Bayern or Dortmund – why I will be rooting for Die Schwarzgelben

Will Klopp out-fox Bayern once more?

Will Klopp out-fox Bayern once more?

Tomorrow’s CL Final is promising to be a great battle between two German clubs who thoroughly deserve to be at Wembley this year. Arsenal have beaten both teams in the last two years, but Dortmund have made big progress in Europe since we won against them at the Emirates, and although we beat Bayern at the Allianz stadium, it is fair to say that over the two games they were the stronger team.

It is a really bizarre thing that we beat so many of the European top teams in previous years – Barcelona, Milan, Bayern, Dortmund – but always only in one leg, whilst losing out over both legs. There is no doubt that our unexpected victory over Bayern – albeit not enough to go through – gave our team an incredible shot up our arms. We needed a victory like that and it proved to be the catalyst of our impressive finish to the season.

I am a romantic and love what has been happening at Dortmund over the last few years. I have written in previous posts how it is so much harder to build success on a philosophy of football in which the system is king and the players are an integral part of it, rather than simply buying the best, most expensive, players in the league and overpower the opposition. Klopp, just like Wenger, is a manager who makes his players better within the system of his football and through his coaching; he is also able to replace players who leave or get injured with relative ease – a characteristic that reminds me more of van Gaal than Wenger.

Bayern are wealthy and very powerful, on and off the field, but the wily young fox, Jurgen Klopp, has been able to out-smart his opponents during the previous two seasons, winning the title twice and the German Cup once.  This season, Bayern have stepped up a gear and won the league with ease. They are still in the German Cup final, and of course in the CL-final, and can make it three out of three pieces of silverware this season. At times they have looked unbeatable, and the 7-0 aggregate trashing of Barcelona was an incredible achievement!

They are the pundits’ favourite on Saturday night, and Dortmund are the underdogs.

What I love about Bayern is they play with proper wingers and I hope other teams, including Arsenal, will be encouraged to reinstate some proper wing-play. Other than this part of their football, I must admit I do not enjoy watching Bayern anywhere near as much as Dortmund’s intricate, and yet deadly sharp, passing and possession football. This is the main reason I want Die Schwarzgelben to win tomorrow.

Another reason is the incredible insensitive and unsportsmanlike behaviour surrounding the aggressive capture of Dortmund’s most promising talent, Gotze, by their arch-rivals. Now Gotze appears to be injured, but even if he wasn’t – and who says he is anyway – Dortmund would probably not have gotten the full value out of him. On top of that, there are strong rumours Lewandowski will be joining Bayern as well.

These sorts of developments can easily destabilise the Dortmund team, but I reckon Klopp is a very special manager who seems to thrive  under adversity. He possesses that rare combination of qualities: visionary, very strong tactically, a great motivator and truly passionate about his football, and a humble human being.

Spinoza wrote: ‘All things excellent are as difficult as  they are rare’, and I reckon it will be Klopp’s excellence of team management skills – in all facets – that will see him and his team defy the odds tomorrow.

Call me a romantic, but I believe justice will be done  tomorrow, and renewed hope will go out to all those clubs who try to win something the proper way, and that includes Arsenal.

Written by: TotalArsenal.

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  1. James Bond says:

    thanks, TA

    for me it’s BM, i said it in the last article as well,

    i have always fancied BM from the very beginning of this tourney, they were just out to prove a point and show everyone how good they are and how they have been robbed of winning the CL (by hook or cook, luck of chelsea e.t.c)….

    plus , it makes it our CL exit a bit more acceptable knowing that we bowed out to the eventual winners (yet again, how many times has that happened ehh ? 2? ?3 more than 3 😉

    also, the entire season BM have had the psychological advantage over Dortmund and had them in their back pocket really, i watched one of the domestic cup ties between BM vs dortmund (was a sf)…robben scored a belter and the entire match, it was as if boys vs men…such was the dominance even in a 1-0 win.

    as much as i want Dortmund to win i just don’t see it happening, Dortmund will be hurt and hungry , wanting to prove a point but BM are wounded and motivated.

  2. TotalArsenal says:


    All good points, and you could well be right, but I am putting a couple of quit on 2-0 to Dortmund, as I reckon Klopp will outsmart them tomorrow. 🙂

  3. James Bond says:

    i’ll be honest with you , TA

    those are not exactly all the reasons why i want or see BM winning…yep, i have some money riding on it 😉 placed a bet at the start of the season that BM would win it, the odds were decent 😉

    as much as i would like klopp and co to win tomorrow’s final and have the last laugh, my wallet would disagree 😀

  4. TotalArsenal says:

    I see I see 🙂

  5. TotalArsenal says:

    Night all 🙂

  6. 17highburyterrace says:

    I gotta say, I’m dead perfect neutral on tomorrow’s match and just pleased that I get to watch it. Top level club football is relatively new here in the States….I’m very curious what the global audience will be and I wonder if there’s slightly less interest in it because it is two German teams.

    I am hoping for an open game and some goals, ideally from open play. I think it will be pretty close and (like most matches) I’ll be looking to see if either team can get an upper hand through mid-field play. A big issue (for me) is whether or not Bayern try to sit back and allow Dortmund possession and then try to overpower them on the break and with the corners/FKs which might result. In truth, I wouldn’t mind it going to extra time as that helps neutralize the (ridonculous) strength in depth Bayern is carrying into the match. If Bayern were to lose (again) on penalties, it would be OK by me (Sorry Bond, and I’ll buy you a pint when next I am in London….) All told, a lot of it is of interest for the two teams and the two “models” going forward, esp. given that Bayern will be doing the managerial change….(If they win on all power and speed, how does Pep institute the tiki-taka thing?….)

    So, as always, I have nothing to say, and I’ve written too much…. 😆 AND everybody’s already gone to bed….

  7. weedonald says:

    TA………….good analysis of what makes BD an overall superb Club. What you have said about Klopp could apply almost line for line to Wenger, with the key differences being that:

    1) The Bundesliga has better officiating than the EPL. When I lived in Germany I met a few BL officials at our monthly Referee meetings and they were superb both technically and physically. Better officiating means more equitable competitions…something we have only recently begun to see with AFC.

    2) Wenger’s hands have been tied since 2005, and he has successfully competed against the big money clubs who dominate the EPL. The Bundesliga is a far more balanced and ¨democratic¨ League where even the lowest Club can make it quite far.

    3) The only financial big fish in the BL is Bayern Munich, who coincidentally have bought up the best players from other teams almost every season. When I was in Stuttgart, they had bought Gomez the previous season and were negotiating for Ribery as well. The other teams were all in the poorer cousins category, including BD.

    Klopp’s approach to Football resembles Wenger’s but he has a different view about attacking and defending. Wenger seems to be a Total Football believer while Klopp seems to believe more in the counterattacking approach.
    I disagree with your statement that Klopp; ¨through his coaching; … is also able to replace players who leave or get injured with relative ease – a characteristic that reminds me more of van Gaal than Wenger.¨ Both men have had to deal with continuous disruptions to their team wither through injury or transfers, but Wenger has lost 3 captains including the top EPL scorer all in a 4 year period, yet we have remained in the top 4 over that time and have scored more goals and allowed fewer this season. Klopp’s record is equally imprtessive so I would maintain that both men have Van Gaal’s talent for rebuilding and consolidating year after year. My question is, would Klopp or Van Gaal have done what Wenger did in the EPL under similar circumstances. I believe they would have but speculation is not history!

    By the way I want Borussia Dortmund to win but feel BM are too strong….just like Arsenal are too strong for the Spuds!

  8. Highbury Harmony says:

    Wee, I largely agree with most of what you wrote, however the issue of AW’s hands being tied has largely been overblown. The financial restrictions were certainly rumoured to be in place and to have handicapped AW to a degree, but he has also spent money these past 8 years too. The relative money spent on incoming transfers has not matched that accrued on outgoing transfers, but to say AW has completely had his hands tied is somewhat of an overstatement.

    I think in addition to the financial constraints, AW also lost his touch in the transfer market and signed players he thought could come cheap and improve the club. However, often times when he spent larger sums of money, several of these players turned out to be failures long-term (Arshavin, Santos, Squillaci, Denilson, Gervinho all immediately come to mind). He relied to heavily on the youth and tried to gamble by hitting home runs in the TW to complement what he would hope to be a stable core.

    Now, you can argue that the financial restraints held him back from adding the proper players, but it’s also senseless to gamble the funds at your disposal on players who never amounted to anything and that people never had high hopes for in the first place. Thus, AW’s ability to replace a like for a like is one aspect that may have been restricted by our financial situation, but he still had funds to spend on players that he largely wasted. Klopp’s eye for a bargain and the willingness to spend sums of money to purchase the players he wants surpasses that of AW.

    The only other difference between Klopp and AW is that Klopp has a better system in place. Whether it be the result of the Bundesliga as a whole, BD play with exquisite triangle passing and their counter attacks are quick and decisive. There is an inherent ability and desire to always play direct, forward moving football, something that Arsenal has severely lacked since the glory years. AW’s system of allowing the players to express themselves, in addition to an overemphasis on possession that has lead to very conservative build-up play and a plethora of sideways and backwards passing/movement.

  9. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA, masterclass article mate :). Of course you would know that you’d have a fan in me after publishing this article as I’m a fairly avid BD supporter! I, too, hope they will win tomorrow since anything can happen on a given day in football, but am cognizant that Bayern are the better team. Without Gotze in the line-up, the task of beating them became more insurmountable than it already was since he is the player that makes them tick.

    With that said, you can never underestimate the wildcard that is Marco Reus. He is capable of taking over a game and his pace, ball control, link-up play, ability to score from distance and do anything at full speed will be a handful for the Bayern defenders. Also, Lewandowski has shown us all that he can be an extremely clinical finisher with the limited chances he is given. Gundogan, S.Bender, Schmelzer and Piszczek will be massive for keeping Bayern’s offense at bay, notably shutting down their extremely effective wing play.

    Of course I question Gotze’s “injury”. It could be a plethora of things that do not allow him to play; Bayern are not allowing Gotze to play against them, Klopp feels that it is a conflict of interest for Gotze or perhaps he is actually injured (who really knows?). Either way, BD will be just fine without Gotze and Lewandowski, as Reus and Hummels have pledged their allegiance to the club and I have faith in Klopp’s ability to replace a like for a like (no one does it better).

    Only one small point of contention for me. Bayern’s football, though not as aesthetically appealing as BD’s, is very direct and forward thinking. Again, this may be a result of the Bundesliga attacking philosophy as a whole, but Bayern rarely, if ever, pass backwards and sideways with slow build-up.

    Let’s go BVB!!!!!!!

  10. weedonald says:

    TA….I wish it was clearer about Wenger’s limited access to transfer funds but as you say, he did spend fairly significantly. He, like every other manager, risked bringing in some lemons as well. i imagine even Klopp didn’t always get it right.

    Wenger did bring in some great players over the years, especially this year with Podolski, Giroud, Cazorla,and Monreal. Wenger’s philosophy seems to be based on maintaining possession, outshooting his opponents and (at least this season) having a tight defense. What I find different between AFC and BD is that the Germans seem to worry less about an airtight defense, basing their approach on the philosophy of the best defense being offense, Would this work in the EPL….it would certainly liven up some of the bore-fests we’ve had to endure over the past few years. I agree that BD play lovely Football to watch…give me them anytime over Chelsea or even City.

  11. Highbury Harmony says:

    Wee, I believe that last response was intended for me and not TA ;).

    All agreed that it’s purely speculation on our parts as to how much AW was actually restricted by the club’s financial constraints though. It would be nice to hear the full story maybe once AW retires and writes a book about the struggles during those years of being the manager at a club with massive expectations after the Invincibles.

    I agree that he’s started to rediscover his touch in the transfer market. Since the start of last summer, his purchases have been very good relative to the prices he paid, especially that of Santi and Nacho (I think Nacho will be an outstanding, stable LB for us).

    The Bundesliga philosophy is just entirely different to that of the EPL. There’s a higher abundance of skill and forward movement in the attack in the Bundesliga because it’s as you say, the best defense is an aggressive offense. I miss the days in which we would not be bothered by conceding a goal as we were confident and assured that we would win and outscore our opponents! Hopefully, with more of a talent injection this coming summer, we’ll get back to player proper football with less of an emphasis on the defensive formation and conservative sideways and backwards passing :).


    TA, what a hero you are, but i expect nothing more from you. If i am to go down in a ship i would want to be with the likes of you.

    Dortmund are a fantastic side with a purity that deserves success, good luck to them. I like Munchen to, but its Dortmund for me..

    Reading the tail end of the last post comments, i ask myself why i go and watch Arsenal play. Is it a desire to see superstars don the great shirt or a frantic need to compete and win trophies? The answer is no.

    I go because i was raised a gooner, From the first game my old man hoisted me on his shoulders in 71 i have loved the club. I waited 18 years to see us win the league, and even that was a surprise.

    Lack of signings or failure to win trophies will not make me lose interest. What will is a change of culture were we outright bought success and followed a model that i was not comfortable with.

    Alright, ime a dinosaur, and probably belong in the past, but thats me so fuck it. If you look in your soul, and after winning trophies can not respect how its done, then why bother?

  13. Highbury Harmony says:

    Terry, always positive and always a passionate fan :). However, I will question why winning trophies has to come as a sacrifice to the way we play football? Why does it make you a better fan because you can show blind passion in our club no matter what?

    Again, I am in no way saying that I am a superior fan, but I do like to see results, especially if they are produced from our own style and philosophy. Overspending is the quickest way to sacrificing long-term sustainability for short-term success and the strategy is just not viable, so on that I front I 100% agree with you :).


    I do not say i am a better fan Harmonious, there is no such thing.

    I am simply expressing a personal opinion and asking a question.

    People will follow the Club for a variety of reasons and good luck to them. For me it is more a question of how football in general has changed in the last 20 years, and how i personaly deal will with it. As the seasons pass i feel more and more alienated from the game, and in that respect it is a very painful experience.

    I dont know what the future holds, but my gut feeling is that the more the game becomes a distant memory to the one i knew and respected the further i will be pushed away.


    By the way, i respect your views highly and in way question you or any body else on here on the passion you show for the club. You want the club to succeed, and so do i.

    Your knowledge on players is incredible, i realy dont know how you do it?

    As i said, Arsenal for me is more emotionaly based than analytical, so personaly its important that we keep a semblence of our identity and perserve to do things in the right way.

  16. Highbury Harmony says:

    All understood Terry :). I guess in the world of sports, there will always be different types of fans, all of which are entitled to their own views and opinions. It’s what keeps discussion and debate interesting!

    There is no such way as how to properly follow a club. In the end, we are all passionate supporters who just want the best for the club. How we aim to achieve this objective is varied and diverse, but it is all the same in the end. I think in many ways it is just a natural progression/evolution of the game and with that comes different expectations and more unique ways to build a winner.

    In situations like these, where you continue to feel alienated, it is more important to just watch the football and ignore the sideshow circus that comes with it. Transfers, money, commercial revenue etc. are all just done out of necessity to help grow the game and maintain/create exorbitant sums of money in the sport (as a business ultimately looks to do). Whether it’s right or wrong is not for either of us to decide, but the best we can do is either ignore it or just go with the flow.

  17. Highbury Harmony says:

    Terry, I’m not quite sure how I do it myself :)! It more or less stems from initially being a football fan before being an Arsenal one. I appreciated the game and the wonderful players in it opposed to immediately following a specific club. However, as time goes on I find myself more firmly entrenched in all matters pertaining to Arsenal and more emotionally committed than ever!

    How I generally approach my player knowledge is to be amazed by a player in an individual match since I tend to watch a lot of footy. Then, I’ll go on youtube to search for full individual games focused on them, before eventually proceeding to the fan made highlight reels that can make any player look good hahaha! Following that, if my interest is still piqued, I will ask one of my relatives/friends if they have further game film on them (several work in football and with the major networks) and I can accurately assess their talents and whether or not they’d be good purchases. After all that, I’ll try to catch as many games of them as I can to finally formulate my opinion that I eventually share with you all!


    Harmonious, now thats what i call passion, good on you.

    I know your also a pragmatist, and are of the opinion that unless we purchase quality we will not bw able to compete with the “big boys”, therefore how would you feel if we purchased no big names this summer?

  19. Highbury Harmony says:

    Terry, I would support this club if we bought no big names this summer, but I would likely be an unhappy Gooner if that happens. It is perhaps the business/consultant side of me that is continually looking to improve and not remain complacent in an ever-changing world., this applies even more so to football.

    I would be thrilled if we only bought one top quality player this summer. I do not need a Rooney, Cavani or Falcao etc. to please me on the transfer front. I just need to know that we are taking the right steps forward as a club in earnest and are doing our best to better ourselves. Incremental improvement is just fine by me and I believe it is the sustainable path going forward.

    It’s not necessarily a desire to win silverware at all costs approach either, but to see improvement year over year. We’ve been plagued recently by a suffering experience of barely qualifying for CL for quite some time and I’d like to finally see us progress after all the statements by those within the organization. Perhaps they are the ones who have mismanaged our expectations now that we are all expecting something to happen this summer.


    Yes, i would be disapointed to. We need something more, i think everybody can see that.

    Lets hope that the club can purchase some players that will be big hits, we keep our current pool together and watch them improve.

    Anyway, the loft is calling and the piegons are getting restless hahaha

    Night Harmonious

  21. Highbury Harmony says:

    Night Terry always a joy blogging with you :). Nice to see a small part inside of you wanting to see one top quality signing too! There’s a bit of transfer madness in each of us 😉

  22. 17highburyterrace says:

    Just caught up with the back and forth between Terry and HH….good stuff, boys….HH, do you always manage to watch our own matches as well as the matches of transfer prospects?… 😉

    I bow down to both of you in terms of longevity and commitment… And (to get back to the topic) I’m looking forward to comparing notes on tomorrow’s match as a neutral…. Will anybody be able to participate in a GDC (game day chat)….That’s where the typing (not keyboarding….) class, I took in 10th grade pays off….

    Anyhow to pick up on the past thread, I guess I can understand all the lust for top prospects, etc. The combination of results + the stadium move (nearly) a decade ago raised expectations in a way that is difficult to grasp, notably in light of the crazy money clubs that were only in the offing. Results are one thing, but the traditions of the game, including supporting over the course of a lifetime, are another. My fascination is where the two meet: a frontier in the globalization (sation?) of the entire culture(!!)

    But I don’t want to over-generalize (ise?) and tomorrow is just another match, but hopefully one with some good athleticism, teamwork and moments of brilliance. That we invest our time and energy into watching it (and all the lesser matches which lead up to it…) and then (waste our time) blogging about it is maybe something (in and of itself) worthy of celebration….

    Sorry, just a little Friday evening filosofizing…. Cheers!

  23. JGC says:


    Well it’s daylight, sunny and 16C here in the equivalent of late Nov, so I’ve been out enjoying and late to this party..

    TA, great post and I too favor BD over BM for pretty similar reasons. A matter of culture more than taste I guess..

    Terry and HH, I would probably be more like Terry in this one. A dinosaur fan. I picked up Arsenal as a kid but could really only follow since the Internet age directly. That said, I think it’s club first. Now, HH, I DO want success and purchases but they aren’t why I care. If we were 10th I’d still follow, still hope for more and …

    THAT SAID, I think one reason we think AW has been tied or criticize his calls is our shared, dare I say it, distaste of what the various oilers and Russians get up too. I would agree AW has had some lemons, and the bad luck of Diaby, but they are far more notable when you only buy 2-3 and 1 fails. If you buy 6-7 and 3-4 are never seen (basically fail) your strike rate is worse but no one cares because the 3 go well.

    More succinctly, no one knows how a big money transfer would work out. Economists have studies such deals in the EPL and elsewhere and clearly showed the risk and relatively low return (QPR or Liverpool anyone?!?) . But, like gamblers it’s always someone else who will lose and you will win. The oilers simply put money on all the numbers of the roulette wheel, which is good business if you don’t mind the losses, but puts everyone else Ina hole.

    BM are now doing the same. It’s a shame really as it robs the sport as a whole by robbing fans of the experience of hope in following a club.

    Thus, back to this post, I am hoping for BD, just as I was over the moon about Wigan.

    Cheers — jgc

  24. JGC says:

    I guess I would also argue that when you buy the Girouds, Podolskis and Cazorlas, you are betting red or black. The return is moderate but the risk is way lower.

    Thus, if there is an accusation of AW it’s that he isn’t taking risk perhaps… Or able to afford it???

    Cheers — jgc

  25. VCC says:

    That’s a great way to sum up Wengers approach in the transfer market recently. He has gone for low risk.

    This Summer he has to push the boat out and make a statement of intent, speculate to accumulate. One or maybe two top quality is all we need to take us to another level and be in the mix with the big boys.

    We need to buy a ticket, because if we dont, we won’t win the prize.

    Fine post Total. As you say Bayern are favourites but I want a BVB win. I love their fans.

  26. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi guys 🙂

    It was just a quick post in respect to the two German teams who both have dethroned the Spanish giants with what seemed a new wave – neue Welle – of footie. Some great comments to which I will return later; WeeD that was a fine read – it would be great if one day you write a post for us on refereering standards in England and the rest of Europe, and I would love to hear your views re the perceived biass towards the Mancs in the RedNose era.

    Anyway, this afternoon we have a masterpiece to read from multimedia, new-frontiers man, Oz. I promise you this will be worth the read!! 🙂

    Catch you later.

  27. oz gunner says:

    Very well written TA. I too share your sentiments about the game. I’d love to see BD beat Bayern. I just can’t believe Lewandowski could be joining them also. It’s like Santi and Jack going over to the spuds. We’d be up in arms!!!

    Like 17 i also enjoyed the back and forth between HH and terry. Good stuff gents.

    Come on BD, win one back for football!!!

  28. JGC says:

    Thanks VCC

    My only comment is that if he takes risk AND it is wrong (a Torres result but not for 50m! 🙂 ), will we forgive him?

    That said, I agree, now is the time. Low risk and good reward (ie he’s winning) has made a good return. Now is the time to put the nails in the coffins we are making for those above us!

    Per my comments a Post or so back,I believe we are, injury gods willling, very close.

    Cheers — jgc

  29. Glic says:

    Morning Dirtbox Munchesquers 😆

    F**k Bayern and Dortmund…….who do you want to win between my Lesbanians and The Mayor of Dildo`s Dildonians ?. hahaha

    Snortmound over the Babe Munchers for me !. Anyone know what BVB stands for ?

    Thanks Totes, it`s nice to read a post on a game that doesn`t stress me out !. I love the Arsenal as much as the next gay…..guy, but there is a little bi of relief from all the stress and heartache they cause me !…give it a couple of weeks and I will be bouncing off the walls in anticipation for the first game !. Until then , the back of my sofa is having an extensive refurbishment !.
    You say you would like us to play with two proper wingers as do Bayern but have we two ?. Theo is not a proper one imo, the only out and out winger on the books as far as I can think of is Ryo. So who would you like us to buy ?….. You know who I want !, but as per usual, I have already woken up with the BOING ! factor !. hahaha

  30. AFC says:

    More transfer rumours.

    Apparently we are close to completing a 10 million move for Ashley Williams on a 3 year deal. I do not think this is true but if it is I do not want to see Vermaelen leave.

    We are going to break our wage structure to bring Rooney to Arsenal. I do not believe this to be true either for so many reasons.

  31. VCC says:

    I’m getting Man Love for this guy

  32. jnyc says:

    TA, it just seems so natural for Arsenal supporters to cheer for Dortmund. I feel like we have alot in common with them. And i have been hoping for two years at least that Klopp will be ours eventually.

  33. VCC says:

    Wenger, lets do it tonight.

    I might drink a little too much tonight if he signs

  34. alexgunners says:

    Good Evening guys,

    Great article TA, Ive had money on Bayern since the start of the season as I believe that they would be seeking revenge on seeing the Chavs take out the cup undeservedly last year. I would love to see BD take out the CL as the good guys deserve a win. After all it is 90 minutes of football and anything can happen. I am willing to forego my winnings with BM just to see the underdog win.

    BD have impressed and deserve to have a chance of winning it all and I hope they do.

  35. alexgunners says:


    It would be excellent if he does sign. Lets just hope to get the transfers out of the way early to prepare for the up and coming season.

  36. VCC says:

    hi Alex,

    Higuain looks top quality, just what we need up front. He is quick can finish and has balls.

    I’ve sent an email to Arsene telling him to do it tonight. lol.

  37. alexgunners says:


    I’ve always hoped to have him playing for The Arsenal. Never really thought that it was possible but if there is a chance, let’s make it happen. I have seen him destroy other South American nations in the Copa America. He has an amazing shot and takes shots in tight situations. This is something that does not happen at the moment for us. We tend to want to walk the ball in.

    If a petition is needed, I am happy to sign or add my name to that email that you have sent

  38. JM says:

    To Admir (previous post),

    For your record, Monaco signed:

    James Rodriguez ( £39.6 million, 5 year contract till 2018)
    Joao Moutinho ( £22 million, 5 year contract till 2018)

    And they have set their next sights on Victor Valdes, Carlos Tevez, Falcao, Daniel van Buyten and Jeremy Menez.
    [Because of Monaco’s (the state) status as a principality, the club is not subject to the same, significant taxes – 75%, as their other league competition.]


    Back to this headline post, I reckon the match would be decided by the substitutions from the bench.

    BM – can call upon Shaqiri(tricky winger), Gomez(muscleman upfront), Pizarro(veteran poacher), Gustavo(aggressive hardman) etc

    BD – can call upon Kehl(club veteran and captain), Schieber (upcoming talented striker), Sahin(midfield controller), Santana(defensive insurance) etc

    It could also go down to which GK – Neuer or Weidenfeller, losing his concentration and making that one fatal mistake.

    @TA, Klopp and BD has already begin their replacing wantaway players.

    Sokratis, Greek international, has signed from Werder Bremen(£8.1m) – a replacement for Santana.

    For Goetze, BD has the options of Bernard(Atletico Mineiro), Christian Eriksen(Ajax), Kevin de Bruyne(on loan @Werder Bremen from Chelsea)

    Bernard(Atletico Mineiro) – who plays alongside Ronaldinho and reminds of Messi.

    For Lewandolski, BD has the options of Heung-Min Son(Hamburg) and Andreas Cornelius(FC Copenhagen)

    Andres Cornelius

  39. alexgunners says:


    Bernard is a top quality player and as may be Brazil’s answer to Messi. He is sure to show his class in the World Cup next year. The preview to it will be his display in the Confederations Cup next month.

  40. James Bond says:

    apparently Santos have agreed to sell Neymar, they have received 2 bids both supposedly from Spain, one from barca and one from RM…it appears he might be heading to barca after all, which also means barca may well be selling a few players or some players may want to leave (on top of D.villa of course)…

    also worth nothing that there might be a change in management both at barca and RM this summer…..

    my take on the matter ? neymar to barca and suarez to RM which basically means plenty of bargains up for grabs for other clubs to pounce on (yep, let’s get higuain or benzema nice and early shall we ?

  41. Glic says:

    Ok, I found the answer myself, as you bastardildos were too busy rubbing yourselves watching JM`s video of Bernard !.

    BVB = Ballspiel-Verein Borussia ( Borussia club for ball games ) or for you lot Bernards Voluptuous Balls ! hahaha

  42. TotalArsenal says:

    Sorry guys, have been really busy today and no time to respond to comments. Hopefully tomorrow or Monday I have a bit more time.

  43. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post – New Post 🙂

    Oz will get those who love the TW really going with this brilliant, multi-media/facetted transfer window extravaganza post. The best part is the opposition fans giving their views on our transfer needs, which should help us to navigate away from our navals a bit.

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