The (self) Happy One Returns: How Will Arsene Respond?

Prepare yourself for Maureen's continuous shenanigans next season!

Prepare yourself for Maureen’s continuous shenanigans next season!

The self declared Special One returns. It was inevitable he would return to the PL this summer, and whether we like him or not, the PL will quickly find out he is back.

I remember a ‘rug-sack holiday’ in Portugal in the early nineties. My mates and I were eating at a seaside restaurant in Sesimbra, not far from Lisbon. My mate, Ron, detected a large fly in his soup. He was quite shy and was not going to say something about it. We spurred him on to get the waiter and when he arrived, Ron said: ‘there is a fly in my soup’. The waiter, who had a large, red, shiny boil protruding from one of his cheeks said without a care in the world: ‘you can eat it with the fly in it, or I can get you another one’. Ron wanted another one, which arrived 10 minutes later, handed to him with utter disdain by our Portuguese friend. It only took two seconds for Ron to cry out: ‘there are now two flies in my soup!’ Ron realised he was not going to win this, and as he was very hungry he ate the soup, which apparently was delicious!

Back to Maureen – our PL fly in the soup – and what his return will mean for Arsenal.

A bold statement: nobody will be able to win the PL conceding 43 goals in the process, like MU did last season, any time again soon.

We all know what Mourinho likes best, and it’s what he has done at Porto, Chelsea and Inter: being lean and mean at the back and very efficient up-front.


After the departure of Maureen in 2007, Abramovic has desperately tried to get Chelsea to play more attractive football, but since then, all seven managers have not been able to satisfy him; and their heads (except the interim ones) have rolled one after the other stuffed with lots of banknotes in them.

It looks like Abramovic wants stability (is he looking to sell the club in a few years, maybe?), and as he has seen and held the CL trophy in his own hands now, he appears to be willing to compromise on style in order to repeat the experience. Maureen’s ego is very low on strokes right now, and with the departure of Ferguson he will be bullish about his chances to become the dominant force in the PL.

There is little doubt in my mind that Wenger will now face one of his biggest challenges in his life, despite being in a better position than in any of the previous eight years (financially and no departures from his core team).

Will he continue towards developing another free-flowing, attack-minded Wengerball team next season, or will he adjust his plans in order to stop the exhibitionist from winning the silverware we so desperately want for ourselves?

If we want to win something next season, Chelsea will be our toughest competitor. Ooh, I want and need Wengerball football again, but I reckon we have to focus and invest first and for all in being a lean and mean defending machine next season, if we want to have a good chance. We have become one during the last quarter of last season, and by adding the much discussed beast of a DM, and a PL-experienced back-up GK, we can nail down that machine even more firmly.

We will also have  to continue with the disciplined double-DM pivot approach, with the main tasks of keeping it tight in midfield and  protecting our defence as much as possible.

And finally, we will need  the sort of players in attack who are very efficient, as in not needing many chances to win a match for us.

We will need to be solid and safe at the back, play with patience, discipline and maturity throughout the entire team, and be able to grind results out on a regular basis.

Is this the sort of football we want? Or should Wenger just go all out and aim to beat Maureen with a more adventurous and attractive style of football?

Not easy to answer, me thinks, but as per the anecdote of Ron’s soup with the fly in it, Maureen is back and, one way or another, we’ll have to overcome him. We are famished for silverware and it’s our time to shine now: time to decide how we’re going to do it and stick with it after that.

Let’s wipe the staged, sickly smile of the self-declared Special One this season!

Written by: TotalArsenal.

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73 Responses to The (self) Happy One Returns: How Will Arsene Respond?

  1. Glic says:

    Thanks Totes. I don’t see Maureen having it any easier this time around. The perennial Manu will always be in the hunt even without SAF, City have arrived since his last adventure and ( if we are to believe ) we are now in the money to compete and the possible Dark Knight Rising ( FFP ) to tie one of his hands behind his back, he will be sacked quicker this time around !.

    A word of warning, even though I only deliver to food/restaurant businesses, I know a few people in the trade…….NEVER complain about the food or service until the end, DONT have something returned mid meal ala Totes mate Ron !….unless you want something else added to the meal !….spit, urine, bogeys etc.

    Anyway, I`m off for some Zzzzzzzzz`s enjoy your meal !. hahaha

  2. TotalArsenal says:

    Lets hope so Glic, and thanks for the advice hahaha 🙂

  3. gunner smile says:

    Yeah the chelski fans are happy but not half as happy as the whole of spain is right now.
    Real Madrid are still celebrating and are willing to give Ronaldo away for free if mourinho promises never to step foot into Spain again…lol
    Seriously I think that he will be sacked before the season ends. He has already upset some fans by putting moses, mata and luiz on the market.

  4. TotalArsenal says:

    I did not know that Gunner s!

    Especially selling Mata would be madness…

  5. Dylan says:

    We all knew this was coming. And I believe that includes Wenger. He surely knew before all of us that Maureen was coming back. So I believe he already had a plan. And I believe based on our first signing we’ll be able to tell if we’re going for the Wengerball approach or the tough gritty approach. Personally because it’s Wenger I wouldn’t be surprised if our first signing is Cesc and we’re going for Wengerball. And I would be more than happy with that.

  6. Admir says:

    TA, it seems you were reading my mind. 🙂 Chavs have been very hard nut to crack in the very same period of our incredible run-in and with Maureen they will be even harder.

    Now, Mourinho probably returned to Chelsea because he thinks that his reputation can be restored only with instant success. Ferguson’s retirement, Mancini’s departure and our own trophy-less spell that has lasted for too long probably make him believe Chavs will have a clear path to win Premiership next season. Chavs have a lot of quality players like Hazard, Ramires, Mata, Oscar with Čech, Terry, Cole and Lampard being well-known to Maureen.

    Maureen is one of the best (if not the best) chess-players among managers as his defense-based football has had relative success against attacking football of Arsenal, Barcelona… However, last season Klopp managed to beat him by throwing the ball onto his chess-board. Guardiola did pretty much the same thing in more than one occasion in Primera and Heynckes took his scalp as well in 2011-12 with brave attacking Bayern (it never should have gone on penalties, Bayern were much better team).

    I agree with you – let’s get some muscles (Fellaini) and back-up goalkeeper (re-sign Fabianski, perhaps?) before signing puzzles for Wengerball (Fabregas, Rooney, Higuain, hell, maybe even Lewandowski).

    Wengerball vs Monsterball, I’d say. 😀

  7. weedonald says:

    Wenger has never been a manager to react to other managers coming or goings. He learnt to deal with SAF fairly quickly in his first few years and will do so with Mourinho as well. I believe his aims/priorities are as follows:

    1) Stabilize the team even more than he did in the run-in,
    2) Strengthen the team in attack and midfield,
    3) continue to help Szcesny develop while ensuring that our Goals against ratio remains lower each season,
    4) Advance his Anglicization plans by giving his English talent as much game time as possible and promoting promising locals from the Academy and Reserves,
    5) Bring in immediate replacements for the aging players nearing 30+…they may be those mentioned in point 4 and a smattering of top quality internationals now becomming available on the markets,
    6) Find the right mix of tight defending, Wengerball and 1-0 to the Arsenal pragmatism.

    His priorities do not include worrying about Mourinho or any other manager’s mindgames.

  8. Mondo says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe that Arsenal under Wenger have never beaten any team under Maureen. This has to have been eating away at Arsene.
    The past years have clouded the shortsighted to the truth—that underneath all of the parsimony Arsene is a fierce competitor and wants Arsenal to win as much as any of us—he will have a plan.

    But I firmly believe that in order for us to compete for the title and trophies, we need a hybrid Wengerball and Bouldball. Hardworking, organized defending from the top down, with as you said, a clinical ruthless finishing we haven’t seen since the likes of Henry/Bergkamp/Pires/Ljungburg.

    I know we can achieve this with a few additions, and I have to believe we will accomplish these things this summer.

  9. jgc says:


    you wrote: “We will also have to continue with the disciplined double-DM pivot approach, with the main tasks of keeping it tight in midfield and protecting our defence as much as possible.”

    I say: “for some teams maybe”

    The trouble playing a defensive minded team is that you cannot stop them doing it. You can stop free flowing attack with defense and counters, but defense and lean/tight back fours do what they want and have to be cracked. Thus, you may not win with defense, but you rarely lose

    When fronted with such teams one must be equally pragmatic in their approach. Some caution with possession and an efficient frontline will do the job. I.e. not just attacking the wall but probing, finding the crack and, when you do, ruthlessly exploiting it.

    Not as pretty as Maureen himself, but, in the end 1-0 to the Arsenal is fine by me! 🙂

    Thus, for me it is still about having the right elements in the whole team, at a high level, to be flexible in how we play and what we “show” otehr teams based on how they play.

    Having said that, you and I can now get right back into our debate on whether Theo needs more ball at feet confidence or to simply run fast all the time! 🙂

    cheers — jgc

  10. henrychan says:

    Hi all..
    TA.. I think Chelsea team will change as soon as Mourinho incharge.. and that will make Chelsea be unstable again..
    David Luiz.. Demba Ba.. Torres.. and some other players maybe change with new name.. even Mata is not Mou’s favourite.. hahaha..

    They also chasing Felaini and Rooney.. two big players that linked with us..
    I don’t care about Rooney.. for I will choose Higuan or Fabregas..
    And Felaini.. Do we still can afford to bring him..?? I don’t think 22 millions will be enough.. His price will be 30 millions or above Martinez willing to keep him badly..
    And would it be just great if We can get Wanyama and Capoue both for the same price to get Fellaini.. hehehe..

  11. marcus says:

    Obviously there will be changes at Chelsea. The problem (for the rest of us) is Mourinho knows and has mastered the art of instant adaptation. Which means that you can count on them winning/ seriously challenging for the league next season.

    I think the best way, nay, the only way to make sure we are up there with them is to acquire the best talent around. Plain and simple.

    Oh, and by the way, I was with Wanyama 2 weeks ago and here is the situation. His team has been in contact with Arsenal representatives along with Stoke, Fulham, Fernebance among others but he still hasn’t gotten the call from Arsene. It seems to me that the interest in him on our end is rather tentative because he explained that if Arsene called, the deal would be done in no time because:

    A) He has an agreement with his manager and Celtic FC that if Arsenal come calling, they will not stand in his way.
    B) Wanyama currently earns 13250 euros a week at Celtic so it is obvious that whatever we offer him is bound to be a massive pay rise. Which means agreeing personal terms would be a breeze (his words).
    C) His father and agent are hell bent on seeing him at the Emirates ASAP.

    So it really is Arsene’s move now.

  12. Gerry says:

    Good morning all, Yes, an interesting blog, but too much about another club and/or our reaction. We play their players, not the manager.

    For me, Maureen is a clique manager. He controls the dressing room by having the majority in his clique. He is already taking Chelsea back by making J …’He fell over’ ..T their club captain. Luiz would never be a silent minority. Mata might be, but perhaps has friends in the ‘Spanish camp’?
    That is where it went wrong for him at RM – He dropped a Spanish player, who along with being very good, was also very popular, and that meant his clique was no longer in control?

    If Abramavich had not destabilsed his interim manager in the beginning, by telling the world that he was just that, he might have found he had a very good manager right there? But was not in a position sign him on permanently. Maureen is there out of desperation. Who was the more desperate to gain most out of the contract signed is also fascinating thought.

    Not one I am prepared to give any more time to.

    AW will be concentrating on Arsenal and our developments, not worrying too much about noisy neighbours.

  13. Gerry says:

    JGC – I was not commenting on your writing style, why would I, I love it – No the CAPS reference was to your intro name. It came up in caps, as I have done there?

    Sorry, i should have made that clear.

  14. Gerry says:

    AFC – I will look forward to your blog on wingbacks, but in reference to your reply re Sagna, can I just say this.

    I think BS will have at least one more season as our main right back. I’m not saying that Jenks will not be used more though. We do have to find a way with rotations that does not lead to playing or frozen out division. That said, BS will play in the key games.

    Beyond that, if he signs an extension, then I think his value on the bench will be immense over the remaining years. In one player you can cover 3, may be 4 positions should injury bring about the need?

    Why this helps, and I keep repeating myself here, it opens up the possibility of a more dynamic range of substitutes. So instead of the usual suspects, who by and large did not lift the team to change results not going our way, but It could be so much better?

    I disagree with whoever said Sagna was going against ‘club policy’ re the 30+ age.
    What policy? It may have been a pattern 10 years ago, when the circumstances were very different. Rosicky has already disproved that a policy exists, as I believe his contract take him to 34?

    I think Sagna will stay with or without a contract, because he puts in a stellar early season form he will be offered an extension before the January TW, Then he is free to talk to other clubs when in a stronger position than now? He wants to stay, which would be the only advantage the club has by delaying a decision until the last minute.

    Food for though in your next blog, perhaps?

  15. Gerry says:

    One more quick thought – re Cesc.

    I saw the headline that had Dein and Fabregas in the same sentence. Unlike the article writer, I see this as a complete negative factor.

    When Song left it was the last connection to Arsenal that said agent had. I think they wanted to keep it that way when Song was advised to stay at Barca, by AW?

    I am guessing that it is a similar situation here?

    Now do went want Fab back along with the annoying(to put it mildly) agent that badly? Ideally, he stays at Barca.

    I cannot quite bring myself to consider half is fee, and him linking with RVJ is good business? But the poisonous Dein makes me think it might be a bullet we may have to swallow?

  16. @babakrdaemi says:

    A mean defence with efficient attack is much easier to achieve with a pot of gold to buy with.

    After lasts night q&a I believe arsenal spurs utd and liverpool will fight for 3rd and 4th. The two anti-ffp clubs will battle for the title. Most likely for two years at least. I cant see us competing without financial restrictions on the two cheats.

    We simply cant spend what they can on the team and management.

  17. mA says:

    thank you TA for a good post once again…
    Maureen -aka “the Happy one”-is perhaps an unpopular figure with the Gooners (and entire proper footballing world) because of his dirty antics, negativity and arrogance. However, i feel that Wenger would never change because of his arrival. He would consider such a move to be against his ethos
    This leads me into the type of players Wenger is going to purchase this summer. Does he go for a physical-dedicated side or a free-flowing side? The latter option is most likely because of the above listed reasons. There is no way Wenger will try to counteract negativity, but instead will try to correct it through proper football.
    just hoping that Arsenal can use football to provoke the self-centered one.

  18. JGC says:

    Hi Gerry

    Just looked back, caps lock must have been on when I put my initials in using the iPad or it just capitalists it anyway! 🙂

    I only research technology, I’m not a master! 🙂

    Thanks for the kind words on the writing, I want fussed, do sorry if it came off that way..

    Cheers — jgc

  19. Gerry says:

    JGC – That’s okay then. It is easy to let things slip when rushed. I am annoyed at the mistakes on my last post – ‘went want’???
    Too busy smiling at the mixed metaphor at the end I guess?


  20. Gerry says:

    JGC – It wasn’t so much that it bothered you, you have taken bigger hits – ha ha. No it was because it seemed to frame the rest of what you were saying, and was the reason I picked up on it.
    We all have our foibles eh?

  21. Hello TA,fellow Gooners..

    Another fine post TA…

    Reading your post from end to bottom, one player came to mind who can REALLY help us in our DESPARATE quest 4 silverware..RAMBO

    It’s obvious Arsene has spoilt us with his brand of eye-catching, mouth watering, attractive football hence we all WANT wengerball back…and it does work..during our inspired run in the last quarter of last season,there were games where we were clicking all over the pitch(Sunderland-away in the first half b4 Jack was withdrawn, Reading-home where at one instance, we had 95% of the ball and played some really good stuff)…and other than this two games where we played some proper wengerball, the rest of the games were played using bouldball…which brings me back 2 Rambo…

    He was part of that double pivot that kept things tidy and neat at the back..i had lost count of the number of times he chased a player back and battled in midfield to win the ball back and though he played alongside a seasoned proffesional in Zollo, i think he was the glue that kept the team together…with Zollo sitting deep, Rambo was ALL OVER the place ensuring the bould-machine was rolling…he may not be fancy or elegant as Jack the lad, but if we are to achieve ANY success come next season, then i believe he might and should play a big part in our team

    Which then brings me 2 the smug-face Maureen..we all know his tactics against teams like us who play PROPER football..sit deep, bully them around the pitch and have a beast of a striker(Drogba) score at any chance he gets…which brings me 2 Rambo AGAIN…we all know you can’t bully this boy,he will fight and run and run and fight 4 the whole match, so against teams like Maureen’s i think his attributes will be very much helpful 2 us…i have REALLY grown fond of what he brings 2 the team..FIGHT!!…which is what we will have 2 do if we are 2 beat Maureen

    I there4 expect 2 see a mixture of wengerball + bouldball come next season and fingers crossed Jack remains fit..he also typifies the Fight that Rambo brings 2 our team…so there it is TA…FIGHT!!!..the one word that our team should pocess if we are 2 achieve any type of success, and no one fits the bill than the one and only..RAMBO

    RE Marcus:hey fellow citizen…glad 2 hear you have direct contact with the best footballer in our land..:)…hope Le Prof snaps him up coz we REALLY need a player like him

  22. henrychan says:

    HI all..
    Does anyone know how much we must pay to buy-back Cecs Fabregas, Song and Carlos Vela..??
    Why don’t we buy-back them.. AM, DM and CF.. Problem solve..?? hehehehe..

  23. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning fine fellow Gooners 🙂

    A nice mixture of comments overnight, and the likes of Jambo, HH, Alex, Milo, VCC and others are still to comment. Should be a good discussion day!

  24. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Dylan,

    Cesc to return and playing Wengerball… bring it on! I hope you are right!

  25. Dominic says:

    Wonder how he’ll get on 2nd time round. He has always produced defensive minde teams that were successful but dour to watch. Abramovitch wants Chelsea to win with flair, could be a clash there.

  26. TotalArsenal says:

    Fine comment Admir (don’t you sleep at night?)

    I like the expression of throwing the ball on the chess board, and yes we need to add steel first and for all.

  27. marcus says:

    Kenyan gooner,
    I hope so too. His father is pushing hard for the move as he believes in Wenger’s reputation to further develop good players into world class players..

  28. TotalArsenal says:

    good comment WeeD

    All your steps make sense, and I like your term Anglicisation but I reckon it should be ‘Anglia-Germania-Iberiasation’ 🙂

  29. TotalArsenal says:

    Welcome Mondo

    As far as I can remember, Arsene has only played against Maureen when in charge at the Chavs. The hybrid ‘BoulGerball’ would make sense but I guess is what Arsene has been trying to establish for the last couple of years. Yes a couple of astute signings, and some luck with injuries re our key players could make a big difference next seaso.

  30. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi jgc

    Arsene normally does not do a different set-up/playing style ‘for some teams’ – it almost always is one particular style and I cannot see that change next season.

    Re Theo ‘simply runs fast all the time’. You see there is no ‘simply’ about it! 🙂

    Running fast with and without a ball is the bee’s knees and it is his biggest talent. Let me repeat again his other talents: good first touch, lethal in front of goal, thick-skinned (can overcome disappointment quickly), stamina, and fearless. I’d say: Theo work on those strengths and make them even better – time your runs better and work closely with your colleagues to develop a better understanding of each other, and find gradually a better and better balance between taking a chance yourself or finding a team mate…. and don’t worry about the dribbling, that’s not your forty. hahaha 🙂

  31. TotalArsenal says:

    Henry 🙂

    Let’s hope we’ll get Fellaini, at least!

  32. TotalArsenal says:


    I am amazed you were with Wanyama and good to hear he really wants to come. It sounds like Wenger is going for somebody else first and has your fellow countryman as a possible fall back.

  33. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers Gerry 🙂

    Their players are only pieces on a chess board, but their manager is who we play against. Wenger will need to be up and prepared for it: this will be a huge challenge to him.

  34. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Babakrdaemi 🙂

    For once, I disagree with you. A mean defence is all about mindset and sacrifice. Arsene and Bould can make Arsenal very mean without spending too much this summer, but it will come at a cost….

    Arsenal can capitalise on its stability right now, whilst adding the two or three needed improvements to the team this summer.

  35. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi mA – good points again. You are probably right but it would be a risky approach if we want to win something again next season.

  36. jgc says:

    Gerry and TA

    Gerry, well between iPad spellchecking and virtual keyboard I’m good for at least 2 mistakes every three lines! As for the caps and you, I misread and figured to have some fun? While gibing TA lightly about Theo

    To which, TA wrote: “players are only pieces on a chess board, but their manager is who we play against” which is kinda what I mean. Chess always has the same pieces. BUT, how you position them in the game and move them about makes all the difference. Even though they all start in the same numbered spot!! Yes? 🙂

    I suspect we will only see one eye to one eye and not fully the same on this one! 🙂 .. But I still thank you for supporting, inadvertently, my point every so often!

    Cheers — jgc

  37. TotalArsenal says:

    KenyanG 🙂

    You just did a mini-post about the swan’s feet! Absolutely loved it and what an original thought: Ramsey the one that makes the difference. I encourage you to write a post about Ramsey and what he will bring to us next season!!! 🙂

  38. TotalArsenal says:

    jgc – you tease! 🙂

    The pieces have their individual strength and talents and no point messing with that: a rook cannot do what a knight is capable of and vice versa, and yes it is all about getting the best out of their individual strength through combining and using them as good as possible hahaha 🙂

  39. jgc says:


    Mind reading hat on means I figured to note that every so often, the vere powerful, quick first two stepped, highly underrated despite its kills, pawn goes just that bit further to the last row, and becomes the most powerful piece, the queen, with the greatest flexibility and strike power (and dare we say Presence!) just for going the extra step to gain transformatory new skills and movement… 😛 🙂

    Cheers — jgc

  40. TotalArsenal says:

    Hahaha jgc 😆

    Very clever!

    Alternative interpretation: if you believe in your strength and stick with it, one day you’ll arrive! 😉

  41. jgc says:

    Sigh …

  42. VCC says:

    Total, nice thought provoking post = “Lets wipe the staged, sickly smile” off his face.

    Like him or loathe him, Mourinho is a successful manager in terms of silverware won. I say “Bring it on” we need more characters in the game, and Jose most definitely fits that bill.

    Wenger has never had such a prime opportunity to show his prowess than this present moment in time. Old Red nose gone, Man£hitty a new manager, £helsea a new manager, TottenShit in the dumps. That’s the last seasons top five teams.

    This summer, Mr.W. has a chance to bring “The Arsenal” back to where it belongs, up at the top of the tree once more. His war chest is bulging with more cash than he has ever had at his disposal.

    Will Stewart Robson be right or wrong in his assumption that Wenger is not capable of buying top rated players any more?

    I still have faith in him, but feel this is his last chance saloon. He has undoubtedly made big mistakes with purchases recently, and the list is quiet extensive. On the other hand he has grouped together a fine core of young players that are on long term contracts, so he has a solid foundation to build upon. The fine tuning is an open book for Arsene……will he or won’t he spend big? That is the $64k question. Has he the nerve to bring in the three TQ footballers to put us into the elite bracket? I am not too sure if he will buy the finished article, history tells us he won’t. He usually plumps for the relatively unknown (cheap version) and try and nurture his own.

    Watch this space, as they say.

  43. wow, TA..never seen myself as a writer, but would LOVE to do a post on what Rambo brings to the team..if i can write something that is half as good as your posts,i’d would be glad..i’m the Eisfield to your Wilshere!!!!!

  44. TotalArsenal says:

    Fine comment, VCC and all agreed. This is his moment and last chance: now or never!

  45. TotalArsenal says:

    Kenyan G

    It would be an honour to publish your post. Just send in a first draft to and I’ll get back to you in no time. No pressure though: take your time! 🙂


    Fine post TA

    I have nothing against Mourinho, but do have a strange urge to punch him in the face.

    Though it pains me to say, i have to disagree to some extent with both you and my friend Vics. I do not feel that Arsene is in the last chance saloon or that this is somehow make or break time.

    On the contary, its only the beggining. We enter a new phase and Arsene and the Board should be given ample time to develop a team utilising our young British talent and adding when appropriate via the transfer market.

    We are going in the right direction, but lets remain paitent.

  47. VCC says:

    Hi Stretch…..”adding when appropriate via the transfer market”….when do you think this might be Terry?

    Do you not think we have been patient enough these past 8-9 years?

  48. James Bond says:

    hahaha poor Ron,

    thanks, TA, nice one

    yep, not only the return of the happy one is going to make things a tad more interesting but also the thoughts of no Mata, Luiz, Ba from chelsea will be intriguing as the replacements will have to be even better than (Mata, Luiz)….i said it in a previous article that if Chelsea are interested in Hulk,Cavani and Jovetic then that must mean bad news for Mata (very harsh imo) but there you go……i feel he doesn’t want the spanish connection at the bridge.

    on a slightly different note, that Q&A with IG last night, a few interesting things said between the lines by the looks of it…….

    Higuain, Fellaini, Rooney, Cesc

    yeah, i don’t think we’ll be getting any of them 😀


    Hi Vics

    Yes, weve been paitent. I just feel that going to a new financial level and expecting the Club to splurge is a bit simplistic. the money has to phased through in a way that does not cause player unrest and just as importantly is in tune with current player contracts.

    We are not party to information on current player contracts, but ime sure that many will have clauses that if a player is signed whos on large amounts of money then there own contracts are ammended to reflect this.

    Wage inflation is driven by two factors. The external market rate and the Clubs own wage structure

    I dont want Djourou to get a pay rise if we sign Higuain. hahaha, or Wilsheres Agents to get pissed off if Higuain is earning a load more than him.

    I am not saying lets not spend or go for it, just saying that it has to be done in an intelligent way, which might require a bit more paitence on our part.

  50. AFC says:

    TA, great post on Maureen. 🙂

    I would just like to say a bit about Mourinho. To me he seems like an arrogant know it all (just like Ronaldo) who thinks he is the greatest manager ever. Why does he think he can give himself the title “The Special One”. If he can call himself that Wenger should be able to call himself Jesus. Also funny considering Russian A kicked him out before and he failed at Madrid and was basically told to leave. Rant over. 😀

    Yesterday on TalkSport the whole show was basically about Mourinho. They were saying that Mourinho should not be saying top four is his target. They were saying how United and City have got new managers so will not be as good as they were and if Mourinho is going to spend millions and millions he should be winning the title. They were also having a debate on how many players has Mourinho really improved. He has gone to clubs with a lot of money and has already had good players at the club or has brought top players. There could be some truth to what they are saying

  51. VCC says:

    Well said Stretch, thats why you where in the “A” class and I barely made the “B” haha.

    Still would like to see us get Higuain.

  52. evonne says:

    AFC – correction to otherwise nice comment; you say: ‘if Mourinho is going to spend millions and millions he should be winning the title’. you probably meant to say – he should be buying the title

    TA – another good post and an interesting angle on problems causes by Maureen’s return. I am not too concerned about him, his ego has suffered at Madrid and he will never be the same again. Ramon Calderon has publically accused Mourinho of shaming RM, saying that it was a big mistake to appoint such character as a manager of this proud club; he went to say that players began to hate him and refused orders to win by hook or by crook. It was a total humiliation for the special one. He cannot repeat the same mistake at Chelsea or he will go down in the history of football as a very special arshole


    Come off it Vics. If ime so smart why do i live in a Loft, eat redy made meals, and have a pigeon as a girlfriend? hahaha

  54. 17highburyterrace says:

    Hey Boys….I can’t write too much today because I have to prep a presentation for my Spanish Class on Spanish Football…With my usual problem of loquaciousness, I think my topic might be just a bit too large… Ah well…

    It does however fit in with the topic at hand….To say Mourinho failed at RM is too simplistic. He ended Barca’s domination of La Liga but the style was insufficient for Merengues who wanted to compete at the artistic level. Gotta give props on the idea of cliques up above from Gerry. It’s too true and (frankly) amazing that the clique Mourinho empowered at Chelsea was able to run AVB out of town AND (somehow) get through Barca and Bayern (at home, no less) to lift the big-eared cup. That group (with Drogba gone) has run out of gas and now Moo has to make it happen with new parts. Underselling his goals (top 4) makes perfect sense… (The new RM manager–Ancelotti, if PSG ever let him go–will have his own issues with the cliques at the Bernabeu….)

    It all points to the crucial first weeks of the upcoming campaign and the fixture list (coming Friday?) will be key, as will the draw for our CL qualifier. Getting a nose ahead or simply not struggling with the manageable fixtures is a huge priority for us and all the top teams. We should have an advantage given our “stability” at the manager spot, but the expensive players at the teams ahead of us should all be wanting to impress their new gaffers. With the ongoing pressure on AW, the nerves should pick up right where they left off for us Gooners….

    As such, in those first matches (and to echo kenyan gooner above) we need to channel the spirit of Rambo. I’ve been outspoken in my criticism of his technical abilities but his desire cannot be questioned. Still, I want his SPIRIT, not his body, on the pitch. (Perhaps Ramsey could be seen as the proverbial “12th man” 😉 …) This is why the idea of Fellaini is so appealing to me–A peak age player, schooled in the English league (i.e., he knows the refs…) who could be a(n?) huge improvement over Ramsey. For me, that ticks all the boxes…. I think Arteta (only getting older) may need rotation this season so a “double pivot” of the Fro + Arteta (for European matches and against the other top clubs) and the Fro + Rambo for the lesser teams seems just about perfect for me…

    But back on topic….Mourinho has some work to do. It will be exciting if Cavani comes to Chelsea but I think extending the playing life of Lampard and Terry (and Cole) while working in their replacements is almost as important given his defense first approach. In other words, the defensive signings will be quiet, but might be more important. Ramires and Obi Mikel are both young enough and should be able to create quite a wall to protect the back 5. Lukaku back from loan (against his will, apparently….) seems the antidote for the weaknesses in Torres and Ba as isolated front men. Still, it will take some time and we have to hope they stumble a bit in the Autumn.

    OK, enough said, gotta work on my futbol thing…

  55. AFC says:

    evonne, you are right there. 🙂

  56. AFC says:

    evonne, I did not say that myself. 😉

    I was quoting TalkSport.

  57. AFC says:

    17ht, he did not Barca’s domination. He may have won matches but he only one La Liga title while Barca remained dominant in those years and even last season won the title convincingly. He should had won more trophies with the world class squad he had.

  58. AFC says:

    17ht, Could you please tell me how he ended Barca’s domination? 🙂

  59. AFC says:

    I do not know why Chelsea brought Ba. They should have brought back Lukaku from loan. Now they should be looking to sell Torres and bring in Cavani.

  60. AFC says:

    17ht, he did not Barca’s domination. He may have won matches but he won one La Liga title while Barca remained dominant in those years and even last season Barca won the title convincingly. He should had won more trophies with the world class squad not even including Ronaldo.

  61. 17highburyterrace says:

    AFC, the dominance of Barca was pretty complete and Mourinho (in my opinion) put a major dent in it–in particular by winning the Copa del Rey in his first season and the league in his 2nd. You have to recall that in 2009 Barca won the (so-called) sextuple, which includes the “treble” of big trophies: La Liga, the Copa del Rey and the Champions’ League. That (my friend) is dominance….

    It didn’t start well for Mourinho. His first Superclasico was a 5-nil loss. But the tide may have turned during that span of 4 Superclasicos near the end of 2011. Though Madrid lost the (two legged) CL semi it was hugely controversial with Pepe being sent off (and Dani Alves jumping back up from the stretcher…) and Sergio Busquets appearing to racially abuse Marcelo. Barca did go on to beat (crush) United in the final, of course…. Still, with the Copa del Rey (dropped under the bus by Sergio Ramos) and then the following season’s La Liga title (with a record 100 points) it was the beginning of a downward trend for Barca….

    No doubt, Mourinho’s time at Madrid wasn’t a complete success. A friend of mine, a supporter in Spain, said, “el problema de Madrid se llama Mourinho.” And the early season losses/draws last Autumn sealed his fate. If (italics) he could’ve beat Dortmund in the CL Semis and taken revenge against Bayern…. And he came a lot closer against his set of Germans than Barca did… Close is no cigar (as they say…) and, in Spain, you gotta not just win, but do so in style… so now he’s back at Chelsea….

    Both of the Spanish giants are in a bit of bother at the moment and need some clarity from their managers. Is Tito healthy enough to carry on at Barca?; when will PSG let Ancelotti go so that Madrid can do their business? Hell, we need them to figure out their scenes so that we (and everybody else) can confirm that neither Higuain nor Cesc will be coming our way, among other things….

    Read (they have an English version) if you’re not getting enough from the local media….

  62. AFC says:

    17ht, the Copa del Rey is deemed worse than the League Cup but I can see winning it helped to shift the dominance a little but for me he should had won more trophies. I think we will have to agree to disagree on this. 🙂

  63. VCC says:

    Terry, I’ve just got back from holiday in Hersonnissos. I bumped into your uncle Stavros in his seafront bar.

    He sent this message……The coast is all clear and it’s safe to go back now. Further more he said could you bring some more plates, or oodles of super glue.

    Also, he suggested it might be a good idea to get down the gym and trim up as his 18 stone hunky barman from Corfu has fallen in love and gone home. He desperately needs a new Adonis.

  64. 17highburyterrace says:

    Very good, AFC, the last thing I want to do is get into a fight… 😉 😆

    It’s all very interesting to me… The demands from supporters in Madrid (and Barcelona) make our own seem pretty mild….Mourinho didn’t win enough and he didn’t do it with enough style to suit the merengues. He’s been successful enough at toppling rivals, but only partially, and for short periods–Chelsea winning the league for the first time since the ’50s, Inter winning the CL and continuing to beat up on calciopoli-weakened Juve and AC Milan, RM at least denting Barca’s dominance in Spain…. Things might be tougher for him this time around. My impression, however, is that the Chelsea supporters including Roman A.) don’t care much about style and just wanna win. What’s the (overall) reaction there?..

  65. James Bond says:

    let’s put our hate for Jose. M aside and give the guy some credit, he did deliver the goods for all the teams in a unique fashion and way (we may not agree with his methods or find flaws in his personalities ) but the guy delivers the goods.

    when was the last time a manager survived more than 3/4 seasons at RM ? there lies your answer.

    for all his arrogance and what not, to say that he only wins because he has world class players at his disposal or money e.t.c is utter rot.

    he won the champions league when not many people knew about him.

    hell he even owned barca this season gone with not having the full support of his players, what does that tell you ? yep, love him or loathe him, the guy knows what he’s doing and he’s had an upper hand over us.

    we need to find a way to put him in his place, Wenger will have plenty of options to play whatever formation, style or tactics he wants next season provided he gets least 2 quality signings – it’s game on then.

  66. AFC says:

    17ht, 😉 😀

    It would be good to hear the thoughts of Chelsea and Madrid fans on Mourinho. They would have very contrasting views.

  67. 17highburyterrace says:

    I agree 007, if you can suspend (what should be) your hate for Rooney, I can certainly indulge Maureen… 😆

  68. James Bond says:


    even our own fans have very contrasting views on , AW – some have been calling for his head and some want him to continue for another decade.

    Jose.M isn’t everyone’s cuppa and his comments on Wenger before his time at the bridge did little to win any of the gooners – that’s for sure.

    who remembers when he said about king Henry ” he only scores against small teams” and then Henry being Henry scores 2 and then goes, yeah Chelsea must be a small club since i scored 2



    haha, sometimes we have to look at the bigger picture ( by all means i’m not asking you to look at his bigger head or forehead) but let’s put it this way, be it Rooney, Higuain, or whoever, as long as we improve the team to stand a better chance next season – i’m all up for it.

    contrary to popular belief, if it was up to me, i would get Nani and Hernandez from the mancs for 25 million instead of forking out 25 on Rooney.

    Galast had a bid of 6 million rejected for Nani, no reason why we can’t get him for under 10 mills.

  69. 17highburyterrace says:

    Gotta run 007, but I know what you mean….Indeed, for a variety of reasons I get a far bigger boing out of Nani and (or) the little pea than I do for your boyfriend with the arse-hair weave….

    Yes, bigger picture…. If he ends up wearing the shirt (not just the photo-shopped job…) I will support him. For the moment, (lunch time, again, dammit…) I just gotta try to avoid the gagging problem… 😀

    Spanish press makes the Higuain stuff seem extremely unlikely, though there is, I guess, this idea that Juve get either him or Jovetic and Arsenal get the “loser.” (I wouldn’t put too much on either unless the odds were very long….)

  70. James Bond says:

    the more you keep banging on about Rooney, the more it makes me wonder if deep down inside there’s a little boy inside you that is fascinated by shrek, ha ha

    it’s ok, you can come out and admit it 😀

    enjoy your lunch

    for now it’s all a bit of this and a bit of that, all the players available are being linked to most of the clubs, one by one.

    give it till next week and Fellaini will be linked with Chelsea.

  71. TotalArsenal says:

    New Post New Post! 🙂

    Marcus gives his take on what is and needs to happen this summer in an upbeat and fine post. enjoy!

    Thanks for comments this afternoon and evening and lovely to see Evonne making a rare visit (and with a fine comment as well!) 🙂

  72. weedonald says:

    Thanks TA and my guess is that Wenger’s idea of Anglicization is wanting everyone to learn to speak English like TH did, whilst dressing like Balotelli, prancing about like Monty Python’s upper-class twits and eating fish & chips a la carte so to speak:)
    If he succeeds, we’ll have a team full of Szcesny accents, Arteta hairstyles, Mourinho strutters and overweight Rooneys.

  73. weedonald says:

    Marcus……is he really all that good? I only saw him a few times and he didn’t seem any better than our current midfielders and certainly not up to Cazorla or Wilshere’s standards. IMHO, if he was a serious candidate, Aw would not hesitate to start negotiations. I know very little about him so rely on your obviously superior knowledge and experience to fill us all in about him…afterall playing for Celtic is not like playing in the EPL for Arsenal.

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