JW for Arteta, Giroud to return, Santi in the hole: multi-media pre-view by Oz Gunner

Deja-Vu all over again! 

Here we are again…feels like Deja Vu’ all over again, doesn’t it? Another final day heart stopper! I have to say, watching Arsenal these days is enough to test even the most resolute (not you GLIC, you’re just a blouse who hides behind a couch haha). Add in the angst of the Chelsea and Tottenham games and we are in for a wild ride. We all know the ramifications of this one, but here it is again:


If we are winning I’ll be furiously flicking between our game and the Chelsea vs Everton game. If scores are level or we are losing I’ll be swapping back and forth to the Tottenham vs Sunderland match. I don’t know what will melt down first…me or the remote. I’m confident we will only have to rely on the Toffees in this final fixture (Chelsea without Terry and Hazard will help the cause). Chelsea draw and we win 1-2 it’s a playoff fixture…no thanks we are limping over the line as it is. If Di Canio’s Sunderland are required, I sure as hell hope they can do the deed (Yes we apoligise for loaning you Bendtner, but we did inadvertently hope you’d be beating Wigan in the last fixture!). Just sit 10 men on Bale, he is single-handedly dragging his knuckles across the pitch hauling the rest of the team with him.

I am under no illusion that 3rd or 4th is great result for us. It is the bare minimum of what we should achieve! But when the season is all over and done with we can all breath a little bit easier knowing that Arsene has Steve McQueened this season again.

Arsene McQueen

Anyway that’s that (It’s hard to think of the game when there is a bigger picture at stake), now to the game. Personally I think Newcastle have clocked out for the season; their previous results undermine what they are truly capable of. Second season jitters…I think not. We all know at their best they are good enough to challenge for Europa League football. Unfortunately, the loss of Demba Ba along with a whole host of injuries really has crippled their season. Fifth last season. Relegation scrap this season (until they defeated QPR in their last fixture). However, we could be in for a rude awakening if we take Newcastle to easy in this one… they do have match winners at their disposal.

Missing in Action:

Sick bay (2)

Arsenal: Diaby (malicious bad luck resulting in repetitive injuries), Arteta (calf) faces a fitness test

Newcastle: Sit on top of the premier league injury table with a host of injuries to key players: Krul (shoulder), Ameobi (knee), R.Taylor (ACL), Sissoko (ankle), and Vuckic (knee) will miss this one. Elliot (red card) will also sit this one out. While Tiote, Hairdara, Santon (all hamstrings), and S.Taylor (virus) should be available subject to fitness tests.

Predicted Line-up:

starting line-up Toon

Tough one to predict this time around. It all comes down to the fitness of Mikel Arteta. While he hasn’t been in the best of form as of late he is vital to our setup. He’s a small chance for this one after sustaining a calf injury against Wigan in our last fixture. Do we risk bringing in a player that may only be 70% fit given the implications of this match? I’m not so sure. What I do know is Arteta is a consummate professional and if selected he will give every bit of himself to the cause.

If he doesn’t pass the fitness test who do we select? Ramsey can slot in to Arteta’s position like he did so admirably against Liverpool, but who plays next to him? Wilshere can but his injury concerns are well documented. At the moment Arsene has him encased in glass with the words ‘In case of Emergency’ written on it. Once again though, if selected Jack will leave everything out on the pitch. Or as Highbury Harmony pointed out do we go with Coquelin? After all it is his preferred position! We could move Rosicky back, move Cazorla to the attacking midfield position, Podolski to the left and Giroud up front. Sounds good but it could leave us a little lightweight in midfield especially with the bull Tiote on the pitch. Then again, Tiote is prone to a yellow card, and if he grabs one early he may just retreat into his shell. Lastly, Vermaelen to defensive midfield. Sounds like a great move to me…but just not now and in a game so important. Last thing we want to do is experiment.

Who plays up front? Giroud or Podolski?

I’m going to have to go with Giroud in this one. He’s back in the fold after a shocking decision which left him sidelined for 3 matches. Podolski (like Wilshere) is due for surgery come season’s end but he really has delivered when we’ve needed him most. I don’t profess to know what has gone on behind the scenes with Podolski this season, but clearly injuries have taken their toll on him. Giroud is the fresher of the two and should start. Podolski…one more game mate, give it all you’ve got, get fixed up in the off-season and come back firing on all cylinders next season!

The rest of the team picks itself.

If Steven Taylor passes his fitness test he should take Williamson’s position alongside Coloccini. Harper will play his last ever game for Newcastle thanks to Krul’s shoulder injury and Elliot’s red card last week. I feel sorry for Harper. Not only did he have to contend with Given for much of his career and more recently Krul, but he will be forever immortalised in highlight dvds thanks to this from Xavi Alonso:


Gouffran will sit behind Cisse and the dangerous Ben Arfa out on the wing.

Previous Encounters:

Arsenal 7 – Newcastle 3

The score really doesn’t paint the full story. 3-3 at the 69′ until a late flurry saw Theo net 2 more goals to secure a hat-trick and Giroud score 2 in the space of a couple of minutes. Phew!

For those who missed it here are the highlights (love our friend with the commentary again):


Arsenal 2 – Newcastle 1

Vermaelen scored in the final seconds to ensure victory after a tough battle that saw tempers flare and Dutch compatriots square off. HIT HIM KRUL, HIT HIM!!!!

The damning stat is we have only beaten them once at St. James since 2004!

Form Guide:               Arsenal:  WWDWD             Newcastle: WDLDL

Our form has been up and down for most of the season but our form really has come good when we needed it most! We are unbeaten in our last 9 league games (best run in 2 years) and sees us sitting on top of the premierleague.com form ladder.

form guide

Stats can paint Newcastle’s form in two ways. They have won 4 of their last 6 home games; however, The last 2 have been a 0-3 loss to Sunderland, and a devastating 0-6 loss at the hands of Liverpool. It’s safe to say their confidence is at an all time low.

Arsenal Archive

This week I’ve dipped into the archive by continuing with the déjà vu theme. That’s right our final game at Highbury which just happened to (along with some dodgy cooking) stop Tottenham from finishing in the top 4.


One to Watch:


Santi Cazorla – Rightfully or wrongfully excluded from the PFA team of the year I couldn’t care less. He’s a gem of a player and I’m happy as Larry he’s in our team. He was in sterling form again providing 4 assists against Wigan. Give him time and space and he can hurt you in a number of ways.


Hatem Ben Arfa – Proven match winner when he can stay on the pitch. Hamstring injuries have plagued his season and probably should have sat out for the remainder of the season weeks ago. However, his importance to Newcastle was shown by Pardew, who called upon him to sheer Newcastle throw their relegation battle. Give him a sniff at goal and he will take it!

Key-Match up:

Ben Arfa vs Kieran Gibbs

key match-up

Although Nacho tends to be the preferred left back for away fixtures I’d go with Gibbs in this one to quell the influence of Ben Arfa. Last season Gibbs saved us with a brilliant season defining tackle. He put his body on the line and threw himself in front of an on-rushing West Brom player who was about to pull the trigger.


He has the speed to go with Ben Arfa and has a good understanding with Podolski. Gibbs will have to be cautious though, neglect his defensive duties and Szczesney may well be picking the ball out the back of the net. Gibbs should win this battle though.

Pre-Match Finger:

kid finger

This season’s final finger goes to the stress Arsene Wenger and us supporters have had to deal with all season. It hasn’t been an easy ride that’s for sure. If seasons like this one continue we’ll all have hair like Brave Sir Robin in no time at all (even Terry’s syrup’s will start turning grey!). For the first time in a while I’m excited to see what the transfer window holds for us. Knuckle down in pre-season, add 2/3 players, sign Sagna and there is no reason why we cannot challenge for full honours next season!


Pre-Match pat on the back:

pat on the back

The final pat on the back goes out to all the Arsenal supporters who have stayed tough this season in spite of everything. The away supporters who continue to do us proud and outsing the home crowd. TA for starting a blog that allows Gooners from across the globe to converse and talk all things Arsenal. Every single person who writes a post or comments on Bergkampesque; with each new contributor this site raises another level. To VCC for developing (and corrupting) the UMF league, it’s been great. Finally, the Arsenal…without you we’d have to spend more time with our loved ones and less time drinking in celebration or drowning our sorrows!

Ooh to! Ooh to be! Ooh to be a Gooner!


‘Ask the opposition’ returns again this week. It is designed to get some friendly banter from our opposition fans and get their insight for the match ahead.  This week we see returning Newcastle fans Paul from  www.nufcblog.org , and Kev from  http://www.newcastleunited-mad.co.uk. Thanks for your help again gents!

1) What’s your thoughts on the PFA Team of the Year?

Paul: It seems fair enough to me. I’d already tipped Verthonghen for a place on there when I was banging on about how Newcastle United should have signed him. Your lot should made more of an effort to sign him as well, you already have his best mate, the Verminator. Perhaps your Cazorla could have been in with a shout but all the ones in there have been very good.

Kev: No thoughts at all to be honest with you. Doesn’t concern Newcastle United I’m afraid.

2) Is Fergie’s retirement going to reel Man United back with the rest of the competition?

Paul: David Moyes is no Alex Ferguson. Then again, Kenny Dalglish was no Bob Paisley at Liverpool (the first time he managed there), but he kept on winning with a little help from Paisley himself. Perhaps we’ll see the same sort of thing at Manchester United?

Kev: Moyes? You have got to be joking. 11 years and no trophies. Yep, that’s the sort of CV Man Utd fans have craved for, isn’t it? I wouldn’t want Moyes at Newcastle – never mind Man Utd. Yep…they will be in turmoil by Xmas.

3) Newcastle…what happened this year?

Paul: Alan Pardew, he isn’t very good and he never was. Lots of managers like Peter Reid, Danny Wilson, George Burley, Steve Coppell and so on… have had very good seasons as a “surprise package,” won the LMA “Manager of the Year” award then sunk like a stone. Pardew is another one on a fairly long list.

Kev: How long have you got? Injuries have had a lot to do with it, but Pardew’s tactics haven’t helped. All in all, a bad show from players and manager.

4) Are you expecting much transfer activity in the next transfer window?

Paul: If you mean with all the teams, yes, quite a bit because if the increased Premiership TV money. If you mean Newcastle United in particular, maybe a few but not a huge amount.

Kev: Let’s hope a new boss comes in and Ashley backs him. If Pardew stays, I think Ashley will not be as thrifty.

5) Who do you think Arsenal need to buy (one or more) to start winning things again?

Paul: Since Arsenal last won a major trophy, besides the usual top teams, Portsmouth, Birmingham City, Swansea City and Tottenham (ouch) have all won major trophies with lesser squads, so perhaps you need to take a risk with another manager rather than another raft of big players? Of course, Newcastle United are even worse though!

Kev: It’s crunch time for Wenger. Chelsea, Man U and Man C will have new managers, and I think Arsenal will gain from that. Who he buys is up to him. He knows better than me, I’m sure.

6) Who would you rather finish in the top 4 Arsenal or Tottenham?

Paul: I don’t mind. I don’t have anything against either team and as I live in North London, most of my friends are either Arsenal or Tottenham fans.

Kev: That’s a personal thing as I don’t talk on behalf of all Newcastle fans. I have been to Arsenal (both stadiums) many times and never had any trouble. I’ve been to Spurs just as often, but they aren’t as friendly. Arsenal for me.

7) Prediction for our upcoming match?

Paul: Arsenal to win, not sure about the score.

Kev: Last two home games we lost to Sunderland 0-3 and Liverpool 0-6. If Arsenal score early we could suffer. Depends who scores first.  1-1


We have too much to play for, Newcastle have nothing left to give so we should walk out winners in this one quite easily I feel. Szczesney to be rarely tested. 0-2 to the good guys. This rollercoaster ride is about to come to an end…with us sitting in 3rd spot!

To our Tottenham friends:

st totts day

Written By: Oz Gunner

266 thoughts on “JW for Arteta, Giroud to return, Santi in the hole: multi-media pre-view by Oz Gunner

  • fantastic article, Oz Gunneer – that was a joy to read

    i like the predicted 11, however if Wilshere isn’t a 100% then i would slot in Rosicky to play along ramsey , that would be my only change

    saying that, i wouldn’t be surprised if Arteta started, i read somewhere that Arteta faces a late fitness test ? (or maybe it’s wenger playing mind games) either way, we have plenty of quality and options on the bench to sink the geordies.

    this wait is killing me,roll on tomorrow kick off already !

  • Hi Oz 🙂

    Great to have you back and with such a bang. Who needs to buy a paper: this is the perfect way to get fully into the game. Love the line up as well and I think you will get at least 10/11 for this one!

  • Fantastic previous Oz, hope we can get a good crowd out from behind the couches tomorrow for the virtual pub…..

    I still demand my personal responses from the last thread 😈 (just kidding, of course….)

    The opposing fan views are great! Obviously, I’m very up for the match, so apologies to anybody who thinks it’s too much (bottom of the last thread). I’m just goofing, dontchaknow…. and I too appreciate the more esoteric (if not extraneous) chat….

    My starting 11 is slightly different. Lu-lu goes to the bench for extra firepower in the last 20-25 if we need it, with a MF of Wilshere, Rosicky and Ramsey (and Santi, who plays where he wants to….) Otherwise, I think you’ve got it, with Gibbs (having done a job vs McManaman) keeping his spot. I definitely think Arteta could do the Willis Reed thing I was mentioning….

    Anyhow, GREAT job, (on a fantastic site which I feel lucky to have found….)


  • Wow, Ozzy Baby, you excel yourself. It must be all those luscious blonde surfer chicks you keep manhandling under the pretence of giving them surfing lessons. Terry says nice, very nice. hahaha

    i love the finger. hahaha. Stress is horrible, it can even make your thingy go floppy, not good. And now it all comes down to one game. Bit of a nightmare to be honest, i dont want my syrup to go grey, it might look unusual. hahaha

    Saying that, i reckon we will win and gutting the N17 no marks will feel good. I was thinking about our line up the other day and have gone with the same team as you. The only thing that concerns me is that without arteta and pushing santi inside for an away game weakens us defensivly, but i think its worth the risk.

    If by some miracle we dont win tommorow, i plan to go on a mad drunken bender geting in a bar brawl with blokes half my age, molest some lucky bird, again half my age, and then get myself nicked for pissing on a meat wagon

    So depending on good behaviour, i will see you all in about 6 months time. hahaha

  • is it me or is the HH influence starting to show on 17HT, he’s becoming more and more bullish everyday 😉

    cheers Paul (for predicting we win) and we’re disappointed in you Kev (first you say you want Arsenal to win and then predict a 1-1 draw ) booo

    re- NU dip in form or performance over the season, don’t you feel you lot are being a tad too harsh on the manager ? you keep selling your best players (much like us) and then don’t replace them or replace them with lesser quality players ( again much like us), who am i kidding,it’s all pardew’s fault 😀

  • TMHT,

    sounds like a fantastic plan to me and you would be back in time for the january 2014 transfers, hopefully with us sitting at the top of the EPL and in all other competitions .

    on 2nd thought, how about us winning, chelsea losing and then us knicking 3rd spot , allowing you to go out on a wee bender and a bird molests you instead 😉 this way you can be with us for the summer transfers as well .


  • About f**king time you came back and contributed something to the blog !. Where you been you f**king Marsupial Molesting Muff Muncher !. hahaha

    The best pre-match in the Arsenal Blogsphere by a lightyear !. So unique that I could hear the sound of Skippy`s gasps as you fist-f**ked his rectum, although, as it was a sound and not a vision, it could have been the other way around !. hahaha

    Super stuff mate !.

    I am now going to bed and will not get up until after the match has ended, my blouse awaits !. hahaha

  • 007. I was listening to talkSPORT on Friday and it was said by a Spud ( Paul Hawksbee of the H&J Show ) that even though Mike Ashley owns Newcastle, he is a Spud supporter, so there is your reason why !.

  • i think sunday is last time wenger to chouch arsenal .wenger i want spurs to beat you in top four becouse you do not want to sign big name i see you want sanogo who is sanogo if you want to win something you can sign higuin and jovetic and navas and belhand or zheko defence is good now

  • Stretches transplant is greyer than mine !. Being of Greek heritage, he uses Grecian 2000 on his bonce !. However, until he has an eyebrow Transplant, he has stuck two dead black hairy-jack caterpillars on his brow !. hahaha

  • so what are the odds of this 1 million actually coming directly from Gareth Bale FC 😀 i wonder,

    thanks for sharing that one, Dr.Glic

  • Cheers gents, appreciate your comments as always.

    @ Terry

    hahaha brilliant. I agree with 007 though, I think that outcome is a possibility if we finish 3rd also.

    @ 007

    It’s a very tough decision considering what’s at stake in this one. I’d be happy with Rosicky playing next to Arteta. It could be too attacking but Rosicky is a veteran and wouldn’t negate his defensive duties. I don’t think Arteta will make it for this one though, calf injuries are to hard to shake off.

    I think Pardew has done a good job bringing in new players. I was very envious of their last transfer window, especially Yanga-Mbiwa and Sissoko. Could be a case of too much player turnover too quickly, however probably had no choice given their injuries

    @ 17

    the virtual pub will definitely be out for this one. We’ll all be nervous and need get rid of the tension somehow (there is also the terry telescope way but who wants their mrs walking in seeing you do that whilst watching the football…Arsenal are good but I’m not sure they’d understand haha).

    Pod would be a good impact sub given how clinical he is but I’d his firepower from the beginning so we can get the lead early. I think if we score early Newcastle will fold pretty quickly and we can pile on some more just like Liverpool did.

    You’re right gibbs definitely earned it after the Wigan performance. Monreal is bringing the best out of him i feel.

  • Nesad Besad,

    Sanogo is signed for the youths and not to make up the numbers for senior team just yet, so hold your horses….we may still get your wish granted re- jovetic /higuain e.t.c

    have a little more faith and patience (i know it’s hard being a gunner but where we’ve waited this long, another couple of weeks won’t hurt)…but first thing first, let’s win tomorrow and wishing that we didn’t isn’t very gunner like .

    i have often criticized wenger and perhaps remain one his biggest critics along with piers morgan (don’t tell anyone) but now is not the time for that.

  • Welcome back to the pre match write ups Ozzy baby. You have been missed.

    And it’s Ozzy Baby, Ozzy baby from Oz

    He’s by far the greatest pre match

    The blogs have ever seen.

    Nice one maestro. Not sure about the line up tomorrow, it all depends on Arteta I suppose, whether he’s fit or not.

    Squeaky bum time for all I guess.

  • @ GLIC

    haha hey what i do alone with Skippy is my own business. Keep it up and I’ll hop in her pouch and we’ll pay a visit to Cornwall to rough you up (the fisticuffs way like Mrs VCC hands out when VCC steps out of line) 🙂

    you’re right i have been negating my pre-match duties. They’ll be back more often next year though.


  • Cheers VCC, you’re too kind.

    Squeaky bum time indeed! Those incontinence pants have left you more prepared than the rest of us! 🙂

  • Must be off, UFC and a full English beckons. Will respond to all after.

  • Hey Oz, I need company so that I keep my fingers on the keyboard….Otherwise my hands start a-roaming 😆 …

    As I said on the previous thread, I think AW will start Giroud up top just because he’s a bigger target for Sir Chezney’s long balls and we will need to stick with our current Route 1 routine all the more if Arteta doesn’t play. In this case Theo gets the nod over Lu-lu (in our 4-4-1-1 because he can run in behind for anything that Ollie gets his new hair-hat onto…. Santi, though they show him lining up on the left, more or less works with Rosicky as the front part of a four man MF and can make his assists (or goals) from anywhere….

    007, I’m always behind the manager and the guys in the shirt, you know, except when I’m not…. (And I’m bullish on tomorrow’s match, we’ll have plenty of time to worry about the longer term stuff….)

  • 17ht.

    spot on, as you begin feeling bullish about tomorrow i begin feeling nervous 😀

    why do we end up doing it the hard way ?

  • Many fantastic comments this evening and during the day. Loved reading the 17-monologues hahaha – top stuff from the Tiger of Tahoe! 😛

    Hope to be around a lot more tomorrow and I will get back in more detail on your fabulous post, Oz G. 🙂

    Ooh, and fat Ashley is only incentivising our boys with that sort of cheap shit.

    Come on You Fabulous Rip Roaring Gunners!

  • I can’t believe he’s offered his staff an extra 1M if they beat us.

  • @ 17

    I agree. It’ll definitely be Giroud. He’ll be fresh as a daisy which is rare at this stage of the season. And as they say “you don’t get smaller as the game goes on”. I also think he’ll want to bust a gut and prove his worth to Arsene (he’d feel pretty let down by Giroud getting that red card)

  • When you think about it, what Jack Wilshere has been doing these past few weeks, has been fantastic! He has a pin in his ankle that needs to be removed, and has been taking pain-killing injections to cope with training and what little time he has spent playing for us! Think about that! That’s craaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzy…he’s got an effin’ pin sticking him on the inside of his ankle 24 hours a day, every day! How does he even walk with that??? I don’t know, maybe it’s not as bad as it sounds, but I sure wouldn’t want to try it. He played well when he came on against Wigan, and that in itself is amazing. I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually starts the match and plays just as well, if not better! That young man, even with all the whining to the referees, has some pain threshold, and toughness!

  • Hahaha Oz, I had a blast reading that pre-match report! It was both informative and entertaining. I particularly enjoyed the jab at Bale and little greeting card to the Spuds at the end.

    I agree despite Le Toon having nothing to play for, they are extremely dangerous opponents with Cisse, HBA and Cabaye capable of turning the tide at any given minute. Newcastle are a much better squad than people give them credit for (and what the standings may show) so it’ll be a close game. Hopefully, Arsenal do not gain an early lead and play with the handbrake on. We need to be at our absolute best and I hope that is the last time I have to say that on the final few games of the season…well if it’s for a CL spot again, closing out for the title would be a whole different story :).

    Nice to see Toon fans speak highly of Arsenal and their fans, always a pleasure to confirm that we ooze class. As you well know from your past match previews, I love the ask the opposition sections as it gives us perspective on how others view our team that we may be taking for granted. What’s fascinating is how Santi’s contributions are even overlooked by fans of other clubs!

    “Mikel is a consummate professional who will give his all for the team”…after finding out that 17ht is a professional fluffer, we all know that he gives his all for the team as well hahaha!

  • To Fred, 17ht, Beegee, Kelsey, Terry & Rocky, I have finally gotten around to responding to each of your comments individually in the previous article, so have a read if you’re interested (17ht, I know you have been dying for me to respond to you 😉 ). As a result of your desperation, I devilishly only replied to one of your comments and will slowly respond to the others over a period of time hahaha!

  • And Admir! Forgot to mention you in my comment at 3:59 of posters I have responded to 🙂

  • To compensate for Arteta I would prefer the OX and hope for what he did against AC Milan last year. Coquelin, TV5 or Gibbs can also do the job. The big issue is how Ramsey is going to perfom surely that will also affect the other players around him

  • Simba :), I agree mate Ox was my wildcard choice to replace Arteta. He will be on better form than Jack and there is no fear of further aggravating an injury. If the game is still at a stalemate or we are down, only then should we bring on Jack. I would rather save him unless it is an absolute necessity, in order to give him more rest for his upcoming surgery and hopefully a quicker recovery.

  • Morning HH, cheers for the kind words.

    Newcastle are definitely not to taken lightly. With a full squad and the right motivation I think they are on par with Everton. I think a two goal buffer will see them drop their bundle pretty quickly. 1 goal with the handbrake will be bad news for both Arsenal and us following the game!

    One thing that surprises me through the whole ‘ask the opposition’ section is no one wants any of our defenders. Personally I think Koscielny is our most valuable player went in good form. That’s just me though, even Sagna who has been the best RB in the league for some time. Everyone does want Walcott though!

    Ox is a very good call, honestly didn’t even think about that. Worked a treat against Milan

  • @ VCC

    New pants required? I feel very confident to be honest. I think it’ll all fan out and we’ll finish 3rd!

  • OZ,

    Great pre match. Great time to have the privilege of your pre match post. One win away from St Totteringham’s day. One Win away from CL qualification and One win away to seeing Bale being sold off to Real Madrid.

    We’ve had a good run of Cup Finals in the past 6 weeks or so and now it has come down to this last match of the season to establish our place in the CL. Really is squeaky bum time for all of us. I would agree with VCC that my bum is also squeaky this afternoon.

    Arteta will be missed and I feel that whilst Newcastle have the talent to cause us a lot of headaches, I believe that our squad has the strength to get us over the line. Some may say that this has been one game too many under the pressure that we have been under but now it is time to show all that we have the talent to achieve this. After this game, the guys can have their surgery, holidays or whatever else they may do but today they have to grind out this win no matter what.

    By the way, thanks for the clips to the 7-3 win against the barcodes last time around. Anyone else think that our 7th goal by Theo is up there to win our goal of the season? Very reminiscent of the goal agains the Chavs last year.

    Great work Oz

  • Oz, i’m wearing three pairs at the moment, one fart and I think it will blast through at least two if not get through to the outer coating of the third.

    I’m taking a nice comfy pillow to lay on whilst cuddling up to GLiC behind his sofa.

  • Glic has asked Terry to come and make a threesome, and bring one of his pigeons with him.

    The plan is for all three of us to sit behind the sofa and terry will have his pigeon on his head just peeking over the back of the sofa watching the game.

    As in morse code, the said pigeons orders are, if Newcastle score he will shit on Terry,s head and if Arsenal score will let out a lovely loud coo.

    As in the expression when surprised ….Coo Shit. …..I want 4 coo,s to 1 shit. Please Mr. pigeon.

    If we win, copious amounts of GLIC,s champagne will be consumed and if we don’t, god help the pigeon…….well be eating pigeon pie.

  • HH
    Good Morning
    Certanly not new 🙂 Saw my first game in 1958.
    Mke Ashley has pledged one million pounds to non playing staff if they beat us today (source Sky Sports)
    Don’t forget Chelsea today.it might just be the day when their crowded fixture list is a game too much against a good Everton side and I have a feeling Baines and Fellini will play out of their skin as I fully expect either or both to land up at United. Everton have had a good season with limited resources but are cash strapped.

    sorry I posted this on yesterday’s thread.

  • Good morning all gooners.

    Four different Arsenal players (Walcott, Cazorla, Giroud & Podolski) have scored 10 or more goals in the Premier League this season, meaning that the Gunners are only the fourth side in history to have four players reach double figures in a single PL campaign.

  • mA, we will need them to add a few to their double-figure scores today.

    I am starting to think more and more that attack might be our best defence today, if indeed Arteta is not playing. Maybe play 4-1-2-3 and play to attack-minded midfielders in the ‘2’.

    Kelsey, I am also hoping the Chavs slip up today and yes Everton can do it.

  • Morning TA,

    We have to go out and attack. They have a talented team and we have to push and keep pressing. We need to score early and pile it on. Squeaky bum time indeed.

  • TA,
    1 am here in Melbourne. Definitely not a game to be missed. I’m already nervous now and I will not relax until we are happily singing 5-0 to the Arsenal. and The Chavs will lose 2-0 to the Toffees. Is that too much to ask for?

  • Alex, I meant midnight not early morning. 😳

    It will be tough, no doubt, but the boys have shown they like to fight and grind out results, and that is more important than anything else in a game like this. The BFG to score the winner and do that fantastic, animalistic celebration of his!

  • The game will be after midnight for me and I believe that for OZ, it will be a great time of 9pm if I am not mistaken. I was meant to say that it will be at 1 am, not that it is 1 am now. My Bad.

    I would settle for SCZC scoring a header in the 93rd minute. But BFG does deserve to score the winner

  • morning TA

    it’s true that they need to add on their double figures TODAY. but it also feels good that VJudas is clearly forgotten and we r no one man team. Giroud for me all the way and attack all the way.
    confident of a win

  • Morning Broke Backers 😆

    Squeaky Bum Sunday Deja Vu !.

    I`m not taking any chances. I have a hose stuck up my arse and fed directly into the septic tank !.

  • Hi Oz, I know that you have written quite a few pre-match posts for BK before I started writing posts and blogging on BK so this was the first time I had read one of your pre-match posts. A absolutely top, enjoyable and individual post. 🙂 Now I can see why TA and lots of other bloggers on BK have been trying to get you to write my pre-match posts. 😀

  • Well

    Long day for you and over-bloody-night for me… Anyway, I’ve no idea of the best lineup, they all dound plausibly great now… However, I will know it (or what it isnt 😦 ) when I see the result tomorrow…

    Oz, fantastic post… And we will see…

    Cheers – jgc

  • Oz, onto the match. If Arteta and Wilshere are not match fit I would like to see Rosicky playing alongside Ramsey. Rosicky has played in this position for us before and is experienced enough to do so in my opinion.

    I am not sure whether Giroud should come back into the team. The team have played well without him and Walcott/Podolski have proved that they can perform at the CF/ST role. I think it all depends on whether Giroud is sharp after not playing three games and can he perform in our most vital match. He could unsettle the team or could add another other dimension to our attack as our focal point.

    If Podolski is fully match fit he should start ahead of Giroud with Giroud coming on as an impact sub. If Podolski is not fully match fit then Giroud should start.

  • Oz, also if we are losing the match (which I hope we are not) I want Wenger to make early subs if he can the team is not working. He must do whatever it takes. If that means taking of Gibbs/Monreal, going to three at the back and bringing on Gervinho or the Ox it must be done.

    On another point our bench is pretty thin. Coquelin or Arshavin could make an appearance today.

  • @ Alex

    thank you for the kind words. KO at 1030 for me, then up for work at 445. Poor you though you’ll probably be going right through.

    I love Theo’s cross for our 5th. Can’t help but think if we had better crosses we’d see that more often.The 7th was an absolute ripper, i’d forgotten about it until i watched the highlights again! Definitely my tip for our goal of the season.

    You’re right we do have the squad. If we can’t beat Newcastle given their injuries, form, and what’s at stake then we should start pre-season training tomorrow.

  • @ AFC

    far too kind. I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts also.

    Wouldn’t that be something…Arshavin coming on to score a goal. It’d be a good farewell for him. Although i think we have more chance of seeing fabianski come on as striker then him making an appearance.

    I don’t think Podolski is fully match fit, it is clear he is labouring due to his ankle injury. Steven Taylor and Collocini are two tough defenders (wouldn’t mind seeing either in our squad) so I’d like to see Giroud pressure them constantly and then the sharp shooter Podolski come on if needed. Or alternatively play them together. I’d be happy with Rosicky in Ramsey’s position, he’d do it well, may be a touch too attacking though for an away game.

    See you all at KO. Get a change of pants ready, could be a bumpy ride!!!!

  • OZ,

    You are spot on, definitely going right through. The game will finish here around 3. I’ll have a shower, load up and then i have a 1 1/2 hour drive to Ararat. Have to be there by 6.30.
    It’s not the first time i’ll be doing this but it will be more pleasant for the apprentices if we get a result. If not, it will be a very quiet drive.

    Better crosses to Giroud would have probably produced a whole lot more for us this season.

    How much longer do you have to go before you finish?

  • @ AFC

    also Ox and Gerv to come on if needed is definitely fine by me! Also one of Rosicky or Jack

  • @ Alex

    Reminds me of Champions league nights when the games were on at 230. straight through the night. Couldn’t sleep.
    I know what you mean. If we finish 5th no one should talk to me at work, or anyone for that matter for at least a week.

    I’m all done now. Off to bali soon then it’s scholarship letters and organising my Phd topic

  • Congratulations to you and well deserved after all the hard work. The holiday is merely a small gift for your achievement but the rewards will be there for you in the future.

    Well done Mate

  • I’m almost shitting myself…..I will have to get extremely drunk tonight , either way.

  • Well done Oz with your dedication and hard work, you deserve it matey. Have a drink on GLiC.

  • Hi Guys, 🙂

    Late to the party but have to say, there have been some very good pre-Match Posts while Oz has been pestering the marsupials in darkest Aussie, but that is a return to his stunning best by Oz the maestro, and contains marvellous content presented in a magical way.

    Lovely! 😀

  • hahaha, not feeling nevous at all, we will beat Newcastle.

    I have developed a habit of lounging around the loft el naturalalista. Very invigorating. Never tried it watching an Arsenal game though, so when we score i must remember to control myself otherwise i might have an accident. hahaha

  • yep Total. Will prob be getting smashed tonight, win draw or lose.

    Hi Redders, hope your having a good day Amigo.

    Terry watch out for those pigeons flying over your head, especially Gerald, he’s got a fat arse. 😉

  • Hi Beegee,

    I have checked ‘Spam’ and ‘Trash’ and there are no comments of you there. I can assure you that I am not deleting any of your comments, and why would I: they are fantastic?!

    WordPress can sometimes be tricky though.

  • Good Evening to All,

    Just over an our to go. The nerves are kicking in. COYG. You can do it

  • VCC,

    GLIC will at least be comforted by one of his many Lesbanians at least

  • James Bond
    May 18, 2013 @ 22:34

    i am proud of myself 😀

    we’re unchanged from the side that beat Wigan which means Giroud sits on bench – i likes !

  • I thought I`d do a stretch and go au natural behind the sofa, trouble is the missus has just invited in the local W I members in for some tea and biscuits !…..this is going to be a long 2 and 3/4 hours !. I hope none of them drops their biscuit on the floor and it rolls under the sofa !, searching for a biscuit and grabbing hold of my knob could have my wife chucked off the committee !. hahaha

  • Hahaha Glad to see my humour is rubbing off on you Totes……..well you know what I mean !. hahaha

  • right that’s it, I’m off down the pub for early refreshments.

    Catch you later guys.

  • Official on Arsenal.com !.
    Well done 007. I hope you have picked us the right result as well !.

  • They only have to bust a gut for 90 odd mins Totes !. No international tournaments this summer so they can have a long time recuperating !.

  • GLIC,

    I agree, 90 minutes left in this season. All they have to do is give it their all and put themselves in a position to play in the competition that they want to play in. Their destiny is in their hands.

  • Morning Boys….Big Match today, 8 am start for me….Lineup unchanged from Tuesday….Wow!….

  • Morning 17ht,

    Definitely a Big Match. COYG
    I think that ive smoked nearly a pack of ciggies in the past 5 hours

  • HERE WE GO!!!

    @ VCC and Alex

    thank you for that, really appreciate it!

    @ RA

    cheers RA, glad you enjoyed it!

  • Hi Alex & HH…. Harmony, Thanks for getting back to me yesterday 😆 The line-up is a surprise for me, but I like it…..

  • And Oz, out from behind his couch!!! Indeed a great match preview….I even showed it to my wife (the English teacher) who loved it in it’s entirety….

    We have kick-off and we look solid stroking the ball around….

  • Uh, that was a little too easy….Cisse should’ve hit the target….

  • Letting your personal preferences get in the way of your selections HH?…..

    Kos rose soooo high but couldn’t find the far post with the header…..Argh….

  • Geez, a little iffy at the back. Kos there to mop it up however….

  • WTF is Mert doing out there? I’ve never seen him take this many gambles before. Not the day!

  • We’re starting to apply a bit of pressure….Pitch looks a little hairy to me…. That FK came off Kenny G (Coloccini)….

  • Called Mert getting the armband if Arteta couldn’t play too!

  • Ox cuts off the pass to Theo….Agree about Kos, Rohan….

  • God damn it Santi, not these shots that continuously sail over the bar again.

  • Lu-lu offsides (tight) but saved anyway, Ben Arfa gets by Gibbs but shoots over….This is all too tight for my liking….C’mon Boys!!!!

  • The match is opening up and their balls forward are looking lazier….We’ve got to get the break…Ramsey slip, somehow called a foul….

  • This match blew wide open in the second half last time out, let’s hope we’re on the winning end again.

  • Halftime and it’s all pretty cagey so far….We need a little more drive forward….Newcastle looked slower as the half went on, I thought, but we need to take it to them and get the first goal….Arteta gamble didn’t really pay off….

  • God a very nervous 45 ahead. I’ve lost count at how many amount of times I’ve flicked between 3 channels. Keep going Sunderland and Everton! Come on Arsenal!

    @ 17

    Glad you and the Mrs enjoyed it. Generally as a rule of thumb it’s best not to show someone so proficient in English, they’d be shaking their heads in disgust 🙂

  • Need a little more composure and better decision making in the final third. I noticed our players will look in one direction and force a pass through, often ignoring players making runs behind them.

  • Seb Larsson looks like he got pretty fortunate with his grab and push on Bale being called a dive….

  • OMG,
    We need more composure. We do like to make it hard on ourselves.
    Anyone else noticed we have a few guys playing out of position a little too often.
    BFG is almost playing RB

  • Alex, I have no idea what Sagna is doing defensively today. Mert has been left covering for him on the right and his lack of pace is obviously going to be exposed on the flanks. Mert has also committed far too many gambles on defence today (two to three, which is uncharacteristic for him) and Kos has bailed him out each time. Kos & Gibbs have been solid, but we need a better effort from our entire team defense.

  • @ 17

    The similarities between both he and ronaldo are frightening. Even the same bloody walk back when taking a free-kick. Another similarity is both have ridiculous hair cuts and i hate them!

  • Agreed HH and Alex. Not sure what Sagna is doing. Perhaps trying to support Theo more given Jonas’ solid tracking back. Unfortunately he isn’t contributing at both ends of the field.

  • Oz between who and Ronaldo? Ronaldo’s quality on the ball and touch are far superior to the monkey of Wales.

  • To me, the pitch looks slow and it’s hurting a couple of our boys (Santi and Theo in particular) struggling with it. It’s maybe helping Rambo, however….

    I think that if we just drive at them hard while staying smart in our shape we’ll get the breakthrough and go on from there….

    2 half is on!

  • Theo had poldi free in the middle, sometimes his decision making is what lets him down

  • our forward line is too static at the moment and when they lose the ball there is no sense of urgency to get it back

  • Ox is awfully aggressive on defense, so far his tackles are working….

    Kos out of position, but Sir Chesney awake to the through ball….

  • not to sure the ox experiment was the right decision. Jack’s injury must be more serious than i do!


  • This will now open the game up some more. We have to find the spaces and keep on attacking

  • come on EVERTON!!!

    What does one do if we are leading by a goal yet need one more goal to pip chelsea for third? too risky to go for it???

  • harper you old shit!

    @ Rohan

    agree. our most important player i feel.

  • @oz gunner

    Definitely in defence, his level of athleticism and concentration has improved immesurably.

  • There seems to be a few of our players out there on their last legs. We may need a couple of subs soon

  • Toonies giving it a little fight now….Time to grab a 2nd on the break….

  • so just to clarify. at the moment if scores stay the same between us and chelsea (1-1) do we finish third? ESPN live table says so. I though it went on goals scored if GD and points were the same?

  • Oz, Chavs would finish third, I believe we need to score two since it goes to GS first? That’s what FoxSoccer said anyway…

  • I think that’s wrong, Oz….They’re two ahead on goals scored in that scenario….

    In other words, we need a 2nd (at least)….

  • No, if it stays the way it is chelsea finish above us, we either have to win by two goals or win 3-2 if the chelsea score stays the same

  • Bugger. I think it should be the alphabetical order rule…only fair!

  • C’mon Boys!!! We need a 2nd so that, if Chelsea draw, we win on GD….right?

  • Great D from Gibbs, not so much from Mert….

    Ollie coming on…

  • Good sub by AW. We need OG’s height to defend and to hold up the ball better up front now.

  • …and it means I’m no longer getting 14 points in the UMF league. Selfish Everton…bloody selfish!

  • Cmon Arsenal,

    Lets get this second. We cannot just sit back or this will be a very long 10 or so minutes

  • Kos is so dominant….Nervy here….I would really like to see us score a 2nd….

  • This pitch looks awful, at least 8 players have slipped in the past 10 minutes

  • Gibbs looked solid there, gets a yellow for arguing the call….

  • Come on Everton and Arsenal I don’t want to hear that our transfer activity is being held back until be get passed the qualifiers!!!

  • C’mon guys, the game isnt over yet, lets show some urgency. I cant take this !!!!

  • Bale again. DEFEND FOR DEAR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just when i was preparing for my post match trolling

  • Christ come on fake an injury, something!!!! come on time!!!!!!!!!!



    Not the ideal finish but right now who cares.


  • Well, we did what we needed to do….Not pretty, but there it is….

    CL qualifier in August will be another great test….

    Quite the season, eh….

    ManUre wins title despite conceding nearly as many goals as we did last season, Mancini Sacked, Spuds Where they belong,
    We won the 4th place trophy again.

  • As expected Sunderland and Everton let us down, but we did not let ourselves down, and that is even more important than qualifying for the CL (well almost).This team has spine and spirit, grid and graft. I am so proud of our boys in red and white. LIke Rohan says HAPPY DAYS!!!! 🙂

  • Watching the spurs reactions when they scored is great. one of their assistants was sliding around all over the place.

    @ Alex

    very crazy, cant believe we got there again.

  • I love you Broke Backers and I want you to all have my babies !


  • @OZ

    Defensively in the end we were only behind Man$hitty in goals conceded.
    It seems that with a little more work and seeing that we can now win ugly the future may look brighter than we think.

    A couple of smart buys, JW and Poldi recovering in the off season, the team starting off the blocks well can certainly mean that we can close the gap to ManUre and that ReallyVilePrick

  • Wow….I feel knackered….I could’ve really used Theo’s toe poke going in to make it a little easier on my heart….

    Agree Total about the grit we showed down the stretch. The manager maybe deserves some credit for keeping it all together and making some difficult decisions about his players….Another 1-nil to the Arsenal, but none too boring….

  • ” I`m shaking like a leaf ! “, doesn`t even come close !, more like shaking like a pneumatic drill !, If I touch my knob, I will come in 2 sec`s !. hahahahahahaha

  • @ GLIC

    hahahaha brilliant. Your Mrs tells me that’s the norm ever since you put mirrors on the room of your bedroom

  • Unbelievable !. No way should we be 4th !, but In Arsene we trust !. His greatest achievement imo after all the turmoil !.

  • I shall try and calm down and then troll some spud sites under my pseudonym of “Ian Ure Face” !. They`re gunner get Glictified !. hahahaha

  • @ Alex

    terrific result defensively. I think we are pretty well set defensively (depends on verms staying/going).

    Like always i’ll go into next thinking we can win the lot! Couple of new attacking signings and we are good to go!

    @ All

    enjoy the celebrations. we did it!!!!!!!

  • Highlights from Chavs-Everton show that they got very lucky….Howard mishandled for the first goal and Gibson has a shot which hit the post twice, the second coming back off Cech’s head!!

    I guess we would’ve needed a second if they had drawn, however…

  • I’ll be trolling too GLIC, i cant find the popular spurs blogs. I’ll be under ‘lasagne gate’

  • I need some of Dr Glic`s medicine to calm down, I`m bungee jumping off the ceiling using my knob as elasticated rope !. hahahahaha

  • To ALL OF YOU FINE GENTEMEN (Including you Glic of course),

    Time to get ready for work. I will be absolutely wrecked with no sleep but I am one happy
    MF to say the least. Until later.

    Enjoy ur day

  • I will look out for you Oz baby !. I do need to calm down though !. The climax of 38 games is going to need some steam let off somewhere !. hahahaha

  • hope the happiness keeps you going alex.

    haha GLIC. alright off I go to let spurs fans know the results of today’s fixtures

  • Spurs highest points tally ever…still not good enough to finish above us hahahahahaha

  • Let the transfer madness ensue! Cavani linked to the mighty Arsenal :). Let’s run rampant with crazy rumours!!!

  • What I loved about today’s result is we took matters into our own hands and did not rely on the other results. Kos easily MoTM and Theo really should have scored late there.

    Neville is 100% correct though, yes we can celebrate CL qualification but we must get much, much better this summer.

  • Well, that was a lot closer than i wanted, but we did it!!! 😀 Hahahahahaha apparently, when we scored, the fans at White Hart Lane were celebrating because they thought Newcastle scored??? 😀 If that’s true, that’s hilarious!!! 😀

  • Good morning Mr Wenger, and what can I do for you on this fine Monday morning?

    Arsene Wenger – I would like 3 transfers please. Two top of the range, and one middle one please.

    Certainly. No problem. Perhaps something for the weekend to go with them?

    Arsene Wenger – Mmmmn. Not a bad idea. But make these cheap, but with great potential. You know how I love those?

    Well we may have one in stock, but the other may take another week or so. Is that okay?

    Arsene Wenger – That is fine. Ivan will be able to gain a few more air miles explaining to Stan that is what we need if we are to win a trophy or two. I do not suppose I can put a Trophy down on my ‘wish list’ can I?

    Sorry, not my department ….

    An excerpt of ‘Conversations with God’, now available on the i-player

  • VCC – Have you checked your email? I said I looked but could not go back further than Monday. As I do not hang around after posting them I think they may be in a ‘spam box somewhere. But I sent a copy of what I thought was on the original to you, immediately after the one about you not reading my horsey blog.
    Get Ta to check his spam box, I think I may have hi a queue?

  • Gerry agreed, let’s get a top notch ST and DM in and an experienced back-up GK! Then we’re all set. If we somehow feel the need to bring in another hybrid ST/CAM, then why not 🙂

  • I would take Higuain ahead of Jovetic, purely based on his experience and track record of being a clinical finisher. He obviously doesn’t flash the same burgeoning potential that Jovetic does, but he’s the finisher we desperately need.

    Let’s get this done!! At £18-22 million, Higuain represents the ideal, below market value price that AW would spend on. As I said in a response to Fred on the last article, AW will spend big, but not over the odds or meet a club’s inflated valuation just to secure a player’s service.

    I’m anxiously awaiting to see some confirmed early deals in the coming weeks, similar to that of Podolski last season :). Great time to be a Gooner, now my favourite part of football is finally here…TRANSFER WINDOW SEASON!!!

  • Hahahaha I just got banned from a Spud site….The Fighting Cock !. More like…..The Sucking Cock !. hahaha
    Thing is, I started off very polite !. Is there some reason why they didn`t want to come out and play ?. hahaha

  • HAHAHAHA I can’t get enough reading the comments on Spuds sights!!! “I feel physically sick right now and want to bury my head in some depressing pit of shit until next season” or “Fuck the refs, fuck not getting one penalty this year, fuck injuries, fuck those club that took points off of us…fuck those clubs for bending over to Arsenal”…reply from another Spuds fan: “How was it Arsenal’s fault that those teams took points off of us?” hahahaha!

    They’re making fun of US for celebrating 4th, when they’re celebrating the most points ever in the PL!!!

  • Glic, based on the fact that you get off when one, four letter word is mentioned, I think you do not need help in regards to ED hahaha ;).

  • Glic, I believe it officially opens either today or tomorrow, but transfers cannot be officially confirmed until June 1st IIRC.

  • Poor Total !. He doesn`t like it !. I just lurveeeeeee it ( even though I`m usually disappointed, but I`ve a strong feeling Arsene will spend like never before ! ) !.

  • Whose going to be the first person to come on site at one second after midnight and say……” Have we bought anyone yet ? ” . hahaha

  • Glic, I’ve started to categorize some targets:


    Most linked – Jovetic, Higuain, Sanogo, Villa

    Linked but less likely – Remy (convicted of rape), Rooney (beats prostitutes, much discussed issues with balding, though SS may see this as a benefit to attract attention away from his toupee), Bony (not many strong links)


    Most linked – Cesar, Valdes

    Linked but less likely – Mignolet (not relegated, why come in as a back-up), Adler (same deal as Mignolet, but conceded quite a fair amount of goals relative to goals scored), Patricio (valued too high at £13 million, no reason to pay so much for an experienced back-up), Ulreich (similar to Adler, but plays on a weaker side so his statistics are perhaps a bit more impressive. Much younger at 24 years of age though)

  • DM:

    Most linked – Gonalons, Capoue, Toulalan

    Linked but less likely – Wanyama (no reason for Celtic to sell, high valuation at £20 million, he must ask to leave in order to facilitate a transfer), Kondogbia (wants to stay in La Liga and Real Madrid have apparently been scouting him. Too high of a transfer fee considering he’s only had success for one year at Sevilla), Rode (has not been linked with a move away in a while, not sure what’s going on with him right now), L.Bender (£30 million is likely too rich for AW), S.Bender (BD already losing Gotze and Lewandowski, no reason to sell), Gundogan (see comments after S.Bender), Benat (with new partnership in place, he could be the easiest target to sign, but may be seen as too similar to Arteta/Ramsey and AW may be looking for higher quality)

  • Forgot about Benteke and Aubemeyang as linked but less likely ST targets and Strootman as a linked but less likely DM target.

    I have not listed CAM players, mainly because I do not believe AW is looking to reinforce/add to this area this summer with Jack, Rosicky, Ox and Santi all capable of playing there (eventually Eisfeld too maybe).

  • I categorized some targets as well…..There`s the girl down the lane and I`d like to play with her two up front !……..oh I see we are talking football ! hahaha

    I expect Isco sometime after midnight, so don’t drag your heels Arsene or at least a Muniain by the time I get up in the morning !.

    To tell the truth, I`m quite happy with our goalies and would not waste any money on another goalie if it means taking money away from an attacking player !. For example, I would rather it had been us who had met Goetze`s release price of £30M ( ? ), than us buy a goalie for £10M and get Jovetic for £20M !.

  • Hahaha Glic, I would not be happy with Mannone as our back-up next season! Fabianski is out of contract this summer, and I don’t think it’s worth extending him. Cesar’s transfer fee would only be about £3 million or less so I’m sure AW won’t be sacrificing much by bringing him in.

  • Latest news is that Juventus are looking to sign want-away ST Tevez ahead of Higuain. Should be a very, very interesting few days. It makes more sense from Juve’s perspective to sign Tevez over Higuain since they Llorente has already agreed to a FT there. Tevez complements his game as SS very nicely and Juve will definitely be a team competing with Bayern, Madrid and Barca next season.

    Buffon, Pirlo and Vidal are all world-class players with an incredible supporting cast of top quality players in Marchisio, Pogba, Llorente, Chiellini, Giovinco, Anelka, Bonucci, Vucinic and maybe even Tevez…truly a squad to be reckoned with, especially when one considers that Vidal is only 25 and already rated as the 2nd best B2B midfielder after Schweinsteiger in the world, even though he is better statistically.

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