The Special One is still incapable of winning beautifully


Isn’t it nice to see Real Madrid getting dumped out of the CL by a proper football team tonight?

One that was build  slowly without reverting to spending hundreds of millions of pounds in one summer; one that has a manager at the helm who remains humble and warm towards others, and would never do something so vain as referring to himself as the ‘Special One’.

I despise Mourinho: a brilliant ‘traditional’ manager, but an absolute twit of a person. He always tries to put his boot into Wenger whenever there is an opportunity, whilst never acknowledging the vast discrepancy between his and the Frenchman’s transfer budget in the last eight years or so.

To see Dortmund go through to the final whilst playing attractive, proper football is just fantastic. They lost Nuri Sahin to RM, and also Kagawa to the Mancs in recent seasons, and yet, here they are eliminating a star-brimming team who have tried everything possible to knock Barca of its domestic and European throne: even contracting the vile, self-loving Maureen.

For some time, RM have been desperate to not only overtake Barcelona again, but to do so with breathtakingly beautiful football. Despite Capello winning La Liga for them in 2007, RM did not like the football on display and he was promptly sacked. The same goes for Bernd Schuster, who won the league the year after, but also got the boot after just one and a half season in charge (also winning La Liga in the process).

Juande Ramos was given just half a season, and then RM went mad by spending in the region of £200-250m on the likes of Kaka, Alonso, Benzema and Ronaldo in 2009. Manuel Pelligrini was hired in that same summer to turn all this star quality into gorgeous, sexy and triumphant footie. But the Chilean did also not last very long, as the trophy cabinet did not get any new additions; whilst their bitterest of the bitterest rivals in Cataluña won everything with the sort of football that took the world by storm.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and so the self-declared and celebrated Special One was hired. The Portuguese master tactician had just won ‘the triple’ for Inter Milan, including the so coveted CL cup, and he simply had to be hired to break the excruciating, suffocating dominance by the Blaugrana over Los Blancos.

Maureen joined a team with top class players throughout the squad, a number of which had just won the world-cup in South Africa. On top of that, he still got funds to strengthen his team further, which he promptly did. Unfortunately, he was not allowed to let Los Galacticos play Maureenball sort of football. Something nobody had argued with him about at Internazionale, the home of catenaccio in the end…

Now this was a new challenge for him: winning titles with beautiful, daring football. He had not managed to do so at Chelsea, which appeared to have cost him his job there ultimately. At Inter and Porto this was never a requirement, but as per the above, for the RM board and supporters winning in style – ideally better than their one and only rival – is a must.

He tried everything in his powers to topple the despised Blaugrana during his first season in charge, but it was all in vain for the most self-adoring man in football. Fair is fair, he won the Spanish cup for his new paymasters; it meant so much to them that they promptly dropped it from the ‘parade’ bus hahaha.

Then last season, Maureen’s second for the Galacticos, he overcame Barcelona in the league to win La Liga for them: the first time in five years of trying. Quite an achievement, even when taking into account that Guardiola clearly needed a break from the incredible pressure he put himself/ was under.

But for the second time running, RM did not manage to get into the final of the CL: a cup Los Blancos feel simply entitled to every single season.

Then came his third, and what was always likely to be his last season for RM – because the man has not got the patience and stamina to sit it out much longer at a club, and nobody can take him much longer than a 1000 days, no matter how desperate they are!

Despite Barca being at their weakest in a long time, RM never gave them a fight, squandering points like no tomorrow during the first half of the current La Liga season. But all hope and focus was on winning the CL this time round.

He got his team to the CL semi-finals once again, and was so convinced they would beat Dortmund that he even issued the team-sheet 24 hours prior to the game. BD wiped the floor with Los Blancos in the first leg:  a total embarrassment for the club, and especially Maureen.

Tonight, in front of 85000 supporters, RM tried in the beginning and towards the end of the second leg game, but BD were simply too good for them.

Maureen has failed, and as he has burned a lot of relationship bridges in the process, it is very unlikely he will last much longer at the historically biggest football club in the world. Beautiful winning football, despite an army of top, top talents at his disposal, cannot be added to his CV, and probably never will – something Arsene will always  hold over him. 😉

Written by: TotalArsenal.

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58 Responses to The Special One is still incapable of winning beautifully

  1. Bond James says:

    good one, TA

    yep, money doesn’t always necessarily buy you success , that’s for sure 😀

  2. Milo says:

    Well, I thought that Madrid actually played very well in the second leg! I really dislike Mourinho too, but I thought it was Dortmund who were a bit too negative, when really they could have been more positive! Why put Grosskreutz on when you have Moritz Leitner or Nuri Sahin on the bench??? Reus is not a natural play-maker, and Grosskreutz, certainly isn’t!!! Madrid aren’t always negative…Barcelona aren’t always beautiful! I think the truth is somewhere in between. The truth about Mourinho is that he is an asshole, but we all knew that as soon as he touched foot in England.

  3. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers BJ,

    Just a bit of fun! 😛

  4. Bond James says:

    Mourinho might be an asshole but he’s a genius at that,

    he is always in the limelight or spot light as you call it, which takes a lot of pressure off from his own players, whether they lose or win.

    they certainly deserved to win tonight, they had plenty of chances in the first 20 minutes to qualify for the final (it was like me watching us play mancs last week, utter dominance in the first 20 minutes without much fruit).

    can we give the champions league trophy to BM already ? who agree’s ?

  5. TotalArsenal says:

    Milo 🙂

    Maureen has tried to adapt and play more attractive football, and it has definitely been decent football to watch at times, but ultimately – in terms of winning silverware – it has not been good enough for RM (and the money that has been invested in the squad).

  6. Shard says:

    Khedira played for Stuttgart, not Dortmund. That small fact aside, agree with everything in the article. He’s a good manager, but overrated, and not worth the circus (and possibly long term damage) that he brings.

  7. Akshay says:

    An AKB I presume with your statement Wenger had no transfer budget, also it would be better to educate yourself on the players Dortmund sold before publishing

  8. TotalArsenal says:


    I reckon Barca will come close tomorrow, but less than 5% chance they get through. I fancy BD in the final: they play the better football imo, but all their key players need to be fit, and I cannot see them play Gotze against BM in the final.

  9. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers for the correction, Shard 🙂

  10. Bond James says:

    Gotze might actually not be fit for the finals anyway ?

    BD play like us , yes the better football but BM are hurt, more hungerier and they have had BD in their back pocket the entire season, psychologically they have the upper hand and it may end up being “3rd time lucky for BM”.

    besides i much rather BM because this way, least it gives some of us fans the right to say, we were knocked out by the champions and we were the only team to beat them in the CL. 😀

  11. TotalArsenal says:


    Where did I say he did not have transfer budget?

  12. TotalArsenal says:

    You could be right, BJ.

    The H2H results over the last few years are in favour of BD, but Bayern are very strong this season…. Should be a great final.

  13. Milo says:

    Ohhhhhh Akshay…I knew an Akshay once…he was a total asshole, but is probably a millionaire now…that wouldn’t be you would it??? 😀

  14. Admir says:

    I think that picture of Mourinho tonight while he was standing like he was released from the hospital after long treatment to home care suggests that he knows what was at stake tonight. Had he won “la decima” with Real Madrid, he would create his own room in the pantheon of the greatest managers alive – he would become the first manager to conquer Europe with three different clubs, Napoleon of football.

    It’s one thing that he failed with Real in 2011 against Barcelona but totally another that he was beaten by German clubs for two years in a row in the semifinals. Against Barcelona, he could always ask the question regarding refereeing: “Por que?”. Against Bayern and Borussia Dortmund, he can only ask himself: “They dominated against us in both matches. Por que?”

    He won’t get his own room in Hall of Fame. Instead, he’ll have to settle to stay with room-mates Van Gaal and Happel.

  15. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Admir

    I reckon he will win it again with another team, unfortunately. Any club owners who just want to win the dammed thing and have enough money, will want to go for him.

    If he is allowed to play football as he did at Chelsea, he will win trophies again.

    But he is unlikely to ever win anything in style, and long may it continue hahaha

  16. TotalArsenal says:

    It looks like we might be seeing Song in the Busquets’ role tomorrow as the Spaniard is injured. Would be nice.

  17. 17highburyterrace says:

    Personally, I love Mourinho….In the game…but I wouldn’t want him anywhere near my club. The merengues I knew in Spain were livid with him….”El problema con Real Madrid se llama Mourinho”….He’s quite the personality so thus quite the pantomime villain. It should be great fun to watch him back at Chelsea….

    In fact, I haven’t watched a lot of Madrid as they started doing better here in the new year. In the autumn Modric looked completely lost but (I thought) he looked a lot better in the recent matches where I’ve seen him. (A far better midfielder, one Cesc Fabregas, meanwhile, languishes on the Barca bench….) Benzema always look rattled to me but then Higuain has trouble doing much better. And, of course, their big problem is in central defense. With Saint Iker injured and the likes of loose cannon Pepe they always look vulnerable. Add in their very own Aaron Ramsey (Coentrao) and a rich man’s Vermaelen (Ramos) and (for me, at least) they should be playing Wengerball and trying to run up the goal totals. There’s so much focus on the Superclasico that it becomes about honing skills and tactics for those showdowns. Or at least this is what people I spoke with complained about as they drew and lost so many games in early season….

    Three matches remain for Arsenal this season and we’re looking to have borrowed a page from Mourinho himself (Arteta/Ramsey offer about 50% of what Alonzo/Khedira do in attack, I’d say….) I guess when results really count a bit of defense goes a long way…. Like all things Arsenal—Just you wait until next year….We’ll play some pretty football then, by golly…. 😀

  18. graang says:

    am i missing something – is Maureen a nickname of Jose’s? or is your spellcheck playing havoc with Mourinho?

  19. allezkev says:

    Superb performance by Dortmund.
    Hummels was immense.
    Reus and Bender, how I would love those two at Arsenal…
    Great post Total, as per usual…,

  20. TotalArsenal says:

    17HT, agreed, we have borrowed a page from Maureen’s book. It also shows if you keep it simple/defensive, you will get the results but not much fun/beauty from the football itself.

  21. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers allezkev

    Graang: it is just a nickname for Mourinho. 🙂

  22. 17highburyterrace says:

    TA….It must be awfully late there in Norwich….

    Yeah, the current (Arsenal) football is very hard to watch, but we’re (kinda, sorta) getting it done.

    Your comment earlier about the size of the RM pitch resonates. It was a very open match with chances at both ends. Madrid rather bottled it, missing those early good chances that would’ve built a lot of momentum in the stadium. It was also tough on them to draw a pragmatic, not-gonna-buy-your-dives, ref in Howard Webb, who reminds me of Mr. Clean (a brand of cleaning products here in the states from my youth)….As much fun as it is to give grief to Mourinho, he came awfully close to getting the result tonight….

    It used to be that English teams could dominate open matches. Now it’s the two German powers who thrive with running and power (well, as long as Arren Robben isn’t there to do his divey thing)…. For me, this is the future of football and why it’s growing so much internationally. As such, I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s match and the all German final–Bayern will not make the mistake they made against us of sitting back and guarding their lead, esp. if it’s lumbering Alex Song in place of Busquets. I’m also looking forward to your post about the “good guys,” and I think this is a great moment in European football from which to pontificate on these broader subjects. With so much riding on the current matches, I’m not quite sure how you do it, but I most definitely appreciate it….


  23. weedonald says:

    BJ….why on earth would we give BM the CL before they play BDortmund? They still need to finish off the Barcaloonies (and anything can happen in that game) and then try and beat Dortmund in Wembley. You do say some silly things at times!

  24. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning fine fellow Gooners 🙂

    Marcus thanks for a thought-provoking post yesterday. Not everyone is in agreement that we need to make a large number of quality purchases this summer, but I guess most of us would still be very excited if Arsenal were to sign five, or even more, top players. It would be hard to say NO, wouldn’t it?

    Last night’s post is just a bit of fun, and this evening a great post by Admir – focussing on our football on the pitch – will come out.

    I am painting this morning, so will be away from the blog a lot.

  25. Red Arse says:

    Morning TA, 🙂

    A lovely, and very accurate summary of Real and more especially Maureenio. Wish I had written it!! 😀

    Moanhio is the slyest, and most dishonourable man and manager I have ever known.

    The thought of him coming to the UK is yeuk! I will have to get a slow boat back to the US. 🙂

  26. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers Redders! 😛

    I am afraid he is destined for the UK now, but i am still hoping an Eastern European club will offer him so much money that his ego will take him there. 🙂

  27. TERRYS BROLLY says:

    Hi TA

    I dont like Morinio, he said nasty things about Arsene. How can anyone be mean to Arsene?

    Ironic that he accused Arsene of been a Voyeur. Surely then Arsene would be his favourite person considering no one likes to be looked at more than Morinio.

    The mans a ponce. He wants the whole world to look at him but not Arsene, dosnt make sense. hahaha

  28. TotalArsenal says:

    hahaha Terry 🙂

    He is like the bully at school or in a pub: ‘What your lookin at’?! Just minding my own business. ‘You was lookin at me, you wanna a fight!’ hahaha 🙂

  29. alexgunners says:

    HI TA,

    Nothing better than seeing him fail. I loved it. Unlimited resources and still fails. As a Gooner, you have to love it. His success with ch3l$ki was only due to the money that was poured in. Yet he could not win the CL with them.

    Yes he has had success, but no one likes an arrogant S.O.B. Stuff him ( I could you other words but slightly inappropriate in this forum.

    For all you Gooners out there please visit this link (Sorry TA, I’m not trying to push people out of here but it is a feel good news for all Gooners), I hope it’s ok.

    Some great memories.

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  31. alexgunners says:

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  32. Glic says:

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  33. alexgunners says:

    How you even come up with this, ill never know .
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  34. Glic says:

    Top post Totes. I will have to watch the ” Self Admiring One “, he could be after my mirror !. hahaha

  35. TotalArsenal says:

    Alex, all agreed and thanks for the link. 🙂

  36. VCC says:

    GLiC….. 🙂


  37. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahahahaha Dr Glic 😛

    You had me in stitches througout your comment! You are so original and creative and some of your play on words are out of this world. Top top funny stuff! 😆

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    hahaha, the crazy ramblings of Dr Glic should have there own show, top stuff hahaha,

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    Vics, how you doing mate? You havent been around recently. Hope your not like me and the Mrs has confined you to the Shed or something? hahaha

  40. Bond James says:


    you really need to take it easy on whatever it seems to be you’re on these days or most days.

    i expressed and implied that the trophy was already’s BM regardless who their opponent is tonight or in the final – making them my firm favourites.

    if you feel that i say silly things then i clearly shows your ability or lack of to comprehend and understand things said on the lighter side.

    either i don’t know much about football (very likely) or you have only just watched BM’s 2 games against Arsenal and have been ignorant to their constant consistency over the years in CL in particular.

    either way, i’ll have some of what you are having since it doesn’t seem to be working.

  41. Red Arse says:

    I am really looking forward to the game tonight.

    A desperate Barca, up against an amazingly gifted German team should produce magic!! 🙂

  42. Red Arse says:

    Dr Glic,

    I read your helpful address to the thankfully anonymous Vickers, and had this funny feeling.

    What can I do about it?

    As it is of a personal nature, can you get Mrs Dr Glic to tickle it out of me?

  43. Glic says:

    Your too kind Totes, it`s only a comment and it amazes me how a similar comment had me binned and banned on another site !. hahaha The bit about the ” Erectile Dysfunction 40% advert ” is true and when you stand there drying your hands, you think, hold on a sec`, I hope no ones watching me read this advert !. hahaha
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  44. Bond James says:

    ah, what was that, anything can happen in tonight’s barca vs munich ? yep , the only thing that was to happen was for BM to show their utter dominance and to boss Barca at the nou camp…. boys vs men.

    it goes without saying but Barca really do seem to be a one man team, you take out Messi and that’s 90% of the game won already.

    in hindsight , selling RVP may not have been such a bad thing, least we no longer rely on one man for his goals.

    question : is it me or if Cesc was available then taking him back at the emirates would be a backward step for us ? it would make for an interesting write – any takers 😉

  45. Highbury Harmony says:

    Barca rolling over on their home turf, not even putting up a fight like their much detested rivals!

  46. Bond James says:

    exactly, everyone expected better , credit where it’s due RM put in one hell of an effort yesterday evening.

    that performance from barca was as flat as the pancake i had this morning, utterly toothless.

    or could it be down to the quality of BM, HH ?

  47. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA, thank you for sharing an outside of the box article if you will :). I detest Maureen as much as most on this blog and around the world, but none of us can deny that a manager of his ilk is good for football. The supreme tactician will always clash with the more expressive/purist managers. Of course, we all prefer to see our clubs win in a beautiful style, but sometimes this method is not pragmatic/feasible.

    Asking him to win championships or even games through employing a different approach than what he excels at is the equivalent of asking AW to set his team in a rigid formation/style of play that would ultimately not produce results either. So for me, it comes as no surprise that he cannot win over the Madridistas :). However, I must say that Real fans were incredibly happy to have taken home the La Liga title last year, just that if they continuously adopted Maureen’s tactics, they would eventually be unhappy. Though, the reverse is also true that if the next few managers accomplish nothing through beautiful football there, then fans may be regretting the day they turned their backs on Maureen (like Chav fans!).

    Any way, obviously I was thrilled to see BD move on in the CL and defeat a team who’s entire starting 11 cost them less than a player who rarely features for them (Kaka). Regardless of the result, BD progressing to the CL is a shining ray of hope for us that our strategy may eventually produce the results we all desire.

  48. Highbury Harmony says:

    BJ, I believe it is a combination of both. Losing 4-0 is a shock and likely deflated an already suspect Barca confidence. We just witnessed first hand what happens when your entire team loses the will to play and have already accepted defeat. 5 goals, while conceding none is basically an impossible feat against a top club like Bayern.

    Bayern is definitely a top, top club, but they are not without their weaknesses. If they went up against a more confident and in-form Barca side, the matches would have been much closer at the very least.

  49. Bond James says:

    do you feel that there might well be a mass exodus at Barca at the end of this season ? they have won all but won the La liga convincingly yet there have been times when without messi they have looked vulnerable, last weekend for instance, they were 1-0 down and soon as messi came off the bench it was 2-1 and ended 2-2.

    BM may well have weaknesses but they are the most complete team i have seen play football in the last few years, even when BD were winning last year , it wasn’t one sided as such.

    i have to say, Pep G is one lucky son of a gun , has inherited a ready made team already and the team to beat for the future.

  50. Milo says:

    What Bayern did today was beautiful!!! No they didn’t dominate possession, but they have proven that you can still play beautiful football without doing so, and that is just as hard as playing beautifully when you have to pass the ball backwards and sideways approximately 400-500 times per match!!! Congratulations Bayern!!! I will be cheering for Dortmund in the final, but there are a tonne of reasons to cheer for either side! I know a lot of people think Bayern steal other German club’s best players, but I give you Lahm, Schweinsteiger, Alaba, and Kroos, who unfortunately is injured at the moment. I think it was more a case of Gotze wanting to work with Guardiola, than them “stealing” him away. He is a grown man, and has made a decision. It’s not Bayern’s fault that they are so good, practically everyone within hailing distance wants to join them. Yes, they are arrogant, yes they steal players, but so do we, at times! It’s a very hard decision for me to choose who to cheer for. My Dad is cheering for Bayern, and I can’t really blame him!

  51. Highbury Harmony says:

    Milo, one of the significant differences I’ve seen between Barca/Arsenal and Bayern is that they play more purposeful football. Every pass they make is up field and forward, opposed to the majority of ours being sideways and backwards. Bayern’s starters have an innate understanding with one another on where each one will be and they are able to seamlessly move forward because of it.

    I could never cheer for Bayern because they resemble everything I hate in football. If it was not for the German rule that they had to produce and keep so many players born on home soil, I doubt we would see that many players coming up through their academy. Don’t forget about the fantastic Muller either in your list of home grown Bayern players :).

  52. Milo says:

    I think the days of Bayern relying on foreign talent, solely foreign talent, are in the past! I don’t think there is any need to hate them…they are better than us, but I don’t hate them. I hate United, and Spurs, and City, and Chelsea, and PSG, but Bayern??? Naaaaaaaaaa. Yes, there are rules in place, and yes, they were probably implemented because of Bayern, but do not forget, we were the club that fielded a starting eleven in the Champions League, that consisted of all foreign imports, if I recall correctly! There is no reason to hate them…they have gotten their money in a legitimate fashion…by winning! United, to some extent have too, but I hate them for a variety of reasons 😀

  53. Highbury Harmony says:

    BJ, when has Pep not inherited an already dominant team ;). It’ll be interesting to see Pep brings them further forward or takes them a step back. Yes, he’s a great manager who produces beautiful football, but Bayern are already at the top and do play a fairly beautiful brand of football. Will his Spanish style conflict with the current German blueprint of success? Will the backwards and sideways passing/emphasis on possession hinder their dangerous quick attacks?

    I can see there being significant changes at Barca this summer. For one, they will be after a new GK and CB. For me, these represent the weakest positions for them and they have not adequately replaced Puyol who continues to age and lose a step. Beyond that, they need to have more scoring options up front. Sanchez and Tello are great players in their own right, but neither are natural wingers or goal scorers. They are pacy players with good ball control and dribbling, adept at link-up play and can create space for other players. Neither though are good enough at providing a consistent secondary scoring threat to ease the pressure on Messi if he is either injured or not on form. Muller would be perfect for Barca, but good luck trying to tempt him to leave Bayern right now!

    I can also see Villa leave as he will eventually reach his decline and is not getting the minutes to prove that he is still a clinical finisher. He’s being wasted at Barca and Villanova should feel bad about himself.

    I could see Neymar, Hummels and Ter Stegen (rumoured to already have agreed a pre-contract) could be 3 players Barca look to bring in to replace Villa, Puyol (still on the squad but will become a bench player) and Valdes.

  54. Highbury Harmony says:

    Milo, I am a diehard BD fan (second team) to give you perspective on why I hate Bayern :).

  55. Admir says:

    Trivia: last time Barcelona got humiliated like this in 1997-98 in Group Stage by Dynamo Kyiv. First they lost in Kiev 3:0 and then Dynamo won 4:0 at Nou Camp with Andriy Shevchenko scoring a hat-trick.

    This season Bayern are the closest thing to Ajax 1994-95 I have ever seen and that is the best thing I can say regarding any team.

  56. Milo says:

    Well, if you were a 1860 Munich supporter, i could see you hating Bayern…but Dortmund have just begun to be true rivals of Bayern…isn’t it a bit early to reaaaalllllly hate them??? 😀 Don’t forget who gave you money so that you (Dortmund) could avoid bankruptcy!!! 😀 It was Bayern!!! 😀 Yes, that probably produced a conflict of interest, but they saved you.

  57. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post – New Post

    Admir has written a beautiful post about something I have wondered about all season; on top of that, he has put this issue both in historic as well as current perspective – a mini masterpiece! Enjoy! 🙂

  58. Bond James says:

    well put and all agreed, HH.

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