Arsenal are in a great position but how to return to the glory days?


We all know about the transitional period which started when Arsenal left Highbury and moved to the Emirates stadium, at the end of the 05-06 season. It has not been an easy transition for us die-hard fans or the club itself, following our successful years in the final decade at Highbury.

So many questions have been asked and as fans we can only speculate. How does a club that wins the EPL undefeated, go on and not win a championship since then? Was it the right move for us? Has Arsene Wenger lost his touch or passion since putting together an ‘Invincibles’ team that no other club may ever match?

We all know what has happened since the 06-07 season. It has been a dry spell of trophies and near misses, but more so, we have seen the emergence of billionaires choosing to play FIFA in real life. The Arsenal-Man United rivalry has been scaled down and its importance is no longer title deciding. The blue side of Manchester has now become a strong player in the EPL, due to the investments of billionaires in order to buy success. Chelsea has had its success due to the heavy investment of Roman Abramovic. Money definitely allows you to be able to offer higher wages in order to lure talent to your club, and it also allows you to beat other clubs in negotiating transfer fees.

Since our move to The Emirates, Arsenal has not been able to compete on a level playing field with other teams. The choice was made to control the stadium debt and in return we did not have the funds available to compete in the transfer market. Arsene Wenger has always been a good spotter of talent, and with Arsenal’s global exposure we were able to lure good players to our beloved team. This is not the case these days. We have been unable to compete with the rising demand of players’ wages, thanks to greedy agents who know that there are many sides out there now that will offer an average player extraordinarily high wages to sit on a bench.

I believe that we have reached a turning point and we are now in a position to start to claim back our rightful place amongst the Elite in Europe. I am not talking just about the EPL: we have to raise our level to where we are competitive again in Europe. Let’s use the passion and drive that we displayed against Bayern Munich this season past and against AC Milan the season before. In order to do this, we need to invest in our squad, change our wage structure and become more competitive in the market.

A friend (unfortunately a Liverpool fan) has always said to me, The Arsenal started acting on the Final Fair Play rules, which are now coming into play, about a decade before everyone else. He is right. This has happened due to all the debt incurred in our move and the prudence of the board not to jeopardize the future of this brilliant club.

It seems that it is now time for us to capitalize on our situation.

We are now starting to get more business partners on board; we have a new kit supplier, which is one of the best deals in the football world at the moment. We are starting to clear out players on high and yet underserved wages, and we have a decent transfer kitty.

As usual we have been linked with so many players in this off-season and it will be interesting to see the intent shown by the board and also by AW. It is time that The Arsenal knocked a few of these teams off their perch and the good guys came out on top. There are not many clubs in Europe that have our history or our financial stability. Let’s get back to winning ways, a winning mentality and back to our Glory Days.

I would like to put it to you guys as to what you all believe is needed by our Glorious Club to get us where we belong.

We have covered the players that we would like to see in our squad next year in the past few weeks, but I would like your opinions as to what you would change to get us to the next level.

In my opinion we are not too far away from becoming more competitive and challenge for trophies.

  • Would you approve more money to be spent than the reported £70m on transfers? If so what limitations would you set taking into account our financial model?
  • How would you make The Emirates a fortress and improve the atmosphere?
  • In what position do we need to add a quality player in order to build a competitive squad?

Written by: AlexGunners

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86 Responses to Arsenal are in a great position but how to return to the glory days?

  1. James Bond says:

    nice one, Alex – congrats on getting off the mark and writing a fine first article for BK.

    agreed with your points and some very interesting questions at the end.

    – no, 70 million is sufficient money, bearing in mind we don’t sell anyone from our regulars..

    – well, it’s for Arsene and his team to do that by the way we play on the field at home and bang in the goals, isn’t it ? us fans need a bit of lifting as well but at the start of every season we’re right behind the team and then half way through, we become grumpy thanks to whatever reason you may wanna put it down to cough getting knocked out in almost all competitions cough cough…… let’s get our total footy back and i reckon everything else sorts out itself including the atmosphere.

    – yes, GK (Cesar), DM (Fellaini/Lars. B/ Wanyama), CAM (Cesc/Jovetic/Higuain) and a striker (Villa)


  2. alexgunners says:


  3. alexgunners says:

    Thanks. I also do believe that 70mil is enough. As you said we can’t sell any of our regulars. For too long we have sold players and not replaced like for like. With a few additions in the right positions we can overcome the struggles of the past few years.

  4. AFC says:

    Alexgunners top maiden post. 🙂

    We definitely need to spend and I would like to see Wenger given more than the reported 70 million. Knowing us we will probably spend under the 70 million.

    Buying a new experienced GK will not take any money away from the 70 million. GK and youth not included I feel we need to strengthen in all areas of the pitch. We need a DM most certainly meanwhile a versatile defender would be good. we definitely need a creative CF(SS)/AM and possibly another ST. Of course we will not buy players in all of these positions but these are the positions Wenger should be looking to buy in. DM and some kind of a striker take preference of course.

  5. TotalArsenal says:

    Thanks Alex, super-stuff! 🙂

    Yes we are in a great position now and it will be exciting to see how the club will capitalise on this.

    I would spend between 40 and 45 mil on a new DM and nr.10 in the summer and then see how Giroud, Theo and Pod get on with scoring lots of goals. If it is not to expectation, Arsene could bring in a top striker in January (if available).

    I would like the club to free up an area at the Emirates for the regular away fans who also have season tickets. In a stadium you need those that love to sing and be generally really loud to sit together: it makes an incredible difference as they would motor on the rest of the home support.

  6. Gooner4eva49 says:


    I agree with our constraints the biggest cause of our lack of silverwear. I feel like sometimes I’m always pulling out a 101 excuses for arsenal whenever I come across other supporters. I know I’m biased ill always will b but I do strongly believe the move to the emirates and finacial doping is/was d case to our failed ventures. Looking back I believe we could of done things a bit different and achieves some silverwear. Most important thing now is to look back at our mistakes (dont get me wrong the board crafted a wonderful sustainable plan) and learn from them. I’m sure you could do a few posts like a ‘what if?’ Kinda thing. There are quite a few!

    70m is enough yes more would b great but that ain’t arsenal. Play it ‘organic’ is the way and to lead by example. As long as that 70m is/was legitimately budgeted then go for it. What is the most arsenal have spent on transfers in a season? I’m sure one of our BK analysis guys will know!

    To make the emirates a better atmosphere is bloody hard graft performances! Gung ho free flowing attacking hard reasonable aggression football. And to shut the bloody canteens (I know it’s not possible). How many times are people up and down getting a burger or something people streaming out before half time and full time. They say ticket prices rule out the working class with the voices. I dunno that must play a part but a reintroduction of standing terraces which is possible and still b safe I believe would help. Have dedicated sections of the stadium where it is ‘designated’ to hardcore singing! Cos there are loud voices scattered throughout the stadium who are more than willing to sing! And im sure they will b more than happy to know or have a choice to sit/stand amongst the noisey parts of the ground. I would, I would make sure my tickets are at the noisey parts. We do have the supporters that can give a really good atmosphere and buzz. Look at the away boys (and girls of course).

    I’d like to see out club in all areas surrounded by arsenal men. Arsenal legends. Coaching, promoting negotiating and planning. Ex Arsenal players per se dotted around our club integrated in to our fine fabric.

    Yes lots to do

  7. AFC says:

    TA, JB and HH, Cesar looked pretty capable at QPR. Remember we are just looking for an experienced GK who can be rotated with Szez.
    Only worry for me is that Cesar wants to be a regular starter so he can cement his place as Brazil’s no.1 GK.

    Would Cesar come to Arsenal to sit on the bench.

    Hats off to the Ox for his goal. 🙂

  8. Mjc says:

    With the new commercial contracts, the financial position of the has changed in a deeper way than you perceive. Instead of having to seek underpriced buys and overpriced sales as in the past, we can choose who we sell entirely on the basis of need, and who we buy on the basis of value. We don’t have £70m net to spend. We have £70m net A YEAR to spend. That is the new reality. Imagine what AW can do with that, considering that he has basically spent £0 net for 8 years. Imagine £0 net over the last 8 yrs versus £560m net over the next 8. The future starts here….

  9. alexgunners says:

    The pleasure is mine in writing a post here for all of us to discuss.
    I can’t see us spending anywhere near 70 million, I would like to be proven wrong but we will see what happens. An experienced GK would be a great start, not only to give Chezza some competition but also for him to learn from.
    If we at least sign a quality DM and a striker it will make a big difference to our squad.

  10. James Bond says:


    be that as it may, if Cesar comes over to the emirates and performs well then i don’t mind seeing him start on a regular basis provided he is delivering the goods.

    sczny’s time will come and he will be playing plenty of world cups/euros and so on, patience , determination and showing his improvements on the pitch for arsenal should be the key (whenever he’s given an opportunity – domestic cup games should all be his, no probs)….worked quite well for man city, spuds, no reason why it shouldn’t serve as well either ?

  11. Glic says:

    Thanks Alex for a fine debut post, the first of many I hope !.

    What do I believe is needed by our glorious club to get us back where we belong ?…..simples….FFP to work !. I have been one of the great hopers of this leveller to work, but sadly, my hope is beginning to subside. As previously posted…..AS Monaco, Capacity : 18,500…..Average attendance….5,000……Tickets from 5 Euros to 30 Euros……just bought Falcao for £50M….Moutinho and Rodriguez for £60M !…what part of FFP does this come in line with ?.
    Without FFP working, imo, we wont compete !. The only option after that is the…….” If you cant beat them, join them ! ” club . Then we will have to hope ( imo ) that we can get rid of the stubborn Kroenke and replace with Usmanov !. That’s the cold facts imo.
    There needs to be a clear message sent out by UEFA as to why AS Monaco can flout FFP rules. French head of UEFA and French clubs taking the piss !.
    Other than that, you need a lot of luck in having a fine young bunch of players come through at the same time, ala Dortmund or for yesteryear Manu !.
    To think we can win a title without FFP working or no big SQ buys from a Billionaire benefactor is living in cloud cuckoo land !. Just an opinion and it will be interesting to see who climbs aboard the cloud now departing from Lesbanian air space !. hahaha

  12. AFC says:

    JB, what did you think of England’s performance tonight?

  13. alexgunners says:

    Great reply. Yes we can learn from the mistakes in the past and move on and I think we have hit that tipping point where things will get better for The Arsenal. I would like to see more past Arsenal legends being involved in the club. Who better to learn from than experienced heads?

  14. TotalArsenal says:

    JB, be that as it may, it might piss off Szczesny and seek a transfer…. It isn’t that simple…

  15. alexgunners says:


    Thanks for the opportunity to write a post for all the BK’ers out there. I am excited by the prospect of being able to keep our core players as well as bringing in some quality players in.

    Good point by you and Gooner4eva about having a section of the stadium for those who want to sing, shout and support the team creating a great atmosphere. Many times they have talked about the Arsenalisation of the Emirates. I think this is one idea they should consider.

  16. TotalArsenal says:

    Mjc – good points. 🙂

    How are we going to compete on salaries though? 😕

  17. James Bond says:


    flat as a pan cake until the enforced change due to them scoring.

    our midfield with no JW, SG lacks spine, creativity, drive and guile…..we honestly need to start playing kyle walker and start grooming Jenkinson for England, for now walker is the way to go (yep, as much as i would hate to admit it, he’s a fine fine RB).

    tonight we saw the Theo of old, very indecisive at times, frustrating to watch and at times the main threat – he’s a curious case is Theo , he needs to work hard in training and work on his close control and dribbling a tad more.

  18. Glic says:

    Just had a look ….it`s still counting ! hahaha

  19. James Bond says:


  20. TotalArsenal says:

    Yes, Alex. Having a vociferous home crowd that makes the away team uncomfortable is worth more than a few points. I am convinced that the vast majority of PL teams start the seasonal planning with not expecting anything from their away match at Old Toilet. Result time and again: Mancs collecting a massive number of points at home, without often having to break a sweat… That is what we need if we want to win the PL any time soon.

  21. James Bond says:


    if he or his father (Szny SNR) get’s pissed off then be that as it may, it’s tough luck isn’t it ? we buy a guy who’s an experienced campaigner and we have brought him over because we feel he can deliver the goods, if he does that then Scnzy can moan and complain he wants, the team should always come first…but who is to say that sczny doesn’t deliver the goods in a better way than Cesar and keeps him on the bench ?

    for now it’s all a bit of this and a bit of that, one step at a time, let’s sign Cesar first 😀 que sera sera

  22. AFC says:

    JB, the manager continues to get it wrong and the more matches England play the bigger the need for revolution.

    Why was Jones played in midfield when Carrick was the anchor in midfield? I do not even like Jones playing as as DM holding as a CM he is wasted even more.

    Did not see the need for Cole and Baines. Gibbs should have started or at least made an appearance. Baines is a good attacking fullback but he does not even get forward and look to put crosses in so he is pointless having in the team.

    I hate seeing Milner in the team covering for Johnson’s poor defensive ability. What pissed me off today was when he started on the left. No need for him. Who was he covering. Milner on the wing is a lack of attacking ambition.

    Johnson looked out of his depth and was lucky not to screw up on many occasions. Two of Walker, Richards and Jenkinson need to be brought in.

  23. Soner Osman says:

    Well put & well said alexgunners.
    I totally agree with you. But I do think that arsenal did move out of Highbury to soon as I do belive we would have won more trophies and kept our best player’s at the club if they would have stayed there for a few more years… all the same im still happy with mr wenger for what he has done & for what he is going to do for our great club. So what ever transfers he makes im sure it will be enough to make arsenal serious title contenders for the new season. As for the ignorant fans who want him out….humble pie is on the menu this year & to those who say george graham was a better manager…lol.. they obviously forgot why he got the sack…MR BUNGS

  24. AFC says:

    JB, Walcott was pretty disappointing. Then again why shouldn’t he be when he is expected to create England’s chances and score. No support for him apart from Rooney.

    Seems to me Roy expects Walcott to do what Ronaldo does for Portugal.

  25. TotalArsenal says:

    hahaha Jambo – that is the attitude! 😛

    Here is my ‘Dutch serious nature’ point of view:

    1. Cesar will not sign unless he is nr.1 at Arsenal (he needs to play to be nr.1 for the national team who will play in the WC in his home country);
    2. Szczesny is not likely to accept a second fiddle role and will kick a fuss, ask to leave.

    I want us to sign an experienced GK who accepts to be nr.2 to Wojciech, with an outside chance to outperform him in training and become numero uno. Moving the Pole towards the bank is not a good idea in my view and I would view the Cesar signing as counter-productive.

  26. TotalArsenal says:

    I can see us ending up with Cesar as nr.1 and Mannone as nr.2.

    On that jolly note 😀 Bon Nuit mes amis et amies!

  27. James Morgan says:

    With fans clamouring for sign ings,don’t be surp rised the fm doesn’t buy any one at all.When questioned he will say he has coached teams to the cl but doesn’t say he is a winner at all. Therein lies the rub.
    I am afraid he could probably use OX as the spearhead.The md looks for a very strong Veira like clone. If he doesn’t ,it could derail the gunners chances.’
    Moreover,if he were to fail to strengthen the gunners weak spots in goal ,defence,md and attack,then he shd be off. No more time for experiments. This could be the season the gunners are genuine challengers or could be finally ejected from the cl.

  28. Benjamin says:

    Would be great to get Rooney – add to British core – really good player, and would inspire our young guns I feel – £25-30 mil would be a steal – cant see Man U allowing it though, but given Rooney’s options, we could offer him the status and playing time he seems to crave.

    Would make my year to get Fabregas back – cant really see it happening, but papers are full of it. I can’t see us not matching the offers from Man U / City or Chelsea, as we have first refusal apparently – plus Neymar’s move could be v. influential – £20-30 would be achievable (or double those figures, if we have 50% of next fee)

    Julio Cesar would be great – Wojciech is going to be great, but he is young – he can play second fiddle, or 50% of games for a year or two – he could learn so much from the Brazilian – plus would really add to our squad.

    We need to sell Sagna – I don’t think he has been THAT bad this season, BUT, he is 29 – if we could get £10-15 mil for him that would be great (PSG / Monaco?). I would like to keep building on this British core, and try and snap up Nathaniel Clyne, who has been impressive. Would also REALLY like Micah Richards (I know his injuries are ridiculous), fast, powerful and a good leader – can play RB and CB, and probs DM as well.

    I can’t see Wenger going for a real defensive midfielder – he has even said something similar about the modern game not needing one a year or so ago. I would like one, especially for our more physical games, or for teams who play primarily on the counter attack – a Yaya Toure type, who can also bring the ball out, and is technically gifted. BUT can’t see this happening. I would like Ramsey to be molded in this box-to-box defensive minded position, and Wilshire to play alongside him, to take the ball forward, and really drive at our opponents. Fabregas could also play in this position or further up

    Rooney / Fabregas would be great ‘in the hole’, with Santi/Podolski on the left.

    I think Giroud had a great 1st season, and cant wait to see more of him next season, BUT, we need our full-backs and wide players to give him some good service in the box. Also, we need a more all-round stiker as well – not really keen on either Jovetic or David Villa, (lack of goals consistently and age/price respectively), but would love Higuain.

    If we could keep this team, minus all the deadwood and Sagna, and add the quality that Fabregas, Rooney and Higuain would offer, plus some defensive re-enforcements, I would seriously consider us Title-Challengers


  29. alexgunners says:

    The new commercial contracts certainly will help us a lot. However we have to be cautious, we may be able to spend more but we will be needing to spend more on wages. We need to find a balance.

  30. alexgunners says:

    Thanks mate, you are absolutely spot on. We need ffp to work and its hard to see how Monaco will in fact comply. It will probably be a similar case to ManCity where there will be a 200 million pound sponsor from oil money to offset the amount spent on players.

  31. alexgunners says:

    Hi Soner,
    We have to be grateful for what AW has achieved over the years on a tight budget. He has got the best out of players who were average when they joined us. I hope the ‘wenger out brigade’ do eat humble pie.

  32. Highbury Harmony says:

    Disagreed on Cesar not coming here unless he gets the nr.1 role. If he comes to Arsenal, he’ll likely be very aware of our precarious goalkeeping situation and understand that if he proves himself in pre-season and training camp that he could easily steal the nr.1 job from Szczesny. However, we can’t discredit Cesar not wanting to come here because of a lack of opportunity, so the alternative is that he could also go to Fulham if he wants to stay in London and be guaranteed a starting job.

  33. alexgunners says:

    I love the timer. Something to perhaps post on a spuds forum

  34. Highbury Harmony says:

    Hi Alex :),

    Fantastic article mate and a brilliant debut to BK!! After I saw you were the author, I was excited at the prospect of blogging with you for the full day and after such a gem of an article, am expecting you to write a few more posts in the future.

    I definitely agree with the premise of your article, which is that now is the time to spend and to break out of our holding pattern to both change the culture/mentality at the club and to prove to everyone else that our suffering these past 8 years was not that of a club in decline, but one out of necessity. There is no better time than the present (FFP, stadium debt being manageable, our key players being signed long-term etc.) to signal a statement of intent.

    However, of course you are right when you state that it is up to the board and AW to realize the situation we are in and to have the willingness to take some calculated risks. Or else all this hope and the competitive advantages are merely theories used to mask the lack of ambition by the board/owner/manager.

  35. alexgunners says:

    I think it will be a win-win for Cesar, a chance to play in the CL for us and at the same time playing for a club that will be challenging for trophies (fingers crossed). I believe that the competition for no1 GK would be healthy for us.

  36. Highbury Harmony says:

    Now to answer your three questions:

    1) I think we could afford to spend more than the rumoured £70 million on transfers, but I don’t think it’s a necessity, nor should we. £70 million is more than enough (again if this amount is real) to bring in one or two top quality players (Wanyama, L.Bender, Higuain, Jovetic, Rooney etc.), an experienced GK (Cesar, Begovic, Patricio, Adler etc.) and some youngsters (Sanogo, Grenier, other players we’ve largely never heard of before etc.).

    Of course, breaking the wage structure is a different matter altogether and I really doubt that AW and the board would allow one player to earn double that of everyone else in the squad. It creates too many issues in terms of other players demanding their contracts be re-evaluated, jealousy and comparison of compensation (leading to isolation) etc.

    2) The best way to make the Emirates a fortress again would be to buy one or two top quality players and not sell any of our key ones either. Fans will be less tense and the atmosphere from day 1 will be more inviting if the average fan believes that the organization is taking the proper steps to improve the club and compete with the best in earnest.

    Then, we can worry about creating specialized sections (selected sections for the more rambunctious and passionate fans, another for cheaper seats to allow students, less wealthy etc. to watch games etc.).

    3) I think there are two positions that we need to add top quality in order to become a force domestically AND in Europe again. The first would be to address (what jgc likes to call) presence in the center of the park. We lack a player who has the ability to dominate and dictate play in the center of the pitch and instil in the opposition. This player should be able to force teams to play to the perimeter and make them adjust (or at least reconsider) their game plans/strategies. A proper DM/B2B midfielder would undoubtedly unleash the creativity further up field by giving our current group of players more confidence that we are well covered in defense. More important, this DM/B2B would likely complement and contrast what we already have in Ramsey/Arteta.

    If Poldi and Theo are going to be kept in wide positions, then we need a more clinical, skilled and faster striker that contrasts what we already have in OG (hard working, aerial dominant and physically strong). This striker is the type of player that could create and score goals and is capable of slotting home 20-25 goals a season.

    I strongly believe that both a top quality DM and a ST would really complement our current group, compensate for our deficiencies and make us a force to be reckoned with (so long as we do not sell any of our key players).

  37. alexgunners says:

    Thanks Harmonious one,
    It’s great to get a post out and try to get it to the high standards of what you guys post here. I have a couple of other posts in mind and if time permits I will get them out soon.

    Our prudence was out of necessity as you put it and now it is time to show that we are not a selling club and that we will not settle for a 4th place trophy.

    Some sign of intent is what we have all been longing for and I believe it will happen now. Both the board and AW know that time has come to do something about the situation of our beloved club

  38. Highbury Harmony says:


    Thank you for the response mate :). Happy to hear you have more posts in mind too!

    Now that they know, will they do something about it though? That is the question I keep asking myself ;).

  39. henrychan says:

    Hi all..
    Nice post AlexG..
    Our glory will come sooner than We expect.. hehe..

    70 mill + 20 mill (at least) from selling the unusefull players.. are a big sum of money.. that Wenger never ever have before..
    And habbits come first..
    Wenger will never buy expensive players.. period..

    So 90 millions.. wow.. how many players do We need to bring in..??
    Cesar only 5 mill.. Wanyama only 10 mill.. Benteke or Bony only 15 mill.. Higuan not more than 18 mill.. Let’s say We bring jovetic for 25 mill also.. there’s only 73 mill.. still 17 left.. hehehe..
    But will you get jovetic for 25 if you can get Higuan cheaper..?? Hahaha..
    But Wenger won’t do that.. And what need bringing so much strikers.. hehehe..

    So.. I think Wenger will only bring Cesar.. Wanyama.. hehe.. 20 millions will be enough.. and that mean We don’t need that 70 millions fund.. hahaha..
    And We already brought a striker.. don’t We..?? Hehe..
    So 3 players in 3 different position.. with only 20 millions.. isn’t that great..??
    Great for me.. cause We need GK and DM badly.. and Cesar and Wanyama will bring solidity to our team.. no doubt..
    Eventhough I still looking for Bony and Strootman.. hahahaha..

  40. Highbury Harmony says:

    Very interesting Henry and I also believe that AW will not spend the full £70 million rumoured to be available to him. I think he’s targeted at least 2-3 new signings and will make a 4th if it’s for the right player at a reasonable price/bargain.

    However, the issue with only spending such a small portion of our rumoured transfer kitty is that the figure we are rumoured to have has been made public. This also doesn’t even begin to consider the fact that we accrued additional money from finishing 4th and from our PL TV money! Where is all this money going to go?!;_ylt=AkF0cn0g4VB_p_UDjuzC7UfEg4t4;_ylu=X3oDMTRpZTRjOTA0BG1pdANGZWF0dXJlZCBNZWdhdHJvbiBGb290YmFsbCBQcmVtaWVyIExlYWd1ZQRwa2cDMmVlOWYyYzQtN2YwNS0zNjk2LTkzZTItZmQ2ODZhMTZlMjcwBHBvcwMyBHNlYwNtZWdhdHJvbgR2ZXIDZDI4YWYzZDEtYzFmYi0xMWUyLWJmOTctYzc3NjhjZTkyZWY3;_ylg=X3oDMTJtaWlwOGYyBGludGwDZ2IEbGFuZwNlbi1nYgRwc3RhaWQDBHBzdGNhdANmb290YmFsbHxwcmVtaWVybGVhZ3VlBHB0A3NlY3Rpb25zBHRlc3QDY29udHJvbF90YWdz;_ylv=3

    I fear that if we do not spend a decent portion of the rumoured transfer budget, the club and AW will come into even greater scrutiny if silverware is not won, mainly because we clearly have the resources at our disposal to make the necessary signings to contend.

  41. alexgunners says:

    I don’t believe that we will spend it all. We have to keep the January TW in mind in case of injuries or severe poor form. The board and AW will be under scrutiny if players of some calibre are not brought in.

  42. alexgunners says:

    Thanks mate. I hope all is well with you and the new family.
    Glory days are closer and closer. We do have a transfer kitty but we have to act smartly and quickly to pick up the targets that we need.

  43. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning all 🙂

    Great overnight comments!

  44. TotalArsenal says:

    So I am Julio Cesar and the biggest tournament in world football is played in my country and I have a good chance to represent my country, and I am going to accept a role on the bench at Arsenal? Yeah right!

    He will be seeking guarantees to play regularly and that will have consequences for Szczesny.

  45. Gerry says:

    Yep, great debut post, congrats. They’ve been so good recently I am almost a regular responder again? ha ha

    Most of the replies have said much of what would say. been saying.

    On purchases, Take HH(always a good starting point) part 1: The key players are the expensive buys – The DM and sq Striker. most agreed on that? Beyond that, young quality players who do not command a high fee yet, but are upgrades in other positions across the park to give strength in depth. When I priced my preferences up it came to £98m. Now if we could get Higuain for £20m or Jovetic for £25m then my figure gets trimmed. I know £10m for Wanyama sounds great, but with competition from Man U and others, it will not remain at £10m for long.
    I have two things against Wanyama; One, AFCON, not for this coming season, but the next. To lose your key player for 6 weeks+ post January is not great? Second, apparently we are now his preferred destination(prev Man U), but quoting the guy with the info on him ‘… He has seen RVP go to Arsenal, and then move to Man Utd, it could be the same for him’ (glicism -bastardos!)
    Fortunately, there are other possibilities.

    In my wish list I also added a second striker to be Giro’s partner, PEA would be ideal in many ways. He can play either wing as well as centrally. He also has that magical quality of expectant brilliance that the fans would warm to, and help bring the atmosphere to a peak every time he receives the ball. HH is right, it is these type of players that take away the fear. Indeed, the way Ox did last night?

    Which neatly brings me to the creative midfielder I had on my list, and Grenier is just the right age to bring on the youngsters as the ageing Rosicky and Arteta move aside. He is also over 6f, so does have ‘presence’, but not as DM. I want both. Yes, I am being greedy, but the circumstances of this TW will never be better for us. The financial problems in Europe, the managerial changes, and the availability of quality players may never happen again?

    I say, Go for it Arsene, fill your boots!

  46. Gerry says:

    p.s. i think Cesc will stay at Barca, but Song? Luiz is surely going to restrict him further?

    I am with you TA on the Szcz thing. Why not Swartzer from Fulham, still good, and would not have to move home. Was talked of as a future GK coach when we were after him before?

    The key to all of the above is to have enough quality when things are not going our way to be able to change things.

    off now for a bit of the other … sport of interest

  47. henrychan says:

    HH.. Yea bro.. 3 new signing will be nice..
    Drop the Yaya Sanogo.. consider it not a buying for first team..

    3 players.. should be GK, DM and CF..
    GK.. Cesar is the closer target.. as Begovic want Liverpool and Mingnolet will not permitted to go.. hehehe..
    DM.. Wanyama already state that he want to move to Emirates.. and Wenger admire him for a long time.. and so do the fans.. so let get him..
    Or get Strootman.. I love him.. He is only 15 millions.. a very reasonable price..
    Or get them both.. hahahaha..
    CF.. is still an open case.. Higuan will surely be great.. but he prefer Juventus..
    Jovetic.. not for me.. He is not a CF.. We need someone who play Giroud position but better.. Villa will also be nice.. altough too old for me..
    And you know me.. Bony is my man.. hahaha.. He is only 12-15 millions..
    If for Villa we must pay 10 million.. then I go for Bony..

    3 of them only will cost us 30-35 million.. As I said before if we clean off all unuseful players we can get at least 20 millions if not 30 millions.. hehehe..
    Then we still have 60 million funds.. hahahaha.. It can bring some more star..
    And wait.. we still have a lot of good players.. and off course great youngster.. hahahaha..

  48. henrychan says:

    AlexG.. thanks bro..
    My baby and family are fine.. Everything is under control.. hahahha..

    That’s for sure.. Wenger already learn a lot from last two season.. And there be no other panic-buying.. He will land some solid players.. And this time.. fans will be please from the TW.. hehehehe..

  49. alexgunners says:

    Evening guys,
    More good news as apparently Denilson and The Arsenal have parted ways by mutual consent. That would be another player off our books. The winds of change are coming.. Good news for all

  50. Gerry says:

    I’ve had another thought as to why I might right to be optimistic on signings …

    Nobody has mentioned the ‘elephant in the room’? i.e. our ‘friend’ from Gazprom?

    Just think for a moment, if Stan okay’s big funds for Arsene, and he uses them wisely … where does that leave the elephant?

    Out in the Urals I think? His big plank for support was always the that the board did not spend because they did not care? So it is a win win situation for SS? A better team likely to be able to challenge on all fronts? Reduce background chatter in the media?

    Just something else to mull over this evening eh?

  51. James Bond says:


    fine dutch analysis there re- Cesar vs Sczny.

    you see , if we got Cesar then Wenger will also be bringing him over as our new no.1 in mind and like you say , the young pole won’t take it well …Wenger already knows that but at the end of the day, it’s Wenger’s team, if Wenger thinks Sczny’s (both senior and junior) are mentally retarded then who am i to argue ? 😀 he should have thought about it all before letting his father throw a tantrum (i think the damage was already done there with Wenger and had Fabianski not got injured again, i doubt if Szny would have played again this season).

    anyhow, your point is valid about him not putting his money where his mouth is in terms of being loyal to us and may put in a request…if that happens then good riddance i says, i much rather being back jens (oh no already been there done that), ok then Aluminia it is 😀 no the point is, loyalty and solidarity ahead of everything, if anyone should even ponder thoughts of leaving then it has to surely be TV ? our skipper bench, aging , world cup year and so on…but he comes out like a true pro not complaining even once.


    all agreed, no place for Jones for me in this england team unless as CB, should have played Milner in midfield and ox on the left wing like vs ireland, anyway 2 wonder strikes saved us from embarrassment as did Hart 🙂


    that’s great news re- Denilson 😀


    some fine points in your post.

    i see, Micah Richards being mentioned in one of the comments, well , i’m one of his better fans and the guy is a gooner !!! he may not be the majority’s favourite but i can assure you, he’ll be one heck of a signing for Arsenal and is very versatile, can play Rb/Cb/DM (if tried would be that beast we all crave)….so could do better than David Luiz…..his injury record isn’t that great but i think from now on it will get better ? worth taking a risk if we sold Sagna ? i says hell yeah.

  52. johnnie nyc says:

    great comment by Benjamin–I agree its the perfect time to sell Sagna– he is still worth something (especially maybe to the rich French clubs)– he is on the downside, doesn’t add anything going forward anymore. It would be smart business…..
    If he stays, I would rather see him SHARE time with Jenkinson, and maybe fill in as extra cb occasionally.

  53. johnnie nyc says:

    TA, I also am worried about bringing in a keeper who will want to play a lot. we have developed Sczezney and he has not been a disappointment at all, just not the perfection that bloggers want.. other teams would love to have this young quality keeper with a bright future. So I don’t want someone to upset the situation by expecting to play a lot. just a mentor, but high quality to step in if necessary. whats Shay Given situation?
    also, I was really impressed how Fabianski stepped in when called upon– not just the quality, but the fact that he had so much time inactive, but didn’t show rust.. I think he is a fair alternative also. just not the mentor, or the big name everyone wants..
    to everyone who wants a big name keeper, its hard to get quality to sign to sit, especially when you have a young talented keeper who is your future, and happens to be playing well too.

  54. TotalArsenal says:

    JB 🙂

    Fair enough, if that’s how you look at things. I am now hoping Cesar will not come to Arsenal as I rate Szczesny highly and would hate to see him go to the Chavs or Manc clubs, or anywhere else.

    johnnie – we need Sagna’s experience and never say die attitude: a true Gunner who will be a force after a few months of proper rest next season. Letting him go would be a mistake imo.

  55. TotalArsenal says:

    johnnie 🙂

    I could live with Fab being our second keeper, but I would like to see him being nr.1 somewhere else: he is at that stage in his career where he needs to play week in week out footie imo.

  56. James Bond says:

    hahaha, TA

    you’re not sold on Cesar are you 😀

    let’s put it in a slightly different way shall we ?

    if Arsenal sign a keeper who happens to be in his 20’s , say Mignolet then that for me would be a sign indicating “the end of Sczny ” and sure, you no longer are in our future plans, you may well leave sir…as the writing’s on the wall for all to see.

    but with an experienced keeper signing , reaching mid 30’s , heaps of experience at all levels….that can only indicate that Scnzy is the long term keeper and our future, AW is a smart operator he would speak to both Scnzy as well as Cesar and made things abundantly clear before making his move, one would assume.

    if i was Sczny i wouldn’t be bothered too much as he will still be getting plenty of minutes on the pitch , however, Fabianski may well leave with Mannone loaned out if not sold ? for me signing Cesar is a bigger concern for Fabianski and Mannone than Sczny.

    what ever the case might be, i like you would want Sczny to be our no.1 for many many years to come if he sorts out his attitude, performances and tries acting less like a girl 😀

  57. TotalArsenal says:

    ha JB – now that is the paradox we are dealing with here. 😀

    I think Wojciech will be bothered a lot of becoming second to Cesar next season, and if he wasn’t….. he would not be a top performer/ ambitious enough for the top imo. Wenger has a big decision to make if indeed he is about to get the Brazilian to Arsenal. Let watch this space. 🙂

  58. James Bond says:

    no doubt about him being bothered about it but that’s tough then isn’t it ? we have to look at the bigger picture here and do what’s best for the team – AW get’s plenty of money to deliver his sweet talks, doesn’t he 😀

  59. AFC says:

    Guys, the only problem I see with us only signing a GK, DM and ST is this.

    Last season Wenger should have signed as DM which he said he was close to doing. You could argue the same about a striker. So now we are behind the likes of the two Manchester clubs but with these signings we would be on par with the two Manchester clubs. Then remember that United and City will add more quality to their squads we will be behind them again in a new season so I cannot help but feel we will fall short again unless we try to sign 3-4 quality players. This is of course with team chemistry aside.


  60. Highbury Harmony says:

    Yes, let’s not get a good, experienced keeper because it may upset our current one if he out competes him for the job…

    News flash if Ches screws up and/or loses the job that is his fault. If the incoming goalie makes us a better team and Ches can’t deal with it then be gone. I think he’s a great player but if he has attitude/team issues that large then he should not be in our team. Competition for places is always necessary and we buy the best we can at certain positions in case of injury, poor form, rotation etc.

  61. AFC says:

    HH, spot on. 🙂

  62. AFC says:

    It is not like we are buying another young GK.

  63. AFC says:

    Just an experienced GK who Szez can learn from and fill in incase of any injuries or form loss.

  64. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC, the problem is that no matter who we add, $hitty and Chavs will add as much, if not more, than us. So it’s not a matter of buying the best players available out there (we’ll never win that battle), but the ones that best fit our club/philosophy/required talent level and depending on our coaching, strategy, chemistry/familiarity etc. to give us an advantage.

    Spain seems to be a hot bed for established, skilled and team-oriented players who are loyal to their clubs (for the most part) and can be bought for a relative discount (due to the economy in Spain. They also happen to be the best fits for our team due to their developments early on in the Spanish academies. We also have a partnership with Real Betis so transfer negotiations could be smoother if we buy a player we are interested in from them too.

    Just something to consider I guess.

  65. JM says:

    @ TotalArsenal June 3, 2013 13:38

    An equal quality alternative to Julio Cesar could be signed up.

    Although Cesar is the senior GK with the national team (Jefferson of Botafogo & Diego Cavalieri of Fluminense are the backups), Scolari has also called up 8 other GKs, of which there are Neto of Fiorentina & Gabriel of AC Milan, who played for their U-23 team previously and won Silver at the 2012 Olympics, Diego Alves of Real Madrid and 5 other GKs who plays in the Brazilian league). By no means, Cesar’s place will be guaranteed should he be sitting on the bench with us during season 2013/2014.

    Same goes for Szczesny, after his disastrous outing in the Polish team at Euro 2012. He has Boruc, Tyton, Fabianski, Kuszczak and Sandomierski to content with. Waldemar Fornalik also called up Slowik and Skorupski from the local Polish league for try-outs. Szczesny would also require playing in regular league and cup games.

    For the over-30yrs GK, alternatives to and no where inferior than Julio Cesar, with experience, ability, strong character/concentration when guarding between the posts and sufficient quality (and not called up in national team, unlikely if ever again):

    (1) Roman Weidenfeller, 32yrs (German)(Dortmund) – Heroics vs BM in CL-F
    (2) Willy Caballero, 31yrs (Argentinian/Spanish)(Malaga) – Heroics vs Dortmund in CL-QF
    (3) Sebastien Frey, 33yrs (French)(Genoa)

    Yes, it is still the German-Argentinian/Spanish-French connections.

  66. AFC says:

    Another GK worth considering could be Ali Al-Habsi who plays for Wigan.

    – Has EPL experience
    – Very low wages
    – Cheap transfer fee
    – Might want to stay in the EPL and Joel seems to be the new no.1 GK.

  67. AFC says:

    * as Joel

  68. James Bond says:

    BOOING !

    but on closer interpretation, he said who wouldn’t be interested in Rooney along the lines of yeah Cavani would be great , cavani would be expensive, i have my banker near me these days.

    poker poker i tell you.

  69. James Bond says:

    JM & AFC,

    nice alternatives to have as back up goalies, however none of them would bring with them experience of winning trophies or shall i say CL winning experience as well as Cesar.

    at the end of the day, if we wanted merely a back up then Mannone isn’t all that bad, the whole point of wanting to improve the GK department is not to only provide good competition to the rest of the keepers but also contribute on the pitch and be a leader at the back.

    Sczny for all his worth, doesn’t command his lines well enough for me (still another couple of seasons away both with his goal keeping skills, distribution and communication as in commanding his defenders oh and he should get his eyes tested, i reckon he is still dodgy dealing with long strikes) as you can see i’m not a huge fan of sczny at this present moment of time and i have been wanting a solid and commanding goalie since the last 3 years at least.

    Cesar conceded twice last night to wonder strikes but oh my, did he come mighty close to both of them, his distribution is very good, it was evident when you compared him to his opposite number (Hart).

  70. AFC says:

    JB, the Rooney goal took a deflection so it was not a wonder goal. 😉

  71. henrychan says:

    HH.. For me.. Rooney rumour isn’t good.. hehe.. better to hear some rumours about Grenier.. Belhanda or Fabregas..

    Ox did very good job lastnight.. better than 72 millions Barca man.. Neymar.. hehehe..
    I still remembered.. last year.. how Wenger pushed Hodgson to bring Ox to the team.. and at the same time not to allowed Willshere..
    And thats because.. Wenger always care for his boys.. He give his heart for his team..
    Is it out of topic..?? hahaha..

  72. James Bond says:


    hahahahaha i think me and HH are in the minority when it comes to liking certain players , let’s just say this transfer window promises to be a cracker to say the least !


    spot on about that but hey surely it should have been the other way round for the shirt swap ? neymar should have asked for the Ox’s shirt 😀 Roy keane made a big deal out of it (the guys a retard in my personal opinion)

  73. TotalArsenal says:

    I am amazed fellow Gooners believe Cesar is better than Szczesny. The former, if indeed joining us, which I don’t believe will happen, would very likely cause the departure of one of he biggest talents between the poles: one that we grew ourselves and is proud to be a Gunner!! 😈

    HH, what you don’t seem to understand is that Cesar will not join unless he is promised first-team play: he will need it if he wants to be nr.1 Goallie for Brazil when they host the WC.

    I dont think he is better than Szczesny and I don’t want to see our Pole becoming a very regular bench warmer and then wanting to leave, which is very likely to happen in the non-FF world.

    Newsflash my Arsenal!

  74. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers JM, now they are sensible options for us! 😛

  75. James Bond says:

    here you go HH and the rest interested in the Full Wenger Interview (including Rooney views)

  76. James Bond says:

    i highly recommend everyone to watch that interview with wenger above when they can, cheers.

    and my apologies, Cesar didn’t get close to the deflection 😛

  77. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA, please point out to me where Cesar said he would not join a club this summer if he is not promised first-team play. Just because he needs to prove himself to be the nr.1 goalie for Brazil at the 2014 WC, does not mean that you can take that speculation to suddenly diminish a player’s value/viability as an option for our club.

    So really, it is not my lack of understanding but your projection of a self-created theory that Cesar will not join our club.

    If he joins then he joins, if he doesn’t then he doesn’t, but to disregard signing a good GK because it may “upset Szczesny” is ridiculous. If a GK out battles Szczesny for the nr.1 role then Ches only has himself to blame and we’ll become a better team for having a better GK in net. Otherwise, it’s the equivalent of saying let’s not improve our team with better players in certain areas because the competition and better quality from the players will upset the ones we have now. That sort of mentality is the fast track way to failure.

  78. henrychan says:

    TA.. Cesar is indeed better than Sczecney..
    Cesar is Brasil #1 GK.. and Sczecney even have to give his position to Tyton.. and I think he will hardly get in back if he don’t learn how to catch the ball properly.. Even Fabianski will try to get his role back.. hehe..

    Better bringback Fabregas than Rooney.. better Vela than Villa.. hehe..

  79. jnyc says:

    STEADY there HH, TA ‘s speculation is almost certainly right. Just because there isnt a quote from Cesar, its the way the world works.
    Szcez has been a great prospect, a solid young keeper that many teams would like to have brought through or have now, and this isnt exactly the time i want to see him as a number two. He generally need to play to grow, and he has proven he can play at THIS level. id like a solid number two who doesnt mind being that, who can mentor a bit, and doesnt make me super nervous if he has to fill in. Id ask Cesar if hes willing to do that, or id like a Given type.
    But if its how it has to be, Fabianski will do. He did a good job when called upon. Not rusty.
    Was goal keeping really the reason we started so badly this past season?, was it really the problem at all? Not to me it wasnt.

  80. TotalArsenal says:

    You are not getting it HH and I am tired and bored explaining it. Once again let’s move on to a new topic.

  81. Highbury Harmony says:

    Really jnyc? So we should should sign players who aren’t going to be competing for starting spots? What GK is satisfied with being a full-time back-up GK? I think there’s a bigger problem if we’re signing players who are complacent with being bench ones.

    If Ches is the better GK, he will come out on top, regardless of who we sign. The fact that you fear that his starting spot is in jeopardy is proof that the coaching staff likely does not have full confidence in him either. If he’s not capable of beating another GK, then we are clearly better off with whoever beats him for the starting berth in the short-term. If Ches is not comfortable with competition then he should leave the club.

    Fabianski’s contract has ended in case you haven’t noticed, so that leaves us with Mannone as our back-up GK.

    There’s always room for improvement, with better GK we could do even better. Why settle for complacency? That’s what has gotten us into the situation we are currently in. But, by all means let’s just buy players who are ok with being bench players so we don’t offend our current group of players. By no means do we want competition for places and field a team that may be better than the one we have now!

  82. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA, you’re right. You aren’t making much sense and none of us are really agreeing with you. Better to move on.

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