope he will stay away from the PL as long as possible, but if he would indeed go to Citeh or the Chavs it would become even tougher to win the PL in the coming seasons. A strong(er) defence would be absolute key.

  118. glic says:

    Who wants a little bet ?.
    I reckon with Diaby out for 9 months, when we are pulling our hair out ( and sent to Terry with follicle`s still attached @ £100 per inch 2 ) in January for a “Super Quality ” player because we are fighting for a CL spot again ( ground hog day ) as we didn`t buy any in the Summer TW. Arsene will say……Getting Diaby back is like a new signing ! “. hahaha

  119. Gerry says:

    Agreed TA

  120. Gerry says:

    As for Diaby, I think it will be an insurance job? Down here they have a winter fire sale with the decrepit hotels, except they cut out the sale part, just have a fire to be sure! I hope for Diaby’s sake they don’t go for the equivalent and have Bouldy trip him up down a flight of stairs …

    Seriously though, I cannot imagine how gutted he must be after the optimism of last summer?
    A real shame though. I would seriously look for a change in career, as it looks like his body just cannot take it? I hope the club fight for a decent compensation packet if it does come to that?

  121. Highbury Harmony says:

    Gerry, Chicharito is an excellent choice, a perfect super sub who always manages to score timely goals. It’s interesting to see though how ineffective he is when given starting minutes, not sure why though!

    Should Gerv leave, there is no problem with having Remy lined up as his replacement. However, I was just stating that buying Remy to lead our attack over Giroud is not a significant improvement, lateral if best imo. Giroud has a place in France’s national squad over Remy as it is, so I guess that reinforces my point.

    I would love for AW to buy/test the waters with Cavani at £40m and I really think he could be sold for less than his buy-out clause. So long as we are purchasing top quality talent that also fits into our collective team identity, there is at least intent to improve. I’m concerned if there are no significant purchases this summer that the cycle of our best players demanding to leave will continue, that is all. I don’t need a mega signing to please me either, just some top quality talent brought in to improve the squad, opposed to sitting idle or mindlessly spending the money on mediocre players like AW had done in the past before the last two TWs.

  122. Gerry says:

    Right, I’ve had my tea, so back to my other stuff. I want to finish off early as I don’t want to miss AI – That is American Idol, glic, before your imagination gets into gear.

    The fella’s on that have got to be better tonight or there will only be 2 of them left. My money is on Amber to win it in an all female final three.

    I just throw that in because I know how mad keen you all are?? ha ha

  123. Highbury Harmony says:

    By the way TA, back to our old discussion of Arsenal shirts, the nod to the past in the year Arsenal wore the kits Jack is sporting in the article image was my favourite in the past decade. We should just wear those tops for eternity at home and only ever change our away and alternate kits :).

  124. marcus says:

    Diaby has been ruled out for nine months. I’m sorry for him, really I am. But this just goes to reinforce my stance on him. He is talented, no doubt but its time for Arsene to cut his losses. I mean I get the sentimentality that goes around but we have to face facts, he never has and probably never will get 10 games in a row injury free. Its just time to politely bid him adieu..

  125. VCC says:

    Highbury Harmony. Sorry I’m late to the show. Just read through all the comments.

    As I said earlier I really enjoy topics like this, having a bit of fun and at the same time a few unusual names crop up and you think to yourself mmmmm he could do a job for us.

    As I promised, here is my reasons why I would have Samba in the back line for Arsenal.

    He is a monster who doesn’t take prisoners. ( a trait I like in a defender)

    A complete athlete

    Is superb in the air

    Only 29

    A brutal 6’4″ tall

    Has played over 200 senior games, so has plenty of experience

    Captained Blackburn Rovers. Just what we need at the back.

    All in all, he is BIG, black, and ugly, who would argue with him? Certainly not me.

    A snip at £12.5 mil, (the price QPR paid for him)

    Just do it Wenger………you know it makes sense.

  126. glic says:

    I dont care what any of you phallus facials think, this is the only style home shirt we should wear, no stripes, no zig zags, no piping, no f**king any other thing but red and white ( apart from sponsor name, we need the money ! ). I have spoke, now zip it !. hahaha

    One bit of good news. Our Next Gen game against the hoo ray henry sloane ranger rectum suckers is on Eurosport tomorrow live @ 2pm on Sky 411 and it`s on again @ 5:30pm on Sky 410.

  127. VCC says:

    UMF betting update.

    GLiC 5145-1
    Henry 149-1
    PPP………….. 83-1
    TMHT……….. 63-1

    Still waiting for

    Red Arse/Rocky/Oz/Herb/Alex/Highbury Harmony.

  128. glic says:

    Same shirt Jack is wearing in the article !, that settles it, me and HH petition that this is the only style we ever wear as a home kit. nuff said !, apart from……… you are aload of cissie girl blouses if you dont agree !. hahaha

  129. VCC says:

    Nice one GLiC…..Eurosport at 2pm. I will be sitting down watching that one.

    Love the choice of home shirt, but I must disagree with your away choice, that’s dull and boring. I like playing in Yellow away, it stands out nicely. When I took over my Sons team I changed their colours to Brazil’s colours, Yellow tops, Light Blue shorts and white socks. The only team around that had Brazil colours. Made them feel ten feet tall and they all looked luverly. mmmmm.

  130. glic says:

    Top of the odds charts again suckerz !.

  131. glic says:

    I bet after a muddy morning game in South Ockendon they ended up looking like Brazil Nuts !. Mmmmmmm

  132. glic says:

    I`ve got it on to record, but will only watch if we win, should be a cracker !. Some talented Arsenal youngsters against the ones the Chavs bought !.


    hahahaha, Mmmmmmmm. i miss those days. School holidays, jumpers for goal posts, and the old geezer hiding behind a tree shuffling. hahahaha

  134. glic says:

    Hahaha If the tree shuffler was letting out a…… mmmmmmmm….it was probably Vic`s !. You didn`t have a Brazillian did you !. hahahaha


    The geezer was incredible. Every time an adult appeared he would somehow disappear and when they left he would miracoulesy reapear and continue shuffling.

    What made it extradoniary was that his tree was bang in the midle of the park with no other place to hide. Come to think about it, he was about five feet tall, looked like a creep, and could vanish at will. It was probably Paul Daniels. hahaha

  136. VCC says:

    yep, just had a back, crack and sack……….. 🙂


    Been serious for a minute, i did once shave myself down there. I figured that by doing it that it would create the illusion that i was bigger. hahaha. It went terribly wrong. I ended up cutting myself and couldnt stretch for weeks. hahaha

  138. glic says:

    To find out whether indeed it was Paul Daniels, answer this question….after offering you a clock end ticket and then getting his Hampton out !….did he say…….” You`ll like this…….not a lot, but you`ll like it ! “. hahaha


    I think the only thing he was offering Cornwall was a Cock End Ticket. hahaha

  140. glic says:

    It is always advisable to use a Gillette G2 rather than a petrol hedge trimmer !, although topiary of pubes is considered an art form aphrodisiac by amozonian lezzers !. hahaha

  141. glic says:

    I thought the little paedo look-a-like was a City fan and frequented Etihad offering Colin Bellend tickets !.

  142. glic says:

    I see RVP is blaming his pre-mature greying barnet on Arsenals lack of winning silverware for the last 7-8 years !. Yeah, right, nothing to do with the Old Bill ( Police for you non cockneys ) coming around investigating the appearance of a….. ” little boy inside him ! “.

  143. weedonald says:

    HH…Chicharito may be an excellent choice, but SAF won’t sell to a top 4 rival or for that matter any EPL team if he can help it.
    You well know that AFc won’t spend more than 20M max on any player, regardless of what AW has for transfers. It just isn’t his philosophy or style and I don’t see it changing anytime soon. There is nothing mindless or mediocre about Wenger’s transfer approach and of course he doesn’t care about pleasing you or anyone else, other than the players and maybe the BOD. His transfers haven’t been too bad since 2005,considering the limitations he was under. As you well know, he looks for diamonds in the rough or undervalued players, some of whom work out and some who don’t or do for awhile then falter (Bendtner,Chamakh, Vela, Denilson, etc.).

  144. glic says:

    Thats not exactly true weedonald, he did sell us Mikael Silvestre !. hahaha

  145. weedonald says:

    That one’s best forgotten glic, the poisoned chalice if ever there was one!

  146. Highbury Harmony says:

    Not to get you all too excited by a respected source claims there’s already a deal in place for Jovetic!! However, bear in mind Mata from a couple season’s ago so temper your expectations :).

  147. Highbury Harmony says:

    Weedonald, you might hold onto your bold accusation that AW will never spend. As you can see above, a well respected source claims that there’s already a deal in place for Jovetic to go to Arsenal. Seems like the Podolski deal all over again from last season, but of course it could still fall apart at the last minute like Mata’s deal, until it’s confirmed on

  148. glic says:

    I counter that HH with this info.

    But I hope your conspiracy theory is right and the Chavs come in and pinch him from under our noses but not knowing it was a bluff so we get Isco instead !. Mmmmmmmm

  149. Highbury Harmony says:

    Glic, the same thing was said about Podolski not leaving Cologne in April too! We’ll see what happens but I’m optimistic :).

  150. Highbury Harmony says:

    By the way, Jovetic is better for us than Isco. Yes, I said it and yes I’m 100% positive in my answer after watching Isco play for years.

  151. glic says:

    I dont care, Isco is much better looking than ” By Jove…Tits ! ” and he looks lovely in that Black Malaga away kit, so there !. hahaha

  152. VCC says:

    HH 20:59…….I hope your right. He didn’t impress me on Tuesday.

  153. glic says:

    When you say you`ve been watching Isco for years, this didn`t happen to be behind a shuffling tree did it ?………….Stretch…..I think we`ve cracked the case of……”The Shuffling Tree ” from your youth……….Paul Daniels is innocent…..release the perv !. hahaha

  154. Highbury Harmony says:

    VCC, I was meaning to ask you about that. I thought he was the best player for Montenegro on Tuesday, especially in the second half. The talent around him was definitely not up to par though, not sure what match you were watching!

  155. weedonald says:

    Now I see with the US spreme Court is deliberating gay marriage ¨rights¨and DOMA….they probablu heard from glic and got scared!

  156. Highbury Harmony says:

    Not a shuffling tree, I was obviously more crafty and sneaky. I have an invisibility cloak and watched him for years without him knowing with that ;). I’m also been to a ton of Arsenal games lately and have used this same device. I heard the players claim that they get nervous from the home support so in effort to ease their tension since they’re such pussies, I’ve handed out plenty of invisibility cloaks for fans to wear, hence the “empty seats” hahaha!

  157. TotalArsenal says:

    Evening fine chaps and Glic 😛

    I am with you, HH. Jovetic was the best player of the pitch on Wednesday. Montenegro turned it round in the second half and the main reason for this was Jovetic’s drive and pressure on the England team. He was immense in my view.

  158. weedonald says:

    HH….I never said he wouldn’t spend, I said he’d not spend over 20M Euro, which he has never done before and isn’t likely to do anytime soon. The truth is that AW never reveals his hand (as he often reminds us) and prefers secrecy and silence (way before silent Stan) since it strengthens his bargaining position. You may be right and he has a deal in place for Jovetic and maybe plans on spending big time in the TW but it is so unlike the philosophy he has always followed, why would he eschew it now? I know he ¨may¨have more transfer money in the summer but a leopard doesn’t change its spots.

  159. VCC says:

    Total, he might have been immense on Wednesday, but I didn’t think much of him on Tuesday. 😉

  160. TotalArsenal says:

    hahaha VVC, you got me there! 🙂

  161. Milo says:

    Weedonald, Wenger is getting closer to spending 20 million every year!!! Cazorla cost around 16 million pounds, if I’m not mistaken, and I can see him spending it on a top quality player like Jovetic.

  162. Highbury Harmony says:

    Wee, that’s a fair point about a leopard not changing its spots, but I think there’s a need to finally bring in one big piece to bring our team to new heights, evident by pressure from fans, players and the BoD. The resources are there, the stability is finally established, the stadium debt is finally manageable and AW is in the last year of his contract, likely looking to make a mark before his managing career here could come to an end.

    It’s very possible that it’s all musing and speculation at this point, but I’m optimistic and I guess all we can do is wait and see what happens. Agree to disagree.

  163. VCC says:

    Total, what are you drinking?… should take more water with it. hehe 😉

  164. Highbury Harmony says:

    Milo, we’ll likely have to fly over to see a game at the Emirates if AW buys Jovetic this summer! A purchase of that magnitude would convince me that Arsenal are for real again and that many fans feel the same way. It should be an indication of the amount of interest such a top quality signing would bring for the club again.

  165. TotalArsenal says:

    VCC, I am drinking Erdinger Weissbier; no water needed!

    I am a bit surprised you did not rate Jovetic on Tuesday, but you either see or you don’t! 😉

  166. VCC says:

    Total Arsenal 21:33 “hahaha VVC, you got me there” lol.. 😉

  167. Milo says:

    I’ve been buying Jovetic for Arsenal on FIFA for the past 3 seasons!!! 😀 Definitely a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge buy, if we can snag him!!! 😀 I’d still watch all the matches even if we DON’T buy him, but it would certainly make the right type of statement to everyone in World football. The statement being; we mean business

  168. glic says:

    Thank you Total for not icluding me as one of the fine chaps…..seriously thank you !.

    I have two pieces of evidence gained from The Urban Dictionary to back up my relief as to not being one of the “chaps ” !.

    Exhibit definition number one : Chaps……”A severe punishment. Occurs when a male human slaps another living being ( that rules you out Vic`s hahaha ) around the face with his penis a number of times to rectify their misdoing/s ” !

    Exhibit definition number two : Chaps……..” Buttless pants that homosexual cowboys wear ” !

    So whats it to be Total van Dodge City Face Slapper ?. hahahaha

  169. glic says:

    Not sure what weedonalds cowboy avatar is wearing !. hahaha

  170. TotalArsenal says:

    hahaha Glic, that dictionary was made just for you! 🙂

  171. glic says:

    Night fine chaps, up early for the Orc run !. 😆

  172. VCC says:

    take care GLiC… journey

  173. AFC says:

    TA, I have sent you the full article, with a picture for the article as an attachment.

  174. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers AFC, I will look at it in a bit. 🙂

  175. weedonald says:

    Milo………closer is a relative term but don’t get me wrong….I’d LOVE to see AW buy a player of Jovetic’s quality AND he has surprised us before…..but I think he got burnt with Arshavin and is cautious by nature and experience. So if we do some simple math, and if he increases his transfer maximum each year by 1M Euro, we could expect him to surpass the 20M Euro limit by 2017 or 2018? That’s NOT the way it works mate, but a pre-agreement IS his style (a la Podolski, Giroud, Mertesacker etc.) so lets hope this is another bit of wonderful transfer magic from Arsene!

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