Return of Cesc-y football to Emirates? Barca, Fab and Arsenal to benefit!


There are relationships that don’t work due to unresolved matters that one from the couple has had with his/her ex. Now, don’t worry, this is not going to be another Dr Phil-blog about how you can improve your relationship or how to get in touch with the woman inside you. It’s about one of those transfer stories that will make your fingers clickin’ and clickin’ until September 1st arrives.

If it is true that nomen ist omen, then there haven’t been too many omens written better than the one that makes Francesc Soler Fabregas’ short name “Cesc” similar to word “sex”.

He was 17-year-old when he showed that he can cope with much older people (yes, there is a cheap reference to his love life) and even impose himself as a true class player. His maturity when it comes to passing game seemed abnormal, as his pass completion was around 90 percent when he led Arsenal’s midfield on the Gunners’ way to Champions’ League Final.

During his time in Arsenal, hopefully the one we will refer to as “The First Time Cesc Was With Us”, he took the starring role from the very beginning. Arsene Wenger gave Cesc the keys of our midfield and sold Vieira to Juventus and, later, even our formation was changed to exploit Cesc’s abilities. He took those keys and led the team on the pitch with assists and goals that it made you proud that such a player plays for your club (just remember that goal he scored against Spuds or that drive that knocked out reigning champions of Europe, Milan, on their soil).

Arsenal with and without Fabregas weren’t the same; a brief look at the stats in the last season of The First Time Cesc Was With Us tells it all. Would we have had him against Birmingham in Carling Cup Final… When he was at his best, Arsenal played silky and classy, sexy football that could be called ‘Cesc-y football’ as well. And that was some consolation for the fact we have failed to win a single trophy ever since we won the FA Cup in 2005; one of two trophies Arsenal won with Cesc in senior squad (the other was Charity/Community Shield 2004).

However, there was always a story about Barcelona. Cesc is a child of Barcelona that was adopted and nurtured by Arsenal. Barcelona gave him a birth; Arsenal raised him to world-class level. Barcelona was his first home; London was the place where he built his own (metaphorical) home.

The transfer saga about Cesc’s inevitable return to Barcelona made a lot of web-site owners happy, as they had a lot of to write about. Finally, after an ugly summer of negotiations, silent strike of Cesc, and Wenger’s reluctance to accept the fact he’ll have to sell both Fabregas and Nasri, Barcelona managed to take Cesc back in their ranks. I was angry at our manager that Barca got the player of his class so cheap – especially, after knowing that any possible replacement for Cesc would cost a lot more.

So, Cesc couldn’t resist to the call of Barcelona and he has been there for two seasons. He has already won European Supercup, Club World Championship, La Liga, Copa del Rey and Spanish Supercup. Five trophies in two years – don’t sound bad. His statistics haven’t been that bad either – 20 goals and 24 assists in 60 matches in Primera is a very decent return…except something is missing. That magical thing that made Arsenal and Cesc capable of making the other one special hasn’t recreated at Barcelona. That special thing is reserved for Lionel Messi; and even Andres Iniesta, who can arguably be called one of the greatest European players of all times, can’t come anywhere close.

Arsenal – on the other hand – went through two tough seasons without Cesc. Sure thing, Arteta, Rosicky, Cazorla, and to a certain extent even Song, in his first season…replaced Cesc in terms of goals and assists, but it seems like there have been no signs of sexy football at Emirates since Cesc left the building. Arsenal have been on a 11-game unbeaten streak in all competitions – with 10-game unbeaten streak in Premiership – but most of the games in that streak were as sexy as pulling your teeth out with rusty pliers and no anaesthetics.

Obviously, all three sides can find something for themselves in Cesc’s return to Arsenal.

Barcelona have their hands tied regarding Cesc’s sale to third club, due to first option Arsenal have and a 50%-sell-on-fee clause; so selling Fabregas to Arsenal for say £10m would be a better option for them than to sell him somewhere for £15m. And it would also free up space for Thiago Alcantara, who has been labelled as the next big thing from La Masia for some time.

Cesc would get a chance to return to the place where he truly belongs and where he would get the starring role that his talent deserves. He would get another chance to win a trophy as a key member of Arsenal team, as he was still a youngster when Patrick Vieira lifted the FA Cup in 2005. He didn’t get too much credit for Barcelona trophies he has won, so he might have an additional motive: “I don’t want to be remembered as the one who was part of the squad that won trophies; I want to be the one that leads his squad to the glory!”

He doesn’t need trophies; after all, he has already been a world champion with both club and national team. He needs trophies which are won mostly as a result of his contribution: that’s something that divides excellent players from legends.

Also, this Arsenal might be more appealing to him than it was when he joined in 2004. Unlike the Arsenal that was predominately built around French players and manager, this Arsenal have Spanish flavour with the likes of Arteta, Cazorla and Monreal with important roles in the squad, not to mention youngsters like Bellerin and Toral.

What is most important in the whole story is what Arsenal would get?

Arsenal would get a fantastic player who would add creative dimension needed to play proper Wengerball again. With newly found solidity in defense, Cesc’s connection with Arteta and Cazorla in creative department would propel us to title challenging heights, and probably clean the dust from Emirates’ trophy room. Also, Cesc would come as an experienced midfielder who won a championship with his best years yet to come.

Finally, let’s not forget one important fact – Cesc didn’t play any role in 2003-04 season but he participated in 49-match-unbeaten streak that ended through the well-known circumstances at Old Trafford in 2004-05, which makes him one of the rare “Arsenal 49-ers” (this one is my own coin that I use for Arsenal players that participated in 49-match-unbeaten streak – maybe it loses its worth when you know that it’s something that players like Pascal Cygan and Jermaine Pennant can brag about, but what the hell!) who are still playing at the highest level. And that might be a symbolic connection of Arsenal history (Invincibles) and future team, the one that is still, hypothetical, built around Cesc, Wilshere, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Sczszesny, Cazorla, Arteta, Walcott…that might spoil plans of Manchester duopoly and Mourinho’s Chavs next season.

Who knows, maybe at this time next year, every proud Gunner at their deserved vacation will order “Cesc on the pitch”-cocktail!

Written by: Admir.

For some Fab Cesc pictures, check out this link (TotalArsenal):

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91 Responses to Return of Cesc-y football to Emirates? Barca, Fab and Arsenal to benefit!

  1. TotalArsenal says:

    Well done Admir, your fifth post for BK and now you’ve got your own page. Welcome to the five posts or more club! 😛

  2. TotalArsenal says:


    The return of Cesc(y football) would be a dream come through.

    Your are spot on re the meaning/value of his medals: his stats show he has had more than just contributed to his current club’s recent successes; but he was not the captain, or even one of the key players. A player of his calibre and talent is destined for immortality but only if he takes the right exit on the roundabout he is currently on.

    His fatherly home is proving not to be his spiritual home, and the sooner he realises that and returns where he will be lifted up properly, the better for him and us. Please make it happen Cesc/Arsene. 🙂

  3. henry gaza says:

    What a beautiful write-up

  4. James Bond says:

    oh la la, splendid – Admir, thanks for the much needed gem

    yep, let’s get Cesc back, grapevine has it that we’re already in for Fellaini (BOOING)…if Man utd don’t hijack it, i don’t see anyone else going for him as no one else is in the top 4 (man city and chelsea shouldn’t really go for him, i don’t imagine, Arteta will get him down south 😀

    coming back to the article, yep, let the prodigy son return, Fellaini/Cesc – oh la la , yep, yep, i see trophies more clearer than ever on the horizons not so far away.


    Start the engine time.

  5. TotalArsenal says:

    Jambo – you are the biggest and most gullible gossip-tart I know hahaha 😛

    But you do make me laugh! 🙂

  6. James Bond says:


  7. TotalArsenal says:


    What about the Verminator and Fellaini in the double DM role?

  8. Glic says:

    Will read post properly tomorrow as I have an early start travelling around the “Award Winning ” beaches ( and bitches ) of Kernow !.

    Have a read of Ivan the Terrible !. We have the money ! ( if needed ! )

  9. James Bond says:

    TV/Fellaini combo would not only benefit Arsenal but also Belgium .

    i do feel that Wenger would rotate his CB’s and also try TV or Sagna as the back up DM…he wanted to do that with Jan , didn’t he…hence he went to spuds.

    but it sounds like a mouth watering prospect, doesn’t it ?

    i must confess, that i have wanted him at arsenal for the last 2 years, i even had a few lengthy discussions with my mates who always argued that he was a bit hot headed and poor discipline e.t.c and i always said, aren’t most DM’s ? look at our own song (at the time he was the one).

    anyhow, if we do get Fellaini, the possibilities of us reverting back to Wengerball are a given.

  10. TotalArsenal says:

    His temperament is a bit of a worry, Jambo, and so is his ability to fit into the group, but Vermaelen can do a great job there for us…

  11. James Bond says:

    ok sky as well, there you go you doubters


  12. TotalArsenal says:

    It would be some coup, Jamboree!

  13. James Bond says:


    if you rewind your memory for a bit, then we have had a few players with a moment of madness in them, song, diaby e.t.c

    if anyone can calm Fellaini down and make him more lethal then it’s Wenger, regardless of what people say, we didn’t win the fair play award for nothing 😀

  14. TotalArsenal says:

    With the Belgium in our midst we would not be winning that one anymore in hurry! More like the Fairlaini Play Award..

  15. James Bond says:

    absolutely, for 22 million at his age, it’s going to be a fine fine signing.

    imagine this, BFG and Fellaini clearing corners in our penalty area and then scoring from corners at the opposite end – PRESENCE

    oh and we also have Diaby getting fixed up 😀

    PS: sorry people but i have not been this excited for a long long time, 8/9 years without a trophy is way too much for me…especially when i’m surrounded by chelsea and mancs supporters.

  16. TotalArsenal says:


    Now you are going bonkers…. Diaby getting fixed up! 😆

  17. James Bond says:

    that’s alright, TA

    we will go on and win the PL, FA CUP and Capital cup instead (it wouldn’t be very nice of me to write off our youth, the gnabry’s, bellerin’s e.t.c i feel they can win us the capital cup).

    so the FA can keep the fair play award and shove it up spuds !!$!$%!!£!$! since they will be finishing outside the top 4 again.


  18. TotalArsenal says:

    Back to Cescy football….

    I guess it will all come down to whom will be managing at B-lona next season and whether he sees a pivotal role for Cesc or not.

  19. TotalArsenal says:

    Agreed Jambo – it is a weird ‘award’ to win… 😕

  20. James Bond says:

    it will be the same manager, it’s been confirmed.

    Cesc had a meeting with Tito or is going to, but with the arrival of Neymar , i think it will be wise of him to ask for a transfer , which i don’t think he will (Barca may even need the funds themselves after forking out 50 million on a very hyped up player ).

    logically speaking and thinking objectively (not being biased), wasn’t Cesc suppose to be Xavi’s replacement ? and he isn’t getting any younger, so if we were to look at it objectively, he could still end up staying at barca .

  21. TotalArsenal says:

    Unless Xavi is going, it will be the same for Cesc for at least another year and he is now in his prime himself…. add on top of that Wenger’s recent comments re him not being very happy at the moment and… there is a good chance he might be coming this way this summer hahaha 🙂

  22. James Bond says:

    good point and both Xavi and Cesc would be desperate for a starting place in next yr’s world cup (most likely the last wc for Xavi), yep , you have managed to convince me , TA

    the time is nigh 😉

  23. Highbury Harmony says:

    Admir, wonderful write-up my friend :). One could say it is a thing of ‘beauty’, much like the effect Cesc has on our brand of football. His over the top passes from his own end and ability to pick out any player on the pitch is second to none. It’s not only his vision that’s impressive but how it’s second nature to him (he doesn’t need more than a second to make a play).

    In many ways, re-signing Cesc would be the greatest signal of intent Arsenal could ever have. It would largely change the reputation we have gained over the past 7-8 years of being a selling club, by bringing back our most promising, talented player still at the peak of his career (in years anyway).

    I have always been a big supporter of Cesc and I hope he was sincere when he stated that he would only ever play for 2 clubs. We need Cesc back as much as he needs to come back and a world-class player like him would bring a level of Presence! that we have been lacking since RVJ departed us for toilet infested shores.

    The next step after re-signing Cesc would be to ensure that we have a forward capable of finishing off the plays he creates, especially someone fast and clinical enough to take those sexy over the top long balls that he is capable of producing (yes Theo I’m calling you out to evolve your game and Podolski to get healthy 😉 ).

  24. Highbury Harmony says:

    From the last article, I agree JB. Whether or not the rumour about Fellaini is true or not, it’s nice to finally see the rumour mill get going from an Arsenal standpoint! Let’s hope something happens over the next couple of weeks for us 🙂

  25. Invincible04 says:

    I was gutted when Fabregas left but am pleased he still holds Arsenal in his affections.
    Strong rumour we could sign Fellaini now that would be showing intent.
    Bye for now enjoy reading your site.

  26. jgc says:

    All from this post and TA/Proud from last post

    OK main points in a hurry (torrid day on):

    a. Fellaini = good move and the TV joint DM idea is interesting for games where we want to monster the midfield. It would also give us way more flexibility as to how we present ourselves to other teams

    b. I agree AW could get the madness out and focus it for him – it would be a good choice for him career-wise

    c. In that same theme – Cesc to Arsenal would also be a good choice career-wise and also translate him from being “a great” to “a legend” which is a good move financially (IMO) long term for him.

    d. Cesc and Fellaini with various options would likely let us be awesome in both directions (Glic, this is certainly your cue!! 🙂 ) .. by which **I** meant attack and defense…

    e. I would be hard pressed to come up with a better pair if someone said, you can sign any 2 people you want for this year but only 2…

    f. Finally, from last post where TA wrote: “I wonder sometimes how fans from clubs who have little chance to win anything feel (like your Evertonian): are they desperate to land a Sheikh or do they want FFP to work really well / get back to far fairer competition…”

    –> they LOVE their club and dont care that much. It’s nice to win more and this year was a great year for them, as they were tantalisingly close all the way through. Nervous about losing Moyes but otherwise, I think they love their club (on average) more than those of other richer clubs. And yes, they wouldnt mind if FFP helped out … 🙂

    g. ProudGooner: I say we raise dosh to make a 30m bid for Bale, just to see the reaction! Perhaps we as a club just arent cheeky enough?? 🙂

    cheers — jgc

  27. jgc says:


    From the Guardian article someone posted earlier about Rooney and our ability to spend. The best bit, to my mind, might simply be:

    –> “because our capability to spend is going up and our efficiency of spend has always been good.”

    Despite the Squillaci-Santos brothers, our efficiency and return *has* always been good (i.e. relatively few true duds). Now if we could only improve our injury profile a little bit!

    cheers — jgc

  28. jgc says:

    Relatively few true duds comparatively or in comparison to other top, bigger spending teams…

  29. Highbury Harmony says:

    I was wrong AFC, the final fee for Fernandinho will be £30 mil! The player sacrificed 4 mil of his own in order to make his dream move to the club. And yes Navas’ fee was £17 mil, it was reported as 20 million euros plus add-ons in the press.

  30. AFC says:

    HH, I read that on the BBC sports website so I thought it had to be right. No worries. 🙂

    Fellani for 22 million. I would be happy with that as our DM purchase. Fellani is so versatile and can play in a number of positions- DM, box to box, AM even as a SS and has EPL experience. Sounds a bit too good to be true. Let’s hope Arteta can persuade him to join us.

  31. AFC says:

    Fellani and Arteta could form a good DM partnership considering they have played with each other at Everton.

  32. Gerry says:

    Admir – What can I say? A blog is not just a collection of words that make sense. It is the way those words a carefully put together that makes your blogs, and this one in particular, as HH put it, a rare thing of ‘beauty’

    Hat’s off to you, you’ve done it again!

    Yes the return of Cesc can only be a win win situation for both parties. My only nagging fear is, it is Barca we are dealing with, and the last thing we want is a drawn out saga that ends badly and we miss very good alternatives in the meantime. So I hope Cesc will come out from his negotiations and state what his intentions are very shortly?

    Before I got to this blog(scrolling down News Now/Arsenal), may I say, very BK-ish title ‘Cescy football …’, I read through the whole of Ivan Gazidis’s Q & A, and two things come out of it regards this blog;

    IG would have been the one that set that sell-on clause in stone. AW was the one that was pleading, with much sadness, to the board to allow him to leave, as he had a long term contract still to run? So IG is not a big ‘waste of space’ as many would have it?

    It also come across very strongly from this Q & A that the financial shackles that tied AW’s hands, was real, and did have a purpose, and that purpose is very much coming to fruition right now?

    It made me think as others who have been more silent in this transfer frenzy that has not officially opened yet, that AW will make the right decisions on players who come in, and have the right ‘chemistry’ so as to not ruin the good things we have at the moment?

    So, BJ, JB or is that GT now?(ha ha), Don’t get your hopes up to high on this one. Funny we were talking about ‘loyalty’ yesterday? How does this square up? Fellaini was said to have rejected the possibility of following Moyes and stay ‘loyal’ to Everton? Activating his release clause will surely test that, but he might still decline to talk to us, and so become/remain an Evertonian ‘Legend’?

    Watching the under 21’s last night was interesting?

    I only said the other day that I had not forgotten the ‘TG’, Rode … Well I have now. Anybody who can lose out in so many physical tussles has no chance in the EPL!

    On the other hand, Strootman did look the part? As did Maher. I hope the TW shops will still be open at the end of this tournament?

    Ginter for Germany did his chances no harm either. I hope we are still first in the queue for him when the German’s make their exit … or will it be Spain?

    The Spanish match showed Isco off quite well against the PTB defense. Whereas Tello looked like a young Walcott, all speed in the first half, fading badly in the second?

    Sorry to digress from your blog Admir, but this TW will see many twists yet. I just want a quick yes or no from Cesc, then AW & Co can move with their jigsaw pieces fitting nicely together?

  33. TotalArsenal says:

    jgc – thanks for getting back to me, and I think you are right. The day fans from ‘smaller’ clubs start saying en masse ‘what is the point, we are never going to win anything any more’ and turn their backs on football, the sport would be in real trouble. But those fans do not seem to be considering that (yet).

  34. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning all 🙂

  35. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning Gerry 🙂

    Great comment – a real joy to read.

    Yes Strootman looked very good, although he/the team struggled to keep the shape and discipline in the second half, which almost cost them dearly.

    First half performance was very good though and promises a bright future for Dutch football once more. 🙂

  36. Gerry says:

    TA – Thanks for the comment on comment .. all the more praise to Admir?

    I think the Dutch just got stunned by the early goal in the second half, and it took them a good 30 minutes to recover? The second one, unlike the first which gave the German’s a lift, the second got them caught between going for the win and sticking with what they had got, which enabled them to regain some control?

    The will have to be wary of the Russians though, otherwise it could end in a stalemate all round?

    Roll on the next round …

  37. TotalArsenal says:

    Yes, Gerry, Admir’s posts get the best out of people! 🙂

    And yes, the early goal in the second half was a big shock for the Dutch, but handing over the midfield to the Germans, with an impressive Holtby captaining the site, was not a good thing to do.

    Indeed, the second goal got the Germans confused, and after hardly winning any balls in the air all game long, it still was a header by the towering Fer that did it! Always nice to beat the Germans hahaha (sorry Per, Lucas and young German Gunners 🙂 ).

  38. JGC says:


    No worries. I think this year was a great year to root for Everton, albeit with an oh so close ending for Europa League. Next year could be trying, BUT, they have this year and are confident they can play. That said, if they get gutted for players, Goodison and shirts won’t see them thru, which is sad for the sport.

    I have to confess. In all my collaborations, I always root Arsenal and the local team. And buy my kids shirts (basics or t-shirts) for each local team. Theyve got, Standard (Belgium), Hungarian National, Schwenningen (German div2), and … Everton! And some Arsenal bits!

    That said, I wouldn’t mind Fellaini, regardless the fallout! 🙂

    Cheers — jgc

  39. TotalArsenal says:

    jgc – in Martinez, they have a manager with an eye for talent and the money for Fellaini would enable him to attract two or more good signings – the new Fellainis if you like.

    Key for clubs like Everton – and to a certain extent also Arsenal, at least in past few years – is not to let too many go in one year. Dortmund show the way to go, although it will be interesting to see how many will leave this summer…

  40. TotalArsenal says:

    HenryC 🙂

    No wonder you have not been on the blog for a few days: Ljunberg and the Dutch national team are in town and I bet you are chasing signatures with your son as we speak?! 😛

  41. henrychan says:

    Hi all..
    Admir-al.. great post..
    Eventhough I think it will hard for him to play regulary.. but I still believe he will be great at Emirates.. Especially if we play 4-1-2-3.. with two AM..
    I still think Cazorla is better as AM than LW.. So if Fabregas is back.. then we will have a lot of AM..

    TA.. Dutch U-21 will win the trophy.. hehehe.. I love all of them..
    And I will be more than please.. if we can get Strootman and Van Grinkel to Emirates.. hehehe..

    This summer TW.. rumours said we got 4 youngster already.. Yaya Sanogo, Daniel Crowley, Alekander Mitrovic, and Mathias Ginter.. 10 youngsters out.. 5 coming still oke..
    One ,ore will be Paul Pogba.. hehehehe..

  42. henrychan says:

    TA.. I am still around.. hehehe.. I reply one or two.. hahahaha..
    Yes tonight they are playing in Istora Senayan.. two hours ahead..
    Something strange and funny happened that we have to play with away-uniform and Dutch team use their Orange-shirt.. hehehehe..

    Unfortunately I will miss tonight game.. unlucky me.. hiks..hiks..hiks..
    I still have to prepare for tomorrow morning presentation..
    Yesterday they go round the city.. and go to KOTA TUA (old town).. that still had some old Dutch building from the past.. hehehehe.. but can’t go out the bus.. cause full of fans already waiting for them.. I think they afraid of their goods will missing.. hehehehe.. (joke)

  43. TotalArsenal says:

    Thanks for the update and a real shame you cannot be there, Henry.

    The game is on ESPN and I am recording it to watch a bit later.

    Hope Yoona the super Goona is doing well.

    Take care amigo. 🙂

  44. adamsgunner says:

    It will be a very good addition to have cesc back. We’ve really missed our beautiful touches on the playing field. Missed u Fab

  45. 17highburyterrace says:

    G’morning (California mountain style)…. Great post, Admir… When I allow myself to get excited about the more fantastical transfers, this is the one that really gets me excited. I think our big issues lie in the MF and Cesc (along with an Arteta/Ramsey replacement–maybe the ‘Fro–Fellaini…) would answer the call. Combine that with all the ideas about (half) loyalties and it (almost) wipes away my cynicism…. Another element is that (I think) Cesc has a ton (tonne?) to teach young Jack. The best move that Jack does is that cut back to run onto balls, taking a glance upfield as he follows them, a move that is very, very Cescy, indeed…

    Alas, however, all the talk this Friday seems in preparation for the Monday dog and pony show that Gazidis does with the (vetted) questions from the supporters groups. Yes, we have money. Yes, we’re over the hump with the stadium move. Yes, we could (italics) sign anybody…Oh, and by the way (when the time is right and on the down low…), we’ll be announcing that AW is signing an extension….

    That’s fine by me, the (Shakespearean) drama of the great man is worth the price of admission. Still, when you see yesterday’s headline, about the release of Arshavin, Squillaci and Denilson, it’s (so) clearly the other side of the coin. Arsh was our biggest buy (ever) and (thus) our biggest waste of money. Squillaci was the “seasoned pro”, the ‘smart buy,” when our central defense got made over (Kolo Toure, William Gallas and Phillipe Senderos all departing…) and Denilson was the (very) heart of the youth movement that was supposed to carry us through the stadium move. Now, we’re just grateful to get their (bloated) salaries off our books…Bust, bust, bust….

    If those 3 players represent the choices of the manager it is curious why we carry belief that things will get better going forward. To me they (unfortunately) say that AW cannot pick star (or top quality) signings, he cannot pick solid veteran to fill the gaps AND he cannot pick young guys… (Of course there are counter arguments that seem good–Arteta, PM4, Kos, etc…) And yet, (on the back of our scrambling to the “bare minimum requirement” again…) the reward is the (quiet) announcement of a contract extension…

    Like I say, I support the manager, and I think it’s the “best” thing the club can do. We need to build this project incrementally and with a sense of “collective consistency.” Whatever we achieve will be all the sweeter because of it. Still, it makes you wonder if the right decisions will be made given those of the past–and the fact that the competition above us, it appears, can afford to make mistakes and correct them, again and again and again, with the silly resources they possess (or borrow or scrape together). This is a moment of opportunity, and, apparently, we have the resources to grasp that opportunity, but it’s not about “showing intent.” We actually need to make the correct decisions this time around….

    Count me as concerned….

  46. henrychan says:

    RvP fail to score.. 5 times..
    So far so good.. my team defence quite well.. hehe.. and Robben also can’t evolve..
    Sneijder play a bad game.. must be switch off..

  47. Highbury Harmony says:

    17ht, excellent comment mate and I largely agree with everything you have just said. If we rely solely on AW’s past transfers, there’s reason to suggest that he fails on his most expensive purchases and succeeds in a certain bracket of players approx. £8-12 mil, thus it is realistic to lose hope in believing in him in this summer’s TW.

    However, I would like to lead you to exhibit B, the “anomaly of TWs past”. If you look at the trend of signings since the start of last summer, things suddenly start looking a little brighter. Santi Cazorla is undoubtedly one of our most expensive signings to date and is a top quality signing, whom we can agree was signed for much less than market value. While not quite top quality, Lukas Podolski and Nacho are certainly two other players we paid less than market value for.

    So, it’s difficult to tell which AW will come to the fore in this summer’s TW. Will he revert to wasting money on busts like he did in the past? Or will continue the most recent trend of shrewd purchases on players valued at a tag below market value? Only time will tell, but if I had to put my money on it, it’d be the latter as I believe he’s learned from the mistakes of the past and has a better capacity to spend on the players he wants. Well, that is the (optimistic) hope anyway ;).

  48. 17highburyterrace says:

    Thanks HH–and glad to see you swinging towards the optimistic…

    My overall thought is that it’s good as a “story” for us to have our manager (as Gazidis says) in it for the long haul. IF we can get back to winning ways and have a real sniff at one of the big trophies with Arsene in charge it would be mighty exciting and at least somewhat of a vindication. As supporters we really have no say in any of this stuff, so we have to just sign on and hope. (Or, of course, you can go the opposite direction and become an outspoken critic and get happy when your team suffers…)

    Unlike some of y’all I can’t take all the ups and downs of the links and rumors (rumours). Just get the business done!!…

    On the topic itself, I really don’t think there’s much likelihood of Cesc returning but it’s still one (maybe the only one) that gets me excited so I can indulge others who feel likewise. There’s a strong narrative developing that our offensive problems stem from lack of creativity from MF (although you, HH, might blame Giroud for lack of finishing…) and that our guys who are nominally “wingers” (Theo and Poldoski) are not natural creators (crossers) and would rather drift central and score the goals themselves. Cesc and Santi as our two creative attackers, for me at least, is agua de la boca (mouth-watering) stuff… The range of passes those two can make….Wow….

    Happy Friday!

  49. TotalArsenal says:

    hahaha 17 🙂

    Often when I read your comments I start to sing spontaneously that famous song by The Doors.

    Agreed, though, that only real action really matters and the rest just sounds good. And there is a big difference between CAN and WILL in terms of signing the big guns.

    I am with you and will not get too excited until a deal with a GLIC SQ-Richter bursting kind of signing is completed!

  50. Admir says:

    @TA – thanks for my own page. 🙂 I agree, Cesc should have been in the pantheon of immortals already but like they say – better late than never. 😉

    @JB – I agree regarding FF! 😀 Personally, Fellaini would be like “4 in 1”-purchase – he can be our Vieira-sque DM we have been craving for since 2005, he can be a box-to-box midfielder, he can be an attacking midfielder and a big guy upfront when gung-ho is only option. Just imagine attacking corners with Fellaini, Mertesacker and Giroud!

    @HH – thanks! Regarding Cesc, I believe that with him in our team all our strikers would be more deadlier in front of opponents’ goal. Hell, with him in our team, even Chamakh banged double digits! 😀

    @henrychan – ahoy! 😀 I believe that you can’t have too many top-class players. 😉 Fabregas and Cazorla might turn out to be a world-class duo that will propel us to the place where we belong. 🙂

  51. 17highburyterrace says:

    “This is the end, my only friend, the end”….? Geez, if that’s the song, I’m sorry, Total….

    I actually consider myself an optimist and fairly upbeat about the Arsenal, just maybe a little more long-termish than over this particular summer. We’ve heard the same stuff for awhile now and this summer seems “different,” kind of, (in that we’ve got no really big names under threat, and we finished well in a very team-like way…) but in many ways the (song remains the) same. Why should we spend big when we’ve gotten burned in the past AND City, Chelsea and United are always there to pip us? HH is right, we need more sneaky ones like Santi…

    The return of the Fab(ulous) Cescy One, if the deal is written as we hope it is, would be the ultimate coup for the lawyers/bean counters/sly guys like Ivan G….

  52. henrychan says:

    Admir.. All our starting eleven players are top (class) players.. hehehe..

    The Felani’s rumours swipe away Wanyama’s, Capoue’s, and Strootman’s..
    But Cesc rumours can’t.. Belhanda, Griener, Jovetic and Rooney rumours still moving on.. hehe.. What does it mean..?? Do We need Felani badly..?? Hahaha.. Or he is a very ‘presence’ players that We need the most..??
    If it so.. 22 millions will be a very cheap deal..

    Yes Admiral.. We can bring a lot of class-players.. especially the making class-players.. hehe..
    And Lot of them want to come to Emirates.. Wenger must to be more selective..
    Ans as Wenger seem to break the SAF record.. hehe.. then this youngsters will be our first teams 3 to 4 years to come.. or even shorter..

    From tonight game in Istora senayan.. Sim de Jong is a very solid material.. He will be a good signing also.. hehe..

    Arteta want Felani.. Ramsey want Wanyama..

  53. AFC says:

    Admir, top post and congrats on getting your own page. 🙂

    If we did manage to get Cesc back we would have a top quality AM and not to mention a CF(SS). We play a false 9 formation with Cesc playing the Messi role with Podolski and Walcott on the wings as the false 9s. So I think he would be a better buy than Jovetic as he is proven in the EPL and has won munerous trophies (which Jovetic has not). I do not think it will happen though. I just do not see Wenger returning to the past. Fabregas apparently has opted to stay but if that decision is true it does not really make sense. He is supposed to be Xavi’s replacement but Xavi could easily continue to perform at the top level for another 5 years at least.

    Imagine these purchases- Cesar, Fellani, Fabregas and Michu. I can only dream.

  54. AFC says:

    Only thing is where would Fabregas and Fellani leave Wilshere?

    Fabregas probably would come at the expense of losing Rosicky.

  55. Highbury Harmony says:

    17ht @ 17:16, great points yet again! However, if we never try to sign the top players and accept that we will always be beat out by richer clubs, then we largely lose our status as a top club and it’s that exact, apathetic mentality that has held us back these past 7-8 years.

    Of course, I’m not advocating that we are frivolous with our funds, but that there are plenty of top players out there that want to move to the PL and only so many clubs they can realistically go to. FFP may not be working in full effect just yet, but the oil rich clubs that spend exorbitant, inflated sums on players that will (imo) ultimately become busts relative to their hefty price tags will eventually feel its wrath. Circumventing FFP rules will likely eventually be resolved, in addition to clubs like Chelsea and City being punished by poor financial management from relying on getting rid of their underperforming players at severe discounts (perhaps that’s a romanticized ideal in my head of how FFP will eventually work!).

  56. Glic says:

    Evening Ruptured Rectum Receivers !. 😆

    What`s not to Admire at an Admirable post by Admir !. 🙂

    Would love the boy back at home. I`ve been listening to talkSPORT most of the day whilst driving around sunkissed Cornwall and most of the chat was about Arsenal and their bulging wallet !. Gazidas not only said that we have £70M to spend , but that we will have that sort of amount every Summer !.
    My concern is whether AW knows how to spend it !. The last few years have been a bit hit and miss imo, so if we are needing 3 players, then AW needs to buy 6 to get 3 decent ones going by his recent dealings !. That’s why we need Top SQ players !. Top SQ players are what they say on the tin !.
    F**k the Spuds right off and buy Bale for £60m, it will be worth it just to see all their supporters die of crying !. Sorry if that sounds a bit extreme and you have Spud friends and relatives, but the only Spuds I know are Khuntz and deserve to die crying !. hahaha

  57. kelsey says:

    Very interesting post and I will play along with it 🙂
    Could a deal be done for Cesc with yet another buy back clause , only this time to Barca say in a minimum of 3 years.Rosicky has age and injury against him for a full season.
    Fellaini interests me as a perfect signing for Wenger as he can play in central defence or lead the attack.

  58. James Bond says:

    Gerry, Gerry

    007 for you 😉

    now let’s get back to business , usually when a manager leaves a club , there is an agreement of sorts between the manager and the club not to take some players along with him to the new club for least an year or so, unless the club wants to cash in on some players (i.e. Wigan )…going by the above then maybe there is one in place between Man utd and Everton and Moyes…which would go alone the lines of ” keep away from our players you so and so $£”$£$)£) bags” .

    perhaps Fellaini knew he wouldn’t be going to man utd hence the comments, however, 9 times out of 10 when a club meets the release clause amount that usually means the deal is a go ahead and it’s with the players willingness to get everything out in the open i.e. negotiations ? (i’m thinking along the lines of Arteta speaking to Fellaini going hey Senor, we want you at the Emirates, we are gonna be starting a revolution and be a force to be reckoned with for years to come, do you wanna be the first one joining our crusade to rule the world of football ? Fellaini replies : as long as you keep little jack wilshere away from me, i hear he’s a rat and he loves taking on guys twice his size on in a dog fight – i’m on my way, just tell Arsenal to fork out the 22 big ones and i’ll get myself a new haircut as a tokken of my gratitude).

    i hope you get the drift 😉

    sure , i understand it can go down south but as much as Arsenal needs Fellaini, Fellaini needs arsenal from the top 4.

    man city – we can rule out for him based on the signings they have made and Yaya

    Man utd- already have above.

    Chelsea – on their way on securing Hulk, Cavani and Jovetic (sorry, TA) possibly …Fellaini may not be Jose’s type of signing.


    agreed, imagine this, Fellaini/Giroud/BFG/Diaby all play in one game for us 😀 that’s what you call PRESENCE both in our own half and the oppositions for set pieces/corners e.t.c e.t.c

  59. James Bond says:


    if we were to spend all of that 70 million on one player, i would gladly do it on Bale 😀 i know it’s massive amounts of money but the way it would make spuds fan feel would be priceless 😉

    ok, back to reality then

    is Wenger buying another Danish teenager (striker) for £200,000 ? or is he getting him on a free 😉

  60. TotalArsenal says:

    hahaha 17, I was only joking! 😀

    You are a well balanced blogger and usually closer to reality than me!

    Cesc is indeed the perfect signing and Admir has made us look forward to it even more. But will it happen, though?!?!?!

  61. Gerry says:

    Sorry JB , I could not resist …

    I like your dialogue, but it may be he likes it there? I am not sure if Martinez has the same steely stare as Moyes has in order to keep him in line, so he might be keen to cash in too?

    I am not bothered about who displaces who, as with proper rotation there are enough games to keep every one fit and ready for when they do play. The key will be to introduce the new players slowly, depending how pre-season goes?

  62. James Bond says:


    you do know that xavi is 33 , right ? he may struggle to give barca another 5 years at the top .

  63. Glic says:

    Fellaini for £22M ?……..Not as good a bargain as the gorgeous looking bit of fluff who I paid a £22 release clause for Fellatio !. hahaha

  64. Gerry says:

    If the Cesc things does not happen, who would you have instead?

    Grenier appeals to me, rather than risk the health of Gourcuff from Lyon, but Maher looked very good last night?

  65. Glic says:

    Any of you Broke Backers having a scouting session by watching Jovetic for Montenegro against Ukraine ?

  66. James Bond says:


    the way i see it, if you look at the way the Everton chairman has been making noises about Fellaini’s release clause so openly, it appears that he was making him available in the market….if i’m not mistaken he also in one of his press conferences/or media talks said that Martinez can have all the 22 mills to re-invest in the player he wants to bring.

    which means, that in order to fund the new signings for Martinez, selling Fellaini is a must. (imo).



  67. James Bond says:

    if Cesc doesn’t come to fruition then we get Rooney 😉

  68. Glic says:

    As of an earlier comment, Grenier, Jovetic, Gourcuff would be a throw of the dice imo, not SQ and we might get half of them 3 right and half wrong going by AW`s recent signing`s, come on Gerry raise the bar with some better top SQ players, you`re fishing too low and will end up with crabs instead of a shark !. hahaha

  69. AFC says:

    JB, look at Pirlo. Xavi will not be able to play every match but will still be one of the first names on the team for Barca’s most important matches.

  70. AFC says:

    JB, you may have a point re- Fellani and Man U.

  71. Gerry says:

    glic – I still have a hankering for Cavani! But these players at the younger end are for the longer term too. If not he above, Higuain, but AS WELL as my preferred on my back up list. Which is why I am happy if can sort out the wheat from the chaff that the scouts recommend?
    The younger ones like Grenier/Maher Ginter, PEA, et al, may not be sq now but if we get an sq striker ,eg. above, and a presence in DM as with the current conversation, then the others can develop along the way, but be that bit more ready than the academy ones who need another two seasons to get where Ox is now? But they will be in place, with the odd addition along the way, to keep the development momentum going.

    It does not have to be all top dollar?

  72. Glic says:

    Who the f**ks PEA ?. hahaha

  73. 17highburyterrace says:

    I gotta say, the idea of Fellaini is exciting for me. 22 million is a lot, but it makes perfect sense that Martinez would want some cash in hand to change things up there. Talent wise I’m not sure the Fro is worth that much but I like the idea of a 25 year old tough guy used to the English game. Nobody thinks he’s a maestro with the ball at his feet but then again neither is Ramsey….As we are now, teams see the big heads of Sir Chesney and Per and Giroud looming on the skyline at set pieces. Add in the Fro and the forest only gets taller (and denser and darker)….

    If this one goes down (quickly as 007 suggests…) I may turn genuinely optimistic about the window…

    Here in the States we’ve got Czech republic vs Italy on the big screen. It’s half-time and I’ve seen Rosicky hit some nice passes but also get dispossessed all too easily doing his little right-footed dance. Ballotelli had an easy pass to Mountolivo for an open goal but kept the ball himself and went nowhere. Montenegro losing (at home) to Ukraine….

  74. Gerry says:

    Keep up glic – he is the one from St Etienne – Aubameyang PEA for short, okay?

  75. Gerry says:

    He’s teasing you JB

  76. 17highburyterrace says:

    Haha Gerry, I thought you meant Chicharito (the little pea)…but I guess he’s (another one of) Bond’s boy(s)….

    Bond, please stop with the Rooney stuff, it’s lunchtime here and you almost made it come right back up…. 😈 😆

  77. James Bond says:


    indeed and Fellaini would also take care of that 25 year old player in this current team you wanted (you had mentioned we don’t have any one that age in this current group 🙂

    maybe Wenger reads your comments 😉

    yep, Mario most of the time is very selfish…but aren’t most strikers ?

  78. Gerry says:

    Hi 17 – His name is Pierre something, I think ‘little pea’ might be a tad dearer?

  79. James Bond says:

    one of my comments above is awaiting moderation – 17ht

    for both Gerry and you re- Rooney- 👿

  80. Highbury Harmony says:

    hahahaha that link JB put up is complete bullocks

  81. Glic says:

    Of course Gerry, it was bloody obvious !. hahaha

    I can see TMHT and 17ht wearing afro wigs if we get Fellaini !. Mind you, Stretch might go to the extreme lengths of transplanting his pubic hair on to his bonce !. He`ll be scratching his head more than usual and every time his secretary strokes his hair he`ll get a boner ! hahaha

  82. 17highburyterrace says:

    Haha Glic…On match days I put in my blonde extensions (to go with my Sagna kit), but yes, for my daily outings, the Fellaini Fro might be just the ticket….

  83. Glic says:

    If we do manage to get a SQ player, I think an appropriate headline for a post about….X…..will be…………..BOING !…..maybe some more …G`s on the end like…… BOINGGGGGGGGG !
    An example :


    Arsenal broke their transfer record for the young Malaga star Isco today !……BOING !
    Several BKers are currently being treated under the medical supervision of Dr Glic and his Lesbanian Nurses, some have actually hand cuffed their selves to their beds under protest of not wanting to leave !. A spokes person for Dr Glics clinic said….” we have tried every thing from electric shock treatment to a dutch elm diseased base ball bat, but nothing seems to be able to remove their boners ! “.

  84. Highbury Harmony says:

    Hahaha, TA do you hear that? If we sign Isco or if there’s a strong link that suggest we may, Glic has offered to write an article about him!

  85. Highbury Harmony says:

    Might be hard for him to type it though, I’d imagine that keyboard would be very sticky…

  86. Glic says:

    No HH, I`m just the ideas man, I don’t do posts !…that’s for you !…If you can un-handcuff yourself !. hahaha

  87. Highbury Harmony says:

    Well then Glic, prepare to be amazed by my excellent skills of writing while being handcuffed to a bed very soon! 😉

  88. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post New Post 🙂

    HH is back!

    He has written a very fine, well-researched post about how our boy Feo compares to the king of the Spursday night club. Enjoy! 🙂

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