Jovetic or Fabregas, but surely not both?!


Over the course of the last week, one particular rumor caught my attention and my imagination (as I imagine it did for a lot of Gooners): Cesc Fabregas might be made available for sale. Initially I took it with a pinch of salt, as the said rumor keeps coming up again and again only for it to be shut down and Cesc to score a couple of goals for Barca. But this time, somehow, it seems a tad more viable. Having said that, it may turn out to be another damp squib, but I’m indulging my imagination happily for now.

So yes, Cesc is unhappy that he is not playing regularly. He’s also lost out on Pep, who’s moved to Bayern, and apparently Cesc is not getting along well with the new manager, who it appears wants to make the side better but without Cesc as the central force. So Barca might look to sell Cesc, and Cesc himself might want that considering that he would want to play regularly keeping in mind the upcoming big tournaments for the national team.

So what can possibly happen? Cesc may go to Bayern to be reunited with his childhood hero, Pep, or Cesc may be go back to Arsenal.  Oh and Cesc apparently has been looking for a place in London. So there!

Now before I go on, I would LOVE to see him back. It would be a statement of intent more than anything else, and a statement of intent from Arsenal right now, for me is as good as winning a trophy (hopefully it can lead us to winning an ACTUAL trophy as well).

Back to my train of thought: Arsenal have the first right of refusal for Cesc and if the above situation were to arise, it would be an interesting dilemma for Arsene, Arsenal and Cesc.

The first problem would be the fact that Cesc could cost around 30-35 mn, with a wage of 110k +. If Theo gets 100k, then surely Cesc will want more.

The second problem is the fact that the timing is all wrong. We already have a very talented midfield with Jack doing well, Ramsey coming back to form, Rosicky and Arteta forming a solid experienced base and Santi delighting more often than not. Add to this list Theo and Poldi, and we’ve got an abundance of riches (a few of which aren’t doing as well as they should, but still…). So the issue becomes why would you need a creative MF? Where would Cesc fit in? You’d surely not drop Jack for Cesc. But interestingly we were linked with Gotze and currently being linked with Draxler, and operating from a viewpoint of some smoke where there is fire, as well as Arsene’s continued maintenance of the fact that he’d buy anyone who’d improve the squad, then we can perhaps conclude that Arsene himself has been looking into the creative midfielder scenario. Perhaps he has something in mind in terms of formations or player rotations for next season.

The third problem is the budget of 60-70mn that Arsene apparently has for players and new wages. Add to this the departures of Arshavin and a few others, and perhaps we would have another 4 – 8 Mn in yearly wages (assuming Arshavin is on 80k a week).

The fourth issue is the supposedly advance negotiations with Steven Jovetic, who would cost around 25Mn and have wages around the 90k mark (I presume of course).

The fifth issue is that Arsene supposedly is also on the lookout for a Keeper, a DM and possibly a defender and a forward. Now the money’s starting to look thin.

Finally, the above conjecture can only come into play if we make it to the Champions League, which I’m fairly confident we will (touch wood).

So the question becomes whether we even need Cesc or not? Given that Jovetic is apparently close, and he was being touted as a good finisher and a forward player. Now my issue with the said is that Jovetic, I don’t think is the answer to our goal scoring woes. From what I can gather, Jovetic is a false no 9 player, something of a Bergkamp. It appears that he is better in playing in the hole rather than being up front, or possibly being the second striker in a 4-4-2 formation. If were to get Jovetic, we’d have a similar conundrum as the one spelled out above with regards to our talented midfield.


My take on it is that Cesc needs to be looked at as a false no 9 player as well, rather than a creative MF player in our formation. At Barca and for Spain he’s played that role time and time again, and his finishing has certainly improved. For me, if indeed Cesc is available and if indeed Jovetic is being targeted, we need to choose one of the two, and not both. If we were to get both, we’d be spending up to 60mn in transfer fees alone and not getting the best value out of it.

Given the choice, I’d always pick Cesc. Partly, I speak out of sentimentality, but partly I speak as someone who’s  seen Cesc play regularly and have seen the love he has for our club and how he can capture the imagination of the fans. This article here ( paints a very interesting picture as Cesc being in the same league as Henry and Bergkamp in terms of the all time assists in the EPL. So even though Jovetic appears to be class as well, is 10mn cheaper, will get less wages, is a couple of years younger, I’d put forward the case of Cesc returning.

Now if Cesc returns, then 35 mn are gone out of the 60-70mn kitty. Our player departures will help us in terms of the wages for Cesc, so we’re still left with 25-35mn in the kitty. This amount is just about enough to get a 12mn rated DM, a 10mn GK and a 10mn forward. I’m not going to throw multiple names in the list, as we’ve been linked with everyone and anyone, but I will mention one name. Loic Remy of QPR may be available for 5mn. Now I would love to hear what you guys think about him as I personally haven’t been much impressed, so I’m not sure if he’d be a good intake. We have also been linked with Southampton’s Morgan Schneiderlin who appears to be a good prospect. There are also the French DMs we have been linked with and Wanyama, so there are quite a few options. Personally, if we can also get in Ashley Williams I wouldn’t be disappointed, although I think that would mean the end of TV which I wouldn’t be too keen on. I think he still has quite a bit to offer us.

My proposed formation/squad for next season is as below:

———————–New GK/Szczesny—————————–

Sagna/Jenkinson – Mertesacker/TV – Koz/TV – Gibbs/Nacho

——– Arteta/DM/ Ramsey – Jack/Ramsey/Rosicky ———–

Poldi/Santi – Cesc / Jack / Santi /Rosicky – Theo / Ox /Gervinho

———————- Ollie / New Forward —————————

Would love to know what you guys think! Please note that a large part of the above is hopeful conjecture, but we live on hope!

Written by: Umair Naeem.

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188 Responses to Jovetic or Fabregas, but surely not both?!

  1. The Gooner says:

    VCC, UMF predictions:

    Arsenal away win
    $hitty away win
    Spuds home win
    Liverpool vs. Everton draw
    Norwich vs. Villa draw

  2. lb says:

    Could get both. Guarantee Barcelona haven’t paid us for cesc yet. If they haven’t it would cost us 10m.

  3. Bond James says:


    i personally think having Cesc back will be a step backward for us , we built a team around him and then he had to go back to barca, leaving us in spot of bother, we have only just managed to recover after a good couple of years, and i don’t really see where we’ll be playing him considering we have a strong midfield with the OX being developed to play as a CAM in the future as well – sure as a gooner i would welcome him back and even let him have the captaincy making Jack his deputy but i rather us have Jovetic/Benzema/Lewandowski/ for now along with a Cesar (GK) and a solid DM.

    i do like your proposed squad for next year as well.

  4. Your logic on the transfer fee we’d have to pay for Cesc is not accurate. Barcelona have to give Arsenal 50% of any sell-on fee if Cesc were to be sold anywhere but Arsenal. So they are in no position to demand a full 35M fee from us. They would have to get an offer of 70M from another club to for Barca to recoup a 35M fee for Cesc. Realistically, getting Cesc back in an Arsenal shirt would probably cost us around 15-20M max. If one or two of Rosicky, Podolski, Gervinho are sold along with a bunch of our dead wood, getting Cesc and Jovetic should be well within our range.

  5. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi ‘Mair 🙂

    Fantastic, well-written post about a topic we are all interested in; especially once the season has ended. My gut feeling tells me we will not see Cesc back in an Arsenal shirt any time soon, but of course I would love it. And I am also sure that once he returns to us he’ll finish his career at his real home of football.

    I love what I have seen of Jovetic as well, and I reckon he would be brilliant in the hole with Jack and a DM behind him, OG in front of him, and Cazorla and Theo coming in from the wings.

    But if I had to choose it would always be super-Cesc and I agree it is very unlikely, and possibly unwise, for both to join us this summer.

  6. Highbury Harmony says:

    I’d choose Cesc any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Not only for the nostalgic factor and what he meant to our club, but because buying a player of his caliber is a signal of intent to other clubs AND a statement that we’re no longer selling our top players, even willing to buy back imo our biggest loss these past few years.

    With Jovetic, there’s significant potential and he resembles a burgeoning world-class talent, but Cesc is a proven world-class commodity in La Liga, the EPL and Internationally. If the funds are there and the player is willing, you never hesitate in bringing a player of his caliber to the club, no matter if we have an abundance of players already playing that position. Cesc is significantly better than any CAM we currently have and would be an immediate upgrade to our team.

    Cazorla could easily be pushed wide in a free role, as he has already been put into, while Jack can resume his typical B2B role where he excelled at more and has more time and space to move the ball up field and get into the physical side of the game a la Schweinsteiger. The only thing is that we would still need to add a true DM to compensate for Jack’s lack of height and the fact that he likes to move forward and isn’t a natural defender. Arteta and Ramsey easily transition to the bench and fill in during injuries, rest etc.

  7. haramyde says:

    I’d luv to see Remy in Arsenal colours, however, it shld be said that he’d hv to bench Ox or Walcot( which I think is impossible, now). Perhaps a real 9.. Someone to slug it out with OG12 åηδ a change in formation will be better for Arsenal next season. Also, I’d luv to see cesc back home’ Arsenal. He’d got the blood. A new team rotation system shld see Cesc/ Podi – hole, OG12/New Striker- 9. Rosicky and Santi really do need to play together on the same pitch, so the the creative midfield can be functional.

  8. Highbury Harmony says:

    Umair, forgot to thank you for sharing this article. I concur with your assessment of purchasing Cesc over Jovetic if such a transfer were ever possible!

  9. 17highburyterrace says:

    Fantastically written–Sorry, I’m new here, but I’m blown away by the relentless quality of the posts….

    It IS all hopeful conjecture, but what a pleasant dilemma and I can take it when it’s written so nicely. Cesc is a great punching bag for the cules, but it’s frankly ridiculous. That field length run for a header in one of his early super-clasicos, not to mention his Euro and WC winning assists, made all the casual observers think he could play anywhere for Barca. The fact is Cesc tries hard always and (because he cannot run very well….) when it doesn’t come off it looks ugly. He’s such a class above Sanchez, even out of position, hell, he even dives better–his flop should’ve beaten Chelsea last year (Messi pen was off the bar) while Alexis’ (which got John Terry sent off) ultimately only ratcheded up the pressure until they got beaten on the counter by Torres and the other 9…..Once the calmer heads at Barca take charge the value of Cesc (as a long term replacement for aging Xavi, not as a stand in for Leo…) will be understood. I don’t see him going anywhere…..

    That said, I don’t think we’re strong (at all) in MF. Arteta and Ramsey are doing the work of a proper holding mid so it’s as if we start each match a man (or at least half a man) down. Rosicky and Wilshere (I won’t even use the D word….) are giant fitness questions and tiny Santi will take a beating if we really count on him as a mid-fielder–he’s far more useful in a free role. Cesc coming back is a dream–of the sort that makes me moist in all right places….And I have to disagree with BJ–our over-reliance on Cesc wasn’t his fault and may well have been the usual overly optimistic thinking I see as the manager’s real blind spot….( And, I really can’t see it as a step backward–have you seen us play lately 😦 😉 )

    But I get that way too! Count me as happy if the run-in goes as you suggest and we get young Crock-Vetic (and then maybe some help at the rear of the MF–similar planted stories about Gonalons were making the rounds recently….)

  10. Chris says:

    The way you value and cost-up Cesc is all wrong when you consider the clauses in Cesc’s contract which give us the right of first refusal and also a 50% sell-on fee if Barca sells him to any other club.

    If Barca wants to receive £35mn for Cesc by selling to anyone other then us, the buyer would have to pay £75mn as we get 50% of the sell-on fee. (would be great then as our transfer kitty would go to >£100mn!)

    But obviously Cesc is not worth £75mn. If you’re saying his ‘worth’ and market price is £35mn, then a bid from us of £18mn would net Barca more then them selling to another team for £35mn which would give them just £17.5mn. Plus Cesc would likely prefer us which also gives us leverage.

    if Barca values Cesc’s contribution to the team by more than half his market value (whatever it really is), then they keep him.

  11. TotalArsenal says:


    Please note Umair (or ‘Mair) is based in Pakistan and is five hours ahead of us, so still well asleep. However, I am sure he will get back to us at some point in the next 24 hours.

  12. Chris says:

    Except I can’t add 35 to 35 and get 70!

  13. Highbury Harmony says:

    17ht, you just highlighted by conundrum with all of Theo, OG and Poldi starting up front for us to replace RVP’s goals WORD FOR WORD. I often find that by having Theo or Poldi support OG up front kills our forward play because we’re compensating for the lack of a true world-class striker in what is a very demanding position from a performance standpoint. Great job mate and I concur we are not deep at MF whatsoever.

  14. Milo says:

    Wow, another Canadian Gooner, just like me!!! 😀 On the subject, I would rather see us get Jovetic, as he is a better dribbler, has more pace, and almost as much technique and vision as Cesc does. I would rather we look to the future, than get someone in that didn’t really win anything for us while he was here in the first place.

  15. Highbury Harmony says:

    Forgot to add, in the process we lose dedicated wing play and the delivery that OG actually needs to be effective. However, it’s a catch 22, because if no one plays close to him either, he becomes isolated and does not own the pace to make any impact on the game.

  16. 17highburyterrace says:

    Thanks HH, must’ve been the last thread, eh?….

    On that account make sure those guys get my five draws for my lame duck (or whatever the opposite term is….) for the weekly UMF thing….

    “True World Class Striker” is another thing I dream about….Who fits that bill and why would they continue to be just that in the hostile part of North London? You know, the place between Gillespie and Holloway roads where (it seems) we have only a bit of money and no more of the magic water that made Thierry Henry spring to life…. 😦

  17. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA, I wasn’t going to point it out but Canadarse and Chris are 100% correct in the sell-on fee and right of first refusal for Cesc. Any chance you could edit the article to save Umair some more slack from fellow Gooners hahaha?

  18. TotalArsenal says:

    The idea of Cesc in the hole with Jack and a proper DM behind him and Cazorla, Theo, Pod and OG, AND a couple of our up and coming youngsters, to play around with is simply mouth-watering. But I do strongly believe that Jovetic can get us there as well.

  19. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi HH 🙂

    How can anybody be 100% sure about this? Is there concrete evidence of this?

  20. Highbury Harmony says:

    17ht, no idea where we’d be able to find a world-class striker with our measly budget, especially when we have so many other holes to fill. However, with Cesc, Jack and Santi all in the line-up, we might not need a world-class finisher to bring us to the top of the weakening EPL, but either an abundance of strikers to rotate through our starting line-up or a great striker just below a world-class level.

    For example, if we bought Remy, we could rotate him with OG, Poldi and Theo. A great striker would be someone in the caliber of Lewandowski, Negredo, Soldado etc. that are all fairly well established and certainly all affordable, even after buying Cesc back.

  21. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA, I believe AW and Cesc both confirmed that the first refusal was a clause placed into the deal. Will need to find concrete evidence but I distinctly remember reading tons of articles about it.

  22. Bond James says:


    provided if we do get a solid DM then that leaves us with the following midfielders both holding and attacking :






    Diaby (even though he is injured, still will be part of the squad unless sold)


    so that’s 7 or 8 players ( potentially one or 2 from the reserves knocking on the door) fighting for 2/3 places, even if we take into account squad rotation and injuries, it seems not too bad…also Alex OX can be played in a CAM role as well, when need be.

    bear in mind next year is the year of footy world cup, which means most of our players if fit would want to be involved and some may even want to leave the club if they are not getting enough opportunities (this might be one of the main reasons as to why Cesc would want to leave Barca as well ?

    either way, if he was available on the cheap for anything between 15-25 million, i wouldn’t mind seeing him back but it will mean that we may have to offload a few more of our players.

    also, i have seen us play lately and in particular will focus from when we lost Cesc’s services, we haven’t been our particular fluid best ever since he left but i do feel that now (when i say now , what i really mean is the last 3 months or so) we do seem to get our fluidity back, it’s mainly to do with the understanding of our players .

    but i must confess, it would be a lie if i said i didn’t want him back 😉

  23. Highbury Harmony says:

    Jovetic’s vision and range of passing is nowhere close to Cesc’s. However, he does have more pace and better dribbling. Ball control is comparable as both are efficient at retaining possession and shielding the ball away from the opposition.

  24. Highbury Harmony says:

    BJ, none of those midfielders are at the level of Cesc. Santi is a more effective wide player as it is too. Arteta and Ramsey are compensating for the lack of a true DM, while both of them and Coquelin are not world-class talents. With Diaby, he’s always injured as it is and Jack has been better at and is likely more suited to the B2B role.

  25. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers HH 🙂

    I did hear about the first refusal bit, but not about the 50% sell-on clause before tonight.

  26. Bond James says:


    i was pointing out the numbers we would have in the squad if we bought a DM, and then trying to suggest that we perhaps needed to lose a couple of midfielders to make space for Cesc.

    his quality or commitment on the field has never been in question for me, he is plenty better at it but point being, we bring back Cesc and that would mean certain players go further down the pecking order i.e. Ramsey/Coquelin even Rosicky to an extent…

    Arteta might also not play as many games next season if we do get a DM (Maxime G has been strongly linked to us).

    which begs the question, if we do get Cesc then either we offload or loan out a couple of our midfielders, Ramsey and Coquelin or we change our formation and play along the lines of the spanish national team ? (that would be mouth watering with the likes of Wilshere/Cesc/Santi playing together with Maxime Gonalons behind them) , this way we won’t necessarily need a lethal striker with the likes of Giroud/Theo/Podolski/Gerv/Ox offering us plenty of options.

    but that’s my wishful thinking, i do feel that cesc may come back to arsenal but can’t see it happening this year, maybe next ? who knows.

  27. Highbury Harmony says:

    So from my understanding, there is a stipulation that Barca owes Arsenal a 50% sell-on fee, however I cannot find a “legitimate” source such as skysports, or bbc yet. The basis is that that fee will be paid if Barca sell Cesc to anyone but Arsenal. The break-even point for Barca is selling Cesc for 70 mil.

  28. Highbury Harmony says:

    BJ, what I’m trying to tell you is that it doesn’t matter who is currently in our midfield because Cesc is better than any of them. The only way I may not advocate the purchase of Cesc is if we were currently fielding a midfield with three names out of Xavi, Iniesta, Schweinsteiger, Yaya Toure, Ozil, Xabi Alonso. Even then, I would likely still buy Cesc to complement a group of any of those 3!

    As for the rest of those players that will have to make room for Cesc, it will all take care of itself ;).

  29. Maxi says:

    So according to your line up …Podolski on the right…Theo on the left?….therefore might just take your views with a pinch

  30. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi HH,

    I consider that pretty good evidence in the Guardian: ‘Also included in the package are performance and success-related add-ons while Arsenal have a 50% sell-on clause’.

    Many thanks. 🙂

  31. Highbury Harmony says:

    Cheers TA, glad I could help in proving their point :). I just recall reading it from a few sources, and there were numerous articles written to explain the numerous clauses involved with the sale of Cesc.

  32. davi says:

    “You’d surely not drop Jack for Cesc. ”
    Who wouldn’t do that!? Jack has shown flashes of class but overall has done nothing and we’ve been a worse side when he’s played this season. I’m not saying he’s not a top player or that he’s not going to be, but he hasn’t found his place in the side. Fabregas would slot right into that position we’ve been trying to get Jack to play. Rosicky has been doing a good job in that more creative role, but surely no one would seriously entertain the thought that Tommy is better there than Fabregas was. The stats speak for themselves. I have very little faith that we will get Cesc back, but if there is a chance then we should get him. IMO he’s the best creative midfielder we’ve had since Wenger was in charge – including the brilliant Pires! – and in the Arsenal system he was unquestionably one of the best in the world. We’ve had some good forwards and AMs, but I don’t think we’ve had a really dominant attack since Cesc left and the possibility of bringing that back should not be ignored.
    BTW Jack should be playing a different position anyway. He’s not been able to make a consistent inpact from that creative CM position and I’d rather we played him wide because he’s more likely to be incisive than our other options there (IMO he was most impressive as a RM in the old 4-4-2 formation) and it would take him out of the line of fire a bit. We might actually keep him fit for a few games! Aside from that, Ramsey is looking better with every game, and is forming an excellent defensive platform with Arteta and we probably need a reliable DM or box-to-box midfielder to supplement them, although personally I’d like to see Yennaris or Coquelin given some chances to play there because they can both be big players for us.

  33. henrychan says:

    Morning all..
    HH.. TA.. I never heard that 50% clausal also.. A weird clausal for me.. but who knows it maybe right.. hehe..

    If really We can have Fabregas only for 17 mill or below.. well.. I will love to see him back.. as I am not too impressed with Jovetic as well.. hahaha..
    But as I said blackcat.. if there is/are player/s from La Liga (Spain) whom Wenger will bring.. that would be Vela and Campbell.. hehehe..
    Both of them did great job with the two real.. We can’t be un-real for them.. hahaha..

    I like the rumours about us also chasing for Wilfreid Bony now.. with only 12 millions price.. it just too good to pass up..
    COYG.. how much did Wilfreid Zaha cost..?? Haha..
    And we have his compatriate Gervinho.. they can be a great couple.. Just hope he will choose us..

  34. TotalArsenal says:

    However, I still cannot agree with the logic that Arsenal could get Cesc for much less than the money we got for him. Unless they are desperate to get rid of him, they will want at least 80% of the money they paid us. And if we refuse, they are simply not going to sell him, as it would not be worth it.

    So maybe £5 or £10m less, but I am not going to change Umair’s post for it, unless he asks me to do so.

  35. davi says:

    I’d like us to get Jovetic, but you couldn’t guarantee that he would make an immediate impact – Cesc would be almost certain to do that seeing as he’s proven himself here already. Every transfer is a risk and if it were a straight choice between the 2, I’d rather risk the money on Fabregas because we already know he can do it here. Jovetic could easily fail or take a year to get going. Why wait when we don’t have to? Obviously all hypothetical. It looks far more likely that Jovetic will at least be available in the summer, whether that means that Arsenal can get him is another question, though.

  36. henrychan says:

    Blackcat = before..
    I never type blackcat..?? Hehe..
    So Weird..?? As weird as 50% clausal.. haha..

  37. TotalArsenal says:

    Fine comment, Davi 🙂

    However, playing Jack wide is not a solution for me. He’ll end up in the hole, but maybe first needs to master the box-to-box role/ double DM role.

  38. Bond James says:


    Guardian is more reliable than the daily mail, the mirror and the sun .

    re- cesc then his caliber and quality is undisputed, in fact i don’t think there will be many fans arguing his footballing skills and leadership ones as well.

    i was only trying to balance it all out 😉

    but all agreed.

  39. 17highburyterrace says:

    If those provisions regarding the contract are correct then I can see why Gazidis (if it’s his work) makes his money… 😀

    Also, if true, Barca are stuck with Cesc. In any event, Cesc to Arsenal sounds like it might sell papers or generate hits or whatever it is those people do, but it also seems like pure fantasy. You put anybody next to Messi (and Iniesta) and they look poor by comparison. We all know what the boy can do….(In addition he’s tainted by association with Alex Song, too…) Barca will be back and doing better, esp. if we sell Vermaelen to them for 25 milliion Euros)….. Given the insane expectations there, they might be the ones who really need an upgrade at CF….or Villa finding the fountain of youth or something….

    Personally, I like the idea of 4-6-0 (when Giroud gets his next red card 😉 ) but I’m not sure we have the “footballing intelligence” in depth…. 😉 again, which would allow it….

    Finally, when it comes to the more fantastical ideas, you can’t buy everybody AND keep everybody at Arsenal and that’s where the metal meets the road. This is a positive, optimistic group, and sometimes, noobie that I am, I get lost–I can’t quite remember who rates whom. For me, I love whoever wears the shirt, but I can also rationally see that we cannot keep 2 aging guys with less than 100% fitness records, 1 bona fide crock, one guy with great potential but serious injury issues and one guy who runs all day but without a lot of skill nor speed. And if the rest don’t play the position currently or can’t get into the team….Well, at that point the fantasy buys (or even the realistic ones….) start looking better and better….

    Of course, what we do is all in fun and other guys get paid to make the tough decisions….

  40. TotalArsenal says:


    Just wanted to say you are a breath of fresh air on this site and I like it that you often take a different angle to an issue – you can be quite cheeky! 😛

  41. oz gunner says:

    well written Umair. I’m not fussy, I’d grab both. Don’t need a CB, Don’t need a keeper unless we get a cheap old backup, don’t need a striker if we buy jovetic, and don’t need a DM when we have coquelin.

    Arsenal…get it done!

  42. Highbury Harmony says:

    BJ, all understood mate :). I should know better than anyone about going against the grain in opinions. Good job for arguing the other side, it’s unfortunate I couldn’t argue with you on this one!

  43. Admir says:

    Nice job, Umair! 🙂

    I’m glad that I’m not the only one that thinks Fabregas might end up in Bayern when Guardiola starts with a makeover. If Guardiola noticed anything this season, it’s the fact Bayern are vincible without Schweinsteiger. For those who don’t recall, when Fabregas left us for Barcelona, Schweini was one of the mostly mentioned potential replacement for him.

    However, there are more than a few reasons why it is highly unlikely that will happen. A sell-on-clause in contract between Arsenal and Barcelona suggests that wouldn’t be exactly the best piece of business for Barcelona. Given that the German giants don’t throw money just like that and that they already secured Goetze for substantial amount of money, I don’t see Fabregas being a priority for Die Bayern. Then, Barcelona will probably do a makeover of their own and that means – if they have brains – they will stick with Fabregas as Xavi hasn’t been the best recently. Fabregas is one of rare Barcelona players capable of playing direct football and he could be one of the most important players for their future. I usually point out that statistics hide more than show but Fabregas has been second goal-scorer of Barcelona (after Messi, of course) so it’s not like he is treated like Chamakh there.

    I would personally love to see Cesc back as he is a true Gooner and I believe he would add playing quality as well. However, I’d prefer adding steel to midfield so Arteta can return to more forward play and a top-class striker who would score 20+ goals in Premiership.

    Jovetić is a very decent lad that would make our attacking lines stronger and to snatch him from Fiorentina might turn out to be a very good job as Fiorentina might be the team that we would face in Champions’ League play-offs. I don’t want to go through another Udinese, thank you very much. If anyone can make Jovetić a world-class player, it’s Arsene Wenger. Personally, though, I’d like to see Lewandowski in our colours as I’ve been his fan for some time and he has already won something in his career.

    I just hope we will sign our reinforcements (whoever they are going to be) on time so we can avoid goal-less performances in first two weeks for the third season in a row.

  44. allezkev says:

    Cesc or Jovetic?

    I’d take both, thank you…

    Buy them first and then worry about how to fit them in.
    What an awful problem… 😉

    As HH wrote, a clear statement of intent.

    Competition for places, I cannot see that being a bad thing.

  45. Mak says:

    I would like fab to come back. But i want arsene to sign jo jo cos he will give us a better option in front of goals than fab can do. And i want arsene to play fab in midfield along with bender (dortumond). Move carzola on the left wing and give walcot a run in the right side and up front deploy giroud and there will be goals from any direction. About wilshere arsene must take a good care of him. Cos i dont think the relapsing of the injury might hinder his performance and development. Once wilshere fit enough, arsene can play a midfield trio of wilshere bender and fab. About the defence i would like hamels to be added. I think cesar is a very good option if we can sign him, but i like shewarzer more cos he is 35 and can be in his best for the coming 2 or more years and then szeny can inherite the glove and serve as arsenal’s number one for a long time to come.

  46. Fred says:

    Hi guys, I have to say that whilst I would love cesc to come back I cannot see it happening. We currently have a very talented Midfield as you have mentioned and I cannot see Wenger replacing Ramsey or Wilshere with Cesc. The only Midfield player I can see him replacing maybe is Rosicky who has been rumoured with a move back to BD and is getting on a bit. Also I don’t know how true this is but apparently Barca still owe us money from the Song and Cesc deals and apparently we have a clause with Barca where they have to give us half of the fee if they sell cesc. That would mean there would be more profit in them selling cesc to us for 20m than selling him to Bayern for 35m as they would have to give us 17.5m for selling him to Bayern. If you consider that they allegedly still owe us money we could also offer to wipe of this debt in return for a lower transfer fee, so it could well be possible for us to get him for a lower price.

    However, I personally think we are missing a clinical striker and whilst Jovetic would be a good signing to act as someone who plays in the hole I would rather see us sign a proven goal scorer such as Burak Yilmaz who would cost significantly less and wants to move to the EPL. I know many people are going to say that he is unproven but I personally think he deserves a shot, another slightly less risky signing could be Michu, and we are in desperate need for a DM.

    As we are in desperate need to bring in top quality reinforcements in the CF and DM roles I cannot see us signing both Cesc and Jovetic. I would love to see it happen but I cannot see it and it might not be the best tactical move for the club.

  47. Highbury Harmony says:

    No offence to any of you, but I am completely perplexed when you suggest that we have a very good midfield and would not benefit by exponential proportions if we bought Cesc back. Without question, Jack and Ramsey are nowhere close to Cesc’s level and one of them never will be close to it (you know which one). As for Arteta, he’s getting old and never had the pace to keep up as our sole DM. Likely better either playing alongside a true, faster DM or as a valuable bench player.

  48. Fred says:

    HH, I can see what you are saying but Ramsey has progressed enormously this season and I would like to see him develop more as a player he always put in 110% and you can’t fault him on that. Cesc is a great talent but I can’t see where he would slot in, our system has changed since he left it used to be entirely based around him now it is based around several different players. For me personally the money would be better spent getting in a top quality DM as we are lacking more in that area than we are in creative midfielders. If we could get Cesc for around 20-25m (including approx 5m wages) and jovetic for around 30m including around the same wages that would leave us with 50-55m. Which would be enough to buy a decent DM but I would rather see us sign a player like Lars/Sven Bender.

  49. Highbury Harmony says:

    Fred, it doesn’t matter how much Ramsey has improved or if Cesc or another world-class player would “displace” any of our current players. If you have the opportunity to add a world-class player, it doesn’t matter what position they play. We could still afford a DM after buying both Jovetic and Cesc if we fancied doing so anyway.

    Our system is focused around no one right now and that’s because we have no one worthy of it being centered around. Jack and Santi are great, but neither are consistent enough yet.

  50. Fred says:

    I agree that we could afford a DM and there are plenty of good ones out there, and we could afford a good one but not a great one. The types of DM that we could afford for 15-20m including a years wages would probably fit into the same category that you place Ramsey in, they would improve our team but not significantly. The DM’s we would be looking at for around that price range would be Diame and Camacho really, and they would be more at the top end of the DM market for that price range in my opinion. As I said earlier for me personally the signing of a top quality DM and CF is more of a priority. But I would still love it if Cesc came back.

  51. Highbury Harmony says:

    Really? Capoue? Wanyama? Gonalons? Benat? All 4 will likely be better true DM than Ramsey and Arteta and would be significant upgrades at the position. You aren’t making a strong case right now…

  52. oz gunner says:

    TA…HH is cyber bullying again! I’m still recovering from it 🙂

  53. Fred says:

    To be honest Capue would cost at least 15m in transfer fees. Then at least 3m in wages. So thats 18m for those two. You also have to rememeber that signing on fees and agents fees have not been taken into consideration in any of these calculations. Lyon have said that they to are holding out for 15m for Gonalons as well. Benat would be a good player and I rate him quite highly but I would still personally place him in the same category as Ramsey. This is because I think that Ramsey if he can replicate the progress he has made over the last season for the next couple of seasons will be better than him. Whilst Celtic are holding out for at least 20m for Wanyama apparently before wages and any other fees are considered so if we signed Cesc and Jovetic he would be out of the window due to financial restraints.

  54. Fred says:

    sorry for saying those two originally had Wanyama posted with Capoue in the 15m bracket.

  55. Highbury Harmony says:

    Really Ramsey in the same category as Benat? We’re talking about players as they are right now, right? Benat’s range of passing, technical ability on the ball and defending are miles above Ramsey. Technical ability on the ball is something you either have or don’t.

    Also, reported fees and how much a player is sold for are entirely different matters. Generally clubs set a price in order to receive maximum or close to maximum value in bids. Players are generally sold for less than market value too, unless they are top, top quality players, which Gonalons, Wanyama, Capoue and Benat are not.

    In either case, I still don’t see your point. I reiterate, if you have the ability to add a world-class player like Cesc who is hopefully willing to come back, it doesn’t matter what position he plays at. Not to mention that we would become that much more formidable in our inconsistent attack with Cesc in the line-up. By the way, there are no world-class DM that we could buy right now as it is, whom are also willing to come to Arsenal.

  56. Highbury Harmony says:

    Also, players prices are inflated when sold domestically or if they are English.

  57. Fred says:

    But as I said, in the estimates (which do not include signing on fees) we are left with 15-20m to sign a top quality DM and have enough to pay his wages for a year. If you assume that the signing on fee for all three players will be in the region of 5m (which is probably significantly lower than it would be) that would leave us with 10-15m to sign the DM and pay his wages. On the list you have given you can already cancel out Wanyama because I cannot see Celtic selling him for half of what they value him at. Capoue would be very unlikely including his wages, as would Gonalones, although admittedly not totally impossible. That leaves Benat as the most likely candidate on your list, and whilst he would be a good signing it would seem stupid to me to go for Benat when you could go for Sven/Lars Bender for probably 10m more, and either of them would improve the team more than he would and have a lot more room for development. That would mean either signing a cheaper striker or not getting cesc. I would love to see cesc coming back to arsenal but for financial reasons, unless the BoD decide to increase our budget, I cannot see us getting Cesc, Jovetic and a top quality DM.

  58. 17highburyterrace says:

    They get inflated when they come to a “big” club with a “war chest,” who have been keeping their “powder dry”…. 😉

    You guys know more about these potential buys than I do, so it’s hard to speculate. Frankly, I don’t think the manager wants a “real DM” and is always looking for quality and value. The fact that both Arteta and Ramsey were both more forward players shows that it’s all about being utilitarian….

    Obviously, I think work ethic and doing what is needed is a key element–in the case of Ramsey (and Giroud…. 😉 for HH….) There’s also something to be said about dancing with the one who brung you (as we say over here….) or the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t. Plus it doesn’t cost anything (except in salaries, of course….) While I’ve been trying to argue that one player of real quality (or maybe a “true world class DM”) could do the work of Arteta + Ramsey and we could start matches with 11 instead of 10, I am perhaps being too harsh. Still, our current approach is very pragmatic and it’s only a matter of time before we return to wanting, if not needing, 6 players fully capable, position AND skill-wise, of contributing to the attack rather than just 5.

    Which brings me back to Cesc, a player I have watched…..He may not be a “beast” and he may lack pace, but he knows how to direct the pitch from anywhere and get the ball where it needs to get, including into the net. How many (non penalty) goals do we have from Arteta, Ramsey, Rosicky and Wilshere this season. I really don’t know but my guess is that you can count them on the fingers you type with….Still, I agree with those who suggest a price of 50-60 million Euros on his head, if we can get him for 50% of that, IMO, he’d be well worth it….He would walk into our first 11 and just about every other team in the world. I would say that I told you he might only be a bench player at Barca, but I was blogging elsewhere at the time. 🙂

    Still, as we all agree, this is the stuff of dreams and it’s a fun diversion. Reality in the form of QPR players auditioning a way out of that club (I’ll be scouting Remy, for example…. 😉 ) might bite us right on the ass in 40 hours or so…. but a dream is better than a nightmare any evening, so why not….

  59. JM says:

    Headline news 1:
    Arsenal Football Club has announced a partnership with Imperial Bank to issue co-branded debit cards throughout Kenya and Uganda.

    Probable Headline news 2:
    New “Destroyer” {Name} arriving at Arsenal FC, in association with their earlier major international financial agreement. This signing further helps to increase their brand in the country at the same time.

    PSG has been/is courting Capoue (and they shall outbid us in transfer fees & player’s wages);

    Lyon’s president Jean-Michel Aulas do not see eye-to-eye with Arsene Wenger (difficulties for us getting Gonalons or any other Lyon player);

    Arsenal are in talks over a tie-up with Real Betis for the development of young players (which might lead to us getting a close look into Benat, although he is more of a “facilitator” than a “destroyer”. Jose Alberto Canas, who is moving on to Swansea on 1st July 2013, is their main “destroyer”/DM. Ruben Perez, who is another of their on-loan DM, is returning to A.Madrid in summer 2013.
    Benat shares the same player agency with 3 other Arsenal 1st team players (Cazorla, Giroud and Jenkinson)

  60. Highbury Harmony says:

    Fred, “signing on fees” are nowhere close to 5 mil if you want to take the Arsenal offer for RVP into consideration. That is an exorbitant number you randomly pulled out of the air. However, you are correct that wages for a DM at the quality of any of the 4 I mentioned would be approximately 3 mil as you have stated.

    You aren’t really making a strong case as you seem to believe you are making. Not to mention the fact that this article is about buying either Cesc or Jovetic, not both. That means, we’d still be left with approx. 50 mil left over to sign other players when you consider the discount we’d get since Barca still owes us instalments on the original deal/have to honour the 50% sell-on fee.

    Further, you’ve gone from saying that Cesc wouldn’t fit into our midfield to we wouldn’t have money for Cesc, Jovetic and a DM, without considering the 50% sell-on fee. Also, you’ve never given a reason to why adding a world-class player to our team would be detrimental. Cesc “not fitting into our line-up” because the attack could not be centered around him again is complete bullocks.

    Benat would cost approx 10 mil right now, while the Benders are rumoured to be rated at 25-30 mil.

  61. Highbury Harmony says:

    By the way, RVP’s signing bonus was 5 mil. No way a player not in the same caliber of him (aka a DM) receives near the same amount.

  62. Highbury Harmony says:

    17ht, I’m in complete agreement on your assessment of Cesc. We’re talking about a player in the top 20 in the world, who would WANT to come to Arsenal. An EPL proven player, who has proved more than able with limited playing time at both Barca AND for Spain. How any fan or club could ever refuse the opportunity to sign such a player because they have a decent young midfield is beyond hysterical.

  63. jgc says:


    Interesting thought… Based on my reading (so many comments so fast! 😉 here are my thoughts (fwiw):

    a. Cesc for 18m is good business

    b. Cesc for 18m would allow us also to sell in the midfield if needed, raising further funds (if we were sharp and fast) even if we lost some of the maximum gain (something AW might be averse too! 😉

    c. Cesc’s ability to deliver the ball and control a game, something we all do seem to agree on, might make others more valuable than they appear now (OG, Pod, Theo…), more so than Jovetic in my opinion.

    Thus, while I think the deal clauses, if accurate, are a way of ensuring Barca would be fools to sell him on, if, the big IF, it were possible, it would be job 1 for my opinion…

    I agree we need a DM and a more clinial striker perhaps, but delivery and control are hard to argue against if you have an inside cost advantage (i.e. he would cost us 18m vs (in theory) 35m for someone else).

    Them’s my 2p, which is way less than 18m 🙂

    — jgc

  64. jgc says:

    Or in summary… a 3rd p, it’s not how good he is, which is very good, BUT, the fact he would do more than many to make those around him better

    That too has a value… jgc

  65. Highbury Harmony says:

    Jgc, all excellent points and all agreed. Even at 35 mil, Cesc would be better business than anyone else we could likely go for. He’s a world-class talent and while he doesn’t fill a position of immediate need, he plays at the most crucial position in our set-up, is EPL tested, loves our club and would make everyone at our club look better as a result.

  66. weedonald says:

    Indeed this is a tough call, if it ever comes to fruition but I have my doubts about Cesc wanting to come back with egg all over his face. He knows we’d welcome him with open arms but there are a few reasons he might not jump ship just yet:

    1) Barca will need to be rethinking their approach to Football after seeing what Bayern did to them over 2 games…..that means new opportunities for Cesc and others.
    2) Barca may possibly bring in a new coach, but if they don’t they’ll certainly want to spruce up their team….meaning guys like Villa, Puyol, Alves and a few others may be surplus to requirements…imho. This might open a door for Cesc?
    3) Cesc is, afterall, a Catalan and is playing in his country, in his homeland and in front of his people…..that is tough to give up.
    4) The current midfield at Barca is getting older and while they are still among the best in the world, it won’t be long before they’ll need a change……Cesc is ready and willing.
    5) If he came to AFC, he’d be a starter almost every game and that causes problems for Wenger as he’d need to adapt the team to playing Cesc-Wengerball (imho) and also delay the insertion of our top developing midfielders knocking on the door.
    6) I don’t think the salary issue is anything to worry about but Wenger rarely brings anyone back unless he is absolutely desperate (Campbell, Lehman…). Would he be willing to take the risk of upsetting the chemistry and teamwork established this season to bring Cesc back?

    I have my doubts about Jovetic because he is playing in a far less competitive Seria A and might find the EPL a big step up, but he is definitely one for the future. Wenger is very difficult to read but it seems he’s very keen on Jovetic….he will never let anyone know how he feels about bringing back Cesc at this moment in time, assuming it would be even possible. He does love a bargain and based on what has been said here,Cesc could be that for sure. I’m going sit on the fence on this one….i know,I know…what a cop out!!!:)

  67. Highbury Harmony says:

    Wee, you have raised some very good points. However, I wish to debate points 2 and 5.

    The departures of Villa and Alves would not mean greater opportunity for Cesc unless he was played out of position. Puyol will not be sold as he means more to the club than he would garner in a sale. If Villa and Alves were to depart, Barca would fill those voids with younger players of higher quality.

    I’m not convinced there’d be an issue bringing Cesc into our starting line-up from a style/adaptability standpoint. World-class players seamlessly fit into a side and Spaniards have innate chemistry with one another and he is familiar to playing with the likes of Santi and Nacho on the Spanish National Team, in addition to Wilshere, Ramsey, Walcott, Vermaelen, Sagna, Diaby and Rosicky from his previous time at Arsenal.

    6 is a fair point, as it could block the path of some of our younger players, however if you truly want to contend for titles and silverware as several players have now voiced (Theo, Santi, Arteta, Poldi etc.) then you must bring in the best players you can. Cesc is a team oriented player, was well-regarded and was the face of our club, so there’d be no issues in the dressing room if he did return imho.

  68. Stephen Wright says:

    GK – (5m) CESAR / Sneezy / Mannone

    RB – Sagna / Jenkinson
    CB – Koscielny / BFG / TV / (8m) New CB
    LB – Nacho / Gibbs

    DM – (15m) GONALONS / Ramsay / Arteta
    CM – Wilshere / Carzola / Arteta / Ramsay
    LW – Walcott / Oxlade / Carzola / Gervinho
    RW – Carzola / Podolski / Gervinho

    F9 – (35m) FABREGAS / Carzola / Wlishere

    ST – (15m) JOVETIC / Giroud / Podolski

    Bye Bye – (3m) Rosicky / Arshavin / Diaby / Squilaaci / (3m) Bendtner / (3m)Fabianski / (3m) Chamakh

    Loan – Ryo / Coquelin

    65m out

  69. 'mair says:

    Hello all! Quite fun to wake up and see so many comments!
    Thanks TA, Bond James, HH, 17highburyterrace and others for enjoying the article!
    Clearly Cesc brings out the sentimentality in any Gooner fan!
    Re: the 50% clause, I confess I was not aware of it, hence my valuation of 35mn for Cesc. If he is available for 18-20 mn, then there is no point in even thinking about it! If I were Arsene and I could get Cesc, I would do so. Having said that I maintain that having gotten Cesc I’d look for a more lethal finisher a’al Lewendowski rather than Jovetic because of the reasons I’ve outlined in the article, along with class talent for the DM and GK slots.
    Re: Current midfield vs. Cesc, and not dropping Jack; no doubt that Cesc is world class and our current MF is not quite at the same level. But having said that, Jack has been developing consistently and hopefully will be world class if he continues down the right path. It wouldn’t be particularly right to drop him for Cesc just because Cesc is available. Loyalty is rewarded, and for someone like Jack he deserves it quite a bit I feel.
    Of course, having said all that we are likely not to get Cesc!

  70. 'mair says:

    Oh and to everyone who pointed out the clause, thanks for the point out! *salute*!! I know more than I did an hour ago now!

  71. Highbury Harmony says:

    Mair, who said anything about dropping Jack? We said that he could move to his comfortable B2B role where he’s also been more effective. Jack likes to get in the thick of things and is more comfortable picking the ball further back field and dribbling at opponents, opposed to working with limited time and space a la Jack. Put a disciplined DM like Gonalons or Capoue next to Jack and Cesc in front of both and suddenly we’re a force to be reckoned with.

  72. Milo says:

    Wow HH, I don’t mean to insult you or others, but he left us. You were probably very upset that he gave in to Barca, and left us. Now everything is alright, and you want him back? No thank you. Yes, he has undeniable quality, but he knew exactly what, why and how he was doing what he was doing, at the time of his departure. I am not really angry with him, as much as I am tired of him. Why not bring in or even develop someone else who can be just as good??? I basically had forgotten about him, until recently. I never pine for players who have left our club. Instead, I look for alternative solutions, and that is probably what Wenger is doing right now.

    Wilshere is a different type of player but will be just as effective.

    I also think you are short-changing Ramsey…AGAIN…No, he will never attain the quality, nor the affection that Cesc had from the fans, but he does have technical ability. Some of his one touch passing against United was beautiful to watch, and that is a very hard skill to master, when you are playing at the pace that he does. As well, he is learning how to dictate the tempo of matches. You forget that Ramsey actually DID have a tonne of on-ball technical quality before his injury, so there is no reason why it cannot return. I think you need to take a look at yourself, before Aaron, and find out why you cannot rate him at all.

  73. cgntzaa says:

    The reason Arsenal are not doing well this season is because if you look closely we dont make many goal scoring chances, we ping the ball around the box without making the breakthrough. Fabregas used to pick out the perfect pass when u didnt expect it. The vision the boy has is out of this world. I would throw a party if we got Cesc back…

  74. Highbury Harmony says:

    Milo, I was not hurt when Cesc left us. How can you refuse a player wanting to go home to his boyhood club who had been tapping him up for 3 years? A man who continues to speak so highly of our club and professes that he will only ever play for one other club than Barca, which is Arsenal?

    If you’re bitter over Cesc leaving, then you need a reality check. Cesc left on good terms, which can’t be said for the majority of players who have left over the years. Cesc played with his heart on his sleeve for this club. We’re talking about effectiveness right now and Jack cannot bring it for us as efficiently and effectively as Cesc. Definitely different players though.

    What technical ability does Ramsey have? He can hold onto the ball well and his passing is sometimes nice, but there’s more to technique on the ball than one touch passing. It’s about the ability to dribble around defenders, carry up the ball up field on his own and slick flicks. Also, his one-touch passing is few and far in between. He is the type of player who makes the safe passes a la Arteta, which sort of makes both redundant and using two players to compensate for one position. There’s nothing wrong with Ramsey, but there’s nothing exceptional with him either to keep him in a starting line-up for a top, top club, which is what we’re striving for by the way (since you seem to be unaware).

    I saw Aaron play before his injury and thought he was pretty overrated. He always struck me as a good player, but nothing special and he’s done nothing since to prove otherwise. I think you need to stop overrating our own players and realize that we need better if we actually want to compete with the top clubs.

  75. Highbury Harmony says:

    We meed a player who will take risks in the final third and has the ability to play the beautiful final pass a la Cesc. He also has the confidence in his ability to send those sexy long balls, which is crucial in making our attack more unpredictable.

  76. Highbury Harmony says:


  77. Highbury Harmony says:

    Another aspect of technique on the ball is being able to take the ball out of the air as if there was glue on your boot, among many other aspects. Ramsey has strengths, but technique on the ball is not one. He’s average at best in that category.

  78. 'mair says:

    @HH, I agree on having Jack and Cesc in the same team. I was referring to Davi’s comment.

    @Admit, thanks! Cesc to Bayern… *shudder*

  79. Highbury Harmony says:

    Mair :), all understood, wasn’t sure who you were referring to there!

  80. Highbury Harmony says:


    If that line-up was behind a striker, does it matter as much if we don’t have a world-class, clinical striker? Imho, it matters less but of course it would be massive as well ;). Still, if we could somehow get Cesc back, I could easily see Poldi, OG, Theo and a new signing rotating up front (cheaper option like Remy perhaps?).

  81. 'mair says:

    True true!
    What’s your take on Remy? Is he good enough?

  82. Highbury Harmony says:

    Hmm Mair, that’s a tough one. The best answer I can give you is that it depends. If we signed a world-class CAM like Cesc, then yes Remy would be good enough. Remy definitely still has some untapped potential, evident by his 5 goals for a soon to be relegated QPR side in 11 games. Even OG, Poldi and Theo playing at ST would be the benefactors of inflated stats with Cesc, Santi and Jack ALL feeding to them.

    Remy is lightning quick similar to Theo (not as fast though), but he has better ball control, strength and has more experience playing as a lone ST.

    If we sign Jovetic, as we are rumoured to have done already, then Remy would be a redundant signing. I’m all for adding more striker depth this summer, but two new signings up front is not necessary. OG still has good potential and a striker like Jovetic would complement our striker department very nicely, whether it be playing with OG or on his own leading the line.

  83. Thorough says:

    We can sign Cesc and Jovetic yet still have 30-35mils to play with. Why? Barca are our debtors, heard they owe us for both Song and Cesc, we may decide to get even with the money owed and a little addition on top. Plus, I heard they are close to skint. And what happens to the news of sign on fees not being paid at once in most cases? If web have 35million after Cesc I wont think twice about getting Ettiene Capoue (10million) and Benteke (or Remy, in which case I’ll add Ceasar). So the maths is simple: Cesc, Jovetic, Ceasar, Remy/Benteke and we’ll look world beaters straight away. If we make enough money on sales then I’ll go for Cabella, in one to two years time he’ll be beyond our price range. He’s better than Hazard.

  84. 'mair says:

    Hmmm… interesting points. I think whatever happens it’ll be an interesting summer.

  85. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning fine fellow G’s 🙂

    Fantastic comments overnight. We must get back to the big task in hand – another cup final against The Hoops – but till tonight we can indulge ourselves with thought of getting either Jovetic, Cesc or the dream of dreams….both hahaha 🙂

  86. Devil says:

    First time comment-er here..

    My pics of this summer window:
    Cesc f he really is available.
    Jovetic as they say

    The only spot where I have conflicting view is for DM. I think we’d go for the best bargain buy available for DM. In my opinion that would be James McCarthy from Wigan. British boy, Plays as a DM as well as CB and also as Play maker. He’s fairly solid and has good sense of positioning. I guess my first priority before anyone else this season would be to get this boy from Wigan and yes I watch a lot of Wigan so I know what I am saying.


    The main reason I commented was you saying awesome stuff about AR16. You know this was what Mr. Perez said when he sold Makelele ‘We will not miss Makélelé. His technique is average, he lacks the speed and skill to take the ball past opponents, and ninety percent of his distribution either goes backwards or sideways. He wasn’t a header of the ball and he rarely passed the ball more than three metres. Younger players will arrive who will cause Makélelé to be forgotten..” and these were words of Zidane ”Why put another layer of gold paint on the Bentley when you are losing the entire engine?” And in time you’d know why many love AR16.

  87. VCC says:

    Highbury Harmony 6:01……if that lot were playing, even I would score goals 🙂

  88. @babakrdaemi says:

    I would love Cesc back. I think we need to look at how we use Jack. Can he paly deeper along side Ramsey? So:


    Jenks ——BFG——-Kos—–Gibbs

    Ramsey —— Jack


    Theo —-New Striker ——-Santi

    Subs: girod, vermaelen, rosicky, ox, new dm, Pod, monreal

    Come on the gunners

  89. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi and welcome Devil,

    Love the Perez quote and nice to see somebody else still believing in Aaron.

  90. Paul Bast says:

    Cesc for sure and Remy, if not Jovetic. He has proved himself in the EPL so far.

  91. Red Arse says:

    Good Morning, TA, and you guys. 🙂

  92. Red Arse says:

    By the time us ‘morning’ guys get on all the good stuff has been discussed!!!

    Great reading tho’. 😀

  93. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning Redders 🙂

    Always an opportunity to add another angle, like: who needs Fabregas or Jovetic – bring back Denilson and Bendy! 😆

  94. Devil says:

    Thanks TA.

  95. SG_Gooner says:

    Hi Guys, my first post here. I have been enjoying all the posts on this blog for a while and I love the vibe and rational discussions here.

    This post is interesting because it is such fantasy football talk. As more and more Arsenal fans get restless without a trophy, we have kind of missed the fact that Wenger has slowly built a new team in last couple of seasons which is still in top 4 running despite losing immensely talented (I hate the term world class) players like Fab, Na$ri, RVP, Song etc. Imagine this scenario in a corporate setting where you keep losing key members of your team regularly and having to replace them with either inexperienced staff or people not as talented as the departed staff. Can you imagine how difficult it would be for you to meet your targets? Anyway, I digress…

    Fab was an absolutely wonderful player for us who got impatient with the slow pace of change happening at our club. He saw his childhood friends winning trophies and couldn’t resist the lure. I can understand that desire. Fab was immense for Arsenal. Even when half fit, he made more assists than some other EPL players. So talent and desire wise I would take him anyday. What I won’t want is for him to be made captain. Not yet atleast. I felt he was a pretty poor captain. Exceptional player but poor leader. I remember he went to watch F1 race instead of being with the team for the last match of the season (it was after the infamous carling cup defeat). Arteta for me is the best captain we have now. When he is not playing, I would have Per as a captain. If we end up getting Ashley Williams, I would love to see him as a captain.

    Frankly, I have mixed emotions about Fab. I know he gave his all for us but at the same time I can’t forget how he basically arm twisted us into selling him to Barca. On surface he was always maintaining his nice guy image but behind the scenes it was pretty clear that he won’t play for us anymore. That still rankles with me because he made a mockery of his long term contract. Atleast, with Na$ri it was pretty clear that he wanted more money and went where he got the biggest pay check. Besides, this Arsenal side has moved on. I feel Wenger will further tweak the style of play next season. Don’t be surprised if we see a bit more direct play being employed. Wenger has pretty much realised that Barca style possession play cannot win us EPL title because lot of teams can negate that play with ultra defensive tactics. The physicality of the league takes it’s toll on the players as well. To make possession based football work, we need exceptionally talented and technical team players who have telepathic understanding with each other. We are far from that ideal. So we need to find our own path. Fab may or may not fit in this new team. Although if Barca do want to sell him then that desire to prove them wrong might be a huge motivating factor for him.

  96. debislyv says:

    it’s been a wonderful time going through the comments… There’re well made points, and well given excuses… Either of the 2 (jovetic and fabregas) will be okay… But i’d also love to see both… Milo was right… Fabregas wanted to leave arsenal badly… I often wonder where loyalty lies in this, jack is a gunner through and through, he’s loyal committed, and at times he’s emotional when things are not going well with the team, ramsey on the other side choose arsenal over manu, he’s a tireless worker, he’s a good passer, one of the best tackler in the epl, and he’s a player that can fit in to diff positions on the pitch… Prior to his transfer to arsenal, i can remember reading an article that refer to him as the future of british football… His transfer to arsenal did help his cause but he was plague by the unfortunate incident cv stoke… And since then, he’s been doing all his best to get back to who he was before injury… With all these, i think ramsey deserve some credit… Fabregas as many as forgotten left arsenal when the team needed him most, and has anyone ever get to think of the reason why he’s been underperforming for barca? Who knows, it might be due to his confidence,(there might be some psychological reasons behind it) players are selected for the starting spot mostly based on their attitude and performance in training…and his been proving in the premier league doesn’t mean he can’t be a failure, torres was proven before his transfer to chelsea remember… Arsenal need new ideas, and only new players can offer these..

  97. TotalArsenal says:

    Devil 🙂

    Re James McCarthy – he is an interesting prospect for us. At this time, I would like us to sign a dedicated beast of a DM with that little bit of extra: somebody we can slot in relatively quickly and who adds real – Vieira like – physicality to the midfield. That’s what I like about Wanyama and Capoue. However, McCarthy could be a good one to add to some depth. What is your take on Coquelin?

  98. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi and Welcome SG_G

    A very fine first comment and all agreed. I prefer Per to be our captain, but Arteta is fine too, at least for the time being.

    You are so right re letting all these top players go: sooner or later we’ll pay the price for it!

    Not sure what will happen next season, but if we sign a beast of a DM first, we will probably continue with 4-2-1-3 or maybe even move to 4-1-2-3 and then the fun really can begin. With the likes of Ox, Ramsey and Jack improving constantly and Cazorla, Rosicky adding experience and class it could all get a lot better. Let’s get the beast and add either Cesc or Jovetic and the Canon will roar again!

    Anyway, how would you like us to play next season / add to the squad?

  99. Devil says:

    Le Coq for me is best RB right now. He’s got good positional sense if not better, he’s quick tbh very quick. His over lapping runs are awesome and one thing I like most about him is he always wants to play forward. If its me I’d sell Sagna this season, get good amount and go out and buy McCarthy and let Jenks and Le Coq fight it out for RB spot and if I am not wrong Le Coq started out as RB and got converted into DM.

    And for me those beast like players don’t work much cause most times they tend to turn over possession ala Song when they’re hounded like dogs and that’s where someone like McCarthy wins for me. He can retain possession, pass it better, got good range of passing and can really work as Arteta 2.0. And he’s a multi utility player asin plays DM, CB as well as Play maker. He’s Stronger, leaner, fitter prospect. And he shares that ginger head personality with Scholes. If we don’t get him and he goes to some one else then i’d be disappointed.

    And TA in most cases I am more like AW, always looking for bargain buys at the bottom of the pyramid. And if I am not wrong, he’s rated very highly by AW as well. He’s said that he’s just gonna be like Martinez in future, playing his trade for a top 4 club.

  100. VCC says:

    UMF …6 in 6 to come.

    waiting for TMHT…..Oz…Red Arse….Total…Alex……PPP

    GLic …..1708-1
    VCC…… 69-1
    Gerry….. 765-1
    Henry…… 105-1
    Rocky…… 74-1
    HH (G)….. 47-1

    cheers guys. carry on blogging…. 🙂

  101. Red Arse says:

    Hi Devil, 🙂

    I watched many of the youth team games, and the set up (which changes a lot at that age) usually resulted in Frimpong playing the hard man DM, and Coq playing attacking MF, with that plonker Eastmond playing right back.

    All three got through to the first team, and PingPong played DM, Eastmond played midfield and Le Coq played in both positions, because of injuries.

    Noe of them are quite good enough at the top table, altho, PingPong and Le Coq might make it elsewhere — but Eastmond? I do not know why he is still at Arsenal.

    Just an opinion, and no better than yours. 🙂

  102. Red Arse says:

    Hi Vickers,

    As soon as I get a paper I will give you mu Ugly Mother F*ckers predictions!

    Maybe, next season, we could show the next weeks fixtures on BK, to help pillocks like me? 🙂

  103. Devil says:


    Everytime, he’s played for seniors in that position, he’s played well. If not very well. But then I am reading on Arseblog that Le Coq is wanted player right now. So, Idk..may be we’d let Sagna and Le Coq both go and get some one like Nacho out of no where..hopefully..

  104. VCC says:

    Hi Pillock…here goes =

    Fulham v Reading
    Liverpool v Everton
    ManUre v Chelsea
    Norwich v Aston Villa
    QPR v Arsenal
    Sunderland v Stoke
    Swansea v ManCity
    Spurs v Soton
    WBA v Wigan
    WHU v Newcastle

    Good luck Amigo

  105. Fred says:

    HH, I would love to see cesc back at arsenal but even if we waive the 50% sell on fee to bring him to us we would still be looking at around 20m, which I took into consideration in my calculations. Cesc would improve the team but a top quality DM beast would improve it more.

  106. SG_Gooner says:


    For me a “beast” of a DM is not so much of a priority. I would be willing to settle for a positionally aware, defense minded player who can distribute ball well, tackle cleanly, be strong with the ball and release the ball upfield quickly with visionary passes. Basically, a TALL order. Yaya Toure is that guy. Javi Martinez is another such player. Basically, we don’t want glory hunters for this role. We want someone who is confident of his role in the team and knows that his role protects the back four and he will be the lynchpin of the team.

    Arteta is almost that player. If he had a slightly bigger physique and if could go on those driving runs with the ball, he would in my eyes be a complete DM. Ramsey CAN be that player (if he wants to be and if he can keep the ball better). Ramsey has benefitted immensely from playing in those “out of position” roles. We see those benefits now when he has slotted in the middle. He has an eye for the pass, he has a great engine, he does box to box all the time now. He already has most of the needed qualities. I know HH is not a great admirer of Ramsey. I think that Perez quote earlier was a perfect riposte to his anti Ramsey rants. Does someone here remember how Arsenal fans berated Gilberto and his supposed lack of passing abilities. How we missed him in those youthful years when we should have won titles in 2008. Ramsey suffers from similar lack of Charisma. So many people keep going on here about Jack and his “world class” talent and if someone gives a counter argument they quickly point to his injury last season and his young age. Somehow they forget to apply the same rules for Aaron. In fact, if Aaron had played the way Jack has played in the last few games, he would have been slaughtered in the forums.

    In my eye, Wilshere is now suffering the same way Ramsey did last season after coming back from injury. In fact, I fear more for Wilshere because people in Britain are so desperate for footballing heroes they keep wanting to rush him in to play. I wish Wenger has eased him into the team. Jack I feel is right now an over exuberant kid who wants to prove himself desperately to Arsenal fans and who has sub-consciously bought into all the hype around him. He needs to take the foot off the pedal and go back to basics in terms of his play. He should learn from Ramsey who has simplified his play a lot this season. Don’t be surprised if
    Ramsey becomes our Scholes. Wenger should stick Wilshere on the wing for a few games just as he did to Ramsey so that he can concentrate on playing the game and not have this undue pressure to drive the whole team forward.

    Next season, I would like to see a proven striker/a winner join us. Someone who has won titles elsewhere and wants a new challenge. Ibramovic would be someone I would love to see at Emirates. Ego or no ego, I want someone who absolutely HATES losing. I want that selfish player who just lives to score goals. I feel such a player will firstly improve the overall team attitude as he won’t accept second rate performance and he would push players around him to play better. A proven left winger would be my other choice. That would be my wish for next season.

  107. TotalArsenal says:

    What a service Vickers! 😛

    Newcastle away win
    Wigan away win
    Swansea draw
    Liverpool draw
    Norwich draw

  108. TotalArsenal says:


    I feel we desperately need to hang on to our experienced players in the squad and letting Sagna go would be a mistake, unless something is seriously wrong with him medically.

    My beast can also play football as per your description, but offers a lot more physically: a good tackler on the ground – oh how we miss such a player in midfield – and strong in the air. Somebody who bosses the midfield and will not be bossed. Wanyama will not be bossed and Capoue looks the same to me.

    Yes, it is nice to look for bargains and we all love it when Arsene succeeds with another one, but let’s add quality now. However, McCarthy could be one for the future.

    Agreed on Le Coq playing on the right hand side; I would even consider him right midfield in a 4-4-2 (1-1) formation.

  109. TotalArsenal says:


    A comprehensive replay, thanks.

    I feel Arteta and Ramsey are midfielders who are made to play defensively, and they do ok, especially if and when they play together. But not great in my view and as others have pointed out it looks like we are losing half if not one whole player within the team in the process. Arteta lack of real defensive qualities means that his double-DM colleague gets sucked into the back of midfield far too much, as a result our attacking midfielder is left too isolated at times.

    It would be so different to have Song as our dedicated DM back in the squad, or Wanyama, Capoue etc. Not just a traditional DM beast, but one who can play a bit of football as well.

    Ramsey is doing well and is getting everything out of himself: for that I love him. A great squad player, and maybe he can play himself into the team more regularly next season, but it is a big task for him. I have written various posts in the past defending Aaron, and it is great to see him more respected now.

    Wilshere is class, and in my view a better player than Ramsey. His injuries worry all of us, but once they are dealt with we will see what he can do. But yes, at the moment he is struggling a bit.

    I personally don’t feel we need a proven striker, unless it is an experienced one for back up / to play in the big games. I like us to create more chances and for the goals to be spread throughout the team again. When van Judas had his dip in form the Mancs were knocked out of two cup competitions in quick succession; I would want us to avoid becoming depended like that again.

    But all good points SG_G and good to debate these with you! 🙂

  110. Admir says:

    I’ve had just one thought since I read ArsenalNews today – forget Cesc, forget Jovetić. Let’s sign Higuain!

  111. Red Arse says:

    Devil, that’s a fair comment. many people do like Le Coq, and so do I.

    It is only a question of whether we can wait for the youngsters any longer. Who knows? 🙂

  112. alexgunners says:

    Good evening to all BK’ers out there.


    Good article but i do not see the dilemma at all. Given the opportunity to have Cesc back in our squad, it’s a no brainer. I would take him as our number one priority ahead of everyone else. Imagine the atmosphere in the change rooms and also in the stadium, if the one that got away came back.

    I understand the competition for places if Cesc were to return but it can only help our squad and also imagine the belief that it would bring in to the team.

    We have to spend wisely this so called ‘WARCHEST’ that we have but he will always be one that would be most welcomed back at the Emirates.


    Here are my predictions for the UMF.

    The GUNNERS (A)
    man$hitty (A)
    Villa (A)
    Fulham (H)
    Southampton (A)


  113. Red Arse says:

    Vicky Vickers, you are my hero!!!!!!!!! 😀

    My selections are;

    Liverpool v Everton = Draw
    ManUre v Chelsea = Draw
    Norwich v Aston Villa = Away win
    QPR v Arsenal = Away win
    WHU v Newcastle = Draw

    Fingers crossed, toes crossed and eyes crossed.

    Actually that’s just a description of Glic that Terry gave me! 🙂

  114. AFC says:

    Some truly brilliant articles and comments over the last few days. 🙂

  115. AFC says:

    Umair, top article. 🙂

    There are some things you would have to think about. If he does come back to Arsenal he would surely want to be the star player and would probably want the captaincy, so where would that leave Jack. What would happen if Barca want Cesc back in a couple years. Could he be trusted to resist the temptation. Finally we could see a case where Cesc just cannot fit back into our team. This has happened before when players have returned to their previous clubs. Wages should not be a problem though.

  116. Red Arse says:

    Have you guys seen the Evening Standard re Arsene and his future?

    — “Arsene Wenger today suggested for the first time he could stay at Arsenal beyond 2014. The 63-year-old was this week linked with a move to Paris St-Germain at the end of the season but Wenger reiterated his intention to see out his contract that runs for another year.

    However, the Gunners boss has previously stopped short of declaring his intentions beyond that date until this morning at London Colney, where he revealed his desire to remain in charge at Emirates Stadium should both he and the club deem it the right decision.

    “I want to stay [beyond 2014] if I do well and if I consider or the club consider that I do well, that is all,” he said. “I want this club to do well, that is my basic feeling. We have gone through a period that was very sensitive, we are coming out of it now, in a much stronger position financially.

    “I believe the club are in a very strong position for the future. For the rest, my own person is less important, what is important is the future of the club.

    “I answered that question [about PSG] already. I respect my contracts. Every football game excites me and football in general still excites me. The love for this club as well.”

    As Standard Sport revealed this week, Wenger is expected to sit down with chief executive Ivan Gazidis at the end of the season to discuss his future although it may be that both parties decide to wait into the following campaign before agreeing their next move.

    Whether or not Wenger extends his 17-year tenure could depend on results between now and then — especially with Arsenal’s Champions League qualification for next season still uncertain — but he insists there have not yet been any discussions about his eventual successor.

    He said: “I don’t know if there has been any input on that. I believe a big club should be run where everybody does his job and I try to do my job. The only thing I can say is that I do it with a lot of commitment and a lot of loyalty. I try to do as well as I can for this club.

    “I believe this club are in a very, very strong position and have gone through a very sensitive period in a very intelligent way. After that, everything is here to have a great future. We have a good fanbase, we have now a strong financial situation, we have good young players and a squad with a bright future with the quality of the young players we have. It is just to manage it well now.”

    Good news!

  117. AFC says:

    Cesc and Jovetic are very similar so there would be no point in buying both. Remy for 5 mill. Yes Please! But if we got Remy I would like to see another striker brought. Then we would have our 3 strikers sorted.

  118. VCC says:

    Red Arse…….I don’t know about GLiC’s fingers and toes, but I know his eyes are crossed.


  119. gooner87 says:

    The cesc transfer to barca was made on the grounds that barca thought they would never sell

    It includes a £35m buyback clause for arsenal
    And arsenal to receive 50% of the value of whatever transfer fee barca get

    That means, we could effectively get a 50% rebate on our own transfer, therefore cesc is actually ours for £17.5m.

  120. Sebastian says:

    To be honest, if we get rid of Arshavin, Diaby (big shame, but seriously what is the point), Denilson, Chamakh, Bendtner, Park, then amount we would save in wages, the (probably small) amount we would make in sales, and the space we would create in the squad, then surely it isnt that impossible to have both Jovetic and Cesc? I’d swap those 6 going out for those 2 coming in, and the wages would probably be about the same…

    Cazorla could play on the left (ala Pires), Wilshire, Cesc and Jovetic in the middle, Walcott on the right, Giroud up front?

    Leaves Rosicky, Ramsey, Arteta, AOC, and Podolski as good back-ups..

    Sounds good to me!

  121. 'mair says:

    Thanks AFC! To be honest I hadn’t considered that Fab might be asked to return to Barca in a couple of years! In a perfect world, he’s realized that home is where the cannon is!


    The Oracle of Bounds Green

    Arsenal 5- 0
    Liver -Everton draw
    Utd – Chelsea draw
    Man City away
    Wigan away


    Thank you mair. I would love to have Cesc back, but also like the look of Jovetic. The Montenegran looks more likely, but you never know.

    Redders, thanks for the Arsene quotes. Thats exactly what we want to hear, and i agree 100% with his expressed view.

  124. Arsenal_VCC says:

    Sorry to be the dissenting voice here, but while I like the “Cesc returns” from a nostalgia standpoint, I am not sure that he is the same Cesc as when he left. In theory he is entering his prime but I felt a bit underwhelmed by his performances for Barca and Spain. Now, all this could be, as Umair said, due to being played out of position. But, I have to wonder what impact his return will have on the Arsenal locker room, captaincy, his ability to gel with the current set of players (probably the least of the worries), and overall team balance. If you forgot the fact that Cesc played for Arsenal, how seriously would you consider buying him and how much would you pay?

  125. Milo says:

    As I said earlier HH, I am not angry at Cesc…just tired of him…It’s hard to explain…I don’t feel sorry for him at all..I’ll say this though, that it is a real shame that he has wasted his talent over these past two years, whether that be the fault of him or his club and international managers, I don’t know.

    Ramsey is still improving and he can beat a man on the dribble now. Playing on the wing has helped him immensely in this regard. He does step-overs, he nutmegs, he even tries flicks at times, although he has toned down this aspect of his play, and as a central midfielder, with defensive responsibilities, I would say that is a positive.

  126. Highbury Harmony says:

    Devil, Ramsey is certainly not useless as I value him as a great squad player and believe that he has a role to play in this team. His intangibles are more valuable than his actually skills though, and together with Arteta, we are using two players to compensate for the lack of one (as TA, 17ht and others have aptly pointed out).

    Having two defensively minded players on the pitch who are not assertive or attack minded enough at the dual DM pivot restricts our attack and forces greater pressure on the players up front. Thus, we need more world-class talents like Cesc to compensate for this obvious compartmentalized strategy.

    If we created enough scoring opportunities without a player like Cesc on a consistent basis, I’d agree that he may be surplus to requirements. However the fact is we don’t and our goal distribution is fairly average and there are plenty of games where we dominate possession yet create nothing. Furthermore, we fail to consistently show up against the top teams.

    Also, Coquelin is not a better choice at RB than Jenkinson.

  127. Highbury Harmony says:


    While Ramsey occasional tries fancy moves, they hardly ever work. His technique on the ball is average, but as I said before he has other strengths. My issue is the redundancy of having both himself and Arteta on the pitch.

    Rambo is currently playing to his strengths and is in a position where his skills can be best maximized. IMO, he’s a tweener between a B2B and deep-lying playmaker, but neither here or there on either. He’s not hurting our team in anyway, but I wouldn’t say he’s a player who will significantly help us close the gap on the top, top clubs either.

    We’ll always clash in our views since you adopt an extreme evangelist, romanticized perspective with our club, while I’m more of a realist with a business background that forces me to think about the larger picture and to constantly evolve and improve. There’s nothing wrong with either view, just a difference of opinion :).

    Back to my original point, Ramsey an Jack are in no way reasons to not bring Cesc back.

  128. Fred says:

    Sebastian, all of them except for diaby and arshavin are already off our current wage bill – they are all out on loan so whilst there could be savings to be made in terms of the wage bill from either selling them or releasing them from their contracts the savings would not be as great as you think. Although they would go a significant way to paying for the wages of Jovetic and Cesc should they both come.

  129. Fred says:

    HH, do you not think that buy bringing in cesc he could hurt the development of Ramsey and Wilshere? I know he is a world class player and I would love to see him back in an arsenal shirt. But the money could be spent on bringing in a world class DM, something which we are in desperate need for in my opinion, and that would benefit the club much more than having cesc back in the team. In an ideal world where we had the money of Man Shiteh or the Chavs we could afford a world class DM, Cesc and Jovetic but with the rumoured 70m it is not going to happen in 1 transfer window.

  130. Highbury Harmony says:

    Many comments shed light on the exact predicament we are currently in. In Rambo becoming a good DM honoring his defensive responsibilities alongside Arteta, we lose options in attack to compensate for our inability to defend without doing so.

    Our attack was already inconsistent and in some ways insufficient as it was, before committing more players to defense. I am not advocating we adopt a full on attacking philosophy, but that if we had the required level of talent in our squad, we could better move like a well-oiled machine, up and down the pitch.

    Alternatively, if we choose to stick with our current compartmentalized strategy, the demand for world-class talents in our attack becomes even greater to compensate. Either way, a world-class talent would only serve to better us in both strategies.

  131. Fred says:

    HH, I agree with you that cesc would improve the team, I would be a fool not to, its just a question of how the money would be best spent as we do not have the bottomless pits of money that other clubs have, and this is where opinions come in and it becomes interesting as to what people think we should do. I personally would prefer to see the money spent on a high quality DM, but I would certainly be pleased to see cesc back in an arsenal shirt.

    In a way having these money restraints makes it more interesting for the fans to speculate on what could happen, as oppose to being a Chavski or Man City fan who can simply say buy Falcao and Cavani knowing it is well within their means we have more interesting and realistic debates and conflicts of opinions.

  132. Highbury Harmony says:

    Fred, IMHO buying a DM will hurt Rambo’s development more. One of Arteta or Rambo will be sacrificed from the starting line-up to compensate for a true beast who can protect the back 4/his own end sufficiently on his own.

    I believe this because he’s excelling more in a simplified role CM role, where he is not required to be something he is not; a B2B attacking player like Diaby or a creative midfielder with a wide range of passing like Cesc was. Ramsey is better suited to simple passing and using his endurance and work rate to cause problems for the opposition.

    With Arteta wearing the band as our vice captain, I’m not sure he’ll be sacrificed ahead of Ramsey if we did buy a DM, since his experience and composure are valued and his range of passing is better/has more variety if given the license to be more creative. He also has the ability to score from distance. For all those reasons, I’d be more fearful for Ramsey’s role if we bought a DM over a player like Cesc.

  133. Fred says:

    True, but Cesc is more of a flair player, something we already have, although he is better than our current flair players. There is more of a need to add some physicality to our Midfield. You also have to take into consideration Arteta’s age, in a few seasons time he will be considering retireing. It is for that reason that I think whatever Midfielder we bring in will be or should be in view of this fact.

    Arteta has been a good solid player for us but never outstanding in my opinion, one of our main problems in recent seasons has been that we have been too easily pushed over by teams that play with a more physical nature. If we had a midfielder that stood up to teams like this we could easily have many more points on the board.

    In an ideal world we could get Jovetic, Cesc and a Beast DM. But unfortunately for us this isnt an ideal world, and although it pains me to say it we may be better off allowing barca to sell Cesc for somewhere in the region of 35m so we could bring in 17.5m to add to out war chest. It would be a shame as he is a world class player but it may well be in the better interests of the club (providing the BoD don’t squirrel it away!)

  134. brian muganda says:

    we need jovetic,cesc,gonalons,gundagan,hummels,begovic and ben arfa and let go of diaby,andre,johan,sebastian,rosisky,manone,gervinho o podolski…and we need at least 3 of the invincibles i the technical team..

  135. TotalArsenal says:

    Prematch should come out around 10 tonight. Catch you guys later.

    brian – are you still dreaming?! 😛

  136. Bond James says:

    Thanks for the kind words they are much appreciated but fact of the matter is that you guys have done an amazing job ob this blog and have made me feel right at home, TA (not sure about cheeky but certainly annoying for a fair few 😉

    reading the comments in support of Ramsey, then all i can say is that if Ramsey is the answer then what’s the question ?

    Ramsey is a good squad and utility player sure but by no means he’s the answer or can be compared to Cesc.

    where as Ramsey’s work rate is admirable, same as Giroud’s but football is not all about work rate and dedication, it needs movements of brilliance and sheer genius and i feel this is something we seriously lack bar a couple of players (on good days)….hence Cesc fits the bill, will he deliver the good again ? you can bet your bottom dollar that he will !

    as with most players who have left us, it’s safe to assume they mostly find out that the grass is not always greener on the other side – give it until next season and i reckon RVP may well feel the same provided if the rumours of mancs buying Falcao or Lewandowski come to fruition.

    going back on the squad that we have, i certainly now feel that there might be room for an attacking midfielder (based on trimming of our squad in the summer and taking into account bench options, Rosicky is certainly not getting yougner so it makes sense to get the right player now instead of waiting) or someone who can play in all 5 positions up front….. i would not mind seeing either Cesc or Isco, i’m a huge Isco fan and buying him would be a good sign of intent as will be the buying back of Cesc (if available).

  137. AFC says:

    Guys am I right in saying that Rosicky is our Giggs. Wenger wants to use Rosicky the way SAF uses Giggs. So for me Rosicky cannot be used as an example of one of our main AMs. For Giggs and Rosicky are experienced quality players who can change games when really needed through cameo performances. He is really a bonus player like Giggs,

  138. Bond James says:


    Giggs has been sensational for the mancs with amazing fitness levels,

    you can’t compare Rosicky with Giggs in my opinion, simply because of his impaired career due to injuries.

    of course, Rosicky is quality and as Wenger has indicated that he would like him to retire with us but fact of the matter is that i don’t see Rosicky doing a giggs and retiring from international football at present to prolong his career and stay injury free, he really does seem to be one of those special yet frustrating talents hampered by injuries or niggles here and there….if he does that then that’s jolly good but i much rather keep Rosicky until the very end.

    Giggs is a freak as SAF has put it and rightfully so.

    not sure if us branding Rosicky a freak would be the right thing to do on his hair style or his shenanigans whilst playing against turkey not so long ago 😀

  139. AFC says:

    Hi BJ 🙂 , Rosicky has had his injury problems but because of his age and these injuries it would be difficult for him to be a regular starter. Next season (if he stays) I can see him being used the way Giggs is used.

  140. Milo says:

    Wow HH, you are the romantic one!!! 😀 You are in love with Cesc, and would take him back at the expense of developing someone else who can play in his stead!!! Why don’t we keep what we have and find someone else, or WAIT and see how someone like Kristoffer Olsson or Jon Toral progress??? WAIT, I SAID??? Yes, I said wait!!! How about a little patience??? Now that to me is looking at the bigger picture, which should always include our youth, in my opinion. Cesc was NOT a flawless player, there isn’t one out there, really, but in my opinion he wasn’t even close regarding temperament, and he never will be. Just throwing him back in to the club without thinking about possible ramifications because he is “the great Cesc Fabregas” is astounding for someone who prides themselves on being a rational thinker.

  141. Milo says:

    What’s wrong with a little romanticism anyway??? 😀

  142. Bond James says:


    he is already used more or less in the Giggs manner this season,rather uncannily i reckon 😀

    he’ll be with us hopefully till the very end (until his retirement), he owes us plenty and i reckon he will be in the starting 11 for the remaining 3 games as well.

    the little mozart is a special player and with time all the stats will take care of themselves the longer he stays and plays (provided he remains fit).

  143. Red Arse says:

    The Arsenal U21s have just finished 1 : 1 against Liverpool U21s.

    In the first half it was all ‘Pool and they could have scored 3.

    In the 2nd half it was all Arsenal and we could have scored 3.

    A draw was probably fair. Good game.

  144. AFC says:

    BJ, that is what I was trying to say in my first comment. 🙂

    Anyone else heard that Mourinho will not be leaving RM after all!

  145. Bond James says:

    that boy Zelalem can play ! good signing and a promising future prospect.

  146. Bond James says:


    JM is a drama queen, he seems certain to be on his way to chelsea, i’ll be very surprised if he doesn’t end up at at chelsea along a few madrid players (CR) come next season.

    i reckon he’s only making such noises now to increase the transfer kitty and money available for purchases if not better personal terms ? he likes absolute control and as things go, Chelsea want him to work under their newly appointed technical director.

    so all this could be ploys and tactics for more control.

  147. TotalArsenal says:

    Evening guys,

    Been on the phone to a good friend of mine, so pre-match will be later than earlier announced (about 11pm).

    Btw the blog just reached 500000 views! 🙂

  148. AFC says:

    TA, you should give yourself a pat on the back for making this brilliant site and writing top notch posts on a daily basis. 🙂

  149. Milo says:

    Speaking of Zelalem and Cesc Fabregas, Zelalem, along with Wilshere were the first two since Cesc to be playing under 21 football at the age of 16, if my memory serves me correctly. So even if Olsson or Toral, or both don’t make it, we still have another player with prospects that could be even brighter. Maybe even as bright as Cesc’s??? Who knows???

    This is why I am willing to wait and see…It will feel much more rewarding than buying back someone who left us in the lurch. At least it will to me anyways. Yes we developed Cesc, but why spend a fair amount of money bringing him back, when we might not have to, in one (Jack Wilshere) two (Olsson, Toral) or three years (Gedion Zelalem) ??? Maybe I am too enamoured with our youth and scouting system. Maybe I do rate our prospects too highly, but odds would dictate that we will find another Jack Wilshere or Cesc Fabregas at some point, within our youth team ranks. It might be sooner rather than later!

  150. Bond James says:

    congratulations and keep up the good work !

    well deserved hits !

    waiting for the pre-match and your predicted starting 11, TA.

    take your time.

  151. Bond James says:


    don’t you feel that if Cesc was to be brought back for a free of no more than £15 million (possibly) then it would benefit our youngers, Jack/OX/Zelalem /Gnabry/Eisfield/Ramsey that much more ? his experience both as a mature player, a winner of both a world cup, euro’s and domestic competitions will help nurture and bring the best out of your youths as opposed to him not coming back ?

    i get the feeling that you think his absence from Arsenal will be better served for our youths (correct me if i’m wrong ?

  152. Milo says:

    I still think that to pine for the past, is stupid. If I were to tell you how I really feel you’d probably call me crazy…well here goes…Cesc never grew up for me, so far as his temperament goes. Jack has some growing up to do as well! Always moaning and complaining whenever they lose possession by fair means or foul, diving (Cesc)…I don’t want these types of players at my club! I want grown men, who act and comport themselves like grown men. The manager should take some of the blame for this too. I love Wenger, but that is his biggest weakness for me. Even more so than his tactics are concerned! I’m not saying he should go and I know he won’t change, but I don’t think this aspect of our play and attitude should be over looked. We need more men, and fewer whining babies.

  153. Fred says:

    BJ, he isn’t that much more mature than Ramsey and Wilshere, he is only 3 years older than Ramsey and 4 older than Wilshere. This would mean that as he is a better player he would rightly player ahead of these two and that would lead to them having less games and therefore less opportunities to develop as players. By the time he retires at say 34, they would be 30 and 31! If he were to remain at arsenal for the rest of his career then the development of two very promising young players would be severely hindered.

  154. AFC says:

    BJ, I am on not on anyones side but it is worth thinking of what could happen if he came back to Arsenal. He might not be the same player he was a few years back. He might struggle to fit back into our team.

    I would say his best position is playing as a CF or the most advanced player in a 4-6-0 formation so where would that leave Giroud or any new striker(s) we buy? Would he have preference over any new strikers we buy?

    In addition I would rather we brought a DM rather than an AM (if that is where he would play). The team is really unbanced and taking preference on an AM rather than a DM would make this worse.

  155. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers guys

    I never thought it would go so fast.

    The site is averaging 100k views per month now, and many thanks to all other BK writers, ‘entertainers’ – Glic, Terry, VCC, Redders etc – and all those who comment with such knowledge about, and passion for, our beloved Arsenal.

    Upwards and Onwards! Up The Arse! 😛

  156. AFC says:

    Hi Milo, agreed. 🙂

    Some of our past and current players are really immature. That goes for all teams. Whenever they have any problems they go running to their agents as if they are their mothers. 😀

  157. Bond James says:


    Wisdom comes with age, i can see where you’re coming from in regards to his attitude however, your personal dislike for him aside, you still haven’t answered if he will have a positive impact on our youth are an adverse one ?


    when i speak of maturity i speak about the silverware he has won both with club and country , which in itself is far more than anyone in this current crop has experienced bar Santi Cazorla.

    Cesc, left Arsenal to play for the best team in the world and plays for the best national team in the world, you become champions by playing with the champions, i would like to think that Cesc became a world class player by mingling and playing with the champions at arsenal (at the time, i’m sure i don’t have to name our past invincible’s).

    i just disagree with the notion that it could hinder the progress of both Ramsey and Wilshere, if anything i believe it will improve it that much more, providing us a very solid and strong midfield and allowing us squad rotation… (do bear in mind that Cesc is also injury prone but not as much now, Jack maystill have his niggles as he develops further , Rosicky as we all know is Rosicky, Diaby the less said the better) .


    if you remember i was the one to have mentioned that 4-6-0 formation to you a while back whilst discussing formations, it’s a good option to have , that’s for sure – and we would still have enough money to buy a DM even if we were to buy Jovetic/Cesc/Isco (2 out of the 3).
    unless we bought Fellaini then the above changes.

  158. Fred says:

    BJ, whilst I agree with you that world class players do help develop younger players when said players are only 3-4 years younger than said world class players, the main way the younger players will develop is through playing games and gaining match experience. If Ramsey and Wilshere were 17 or 18 and Cesc was in his late 20’s/early 30’s I would agree with you that having Cesc in the team would help their development. However, at this stage in their career they need to be playing regular football in order to develop as players. If Cesc came he would displace one of them, therefore resulting in less match experience for Wilshere or Ramsey which would hinder their development.

    Also as others (including myself) have mentioned we are in more need of a DM rather than an AM/False no.9. Whilst the aquisition of Cesc would improve the team it has its side effects in hindering the development of Ramsey or Wilshere (most probably Ramsey), would leave the team unbalanced as we are in desperate need to add a DM to guard the back four. The money used to buy Cesc could be put towards buying a world class DM such as Lars Bender which would improve the team much more.

  159. Milo says:

    BJ, I think it would help Ramsey, but probably hinder Jack in so far as how much of his expression he can use to influence matches. I know that Ramsey would probably improve his final ball a lot with Cesc around. Jack too. Sometimes you just have to let players learn on their own though…I don’t, and no one else knows for sure what kind of effect he would have on those two. He could help, he also could help stagnate the others…who knows??? All I know is this, I don’t want to see him in an Arsenal shirt any time soon. Maybe if he came back once he is ready to retire, like Henry did, that would be alright, but to be the focal point, AGAIN??? I don’t want that. Let the younger ones figure it out. It might take some time, but there will be a fine reward at the end. There are a few people who think that Olsson COULD get a chance next season with the first team. No, he won’t play important matches, and he will probably need a loan spell, unless he is absolutely terrific, but he is one that offers something different to Jack, Aaron Ramsey, AND Cesc. Think of a more mobile Arteta. IF he can bulk up a bit, or if we buy a true defensive midfielder, he will shine in the deeper play-making role, for sure, in the future.

  160. Highbury Harmony says:

    Milo, there’s a difference between ratio al thought and being blinded by romanticism in yor case. The question then becomes how much longer are you willing to suffer as a fan. You won’t win anything with the squad we have now, except clawing for CL year after year. The youth can continue to grow all they want, but there’ll never be a perfect balance of them coming through and established players staying to wait and see what happens. We live in a results oriented world and your evangelistic beliefs are misguided.

  161. Highbury Harmony says:

    Fred, you focus far too much on incremental need, without consideration to the fact that our biggest need are world-class talents that want to come to what is quickly becoming a mid table club (if we’re not careful).

    If we do not establish a base of top players that we can add to over time, project youth will once again be wasted because we will never achieve the perfect harmony of players wanting to stay and wait to see what happens during the twilight of their careers. That belief is simply fools gold and if we want to win and win in the future, that plan must entail attracting top players in their prime and gems through our youth to form a sustainable transition where we do not heavily rely on either group as we have been forced to do these past 6-8 years.

  162. Highbury Harmony says:

    Also Milo, why go after a potential world class talent that’s never played in the EPL over one who has and excelled in the league? Your reasoning makes 0 sense, and it sounds like you do not welcome Cesc back because YOU were hurt by his departure.

  163. Milo says:

    Seems like I’m not the only “romanticist” on here. I usually side with the majority, but in this case, I side with the minority. I’m sorry, I don’t want Cesc back, or anywhere near our club. We had him, we lost with him, he left and we could have won something with him, we haven’t won anything without him, but with other additions that could change, what’s so hard to understand about that???

  164. Milo says:

    I was glad to see Cesc go HH. As I have detailed before, I was growing wearisome of his attitude to his play, as well as to that of his teammates. I wasn’t hurt at all.

  165. Fred says:

    HH, Just out of interest who would you like to see bought in during the next TW? Although Jovetic and Cesc are great players I personally think the money could be better spent on other players, that would take our team much further than those two would. I know what I am going to say is maybe a little idealistic! But I would love to see us keep our team as it is, get rid of the “dead wood”, get Sagna on a longer contract and sign Higuian and Lars Bender. Both of which including Transfer fees and wages would come in well below the rumoured 70m war chest and would leave us with enough money to maybe go for Cesar as an experienced competitor in goal. I know it probably won’t happen but I can always hope =)

  166. Highbury Harmony says:

    Milo, that’s just it. It’s incredibly tough to attract top quality talent without top quality players. Also, those unfamiliar with the EPL may take time to adjust, while top, top players like Cesc would not need time (is already EPL proven too).

    If we solely depend on youth to come through, our top players will either be too old or leave in search of winning things more immediately (Santi, Mert, Sagna, Nacho, Poldi, Theo etc.).

  167. Highbury Harmony says:


    Ideally, I’d like to see 3 new players coming in during the TW. 2 top, top quality players and an experienced GK.

    Jovetic seems like he’d be a good fit as a versatile attacker who can complement Giroud and eventually lead the line on his own, just brimming with potential like RVP.

    Lars Bender is my dream signing for the DM position as he’s an outstanding B2B mid and can really take over a game. However, with that said I wouldn’t hesitate at sacrificing either two of the aforementioned players for a proven world-class commodity like Cesc (which is what I have been trying to get at).

    As for keeper, Cesar seems like an adequate and more steady replacement for Mannone/Fab.

  168. Bond James says:


    class is permanent regardless of age, if we were going to gauge class on the basis of age then that chap Messi can’t possibly be an influence on the likes of others around him (both young and old players).

    both you and Milo, have touched upon and feared for Ramsey’s development if Cesc were to come back, if we were going to be fearful re- development of players on the basis that a better player comes in and gives us a better shot at winning trophies and titles than do remind me, what was it that we were doing in the last 8 years ?

    i accept the fears re-DM but i have also expressed and said that a DM can be bought and should be a priority even if we do buy Cesc/Isco/Jovetic.


    i don’t think Wenger is going to repeat the same mistake again if Cesc comes back – re making Cesc the focal point, he has or appears to have learned his lesson well hence the emphasis on home grown talent and making Jack his focal point. (as mentioned by him many a time, even saying that he is a leader and is someone who can play 100 games for England, that for me was basically revealing his cards regardless of who we sign this summer).

    again i repeat that no way i am saying that we don’t need a DM if we get Cesc back…i wouldn’t mind one of the bender’s/Fellaini/Gonalons in an arsenal shirt next season.

  169. Milo says:

    Theo Walcott a top player??? Who’s evangelistic now??? He’s a good player, but a top player??? I don’t think so. Santi Cazorla is basically a top player. None of the others you listed are. We could easily replace the others. Podolski Premier League proven??? On what basis, yours??? Nacho has played how many Premier League matches??? After last matches performance, I now hesitate to label Sagna still a top player. I mean he was great, but I think we are seeing or have seen the decline of Bacary Sagna. I won’t write him off yet, but if he doesn’t sign, there must be a reason why management do not want to give in to his demands.

  170. Fred says:

    BJ, that is just one of my concerns, my other is that it would be a waste of money bringing cesc back because the money could be better spent on increasing our strengths in other positions. We are in drastic need of a DM, if we were to go for Cesc IMHO the money could have been better spent by bringing in a world class DM such as Lars Bender.

    Cesc would probably cost us around the 20m mark, as would Lars Bender, the difference between the two being that we need a DM more than an AM/false no 9, and as such the money would be of better use if it were put towards buying a world class DM like Lars. Just as I believe that Jovetic despite being a great player isn’t exactly what we need. I think we need a more clinical striker, ideally Higuain. Higuain is a world class player, and if rumours are to be believed RM are after Cavani or Falcao and would be willing to let Higuain go on the cheap, so we could potentially pay less for Higuain than Jovetic (although wages would be higher) it would be a shrewed piece of business as Higuain is at the peak of his career at the moment and despite lack of games is still banging in the goals, something which we desperately need.

  171. Bond James says:


    i think you misunderstood slightly,

    regardless, if we get Cesc or not, we still need one of the bender’s or Fellaini or Gonalons.

    that should always remain a priority, however, if cesc was available on the cheap 12-18 million (Which is a possibility and i can explain how) then that is money spent very very wisely, even the commercial revenues he brings will be huge for the club.

  172. Highbury Harmony says:

    Milo, that is my point. They are CONSIDERED top player on our squad right now and are clearly not. Nacho and Theo have the potential to be top players, maybe not top, top or world-class. You are after all the one trying to convince us that Ramsey is/will be and we should not hinder his development hahaha I can’t stop laughing.

    Difficult to attract top quality when you have nothing to build on. Those players were just established ones on our squad who will surely leave if we continue to depend solely on project youth.

  173. Milo says:

    How is depending on Jack Wilshere to be as good as Fabregas, relying solely on youth??? He clearly has the potential to be as good, if not better.

    I’m not laughing at your opinions, so kindly fuck off.

  174. Fred says:

    I know that Cesc would be available on the cheap, but there is no way that we would get him for as little as 12m. Barca would probably want to sell him for around 40m, which would mean they get around 20m with the 50% sell on fees going to us. They owe us approx 4m, which means realistically the lowest that we could get him for would be 16m, and whilst that would be a good deal, you have to take into consideration 6m in salaries as well, thats taken up 22m/70m at a minimum with the more likely amount including wages being closer to 30m. That represents almost half of our war chest gone. If RM go for carvani or Falcao and are willing to let higuain go on the cheap we could probably get him inlcuding wages for around the same amount we would be paying for cesc. Which IMHO would be a better piece of business than bringing Cesc back. That then leaves around 30m including wages to go out and get Lars Bender and then possibly bring in Cesar. That TW scenario is much more appealing to me than bringing in Jovetic, Cesc and Cesar.

  175. Bond James says:

    HH being a cyber bully again with his wicked laughter’s 😀

    Milo polishes his french.

    Popcorn anyone ?

  176. Bond James says:


    Barca owe us 4 million from the Cesc deal and close to 3 for the Song one, that is 7 million in total.

    i don’t think we will be willing to do business on what barca ask us to pay (40 million as you call it) it will be more or less be in the region of 35 mills max, which means we pay 17.5 – 7 (approx combined debt barca owe us).

    re- salaries, we can afford his salaries considering the deadwood we will be clearing out, it shouldn’t affect or burden the remaining transfer budge too much.

  177. VCC says:

    Really like the new away shirt.

  178. Fred says:

    BJ, I am not sure who you consider to be the deadwood at arsenal as it varies from fan to fan, but the bulk of our “deadwood” are off our wage bill, with the exception of Arshavin, Santos and Squillacci as they are all out on loan.

    The reason I am quouting 40m, is that Barca will want to get the most amount of money possible for him especially as we are taking 50% of the fee. Selling Cesc for 35m would be stupid on their part considering they bought him for a rumoured 36m, so they would be losing 1m straight away even if they got 100% which isnt too bad in football. However, with the 50% clause in the contract they would be loosing 18.5m in a couple of years if they sold him for 35m. They would be better off financially paying his wages for the next two and a half years and then letting him replace Xavi. Barca aren’t stupid and selling him for 35m makes no financial sense on their part. If they were to sell him back to us I can’t see them doing it realistically for at least around 25m, I thought the debt was less than you said so taking that into consideration if we were to remove all debt owed as well then the absolute lowest I can see them selling him to us for is 18m. And if, and it is a big if, RM buy Carvani or Falcao they would be letting Higuain go for around that amount and we have been missing a clinical finisher so that 18m would be better spent on bringing him in, but we all have our opinions, if you think Cesc would be a better option I respect that also.

  179. Bond James says:

    Arshavin coming off the books at the end of the season alone let’s us take care of Cesc’s wages.

    the likes of Squillacci isn’t doing too bad with his pay packets, doing absolutely nothing.

    Chamakh we’re still paying half for.

    getting rid of Chamakh and bendtener allows us to be competitive in the wages department.

    we’re in a strong financial position, i would like to think we will be an even more stronger position in the next 3 months, thanks to a few commercial deals and that mighty tv money coming in for all EPL teams.

    i am not suggesting Wenger will choose to spend all of it but as long as we get 3 quality players. i’ll be a happy chappy.

  180. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post – New Post 🙂

  181. Highbury Harmony says:

    Hahaha really milo that’s the best you can come up with? So you’ve gone from we don’t need Cesc because w he left us already

  182. Milo says:

    I respect the opinion that we need Cesc back, and that he would help us, but I do not agree with it, just as I respect the view that Ramsey will never develop in to a starting 11 player for us, and again, I don’t agree with it. There are some opinions that you absolutely have to laugh at. For example, I could say that we should bring Pele out of retirement and play him in the hole. Now that can be laughed at. I don’t think my opinions are that rediculous, but if you must laugh at them, then by all means, knock yourself out.

  183. Bond James says:


    just to clarify a little bit more,

    Higuain/Benzema/Jovetic/Isco/Cesc/one of the Bender’s/Fellaini/Gonalon’s – if we get 3 out of the lot i have mentioned, i’ll be happy.

    Cesar shouldn’t take no more than 2-3 million i reckon even if QPR want 5, i just don’t see us acquiring his services for the full 5 mills 😉 that will be a good piece of business as well.

    we’ll be sorted i reckon for the next 2-3 years and can not only compete with everyone in England but also in Europe.

  184. Highbury Harmony says:

    My phone is causing several typos and errors. So Milo you’ve gone from we don’t need Cesc because we have Ramsey, Jack and others to we don’t need him because he left us to we don’t need him because we could buy other players who could help us to we don’t need him because we need to depend on youth back to we don’t need him because we have Jack.

    Ok some sound logic there, but remind me how buying unproven EPL talents would be better than buying Cesc? What world class players would want to come to Arsenal? Please try again.

  185. TotalArsenal says:

    Milo 🙂

    I am not laughing at you and well done for sticking to your train of thought!

  186. Bond James says:

    last but not least,

    another reason why i feel Wenger is more likely to buy back Cesc is because wenger hardly ever buy’s world class players, he likes to buy good players with potential and then turn them into world class….

    Cesc is his creation and chances of him buying a true world class player remains slim, however chances of us getting cesc back either this year or next remain high.

    at the end of the day, us fans can have our wish lists but most of us should also know that what we want and what wenger want’s and signs are sometimes way off, but one thing we do know for sure is that he likes creating world class players instead of buying them (sad yet true).

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