Four reasons why Arsenal should not buy another GK this summer

Will Wojciech be our nr1 Goalkeeper next season?

Arsenal fans (especially us on Bergkampesque) have been holding many great debates and discussions regarding who should join and leave Arsenal in the coming summer. Once the season is over, Wenger will be looking to buy players in a number of different positions to strengthen our squad, in preparation for competing for major trophies next season. Wenger will certainly be looking to acquire players in some/all of the following positions: GK, CB, RB (only if Sagna leaves Arsenal at the end of the season), DM and CF/ST.

Many Arsenal fans have been calling for Wenger to buy a new GK for the last couple of seasons, with Szczesny being our only competent GK in our squad, and with Fabianski and Mannone both classed as being unreliable. This season, Szczesny has been a shadow of his former self: we have seen a dramatic loss in form which has led to us witnessing Wojciech making many schoolboy errors throughout this season in very important matches for us. And now even more Arsenal fans are calling for Wenger to buy a new GK in the summer, to help relieve some of the pressure on our young No.1 GK.

However, I feel we do not need to buy a new GK in the summer for a number of reasons.

Buying a new GK would certainly make Szczesny lose all of his confidence and would lead to his form dipping even more. We have seen this already at Arsenal when Fabianski came into the Arsenal team for Almunia, and most recently, when Szczesny came into the Arsenal team for Fabianski. Almunia and Fabianski lost all of their remaining confidence, meaning that whenever they played for us they were just a bag of nerves.

With 70 million to spend in the summer and Wenger needing to strengthen the squad in a number of positions over the summer, I think a new GK is not a necessity and buying one would not be the best way to utilise our transfer budget.

Buying a GK would use up a considerable amount of our transfer budget which could be better used and invested on outfield players. I feel we need a new CB, DM and CF/ST much more than a new GK. In the last few matches Fabianski has played in goal and has looked pretty solid. Therefore I propose we extend Fabainski’s contract by one year, as he is perfectly capable of stepping in for Szczesny when needed, and buy a new GK in a couple of seasons’ time.

Szczesny’s development would also suffer if a new GK is brought in. At the tender age of 22 years old it is essential that Szczesny gets as much game time as possible so he can continue to mature and develop as a GK. Other young GK’s in the Prem i.e. De Gea and Hart have also made numerous mistakes which have cost their teams vital points, with the latter also making many mistakes for his country. Szczesny must play as many matches as possible so he can learn from his mistakes and grow into an experienced world class GK.

Also, if a new GK does come to Arsenal in the summer, would he even be the GK we need? If we were to get a GK, he would need to be a fair bit older than Szczesny, and experienced at playing at top club and international level; so he would be able to teach and guide Szczesny by sharing his experiences and wisdom with him.

We would not even be able to attract this type of GK as he would want a guaranteed starting spot which would completely ruin the development of Szczesny, which I feel Wenger does not want to do. Why would an experienced GK who has played at the top level throughout his career at club and international level want to warm our bench? This means that any experienced GK who would be willing to sit on our bench would not be worthwhile buying, as it is likely that he would not have the quality to improve on the likes of Fabianski and Mannone.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic.Β 

Written by: AFC

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73 Responses to Four reasons why Arsenal should not buy another GK this summer

  1. bc says:

    Well the best thing to do is look around the clubs and look at all their current deputy and third choice keepers. If ours are not as strong then we must improve by snappi g up any deputies that are better than ours. For example at man city man utd chelsea their deputies pantimillon lindergaard and turnbull are no better than ours. In fact only spurs probably have a better deputy than us in friedl and his 74 years old. I am sure there are some 1st choice and 2nd choice keepers that would like to come to arsenal at the moment so I personally think we should sign one and may be sell mannone. Shea is already moving on this summer so we could even sell fabianski and bring in 2 keepers if need be.

  2. Sam parson says:

    Interesting article but may I point out the reason for us buying a new GK is fabianski and mannone are off in the summer their contracts expire. Plus the reason for bringing in a experienced GK is to give szczney competition like at Man Utd competition is everything and you point about him losing all confidence if we being a new GK then that’ll prove that he’ll never be good enough for a top 4 club if he can’t face competition. For me the man to come in rene adler

  3. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi AFC

    Thanks for a great and debate-stimulating article – top stuff! πŸ™‚

    There is validity in all your arguments. I reckon a good, experienced goalkeeper wins a team many points as an individual and also makes his CB’s in front of him perform significantly better.

    Szczesny has potential, no doubt about that. But I also believe he is a chancer; using psychology a lot on himself as well as opponents. If and when this does not work, he can look vulnerable, and it is fair to say he did not have the best of seasons so far.

    I would like us to buy a PL-experienced 30+ year old Goalkeeper as a bit of competition for Wojciech, but more than anything; as a good replacement if and when he gets injured or suspended. I reckon there are plenty such goalkeepers who would love to come and be our nr2. Fabianski is too inexperienced as our nr2, although he has done well in recent games. In my view, Szczesny is not there yet and a top-team cannot afford to take too much risk with regards to the quality of its goalkeeper.

  4. marcus says:

    You bring out very valid points but I’m not sure I agree with your overall premise. Let me explain myself. I believe that Fabianski is not a good enough player to don the AFC jersey and should be sold immediately. Vito Mannone, I have seen enough of to believe that he has massive potential but could benefit from a loan to a lesser premiership club. Anything below that would be a waste of his talents. That said, you can understand why I say we need to buy another keeper. I think the main reason Szczesny has dipped in form the way he has is because he lacks genuine competition and he knows it. He has let confidence get to his head and now is paying for it. However, I wouldn’t advise Wenger to go for Begovic, no matter how good he is. At 25 years old, we are looking at a replacement for Szczesny rather than a competitor. My prime candidate would be Julio Caesar. He is a world class GK but at the twilight of his career. He would offer not only competition but could take Szczesny under his wing and could mentor him and instill so me values in his game that would take him to greater heights.

  5. VCC says:

    I agree with you AFC. Our resources should be used where we are in need of immediate replacements, ie CB/DM/ST.

    Β£75 million will not go far in todays market, especially if you want top dollar, which we desperately need.

    Spend big on these three areas and we will be back with the big boys, no doubt. Can you imagine getting Samba, Capouie and either Isco or Lewanowski? I’m sure Β£75 million would get those three??????

    Fine article my friend. All you have to do now is convince Arsene Wenger. Good Luck.

  6. AFC says:

    Sam parson, thanks for commenting. I know Mannone and Fabianski are set to leave us which is why I want wenger to extend Fabianski’s contract by one year. Fabianski is good enough competition for Szczesny at the moment. Lindergaard is De Gea’s competition and Fabianski is better than Lindergaard.

  7. AFC says:

    TA, I totally agree that we need to buy an experienced GK in the future but I think it can wait unitl the january next season. De Gea at Man U is similar in terms of abilty to Szcz I would not be surprised if SAF stuck with him.

    The only top team who can say they have 2 top GK are Spurs and I think Wenger could easily have brought Lloris but did not because he would have wanted to be the No.1 GK.

  8. AFC says:

    Marcus, thanks for commenting. Mannone is better than Fabianski. Really?

    Cesar is perfect but the last thing I want Arsenal to do is go and spend a considerable amount of money on a young GK who might not even be as good as Szcz.

  9. VCC says:

    Sorry AFC…..AlezKev, previous post……..Frank McLintock was our best captain. Like Tony Adams, you did NOT mess with him.

  10. AFC says:

    VVC, thanks for commenting and agreeing with me. I believe we should buy an experienced GK like Ceasar but buying an experienced GK should not be at the top of our list. I would spend big on outfield positions in the team first and then if there is any left over money look for an experienced GK. For instance I would not like to see us spend a lot of money on an overrated GK like Valdes and pay him high wages.

  11. AFC says:

    * Cesar

  12. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi AFC,

    Rednose often gets it wrong with GK, just as much as Arsene, but one of his best ever signings was vd Sar. I think he only paid Β£5m for him and what a difference he has made to that team.

    Not sure about Spuds being a ‘top team’ ( ;)) but yes they do have two great goalkeepers. That’s exactly what we need at Arsenal and we only have to buy a Friedle sort of GK this summer to have the quality back-up that we are lacking now.

    Yes, we could wait till January, but it could cost us the season (long term injury to Wojciech and we are in the doo-doo). πŸ˜•

  13. marcus says:

    I believe so, yes. Fabianski to begin with is suicide in set pieces. Even against Bayern there’s a corner which he fluffed but our defense had him covered. This was more evident back when we were pathetic as a team when defending against set pieces. A weakness that seems to have been completely eradicated. Also, he is a very nervous GK who doesn’t command his area which leads to miscommunication and ultimately fatal errors. He was never really tested against Bayern, a testament to our defensive performance.
    I’ve managed to dig up something that may sway this debate in my favour.
    watch this:

  14. AFC says:

    TA, I only classed Spurs as a top team because they are now fighting for a place CL among us and Chelsea.

    As I was saying to VCC, I do not want us to go and buy an overrated GK like Valdes from Barca for 10-15 mill and then over the top wages. For me we need a CB, DM and ST/CF more than a GK.

  15. Mawanda Patrick says:

    I think you are right we dont need to buy another GK coz Scezny just need some bit of devt,guidance,conselling and more games to get experience some thing wic can be done by the couch with the entire techinical team and he can as well be backed up by fabianski & vito manone.Therefore i conclude saying dat that money shud be used to recruit in positions like DM,CF,RB and may be in the CB.

  16. TotalArsenal says:

    AFC, I was only joking re the Spuds πŸ˜›

    I agree with you re not spending big on a GK, just a good back-up PL-experienced GK will do.

  17. AFC says:

    TA, I know you were joking.

    Someone like a Cesar would be perfect. I think he could come to us in the summer if QPR went down. I think he said the only reason why he went QPR was for coaching reasons. In the future I think he wants to have some kind of a coaching role and he thought he would have a better chance to get this positon at QPR in the future.

    Also do you think Mannone is better than Fabianski?

  18. AFC says:

    Bc, thanks for commenting and I would not mind Wenger bringing in a cheap experienced GK like Cesar. I think Mannone wants to go to Italy anyway so this would pave the way for a cheap experienced GK.

  19. VCC says:

    AFC. ..Why would Cesar come to Arsenal to be understudy to Szezney?

    Sorenson is not a bad shout. Cheap, low wages and would act as stand by. Don’t bring in Valdes.

  20. AFC says:

    Mawanda Patrick, glad you say the main point of my article and thanks for commenting.

    I would be open to Wenger buying a cheap experienced GK but I agree in that our outfield positions need strengthening much more than GK position.

  21. alexgunners says:

    Thanks for the heads up on previous post.

    Here are my predictions for the UMF

    Manure (A)
    The Arsenal (H)
    Man$hitty (H)
    Chel$ki (A)
    Norwich (A)


  22. AFC says:

    VCC, agreed. We should start a no Valdes to Arsenal campaign. Ha!

    Cesar is a great option. You are right in saying why would Cesar come to Arsenal and I agree and that is why in my post I was questioning whether any experienced GK who would be willing to sit on the bench be a worthwhile addition to our current squad.

  23. MAO says:

    There is no point buying a new striker too by your logic. Remember, when Chamakh was benched, his confidence dropped. Buying a new striker may affect Giroud. He may lose his confidence too and become the new Chamakh.

  24. Admir says:

    Hi, AFC. Interesting point of view and I totally agree regarding Victor Valdes as I see him as one of the most over-rated goalkeepers in the world. Only thing that I see worse than signing Valdes would be signing of Reina.

    I wrote myself two pieces regarding our goalkeepers – one after Mannone’s string of decent of displays and one only recently:

    I usually say that Thomas Soerensen, 36-year-old goalkeeper from Orc City, would be the perfect addition to our team. He is an experienced goalkeeper with certain amount of quality.

    The biggest question regarding goalkeepers is: can he be a master of his own area? A goalkeeper doesn’t necessarily need to be a miracle-worker to be a good one. What every team needs (and Arsenal are not excluded) is a goalkeeper that controls his own area and communicate well with the rest of the defense. Chavs had advantage over other teams before Čech changed his first name to Helmet. Manchester Oilers have had the best defensive record mainly thanks to Hart (with all due respect to Kompany, NastasiΔ‡, Zabaleta and without all due respect to Clichy). FAnchester United lost the title last season due to De Gea’s mistakes after set-pieces and inability to control aerial traffic in his own box. Liverpool declined not just because Xabi Alonso and Mascherano left (although it was the main reason) but also because Reina has been a liability in the last few seasons.

    I believe Sczszesny has a lot of potential but it might be useful if we sign someone with experience to teach him a lesson or two regarding control of the area, kicking and aggression (we conceded one of the goals against Newcastle because he didn’t attack the ball after the cross).

  25. AFC says:

    MAO, thanks for commenting.

    For me, Giroud has the quality to allow Wenger to play him with another striker or to allow Wenger to fairly rotate him with another striker in the squad. The difference with Maroune was we had RVP at the time who was a top striker and Maroune came to Arsenal as back- up for RVP.

  26. VCC says:

    cheers Alex…. your odds are = 27-1. Good luck buddy. πŸ™‚

  27. Gerry says:

    AFC – I’ll be brief again. I have VCC Zimmer Fund to consider today.

    I think your right on most points.

    If at all, cheap, senior goalie who could step in if needed.

    Still 9 games to go, and in the last two, I have noticed a new, improved Fabianski. I am willing to see how that continues before dismissing him for what he was like two season’s ago?

    We are not privy to all that goes on at the club, so to suggest that Szcz dip in form is in form is due to lack of competition is tenuous. Otherwise, how do you explain last season when Mannone and Shea were his only competition, Fab being injured, and we were praising him for being one of the best in the EPL?

    Of course, the chaotic way we have been defending, and Szcz, being very self critical might be a different matter? Give him time to observe and recollect himself and I have no doubt he will restore himself to his former status.

    Whether you can persuade Fab to sign a short contract like 1 year is totally unrealistic imo. Why would he? If he proves himself as a near equal to Szcz over the remaining games, and I mean top form Szcz, then he is deserving of a 3 year contract at least. But even then, he has his international career to consider, so playing half-fiddle to his main rival is probably not wise either?

    We have until July to worry about that one, as senior keepers will always be available some where, so let us wait until then. We also have Martinez waiting in the wings, and Iliev beyond him, so a young keeper would be the worst option in my view.

    Like you say, other areas are more pressing.

  28. Gerry says:

    VCC – Good news on the Zimmer fund. Contact you later ..

  29. AFC says:

    Gerry, thanks for commenting and glad you agreed with my article.

    You are probably right when you say Fab will not a sign a new one year contract. Who would want to behind your international rival. Recently Fab has said that he wants to play or he needs to move on because it is not helping him get into the national team playing as second choice to his fellow countryman.

    In that case, we sign a very cheap experienced GK who can step in when needed.

  30. Admir says:

    I forgot to add that people tend to forget Sczszesny is just 23. Goalkeepers at that age are mostly far from being finished article and rarely ready to win titles for their respective clubs (Iker Casillas and Gigi Buffon might be a rare examples of world-class goalkeepers that have been both young and world-class).

  31. AFC says:

    Admir, is SzczΔ™sny not 22?

    You are right, there are not many young keepers who are the finshed articles. Look at Hart (good keeper but in my opinion overrated because he is English) has also made many mistakes for City this season and even when playing for England has made a ton of errors.

  32. VCC says:

    AFC….further more on the subject of using our money (Β£75mil ?) wisely, and incorporating Totals view of keeping a settled side.

    Whilst Wenger must try and get a settled side we are in need of reinforcements of the quality kind.

    Spend wisely on three top quality players (CD/DM/ST) not too disruptive.

    If we purchased Samba, Capouie/Wanyama and Isco this would add to our line up considerably. I can remember using a scenario of when you are about to enter the arena.

    Can you remember our invincibles waiting in the tunnel just before walking out to battle?

    What would the other sides be thinking looking to their right and seeing these characters, most would be beaten before stepping onto the field.

    Vieira (Capt)

    These were monsters in every sense. Well we need to get back to some of that. Instil fear into the opposition before going out to play. For too long now we haven’t frightened opponents enough. Arsenal have become an easy touch (sometimes) and not particularly worrying to play against.

    Bring in three players = Samba/Wanyama/Capouie and Isco, then line up.

    Let the opponents look down our line of players with this line up and I feel we have a more than an even chance of winning most games.

    Samba (Capt)……6’4″

    Back this up with subs….


    Do you know guys…..with this skill I think I should be Arsene Wengers successor…

    πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ :lol πŸ˜€ :O :roll

  33. Admir says:

    Sczszesny will be 23 in less than a month. πŸ™‚

  34. TotalArsenal says:

    Some fantastic comments today, which is proof a very good post, AFC. Out for a bit and catch up with you all later! πŸ™‚

  35. izuchukwu Okosi says:

    I think Wenger still needs to get an experienced GK but with a proviso that he will be on the bench in about 40% of the team’s games for Szczsney. There are coaches who even have ‘HOME’ and ‘AWAY’ keepers. Szczsney needs the competition. I will rather have Fabianski sold, trust me its the best idea despite recent events

  36. AFC says:

    VCC, agreed. Man U do not even fear anymore. I am sick of SAF smiling after winning matches against us like a dickhead almost telling Wenger he knew he going to win.

    Regarding Samba I like him but I think his wages would be a problem for us. He is getting paid Β£100 000 a week at QPR. So Amorebieta form Bilbao might be a better option condifering his wages would not be as high and we can get him on a free. Or even Sagna at CB (if he stays) with a new Monreal type) to add composure to our defense.

    Regarding DM I do not have a clue. I do not know if the players you have mentioned have the same quality as Santi for instance.

    Would like Isco to come, but I think a ST/CF is needed much more

  37. AFC says:

    izuchukwu Okosi, thakns for commenting.

    The thing is Fabianski is on the last year of his contract so he would leave at the end of the season for free and even if he was in contract and could be sold we would not get much. That is why I think we can do harm in extending his contract. Mannone can be sold and clubs in Italy are interested so I would not mind if he left Arsenal.

  38. VCC says:

    Nice one Gerry….I could do with a nice new shiny Zimmer. πŸ˜‰

  39. AFC says:

    Without the typing errors.

    VCC, agreed. Man U do not even fear us anymore. I am sick of SAF smiling after winning matches against us like a dickhead almost telling Wenger he knew he going to win.

    Regarding Samba, I like him but I think his wages would be a problem for us. He is getting paid Β£100 000 a week at QPR. So Amorebieta from Bilbao might be a better option considering his wages would not be as high and we can get him on a free. Or even Sagna at CB (if he stays) with a new Monreal type RB to add composure to our defense.

    Regarding DM I do not have a clue. I do not know if the players you have mentioned have the same quality as Santi for instance.

    Would like Isco to come, but I think a ST/CF is needed much more. Saying that, he would be a good buy as Malaga are looking to offload players so we could get rid of Arshavin and bring him in on the cheap.

  40. VCC says:

    AFC……when ManUre walk onto the field, they already have a spring in their steps, Their players like to intimidate the opposition, and I’m sure that’s what Red Nose tells them. Make them afraid of you.

    I know I am biased and hate the scum, but take a look at their team sheet. On paper they don’t look that impressive, but when they enter the arena they become ten foot tall, that’s the difference with Fergies teams they put themselves onto the opposition.

    When they play in Europe they are not so intimidating, as the Spanish/Germans/Italians are not afraid of them, consequently its an even playing field. Also the unbiased referee are a factor too.

    European refs are not pro mancs like the FA are,

  41. VCC says:

    off to watch the next gen game. 2:00 pm ko.


  42. JM says:

    Julio Cesar would demand being our 1st team GK, should he sign next season, he is cementing his starting spot in the Brazilian national squad with their preparations leading to WC2014 in their home soil. Diego Alves is his deputy currently and Scolari is testing out a couple of home-based GKs for national squad.

    Cesar would not wish to lose out if he is placed as deputy to Szczesny (similarly to our Pole GK, who is with the Polish national squad, and currently losing his starting place to Boruc and even behind Tyton as 3rd choice GK).

    Likewise, Fabianski would want regular games, as he is still with a chance to make the national team. I would believe he should be seeking to leave our club for another which would give him regular games. I have believed that he was already on his way out of the club at least twice this season (during the summer and winter window), only to suffer an injury on both occasions, which prevented him from passing any medicals.

    Also to Mannone, who has been reported to be either returning to Italy or go to another club in the England which can give him more regular games.

    Szczesny has a couple of more seasons to prove his quality consistently and worth to hold onto the No.1 shirt.

    If we are signing a new GK, he would be a GK from the Bundesliga. Someone who has less than 2 year of contract remaining with their current club. (Through our scouts and Steve Rowley’s presence, recommendations by Jens Lehmann, and contacts to agencies/agents etc).
    I have pinpointed a likely candidate from at list of GKs available that we should be looking to sign. (He is in his 30s. He has 1st team experience playing at a national and continental level; He has won titles with his club; He will be out of contract in less than 2 years; He shall not be turning up for his national squad but is no less experience as a GK; It is very likely that his current team is looking to sign a younger international German GK – that GK from either from Die Roten or Die Fohlen, in the coming season or more.)

    We are potentially sourcing from La Liga (where we got Cazorla and Monreal recently) and Bundesliga (where we got Podolski).

    Just of interest to all: Both new signings, Cazorla and Giroud, share the same player agency along with Jenkinson. (the agency has also the following players in their roster: Juan Mata, Keisuke Honda, Alan Dzagoev, Igor Akinfeev, Joe Allen, Kyle Walker, Jonny Evans, Tom Cleverley, Jose Enrique, Cristian Zapata, Yuri Zhirkov among others).

    With regards to a new DM/CM from outside, the likely source is from La Liga, as have with our most recent signing. And this player’s agent has only got him in his roster.

    The would-be new striker/forward/playmaker is anyone’s guess.

  43. TotalArsenal says:

    Afternoon fine Gooners and chap Glic πŸ˜›

    Only watched the last 30 minutes of the NexGen game and boy what a good come back from being 3-1 behind. Let’s see what happens next!?

  44. allezkev says:

    Interesting post…
    Now what does Wenger do if Fabianski plays really well in our remaining games and is a major reason that Arsenal finish 3rd or 4th???
    Not sure what I would do, but i’ll be watching him closely tomorrow, to see how confident he is in front of his home crowd….

  45. VCC says:

    fantastic come back with the nexGen boys, but not enough. 3-4 losers.

  46. VCC says:

    very weak replacement left back. That’s was the difference late on.

  47. VCC says:

    guys I need entries from Rocky…Herb…Oz..HH…Red Arse.

    Hopefully before 22:00 Tonight. I’m out early tomorrow morning.

  48. Red Arse says:

    Hi VCC

    Here is my picks. Sorry for delay!

    Manure (A)
    Arsenal (H)
    Shitty (A)
    Chavs (A)
    Norweech (A)

  49. VCC says:

    Red Arse…..Shitty are at home?

  50. VCC says:

    Red Arse…..can you confirm your 5 please?

  51. Gerry says:

    VCC – You’ve got mail …

  52. Fred says:

    Hi guys, sorry I havent commented more recently just finished some exams, I couldnt agree more, although I think we also need another winger, gervinho simply isn’t good enough. I think if the Jovetic rumour is correct he’d be a great addition at 25m, on top of that I’d like to see sakho from PSG join for around 15m, Diame (potentially at 3.5m) and then Munianin or Isco. Then I think we’d have strength in depth to really push for great things, fabianski has been doing well when he’s been asked to come in and cover so it seems stupid to me to waste money on bringing in another keeper, unless a really good deal for an experienced keeper pops up.

  53. Gerry says:

    allezkev – I think he will be fine. If they ALL defend as they have been in the last two games he’ll have very little to do.
    Mind the team could be interesting, but I guess that is the subject of the next blog?

  54. VCC says:

    Gerry…don’t tell anyone on here, but I love you. ( 17:59 πŸ˜‰ )

  55. Rohan says:

    fred – totally agree with you. a few weeks ago i would have said that we needed a new keeper, because in my mind fabianski was nowhere near the required level. Credit to the lad though, he has proven himself to be worthy of a new contract, and the right to challenge for no. 1.
    Of the players you’ve suggested I’d most expect to see Jovetic, though isco also seems to be do-able. Muniain is unlikely to happen given his price tag and the slightly unproven factor.
    I don’t think we’ll sign diame for the reason that Wenger could have easily signed him in January – which suggests to me that he doesn’t rate him highly enough to consider him an improvement to our squad.


    Thanks for the post AFC.

    The main problem has been that the last couple of years we have had three inexperienced goal keepers. Wenger should have bought an old git as cover. Some one still decent, but old enough to kop it any minute. Scharzer or Fridel would have been ideal. Still ok, but constantly shadowed by the Grim Reaper. hahaha

    Managed to catch the second half onwards of the next generation game. Very dissapointed with the overall performance. Wenger must take the blame. Rather than turn up and gee the lads on, he let that Burton geezer run the show. Once Chelsea knew that Wenger wasnt coming and that Wilshere was not to play, they gained the psycholigical advantage.

    Sort it Wenger.

  57. RockyLives says:

    Good Post AFC
    I’m not sure I fully agree with the chronology of the Szcz-Fabianski thing. I thought Szcz got his chance precisely because Fab had a string of awful performances and terrible errors.

    Szcz came into the first team and did well. Then Fabianski came back for a while and looked good – but got injured. By the time he was fit, Szcz had cemented the No 1 slot and it was widely accepted that he (Fab) would leave at the end of this season.

    But since Szcz’s drop in form Fab has come back in and done well.

    Sorry – that’s a long winded way of saying that I don’t think Fab’s earlier bad form was anything to do with being replaced by Szcz. I think it pre-dated that.

    Anyway, I agree with your idea of Fab getting an extra year. He has looked good and – best of all – authoritative in his last two outings for us and I would be happy to keep him and Szcz competing for the No 1 spot. However, deep down I don’t think either is in the Seaman/Jennings/Willow class and, if we want to be top of the tree, that’s the level of ‘keeper we need.

    If we did end up getting Valdez (not that I believe the rumours) I would be happy – and then we could let Fab walk and keep Szcz as No 2 – giving him time to learn his trade more and learn from a top keeper.

  58. RockyLives says:

    My UMF for this weekend (it seems like it’s been forever, doesn’t it?)

    Sunderland v ManU – D
    Citeh v Toon – H
    Saints v Chavs – D
    Wigan v Naaarch – H
    Everton v Orcs – D

  59. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Rocky,

    Good points. πŸ™‚

    How is life treating you?

  60. AFC says:

    RockyLive, thansk for taking rthe time to comment.

    Valdes is overrated and makes to many mistakes even though he is around 30 years old.

    Buying Valdes is exactly what I do not want Wenger to do. I do not want Wenger spending a considerable amount on an overrated GK and paing him over the top wages instead of buying quality outfield players.

  61. AFC says:

    * the

  62. RockyLives says:

    All good TA. Been on the road quite a bit.

    But I’ve been feeling massively deprived of Hot Arse Action πŸ™‚

  63. TotalArsenal says:

    Haven’t we all Rocky! πŸ˜›

    Tomorrow our addiction will be fed again with some HAA! πŸ™‚

  64. TotalArsenal says:

    Here is a lovely stand alone stat for you Rocky:

    β€’According to Opta, Arsenal have scored six goals on the counter-attack this season, more than any other club in the Premier League. πŸ™‚

  65. VCC says:

    cheers Rocky. Your odds are 134-1.

    Yes it’s been a long season. We hope to carry on next season, does that mean you will be dropping out?

  66. VCC says:

    herb….hh…….oz……….entries needed please guys.

  67. glic says:

    Evening Phallustines ! hahaha I like that one !.

    To understand how long I have been stuck on the M6 and M5 car parks today is easy, there have been two BK posts since I last blogged !. Sorry no time to even read them as 550 miles of car park driving is tiresome !. I`ll catch Vic`s and Stretch tomorrow at the Tavern & game and Vic`s before at the Pie&Mash shop around 10:30am, anything different and I`ll text or phone. 14 hour day and 13 hours of it driving !. I want a Medal !. hahaha
    I did manage to think of a couple of crackers, but alas too rude for even BK !. hahaha
    And it had better be sunbathing weather in London tomorrow just like it will be in Cornwall !……with all the trappings of a sub-tropical Cornwall….ie…..naked lezzers !…..and I dont mean them two trannies I`m meeting up with !. hahaha

  68. TotalArsenal says:

    Enjoy the game Glic. πŸ™‚

  69. VCC says:

    Tomorrow…..Pie, Mash, Eels and Liquer……washed down with a few Beers at the Tavern with Wonderful Gooners ……watching the Mighty Arsenal smash Reading……washed down with more beers afterwards with Essex mates……..Life don’t get much better than that………..

    Appy dayz

  70. TotalArsenal says:

    VCC, you or one of the others should really write a short report on your experiences of the day: before the game, during the game and after the game…. Just like Pope The Gooner did! πŸ™‚

  71. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post – New Post! πŸ™‚

  72. ojo emmanuel tosin says:

    i support ur view on not buyin a gk. Sw n fb can do d job. Wht they both nid is substitute, sw has bin d one in goal for almost all d match wich i tink it shldnt b so. He shld b replaced wit fb sometime in order to kip d competion high among d 2 gk.more wenger much shop for a realiable cb, dm n rb cos dey d sheild to d gk. E.g look as d function of kompany at city. Getin a dm wil mk our attacking threat strong cos arteta wil move forwad too

  73. RockyLives says:

    I meant it seems like forever since we got to actually consider some real football!

    Of course I’m in for next season and beyond πŸ™‚

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