Cesc still cooking with FabreGAS?

Hey Arsene, how many more years should Cesc at least have stayed at the home of football?

Hey Arsene, how many more years should Cesc at least have stayed at the home of football?

Watching Barca getting outfought and outrun by Bayern tonight, made me think again about Cesc’ decision  to leave us for his boyhood team a couple of seasons ago. I wrote at the time that I could fully understand his decision but that I felt he was leaving too soon.

Not only did he leave too soon as he still had unfinished business at Arsenal, but also because Barcelona did not need him yet, and definitely did not love him as much as we did. The Catalan team was at its very peak and no matter how good he was, he would not dislodge the likes of Iniesta  or Xavi any time soon.

At Arsenal he was captain and a whole team was built around him so we could get the full value out of his incredible talent. For a player who yet had to hit the very peak of his career this was an incredible offering by the club, and especially the manager.


I wrote a post with a similar title as above for another blog about a year ago.  I had just witnessed Pirlo conducting Italy towards a well-deserved and stylish win over the Germans in the Euros, and I felt – and still feel – that Fabregas is one of the very few players who can play like the Italian maestro.

My point was back then, and is still now, that Fabregas is not used properly by Barcelona, both in terms of being on the bench too much and not playing in the right position(s) when he is being played.

Fabregas should be conducting a team right now: be the very pivot and leader of it.

Not seeing him play and just warming the bench made me sad once again, and I wonder how he felt today; watching his team being brushed aside by eleven rampant Germans. It is clear to me that the Barca team as well as Fabregas are missing Guardiola more and more, and the performance today is ample evidence that a team – how ever good and long together – cannot manage itself. Guardiola, his boyhood hero, must have been one of the reasons he was so keen to join Barcelona in 2011, but he left only twelve months later, and things have not improved for our former captain since then at all.

A country song I sometimes listen to has a line in it that I often quote when I am discussing career moves with friends or colleagues: ‘The secret of a long life is knowing when it is time to go’. I love that line and it is so true; but I like to change it a bit to: ‘The secret of a successful and enjoyable career is knowing when it is time to go’.

In my view, Cesc made the wrong choice: he went too early.

Barca did not really love him or need him; they just wanted to have him, because they could and it was a ‘generous gesture’ by the chairman to lure him ‘back home’.

Would he have stayed at Arsenal for the last two years and further improve his conductor, assists  and goal scoring skills, and maybe even have won one or two pieces of silverware with either Song and van Judas, or Cazorla, Podolski and Wilshere; he would  now have been a very wanted and NEEDED commodity for Barcelona.

They would have bought him this or next summer with the very  idea of making him a pivotal player in the team; and he would have arrived as a hero in waiting, and not just as a ‘nice to have’ as he did two summers ago.

It is difficult to say what will happen next for Fabregas; I guess it all depends on who will be manager  next season, and whether he will get a chance to play in either Iniesta’s or Xavi’s positions. But if I was him I would not count on it, and in the meantime he is at least partly wasting some of the most precious years of his football career.

I would love him back at Arsenal but I cannot see that ever happening; that ship has, very unfortunately, sailed my friends.

I know that some fellow Gooners will take joy in Fabregas’ current predicament but I am not one of them. Very few players have given me as much joy in watching them play for us as Fabregas, and I know he still really loves Arsenal, but just could not fight his growing homesickness anymore.

I hope he will soon be cooking with gas again, wherever that may be (but not for another PL team!!).

Written by: TotalArsenal (still not over the loss of El Capitan!).

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  1. allezkev says:

    That was a good read Total…

    What I do recall, from that period, what the utter disregard and disrespect that Barcelona showed Arsenal.

    The continuous chatter from Barca players, the Catalan Press and not least when a Barcelona shirt was forced on Cesc, after an International tournament, when he still Arsenal capt, all served to destabalise him and all engineered from Barcelona.

    Barca are a club with no class.

  2. Bond James says:

    Thanks, TA

    if there’s anyone who may come back to the emirates from all of our ex players then i believe Cesc is the only likely one, we also have a return clause inserted / first buyers preference if barca ever considered selling him.

    i feel that if Cesc was to return to Emirates then he will be perfect for the role wenger uses Cazorla in (on the left wing).

    if ever there was was a right time for the return of Cesc F then the summer happens to be perfect.

    call me silly but i do think coming back to Arsenal will be a step forward and upward for his career now as Arsenal more or less Guarantees first team football and he knows he will be loved and valued like never before.

    but will it happen ? miracles do happen 😀

  3. TotalArsenal says:

    Very true allezkev!

  4. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi BJ

    Miracles do happen but I just cannot see it happen. He could be Guardiolas next purchase though…

  5. Bond James says:

    i don’t see how Cesc fits into the BM team, considering they have just bought Gotze and i’m almost certainly sure that if and when Cesc leaves Barca it will be for the Emirates provided Wenger is still at the helms in some capacity

    never say never in Football, if Ronaldo can be mooted for a return back to old trafford (even though i reckon Gareth Bale is going to be joining man utd in the summer but that’s for another day) then why can’t we have one of our prodigy’s back ?

    besides he still has age on his side unlike many others , oh and he has won almost everything with Barca (becomes a bit boring winning so much in so little time i reckon with an envious tone) 😀

  6. TotalArsenal says:

    I hope you are right BJ – cerdos might fly 🙂

    Cesc and Gotze could play in the centre of midfield together with Schweinsteiger behind them. But just thinking about it makes me sick. So lets hope you’re right hehehe 🙂

  7. Bond James says:

    how about having Cesc play with the likes of Santi and wilshere with Fellaini behind them ? 😀

    on a different note, let’s hope Dortmund sell Reus to Arsenal next, i’m almost certain we will be buying least 1 player from Germany/Dortmund – let’s keep our fingers crossed for Reus

  8. TotalArsenal says:


    I cannot see them sell any more key players now, unless they want a swap with TR7

  9. TotalArsenal says:

    Off to catch some sleep – till tomorrow 🙂

  10. Bond James says:

    highly unlikely yes, but Lewandowski is on his way out (very likely) which means either it will cause an exodus of players leaving or making Reus stay, either way no one saw Gotze going to Munich especially this year , maybe 2014 on wards yes but not as early as it has happened.

  11. oh how i would love to see Cesc back! Please Wenger bring him back. The creativity of the team has gone since he left. We still do the same thing pass it about infront of our opponents area, but no one could pick out or make a chance like Cesc could.

  12. AFC says:

    TA, good post on Fabregas. 🙂

    Barcelona said they brought Fabregas to replace Xavi but Xavi looks like he can easily be in the team for another 5 years, so are Barcelona really expecting Fabregas to wait that long.

    We could see a situation where he might come back to us on loan for 1-2 seasons. Would you welcome back Cesc on a loan deal?

  13. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA, outstanding post my friend! I particularly enjoyed this article because it was a nice change of pace from the typical match/position/player/transfer debates that typically go on at BK (not that I don’t enjoy those either of course 😉 ).

    I 100% agree with everything you said in the article. Barcelona bought Cesc because they had the financial power to and on a PR front, it was an exceptional boost in reputation among the fans and in revenue for shirt sales. It was simply a matter of excess for a club bathing in luxury.

    Cesc was an absolute joy to watch on the pitch. Every game, he left it all on the field and his over the top balls were truly scintillating. He could dissect a defense from deep, from close quarters or on a run on his own. He could shoot from distance, he could hold onto the ball for days and he could just as easily strip the ball from an opposing player. He was the heartbeat of our squad and his emotion and personality embodied the Arsenal spirit. I was so sad the day he left, no matter how inevitable it was. Still to this day, I am hoping that he returns home but like you TA, I cannot see that happening any time soon given his age and Barca needing to re-establish themselves as a top club after today’s devastating loss. The only way back for Cesc is to request a transfer away from the club, but I believe he is too loyal and will likely stand by them during their “darker” days (hahaha sadly I’d take Barca’s dark days over ours any time!).

    However, I must say that I felt and still feel for Cesc. It’s not easy to have your heart and head on two completely different matters and in the end, staying at Arsenal would have only further hurt his footballing career in terms of being 100% focused and committed to us. It’s quite the catch 22, since at Barca, he’s largely been riding the bench in important games and is blocked positionally by two of the footballing greats in this era in Xavi and Iniesta. Either way, Cesc was going to lose.

    The real culprit here is FC Barcelona for tapping up Cesc, constantly wringing his arm and having his ear in influencing him to go home. I’m sure a part of him always wanted to return home, but hearing that he was wanted back at his boyhood club surely exasperated the situation.

    I will always love Cesc as he was our captain, our leader, our king (anyone get the reference???). I believe after he left was when our club truly fell into turmoil somewhat since it represented a young, established star leaving and eventually others followed suit. The culture was starting to change and if a player as valuable and representative of the Arsenal brand was allowed to walk, the mentality shifted to a point where just about anyone could.

    We’ve finally taken the right steps in making sure that this culture does not become permanent in re-signing the young guns and restarting the process of buying both high potential players and established top players. Now, it’s only a matter of maintaining this process and finding our balance in sustainability (I am starting to write an article about this topic TA 🙂 ).

  14. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA, just a random idea since I’ve been thinking about posters like Terry who do not enjoy transfer speculation nearly as much as some others. I want to be really respectful to them and they have a point that not every article should be turned into some debate about which player we need to buy etc.

    Instead, would it be possible to have the days of the week be themed by a certain article topic? That way, the discussion will hopefully stay more true to the article at hand, opposed to people not being able to withhold their excitement in transfer possibilities and speculation etc.

    For example:

    Super Saturdays – match preview and discussion of the opposition, our and their tactics, formation, predictions etc.

    Sunday Fundays – post-match reviews and discussion of the events that unfolded the previous day and player ratings etc.

    Mundane Mondays – undoubtedly the slowest day of the week that will be open for any author to share insight into a topic of their choosing

    Transfer Tuesdays – articles about the transfer speculation surrounding the club or about a player that an author knows in-depth and wishes to share some perspective on, as well as why Arsenal should buy them etc.

    Blueprint Wednesdays – articles concerning changes that one would like to see at Arsenal in regards to formations, tactics, player positions, starters, rotation, club spending, substitutions etc.

    Throwback Thursdays – articles pertaining to discussion of the Arsenal teams or players of their past. It could be about shedding insight on something in the past that some of us may not be cognizant of since not all of us are the same age or it could be about remembering the impact that a certain team or individual had at Arsenal or an author sharing their feelings around the departure of the player or a discussion about how they’re doing now and where Arsenal would be with them etc. For example, my debut article on how we lack the quality of the Invincibles would fall under this category and this fabolous Cesc article you have written today.

    TGIF Fridays – another open day for authors to write about anything associated with Arsenal. No restrictions at all, so long as it’s not very similar to another article written that week. For example, if an author writes an article about how we should give our support to Gervinho on Monday, the Friday on will hopefully not be about Gervinho again today. It could pertain to transfers though, despite it being the theme of Tuesdays, so long as it’s not re-using an already speculated player/rumour.

    Anyway, just something I’ve been contemplating for a while, as it would really give structure to the discussion and authors to have a foundation on what to write articles about. Of course there has to be a sense of flexibility since it’s not easy to consistently churn out articles on each of the topics, but it’s a good baseline to try to work with. Let me know what you think 🙂 !

  15. henrychan says:

    Great post TA..

    Pity Fabregas.. he now being subs for Messi.. and We know Messi is Barca.. no way Fabregas will win this competition..

    I don’t really know.. do We have a buyback agreement for him..??
    But.. TA.. this just ain’t Wenger.. it isn’t Arsenal way also..
    As long as I know.. We never buyback any players.. don’t We..??
    And I don’t think he will be secure his position if he do come to emirates again..
    Everything change..
    The way We playing is also change.. a little bit.. hehehe..

    But I agree with you also.. sometimes miracle do come true.. and everything is possible to happen..
    But.. if Barca really sell him.. how much money do you think We need..??
    Will they left him for 25 mil or under..??
    Will We buy him for 25 mil or above..??
    I don’t think so..
    And We all know.. that just not Arsenal way.. hehehe..

  16. Highbury Harmony says:

    BJ, I agree. I can see AW buying from both La Liga and the Bundesliga this summer as both leagues are the hotbeds of talent right now. La Liga particularly has some huge discounts relative to player worth because of the unfortunate economic climate in Spain. However, the young talent in Germany is impossible to ignore and they are certainly going to be the next football powerhouse/golden generation.

    Not to get off topic as per my comment above, but if Arsenal were able to get Reus, I would cry tears of joy and would not hesitate to acquire him at any price within reason. It’s not often that you find an avid Arsenal supporter with his skill level that would seamlessly transition into our playing style. The fact that he has spoken positively about our club and has high praise for some of our players only makes the prospect of buying him that much more tantalizing.

  17. henrychan says:

    HH.. no way will Reus sell..
    He came to Dortmund when Kagawa gone..
    And with Goetze now will go to Muenchen.. and Lewandoski also will go.. no way will Klopp sell Reus..

    Let’s find another talented young German.. like Draxler or Schurrle.. or even Szalai..
    Or let’s get Dutch young talent.. as We already have 2 young germany in our team..
    Strootmant.. Clasie.. Van Ginkel.. or Maher..
    A lot of talent there.. and cheaper.. hehe..
    That’s is Arsenal way.. haha..

  18. Highbury Harmony says:

    Henry, I know, I know. I’ve actually been very adamant that BD would not sell Reus, if you go back and read my responses to other posters suggesting we buy him :). I will already be happy if Reus is not sold at all since BD are my 2nd favourite team. However, IF he is to be sold, I would obviously ONLY want it to be to Arsenal ;).

    Schurrle is on his way to Chel$ea as they’ve been chasing him for two years now, he’s a lost cause as the differentiator will likely come down to wages. However, Draxler is a talent we’ve been linked to several times this month and seems like an AW purchase. Brimming with potential and versatile enough to play anywhere up front. I reckon that if AW buys Draxler, it will mean that Pod and OG will rotate at ST next season.

    Personally, I would prefer one of the Benders if we’re looking at a young German talent, particularly Lars!

    Also, in regards to Maher, he’s already chosen his destination for next season but has said that it will remain confidential until the season is over as his only goal is to continue to help AZ avoid relegation.

  19. Highbury Harmony says:

    And yes Henry, Draxler would be a top quality purchase. He oozes skill, dribbling, pace and finishing evident from his 8 goals and 2 assists in the Bundesliga this year. People often forget about him because he broke his arm against Montpellier in the CL this year and unfortunately we missed seeing first hand how good he is.

    For what it’s worth, Heldt has proclaimed that they will not sell JD by any means since he is young and bleeds Schalke (we hear this all the time but almost every player has a price unless you are a top, top club).

  20. TotalArsenal says:

    All agreed Stavros – we are still tactically coming to terms with the loss of Cesc

  21. Jamesofsouthwales says:

    I think there are signs that his entire team are in decline as well as the pep factor they missed Puyol and I don’t think signing TV5 will sort that out either. They are getting older, have lost some great stars and will no doubt lose more this summer with the likes of Villa, Valdes ( hopefully to us)and possibly Sanchez then people who are at a pention age like Puyol and the retired Abidal. Barca had this a few years ago where they were no more than a Europa league team and Real dominated Spain withe the galacticos.

    This Barca team looks vulnerable and I wouldn’t be surprised I’d Munich did the same at camp nou. As we found out after dismantling the invincibles to big the next great team takes time it’s gunna be difficult for them in the coming years

  22. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning all 🙂

  23. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi James

    You might be right, but I think it is too early to say. One or two key signings and a new, or fully revitalised coach, could give them a re-start. I thought there was, incredibly, very little cohesion, or even believe, in this great Barca team; and I don’t think Messi was fit at all, which should tell Cesc a lot about his standing at the club.

  24. TotalArsenal says:

    wow HH, you have been in fine form last night! 🙂

  25. Red Arse says:

    Morning TA, 🙂

    Are you wandering around in your dressing gown, having been blogging late last night, and now blogging early too? 😀

  26. NW says:

    I want him back especially if Rosicky leaves. Even if Rosicky stays, he won’t be a force for very long and having Cesc garantee the team to have 3 or 4 world class mid field at any time… And they are nicely spread in different age group.

    This would allow the team to field two strong teams during the period when matches keep coming because of various competitions.

  27. Red Arse says:

    Like you, TA, I think Cesc allowed his heart (encouraged by Piquet, Puyol & Co) to over-ride his commonsense and leave Arsenal far too early, as you have said.

    The one thing I have noticed about Cesc at Barca, is just how slow he has become. He was never that quick when he was with us, but maybe injuries have affected him more than it should have at his age.

    He cannot be happy, and maybe he has joined Barca at the worst time in their cycle, as they could be on the way down.

  28. TotalArsenal says:

    RA, am running around like a blue-arsed fly to sort out daughtr and dog: catch you in a bit! 😛

  29. mA says:

    hi to all…
    watching the CL semi-final yesterday made me feel for Cesc. it was clear Messi was unfit and static throughout. clearly, Cesc doesn’t have a place and returning to Arsenal is the best thing for him as you pointed out in your nice article.

  30. mA says:

    i would love to see Cesc in Arsenal colors once more

  31. TotalArsenal says:

    AFC – would I like him back on a loan deal – you betcha!

  32. Gerry says:

    Morning all, I have a couple of minutes as my normal routine has been broken up, also by a dog, TA. My elderly one has a bad case of Vestibular Balance Syndrome(VBS), as is wandering around like many Arsenal fans will after beating United I wish.

    Nice post, and a real tribute to somebody who we could really do with. Alas, I fear it would be at the expense of Jack?

    On yesterday’s post I saw not one gave a mention given to our up and coming strilkers being given an opportunity? Akpom and Gnabry?

    Yes I know they lack experience, but in a ‘possible'( said with care, plus added realism?) not likely to win game, United might offer the perfect opportunity for the likes of Gnabry(my preferred choice of the two this time) to go and ‘express himself’? He might just surprise everyone playing alongside fellow German, Podolski.

    Particularly in the 4-6-0 formation JM mentioned yesterday. I know it looks extreme written down like that, but if both play ‘false No9’ roles it could mean the the twin backs that United are likely to play may get drawn forwards, and the pace of Gnabry could be used to good effect?

    JM, I also liked your idea, for this game at least, of having Gibbs as a left midfielder. Not only is he quicker than Monreal to get back, his starting position I alluded to a few blogs back, just left of centre, in our half, is a great one to cut out over-the-top balls that United like to play. He has the speed to take the ball forwards a la Rosicky, and his one-two understanding with Podolski is also a plus. It also brings more balance to the side if Cazorla drifts inside, as is his wont.
    So great shout JM.

    Right I am back on racing duties, in between monitoring the tottery one. She has had it before, so I am hoping she will be bright enough to get her to the Vets for her annual MOT. VSB tends to be something that rights itself with calm and plenty of rest.

    17HT, I am with you on the ‘smiley face’ thing. It always seemed to me like it was some computer geek, high on drugs, thought this would be a great idea …. But as with a lot of things that come down to personal taste, unless it it is compulsory, I will use my freedom to opt out. And this does not in any way imply any criticism for those that want to indulge, on this or (almost) any other matter.

  33. TotalArsenal says:

    Gerry Nice to see you 😛 🙂 😆 😀

  34. henrychan says:

    @TA.. Barca lost because they don’t play Fabregas and Song.. hahaha..
    Barca will sell Villa and Sancez.. and bring Neymar..
    And they will buy our captain.. Vermaelen.. hehehehe..

    Some rumours said that Betis want Djorou, Coquelin, Frimpong and Chamakh..
    Well they may have them.. but we must bring back Joel Champbell.. and Benat.. on loan also.. hahahaha..
    4 our player exchange to only one of them.. so rude.. if they refuse us.. hehehe..
    So if Benat don’t blend with us we can bring him home to Betis again.. hehehehe..

    @HH.. So.. we are on the same boat.. hehehe.. Dortmund is also my favourite team..
    after Arsenal.. but I don’t have second team.. hahaha..
    I used to love Milan.. but after choosing Arsenal.. I left Milan behind.. hehehe..

    Draxler need a big club.. Schalke just not big enough for him.. hehehe.. Dortmund or Munchen are.. Like Spain only look at Barca and Madrid player (except overseas players)
    Germany also the same.. Almost all Germany team are from Munchen and Dortmund.. except overseas.. So he must choose.. to play with Dortmund or us.. hahahahaha..
    All our starting players are their country teams.. Draxler must know about that..
    Rumours link him to Madrid.. but we know that he will never compete to his senior there.. Ozil or Khedira.. and also Modric.. only Arsenal is the land of the youngster.. hehehe..

  35. TotalArsenal says:

    Good alternative thought re Gnabry up-front but only if Schweinsteigers fly. However, would love to see him getting some more first team play before the end of the season! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  36. TotalArsenal says:

    Haha Henry, are you sure Betis don’t want Arshavin, Bendtner, Squillaci and Denilson as well? 🙂

  37. TotalArsenal says:

    HH at 4.18, that is a mini-post in itself and beautiful follow up to today’s post. We are totally on the same wavelength compadre. Ooh, and looking forward to your new post! 🙂

  38. Glic says:

    Morning Moundvillers 😆

    Bring back the inbred Incesc !.

    Would Arsene play the likes of Gnabry and Akpom at this crucial stage of the season ? As much chance as Jimmy Savile being made the Patron Saint of the NSPCC !.
    With the Spuds and Chavs still to play each other, win our four remaining games and guaranteed at least 4th, so no time to baby sit !.

  39. HT says:

    As a football fun i fall in his style of playing football. no matter where the club is, it give me a pleasure when he playing in the pitch. I would love to see cesc with number 4 jersey in arsenal. please do some thing AW. loveeeee cesc

  40. TotalArsenal says:

    HH at 4.37 🙂

    thanks for thinking along with me and I can see where you are coming from. Running the blog is a huge job, both in terms of admin and getting a post out every day, and I need the flexibility in terms of posting times and topics to make it work. Also, with mid-week games throughout most of the seasons it just does not work to have the week structured – I have considered it myself in the past.

    It also requires a lot of, and constant, input from other writers and I rather you all contribute when you feel like it as it all could become too demanding, and therefore no longer fun.

    However, as we are nearing the dreaded footie-summer break, and like Terry and a few others, I don’t like the whole constant TW speculation either – in fact I loathe it with a passion – it would be good to have a more themed/structured set up for that period.

    Some of the regular writers could have a post day of the week; possibly combined with a theme as per your suggestions. I am also thinking about doing a post on every other day, or Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

    Please let me know what you all think! 🙂

  41. TotalArsenal says:

    Henry, how is Yoona the Goona getting on?!

    I have heard about this buy-back clause in the contract but whether there is any truth in it….

    I guess only if Barca need the money and Cesc himself wants to leave it could happen, as Wenger will see it as the return of the prodigal son… but I feel it is highly unlikely. 😦

  42. TotalArsenal says:

    Welcome mA – we can only hope that he will make the right decision about his future, and with a hell of a lot of luck he might come our way again. We can always dream hahaha 🙂


    HH, thank you for wishing to respect the needs of others r.e. the transfer talk. You are a good man.

    However, there is no need to concern yourself. Its not my cup of tea but i can understand why you and many others enjoy throwing up names and speculating at the possibilities.

    Personaly, i leave my excitement to when we actuly buy someone but the last thing i want is for any one to be curtailed in what they post.

    Besides, if we tried to implement a system for staying on the subject matter then i would have nothing to say. hahaha

  44. TotalArsenal says:

    Terry 😀

    Every time you write ‘hahaha’ at the end of your comment I will be picturing the Colgate-grin hahaha 😀

  45. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Redders 🙂

    You are very good at noticing things like players losing a yard of speed, so I go with your observation. On the other hand, he has further improved on his finishing skills and what an all-round player he has become!

  46. Hello BKers, yes, it is that time of the week when I, Dr Glic, answers a question as put to me by one of you Disturbed Deranged Deluded Bastardos !.
    As always, due to Doctor/Patient confidentiality, the bastard will be referred to by a fictional name.

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  47. TotalArsenal says:

    Glic 😆 You nutbum 😛

  48. alexgunners says:

    Hi TA,

    Great article – like you and many others, i guess I have never been over the loss of El Capitan.

    The joy of watching him work his magic on the field was priceless. We could do with Cesc back but that is just our dream as Gooners. He did go too early into an obnoxious Barca team that simply did not need him. He still had so much to offer and it is sad to see him benched. Cesc leaving was the start of our problems at The Arsenal and it just continued on from there.

    You cannot lose such an influential player without the consequences. this showed to others that indeed there is a 4th place trophy and that is our ambition as a club.

    Who will ever forget the fire that he possesses and his skills?
    certainly not me.

    We need to cook once again with FabreGAS.

    Who will ever forget this moment?

  49. henrychan says:

    TA, Yoona is an alarm for his daddy to watch the game now.. hahaha..
    Last night she crying loud.. and wake me up.. on 2 am.. just about the beginning of Munchen – Barca game.. hehehe..
    So I don’t need alarm clock anymore.. hahahaha..

    About Fabregas (and Song).. I think we must forgot them.. and go on with our team..
    If he really back to Emirates,, I don’t know what will happen to Wilshere, Ramsey, Ox and others feeling.. and remember we have some great youngster.. that need to give some opportunity to show their talent..

    VCC.. I try to make some prediction who will lucky enough to narrow the gap again.. hehehehe..
    First I hope Chelsea and Spurs have some difficult day.. So I will choose them both Draw.. Chelsea – Swansea, Wigan – Spurs
    And I choose Sunderland and QPR for away win..
    Last I will choose Soton and WBA for draw..

    Wigan need to win.. but Draw is good enough for them.. and they will fight for that..
    Chelsea will focus to their Euro league first.. especially if they lose tomorrow night again Basel.. It’s just unlucky for them.. between two shedule again Basel they must face Swansea.. 3 games in a week.. and all need full consentration will not be easy for them.. and Swansea will have a good chance to hold their step..
    Yes Swansea have nothing to fight for.. but draw again chelsea will be very much advantage to Laudrup..

    And there be surprises come from QPR, and Sunderland this weekend.. hahaha..
    I want to add liverpool to some surprise of the week.. but after what happened to Suarez.. I think they will decline a little bit.. and without Suarez they won’t do it.. hehehe..

  50. alexgunners says:

    @ HH 04:37

    I think it is a great idea to have themed days. We all have a lot to say and sometimes we do go a little off track. We are a passionate bunch and I would welcome a theme.

  51. Hang on a minute Bastardos, Wednesday`s are DR Glic day !. hahaha

  52. alexgunners says:

    Hey Glic,

    Is the Dr in???

  53. Sorry, I have to rush out on an emergency !, the local Lesbanian Muffeaters Society are in need of a sperm donor !. Duty calls !. I have 20 internals to administer !. hahaha

  54. alexgunners says:

    Dr. Glic,

    You could at least share this emergency with some of your mates. I am quite sure that others will put their hands up as well in assisting you

  55. Sorry alex, as prescribed on last weeks first ever Dr Glic Agony Aunt session, only one prognosis per week !.

  56. alexgunners says:

    Then all i can say to you is enjoy and i hope that you manage to administer all 20 internals, you lucky bastard

  57. Right alex, you are keeping me from my duties. Off to what I call………”Dash to the Gash” !.

  58. oz gunner says:

    @ TA

    good article, def left to early.

    I’m still very bitter about the whole Barca vs Arsenal transfer saga. They unsettled him and make us look like idiots. The worst thing of all was cesc’s reaction to it all. He was our captain and he should have handled it better. I laugh everytime I see him sitting on the bench…but if he came back and threaded the eye of the needle for us again all would be forgiven haha.

    I’m a bit late on the scene but god that giroud suspension has annoyed me. How can he get 3 but Kompany gets 1 for his tackle on Jack?! I swear every time it’s us we get the raw end of the stick. Rooney can get off for elbowing someone because of a technicality yet Giroud comes 3 for an ankle clip whilst he was slipping. The whole system needs a good shake up, it really is as old and outdated as VCC.

    Martin Taylor’s tackle on Eduardo = 3 weeks
    Giroud = 3 weeks
    Shawcross on Ramsey = 3 weeks

    Seems fair to me. There should be a panel in place that hands out suspensions based on a points system so it’s fair. Taking dr’s reports, previous offences, intent etc all into consideration.

  59. Actually, I`m off to the job centre to have a browse, although technically , they are a bunch of Kuntz !. hahaha Laterz

  60. alexgunners says:

    Dr Glic,

    Sorry to hold you up and enjoy ‘The dash to the gash’

  61. alexgunners says:


    It is total and utter BS how the hand out 3 for OG’s tackle. There is no consistency at all. It has been a problem for a long time in the PL and something has to be done about it. It would never have been a red if Sidwell did not receive a red earlier in the game.

  62. Red Arse says:

    Dear Dr Glic,

    I think you should extend your weekly prong-noses. You can help many to have a self fulfilling moment of ecstasy — especially if you can give us the words to your famous prong song!

    Thank you!

    [Sent under strict confidentiality – yours, TA]

  63. Red Arse says:


    I watch our ‘old’ players just because I know how they played for us. I was trying to see whether Cesc’s change/lack of pace was to do with Barca’s style, but I do not think so, because altho’ he is as skilfull as ever, he is much more static than I remember him, when playing for us.

    Would I have him back? Like a shot! Will it ever happen? No.

  64. Red Arse says:


    I think your comment regarding the structure of BK is a reflection of how I picture you, as a person.

    Neat, methodical and precise.

    However, as TA pointed out above, it is very difficult to ramrod a blog, which by its very nature has a life of its own once it is released into the aether.

    Your idea might work as a structure, but with people like me, for example, I tend to take things where the mood takes me. TA is no different.

    Over the last two or three years, TA and I have covered philosophy, physics, astronomy, poetry, mathematics and various types of humour, which spices up the rich meat of footie discussions, and acts as a counter-point to the sometimes repetetive nature of transfers, finances, player attributes, tactics and general footballing beefs that get chewed over all the time.

    Yesterday, on another site, Rocky and I engaged in some cod Latin, poetry, sarcasm and wit when confronted with a blogger from the school of ‘one line, hit and run nihilism’, and it was very enjoyable, albeit most of it went over the head, and was lost on the object of our wrath. 😀

    So, having a structure is fine, provided it is understood that if a Post does not have sufficient content to keep people engaged all day, you will either lose them, or they will go off and consult Dr Glic!! 😀

  65. Red Arse says:

    Too much RA — so laterz guys! 😀

  66. Glic says:

    Personally I don’t give a Gareth Bale what the headline post is ( that’s not to say I don’t think they are top quality as they always are !. ), as I normally splinter away and talk crap, although I like to think of it as somewhat of a contrast to the main subject !. hahaha

  67. Glic says:

    Voluptuous Vicky is a bit quiet these days !. Although his doppelganger has been seen on numerous occasions in the vicinity of Dr Glic`s Clinic . I think he`s got a time-share there !. hahaha

  68. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers Redders 🙂

    Glic 🙂

  69. TotalArsenal says:

    ‘that took the breath away’ – Thanks for the video, Alex – top stuff! 😛

  70. TotalArsenal says:

    Henry 🙂

    The joy of sleepless nights!

  71. alexgunners says:


    I couldnt tell you how many times ive seen that game over and over again.

  72. TotalArsenal says:

    Oz 🙂

    Agreed, agreed.

    Giroud’s three game suspension stinks.

  73. TotalArsenal says:

    Alex, let’s have another such a game on Sunday! 🙂

  74. alexgunners says:

    Fingers crossed, we need the points and we need to spoil their party.

    Good night to all, early start tomorrow despite the fact that it is a public holiday here.

    Til’ tomorrow

  75. AFC says:

    TA, what makes this Fabregas thing is worse for me is that Barca still owe us money for Cesc, and do not forget Song as well.

    We want our money back now, so we can improve our squad!

    Surely there must be something in the contract about a deadline when Barca must pay us the rest of the money.

  76. AFC says:

    * even worse

  77. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi AFC,

    I don’t know anything about that, but like you, I am sure Arsenal are covered legally/contractually on this.

    How’s life treating you today? 🙂

  78. VCC says:

    £24 million deal for Jovetic from Fiorentina. You,ve all got your way BKers.

  79. TotalArsenal says:

    Have you got a link Vickers Verrucas?

  80. AFC says:

    TA, today is actually a very nice day. Bit of sunshine but not too hot. 🙂

  81. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey Boys….Great Article TA and likewise HH with the suggestions about the blog. Obviously I agree about the transfer talk stuff but I’m not quite sure about the themed posts. I’m committed to reading every comment (under the “Why would people read mine if I don’t read theirs” credo) and it sometimes gets to be too much. Stacking responses is one way to go–so that people can respond to specific comments and have their back and forth, but another is to do make BKesque into a “forum” site, with several active threads. Several Arsenal sites have tried this approach, but none, to my knowledge have succeeded. Anyhow, for now, I’ll just try to keep up and I’ll post when I’ve got the time and energy….

    On Cesc–like I say, a brilliant article. For me, it’s the saddest example of how football is in a huge agglomeration phase. The big teams are hoovering up all the talent and then (some of it) gets wasted on the bench. Why not, you have to win your league AND the CL (and your domestic cup or cups) to be successful. The power in Europe is shifting to Germany (hmmmm….like in real life, eh….) and Bayern announcing the Gotze deal AND then making a Messi out of that first leg….Wow!…..

    More in a minute, my wife needs coffee….

  82. TotalArsenal says:

    Same here AFC – it has been a long wait but now it is here! 🙂

  83. TotalArsenal says:

    I need coffee too, 17HT. I bet you make some fine columbian (?) coffee! 🙂

  84. VCC says:

    Hi Total….strong rumours have hit the internet that a pre agreement has been signed for £24 mil.

    Also, Usminov will make a take over bid this summer. Watch this space.

  85. AFC says:

    TA, I have seen this on caughtoffside and there is a piece about it in the metro. I will read them now but I am not sure about this.

  86. AFC says:


    Arsenal have reportedly moved a massive step closer to securing a deal to sign long term target Stevan Jovetic.

    Arsene Wenger has been in negotiations to complete a move to capture the in-form 23 year old dubbed the ‘New Robin Van Persie’ after agreeing personal terms with the Fiorentina striker.

    The Gunners boss has successfully moved to secure funds to offer the Montenegro international a four year deal worth an estimated £100k a week and have reached a tacit agreement with the Stadio Artemio Franchi side over a fee for the young attacker.

    Fiorentina had been angling for a fee of as much as €35m (£29m) but appear ready to accept an offer of £24m, which will see the North London side smash their club transfer record. Vincenzo Montella has apparently insisted that any completed move would not be made public as he doesn’t want to disrupt his side’s push for to secure a Champions League berth.

  87. TotalArsenal says:

    Fingers crossed VCC, also I don’t think you will be as excited as I am about him joining us…

  88. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers AFC – let’s wait till the BBC or AFC will announce something.

    Back in a bit.

  89. VCC says:

    Your dead right Total. ..I’m a tad pissed off wit,h Arsenal at the moment. Lots of ayers being signed up on pre summer deals and Wenger dragging his heels again. It’s the same every year, we get the cast offs that no one else wants, at a knockdown price.

    I’m totally arssed with all this chat about Giroud being the next saviour and stopped posting as it is winding me up. I just don t get it with him.

    We should have gone forLewnowski and Shurrle.

    I see Manchester United are parading the premiership trophy around London in an open top bus, to show it of to their supporters.

  90. 17highburyterrace says:

    Interesting about the Jovetic deal and perfect timing as we prep for the “Honour Guard” or whatever it is, welcoming the league champion’s and the piece of the puzzle that we sold them….

    But, let’s talk about Cesc…

    Cesc on the bench is like Nasri on the bench is like Clichy and Kolo not being regular starters is like Ade going on loan everywhere and then looking a goof before Defoe came on to beat the team that everybody above (except Cesc, of course…) to hand the title back to the cross-town rivals….

    TA, my wife, the English teacher, now with cappuccino in hand, says that you do need to add an “s” to make Cesc possessive. Personally, I loved the use of Cesc’ (just the apostrophe)….above….

  91. 17highburyterrace says:

    And look at me…misusing the apostrophe myself….Obviously, it’s champions though RVP is the Champions’ piece of the puzzle….Sorry….

  92. 17highburyterrace says:

    also, “has” everybody referring to Man City….This is why I prefer the longer posts which I try to proofread…Arghhhh…..

  93. AFC says:

    VCC, it is reported that Man U are looking for another striker, so any striker we could be close to signing could be poached by Man U.

  94. 17highburyterrace says:

    I believe the Jovetic deal….The timing is too perfect. We need to show that we are not just a selling club, so using the RVP money to buy the new RVP in the week before the old one’s comes with his shiny trophy that we have to honour (not honor, in the US, such a thing would not occur)….Plenty of hype for young Stevan to live up to….I wish him the best, but I wonder….Let’s hope he really is the new RVP, rather than the new Arshavin….

  95. AFC says:

    17ht, the deal does sound believable. If he has signed him for around the fee stated it shows that Wenger will spend big in the summer.

  96. Highbury Harmony says:

    Don’t trust caught offside, all their rumours are bullocks!!!

  97. VCC says:

    17highburyterace…..IF we do indeed get Jovetic, does that mean Wenger will play 4-4-2 with the Donkey up front with him.

  98. VCC says:

    HH…I hope your right. 🙂

  99. AFC says:

    HH, I do not trust their comments. I just feel that the deal sounds like it could happen.

    The metro also has a piece on Jovetic, saying he has agreed to join Arsenal.

  100. Highbury Harmony says:

    Also, Gerry, I am incredibly disappointed in your comment @ 9:10. You see, on most days you vehemently disagree with my opinion, which is completely fine. But then on a day where I give credit to needing to save room for our youngsters and in past articles talking up Gnabry and good he would be for Arsenal, I receive no mention ;).

    Just winding you up mate, nice to see you back! Although, I did mention needing spots for promoting youth next season, not this one just yet though. I believe one of Akpom or Gnabry will get called up and may get sub appearances if the game is already in our hands.

  101. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC, all agreed it is the most likely deal of our rumoured ones to go down since he is continually linked strongly to us. However, don’t trust metro either as sometimes they write articles based off of the rubbish published on caughtoffside ;).

    Just want everyone’s expectations to stay grounded and to be realistic with all this.

  102. 17highburyterrace says:

    Regarding Cesc…. In Spain, where I was, everybody supports the local club and (mostly) Real Madrid or (on occasion) Barca….The Merengues were in full-on hate mode against Mourinho while the Barca people were very skeptical about the transfers that Pep had made and more or less said he was running away from the damage he had wrought. This was the period when they were running away with the La Liga title….by the way….

    Sanchez, Cesc and (by far the worst….) Ibrahimovic were terrible signings (they told me) and the glory days of the 100 goals of Eto’o, Henry and Messi would never be matched. Lucky for them, Mourinho was destroying RM, so they were still on top….

    Things change quickly in football yet slowly, but with yesterday’s result I think the tide may have turned—and the big winner, maybe, is Pep. Although we must still see if Bayern can roll past Barca on the return, and then the winner of RM-Dortmund….If they can, then Pep will always have to live up to that standard. My guess is that they won’t so he’s OK. Barca ARE in trouble, but I think Cesc will start playing the Xavi role more and more as the guy it’s named for plays less and less….They need forwards (or false 9s) who can deliver as needed. Falcao would be ideal, but he’s from Madrid…..

    Dig me, talking transfers….(albeit, not Arsenal transfers…..)

  103. 17highburyterrace says:

    AFC, if the Jovetic deal has been done (and I think it has, the timing being too perfect), I think it indicates that we are done spending big….This is it, I fear, until the deadline in September, unless we need to replace the likes of Sagna ;( and Vermaelen (and maybe Fabianski)…..

  104. 17highburyterrace says:

    Oops, I meant 😦 regarding the idea of losing Bacary Sagna….

  105. AFC says:

    HH, we do need to make sure we do not jump to conclusions about transfers. No deal is completed until the club announces it, or a large amount of reliable sources confirm it.

    17ht, I want us to spend big but I really do not want to see the likes of Sagna, Rosicky, Vermalen leave. The first two are very experienced and experience is needed in a squad guide the younger players and to win trophies. Vermaelen still has a lot to offer and it would be very sad to see him leave.

  106. AFC says:

    Guy, Suarez has got a 10 match ban.

  107. Highbury Harmony says:

    Just read the “new” Jovetic rumours. The title says “done deal” but the actual articles say Arsenal have moved one step closer in agreeing personal terms. All too familiar with the Mata signing for me ;). I won’t believe it until it’s on skysports, bbc or arsenal.com!

  108. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA, RA, Terry, 17ht et al who responded to my suggestion to structuring articles and discussion, thank you very much for the insight and elaborate responses (particularly RA 🙂 ).

    My intention was not to curb posters’ comments from contributing their normal humour and sidetrack stories a la Terry and Glic hahaha, but to give a little structure to the discussion and in the creation of articles, so as to avoid duplicate articles and to go overkill on a certain topic.

    Perhaps the better suggestion would have been to ask that we have a throwback type of article once per week and a transfer type article once or twice a week. Not trying to discourage Arsenal discussion of any kind since it’s always stimulating, but I do feel for posters like Terry, Gerry and others who shut down once the transfer speculation commences and just want to talk footy!

    Anyway, thank you all again for the feedback as you all raised some very good points re: the blog becoming a thread, being impossible to moderate all people’s comments, flow of how you feel coming into sharing your thoughts etc.

  109. Highbury Harmony says:

    By the way, will be back to blog a serious amount later around 3:30 pm my time (I believe that’s 8:30 pm yours?) if anyone’s interested so I don’t talk to myself the whole time hahaha!

    Also TA, on days where article ideas are stretched thin, what about an open discussion day like a commentary box? Basically, the idea is that bloggers can ask a question or share their thoughts about a topic and the discussion will just flow and maybe even change course from the follow-up comments? This avoids the need for authors to be forced to come up with an article for the sake of one and perhaps a better and more original article can be found amidst the discussion!

  110. 17highburyterrace says:

    Too much going on and I’d really like to keep focus with the Cesc article and HH’s ideas about the discussion here. Still, Arsenal pitchforks tines will be ground to a killing sharpness for the United match if we don’t show some real ambition for the future. Jovetic for 24 million and matching our highest paid guys (Theo and Poldi–who will spearhead our offense on the day) seems about right. From everything I’ve seen about the Montenegran(?) the transfer fee seems high and the salary a gamble. If he can produce to this level (same goes for Theo and Poldi) we might have a better chance next year to feel comfortable as England’s 4th team while pursuing the Cups….In other words, even if the deal happens A LOT depends on how we finish up the season AND, the teams ahead of us have a lot more spending power….

    That said, a bit of goodwill from the home crowd for the (crucial) match with United is exactly what we need (right now AND for the future). If we had some good news this week the RVP/United w/title return will go down a whole lot easier and maybe create some positive vibes for the remaining 3 (against already relegated QPR and Wigan and safe Newcastle?)….

  111. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey HH, I’m going skiing now….I’ll be back in that same time frame and (maybe) able to look at your posts….

    In the interim, maybe some outlet of repute will confirm (or deny) Jovetic rumours (rumors)….

    Cheers, (as they say), Thanks (for the heads up–as we do….)

  112. Glic says:

    The only rumour I like of Vics` is the Usmanov one. I hope he buys Kroenke Kuntz out !.
    Uzzy would have to abide by FFP aswell as Abramobitch, but, if these bastardos find a way around FFP…..particularly the PSG lot who are taking the piss with a £100m per year deal by the Qatari Tourist Association !……then at least we would have a plan B !. The only plan Kroenke Kuntz has is…. plan DFS…….and I`m not talking about the Sofa Sale people !……..DFS……Dodgy F**king Syrup !.

    As for Stevan Blo` Jobetic ………….I don’t want to have to say ….” told you so ! “.
    Get Isco or Muniain, before some other f**ker puts in a release cause bid like the Munchies have done with Gotze !.
    £70M/£100m to spend in the Summer. That could be a lot of quality or a lot of shit !. And he ( AW ) has been a bit hit and miss over the last few years !.

    I love the TW stuff personally and cant !.

  113. Glic says:

    * and cant wait for it to start !.

  114. TotalArsenal says:

    VCC at 15.14, I figured so much, and well done for keeping a low profile, but you cannot keep your feeling bottled up, so let it all out my friend! 🙂

  115. Gerry says:

    VCC – Here are my UMF sels:

    Man C v WHA – draw

    Newcastle v Liverpool away

    Wiga v Spurs – away

    Reading v QPR- draw

    Stoke v Norwich- home

  116. TotalArsenal says:

    hahaha 17HT, your wife would probably find loads of spelling mistakes in my English. Please tell your beloved I use ‘The Guardian’ style and prefer not to use an ‘s’ to make something possessive: i find it ugly, but she is, of course, totally right! 😛

  117. TotalArsenal says:

    I don’t want a new RvP, but a new DB without a boy inside him.

  118. TotalArsenal says:

    17HT good point about needing some positive news.

  119. Gerry says:

    HH – Had you mentioned Gnabry in your posts that you yesterday I would have given you a mention .. probably?

    Seriously though. I put Gnabry forward for this game, and as a starter, for the following reasons:
    1, – ‘We’ have probably factored in this result as not providing 3 points for us? I am not saying we are going out with that attitude, but ALL the remaining games are ‘MUST WIN’ ones.

    2,- We have suffered whenever the team makes big changes, and I feel that with Podolski on point, we will change our personnel to accommodate this, and the way we play. Gnabry is not a ‘like for like’ replacement for Giro, but it does mean Poldi can do his normal thing to the left of centre.

    3, It makes more sense to start with him, for the surprise element, and keep Walcott back for pace when they tire, presumably at 65/70 minutes. This is less predictable for Red Nose to plan for, and he just could put us ahead at half time. I somehow don’t see us doing that if we start as slow as we did last time?

    Now I am hurt, as I have been agreeing with you for several posts … ha ha

    I fully understand the need to spread the post out among a greater number of bloggers. The alternative is during the TW at least, is simply leave those days blank, and let the discussions from the day before organically develop in the way they often do?

    Time is always a problem for me – my tea time now – plus the point 17HT made about it is easier to cut and run as a responder, a writer needs to be around for the answers too.

    Sorry … must cut and run …

  120. TotalArsenal says:

    Thanks for your inputs HH.

    Daily articles are the main input for discussion but all sorts of topics are being discussed during the day, which is great. During the summer, I will not be issuing a post every day and there is plenty of space to start a new discussion by simply writing a comment and ask fellow BK’ers for their response. 🙂

  121. Red Arse says:


    Please get your better half to blog on here. I think English is a fantastic language that is always morphing, and is all the better for that.

    However, some things should remain inviolate, and the rules for the genitive or possessive pronouns is one of them, in my opinion.

    I am not sure I understood the earlier conversation regarding Cesc and whether, if you wrote ‘it was Cesc’s other ball’ it required an apostrophe ‘s’ or not.
    The genitive or possessive rule for nouns requires an apostrophe + an ‘s’, so If it was John’s ball, or Jim’s ball that is easy to see, and I think that rule applies to Cesc’s name too! 🙂

    However, the rule regarding pluralized family names (surnames) is different but clear.
    First you work out what the plural of (say) Smith is (= Smiths) then you work out the possessive, “The Smiths’ house is on the corner” which obviously requires an ‘s’ to pluralise ‘Smith’ but only requires an apostrophe but no ‘s’ for the genitive.
    After all it would look silly if it was spelt, “Smithses”, so the ‘es’ is dropped in favour of the apostrophe.

    Yes, please. Get the Mrs blogging – we could have hours of fun!! 😀

  122. Red Arse says:

    That put me in mind of a very funny sketch between two old comedians, Abbott and Costello.
    It went like this and shows what can happen if the English language is messed with. 😀

    You need to know that the names of the baseball players sound like ‘ordinary’ words.

    The names given in the routine for the players at each position are:

    First Base: Who
    Second Base: What
    Third Base: I Don’t Know
    Left field: Why
    Center field: Because
    Pitcher: Tomorrow
    Catcher: Today
    Shortstop: I Don’t Care/I Don’t Give a Darn/I Don’t Give a Damn

    The name of the shortstop is not given until the very end of the routine, and the right fielder is never identified. In the Selchow and Righter board game, the right fielder’s name is “Nobody”.[

    At one point in the routine, Costello thinks that Naturally is the first baseman:

    Abbott: You throw the ball to first base.
    Costello: Then who gets it?
    Abbott: Naturally.
    Costello: Naturally.
    Abbott: Now you’ve got it.

    Costello: So I throw the ball to Naturally.
    Abbott: No! You don’t! You throw it to Who!
    Costello: Naturally.
    Abbott: Well, that’s it—say it that way.
    Costello: That’s what I said.
    Abbott: You did not.

    Costello: I said I throw the ball to Naturally.
    Abbott: You don’t! You throw it to Who!
    Costello: Naturally.

    Abbott’s explanations leave Costello hopelessly confused and infuriated, until the end of the routine when Costello finally appears to catch on.

    Costello: Now I throw the ball to first base, whoever it is drops the ball, so the guy runs to second. Who picks up the ball and throws it to What. What throws it to I Don’t Know. I Don’t Know throws it back to Tomorrow—a triple play.
    Abbott: Yeah, it could be.

    Costello: Another guy gets up and it’s a long fly ball to Because. Why? I don’t know. He’s on third, and I don’t give a darn!
    Abbott: What was that?
    Costello: I said, I DON’T GIVE A DARN!
    Abbott: Oh, yeah, that’s our shortstop!

    You can see the live sketch on You Tube — worth a look.

    Sorry, HH, I have digressed – yet again!! 😀

  123. Highbury Harmony says:

    Gerry, that’s right you better apologize!!! 👿 hahaha

    Seriously though, I am extremely high on Gnabry. Ever since I saw his pull and drag move against Schalke in his substitute appearance, I was convinced he had quality. I’ve continued to watch him on occasion with the U-21’s and he never lets me down; my belief in him as a player is only further reinforced. The kid oozes skill and his finishing has been constantly improving to the point that he’s eventually becoming the next Bale in the sense that he’s developing into the ideal SS who can dribble, score, sprint past the back four and has the vision to set others up.

    I’m actually going to write a post within the next week about Bale vs. Walcott/Ox/Gnabry and sort of compare all three to Bale and to each other and offer my insight into which player I believe to be the most promising of our three and why. Hopefully Milo and yourself will be around to give your input and let me know if I’ve done justice on my Gnabry scouting report!

  124. Highbury Harmony says:

    By the way, Lewandowski’s agent just confirmed he’ll be moving to Bayern too…could this week get any worse for a BD fan?!

  125. Highbury Harmony says:

    My UMF predictions for this week before I head out for an hour:

    Spuds away win
    Manure away win
    QPR away win
    Stoke vs. Norwich draw
    Southampton vs. WBA draw

  126. AFC says:

    HH, maybe you could compare Walcott to Bale. Then compare the Ox to Raheem Sterling (that wolud be very interesting).

  127. AFC says:

    HH @ 19:01, that cannot be serious. Bayern will surely be the best team in the world now.

  128. TotalArsenal says:


    I hope your 2nd team will beat Maureen and his bunch of diving winchers. 🙂

  129. AFC says:

    HH, then you could compare Gnabry to Zaha.

    I have only said you should compare these players with each other because they are at similar ages and similar points in their careers.

    Just my thoughts though, you do not have to follow them. 🙂

  130. AFC says:

    * would

  131. Bond James says:


    all agreed re-Reus

    but if i was to be given a choice of having one out of the 3 (Jovetic/Reus/lewandowski), i’ll always go for Reus that’s our next 10 years sorted with him.

    i’m not sure why most people are so Gaga over Jovetic, sure he might be the next Van persie but there’s a reason why he’s labelled the next van persie and dare i say the reason now, injuries – he is as fragile as Van Persie if not more

    Fiorentina have already bought a replacement for Jovetic in Jan (Rossi) and have another 21 year old ready to take over from Jovetic which means he will no doubt be leaving italy but my biggest concern remains his injury record…i much rather buy someone with a better injury record if i am to be forking out in excess of 23 million….as we all know how physical the EPL is, if Jovetic can be on the sidelines for a month and so on every now and again due to niggles and miss almost an entire season a couple of seasons ago in italy where it’s not as physical or intense as EPL then i’m sure Wenger and his scouts can do the math themselves.

    usually we never get the players who are consistently and regularly connected to us, that normally means they are going somewhere else and we use it as smoke screen to get players no one expects us to buy.

  132. Gerry says:

    HH – that second report is going to upset Red Nose, as he was supposedly on his wish list?

    Are you also saying you did mention Gnabry yesterday? I was only skim reading whilst eating, and because of the dog I only had about half an hour to chuck out a few words this morning.
    Not long enough to do any form study you see.

    However, if I missed your mention I do of course send my apelowgy(ref Black Adder I think?)

    I am going to upset you again now by say I want Real Madrid to win tonight, just to complete the line up that I forecast in TA quiz a while back … Sorrrry

    May catch you later ..

  133. Gerry says:

    Hi AFC – I would rather compare zaha with the St Ettienne striker??
    Much more AW type of player?

  134. TotalArsenal says:


    You won’t find a much stronger, physical 23 year old attacker easily. He played 2/3 of all Italian League games in the last two seasons as well, which ain’t bad at all.

  135. Highbury Harmony says:

    Hahaha Gerry you can’t do anything right by me can you? Cheering for Maureen and those wankers is unacceptable! What about the underdog and a team built on a similar model to Arsenal? Surely, if they succeed in the CL after winning back to back Bundesliga titles will be inspiration that we can do it as well :).

    And yes, I did mention Gnabry yesterday and in past days but it’s not important. I was simply winding you up since you haven’t been around in a while ;).

  136. Highbury Harmony says:

    If BD make it to the CL final and beat Bayern, how much worse will it look for MG and RL? Surely, it’s a huge loss for BD and Bayern will only get better, but it would signal clear sell-outs to me who are glory-hunting traitors with no sense of loyalty, seeking exorbitant wages.

  137. Highbury Harmony says:

    Also, AFC all great suggestions for my article, but there’s a point in comparing them all to Bale :). First, it’s a more relevant comparison since many bloggers will be familiar with Bale opposed to Zaha or Sterling and the article’s focus will not serve as a direct comparison, but which one’s skill set most closely resembles Bale’s and a comparison of their games at the same age.

  138. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA, BD up 1-0 is a great start :). I pegged BD and Bayern to win the semis too! Bet some $$ on those results, so hopefully they come through!

  139. AFC says:

    HH, fully understand now. 🙂

    Cannot wait to read it. 🙂

  140. Bond James says:


    i was expecting you to say that , although it may not be the worse signing but i do have my doubts in all the recent reports coming out re- us the deal already been done and all that – you have to take into account that the team he plays for isn’t that far off from securing champs league football next season –

    let’s hope my fears of his injuries don’t turn reality but what i do know is that, most of the Fiorentina fans will be very happy to have £24 mills for him – if most fans are happy to see a back of their main player then that’s a bad indicator for me.

  141. Highbury Harmony says:

    Oops didn’t see that RM tied it up :(. Still, I think BD will win, they always beat RM and teams outside the Bundesliga generally struggle on German soil!

    What is concerning is how quickly the Bundesliga is progressing. With the wealth of talent coming through the ranks in Germany and their desire to stay home, we could be witnessing a new super league of sorts, greatly diminishing the prestige and quality of the PL (according to some, this has already started to happen).

  142. Highbury Harmony says:

    BJ, all agreed my friend. I choose Reus over Jovetic or Lewandowski any day of the week. However, with that said, if Reus is not on the market or his price is too exorbitant, I would not hesitate for a second in picking up Jovetic. He also has a bright future ahead and he’s a different type of player to Reus in that he’s more physical, plays with more emotion and has sublime ball control. Reus is a better and more proven finisher, faster, is a better at tricks than pure ball control, and both have outstanding vision as ST.

    I disagree about the links to Jovetic being a smokescreen. The same happened with Poldi, OG and Santi in the last window and they all came to fruition. Whether this trend is an exception or will become the norm remains to be seen. However, this is one rumour that will just not go away and it’s fueled by the player’s apparent desire to join us as well.

  143. TotalArsenal says:

    BJ – how do you know about what the Fiorentina fans think about Jovetic’s apparent departure? Are you based in Italy/Italian?

  144. Bond James says:


    i don’t usually hype any young and upcoming players but allow me this one time to do so,

    compare Gnabry to Zaha ?

    Zaha is a good player – Nani Bracket meaning sometimes he turns up sometimes he doesn’t.

    Gnabry is a special player – when i say special i mean Ronaldo special , give him another 6 months from now and i reckon he would have won most if not all Arsenal fans over, he is ridiculously good for his age…a full pre- tour this season will help both him and Wenger massively in deciding whether he needs to be used more with the first team for next season (if you ask me, i’ll say yes).

  145. AFC says:

    BJ, I only said to compare Gnabry to Zaha not because of their ability but because they are both going to enter the first team of two of Englands best clubs. Next season it is will be their first season playing in the first teams of top clubs.

  146. Bond James says:


    my in laws are italian.

    and there you go, Lewandowksi never fails to deliver or impress, since everyone thought lewandowski to munich was all done and instead it was gotze, i still reckon it’s Lewandowski we should be looking at

  147. Highbury Harmony says:

    3-1! 3-1! 3-1!!! So good I had to post it 3 times 🙂

  148. Highbury Harmony says:

    BJ, Lewa’s agent apparently confirmed that RL’s on his way to Bayern too hahaha!

  149. Highbury Harmony says:

    4-1, goodbye La Liga!!!

  150. Bond James says:

    bloody hell, there goes any hope for us to get Lewandowksi for under 25 million, he just added another 5 million to his price


    Jovetic is not bad, Lewandowski – proven

    we have way too many not too bad players in this arsenal team and squad as it stands.

  151. AFC says:

    Guys, what I do not get is why Gotze would go to Bayern when Dortmund are doing so well in the CL. A player who wanted to leave United for City, I can understand that more than this.

  152. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC, that is exactly what I am asking myself. My only answer is because he’s a glory hunting individual driven by greed.

  153. AFC says:

    BJ, Manchester United are interested in Lewandowksi.

  154. AFC says:

    BJ, Manchester United are interested in Lewandowksi so any move we make for him United could look to outbid us.

  155. TotalArsenal says:

    Lewandowski has been phenomenal BJ. Nice to know we have an semi-Italian connection at BK! 🙂

  156. AFC says:

    HH, really strange!

    Maybe Dortmund should put some kind of a clause in their players’ contract saying that they cannot go to Bayern directly if they choose to leave the club.

  157. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA, I’m on cloud 9 right now :). Not only because BD won, because it’s proof that Arsenal can one day be a dominant force despite our much ragged on model!

  158. Highbury Harmony says:

    Arsenal just need to start replacing top quality players with ones of the same caliber. If a player wishes to leave and no longer has the desire to play for our club, then I say so be it! Watch out world, we’re coming back!

  159. 17highburyterrace says:

    Incredible results in these first legs…And, unbelievably there is no (live) US television coverage today….WTF!!!

    The selling club has Real Madrid in their pocket—Maybe we can do likewise, someday….soon(er than later)….(And there Red Arse, is the way I choose to stylistically abuse the language that my wife teaches, sorry…. I’ll show her your posts up above and see what she says–I wouldn’t count on her wasting her time blogging about Arsenal nor the language—Somebody’s got to work around here, after all…..)

    So, Germany have their Super-Club and their Super Selling Club looking like CL finalists. (Let’s not count chicken’s before they hatch, of course…..) If they go down can we count on Mourinho gettting the Sheiks and the Oligarchs into a bidding war over his next job assignment? Of course, he could stay the course and sign a “pre-contract” with United if SAF is ready to go out on top….

    Regarding Jovetic….I haven’t followed the stats or the you-tube clips or anything. Taking RA’s rule of thumb 24 million is high for a 20 million pound contract (100k/week for 4 years) but that maybe is the premium for doing it before the window opens. If it happens he would be replacing Arshavin and giving competition to the likes of Poldoski and Walcott our other 100k guys. Giroud is the bonus player and the plan B. I keep repeating myself, but the quantity of Route 1 we’ve played this season (because Poldoski’s been hurt and because Theo is not-all-that AND because the combo of Sneezy/TV5 and Arteta have trouble playing it out of our half….) has been a blasphemy against the idea that Arsenal play attractive football. Oh well, just 4 matches to go….

    So, in my mind the deal is done–and the timing is ideal. What do tickets for ManU cost? We need to know that the money is being spent, right?…..

    Finally, if you’re gonna start comparing Theo to other players why not Scott Sinclair. He’s the guy ManCity bought last Summer when they could’ve had our guy….(Liverpool “kept their powder dry” and used Sterling but later bought Coutinho….)

  160. AFC says:

    HH, totally agree with you there. 🙂

  161. Bond James says:


    mancs are linked to every striker out there even the likes of Falcao.

    and it’s all about the money, HH nailed it with the word “Greed”.

    however , i won’t rule out the Pep G link as well, if i was a betting man then i would say for the next 3-5 years, Munich will be the team to beat in Europe

    they have won this years CL for me already.

  162. AFC says:

    17ht, I think Walcott is quality. The problem is that he is not consistant. He always seems to be out of form rather than in form and then when he is getting to his best he gets injured. For me, he will never fill his potential. It is quite sad. However a very good players to have in our squad.

  163. Glic says:

    Steady on HH. Be carefull the girlfriend doesn`t walk in and catch you wanking over that result !. hahaha

  164. AFC says:

    17ht, I think Walcott is quality. The problem is that he is not consistant. He always seems to be out of form rather than in form and then when he is getting to his best he gets injured. For me, he will never fill his potential. It is quite sad. However a very good player to have in our squad.

  165. 17highburyterrace says:

    OMG, I wrote chicken’s when I meant chickens…. And I left out a lot of commas….And those are just the errors I can catch with a quick re-read. Poop….

    Finishes 4-1 in Dortmund….

  166. 17highburyterrace says:

    But at least I didn’t double post 😉 …..

    In this day and age a quality squad player is probably worth 100k/week and Theo is still improving….

  167. Highbury Harmony says:

    BJ, there’s something I love to call momentum and magic in a cinderella story of sorts and that is BD. They have beat Bayern in past years, no reason why they can’t again. Anything can happen on a given day and this isn’t the Bundesliga.

    The rise of a football revolution and it’s all German (club wise).

  168. AFC says:

    BJ, Bayern will be the team to beat in the next few years. For me Barca’s tactics have been well and truly clocked by teams.

    If I was SAF I would play Rooney next to Carrick and buy another striker.

    Let’s just hope SAF does not visit this site and just read that. 😀

  169. TotalArsenal says:

    So true, HH and I reckon you are the best person to write a post about the Dortmund model and how it compares with the Arsenal model.

    Gotze, Gotze who the fuck needs Gotze! What a great night for football, and Jurgen Klopp is a man in full!

  170. Highbury Harmony says:

    Glic, too late. Let’s be honest here, I couldn’t hold it in and I relieved myself before I could even tug one out hahaha!

  171. 17highburyterrace says:

    The bottom line for me is that we are in a situation where football is rapidly changing….You gotta have the money if you want to play. We are half-way there, but very well positioned for the future. These next 4 matches are crucial and I think we can do it. It’s good all the big teams (including United….) to have (a half baked version of) Arsenal in the Super League, er, CL…..putting Spurs in is just silly….

    We need young players with potential to compete with our brit-pack and other young guns. so I think one or two buys in the 22-24 year old range is just about right. I also think we’ll be seeing the likes of Gnabry and Eisfeld getting some time next season. We need a stable (boring) summer and a good start to the season. Frankly, finishing 4th and winning a CL qualifier in some degree of style could be an ideal scenario. Again, there I go with the chickens….

    An all German CL final would be something. I saw a lot of protests when I was in Spain–plenty of posters of Angela Merkel with a Hitler mustache painted in….Is football following life?….

  172. 17highburyterrace says:

    It’s good *for* all the big teams….Geez…

  173. henrychan says:

    AFC and HH.. I think they never really believe it also.. that Goetze will rate so high.. hehe..
    And I also think Dortmund need that money.. 39 mil is a lot.. with that money they can bring another qualified midfielders and don’t forget they still have Sahin.. Now I will love Draxler to BD.. if Wenger don’t bring him to Emirates..

    Lewy is a very briliant striker that We need badly.. but I don’t think BD will let him go.. cheap.. How much will you rate him after his wonderful 4 goals..??
    Madrid should go for him.. instead of Bale..??

    I don’t surprise BD can beat RM.. but 4 goals.. hehehe.. Spain is cursed in Germany.. hahaha..

  174. AFC says:

    17ht, you need to spend money to compete. I think Wenger knew this but in the last few years has tried to prove this thoery wrong. However now, I think he has realised by not spending money he is fighting a losing battle.

  175. Highbury Harmony says:

    The thing is, I know BD will be just fine and I’m not sure I ever felt that way with AW. So long as Klopp runs the show, he will intelligently spend his resources and does not work under the same limitations as AW. He consistently is able to purchase and develop top quality players when replacing departing ones.

    Reus for Kagawa
    Gundogan for Sahin
    Barrios for Frei
    Blaszczykowski for Pienaar
    Sahin for Rosicky
    Petric for Smolarek
    S.Bender for
    Schieber for Perisic
    Lewandowski for Valdez

  176. Highbury Harmony says:

    Henry, I was just about to say I could see Draxler going to BD!! However, Draxler’s boyhood club is Schalke so I see less of a reason for him to leave to another German side and will likely only go abroad if he does leave.

  177. AFC says:

    Henrychan, in recent years Dortmund have won quite a lot of their matches against Real Madrid. It looks like a all German final. I will definitely be rooting for Dortmund. That will show Gotze for going to Bayern.

    I would not want to be Gotze in that match though. Playing for his former team against his new team. 😀

  178. 17highburyterrace says:


    Assuming an all German final….Doesn’t Bayern win either way? If they lose at Wembley they’re still poaching Gotze (and Lewandoski? and who else?….) and they’ve got (the genius of) Pep coming in….

    Should we root for Bayern because we “almost” beat them (or beat them at home, or however you want to spin our loss….) or should we root for Dortmund because they’re a selling team (just like us)?….

    Anyhow, I can’t root for anybody except Arsenal these days….(Well, OK, I will be rooting for Wigan vs Spurs on the weekend….) In Spain, there is a lot of political BS that goes with supporting the Franco club (Real Madrid) or supporting the separatists (Barca). Arsenal can be an appealing “brand” in world club football but we need to (eventually) be more than “lovable losers”…..

  179. AFC says:

    * an all

  180. Highbury Harmony says:

    17ht, yes Bayern win either way, HOWEVER, it goes to show that they could move mountains with their pile of cash but could STILL not beat a team with less resources. It would be an insult of great proportions if Bayern lost to BD and why would you ever cheer for them, they’re basically killing the Bundesliga and robbing all other teams of their talented players…

    Fun fact, Kaka cost RM more than BD’s entire starting 11 hahaha!

  181. AFC says:

    HH, hats up for digging out that fact. 🙂

  182. Highbury Harmony says:

    Also 17ht, what will Pep’s legacy be measured by at Bayern? They’ve already won the Bundesliga and could win the CL. Is Pep not once again inheriting a super team? Those criticisms will always surround his managing career, though one cannot deny the impact he had at Barca given their continued demise (they have won La Liga this year though).

  183. henrychan says:

    Hehe.. HH and AFC.. my freinds.. this will be a dortmund blogs if We continue our disscusion.. haha.. sorry TA..

    And TA..
    You know bro.. my Yoona did it again.. she wake me up again.. Hahaha..

    Sorry.. I need to sleep.. two or three our before daily duty..
    See you all..

  184. Highbury Harmony says:

    Imagine how much better off we would be right now had we bought Santi for Na$ri when he left, Wanyama/Capoue/Sissoko/one of the Benders for Song, Jovetic for RVP and OG for Adebarndoor.

  185. Highbury Harmony says:

    All at the time of their respective departures*

  186. AFC says:

    HH, I have got an interesting theory on why Pep left Barca. He knew that teams were beginning to clock his tactics, so he left before he got figured out, just like Wenger’s tactics have been clocked and Wenger has been figured out. In my opinion Barca still managed to win the important matches during this time because of the world class players they had rather than the tactics.

  187. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC, while your theory certainly has some merit, why would Pep want to be a manager again in football if that were the case? Unless of course, he’s sudden;y revolutionized football again with a new philosophy.

    I don’t think it was necessarily his tactics that were figured out, but the lack of flexibility in his game plan and purchases of players in the open market. Keep in mind, there were plenty of days that Barca’s tactics did win out over defensive sides and still do this season. Imagine how much better they would have been had they bought a powerful, technical striker who was good in the air opposed to Alexis Sanchez.

    Certainly, flexibility in strategy is part of tactics, but they still need some power in grit in their line-up to combat teams that inevitably form defensive shells. They are too heavily reliant on Messi too, and evident after yesterday’s match, when he is not 100% match fit or on form, Barca generally suffer.

  188. Milo says:

    I don’t want Cesc back. We need to find or develop a new Cesc. One who will stay with us forever. I still resent him for leaving, and playing half-arsed for a season and a half. He knew what he was getting in to, he was and still is a grown man. Also, his mental strength is questionable, if he can be so easily manipulated and directed. We never won anything with him, we just played better football. I think once we find someone else of similar ability, and a stronger mentality, we will play as we did with him, and maybe even win something. We MIGHT not have to look too far, as we have some good young players, as well as a player who can shape our play, when fully fit, in Wilshere. He is a bit different to Fabregas, but still, he can conduct our play and will be a force if he can maintain his health.

    I don’t feel sorry for Cesc, RVP, Adebayor, Nasri, Song, or anyone else who willfully leaves our club. We need to move on and not pine or hope for a return of players with whom we accomplished very little with.

  189. Milo says:

    Highbury Harmony, Bayern actually have as many youth products, if not more in their first 11, than Borussia Dortmund, if I am not mistaken. I’m still cheering for Borussia Dortmund, as you are correct in saying that they steal most of the other Bundesliga club’s young talent. Still I thought it was worth pointing out that both clubs develop their own players, and do it very well!!! 😀

  190. 17highburyterrace says:


    Let’s see if I can do this “agree to disagree” thing…. 😉

    I’m with HH on Pep….though I would compare him to Wenger as you do….Too much success breeds insane expectations. Barca cannot replicate 2009 (Henry, Eto’o and Messi with 100 goals….) His replacements up front (Alexis Sanchez and Ibrahimovic) have been disappointments. As we all know (and coming full circle on today’s blog topic….) Cesc lacks the pace to be a big-time goal scorer….Pedro is very good (Tello, not so much). In other words, less about tactics than talent. Just as Wenger wanted Adebayor to be another Henry, some talents are more special than others….

    On whether or not we will be spending big this summer….My impression is that Wenger is playing the long game while serving at the pleasure of the owner. This means a conservative transfer strategy. Buy low, sell high, that’s what my financial people always tell me….

    In this regard Poldoski was a good buy, as was Giroud in my mind. Santi, of course, was a GREAT buy…. Selling the title, er RVP, to United makes economic sense, even as it enrages supporters. We could have matched his salary demands but that’s 40 million pounds all in one basket and it disturbs the “collective” (wage parity) that also seems a hallmark of Wenger’s team building idea–and costs money (big money) to maintain. Would we have won the league this year had he stayed? Frankly I doubt it. We are short in so many areas. And what if RVP had gotten hurt? If anybody stepped up and got a few goals they’d demand big money too….

    Just as we’re in a relegation battle at the moment, medium term we have to look behind us as much as in front. Until the CL (or the breakaway Super-League….) comes to be, it seems quite clear that we’re not prepared to compete (financially) with the Silly Money clubs (Chelsea/City) nor the big Debt Club (United). Beating back the smaller clubs trying for their moment of glory (Liverpool/Spurs/Everybody else) is as much the goal as anything. FFP should (italics) reinforce this hierarchy….

    Longer term we need these mid-range buys to be good ones AND we need our more speculative buys (Theo, Ox) and academy types to (on occasion, at least) out-compete the guys we’re buying. There’s too much instability (player turnover) at the club, so keeping our players is the (boring, boring, boring) thing I’m hoping for over the summer. It’s actually not that boring if you follow the papers–in that case it’s stomach churning–and if players get their heads turned AND the offer is stupid enough, sometimes selling is the thing to do….

    So, in conclusion, (if you’re still reading….) I think we’re several years and/or a new owner away from being a “buying” club….

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