Would Bayern be scared of this PFA team? And why no Santi?

I did not give the ‘PFA team of the year’ much attention when it was announced at the end of April. First of all I was irritated no Arsenal player was in it, and secondly, the season had/has not finished yet and players should not be judged untill after the last match of the season, in my opinion.

This is what the ‘team of the year’ looked like:

PFA team of the season

This is the best team the PFA could come up with, and if you are in doubt whether the Premier League has lost strength compared to the German and Spanish leagues, you only need to look at the team above.

Would Bayern or Dortmund, Real or Barca be scared if they had to play the league’s best eleven? I don’ t think so. And what about a best German League team or Spanish League team vs playing the eleven above? There is little doubt in my mind ‘we’ would not stand a chance.

Van Judas and Suarez are an exciting striking duo but both have never delivered at top European level; but together they would, no doubt, form a decent threat to the opposition.

But not much more than a decent threat imo. Compared these two with Messi and Ronaldo and you know what I talking about. Even Lewandowski and Gomez are probably a stronger duo.

In midfield, Mata and Bale are rightly selected and especially the former is top quality. Bale is a promising talent and deserves to be in the PFA team of the year. Carrick also had a good season and I guess if you compare him to most other midfielders in the PL, he has been one of the more consistent performers this season. But for me Yaya Toure would always get the nod ahead of Carrick: the best central midfielder in the league.

The big surprise is the inclusion of Hazard who, statistically, has not been better than our very own Santi Cazorla: Santi played 36 PL games, scored 12 and had 8 assists – Hazard played 34 scored 9 and had 14 assists. That looks pretty even to me. And in terms of influence on games week in week out it is Santi for me all day long: especially his performance against Bayern away showed what a class act he is.

I reckon out of the three – Toure, Cazorla and Hazard –   the man from the Ivory Coast should be first choice, followed by Santi, and Hazard should not have been picked.

There is no doubt in my mind that the EPL midfield would struggle against Bayern or any of the other three CL semi-final teams this year; let alone, a combined German or Spanish league team.

But the weakest area is the back-five. De Gea is in goal and yet he has conceded a goal per game this season: 38 with one more game to go. The young Spaniard has improved but is nowhere near the top GK in Europe at the moment. I would also have chosen Hart or even Cech above him.

Zabelata and Baines I have no issue with, although also they are not on a par of what the German and Spanish top teams/leagues have to offer. The Central defenders are also an uninspiring choice. Spuds conceded 46 goals this season and although Vertonghen offers a threat up-front his defending is not more than good – definitely not great. And Ferdinand’s inclusion I don’t understand at all. Surely Kompany should have been picked.

Would Barcelona, Madrid, Bayern or Dortmund be scared of  our league’s best back-five? yeah right!

What would be your strongest EPL team if you had to face any of the CL semi-final teams? And do you agree Santi should have been included?

Written by: TotalArsenal.

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90 Responses to Would Bayern be scared of this PFA team? And why no Santi?

  1. Bond James says:

    PFA vs BM, BM would thrash them for sure.

    how hazard gets in ahead of Santi is way beyond me , also not sure about why Rio is there…

    but good choice in regards to the goal keeper, had a fantastic first season in england for a young goalie ( shame on you sczny, take a bow).

    so in essence i am going to disagree with you, TA

    he may have conceded a goal every game but it’s not your fault when you have to play with a weakened or make shift back 4 mainly hampered by injuries to the main players, he did a remarkable job of it and for me he has been the top 3 goal keepers in England. (may not be in the top 10 for europe but will do for the EPL top 3 in my list)…he made a few decisive and unbelievable saves, congratulations to him…

    if the yard stick happens to be conceding almost a game every game then the likes of Cesar and Jusi . J wouldn’t be considered top keepers as well.

  2. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi BJ 🙂

    Agreed he made some excellent saves and has not always had the best protection, but it is Hart for me all day long. Far better allround team play and dominance in the box, and pretty even on ‘spectacular saves’. If somebody said you can have Hart or De Gea as your new goalkeeper at Arsenal, would you really choose the Spaniard?

  3. Bond James says:

    yes, De Gea ahead of Joe the cocky hart

    you see, even the comparison of De Gea with Joe hart in itself is an accomplishment, people often forget this is De Gea’s first season in England and he has been made to fight for his place in the team unlike most keepers in the country, he found it really tough settling in and was often in and out but then once he got his chance after settling his nerves, he made up for all of his mistakes if not all and kept utd in so many matches on his own….

    to break it down further, compare hart and De gea on their european form, Hart only had one decent game in Europe and made a few fab saves and Hart was the difference in utd almost making it through against RM…big keepers tend to get better on the big stage and thrive on it…the 20 million utd spent on De gea was worth every penny and they are sorted for the next 10 years if they don’t sell him due to de gea feeling home sick 😀

  4. Bond James says:

    *de gea was the difference not hart for utd 😀

  5. TotalArsenal says:

    Sorry BJ – I am not convinced about him at all. A good shot stopper and an athlete, beautiful to watch, but the personality is missing. If he has a good season next year, I might change my mind, but never top GK in the league this season. No way.

  6. Bond James says:

    that’s fair enough, personality for you, a shy young boy delivering the goods between the sticks for me 😀

    he will grow and develop the personality with time, hopefully he will be able to convince you and the rest of the doubters next season (but i’m not sure why we’re talking him up) it’s a shame we don’t have any decent keepers of ours own otherwise we would be backing them up for the PFA team of the year, oh david seaman , we miss you !

  7. TotalArsenal says:


    Szczesny will come good, but we need to add an experienced GK as our second man. I am not worried about him at all.

  8. This is a general low quality of the English national team which is clearly affected by influx of uninspired big names and a prolonged slide in powerhouses like Liverpool and Arsenal. I wouldn’t like to include Chelsea and Manchester City who drew their strength (for their emergence at top sides) exclusively from the foreign contigent after spending many years in mid to bottom positions in the league table.

    It looks like the somewhat lacklustre perdormances by English players, as few as they are in the EPL’s top 5 teams, now also define the star (read, foreign) players in the premiership. I completely agree with you that the EPL team of the year would not compete with this year’s ECL semifinalists, let alone with Bundesliga and Spanish teams of the year. I also doubt if the additions of Yaya Toure or Santi Carzola would significantly improve the quality of the side.

    Manchester United won the league stress free and Arsenal have managed to rise from the dust to challenge for a spot in the top four. Newcastle and QPR are in embarassing positions withstanding the resources before them. In terms of personnel, these two teams should be finishing in the advanced positions, close to the traditional powerhouses. The money in the EPL seems to attract stars but not their motivation and fighting spirits. Loic Remy, for example, snubbed Newcastle and opted for the lowly placed QPR side, which their relegation was already on the wall. Also Florient Malouda decided to run down his contract at Chelsea after he was clearly told that his services were surplus to the requirements.

    Big money moves by Andy Caroll and Fernando Torres (as well as strange transfers by Demba Ba to Chelsea during mid-season) show that the EPL is not a ‘top dawg’ in European football. Thanks to guys like Santi, RVP and Mata who lit up this season with good performances. But their performances were obviously not sufficient to catapult their teams where it mattered most, in the ECL.

    As much as people talk about the decline of the colourful Barca side, which won La Liga and had an ECL semi-final finish, I think fingers should point towards the decline in the overall quality in the celebrity infested English premier league. Logic tells that the money the teams have should be improving standards and performance. But it is poor Spain and might Germans that appear to do things right.

    It looks like the premier league will follow on the path walked by others before them, the Italian league. The Serie A is a shadow of itself after good players from all over flocked there and produced inspirational performances for their respective teams. AC Milan remains one of the best sides to have dominated Europe with a total of nine ECLs but today they are an average team with ordinary players.

    The EPL team of the year is a good litmus test to check how poorly the EPL fares against Spain and Germany, soon France will turn the corner.

  9. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Siyabonga 🙂

    Thanks for a very fine comment and all agreed.

    The big positive for me is the improved football being played by the PL’s ‘mid-table teams’: Swansea, Everton, Liverpool, WBA, even Spuds. This will hopefully continue and thus offer more competition to the top-teams as well as developing good players who can be promoted to the top teams. I also feel that with all the money going round the PL, top teams will buy again from Spain and Germany in order to add more quality.

    Let’s hope Arsenal can build further on its philosophy of footie, a strong core/squad, promotion of talented youths, and adding a couple (not more) of very good, experienced players.

  10. VCC says:

    Hart all day long over de gea. Santi instead of Hazard, but for my money Toure over both of them. Kompany instead of Vertonghen. But watch Vertonghen next year, I think after his first year in the prem he will be a top class defender. The rest I cannot argue with.

    The Germans coming out winners for me.

  11. Brian says:

    Some very interesting comments and analysis and yes I agree the team is poor I could not believe my eyes when I saw the line up. De gea you having a laugh, how many times in the season did we see him flapping around all them corners and crosses? He might stop one or two shots but still he cant catch nothing. As for Hart he is the reason city ain’t won nothing this year just look at how many he has let through his legs this season….
    There has been a lot better all round goal keeping displays by the likes of Begovic, Mignolet, Ceasar and even Lloris from the spuds.
    Back four… Ohhhh dear what can I say Rio is not even the best defender in Manchester I mean the red side for I believe the only reason J Evans could not see out the season is because he done his back in from carrying rio all the while, can say the same for Vidic for he been carrying rio for years now. The likes of Ivanovic, Williams, Jagielka, Kompany, Luiz even our own BFG have had better and more consistent displays. As for Jan decent going forward but jury is still out defensively for me.
    Mid was ok but for me Hazard did not do enough for he is only good for 45mins. Santi had more of a say on the games overal so on balance he should be in the team. Yaya had a good season too but only undermined by the fact that city did not win nothing. Fellaine had a pretty good season too. Michu what can I say.
    Forwards it is what it is shout out to Benteke and Lukaku still

  12. jgc says:

    Hey TA,

    The problem is you are comparing apples and oranges..

    a. Todays Bayern, BD or RM lineups are the *best* players available *now* … look only at Vermaelen to know that you dont last forever without form.

    b. PFA and similar teams are about the hightest *prestige* players now. Thus, you often see those riding in either on past performances (Rio) or potential future ones (Hazard, Vertonghen), or other forms of notoriety or one game wonders (Suarez for the former, certainly, and to an extent Bale for the latter to an extent tho he had a great season)

    Thus, Arsenal, with Santi and no one else on that team, can be one of the few to beat Bayern away (and I dont buy the “they laid down” argument because no one that competitive likes to lose at home!), yet have no players on the squad..

    Just a few p… jgc

  13. Milo says:

    Hart didn’t have a very good season at all. Even Old Man Cech had a better season than him. I don’t know too much about ‘keepers, but I actually like what I have seen from De Gea. He is still so young and will improve upon his weaknesses. He will never be the strongest or biggest, but his shot-stopping ability is second to none, and with more clubs playing proper football, this is invaluable!

  14. mA says:

    very much agreed on that PFA team of the year. largely it comprises of ‘media darlings’ and would get destroyed by CL semi-finalists and finalists.

  15. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning fine fellow G’s 🙂

    Busy this morning but will get back to you after nine.

  16. Red Arse says:

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  17. VCC says:

    Morning Redders,

    Mine’s = Tea, full English and Grapefruit. Ta very much. 😉

  18. TotalArsenal says:

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  19. TotalArsenal says:

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  20. VCC says:

    Morning Total. I like the new format of the site. It sands out for me. nice one 😉

  21. Red Arse says:


    I was just about to say that I like the new format.

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    How did you know that i just had that very thing with a nice cup of brewed coffee! 😀

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  23. Red Arse says:

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  24. Red Arse says:

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  25. Glic says:

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  26. Red Arse says:

    Nice Post, and a clever subject matter.

    These sort of PFA teams are elected by committee, I suspect, and they are the guys who would design a horse and end up with a camel, aren’t they? 🙂

  27. Glic says:

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  28. TotalArsenal says:

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  30. Glic says:

    As I`ve taken a step back from football, I cant possibly comment on the post, but knowing Total, it is probably a good one !.
    Seeing as I`m stressed out about football, please don’t talk about it until I`m stress free, so that will be a few years when I`m senile like Vics and have no idea what it`s all about !. So for now, you will all have to talk in code. The code word for football today will be ” pussy ” !.
    I`m dreading tomorrows nights pussy match !.

  31. Red Arse says:

    You disagree with your daughter at your peril, TA, and it is all a matter of taste, of course.
    She will tell you she has it — and you are from Holland!! 😀

  32. TotalArsenal says:

    Glic and RA 😆 😆

    Thanks for the format feedback. I have two laptops and one is connected to a large screen; the colours are different on each screen, though. What I thought was classy grey was brown on another screen and what I though was white looked soft pink on another one. And we are already BBB enough, aren’t we Glicster!? 😛

  33. TotalArsenal says:

    So true Redders 🙂

    She is eight years old and disagreeing comes at the cost of lengthy debates – one of her favourite lines now is: ‘I have feelings you know’. Hard to continue an educational argument after that hahaha 😛

  34. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahaha Glic 😛

    Tomorrow we will stroke the sy nicely and pass it around smoothly, as we will return to total pussy, the sort of pussy we all enjoy.


    Yes, the format is very nice TA, what i can see of it anyway. I wasnt kidding the other day about a torn retina. I can only see properly out of one eye at the moment

    Ime thinking of wearing an eye patch. Helps to focus when using just the good eye.

    Next time i see Vics and Cornwall, i will be wearing the patch….but on the good eye. hahaha

  36. TotalArsenal says:

    Terry 🙂

    If you are indeed serious about a torn retina, you need to have it fixed asap. Did you go to your GP?

  37. oz gunner says:

    Morning gents. Very flash TA. Team of the year is always a joke, Bayern would smash it. De Gea isn’t anything to write home about, 2 season in the league after his first was up and down. I still think szcz will be better than both he and hart.

    How disappoint are stoke and villa. Useless sods. As for ade “If I can kill them, I will ­definitely kill them because we are in a game where you have to do your best for your team. And now I’m in ­Tottenham, I have to give ­everything to Tottenham.” Going to be even funnier now when Arsenal finish above them and he eats those words.

    God i hope we beat Wigan otherwise it’s going to be very traumatic on Sunday!

  38. oz gunner says:

    @ Terry

    GLIC warned you about looking through that glory hole down at the local supermarket. There’s no glory in a detached retina.

  39. oz gunner says:

    * how disappointing


    Yes TA, then bang off to Royal Free straight away. Its actuly a small detachment but hopefuly it will resolve itself without any intervention

    Its not nice, but i refuse to let it get me down. Bit of a wake up call realy. The old adage that health is always the number one priority is so true.

    Well, that and a fit bird of course. hahaha

  41. TotalArsenal says:

    Always keep one eye on a fit bird, Terry! 🙂

    You need to go back straightaway if your vision, floaters, shadows, flashes etc deteriorate (I had one myself a few years ago and was dealt with straightaway).

  42. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Oz, all agreed re Sir Szes.

    Are you still aiming to do a pre-match this season? No pressure though as I know you’re busy at the moment.


    Thanks TA. Thats what they told me but it seems to be the same. Its right bang in the middle of the eye so every time i focus i see a grey halo distorting the image.

    Sorry to hear it happened to you. Are you back to full health my friend?

  44. TotalArsenal says:

    Yes I am Terry. I lost a bit of vision in the actual eye but still healthy enough to tackle the fittest bird hahaha

  45. TotalArsenal says:

    Terry that grey halo is not that loft pigeon you have been abusing, is it? 🙂

  46. Red Arse says:


    An eye patch is a good idea, you do not want to look as if you are winking at sailors.

    After all, do you remember what happened to Glic?


    Thats good TA.

    hahaha, its probably happened because i got a feather in the eye.


    hahaha, Redders. Yes your right. My future occupation as a sailors porkubine after been shangheied to sail the seven seas awaits. hahaha

  49. Glic says:

    Obviously Stretch got smacked straight in the eye with someone`s pussy at Brentwood !. That will teach him, at his age he should just be watching pussy not playing with it !. hahaha

  50. Glic says:

    If we can win the pussy match tomorrow night, Squeaky Bum Sunday`s pussy will not be for the faint hearted !.

  51. Admir says:

    Hello, people!

    Thank you, TA, for pointing finger at – as usual – ludicrous Team of the Year elections.

    I agree regarding De Gea – he is a great shot-stopper but he lacks commanding abilities. United could have won the title in 2011-12 as well if De Gea had any of commanding abilities Van der Sar had. For me, the most important thing for goalkeeper is to command his own area (this could be a brilliant euphemism for masturbation 😀 ). That’s something I like about our (“our” as “Bosnian”) Begović.

    I would also like to say something about our Sczszesny. People usually say that Sczszesny had a bad season. Well, I think that he has had a decent season with a few mistakes. Sometimes he was by far our best man on the pitch – he saved us from defeat at Villa Park, at Goodison Park, he kept two points in our pocket against Sunderland away as well as he did at Loftus Road, he saved us from being humiliated against Swansea at Emirates (we conceded twice due to errors of our defenders), he saved us a point against FAnchester United, etc, etc. Not bad influence for a goalkeeper with a bad season, eh?

    @Siyabonga – an excellent post. 🙂 I’d just make one correction, if you don’t mind – AC Milan have won ECC/UCL 7 times – not nine – and five of those seven came in the last 24 years (1989, 1990, 1994, 2003, 2007). They have been beaten in the Final in two occasions – in 1995 and 2005.

    I totally agree with your observation regarding quality of English players. It seems that Arsene Wenger has to save English football from itself again and make another revolution by making a full circle – which would mean Arsenal would have a British core like it was before Wenger arrived – and by making real diamonds out of English talents like Wilshere, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Gibbs, Jenkinson…and those who are yet to prove themselves (Akpom) for English national team.

  52. Glic says:

    Seeing that I don’t want anyone to mention the real name for ” pussy “, I think it would be wise ( for the sake of my mental health ) not to mention any other pussy related words connected to Arsenal, so for instance Arsenal will be known as ” Shagging “, Arsene will be known as ” Gigolo ” and The Emirates , ” Up the back passage “. Or anything you would prefer !. Just don’t mention anything to do with pussy, otherwise this Gigolo will order the shagging to be up the back passage tomorrow !.

  53. Glic says:

    Where`s PPP ?. He hasn`t been on here for quite a few Shagging pussy matches !. Oz hasn`t done a sneaky and took him up the back passage while everyone has been talking pussy ?. Herbs not been about either, maybe PPP and Oz met him and took him up the back passage for the first time as well !.

  54. Glic says:

    I`m going before I get arrested !. hahaha

  55. VCC says:

    Carry on Cornwall, I’d like to see you arrested… 🙂

  56. VCC says:

    looks nice on my screen, this pussy stuff.

  57. alexgunners says:

    Hi guys,


    De Gea is far from the best keeper in this league. I just cannot take him serious when he looks like this:


    No room for Santi? What a joke

    What more can you say about these selections. Not much

  58. PC 69 says:

    I will be around to arrest you this afternoon, for sending coded messages to BK bloggers!

    A tour around your love shack might let you get away with a minor beating with the rubber chicken!!

  59. alexgunners says:

    HH, (re Last post)

    count me in for the BK FPL. Happy to be a part of it.

    As for the Prizes, great idea.

    One home top for the winner of the BK FPL and

    One home and Away top for the winner of the UMF league.

  60. VCC says:

    Yea Alex, De Gea looks like a Llama. nice one.

    I think Total should open this up to all BKers and see what the poll brings out Point for each player selected. Have a total up after say 5 days.This will see if we are far out from the league selectors.

  61. AFC says:

    TA, very interesting post. 🙂

    Firstly Ferdinand has been brilliant this season. He has been United’s best CB and without him their defence would have suffered. Think of his age, back problems and the amount of matches he has played this season. Kompany has not played as well as he did last season.

    De Gea should not be in the team. I would have Hart, Cech and Lloris ahead of him.

    Santi should be in the team ahead Hazard and Carrick.

  62. AFC says:

    Actually, Hart is better than De Gea but this season he has made a load of mistakes. Infact he is always making mistakes for club and country. When pundits say that he in the top 3 GK’s in the world they must be joking.

  63. AFC says:

    Hart does not deserve to be in the team either.

  64. TotalArsenal says:

    VCC 🙂

    All agreed, of course 😉

    And, with regret, I also admit that Vertonghen is likely to become even better next season.

  65. TotalArsenal says:


    All agreed on your views re the central defenders. DIsagaree on Hart though; he might make the odd mistake but his pressence and positioning are very good, and he is also not a bad shotstopper, is he?

  66. TotalArsenal says:


    Good points about apples and oranges. Although they are both juicy fruits and can be used as a football haha 🙂

    The post was just a bit of fun and a means of pointing out that the quality in the EPL is not as strong as many believe. And of course, Santi should have been in this team! 😛

  67. TotalArsenal says:

    Milo, shot stopping is just a part of being a good goal keeper. And United conceding 38 goals tells his own story in my opinion. Of course this is not just De Gea’s mistake but compared to vdSar he is a limited GK at this stage of his career. How did he get into the PFA team? Because he sports a Manure shirt. Would he have been picked in an Everton or Stoke shirt? Nee, nein, niet, non, etc

  68. TotalArsenal says:


    Fine comment and all agreed, including Szczesny still having had a good season for us this year. Let’s hope he can push on next season.

  69. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi AFC

    Ferdinand has been ok, but not brilliant imo. MU’s defence could have cost them the title, and would have in many other seasons. Conceding a goal per game is not pretty is it? Leaving Kompany out is an absolute farce to me.

    Re your previous question on extravert leadership and business environment: it all depends what sort of business it is. Do I want an extrovert, verbal, heart on his sleeves leader in a bank, post office, leisure centre, or your average office environment? probably not.

    Would I like such a leader supervising a fire crew, military unit, sales department, any high-pressure working environments, or football team? Absolutely, especially if this leader also possesses the other leadership skills as per my post a few days ago.

  70. AFC says:

    TA, do you think we could use a formation with 3 defenders to great success. I was thinking of a 3-5-1-1 formation. I used Jovetic as an example.

    New DM and Arteta holding, Wilshere in front, Jovetic behind Giroud with Podolski, Gervinho, Santi, Ox on the wings with Rosicky filling in for Jovetic when needed.

  71. AFC says:

    TA, I also see your point on leadership. 🙂

  72. TotalArsenal says:

    It would be worth giving it a try; it might suit us well to play with 3 defenders.

    Will Wenger go fot it? I don’t think so. I reckon he will play Jovetic, if he indeed arrives which is not a certainty at all, in the hole with Giroud in-front of him and Arteta/Rambo/newDM/Jack behind him and two out of Cazorla Theo, Gerv and Pod on the ‘wings’. So more evolution rather than revolution.

    Would you like us to go to 3-5-1-1?

  73. AFC says:

    TA, I think that teams playing with 3 defenders is the future. Wigan are doing it and you could argue City tried and it did not work.

    For me when we are playing any of variation of 4-2-3-1/4-3-3 we are far too predictable. Next season we need a drastic change in formation and even tactics. If that means we have to play with 3 defenders, 2 up front to achieve this it must be done.

  74. AFC says:

    TA, even if that means us playing the ancient, classic 4-4-2 formation.

  75. AFC says:

    TA, for me we need revolution rather than evolution.

    We need to surprise teams. Imagine us playing the W-M formation of Herbert Chapman next season and shocking the likes of United and Chelsea.

  76. TotalArsenal says:

    You might be right, AFC, but I rather get the final key pieces of the jigsaw together and make 4-2-1-3 work. It would be great if we could develop a system of football in which we have the players and discipline to switch between 4-1-2-3 and 4-2-1-3, and with Ox, Cazorla, Jack and hopefully Jovetic we would have players to really transform our game.

  77. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA, great analysis and it’s no surprise this team would get walked over by the likes of La Liga or Bundesliga’s best XI!

    The EPL has really regressed and the larger issue is the need to continuously buy foreign players and the failure of English players to develop at similar rates. Chemistry between teammates on and off the pitch is crucial and the majority of the best squad’s in those leagues are all players from that respective league’s country. I was fascinated by the discussion about the EPL having to follow a rule similar to that of Bundesliga where you would have to carry a certain number of domestic, home grown players. Ultimately, this would place the emphasis on improving English football through developing better in-house talents and chemistry.

    As far as De Gea being chosen, I agree that it’s hard to differentiate how much of his success comes from playing behind a great team and how much from his abilities as a shot stopper. He’s far from the finished article and much like Ches needs work on his composure and ability to handle aerial attacks. However, I disagree that he’s an awful GK; I believe he will be top 5 in the league soon enough.

    Agreed that Zabaleta, Baines, Suarez, RVP, Bale, Mata and Carrick are all deserving in the PFA team of the year (Carrick on the basis on the better season as Yaya was off at AFCON and missed 3 games and has been less impressive this season). Hazard’s inclusion is questionable and likely has more to do with hype and pure statistics than actual play in every match (Santi should definitely take his place).

    Jaaskelainen has been overlooked by every single BK poster! He’s brought West Ham from recently promoted club to a mid-table finish! Also, he’s provided 11 clean sheets along the way with 162 saves too! Not saying he’s more deserving than the other obvious choices (Hart, Begovic, Howard etc.) but he certainly deserves an HM.

    The CB choices are fairly difficult as they’ve all lacked consistency all season. Personally, I’ve been really impressed with Jagielka, Nastasic, Mertesacker and Agger. Ivanovic and Koscielny would be deserving as well but they have not played all season and Ivan has only been deployed at CB in the second half of the season.

  78. Highbury Harmony says:

    Alex :), glad to have you on board with the BK FPL mate! I am hoping that other Aussie friend of yours finally replies to my question of if he’ll be joining us too 😉 (yes Oz, I’m referring to you).

  79. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers HH 🙂

    How are the Calfornia girls?

    Good of you to include Jaskelainen and agreed on most other comments. For me a top EPL team would always have Kompany and Toure in it, but I understand these things are subjective.

  80. AFC says:

    HH, when I played fantasy football league, I was given a budget and each player in the PL had a price. I then picked my team according to the budget. What this meant was that I could simply not pick all of the best players in the PL as I would have gone over my budget.
    I am not suggesting you do the whole budget thing as it would just be too long but it might be good to look at a way of stopping people from picking all of the best players.

    Just my thought.

  81. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC, sorry to not have responded to that comment yesterday mate! I am on a phone and limited time for BK unfortunately on vacation…

    However, the FPL site does start with a £100 mil budget to spend on players! Players are each valued at different amounts (ex. RVP started at 13 mil this year) and player prices are adjusted according to previous seasons and predicted outputs for this season! Player prices rise and fall according to transfer ins and outs meeting a certain number. Such transfers can be tracked on totalfpl.com, and when a player is highlighted in green their price will rise by 0.1 mil overnight or drop 0.1 mil.

    Thus, team values will rise according to the players in the team too! It ensures not everyone will have the same team :).

  82. AFC says:

    HH, you are stop on mate with your league! 🙂

  83. Admir says:

    Regarding Fantasy Football on official Premier League web-site, it seems that I’m going to lose my first spot in both leagues I’m playing in. 😦

    Theo Walcott has been regarded as midfielder and he has brought a lot of points for those that selected him.

    BTW, Alex, congratulations! 🙂

  84. marcus says:

    Hi TA,
    Great post as usual. You have however opened a can of worms by comparing Bayern to the PFA team of the year. This is because by doing so you are acknowledging Bayern as a super entity (which we all do). This will inevitably lead us to comparing them with us and how we as a club can make moves to bridge that gap.

    And BY THE WAY, Ferdinand and De Gea do not deserve their spots there. Certainly not at the expense of Begovic, Mignolet, Phil Jagielka.

    I may sound biased but Hazard has been good. In fact great. But he doesn’t deserve that spot at the expense of Cazorla who is the player with the highest TOTW appearances and highest scorer in his position. Not to mention he is one of the highest assist makers.

  85. Bond James says:


    the very first comment, especially the last paragraph mention Jussi. j 😉 so you’re not the only one who rates him highly 😀


    Michu is also in midfield in the fpl and has done rather well for peeps who’ve selected him 😉

    massive day tomorrow, anything with at least a 3 goal difference should suffice for us…i hope wenger sticks with podolski up front.

    PS: is it me or the site look much more smoother and slicker, or maybe it’s my eyes playing up again …either way it looks really nice.

  86. Bond James says:

    Zaha is killing brighton, actually he’s killed them with the 2nd goal

  87. Bond James says:

    what a finish that was for the 2nd Zaha goal, giroud take note !

    the more i see Zaha, the more i am convinced Gnabry will outshine him , Zaha is very good but Gnabry can be special (hopefully).

  88. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi BJ 🙂

    Thanks for the feedback on the site-visuals.

    Hope you are right on Gnabry – I would love to see more of him next season!

  89. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Marcus,

    I am using Bayern as an example, but I reckon the other three teams would also beat the PFA ‘super-eleven’.

    I don’t rate Hazard anywhere near as highly as you do, and will say again that I reckon he will turn out to be another Joe Cole over time.

    Agreed on the rest though. 🙂

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