Mercenaries humiliated – Another Guard of Honour? Benteke: from Henry to Adebayor in 30 minutes.

Just a quick update on today’s footie events.

Well, who would have thought it: the pay-cheque collectors humiliated by a team fighting for survival in the PL and assembled at just a fraction of the cost of the Northern Oilers?! As I wrote a few days ago, the good guys have not lost, yet! And it really is fairy-tale stuff the way Martinez’s eleven fought with all they had to somehow overcome last year’s champions at Wembley, and win their first ever major trophy today. It was not quality that won today, but passion, hunger, desire, pride AND tactics; words that do not slip easily of the tongue of your average mercenary.

I was critical about the support Wigan had when I went to see them play against us just before Christmas at the DW stadium. But I reckon an apology from me is in order as the Latics had fantastic support – both in numbers and noise levels – throughout the entire final.

What can be said about Man City?

I just cannot comprehend how a team with a top-quality spine of Hart, Kompany, Toure and Aguero/Tevez could ever lose a final against the ‘minnows’ of Wigan. Man City has a number of Mercenaries in its team but the players in the spine are hard workers – true professionals. The big lesson we should learn from this match, once again, is that top quality players, assembled in quick succession, are not going to be enough in order to be successful for a sustainable period.

Such a team might win the odd trophy and title, but truly successful teams are built gradually from within, and have a core of players who play with intrinsic pride and passion – players who bleed for the club. Man City are not such a club, and long may it continue! 😀

A lot of credit should go to Martinez, and as WiganGooner and I also noticed when Arsenal played them before Christmas, Wigan’s midfield is very disciplined and strong, and they love to play over the wing as well. Bit by bit, they started to match City in midfield and the energetic, tenacious and talented Wigan midfielders slowly but steadily started to win the battle in that key area.

However, they did not create many changes and only had one shot on target, but that one could not have come  at a sweeter moment for the Latics as MC had only a couple of minutes left to get a goal back. Simply priceless!

We all felt very uncomfortable with having to provide Manure with a ‘Guard of Honour’ a couple of weeks ago. As far as I know there has never been one for the FA cup winners, but I reckon Arsenal should do one for Wigan on Tuesday: they truly deserve it!

Benteke from the sublime to the ridiculous – from a Henryesque moment of brilliance to an Adebayorian moment of madness.

I watched the AV-Che game with a friend who is fervent Spud. He was clearly downbeat about their chances of finishing in the top four. When I  said to him that Wigan cannot be underestimated and that I for one am nervous about this game – and this conversation took place before Wigan’s triumph over MC – he said something that I  did not expect from him: you will be all right, you have Wilshere and Ramsey, they have passion and drive – you’ll win that game, no problem. Having subsequently watched the cup final, those words rang a stronger bell with me.

Like many of us, I have been impressed with Benteke this  season, and his goal against Chelsea really reminded me of Thierry Henry for a moment. The way he had control over the ball, stopped his run for half a second and then attacked Cahill with ease and power, and  the way he put the ball past Cech was very Henryesque, and absolutely beautiful to watch.

But then came Benteke’s Adebayor-moments: first an unprovoked elbow in the face of Azpilicueta, which could have been a red card but he got away with a yellow; followed by an unnecessary, reckless challenge on Terry  in the second half (although the piece of turd made the most of it of course!), which resulted in a second yellow and therefore a sending off.

Villa were in almost total control of the game up until that moment, as they were 1-0 up and Chelsea were down to ten men as a result of Ramires red card (two yellows) in the first half. Benteke led himself and his team down and this could still cost the Villans dearly this season.

The 22 year old Belgian will surely learn from his big mistakes today, but in a game like that, we come to realise again how damn difficult it is for a (top) manager to make the right choices when it comes to picking your team and/or buying new players. Benteke to Arsenal might have become a lot less likely after today’s game.

Let’s hope Stoke are up for it tomorrow and do us a massive favour to at least get a point against the Spuds. After that, regardless of the outcome tomorrow, it is up to us to put in a professional performance and take all three points from the tired, but surely full of confidence, Latics.

Let’s hope we’ll see once again bags full of grid and determination, and a bit of class along the way as well.

Written by: TotalArsenal.

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  1. Bond James says:

    thanks, TA

    nice and refreshing read

    yeah it was an interesting day, i really thought Villa could get a result today but never mind, in Moyes we trust

    it was money vs substance again, and fortunately grit and determination prevailed, am so happy for wigan but at the same time, i am going to cut down on my expectations of us winning 8-0 on tuesday, i’ll take a 4-0 instead 😉

    i have always loved (NOT) stoke for some reason and i’m sure tomorrow i will finally have found a reason to justify this non existent love 😀

  2. TotalArsenal says:

    haha BJ – I know what you mean about loving the Orcs sooooo much! 😛

  3. Highbury Harmony says:

    Just wanted to stop in and say hi from the 619 before I head out for dinner (cue the HH you are always eating comments hahaha!).

    TA, wonderful article and it was an absolute pleasure to read about Wigan beating $hitty! If only it were us winning some silverware…still lots of promise and hope lie ahead. Also, it’s too bad Benteke was sent off today as Villa have looked increasingly better as the season has progressed and they probably could have pulled a draw with 11 men on the pitch.

    Also Glic, I know you, BJ, VCC and Terry are not too keen on Jovetic, but what about Higuain as a target! Imagine stealing an almost goal per game striker from the Madridistas, now there would be a statement of intent :).

  4. weedonald says:

    Great post HH! This FA result highlights a number of things Arsenal have that the sugar-daddy clubs don’t:

    1) A stable,brilliant, insightful, patient and skillful top-class manager,
    2) A long tradition of a frugal and sustainable financial and management philosophy,
    3) A commitment to both internal youth development harnessed to a cogent and pragmatic approach to transfers,
    4) A deeply held belief and ethic based on a long, ingrained tradition of building success, not just trying to buy it,
    5) A balanced ownership and BOD model that fits in seamlessly with the manager’s vision for the Club.

    Yes, we have had our dark moments (according to the yellow media,,,8 years worth) but we have met all our seasonal goals which were set each season, based on what resources and teams we had to play with and despite injury, officiating, player defections and financial setbacks.

  5. JGC says:

    Exciting day for Wigan and any total (foot)ball vs money ball fans!

    If Moyes is to justify his ManU role he should win vs Chavs now?

    One can hope, but for us it must be win-win to justify we’re in….

    Finally, what are others thoughts on all the recent rumors? Seems we’ve signed an all new team, if we make the CL,,, 🙂

    Cheers — jgc

  6. Milo says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but after what happened last season, at the Emirates, against Wigan, and seeing them shut out Man City, I’m a VERY nervous about Tuesday!!! If we play better, in an attacking sense, than we have in the past few matches, we should be able to handle them, but if we do not, then it could spell the end of our Champions League and transfer ambitions. We really need to take this match seriously. The squad does anyway 😀 I suppose a lot of supporters will take this match for granted, but they really should not, in my opinion. That isn’t to say we shouldn’t be vocal in our support, and I think that maybe taking it for granted is the better option, because when fans get nervous, they get QUIET!!! We don’t need another match with next to no atmosphere at home. We need all the support we can get!!! 😀

  7. JGC says:


    I agree, and am myself hoping that the fatigue of multiple games and the post “we won the big one against all odds” adrenaline rush let down helps us over any “issues” …

    Many people seem to think the worst part of being a gooner these last few years has been no silverware. For me it’s been the damnable inconsistency that leaves one stressed over games that should be more “routine” …

    Cheers — jgc

  8. The BearMan says:

    Stoke doing us a favour? You are having a laugh!! But Arsenal has had enough rest and providing the lads are not in holiday mode, they ought to be ready for battle. I agree however, we cannot take anything for granted. The team that is most disciplined, most hungry and turns up to do battle will win.

  9. spanner says:

    well done to wigan, i hope the team went out on a MASSIVE bender after the game. i hope to hear reports of missing players, alcohol poisoning, arrests etc, ……
    just don’t show up on tuesday ok

  10. Red Arse says:

    Morning TA, 🙂

    Very good Post, and as usual, fingers and toes crossed, and Glic’s eyes too, that the Stokies do us a favour. 🙂

  11. Cheadle says:

    Things I love about the Article

    1) Calling J.T. a piece of Turd. Rivaldo-esque. Rivaldo pioneered putting both hands over your face when the replay shows you have just been clipped on the ankle or NOT AT ALL. Segio Buskets does it too…unnatural and very annoying

    2) The stuff about the mercenaries Ha Ha. Mancini lost the plot the day he openly brawled with Balloteli why attempt to wrestle a younger, stronger man??? He could have talked the kid to tears if he applied more emotional Intelligence

    3) We can beat Wigan but not cos they may have adrenalin hangover but cos our boys must surpass their desire to stay up with their own desire to be with the top 4.

    Other Stuff

    Am not sure about Hegwain he has not been the same player since his injury probably 55-60%….right?… crap who am kidding just pissed he’ll go to one of enemies he’s probably one of the best ambidextrous strikers around . We need someone who can take on Man U Chelsea and Man City back line with confidence. Our strikers have grown for sure but we should be taking more than two points out of 18 when we play the big three. If you cannot condemn the smaller teams then you must win high pressure games when you play the big teams.

  12. Admir says:

    Hello, people! 🙂

    Brilliant description of Mercenary Oilers. 😀 I think that yesterday match proved importance of having a manager that matches quality of his players or the one that is even better than them. Last season, when City won the title thanks to that Aguero’s late goal, I used to say that if Rudolf The Hypocrite had signed Nasri, United would win the title comfortably. Had Rudolf The Hypocrite swapped teams with Mancini, the difference would be 20 points. Roberto Martinez probably bought himself a transfer to Everton with yesterday victory.

    I must admit that Wigan match scares the hell out of me. Wigan are unplayable when season approaches to the end, they won at Emirates last season (Arteta got injured on that match as well) and Mike Dean will be a referee for that game. Hell, I’d sign a scrappy 1:0 victory for us any second! After all, we have to use our ammo rationally as we are supposed to fire a few in Pardew’s ship as well.

    @HH – yes, Higuain would be a real statement and it would mean a triple victory over Spuds. First, we’d take CL-spot on their expense. Second, we’d take a world-class finisher (there is a slight difference between “a world-class finisher” and “a world-class striker”) in direct battle with Spuds over his signature. Third, we’d send some cash (22 million euros) to Real Madrid so they can finance transfer of Bale. 😀

  13. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning all 🙂

    Thanks for the comments. I will get back to you later.

    Come on The Orcs! 😆

  14. Glic says:

    Morning Broke Back Bergkampesquers !. 😆

    Thanks Anal Oral Test !. 🙂

    Well done Wigan, play like that against us and we`re doomed ! 😦
    Am I the only one who hasn`t been overwhelmed by Monreal ?. he gets beaten too easy by a fast tricky winger for my liking, McManamen will roast him given the opportunity !.
    Lets hope the ” Yeti Stock ” big foot it over the Spuds and mash them !.

  15. JGC says:


    @Cheadle, 🙂 agreed actually but one hopes for the hangover too!

    Myself, I’d be hopeful about Higuain if similar done deal rumors hadn’t already linked us to so many done deal players as to ensure no one was left to play next year! 🙂

    Cheers — jgc

  16. marcus says:

    HH and TA,
    There’s been reports over the last 24hrs that we have agreed deals with 2 strikers, Higuain and Jovetic. As usual, until I hear the same from a credible source I’m going to treat it as rumor. That said though, I’d like to remind you TA how a while back I suggested we need two strikers and funny enough at the time I suggested Jovetic and Benzema. Then you asked me where would they play and who would be dropped. I have felt that for depth purposes we needed 2 top quality strikers and Higuain and Jovetic fit the bill perfectly. Both are young (Jovetic 23 and Higuain 25) but are experienced, although Gonzalo is further along in his development than Jovetic. Both are stupidly skilled and would bring a truckload of goals. Both would fit into our team seamlessly.

    Now I’ve been monitoring Jovetic religiously at Fiorentina since last year and I think he is a must get. He has 12 goals but believe me that is mainly due to the quality of the players around him. If you watch him play, you realize that Jovetic always seems to be 100 wavelengths ahead of his team mates. I’ve noticed that his play is far more evolved than his teammates can handle. Let me explain. When you watch Fiorentina and more specifically Jovetic play, you notice a few things. First of all, Jovetic makes some very delicious passes but two things usually happen. Either his team mates do not make the appropriate runs to make most of them or they are too slow in their execution (the main culprit being Luca Toni). Also, and this is more profound, Jovetic’s movement and pace is world class, but his team mates just do not have the quality to find him. I watched Fiorentina vs Cagliari a while back and I was visibly frustrated for Jovetic. He would beat his marker but Aquilani, Pizarro and Migliaccio kept either over hitting their passes or making the wrong pass and this went on for the entire 90 minutes. I also noticed that their midfield in general is extremely wanting and they do not keep possession. When they do have it, they rarely do anything constructive with it. This forces Jovetic to fall deep to orchestrate the build up but opponents know him to be the danger man so he is usually marked by at least 2 players. The overall effect is that he is snuffed out and being 23 it has a demoralizing effect because even the fans get on his back for their poor performances. Recently, Toni said that Jovetic doesn’t feel loved there..Evidence of my sentiments. This hasn’t stopped him though as he has the ability to score out of nothing (see vs Inter Milan).He is a little like Cazorla in the sense that Cazorla was never really a consistent source of goals (for either Villareal or Malaga) that is until he joined us where he is playing with players of his caliber. With Jovetic I can promise you he WILL end up being a world class striker with us. AND i believe that it will not take long, in fact I am of the opinion that if he is signed early and has a full preseason with us, we could begin seeing his abilities by the 5th premier league game if not hit the ground running.

    Then there’s Higuain. There’s not much to say about him as his credentials are rather obvious. Personally, between him and Benzema, I prefer Benzema but that is not a criticism of Higuain. In fact interestingly enough, Benzema has often been the preferred one at Real but has never managed to beat Higuain in the scoring charts (this season included). Higuain is not as skillful with the ball at his feet or as pacy as Karim but he is deadlier in front of goal with both feet and is an excellent header of the ball. Also, his movement off the ball is far more superior to Karim’s. He is also a sharper striker overall. I think the main reason Benzema is preferred is because he has a wonderful understanding with Ronaldo and the two combine effortlessly. Higuain also has a knack of scoring spectacular goals. All in all, he would make an excellent addition to our attack and will assure us 20+ goals a season.
    Signing these two would automatically push us above spurs in terms of calibre and with a Proper DM, I see us challenging for the league once again.

  17. AFC says:

    Hi TA, 🙂

    Just a quick note on your great post yesterday. I agreed with everything apart from the extravert part. I am not sure if you know about the huge debate in business about whether introverts or extraverts make better leaders. Maybe RA knows a lot more as he is an accountant.

    Introverted leaders are better at dealing with stress and less likely to take it out on people around them, think and listen to others before making decisions etc. Only someone in business or a psychologist would really know a lot about this.

    RA, I would love to hear your input on this and any other bloggers on BK.

  18. AFC says:


    I was also very happy when I saw that goal from the corner go in. I was so happy with Wigan’s performance I even watched them get handed the cup. Good on them! I also saw the City players get their runners up medals. You should had seen the look on Nasri’s face.

    For me City’s failure is down to Mancini and Mancini. He has the players but cannot find a winning formation. With the team he has he should be winning at least two major trophies every season or at least one.

    Wigan playing with 3 defenders seems to work for them. City have tried this and I believe more teams in the PL will try this too. Do you think we could use a formation with 3 defenders successfully?

  19. AFC says:

    Hi Marcus :),

    Is Higuain not Real’s first choice striker. Why would they sell him? I heard that Real were looking to offload Benzema.

  20. AFC says:

    HH, when I played fantasy football league, I was given a budget and each player in the PL had a price. I then picked my team according to the budget. What this meant was that I could simply not pick all of the best players in the PL as I would have gone over my budget.

    I am not suggesting you do the whole budget thing as it would just be too long but it might be good to look at a way of stopping people from picking all of the best players.

    Just my thought.

  21. marcus says:

    Nope, its the other way round. In fact Higuain declared he would leave at the end of the season back in February. Also, a Madrid official immediately after Higuain made this statement came out and said that he expected Higuain to leave Madrid, Benzema to stay and was expecting Real to sign 2 world class strikers. That was when reports emerged claiming Us, Juve and the spuds were after him.

  22. Red Arse says:


    I don’t have much time to answer your question posed at 11:41 a.m.

    In brief, this is more a question for HR professionals but many would expect the hard thrusting, go-getting extrovert as making the best leader, but the worst team player.

    Others think the quiet hard working confident introvert would make th best leader and a safe pair of hands, but can get lost in the team.

    What is true, is that in any team you need a mixture of personality traits.

    If it was me choosing, I would not have either a full extrovert or a total introvert.
    What I would look for is someone who was a mixture of both, and there are a lot of those kind of people out there.

    You have heard the word ‘ambidextrous’ which means someone equally adept with both right and left hands, so a term often used for people with a mix of introvert and extrovert characteristics is to call them ‘ambiverts’, people who can use both equally well — like me! 😀

  23. 17highburyterrace says:

    I couldn’t get overly excited to watch Stoke-Spurs so I missed the opening goal….Set piece, Adams to N’Zonzi at the front post….a bit like the header that won the FA Cup yesterday.

    Spurs missing Dembele (and even more, Modric)….Guess they’ll have to rely on Ade the big Daddy….

    Oooh, ball in the net, but the American (Dempsey) is offside….

  24. henrychan says:

    Hi all..
    Begovic (our next GK.. hehe..) will help us tonight.. hehe..

    Forget about Benteke.. or Remy.. to many Frenchman already.. let’s get Bony.. haha..

  25. 17highburyterrace says:

    So, will Mancini survive yesterday’s defeat? It seems like the Etihad folks are rather stuck with their squad and their manager and maybe the FFP is hemming them in a bit. I’m curious what RA or the other business types know on this account….

    Uh oh, Mix up on defense and Begovic caught off the line…. 1-1

  26. 17highburyterrace says:

    I thought Wigan had a very nice balance between attack and defense yesterday and that 3 man back-line might have something to do with it. I’m not as worried (as Glic) about Monreal being able to shut down McManaman and I think having Koscielny inside him helps. Clichy and Nastasic seemed out of sync as did a lot of the City partnerships all day long. There’s something strange about the way the game slows down with Nasri on the pitch. Even though he was taken off barely past half-time their mid-field group (Yaya, Silva, Barry) continued on in static fashion….The two little Argentines (Tevez, El Kun) can’t do it all by themselves, all the time, though to be fair, the Wigan keeper played a blinder….

    Tuesday will be a test, and it will be sad to have to send the cup-winners down, but if we must, we must….

  27. alexgunners says:

    Evening to all
    Shame about the damn spuds equalising

  28. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Guys, just a quick stop between family ‘tasks’. 🙂

    Good to see you back Marcus – and if we sign two strikers I will give you all the credit. 🙂

    I am still convinced it will be not more than one, and Higuian is probably used to get the price down for Jovetic… Just a theory.

    Hope the Orcs hold out.

    Catch you guys later in the afternoon.

  29. JM says:

    Begovic is playing for his ticket to join us next season.

    Spurs win their remaining two games 45-0 for all I care. We win 1-0 against both Wigan and Newcastle, we are through to the qualifying stage of next season’s Champions League.

    @ Marcus (from Kenya),

    What are the chances/odds of Arsenal FC seeing “the destroyer” from Kenya playing for our 1st team (after joining from the green & white of The Hoops) next season?

    With the tie-up/ financial agreement with Imperial Bank to co-brand debit cards throughout Kenya and Uganda (The cards will offer a range of benefits including official Arsenal merchandise and match tickets. And furthermore, coaches from Arsenal Soccer Schools will visit Kenya and Uganda to run coaching clinics on behalf of the bank), they will need a spokesperson (footballer) to market their brand in Kenya and Uganda, and we will need “the destroyer” to marshal our midfield at the same time. It is a win-win situation for both parties.

  30. 17highburyterrace says:

    Begovic doing the job as half time approaches in the rugby match….

    Congrats Alex on the baby-on-the-way….

  31. alexgunners says:


    Thanks mate.

    Tuesday will be a big test for us and we just have to show that we want it more.
    Hopefully the Orcs will score again and hold the spuds out so we will have the advantage that we need

  32. alexgunners says:

    Our old keeper Almunia just had a double penalty save for Watford and now Watford scored on the break. Looks like they are in the playoff final

  33. 17highburyterrace says:

    Alex, do you get that on the telly or are you watching streams? Just curious….

    Stoke looked good through Adams (of all people….) right there at the end of the half. I find it very difficult to root for them, however….

  34. alexgunners says:

    I get it on telly, I have all the sports channels from fox to espn and setanta.

    I too find it hard to root for the orcs but now things are harder with adams received a red card. Damn ORC

  35. 17highburyterrace says:

    Geezus, Adams off…. for a completely unnecessary foul at the center line. That’s more what I would expect from him….Foolish…..

  36. 17highburyterrace says:

    So, attempting to take an interest in the bottom of the table (because we play two of them….) it appears that today’s matches are crucial. If Toonies can win at QPR and if Norwich can beat Sunderland at home then Wigan almost have to beat us. In general the path to safety for Wigan looks pretty tough and the best way out is getting something in our match…. We gotta be ruthless….

    Spurs looking pretty strong with the extra man and now (early) Pubis makes two changes to try and hold the draw….

  37. alexgunners says:

    we have to be ruthless regardless, we need 2 wins so that we do not rely on the results of games like this one between the spuds and the orcs.
    Spuds definitely looking stronger since Adams was sent off.

    Its nearly midnight and im off to bed. Goodnight to all
    Go Orcs, pull something out of your ass and score again.

  38. 17highburyterrace says:

    Night night, Alex….

    Dream of beautiful Begovic saves (rather than ugly monkey dives)….

  39. marcus says:

    My buttcheeks are clenched…stoke………must………….hold…………….out!!!

  40. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey Marcus…. I’m with Alex on this one, we need to win our final two–to build momentum for next season, if nothing else….

    It’d be awfully sweet if Stoke could hold out here, however, as it’s always nice to Celebrate St. Totteringham’s day in the home stadium….

    Bale’s chocolate foot not good enough from 10 yards…. Hmmm…..

  41. 17highburyterrace says:

    Ade!….Looked offside to me….

    Goes to the last day, it appears….

  42. henrychan says:

    Oh no.. they steal my three points again..

  43. Cheadle says:

    Just relax. Lets not sink to the point of supporting every team that plays against the spuds. They (spuds) have themselves done Arsenal enough favours to this very point where even if they win these last two games comfortably, we only have to do the same to get into CL. They threw away a 7 pt lead and just recently managed to salvage a draw against Chelsea. Just as SzCZzsny requested. Now I think we should be able to take it from here. Our Lads need to cultivate the mentality of ruthlessness and stop asking for favours that’s why Man U are already on Holiday.(who by the way were able to get only a point from Spurs this season). despite the Annual 5pur2 or St. Totteringham’s Day we still asking for favours. I remember Arsenal playing Mn united and Chelsea back to back during Ancelotti Era and Man U had just done the usual on us cos Man U were going Head to Head for title with Cheklea Sir Alex was asked his expectations for the Arsenal-Chelsea match he said he hoped Arsenal would BATTER them (Chelsea) FAT CHANCE… we rolled over and Sir Alex had to wait till the last day to watch Chelsea goal fest to the EPL title. There you have it. I challenge The GUNNERS TO WIN THEIR LAST TWO GAMES cos as I finish this the second spud goal you were dreading just went in courtesy of ADEBUYOR.

  44. 17highburyterrace says:

    We’ve got Mother’s day festivities interfering with the normal early morning footy here and my boy is having trouble getting his card printed….

    The point in the post about bleeding for the team is a big one. City have the players but they didn’t have the heart to put away the little guy yesterday. Will we have it on Tuesday? (And then again next Sunday at Newcastle?–who are currently losing at QPR)
    These matches, it could be argued, are bigger than cup finals for us–and for Wigan and Toonies.

    I feel that we need such tests, painful as they are, but it’s gonna be a tense week….

  45. 17highburyterrace says:

    Mancini sacked, Pelligrini to take over—Will he bring his Isco with him?….Will Arsenal be the only top 4 club to have the same manager next season? Who would’ve banked on that back in November?….

    The escape route for (FA Cup winners) Wigan is getting tighter and tighter and will require (a 2nd) victory in London in 3 days…. It should be an open match as a draw isn’t very good for anybody….

  46. Bond James says:

    what a damp squid that’s turned out to be, i just hope we manage to keep all 11 on the field and wigan do what villa and stoke did for them, stupid stupid red cards.

    anyway, i am confident in our ability and we should really be winning against a team out of their way for certain now as norwich just won and scored 4, and newcastle all in the clear as well almost….we win against wigan and new castle wont have to fight for their lives either.


    i have always been a higuain fan, Benzema is world class according to Arsene Wenger and you can see that when he plays for club (not country)…RM are going to be shaking things up and i don’t mind getting either one of Higuain or Benzema at the emirates although the latter would cost more money and higher wages, Hiquain is the way to go but then i also think we won’t be buying jovetic or if we manage to buy both then it spells the end for either Gervinho or podolski (i want us to keep podolski, losing Gervinho might be a blessing in disguise for the likes of OX/Gnabry in the long term.

  47. Bond James says:


    now you’re only playing with glic’s feelings 😉 yep, Isco to man city looks more likely .

    what are the odds of Mancini joining chelsea i wonder

    indeed, Wigan will have to come out all guns blazing and we should let them come at us and then be lethal in counter attacks, theo and podolski with santi along with either Rosicky and jack should be delicious against the back 3 of Wigan 😀

  48. Glic says:

    I think I need to a break from football. Football was supposed to be fun, something to look forward to. The stress is killing me !. It`s now got to the point where I`m stressed over other teams results.
    Yesterday, Bentake it up the arse, f**ked us from behind and would you ” Adam and eve it ” , today, Adam does the same !. Is there a conspiracy going on !.
    Nothing short of two wins is going to get 4th spot. I never thought we would get a CL spot this year, but that doesn`t mean it will not hurt like f**k.
    Why do I/we put ourselves through it, are we born masochists ?. No wonder I`m going f**king grey quicker than John Terry getting a boner after listening to a Nick Griffins speech.
    If I/we can defy a Torturous Tuesday with a win, will I/we survive Squeaky Bum Sunday ?.

    I have actually felt physically sick the last two days and now I read that the Malaga manager will become City boss and his agent is the same as Isco`s !.
    Give me some pills someone !. End it now !.

  49. Admir says:

    BJ, Real Madrid already announced they are going to let Higuain go and keep Benzema.

    TA, I’m afraid you might be right partially. Higuain-story might be a way for Higuain’s agent to make Juventus or either of Oilers to pay more money to his client. Both Chavs and City will need a new striker next summer and Higuain would be perfect addition for every team in the world.

  50. Bond James says:


    happy thoughts, long breaths , we’ll be fine on tuesday 😀


    Madrid may end up selling quite a few players in order to get some space for new arrivals, i wouldn’t be surprised if they even sold Benzema, Ronaldo and a few others, losing the title to Barca will have a similar sort of reaction that man city will have to man utd……RM are looking to get Bale, Falcao (even though there’s a gentleman’s agreement of sorts of not buying each others players but i reckon it may yet happen)….in short there seems to be a likely clear out at both Real Madrid and Man city this summer and a few bargains along the line.

    one day we’re being linked to Jovetic, the next it’s Rooney, Higuain, Dzeko , Remy e.t.c what does Fernando Torres need to do to get linked with a move to us, i wonder 😀


    Cornwall, relax geezer. Were going to beat Wigman and Newhaircastle, meaning our inbred neighbours will experience there usual painful delight on the last day. Theres no better way to gut them than that.


    BJ, exactly, were linked with everyone. Thats one of the reasons why all this transfer speculation is a load of crap.

  53. VCC says:

    quick up date UMF. Arsenal v Wigan and Reading v ManCity still to come. =

    Weekly scores


  54. VCC says:

    I hope your right Stretch.

  55. Highbury Harmony says:


    In regards to your comment about taking a risk every now and then with our sustainable model, you are absolutely right and was the conclusion of my article! A sustainable model would not be entirely successful without risking a couple top quality signings this summer. There’s no such thing as a “safe” purchase, but even more so when we spend big.

    However, such a risk is only sensible IF we have the proper foundation in place and that base was formed through many elements of sustainability (commitment to youth, faith in players and manager, club rep etc). So long as the risks are well taken and do not handicap what the club stands for and has been trying to achieve, then I am all for it!

  56. Highbury Harmony says:

    Cheers for the UMF update VCC :). Finally back to a solid week and join you and Henry in the century club!

  57. Highbury Harmony says:

    Alex, my suggestion of $10 each was actually for the BK FPL not the UMF mate! Two entirely separate leagues that I am hoping you can join us for :).

    How about instead of second place getting a home kit in the UMF league, you donate some of that goodwill to the FPL league I am setting up??

  58. Highbury Harmony says:

    BJ, as Admir alluded to, Higuain may be the striker we (italics)need(italics). He’s a world class finisher and in that sense is more reliable than Benzema. In terms of preferences, I enjoy watching Benzema more, but Higuain’s effectiveness is difficult to argue with and he is one of the best ambidextrous footed strikers in the world.

    I would not care if we lost Gervinho at the price of Higuain AND Jovetic ;).

    Marcus and BJ, I’m not sold on the Higuain rumours by any means since we’ve been linked to confirmed deals to a host of players and these media circulated rumours have a habit of never coming true. I will say that in the case of Jovetic, the rumours are the most frequent and consistent though. Still, none are “confirmed” deals yet.

  59. Admir says:

    HH, regarding (relatively) expensive purchases, do you think that examples of Reyes, Fabregas and Nasri made an influence on Wenger to re-orient to young and talented British players instead of young talents from abroad? If you take a look at signings we have made in last two transfer windows, we have been oriented more on proven players (Mertesacker, Podolski, Cazorla, Monreal, Arteta, Giroud, Benayoun…to the certain extent it can be said for Gervinho and Santos as well) that are no longer available for their U21 teams with relatively huge amount of money spent only on one young player (Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain).

  60. Bond James says:


    agreed, higuain also happens to be “a fox in the box”, i’ll be happy if we got him.

    on a slightly different not, just had a conversation with a spanish friend of mine, he was telling me that things in Spain as a whole are pretty glum , football wise, he said don’t be surprised to see a lot of big players leave Spain and not been replaced , i asked him if the big clubs like RM and Barca were included, he said “yes”, so going by his words, there will be plenty of out’s but only a fair few in’s the la liga next season (big names anyway). He also mentioned that the likes of Pep Guadiola and Jose M are clever people, the reason why the former went to Germany is because of a better financial situation in the bundesliga compared to spain and that Jose will be leaving at the perfect time because both managers love spending money and without major investments year in year out, they would struggle to do an Arsene Wenger and keep their teams in top 4 (it made me chuckle and i thought i should share it with everyone here) 😀

    with the rise of ligue 1 again, i do suspect a lot of players from spain may end up in ligue 1, maybe we should do our part in the recurrence of ligue 1 as well and sell them the best striker in the world aka Bendtener 😀

  61. Bond James says:

    wow, what scenes in in series A, Mario B gets racially abused yet again and the ref has stopped the game early in the 2nd half, it’s a shame that Roma supporters along with some other clubs in italy are this biased and racists…my in laws keep telling me things have got loads better, well if this is better than i feel for all the past years and abuse hurled at players in the last decade.

    truly appalling (yep, Ac Milan win against roma today then that basically seals their CL spot and Fiorentina don’t quality finishing 4th 😀

  62. 17highburyterrace says:

    BJ, thanks for reporting from Italy and Spain….I like the anecdotes better than the declarations….

    I gotta say, I think this Higuain stuff is all smoke, so I’m with TA on that account…. I’m trying to let it roll right off my back, just like Ade’s late goal today and the silly Red Cards Benteke and Adams took to end their seasons….

    Though nothing matters except our next match 😉 I’m convinced that this summer is gonna be a crazy mess for those who live on the internet and believe that transfers are the key to happiness–the obverse being that when transfers don’t happen, there is pain….

    The clubs that seem to have money (City, Chelsea, PSG) ALL need to do better as well as the clubs that seem to have “national” support (or somehow “come up with the money”–RM, Barca, AC Milan)…. Players will be moving–as many as 4 or 5 or 6 big names heading to those clubs with many leaving or “disappearing,” to appease the FFP stuff. The management changes in England (United, City, Everton, so far) throws an extra wrinkle into the domestic scene as well. Agents will be planting so many links (10 for every move?…) that it’s gonna make people’s heads spin….. If anybody can keep up with it, it would be the BK-boys… 😀

    And, that’s fine…. The smarter teams (including Arsenal, we hope….), however, will do their business early and try to have a constructive off-season so that their players are settled and well rested coming into the new one. If we finish fourth we’ll have big games early on. (Hell, every match is a big one, when the first league loss means you won’t measure up to your own standard….)

    We live in a world where New = Better and disappointments and drama are “needed” distractions to mitigate the ennui of the excess in our lives…. AND, there’s plenty of angst to be had in watching the obscenely rich throw their money around…. Some people go for the reality TV, some for the tabloid, er, transfer news…..

    So, I’ll hold off on the speculation (on each and every player we’re linked to) and try to get a little rest (and keep what’s left of MY hair on my head and not too grey) before the next cup final (in 45 hours)…. Maybe when it’s all done and dusted I’ll jump in and let the real football experts tell me what an idiot I am, or better yet, maybe I’ll chime in at the end and ask, “but what will happen to Ramsey, Gnabry, Eisfeld, or the little 5 year old gunner who had a really strong kindergarden”….. 😉

    That’s just me, however, and I’m sure people will do what they do and feel good (if that’s their bent…) or bad….

  63. Bond James says:

    speaking of smoke screens, i really do hope the William rumours are nothing more than smoke 😀 won’t be impressed if we sign him and sell TV.

    agreed for the rest.of your solid points and comments.

  64. Brian says:

    i only have 2 words after tonights game.. WENGER OUT!

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