It is time to show our Gervinho some love!


Yes, Gervinho needs some love, hugs and songs from us the supporters and his fellow players.

I know there are as many Gooners out there who rate him as don’t rate him, but Gervinho is one of us, always works his socks off when he plays for us, and can add that extra dimension to our football that we often badly miss.

Our man from the Ivory Coast is not the most self-confident footballer, and as we all know, confidence is a vital part of being successful on the pitch. Our nr.27 (I guess he chose that number because he was born on the 27 of May) appears to be very introvert and lacking friendship with other players on the pitch.

It is about time us, the fans, and the players try harder to make him properly part of the Arsenal family.


Born in Anyama, a Northern suburb of Abidjan, the capital of Cote d’Ivoire, it cannot have been easy to come here and settle in straightaway. He has been away from his home country for quite a while, with spells at Beveren, Le Mans and Lille; and he must have learned to adapt to different environments by now.

But London is a modern, world city, and it is not easy to settle there, especially without a good command of the language, which I am assuming he doesn’t possess. Many Englishmen and Europeans find it hard to feel at home and make a success in such a large city. So it should come as no surprise that Gervinho is having some difficulties in adapting to life in London, and playing for/ settling into Arsenal right now.

I was at the FA cup game, at home against Blackburn a couple of months ago, and Gervinho, who had only just returned from international duty, was struggling a bit with form. Many ‘supporters’ around me started to moan about Gervinho from the first moment he did something wrong. There was no leeway; no ‘let’s give him a chance to settle in’, but most of the fellow Gooners around me were simply eager to confirm to themselves what they had decided in their heads was a fact: Gervinho is rubbish.

It was the weekend after Valentines Day and I realized soon that many supporters were taken to the Home of Football by their partners as a surprise gift. These people wanted to be entertained and show their partners – in most cases women – how frustrated and embarrassed they were at the poor performance of the team; by shouting, swearing, yelling at our players from the word go.

We played rubbish and the team deserved the fans’ scorn to some extent, but as supporters we have a duty to support (the clue is in the word!); only if and when certain players do not work their socks off, and look like they do not want to be on the pitch, should they be showered with our anger and frustration.

And by supporting our players from the start, we will help them build their confidence; and the stronger the confidence – combined with a strong willingness to do well – the better they will perform.

Gervinho is a fully committed, hard-working player. He gives his all, always makes himself available and never gives up trying to create something for the team. Gervinho is an enigma: he can be equally totally frustrating as absolutely fabulous from one moment, or game, to the next. I reckon, Gervinho will always be prone to missing sitters, even if we were to embrace him fully and show him the love and respect he needs and deserves.

But I am sure, he would become more consistent and play with even more energy and desire to make things happen for us, and the number of goals and assists would also improve; if we were to become more supportive of Gervinho from now on.

There is no other player in our team, except Wilshere maybe, who is as good as our Ivorian in taking on players in front of him and move into space with the ball at his feet. He is one of the few who can receive the ball in a tight space and can keep hold of it, without needing to pass it to another player as soon as possible. Currently, he is also better than any other player in effective wing-play and ensuring that our team has enough width. 

There are very few players in our team who position themselves better in the box than Gervinho: how many times was he at the right place, at the right time against Reading on Saturday, for example? Gervinho almost always offers another dimension to our team and football, but a large number of  supporters just seem to focus on his glaring misses rather than his overall performance and contributions to the team.

Ultimately, Gervinho will be judged on his return in assists and goals for the team, and I agree with many critics that he needs to improve further regarding these. It could well turn out that he is not capable of making the grade at Arsenal.

But I believe there is more to come from Gervinho and that we, the supporters, and the players have an important role to fulfil here: the more the Ivorian gets supported and forgiven for occasionally producing a bad miss, the more he will keep going for us and his confidence will grow; and the more assists and goals he will produce. But the opposite is equally true: love and trust is likely to lead to a successfully performing Gerv, but hate and rejection will most probably lead to a failing one.

Let’s love and embrace him, and shower him with songs of praise when he does well. The Gerv, I am pretty sure, will pay us back handsomely.

Written by: TotalArsenal.

179 thoughts on “It is time to show our Gervinho some love!

  • agreed.

    but trouble with most of us gooners is that we’re very impatient unlike some other club supporters who don’t get frustrated or demanding as we do (i know i know, gervinho has given us all plenty of reasons to scream and shout at our tele’s) however, i do feel the dip in form or lost in confidence was not alone gervinho’s doing, wenger has moved him in all 3 positions a lot this season.

    i do feel the best is still to come from gerv, if we keep him next season then that may end up being his most productive yet for arsenal.

  • All agreed BJ – we all vent our frustrations easily and the Gerv was an easy victim at times. I hope he will get a proper run of games now and shows us on a more consistent basis what he is capable of.

  • you see , had our defenders not conceding those easy goals or committed them school boy errors then most of us wouldn’t even remember gerv’s fluffed chances…

    it’s the same as swansea, Ashley William has his been the culprit plenty of times at the back for them but Michu has been able to bale them out hence no one focuses on the errors at the back (or has done in the past).

    if anything,i feel we have been destroying gerv slowly yet steadily , it’s about time we get behind the entire team and not just gerv but also ramsey (whom i feel has been getting plenty of stick).

  • TA, fine post. 🙂

    When Gervinho plays for Ivory Coast he looks and home and you can tell the other players in his national team are like family to him. He does not have this as Arsenal.

    He is good at dribbling and holding onto the ball, although this is probably not the wisest thing to do in the Prem. When playing in the Prem you have to be more cautious as opposed to playing in other more open leagues when he used to play in France. He is quality and I heard it was him with the help of Hazard who won Lille the title. I think a lot of people have forget that he has actually won a trophy and at times carried Ivory Coast through their matches.

    Also on another note I read this on wikipedia TA,

    After signs of interests in the winter transfer window, Jovetic finally agreed to join manchester city from Fiorentina according to his agent on the 2nd April. He will join in the summer for a fee believed to be in the region of £18 million + add ons.

    Wiki can be unreliable but this is reported to have happened yesterday so there could be some truth to it. When Monreal signed for Arsenal within an hour is was on wiki. There seems to be some truth to it as City need another striker, Jovetic could want high wages, City could be going for a cheaper player as opposed to Cavani as they are thinking of FFP. Let me know your thoughts.

  • Could be written by a random person as Manchester City is not spelt with capitals at the beginning as you normally would for a name of a place, thing etc.

  • Have to step out for a bit, but wanted to make a quick comment. When it comes to Gerv, you love the skill and pace, but he’s just a nightmare to look at hahaha! Also, his composure in front of goal still needs some improving, but other than that don’t mind him as a squad player now and in the future at all.

  • Agreed BJ

    HI AFC,

    I use wiki as a source of background info on players or topics, clubs etc, but not for confirming the veracity of gossip. I reckon he is coming to Arsenal, but it is just a gut-feeling. 🙂

    Good point about him being at home when playing for IC!

  • TA, I was originally on wiki to have a brief look over Jovetic’s career as I do not know much about him and came across this. You are probably right in the fact that it is not true. 🙂

  • Gervinho has been made a scapegoat by the fans because of the clubs current lack of siverware. They’re just showing their frustrations at Wenger by venting their anger more vociferously than usual at particular players. Fans are fickle once he nets against United all will be forgiven.

  • Bond James, if they did I am angry Wenger did not make an attempt to get Balotelli. The only problem could have been his wages. Does anyone know how much Balotelli was getting paid at City?

  • TA, I do not know if you heard about Mourinho or as you like to call him Maureen saying he had made tapes for PSG on how to beat Barca as he wanted to help them but PSG did not receive the tapes. 😀

  • Gerv does make stuff happen around the box. 9 times out of 10 he messes it up, but he’s got something more than just that rocking hairdo!

    Go on Gervinho son – get us in the Champs Lge and we’ll love you all summer!

  • No AFC, I did not hear or read that. I am just hoping that somebody will beat the translator in the CL this year, but they are the favourites to win it in my view. 😦

  • AFC, not sure if wenger would have been able to tame him (MB) or any other superstar hence the reason why he prefers to buy good players and turns them into world beaters, most if , not all world class players come at a price – they carry an ego (minus messi).

    that’s one of the main reasons as to why i feel wenger is reluctant to buy world class players as he doesn’t like it players giving it back to him (classic example ? hmmm RVP and if Sagna is sold in the summer then the list shall keep growing).

    Balotelli’s wages no less than 150-180 k a week i would imagine at city.

  • Bond James, Balotelli is still very young and I think if he can get his act together, in 6 years he could be among the most elite strikers in the world. Wages too high for us though.

  • Year TA, I heard it on the news. I think Barca in a few years will no longer be dominant. We have already seen the likes of Chelsea, PSG and Milan who can get the better of Barca. Like Wenger their style of play has been clocked but they have more quality players than us so they can continue to win matches. But soon teams will fully figure out how to beat Barca completely and I can see someone like a Bayern, PSG taking over.

  • AFC, Agreed he can be a world beater but like i said, he has known to have attitude probs (ego as i touched upon earlier)….if my memory serves me well then a fair few years back, when there was an award of sorts for the most promising and upcoming player …it was our own jack the lad and MB in the category….someone asked MB about jack and he was very ignorant and rather disrespectful.

    he is definitely the type of players wenger wouldn’t want in the dressing room and will be seen as a trouble maker, even the great Jose found it hard to tame him.

    dare i say, if he keeps up with his attitude the way he is then he may end up being another Bendtener (no pun , intended) than a world elite striker.

  • AFC,

    I reckon Barca are suffering from too many changes in management recently. If a motivated Guardiola was still there, Maureen would have been humiliated by him time and again. Unfortunately, that is not the case at the moment, and in the CL RM seem the strongest team. 😦

    Fingers crossed Bayern (Juve?) or Dortmund can stop them.

  • The thing about Balotelli is that the media can twist these situations to make it seem like Balotelli is In the wrong. For example at the City training ground, I felt Mancini was out of order and Balotelli was sticking up for himself. He is quite arrogant but so if Ronaldo and even RVP now. Bale is also starting to get a bit too big for his boots and I cannot stand the site of him and everyone who is a dick rider when it comes to him.

  • where there’s fire there’s smoke.

    he has been in the media before coming to England.

    re- Mancini now there’s one over rated manager who lacks man management skills or any skills when it comes to management – notice how it’s always his players fault but never his tactics or subs .

  • The problem with Pep is that I feel he left before his tactics got figured out. And I feel anyone who manages Barca with their current squad would win things. Is it a hard job?

    If I was manager of Barca all I would have to do is send them out to play and rotate the sqaud when there are injuries sometimes. I see it as an easy job. The Barca team will always play the same way under any manager unless the manager chooses to do something drastic.

    Real are just class.

  • Bond James, cannot agree more, Mancini is the most overrated shit manager I have ever seen. I think even I would do a better job with his sqaud available. If Wenger or any other top manager had City’s team they would be winning at least two trophies every season. Their CL displays are disgraceful and the CL is a perfect competition to judge managers. Wenger reaching the knockout stages of the CL every year for around 15 years proves he is quality. Even SAF got kicked out of the group stage of the CL and then the Europa League by a bunch of kids. I would sack him and bring in Laudrup from Swansea. He even has the cheek to say that Nasri, Richards, Lescott are ‘deadwood’ and are not a good enough quality to win things. He makes drastic bizarre formation changes in big matches such as CL group stage matches and they do not work. Using Mario’s term, he is a cheque book manager who cannot even win things when he spends heavily.

  • Bond James, cannot agree more, Mancini is the most overrated shit manager I have ever seen. I think even I would do a better job with his sqaud available. If Wenger or any other top manager had City’s team they would be winning at least two trophies every season. Their CL displays are disgraceful and the CL is a perfect competition to judge managers. Wenger reaching the knockout stages of the CL every year for around 15 years proves he is quality. Even SAF got kicked out of the group stage of the CL and then the Europa League by a bunch of kids. I would sack him and bring in Laudrup from Swansea. He even has the cheek to say that Nasri, Richards, Lescott are ‘deadwood’ and are not a good enough quality to win things. He makes drastic bizarre formation changes in big matches such as CL group stage matches and they do not work. Using a cetain someone’s term, he is a cheque book manager who cannot even win things when he spends heavily.

  • Hi AFC

    Cannot agree that Barca’s tactics have been found out. Guardiola was able to get the best out of their system and the players really do not manage themselves. There are many psychological issues to be sorted out and fine-tunings to be done, and you need a good manager for that.

    RM have tried hard to break the footballing team Barca with all sorts of nasty tactics and many hundreds of millions of Euros, and therefore I cannot agree with the notion that they have ‘class’.

    But we cannot agree on everything, so no problem haha! 😛

  • TA, I see your point but suppose we had a better sqaud, played to banks of four, deep in our own half and played on the counter I think we could beat them as did Chelsea. To me anyone who has been at Barca for a long lengnth of time and knows the players well (in terms of their personalities) could manage the team well.

  • We could say Real are the Spanish Man U and Barca are the Spanish Arsenal, but in England Man U have been getting the better of us but hopefully that will change in the future. 🙂

  • AFC, out of those four clubs only Arsenal has gone through a major stadium build and that explains the discrepancy for me. The other one is finance in general.

  • All

    Another good post. Regarding Gerv’ … well the most contagious thing in sports is confidence. High and low.

    Low confidence seeps out in the form of fluff-ups in front of goal or blown first touch. Always when the pressure is on and you need it most. This leads to other players feeling nervous and so on…

    Equally, high confidence, translates the other way, even if the strike or pass that helps it build was pure luck!

    Seen it a lot, and I dont think the pros are necessarily all that much more immune to it.

    For Gerv then, the question might be how to capture that relaxed feeling he has for IC when he plays for Arsenal. If it cannot be found then, he, and we, would be better off if he were elsewhere.

    IMO, as an aside, I think it is this type of “confidence failure” that sees someone like him “fail” one place and turn into a world beating uber-star somewhere else, leading to all those “why didnt they do that here?” recriminations.. And, in reverse…

    Overall, attitude and confidence, and thus enviroment matter. I suspect that Arsenal offers a great environment but that doesnt mean it’s right for him. Sooner they figure that, the better, as I dont think it’s his skills per se.

    cheers – jgc

  • Chelsea only beat Barca with a huge, huge portion of luck; two banks of four was not enough. And what happened to Milan a few weeks ago, despite their conservative tactics? Barca took them to the cleaners.

  • What I am trying to say is that Real and Man U have money to spend but Barca and Arsenal do not have as much. Arsenal because of our stadium and Barca because of their financial situation in Spain.

  • TA, you could say Milan were unlucky when Niang hit the post in the second halve. If that had gone in Barca would have been out of the CL. 😉

    Also remember Chelsea had huge luck but they did play with 10 men and Ramires and Drogba were excellant.

  • Hi jgc,

    Agreed. There is only so much a club can do and I feel the fans and fellow players should be more inclusive and supportive of Gervinho; it could make a huge difference.

  • AFC

    I am not a Barca supporter, but I love good football. And I can only say what I believe is true and that is that Barca have played the best club-football I have ever seen, in recent years.

    Of course, it is not absolutely flawless and thank god for that! But they have set the standard for decades to come in my view.

  • TA, they have set the standard. But you can argue that is only because of the quality of players they have. It is much different from Arsenal, where Wenger is making Arsenal play better than the players we have.

  • Come on, AFC. They developed those players themselves, invested time, blood and sweat into playing a phenomenal variant of total football and kept doing it for many years. Do you still remember how they humiliated the Mancs in the CL final a couple of years ago?

    Anyway, off to bed now. See you tomorrow. 🙂

  • The Arsenal away fans are the best. Then again there are some unpolished rectums of supporters who think playing FIFA12 makes them football managers.
    Go Gunners !

  • TA, another quality read and it’s definitely nice to see the positive view for a player who seems to go through bouts of inconsistency. I’m fascinated by this belief that players are highly affected by the affection and disapproval of fans though.

    I believe that it has a very minimal effect on a players’ performance as they should largely be used to it as a professional athlete subject to both polar opposites throughout their careers (cheering and heckling from their fans and heckling from opposing ones). To me, this belief that we can severely affect a player’s confidence is fluff in order to give fans the conviction that they can somehow help “alter the outcome of a game”. In either case, I’m sure showering a player with love never hurt a player’s confidence either ;).

    The only addition I want to make is that Ox can also effectively take on a defender and dribble himself out of trouble in tight spaces. He is an outstanding dribbler and has great ball control and pace.

    As I said earlier, if Gerv can compose himself in front of goal, I really think that he’d be a quality super sub. His change of pace is very effective and he brings a different dimension to our attack. I’m hoping the heavy touches will be eliminated once he receives more consistent game time.

  • Actually felt embarrassed the other day when his assist and even his goal were followed by eager chants for santi cazorrrrrlah and giroud. Those lovely gunners had played their parts and had been recognized but poor ol Gervinhos efforts were not noted so lovingly. I even tried making up a chant for him in the comfort of my living room.. Ger Ger Ger veen io is surely better than nothing. Cmon let’s give him a song or a chant and maybe we’ll get more of those mazy little dribbles he makes through baffled defences as well as goals goals goals!

  • I’ve never had total confidence in Gervinho…That being said, I DO see a player in there. I noticed his passing improved A LOT last match, in that he hit his intended target on nearly every attempt. That is a definite improvement from what we were seeing before!!! He plays as a number 10 a lot for the Ivory Coast, so he should be able to pass the ball well all of the time!!! I think if he can shut out all the negativity, then we’ll see his true ability.

    As for Barca TA, I dislike them just as much as Real Madrid!!! They have different methods of raising my ire, but they both irritate me to equal measure!!! :S That being said, I have to say that they do have tremendous talent in their squad, and they play exquisite football on most occasions. Diving, surrounding referees, tapping up potential transfer targets and overall whining are a few of the things that force me to dislike them. Real Madrid tackle poorly against them, they complain about the refereeing, they buy whomever they want, whenever they want, sheer arrogance, negative football AT TIMES…both clubs put themselves in a position to be hated in equal measure!!! :S

  • What’s all this wiki mumbo jumbo. Anyone knows if you log in to that site you can change whatever you want in the article. Heck i tested it out not long again when I adapted Natalie Portman’s page to say ‘After her last breakup Natalie went after a young Aussie heartthrob from Oz. When the media approached the Aussie he said “listen I’m flattered, she’s a beautiful girl but I’m dating someone better”.
    It lasted all but 20mins before it was changed back. Won points with the Mrs though haha.

    @ Glic

    Don’t try that with Isco though as it might violate the restraining order he’s placed on you!
    Jovetic>Isco any day of the week.

    @ TA

    I agree, get behind the boys who put on the Arsenal shirt. Like HH said he’s a good squad player. Get some consistency and better finishing and he can do some damage.

    @ AFC

    great post yesterday. Keep him I say. Rosicky is a top notch professional and always tries his hardest. He resurrected us last season. Nobody uses the outside of their foot to pass better than he does.

    @ JFK

    welcome to BK.

  • Also read Isco’s Wiki. Pay attention to the last paragraph in the Malaga section. It appears our GLIC is famous

  • Oz….that’s clever. ……I’ve seen GLIC’s tattoo of Isco on his Hampton. The dirty so and so got it out in the pie n mash shop, trying to show everybody. While my glasses were steamed up he tried to make out it was an eel that I had asked to go with my pie n mash. I told you he was a scoundrel. 🙂

  • Morning Guys, 🙂

    Glic and eels are a dangerous mixture! Glic, eels and Isco worries me even more — wher does one end and the other start! 🙂

  • haha VCC I heard that story. But he said you didn’t need much coaxing 🙂

  • well, Gervinho is a Gemini. as in real life, he’s 2 people in one. that’s the simple astrological explanation 🙂

  • Smashing Post, TA, showing your even handed approach to all players wearing the shirt. It’s a pity some others don’t follow suit. 😀

    However, we all know folk are different in how they handle emotions.
    If I am being honest, I must admit that when I am not feeling well, or I am just in a bad mood, my reaction to something stupid or irritating is very different from my response when I am feeling good or am in a good mood.

    What I mean is we all know that the result of an Arsenal game can make us feel full of joy, or alternatively, very down. Therefore, when a game is not going well, this emotional reaction can find a safety valve outlet in abusing a player who is not playing well.

    Many fans, who succumb to this lack of control may very well regret their outburst later — when it is too late.

    What cannot be denied is that experience tells us some players are crap, however hard they try, and there is no harm in admitting that.

    What is wrong is when some people indulge in intemperate and abusive comments that can never be justified. Players are human beings and need to be respected as such.

    I am not the greatest fan of the Gerv and have said so previously, but I was delighted when he produced a much better game recently and I hope this continues.

  • Hi VCC, 🙂

    I hope you noticed that I defended your person and character from those reprobates, Glic and Terry, yesterday — but it also worried me that you like eating poor defenceless eels who were just trying to get home for Easter, to see their mums in the Sargasso Sea! 😦

  • TA,
    I think I said the same thing at some point in my time at BK. Gervinho is a very sensitive player..He and even we would benefit if we gave him the kind of encouragement we give Giroud/cazorla more so when he is not performing well..Part of the reason he performs the way he does for his country is because the Ivorians make him feel special and wanted. I’d go as far as to say he is a bit like my girlfriend…hahahaha

  • Morning RA.

    Bang on with your last comment. Terry himself proved it last night with his comment on Rosicky (nearly fell off my chair btw).

    Hope all is well.

  • Morning All.

    Hi Red Arse…….I have to confess, I do like jellied eels. Pour vinegar and pepper on them and they are delicious.

    But after having GLIC’s hampton plonked in my lap I have been put off them for life. You can’t describe it as an anaconda, but more like a wriggly worm type hampton.

    Many thanks for defending me against those two reprobates. After being in their company for half a day has wised me up. They are from the dark side, and I am sweet and everything nice, so I don’t belong in their crowd. 😉 Blighter’s, the pair of them. Don’t mix with them, stick with me baby. 😉

  • Hi Prince, where’s your selections for this week. You need to pull your socks up and start picking some points up.

    Don’t wanna let the pommes beat ya. 😉

  • Hi TA,
    Thanks for the post. I still have my reservations about the ‘swerve’ and i have to say that Redders @8.21am has hit the nail on the head. I could not have said it better myself and i guess in the past i have proved the point, as you would already know.

    I hope that over the course of my footballing journey in support of the Arsenal, i too will be able to excersise a little more patience and even handed support when it comes to all players……… baby steps 😉

  • Hi Prince-ipal Boy! 🙂

    Thanx for the warning OZ – was VCC winking both at the same time? Still better than having Glic wink all three at the same time!! 🙂

  • Morning Vicks, you winking at me too now?

    My boxing kangaroooooo UMF1 predictions are as follows:-

    the Arsenal= away win
    manure v castrol = draw
    toffees= away win (cough, spudz, choke, cough)
    soton= away win
    Quiet Perverted Rooster v Wigan= draw

  • Oz/PPP/Red Arse…….I have to whisper this …shsshshshshh…..Don’t tell Total about my shinanigins on here, cos he will ban me again… 😦

  • cheers Prince….see you can do it when you try hehehe. Your odds are 221-1…Good luck

  • When did you guys change the clocks?

    @Oz, when do we change ours. Forwards or backwards?

  • Morning Labia-Lasagna`s 😆

    Hahaha Love the wiki stuff Oz, brilliant !. Would love to stay and chat, but I`ve got a wall that needs rendering outside and it`s a lovely day, lets start up the cement mixer !. ( best invention ever from a builders point of view , if it ever breaks down , I`ve got 4 cans of Red Bull in a ” In case of emergency break glass ” case !. )

  • @ RA

    haha a GLIC wink is the worst kind! and my pleasure.

    @ VCC

    The dutch dictator. We must all tread very carefully!!!

  • @ PPP

    it’s bloody confusing isn’t it?! You East Coasters change it back one now I think. We don’t do day light savings over here unfortunately

  • Oz, really? When i was living there about 6 yrs ago, we had it. Maybe it was a trial

  • Hahaha He shall forever be known as……….. Total Van Goldmember.

    Vicky`s a bit of a Dicktaker…….Up the Arsenal !.

  • This 1 hour forward, 1 hour back buisness is very confusing to Vicker`s. He woke up this morning and asked his missus why was it still dark ouside at 8am ?. she said, ” it is light outside, but my Labia lips are flapped over your misted up glasses ! “. hahaha

  • @ GLIC

    hahahahahahahahaha brilliant!

    @ PPP

    yeah think it was a 3 year trial

  • You read my mind, I google translated it and found he was exiled from Dutchland because of his tyranny!

    Totaal Van Goud-lid!

  • Hi HH,

    Top footballers are also affected by fans’ negativity and the Emirates can be a difficult place to play if the fans have it in for you, as it tends to be quiet a lot; so negativity will be heard well on the pitch. There have been plenty of examples were players’ performances have been negatively affected by fans in recent years.

    I also feel that Gervinho is given an extra hard time and I reckon it is partly because of his introvert character.

    We should judge Gervinho not only on his assists and goals but also on his ability to open up defensive positions: when he plays things start to happen. And if he would be able to finish his chances better he would be one of the best footballers in the PL; of that I have no doubt.

  • Gooner-girl 🙂

    Good to see you back here and fully agreed. Gervinho does not get the same treatment by the fans compared to his European colleagues, and that is not right.

  • Yes Milo, his passing has improved and his second assist for the thankless Giroud was very good. Barca is top top football and in the Spanish league diving is part of the game: it is just the way it is.

  • Cristian hi!

    I like your astrological explanation!

    Hi Gbangu.

    Redders 🙂

    A very balanced comment and all agreed. Believe it or not, I held back a bit in the post, thinking about you and other BKers views re the Gerv. I was just saddened that he got moaned and shouted at from the first mistake he made.

  • Marcus, nice of you to add in the mix the Ivory Coast support for him. I am convinced if he feels wanted and respected by us Gooners he will become a lot better for us. I also reckon our captain has a job to do here, and Arteta could be right for this.

  • PPP 🙂

    baby-steps is still progress! 🙂

    Oz 🙂

    I have a feeling that the goldmember vid is not suitable to watch with my daughter sitting next to me colouring in?? That one will have to wait! 🙂

  • @ TA

    Morning, hope all is well.

    It’s honestly not bad TA, just some clips from Austin Powers. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any of the scenes where he knocks people out with a clog to the head haha.

    I can’t understand how supporters booo and jeer their own players. If your frustrated chat to the people you’re with etc, but not out loud. do they think it’ll help them out?! Save the noise for positive stuff or if you can’t let it out at the opposition or ref. I sledge the opposition non-stop when I go to Aussie Rules games, I’m surprised I haven’t been Eric Cantona’d yet.

    RA nailed it.

  • how on earth is this good news ? :
    Steve Bould has given the latest team news ahead of Saturday’s Premier League clash away at West Bromwich Albion.
    on Wilshere and Walcott…
    We have good news with both of them. Jack and Theo are outside running, and have an outside chance of being involved against Norwich a week on Saturday.

    PS: erm, Theo should have been an outside chance for wba not norwich – jack we all were expecting back for norwich so it’s nothing unexpected, Steve bould what are you on about with “we have good news” sigh , if you had said they both have an outside chance vs wba then fair enough – yep, i like wenger’s updates better.

  • AFC, good post re- cheque book managers but in all fairness to Mancini , there are not many managers who don’t come under that category but saying that Mancini does come across as a “spoiled brat” of sorts, i was surprised last summer when he didn’t get them extravagant signings (even though man city had spent close to 50-60 million getting him players) his response was ah, but we failed to get the targets i wanted.

    Mancini is a poor man’s mark hugh when it comes to spending (only difference being, he doesn’t get you relegated and can fluke his way to a trophy or 2;)

  • TA, on your last comment to me, I totally agree but I feel teams let Barca back into matches too easily. For example Milan had two away goals. A team of their quality should be able to hold onto that lead going into the second leg.

  • TA, I will try to write a post on Denilson and send it to you before the week is up, same with the Podolski post, only if he does not start this weakend. 🙂

  • Hi AFC,

    Agreed. We have seen with our own eyes how good Barcelona can be and when they need to win they can be unstoppable. I believe the only reason they are slightly doing less this season -as they are still going to win the Spanish League with ease this season and are still in the CL – is the simple fact that after so many successful years the hunger disappears a bit (and they are missing Guardiola as well).

    I don’t care about Barcelona and I am not a supporter, but I am an admirer of their football, which I am sure we’ll be in the history books for a long, long time.

  • Cheers AFC 🙂

    I will be off to Scotland for a week, leaving Saturday, and I am not sure how much access I will have to internet/BK next week. I am still planning to issue a post every day though, so please email me your drafts/posts as per usual.

  • TA, I admire their football as well.

    Maybe the reason why Arsenal are not doing as well is because we have players of too many different nationalities in our squad with all different philosophies. Spanish players can fit into our system perfectly, Germans and English players need time to adapt. It is harder to get players of different philosophies to play the same style together. Barca have mostly Spanish players in their squad so they are all on the same wavelength. Just a thought.

  • We saw this when Monreal came to Arsenal. He played a match within two days (I think). Same with Arteta and Santi. He must not even have know the players first names. But Gervinho is only starting to settle after two seasons.

  • Evil Van Goldmember, just remember whilst up in Scotland, it was my award winning idea for the whisky filled clogs….Klompen van Glenfiddich !. hahaha

    Total and Vic`s off to Scotland to look for a secret underground hideaway for their evil world dominatrix plans, a couple of Sad…omasochistic bastardos if ever there was !.
    Goldmember and Goldzimmer…….” Goldzimmer…..he`s the man, the man with the memory loss…. Goldmember he`ll toss ! “. ( sung to Goldfinger theme ). hahahaha

  • TA @ 10:35 hahaha that is the biggest load of crap I have ever heard and I expect way better from you. If you can show me statistics that directly correlate to fans chanting or ambience leading to a gain or loss in player confidence, then maybe I will believe you (I can show you way more statistics that your theory is not true).

    The fact is everything you just stated is merely optimistic speculation. People who are more positive will use the atmosphere to blame a poor performance, in order to reason for the lack of success at home or to avoid harping on poor individual performances. Confidence is in fact built much before a match and players become accustomed to performing in any environment. In fact, if there was a true way to measure ambience’s effect on a professional athlete, there may only be a minimal effect, if that, on a players’ performance/confidence.

    Do players enjoy being constantly harped on by their own fans? No. But at the same time, we’re not hearing fans start cheers that would harm the player in question in any way either. As marcus said, Gervinho is “sensitive”. I think he should stop being a p*ssy, suck it up and just start doing what he does best – play football.

  • Sorry Redders, couldn`t find the male equvalent, so I`ll have to make one up……………..Dominatrannie……….that will do, unless you can dig deep into your Universe sized encyclopedia brain with something else !. hahaha

  • Nice stuff TA

    I like Gervinho very much. He is the only Arsenal player to have a thread of his own on the other forum i frequent “The Bald Truth”.

    The question was “How many Grafts would be required to fill in Gervinhos Forehead?” Answers ranged according to required density, quality of doner supply etc, and of course feasability, based on the fact that his profession required him to head a ball, putting at risk the transplanted follicles

    From a standard FUE procedure (Foliculer Unit Extraction) i pesonaly estimated that the Gerv would require around 1800 folicular units in the hairline and temple region for full covearge and density to give a required natural result.

    I explained to my other hair loss nut jobs, that Gerv was crap at heading a ball, so receipitent area was safe, and that in the worse case escenario he could always mug off Arteta and acquire additional follicles. Though admittedly, Artetas hair might not be the best match and would be rejected by Gervs immune system anyway.

    Saying all that, Gerv is a very good player who would be a world beater, if only he had the power in his legs and frame. After one of his mazy runs he seems unable to muster the physical power to execute the final ball or shot.

    His work rate and movement is phenomenal and when hes at it, gives the team a nice balance.

    Next season i expect to see a new Gerv. A stone heavier and thus much stronger, and a hairline three inches lower.

  • Oh dear, HH, are you hormonal today? hahaha 😛

    The psychological impact of thousands of supporters moaning and shouting at a player cannot, of course, be measured and will also differ from one player to the next. I am sure there are studies and theories about this, but I cannot be bothered looking it up. For me, it could not be more logical, and I have seen with my own eyes many times how we the fans, have broken the confidence of a player and with that his performance. They are humans not machines.

  • Santi Cazorla’s athlete page just asked this question:

    Which is the best midfield line?

    A. Vieira – Bergkamp – Ljungberg
    B. Song – Fabregas – Nasri
    C. Arteta – Wilshere – Cazorla

  • TA, my point is that players are subject to negativity throughout their whole careers. Most players should (and usually do) have the mental strength to fight this adversity and perform their jobs.

    If a player cannot withstand or perform under “quietness” or groans, then the player in question should most likely not be playing on a big stage like the EPL.

    “For me, it could not be more logical, and I have seen with my own eyes many times how we the fans, have broken the confidence of a player and with that his performance. They are humans not machines.” Supporters like to believe they have a substantial impact on player performance, but the fact is that they simply do not. “Your eyes”, a entirely subjective opinion with no factual evidence to support it, lead you to believe that fans have destroyed player confidence, but the fact is that confidence is built or loss over much more than fan reaction.

    No one said players are machines, and positivity certainly never hurt, but to say quietness, groans and a lack of chanting for a player leads to destroyed confidence is simply absurd.

  • HH, Sorry my friend your wrong there. You should see some players up close after they have taken a barrage of stick. They are visably shaken and there form and confidence is certainly effected.

  • TMHT, it has a much smaller effect than you are led to believe. Can it have an effect at all? Of course, positivity is always encouraging, but in no way does it entirely change the output in a player’s performance.

  • Fans will believe anything to feel that they have some involvement in a game. But at the end of the day, they do not and cheering is simply another mechanism for them to feel like they had an impact on the outcome.

  • HH, i dont need to be led any were to believe it. I have both seen and experienced the impact on players from a close. A group of firends of mine have season tickets in the lower tier and last season i went to a lot of games with them. I had to stop because they were terrible abusers and it done my head in.

    After stick, players are frightened to play ther normal game for fear of mistakes. This confidence issue is something that is recognized by all coaches, including Wenger, Yes some players can use it as a ” I will show them” but others will be effected detrimentaly.

  • Just like in the numerous studies I’ve read, when I played semi-professional hockey, the reaction from and ice time given from my head coach were what affected my performance more than anything. Crowd noise and ambience had nothing to do with my confidence, either it was there or not.

    In practices and specialty drills (PP and PK), football does not have the latter, coaches exhibited their favouritism there, and confidence would begin to be lost on the training grounds. The coach had a much bigger impact on confidence and ice time or being benched had a substantially higher effect on my performance than the crowd. I can assure you that it’s the exact same environment in professional sports (I have spoken to professional athletes about this topic before too, as I have friends who play pro sports and several friends who work in the sports industry, where by I am able to meet more pro athletes).

    I was subject to the occasional stupid jeers (sometimes race, sometimes mistakes, sometimes for the team I played for) from the 10k fans, but in no way did it affect my confidence. In fact, it was quite the contrary – if it had any effect, it was contrary to what many of you are saying and I often played better and elevated my performance instead.

  • HH, let’s agree to disagree my friend, because I could not disagree with you more, and like you feel about me, I rather find your reasoning other worldly, or as you called it ‘absurd’.

  • TMHT, sorry my friend but you are wrong. If every professional athlete who could not handle negativity or adversity quit the game, there would be nothing for us to watch. Crowd ambience is simply another part of the game and players are taught early in their careers to block out noise.

    Simply put, it is your perception and assumption that you had changed the outcome of a player’s performance, not the truth. Players become used to abuse from fans and learn to live with it and play through it. In any given game, you can hear people openly abusing Jack at games, but he seems to perform just fine.

    I can guarantee the treatment they receive from coaches behind the scenes, in playing time, direction etc. has a much, much larger effect on player performance than ambience.

  • TA, you can disagree all you want, I have gone to the source and spoken with professional athletes on this matter. Some of my teammates that I play semi-pro with that went on to play pro said the exact same thing in our dressing room discussions. Fans do not impact the outcome of our games, confidence is built or loss way before a game, and is subject to much more of an impact from our coaches and those directly working with us than fans.

    Fans can certainly help to reinforce or magnify the effect to a small degree, but it all starts with coaching.

  • HH, I agree with you to some extent.

    When Bent and Defoe were both at Spurs. Not sure which player it was I think it was Bent. Everytime he came on the pitch they chanted tha name of the other player instead and said they would want him on instead and this led to him nearly entering a state of depression.

    However in most situations fans do not affect the game. I have never understood this theory that a team performs better at home etc (maybe the pitch is the factor that affects this more than fans). The only way I can see a fan influencing a player is telling him to shoot when he wants to go for a pass or racist chanting. But in that case I would walk of the pitch so it would not affect me.

  • HH, dont worry about it. lets agree to disagree. For the next star trek movie lets audition. i will go for Dr Mccoy, the emotinal wreck. You can be Spock, unphased by the crowd, and TA can be a Klingon. hahaha

  • Hahahaha that was fucking brilliant TMHT, sure agree to disagree my friends.

  • TA,

    I do not know if you read or heard Santi Cazorla’s interview when he said that the players heard the fans yelling their frustrations and altho’ he said it was understandable, he also said it did not help.

    Now whether or not that means it will affect some players confidence levels is a moot point, but whatever the affect on the players it certainly is not going to be to their benefit or to that of the team.


    It is unlike you to get hung up on what was a small issue in a very good Post.
    TA deserves better, don’t you think?

  • AFC, that is exactly the point I was trying to make. If you everyone uniformly decided to start abusing a player and chanting racist chants, then I’m sure it would have a bigger effect on player performance. However, we’re not dealing with the same level of negativity when it comes to Gervinho. Quietness, groans and a lack of positive chanting is in no way is deteriorating his confidence.

    Balo in Italy, van der Wiel and De Jong on the Netherlands in this past summer’s Euros etc., are and have been subject to much, much worse abuse from fans based on their skin colour. They still performed admirably well considering the circumstances imo. Coaching instills or takes away confidence more than anything.

    Also, I agree that a player playing better at home or away is a stupid theory too.

  • Gervinho exemplifies this season Arsenal. His ability to both make a brilliant move and disappoint in the same match will give us all grey hairs.

    He should improve his composure and decisions in order to avoid “headless-chicken routine” he was giving to us in more than a few occasions. I like him because he can do stuff no wingers in Premiership could since Arjen Robben and I hope that recent three games will give him much needed injection of self-confidence.

  • Redders, it’s not that I disrespect the quality of the post, as you can see from my second comment, I always respect TA’s posts and love when I see positivity shed on players who are often scapegoats.

    I’m just more puzzled about the theory that any negativity we show or express directly has a substantial impact on player confidence and performance. I think the root of the problem should be turned to an area that often goes unmentioned, coaching :).

  • Glic, I spoke to professional footballers too, albeit MLS ones, if that helps you to understand my comparison. The NA atmosphere is much, much nastier to professional athletes than in Europe. IMO, coaching has the biggest impact on player performance and confidence, not so much fans.

    We’re also not talking about abuse but “quietness, groans and a lack of chanting the player’s name”. Two entirely different animals if you ask me.

  • Hahaha Redders, I believe I already wrote an article on the lack of rotation at Arsenal, did I not (can’t remember hahaha!)? In either case, the playing time, likely lack of direction and confidence from AW and the coaching staff definitely affects our individual squad player’s confidence more than anything.

    Also, criticizing the coaching and the confidence they inspire outside of the starting 11 or their favourites would be a slightly sensitive topic for most readers and for myself personally (poor coaching ruined my career as I should be playing professional hockey right now!).

  • When Stretch got caught red handed shagging the women from Number 52 by his wife, I`m sure all the abuse Stretch got from his missus whilst grinding away affected his performance !. As sure that if she was cheering him on , he would have performed better !.

    I was not at the scene of Stretches adulterous performance and is indeed only an opinion.

  • HH, I fully see your point and I agree.

    Regarding this home and away thing I can only see it internationally. The only thing I can see affecting the players could be the size of pitch, condition and length of grass on the pitch. For instance if Arsenal players tried to play in some places abroad the grass length would be much longer and the condition of the pitch not as good therefore the Arsenal players are not used to the pitch and cannot play their passing game as effectively because of the grass length.

    For World Cups and other international competitions I can see the home and away theory. For instance England players going to Arfrica would have to deal with different heat conditions than they are normally used to, humditiy could also be a factor. Type of grass could be different. For example Anzhi use artificial pitches (astro-turf). Players used to playing on grass would have to get used to this surface.

  • HH, sorry for the spelling mistakes. I was trying to get all of my points down quickly before I forgot them.

  • AFC, I agree 100%. The home/away theory on the International stage has much more merit and makes more sense. In club football, I believe the effect is exaggerated and over stated.

  • Against Blackburn there were moans, groans and many fans simultaneously shouting abuse at Gervinho, like ‘Gervinho you are shit’ or ‘Gervinho you wanker’. IT was totally disproportionate and started from his first misplaced ball. I was there, so I know what happened.

    In my view that is the opposite of what supporters should do and it clearly affected his performance during that game.

    We have done it to Ramsey, Eboue, Song, Theo and I have no doubt that it has (had) adverse impact on both their performances and development.

    I also believe that African players need extra support as they often struggle to settle in, and it might explain why so very few Africans are playing in any of the top-teams any more.

    That is the last thing, I will say about it.

  • On the International stage, you also see the hostility from pride in one’s country and old-fashioned beliefs from more “isolated” parts of the world. By that I mean, the crowds and individuals can be quite backward in their thinking and race is a huge factor. It’s quite disappointing to witness, but then you realize that their culture is unfortunately not exposed to diversity.

  • hahahaha, if it was the bird at number 52 i was caught with it wouldnt be the Mrs i would be worried about, it would be her nasty looking pimp. hahaha

  • TA, I hear people calling Jack a wanker or that he’s bloody shit at almost every game. Despite me not being there, the chants and jeers are so loud that they can be heard on broadcasts. How does Jack respond? By playing the exact same way he always does, unphased.

    What I’m saying is that I can guarantee that coaching and playing time are failing Gervinho more than anything and that his confidence was already lost before the match even began. Whether you would like to admit it or not is an entirely different matter, since you hold AW in high regard.

    Supporters can do whatever they like though, there’s been a history of negativity in this game that cannot ever be changed. If players do not learn to deal with the adversity and take it head on, then perhaps they are not cut out for the EPL.

    Ramsey, Song, Theo etc. have all continued to play on and defy their critics with their performances. There’s still not much love for Ramsey or Theo, but they continue to focus on what they do best; play football.

    African players needing more support does have some merit, as they enter entirely different cultures than they are exposed to from their youth.

  • HH, maybe you should write a post on wherther fans affect players performance. 🙂

    And then I’ll write a post on the Home vs. Away theory. 🙂

  • AFC, I have been contemplating writing a post on ambience and it’s effect on player performance for quite some time :). However, it’s difficult to gauge interest in such an article and I’m sure many would “disagree” with the basis of the article (more so misinterpret).

  • HH, I can assure you that Jack and Gervinho get almost totally opposite support from the home fans. One is the hero and the other our current scapegoat.

  • Do you think TA would allow me to write a post on the home vs away theory considering it is not directly linked with Arsenal?

  • TA, I’m just saying that Jack is subject to a ton of abuse at games too. You’re right that it’s from away fans, but it’s still abuse nonetheless.

  • Haha I think TA would allow you write whatever you like AFC! However, his opinion in the comments section of your article may not agree with your premise/argument ;).

  • HH/AFC,

    Write your articles.

    It does not matter that some bloggers might disagree with you or if it is not totally Arsenal related. We all understand that 99% of what is discussed on footie blogs is simply opinion, speculation and conjecture, which only leaves 1% as indisputable fact.

    You know that we all get a fair hearing and the respect of other bloggers for the effort in writing a Post which gives everyone the chance to chat.

    My advice to you both? Go for it! 🙂

  • Vics, Terrys super 5, uneffected by jeers and insults form the crowd.

    Arsenal 5-0
    Totnumb – Everton draw
    Chelsea – Sunderland draw
    Man city
    Aston Villa

  • Santi Cazorla’s athlete page just asked this question:

    Which is the best midfield line?

    A. Vieira – Bergkamp – Ljungberg
    B. Song – Fabregas – Nasri
    C. Arteta – Wilshere – Cazorla

    Just wanted to re-post this from earlier as the question went unanswered. Is there any doubt that A isn’t the right answer?

  • HH, A is. But what midfield line-up fo you think is better? Song, Wilshere and Arteta or Arteta, Wilshere and Cazorla.

  • AFC, I would easily go with B over C, if they were all committed to Arsenal

  • Song beats Arteta at the DM position any day of the week and Fabregas is more advanced in his development than Wilshere, and more efficient in scoring output too. I’d take Cazorla over Na$ri though.

  • Redders @16:53 said “It does not matter that some bloggers might disagree with you or if it is not totally Arsenal related. We all understand that 99% of what is discussed on footie blogs is simply opinion, speculation and conjecture, which only leaves 1% as indisputable fact.”

    Brilliant point my friend, and this often goes lost amid opinions tied to personal beliefs and emotional states. The difficulty in my article will be linking it back to Arsenal, though I can see if I can find some data to prove my point or at least extrapolate it from hard data found in other sports.

  • I’m in favour of the 1%! ha ha

    HH – For once I think your somewhat dogmatic view ‘abuse makes no difference to performance’ does not allow for the individual differences? TA has already indicated that Gerv may be slightly isolated in the team, and may not have the outgoing personality of others?

    Whatever, if a player score a goal and then here another’s name coming back from the terraces, it isn’t going to go unnoticed?

    More interesting to though HH is the chavs game tonight, as we might get to see how M’vila is going on at Rubin Kazan? One that got away, or good miss?
    At his best, I still think he would have done a great job for us … on the pitch at least?

    I’ve been ‘spring cleaning’ today, and for someone who takes the Quentin Crisp attitude to housekeeping, it has been a major operation, and that was just the bedroom!

    For those of you who are not old enough to know his famous phrase .. ‘If you leave it long enough, dust does not get any worse after a couple of years’

  • HH – The A, B, C, choices do kind of miss out the other players around them?

    B, in the A team would not have been that shabby?

  • HH

    Easy………. “A”. But to make it more interesting, which 3 from all of them players would you have ?.
    My choice : Bergkamp, Viera and someone from Cesc,Jack and Santi which imo shows what two crackers we have now in Jack and Santi ! .
    It would probably be Cesc, but in a few years time I would probably say Jack !.

    So for now , that`s DB10 in the ” Hole”, PV4 box to box and Cesc pulling the strings and me excited pulling my plonker !. hahaha

  • Gerry, don’t hate my choices, it was Santi’s question on his facebook athlete page!

    As for the view that abuse does not affect player performance, I said that if everyone collectively started abusing him in serious manner (racial etc.) then it would obviously do harm. Under similar circumstances which I mentioned earlier, players have still be able to perform quite well. So, at what point does it come down to the player having to fortify his own mental strength?

    However, not chanting his name, quietness at the Emirates, groaning and isolated jeers would not have a substantial effect. I truly believe AW is poor at giving confidence and direction to his players outside of his starters and known favourites, evident by playing time and substitute appearances. He often isolates players and I believe his ignorance and lack of guidance to those who are not playing (in games, off the pitch and on the training ground) is what affects them the most.

  • Gerry. The worlds first ever carpet was made just too sweep dust underneath it !. It was made by a Mexican called Gonzalez, but it is still a mystery what came first, the carpet or underlay ?. I have a feeling it was the ……Underlay…underlay…underlay !. hahaha

  • I notice that the ‘big guns’ are missing from tonight’s Under 21 game at Southampton, and only Yennaris is on the bench? Any significance regards WBA?

    It may be they are a bit shattered from their trip to Italy, but we’ll see?

  • Here’s a for thought Saturday … Bellerin and Jenks down the right, Gibbs and Monreal down the left? Pace to burn and full defensive cover?

    The Kids are 0-1 up btw ..

  • Terry….thanks for your entries…..your odds are = 472-1

    GLiC……….Mutants pooh…?
    Dame White nuts = ?
    Sticky Toe =?
    Nuns Ladder = ?
    Shit Mecca entry = ?

  • Vic`s go back to my comment yesterday @ 11:30 and click on the links below my predictions and all will be revealed, you know I like to be different !. hahaha

  • I see the links are outdated, so we can blame Goldmember ( Less world dominatrannie looking at planes to invade Belgium and more football ! ) for keeping me in moderation allday !. Shame, it was inventive and quite good !.

    All anagrams:

    Mutants Pooh = Southampton

    Dame White Nuts = West Ham United

    Sticky Toe = Stoke City

    Nuns Ladder = Sunderland

    Shit Mecca Entry = Manchester City

    All to win.

  • Glic, I would be drooling at the thought of Vieira, Bergkamp and Cesc in midfield all together…

    I would choose Cesc over Jack because he’s better at the defence splitting passes and is more efficient near goal in finding his man and scoring goals. Cesc’s range and variety of passing are phenomenal and he would be the best option to complement Vieira’s game.

    Jack, on the other hand, is faster, better at taking on players and has more spine to his game than Cesc. Though, one could never fault Cesc for lacking passion for Arsenal every time he stepped out onto the pitch.

  • New post New Post 🙂

    Marcus takes us through the advantages of squad rotation and wonders why it has not been happening a lot more this season.

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