Suarez’s hunger keeps Chelsea at arm’s length – Should Arsenal buy him?


Obviously, everybody is talking about the ‘Suarez bite’ this morning, and with good reason! Biting an opponent, just like spitting, is totally unacceptable. Kids are not allowed to do this at school and all footballers know that they should never bite an opponent; all that is, including the Uruguayan.

In fact, Suarez knows this better than anybody else, having been punished severely in the past in Holland for a similar cannibalistic impulse. We all know that in boxing, and even in rugby, sportsmen have been known to bite their opponents, but in football this is very rare and there will be no stone available for Suarez to crawl under this time.

I have said a few times in posts and comments that football is emotion, and there are very few footballers who are more passionate and committed than Suarez. I did not realise his nickname was El Pistolero, but how appropriate it is!

If all his emotion is triggered in the right direction, and with full focus, the Uruguayan is a total powerhouse of a player: Top Scorer in the PL and the best all-round attacker this season. He can dribble past opponents with ease, can shoot from a decent distance, is good in the air (despite his lack of height), is a fox in the box, as well as an attacking midfielder or ideal nr.10, and has passion and stamina in huge quantities.

But being in possession of such powerful weapons requires a strong ability to keep your calm in the heat of the fight; to regulate your adrenaline rushes, and not turn the gun to yourself, or cause any ‘friendly fire’.

Suarez clearly is not capable to control himself constantly on the pitch, and he is going to pay a heavy price for his latest fall from grace. It will be hard for the The Reds – both club and their usually extremely loyal and self-defensive fans – to defend him: they did it once, and in my view got that horrible wrong (remember the T-shirts?!), but I am sure they will restrain from doing so time round.

The reason I am writing this post about Suarez is two-fold.

Firstly, despite his preposterous behaviour, he actually did us an enormous favour by never giving up and scoring the very late equaliser that took two very, very valuable points away from the Chavs. As a result, the Chavs stayed a point behind us in the league table, and the game in hand for the Chavs and Spuds, which happens to be against each other, by itself, cannot knock us out of the top-four. It is now up to us to get as many or more points out of our four remaining games as they do and then at least a top-four place is ours.

Secondly, he happens to be exactly the sort of player we have been missing this season, and would fit into Arsenal like a glove, in terms of his technical football skills, which leads me to the question:

Should Arsene go all out and sign Suarez up this summer?

Let me first state, that I believe there is no excuse and place for racist remarks on the pitch – or anywhere else – biting opponents, or constantly diving to get penalties and free-kicks.

But I also believe that players should be given another chance after they have had their severe punishment, and this includes Suarez. I don’t think the Uruguayan is a deeply bad/nasty person, but perhaps very naïve and someone who finds it hard to control his emotions.

The key question is, can he still be ‘saved’ as in coached to become a more responsible and controlled person?

I am also a realist, in that if Liverpool feel they should sell him now to avoid future embarrassments, they are likely to want to sell to a non-PL team. At 26 and at the height of his professional career, he would be a force in any major European team, and with lots of oil-money now sloshing around outside the PL as well, he is most likely to end up outside the UK – if the Reds decide to sell him indeed.

If there is one manager who can man-manage Suarez into a more mature and controlled player on the pitch, it is Arsene Wenger. No doubt his football skills would make us significantly stronger in one go.

But what do you think: should we try very hard to sign him up this summer?

Written by: TotalArsenal.

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145 Responses to Suarez’s hunger keeps Chelsea at arm’s length – Should Arsenal buy him?

  1. Red Arse says:

    Another interesting proposition, TA 🙂

    Suarez is a great finisher, and what a pity we did not try and buy him before ‘Pool bought him.

    Anyway, whether we should buy him, or not, is a moot point as the ‘Pool CEO has come out and said he wants him to stay at their club. [I think he is their only world class player]

    Despite him being Gnasher Suarez I would be tempted to buy him, as the chances of him doing his nibbling act again is unlikely, but if he has racist tendencies, that is bad, and I would say no!!

  2. Gbenga Odesola says:

    Suarez Issue

    I am an Arsenal support. I will support Arsenal going for Suarez instead Jovetic (Florentina). Suarez is tested in the EPL while we don’t know if Jovetic will adapt or deliver.

  3. AFC says:

    TA, did you get my e-mails?

    In answer to Suarez NO. If it was just down to football yes. But he is a disruptive player on the pitch. Biting Ivanovic, racist remarks to Evra and TA I have just heard he got banned by the dutch league for biting another player. I think you read my comments when myself, BJ and Milo were discussing him.

  4. AFC says:

    Suarez and Terry are the most dirsuptive players in the PL in recent years.

  5. AFC says:

    TA, reagrding the post that is fine.

    I can take players who fight and are disruptive I.e. Barton, Balotelli but not racists like Suarez and Terry.

  6. AFC says:

    * regarding

  7. Red Arse says:

    Now I would like some of the great philosophers and/or those with gigantic intellects to tell me the answer to this fundamental question.

    Arsene has been promised a ‘war chest’ for transfers this summer of approximately £70m.

    Now, the question: If we qualify for the CL places this season, will the money from that (£30m) be added to the original £70m to make £100m available, or will the original £70m be reduced by the £30m we will forego for not qualifying, making a paltry £40m?

    Bear in mind that the ‘transfer fund’ has to pay for any increased salaries of existing players, together with the salaries of any new players, as well as the actual transfer fees involved.

    Marks will be awarded for concise phraseology! 🙂

  8. AFC says:

    RA, this is my view on it.

    Apparently Wenger and the board have drawn up two lists of transfer targets. One is if we qualify for the CL, the other is if we do not. So I think if we get into the CL we will have 70 million, it may increase to around 85 million based on sponseship deals, maybe. I am not sure. I think if we do not make the CL we will have around the 40 mill mark to spend. The board have said something about Arsenal not being able to sustain the wages they are paying now so the money will have to be made up to compensate for not qualifying for the CL.

    I have tried to be very brief.

  9. Red Arse says:

    Your brevity, AFC, is exemplary. 🙂

    As usual, there is no concise answer to the type of question I have posed, as PR statements are always designed to leave plenty of ‘wriggle room’ for the issuer of such trite comments.

    Another such Arsenal PR statement, that has an impact on my question, was: the transfer funds available for Arsene are ‘ring fenced’ and not affected by whether we achieve CL qualification, or not.

    In other words, the answer to my question is whatever the Arsenal BoD want it to be!! 😀

  10. IslingtonN5 says:

    as controversial as he is, we could do with some bite upfront. excellent player, player of the year in my book, although needs to temper his emotions a tad.

    Is always looking to create and link up, he would strengthen any team despite the baggage and risk involved. i say take him.

  11. AFC says:

    RA, you are spot on and I saw that in the message of your question. It seems to me that the board are trying to play. First they say there is 70 mill regarding of whether we qualify for the CL or not and now when they realise the reality that we might not actually qualify for the CL they have changed it. And they will keep changing and changing it to suit the current situation of where we are.

  12. AFC says:

    * play us

  13. Glic says:

    Thanks Toal van Itchyscrotumstein. 🙂

    It`s all OK, Ivanoarmleft has forgiven ” Hannibal ” !. Could have been worse if they were tussling on the turf, Ivanocockleft might have been less forgiving !.

    I would bury……..I mean……. buy the bastardo !. Top Quality if he were available, but very much doubt it !.

    Hi Redders 🙂

    Not that I can say anything that someone in your profession would not already know, but my pastie`s worth.
    From what I have been led to believe from the Arsenal propaganda is : We have had money set aside for years to counter any CL non-qualification. So the £70m is there regardless as a minimum and like you have questionably suggested….stick another £30m on top if we do qualify !.
    Dont think players will not come to Arsenal if we dont qualify. We will get anyone if the wage is right !. ( Just using these C**ts as an example ) How have the Spuds held onto Bale, bought Dembele and Vertonghan etc without CL, I should imagine we pay at least 20% higher wages than them !.

  14. AFC says:

    RA, it is good we have an accountant on Bergkampesque. You always teach me something about the financial situation of Arsenal and you put in terms which are very easy to understand so the average lay man like myself can understand what you are saying.

    Well done for that. 🙂

  15. gunner says:

    Suarez is the man. We are a football club and we should bring people that brings results on the field. His social life and any other behavior is nothing to a football club. We can’t afford messi then suarez is all we shld get for he is the afforsable version of messi. I would go for him without hesitation

  16. Glic says:

    Bloody Hell AFC. Redders must be mellowing out, as there was a time when no one could understand a word he printed without a ” Star Trek Universal Translater ! ” . hahaha

  17. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the responses. Had to be out straight after the post, but have now a bit of time to respond.


    It might we be a moot point, but let me put this to you: if they have decided to sell him, would they not come out and say the opposite to keep his price high?

  18. Glic says:

    Dont forget, as put up on previous post, the U21`s play Twattenham tonight @ 7:pm. Live Tweets on !.

  19. TotalArsenal says:

    AFC, yes he can be very disruptive but …….. very productive as well. Key question is can he move on and mature, and could Arsene ‘tame’ him?

  20. TotalArsenal says:


    I would be very suprised if we were to make a net-spend above £25m this season. Some will come and some will go and they might even balance the books again.

  21. AFC says:

    TA, for me he cannot be tamed. He is stuck in his ways. For instance with Balotelli you could tell he was still very immature and young. Most of what he did was just childish. What Suarez is doing is much more serious.

  22. TotalArsenal says:


    Fantastic footballer indeed, but what if we spend say £25m on him and he kicks a referee or bites a linesperson, or does something else that makes it impossible to keep him?

    Can he be ‘tamed’?

  23. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Gunner, see my comment to IslingtonN5 above.

  24. AFC says:

    TA, you have to think of two things.

    Firstly we are one of the leading clubs in fighting racism so imagine how hypocritical that would look if we signed Suarez. We are fighting racism but signing racists. Do you get what I am trying to say. So in my opinion the board and Wenger would never sign him. Bad for PR.

    Secondly when hew racially abused Evra he rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. Would Sagna want to work with someone who racially abused fellow countryman and friend Evra. Quite frankly I would not with for him.

    Then you have to ask yourself the suspensions and more trouble he would cause at Arsenal. Then our players would be caught up in his affairs. Players having to choose sides, sign statements which could lead to players and management falling out etc.

  25. Glic says:

    Do not worry about, ” can he be tamed ” Totes. Dr Glic is an expert hypnotherapist and My Partner Dr Stretch is an expert in many fields and as a last resort could apply a ” Vulcan mind meld ” to Suarez`s cock !. hahaha

  26. TotalArsenal says:

    AFC 🙂

    Suarez made racist remarks for which he was rightly severly punished. However, that does not make him a long-term/structural racist, does it? Has he made anymore racist remarks after that or has he, perhaps, learnt his lesson?

  27. AFC says:

    * he

  28. TotalArsenal says:

    Master Glic, you are in fine form again! 😀

  29. AFC says:

    TA, he may have changed. But he has been found guilty of racially abusing a player so he will always have that with him.

    Think of Terry. I think he was in the anti-racism campaign. Not sure. And I think he got dropped afterwards.

  30. Ricky Doors says:

    would AW add on any additional funds raised by the sale of any players to the £70m ‘warchest’. I mean if Verm or Kos goes along with Ramsey, Sagna and any deadwood players we could be looking at nearly £50m extra to play with? Not that i want to lost them players!

  31. AFC says:

    TA, also if he was sorry for what he did to Evra why did he not shake his hand whem Evra tried to put the situation behind him.

  32. TotalArsenal says:

    AFC, you are right to point out the risks to me, and I agree with your points to some extent. The question is whether he can improve with the help of Arsene, and your assumption that some players might not want to play with him could be wrong, no?

    I am not sure whether I would want him or not, and that is why I wrote the post: to see whether I can make my mind up about him.

  33. AFC says:

    * when

  34. AFC says:

    TA, it really is a dilemma.

    Some players might forgive and forget and would not mind working with him but what about the players who we have in our team (similar to Ferdinand) who do not want to work with these kind of players. Also I am sure a number of our black players who have played abroad before coming to Arsenal have been racially abused, so they might not want to work with Suarez.

  35. TotalArsenal says:

    AFC, he should have shaken Evra’s hand, agreed.

  36. AFC says:

    TA, also how would fans react if we signed Suarez. There could be numerous protests, divisions within the fans etc.

  37. TotalArsenal says:

    You are just assuming that, AFC (at 14.04).

  38. TotalArsenal says:

    AFC, I don’t think there would be any negative reaction to us signing him, especially after things have calmed down a bit.



    Yes , TA i would have him. As my esteemed partner Cornwall says, working in conjuction with Professor LibenshDick of Viena university we have developed a way to control a mans basic impulses by cock manipulation alone. Its a fantastic breakthough

    So far, in human trials 82% of social misfits have responded to cock therapy and have shown no symptoms of aggresive or racist behaviour. The only variable currently skewing the results is the copious amounts of morphine injected into the test subjects, but we believe this has very liitle impact.

    Side effects are minimal. Only 7% of subjects have displayed unsual behaviour. One man turned into a homesexual over night, another thought he was Napoleon and tried to kill a Porter, and one other addmited to a flashing incident dating back to 2003.

    So yes, a bit of cock therapy, and Suarez could be our man.

  40. AFC says:

    TA, you are right, I am just assuming that. 🙂

    He would be a good buy but if he cause any more trouble it would be really hard to sell him without making a huge loss.

  41. AFC says:

    TA, if I am honest I think clubs will try to stay away from him. That is good if we want to sign him. He would come to us, there is no doubt about that. 🙂

  42. TotalArsenal says:

    Terry 🙂

    AFC, I must admit in many ways it does not feel right and it is definitely risky. Not an easy choice to make.

  43. jgc says:


    SO, glad you wrote this. Sitting in an airport (Heathrow actually) waiting for NZ flights. Anyway, constant reruns of “the incident” on TV got me thinking and about Suarez and why I love Arsenal so much. So, FWIW, here goes…

    FIRST, Suarez is not your typical whinging, falling over, prima donna who gets into trouble (or not), which you can read as RvJ, Rooney, Balotelli et al. This is a man as you characterised in comments so perfectly as “genius and madness”. I will put it another way, a man with an ACTUAL REAL PROBLEM. The man needs help, not to be bought or sold or with us or against us…

    For your question, NO, we should not buy him. I would hope ‘Pool would: a) keep him; and b) give him a year off of dedicated help!

    SECOND, part of what makes me love Arsenal so much in part is the quality of the people we always seem to have. Rose colored glassess off, they are all human but in general, no whingers, no crybabies, no posers… We play or hope to play, and definitely sell the club to the serious fan, as a relatively “pure” place where football, and “good” football rules… We play clean but “outgoing/attacking” and “fair”… I think the same applies to our players, who are all “good citizens” as such things go…

    ==> I like very much to think that if this happened at Arsenal, Suarez would be protected AND helped… I cant say it’s the truth but if you witness the faith we have had in Diaby (and RvJ) and others, it is clear that thinking about the players comes first at Arsenal before results (or we’d have let him go and bought someone else before considering anything else). Can we say that about many other PL teams, *especially* those above us?

    If you look at Jack, AOC, even Theo and Giroud (both with occasional posturing! ;^) et al they are all relatively awesome people and citizens. I would rather finish 4th, 5th or otherwise not win hardware than have a team full of other types!!!

    So, rant over, no, we should not have him, because he needs help. I am very pleased by early reports/rumors that ‘Pool will perhaps do their bit. Players today often get too much (opinion) based on what they can do and too little (also opinion) on who they are. And, worse, when trouble strikes the obsessive compulsive you are almost required to be to get there, then suddenly no one really knows you too much… hmmm… even if they profited for xxx years beforehand from you…

    I’d rather win like everyone else here, BUT, given a choice, I’d rather lose well looking after our players than win poorly (f you take my meaning), and be a club that is about the players rather than about the results… I dont see focusing on players as being absent of results, despite the difficulties of a more modern world where everyone knows everything and there are lots of free spenders.. It is perhaps why it hurts so much when a player like RvJ leaves after you put so much faith in them…

    So, \end_rant and off towards AirNZ Flight #1… jgc

  44. AFC says:

    TA, Suarez wants CL football and if we qualify and make an offer the deal could happen. Only thing is that Liverpool could try to make it as hard as possible for us to buy him.

  45. TotalArsenal says:

    jgc – fantastic comment and great alternative look at the situation. I am not sure Liverpool have the management insight / Human Resources know how at the club to deal with Suarez’s problems appropriately. But yes, they should indeed support and work with him to overcome them.

    Have a good flight and catch up with you once you are back in Nieuw Zeeland! 😛

  46. adah says:

    I would have love to comment but the millions said never changed Wenger. So why ask for our input? As a gunner he is a welcome addition if he can be managed.

  47. Mike says:

    Sure he is a skilled player but NOT Gunner material. I no more want him then Balotelli for the same reasons some players are not worth dealing with the baggage that comes along with them.

  48. Red Arse says:

    Thank you for your comment @ 13:24, AFC, but as Glic, my friend and well known fan of Total van Bonkmeinclogstein, has said, I put all my comments through a filter nowadays otherwise you would all realize I am a Vulcan theorist. 🙂

  49. Glic says:

    Dr Stretch. How is your breakthrough paper on….. “The Vulcan Nerve Pinch, the cure for pre-mature ejaculation ?”….coming along ( no pun intended ) ?. I hear in the clinical tests, there were problems with your test guinea pig VCC after the mixing up of the ” Vulcan Nerve Pinch” and the “Vulcan Death Grip ” and the inevitable life of Zimmering for the poor spastard !.

  50. Glic says:

    I will however give credit where it`s due and say that since the accident where VCC lost his helmet due to the “Vulcan Death Grip Incident ” . VCC has been touring the country on a Zimmer Peace Tour and in recognition of his work towards world peace has been awarded the,……” Nobellend Peace Prize ” !.

  51. Red Arse says:


    When you say ‘net spend’ of £25m, do you mean on a per player basis, or in total?

    Personally, I would think the £70m is already there, but in addition there will be savings made on players leaving – salaries and perhaps some transfer fees, and, if we are eventually able to secure CL qualification, then additional funds will be forthcoming.

    So, I would not be surprised if we spent £100m this summer (provided AW feels it is necessary). That could translate into £25m ear-marked for contract/salary extensions, and leaving £75m for new players.

    As rule of thumb, the transfer fee should be doubled to allow for the player’s salary.
    A £15m player needs a £15m salary – £30m. That means we could buy 3 * £15m players + their salaries [£45m + £45m = £90m].

    Hold up — I can hear you say, that’s £15m more than the budger (above). And you are right.

    But here’s the rub. When we previously bought players, their annual salary was deducted from the profit and loss account each year, as normal. However, their transfer fee is divided by the number of years of their contract, so a £16m transfer fee for a player (say Arshavin) who has a 4 year contract is amortized (written off) at £4m per year.

    Remember, when we sold Fabregas and Robin van Tinywinkle, not only did we receive the transfer fees for them, we did not have to pay or charge their salaries to our profit and loss account in the ensuing periods either.

    The same accounting principle would apply with the purchase of our new players, and with the increased EPL sponsorship deal, starting next August, as well as our increased club sponsorship coming on stream, I think there is plenty of scope to ‘adjust’ any budgeted transfer spend without breaching the club’s self sustaining model.

    I know the value of the transfer budget available is conjecture, and there are a number of assumptions we have to make, in the absence of hard facts, but the principles involved stand up to scrutiny.

    The fact is, our most expensive player has been Arshavin at £15m, so buying 3 such players in one go, or one £30m player and one £15m player would have an instant impact on our wonderful club.

    It’s all to play for — if AW wants to change his policy!! 😀

  52. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi RA,

    Thanks for that: very interesting! 🙂

    I was just thinking down the simple lines of we spend £20 on two players each and £5m on an experienced, ‘older’ GK = £45m. And then we sell players worth in the region of £15-20m. I did not take the salaries into account though. WIth the quality players we are likely to sign th salary costs would go up, even when we take into account the salary savings we are likely to make this summer.

    But I don’t think we’ll spend more than £30-35m in total: more would be very unArsenal like! Would be very welcome though! 🙂

  53. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC, in response to yesterday (not sure if you’ve heard), AW has appealed the 3 match ban given to OG for his red card.

  54. AFC says:

    HH, I do not know whatt to do now. I have already written the article and it is coming out tonight. I will have to talk to TA about it.

  55. Glic says:

    Gibbs, Verm, Ox, Gerv, Pod, Wilshere……….I`m thinking that 6 would all be starters at any below top 5 team and some would be starters at the rest !. They were our BENCH versus Fulham !. I think we have some great quality in the squad, but to take us to the next level we MUST spend that £70m( If no CL ) to £100m ( If CL ) in the summer.
    I am blinkered and all I want is Gotze or Isco, I will leave it to you BKers to sort out the boring ones !. hahaha
    Believe me, it will happen in the summer, we will more than break our previous record transfer fee by a country mile !.

  56. AFC says:

    HH, the article was asking people who should play upfront- Podolski or Walcott in Giroud’s abense. I will most likely change it to who do you think is more effective/better playing as the main striker.

  57. Highbury Harmony says:

    Morning fellow Gooners :).

    TA, another great article and you are really chomping at the current events these days aren’t you? I definitely agree with you that Suarez just lets the emotions of the game get the better of him and that AW could get the best from him after dealing with brash personalities like Suarez in the past. In regards to the racist remarks, it’s unfortunately part of his culture as not all places in the world are quite as advanced in accepting of other races. Still, there was no excuse in not shaking Evra’s hand after the fact, which was terrible on LS’s part.

    From a footballing perspective, LS is the exact type of striker we need. A clinical finisher who can create on his own and can lead the line himself or link-up with another striker. He has the technical ability to seamlessly fit into Arsenal football and he’s already proven that he’s a top scorer in the PL. He has been committed to every club he’s played for and honours his contract, which will definitely appeal to AW. His “hunger for goals” is a desirable quality and passion (whether he takes it too far is another story…) to win football games is unrivalled.

    From an overall team perspective though, AW will not see LS as a worthy gamble. AW’s trend in purchases displays that he’s willing to sacrifice a bit of quality in order to bring a player who has a team first mentality and a good head on their shoulders. Only AW will know whether this pattern will continue or if it’ll be successful long-term in producing us the desired results. With that said, Suarez’s personality is too volatile and he would undoubtedly bring a negative image to the club. I do not believe a coach will be able to remove diving from a player’s already established game and learning when to appropriately bridle your emotions could take years.

    What is interesting, is how a club struggling for CL football manages to hold onto its top players year after year. Gerrard, Suarez, G.Johnson, Reina etc. have all stay committed to Liverpool over the dark years; Arsenal could learn a thing or two from the culture they’ve established in not selling star players. For us, it all begins with not selling long time veterans in Rosicky and Sagna and proving to the rest of the squad and world that we’re not a selling club and that there’s a greater importance than profit when it comes to players who have been loyal to you over the years and have also delivered results for the club.

  58. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC, leave it as is my friend :). It’ll still be an interesting article nonetheless and OG will still be suspended at least 1 game!

  59. AFC says:

    HH, I will not change it. I will just include the fact that Wenger has appealed Giroud’s suspension. 🙂

  60. AFC says:

    HH, am I right to assume that if Wenger’s appeal is unsucessful Giroud will remain suspended until May 19th?

  61. AFC says:

    HH, ignore that last comment!

    TA, I have sent you an email of the final draft of my article which you are issuing tonight with a few changes. 🙂

  62. TotalArsenal says:

    HH fine comment 🙂

    You are probably right that Arsene would not want him, as he might not fit into the team very well.

    Liverpool held onto some players well but then they let the likes of Torres, Macherano and most crucially Alonso go. They also did not have to build and finance a new stadium,which makes it easier to hold onto their players in my view.

  63. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers AFC

    I had a dream the BFG led the line up-front and was absolutely awesome hahaha 😛

  64. AFC says:

    TA, for some reason I have always thought of Vermaelen leading the line. His powerful shots and powerful header would be a problem for any GK. 😀

  65. TotalArsenal says:

    AFC, Giroud and TV could swap positions for one game; wouldn’t that be interesting?! hahaha 😛

  66. Fred says:

    Hi guys great post again. However, although I think that Suarez is a great player I personally would not want to see him at arsenal due to his previous actions. If we were going to sign any player with a “temper” then I would prefer we signed Super Mario, as he also is very passionate but a little less of a problem.

    However, for the striking problem Wenger has allured to the fact of making Podolski a central striker, which would be a good move in my eyes. In which case we would probably need to sign a new left winger, in which case I would like to see arsenal sign Iker Muniain. Hes a player of great technical ability, he’s young (only 20) and is beginning to break into Spains first team already, also he can play upfront as well and has been dubbed the Spanish Messi. We could probably pick him up for around the 20-25m mark so would cost less than Suarez, his wages would be significantly lower and I think he would be a better signing.

  67. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Fred,

    Thanks for commenting.

    I would not want Balotelli as I never know whether he even cares about his football or team he plays for. With Suarez you know he will give his all, which is one of his strengths. But in terms of discipline and potential to do something stupid they are pretty similar 😦

    I like the sound of Muniain, but must admit I don’t know much of him. However, he is still young and I would prefer an experienced winger. And I do agree with you that we need a winger, especially if and when the Pod is moved centrally permanently.

  68. AFC says:

    TA, that would be interesting.

    Maybe that is Wenger’s master plan for next season. 😀

  69. AFC says:

    TA, I think that may be a bit harsh on Balotelli. He does care but he puts on this bad boy image. I remember when Italy got battered by Spain in the Euro’s, Balotelli was the first and only player (I think) in the Italy team who was crying.

  70. Glic says:

    Yes, Iker Muniain, I liked him against Manure, I would not say no, maybe one that will slip under the radar of the other greedy bastardo teams….alright I meant The Chavs in particular…..buying all the little technical gifted players !.
    Iker… fits aswell ! hahaha

  71. Fred says:

    I know what you mean, personally I wouldn’t like either Balotelli or Suarez at the club. I personally think that we are going to go for a raid on La Liga, there are some very Arsene Wenger like signings to be made there. You have Benat for the DM role and Aspas for the CF role. Both of whom have buy out clauses of less then 10m euros. They could be good for arsenal but I personally would want to see at least one high-profile signing this summer. Whilst Suarez would be a high-profile signing I think based on his personality he’s not the right person for arsenal. Unless after this incident he drastically changes.

    As for Muniain despite his young age he has already started in over 100 games for Bilbao. I have watched him a few times and I have to say the comparions to Messi are a bit over the top. I personally would compare him more to Hazard at the moment as in he’s the player getting the assist of the assist, but he has the technical ability to do very well at arsenal.

  72. AFC says:

    TA, I have only seen him for Man City and Italy so you may be right. He is very selfish at times and only seems happy when things are going right for him.

  73. TotalArsenal says:

    Fred, do you watch a lot of la Liga then?

  74. TotalArsenal says:

    He is a phenomenally good player, AFC, that is for sure.

  75. TotalArsenal says:

    Out for a bit – cooking time 🙂

  76. Fred says:

    GLIC, I personally think it would be a great shame to see Iker’s talents squandered at a greedy team like Chavski or Real Madrid, if we signed him I honestly think he could become a world class player, but as TA said it could be a bit of a risk due to his age. But if Podolski does become a central striker, I honestly cannot think of anyone better than Muniain if we do sign a Winger that would come within our transfer budget, allowing for a couple of extra signings as well.

  77. Fred says:

    I watch La Liga fairly often, not as often as I watch Arsenal though, my Spanish team are Malaga so I only really watch their games every so often. But Benat and Aspas would be very good for their price although they would not significantly bolster our squad. My ideal signings for DM and CF would be Reus and Sven/Lars Bender. But they would cost significantly more than those two both in terms of transfer fee and wages.

  78. Glic says:

    Hi Fred 🙂

    I think Iker would be cheaper than Isco , but just as good, as I said he`s a bit under the radar , which aint a bad thing. Make it so Arsene !. Now to get that Isco tattoo removed from my Hampton !. hahaha

    A couple of vids for Total to dribble about and one has some stuff against Manure !.

  79. Highbury Harmony says:

    I am a big Bilbao fan and I agree with Fred’s assessment on Muniain. However, in comparison to Hazard, Muniain stays on his feet more and does not drop to the ground at the slightest bit of contact. Muniain’s goal scoring instincts are not quite as high as Hazard’s is right now though, but he’s better at taking players on one on one and at being direct in attack.

  80. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA, in regards to Liverpool selling Alonso and Mascherano, those were inevitable sales though. When Barca or Real come calling, it’s extremely difficult to fend off interest, especially in the case of Alonso wanting to play domestically. At least their players are loyal enough to not play for another English club ;). Where as we’ve seen van Judas, Na$ri, Adebarndoor, Ca$hley Cole, Clitcy etc. all move on to other top flight EPL destinations…

  81. Fred says:

    I couldn’t agree more glic, he is definately one for the future, providing he doesn’t go to teams like man city, chavski or real madrid. He would be a very good signing for us, and if podolski is made a central striker, I think that Muniain could easily be our first choice left winger, his technical ability is already better than Gervinho’s and we would probably slip in seemlessly into our team.

  82. Highbury Harmony says:

    Muniain will also honour his wing responsibilities more and his pace, balance, composure, creativity, link-up play and ball control make him a better starter there than either Theo or Santi. However, like both, he’s not a natural winger and is not too adept at crossing the ball. Still, he’d be better than anything we currently have and his future does not lie in the center of the park (nor does he have any desire to play there).

  83. Fred says:

    HH – Couldn’t have put it better myself, but he’s still a couple of years younger than Hazard so can easily improve his finishing. He has great potential and that is something which Wenger has been known to look for, so in someways it would be a typical yet good signing for us. Especially if you consider we had the chances to sign Hazard when he was about Muniain’s age and we missed out on it, hopefully Wenger won’t want to miss out twice to a team like Chelsea over two very talented young players.

  84. Glic says:

    So thats it then, we make out we`re interested in Isco with a Arsene look-a-like in Malaga and when the Chavs or City try to nip in at the last minute of TW Deadline Day for our decoy, the real Arsene is in Bilbao dotting the i`s and crossing the t`s for Iker`s signing !. F**king BK Black Ops stuff does it again and no chloroform or Vulcan mind meld needed !. hahaha.

  85. Fred says:

    Either that or as the Chavs or City are about to nip us to the post with the siging of Isco we use chloroform to knock out the chav and city representatives and we sign both Isco and Iker.

  86. RockyLives says:

    Good question TA

    Here’s a thought: was Suarez’s bite more cynical than it might appear?

    It’s clear that Liverpool won’t be getting CL footy any time soon; Suarez has some years left on his contract; but he would undoubtedly like to play for a “top” team.

    If Liverpool say they have no intention of selling him, how does he get out of this fix?

    Simples: he behaves so badly that the club decides to sell him.

    Ergo… Ivanovich for lunch…

    The only problem is that ‘Pool are so desperate that I suspect they’ll stand by him even after this latest disgrace – which may well disappoint the diving Uruguayan.

    Would I have him at Arsenal?

    I’d bite your arm off…

  87. Glic says:


    Suarez has just killed Kenny (Dalglish ) and the bastards are still standing by him !.

  88. Glic says:

    Dont say that Fred !……….Iker and Isco !……… cocks going to explode !. hahaha

  89. Highbury Harmony says:

    Glic, I think you’re the only one interested in “making out” with Isco hahaha!

  90. Highbury Harmony says:

    Fred, I will say that at roughly the same age, Hazard was producing more offensively than Muniain, albeit in a lesser league (Ligue 1 vs. La Liga). However, it’s not to take away from Hazard’s accomplishments since Ligue 1 is not really known for having explosive goal scorers either. Still, players who are able to dominate in La Liga, ultimately dominate the EPL with their sheer skill and technical ability, simply because Spain develops the best footballers and are still in their golden generation, in addition to the fact that the EPL is still miles behind.

  91. Fred says:

    We could also get the wenger decoy to rob Abramovich’s cronies and steal their breifcase full of Russian Mafia Money and use it to get Isco for free.

  92. Glic says:

    I cant help it HH……..he looks so hot in my fantasy black Arsenal away kit !. hahaha

  93. Fred says:

    True Hazard is a great player, and is showing that at the moment for the chavs, but personally I think Muniain has the potential to be a better all round player. In the long term it would be a small risk as I would be surprised if he didn’t seriously improve under Wenger but in the short term as you said he is still an up-grade on anyone we have on the wing at the moment.

  94. Highbury Harmony says:

    Glic, not just in your fantasy black Arsenal away kit, but your fantasies in general 😉

  95. Fred says:

    looks like Suarez is going to at least miss the rest of the season, as the fa have said 3 games is not a long enough ban and they have four games to go.

  96. Highbury Harmony says:

    Fred, for me, Muniain has a better head on his shoulders and is less of a mercenary. Hazard lets the media and the fame get to him, where as Muniain is more humble and focuses on football. Muniain would be a better fit for the team mentality AW is building and there’s not a serious compromise in quality when you compare the two. Hazard’s production in the last year of Lille was outstanding, which led to a serious inflation in his price. Muniain, as you stated, has not had that breakout year yet and his transfer fee of approx. £20 mil or less should accurately reflect that.

  97. Glic says:

    And whose fault is it that I have these fantasies ?. What bastardo first introduced me to him on the BK blind date service ?. You dispicable f**ker !. hahaha

  98. Highbury Harmony says:

    Hahaha Glic, don’t point the finger at me! There’s a Malaga fan now on BK, clearly the blame goes out to him 😉

  99. Fred says:

    Let’s hope that Wenger signs him so that his breakout year is at Arsenal! After this his price will obviously increase. I completely agree with you on the pricing of him, if we could get him for around the £15m mark it would represent a good bit of business, but realistically Bilbao are likely to ask for closer to the £20m mark having just lost llorente, and I have a feeling that we should sign him this transfer window, as he could emerge from the shadow of llorente as Bilbao’s main man next season.

  100. Fred says:

    Damn… So now I’m getting the blame for GLIC’s sick fantasies, I need to find someone who’s first team is Malaga now to get them to take the blame, and the Chloroform.

  101. AFC says:

    The only thing I do not get about this Suarez incident is how biting Ivanovic came into his mind.

  102. Fred says:

    AFC, maybe he’s been eating bath salts apparently they turn people into canibals.

  103. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC, BR told him to be hungry for goals in order to take 5th place from Everton or else Pool will not qualify for Europa league! Unfortunately, LS took it literally instead of figuratively and went a step too far…

  104. TotalArsenal says:

    hahaha brilliant Rocky 🙂

    You know you could well be right! Maybe the handball was part of that cynical plot….

    It would not surprise me at all, but we will never know for sure, I guess!

  105. AFC says:

    Fred and HH, too funny. 😀

    Is Suarez not embarrased. I would be if millions of people around the world saw me biting some guy.

  106. AFC says:

    * embarrassed

  107. Highbury Harmony says:

    Fred, 100% agreed on trying to get Muniain before his price rises and becomes inflated. He’s still flying relatively under the radar right now and he’d be a shrewd bit of business for AW. Buying young players with mature personalities like Muniain could be vital for our club in establishing long-term loyalty, as he’s a much different type of person than Na$ri, Adebarndoor etc.

  108. Fred says:

    HH, totally in agreement with you, we bought Na$ri when he was around Muniain’s age for around 12m, if we could get Muniain for around that price or 15m, it would be a very, very good deal for us I think. As you said he’s a different type of person to Na$ri and unlike that greedy badger he always gives 110% from what I’ve seen, whilst Na$ri did have better stats when he came to us it was in the inferior French divison, Muniain has much more potential than Na$ri and Adebarndoor.

    I also have a feeling this is a deal that might go through. As many of you have said he is relatively under the radar at he moment, he’s young, has great technical ability, is within our price range and hasn’t been heavily linked with us. All of which make him a likely candidate for a Wenger signing.

  109. Highbury Harmony says:

    Fred, what would give us further leverage is the fact that we have 3 Spaniards in our side who could help convince both AW and Muniain on making the move. Nacho and Santi are both familiar with his ability from playing against him in La Liga and on the Spanish National team. Also, Arteta would undoubtedly also be involved in further convincing him on playing on English soil and life at Arsenal.

  110. Red Arse says:


    It all depends — just ask Glic.

    Biting an arm is marginally OK, provided you don’t leave your false teeth embedded in the said arm. However, to leave your teeth stuck in any other part of the bloke’s anatomy deserves a major course on the etiquette of nibbling!

    It would also be embarrassing if the person bitten tells everyone, those teeth are so crooked, he could eat an apple through a chain link fence — like Terry can.

    Speaking of Glic, he told me that VCC’s teeth were like stars because they were so white — the only problem was that like stars they also came out at night!

    I had better stop there, or Glic will tell you he went to the dentist at tooth-hurty!

  111. Fred says:

    True I didn’t think of that, but one thing I have noticed is we are always linked with a “big name” at a club and then we end up signing a lesser known player from the same club.

    We were heavily linked with Isco – We bought Nacho
    We were heavily linked with Ribery – We Bought Na$ri
    We were heavily linked with Toulalan – We bought Santi
    I would say Baines and Arteta but they were of the same stature at everton.
    We were heavily linked with Llorente – perhaps we will buy Muniain.
    We are heavily linked with Goetze – Perhaps we will get Sven Bender

    I know the links are very tenuous but its an interesting fact and has been happening more recently so hopefully we will get more of these coincidences. Perhaps people see arsenal scouts there and assume that they are after the big names but in reality they are looking at other cheaper alternatives.

  112. AFC says:

    Guys, here is a scenario.

    Barcelona find themselves in administration/just entering admininstration. Messi is now available for 70-80 million. His wages per week are £200 000. He has expressed his desire to come to Arsenal as they are most like Barcelona in terms of style of football and he wants to play in the PL.

    Would Wenger buy Messi?

  113. Glic says:

    No problem AFC. That would be our budget gone, but sponsors would be falling over themselves to get in on the action, shirt sales through the roof, deadwood gone without replacing them as Messi is better than all our deadwood put together and cheaper than their combined wages and there`s probably more stuff our BK accountants could say on the matter than me on a way of paying him !.

  114. Glic says:

    Mmmmmm………..I`ve just done a Messi in my Y-Fronts !……….All AFC`s fault !. hahaha

  115. Highbury Harmony says:

    van Judas with a hat trick, the 3rd was a screamer!

  116. Highbury Harmony says:

    the 2nd*

  117. Highbury Harmony says:

    Exactly the same type of striker vs. Everton last season.

  118. Highbury Harmony says:

    strike* god damn it hahaha

  119. Bond James says:

    nice one, TA

    would i want Suarez at Arsenal next season ?

    you bet i would and let’s face it, there won’t be any teams saying no to him either based on his uncontrolled anger and show of emotion.

    actually, it’s his passion that makes him what he is ,without it ,he won’t be world class (yep, he is world class for me ).

    all those hypocrites out there slating him for his shenanigans would want him to play for their team, just because he has temper problems doesn’t mean he’s not going to win you games or titles (if in a decent team).

    let;s face it, football is a business these days, why are we kidding ourselves when we talk about moral high grounds or being role models ? i didn’t see utd abandon Cantona for his kung fu .

    i’ll gladly want Arsenal to fork out 30-35 million for Suraez and get him on a 150 k a week because he is worth every penny.


    Wenger won’t buy Messi because we’re a small club – there will be at least 5 clubs ahead of us wanting to sign Messi and offering 10 times more money than we can ever muster for Messi – sad yet true (it’s a shame considering we have the richest bloke in football as our share holder).

  120. Bond James says:

    love him or hate him, Van Persie is not only the best striker in England but one of the best in the world , now let’s hope he pulls a hamstring in the next 30 minutes 😀

  121. TotalArsenal says:

    What is really irritating is that vanJ now will finish top scorer as a result of Suarez’s inability to manage his temper.

    Luckily he messed up against RM and the Chavs and has only the title to show for.

  122. Highbury Harmony says:

    Hahaha TA, such a bitter man when it comes to RVP, love it :). To be fair, any title is silverware at the end of the day, no matter what competition it’s from. Plus, I’d rather win the EPL than the COC or FA Cup.

  123. TotalArsenal says:

    In the EPL the Mancs had very little competition this year, with Chavs, Pool and us in transition and the Northern Oilers having a mediocre manager. But I am sure he won’t care and is happy with his medal. His missed chances against RM and the Chavs for the FA cup will still hurt though. hahahaha 😈

  124. Highbury Harmony says:

    I’m watching Benteke and he’s basically a younger, more mobile, more skilled and more clinical OG…yikes kind of dropped the ball on that one!

  125. Fred says:

    BJ, nobody is denying that Suarez is a great player as he is world class as you correctly say. However, a player with his temperment could also have a negative impact on team moral and there are other players out there who may not be as good as Suarez technically but would not have the negative impact on team morale that Suarez may bring, all of which would be cheaper alternatives.

    Aspas – 10m
    David Villa – 12m
    Benteke – 15m

    To name a few

    And my personal favourite, who is still a world class player in my opinion. Reus 30m. His wages would probably be less than that of Suarez’s and he has the right attitude and mentality compared to that of Suarez. Its a shame about Suarez as he is a truely gifted player if he could learn to direct his passion on a more focused manner he could be on the same level as Messi and Ronaldo.

  126. Highbury Harmony says:

    Fred, Reus is my 2nd favourite player in the world. I would cry tears of joys and write articles about him without end if we ever bought him…too far?

  127. Fred says:

    HH, I know Reus really is a classy player and would fit in well at arsenal, but unfortunately I can’t see us signing him – a bit too much on the expensive side. Mind you Wenger has said he is scouting in Germany and is looking to break the clubs record transfer fee for the right player, so you never know.

  128. Bond James says:

    good one, Fred

    re- Suarez, if he was such a bad influence in the dressing room then i wouldn’t expect his captain or manager singing him praises and saying he’s the 3rd best player in the world , who deserves awards and so on.

    Wenger is a decent manager who knows how to handle and keep training ground bust ups under the covers so to speak, (yep, in fighting – arguments and so on are not alien to arsenal, we’ve had our fair share and wenger always acts promptly by selling the trouble makers – Gallas/Toure/Ade b – anyone ? ) i hope podolski is not on the list and it’s really him being trained as a CF by wenger.

    those are great names you’ve mentioned, as it stands Benteke happens to be a gooners fan so there is every likely hood that one day some day he may actually sign for us (but i don’t see him coming to us for another couple of years at least)

    yep, we need a 18-30 Million striker Reus/Hernandaz/Jovetic/Lewandowski/Hiquain/Benzema and then we need another striker in the 5-12 million range,one of these 3 be perfecto Villa/Remy/Vela

    sorted !

  129. Highbury Harmony says:

    Fred, if Gotze, Bender and Gundogan stay at BD, you can bet Reus will stay as well. I truly believe they are all enjoying their time there and will not abandon the club in a mass exodus with Lewandowski and maybe Hummels. Hard to buy loyalty from top players like that, though they are almost all German, won the title last year and are in the semi-finals of the CL.

    It’s more likely AW will buy a player of Szalai’s or Draxler’s quality than a top, top one like Reus or Gotze. I dream of the day that we buy a player like Reus.

  130. Fred says:

    BJ, I couldn’t agree more with the need for 2 strikers. However, as you say hopefully Podolski is being converted into a Striker in which case I think we should only go for one of the Strikers in the 18-30m category as then we will have plenty of cover in the CF role. However, we would be left short of cover on the left wing which is why if, as we hope, Podolski is being converted into a CF I have been saying that we should sign Muniain from Bilbao he is a very good player for his age and if Podolski is being coverted to a CF then 4 strikers would seem a bit too much.

    With regards to Suarez every manager and team member heaps praise on their player/s especially if they are as technically talented as Suarez. However, that does not mean that they are a good influence on the team. Also all of the players you mention who have been a source of in-fighting have been moved on by Wenger, he is a great manager but changing Suarez’s ego and making him less contreversial without hindering his game is a challenge that is too great for any manager and is soley down to the player himself. If Suarez wants to win personal awards and titles then he needs to change his attitude, because at the moment the only two “big” clubs that would realistically go for him are Man City and Real Madrid.

  131. Fred says:

    HH – I see what you are saying about them not all wanting to leave in a mass exodus but at the same time BD have a chance to cash in and get a lot of money for Reus, much more than they paid for him and they have plenty of good young players coming through the ranks. It would be interesting for the world of football if BD won the CL this season, would we be seeing the rise of a new Barcalona like club?

  132. Highbury Harmony says:

    Fred, that is just seeing the situation in a favourable way for us. BD will already get significant funds from selling Lewandowski. Playing Reus as the main ST next season will only increase his value, thus maximizing the return for BD. BD has no need to sell him.

  133. 17highburyterrace says:

    So much good stuff on this blog today and I’ve actually written (lengthy) comments about Suarez AND RA’s stuff about salaries. Fred’s talk of the Bilbao player also begs for my attention. There was a little 19 yr old at Granada (on loan from Udinese) named Gabby Torje who looked very promising—The Romanian Rooney….

    I’m timid to post any of this stuff, however, due to my post-match contretemps with AFC. (I think I compared his hailing of Diaby as better than all the ManU midfielders as idealistic/fantastic and akin to statements like, “Let’s buy Messi”…..) Lo and Behold…. 😀

    Really, I’d like to participate here and maybe I need to submit my stuff by e-mail….Seriously, nothing but respect….

    So….RvJ Hat trick looks like it will obviate the comparisons of the Arsenal and the United Midfield. (I am not a hater, but) watching this is the fate of supporting a “selling” club. We could have kept Van Persie but we’re not there yet and United would have won the title anyway. We need to take a longer view and our hopes must be pinned on our business model. This title will help United’s coffers but they also pay a player named “Debt” 40+ million a year….Can we (over time) get to that level? Only time will tell…..

    As RVP hugs his teammates and old red nose and celebrates I am using terrible words and my kid keeps putting quarters into the swear jar…..


    (And we need them not to be talking about historic point totals come next Sunday…..)

  134. Bond James says:

    if SAF can tame Rooney then i don’t see the reason why a strong manager like Wenger can’t set the parameters down for Suarez.

    of course we have plenty of cover in Podolski/Walcott/Gervinho but do we really have enough competition for strikers in the training ground ? let me give you a couple of examples to make it easier for you and the audience /readers to get where i am coming from,

    Man UTD : (soon to be champions)


    Van Persie

    Danny W


    Man City : ( Current Champions



    Mario B


    Arsenal :


    no competition

    no competition

    no competition

    = no titles, no trophies.

    conclusion : strikers get you out of trouble regardless how fragile your defence is – strikers make you champions and win you things.

    a good solid defence can earn you a point (draw) but strikers always win you games.

  135. Fred says:

    HH – I know it is incredibly idealistic to hope to sign Reus. My last point was if BD won the CL and managed to hold onto their best players would we be seeing the rise of a new “super club”? It seems as if Wenger has begun to realise the wealth of talent in Germany which is why he has said he is sending his scouts there

  136. Highbury Harmony says:

    Fred, I can’t see BD winning the CL. It’d be extremely wishful thinking, but again anything can happen! If BD won, it’s all about shifting the club’s philosophy and mentality in the transfer market. I have my doubts that the owner will suddenly change his way of business after the model’s been so successful thus far. Klopp is capable of replacing a departing player with one of similar quality, if not better, something AW has yet to replicate in his transfer dealings.

  137. Fred says:

    BJ, Both the manchester clubs play with 2 out and out strikers on the pitch. IF we use the same line up as this season next season we will only have one out and out striker on the pitch at the same time, which means 3 good strikers with walcott and gervinho as emergancy cover would be adequete, and IF Podolski is being converted to a striker then what I am saying is we would have as our main strikers:
    New Signing
    Emergancy CF cover:

    We would have plenty of strikers if we use our current set up. However, if we do change to use 2 CF’s next season then we would need two new signings. Which is why it makes sense that we are being linked with Jovetic as he can play as an AM or CF so could be used in the middle in our current set up or a 2nd striker in a set-up with 2 strikers.

  138. 17highburyterrace says:

    And ESPN (here in the States) drops the celebrations for some (off-season) throw-ball (NFL talk)

    BJ–Rooney got United to match (or nearly match) whatever City was prepared to pay….RVP is getting the same money….Giroud makes less than half….He needs competition (obviously) and a fit Poldolski would do the trick as would a top-form version of Walcott….It’s a whole different level, as one would expect from players on half the salary…..

    Sir Alex is concerned about his legacy and not the financial situation of the Club. It’s very different from Arsenal where Wenger serves at the pleasure of Kroenke whose goal appears to be accumulating the most money as a sports owner in history….

    It’s not pretty, but that’s how I read it….. 😦

  139. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post New Post 🙂

    AFC would like us to discuss who should lead the line in the next (few) game(s)!

  140. Bond James says:


    agreed ,however when Giroud says that he was brought to play alongside Van Persie and not replace him then i do feel there is some truth behind that one…which makes me certain that next season we should see some serious fire power up front.


    if anyone should be concerned about his legacy then it’s certainly Arsene Wenger and not SAF, he has already done enough to warrant a legacy and place amongst the greatest managers in the world –

    ok, fair enough, we can blame our board/owners and so on for wanting money but fact of the matter is that the end decision always remains with Wenger – note how SAF said he had to make quite a few phone calls to persuade wenger into selling Van Persie

    in the end, what ever has happened as happened – water under the bridge as long as Wenger uses the 70 million wisely – this time, he won’t have any excuses i reckon

  141. henrychan says:

    Hi guys..
    MU get the trophy.. with hattrick..

    I don’t like Suarez.. nor Cavani also.. hehe..
    His attitude and diving skill is just not macth to Arsenal ways.. better to have Baloteli.. lol.. hahahaha..
    His season is over.. FA will punish him more than he ever dream..
    Nothing left for him now.. RvP just beat him for top scorer.. and FA surely won’t give him the best player..

    Who will come and who will go..?? Only heaven knows.. hehehe..
    Wenger will continuing unpredictable.. as he brought Podolski and Giroud.. before he sold RvP.. hahaha..

    If Wenger goes for Germany again.. I hope Drexler is in his list.. but as I always said.. something just not right for Arsenal without any ducthman.. hehehe.. and I bet he will bring one or two..

  142. Admir says:

    I just have to write that with Suarez in our attack we would never have to read “toothless Gunners” ever again. 🙂

  143. TotalArsenal says:

    hahaha Admir, so true! 🙂

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