Cazorla, Theo, Pod a class apart – 2-0 against NU could be enough for third!

Some raw, initial thoughts on tonight’s game.

The Pod was in clinical form tonight with a fine brace!

The Pod was in clinical form tonight with a fine brace!

Well, that was not just a result, but also a game, we needed. Wigan did themselves proud with a committed performance and a strong finish to the first half as well as an energetic start to the second.

As I indicated in the match preview, the Latics’ midfield is very strong, and as they did against MC, they also started to dominate our midfield gradually in the first half. Wigan were determined not to let us have the ball and pass it round, and with their excellent closing down of our midfielders and the ability to pass the ball round well themselves, they forced the likes of Arteta, Rambo and Rosicky into regular mistakes.

We had scored a soft goal from a set-piece, although it should be said that Podolski took the opportunity well. And as against QPR, we pushed on for the second goal, but lacked the ingenuity and focus to get one; and gradually Wigan were able to get themselves back into the game.

I felt the goal was coming for a while, and after giving away a couple of free-kicks in dangerous areas by our (at times defensively struggling) midfielders already, it did not come as a big surprise that Wigan equalised through a fine free-kick by Maloney – although lean Dean the anti-Arsenal machine should never have awarded a free-kick against our Zorro in the first place. Szczesny almost saved it and Koz could have jumped higher, but it was still a very good free-kick and Wigan deserved the equaliser.

Luckily, they tired quickly in the second half and Arsenal were now, for once, super efficient with the chances we created, with fine goals by Theo, the Pod and Rambo, to finish Wigan off. The Pod, Theo, and Cazorla – with three assists, were a class apart tonight; and surely they will start again on Sunday?!

It many ways it was a crazy second half. Wigan came very close to get in front at the start of the half, as Szczesny made a fantastic save to deny Kone. Luckily for us, it did not take long before we took advantage of the enormous space Wigan left open in their half, and the game was decided in our favour in just eight minutes. Eight minutes of blitz-football did the trick and a tired Wigan knew that the war was over.

These are my initial thoughts on the game, but we will analyse it further in the next few days.

Other thoughts that are going through my head right now are:

  1. Will Arteta play against NU or will he be out injured – it did not look good the way he left the pitch….
  2. Should we play the same formation up-front against NU, now that Podolski has found the net twice in the central striker position, and both Theo and Carzorla have been effective on the wing? Or should Arsene reintroduce Giroud now that his suspension is over?
  3. We now have a good chance to finish in the top-four and still a decent one to finish third. For that we need a 2-0 win and Everton to get a draw against Chelsea – and of course a Chavs loss and a win for us would be even more fantastic. I feel quite confident that Everton can get a result at SB, as the Chavs will be knackered and the Toffees will want to give Moyes a committed performance in his last game in charge. But of course, the most important thing is to win against NU so the Spuds have no chance to get ahead of us: that has to be our number one priority.
  4. I feel sorry for Wigan who really have done themselves proud this week, and it seems so wrong that a team that can play such good football goes out, whilst the likes of Stoke and Sunderland are let of the hook. I hope they get back up again next season, but it will not be easy for them.
  5. How come that we are so far behind the Mancs when we have scored more goals than anybody else at home in the PL and conceded less than anybody else away?

Food for thought fine fellow Gooners!

Written by: TotalArsenal – a very happy Gooner tonight! 🙂

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134 Responses to Cazorla, Theo, Pod a class apart – 2-0 against NU could be enough for third!

  1. Arsenal_vcc says:

    Happy but nervous until sunday. I was most impressed with Santi and Theo up front. Theo was absolutely terrific with his runs up …and he backtracked to help the defence out on several occassions. May this continue next season. A while back, someone (Theo I think) said that you could not get the ball back from Santi if you played him in a telephone booth. There were a couple of times when one could totally see what he meant. Real joy to see Santi play and just cannot believe that he was not in the PFA team.

  2. TotalArsenal says:

    Arsenal_vcc 🙂

    Agreed on Santi and Theo, and yes the former should have been in the PFA team (see previous post as well 🙂 )

  3. Mitch says:

    5. Answer: Because we conceded too many at home and didn’t score enough away……..

  4. Bond James says:

    thanks, TA

    some thoughts of my own whilst watching the game,

    – blessing in disguise that Arteta is injured i reckon, he really does look laboured while running, almost as if he is pregnant , the lack of pace is so evident which eventually results in him conceding silly free kicks (even though that dic* head of a ref gave it incorrectly )…every time i watch him play, i say to myself, what if we have a proper DM playing in his place, yep, so i would be inclinded to bring back jack for new castle or even play coq.

    – ramsey, even though he scored that goal but my goodness, every time i see him play and give the ball away like that or even attempt a long range shot when in decent positions, i scream and shout ” ok best not to write all of it here” but i’m sure most of you echo the same sentiments, if not all, i did say it , pigs would fly the day when he scores from long range and he really is wasteful when going forward or needlessly giving the ball away in dangerous areas, i’m not sure if it would be best for his development next season to keep him here if we got ourselves a DM, he should be loaned out.

    – the dic* head of a referee, we really should be doing something about him, the biased or poor decisions he gives against arsenal are appalling, maybe AFC need to write to the FA ? it’s nothing short of a miracle that we won against 12 man .

    now the positive, it would be even more interesting if chelsea drew and we won 1-2 against the geordies , that would mean an addition game at wembley, a play off for 3rd place 😀

    just saying;)

  5. Bond James says:

    by the way , TA

    i almost got it spot on yesterday when i said poldi would score a hat trick, with theo and santi chipping in 😀

    would you play giroud and drop poldi or stick with the same playing 11 minus arteta (injury) ? a nice little selection dilemma to have for Mr.Wenger

  6. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi BJ 🙂

    We need to hope that Arteta and Ramsey can play again, fit and well, on Sunday. Going forward, I agree we need to add a proper DM, but this weekend we need to have them back to shield our defence. It is what we know and what has been a big part of us going on a great run of RESULTS.

    I am surprised you focus so much on Ramsey and do not speak at all about Rosicky’s inability to put his stamp on the match… just saying 😉

    Do you want an additional game? Might actually be fun! 🙂

  7. TotalArsenal says:

    Indeed BJ, Giroud also offers additional defensive support, and maybe Cazorla can replace Rosicky in the middle and the Pod moves back to the left…. Dilemmas, dilemmas… 😕

  8. allezkev says:

    Calum McManaman looked a bloody good player to me tonight.
    Not sure if it’s a coincidence, but when he went off injured, Wigan seemed to lose the edge they had held up till then.

    Maloney looked a good player again also…

    Santi was brilliant and BFG did a solid job again. A lot of his good work seemingly going unnoticed.

  9. Bond James says:

    Rosicky was the driving force in the first half, if he was as bad as Ramsey then sure, i would direct my guns at him as well, for now he’s not in my radar 😉 it’s pure pleasure to watch Rosicky connect with Santi, you can clearly see the level of understanding and class is a notch above the rest…..but hey i’m sure the likes of Milo and other ramsey fans would be defending him just because he scored a goal and forgive another below par performance.

    i was really impressed with theo, what a player he is turning out to be for us, made 2 or 3 fabulous runs back to the opposite end and took the ball, that was fantastic to see, it shows how much it means to all our players (maybe they all have to take a pay cut if we don’t qualify for CL 😀 either way, it was brilliant.

    i don’t want it but it’s a real possibility and hey we’ll be going to Wembley 😀

    on a slightly different note, if i was a betting man (which i am sometimes), i would put my money on TV leaving in the summer, who else agrees ?

  10. TotalArsenal says:

    Good points allezkev 🙂

    Were you at the game tonight?

  11. Bond James says:

    or with Arteta most likely out for the rest of the season, we could play Ramsey/Rosicky/Santi with poldi on the left, giroud and Theo up front @ TA 00:36

  12. Bond James says:


    agreed re- santi, just goes to show how important a mini 10 day break was for him, he really needed it and it reflected in his performance tonight…i hope he can repeat the same on sunday.

  13. TotalArsenal says:

    BJ TR7 drove well in the beginning, but disappeared for large spells after that, I thought.

    Agreed on Theo – this game suited him perfectly.

    TV could still stay if he can accept the new situation (no more captain), but yes I agree he is likely to leave this summer. Would be a shame though.

  14. allezkev says:

    Yes Total, I was…
    I’d like to see us buy McManaman, he looks a proper winger to me. But he’ll probably end up at Everton, as will Maloney, if Martinez gets that job.
    Really liked the Wigan midfield, but their defence is pants.

    BJ, Santi is top top quality mate, i’ve liked him ever since I first saw him at Stoke last August.

  15. Bond James says:

    yes, he did disappear in patches but he is one of those players, who happens to be lethal on counter attacks and moves the game forward at a brisk pace instead of slowing it down.

    poldi also disappears for large parts but he did score us 2 goals, he did the same against munich if memory serves, was no where in the game and then scored a similar header to get us off the mark 😀

  16. allezkev says:

    BJ, I would imagine that Giroud will definately start up at St James Park.
    Podolski and Walcott seem the logical choices alongside him.
    Newcastle, on paper, seem to have a strong midfield.
    That’s gonna be key I reckon.

  17. TotalArsenal says:

    BJ agreed on TR moving the game on quickly and some of his passes were sublime tonight. I just was looking for the midfield to take back control in the first half and found our little Mozart wanting at times.

    Poldi is that sort of striker, BJ, and great to have him in our squad next season.

  18. allezkev says:

    Off to kip for me now, night Bj and night Totallers… 😉

  19. TotalArsenal says:

    allezkev, yes their defence is not good and neither do they have a good enough attack. If Benteke had played at Wigan they would have easily survived, I reckon.

  20. TotalArsenal says:

    Night allezkever and BeeJayer, I am hitting the pillow as well. Sweet Gooner dreams to all hahaha 🙂

  21. Bond James says:

    a strong midfield who still are bonding and finding it hard to gel, (the same as us in the first half of the season), if football was played on paper then chelsea would have won a few trophies this season i reckon 😀 if we can show the same hunger, desire and passion and put least 3 goals past them, i hear they are having trouble with their no.1 goal keeper in regards to him being fit, sounds good to me (could we see a repeat of west brom last season, i would love such a gift again:D

    i just hope we get a decent ref and don’t do anything silly against the geordies, it promises to be another cracker of a day …my only reservations are in regards to spuds late kick off ? ideally, i would have liked all games starting at the same time (our kick off 15:00 and spuds 16:00 ?


    BJ, look normaly i would leave this, ime knackered from going to th game and have work tommorow, but your critiscism of ramsey is realy unfair

    The guy has completely won the crowd over because they can see what he gives for the team, and by the way, a certain Arsene Wenger sees it to.

    His biggest influnce on the team has been his ability to alleviate our problem against the pressing tactic our opponents constantly use against us.

    This has been acheived because his powers of recovery are so remarkable that he constantly provides team mates with a get out ball. When its 2 v 2 he pops up and its 3 v 2,when a space opens up he runs into it, when we lose it he crowds the ball. The guy has been nothing short of outstanding and his indirect influence has benefited all his team mates. It may be something you can only fully apprciate when you see the whole pitch as opposed to watching on TV, ime not sure, but i do know that since he found his niche, we look a much better team.

  23. Bond James says:

    next destination – toon land

    night lads

  24. Bond James says:

    you might be right, Terry

    but i hope you watch the replay of the game on tv (not highlights but the full game) and you may see where my criticism stems from, there is no denying his hard work and admirable energy but the point is, he could still do better.

    i might be critical of both arteta and ramsey tonight but it was frustrating to watch at times, especially when it was 1-1, in fact, i was certain that ramsey is being taken off for wilshere and then we scored.

    in the end we got a big win and we should be celebrating, so i will have to take it easy and take your word for it re- things looking different on tele

    i so envy you for being at the game btw 😀


    Fair dos BJ. I have critisced Ramsey in the past to, and some of his individual play leaves a lot to be desired, but i still reckon we look a better side since he has found his place in the side.

    I think your right about Wenger almost taking him off by the way, and if we were to chase a winner and take more risks its the logical choice

    Your right about needing to watch on tv too. You miss a lot of the fine detail when your at the game, especialy with my eye sight. hahaha

  26. jgc says:

    TA et al

    A few other thoughts crept in with some replies to the above

    a. I think Wigan’s midfield, despite the score, showed how more evenly competitive the EPL has become. They held their own with ours (which is better than we give it credit for I suspect) and then some.

    b. Glad no one listened to me, and many others, about Poldi up front. Certainly, today at least highlighted what somone clinical can do up front given the opportunities, and we have lacked that times this year, which answers your #5 TA

    –> we are so far behind the City boys because we didnt get 3 goals when we needed them, despite the opportunities. The 6 extra points would put us “right there” … the occasional open door defensive policy is not good but not, IMO, the problem as much.

    c. Theo is definitely coming right, very well right, as is Ramsey, who facing a pressuring midfield (likely hoping to cover their defensive issues that way which is fair play) has done well. Score 2 for the oft criticised manager, and make it 3 if you consider just how much Santi has added…

    d. Terry has a great piont about Ramsey, what he adds often isnt seen in stats, off the ball runs, adding the extra man, but adds way more value. A hard worker also ensures others on the field have less opportunity to hide relatively as well, and thus gets more out of them often. My 2p on that one.

    e. Finally, for NU if Arteta is injured it’s an interesting choice. I’d leave Poldi up front with Giroud to come on.. In the mids, I think many have covered the obvious choices, so one non-obvious(?) idea (i.e. perhaps outlandish) is this… If Arteta cannot go, replace him with Vermaelen, provides the defense and has attacking prowess, and can pass well..

    cheers — jgc

  27. Lasty says:

    The verminator in midfield?!we dont need a red nose idea with jones.we need 3points bar the experimnts till next season.mayb we pair the ox with ramsey,carzola in the hole and poldi out wide.

  28. Milo says:

    Fuck you BJ, if you read my last comment in the previous article posted, you would see that I was not happy with Ramsey today! It’s easy for people to attain labels in the world of Arsenal! Wenger lover, Wenger hater, Ramsey lover, Ramsey hater, etc. etc. You just keep following the herd and label me whatever you like, while I make reasonable arguments and statements. Sound good???

  29. henrychan says:

    Hi all.. Happy morning..
    I feel good.. I knew that I would..
    I feel good.. cause I do what I should..
    So good.. so good.. I got you..

    I love when the thing work myway.. haha..
    4-1 is even beyond my expectation..
    I never doubt for Walcott.. but Podolski scores twice and Ramsey.. hehe.. just hope no one died lastnight..

    Santi Cazorla.. spechless.. best of the best.. He even could scores twice himself.. just a little unlucky.. Very glad to have him in our team.. Hope Wenger bring another Santi to our team this summer..

    Who will replace Arteta rules..?? I hope nothing serious happened and We will see him play on Sunday..
    Vermaelen maybe will plot there if Arteta absent.. although no record show on our captain performed in that post.. but I think somehow Verm will match with Kosc and Mert as a triangle of our central defence..

    Newsc had already satisfied not being relegation.. yet we still need three points.. and 4-0 could be happened for real.. haha..
    Pardew had really mad Spurs fans frustrated.. and cried all night long..

    What a wonderful world..

  30. Highbury Harmony says:

    Milo, perhaps I am missing something but not once did I see BJ calling you out on your assessment of Ramsey or for being a “Ramsey hater” etc (on this article and at the end of the last one). Don’t mean to be caught in the middle here, but why so wound up over insignificant details, especially on Internet debates etc?

    Anyway TA, thank you for yet another post match report my friend! I was very impressed with Theo, Kos and Santi today :). For anyone who believes our attack does not go through Santi as the focal point, I say “shame on you” ;).

    As for our midfield, it is clear that we are missing something and I truly believe all 3 of Arteta, Ramsey and Rosicky are better as subs than starters…at a top club anyway. Still I appreciate all of their efforts and their drive to get us 3 points every match and there is a lot to like about their games outside of what is noticeable to the average fan (as Terry pointed out about Ramsey already).

    The match against Le Toon will be extremely difficult as they have hit better form of late, in addition to the fact that they will be out for blood after our last time out against them.

  31. Highbury Harmony says:

    Admir from a couple days of ago,

    First sorry for not responding sooner, I am on vacation and am on a mobile device, so I miss a lot of comments along the way!

    I don’t think AW has been deterred from purchasing young players internationally based on what has transpired with past players such as Reyes, Na$ri, Fabregas, RVJ etc. Gnabry, Bellerin, Eisfeld, Zelalem, Olsson etc are all recent examples of AW continuing the trend of purchasing young, highly regarded talents with loads of potential.

    So then, what is the only change? IMHO, the only difference is the urgency in calling up these players to the first team, or possibly even being attributed to their development not progressing as rapidly. It could be a combination of both too! In either case, AW is now afforded more of a luxury in being patient with youngsters with the increased transfer funds to help Arsenal in the now, as the youngsters are also not fully developed.

    What he (and the organization) must not lose sight of, is part of what made AW such an innovative and unique bawsss ;). Giving first team opportunities to teenagers was bold and relatively unheard of at a top club and is a main competitive advantage when attracting top youth to our club. Also, if we continually purchase top, proven players, the opportunities for our youth ultimately suffer and they will continue to be plucked away from other clubs (Ebecillo, Bartley etc.).

  32. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Milo

    I like your passionate responses in general, but no need to start with FY to a fellow blogger. You are way bigger than that. 😉

  33. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning all 🙂

  34. Red Arse says:

    Morning, Cloggy TA, 😀

    Good win, but Wigan played well too.

  35. macko says:

    English hello friends, what victory 🙂 super Theo and as I have said at last we discover the podolski often criticize but often does good to our goal counter.
    I do not know if you remind yourself but I told you that this boy was quite acclimated to PL and his first season and the little onset he made (podolski) its statistics are far superior to that of Giroud .
    I also find that we are more offensive sense Giroud in front we rediscover that the Theo rarely see when Giroud and in place.

  36. VCC says:

    Good Morning All.

    Sun is shining and it feels good after that fine performance from the mighty Reds.

    Would like to apologise to Mr. Ramsey. I have been very critical of him, but since he has been moved to his rightful position I have been impressed with him, well done Arron.

    Santi and Theo stole the show. Santi is pure class and I so wish Theo would play like that all the time. His commitment and endeavour was commendable. He certainly had a pair last night. Attitude, attitude, attitude. Great stuff Theo, now go and do it at St.James’

    With two or three fresh top quality signings this Summer I can see us doing things next season, might even have a flutter.

    Nice post Total, but that goes without saying, they’re all top drawer.

  37. mA says:

    hello happy Gooners

    yes, i predicted a masterclass performance from Santi and he delivered spectacularly. sure he is class and i doubt anyone can disagree that he is the best Arsenal player right now. How many assists yesterday? i guess 4. Newcastle is a job already done and the boys will see us cross the line.

    anyways, great post T.A, thanks.

  38. mega says:

    With Giroud back and Arteta likely out it’s clear that Pod will go back to LWF, with Santi slotting into midfield alongside Ramsey and either Rosicky, Coquelin or Wilshere depending on how adventurous Wenger is feeling. Giroud will definitely start up front.

    It was a great game that we really needed

  39. Gerry says:

    Good morning happy people. At least I can put aside my alternative players we might have been able to sign … for a while at least.
    JM – It only goes to show what an hour of ONE OK ROCK before the game will do for the mood? I was very pessimistic prior to that, but 10 minutes before the match I was feeling quite condfident … I think it was the track You Can Do (Everything) that hit the spot? Cheers for the introduction. They are now on my list of things to do before I die(if funds are provided)… See them ‘live’.
    HT17 – Correction to previous message, my dog is still looking forwards to her 14 birthday(Not 16 as stated – responding well to tablets).

    To everybody else. Apologies for only doing ‘hit and run’ comments at the moment. I am trying to keep them as ‘no replies necessary’. Such is the nature of my dual interests at the moment.

    Cheers. Keep the faith … or listen to One OK Rock to restore it!

  40. Glic says:

    Morning Broke Back Bergkampesquers !. 😆

    Thank you Totes.

    I have the timber framers here today and guess what ?, another one is a gooner !, that’s 4 out of 6 !, that’s not including me and my legion of Lesbanians !. They are here to finish the job now ( should take 6 weeks, but obviously dependent on weather and me talking about Arsenal ! ). I shall just pop out for a min` to take some progress pictures, then back to watch the whole game from last night, then I will give my usual in-depth technical analysis !. hahaha

    Oh and BJ, all the games on Sunday start @ 16:00 !.

  41. alexgunners says:


    Great post following a nervy match which had me very anxious throughout until we scored the 3rd Goal.
    Kudos to Rambo for scoring, He could have passed the ball and given Poldi a Hat Trick but at the end of the day he needed this goal so badly. For his confidence and a reward for the hard work that he has been displaying in the last couple of months. We have been critical of him and he is frustrating at times but he has shown heart. Maybe after scoring this goal, he will begin to show us the reason why AW battled to bring him in from Cardiff.

    Not sure if Zorro will play as there was lot of discomfort as he left the pitch today. Not the best of games by him but you know what, he is all heart and passion for the shirt. A few days ago we were asked as to who should be captain. At the time I could not answer, but now I can. Let’s go with Zorro.

    I do feel sorry for Wigan and would rather see the orcs go down for their anti football. Wigan are capable of playing but the lack of resources has eventually lost out for them. Congrats for winning the FA Cup and I hope to see them bounce back next season.

    Why are we so far behind ManUre? Slow start to the season, that is the main reason. Team yet to gel together and proof of this is how successful we have been during the second half of the season. We scored the goals but we also did concede. eg our draw against Fulham. Defensively we have been better but we conceded goals against the run of play in many games. Instead of finishing off teams, we conceded silly goals. That is the main difference. The other being that this time around we have not taken many points against other top 5 sides.

  42. alexgunners says:


    Here are my predictions for the last round of the UMF.
    I’m getting in early to show you that the ROLLEX (yes with double L) is actually working.

    Everton (A)
    Liverpool (H)
    ManUre (A)
    Gunners (A) I will settle for a nervy 1-0 to the Arsenal

  43. henrychan says:

    VCC.. My last prediction for this first season of UMF..
    Arsenal and MU away win..
    Chelsea – Everton, Soton – stoke, and Spurs – Sunderland draw..

    So my prediction will come true.. hehehe..
    We will get 73 points and 3rd position.. hahaha..

  44. Glic says:

    Just finished watching game. Remember Wigan are a footballing side like ourselves, so they will have possession and create chances, but we are a few steps further ahead of them in class and depth, well deserved win.
    I made a conscious effort to watch Ramsey throughout the game, so I had one eye on him, one on the game and one on the weather outside !.
    In the first half he had a shot which didn`t trouble the keeper and failed in one over run with ball, but he recovered with a tackle !. Second half he failed with just 6 passes, one of which caused a serious break-away !. He was up and down the pitch all game and constantly made himself available throughout the game and kept the ball ticking over, apparently Carrick does the same for Manure and he`s in the EPL team of the year !.
    Sometimes we don’t see it all, which is fair enough as there are 22 players on the pitch and the games are played at a high tempo !. This is probably the difference between us and the likes of Arsene, as he sees what I saw, but without sitting in a cosy environment and just watching one player, he sees all his players !. Ramsey played excellent imo and oh….not a bad goal either !.
    Now for the really important thing that first struck me, and this is my ability to see what others don’t see !…….on Arsenal player, the teams were abbreviated at the top of the screen as ….. Ars….Wig ! hahaha and when our 4th goal went in, it read something like a desperate plea from our Terry after he had his syrup nicked on the tube !………..Ars 4 – I Wig !. hahaha

  45. alexgunners says:

    Oh Glic,

    Only you can spot things out like that.

  46. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahaha GLIC – you do see what others don’t see and luckily we are not attached to the deepest chambers of your mind! 😆

    Excellent observations about our Welsh Warhorse.

  47. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi jgc – all agreed more or less, except (fully) your second point. But this is post material so I will leave my response for now. Vermaelen as DM would be very interesting…. but there would a risk of rustiness / getting cards…

  48. Glic says:

    I`ll take that as a compliment then guys ! hahaha

    You wouldn`t believe the amount of stuff I have in my head Totes, which I could turn into a lighthearted ( is putting it mildly ! ) TV sketch but it`s visual stuff that wouldn`t translate into a written comment, the one I have about SAF is seriously funny imo, but I am biased !. hahaha

  49. TotalArsenal says:

    You have a great command of the English language, Glic. Putting your thoughts on paper must the hardest part of making comedy and you know how to do it. 🙂

  50. TotalArsenal says:

    Henry, have you been nose-drinking the orange juice again hahaha 😛

    Always nice to read your upbeat comments.

  51. TotalArsenal says:

    HH 🙂

    Agreed on most of your comments and Cazorla was indeed the decoy focal point of our attack, as the game often passed Rosicky by.

    Next season, I reckon there will be one starting place for either Ramsey or Arteta in most games, as I believe we will need one of them to do the unseen work. In order to apply pressure and keep the tempo up the likes of Ramsey and Arteta are invaluable. If we get a top new DM and Jovetic, it might be difficult to slot them all in – taking into account that Wilshere will be a first choice player next season.

    Alas, a lot to talk about this long, football-deprived summer! 🙂

  52. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Macko 🙂

    Podolski did well yesterday, but I still have my doubts about him playing as our central striker. Wigan gave us tons of space in the second half and of course all attackers love this. No space and Giroud becomes very valuable again….

  53. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers VCC and mA – the drive and creativity in attack of Santi and Theo were fantastic: they totally rocked the place! 🙂

  54. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers Gerry and Alex 🙂

    Alex, I will use your last paragraph as a pointer for a future post, cheers 🙂

  55. alexgunners says:


    You asked the question and that’s where i think we are falling behind. Realistically we are not too far away from them, we just need to eliminate the errors and that will make a world of difference. We must not be nervous against other top teams and instead let’s re-instate the fear we held over teams a decade ago.

    Despite all the negativity in the media towards The Arsenal, we have shown that we are still a top 4 side. Chel$ki (despite being European champions, have failed to impress. Man$hitty EPL champions, will not finish too many points ahead of the Gunners despite the fact that we started so slow this time around.

    We seem to cop the brunt of all criticism from everyone especially the media.
    ManUre’s success in the past 2 decades aside, we have been the dominant side and we are generally disliked. Jealous of our history i guess (Invincibles anyone???) ManUre, Chel$ki’s Billions or ManShitty’s oil money has never achieved what we have. Spuds closing the gap?? Please. Finishing ahead of Arsenal is not an achievement worth celebrating. Win the PL a number of times and create a history then maybe you can brag.

    Ive gone off topic but I for one am sick and tired of all the negative media directed towards our beloved team.

  56. AFC says:

    Hi TA, 🙂

    We are now just one win away from CL football one again. And do forget Chelsea or Spurs could lose their remaining fixtures. I would not reintroduce Giroud back into the starting line-up. I fear it could unsettle the team and Giroud might not be ready to play such an important match after 3 games out.

  57. wenger's coat says:

    Its a shame it was Wigan and not Stoke. Nothing against the potters nation just do not like Pulis’s football. Newcastle away never easy for us for some reason. all top teams can go there and thump them . 4 draws out of 5 is not a good stat. there is a lot riding on this game so I’m expecting extra efforts with a bit of nervous moments

  58. wenger's coat says:

    Giroud scored 4 goals away all season I think. So he is not great on the road but still handy to have him anyweay

  59. AFC says:

    Guys, the future is looking bright and we could have two teams like this if Wenger sticks with 4-2-1-3.

    First Eleven

    GK- Szezcney
    RB- Sagna
    CB- Koscielny
    CB- Mertesacker
    LB- Monreal/Gibbs
    RCM- Arteta
    LCM- New DM
    CAM- Wilshere
    RW- Walcott
    ST/CF- New ST/CF
    LW- Cazorla/Podolski

    Second team

    GK- New experienced GK
    RB- Jenkinson
    CB- Vermaelen
    CB- Miquel/New CB (if Wenger decides to buy one)
    LB- Gibbs/Monreal
    RCM- Ramsey
    LCM- Coquelin/Frimpong should really be Diaby
    CAM- Rosicky
    RW- Gervinho/Ox
    ST/CF- Giroud
    LW- Podolski/Gervinho

  60. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Alex, a very good random rant hahaha 😛

    Are we disliked? Not by football supporters, I reckon, but the press like to use Arsenal’s situation over the last few years as something for them to write about. It is up to us to shut them up and our time will come.

  61. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi AFC 🙂

    You might be right about Giroud, although I reckon he will fit in straightaway again. On the other hand he has not scored many goals away this season…. Not an easy choice to make for Arsene Smarsene! 😕

  62. Admir says:

    Hello, people!


    1.I highly doubt Arteta is going to be ready to play against Newcastle. Again, it was home match against Wigan that wasn’t lucky for Arteta as he got injured against them last season as well.

    2.I’d wait with Giroud until the last 20 minutes. In reverse fixture, it was Giroud who came close to scoring hat-trick despite being on the pitch for only 20 minutes but his late strike was hit by the post. However, apart from goals, Podolski wasn’t involved too much in the game and that’s where Wenger might find a place for Giroud.

    3.Winning at St James Park, especially with larger margin will be a really difficult task. Newcastle have some quality players and Pardew’s “4-0” joke can only make problems for us as Newcastle players will do their best to make their fans and public in England sure they are 100 percent committed.
    Neither Everton and Sunderland don’t have anything left to play for – Everton can’t move from the sixth spot and will end above Liverpool while Sunderland were saved with our last night’s victory. Now, it would be nice if Everton manage to repeat what they did at Emirates, Etihad and White Hart Lane already – stay undefeated. In reverse fixture, Chelsea won at Goodison Park 2:1 but Fellaini didn’t play in that game.

    4.1000000000 percent agreed. Stoke and Sunderland are anti-football teams and I was hoping that either or both will end in Championship.

    5.Consistency and proper distribution are key words. For instance, Manure won 4:3 against Newcastle while we won 7:3 against the same opponent only a few days later. However, United scored two goals more at Stamford Bridge (they won 3:2, we lost 2:1) and two goals more then we did against City at Etihad (they won 3:2, we drew 1:1). That’s same number of scored goals but 5 points more for FAnchester.

    Speaking of Newcastle and goals galore, last night we scored three in space of just eight minutes (63rd to 71st minute), against West Ham we scored four goals in space of 10 minutes and against Newcastle we scored four goals in last 18 minutes. We scored three goals against Norwich at home starting from 85th minute and two against Liverpool in a three-minute-storm. All matches were played at Emirates. I guess that what I’m seeing from that is that we have a lot of attacking potential but consistency was rarely our quality. It’s a bit ironic that consistency in form and results came after we switched to more defensive style.

  63. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Wenger’s Coat,

    You are right, Sunday’s game will not be easy. I reckon a few NU players will be playing for the cameras / scouts as some will want out and play CL football next season, or just want to leave. This might work against or for us, but the key thing is to treat the game as a cup final and give our all. that is all we can co. 🙂

  64. Glic says:

    Clever stuff, but whilst he was spraying his balls about his missus was tea-bagging mine !. hahaha

    And what do you guys think of this kit ?. I have never liked our yellow away kit , but this Is the dogs doo dahs imo !. Make it so !.

  65. AFC says:

    Hi Glic, that Gold Puma kit looks top notch. 🙂

  66. AFC says:

    Sources are suggesting we are trying to buy Higuain. We want him for 18 million but Real want 22 million.

    Guys, what are your thoughts?

  67. Glic says:

    Hi AFC 🙂

    I think the Gold looks much better with the white than it would if it was with blue, keep it like that and I`d buy it !.

  68. TotalArsenal says:

    Would love it AFC, as long as it does not mean ‘Jovetics all the boxes’ does not come.

  69. Glic says:

    From Chamakh to Giroud to Higuain, I think we would be moving in the right direction !.

  70. TotalArsenal says:

    Admir, agreed on distribution. That always makes sense: 38 1-0 to the Arse makes us glorious champions…. But how do we do that?!

  71. wenger's coat says:

    Don’t mention cup finals, we don’t do many of them these days and when we got to one against Birmingham, you know what happened. So I would not want the players to have that in the back of their mind. I think the players should relax be themselves , do their job to the max and the result should be positive. I just don’t like it when we play with nerves, specially at home, the boo boys don’t help at all, we saw that against Wigan at the start of second half. Players don’t want to concede they drop a little and hesitate to go forward. The away fans are awesome, the players generally more at ease away from home.

  72. TotalArsenal says:

    We still scored most goals per game on average in recent years when Chamakh led the line for us, up until Christmas holidays a couple of seasons ago… 😀

  73. AFC says:

    Glic, I would buy that kit in a flash.

    TA, would you rather we brought Jovetic instead of Higuain?

  74. TotalArsenal says:

    wenger’s coat – I know what you mean but all recent games have been cup finals, and we need the sense of urgency to get the best out of the team, as it brings with it the right tempo and pressure on our opponents. We’ll be fine. 🙂

  75. TotalArsenal says:

    Glic and others, not sure about that away kit – too flashy and light. I like dark and mean away kits. I loved the Wigan one yesterday and in the final…

  76. TotalArsenal says:

    Definitely AFC – Jovetic for me all day long. Higuain will help us finish teams off, which is welcome, but I reckon we have that with Theo, Cazorla and Pod already to some extent. The thought of three top quality allround footballers in our team: Jack, Santi and Jovetic, makes me have a Northampton of Glictorious proportions. 😛

  77. AFC says:

    Guys, wouldn’t this be funny. We beat Newcastle and a few days later it’s all over the sport’s pages that we have brought Higuain and Real have brought Bale using the money we gave them for Higuain. 😀

  78. TotalArsenal says:

    Spuds would go Baleistic! 😛

  79. AFC says:

    TA, even better, imagine we signed him. No one would see that coming.

  80. Glic says:

    I agree Totes, I would love us to have a black away kit, especially the Malaga one , which is basically an Arsenal home shirt but in black !. However I do like that Gold one and we will dazzle in it !. I don’t know why any of you lot would think it`s too flashy….f**king hypocrites….how many times has Vics been arrested from coming out from behind a bush and flashing !, his excuse was he had an itchy Hampton, but come on …scratch it !….don’t rub it up against the window of the school bus !. hahaha

  81. AFC says:

    TA & Glic, we could have a black away kit, red home kit and gold alternate kit. 🙂

  82. TotalArsenal says:

    hahaha GLic 😆

  83. TotalArsenal says:

    ok AFC, I’ll take that: the golden one is for our Guard of Honour!

  84. TotalArsenal says:

    Bale to Arsenal, AFC?! Over their dead boddies I reckon. Maybe as a swap with Arshavin hahaha 😛

  85. Admir says:

    @TA – don’t forget that Marouane Chamakh, of all Wenger’s signings, was the first one to reach double digits in debut season. 😀

  86. Admir says:

    Anyway, it seems no Remy for us as he’s arrested under suspicion of raping.

  87. TotalArsenal says:

    Arsene without his suit looks a lot younger and healthier!

  88. TotalArsenal says:

    Admir in a 4-5-1 formation, Chamakh has value as he can play really well with his back towards the opposition’s box. I reckon he suffered more than most with the simultaneous departures of the scoring midfielders Nasty and Cesc…

  89. Glic says:

    Sounds like you boys will be happy with the return of Chamakh heart attack !. 🙂

  90. Glic says:

    Bale being an Arsenal supporter, I don’t think Bale would be unhappy if we met the asking price !. It would be the sweetest transfer ever, the Spuds would never recover !. N17 would be like a scene out of, The Walking Dead !. Not much change there then !.

  91. TotalArsenal says:

    Nah Glic that boat has sailed and I am happy with the player evolution you indicated earlier 🙂

  92. Fine post TA

    Rambo was a bit shaky last night, but his recent magnificent displays were summed up in the build up to Theo’s offside goal…Rambo lost the ball then won it back from TWO players!!!!…then passing it to Santi…i love u Rambo!!!!!!!

    Glad to see the Ipod score a brace…long may it continue

    In your post yesterday, i commented on the need 4 our little magician to turn it on last night, and my goodness did he do just that!!!even apart from his 3 assists, he was simply OUTSTANDING….its been a pleasure to watch him with the ball at his feet..simply OUTRAGEOUS!!!!

    It was an excellent team performance, and as i had also mentioned yesterday, i preferred Gibbo as his better 1v1 and i was right…Theo looked the real deal though could and should have scored at least another goal but all in all an energetic performance from him

    The boys did us proud last night and 1 game is all that stands between us and our ‘trophy’…here’s to hoping this is the LAST season we scrap 4 the top 4…we have to contend 4 the title next season and this team has shown its ready to stand up and fight


  93. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi KG – all agreed and yes Gibbs had a good game. I reckon Gibbs and Nacho are equal to each other and Wenger has a nice problem there.

    There is good reason to be positive about next season, but let’s finish the job first, and the challenge on Sunday will be big enough for us.

  94. JM says:

    @Admir May 15, 2013 14:40,

    I had earlier written that Loic Remy (and his agent) was problematic (1. Him coming from Marseille – with our bad experiences from the previous 2 recruits from Marseille – Na$ri and Flamini; 2. he decided against going to Newcastle for better $$ @ then relegation-threaten QPR). We were never going to sign him in the first place (It was all Remy’s agent’s talk to the media).

    Elsewhere, do notice the missing Coquelin in the team sheet yesterday. There are talks and report (from L’Equipe) with him moving on to Schalke next season. (1. Which means our management and scouting team have been busy in Germany throughout the season – loaning Djourou to Hannover; getting Angha to sign for Nuremburg next season; these talks of Coquelin going to Schalke; our links with Dortmund’s Piszczek, Hamburg’s Adler, Frankfurt’s Inui etc … should be expecting at least a signing from Bundesliga. 2. We might just be getting our new “destroyer” next season. With Diaby still injured, Coquelin rumoured to be moving, Frimpong either staying for a longer loan at Fulham or moving on)

    Coming to summer, I shall be looking forward to the latest developments from probably Marcus (from Kenya) & Kenyan Gooner on the odds of that certain “destroyer” wearing the green and white of the Hoops could be joining us next season. (since the club have make inroads commercially with a sponsorship via Nairobi-headquartered Imperial Bank – issuing co-branded debit cards throughout Kenya and Uganda).


    Next game against Newcastle, a win for us is the priority, then getting 3rd will be a bonus.
    The psychological games ahead:
    Everton will want Moyes to leave their club (after 11yrs) on a positive and/or high note, they should fight against Chelsea not to lose (a draw could be expected); Sunderland’s, under PdC, record W2, D2, L2 after 6 games. PdC does not like to lose and they should bring the fight to Tottenham. Newcastle has been hammered at home 0-6 by Liverpool, beaten at home 0-3 by United, beaten at home 1-3 by City and they have lost 8 times at home this season. Let us make it 9 for them.

  95. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi JM 🙂

    All interesting stuff. Would you be interested in writing a post for BK down the line off: ‘Arsenal transfers this summer – my predictions’?

  96. Red Arse says:

    I know a lot of you guys love Sagna (me, not so much) but the rumours – the rumours ….

    The Daily Express have this article:

    ARSENAL right-back Bacary Sagna looks set to exit the Emirates Stadium this summer, with big-spending Russian side Anzhi Makhachkala joining French clubs PSG and Monaco in the running.

    By: James Dickenson: Wed, May 15, 2013

    Bacary Sagna could depart Arsenal this summer with clubs in France and Russia interested

    Sagna is expected to leave Arsenal at the end of the season, having failed to agree a new contract at the club with his existing deal set to run out next summer.

    The 30-year-old’s performances for the Gunners have dipped this season – highlighted by his double mistake during the 1-1 draw with Manchester United last month that allowed former player Robin Van Persie to equalise – and the club are unwilling to offer him more than a one-year extension to his current terms.

    Sagna was thought to be heading back to home nation France, with money-bags Ligue 1 outfits PSG and Monaco vying for his signature, although now big-spending Anzhi have joined the race.

    Sagna gave the ball away to Robin Van Persie against United and then conceded a penalty in the draw

    Anzhi will present Arsenal with an offer they may find hard to turn down, with a transfer fee of as much as £12.25 million mooted.
    According to Russian newspaper Izvestia, Anzhi will present Arsenal with an offer they may find hard to turn down, with a transfer fee of as much as £12.25 million mooted.

    The North London side may well be happy to sell a player who will be 31 next February for such a figure, with young Englishman Carl Jenkinson already an option of replace Sagna in the squad.

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger publicly maintains he would like Sagna to stay, but reports suggest he has already lined up Sebastien Corchia to bring in with the funds raised from his compatriot’s sale.

    Time and tide wait for no man — if he does not want to sign, then it should be bye, bye — no more van Persie and Walcott crap of spinning Arsenal along with protracted negotiations!

  97. Red Arse says:

    Have you guys heard that Loic Remy was arrested and charged with rape, today?

  98. AFC says:

    Hi RA, 🙂 very intersting stories about Sagna and Remy.

    If Sagna leaves I could see Wenger trying to bring in an experienced RB. Caceres could be a good option as he can play anywhere in the back four.

  99. Bond James says:


    or maybe there’s nothing wrong with your eye sight, perhaps i should get them tested and not focus so much on the likes of ramsey and arteta, but it’s hard not to do that considering my wishful thinking of us being 1 proper DM away from being the best midfield in England..was one hell of a game last night though which was also ruined by Mr.Dic* Dean (can’t say he didn’t try his best tho).


    you should keep taking your medicine, if possible, double the dose.


    you nailed it, when you say the likes of arteta/ramsey/Rosicky are better off on the bench, although i to an extent (as usual), in that i mean, mostly you would keep game changers on the bench and out of the 3 only Rosicky would be seen as an attacking CAM capable of changing a game, the first 2 may be used to enforce defensive tactics, if we were defending a lead or changing formation to a 4-4-2, 4-5-1 e.t.c

    we all appreciate Ramsey’s hard work and energy however, Coquelin hasn’t done much wrong when called upon and if rumours are to be believed, he is on his way out and i don’t blame him either.

    Hello everyone else,

    the news of remy has no doubt put an end to a possible transfer move to Arsenal and the sagna’s likely departure from arsenal has not been a surprise as such since he has refused to sign the contract extension on terms provided not once but twice, we should be able to get a decent RB and quite franking, it might not be a bad thing losing Sagna, for all his experience and all that, his attacking play or crosses leaves a lot to be desired combined with drop in concentration levels or defensive fragility’s.

    the more concerning news for me have been the likely exit rumours linking coquelin to germany, now that would indeed be a massive lost ….it’s a shame we couldn’t do well as well in domestic competition allowing our youngsters more opportunities.

  100. Bond James says:

    *almost ruined not also ruined by D.Dean

  101. VCC says:

    Penultimate UMF results.

    Weekly score sheet =


    Overall leader board =

    Red Arse.. 99
    Oz………… 92
    TMHT……. 90
    Total……… 89
    Alex………. 88
    PPP………. 87
    Rocky……. 79
    GLiC…….. 60

    We have a new Centurian….Highbury Harmony, well done.

    Well done to Alex for getting all five predictions right, the first one this season.

    Keep it up for this week end guys. Lets go out with a bang.

  102. Bond James says:

    also the chelsea vs everton game may not have as much significance for Everton in terms of getting a result at the bridge on paper, however, Moyes vs Rafa. B is a battle in itself, which stems back to liverpool vs everton rivalry…also there was an incident where Rafa called Everton a small club and refused an invite from Moyes for a meal and along them lines….David moyes will also be eager to end his Everton rein with a win or a draw, desperately wanting to avoid a defeat. ..

    as long as we deliver the goods against the toons, we shouldn’t be bothered too much about chelsea or spuds, although it will be brilliant finishing 3rd taking the momentum to start of next season !

  103. Hello JM..

    As i had mentioned to TA, read a while a go in a local daily that Wanyama’s dad would rather see his son wearing the red and white but since then, nothing concrete to link Wanyama to us…plus he won two for the best young player in the Scottish league and another for Celtic’s young player of the season and he was also included in the Scottish team of the season. Quite a remarkable feat 4 a player so young…how about he comes to the home of football and plays alongside the VERY BEST young talent in JW10!!!…they could rule Europe for years!!!!!!!

  104. VCC says:

    UMF Odds =
    Alex = 22-1
    Henry = 246-1

  105. Glic says:

    The maximum points I can get from the UMFL is 15, so I`m in an unassailable position at the bottom/top of the Upside Down UMFL !. I love it when a cunnilingus plan comes together !.

    Predictions for Season Finale :

    Spank Ranger Queers

    Yeti Stock

    Wee Shit Mad Nut

    Wobbliest Inch Worm

    and finally……I Watch Genital….all to win !.

    Whens my Guard of Honour ?. hahaha

  106. TotalArsenal says:

    Evening BJ 🙂

    Hope you and Milo remain respectful towards each other. You are both great contributors to BK but it looks like your personalities easily clash… 😕

    Kenyan G, Wanyama together with Jack in the double DM role with super Jovetic in front of them would be a lovely prospect, or not?

    Thanks for UMF update, VCC 🙂

    It looks like you are going to win it with some ease, well done Sir! 🙂

  107. Bond James says:

    Evening , TA

    there is no personality clash, i can see Milo is going through manly periods, maybe dr.Gleek can help him out.,,i have been told when one is on periods, they often see things and imagine them for e.g. me calling him a ramsey lover and so on,i don’t hurl personal abuse at anyone and i expect the same in return, however, once the lines been crossed i still try not to use swear words as i consider everyone on here to be equally respected and mature but it’s disappointed to see when someone out of the blue says fuck you at the start of a comment, for the avoidance of doubt i never called him a ramsey lover or implied he was gay 😉

    VCC has won the UMG league, his own creation ? and he’s been the one doing all the calculations, if i was dr.Gleek, i would demand an audit, maybe VCC has been very generous whilst scoring dr.Gleek the 60 points and making him the undisputed champion at the bottom 😀

    Good post, JM

    so potentially we may have a few more unexpected departures in the summer along with the ones we expected…..

    TV,Sagna, coquelin,Frimpong

    it would be a shame to see TV leave and sold, i do still see him having a bright future with us even though he hasn’t bought a house in london and has openly said in the past that “you never know how long one stays at a club” (that statement alone showed his intentions of not wanting to remain at one club for long).

  108. Glic says:

    No BJ !. I know it`s only a joke but VCC was semi-accused by another UMF leaguer of under-hand dealings in the running of the UMFL in what became known as Herbgate or was it VCCgate ?, anyway whatever it was called, Herb hasn`t been seen since !. Some say his ashes are inside Vicky`s Zimmerframe or that he`s underpinning the foundations of the new Sainsbury`s Stadium in N17 !. Just be aware Vicky`s hit man is also the site owner and goes by the name of …..The Norfolk Ripper !. You will be clogged !. hahaha

  109. VCC says:

    BJ……..The UMF was indeed my creation. GLiC is a born looser and rock bottom , if he fell in a tub of Roses he would come out smelling of excrement. We’ve all taken turns in trying to help him, but I’m afraid he is well beyond the end of the earth.

    I am leading the UMF with one week to go with Henry a close second and Harmonious in third. It’s my game and I am entitled to cheat to ensure coming top of the tree (my rightful position 😉

    Hopefully we will be running another one next season and would be blessed if you would join in, that’s if you don’t mind coming, at best second, because as I said its my ball, er sorry my game and I will win again, I guarantee this as I cheat, er as I am clever.


  110. VCC says:

    GLic….. 😀

    You get better and better. That was F—ing hilarious.

  111. Bond James says:


    no worries, i’ll try to knock you off yer perch next season and then retire on a high like fergie;)

  112. VCC says:


    Seriously, we hope to run it next season and Alex has kindly put £150 in prizes up. £100 for the winner and £50 for second. I am donating an old Arsenal programme from the 60’s as the wooden spoon prize, I hear you say I might as well send it to GLiC now haha.

    I keep all predictions and results on a spread sheet which can be forwarded to anyone for clarification.

    I’m going to ask two other BKers to form a three man panel in case there is any disputes.

    On reading some of your posts I’m predicting you will fight GLiC for the wooden spoon 😀


  113. VCC says:

    GLiC = 1079-1

  114. Highbury Harmony says:

    VCC 🙂 cheers for the UMF update mate! Proud to be a member of the century club too!

    I have discussed prizes with Alex and they have since been altered. The winner of the UMF league will receive a home and away Arsenal kit, while the winner of the BK FPL league will win a home kit! Let’s be honest, we don’t celebrate 2nd place ever ;).

  115. Highbury Harmony says:

    Also TA, I thought it’d be fitting to hand out the first annual BK d’or awards at the conclusion of the season. It will basically be MVP, most popular, funniest poster, most underrated, rookie of the year, best avatar, most insightful, should post more etc.).

    Thought it’d be something fun to do and yet another way for us to recognize the many posters that come blog here on BK! Also, everyone would be open to submit their own (I will lead first as an example after the season ends)!

  116. Bond James says:


    count me in, in fact allow me to jump with both feet in 😀

    no no, i didn’t mean to accuse you of cheating or miscalculating, you openly admitted to being a cheat hence i appreciate your honesty, that’s why i’m going to be joining the UMF next season 😀 playing with cheats is my forte 😀

    allow me to warn all of you, Gleek in particular, that last spot is so mine next season, bring it on !

    i can see HH winning the FPL, i hope we get prizes for getting our winner predictions spot on 😀

  117. VCC says:

    Hi HH, all understood. I think it’s mighty fine of Alex to donate the prizes.

    You will have to post the rules to this BK FPL I don’t understand. 😉

    BJ, your very welcome. I knew you were only kidding 😉 you seem to have a good sense of humour so you will fit in with the rest of the crazy gang on here.

  118. Glic says:

    ” BJ……..The UMF was indeed my creation ! ”

    A line from Mary Shelley`s famous novel……. ” Dr Frankenzimmer ”


  119. Highbury Harmony says:

    What’s interesting is that if Chavs and Everton draw at 0-0 and we win against Le Toon 2-1 (or some variation of the same result), there could be a playoff game for third place against the Chavs! Football may not be over for us just yet :).

  120. Highbury Harmony says:

    Also, if anyone is interested in transfer news abroad, Chelsea has agreed to sell De Bruyne to Dortmund (sides have agreed personal terms), opening the possibility of Lewandowski going the opposite way.

    Andre Schurrle is believed to have already signed a pre-contract deal with Chelsea too (old news).

  121. AFC says:

    HH, it seems to me that Abramovich is only interested in buying attacking (flair AMs or strikers) for absurd amounts of money when he should be looking to invest in more defensive players.

  122. AFC says:

    * attacking players

  123. AFC says:

    HH at 19:59, very interesting. A play-off match is exactly what I would like to see! 🙂

  124. Bond James says:

    get in there benfica, wo000t wo0000t

    1-0 to benfica, muaahhahahahahaahahahahaha

  125. Bond James says:

    wtf, given off side

    that was not off side

    0-0 it remains,bugger

  126. Bond James says:

    that what roman paid the 50 mills for,

    1-0 chelsea , argh

    come on benfica

  127. jnyc says:

    TA , you probably remember me saying since early last season that i hope Ramsey would be used as more of a scrappy, hard working midfielder ( maybe a Parker type with more skill ) and also learning from Arteta. rather than being used as a creative midfielder. His hard work is paying off now, with playing time and a new contract.
    —- Arsene did come around after playing him higher up alot last year, and starting on the wing at times.
    —– I dont mind him on the wing later in matches to add control and hard work, and i actually love him as a sub for energy, especially when we have a lead to protect. Maybe its all finally coming together.many bloggers and so called fans were tough on him. Great for Rambo. He deserves it.

  128. Bond James says:

    penalty to benfica,


    should have been 2-1 to benfica had the first one not been disallowed ( was a very tight call).

  129. Bond James says:


    if we bought a decent DM next season, would you play ramsey ahead of arteta ?

  130. TotalArsenal says:

    Johnny, you are right and I have just written a post about it – sort of. Will come out in a bit.

    How is life treating you?

  131. TotalArsenal says:

    Bloody lucky Chavs! 😦

  132. Milo says:

    BJ, you can’t even remember what you wrote??? You said that “Milo, or some other Ramsey fans will jump to his defense.” Having already been critical of Ramsey’s performance in the previous article, you then assume that I will STILL defend him??? You seem to think you are a clever boy, maybe even downright funny, but I’m not stupid, I got the implication that I am a “Ramsey supporter.” Having already told HH that I am NOT biased towards Ramsey, I don’t really want to tell you the same, but I guess I will have to seeing as you are too lazy or unable to read my comments. I like all of our players, and respect and admire all the divers abilities they bring to the club. We can’t have 11 Cazorlas out there, because we wouldn’t be able to defend for beans. Therefore, the defensive shift and determination Arteta and Ramsey bring, is invaluable to our cause. In conclusion, I would suggest you stop trying to be so clever, and actually read all the comments before making assumptions.

  133. jnyc says:

    Bond, ideal for me would be Ramsey and Arteta spelling each other. Mikel not getting any younger. Rambo a great late sub also when he doesnt start. —
    TA, im doing pretty well lately. Enjoying your blog very much. now im going to read the new post. 🙂

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