Violently happy KOZ we love you – Phenomenal Laurent does it again!

Thanking The Guardian for this great picture!
Thanking The Guardian for this great picture!

After scoring the winner for us in our last game of the season against West Brom last year – effectively winning us a guaranteed CL-spot – Koz does it again today! What is not to love about Laurent Koscielny at the moment?!

As expected Sunderland and Everton let us down today, but we did not let ourselves down, and that is even more important than qualifying for the CL (well almost).This team has spine and spirit, grit and graft. I am so proud of our boys in red and white today!

An unchanged team seemed a bit of a risk by Wenger,  and especially the inclusion of El Zorro was unexpected. Perhaps Arsene valued the psychological benefit of including the Spaniard more than his ootential technical and tactical contributions on the day. Another, semi-surprise was Giroud not starting up-front as most of us had anticipated. Other than that, there were no surprises in Wenger’s team selection.

The game basically had four phases:

  1. A nervy and disorganised start: we seemed all over the place and play without our usual cohesion and discipline. NU were determined to give us a game and were getting alongside and behind our defence far too easily during this phase. Arteta had to go off, and the Ox made his entrance;
  2. Things started to change gradually as we got more grip on the game and NU seemed to ease off a bit as well. However, we were hardly creating any chances during this phase and it was clear we needed Arsene to sort the team out during the break;
  3. The first part of the second half was better again, and we struck lucky when Koz powered Podolski’s assists, from a Walcott free-kick, past Harper from close range. 1-0 to THE Arsenal.
  4. The remainder of the game saw us play our best football in all areas of the pitch, but as we were unable to score a second – despite Theo coming agonizingly close – it remained a very nervy encounter right till the end.

In the end, there were two things that saw us through: the hunger, grit and graft of the entire team and the outstanding performance of Laurent Koscielny. His goal was no doubt the most important one in an Arsenal shirt, but what also made a real difference was his perfect defensive performance against NU today.

When Koz is in this sort of form he is simply unbeatable. He out-jumped the NU attackers all afternoon, made vital and extremely well-timed interceptions  in the box – both on the ground and in the air – and stole the ball of his opponents with incredible hunger and precision – committing hardly any fouls in the process. What a player he is becoming and it goes without saying that Arsene needs to keep all defenders together this summer, and for me that includes Sagna and Vermaelen.

Other than the score  (and what it means), and that performance of Koz – and I also thought BFG and both full backs had very fine second half performances – the game will be forgotten quickly: it was anything but a classic.

But the sustained period in which this team has shown the hunger, grit and determination to not get beaten by the Spuds for a top-four finish, after they beat us at the beginning of March and went seven points ahead of us, is just what this team needed.  Five PL away-wins in a row – first time since 2004!! – eight wins out of our last ten PL games: what a turn around, and what a solid basis for the new season.

The foundations are laid, the walls are up, the roof is almost finished and the Spuds are stored firmly in the cellar; now let’s add some super quality furniture and polish off what we already have: Arsenal might be gunning for the top prizes next season! 😉

But before we start the silly season, I would like to say a big thank you to all the recent regular players: for their drive and passion and for playing for the shirt with all they had. More we could not have asked for, and they have done us proud!

Written by: TotalArsenal.

232 thoughts on “Violently happy KOZ we love you – Phenomenal Laurent does it again!

  • Excellent article TA, what more can honestly be said about Koz? He is simply fantastic and his goals always seem to come at timely moments (draw against $hitty, winner this year and last year in the final game to secure CL)! He bailed Mert out on quite a few occasions in the first half, though some of the blame rests on Sagna since he left Mert exposed twice.

    I also thought Rosicky was excellent today and he really helps drive our team forward since we often lack the nerve or confidence to do so. Ches was never really tested but played aggressive and ensured that any balls played into the box were his. That is the sort of GK that we need from him, just be good and consistent enough to let us win!

    Just a small note, but did you mean “grit” and not “grid”? Unless it’s some sort of UK saying I’m not familiar with 🙂 …

    Looking forward to the start of the TW!!!

  • TA ;), it’s as if it never happened!

    I really hope we do not sell Rosicky this off-season as we can all clearly see how invaluable he is for this team. He understands how to play direct football and his one-touch passes to others are fantastic. Santi and himself seem to have a fantastic understanding with one another in tight spaces and their combinations are a joy to watch.

    I’m further comforted by AW’s post-game comments that there’s a lot to look forward to this summer and that it’s imperative to maintain stability and to further strengthen this group. Based on his comments and history in the TW, my hope of only 3 signings looks promising. Too many new players in and the balance and chemistry becomes too volatile and too few players in and perhaps we will not have done enough to better ourselves and compete with the best.

  • HH,

    Agreed on signing just a few and as we have many days to go without proper footie I am sure we will talk a lot about potential and realistic transfers.

    I had a different experience re Rosicky today. I felt for the second time in a week that it is time to let him go, as I did not rate his contributions during most of the game. We must have seen different things today, which of course can happen! 🙂

  • TA, top post and happy we are in the CL once again. For me this down to Wenger. He has done it again and again and I think not even SAF would have been to get us in the CL again and again with the squads we have got. The squads have got weaker over the years but Wenger has got stronger as a manager. We now need to buy some quality players so we can once again challenge for silverware. 🙂

  • I remember when the Spurs fans started cheering because they thought Newcastle had scored. 😀

    Bale also scored another good goal although the opposing defender should have done a better job. I see Bale at Man U next season.


    Firstly, I’d like to ask someone who is good with that sort of numbers: how much money did Laurent Koscielny earn to Arsenal with decisive goals in last matches of previous and this season? Not bad for the defender. 🙂

    It was a hard-fought victory and it should go straight to the archives. Now, let’s improve our team with two or three signings (a defensive midfielder, a world-class striker), heal Wilshere, Podolski and Arteta (I’m afraid Diaby’s career is over 😦 ), re-sign Sagna and Fabianski, clear the squad from players that never met expectations (Santos, Bendtner, Chamakh, maybe even Gervinho…while Arshavin and Squillaci are leaving next month anyway), keep our best players from this season (Cazorla might be tempted by City and Pellegrini while Guardiola has been linked with Koscielny and Wilshere), do a proper pre-season and let’s start winning trophies from 2013-14.

  • AFC 🙂

    Absolutely, Wenger and Bould deserve a lot of credit, but I wanted to thank the players first. They have done us proud on the pitch, and I believe in this group of players going forward.

  • Happy St Tott day, Admir and others 😛

    I cannot help it, but I actually feel a bit sorry for them. Really happy we finished above them though.

  • Hi Admir, I think Fabianski and Mannone will not be Arsenal players next season.

    I feel we need an cheap experienced GK, top DM, top CF/ST and maybe another defender but this is not a necessity.

  • Great post Totes !.
    I`m so relieved !. The game after the defeat at the Spuds, I chose to wear some new lucky Red Y-Fronts and as I`m superstitious , I did not want to ruin our luck, so the said item has been worn for our unbeaten 11 match run ( inc Munchies CL game ! ), thats since March the 13th !( lucky for some ) . It feels so nice to have finally chiselled them off and you can thank my lucky pants for the 4th place trophy winning run !. hahaha

  • Hahaha Glic – and who could possibly argue against you. I bet those WI women were thrilled with the smell in your house! 😛

  • TA, now Wenger needs to prove that idiot Piers Morgan wrong by winning us some trophies.

  • I just cannot believe how many times the Chavs and Spuds have had an opposition player sent off in the second half when they were behind in recent games; after which they turned a losing position into a win…. 😕

  • If Bale comes up for sale for £50M, then a statement of intent would be for us to sign him !. The mass sobbing in N17 would cause a tsunami and put back the Sainsbury Stadium by 20 years !.

  • The smell was OK Totes, after more than 2 months, the shit had turned to compost, I sent some to Vickers to put around his Roses !. hahahha

  • The Bale Football Club cannot sell him, that would be suicide. they would be fighting Newcastle for 10th place next season if they do. But if they get 60 million they could replace him with Andy Carroll and Gaitan from Benfica. *sarcasm alert!

  • $AFC

    Bale might be a lowly Spud but he is worth 60 million quid. he is a deadly finisher, with pace and strength.

  • ArseneIsYourDaddy, I see Bale going to Man U for around 30-40 million. Levy might try to play games with clubs looking to buy Bale but they will not work.

  • AFC 🙂

    He is a good player and apparently a Gooner as well. So, yes I would not mind having him at all. But I am honestly more excited about Jovetic and the one thing I would really want is the return of the prodigal son! 🙂

  • £30-35 mil. He is good but not that good, yet. I guess if he is prepared to go to one of the Oilers, it might be £5-10m more.

  • Admir,

    Love your enthusiasm and that we see eye to eye on how the TW should play out for us :).

    However, I truly believe Jack idolizes Gerrard and is committed to being a one club player. He grew up in the academy and lives right near the stadium/training ground and it is all he knows. If we can remain competitive enough over the years, winning some silverware along the way, I see no reason for him to leave. Just as Merseyside have their Mr.Liverpool in SG, THE club of North London will have their Mr.Arsenal :D.

  • TA, that’s what I thought. 40 million max. More and you are taking a huge risk.

  • TA & AFC, while Bale is nowhere near worth being a £60 mil + player, I could easily see some oil clubs paying over the odds to acquire him. Ronaldo was sold for £80 mil many years ago and Bale’s stats suggest he is following a similar trajectory, albeit less successful in returning his club trophies and also slightly less proven at the same age. There’s no reason to believe that he won’t garner £45-55 mil in a transfer this summer. And yes, I truly believe he will be sold. He’s too good of a player to constantly be playing Europa league footy.

  • HH

    Let’s put an ‘honour’ bet on between us: I say he will not be sold for more than £39m and you say he will be sold for £40m or more. Bet or not bet?! 😛

  • TA, in regards to Rosicky, it simply is a difference of perspective. While his contributions did not lead directly to goals or a complete domination in midfield, his drive to get our offense going was crucial imo. After we scored, he became invisible but our entire 11 played more with the handbrake on, only going forward on counterattacks.

    No player on our squad has the same forward mentality that Rosicky does. Without him in the line-up, we’d see more of the conservative, sideways/backwards passing crap that seems to plague our squad. Ramsey has started to move forward more, but still lacks the quality/confidence to play the same ball, through pass or one-touch that Rosicky can.

  • Deal TA. What the hell is this thing called “honour” though? 😉

  • HH, the difference with Ronaldo is that he performed year in year out for United and done the same back in Portugal. Bale has only had one good season.

  • Rosicky has been acting like a ‘free-winger/player’ recently, rather than somebody who gives structure and shape to our play – takes the game by the scruff of the neck. I know he can do the latter but I found him all-over the place recently.

  • Also, I frequently favour players with class and skill on the ball. Silky, fluid players match my playing style/personality much more than the blue collar type like Ramsey and OG. Perhaps that skews a more favourable perspective towards Rosa :).

  • AFC, which is why I said he’d be sold for less than 80 mil mate :). However, one cannot deny how much he’s improved this year and is a top 15 player in the world right now.

  • Sign 1 more world class striker , 1 really safe experianced goalkeeper and a good holding midfielder and the gunner’s are bang in business for next season. When you consider Wenger will improve Lucus Podolski and la la la la la GIROUD, The team will be awesome and with great depth. Wenger will improve them and i believe he is ready to spend this time after the last couple of close shave at the end of seasons and improving teams that compete with us, the stadium is paid off now or as good as . Its team for Wenger to treat himself and the gunners family to some players to push us on to winning cups again and i cant wait 🙂

  • TA, for me, it’s not important for Rosa to give our attack shape. It’s imperative how his link-up play and understanding with the players around him is. As an older player, it’s more about getting more out of those around him and he played the ball to Santi, Rambo, Ox and Theo very well on several occasions (especially to Santi and Rambo).

    He did have a few surging runs that brought us forward, but he was fouled each time or a teammate got in his way (Ox running forward and clumsily kicking the ball out of bounds for example).

  • TA, I love passionate players who play with their heart on their sleeves too (in addition to the aforementioned silky, fluid players). My favourite players of this current Arsenal squad are Jack, Santi, Ox, Diaby, Koz, Rosa, Jenkinson and to a lesser degree Ches, Gibbs and Theo (with Gnabry, Eisfeld and Aneke as upcoming favourites).

  • Koc you lil beautyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    Disclaimer : HH reckons i’m the Koc of BK hence i love myself.

    what a nail bitter, what a season finale, justice has been served, hard work rewarded, brave decisions made by AW justified

    start the engine time now i reckon for Gareth bale fc.

    Glic, bale for 50 million ? that would be bargain of the century, anything less than 80 million for bale would be a bargain i reckon, considering his age, versatility and of course him being british (if andy c was 35 million then i’m sure Gale is 3 times as much)….but we don’t care, and i wouldn’t want him anywhere near arsenal , we’re not a one man team nor we will be in the near future but Gareth bale fc shall always remain !

    roll on the summer and the summer signings of

    – Jovetic / Cesc /Higuain

    – Fellaini / Bender

    – Cesar/Cech/ Mignolet (he’s a gooner by the way)……..wouldn’t mind Micah richards either (also a gooner) if we sold sagna

    re- chelsea game, everton should have won that one, deserved to win it but i feel Man utd did them a favour by not playing their strongest 11 not so long ago…

    the inquest at white hart lane begins and spuds remains a wee club in north london playing on thursdays, muahahahahhahahahahahahah

  • I like Verm a lot too, but it’s a shame he cannot get into the first team and find the form that got him into the EPL team of the year a couple seasons ago.

  • If Gareth Bale moves next season, I can foresee 4 likely destinations:

    Bayern Munich (gasp! A powerful signing to a dominant team), Real Madrid, Chelsea, AC Milan.

    It has to do with the capacity of the club to pay the fees and Bale’s sponsorship link with adidas. (The other 4 clubs also has sponsorship links with adidas, esp. BM’s ties are strongest)


    We need a couple of old and experienced heads to guide our youngsters in midfield, and Arteta and Rosicky provided that (defensively and offensively)

  • Fair enough HH and that explains why we both value Rosicky’s performances differently at the moment.

    I like all our current first-team players, but for different reasons. In my work teams, I always looked for both Jack/Santi types as well as Ramsey/Arteta types hahaha

  • i’m up for a wager with anyone who reckons bale would be sold for anything less than 60 million !

    maybe if they sold him last year, he would have fetched closed to 40-45 million but after this season no way is he going for anything less than 60 mills, anything below that would be a coup for any team !

  • Hello TotalArsenal to be honest i am happy and fully trust wenger to find a great striker i was impressed with the Jovetic ex spelling i think he is very good, i really like David Villa i think he would be perfect a all out finisher i would go for him but you would only get 3 years out of him due to age, but he is perfect except that.
    DM’r i would go for the the guy who plays for Celtic , Victor W i have seen him play and he is great , very skillful , a great all round midfielder but very very good defence wise, he is an improvement on Song , i dont want to say Arteta even though we al know he is out of position because i really respect him, but i would love for him to get a chance and push on and score goals again.
    Keeper Begavic from stoke for me.
    What about yourself ? what do you think?

  • Agreed JB (why the hell did you switch your name? 😉 ). It’s not ridiculous at all to suggest that a club will dish out more than 60 mil to acquire his services, just that I do not believe he is worth in excess of 60 mil. My bet with TA is that I think Bale will be sold for over 40 mil (prize is some stupid thing called honour, I mean what the hell is that anyway?).

  • He is so overrated, JB. Just like Modric he would make little impact at the giant Spanish clubs. They are not going to pay more than £35m for him, no way. Chelsea have bought a number of wingers in recent years, so I cannot see them by him. Maybe Citeh or MU. The former might pay in the region of £40m but not more, I reckon.

  • a special mention for the OX, he bossed it today from midfield and was driving us forward and wasn’t too bad sweeping up at the back either…..imagine this for a midfield down the years…..

    Ramsey – Wilshere – OX (that may turn out to be a special special partnership for many years to come with Theo playing on the right ) scary

    oh and Poldi needs to get well, get his minor ankle thingy sorted and then work extremely hard in training up front or just slot back to the left wing (his best position for me as he can least fire those accurate crosses in or dart them in at pace).

  • Or go big and go for Lewendolski, or Falco why let Chelsea and City always take the cream? It has to be worth a bid or 2.

  • ProudG, you have just said all I would have said, more or less. Except, I would like an experienced 30+ GK rather than Begavic, but I can see why you would want him.

  • TA, when I build my teams, I always look to have players like Ramsey and OG on the bench. Outstanding teammates who rarely complain and perform their duties for the benefit of the overall team, able to come on to the pitch to defend a lead and give life to a game with their energy.

    Ever since the Invincibles were pieced together, I’ve had an infatuation with fielding a first 11 of talented, fluid and passionate players. Obviously, this ideal is not likely possible in this day and age (well for almost everyone but Bayern next season). Still, there are plenty of players available that combine talent and work rate that would imo be definite upgrades over players like Arteta, Ramsey, Giroud etc as starters.

  • If we’re looking at a ST over 50 mil, it has to be Cavani. Falcao has all the traits that lead me to believe that he’ll be a bust in the PL (relative to his transfer fee and wages of course). In either case, AW will not break the wage structure by THAT much to accommodate either so it’s a moot point.

  • TA, clearly honour must be some thing of the past for decrepit, old fools. I mean, after all it’s a me first generation now and everything is results oriented. There is no place for honour, just watch our dives that lead to penalties hahaha 😉

  • TA,

    i have been watching and following Bale closely ever since he scored a wonder goal against us a few years ago (when he was a relatively unknown commodity)….

    suffice to say, the guy is not over-rated at all, if anything he is the real deal, not only because of the goals he’s banged in lately, his defending and work rate are also top notch, mind you not many players can play anywhere on the field , even Ronaldo may struggle playing as RB but slot Bale in at LB and you wouldn’t find many people getting the better of him….he’s what 23 still and 24 nearly ? he’s strong, decent with both feet and with a decent bunch of players, he can be devastating….i do suspect he may end up at man utd…and not Ronaldo.

    i never rated Modric to be honest , he wasn’t more than 20 mills in my opinion.

    anyway, like i said, i am in the least 60 and above 60 million price tag range for bale.

  • Not Falcao, Not Cavani, Not Lewandolski, Not Benzema, Not Higuain.

    It has to be Marco Reus for Arsenal FC. (Potentially, come season 2014/2015, and maybe even alongside the return of Fabregas, if our new proposed commercial plans all come into place. TotalArsenal and probably Red Arse – both of you will know what I am hinting)

  • ProudG

    I would stick with Jovetic and develop further Theo, OG, Ox and the Pod. Would be great to add Vila to that lot though. 🙂

  • Reus or Jovetic or Higuain

    I dream of the day we can field this team as our starting 11 (provided of course Gnabry fulfills his potential and Aneke actually is the next Diaby without the injury concerns).

    Anyone who has doubts over Reus, just watch this clip and be ready for some “BOINGS!”

  • TA, he is overrated because he is British. Lots of his goals have come from the Europa League where some of the teams are far inferior to teams in the CL and in the PL defenders have not carried out their defensive duties properly.

  • If we had Villa along with Walcott, Podolski, Giroud, Gervinho, . Villa in my mind would add some much fire powerhe is in the mould of Ian wright or Eduardo.
    That’s the kind of player i would like

  • JM, you will love my comment above then mate :).

    Reus is my second favourite player behind Jack and that is only because the latter lives and breathes Arsenal. Reus has had nothing but praise about our club and a high affinity for some of our players. Let’s hope the Puma sponsorship deal helps us close out his signing!

  • If we sign Reus, I will change my display name to “Rolls Reus” and it will go down as the happiest day of my life (don’t tell my fiance that hahaha!).

  • I agree Jovenvic looks like the man, i hope we get him he is at a good age, when he played against England you could see how how much he troubled our defence.

  • Cheers BJ-JB for sharing your insights on GB. We just have to agree to disagree and let that wonderful market decide what his value is. 😉

  • Fabregas and Reus!!! 😛 – JM on that note I have to love and leave you guys – time to hit the pillow.

    Fabregas AND Reus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers JM 🙂

  • HH,

    i had to change my name ever since i got to know you lot a tad better and with VCC constantly reminding me of the banter that awaits me in the UMF league next season ? 😉 besides even when i saw myself being called as “BJ” , it wasn’t my name that was coming to my mind, hahahahahaha
    it’s just that it took me a wee bit trying to figure out how to change the sequence and display it correctly

    but i do agree with you, if we are going to be debating true worth of special players, then i am with Arsene Wenger on this one, majority of the top players shouldn’t be in excess of 20-30 million and absolute world class players in the 30-50 bracket…but ever since these rich folks came along they inflated the market for every one else and sort of ruined it, just like the property market in london which was all hyped up and then came crashing down a few years ago….sadly with football, it won’t happen and you will keep getting silly money paid for players who’re not worth half realistically…..(see how i already said that i didn’t rate modric to be a 35-40 million player, he was half of that at best for me).

    but such is the football of today.

    on a side note, i hear ibrahimovic is wanting to leave PSG and might be available for 10 million…(if we were looking at villa for 11 million then surely ibra should be a better option ? thoughts

  • TA, did you watch that video? Surely when Glic sees it tomorrow, he’ll be lifting his table (well with his micro todger might only scratch the surface hahaha!)

  • All

    First, YUUUUUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! (in kiwi speak)

    Second, TA, no such thing as an honor bet. Payoff, even if deferred, must be in beers… Where/when I grew up this was a law like gravity..

    Third, Bale, he is so “dynamic” literally and figuratively that I think some sheikh or another will pay the price. Like a trophy bride, some will simply pay any price to be seen with a thin, blondish person.. The “crazy money” always seems to be more about trophies and personal prestige (look what I could buy) then the club.

    Third, part 2, if I could, I wouldnt have him for those prices. Especially when that is Cesc and Higuain (if rumors are to be believed 😉 ) etc.. Remember, all it takes is 1 min of 1 game vs Orcs you have a very expensive piece of “broken equipment” .. (I’ll let Glic manage the rest of that sentence and all the follow on)

    Fourth, Koz. If the last 10 games laid all the works and poured the cement. The foundation for his career and steady first team place solidified today, I think. Perhaps similarly so, in a later stage way, for the BFG. Question, what does this mean for TV?

    Fifth, huge kudos to Arteta (2nd MoTM) for coming out ready for it, even if he wasnt. Doesnt matter he lasted 28 mins or wasnt all there. Captain next year again, maybe with someone else, but still captain.. Cant buy that kind of effort these days..

    … and the sun is shining in early winter in Christchurch, NZ… for real and figuratively…

    cheers — jgc

  • JB,

    Hahahaha I was hoping you kept your name as BJ for those exact reasons you highlighted above. I had a blast calling you BJ and was going to insinuate naughty things on a frequent basis but was not sure if you and others would understand ;).

    Entirely agree that unfortunately in this day and age, player valuations are completely inflated and not indicative of talent but sheerly based on need, want and age. Not sure if Ibra would be the right personality to bring into this squad, but my god is he the complete striker. He really can do it all and would make van Judas look like a little bitch hahaha!

  • On your article , which was great. I have to say i love KOZ he is awesome , by far the most improved player at Arsenal and maybe even the league. I have been a big fan for a couple of seasons now, and i believe he loves the club and will be the spine of Arsenal for years to come. Confidence is just ouzing out of him, the states with him and the big German bastard speak for themselves . lol

  • HH,

    i could see you flexing your muscles along with a few others to take a dig in that direction, however, what could have been has been successfully avoided as i honestly thought, Dr.Glic was edging ever so close but hey no damage done 😉 phew.

    oh yeah and ibra would be going head to head no doubt with that traitor in the goals chart as well, who knows, if he was to come, he would outscore the v.pus**y and be the no.1 choice for the netherlands as well , that would be justice, ha (but since we both know it’s unlikely to happen, what could have been will not be- booo

  • Morning all..
    We win.. yes.. We did it.. it was a very special present indeed.. I love it.. hehehe..
    Wenger did it again and again.. as I never had single doubt for him..

    Koscielny.. the hero.. he did it again.. a very vital player to our team.. He worth more than 24 mil.. (RvP priced).. and for his great attitude and contribution.. captain or at least vice-captain would sound wonderful.. haha..

    TA.. I think Verm and Sagna will leave.. and this time We won’t miss our captain.. as We did for Fabregas and RvP..
    Sagna just not as good as before.. and I don’t think his heart still belong to us.. Barter him with Van der weil.. and We still get some money.. hehehe..

    For Rosicky.. I think it is the right time for Eisfeld to show his talent.. together with willshere and Santi.. they can be our best AM..
    I love Rosicky as I love Arshavin.. but We have to move forward.. and rejuvenation is a must..
    And that also apply to Arteta.. I think Strootman is the man..

    And do We still need Jovetic if Podolski play the CF role along with Girroud..??
    Who will come to strenghten our team..??
    Wenger will give us surprise as usual.. He always bring an unexpected player.. We just to wait and see..
    But next season.. We will have a better team.. and will win some trophies.. hehe..

  • Hi Henry :), while you certainly may be correct that AW will see Arteta and Rosicky’s peaks nearing an end/coming to a decline, I kindly disagree with your perspective. You see, I take a look at players like Giggs and Scholes who are well past their “expiry dates” yet have continued to deliver for Utd despite losing a step. There’s no amount of natural talent, age or training that can compare to experience, leadership and wiliness/craftiness.

    Arteta and Rosicky can serve as role models for younger players, help to integrate new players and lead vocally and by example (especially Arteta). They both understand what it means to either be a part of this mighty club or how to survive/thrive in the EPL. I’m not saying they should continue to be nailed on starters going forward, but keeping them as squad players with occasional game time will provide further stability to our core. It sets the precedence that players can remain with and contribute to Arsenal long-term, without the constant fear that they will simply be replaced by younger and more fit players.

    Yes, we still need a ST even if Poldi moves to ST full-time. Neither OG or LP inspire enough confidence in me as lone strikers, though both are quality players and very, very good depth options. They could be played with the new signing, rotate with him or at the very least be a bench option for additional goals.

  • Levy is like the Arsenal Board. 60 million will move him, he will just borrow an old Wenger speech about mental strength and blow off the Spud fans.

    Falcao, Cavani, Bale are all bait for the petroleum clubs, they will be moved for vast sums of money. Goetze went for 37 million, you think he is worth more than Bale?

  • HH.. yes my friend..
    I don’t say We must sell them both.. no.. and I don’t think Wenger will also.. We know how he love his players.. and that is why.. We have a lot of unusefull players.. hehehe..

    I said We need to give the youngster more times to develop themself..
    And Strootman is most likely to happen rather than Reus.. haha..
    And I still dreaming for Wilfreid Bony.. hehehe..

  • Henry :), all agreed mate. But regardless of whether or not AW only keeps Arteta and Rosa because he loves his players or because they can still contribute, I think they are imperative for the long-term stability of this club.

    I think Eisfeld is the future Rosa too and that Strootman would be a top quality addition to our midfield. Strangely though, Strootman has not been linked in transfer rumours for quite some time, but that is AW’s style often! I would rather Reus than Bony, simply because everything Reus does is at full speed. He is also incredibly well rounded and clinical and has all-around ability similar to that of Titi (free kicks, dip and curve on his shots, vision, ability on the ball, pace etc.). Yeah, I went there 😉

  • All

    Sort of on topic, as we have discussed professionalism and impact in the locker room, where with Sagna, Rosicky and others perhaps we’ve been blessed.

    Anyway, I am not a huge DiCanio fan, but appreciated his comment a few days ago that (essentially) “Arsenal have done us a favor so next week we will try to return it” when asked if Sunderland would try vs Tottenham.

    Well, per the above two thoughts, my respect for the guy went up reading this (all else aside about him):

    Just another intangible imponderable thing to consider with transfer and the silly season now approaching..

    cheers — jgc

  • And, perhaps, like 17HT, I should now toss my toys out of the cot and begin talking to myself?? 🙂

  • Jgc, which is why keeping players like Sagna, Rosicky and Arteta are so crucial to our set-up. As I said to Henry earlier, keeping veterans sets a precedence and example for the rest of the squad, especially youth and new incoming signings. It gives us time to slowly integrate new players AND their presence and leadership helps them adapt to a new country, league, team and playing style.

    I believe that without a shift in philosophy (i.e. not selling players once they are near 30 or over), the club will further gain a reputation of being noncommittal to its long-serving players and lose its value of what it means to be a member of this organization. If the club does not maintain its loyalty to contributing players who want to stay, why should our younger players remain loyal to the club?

    The DiCanio bit was interesting, but by no means do I feel that he was the right hire for them. Sure, he has the right mentality that the locker room needs to change but at what cost? Sometimes, it’s better to deal with these sorts of matters discretely opposed to openly in public as he did.

  • Good Morning
    Well I was wrong as I didn’t think we would turn it round and our last 10 games though not alway pretty produced the required results and for that we must acknowledge Wenger’s change of formation and surely now he loses the “stubborn” tag.
    Looking at the squad yesterday and the last few games the nucleus of the team is there though I presume Jenkinson was injured.

    Question marks will be asked if Sagna,Vermaelen and gervinho are in the bosses future plans.We know already those who are leaving/out of contract and that leaves the players out on loan who I presume will have their contracts terminated.

    When AW said words to the effect that this is the best squad he has had,I wonder if he meant that there were now no prima donnas or mercenaries left to disrupt things and that makes his job easier, and that he has already defined and ear marked the positions that need strengthening.
    I see next season as pivitol for so many of the top 6 clubs but at least we will be the only one stable in management but more importantly in experience when facing difficult tasks.
    We will hopefully know shortly if there is a real intent to buy 2 or 3 quality players as that is all that is missing.
    What do you think ?

  • Hi HH

    Thanks for the comment. I think I would only differ in that I suspect for what is going on there that DiCanio was the right choice.

    Oh, maybe note for the public aspect, though it must be said, if he saw it in the papers etc then everyone knew (very sad) anyway.

    But, he was right for the fire and professionalism, which it seems they sorely needed. Recall also that the Sunderlands of this world dont get the choices an Arsenal or ManU would (or did for ManU tho time will tell on that choice).

    More specifically, I am of the opinion he was the right choice, but that when its turned around in 3 years (say), he will then be, somewhat sadly, the wrong choice. Much like CEOs, some you hire only to shake it all up and fix it in a strong painful rush, but they arent the “healers” or leaders to take it beyond that..

    Just my 2p on that and the locker room on which are 100% agreed.

    In fact, I would add that 30 is an “old” number and increasingly for top players 32-34 is where the drop off occurs, or can occur now. Thus, AW should shift perhaps if only to meet the results of modern physio etc. Yes, some can fade earlier but I believe still contribute in less games equally well etc.. — as well as in the locker room.

    cheers — jgc

  • Good Morning, one and all. 🙂

    We have qualified for the CL, you guys say?

    Well, we have qualified to try and qualify for the CL, but if we get drawn against Juventus or Atletico Madrid, or somesuch, we will have to go through this all over again!!!!!

    Just saying. 😀

  • jgc,

    Don’t throw your toys out of the perambulator like 17ht, he has turned talking to himself into a fine art, but if you join him others will follow, and we will end up with a bunch of raving loonies talking to themselves in the ‘middle of the night’, from the perspective of the UK based BKers, and we will have to get up and start to talk to ourselves in the early hours of the morning,just like Kelsey!! 😀

  • @HH – thanks a lot. 🙂 I appreciate your views as well. Your point about long-serving players is a very precise one. After all, Bergkamp seemed to be written off in 2000-01 only to return in a magnificent way next season to lead us to the double.

    Di Canio might have a point regarding professionalism but if you take a look at other leagues, strange thing happened in last matches of the season. Borussia Dortmund lost to Hoffenheim at home conceding two penalties in the process despite being one goal up. Hoffenheim avoided direct relegation with that victory at expense of Fortuna Duesseldorf. AC Milan edged out Fiorentina in the battle for 3rd spot thanks to dubious penalty given for the foul on Balotelli (if there are no seedings in qualifiers, we might end up playing against AC Milan) against Siena to return from being a goal behind. BTW, Jovetić scored a goal in Fiorentina mauling of poor Pescara. What I’m trying to say is, clubs that don’t have any motive to win the last game will probably fail to win it. Just remember what happened with QPR last season against Oilers.

    Regarding Spuds, I have to admit they seemed to have more chances and quality to end above us last season than it was the case this time. Bale wasn’t as good as he was this season but they had Adebawhore in top form that at least gave a sense that Spuds aren’t one-man-team. This season they were mostly rescued by Bale’s screamers in the last minutes than looked like a title contenders (like they did around New Year last season). If Bale is about to be sold (though he has a long-term contract with them), Levy will milk out a lot of money from him though he could learn from Modrić and Adebawhore’s examples.

  • Chelsea will be a handful for the rest of the top sides in EPL next season.
    – They came back to beat Everton 2-1 in their last game. (And also after beating Benfica 2-1 midweek in the Europa League Cup). They still possess a core group of players’ with strong mentality in getting results when it matters most. Call it strength or luck, they may be the team to beat.
    – Jose Mourinho is looking for likely to return (and bring along a couple of Real Madrid’s players)
    – They have terrific loanees returning, who have done well for their respective clubs.
    (Kevin De Bruyne @Werder Bremen; Thibaut Courtois @Atletico Madrid; Romelu Lukaku @WBA; Michael Essien @Real Madrid; Lucas Piazon @Malaga)
    – Andre Schurrle (Deal is virtually completed), Falcao (a 50/50) chance to add-on to their firepower upfront.

  • Morning Broke Backers !. 😆

    Indeed Redders, we have two more games to officially qualify for CL, but I`m so happy we achieved which is my first goal of every season………to finish above the Spuds !. To do it for the last two seasons and by them being tormented with the fake expectancy that they were going to get it, but to agonisingly lose a CL spot at the last second is pure jizzing in their face nectar !. It couldn`t happen to a nicer bunch of BJers ( yes 007, BJ was always making me have a giggle, glad you changed it ! ) !. hahaha

  • Is there any chance that in connection with my link above, that we can all get together at a pre-determined time and do the opposite to a minutes silence and have a minutes laughter ?. hahahaha oops I`ve shot my bolt too early !. 😳

  • It`s a Yay from me !. Even though HH is a bit slow out of the blocks as I had that link up last week !. Just shows how mixing too much with VCC will start the on going effect of dementia !. hahaha

  • jgc good points about Arteta and captaincy and TV’s position next season. I reckon we need to do all to keep him as we need the experience and strength in depth, and one injury to BFG or Koz – fingers crossed it does not happen – and TV is the man.

  • I`m getting there Totes, but could come unstuck depending on who Arsene buys !. hahaha

    I liked HH`s vid on Reus, but with Goetze and Wellendowdski off, will Dortmund let any more leave ?. I cant see it, more chance of us getting Isco !…….BOING……oops there I go again !. hahaha

  • Henry wrote:

    TA.. I think Verm and Sagna will leave.. and this time We won’t miss our captain.. as We did for Fabregas and RvP..
    Sagna just not as good as before.. and I don’t think his heart still belong to us.. Barter him with Van der weil.. and We still get some money.. hehehe..

    Henry, my friend, how can you doubt his attitude? Don’t believe the media shite and just look with your own eyes. Sagna has been a total warrior for us and deserves as much credit as anybody else. Vd Wiel for Sagna? Not for me, not now!

  • @Glic May 20, 2013 10:20

    Not next season, the season(s) after (2014/2015 and beyond) and then it could be well be both MR and BD’s headmaster, JK.

  • jgc – fighting talk by DiC! It is hard not to agree with him, but you have to ask why he needs to come out like that. Keep it internal, I’d say (and that is what Wenger would do…).

  • @ TotalArsenal May 20, 2013 10:24

    Concur, maybe there should only be a case of trading Sagna, if the other player was:

    (1) Lahm
    (2) Piszczek
    (3) Lichtsteiner( of Juventus and Swiss international )

  • Thanks for the links JM. I know we have to change the shirt every two years, but I do love our iconic shirt and hate it when it`s messed about with silly stripes and stuff !.
    I`ve yet to see a design which beats the traditional one !.

  • All great players, JM, but I just would like an experienced Gooner to stay and help Jenkinson to take over from him gradually. BS with a full summer’s rest will be awesome in August and we could do with continuity in the back-five: something to build our success on: would you agree?

  • Kelsey wrote:

    ‘I see next season as pivotal for so many of the top 6 clubs but at least we will be the only one stable in management but more importantly in experience when facing difficult tasks.
    We will hopefully know shortly if there is a real intent to buy 2 or 3 quality players as that is all that is missing.
    What do you think ?’

    We are in a fine position now, strategically as well in terms of the evolutionary stage of the team, and fully agreed we need those two or three QP to take full advantage of it going forward.

  • hahaha OZ

    Is it a coincidence that Stretch has not been heard of since before St Totts day !. Being an accountant he has probably destroyed his cock with an abacus !. hahaha

  • Sagna (and his agent, Christophe Mongai) and the club’s management will have to work out a new contract anytime this summer to next winter, to keep the player with us for a couple of more seasons then.

    Otherwise, at the very best, he shall run down his current contract and leave on a free next summer.

  • JM good point about the contract and I can see Arsenal cashing in on him now… but I hope we’ll keep him and I reckon he would love to stay if the offer is acceptable.

  • JM

    All agreed that Chelsea will remain a force to reckon with, and let’s hope that Maureen will stay away from the PL for a long time to come.

  • Hi TA

    Well, I too hope they keep TV and Sagna, but one never knows…

    As for DiC, my response to HH is the same to you… I agree it might have been more private but it was in the papers he learned of it!!! Very publically obvious to Sunderland fans and club that things didn’t matter..

    I like that he then called them out equally publically to account because it’s fans and club that make the team.

    And per my 630ish he’s right for them for now, and I think he’ll be moderately successful there potentially as well, say mid table to Everton like… But then ,once it’s changed… DiC is about dynamism and change and attack. I don’t see stability and incrementalism as his
    strong point..

    Cheers and good night — jgc

  • @ GLIC

    hahaha it is a serious concern with Terry. It’s how he keeps the syrup stuck to his head (his syrup doubles as a ShamWow!)

  • COYG.. We don’t know yet.. untill TW is close.. hehehehe..

    Do Moyes bring Felani and Baines to MU..??
    Do Mourinho bring some players from Madrid to Chelsea..??
    And what happen to City if Pelegrini bring some Malaga’s..??
    Will Spurs keep buying..?? without selling Bale..??

    What will Wenger do..??
    Will he sell off ten players.. or just loan them to other clubs..??
    Will our youngsters be promote..??
    How many stars will Wenger bring..?? whom..??

    This two months will full of rumours and uncertainty.. hahahha..

  • TA,

    Great report on this great day for us all.
    38 hours since I last slept and I am still buzzing from the game this morning.
    I will sleep well tonight.

    KOS, was a beast for us today. Composure, Leadership and great coverage for others. And before i forget, A mighty fine goal as well. A real poachers goal.

  • A poacher’s goal – yes that is what it was, Alex! 😛

    Just such a great guy to have in our team, but I will stress again, he needs the BFG to organise and ‘calm’ him.

  • BFG and KOS made the difference for us during the second half of the season. Unfortunately dropping TV was the best thing for us.

  • Hello TA and fellow gooners…

    TA, this should have been your first line, HAPPY ST TOTTERINGHAM’S DAY, EVERYONE!…not bashing your BRILLIANT posts,but you know…..

    I swear this team will be the end of me..until the BOSS’S goal, i was pacing all around the place..i knew we would win the game but as is our style, we made life tooo difficult 4 ourselves…but that said, i’m proud of the lads..they really did us proud..and kudos to the man himself..ARSENE WENGER..I have NO idea how he does it!!!!

    i could pay BILLIONS to see the expression on Ade’s face…poor thing…muhahahahaha!!!!!

    The defining part 4 me was during the final whistle…Arsene, grabbed Zollo and hugged him madly!!!…fitting gesture 4 a man who LEADS on and off the ground..his inclusion in yesterday’s crucial game while being 20% fit speaks volumes of his importance to us

    2-3 TOP CLASS players will be very welcome additions + keeping Tommy V and Sagna, i have no doubts that we can challenge 4 TOP honors again..let’s hope the old saying..’Arsene knows best’..comes true

    Final question…when did the little cunt Piers Morgan become the “Gooners Spokesman”????

  • @ Kenyan

    Agree. His twitter comments were laughable. As for spud fans trying to laugh at us for celebrating so wildly…wouldn’t they do the same thing? Their fans would have spontaneously combusted. It was a long and tough year. to get 26 from a possible 30 is remarkable.

  • To me, the finest moment of the games last night was seeing the Spuds supporters celebrate so hard after finding out that the bar codes had scored an equaliser. Still in the shadows and will forever be. Finishing on top of us may have given them bragging rights but it does not make them better than us.

    No history anyone???? Still laughing at them. I love it

  • It`s fitting that an anagram of his name is…….. I Sperm Organ, although, once I`ve finished with him with my harpoon, he will be known as Pierced Organ !. hahaha

  • 2013/2014 Champions league play-off

    The top 5 nations in the Uefa coefficent currently are: Spain, Germany, England, Italy and Portugal

    Arsenal will not face AC Milan, Schalke 04, Pacos de Ferreira(Portugal) and the 4th placed team from the La Liga (currently a contest between Real Sociedad and Valencia).

    We could still get the likes of: Zenit St. Petersburg(Russia), PSV Eindhoven(Holland), Fenerbahce(Turkey), Nordsjaelland(Denmark), Metalist Kharkiv(Ukraine), Zulte-Waregem(Belgium), the 3rd-placed team from Ligue 1(between Lyon and St. Etienne), 2nd placed team from Swiss league(between Grasshopper Zurich and St.Gallen), 2nd placed team from Austrian Bundesliga(Red Bull Salzburg) and the winner from the qualification play-offs from the Greek Superleague(between P.A.O.K., PAS Giannina, Asteras Tripoli and Atromitos)

  • G’morning from California….What a lovely way to start the Summer?… I think I’m finally recovering from yesterday–I was a wreck all day, even though things fell our way….Sorry if I didn’t sign off properly to the fellas who held my hand in the virtual pub….

    Anyhow, I’ve caught up on the post (another beauty) and the comments and I’ve got plenty of my own, but (as always) they’re excessive and long-winded and (they tend towards the) mundane. Who knows, I may have to e-mail them to the boss…. Still, I think there’s a little more dust (an “announcement”–or two….) to settle before people are bored enough to give a poop. Plus, the circus (transfer window) is coming, so the clowns have got to do their thing….

    For now, I’m just grateful to have my connections in the better part of North London AND for the guy who flew in (AGAIN) on his big ears to score the goal that got us the points that got us where we needed to be. My wife calls him the bird-man and, once again, he has cometh…. Koscielny 6 is the kit I will require when I win the BK fantasy or UMF league next year, thank you very much, (Alex)….

    Happy Monday….

  • Hi TA,

    re your 11:20

    I suppose we all see things differently — glass half full or glass half empty — same effect different ‘feel’.

    You said, “he needs the BFG to organise and ‘calm’ him.”, and that is one view, for me it is more the case that the BFG desperately needs Kozzer to clear up behind him and to make good his lack of pace, and lack of heading ability.

    The CB pairing works well with Kozzer and BFG, it’s just that we see things differently as to who is the biggest influence. 🙂

  • Happy St Totteringham’s Day to all you BKers 😀

    Fine report TA. It’s interesting that you used the word “perfect” (well, alright then, “almost perfect”) to describe Kozzer’s all round performance.

    I did the player ratings over on AA and I also described his performance as “perfect”. It was everything that you would hope for from a top CB. What a buy he has turned out to be.

    Regardless of how exactly the BFG/Kozzer chemistry works (and I’m more with your view than with Redders’s – sorry Redders!) the point is that it does work and we can look forward to next season with a belief that we will start with a solid back line.

  • We lost to Spurs on March 3rd and we won (or almost won….) In Munich on the 13th which is 8 days before the equinox….It wasn’t pretty and it only got us “the bare minimum requirement”….but it was still something…..and it took a group effort of sizable proportion….

    Can we call them the “Springvincibles” of 2013? Or is that out of line? Hopefully it represents Arsenal hitting rock-bottom and getting that little bounce we needed. (Also, it should be noted, it’s about the same time I found BKesque and the assorted BBBs….)

    Job done. I’ve got a lot of affection for these guys (plus Mert and Kos, who are missing)…

    Arsenal players celebrate after the match

    (thanks to Glic–as I’m just copying from the last thread….)

  • Oh, and a couple of little things….

    I’m with the people who feel that it’s the Kos that makes the Mert, rather than visa versa…WTF was the big fella doing with those bouncing balls yesterday, not to mention that early chance down our right, when almost every defender in the league would’ve cut out their progress not once but twice?…

    Which altogether makes me think that there was something extremely “Captainish” in the way that TV5 handled his demotion. In fact, it could be seen as the exact opposite of our last two Captains (Cesc, RvP). In this manner, our annual claiming of the last available CL spot seems quite a bit more of a “team” effort and suggests some promise for the future if we can keep the team together…

    Many, including I (not myself, according to the English teacher wife….), have thought it might be best for Tommy V to seek greener pastures. With the success of the Springvincibles, I want to reverse this stance. There’s no reason to believe that he cannot fight for his spot and, possibly, be an integral part of getting us back into playing nicer looking football, you know, along the ground out of our own half… Hopefully this enforced layoff got him watching how it’s done (the defensive part…) a bit more. The bigger issue might be that he would almost certainly force Kos into the right side of Central defense (defence?). If we were to lose Sagna (which would be at least semi-tragic for me) Kos backing Jenkinson on the new side would be a big task, but not nearly as scary as watching Mert try to do it, all the calmness in the world, notwithstanding. Calm is good, being able to make the plays, even better….

    All that being said. It should be noted that AGAIN we got the crucial goal from a set piece. BFG on the front post causes mayhem (though I don’t see why the same play couldn’t be done with TV5 or OG or some other “biggish” player)….

  • Hahaha yes VCC’s dementia is contagious and is getting to me mate! What is it clig, gilc or clit? I can’t seem to remember your name! I guess he spent the last few weeks/months writing this post and forgot to comment on BK articles at the same time hahaha!

  • JM @ 10:20, not a big fan of the fan made Puma kits so far (generally not a fan of most puma kits), but the first one in your first link looked the least bad of the three (in that 1st link) haha!

    As for the 2nd link, I loved the shirt in the middle! If that was our away kit, it’d be outstanding as it’s original and has a hint of class to it :).

    Reus and Cesc look fabolous in Puma. Wouldn’t it be something if we brought them to Arsenal because of our new deal? By the way, can’t wait to read your upcoming article and see if your theory comes to fruition!

  • Oz, I already watch Reus videos everyday and am starting to suffer from dementia so perhaps I should stop the masturbating or my fate will end up like that of the kid in your link hahaha!

  • So have we signed anybody yet?

    And yes Glic, that was just for you hahaha!

  • HH
    Now we are over SBS (Squeaky Bum Sunday), I`m just excited in anticipation of a SB!D…………..Super BOING ! Day . hahaha

  • Glic, everything is too quiet on the rumour front…in AW’s world that often means something is bound to happen soon :).

    Who will be first? Sanogo, Cesar, Jovetic, Higuain or some other unknown player?

  • Thanks for the post TA. I will end the season as i began it by saying that i agree with every word you say. hahaha

    I now see it as my sacred duty to advise caution and paitence to all who may be bothered to listen. We are entering a new cycle with the new sponsership income and the advent of financial rules suited to our needs.

    Its fork in the road time, but the caution should be for those who are expecting us to break the bank with transfers or smash our wage structure. We will be looking to do these things, but the club will have one eye on exsisting contracts, potential development of our younger players, and the harmony and culture that runs through the playing squad and club in general.

    Did someone mention “incremental”?, because that is how our new found resources will be spent. In other words, though we have reached the fork in the road, we still have to trek it, and thats were continued paitence comes in.

    Ozzy Baby, 42 Jerks and he was a gonna? pfffff, i once managed 36 hours straight with no damage to the Telescope whatsover. I did however sprain my wrist, got thrown off a train, and out of a cinema, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and the mother in laws house. hahaha

  • Sanogo is obviously our punt for the future, but I can honestly say I don’t get the ….”BOING !” Factor with the rest you have put up HH !.

  • Glic, there is supposed to be no boing factor with Cesar at least. Whatever GK we get, it should be an experienced back-up who can provide steadiness to our squad and competition for Ches.

    As for Jovetic, opinions will likely be split with most favouring him if he does become an Arsenal player. However, he’ll likely need time to adapt to the league and further refine his finishing skills.

    If Higuain doesn’t get you excited, not much else will. Anytime you can grab a player from Los Blancos, especially at a discount is a huge coup. Higuain is one of the best ambidextrous strikers in the world and is as clinical as they come at finishing (not necessarily a clinical striker though, there’s a difference 🙂 ). A player like Isco won’t help this team, because we don’t need more creative players. We need someone who can consistently finish the end product, while also providing the same qualities as OG in strength and hold-up play, which Higuain also excels at. Not to mention, GH’s touch, ball control and link-up play are all class and he is faster, younger and more proven than both OG and Poldi.

  • Hi Guys, the time you’ve all been waiting for has come.(Drum roll) Da.da da da da da daaaaaa.

    The WINNER of the UMF league issssssssss that deliciously, delightful, delectable, desirable, debonair, demigod………VICKY VICTORIOUS.

    Hip Hip Hoorah, I hear you all shout….The final placings are =

    Total…….. 95
    TMHT…… 92
    Alex……… 91
    PPP……… 87

    Weekly scores =-

    Almanac Dic……..4

    5 Centurions, well done to you all.
    Wooden spoon goes to Glictoris.

    I’d like to say a huge thank you to all that took part. I thoroughly enjoyed the banter and camaraderie.

    Total is allowing us to use his site for another season, so everyone who wishes to take part please show their interest via the blogs.

    Last but not least I would like to say a humungous thanks to Alex for putting up such a smashing winners prize for next year, and also many thanks for sending me to the seycheles as part of this years winners prize.

    Take care all

    Up the Arse.

  • BOING !………you had to mention Isco , didn`t you !. hahaha

    I will meet you half-way HH and say Higuain is a Semi-BOING !, I will take him as long as we get someone else who has the effect of a Rock Hard BOING !. hahaha

  • Hahaha Glic, your antics will be well received when I issue my list of BK’er d’or awards soon.

    Higuain deserves at least a semi-boing. Can you imagine how good he’ll become when he is made the focal point of our attack and is cognizant that he is the leading man? His numbers should take an immediate trajectory, back to the promise he showed before Real bought Benzema!

  • Hip hip replacement !. Well done to Vic`s on cheating…. sorry ….winning the UMFL !. Well done to me for winning the Australian version, where Down Under, I am top !. Me and you are like our two goalies…..we`re Poles apart !.

  • VCC :), cheers for the final update and for incorporating us all in a very enjoyable and exciting competition! Not going to lie though, haven’t you heard that you’re never supposed to win a league that you organize? No worries though, I fully plan on winning the Invincibles league next year (BK FPL, since let’s all be honest here that team was a fantasy!!) in order to follow in your footsteps ;).

  • Just look at some of the angles he scores from, the magnificent and precise touch to chip it over GKs, control to get around defenders, his drive to score goals on the run, how he takes shots so well first time and the curve on his shot with either foot.


    William Hill’s has just published odds for next years UMFL

    Joint favourites are =

    Henry——Harmonious——Redders——-Boomerang…. at 4-1

    They suspect it was a one off lucky streak from Vickers.

    Hampton 1 zillion -1

    No bets are being taken for the wooden spoon as it’s already on its way to Launcestern, Cornwall.


    An instrument which will give us some indication as to how we rate TW player rumours.
    Going from a…… ” Pathetic Lifeless Chipolata “…..Zero……to a …..” Rock Hard Boner “…..10 !.

    Just an example and no interest whatsoever………a Squilacci type would be a Zero and Isco would be a 10…on THE BOING ! FACTOR / SCALE.

  • Glic, that scale would be post worthy hahaha! Of course, you would need more examples and to thoroughly explain each of course.

  • VCC, so an 8 for most of us would be a 10 for Glic hahaha!

  • Just watched the vid and have revised Higuain to a 8 on THE BOING ! SCALE as he has THE BOING ! FACTOR. You have to be Messi or Ronaldo to be a 10 !

  • A bit of news about Gareth Bale.

    Bale has been offered a new contract for next season (which means he will get paid 130 000 grand per week) which he has signed and he will be allowed to leave at the end season if he wishes to for a bid no less than 50 million pounds.

  • Kelsey,

    those were some fine comments and observations.

    i don’t think Jenko was injured as such it’s just that i feel that AW chose to go with the safer option of Sagna, bear in mind Jenko at times can be too keen or passionate , he does need to mature a wee bit in that aspect but i’m convinced he will be ready come start of next season to be our no.1 RB if we don’t buy anyone else (i think we will because Wenger has often stated that he needs to have 2 players fighting for every position ideally and for rotation purposes, we’re sorted at LB and CB but if wenger doesn’t think Bellerin is ready to make the step up, then i can see him buying and strengthening further).

    saying that, there are apparently strong indications that Gervinho may well be sold and be heading back to France…..chuck in TV (i wouldn’t want to sell him ) and Sagna (wouldn’t mind selling him)….it allows Wenger to buy 3-4 top top quality players.

    worth also nothing that we’ve not open up the season tickets sales just yet, i’m still waiting for the email 😉 which could either mean that we’re expected to announce a few signings or least one signings to entice season ticket holders for renewals early or for more people to snap them up, or it could just mean i’m looking too deep into this but same time last year we had announced the signing of Poldoski .

    i also agree with you that competition for top 8 let alone top 6 in England will be much much tougher next season , you can bet your bottom dollar that teams like Liverpool (with their new january additions) will be right up there fighting with the likes of Tottenham, Everton for 4th/5th/6th….and then you have teams like swansea, newcastle with the element of surprise…

    on a different note, so that’s Carlo.A heading towards Real Madrid with Jose.M getting the sack and on his way to the bridge ? which brings me to my next question…..who are PSG going to be recruiting ? if my conspiracy theory is to be believed, then i reckon AW was going to be the coach of PSG in 2014 but it appears that there might be some interesting and rapid developments at PSG……i wouldn’t want Wenger to leave, now is his time to reap benefits of all his hard work and make us world beaters once more !

    congratulations to VCC for winning the UMG league, well done !

    oh and Gareth Bale has apparently signed another contract extension at spuds, reportedly at 130,000 PW and another increase in release clause .

  • A post !, I cant do that HH. I would end up like that Brazilian kid in Ozzies vid !. hahaha

  • Glic, how is Isco a 10 then? Unless of course, there is something you fancy about him beyond his footballing skill…;)

  • Glic, that comment about why Vermaelen has not played DM was fantastic. Post quality. If I was you I would put that into a post or ask TA to put into one of his posts.

  • Glic, “Just try and not to be too about your answer…And by gay I mean, um, you know not in a homosexual way at all. I mean the uh, you know, like the bad at sports way. I think that goes without saying. I mean the uh, you know, like bad at sports way. I think that goes without saying.”

    If any of you have not seen the basketball episode from the US “The Office”, I highly, highly recommend that you do :).

  • Now look here Ian Ure Face, or Glic, or Dr Clit, or whoever the hell you are, why do you want to boo all our potential transfers?

    It’s a little boo here, a bigger boo there, everywhere a boo boo, old little hampton has a boo for them all.

    Why does poor old Higuain rate an 8 on the Boo Scale? Hmm?


  • That’s where Levy is smarter than Gazidas ( or whoever is in charge ). He knows he cant keep hold of Bale, but is devious and clever enough to get the best price for him . If no one comes up with the price he gets to keep a fantastic talent which will only be good for the Spuds or will rake in the money If he is sold !.
    We should have put Cesc on higher wages with a £ 50M release clause in his last contract and said take it or lump it Barca !.
    Alan Sugar said Levy was the toughest negotiator he had ever come across !.

    £50M for Bale was the price I said earlier in the post, so I`m the winner !. hahaha
    I say we pay the release clause now !.

  • Hi RA :), very desperate indeed! Eastmond’s off the pitch issues made him expendable imo. Best of luck to him I guess…

    And your comment @ 17:44, RA, you keep telling that to that old bastard!

  • You know, I was hoping one of you would come out of the closet and explain what TA meant by “The foundations are laid, the walls are up, the roof is almost finished and the Spuds are stored firmly in the cellar.”

    Who the hell was he referring to? Dr Spurious Glic or Terrible Terry Telescope?

    The clue to Gliconut was the building of a love shack, but the ominous reference to the cellar has Terry Telescope written all over it.

    Come on TA, tell us who you were referring to — not both of them, surely – not even Spuds deserve that!!

  • Hi Kenyan G 😛

    I spoke to a Spud before the game and I could see the anticipated depression in his eyes, so I have gone soft on them.

  • Thanks AFC, but to tell the truth I cant remember that comment !. VCC`s dementia must be “Web Contagious “!. hahaha

    Isco gets a ten HH because I invented THE BOING ! SCALE and there`s no other reason apart from every time someone mentions his name it goes BOING !. hahaha

    If you like Redders, we can have a BOOING SCALE !…lets start with Vicky !….BOOOOOOOOOOO…..cheat !…..BOOOOOOOOOOO !

  • RA 🙂

    Happy to see it differently on BFG/Koz. Koz without BFG has seldom impressed me, but with him the best comes out of him imo.

  • Stay tuned fellow BK’ers, about to issue the BK d’or awards!

  • TA, Santi reminds me of Elmo, the tickle me elmo toy only reinforces that believe since he looks like a jovial fella.

  • TA, my little Limburger cheese, I forgot to say that I enjoyed the Post, altho I worried about the cellar reference!! 😀

    The important thing about Kozzer and Per is that they work well together. On the other hand, as Rocky has agreed with you — I know you are wrong!! 😀

    I will make a prediction that Kozzer will be with us for years, even if Bayern come a calling, but I doubt Per will be here in two seasons. Just a feeling.

  • Now lets get this straight Broke Backers…under Totals new rules, which he doesn`t know anything about yet !. hahaha
    No transfer rumour player can be listed on site without a BOING! SCALE rating !.

  • Vicky ClappedOuticus,

    Brilliantly administered and run UMF League — well done, sir!! 😀

    Of course, you know I was sabotaged by HH and PPP filling in for me when I was unavailable, otherwise I would have walked the League, and in justice you know you should hand over the Title to me, forthwith!!

  • So just a bit of fun and to show my appreciation for some fellow BK’ers! The annual BK d’or awards will now be issued. Any BK blogger can be nominated for the awards and can appear in multiple categories! Just copy paste from here and fill in your own nominations 🙂

    Dennis Bergkamp Award (Most Valuable Blogger) – This Award is given to the individual that embodies the Arsenal spirit and is the epitome of what BK should be about.

    Santi Cazorla Award (Most Popular Blogger) – This award is self-explanatory and given to the individual seen as a favourite among the BK community.

    Funniest Blogger – Self-explanatory, if you need an explanation or require one as a joke, you are likely not in contention for this award 😉

    Arsene Wenger Awarrd (Most Insightful Blogger) – This award is given to the individual whose depth of knowledge truly enlightens the BK community and makes one re-evaluate their original opinions.

    Rinus Michels Award (Most Elegant/Eloquent Blogger) – This award is given to the individual who is the most well-spoken and can coherently articulate his/her arguments. There is a beautiful elegance in their writing and their contributions are exemplary.

    Aaron Ramsey Award (Chalice for Underratedness…look it up, it is a word somewhere 😉 ) – This award is given to the individual who’s contributions are overlooked and deserves more recognition.

    Blogger who should post more – The blogger whose comments are always insightful and educating but does not frequent BK enough!

    Jack Wilshere Award – This award is given to the blogger who best drives discussion on BK.

    Rookie of the Year Award – Since BK is still in its inception year, everyone is technically a candidate for this award. Awarded to the blogger who has quickly integrated themselves into the BK community and seen as a regular!

    Gareth Bale Award (Your Rival Blogger) – This award is given to the individual you often do not see eye to eye with, but respect their opinions nonetheless. Their views challenge your own opinions and broaden your perspective.

    Best Avatar Award – Awarded to the blogger with the best picture next to their name!

  • See Ovechkin’s comments for my answers who I nominate for each award 🙂

    Dennis Bergkamp Award (Most Valuable Blogger) – TA

    Santi Cazorla Award (Most Popular Blogger) – Glic & TA (Joint Recipients)

    Funniest Blogger – Glic, was it ever going to be anyone else?

    Arsene Wenger Awarrd (Most Insightful Blogger) – 17ht

    Rinus Michels Award (Most Elegant/Eloquent Blogger) – RA, the man is a walking dic!

    Aaron Ramsey Award (Chalice for Underratedness…look it up, it is a word somewhere ) – VCC (UMF league is an outstanding addition to BK) and Alex (his insight is excellent and his contributions to the UMF and Invincibles leagues next year are top notch!)

    Blogger who should post more – JM

    Jack Wilshere Award – JB (aka the BJ) & AFC

    Rookie of the Year Award – JB. I considered TA, RA, Glic, VCC, Rocky, Oz, Henry, Richie all as regulars before I came here so none of you were up for the debate :).

    Gareth Bale Award (Your Rival Blogger) – Gerry & Richie (Joint Recipients)

    Best Avatar Award – Oz & PPP (Joint Recipients)

  • Sorry guys, got to go again. 🙂

    I am doing a HH – going out to eat something 😛

    HH, nice idea those BK d’Or Awards. 🙂

    Auf wiederschnitzel!

  • Sorry all, forgot to mention Admir as a joint recipient for the Blogger who should post more award! And of course Terry in the underratedness award :). Thus, a three way tie for the Aaron Ramsey chalice!

  • Red Arse 18:15……..sorry for the misunderstanding. The ticket to the Seycheles (winning UMFL prize) has been redirected to your address. Enjoy.

  • Cheers guys……..was nice picking up my award at the Savoy last night…….

    Hugs and kisses to you all.

  • 17ht, I don’t recall voting you in for the Gareth Bale award 😉

    VCC, a nice short speech after your triumph. Right in line with the award of underratedness.

    Will be interesting to see how the rest of you view your fellow BK mates!

  • This guys must get an award….Maybe the Laurent Koscielny award for being our nose and ears at the matches…. Plus, though we don’t get to see it in his avatar, I know he’s got the best hair of anybody…

    Nothing but the truth, here in these words….

    Terry Mancini Super Syrup wrote:

    I now see it as my sacred duty to advise caution and paitence to all who may be bothered to listen. We are entering a new cycle with the new sponsership income and the advent of financial rules suited to our needs.

    Its fork in the road time, but the caution should be for those who are expecting us to break the bank with transfers or smash our wage structure. We will be looking to do these things, but the club will have one eye on exsisting contracts, potential development of our younger players, and the harmony and culture that runs through the playing squad and club in general.

    Did someone mention “incremental”?, because that is how our new found resources will be spent. In other words, though we have reached the fork in the road, we still have to trek it, and thats were continued paitence comes in.

    Yes, Super Barnet, I was the guy who talked about things being incremental, but I’ll go a step further and say that this thing we just did, the Springvincibles (as ugly as it was) was lovely in it’s own ungainly way. We stumbled and we bumbled but we did not buckle and it should be celebrated and saluted. That we have Jenks and Bacary, Gibbs and Nacho, TV5 and Per and Mert, SirChes and the Fab (not to mention Lu-Lu and Gee-Rude) all celebrating together is a special thing. It may be fun to talk about money to spend, and who is world class and, of course, the Boing factor…. but togetherness and sacrifice for the common good is priceless. To quote a fictional sports agent, “We live in a cynical, cynical world”…. Still, we, as supporters, “belong” to the club. If a player can feel an iota of that (and he can play pretty well to boot….) we should think long and hard about trying to reward that spirit….

    Sagna, Vermaelen, Gervinho and Fabianski (from the celebrating group) are going to be mentioned the most as “want-aways” or as the subjects of bids, (or allowed to leave on a free), etc., much as Theo was in the last couple of windows. Agents have to test the market and assess value. Still, keeping what we’ve got, while not as exciting (I speak as a married man….) can lead to a deeper…. er, crap, this is where I always lose my train of thought….

    Of course, it’s fine to keep your eyes open and enjoy a look at the other fish in the sea….Just remember to look hard (and long 😉 ) and with your EYES open (and not just with your one-eyed guy)…. A big boing is one thing, discovering an Adam’s Apple (or worse, hidden away….) is quite another…. Just ask the Brentwood boys…. 😆 ….

  • Right I`m back, I been playing hide-and-seek with myself !. I counted to 100 and cried …” Ready or not I`m coming ! “, I finally found myself in the bathroom mirror looking all flusted and then said ..” Your turn to count ! “. I used to play kiss chase with myself but the missus got suspicious with myself being covered in lipstick !.

    The awards, I think there could be multiple ties in most category`s, but lets give it a go !.

    DB10 Award : The Arsene Wenger of BK….Total….no Total, no BK !. Take a bow Totes !.

    Santi Award : Everyone !. We are a team, a Bergkampesque Brotherhood !.

    Funniest : Easy, Stretch !

    Arsene Award : Hard this one. Everyone has made me think twice at some stage, but I think HH just pips everyone to the post !.

    Rinus Award : Redders, he is a ledge !. hahaha

    Ramsey Award : Yes, I`d give that to Vicky and alex !.

    Blogger who should post more : There are plenty, but I do miss my mate Stretch, but he can be forgiven as I know he met up with Wayne Rooney Hair Transplant, Bobby Charlton Comb Over from Manchestwig and Ralph Coates Comb Over for a session of Gay Lord Shirtlifting in Brentwood the other night and I see from earlier that he made a brief comment of …” Testing ” !….It was brief as he was just about to have some nurse inject some penicillin into his knob at the Bounds Green STD clinic !.

    Jack Award : The grave yard shift, you know who you are ! ( usually HH, AFC,007 and others ) hahaha

    Rookie(s) : That would be the newest in my eyes, so I think that’s 007 and 17ht !.

    Chimp Award : That would be Herb, another who doesn`t post enough !.

    Best Avatar : I love mine ! hahaha when you see mine , you know there`s some nonsensical crap about to arrive !. hahaha

  • Yes 17ht. That’s why I said Stretch for …”Blogger who should post more ! “….he should get the Oxymoron Award….a lunatic who talks sense !. hahaha

  • 17ht, the Laurent Koscielny award is an excellent addition and you have chosen very, very well. Lol @ the paragraph at the conclusion of another one of your essays and all agreed that all the new transfers will not break our wage structure and that there will not be an influx of new players since it will disrupt chemistry and balance. Incremental changes are the way to go and let’s hope we can get at least one top, top quality player (2 if we’ve all good Gooners :)…damn it Glic and Stretch).

    Glic, cheers for submitting your award winners! Some great stuff there and it’s evident why you will likely be everyone’s choice for funniest blogger hahaha ;). By the way, thank you for the kind words on the AW award 🙂 and I am honoured to split the Jack Wilshere award with 007 and AFC.

  • VCC, Don’t you think you should give RA a case of that 7 up and F*cked it Up drink as part of the UMF prize?….He might meet a Spurs supporter down there in the Seychelles… And they’d be foolish enough to admit it…..


  • Oh and thanks for the mention HH. I don’t see myself ( or should that be “I” ,17ht, ask the missus ! hahaha ) as a “Santi Awarder” ! , as there`s no “I” ( It`s ok 17ht, I`ve got this one covered. leave your missus alone ! ) in team !, although there is an eye in my mirror and it`s looking seductively at me as I look at myself ( I`m good at this I and myself stuff ! ) typing !. As for the funniest, I ( don’t start 17ht ! ) just write nonsensical comments as to try and compete with you gays…..sorry guys would be pointless, but hey, if anyone finds them amusing, then no harm done !.

    Now the season is over, I ( don’t ! ) must thank you bastards for giving me a great time blogging, fair enough I wasn`t on live for games, but that`s because of my position at DFS furniture sales !.
    A big thanks to Totes for letting me blog on BK, he, like a few others on here, know of my being binned and banned on another site, but Totes along with Stretch ( always fighting in my corner ), Vicky , Oz, Redders , PPP and Rocky either backed me or were not condescending but very diplomatic. Thanks you sort of the earth UMF`s.

  • A little lad in a London primary school gets to take his pet kittens into class.
    The teacher says to him, “they are very nice, what do they like to do?”
    The little lad replies, “they like to watch Tottenham Hotspur, miss.”
    Teacher; “ah, that’s real cute.”
    A few weeks later, she asks the little lad what his kittens are up to.
    He replies, “they are watching Arsenal, miss.”
    The teacher says, “but I thought you said they were Spurs fans?”
    “They were, miss, but now their eyes have opened!”

  • A young boy goes to Social Services and tells them he has no where to live.
    “What about your parents?” asks the social worker.
    “No, they beat me,” says the boy.
    “What about your Grandparents?” says the social worker.
    “No, they beat me even harder!” says the boy.
    “Well… where do you want to stay then?” replies the Social Worker.
    “Tottenham” says the boy “They don’t beat anyone.”

  • A little boy gets ten pounds for his birthday and rushes down to the sports shop to buy the new football he has been desperate for. He gets the ball down from the rack and gives the shopkeeper his ten pound.
    “Sorry son”, says the shopkeeper. “This ball costs twenty pound, but you’ve only got ten pound.”
    Thinking quickly, the boy looks up at the club balls and says, “Ok. If you blindfold me and I guess the ball, will you let me have the ball for ten pound?” The shopkeeper curiously agrees and blindfolds the boy.
    First up he gives the boy an Arsenal ball. “Ok, says the boy placing his ear to the ball. I can hear the blasting of two cannons. This must be an Arsenal ball.”
    “That was a lucky guess”, said the shopkeeper. “Lets try another one.” So he hands him a Millwall ball. “Ok,” says the boy placing his ear to the ball again. “I can hear a pack of rampant lions. It must be a Millwall ball.”
    “Goodness me,” says the shopkeeper. “If you get the next one right I’ll let you have the ball for nothing,” and passes him another ball. Again the boy puts the ball to his ear and after a few moments he says, “That’s a Tottenham ball.”
    “I don’t believe it,” shouts the shopkeeper. “How on earth did you get that one? I suppose you heard a cockerel crowing?”
    “No,” said the boy. “It’s going down.”

  • TA

    Of course incrementalism is a word! One can add “ism” to anything, especially Glic, and get “the process of doing something”. Thusly, one could define:

    Tottinghamism = the process and culture of coming just out of the running

    Chavism = the process and culture of winning stuff even when you dont win, and when you do, no one likes you for it because of your poor attitude

    DiCanioism = the process and culture of being excited about *every*thing to do with football, with slight conotation of being *over* excited

    TAism = the process and culture of responding to everything

    Better and better, grammarwise, the true flexibility is that one can add “ing” to the same words to “verbify” them, sometimes arriving at whole new meanings, but not often, leading thusly to:

    Tottinghaming = finishing just a bit under the bar, usually conotated as being in a surprising, yet again?!? way.

    Chaving = spending lots of money on unlikable people to help you win stuff

    TAing = the actual responding to everything.

    These can be used in a sentence together too, for example:

    Mrs TA: TA, what are you doing so late at night on the computer?!? (suspecting the worst of course – Glic can fill that bit in for me)

    TA: Sorry, honey, it’s my TAism acting up.. I’m just TAing on BK! (guilty look)

    So, you see, TA, that english is way more flexible than Dutch or French with all their silly rules and conjugations… Much easier to make your own up…

    Thus sayeth I — jgc

  • Terry

    Guilty on the incremental word.. see above.. I agree however, 100%, with your post. We need 1-2 very good buys (debatable at length as to which ones of course! 🙂 ) … But those may only cost 40m and a 1-2 “bargains” and we might be set depending on who stays or goes..

    I dont expect them to suddenly become Chavs (see above also), but to maintain some financial rigor and such. I suspect most here get it, but you are right that many fans expect us to suddenly spend it all …

    For me, it is simply about debt. Interest rates wont remain low forever for ManU and some others. When they do rise, fire sales or significant cash injections have to come.. In fact, isnt that how ManU got where they are in the first place, selling off to some Americans for the added cash?

    So, hopefully we see 1-2 “bigger” (not “BIG!”) buys who are teh right people (Santi is a good example of “big” with a small “b” and BIG with a big “B” for impact) … and incrementalise (new word for you TA) our way to the top!

    cheers — jgc

  • Dennis Bergkamp Award (Most Valuable Blogger) – This Award is given to the individual that embodies the Arsenal spirit and is the epitome of what BK should be about.

    TA response: there are so many regulars on BK who embody the spirit of Arsenal and what the blog tries to achieve, and I find it very difficult to pick somebody. So I am going to pick three for this award: Henry, HH and Terry. All three have an eye for beauty and are passsionate about the club.

    Santi Cazorla Award (Most Popular Blogger) – This award is self-explanatory and given to the individual seen as a favourite among the BK community.

    TA Response: Again three spring to mind, Red Arse, AFC and Alex (the competition sponsorer and always full of life and enthusiasm)

    Funniest Blogger – Self-explanatory, if you need an explanation or require one as a joke, you are likely not in contention for this award

    TA Response: Four spring to mind: Glic, Terry, VCC and Redders 🙂

    Arsene Wenger Awarrd (Most Insightful Blogger) – This award is given to the individual whose depth of knowledge truly enlightens the BK community and makes one re-evaluate their original opinions.

    TA Response: Eight spring to mind: BJ, HH, 17, jgc, Admir, Milo, RA, Gerry

    Rinus Michels Award (Most Elegant/Eloquent Blogger) – This award is given to the individual who is the most well-spoken and can coherently articulate his/her arguments. There is a beautiful elegance in their writing and their contributions are exemplary.

    TA Rpesonse: Five spring to mind: jgc, 17HT, ‘Mair, Oz, RA

    Aaron Ramsey Award (Chalice for Underratedness…look it up, it is a word somewhere ) – This award is given to the individual who’s contributions are overlooked and deserves more recognition.

    TA Response: Five spring to mind: JNYC, PPP, Gerry, Oz, Marcus

    Blogger who should post more – The blogger whose comments are always insightful and educating but does not frequent BK enough!

    TA response: Six spring to mind: Sharkey, JNYC, Rocky, KenyanG, Mair, Evonne

    Jack Wilshere Award – This award is given to the blogger who best drives discussion on BK.

    TA Response: five come to mind: RA, JB, 17HT, HH, Alex

    Rookie of the Year Award – Since BK is still in its inception year, everyone is technically a candidate for this award. Awarded to the blogger who has quickly integrated themselves into the BK community and seen as a regular!

    TA Response: too many to mention – the blog has seen so many new bloggers lately, and they are all settling in really well. But my favourite newest bloggers JB, 17, KenyanG and jgc, who all have brought so much diversity in thinking to the site.

    Gareth Bale Award (Your Rival Blogger) – This award is given to the individual you often do not see eye to eye with, but respect their opinions nonetheless. Their views challenge your own opinions and broaden your perspective.

    I see eye to eye with all hahahaha 😛

    Best Avatar Award – Awarded to the blogger with the best picture next to their name!

    TA Response: Oz all day long, and I like Allezkev’s as well.

  • jgc – love your comment 🙂

    I would like to add jgc-ism: the ability to put order into complexity – into bite-size chunks that can be digested very easily. 🙂

  • jgc – I never forget how an HR colleague of mine tried to get some hairy arsed union members to accept the difficulties of the change process we were trying to implement, by saying: ‘One must look at this as an iterative, incremental process’. The faces of the union guys were just so brilliant to watch!!

  • TA :), cheers for submitting your nominations mate! I see you are right in line with the popularity/MVP mantle, trying to appease everyone and include all hahaha ;).

    Honoured to be selected for multiple categories and the fantastic collection of bloggers you have accumulated is a testament to your outstanding and inviting efforts as the blog owner!

  • You are too kind, HH 🙂

    I gave it a long, hard thought, and there just are so many fine bloggers on the site that it would be impossible to choose. 🙂

  • TA, be careful with your choice of words mate :). Glic, sees long and hard and immediately goes to BOING!

  • here here Total……….the site has an abundance of quality bloggers. It’s full of variety and extremely knowledgeable individuals, it’s almost impossible to choose favourites. It sounds a cop out but almost every blogger here contributes immensely.

    A testament to your inviting and warm nature.

    Top top drawer.

  • HH 😆

    VCC 🙂

    And thank you for running the fantastic UMF, and congrats for winning it with such ease this time round. Next season, we’ll have to put up a better fight, but you are the ultimate UMF this season. Well done, Sir! 😛

  • allow me to quote our beloved Gazidis :

    Arsenal can now plan in the knowledge that they must only overcome a final play-off match to again enter the Champions League group phase but Ivan Gazidis, the chief executive, stressed on Monday that silverware remained the ultimate aim. The last of Wenger’s seven trophies at Arsenal was the 2005 FA Cup. “It is important to reiterate that for everyone at the club, qualification for the Champions League is not our ultimate ambition,” said Gazidis.

    “Our majority owner Stan Kroenke has made it clear that while it’s an achievement to make the Champions League our ultimate objective is to win the major trophies.

    “We all share that clear ambition and will be driving the club forward to achieve it. Arsène and I have already been planning what we need to do to strengthen so we are better placed next season.

    “The club is in a very strong position to move forward and our form of losing just one of our last 16 Premier League matches shows that we have a solid foundation on which to build for success.”

    not sure how most of you will interpretate that but to me that sounds like one hell of a sales speech by our chief executive….change of ownership at the top top level beckons ? i wouldn’t be surprised.

    in the world of rumours,

    Higuain signing comes another step closer to Arsenal as Jovetic signing still remains in the balance, if the Jovetic signing doesn’t materialize then it was one hell of a smoke screen i reckon

  • TA,

    hah, I will use that on my CV! We actually talk in research about turning complex data into “clear physiological pictures” … Showed my medical colleague and his response was “of course, but what’s Arsenal”… He still needs work, apologies..

    As for the HR example, well HR is world famous for using clever words to obfuscate, leading to HRisms like yours being so prevalent. That said, it is an evolutionary trait designed to save their lives and allow them to reproduce.

    Imagine if they’d said, really, it’s just that we will lay you off in several lots every certain period of time until there are far less of you. An interative incremental process sounds way cleaner… for the HR person who still needs to walk to their car in the evening! 🙂

    I hope that’s jgc’ed it for you…

    cheers — jgc

  • wow, i’m winning awards left right and center 😀

    blimey, i wasn’t prepared for this (wipes out half a tear from the corner of his left eye)…where is that dang victory speech i mean thank you speech, argh

    this is embarrassing but i will have to get back to all you gents later, mean time i notice how TA would make an absolute top notch politician or a diplomat .

    if there was an award for being creative then HH would win that one hands down for me, keeps everyone else around him going , no doubt is the engine of BK …and it’s always a pleasure to indulge with him.

  • New Post New Post! 🙂

    JM shares his views on what is happening behind the scenes re player contracts, commercial deals, potential player movements etc. Enjoy! 🙂

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