Keeping Sagna, TV and Koz is paramount – time to show our class!

Laurent Koscielny

I have been reading ‘What money can’t buy’ by Michael J. Sandel, a normally rather dry and far too serious book for the football blogging world. It explores the moral limits of market thinking, and one of the subjects it covers has always intrigued me: intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation in people. This, in my view, is a subject of great importance to Arsenal football club.

Sandel gives a number of interesting examples of how money sometimes kills something that is far more important than free market transactions: moral responsibility and intrinsic motivation.

I would like to highlight two of these, and please bear with me as the link with Arsenal will be made eventually.

The first one is with regards to ‘donation day’ at a high school in Israel. During this day students go door-to-door to collect money for charity. An experiment was done by a couple of economists to determine the effect of financial incentives on the students’ motivation. The students were divided into three groups: one group was given a brief motivational speech about the importance of the cause and sent on its way; the second and third group were given the same speech but also offered a monetary reward based on the amount they collected – 1% and 10% respectively. The rewards would not be deducted from the charitable donations; they would come from a separate source.

The unpaid students collected 55% more in donations than those who were offered 1%; and 9% more than those offered 10%.

The second one is regarding a location for storing Switzerland’s nuclear waste. One location designated as a potential nuclear waste site was the small mountain village of Wolfenschiessen, in central Switzerland. Economist surveyed the residents before an official referendum was due, and 51% said they would accept the waste site being built in their community. Their sense of duty for the greater good appeared to be bigger than the concerns about the risks.

The economists than offered a financial incentive: what if the Swiss parliament proposed to build the nuclear waste facility in their community and offered to compensate each resident with an annual monetary payment – a considerable amount:  how many would then favour it?

The result: support went down from 51% to 25% and increasing the monetary payment did not make any difference.

These examples show two things to me: people are motivated by things like wanting to do good, public duty, and pride; money is not always the one and only factor when trying to achieve the best possible outcome/ changing people’s behaviour.

In the premier league we have gradually started to accept that spending lots of money on fees and salaries is the only way for clubs to be able to keep hold of their players and attract new ones. At Arsenal, we have had a number of players who left us because they simply could earn more money somewhere else and, to some extent, because they believed they had a better chance of winning silverware at their new clubs.

A football career is relatively short and players will want to maximise their income as much as possible. Although most players who left Arsenal recently were already multi-millionaires, I understand and respect that, however mercenary of them, they left Arsenal in order to better themselves. And if Van Judas had not deceived us so much with his faked love for the club and ‘I am a Gunner-for-life’ rubbish,  I would already have forgiven him.

However, there is something else in football too and this has to do with pride, with the desire to leave something behind for generations, with becoming football-immortal. The pockets of Adebayor, Nasri, Van Judas, etc might be bursting with shiny gold coins, and they can even show a medal to their friends and family, but immortal they are now very unlikely to become. Bergkamp is immortal, Henry is immortal, Adams is immortal, etc, and not just at Arsenal: speak to any football fan in the UK, or even Europe, and they will eulogise along with you about the sheer brilliance of these players.

I am not naïve and realise the club operated back then in a different economic reality compared to recent years, and I also realise that we have once again entered a new phase, in which we ought to be able to compete better with the largest clubs in Europe, as well as the all-over Europe mushrooming oil-funded clubs, both in terms of attracting top talent AND paying them market-rate wages.

But this will not be enough, and we only have to look at Man City to realise that, in order to achieve a period of sustained success, much more is required than an expensively assembled team of top footballers.

We need a large number of players with not just technical and tactical qualities, but also an intrinsic desire to give their all for the club, and remain loyal: to want to win and take Arsenal to the very top again.

Arsenal has history and class; we are a club with strong values and principles and enormous pride. We now have a great stadium, play CL-football year after year, and (still) have a great reputation.

But it is important that our players, new and established, feel at home at Arsenal; that they, as well as potential new signings, recognise and appreciate our class and history. It is also important they believe they can win silverware with Arsenal; that we are not an in-between stop towards bigger and better things: that we are the final destination, the football Walhalla!

For that, the club’s management needs to (further) develop and promote an ambitious vision which the players buy in to. There also needs to be a fair and yet (at least fairly) competitive wage structure, and there needs to be a healthy dose of courage and bullishness to invest money in new, quality players, if and when required. And the club also needs to stick to its values and principles.

For me, it is paramount to keep hold of all our key players; and this includes those that reach the mature footballing years.

How can we expect our players to develop loyalty and remain intrinsically motivated to give their all, and want to win silverware at Arsenal, if the club does not look after those players who have been given their all for us?!

I understand why the club had to let go the likes of Pires, Vieira, Gilberto, Henry and Ljungberg, Toure and Clichy, etc in the last seven/eight years, but it is now time to show that we do look after our players and reward them for their loyalty and hard work at the club. Arsenal need to offer their players – young and established – (a sense of) continuity and proper care, and it needs to start with the likes of Rosicky, Vermaelen and Sagna.

Players will always have to be able to make the grade and remain good enough for Arsenal of course.

But if we want our players to properly care for Arsenal and go the extra mile, they will have to feel the same from the club.

Enough now of the cashing in on established, older players who still have a lot to give to our club, and whose experience, hunger and loyalty are of great importance if we want to win silverware again, as well as keeping hold of our big, younger talents.

Let’s offer Sagna a fair and multi-year contract; let’s tell Vermaelen he is part of the team and we’ll do everything to get him back to his best; let’s tell Koz he is part of Arsenal long term plans and he is going nowhere; and let’s show all our players the club continues to have real ambition to be the top club in England and Europe.

It will give us a competitive edge against the Oilers for years to come.

“We become just by doing just, temperate dy doing temperate acts, brave by doing brave acts.” Aristotle.

Written by: TotalArsenal.

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90 Responses to Keeping Sagna, TV and Koz is paramount – time to show our class!

  1. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA, you’ve got mail 🙂

  2. jgc says:


    This is the difference about wanting to build something bigger than yourself or your pockets. Most who go for money dont perform for long, or not at the same level. The truth for RvJ will be next year’s form sheet.

    Equally, to be immortal you dont have to win medals all the time. I can think of Shearer, and I am sure others who know their football history can think of others.

    I think the only thing I can add is that you need to account for the influence of agents. Agents make more money, and “now” money, on fees and such then on building a brand, if you will. The immortals may lose money in career for teh “steady income” after. 3 years or less after he retires no one will pay RvJ for anything, but BK, Henry et al are different because of their broader appeal.

    Thus, I suspect agents do a lot behind the scenes to motivate player motion. Move here, they will respect you more, pay you more and the big transfer fee will show their respect! This is music in young men’s ears, I suspect. Then they will point at Diaby or similar and say, well, you never know how long you will last. Take the money now!

    This unsettles the player and doesnt let them the “mind space” if you will to focus on football or the club…

    Just 2p — jgc

  3. jgc says:

    In addition,

    Ever notice that some of the more stable players are those who have “boring” agents or agents who are not big in football but look after their business well (i.e. small agents who are not family).

    cheers — jgc

  4. jgc says:


    PS: thanks to all who commented on the last post! Apologies for not getting back to all before this one I just woke up!

    cheers — jgc

  5. mbuchu says:

    No player want to leave but Arsenal has to show ambition by signing proven players not just kids

  6. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA brilliant article mate :). This has been a theme echoed by most of the BK regulars and it’s nice to see it finally put into an article!

    I agree with everyone you wrote and if you look at the past 7-8 years, the culture of the club changed and there was a lack of understanding among these burgeoning young talents on what it meant to be an Arsenal player and one player leaving ultimately led to continuity in a counterproductive fashion (losing our best players year after year).

    Now is the time to rectify this negative persona that the club has established and to resonate a culture of stability and finality; Arsenal must act and believe that they are a club capable of winning silverware and to only release/sell players because they are no longer needed. However, this is a process that happens over time. Selling players like Rosicky, Verm and Sagna right now would be no different than the sales of our top players over the years. Despite the fact that they can be replaced or have been displaced out of our line-up, they are long-standing veterans of the club who embody the Arsenal spirit and understand what it means to be part of this historic club.

    I would also like to add that if the foundation is in place whereby players are intrinsically motivated, incoming players will undoubtedly better understand the culture and also buy into our ambition, values and beliefs, regardless of whether their moves were originally motivated by financial compensation.

  7. TotalArsenal says:

    Fantastic addition to the post HH 🙂

    This comment ‘nutshells’ it:

    “Selling players like Rosicky, Verm and Sagna right now would be no different than the sales of our top players over the years. Despite the fact that they can be replaced or have been displaced out of our line-up, they are long-standing veterans of the club who embody the Arsenal spirit and understand what it means to be part of this historic club.”

  8. TotalArsenal says:

    jgc – thanks for fine comment and Shearer is a great call. Agents and their behaviour is indeed another key factor.

    We need to re-build a culture at the club that withstands these sort of outside influences, and keep recruiting the right sort of characters as well.

  9. 17highburyterrace says:

    Great article TA and all too true…and excellent point about agents… HH’s comments are spot on as well, and I think a lot of the regulars here would agree that we want Arsenal to do better and do better with a sense of class….It should be about (Arsene’s idea) of a collective effort that is bigger than the sum of the parts…

    The problem, I think, is that money now equates to class. If the big team wants you then it indicates you’ve arrived. Big money in Dagestan has attracted players and now Monaco seems the destination. Players like Eto’o and Falcao don’t seem to mind that they are going to projects with no history or in weaker leagues. Something needs to be done to stop this. How can this be happening given the FFP rules are supposed to be kicking in?…(RA, where are you?….)

    I very much agree about keeping our players. Sagna had a few issues this season (I saw him, right before my very eyes, get toasted by Gabriel Obertan, who crossed for a Demba Ba goal in the 7-3 win over Newcastle….) but he’s such a professional. To answer HH about his offense vs Jenks, I sort of agree. In the easier home matches (where we need goals and all three points) Jenks should get some starts. I think Eboue and Sagna were being rotated in this manner as well…

    The topic also dovetails nicely with the last one. Presence (maybe) is that ability to push all the negotiations and paper-talk to one side and simply play the game at the best of your ability, raise the game of your teammates and create enough doubt and worry in your opponent to knock them below their best. Our only hope against the “assembled” squads of the silly money teams is to build this sort of presence up and down the squad. We should have a group of veteran players (any number of whom might wear the armband) buoying up the younger guys with less experience. It starts in the tunnel and as they step onto the pitch and with each movement and touch it continues. It wouldn’t hurt, also, if the supporters could get past what they’ve spent on their tickets and get to their seats for the kickoff and stay there until the players have gone off, holding their scarves aloft, no matter what….

    But now I might as well be dreaming about bringing in some big money player….

  10. Highbury Harmony says:

    Cheers TA and 17ht :).

    And yes agreed on Jenks 17ht. Opposed to Sagna starting every game after he returned from injury or even to Jenks fully displacing Sagna next season, it should be a gradual process whereby Jenks is integrated in as a first-team regular over the course of a couple seasons. He was largely thrown into the fire last season but performed admirably well (only bad performance was vs. Sunderland but he was off form and only knew he was starting like a half hour before the match). This is why it is crucial for Sagna to extend his deal for at least one more year.

  11. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahaha 17 – you had to finish with the topic that is burning on everybody’s mind 😛

    All good points and nothing to disagree with.

    Some players go for the cash, but most players at Barca, for example, seem to be staying put, despite a sense of things coming to an end and lucrative offers elsewhere.

    I am sure that even with the best efforts on strengthening our culture and collective bond, there will always be players who want to leave for money or other reason – we only have to look at Dortmund: great fans, stadium, manager, success galore, etc and still they cannot keep all their players – but we should be able to keep a strong core on which continuous success can be build. But loyalty works both ways and as a club we have not done enough to protect our culture (with good reason though).

  12. bc says:

    I want to see us keep the nucleus of the 25 man squad together and by that I mean those classed as homegrown/non-homegrown. I see no reason to get shot of anymore under 21s as enough have departed already but I am hoping this lot stay: szczesney mertesacker koscielny vermaelen sagna gibbs vermaelen arteta ramsey coquelin cazorla rosicky gervinho podolski walcott giroud. I am undecided about fabianski mannone diaby and djourou but park chamakh bendtner and santos can leave ASAP. So if those 16 first mentioned all stay plus the other 4 undecided’s we will still have room for 5 signings. Only when those 5 are in place would I consider anymore departures and signings on a 1 in 1 out basis. My first 5 signings would be a centre forward to really put pressure on giroud (one of rooney higuain lewandowski cavani benteke dzeko lukaku or michu) then I would go for 2 holding midfielders (capoue and wanyama) as diaby is injured denilson has gone whilst our other options bar arteta are all young. Then I would sign a right back regardless of sagna staying or not as jenkinson for me needs a loan spell. My 5th signing would be a winger, I am not sure who is out there and who is available but there has to be a winger that can get the byline and put in a decent cross or one that can swap sides and cut in. Then as I said it is a matter of one out one in if djourou goes we need a CB if fabianski goes we need a keeper. Williams and cesar would replace them adequately. However if mannone and diaby were to leave I would not replace them instead I would save those 2 spaces until january whilst promoting martinez and aneke to replace them.

  13. TotalArsenal says:

    I think a dedicated right-winger would do miracles for both Sagna and Jenkinson. Theo has been hard to work with for the RBs last season.

  14. TotalArsenal says:

    BC – what about Nacho, Ox, Jack? 😕

  15. allezkev says:

    Top Post Total…

    The club has to draw a line in the sand this summer.

    No more senior players departing, save those deemed surplus to requirements.

    The alternative? Well just admit that we’re a selling club!
    And be done with it…

    Great work Total.

  16. malaysian gunner says:

    As weel as keeping these two,Arsene need s toadd at least two quality guys to get the gunners firing again.

  17. weedonald says:

    Very well said TA and strikes right to the heart of the truth….that is what AFC has, class and history!

  18. jgc says:


    Based on the comments, one might also say that Arsenal need to rediscover their older culture (no argument here btw!), even while money is itself changing the culture of players and the game (give or take FFP working).

    Thus, perhaps a little of what we see in all this is also this ongoing/growing clash between club and money, and the need for the club to make enough money to be competitive. A very tough choice and balance.

    In particular, where money almost takes the club away from the fans. I have an Everton fan colleague (born and bred blue in Liverpool) who is Everton through and through, but, I wonder what the same fan from the blue side of Manchester says nowadays??

    cheers — jgc

  19. jgc says:

    I should have added, that for fans, memories are built around games and results (and seasons), and most especially, the players who defined those games and seasons!

    But, if the players are not about the club and all about the money…

    This is a lot of what has happened in baseball, IMO, and while it is still fun (enough), it is very much not the same.

    cheers — jgc

  20. Len says:

    Sagna’s issue has been discussed before and I had always said that he deserves a fair and multi-year contract as he is also a good stand-by for CB. Many reliable CBs have played upto age over 33. Everybody makes mistakes and Sagna’s mistakes were not too serious. I do not quite like Koz’s attitude. Look at TV and Per, they were more reliable and have they ever said what Koz has said? Loyalty, not just glory. Who was Koz before Arsene explored him? Arsenal should reward Sagna with a better contract and give assurance to TV about trust on him. As a matter of fact TV’s performance in the last few matches were good enough. What’s the point of having more extra reliable CBs when you don’t rotate them? You can’t blame the players who are prominent, known and they don’t get a chance to play and show that they are back! We should start a petition to AW to keep TV and Sagna. Somebody please do so and I will support.

  21. Gerry says:

    Len – On that last point I think you are falling for the media theme for a headline grabbing.

    My guess, as I haven’t read a full translation from the French conversation, is that it was a question that teased out the reply in this manner ‘Would you leave Arsenal if they failed to win a trophy over the next two seasons?’
    Answer -‘Yes that is possible’
    Q – ‘What if they showed a lack of ambition by not buying top players, would that make you think about leaving?’
    A – ‘C’est possible’

    And even if he went on to say that both cases were unlikely, the need for a headline gets reduced to what you see banded about.

    Yes, I have just created a fictional account of what may have happened, but given the way Kos has always praised both Arsenal and AW, I think my version is far more likely?

    Sagna too has been drawn into this with a simple question – ‘Would ever consider returning to play in France?’

    Which ends up as – Sagn likely to leave for PSG or Monaco’

    Read beyond the headlines, please

  22. Gerry says:

    Great post Ta – Close to my heart, as I feel Sagna is the player we should be drawing the line for in the new era.

    Sagna has been through all the lean years, given his all, had his leg broken twice, which everybody who has seen this happen, knows it take the second season to really shrug it off? and has never figured once in the ‘exit for money’ players during that time …

    So we get to point when Arsenal Football Club could be just emerging from the darkness, and he gets offered just one year to share in limelight? To hold just one Cup aloft …
    It goes to the very heart of values?

    So, no more talk of Sagna leaving. Give him a two year contract, plus an option on a third, and maybe a testimonial for 10 years loyal service, and do it NOW!

    To his critics, I do not care if he only comes off the bench and plays the early rounds of the Cup games in that second year, nobody, but nobody should ever refer to him as ‘deadwood’ … He is Bacary Sagna of ‘The Arsenal’ – Legend!

  23. Gerry says:

    Oh, In the case of Kos and TV5- they are going nowhere.

    Neither want to leave. Both have plenty more to give. We, for once, do not need to sell.


  24. VCC says:

    Great article Total… knock these out just like shelling peas.

    Reference the last paragraph……let’s………….yes let’s. And let’s buy two/three TQ players and start to compete with the big boys again. That’s all it will take for us to launch a serious effort for silverware.

  25. William rogers says:

    Great blog, I could not agree more. More money never gets the best out of anyone, whatever the work. You have to like and enjoy what you are doing. We all need money and yes they have a short working life but the top players have more than anyone could dream of earning, they do not have to become like our greedy bankers

  26. SAM says:

    we need at least 6 top top players with the likes of Chel & Man C
    If not Mr. W/Zenger should run away from us /, am tired listening to himlying .

  27. JGC says:

    TA et al

    Speaking only of money, so distantly related, this was interesting and relates to everyone’s ability to keep and buy players, orat least those without a sheikh-abramovich type…

    Be curious for the comments of accountants here..

    Seems to me the top wealthy clubs, including us, would get better, but those lower down, even say Everton and Spurs, would suffer if they were more prudent/sustainable… A two speed EPL, like la liga or Germany?

    Interesting days indeed… Just a random-ish 2p before I hit the NZ hay — jgc

  28. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning all 🙂

    Some fine comments once again: thanks! I will get back in a bit.

    Tonight: Post by Admir about the C-word, or should that be the S-word….?! 😉

  29. MikeMo says:

    TA, good call about our right side. Theo has the ability to make good right backs, look average. He’s showing signs of being hard work to play with. Two international games in a row the right back couldn’t last the game. Would be nice to see someone come in and sure up the right.

  30. Highbury Harmony says:

    Now this is interesting. Would it be too drastic and too immediate of a change in the balance of our squad though? He has all the qualities you’d be looking for in a #9 and is the epitome of a complete forward, so it’s just a matter of staying healthy.

  31. Highbury Harmony says:

    Where are JB & AFC at?

  32. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers Allezkev 🙂

    The club does indeed need to draw the line now.

    MalaysianG – yep, two additions in the right positions and we are ready to rock!

  33. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers WeeD:)

    jgc – I wonder sometimes how fans from clubs who have little chance to win anything feel (like your Evertonian): are they desperate to land a Sheikh or do they want FFP to work really well / get back to far fairer competition…

  34. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Len 🙂

    All good points. I don’t really do petitions, but writing a post about it might have some impact (The Arsenal PR department tend to read the blogs…).

    It would be great if we start really well next season, as this would enable Arsene to rotate a lot more. Once we get to a stage where we have to win every match in order for CL survival, he tends to stick to the same 11 as much as possible. And yes, TV, should get regular games to keep his form and comfidence up.

  35. TotalArsenal says:

    Gerry 🙂

    ‘To his critics, I do not care if he only comes off the bench and plays the early rounds of the Cup games in that second year, nobody, but nobody should ever refer to him as ‘deadwood’ … He is Bacary Sagna of ‘The Arsenal’ – Legend!’

    Beautifully put and fully agreed! 🙂

  36. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers and agreed, VCC 🙂

    William 🙂

    Greedy Bankers are indeed not too dissimilar to greedy BankWarmers! 😛

    Sam – spread your six out over the next two to three season and you’re on to something! 🙂

  37. James Bond says:

    here i am, HH

    wow, Gomez being linked to us – music to my ears (for those of you who take time to read whatever garbage i post, i did mention me wanting to see Gomez at the emirates a few days ago) brilliant none the less, i don’t care whether we buy such proven stars, as long as we’re linked it shows no one is beyond our reach and rightfully so now !


    5 star article, philosophical yet plenty of economics and football at the end – if i didn’t know any better i would think it was written by Arsene Wenger 😀

    but yes, greed over passion and loyalty these days seems to be the norm.

    you see the difficulty i have with understanding this is that i would be fine if players would want to jump ship and go to other teams for whatever reason if the manager was changing and so on, but what baffles me the most is that when a certain manager puts all his eggs in one basket re- a player he makes him what he is and then boom, agent happens , ambition happens or more money happens….that is something i do have a problem with really…as i could forgive any player wanting to leave his club for many years if there was a problem with the manager or new manager took over .

    anyhow, let’s hope they all stay but personally i wouldn’t mind selling Sagna.

    let’s sign David Dein – would be the signing of the season i reckon 😉

  38. TotalArsenal says:


    The two-tier system has been in place for a long time now, and agreed that FFP is probably not going to make things better anytime soon.

    Mikemo 🙂

    It would be great to give Gnabry a few games on the right wing next season, or maybe we should buy a quality player this summer and tell Theo to fight for the ST position…


    Will check email in a bid.

  39. TotalArsenal says:

    HH 🙂

    You have always liked Gomez, haven’t you?

  40. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers Jambo 🙂

    Players leave for various reasons and as a club we need to get the right culture and remuneration system in place. Oh, and I reckon Sagna will have a fine season for us next season.

  41. James Bond says:

    if we keep him then i hope he has a season of his life for us, however i don’t like it when players try to force the issue against the policy made up by a team.

    imagine the likes of fat frank, Cashley cole and Terry doing that ? refusing to sign 1 year contracts after they had hit 30 and want more ? do you think chelsea would do it ? yep, they won’t.

    1 year contract extension is reasonable enough considering his injuries, his age and that if he signs 1 year extension he will still have 2 more years at arsenal.

    in general i don’t have nothing against Sagna (even though he had 1 decent game out of every 5 he played), it’s just that i don’t like players holding a club to ransom with their unreasonable demands.

  42. TotalArsenal says:

    one decent game in five? Like THAT tennis player once said: you canNOT be serious!

    Even in the games in which he made a bad mistake, he still played more than decent.

    He gets so little support in games and yet is always willing to motor up and down.

    Asking for a proper contract is not the same as holding the club to ransom: he wants security and stay at the club to make things happen.

  43. James Bond says:

    not potent enough for me up front, if willing to motor up and down without the end result was to be the yardstick then i promise you, i can motor up and down at the emirates faster than a ferrari , if you pay me half of what Sagna is getting 😀

    no, he wants the club to divert from their policy which they have put in place for anyone and everyone over 30 or who hits that magical figure, everyone wants security including the club itself going by his track record with injuries, even if we didn’t have such a policy to begin with, i would think twice before offering a contact longer than 1 year.

    i don’t see Rosicky complaining about it nor do i see why we should give Sagna special treatment in that regards when he’s openly window shopping and indirectly screaming from offers from the mega rich clubs from france… – note how he’s not making noises about joining smaller clubs but only gunning for PSG or Monaco using them as a bargaining tool to get his way at AFC.

  44. James Bond says:

    ok, not faster than a ferrari, i was exaggerating there but i hope you get the drift 😉

  45. TotalArsenal says:

    jambo, as far as I know Rosicky signed a multiyear deal last year.

    Also, the key point of the post is to look after our players so the players look after our club. 😉

  46. TotalArsenal says:

    ha Jambo – I expect a 007 to be faster than a ferrari anyway! 🙂

  47. AFC says:

    Apparently we are making a move for Bayern LB David Alaba. Alaba really sees himself as a CM but of course is behind Bayern’s top CMs and we have promised to play him in his prefered position. Could this be our new DM/box to box beast?

  48. Highbury Harmony says:

    JB whoa whoa, who said anything about Gomez being linked to us?! Simply said that Bayern will be making him available according to skysports!

  49. Highbury Harmony says:

    TA, Gomez is SQ, of course I would like him at Arsenal! Is he realistic? No, probably not. I was just wondering what you and others thought of the magnitude of such a deal. Would it be counterproductive to the culture we are trying to build (aka would a superstar upset the balance)?

  50. Highbury Harmony says:

    Maybe more like a fiat JB hahaha!

  51. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC, I very much doubt that Alaba will leave Bayern. I think the rumour was predicated on the fact that if Bayern were to want Koz, AW would want a player plus cash in return and asked for an individual clearly a key component of their squad to show how much he values Koz (aka how he won’t be going anywhere, much like Alaba).

  52. AFC says:

    HH, would you swap Kos for Dante?

  53. James Bond says:

    hahah, well said , TA and yes , exactly so if Sagna signs an years extension he’ll be here for another 2 years, i feel the reluctance to offer him more perhaps has to do with Jenko being the new no.1…but yes, i do feel that we should up his wages from 60 k to at least 75 or 80 k, that’s reasonable but the duration of 1 year is fine for me.


    you never know, how long does it take a player to be linked, i wonder – watch this space;)

  54. AFC says:

    HH, $hitty have completed a 30 millio pound move for Fernandinho.

  55. AFC says:

    Also Fabianski’s departure has not been mentioned with Sqill, Arsh and Den. Could he be getting a new contract?

  56. AFC says:

    * million

  57. James Bond says:

    re- Fabianski, i’m not sure if his contracts meant to be expiring this summer or in 2014.

  58. AFC says:

    JB, it has already expired according to the media.

  59. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC, I would not make that switch mate, purely because Koz loves Arsenal!! You can’t buy loyalty mate (well as long as we are competitive and show ambition this summer/next season 🙂 ).

  60. Highbury Harmony says:

    AFC, it was 34 mil mate! Navas is 20 mil + add ons.

  61. Highbury Harmony says:

    Bloody waste of money on the former if you ask me.

  62. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi guys,

    Am watching Holland – Germany under 21. Holland playing with Maher and Strootman and good game to watch.

    Catch you later.

  63. Glic says:

    Evening Jizgarglers 😆

    And let me say, after Michael Douglas blaming oral sex for his throat cancer, you Broke Backers better start spitting instead of swallowing !. hahaha
    I also heard on the news that they are going to fine people who hog the middle lane on the Motorway !. Why don’t they just say they are going to ban women after they reach the age of 35 from Motorway driving !.

    Where are our BK Accountants RA and Stretch ? ( I know Redders is about, but he`s only playing with his AAers. AA is like his wife and us, his bit on the side ! ). I need answers !. When is there going to be some sort of UEFA checking of the books for City, Chavs, PSG and Monaco ?. They are taking the piss !.
    I thought there was a time scale on this FFP stuff !. Surely we must be near to it by now !. Come on Pratini, start docking points and banning the piss taking khuntz from European competition !.

  64. Highbury Harmony says:

    Didn’t you know Glic? FFP is just some huge joke used to make penny pinching clubs run on profit/not at a loss feel better. The rules are not actually being reinforced, just a figurehead committee to try and scare the oil-rich clubs!

  65. If that’s true HH, then bring on Usmanov !.
    It will be interesting to see how much the Chavs are going to spend now Maureen`s back !. To meet FFP reg`s and come in line they should be selling players not buying them !. Khuntz !.

  66. TotalArsenal says:

    Glic, oral sex is safer in the middle lane 😆

  67. Highbury Harmony says:

    Glic, $hitty sold Kolo Toure, so I haven’t a clue as to what you’re talking about!

    Kolo = Kunt only lives once!

  68. Glic says:

    Hahaha Totes, that is true, today I picked up a hitch hiker at Exeter and drove all the way to Stoke on auto-pilot in the middle lane of the M5 and M6. I had a double pleasure of the lady and listening to talkSPORT at the same time, listening to Alan Brazil and Micky Quinn is the equivalent to a cure for pre-mature ejaculation !. hahaha

  69. Highbury Harmony says:

    Just when you think Liverpool kits couldn’t get any worse, they come up with this:

  70. AFC says:

    HH, I thought Navas was 17 mill with add on’s.

  71. James Bond says:

    right, so that’s Cavani off to Chelsea being Jose’s first signing., most probably.

    the EPL just got a tad more interesting i reckon.

  72. ProudGooner says:

    loyalty is priceless, the players like Tony Adams, Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carriger and Alan Sherrer is is worth 3 players to me. We must keep our defence together now, it has finally started looking the real deal. I really think in our young guns we have a few of these Jenkinson, Wilshere , Gibbs ,Theo who commitited and the OX should to treated with great care and become our core. Wenger realised this when he kept losing foriegn players when the dollar signs light up there eye balls and i believe that infurriated him
    On loyalty there is none greater including all the greats i mentioned then Wenger!…
    Van Judus oh where do you start with him, i could just write pure abuse, but i will just say this he could have become Arsenals all time highest goal scorer and helped us win the league last season and been a LEGEND, he may have won a title but i bet SAF and Giggs both felt that his dis-loyalty to us was shameful.
    I think Wenger recently said he wants Rosicky to finished his career with us and he should, i love Wenger i think he is a awesome manager he does however make some mistakes and he openly says he is a student of the game, if you think about it under him we have not seen a, its been that long i have forgotten the name lol
    I remembered (testimonial) lol you rarely see them from any club anymore to be fair they normally get shipped of to USA or Russia
    Let’s start putting this right again.

  73. ProudGooner says:

    Oh and i really want us to put in a bid for Bale, a really cheeky one just to wined them up. Say 30 million if they acept then great if not the spuds fans will be livid win win either way lol

  74. James Bond says:


    good solid points there, i would also like to mention the likes of Frank Lampard, you can always see he wears his badge on his heart and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else other than chelsea even though he was bought from a different club.

    loyalty need not only be from our own academy talent, it can also be from players purchased from different clubs.

    if Cesc comes back then that would be a sign of loyalty as well since he would have said no to other clubs and been true to his words. (l hope it happens this summer).

  75. James Bond says:

    bale for 30 million, no chance.

    above 60, possibly

    but if we are going to be cheeky then may as well offer 10 million 😉

  76. Highbury Harmony says:

    If we’re going to be cheeky, we might as well offer Bale a banana and see if he bites 😉

  77. ProudGooner says:

    Totally agree James Bond, they could be there only 5-6 seasons as long as they love the club and want to do there very best for us then what more can you ask for . Lampard is a fine exvample i could not believe how long it took them to offer him an extension.
    loool a bananna and 10 million oh quality.

  78. James Bond says:

    now now , HH

    he might be a spuds player but he’s a fellow gooner inside, imagine if any of our players were or grew up being spuds supporters, oh my, how long do you think they would last at our club 😀

  79. James Bond says:



    i’m excited, apologies everyone.

  80. James Bond says:

    heeeeeeeeeeee hawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww,

    that’s one hand on the trophy next season already.

    wo000t w0000t

    ok ok, i know it’s not confirmed or done yet and it’s only but i don’t care 😀

  81. Highbury Harmony says:

    Hahaha JB that would be a fantastic signing, but I do not trust AT ALL.

  82. James Bond says:

    i know about that one, HH

    and i’m not surprised, as it stands , we have one hand on the PL trophy with the Fellaini signing and Chelsea have the other one with the Hulk Signing.

    so chelsea are getting both Cavani and Hulk ?

    this is getting ridiculous now, this also means they will be willing to sell quite a few players to accommodate both if they manage to snap up both (torres, Mata certainly seem to be in the firing line).

  83. James Bond says:

    i know, HH but like i said, i don’t care, i’m genuinely excited …after a bit of a lull something to look forward to and build a team around, ha ha


    are you thinking what i’m thinking ?


  84. Admir says:

    Hello, people! 🙂

    TA, I agree with you absolutely. Big clubs make their players feel as they are part of the family. Patience that Wenger has shown for Ramsey paid off in our run-in and it will pay off in years to come.

    JB, Fellaini would be a dream come true for me as I see him as the perfect signing in so many ways.

  85. TotalArsenal says:

    Lie to me, Lie to me hahahaha 🙂

  86. ProudGooner says:

    I like the sounds of this one for 2 reason’s . 1 he is a good player, and 2 probably more important if true Wenger is ready to break club transfer records and spend big 🙂

  87. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post New Post 🙂

    Ooh Admir is giving us an anagram of ‘Julio Cesar’ with a beautiful post on the return of El Capitan. 🙂

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